Monday, December 31, 2012

Man of the year, Hobby Lobby

Lex's Man of the Year:  John Roberts.  In the same fashion Time Magazine named nefarious characters like Hitler, Stalin, a Chinese dictator and OWS protestors “person(s)” of the year, Roberts is named for his own nefarious deeds – 1) saddling America with LBcare  2) His extra constitutional BS re-writing of the law from the bench which will set Supreme Court precedence on its ear for decades.  Way to go Johnny.  You’re going a heck of a job.  For effort, you are the @$$bag of the year.

We will not comply
If you need anything Hobby Lobby sells, I encourage you to buy it there even if it costs a bit more than Wal-Mart. Here’s their web site to do a shelf check and locate a store in your community. Faced with onerous government intrusion that violates their religious conscience, Hobby Lobby has taken up the cry of free America under Littel Barry (now simply LB) – WE WILL NOT COMPLY!

Hobby Lobby has a lot to lose. It is not corporate magnet with a huge board and 1,000s of lawyers. It is a family owned business, and like our founders, they have chosen to lay their fortune on the line in opposition to a tyrannical government.

When we met Trigg Palin – the Palin’s Downs Syndrome youngest son - I wondered if I’d have had the strength to bring that child into the world. It’s easy to say, yeah sure I’d do it when the possibility is not right in front of you. The Palins and everyone else who has chosen life in these instances have signed on for lifetime of duty and a duty that will then be passed to siblings. Whatever else you think of the Palins, you have to admire their courage and conviction to principle and life.

Now, here is another huge “what if” before us. The Green family who owns Hobby Lobby is prepared to lose everything for principle. They have over 500 stores and face a million dollar plus fine EVERY DAY for failing to comply with the whims of HHS Secretary and ex-communicated Catholic Kathleen Sabiluis.

Given that the Green’s have probably spent their entire lives building the business, it’s hard to imagine them just chucking it all over a few dollars for prescription drugs mandated by the government. That is exactly what they are prepared to do.

It seems to me, they could divest themselves by having 500+ “going out of business” sales, selling off the in store stock and other assets and letting the leases lapse on all their stores. They would make another fortune and could live out their lives and their children’s lives and children’s children lives in comfort without confronting the government. They have instead risked everything by telling the government they will not comply. In the process they will, for the time being, continue to provide employment for 13,000 people.

If they come for me, I hope I have the courage of the Greens and Palins. I know I don’t have their grace. If the feds show up at the compound, they will get a long string of expletives hurled at them (ask the census worker) and if I’m able a shovel of horse $h!t in their faces.

ASIDE: I’m now convinced it’s not “if.” It is now just a question of when and for what. This crappy little page, a gun, failure to remove the LB sucks bumper sticker from my truck etc.

So, yeah, we need a Chick-Fil-A moment here. Stop by the Hobby Lobby and buy a model airplane for your kid, a frame or some dried flowers for the bathroom.

Friday, December 28, 2012

After 5 weeks, Little Barry is willing to try to do his J-O-B

Little Barry is acting as if he’s some kind of hero for doing his job. For 5 weeks after the election, Little Barry, now to be known on this page simply as LB, sat on one hand with a thumb firmly planted up his butt, while he picked his nose with the other.

His two henchmen in the congress - Reid and Pelosi - whined and complained about and then lampooned everything Boehner did. Boehner was the only guy in DC who was working to avoid the cliff. For his trouble, Boehner was bashed on all sides.

Now LB acts as if he’s saving the world by cutting his vacation short and spending millions of tax payer dollars we do not have to come back to DC to do a job he should have done before he left. This is so typical of LB’s entire affirmative action pass through life. Mess around, smoke some dope, take a nap, have some lunch, smoke some more dope, shoot some hoops, take a nap, hit the links, then spend 10 minutes doing the job while hitting a fatty and hope some smart guy bails him out or the professor just passes him through…again. LB is hoping Boehner is the smart guy and/or professor in the cliff deal.

Boehner should stay home. Boycott LB’s confab on the cliff. He should say, "Look LB, you're fond of telling everyone you won. Fine you won. Now lead. You have proposed nothing and your excrement smear in the senate hasn't put up a budget in 4 years. I'm done negotiating against myself. Put a plan on the table. Then, from Ohio, I will pull a Reid and Pelosi and just say it's dead on arrival. You know where this entire scenario falls apart? Right when I asked you to lead."

I think these creeps will work something out to avoid the cliff. Whatever it is, it won’t fix the problem, and it’s more likely than not to make it worse. It will create another cliff 4-6 months down the road.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The two Americas brought to you by Demo-Dopes

Preening jackass and a confused man with two first names - David Gregory - demonstrated why gun laws don’t work when he unwittingly – which describes about 99% of the behavior of preening jackasses - waived about a 30 round AR 15 magazine on his Sunday talker. I’m surprised nobody died. David those are illegal in Washington, D.C. where your little show emanates. How’d you get it? Can you get more? Exactly the point!

I think the feds and city officials ought to give David Gregory a bit of the medicine he’s advocating for the rest of us. Arrest him. Throw him in jail. Fine his worthless @$$ off.

Now if David Gregory were just Dave or Greg the guy who changes your oil, he would get the treatment advocated for above. Instead, because he’s some Demo-Dope lapdog swell at NBC, he’ll get away with breaking gun laws.

Which leads me to two other points, one: Under Little Barry we are devolving into two clear societies. You watch, when Little Barry is done grabbing up the guns, only the rich/powerful and their families will be protected by guns. The rest of us will invest in a bow and arrows, knifes, tazers, baseball bats, etc.

When Little Barrycare is fully implemented, only the rich/powerful and their families will be able to see a doctor when they need/want to. The rest of will be at the end of very long list waiting to die.

Does anyone else find it odd that the party of John Edwards’ “two Americas” is now responsible for drawing the very bright lines that they want to divide us? David Gregory flaunting the law is fine. However, if a white Hispanic uses a legal weapon to shoot a creep who looks like Little Barry’s boy (if he had one) that is trying to crush his skull, well that sort of self-defense cannot be tolerated.

Two: David Gregory illustrates what’s wrong with gun laws. Except when the perp is some otherwise law abiding Midwesterner who reports his weapon to NY City police before entering the Statue of Liberty (I know ironic as hell isn’t it), they are not strictly enforced. As noted below, the feds have all kinds of gun laws that are ignored.

Worse, the feds actually facilitate law breaking. In the Fast and Furious fiasco, the incompetent feds (a set of the whole) are knee deep in the murders of hundreds of Mexican citizens and two US federal officers. Yet David Gregory yawns at that atrocity, because it would make Little Barry look as incompetent as he is. Or, is it because Gregory is a racist and does not care about brown people?

When the feds aren’t actively undermining the laws, they simply are not enforcing them. I think in part it is because bizzaro Libs want the laws to fail so that they can throw up their hands and lament, “We’ve tried everything else. The only ‘common sense’ thing left to do is confiscate guns.”

That is coming Mr. & Mrs. America. Little Barrycare proved the nine dopes in robes can be counted on to facilitate the shredding of very Constitution they were sworn to support and defend.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cotrol crazy people while allowing us to defend ourselves against them

In one of the most heavily restricted places on earth for guns, Chicago, IL, 7 people were nonetheless gunned down on Christmas Eve. Undeterred by the utter uselessness of his policies, Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel is calling for more gun control.

This is the communist left’s grand strategy. Continue to tighten the grip on guns with more and more infringements on the 2nd Amendment. Then, when those infringements fail spectacularly, the communist left says, “Look, we have 100s of laws restricting guns. Yet we still have all this carnage caused by guns. It’s clear we cannot legislate safe, responsible and reasonable gun ownership. The only thing left to do to keep the masses safe is a compulsory federal buy back program where all guns must be turned into the government for a fair market value. We’ve tried everything else. This is the common sense thing to do. People, who disagree, are reactionary constitutional nuts who must be reported to Homeland Security to be assigned to an appropriate re-education camp.”

Meanwhile in Communist China, where guns are no doubt tightly controlled, a man drove a car laden with gasoline and firecrackers into a crowd of middle schoolers injuring 23. Mayor Emanuel is looking at the incident as a means to ban firecrackers outright and restrict car fuel ownership.

It seems to this rather simple mind that it’s far easier to control the crazy people of this world than control all the means by which they might carry out their crazy schemes to inflict chaos on the public.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Saving football

Football is one head trauma, suicide or spinal injury away from serious scrutiny that nanny state America will use to ban or change the game into something so sissified it won’t be recognizable. So what to do?

Change the college football season to 10 games with two bye weeks. The season will still last 12 weeks to keep money grubbing colleges and networks happy. This scheme also will allow for extra games for an extended play-off system.

NFL season should be no longer than 12 weeks with two bye weeks.

Playing so many games is crazy. It’s like bending a coat hanger back and forth. The more you fatigue it by bending the weaker it becomes.  The seasons are 12 and 16 games for one reason $.

Next make the game safer by making it more demanding. Odd huh? Only allow 4 substitutions per change of possession. Football is dangerous because it is played by extremely large and fast men. Requiring players to stay on the field longer will change the size of the players. It’s unlikely that there will be many 300+ LBS players if they are required to play both ways. Playing both ways will also slow the game as energy become the premium.  Football is the only one of the major sports that allows whole sale substitutions on nearly ever play. Can you imagine the pace of a baseball game if they brought in a new pitcher for each pitch or even each batter? How about on the fly defensive substitutions after every basket? Hockey does change lines frequently, but players are required to go both ways and their is no guarantees the coach will be able to get players off the ice, so players have to be mindful of the energy they are expending.

In order to prevent defenses from whole sale substitutions on certain downs and distances, teams are now adopting hurry up offenses that do not allow substitutions. That fatigues the defense and causes injury. Limiting substitutions will eliminate the need for the hurry up. Huddling up after every play gives the players a chance to rest, but the play needs to continue a pace so as not to give them full recovery time. 25-30 between plays should be sufficient.

People familiar with rugby and/or Australian Rules football, know that you don’t need to keep adding padding and equipment to protect the players. Both rugby and Australian Rules football are played with a minimum of padding. In fact the less equipment, the more likely a player will be willing to lead with his head. Mike Ditka proposed removing the facemask from the helmet to get players from leading with their head.  Covering the players head to foot gives them a sense of invulnerability.  Making them understand that they are vulnerable would do a lot to end devastating collisions.

Anyway, there you have it a simple way to make the game safer. Take three years to implement it. Gradually increase the number of players who have to go both ways to give the players and coaches time to adjust.

And now that Christmas is all wrapped, the cookies all made, the halls all decked and tree decorated to the nines here’s a reminder.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Silence of the Beast

Why isn’t the Shrilldabeast testifying?  Simple, she wants to be president.  So there cannot be a tape of her saying, “Yeah, we, that means me, really screwed the pooch on this one.”  Just like every picture of the lying dope sack-o-crap Shilldabeast  holding a paper with the screaming headlines “BUSH KNEW” after 9-11 has disappeared from the Internet, there will be no trace of her utter incompetence on Benghazi.  A couple of State Dept. lackies went forward to tell congressional committees how totally F-ed up State is/was in Libya.  Now Shrillda will shrink off back into a hole until 2016 when she'll emerge from her hole 150 lbs lighter with entire new line of pant suits to run for president.  If asked to testify later, the Beast will say, “Well State has already testified, I have nothing further to add.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need another powder.  I've fallen again and can't get up.”

Don't miss Monday when Lex will fix college and pro football just in time for the play offs and bowl seasons.  

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Scatter shots

Slow Joe on gun control and any other serious subject:
Trust me.  I know what I'm doing.

If you’re not really serious about getting something done, put the slowest of all Joes - Slow Joe J-O-B-S is a3 letter word Biden in charge of it. Remember Slow Joe was put in charge of making sure stimulus money wasn’t wasted. Well in Slow Joes warped world dumping BILLIONS of dollars down green rat holes wasn’t a waste, because a good portion of that money came back to Little Barry’s campaign chest.

In all of the discussion about what might be done with regard to more gun control, has any one heard a single mention – even by pro gunners – of the plain language in the 2nd Amendment? Me neither. It seems to me, the constitution ought to be the starting point of discussions not an after thought. Pundits are all talking about getting enough votes to pass something, when all it really takes is five of the nine dopes in robes. After the Supreme Court decision on Little Barrycare, that is a scary thought.

I heard from a friend yesterday, so you know this is reliable, that Antinon Scalia’s judgment on guns defines the right to “keep and bear arms” this way:

With regard to “keep”, if you have a facility to keep the weapon it is a legal weapon

With regard to “bear,” if you can carry the weapon it is a legal weapon.

So, according to Scalia, I would be allowed in public with any weapon I could “bear” or carry. That sounds to me to be a reasonable interpretation.

Now I can hear nearly everyone going crazy. “You can’t be serious! That’s nuts! You can’t have people running around with automatic weapons.” Well, yes you can, but that’s not the point. The point is that the constitution either means something or it doesn’t. If the government can further circumvent the 2nd Amendment without amending it through the amendment process, it has set the pretext for circumventing the first amendment. Oh wait, it already did. It locked up a film maker on trumped up charges and America yawned. Well, it can circumvent the 4th Amendment. Oh, wait it already has. It virtually strip searches us and looks into the personal papers contained in our brief cases at airports. Americans shut up and get in line like sheep at the slaughter. It photographs us at nearly ever intersection in every major or even not so major city in America. Americans go about their business as if the government’s interest in their whereabouts and activities is perfectly normal. They don’t even pause to give the cameras the finger.

Here’s one that may be a bit controversial, as if carrying a machine gun isn’t. Every school principal, and I’m pretty sure vice principal, in young Lex’s life has been a female. I think that’s a huge problem over and above the gun issue, but let’s stay focused…for once. It’s hard to stand up to someone with a gun when you’re unarmed, but I see my old high school principal, Mr. McCann, knocking the crap out of the little turd and putting his cigarette out in the little $h!t’s eye. Truth be known, McCann would have had the kid figured out by the second day of his freshman year. But now we are a kinder and gentler (except when killing 27 fellow citizens) more tolerant society (except for white, Christian, heterosexual, males). In the name of diversity we let all manner of aberrant BS pass. Then we act shocked, shocked I tell you, when a nut like Lanza starts shooting up our schools, movie theaters and political events – all “gun free” zones by the way.

It dawned on me last night that I have more security in my house than most schools. That’s crazy. Now in Lib world, they would demand that I reduce my security so not to be any greater than anyone else’s. I think we should put one gun and someone who knows how to use it in every school so as to reach the same level of minimum security found at the Lex compound.

Since I advocated for this move, it’s hard for me to be unhappy with cry baby John for his million dollar threshold tax proposal. I just would not have started there. I’d have voted on Ryan’s plan, Simpson-Bowles, Little Barry’s non-plan plan then on this measure. I’d have voted every day if necessary. But hey, not bad for Boehner.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

We protect everything but that which is most dear

By some accounts, it took Newtown police nearly 25 minutes to show up at Sandy Hook School. There is the number one reason we have a second amendment that has not one thing to do with hunting. Never rely on someone else for your security.

Given police response time riddle me this, why are there off duty police officers at the exits of every church in Ft. Wayne at noon on Sunday, ahead of most funerals in the city, stationed on bicycles outside every one of Ft. Wayne’s numerous summer festivals at Headwaters Park and screening customers at the entrance of St. Vincent Boy Scouts Hunted Castle, but the only thing between a mad man and our most precious resource is the school secretary and a button that controls the sliding glass door?

In Ft. Wayne, police officers are permitted to drive patrol cars home and for personal use. The logic is that even the sight of an “off duty” patrol car has a deterrent effect.

Well how about as a condition for use of the patrol car, the car and the officer must spend 5 hours a week at a Ft. Wayne school at $20 an hour. Those officers who don’t wish to participate in the program must pay a nominal fee for the use of the city vehicle. Given the number of off duty officers, it seems to me, the city could provide nearly 100% coverage of every school.

It would have to be made clear to the school that the officer’s presence was not to enforce school discipline but rather prevent an incident similar to Newtown, CT.

No doubt the police union would demand quadruple overtime, a free meal, drive time to and from the school be counted against the 5 hour requirement and a 15 minute break every 30 minutes - all of which craven politicians would agree to. Then, after 30 days, the program would be scrapped as inefficient and too costly.

Secretary Frenchy
Rumor has it Cambodian war hero John Francois Kerry has the inside track on Shrilldabeast Clinton’s gig over at State. Good. It’s high time this nation honored a hero from its most forgotten war, the Cambodian conflict of Dec. 1968. That war was single handedly waged by Francois and somehow directed by President elect Nixon a full month before his inauguration. Nixon is long dead. The only one left to honor from the great conflict is Francois.

Watch the confirmation hearings as Republi-Rat senators heap great praise on a disgusting, lying, narcissistic bag of $h!t. Repbuli-Rats need to get one thing from Francois. While running for president, the money grubbing, widowed catsup heiress chasing, d-bag said he’d release his military records. He didn’t. As a condition for their votes, Republicans should demand he keep his promise, albeit a couple of thousand days late.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Too much misinformation

There is so much BS out there this morning about gun control. Here are some random thoughts on things I’ve heard in the last 24 hours.

Here is the basic information. 27 plainly written words that people sworn to support and defend the constitution are bound by:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Now idiots will argue that the “militia” refers to the modern day army. It does not. A militia to this day refers to an army of ordinary citizens.  Even if you cede the point on the meaning of militia to the idiots, there are still those 5 pesky words, “the right of the people.” That can ONLY mean every citizen of the several states.

Keep this in mind. How is a militia “well regulated?” Certainly it needs to be well led and well trained. But the founders also knew that a well armed citizenry would themselves “regulate” any militia that was not. Just knowing that the citizenry is well armed has the affect of “regulating” the militia and nearly everything else.

“Common sense gun control” is a time tested phrase used by people who think it’s only common sense to outlaw all guns. The word “control” is100% at odds with the words “shall not be infringed.” Any control is by design an infringement.

The term “assault rifle” is being thrown around in nearly every conversation about guns. When I got shot in the ass with a BB gun down at the creek as a youngster, I would have classified that BB gun as an assault weapon. If you used 10,000 words you could not accurately describe, classify, and differentiate weapons by function, operation and purpose of use. The term assault rifle is used by people who don’t know much to classify a rifle that has a military appearance to it without any regard as to how the weapon operates.

In their last attempt to limit “assault rifles,” the geniuses in congress classified any gun with a bayonet lug as an assault rifle. Manufactures removed the bayonet lugs and re-named the rifles so as not to be on the list of “banned weapons” and sold as many as would have been sold prior to the “ban.” This is another case of idiots trying to control truly smart people. The idiots always lose.

And here’s a secret that ought to stay a secret. We should thank God that these mass murders are in love with military looking rifles. If they ever wise up and start wading into crowds with a shotgun, we’ll see real carnage. Think about it. A weapon that doesn’t need to be aimed at close range and cuts a wide and indiscriminate path is ideal for these psychopaths whose only mission is to create mayhem and chaos.

“Give me one good reason anyone should have an assault rifle.” This came from a congressman sworn to uphold the Constitution. That’s what we’re up against. I’ll give you one congressman. The Constitution allows it.

“Nobody hunts with an AR-15.” The second Amendment says not one word about hunting. The right to keep and bear arms as addressed in the 2nd Amendment has not one thing to do with hunting. Gun grabbers use hunting as a red herring to distract from the words of the 2nd Amendment. The argument then becomes, what kind of arms are “reasonable” for hunting? People who use this argument are more dangerous than the guy who just comes out and says, “Ban all guns.” At least the guy in the second case is being honest.

Last and this is really important. The constitution is being shredded bit by bit before our eyes by the very people sworn to support and defend it. If the 2nd Amendment no longer applies to a 21st century America, the founders left a way to amend it. All it takes is 66 senators and 38 states and the idiots in congress can do whatever they want. The dip $h!t Boehner and Reids of the world know that bar is way too high. So they look to chip away at it bit by bit, almost unnoticeably. They have a complicit bunch in the Supreme Court who are now happy to re-write laws so that they pass muster rather than sending them back stamped in large red letters, “FAILED. DOES NOT MEET CONSTITUTIONAL MUSTER. HAVE YOU EVER EVEN LOOKED AT THE CONSTITUTION?  DO IT OVER - IDIOTS.”

Monday, December 17, 2012

In the face of evil

Why would a great and good God allow such things to happen?
First, God did not “allow” this to happen. God allowed man a free will. Man set the conditions for the tragedy. When one creepy bastard threatens a law suit, school boards and entire communities cower in fear and then agree to kick God out of school and the public square without so much as a “Hold on there Skippy. If you want to deprive your kid the joy of seeing ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas,’ fine he can sit in the classroom and do his homework, but I’ll be damned if a Godless creep like you is going to ruin it for everyone.” Then the same people who said nothing while silent prayer, the 10 Commandments, Bibles and even the mention of God from a student's commencement address were removed from school bitch at God for not being there when something bad happens.

God was removed from the Dope platform during last summer’s convention and was actually booed when He was returned. Yet, America supported the candidate of that party. I do not believe God’s hand was in what happened last Friday. I do believe that when asked, “God why did you let this happen?  Why weren't You there?” He has the perfect answer, “My child, you did not want me there.”

God did not forsake those children on Friday. He does things in much bigger ways, floods and pestilence. We failed. I do find it ironic that people, who will not stand in His name in public, will condemn Him publicly for not being there when something bad happens.

Before dying on the cross, Jesus himself lamented, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Certainly Jesus knew he had not been forsaken. So why the lament? He knew that there would be days like Friday. He knew such storms would shake the beliefs of faithful. But now that the deed is done, what is left but faith?

Last, if you believe in good, you must believe in evil. If you believe in good and evil, you must believe in God. If there is a God for the good of man, there is certainly a devil to represent evil. There is no other way.

Evil triumphed briefly on Friday. Now it’s our turn. We lift the souls of the dead in prayer. We ask God’s grace and mercy to easy the suffering of the survivors.

Protection from the coming gun grab
Bottom line up front, there won’t be any protection.

When Little Barry uses the actions of a mad man - that 30 years of societal psychobabble told us was better off being “mainstreamed” rather than being institutionalized – to snatch guns, don’t expect any help from the Republicans and/or the 9 dope in robes.

You can pretty much expect a full on unconditional Republican surrender after its full on retreat at breakneck speed and before firing a single rhetorical shot. The logic will be the same as Republi-Rat’s retreat and surrender on the fiscal cliff, what can they do? Little Barry won the election.

The nine dopes in robes will be no help either. Little Barrycare, Kelo and campaign finance law informs us that the Supreme Court will rewrite the constitution (aka shred it) to the degree this imperial jackass Americans elected wants.

Debating gun control
I’ll have a conversation with you about gun control if:

You can talk about how a weapon operates rather than about how it looks.

You know the difference between a clip and a magazine.

You ask yourself, “If we can’t round up 11 million illegal aliens currently breaking our law, how are we going to round up 100s of millions of guns from 80 million law abiding gun owning legal citizens protected by the 2nd Amendment?”

You know the term “ballistic fingerprint” is utter BS.

You do not employ body guards or work in an environment where someone provides security for you. If you do, fire them and/or decline protection for you and your family. Then, when you are as safe as I am, we’ll talk.

If you cannot meet these standards (Chuckels Schumer et al), you should let someone who does conduct the negotiations.

Friday, December 14, 2012

More stuff

If you want to see what society will degenerate into if the Supreme Court sides with gay marriage look at the comments section this Breitbart piece on George Takei. Apparently George is some minor character from the Star Trek series and that is all you really need to know.

I clicked on because the Breitbart headline screamed TAKEI: SCALIA GAY MARRIAGE REMARK REPUGNANT. I don’t really care what some half-wit actor thinks about what a truly smart guy says. I just wanted to see what Scalia had said. But there I was faced with a video link from MESSNBC. Enjoying my sanity this morning, I refused to click on. So I scrolled down to the comments section to see if there was a recap of Scalia’s comments. No, but there was quite a robust discussion about…well, get the kids out of the room and then follow the link. In a couple of years, you’ll be hearing this kind of discussion in all the public squares while you stand in line for your free Little Barry phone, food, rent assistance, green car etc.

Colossal idiot Shelia Jackson Lee
On the floor of the house Lee let loose this gem of ignorance:

“And let’s think about moving into 2013, how we make this economy better by looking carefully at how we reform entitlements that are not handouts but they are earned."

Okay, let’s review:
Little Barry phone lady
Little Barry stash money
Welfare reparations

Much like the gay “marriage” issue, it seems to me, we’ve lost the language on this one. If it’s an “entitlement” then people naturally believe they are entitled. We should start calling them “Pay offs to lazy, loud-mouthed, lay about, ignoramuses for votes.”

It is just liberating to call something that which it is.

The fiscal disaster: Brought to you by the very people trying to resolve the fiscal disaster (Calling it what it is again.)
There’s all this talk about Republicans being in a bind in negotiations about the impending downwards slope of the nation (fiscal cliff is old and tired) coming Jan 1. Boehner ought to tell Little Barry he’s done negotiating with himself and start voting. See where the sense of the house actually is and let the American people see it as well.

Republicans only look scared because they are. They shouldn’t be. They were elected to reign in federal spending. If they don’t hold true to that, they will certainly face a Tea Party challenger in two years. Just vote. Vote principle and conviction and let it be.

Does anyone seriously believe that 800 billion in tax revenue over ten years is going to make one iota of difference in a 16 TRILLION dollar debt? The only way out is spending cuts - I’d say 10% across the board - and an end to the concept of zero based budgeting.

If republicans lose the mid-terms it shouldn’t be because they were a party to raising taxes. If they lose, it’ll be because Americans want to go down rapidly in a fiery crash. Republicans should have NOTHING to do with it. The sooner the crash, the sooner we can start to rebuild. The only real question is, will the Constitution survive?

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Right to Work a BFD
Since nit wit union thug Jimmy anyone seen dad Hoffa claimed there would be civil war if MI were to become a right to work state, here’s an apt Civil War analogy Jimmbo.

The union losing MI is like the Confederacy losing Richmond. The loss of Richmond signaled to all concerned that the Civil War was pretty much over. Richmond was not only the political center of the Confederacy, it was an industrial center as well.

MI was the political center of the American organized labor movement.  The analogy kind of falls apart at this point. While the auto industry made MI the epicenter of union organization, ironically, unions long ago destroyed the industrial Mecca that was once MI in general and Detroit in particular. Still if the video evidence is to be believed, union thugs were out to defend MI at all cost.

The loss of MI to right to work status is, as ever slowing Slow Joe J-O-B-S is a 3 letter word Biden might say, a big F-ing deal.

With regard to the violence, who is surprised? If you are surprised, why? Unions have gotten what they want from American employers and workers since their inception by violence.

This is not about the good that unions have done and they have done a lot. It’s about the pendulum swinging way past center to point that unions are so adversarial with business it seems their main objective is to screw business to the point that they have to close their doors. It’s about union slugs drinking and smoking pot on the job and the company not being able to cashier them. It’s about paying slug union thugs to do nothing adding to the cost of whatever product is trying to be sold.  That forces business to look overseas or down south for labor willing to work for a day's wages rather than extorting it.

Unions, like their Lib beneficiaries in politics, have decided that they have a taste for goose, so to satisfy their appetite, they’ve wrung the neck of the goose that laid the golden eggs.

Who is surprised this little waste Americans want to reside at 1600 PA Ave would invite a vile American hating no talent piece of $h!t to entertain at the White House? Were it not for the American soldiers he so despises, right now fat little Psy would be starving his @$$ off while performing as a sex toy for the 125th Mess Kit Repair Regiment of the Red Army of the People’s Republic of Korea.

I was hoping a Marine guard at the White House would get the opportunity to knock the $h!t out of the bastard. It was as great a disappointment that it didn’t happen as the election results.

Rule of five for gay marriage
The Nine Dopes in Robes, aka the Supreme Court, will hear a case on gay marriage. No doubt they will find the founders anticipated this development. They will discover a never heretofore known fact of law in Section 10 of Article 1 that the founders clearly meant to limit the several states from passing any laws contrary to Barney Frank’s sensibilities.

If the court had any sense, which after the Little Barrycare decision, I seriously doubt, they’d make this a state issue. The only reason abortion is as controversial an issue as it is, is that the court forced it on America. Had the state legislators been permitted to legislate abortion and be held accountable to the electorate for their decisions, there would be far less controversy.

If the court decides to go the way of Roe v. Wade it will have the exact same consequences and further divide an already severely fractured nation. So what will they do? Who knows? John Roberts may re-write decades of law to support some hare-brained decision that will in turn be litigated for the next 500 years. The court never seems to settle anything.  They just set the grounds for the next law suit. After all they are all lawyers. Who’s surprised that they act as a perpetual law suit machine for other lawyers?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Don't just raise taxes, DO SOMETHING DAMN IT!!

Word from everyone from Ann Coulter to Tom Coburn is that raising taxes is inevitable, because “Little Barry won.” After wiping away a stream of tears and blowing his nose, John Boehner offered up $800 billion in additional taxes by closing so called “loopholes.” A loophole is something in the tax code passed by congress that your neighbor uses to avoid paying his fair share. It’s the same as a deduction, which is what you use to reduce your taxable income so that you do not pay more than your fair share.

Taxes may be going up. In fact I’d bet Andy’s favorite tool belt that they will. But they shouldn’t go before one great big huge fight. That’s what is missing on our side, among other things, is someone who is a vocal brass knuckles brawler like Andrew Breitbart.

So here’s what I’d do. First I’d schedual a series of votes in the house on the various plans out there. Hold a vote on Simpson-Bowles, the Ryan Plan and to the extent possible a bill that represents Little Barry’s ghost plan. Find out what there actually is support for within the house. Then in a bit a theater put together a bill that represents a balanced budget for all of the spending the Dopes want and vote on it.

Why is Boehner waiting around for Little Barry and Harry the roach Reid? That’s a dead end if ever there was one. Neither has the leadership capable of leading Rosie O’Donnell to the all you can eat buffet. Vote on the various bills. It’ll get you some news for a day. It’ll force the Dopes to take a side or put a real plan. In the case of the balanced budget bill that pays for all of the dope spending, it’ll demonstrate to Americans what government is REALLY costing them when THEY HAVE TO PAY FOR IT rather than borrow it from China and passing that bill along to their children – or better yet, given the generational nature of today’s free loaders, someone else’s children. Talk about a rude awakening.

Republicans can not just throw up their hands and lament, “Oh well, Little Barry won. I guess that makes him dictator for the next two years.” If that’s the approach on the budget, what will their approach be when immigration reform rolls around? “Oh well, Little Barry won. I guess we’ll have open borders for the next two years.” What is their approach going to be when the Dope begin to advocate the state killing off everyone from the unborn to the aged, from the malformed to the kid who can’t a C average at the public school thereby making his union teacher look bad? “Oh well, Little Barry won. Guess we’ll be a culture of death of the innocent for the next 2 years.”

What we need, more than anything, is one firebrand to plainly tell the truth about Dopes up close and personally. Liars, cheats and creeps pretty much tells the truth about the Dopes and we need someone who will go into the lion’s den on MSNBC and tell the truth loud and in their face. All this nice guy BS is not cutting it. It sugar coats the truth or is said in a manner that the Reps hope people will figure it out for themselves. Guess what GOP, this generation of public schoolers are probably incapable of figuring it out on their own.

Last, how about a rally for the base in DC. If the Rep. politicians won’t rally the base, Beck, Hannity, Ingraham and Rush should. A 10 million man march on Washington DC if you will. We are still roughly half of America. We should stand up and begin acting as if we are. We should hold cry baby Boehner’s feet to the fire and put the Dopes on notice that while they can roll the Repbli-Rats, they can’t roll us.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Friday, December 07, 2012

BITOA: Bourbon is the only answer

In a conversation some time back, a friend told me he though that the election might have been stolen through voter fraud. When he asked me what I thought of his conspiracy theory, I told him, “Hell, I hope it was stolen. I don’t want to believe the country is populated by a majority of people stupid enough to vote for this dope…twice.” The evidence is quickly mounting that America is, in fact, populated by a majority of people stupid enough to vote for the dope we’ve come to know and love as Little Barry.

Take this piece on my beloved Marine Corps (no doubt soon to be Corpse). Marines are now including training on meditation in pre-deployment work ups. Marines are encouraged to sit in silence fixing their attention on a spot on the floor between their feet. It’s soooooo relaxing.

I know exactly how to handle such mumbo jumbo. Our uniform instructor – yeah we had one – at The Basic School gave short shrift to the riding crop. Yeah, riding crops were still an optional uniform item. There was the short stick covered in black patton leather with a wrist loop at one end projected on to the screen in Classroom A. The instructors only comment before moving on was, “Carry one if you need one.” So my advice to my Marines on meditation training would be to attend it if you need it.

If you wanted to sabotage the entire program, you’d report that many Marines are using the “training” to engage in silent prayer during their meditation time. All hell would break loose. There would be investigations out the whazoo. Perpetrators would be tried, found guilty and thrown in the brig before murdering SOB Nidal Hassan had to shave his beard.

But this is what we’re up against. And who do we have leading us against this assault on all we hold dear? Blubbering cry baby John Boehner. There is not one person on our side who will tell the American people straight up, “Little Barry is a liar. He won the election. So we gave him all he wanted and now, like a spoiled brat, he wants more. Little Barry, you are fond of saying ‘you won.’ Well, guess what, we all won elections as well. We represent a constituency that represents nearly half of the American people. The ball is in your court. We are done negotiating against ourselves. Put your cuts on the table Thelma or you and Louise (aka Harry the roach Reid) can take the country over the cliff. Oh and by the way, HELL NO, you will not be able to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling. Grow up and govern.”

Ha, never happen. Instead it’s all, “Yes your @$$holiness. Whatever you say your @$$holiness. No your @44holiness. We are not worthy to stand in your presence, so we prostrate ourselves in your honor.”

What are you going to do? For now, buy a bottle of good bourbon. Have a drink in the hot tub while gazing at the stars with your loyal hound nearby. Keep your guns clean, knives sharp and plenty of food, water and ammo in the cellar.

On happier note, the Army-Navy game is this Sat. GO NAVY. Sure the Navy is a mess, but it’s our Navy and it’s still the best damn Navy in the world.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Jovan and Booby

Phew, thank goodness all that talk of revolution is over so we can get back to really important stuff like Jovan Belcher and Booby Costas.

Jovan Belcher
I do not know Jovan Belcher. In fact, in spite of being a pretty regular watcher of the NFL, I’d never even heard of him. But instead of blaming guns for his despicable actions, I’d like to know what was on his i-Pod. I’ll bet the Griffin’s next paycheck that it was not uplifting stuff. So instead of taking the Booby Costas line of getting guns out of the hands of NFL players, I think we need to snatch up their i-Pods. Snatching up those inanimate objects makes every bit as much sense as grabbing guns.

While we’re at it, let’s take a look at what video games Jovan was playing. How many murders did he commit on the X-Box or whatever the newest gaming gizmo is? What were the last 5 movies Jovan watched? We probably need to snatch those up. What TV shows was he viewing regularly? We ought to seriously consider banning those as well. What reading material was he into to inform his opinion about things not football?

Here’s the main point, without ever having met him, I’ll bet AF Bros wine collection that the guy was a creep long before he ever purchased his first gun. I’ll bet if anyone wanted to do a study on the Jovan Belcher’s of the world, they’d find that 99.99% are creeps, because they do not have one good influence in their lives. They probably are, literally, bastards who have spent their entire lives sinking to the lowest common denominator.

I could be wrong. Belcher’s i-Pod may have been loaded with the Sound of Music sound track and the inspirational writings of Dr. Norman Vincent Peal. His favorite video game may have been Mrs. Packman. His favorite movie might have been Paul Blart Mall Cop. He may have loved the Master Piece Theater more than any other show on TV, and he may have been down to last few pages of Plato’s Republic before killing himself.

I doubt it, or as Ben Franklin used to say, “no f*&king way.”

Even in the end Belcher was a coward that took his own life instead of accepting responsibility for the murder of a helpless woman and to the extent possible making amends to her family, his daughter and his own family. The lowest common denominator for Jovan in this case was to excuse himself, something he had no right to do, and then blow his own brains out. Men accept responsibility for their foul deeds, make restitution and seek redemption.

I don’t know for sure, but I’ll bet Infidel’s hot little airplane, that Jovan Belcher was a scab on every relationship he ever entered into. Everyone around him tolerated him because nobody wanted to pick at the scab causing it to open again and start bleeding all over their $80 shirt. The only thing I know about Jovan Belcher for sure is that he died like a coward, and that tells me pretty much all I need to know about how he lived.

Booby Costas
Booby is proof positive that there is not one sanctuary left in America for a red-blooded patriot. No matter where we go, some Liberal D-bag has the floor and a microphone to assault our sensibilities with their uninformed boilerplate loony lib talking points.

I made the mistake of tuning into O’Really last night to hear Billbo and Booby. It was a love fest.

Costas claimed the Aurora, CO movie shootings were caused by America’s gun culture. He said, mistakenly, that CO is a right to carry state and that had no affect on the movie shooting. What Booby did not point out and Billbo was too much in love to point out is that the theater itself was a “gun free” zone. Just like VA Tech was a “gun free” zone. Seem the loonies are targeting (oops can you still use forms of the word “target?”) “gun free” zones so as to have a free reign for the chaos they've planned. To this date, nobody has planned a successful gun assault on the Pike County Gun Club. Lex knows that when good people with guns show up, the shooting stops.

When Billbo asked Costas if he would rather have a hand gun to defend himself or would he prefer to lie on the movie theater floor cowering in fear, Costas said he preferred to lie on the floor in fear. According to Costas, if more people had guns in the theater, the carnage would have been much worse. So presumably Costas would be lying on the theater floor, soiling himself, as he prays to his sports god thanking him that the only one in the theater with a gun is the crazy bastard trying to murder him. Sadly, given the other lunacy coming from Costas on this, that makes perfect sense.

In a very telling moment, in one breath Costas claimed his rant was not about gun control. Then in the next breath said there needed to be stricter controls on the purchases of hand guns. Not to pick nits here Booby, but “controls” on purchases of hand guns are, uh, gun controls.

Costas also claimed he was not anti-2nd Amendment. Then he said that gun buyers ought to have to undergo "some training." Hmm, the 2nd Amendment states in part that “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” So let’s say Chucky Schumer sets up the “Federal Responsible Armed Un-Americans Department” or FRAUD. How do you suppose that will work? The “training” will be offered once a year, in Dec. It will last 30 consecutive days consisting of 12 hours of instruction per day. It will only be available on Elephant Island and cost $150,000.

Booby, some might consider a government training program an infringement.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

How the revolution is won

Who wins? I honestly do not know. Even the idea of taking on the subject of a new American Revolution was not easy. There’s a guy who made a video and was snatched up in the middle of the night and sent away to prison for a year without a single protest. This lawless government with its complicit crap weasel lapdog MSM can do whatever it wants.

If wannabe Gen Marty Dempsey is any indication, the military - at least the yes men running it - have been co-opted as well. Remember, it was Marty himself who called Rev. Jones to “persuade” Jones to cease and desist with his rants against Islamo-Terror-Fascists. If that’s not intimidation from a high government official, what is?

When I saw the arrogance of the American government with regard to the oyster farmer two posts under, I thought what would you do? I don’t know. I know what I’d like to do – get Salazar, strip him naked and horsewhip him within an inch of his worthless life. In a country of 350 million, for now any way, free people, what are the odds that someone doesn’t get fed up after the government ruins their life and lashes out in some way?

Sadly, there are more and more 100 year old businesses that can’t keep pace with mindless government regulation from less and less accountable federal bureaucrats. Add that to the fact that compensation for government workers is 36% higher on average for federal employees with a high school degree; 32% higher on average for federal workers with some college education; 15% on average higher for federal employees with a bachelor’s degree; 8% higher on average for federal employees with a master’s degree and it becomes apparent that we are governed by arrogant over-paid bureaucrats running a Borg-like bureaucracy with a lawless autocrat at the top. Remember, the overriding purpose of every bureaucracy is to grow the bureaucracy.

If that is not a formula for revolution what is? What businessman pays all of the help more than himself, then allows them to treat him as if he’s the biggest problem in their lives? Watch the TSA goons standing around the airport on your next visit. Judging from their demeanor, you’d think these lazy thieving creeps were all Mensa members too engaged in developing a perpetual motion machine to be troubled with the small people who are constantly interrupt their world saving work. They order the masses about as if they were cattle and the cattle dutifully comply. At what point is it when the cattle start acting like free men again? And why is it that the cattle act like cattle in the first place? It’s because we do not want the hassle of our government threatening us like the film maker.

Little Barry, as part of Little Barrycare, is in the process of adding another 16,000 IRS agents. Does anyone seriously suppose that those 16,000 agents’ attention is going to be totally focused on people who earn $250,000? As Lex has said over and over, even if the government took every penny from that group, there isn’t enough money there to keep this sinking ship afloat. The real money in America is in the middle class. That is Little Barry’s target. That is why he will joyfully drive us over the cliff in Jan and get away with blaming the Reps.

Then what? Your political party is gone, you’re a racist if you resist or even disagree with the government, every government agency from the TSA to the federal mohair inspector is over-paid, armed and quite willing to make your life miserable if you don’t agree to all government dictates or even that Trayvon Martin was a saintly little boy assaulted and viciously murdered by a violent angry racist WHITE, Christian, Hispanic man with gun that nobody should be allowed to have.

Right now an onerous government is squeezing free people in every way imaginable. I do not know how this all ends. I do know I prefer revolution to the death of the American Republic as founded. When the government tries to shut down Fox News and talk radio with some BS known as the “fairness doctrine” then comes for the guns, it’ll be time to say enough.  Then it's just a matter of there being enough of us left to win the thing.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

How the revolution is fought

The military
Wannabe Gen and JCS Marty Dempsey calls a gathering of today’s other wannabe generals and admirals. He starts the meeting by asking all of the officers to renew their oath, but instead of pledging to support and defend the constitution, he suggests that they agree to support and defend America’s Dear Leader. Upon hearing this most baulk and leave the room. Those who remain begin the oath. Marine Corps Commandant Amos, never one to know exactly what his principles are, excuses himself to go out front to moisten an index finger and lift it aloft in an effort to determine which way the political wind is blowing.

After the swearing in, Marty declares himself the High and Exalted Universal Grand Marshal and Supreme Military Being of the New United States. He then declares that the center of gravity against forces opposing the Dear leader is FL pastor Rev Terry Jones and his insane support for a vile anti-Islam video that has caused every bit of the world’s problems since Little Barry claimed the video has caused every bit of the world’s problems.

Marty will immediately and personally lead a raid on Pastor Jones’ home. Marty and 100 other crack wannabe generals take off for FL. 4 hours later the incompetents mistakenly land in TX, the center of resistance to forces loyal to America’s Dear Leader. There, they are easily captured by 10 members of St. Francis’ Troop 168 of the Boy Scouts of America. The Scouts then spend several hours practicing tying knots on their captives. When a lone TX State Trooper finally arrives to take charge, Marty’s boys are in tears begging to be let go, promising they’ll “never do it again.”

With Marty the High and Exalted Universal Grand Marshal and Supreme Military Being of the New United States and his top commanders all MIA, Jabba the Janet declares herself the new High and Exalted Universal Grand Marshal and Supreme Military Being of the New United States.

She orders her Citizens Corps now called the Citizens Corpse onto action. Unfortunately for Jabba the Janet Incompetano, the Citizens Corpse is very easily duped. Freedom fighters quickly learn that they can turn each other in collecting the $2,000 and free cell phone. Then knowing where the Citizens Corpse will show up, they easily capture them. They strip them naked, tie them up, cover them in manure then dump them humiliated on the outskirts of town. Ironically it is the old Catholic Church who releases them, cleans them, clothes them, feeds them and treats any wounds they may have suffered.

Little Barry
Furious that his High and Exalted Universal Grand Marshal and Supreme Military Being of the New United States and his top yes men have been reduced to policing trash along a lonely stretch of TX highway in the summer heat, Little Barry decides to unleash the dogs of war, his newly formed Free of Liberty by Offensive Action Division from Every Region (AKA Free LOADERs). All Free LOADERs are directed to assemble in NM for an all out assault on the free state of TX. Little Barry has correctly identified TX as the real center of gravity. If he can crush freedom and liberty there, it will go a long way to wiping out forever the quaint notion that freedom is the natural yearning of man.

The mobilization doesn’t go well. The Free LOADERS all stand about waiting for other people to do things for them. They have to be bribed with free food, cell phones, TVs etc to get them to move. Tired of having the old Catholic Church saving his Citizen Corpse people everyday, Little Barry orders Jabba the Janet to have her Corpse members facilitate getting the bribes to his Free LOADER army so that the final battle can be waged.

Tomorrow, how the war is won.

Monday, December 03, 2012

How the revolution begins

You can only take so much. Thomas Jefferson wrote:

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.

This is an account of how a revolution begins here.

After watching a video of how the government stole a 100 year old oyster company in CA, a disgusted and disgruntled oyster farmer who has had enough makes an unbelievably long shot that is interrupted when the bullet pierces Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s empty head destroying the perfect vacuum that had existed a split second before. As air rushes into the vacuum, one time tough guy Salazar utters something about punching someone. Then he succumbs to the fresh air rushing into his heretofore perfectly empty cranial cavity. He collapses. He’s dead, succumbing to fresh, albeit slightly polluted, one foreign particle per 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 units, air.

Ruling class Demo-Dopes and Republi-Rats are aghast that one of the common folk, still at large, took out one of their own. How dare them! We’re only doing what is best for them – and if we all get rich in the process, well that’s just the way it is. Something must be done!

At the funeral, attended by a couple of hundred Washington D.C. swells and 500,000 security personnel, EPA Secretary Solis promises that EPA will clean up the air so that nothing like this ever happens again. Solis explains that if we had tougher air quality regulations Ken Salazar would be alive today. The gun shot didn’t kill him. The air pollution killed him. Had it not been for the poor air quality, government doctors could have performed a corkectimy on Ken. They could have corked off the entry and exit wounds, sucked out all of the clean fresh air creating a new vacuum and Ken would be walking and talking with us today. It is the foul nature of American air that killed Ken Salazar.

Attorney General Eric the wad Holder promises to get guns and ammo out of the hands of American citizens so that nothing like this ever happens again. He will, of course, continue to supply guns and ammo to Mexican criminals. He announces that there will be a 24 hour amnesty period for people to turn in their guns, all ammo, bows, arrows, axes, knives longer than 2 ½ inches and pitchforks. In a program he calls Spy on a Neighbor In Turn for Cash Handouts, or SNITCH, the wad offers $2,000 and a free cell phone for anyone who turns in an American not in compliance.

A crane then lifts Doug Heffernin look-a-like, DHS Secretary Janet Incompetenano, to the dais. Jabba the Janet waddles to the mic and announces that she is going to arm every TSA agent in the country with an automatic weapon. She then announces that she is also arming all Citizens Corps members and swearing them in as federal law enforcement officers. Citizen Corps members will be responsible for confiscating illegal weapons reported under Attorney General wad’s SNITCH program so that nothing like this ever happens again.

Then, as dry ice creates an eerie cloud around the podium, and a disco dance ball creates bright rotating pin holes of light throughout the gathering, his royal @$$holiness himself descends from the ceiling on a wire dressed in a gold robe and a crowned with a laurel wreath, as strains of We are the Champions fill the air. Little Barry gives a 5 hour Soviet style address that is carried live on every radio and tv in America. The Internet, twitter and text messaging is shut down across America. News papers all plaster an air brushed pic of Little Barry removing face moles and reducing his Dumbo ears to a more normal size and pinning them back to a normal position with the caption, America's Dear Leader.

To ensure nothing like this ever happens again, Little Barry makes the following key points in his rambling address:
- Elections have consequences
- He won
- He now has more “flexibility”
- He dissolves the Supreme Court, five judges on the Supreme Court, including Justice Roberts who reportedly received $100,000,000 and 100,000 acres in VA for his vote, concur with the move
- He dissolves both house of congress, a majority in both houses, who received deals similar to Robert’s, concur with the move
- He declares martial law, or what he refers to as Little Barry’s Law, the sycophantic general class who are so used to saying “yes” to whatever comes out of Little Barry’s mouth didn’t even have to be bribed to concur - nearly all other military people say F*&K YOU!
- All persons on federal welfare, food stamps, disability and/or unemployment are to report to their respective offices immediately to be sworn in to form America’s new “domestic army that will be just as strong, just as well equipped, just as well funded and powerful as America’s military.”
- CEOs who did not contribute to Little Barry’s campaign will be rounded up and forced to perform 10,000 hours of “community service.”
- Americans will be expected to consume a vegan diet 28 days of the month (Government employees are exempt)
- Non hybrid cars will be restricted to 25 miles of travel a month (Government employees are exempt)
- Thermostats across America will set to 60 degrees in the winter and 85 in the summer (Government employees are exempt)
- The wad's SNITCH program will be used to encourage Americans to report other Americans not in compliance with any federal regulation
- The war mongering Star Spangled Banner will be replaced as our National Anthem by a new song being penned by Jay Zee and Bruce Springsteen under the working title, Little Barry: He is THE one.
- Father Michael Pfleger is named the Pope of the New American Catholic Church

Tomorrow: How the revolution is fought