Monday, May 30, 2005

Heroes all

It’s Memorial Day. Try to take a minute between the cook out and the swimming pool to remember what the day is all about. I have walked the ground at Yorktown where the Continental Army surrounded and forced the surrender of Cornwallis and wondered how Washington was able to hold his army together six long years. I’ve visited Antietam, Gettysburg and Chickamauga and wondered how two armies could sustain themselves after such losses. I have stood at the Japanese firing positions covering the beaches at Okinawa and wondered how anyone could have gotten ashore alive. I have read scores of books and heard hundreds of stories of undaunted courage and have wondered where America finds such a long, deep and unbroken line of heroes. I have visited Arlington National Cemetery and seen the endless lines of markers - some for the heroes noted above but most for guys just doing their jobs in anonymity – some for men whose heroic deeds are known only to God. Each of those markers and millions more in cemeteries around the world represent a son, a husband, a brother, a father, a friend. Each marker represents not only the life of the fallen but also the scores of lives touched and affected by the fallen. So today we should resolve “that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

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Friday, May 27, 2005

John "I'm more important than the Republic" McCain

This whole John “I’m the most important man in the world” McCain thing is only important because the future of the republic depends on it. Other than that, it's irrelevant. There has been a trend in America for the last 40 years whereby unelected and unaccountable judges are adding to and detracting from our Constitution without the consent of the people. These activist judges are responsible for the Constitutional amendment movement regarding gay marriage. But the legislature cannot go about amending the Constitution every time some nit wit in a black robe decides gay marriage is OK, under God is not, public services for illegal immigrants are mandatory, refraining from sodomizing minors is not, smoking a legal tobacco product in your own business is out, killing the unborn is in, a partial birth abortion paid for by the state without parental notification is OK but a truant teenager is cause to lock a parent up and throw away the key and so on. While it takes only one dope in a robe to reek this havoc, it requires 66 Senators and 38 states for the legislature to amend the Constitution to clean it up.

In two national elections President Bush has run on and won under the idea that he would begin to reverse the trend of legislating from the bench by appointing only strict constructionist judges – judges that actually believe that the Constitution says what it says. You don’t have to agree with it. You can go about garnering sufficient support to change the Constitution. But one or even five former ambulance chasing dopes that get a life time appointment to wear a Darth Vader robe have no standing to suddenly find that the state can restrict your private property rights in favor of the Blue Tailed Yellow Beaked Claw Footed finch – which nothing more than a sub-species of a sub-species of another sub-species which is nothing more than a sparrow that looks and acts like every other sparrow. But because judge Vincent Gambini – the dopey lawyer from the movie My Cousin Vinny – got a life time appointment to be a judge and rules “Da burds has dem Constitutional rights too - see. Sos yoos guys don’t go prunin no plants around da house – see.” And that’s the end of it just because a dope like Vinny says so.

What John boy is doing, while narcissistically promoting himself of course, is putting the breaks on the president’s pledge to begin to reverse the judicial insanity. For that, and after his idiocy called campaign finance reform, he deserves every bit of ridicule that comes his way. He shouldn’t win a single Republican primary. In fact he should lose each by at least 20 points.


Two posts below the Griffin weighed in on his two goofy Ohio senators. Yesterday while lamenting the president’s choice to head up the UN, Georgie boy Voinavich broke down in tears like that chick on American Idol. Looks like the Griffin will need another bag. How about you Buckeyes starting up a campaign to send your senators pacifiers in lieu of campaign donations.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

McCain has record of failure

When is a majority not a majority? When John McCain counts himself among the majority. The self-described maverick and life-time presidential candidate has torpedoed a solid republican majority that it took three election cycles to build. Given the tricks of egomaniacs like McCain, Republicans will need to gain at least 67 seats to affect the president’s agenda while fending off the grandstanding moves of “Oh! Look at me. Ain’t I wonderful. I am the most important person alive. Take my picture.” boobs like McCain. Faced with an intruder late at night McCain and his buddies would no doubt strike a deal whereby the intruder gets to take the silver and the cash but has to leave the TV and DVD player.

Remember, it was John McCain, after being caught on the take (the Keating five), decided that lowdown skunks, like himself, entering politics wasn’t as big a problem as the lowdown skunks, like himself, being exposed to large sums of illegal cash that the lowdown skunks, like himself, just couldn’t keep their hands off of. So to protect the lowdown skunks, like McCain, from themselves, McCain proposes an assault on the first amendment disguised as campaign finance reform – “to get the money out of politics.” It’s not low-down skunk politicians, like McCain, who can’t keep their hands off illegal cash, that’s the problem, it’s the money. So the first amendment has to go. After all, if we’re going to have lowdown skunks, like McCain, in politics we can not have money in politics because the lowdown skunks, like McCain, will not be able to refrain from lining their own pockets.

So wonder boy John “I need to protect myself from myself” McCain gave us limits on the first amendment to get big money out of politics. Well guess what? Wiley E. McCain Hyper Genius’ bill had the exact opposite effect. Yea, this is the guy we want running the country. He tries to get the money out of politics and passes a bill that leads to an election cycle that has the most unregulated, fat cat money ever. We can only hope that the agreement Scrawny Harry and Wiley McCain signed on to has a big “ACME CONGRESSIONAL AGREEMENT KIT” stamped on it. Then we could just wait for the anvil to fall on Wiley’s head – permanently damaging the anvil.

Oh, I suppose lowdown skunk is a bit harsh for Wiley McCain. But he is, if not a crooked politician, at least bent - and if not a complete dope at least a partial dope. And he is without question an egomaniac. Tomorrow: Why all of this is important.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Griffin on his two Ohio Senators

The Griffin sends: "Also today our serious and pragmatic Ohio republican senators look as though they were in the house trailer hit by the tornado and are stumbling around the backyard looking for what is left of their Avon bottle collection. I feel like the son of Sylvester the Cat with the paper bag onhis head," Ohhh fffather..I am tho embarrathed". I can absolutely guarantee that neither one of them will ever receive another vote from our household."

Push back - hard

Sometimes you don’t really know how bad you got whomped until you look at the game films. A day after the McCain/McCain wannabes agreement, it’s clear that McCain has tried to sell a farm for which he holds no deed. The seven McCainiacs who signed an agreement to sell the party down the river some how think they own the party - that's 7 of 55 Republican senators. Well if I were a real senate Republican, I’d get six other real Republicans and sign my own deal telling the McCainiacs to go to h-e-double hockey sticks.

If I were Bill Frist, I’d bring all of the judicial nominees to the floor for a vote lickity split. Then what are McCain and Harry Reid going to do? Frist’s name is not on the “deal”. As I noted yesterday, Frist should bring the two nominees named in the agreement to floor ASAP. The only way to solve this is to push McCain’s agreement so far down his throat it begins to show at the other end – which is a better description of what the “agreement” really is - excrement.

If Bush and Frist push the issue the real losers will be Harry Reid when he goes back on the agreement and John McCain when he looks like a dope for having been hood winked by Scrawny Harry. When McCain’s ego throws his hat into ring for ’08, Frist can beat him like a drum claiming McCain isn’t smart or tough enough to cut a decent deal with Harry Reid how can we trust him to deal with the North Koreans and the ChiComs? George Bush is fond of accepting bad news with the phrase, “It is what is.” Well I hope he takes that attitude to this fight. It is what is. Keep pushing forward. Accept the gains offered and push hard for more. I believe Harry Reid and John McCain have placed themselves between a rock and a hard place. They have very little wiggle room – but they won’t feel any pain unless someone begins to push hard on them.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

What does it mean? Who knows?

It would appear that John McCain and McCain wannbes Lindsey Graham, and Mike DeWine have throw at least two of the president’s judicial nominees overboard. While it is impossible to tell what this agreement really means because your “extraordinary circumstances” may turn out to be my business-as-usual circumstances, it’s clear that McCain et al were interested in torpedoing the Republican majority in favor of a deal that would make Harry Reid, Teddy Kennedy and Chucky Schumer happy.

Republican leader Frist should quickly bring to the floor for a vote the two judges named in Part I B of the agreement, William Myers (9th Circuit) and Henry Saad (6th Circuit). This will give the public and Republican primary voters some sense of what this deal was all about. If the nominations proceed to floor for a vote, that’ll be a good a good thing. If some how McCain and all six of his wannbes vote against these nominees while Democrats continue to behave like Star Wars clones marching in lock-step, it’ll be clear that the fix was in from the start.

Until this thing blows up in McCain’s face, which I believe it will, the adoring MSM will continue to paint McCain as a maverick, a thorn in the president’s side. McCain, as he always does, will make the rounds to the talk shows appearing almost nightly with Chris Mathews who treats McCain like one of the sycophants in waiting who surround Jabba-the-hut. But when the deal goes south McCain, like Jabba, will sink into a sand pit of angry – conservative – Republican – presidential – primary - voters. One thing is certain, Mathews and all of his MSM buds will not be able to cast a single vote for McCain in that forum.

The president, as always, will be gracious. While consolidating the gains allowed under McCain’s agreement, President Bush will continue to nominate constructionist judges and dare scary Harry to find some “extraordinary circumstance” to bring us back to this point. When that happens, after he cleans the egg from his face, not even McCain will be able to save the Democrats from themselves.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Politicians or citizens?

Most military units have a pledge among one another – no man left behind. The Marines do. The Rangers do. Special Forces do. Any combat unit worthy of calling itself such does. It is a pledge that inspires young men to do their duty. It is a confidence builder that assures one, when he does his duty and things go wrong, his buddies will not abandon him on the field. It is a thing of beauty. Men sacrificing their safety for a buddy who they know would do it for them. It is the essence of the American fighting man – the thing of which heroes who don’t want to be heroes are made. It is the thing that makes a parent, or wife’s suffering bearable – knowing that their loved one laid down his life for others. There is no nobler deed.

Conversely there is no more cowardly deed than pushing your buddy in front of the bullet meant for you or seeking shelter when your friends need you to be firing your weapon. Well it seems to me that that is exactly what is happening with “Republicans” involved in the gang of 12. You know the six Senate “Republican” so-called moderates trying to work out a compromise with Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer, Pat Leahy et al. Make no mistake about it, the only thing John McCain and the other “Republicans” are negotiating with Democrats is which of the president’s nominations they are willing to throw overboard.

What is being lost in all of this talk about filibuster and senate rules and “compromise” are the lives of seven people. Accomplished people, successful people, good people whose lives would be models for all of us before the Democrat smear machine set out to destroy them. Big-shot John McCain has stepped in to negotiate which and how many of the seven should be left on the battlefield to appease the Democrat attack machine. Well it’s not about filibusters and rules. It’s about the seven nominees. If McCain and others want to vote against these good people based on their work, that’s fine. There is nothing wrong with that. But, if McCain and his five McCain wannabes are willing to throw 2-3 of the nominees overboard only to achieve a fake amity with Democrats then they are of sufficiently low character to be referred to as politician first, citizen second.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Democrats' sudden concern for minorities

There is an odd argument in the brouhaha over the president’s judicial nominations. The party that used the filibuster to try to block 60’s legislation for civil rights is now howling that the filibuster is a tool to protect minority rights. In 1964 a higher percentage of Republicans supported the Civil Rights Bill than did Democrats – a point that the Democrat leadership aided by the MSM and complicit “black leadership” manages to sweep under the rug.

Civil Rights Act of 1964 voting - Senate vote: Democrat Party: 46-22; Republican Party: 27-6; House vote: Democrat Party: 153-96; Republican Party: 138-34.

Now, the party that used the filibuster to try to torpedo the Civil Rights Bill is saying that the very tactic used to try to stall civil rights legislation is suddenly a tool for minority rights. Only an idiot, held unaccountable by the MSM, would try to get away with this kind of hypocrisy.

If able, I’d probably have opposed the Civil Rights Bill as an extra Constitutional measure already addressed by the 14th Amendment. That said, the history is what is. It was the Democrat Party that opposed the bill. Democrats opposed the bill not because it was extra-Constitutional but because southern racists like current WV Senator Bobby Byrd happened to dominate the Democrat Party.

Lex is well tuned to anything that happens to purport to protect minority rights. First, Lex is in the minority. Anyone who reads the posts below could figure out that Lex could not pass the Harry Reid – Chuck Schumer “mainstream” test. We know that Lex swims at the far right edge of the river. There are about two elected officials in Washington D.C. that reflect the Lex way of thinking. That would make Lex a real minority. So Lex should be sensitive to minority rules that in theory protect Lex. Should the Lex wing of government be able to shut things down? How small a minority should be allowed to shut things down? Right now 40 senators can do the deed. That’s pretty arbitrary don’t you think? Why 40? If we’re worried about minority rights, why shouldn’t the Lex wing be able to shut things down?

The framers considered minority rights and what would constitute an acceptable minority. The Constitution enumerates six occasions which require a ¾ (that would be 66 for us public school grads) vote from the senate. Guess what - advise and consent of presidential nominees is not one of six occasions enumerated in the Constitution.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Cruise the archives

Lex is off to Vienna and the good old USA until 20 May – bookmark this page, cruise the archives and check back then for a full report of the truth as Lex sees it.

Yes Chucky there is an extremist - you

Democrats are frantic, as democrats are likely to be, when there is a Republican president who is on the march. Sen. Charles Schumer noted in his Saturday radio address that there is "a whiff of extremism in the air the likes of which we haven't seen in decades." And he’s right. Harry Reid has called the president a loser. Using the wrong case opinion as an example, he called Clarence Thomas dumb. Using every underhanded trick in the book, Democrats have marched in lock-step to oppose the president’s reform minded nominee for the cesspool called the UN. Not single Democrat has broken party ranks to note that “slandering decent people whom we disagree with politically is a bad idea.”

And if slandering John Bolton were not enough, Democrats are again following their pied piper in denouncing ten of the president’s judicial nominees in the worst and most dishonest way. The word lies comes to mind when reading what Democrat surrogates are saying about the nominees. See, when you are a spineless Democrat, you have to have surrogates do the lying for you. Then you cannot be caught lying, but you can feign “serious concern about these allegations.”

I don’t really mind politicians going after other politicians. That’s fun and every one of them deserves it. Anyone who has read more than two posts below knows that I have harsh words for politicians myself. I don’t say, “Ann Coulter said that Teddy Kennedy is bloated old dolt not fit to serve as a men’s room orderly” and then opine that I have “serious concerns about the allegations.” I am more inclined to finish that thought by noting, “and she’s right” than pretend that the allegations need any further investigation. I’m a little less sanguine about politicians and their surrogate hatchet men going after citizens interested in serving their country by serving their government. Losers don’t get to pick who those people will be. They can talk truth about the people, but they don’t get to pick ‘em. That’s what elections are for. Once the president picks ‘em, Democrats have right to object to but not slander the nominee. But the American people have a right to have a vote on the president’s picks.

So, yes Chuck there is a “whiff of extremism in the air” and the stench is all coming from your side. As noted several times below, I do not favor the so called “nuclear option.” I’m in favor of making Democrats show that they are the extremist by making them talk 24-7 for as long as it takes. Get the cameras rolling. Film Teddy Kennedy searching for a thought hour after hour. Film the shrill one - SHrillary – as her abrasive voice rises and rises to a pitch so high and shrill that the chandeliers in the capitol building finally shatter and crash to the floor. As she continues, her voice becomes inaudible to mere humans and every dog in D.C. begins to howl in agony. Film John Kerry as he speaks first in favor of the filibuster before speaking against it. It’d be great.

For some odd reason politicians have entered into some sort of gentlemen’s agreement not to require the other side to make dopes of themselves. But making them talk would smoke out the real extremists. And Chucky they are you.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

"Sorry" makes everything OK

Senate Democrat leader Scary Harry Reid called the President a “loser” Friday and then apologized for it – which as we all know makes everything OK. It’s sort of like a judge telling a jury to “disregard the testimony of the defendant’s mother saying the defendant has ‘always showed homicidal tendencies.’” You cannot unring the bell. I fired off the missive below, which is WAY OVER THE LINE to his office - but hey I apologized several times and that makes it OK. I expect a signed picture from Harry or a visit from the Secret Service any day now. The e-mail:

You are human garbage, a dolt, a dip, and a dope. Oh that’s over the line, sorry. You are also a creepy looking little weasel, oops sorry. You’re a little know nothing – do nothing – be nothing obstructionist, hey really sorry about that.

You ought to show a little respect for the guy who has kicked your butt three – and soon four – elections in a row. But mostly because he’s the President of these United States and was ELECTED with a near 4 million vote majority. The real losers are all in your own party - Al Gore former vice president turned bearded whimpering college professor - John Kerry lying, fake war hero (if your wife has money better keep her away from him) – Ted Kennedy, drowns a girl (that would be a “chick” to Democrats) in his car and waits 10 hours to report it – Robert Byrd, racist KKK member – Bill Clinton treasonous (Loral and China), murdering (Sudanese aspirin factory), raping (Wanita Broderick and who knows how many others), draft dodging (Letter to ROTC commander), lying (I never had sex with that woman and 1,000,000 others), disbarred (five years for - drum roll - lying), dope smoking (oops he never inhaled - file that one under liar). Come to think of it, your party led by the likes of Michael Moore and George Soros knows a lot about losers. Your party is mostly composed of them.

You however you are the loser leader - a brainless little skunk of a man incapable of reasonable thought. You steal tax payer money to put your worthless inbred family members incapable of securing real work on their own on the public dole. You know, all of this is over the line, sorry. That makes everything OK, right?

Friday, May 06, 2005


Miracles are happening everyday. We are too busy to notice. Babies are born, flowers bloom, birds return to their nests after a long winter, young Lex manages to spell all eight words correctly on his Friday spelling test. We seldom notice the day-to-day miracles because they are …well day-to-day. Then something big comes along and we sit up and take notice. One of those “big” miracles occurred on Sat. Apr 31. A former Buffalo, N.Y., firefighter, Don Herbert, who suffered brain damage in a 1995 fire had a sudden unexplained recovery. Mr. Herbert had been nearly silent and blind since his accident. Then on Saturday he matter-of-factly mentions to the attendant in his room, “I’d like to talk to my wife.” Knock me over with a feather. That’s a miracle.

And we know for sure that it’s a miracle because the doctors say so. See the natural miracles that are occurring countless times everyday aren’t really miracles because doctors don’t say, “Imagine two simple cells combine and nine months later the most complex creature imaginable emerges. From those two cells, he’s now made up of billions of different and varied cells which combine to perform different and varied functions. Truly, that’s a miracle.”

Well, Mr. Herbert’s return is certainly a miracle. It’s a miracle on a couple of levels. It’s a miracle that Mr. Herbert recovered and in today’s climate it’s a miracle that some soulless Lib wasn’t successful in having his feeding tube removed so that he could be allowed to die with dignity. It’s not a miracle but it’s something, the opposite of a miracle, I guess predictable might be a good word for the way the MSM refuses to mention Herbert’s case in connection to Terri Schaivo. I suspect that Mr. Herbert’s case, which has brought great joy to his family, is causing some pain for Terri’s parents. Who knows? That might have been Terri just in time for Christmas.

If the runaway bride is expected to apologize for taking a bus trip a couple of days before her wedding, shouldn’t Michael Schaivo and the MSM that rooted for Terri’s death also apologize? You know something like, “Hey how about that Don Herbert. Who’d a thunk it huh? Way to go Don! Geez I guess we all have some egg on faces after that little miracle. But you know, I’ve always said, and the polls back me up on this, that a death with dignity beats a life with purpose every time. Now, can we all just move on?”

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Econ 101

In keeping with the GM theme from yesterday, I don't think the schools teach enough economics. The whole idea of a company is to make money. That is an idea that some how gets lost on the average guy. A company is not a health care provider, not a daycare provider, not an alcohol rehab center, not a family support center - companies exist to make money. Companies make money by offering the best possible product or service at the lowest possible cost. Companies offer the best possible products and services by hiring the best possible people with the most beneficial compensation package for each side. If the labor market is tight – like for high skilled workers - the worker can demand more. If the labor market is bloated – like low skilled uneducated workers – the worker is at the mercy of the employer.

If a company is not making money, it’s not hiring any workers. If a company is not hiring any workers, there will be no tax base. If there is no tax base, Libs cannot confiscate workers’ wages to pay for “Piss Christ.” Conversely, more money means more jobs, more R&D, more and better products and yes dear Libs, more taxes. I had a conversation with an old fellow about oil company profits. I said it's supply and demand. He said it's outrageous greed. I said the company had a duty to shareholders to earn as much profit as the market would bear. Besides how much does a refinery cost to build and run? He said it ought to be against the law to earn such a large profit. I said well then it ought to be against the law to lose money. And when we do that, capitalism is dead. But the really sad thing about worker company relations is that you can ask the average guy making $12-$23 an hour what he thinks about the people paying him and I'll bet better than half have nothing good to say about the company.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What's bad for GM is bad for the country

The Griffin notes that GM is in deep trouble because it has morphed from a car company into health care provider. The Griffin no doubt ran across this piece by George Will. So what can we learn from GM’s sticky situation.

As the Griffin notes, “The liberals will say greed killed GM. Why? Because to admit it was healthcare opens up a can of worms they do not want to discuss in the open. Therefore it must have been...of course greed.” He’s right. Libs have tied themselves so tightly to the concept of the welfare state that they cannot face the truth about GM’s decline. If GM can’t make its healthcare system work, how could a bloated federal government ripe with incompetence and fraud manage a massive Hillarycare type healthcare system? Look at Medicare and Medicaid. Those programs have done nothing but drive the cost of healthcare higher and higher.

Why don’t the unions provide their members with healthcare? What do unions offer the membership beyond collective bargaining power? They drive companies out business. They steal membership dues. They support organized crime. They are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Democrat Party. Why can’t the unions step in and use their huge membership bases to provide healthcare for their membership? In addition to providing savings based on buying power, union provided healthcare would provide a greater degree of portability. If Joe the pipe fitter moves from New York to Chicago his union healthcare would follow him without a lapse. If GM goes under, who is to blame? Unreasonable union demands will play a large part. Ridiculous management packages will play a part. The failure of union and management leadership to recognize that they were killing the golden goose with 10,000 pin pricks is probably the biggest factor. In that they got into the mess together, they’ll need to work together to get out of it.

It’ll be tough. Libs would rather see GM go under than allow business a tax break. Unions would rather see a 120,000 good jobs go south than offer a single concession or work with management. Michael Moore did his best to ruin GM with his fantasy film “Roger and ME.” Now that it appears that he might have succeeded, what will he do? What will the Libs like Moore and union leadership do when GM has to cut back on an even larger scale or simply fold? Will they hold a party in an empty union hall with a large banner, “We Really Showed Them, Didn’t We?”

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

They used to be Romans

In a self-serving face-saving report designed to avert attention away from the idiotic idea of paying ransom to terrorists, Italy yesterday blamed "stress and inexperience" among U.S. troops for the shooting death of its top intelligence agent in Baghdad but accepted that he was killed accidentally. Before they crucified Christ, Italians were a great warrior class known as Romans. Now, after the crucifixion, they’re just Italians. Before the crucifixion, Rome would march the legions to deal with kidnappers leaving behind them a new road lined with heads of the kidnappers and their supporters on pikes. Now they send an intelligence agent in an Armani suite and a couple of Gucci bags filled with cash. Before the crucifixion, Rome ruled the world. Now, the Italians are reduced to spray painting Roman monuments with graffiti and second guessing those with the most influence in the world.

A couple things jump out about this whole thing. First and most obvious, crucifixion of the Messiah is a bad idea. Second, great civilizations do not remain great forever. They remain great only as long as they are willing and able to exert influance. Next and nearly as obvious as the first, paying millions to murderous, kidnapping, Islamo-terror-fascists who then use the money to murder and kidnap is a bad idea. Then, if you are going to pay off the terrorist, you sure wouldn’t want the world to know about it. You might even be so bold as to try to run a US checkpoint rather than be caught red-handed giving into the terrorists. Last, once caught, you might try to avert attention from the ransom payment by blaming the soldiers, whose checkpoint you tried to run, claiming they were stressed and inexperienced.

There supposedly is a predator tape of the incident that shows the car approaching the checkpoint at a high rate of speed and not slowing down. At that point, given what’s going on in Iraq, the soldiers acted in the only way they could. Besides, to my way of thinking, once you pay a ransom to terrorists, anything that happens subsequent to that is on your hands.

Monday, May 02, 2005

MSM ignores bipartisan votes to bash GOP

Last week AP ran a story under a headline that blared, “GOP votes to limit abortion rights.” I hadn’t heard much about such a vote so I read on. Two things struck me. First, the House passed legislation that would make it a federal crime for someone other than a girl's parent to take her across state lines to receive an abortion if she is under the age of 17. The screaming headline didn’t mention abortions for minors or parental notification. In that more than 80% of Americans tend to support the idea that the parents of seventeen year old girl, who can’t get a tattoo, take an aspirin at school or even participate in cheerleading without parental consent, ought to have some input into that same young girl getting an abortion. The same Libs that rushed to the mic to voice their outrage about the supposed infringement of rights of a young girl in trouble to take a decision to have an abortion, rushed to mic to praise the Supreme Court when it decided the same young girl would be too immature to be held accountable for a capital offense.

But Lex has noted over and over that hypocrisy is a mainstay of Lib politics. Rosie O’Donnell bitches about guns, while surrounding herself and family with armed bodyguards. John Kerry bitches about SUVs, their popularity among the masses, and poor energy efficiency while jetting around in private jets, and limoing around in a fleet of SUVs provided by his wife’s dead husband’s money. Hillary bitches about John Bolton being abusive to subordinates after she fired the entire White House travel staff and had baseless criminal charges brought against them. The moral beacon of the Democrat Party, Ted Kennedy fails to see any irony in his complaining about an interrogation procedure know as “water boarding” after drowning a young woman in the backseat of his car and waiting ten hours to report the accident. Al Sharpton is considered a serious Democrat presidential candidate after Tawana Brawley and Freddy’s Fashion Mart. Libs regularly call Republicans racist, bigoted, homophobic yet allow former KKK Kleagal Robert Byrd to maintain a leadership position in the party etc. etc. etc. etc. to infinity.

The second thing that struck me about the headline was it ignored the bipartisan nature of the vote. The headline would have you believe that the mean Republicans were running roughshod over a hapless Democrat minority. Then you look at the vote and discover that 54 of 199 (Over 25% for public school grads) voting Democrats voted with 216 Republicans. That is as bipartisan as it get these days. But the MSM would have the casual headline reading American believe that the GOP single handedly had done away with legal abortion in America. They did/are doing the same thing with the Schiavo case. The senate passed a unanimous consent bill on Schiavo and the house had 47 Democrats vote with 156 Republicans on a house bill on Schiavo. Only when polls indicated that some Americans were uncomfortable with politicians injecting themselves into the issue did the MSM lay the issue at the feet of the GOP and certain Democrat opportunists reach down, find their manly orbs and begin to object to the bipartisan legislation which had passed.