Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Better than Bernake: The End

Better than Bernake far:
Climategate Person(s)
Glenn Beck
Tea Party people

And Lex’s most better than Bernake person of the year is:

A tie. Actually a three way tie between Liz and Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin.

The Cheney’s more than any other conservative set the record on the Dear Dope straight in clear language that even he could understand. On Iran, they stopping just short calling him what thinking people know him to be, a narcissistic lying bumbling idiot. And in the course of telling the truth about Jug Ears, the Cheneys managed to irritate all of the right people – morons on the left.

Dick Cheney is obviously the most qualified person alive today to be president of the United States. Yes, he’s more qualified that all living previous presidents and vice presidents – maybe combined. But he has a slow ticker and no passion for politics so he’s out.

His daughter Liz may surface somewhere down the road though. She takes after her old man in a though straight forward presentation and doesn’t suffer fools lightly. She has honed her skilled making the lefties on MSNBC squirm like a bucket of worms in unapologetic defense of her dad and the Bush administration. Except for her dad and possibly Karl Rove, she may be the best spokesman for that administration. Yeah, spokesman – screw your pale gender neutral he/she her/his spokesperson policeman/crime stopper BS.

Sarah Palin has the biggest book of the year out. She’s a private citizen that has RINOs, Demo-Dopes, the Lamestream and the glitter class all running scared. Why? They all dump on her. Why? The simple answer is that Palin scares the crap out of them. She taps into the Tea Party movement better than anyone. She uses technology better than any Republican.

It was Palin’s tweet on health care that started the revolt. Her use of the words “death panels” caused people to take a step back and start asking questions. The next thing you knew, people were protesting in the streets and “disrupting” town halls by asking serious questions of their elected officials – who had few answers but to ask the questioner to leave. When CA Governor Ahhhhnold, poked at Palin on Dear-Dope-a-care, Palin poked back – hard. She asked Ahhhnold, again in tweet that received national attention, who he was to tell anyone about anything. His state is broke and teetering on bankruptcy because of Ahhhhnold’s spend thrift ways. If America takes Ahhhnold’s advice, it will end up in the same boat.

Best of all, like the Cheneys, Palin pisses all of the right people off. Nothing better than seeing the David Brooks’, Keith Oberdouche et al stumbling over themselves to try to knock this woman down and in the process knocked each other down.

Better than Bernake is kind of an endless list, but those are mine. I’m off now until next year. Have a blessed and great Christmas and New Year. If you can’t get what you want, try getting someone else what they want, it’s even better.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Better than Bernake: Part 4

So far in Lex’s “Better than Bernake” we have Favre, Climategate Leaker(s) and Glenn Beck. Today, how about those Tea Party renegades?

Never were so many so unfairly mischaracterized by so few. But it helps when the few are mainly Lamestreamers, politicians and actors. Hmmmmm, politicians and actors, are those two separate groups anymore?

These Americans were the butt of late night jokes and still they rallied. These Americans were beaten by union thugs and still they rallied. These Americans were called every name in the book from racist to some grotesque homosexual sex practice and still they rallied. These Americans showed up at the town halls and created news by making brain-dead pols (a set of the whole) squrim when asked unanswerable questions like, “Where in the constitution does it allow you to force healthcare on American citizens?” And, “You swore an oath to uphold the constitution. Do you ever intend to keep that oath?”

No matter how much they were ridiculed, lied about and tormented by the glitter class, they would not go away and they rallied. The second person in line to secession of the presidency referred to them as Nazis. Another pol likened them to Tim McVeigh. Most Hollywood actors and pols just dismissed them as racists. The worst thing you can be called these days, because you have to spend every minute addressing the charge weather true or not.

But the most vile epitaph was being labeled teabaggers by the by a class of hyper-sensitive weasels. If a Tea Party representative called Anderson Cooper of CNNs never watched “Anderson Cooper 360” a “teabagging homo” which happens to be true, all hell would break loose about how callus, hateful and out of touch the Tea Party members are. But if someone in the glitter class uses a homosexual slur against ordinary Americans for standing up against an onerous out of control government, well that is perfectly OK. It’s particularly OK when said government is being run by a Dear Dope.

It’s like the word nigger. A black can use it 157 times in a 30 minute stand up comedy routine, a 3 minute rap song or during a 30 second tv spot and nothing happens. Some white guy says, “Well I don’t think the word 'nigger' should be used so casually if at all.” Well Revs Al and Jesse show up and get the guy fired or suspended; the New Black Panthers take a day off from voter intimidation and riot and the Dear Dope demands a discussion about race in America. The same group of people who claim to be offended by Tom Sawyer because of the use of the word nigger, laugh, groove along and watch intently as their favorite black “artists” use the term gratuitously.

The Tea Party goers and doers suffered all of the outrages hurled against them and the Dear Dope’s dream of passing bi-partisan Dear-Dope-a-care by Aug died in hundreds of rallies and town halls across America. What was Bernake doing?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Lex's person of the year: Part 3

So let’s see Lex has considered Brett Farve and the person(s) who exposed global hoaxers as phony warm mongers as his person of the year in lieu of the dull and colorless Ben Bernake who, like all Libs, is partially to blame for the problem he now claims he is fixing.

Today let’s consider Glenn Beck. Love him or hate him – I’ve been both camps – he’s on fire. Three best selling books at one time, a highly rated radio program and the highest rated for his time slot - by from here to the moon – tv show. That doesn’t consider is efforts in the 9-12 project that was such a huge success the only thing the lamestreamers could do was to ignore it.

He also brought down Van Jones while exposing what a bunch of far left socialist and communists the Dear Dope has employed at your White House. And he’s done it all with a sharp wit, a smile and an unapologetic sincerity.

Who would you rather have a beer with Ben Bernake or Glenn Beck? I’d go with Glenn, because Beck is a recovering alcoholic so I’d get both beers.

On a different note, how much of your hard earned tax dollars do suppose Harry Reid had promise Ben Nelson to cave on the Dear-Dope-a-care bill? Landrieu got 300 million for the crooks in LA and all she had to do was feign objection. What must it have cost us to buy off someone who had real objection? I sent his office a one word e-mail - COWARD!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Better than Bernake: Part 2

Ben Bernake was named Times’ “person” of the year. Lex noted yesterday that would be sort of like giving Dillinger an award for bank security or the Dear Dope the Nobel Peace Prize, wait scratch that.

Anyway in yesterday’s “better” than Bernake column, Lex named Brett Favre as a better choice.

Today Lex names the person(s) who exposed the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia as frauds, liars, cheats and scoundrels who are about as interested in science as Lex jr. is in learning how to knit.

First note of interest is that, even they do not know who is responsible for releasing the e-mails, the lamestreamers and certain Demo-Dopes insist on saying that the e-mails were “hacked” or stolen. Maybe not. Maybe they were just released by an insider who had finally had enough of the pompous lying windbags. Perhaps no laws were broken. Perhaps the only nefarious act was the embarrassing exposure of a conspiracy among a bunch of lying jackasses. Maybe the only thing untoward in the whole incident is the breaking of some inner bureaucratic rules that can get you fired but not thrown in jail.

Ain’t it funny that when military secrets are leaked, the NYT claims that it MUST run with the story because it is in the public interest? Those doing the leaking are not traitorous weasels but rather patriots and protected whistle blowers. But when someone exposes AlGore and his acolytes for ten years of lies, theft and just making it up, they are vilified and threatened with prosecution.

Even the main climate know nothing clown, AlGore, had to backtrack last week like Lex looking for his glasses. AlGore cited a study that he claimed indicated that there was a 75% chance that the polar ice would completely disappear in the summer months within five years. Too bad the guy who conducted the study heard the bloated goofball and publicly told him that he was full hot air; that the study indicated no such thing and he had no idea where AlGore was getting his information. It’s obvious where he’s getting it, from the CRU.

Now all of the world’s climate swells are gathering in Copenhagen to pat themselves on the back for running such an efficient scam. As they engage in all of the behavior that they tell us to reject, not a word is mentioned about the phony science that their house of cards is built upon. It’s like a spouse coming home and seeing their loved one in bed with another. Instead of outrage, the spouse acts as if nothing has happened. Better to pretend everything is OK than upset the kids or ruin the good thing they have going.

Last is that it is tax fraud as well as scientific fraud. The scientist at the CRU ought to be prosecuted for that. We know that these weasels are sucking up federal grant money to create lies about the climate that they then intend to use to destroy our economy. Throw the bums in jail.

So for exposing these creeps, Lex’s better than Bernake choice of the day is the person(s) who released the e-mails from the CRU. Well Done!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Egghead of the year

Some egghead named Ben Bernanke was named Time Magazine’s “person of the year.” So the Dear Dope is passed over for the Heisman Trophy and Time’s Person of the Year all in one week. He and Michelle have gotta be pissed. But he’s still got his Nobel Prize and that comes with a cash award.

Bernake is the head of the Federal Reserve Board and has been since 2005 when nominated by President Bush. Now I, like 99.9% of Americans, had no idea what the Fed Chairman does, so I looked it up. He’s America’s banker. His duties apparently fall into four broad categories:

1. Conducting the nation's monetary policy by influencing monetary and credit conditions in the economy in pursuit of maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates.

2. Supervising and regulating banking institutions to ensure the safety and soundness of the nation's banking and financial system, and protect the credit rights of consumers.

3. Maintaining stability of the financial system and containing systemic risk that may arise in financial markets.

4. Providing financial services to depository institutions, the U.S. government, and foreign official institutions, including playing a major role in operating the nation's payments system.

Well, uhmmm, excuse me. Time? Hello? Time! Just which one of those categories DIDN’T Mr. Bernake screw up beyond all recognition?

Monetary policy? The dollar is nearly worthless, but there are nearly twice as many of them floating around now as there were a year ago so by mid-2010 it’ll become even more worthless.

Supervising and regulating banking institutions? Well thank goodness Bernake got that one right and we didn’t end up bailing out America’s largest banks to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. Oh wait we DID do that.

Maintaining stability of the financial system? Ha! Nobody’s buying that one.

Providing financial services to depository institutions, the U.S. government, and foreign official institutions, including playing a major role in operating the nation's payments system? Well, well,well, we might have stumbled upon something here. I’m absolutely certain Mr. Bernake is paying off all of the right people – foreign and domestic – with our hard earned tax dollars.

Hey look, I’m not surprised. When a know nothing, do nothing, be nothing jug eared fool can win the Nobel Prize because of what he might do. Well, anything is possible. But you have wonder, how long can the Nobel Committee continue to honor dolts and buffoons before it becomes a joke? How long can the Academy Awards hand out honors to Mocumentaries so riddled with lies and half truths as to be comical? Sadly we right thinking people know that no one in their “right” mind will ever win one of these awards.

So Lex will set the record straight by honoring “the real people of the year” starting today with Brett Favre. I do not know or care what his politics are. He’s proven to be a great individual talent. Yeah, his “will I or won’t I” retirement shtick is getting a bit old, but he sure showed the sports writers and his old teams he can still play. Come on! Who would you rather sit down for a beer with, Bernake or Favre? Sorry Ben only your mother would vote for you.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why we should NEVER give in to liberals

Lex has often warned that whatever else gun control legislation is designed to do, the ultimate goal is to make owning a firearm illegal for American citizens – Second Amendment be damned. That is why when a Lib says, “we need common sense gun legislation that will keep MS .50 Cal machine guns out of the hands of our children,” I oppose that legislation.

One, it is probably already illegal.

Two, Libs never enforce current law because they hope the legislation will fail so that they can say, “Look, we’ve tried everything. Nothing has worked. Gun violence continues to rise. We just need to ban all firearms, like every other civilized nation around the world.”

Three, Libs confuse hunting rights with gun rights. The argument goes like this. Senator Hufnpuff at a photo op looking like Elmer Fudd and toting a shotgun says, “I’m all for hunters being allowed to practice their sport, but we need to ban assault weapons.” The Second Amendment does not have a single word in it about hunting. Also ignorant dopes confuse what a gun looks like with what it is called. Just because a rifle looks like an AK 47 doesn’t make it an assault weapon.

Take the same logic to Dear-Dope-A-Care. Whatever comes out of the legislation the ultimate goal is controlling 1/6th of the US economy and thereby controlling YOU. When government can say look we’re paying the bill for your heath care so we will need to control your consumption of Big Macs, Cheetos, Tobacco products, alcohol, what you drive, where you live, etc. etc.

So no matter what comes out of this Dem-Dope congress, we should oppose it.

Look at what Libs are doing with G’itmo. Close it they demand. So the Dear Dope sets about closing that facility. And what does the ACLU do on the very same day the announcement is made that 100 G’itmo prisoners will be moved to IL? They file a brief that all we’re doing is creating a G’itmo north. They will not be happy until the murdering scum bags are all freed with a payment of several million dollars and a letter of apology from the Dear Dope himself.

This is liberalism. Keep nicking away at freedom until it is gone. Not gone in one fell swoop over a day or two, but gone over a decade or two through continued pressure. It’s like a glacier creeping over the landscape. Its advance is hardly noticed year to year, but after a decade or two the once familiar landscape is hardly recognizable.

That’s why we should NEVER give in to Liberals on anything, NEVER.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Global Warming scatter shots

Let say the global warming is real. What is the worst thing that can happen?

- Fewer bums freeze to death in the winter
- Fewer cold and flu cases
- Ice Caps melt making farming, mineral exploration and sunbathing an option in Iceland and the frozen tundra of Canada and Russia
- A Super Bowl in a northern city that does not have a domed stadium - Chicago
- People actually stay home for Christmas instead of fleeing south for the holidays
- You can kick noisy kids out of the house Dec-Feb without the whine – “It’s too cold to go outside”
- Fewer auto accidents from frozen and snowy roads

Explain this:

If I put three ice cubes in a glass and then I fill the glass to the brim with water, when the ice melts, does the glass over flow? The answer for all of you public school grads is, no. When water freezes, it expands and actually has more volume than when in a liquid state. So when the ice melts, the water level goes down a bit.

So if the polar Ice Caps sit atop a sea and then melt, instead of flooding New York City, wouldn’t the seas actually recede a bit?

OK, sure I get it. The ice on land would melt as well, but there is no way to determine the sea rise given evaporation rates of an overheated planet, the receding sea from polar melt, filling of underground caverns and all of the other complexities involved.

And this:

If green weenies are for clean alternatives to fossil fuels, why are they almost universally against nuclear power? Nuke power is clean, and unlike solar and wind reliable 24-7-365. It is also a proven commodity where as wind and solar remain a utopia in AlGore’s head and a couple of hundred billion dollar dream for GE and T. Boon Pickens.

If the greenies were serious, it seems to me the most popular sign at any global warming riot, uh sorry rally, would be – NUCLEAR NOW!

Now try this:

Suppose letters between John, Matthew, Mark and Luke were discovered and those letters demonstrated an orchestrated hoax between the four to earn money through Christianity, do you suppose the media might run with that story non-stop in an effort to destroy that religious belief? Of course they would. Good grief the media tried to portray Dan Brown’s simple-minded fiction, The Da Vinci Code, as a true story for crying out loud.

Well we have two tons of e-mails proving that "the science" supporting global warming has been manufactured for the last ten years. Instead of exposing the hoax, the lamestreamers are in their usual, “just move along, nothing to see here” mode. Now the people peddling the farce, because they stand to lose millions, want the people who released the e-mails thrown in jail.

In the irony of all ironies, we have people who reject religion because it is “made up” worshiping at the alter of global warming and using 14th century religious tactics to silence their critics who are proving global warming is made up. It is a bizarre world.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The best college football game of the year was Saturday

The Black Knights of the Hudson and the Navy Midshipman faced off in a classic football game Saturday. There was the march on with the cheers from each, the Corps of Cadets and Middies. There were more than usual of up close and personal pieces on tv. There were bits from each school tweaking the other. There were the voices of support from servicemen across the country and around the world. And there was a pretty good football game. Navy won 17-3.

As a former Marine, I always root for the Midshipmen. This year I started to think that maybe it would be good for the rivalry if Army won one. Then I saw the Naval Academy’s uniforms. Gone were the traditional Navy Blue and gold replaced by a the Royal blue of the Marine Corps’ dress blue trousers with a strip that matched the stripe of a Marine Corps officer’s dress cover (hat for the unwashed), and not one but two Marine Corps insignia the eagle glob and anchor – one on the shoulder and one on the trousers. For all of the world, those uniforms made it look as if it was the Marine Corps Academy. Well any good wishes for the Army vanished. It would be one thing if the Naval Academy lost to Army, quite another if the Marine Corps Academy lost.

At one point during the broadcast, announcer Gary Danielson said something along the line, “well we’re going to try forget about the military nature of the game and think about football.” That’s not a bad sentiment given the nature of the world and what the young men participating in the 2009 version of the classic will have facing them upon graduation.

But it took someone on the inside to put this game into perspective as the teams headed to their locker rooms after the game. A visibly emotional Navy coach, Ken Niumatalolo, had this to say about his team's win,

“These kids will be in … [stops] These kids are going to protect us, in Afghanistan and Iraq, and — both of these teams. I have great, great respect for these men, and this is just a football game. I mean, that’s all it is, but there’s a bigger picture, and I couldn’t be prouder of our young men.”

I am absolutely certain that when he said, “I couldn’t be prouder of our young men” he meant the men on BOTH teams.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Dope makes good speech, returns to ruin America

The Dope made a good speech in Oslo yesterday. There was none of the predicted bashing of the nation that elected him. And even he had to admit that war was sometimes necessary to protect our interests and those of our allies.

After dispatching 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan last week, what else could he have said? "I reject war, that’s why I’ve committed 30,000 more of our finest young men and women to fight Bush’s war in Afghanistan," that would be too great a leap for even Dem-Dope hypocrites.

So credit where credit is due, well done.

But soon the Dope will return to the USA. He will continue his assault on our freedom. His dopey Dope-A-Care policy and tax and trade will ruin the economy. That in turn will make it impossible for the US to pull any of the leavers to prevent war, or once in, fight it in the manner necessary to bring hostilities to quick and successful conclusion.

And while most Republicans give the Dope credit for his belated decision on Afghanistan and for his words yesterday, those words and that decision are causing some on the far left to throw up. Reality has nipped the Dope in the butt. While campaigning, B-HO talked in empty platitudes about hope and change. He spoke about changing America’s image and sitting with the world’s creepiest people for tea.

After the inauguration the Dope found out that the world could give a $h!t less about America’s image except for what the world’s own Dear Dopes can get from America. The world would prefer America prostrate and groveling (what the Dear Dope refers to as improving America’s image) so that:

Russia can expand it influence in Europe,
China can run the Pacific,
Iran can build bombs,
Korea can threaten the south,
Chaves can push the dominoes over in South America,
the EU and the UN can raid the US treasury and hope America doesn’t go so far down the path of socialism as not to be able and willing to prop them up and protect them.

As for sitting for tea with scum bags, the Dope may be learning that the scum bags could not care less about his “life’s story” the ONLY thing compelling about the jug eared Dope. They just want America to continue to apologize for all of its good deeds in the world. They want the Dope not to wise up too soon. They laugh openly at him while he chuckles along so they might like him, like a nerd laughs when being made fun of by the cool kids in high school.

And Demo-Dopes who would prefer a weak and prostrate America have to be asking themselves, what the hell? If we wanted America to fight wars, we should have elected a Republican. Well, yeah.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dope given world forum to bash America

Doofus Magoofus is headed to Norway to give a good speech while receiving his Nobel Prize that he won for giving good speeches (that analysis by way of Bill Kristol via the Griffin). I wonder if he’ll mention:
peace through strength
trust but verify
defending any friend
defeating any foe
blood sweat toil and tears

Doubt it.

He will resort to his favorite line for international audiences – some variance of “America has been an (a) arrogant (b) mean (c) opportunistic (d) some new slam country.” He will forego any attempt at portraying America as a fundamentally good nation that uses necessary force to protect her interests and further freedom. He will not mention the freedom spread throughout the word as a result of America’s blood, sweat, toil and tears. No mention of his predecessors freeing 50 million Muslims. No mention of European weenies free to be European weenies because of America’s commitment to their defense. No mention of Japan’s rise as an international powerhouse as a result of America’s vision for that nation. No mention of the one country in the Middle East – an American ally - that has a decent culture of life and a vibrant economy sans oil profit in a sea of despotic thug nations.

Sure to be mentioned is how tough little Dear Dope had it growing up as a half black in all of the best schools in America. How he had to overcome and deal with ACORN like fools working at the community center for through the tough years before Billy Ayres got him into politics. How his life - a life with not a single notable accomplishment - was so difficult because America is so mean.

But now that has all changed America is no longer exceptional, anymore than Norway is exceptional. He will bankrupt the nation through his idiotic Healthcare and cap and tax policies. In short the speech is likely to be more about him than anything else.

Now someone please explain again what exactly this jug eared nit wit got this award for?

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Flathead urges others to sacrifice so he doesn’t have to

On one of the Sunday blather shows, Thomas L. my head is flat Freidman said some thing along the line that, even if there’s only a 10% chance that global warming is real we ought to turn the economy upside down to prevent it.

Well let me try this one. There is a 100% certainty that everyone on the plant will die. What’s the reaction? Hysteria? No. People putting themselves into bubbles? No. By and large people go about there business and try to get the most out of life.

So if we are for the most part willing to ignore a personal disaster that there is a 100% certainty of - our own demise – why do Freidman and other climate scolds expect us to worry about a man made hoax that has time and time again been proven a hoax? A hoax that even Freidman is willing to peg at 10% for the sake of argument.

And what are the rest of us mere mortals who remain sceptical of the hoax to make of it when the climate gods – who supposedly believe the manure they are spreading - tell us we need drive smaller cars – nay walk, become vegetarians, move into 500 sq ft apartments and control our breathing so as not to upset the delicate eco-balance, while Freidman, AlGore et. al. have personal consumptions approaching small nations?

How credible would it be for the head of the American Cancer Society to cut a tv commercial about the dangers of smoking while he himself lights up, takes a deep draw and blows smoke into the camera with an audible Ahhhhh!? Well that is what the liberal al hypocrites are doing on global warming. They do not want to take the chance that the “Earth has a fever” so they are willing for the rest of us to make huge sacrifices so they can continue to live their own grand lifestyles.

These hypocrites leave their 25,000 sq ft mansions, after a 12 course dinner, in a limo to get to the airport to take their private jet around the world to speak at some conference of like minded hypocrites to tell the rest of us we should walk to work, give up Bar-B-Qs, gas powered lawn mowers and heavy breathing to save the planet. How can anyone take them seriously?

Compare these climate (g)assbags with a person who discovers they have cancer. Supposedly the threat to life is about equal. The cancer patient has about two years. The estimates for the Earth’s demise range anywhere from 7 years to 36 months. But most cancer patients make huge personal sacrifices from Chemo to diet to extend their lives a few months. The climate turds won’t even walk away from watching themselves on their 80” plasma tvs for a day to supposedly save the entire planet.

So Mr. Flathead and his ilk either do not care that THEY are killing us and themselves with their lavish lifestyles or they know that the entire climate change theory is a hoax? If they believed any part of it – even 10% Mr. Flathead – wouldn’t they make some sacrifice to save the planet? Apparently not.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Scrawny gets it wrong. What's new?

Full-time Senate Majority Leader and part-time land swindler Scrawny Harry Reid took time out from crooked real estate deals to moan-on on the senate floor that the Republicans were acting like Democrats. He said that those dragging their feet on Dear DoPeloser/Harry Care were like those who did the feet dragging during the slavery debate or the civil rights debate.

Uh well who were the feet draggers during those debates Mr. Scrawny? Lemme see. Lincoln was a? Demo-Dope? No, I believe the uncensored un-whitewashed history is that Lincoln was a Republican. So Mr. Land Deal King, if Lincoln was a Republican and Lincoln was the President during the Civil War, who were the foot draggers? Uh, the DEMO-DOPEs, you lying idiot!

On civil rights if Republicans voted FOR the Civil Rights Act of ’64 in greater proportion than Demo-Dopes, which party was dragging their feet? The DEMO-DOPEs, you smarmy little weasel!

Oh and Scrawny, how many seats do the Demo-Dopes now hold in the US Senate? Mr. I have my head so far up my backside must have forgotten that Demo-Dopes hold a filibuster proof 60 seat majority. So Scrawny, you have a 20 seat filibuster proof majority, which Demo-Dopes are dragging their feet?

The only thing worse than this little vermin lying like this, is that no Republican took to floor to call him a lying land swindling little phony. Nevada has their chance to stop being embarrassed by this jackass next Nov.

Monday, December 07, 2009

e-mail security #1 topic at Copenhagen

The global warming uh, er, cooling, I mean climate change confab is taking place this week. That’s right all the world’s greatest hoaxsters will gather in Copenhagen to discuss what has been going on on this planet since its creation climate change.

Never mind that the climate has always changed. The trend in the 70s was a cooling one, which gave way to warming in the 90s which has stopped 10 years ago. None of that matters. What matters is a world-wide scare that will lead to the decline of capitalism and the rise of some hokey one-world government that will do on a global scale what the Dear Dope is trying to do here on a national scale – redistribute the wealth.

You can bet the number one topic at all of the Copenhagen events won’t be carbon emissions - According to the organizers, the eleven-day conference, including the participants' travel, will create a total of 41,000 tones of "carbon dioxide equivalent", equal to the amount produced over the same period by a large city – the number one topic is sure to be e-mail security.

After 1,000s of pages of information that demonstrated the full nature of the global warming hoax were released on the Internet, global warming alarmists know that they need to be more careful. The next time something like happens the press might actually report that “the debate is not over;” that a good deal of the evidence that opportunists like AlGore rely on for their books and fakeumentaries is jut made up; that there is an organized effort to black ball (can you say that?) any scientist who offers studies contrary to the global warming hysteria.

The entire hoax has been exposed but the MSM chooses to ignore the evidence and the story, with the exception of calling for the prosecution of the leaker.

Oh and here’s a bit of news that will make your week. Your hard earned Yankee tax dollars are going to support some kind of global carbon emissions tax a trade scheme. Yes the UN, which wouldn’t exist without your tax dollars, is funding a campaign to “seal the deal” in Copenhagen. Yes, the only organization in the world more corrupt than your local ACORN office is leading the effort for some global agreement on a carbon trading scheme.

This situation is akin to buying Saudi oil. We send hard earned Yankee dollars over to Saudi for oil and Saudis send them back in the form Saudi funded Madrases and terrorist plotters.

So we send our hard earned Yankee dollars to the UN and the UN uses them in a campaign to destroy our economy. It’s like giving hardened violent criminals clemency and we do that too – or at least Hucksterbee does. We should start protecting our own interests.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Whistle Blowers

Life’s been turned upside down here. Movers today to get the heavy stuff, which at my age and condition is anything heavier than a twelve pack of beer. So quickly:

When Demo-Dopes use illegal means to get the goods on a conservative, they are whistle blowers and heroes. Yes Johnny Douchebag broke into Senator Huffnpuff’s house assaulted his wife and daughter and then robbed the house but after Mr. Douchbag was arrested he was found with a government pen taken Senator Huffnpuff’s house that Huffnpuff obviously STOLE from the office.

Now someone has dumped tons of e-mails exposing “climate change” as the biggest hoax since the pet rock, and Demo-dopes want the dumper prosecuted for releasing the docs. Even thought there isn’t one speck of evidence – so far – that the doc were stolen. Hmmmm. I think the is whistle blower.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Give the Dope credit for doing the right thing, blast him for doing it so poorly

I have to give the Dope credit for doing the right thing. At the same time, I throw my hands up in the air and ask myself what could possibly have taken sooooo damn long, after all this is “the necessary war.”

Then I understand that the Grand Dope announced his strategy to the world. Sure you get 30,000 more troops – but only for 18 months after which I will yank them out of there faster than a fat kid going through the desserts at a $40 Las Vegas buffet.

The delay, the public angst and confusion, and the public announcement of how long the US intended to stay were all blunders. Had Dopulus not delayed the deployment could be nearly complete by now. Had the biggest Blockhead since Charlie Brown not acted as if it were he making a bigger sacrifice than the troops he wouldn’t have appeared to be a weaker than usual narcissistic weasel. Had Excrement for Brains not announced his strategy to the world he would have left himself a great deal more political and military maneuvering room.

As it is the Dear Douche will have to pull troops precisely on the announced 18 month timeline or support from his left-wing defeat mongers will drop faster than his poll numbers. Shrinking away in defeat is not the worst scenario though. Trying to get back in when things go to crap, as they surly will under this scenario, will be almost impossible. After the Dear Dope hangs US allies in Afghanistan out to dry and they get hosed by the Taliban – or is it Tal-ee-bon? – US credibility in the region will plummet into negative numbers.

So now the only thing necessary for the all of the bad actors in the area to do is to lay low for 18 months, watch the US pull out and then swoop down on a hapless Afghanistan government, military, and people like a pride lions on a wounded wildebeest. Look I’m not crazy about propping up another country’s government and military, but we should do what’s in our own national interest. The real danger of an unstable Afghanistan run by a bunch of fanatical Islamo-Terror-Fascists is that the now nuclear – thanks BillBo Clinton - Pakistan will fall to the ITF next.

Besides we have been hanging around parts of the world where we have a national interest for years ie. Europe and Japan since WWII, Korean since that war and so on.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Hucksterbee is done. Stick a fork in him.

Note: We're moving tomorrow. Hope WiFi and Internet connection work.

Some scum bag named Maurice Clemmons gunned down four police officers in Lakewood, WA. “Oh well,” you say, “these things happen, besides the police were probably acting stupidly anyway.” Oh that’s what the Dear Dope says. The rest of us cringe in horror. Then we get mad as hell when we find out that some governor somewhere – Hucksterbee of AK to be exact – gave Clemmons clemency despite his violent history and vehement protestations from prosecutors and victims’ family members.

Now I’m no liberal, so I won’t be hypocritical. I thought the Willie Horton ad against Beatle Bailey Dukakis was fair game and I think anything coming the Huckster's way behind his boneheaded decision to let Clemmons walk is well deserved. I don’t care if, he has 90% approval rating and could walk into the White House. He’s an idiot for letting this scum bag walk the streets one second before he’d completed his full sentence.

So Hucksterbee is on with, I’ll argue both sides O’Reilly the other night. Mr. everyone who agrees with me that both sides are wrong O’Reilly tells Hucksterbee that nobody blames him for what happened to the officers. Well hold on there Billbo. Hucksterbee didn’t pull the trigger but had he had a lucid moment before turning Clemmons loose on the public, those officers would have finished their coffee and who knows saved somebody’s life.

Instead they are all dead. And just like it is PC BS that allows Islamo-Terror-Fascists to wear this nation’s military uniforms until they gun down 13 innocents, or some PC Navy lawyer who prosecutes heroes for doing their job during a WAR, it's PC BS to say Hucksterbee doen't have some blame in this. Hucksterbee needs to man up and admit he was an idiot for letting this racist (all the officers were white) murderer back on the streets.

Instead Hucksterbee says he has live with the decision, but it just shows how fouled up the justice system is. No Huckster it shows how fouled up you are. Clemmons was in jail where he belonged and where the justice system put him. You let him out. You let him out when you did not have to. You chose to let him out. After you let him out, he murdered four police officers.

And people are seriously asking if this will hurt Hucksterbee in 2012. No way. The lamesteam media will promote and endorse the Huckster right up the point he wins the nomination, then turn on him with endless stories on the soft on crime Hucksterbee.

No the Huckster is done. Get off of FOX. Go home and do good deeds in a soup kitchen somewhere. Who could possibly take this guy seriously anymore?