Thursday, August 17, 2017

The purge is on

It is an imperative that people start any discussion about Charlottesville by saying how deplorable the white nationalists/supremacists.  Not to do so means that you side with them.  Okay white nationalists/supremacists are deplorable.  Maybe I’ll open every post with that so as not to have commie AntiFa goons trying to penetrate the perimeter here at the compound to pull down my St. Francis statue.

No, St. Francis is not safe from the on-going purge being pursued by ignorant leftist to hit the delete key on anyone and any idea that does not conform to their BS ideas about things.  On the other hand, real racists like dead former Grand Kleagle of the KKK, WV’s Bobby Byrd, will be deemed sufficiently reformed to keep his name on a 1oos of sites in WV.

Here’s the problem as I see it.  You cannot judge peole from the past against modern mores.  Slavery, sadly, has always been and remains today a part of human nature.  Seems to me, forgiveness is easier for people who conformed to the custom of the time than someone who continue to maintain those views long after they’d been discarded.  Bobby Byrd was a modern day hater.  In my book that makes him a far worse character than the average pre 1861 Southerner.  Tear down his statues and change the names on everything with his name on it.

If they don’t demand that, you’ll know the AntiFa leftists are not driven by racism.  They are driven by politics.  The politics is, as always for leftists, driven by the effort to first weaken and then finally destroy America.

As the purges continue Washington Jefferson et al are on the chopping block.  Then the leftist mob go after the National Anthem.  Then the American flag will all be excised to accommodate these lunatics. 

Here’s an odd thing no matter what accommodation is given, nothing will make the Lefty Loon happy.

Lex has always wondered why the Feds allowed statutes of rebels to stand and took to naming military bases after rebel generals (and not very good ones at that).  But once you go down the road of excising your history, where do you stop?  There is a movement afoot to remove the name Lynch from buildings because someone is upset by that name. 

Wherever you think it will stop, it won’t. Order more ammo America.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Lex renounces racism

I guess we all have to renounce racism.  Okay I renounce Loowee Farrakhan’s black nationalist movement.   I renounce The Empty Suit for never renouncing Loowee. 

I renounce Rev? Al Not-so-Sharp-ton for race baiting his followers - all geniuses - into burning down Freddies Fashion Mart and attacking and killing a Jewish man.  I condemn The Empty Suit for allowing a fellow race baiter - No-so-Sharp-ton - into the White House on multiple occasions.

I renounce any college, business or government agency that engages in the open and legal racist practice of affirmative action.  I renounce The Empty Suit for not ending affirmative action. 

I renounce all college race baiters more interested in the color of their student’s skin than the content of their character.

I renounce Black Thugs Matter sympathizers that gun down 5 Dallas police officers protecting their right to march.  I renounce The Empty Suit for condemning the movement and the violence it spawns.

I renounce feral black “youth” who attack whites.

I renounce the same “youth” who engaged in attacking whites from behind in vicious assaults and call it a “game.”

I renounce Eric the wad Holder’s refusal to apply the law to “his people.”  I renounce The Empty Suit for not firing fellow racist Holder. 

I renounce the racist media who relentlessly spread lies to obscure the truth about “hands up don’t shoot” Mike Brown and Officer Darren Wilson who shot him; the “angelic” Treyvon Martin and “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman who shot him.

I renounce the black thugs rioting in Ferguson, Baltimore et al in honor of Brown and Martin.

There.  Lex has renounced racism.

PDJT’s take on Charlottesville Saturday and yesterday were spot on
PDJT reiterated yesterday that there is enough to blame to go around to both sides for the Charlottesville fiasco.  The usual suspects have their shorts in a wad for stating that unassailable truth.  “There’s no moral equivalency between the two groups!”  The pious self-righteous #NeverTrumpers shout.

They’re right.  There is no moral equivalency between one group of people exercising their 1st Amendment right and another trying to stop them with violence or even the threat of violence.   So no there is no moral equivalency between people exercising their constitutional rights and another group trying to prevent that activity.  By saying there is no equivalency between the two groups while siding with violence, the braindead Lefty Libs and the usual azzbag Rat establishment Republicans making that absurd claim are actually legitimizing violence against political opponents.

Many in the AntiFa movement proudly carry signs and sport T-shirts proclaiming, “It’s okay to punch fascists.”  Uh, no it’s not.  By not condemning both sides the Lefty libs and wimp ReRs are encouraging the violence.  If it’s okay to punch fascists, is it okay to shoot a commie, ram an AntiFa anarchist with your car, burn down someone’s home who isn’t sufficiently pro homosexual and on and on. 

The left is pushing another harebrained idea that “hate speech is unconstitutional” or “hate speech is not protected by the constitution.”  Idiots.  That’s exactly the kind of speech that the 1st Amendment was established to protect.

The goal in all of this Lefty Lib douchbaggery is to shut you up so that they don’t have to come up with effective arguments for their commie BS.  They just call you a fascist punch you in the face and the debate is over.  Oh, don’t think about bringing charges against the guy who punched you.  It’s legal. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

It's all PDJT's fault. Uh, no it's not.

For the MSMS, the narrative is set
PDJT is responsible for the Charlottesville riot.  Don’t even think about blaming lunatic racists exercising their 1st Amendment right to gather to protest the removal of a statue honoring a Confederate Civil War icon.  Don’t even think about blaming George Soros funded lunatic anarchists who engaged the racists in violence.

Nothing PDJT says about the fiasco in Charlottesville will sate a rabid MSM’s appetite for destroying PDJT by any means possible.  PDJT knows it and tweeted as much yesterday after another condemnation of Nazis, the KKK and white nationalists. 

“Made additional remarks on Charlottesville and realize once again that the #Fake News Media will never be satisfied...truly bad people!”

His statement is irrefutable.

Soros funded leader of the white separatists?
In the post under, Lex theorizes that George Soros is funding both sides of the Alt-Left Alt-Right conflict.  Is this the proof?  

America is headed toward a two tier healthcare system
Lex rolled in on Leftists celebrating Rat establishment Republicans failed efforts to repeal and replace Robertscare in the local fish wrap. 

As the Left celebrates the inept efforts of a lying Republican controlled congress to fulfill a seven year promise to repeal and replace Robertscare*, Nancy Pelosi’s prophecy is coming true. (*Robertscare is a more appropriate name than Obamacare as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts was the last person capable of driving a stake through the heart of an onerous, unreadable, undecipherable 2,000 plus pages of utter gobooldygook in its infancy but ignored the law when he failed to do so.)    Pelosi once stupidly said that Democrats had to “pass [the ACA] to find out what’s in it.”

Well, we are now finding out what’s in it: rising premiums and deductibles, fewer choices, less care, less access to care.  Here’s the undeniable truth, as Leftist cheer the ACA’s survival, the system they are cheering is accelerating toward its own destruction faster than Thelma and Louise in the final scene of that movie.  The big difference is that Leftist will not be able to freeze the ACA at the last frame prior to its destruction as was done in the movie.  Market forces are like gravity and will have their way with the ACA.  It is doomed, and it will come crashing down.

The Left actually will cheer when that happens, because they believe that is the way to a single payer (government run) healthcare system.  It may be single payer, but make no mistake, there will be two tiers.  When/if single payer is adopted, the poor will be trapped in long waits for poor care that will make today’s VA look like a model for healthcare.  Meanwhile people with resources will continue to get excellent private care.  Name one thing – other than collecting taxes - that government does well enough that you’d trust it with your healthcare.    

When they get what they want, Leftist will be outraged at the tiered result.  Rather than improve the system that they demanded, Leftist will demand that single payer also be the single healthcare option for Americans.

Democrats claim that any repeal of the ACA will result in millions dying.  CBO should score the ACA if nothing is done.  It won’t be pretty.

Monday, August 14, 2017


Were it not for all of the racial healing inspired by The Empty Suit for 8 years, the events in Charlottesville this weekend would indicate that we’re in serious trouble.

First, White Nationalist should call themselves “separatists.”  As I understand the movement, one of their goals is a separate white state.  By simply calling themselves separatists, they could co-opt black lunatics that have the same goal but want a different state and don’t get half the condemnation that White Nationalist.  There’s also La Raza a group that shares separatist notions but also rates little condemnation from the MSM.  At a minimum, White Nationalists need to take the word “white” out the title.  It’s embarrassing to share the same skin color as some of these chuckleheads.

Two, when PDJT noted the violence “on many sides” the MSM went nuts.  Lemmesee, as far as I know, it takes two to have a fight.  Some news accounts indicate that the police “stood down” to allow AntiFa thugs in to disrupt the White Nationalist’s 1st Amendment right to march.  We’ve seen this police tactic before in Ferguson, Berkeley and Baltimore.  The police “standing down” and allowing anarchists to run amok never seems to pan out.  Why do they keep doing it?  Slow Joe Biden chipped in with a tweet, “There is only one side #Charlottsville.”  No Joe if there was “only one side” there would be no such thing as war crimes.  Anything would go.  You cannot allow thugs to disrupt other people’s 1st Amendment rights.  Marching and protesting are as American as apple pie.  Sadly Leftist beating the protestors is also an American tradition.  Free speech is protected.  Violence against people saying something you do not like is not.  So, Slow Joe there are at least two sides.  Let’s face it, no matter what PDJT said, the MSM wouldn’t like it.

Three, The Empty Suit and worthless AG Eric the wad Holder set race relation back 50 years when Holder refused to prosecute “his people” for voter intimidation.  Seems to me a society cannot brush aside the accomplishments of an entire race of people by attributing their success to “privilege” rather than hard work.  Jimmy Greek was pilloried for attributing black athletic success to breeding and genetics rather than hard work.  Now any white guy who has a decent job needs to “check his privilege.”  Add all of this to colleges engaging in open discrimination against whites – particularly white males – and at some point you get some kind of push back.

Four, purposfully running a speeding car into a crowd of people and killing a woman is murder – plain and simple.  

Last, all of this has been brought on by Demo-Dope's identity politics.  For as long as I can remember, Dopes have been dividing people by race, income, religion, sexual orientation etc. etc. Everyone is allowed to have month of recognition and earn victim status except whitey.  Everyone is supposed to “celebrate” their ethnicity except whitey.  I think I’ve said on this page more than once we never have a color blind society as long as we engage in stupidity of “Black History Month” and affirmative action.  The whole point of those two racist activities is to segregate us.

Conspiracy Theory 4-17:  George Soros is funding both sides of the current brouhaha.  Soros needs legitimacy for his AntiFa goon army.  What better way than to earn that legitimacy than to have them engage a bunch of racists; separatists or whatever willing to run a speeding car into a crowd?  If you can do that, you might just get a braindead former Vice President of the United States to say AntiFa is the only side.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Maxine Waters is the only answer to the North Korean issue

PDJT is a madman!  He actually thinks lunatics with nukes ought to be confronted rather than appeased.  Has he learned nothing from Neville Chamberlain?  Can’t he just give the North Korean Dear Leader another nuclear power plant and hundreds of billions of dollars to pursue his dreams of destroying America (a la Billyboy Billbo Clinton) and save other Lefty Libs the trouble?   

PDJT’s crazy confrontation of with the reasonable Kim Jung Un is going to get us all killed.  What right does America, with its uneven capitalistic distribution of wealth, have to lecture the Communist Utopia of North Korea, where everyone is equal?  Besides as America is more and more becoming a nation of the obese.  Look how trim North Koreans are.   We should model ourselves after them.

What needs to be done is to dispatch America’s last learned diplomat – Maxine Waters – to North Korea to discover what Kim Jung Un demands and ensure him we will supply it. Maxine Waters is America's last best chance to appease Kim.

Appeasement has worked so far.  Why mess with a policy that has kept us out of war so far?

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lex on: gentrification; Venezuela; Lefty Libs siding with North Korea and Kim Jung Un

They don’t know much about anything, but Lefty Libs can debate everything
I know what Kyle Smith means in this piece, but all I kept think about is how the global warming scam where the unusually cool August we’re having in Ft. Wayne is attributed to -- drum roll please -- you got it, ta da, global warming, and that is the exact same tactic used by the left in the gentrification argument.  This must be the Lefty Libs idea of effective thought and rhetorical jujitsu used to when faced with the unassailable logic of the right thinking right. 

But when you are constructing political arguments to be used by nitwits, it helps when you only have to develop one per subject.  Every bit of evidence presented supports, nay PROVES global warming.  Even the snowflakes can master that. 

Smith’s argument on dealing with poor neighborhoods is the same.  Whatever whitey does in the hood is bad because he is white.  Got it?  Of course you do.  Whitey is bad no matter what, just like every type of study or current weather pattern supports proves global warming. 

The fall back argument, as always, is that the other guy is a fascist racist hater.  That’s all you need to know to debate anyone on any subject.  Be sure to shout the other guy down and break things during the “debate” to emphasize your point.

Venezuela exactly like American college campuses
Venezuela has established “truth commissions” to shut down debate and jail Mudaro’s opponents.  This sounds a lot like the tactics used by the disciples of radical Climate Cooling Warming Change Disruption, any American college campus or Google.

No, Lefty Libs are not anti-American, but they wouldn’t act any different if they were.
Used to be even the Lefty Libs sided with the West when nuclear disputes loomed with Commie bastards.  Not anymore.  When PDJT represents the West, the Lefty Libs are willing to take a lunatic like Kim Jong Un’s side.

The new meme with regard to North Korea and the US is that PDJT is going to get us all killed.  Hmm.  By get us “all” killed I don’t think the Lefty Libs mean anyone but other Lefty Libs.  I don’t think Kim can hit the heartland of America with his nukes.  They say he can range the left cost.  So when the Lefty Lib late night funny men claim PDJT is going to “get us all killed,” they mean they are in range of Kim’s arsenal.

Bottom line:  The Lefty Libs have become so unhinged from an ever worsening case of Trump Derangement Syndrome that they are actually willing to side with Kim.  Why?  Well because PDJT hasn’t continued the failed “strategic patience” policies of the last 40 years while dealing with North Korea.  We’ve patienced our way right up to the point that a lunatic can range the left cost.  When Hollywood is a smoldering pit, I suppose the Lefty Libs will urge restraint.  After all, look at how the land values outside the nuclear fallout ring just went through the roof.  Besides the North Korean strike ended all of that gentrification of LA.


Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The demise of the GOP control of the congress is over-blown

Lex can save the GOP.  It’s all marketing.  They do not have to achieve anything, and they won’t.  They just have to make Robertscare, Chuckels the clown Schumer and Grand Nan from San Fran Peloser the opponents. 

Look, Robertscare isn’t going to fix itself before Nov 2018.  It’s just going to get worse.  Premiums are going to continue to rise and insurers are going to continue to flee the market.  Robertscare is the brain child of and wholly owned by the Dopes.   The 2018 Campaign slogan for conservatives challenging Dopes and conservatives challenging Rat establishment Republicans in primaries is simply:  I am the 51st vote.

Then the right thinking conservatives link their opponents with Chuckles the clown Schumer and Grand Nan from San Fran Peloser – yeah even the ReR opponents.  These weasels are nothing more than an organ grinder’s dancing monkeys performing to whatever tune Chuckles the clown Schumer happens to be grinding out.  Some photo shop expert could make a gif with a smiling Chuckles the clown's face over the body of an organ grinder and the Dope/ReR opponent’s face photo shopped over his dancing monkey.   TAG LINE:  Does WV really want to give one of its votes in the senate to Chuckles the clown?

I’m not a thieving liar, so I cannot be a politician, but I think that approach can be effective.  Run against the establishment of both parties.  The photo above pretty much captures the sentiment.

Support swamp drainers
There are a lot of accomplishments already under PDJT’s belt.  Perhaps the most important, after Justice Gorsuch, is exposing the Rat establishment Republicans for the complicit Demo-Dope Lites that they are.

Danny Tarkanian is taking on a swamp creature in Nevada.  Roy Moore is taking on the swamp’s own Mitch McConnell endorsed candidate in Alabama.  (Oddly PDJT came out for Moore’s opponent.) 

I sent Tark $10.  If we can generate the same kind of matching support that we generated for the Murkowski recall petition, we could generate another $10 for Tark.
The most important issue in the world
No, not North Korea threatening to attack Guam or another terror attack in Paris.  A mere global crisis of nuclear war and the religion of peace raising its ugly head again pale in comparison to Colin Kaepernick not being signed by any NFL team to date. 

The learned Lefty Libs at ESPN are all aghast that the Kaep hasn’t been signed.  Why?  The guy has been relegated to back up status.   His TD to Int. ratio of late proves he that he is apparently not all that accurate of a passer.  Add that NFL career killing stat to the fact that the guy is just a PR nightmare and the Kaep’s lack of a contract makes perfect sense. 

But for the ESPN and other Lefty Lib sports talkers, a washed up QB isn’t washed up if he’s half black and publicly sports an anti-American political bent.  In that case the washed up QB becomes a symbol of how racist America and the NFL remain.  Oh, and it’s all PDJT’s fault for good measure.

I don’t really know if Kaep is washed up.  The fact that no NFL team has signed him leads me to that conclusion.  His politics have nothing to with it.  The NFL is a pretty pure meritocracy.  They will deal with just about anything if a guy can play.  The Kaep hasn’t been signed, so I conclude that he’s not all that good a QB. 

But Lex, he played in the Super Bowl.  I played on some pretty good high school teams.  That fact didn’t make me an all-star player.  I remained a mediocre player on a good team.  Perhaps the same can be said for Kaep’s Super Bowl experience.  Also remember, San Fran and Kaep were headed to one the biggest azzwhippins in Super Bowl history before the lights mysteriously went out.

Assuming that no NFL team has signed Kaep because he’s a half black anti-American dope is like concluding the NFL is anti-Catholic because Lex cannot get a multimillion dollar contract to play linebacker.  No.  I can’t get a multimillion dollar contract to play linebacker in the NFL, because I can’t play linebacker in the NFL.  Religion has nothing to do with it my case, and suspect that race has nothing to with it in Kaep’s case.

Here’s my crazy take on this.  White sports broadcasters, particularly those who can’t and who never could play the sports they cover, are white interlopers in a world dominated by talented black men playing the sports that they cover.  So in order to get some cred with the community that they cover but could never play, the Max Kellerman’s, Dick Vitale’s and Skip Bayless’s of the sports talker world come out and call the Kaep’s failure to be signed another clear case of the latent racism that remains in America.

If Kaep were white no one would give a rat’s patooty if he were signed or not.  He’s a second string QB for crying out loud.  Who cares?  Lefty Lib race baiters and pathetic guilty white sports-world interlopers seeking cred in word dominated by black players – that’s who.

Prediction:   When the usual carnage of NFL QBs begins as early as the preseason, the Kaep will be signed and assume his rightful position on the depth chart – a backup to the backup QB.  Then the Lefty Libs will begin to complain about him not being the starter on a better team. 

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Lex's fashion tips

Re the headline:  I don't have any.

Lex once posted that the decline of America could be traced to the invention of the hand held blow drier which in turn converted the manly barber shop, a sanctuary for men, into AC/DC styling salons.  Try to find a barber shop where you walk into a shop with 2-3 chair all staffed by men and men sitting waiting to get their hair cut.  That Rockwell painting, once a common picture of America, is now as rare as hen’s teeth limited to small towns.

Well never think that bad news cannot get worse.  Men are now buying cosmetics at record levels.  One male buying cosmetics would have been a record in my youth.  In this brave new world where sex and gender are fluid, even though they are not, apparently males are watching Pirates of the Caribbean and have fallen in love with the Johnny Depp look from that film. 

This is crazy.  One of the greatest things about being a man is watching the wife or girlfriend take an hour or more to get ready to go out, the whole time carping at the man, “Are you going to get ready?” Then breezing in to the bathroom to shower, shave, comb his hair and throw on a suit all in about 10 minutes and still have time to fix a sandwich while the woman finishes up.  What self-respecting man wants to mess with eye liner, blush and hair styling?  It’s crazy.  BUT, like I said, it’s a brave new world.

Maybe since new age men can’t change a flat tire or fix the leaky sink or nail two 2 X 4s together or start a chainsaw anymore, they have plenty of time to preen.  No matter how popular this trend may become, I cannot see me brushing on a base to hide the many flaws in my otherwise roguishly handsome face – referring to my many flaws as “roguishly handsome” is always a good laugh line for Ms. Lex.  For men, I think there are fairly bold lines between slovenly and neat and between neat and effeminate.  My goal is to get just over the slovenly line into the roguishly handsome neat column.  

Neat is a moving target these days.  The trend is toward "NEW " jeans that are dirty and have “designer” holes in them and that recipe somehow makes the jeans cost extra.  My advice is if that particular look happens to be your “style,” shop at the Goodwill. You'll save money.

I dunno.  When he sees me dressed for some event, Lex Jr. sometimes asks me, “Just how many stops back did you get off the fashion train?”  My pat answer is always, “To have gotten off the fashion train, you’d have to have, at one time, been on the fashion train.”   

So yeah, for sure, this all a mystery to me.  Men’s make up, hair styling, clothes, fluid gender and sex roles???  I cannot cope with these social insanities.  But, if you question any of it you are, of course, a racist hater fascist. 

I dunno what to make of it except to repeat, it’s a brave new world, and it calls for another pallet of ammo and concertina wire.

Monday, August 07, 2017

In MD, Dopes make clear why they support illegal immigration

O’Reilly’s new book: Killing America
The Demo-Dopes have a simple plan.  First let them in.  Then let them vote.  Mission Accomplished.  The “them” in this case are illegal aliens.  But hey when you think a poem in the base of the Statue of Liberty equals immigration law, this also makes perfect sense.

There was a time in America when only white land owning men could vote.  Sort of makes sense.  You cannot have the peasants voting for land reform.  Then only white men.   Then only men.  Ann Coulter traces the decline of America to 18 August, 1920.  That was the date that the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote, was ratified.  According to Coulter, that’s the date when America began to vote with its heart instead of its head.

This voting reform is a bit different.  Giving illegal aliens the vote is insane.  I suppose that the Dopes will want to give the illegals a onetime voter privilege for the referendum.  But illegals have probably been voting in the Dope dominated College Park (home of the U of Maryland) forever anyway, so…

The next step in this insane process for the Dopes will be to let illegals vote absentee by mail over a 6 month period, including chain voting for their dependents back in their country of origin.  After all, they have as much at risk as any American citizen.  Right?

What is absolutely amazing in all of this is that Americans will vote to have their vote cancelled by an illegal alien.  Well, truth be known, Dopes know that illegals, being a criminal element, are a reliable Dope voting bloc, so the only votes they will be cancelling are right-minded votes.  So what’s the harm?

This is the most blatant obvious bit of evidence of why Dopes want everyone who wanders across our border blessed as the salt of the Earth and the new American saviors.  This is what the Dopes have in mind.  They don’t give a crapola about Carlos - except that he’s a reliable Dope vote.  If Shrillda the Hutt were occupying the White House this BS would be a bill in the House and Senate right now and the usual Rat establishment Republican suspects would be signed on as co-sponsors.   

So, God bless PDJT, short comings and all and f**k the #NEVERTRUMP cabal of anti-American Caligula, D.C. azzhats. 

The indefatigable PDJT
I heard PDJT described as indefatigable.  That a good word for him.  You do not hear it very often, which makes it as much as an outlier as PDJT himself.  With zero support from his own party, PDJ has carried on tirelessly to do what he can to single handedly MAGA.

Tirelessly?  Lex, he’s on a 17 day vacation.  Well at least he didn’t schedule separate flights for the entire family.   In a post several under, Lex asked why congress needs to be in Caligula, D.C. to vote?  I suppose given modern technology, the same goes for POTUS.  I suspect for POTUS it’s a change of location rather than a vacation where most of us turn off the TV, radio, computer (except your daily Lex) and only check the cell to see if the kids or aged parents are OK. 

A magazine (Newweak I think) actually had a picture of PDJT in a Lazy Boy chair.  The inference is obvious.  So the guy making 6 stops a day in the last days of the Nov campaign, while his opponent was being propped up by Secret Service agents at one maybe two stops a day, is the lazy one.

The other meme of the #NEVERTRUMP idiots is that PDJT’s White House is in chaos and nothing is getting done.    By nothing they mean congressional action.  I know this because while rehabbing a bum knee at the gym I watched Fareed Zakaria on CNN.  Fareed was talking the phony as a Honus Wagner Tops baseball card AlGore. 

Zakaria made the point that PDJT White House wasn’t getting anything done, then whined about withdrawal from the Paris accord, opening of the Keystone and Dakota pipelines and his appointment of EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt to AlGore.  Seems to me PDJT is getting a lot done.  Freed just doesn’t it.  PDJT is getting a lot done and nearly all of it is peeing off all of the right people.

So, good on PDJT.   

Hands up don’t shoot…the movie
We know that the Lefty Libs control all things Hollywood.  So this article on Bruce Willis’ new take on an old movie – Death Wish – should surprise exactly no one.  The premise of the movie, it seems, is as phony as the MSM hyping the Michael Brown “hands up don’t shoot” BS.   

I ordered another sporting rifle.  Here’s why.
Okay it’s Michael Savage, but still, does the Caligula, D.C. ruling class really know what they are dealing with?  Answer:  No.

How do you send the IQ of an entire TV studio into negative numbers?  Invite Maxine Waters to be a guest.
Just when you thought the average IQ on The View couldn’t sink any lower, Maxine Waters shows up and the average plunges into negative numbers. 

Friday, August 04, 2017

Caligula, D.C.'s desire to destroy the country

Two things happened yesterday that have my spidey senses on edge.  1) The unbound Special Counsel empaneled to look into everything and anything in the universe has empaneled a grand jury in search of a crime sufficient to remove PDJT from office.  2) PDJT rallied his base last night in WV.

I’m not sure Muller, the Demo-Dopes, the Rat establishment Republicans, MSM, Hollywood…well, all of the usual suspects...appreciate the dynamite that they are playing with.  They’ve wondered into the Acme dynamite shed and are now, Wile E. Coyote like, looking for the exit with a lit match.

Do the usual suspects think the PDJT base – like those in WV last night - is just going to sit back quietly and allow their guy to be removed from office based on some trumped up possibly decades old charges dug up by Muller that have not one damn to do with 2016 election, which was the pretext of his investigation?  If they go after PDJT for financial crimes without looking into the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, all hell will break loose.

I’m not sure the ruling class weasels who have had a death grip on Caligula, D.C. for the last 50 years understand that we’re not going to sit back and take it while they remove our guy from office.  PDJT has power of the pardon.  If indictments are handed down on his family etc., he should just grant them a full & complete pardon 10 minutes after the indictment is announced. 

If PDJT is indicted, we should have the 63 million man march on Caligula, D.C. with pitch forks and torches and put the fear of nationwide civil unrest in the hearts of the Caligula, D.C. azzweasels.  I dunno.  I own several pitchforks, but I’ll probably be busy that day, but it’s a good idea. 

Per usual, ReRs are less than zero help.  The ReR know nothing, do nothing, be nothing controlled congress has devised a scheme whereby they will not actually recces in Aug.  The ReRs will reconvene every three days in order to deny PDJT any recess appointments.  WTF?  Did they even do that when The Empty Suit was ruining the country?  McConnell can’t move PDJT’s nominations, so now he’s going to make sure the president can’t either.

Not to be out done by the Left-Left Wing of the ReR Party, known as the Demo-Dope Party, ReRs are ginning up their own unconstitutional legislation to prevent PDJT from firing Muller.  YGBSM.  These azzweasles abrogate their absolute constitutional duty to declare war for the last 60 years, but they want the extra constitutional authority to tell the president he cannot fire employees of the executive branch?

I do not advise PDJT to fire Muller.  PDJT should use his pardon power to make the fruits of Muller’s over-priced witch hunt worthless. 

Lex noted that the government needs wide spread use of a lie detector to abate the daily leaks.  In addition it occurred to me that indiscriminately firing 10 Clinton/The Empty Suit holdovers in the NSC and State Dep might be a good policy. 

State Dep: Jim you gotta go.

 Jim:  But I didn’t leak.

State Dep:  Maybe not.  You gotta go.  10 people like you will go for every leak.  Spread the word. 

Jim:  But I didn’t do it.

State Dep.  I don’t care.  People have to know that they are messing with innocent people’s lives.  Collect your stuff and get out.  You have 30 minutes.  Security will very publicly see you to the door.  You’re done.  Send in Frank on your way out.

Lex you cannot be serious.  You’re advocating the punishment of potentially innocent people.  First off, yeah.  Second off, they are not “innocent.”  They are Clinton/The Empty Suit holdovers.  They should have been fired day one anyway.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

California want’s out. Let ‘em go.

There is a serious movement afoot in California called CalExit.  It has just gotten the go ahead to begin gathering signatures on a petition calling for California to secede from the United States of American.  585,000 signatures are required in order to get a CalExit referendum on the 2018 ballot.  

585,000 sounds like a pretty easy lift for Lefty Libs who hire other unemployable Lefty Libs with advanced degrees in late night TV watching who end up registering Mickey Mouse and every other cartoon character 4 and 5 times rather than getting up off the couch and looking for real people.  Experience indicates when Lefty Libs are collecting signatures for anything, whatever the actual number required by law is, for Lefty Libs it needs to be doubled.

As I recall we’ve been down this secession road once before.  American History being deemed a “triggering event” for most Lefty Libs, they are probably not aware of the American Civil War.  The CalExit folks ought to check out how that effort worked out for secessionists.  Hint: Not well.

So the Lefty Libs think that by passing a referendum they can just extricate themselves from the United States.  I don’t think it works like that.  It’s more like Kay trying to take Michael’s children in The Godfather II

Here’s an idea.  Rather than the secessionists dragging California out of the Union, why don’t they just move themselves to Tijuana as illegal aliens in Mexico?  Well of all Mexican immigration policy frowns on illegal aliens.  They deport violators after jailing them. 

Then there’s the problem with about half of the land area in California being controlled by conservatives.  Check out the 2016 map of how CA counties voted here.  Now consider that of the 5 counties in CA that a candidate won by less than 5 points, 4 were won by Shrillda the Hutt, and 3 of the 4 are contiguous to the red regions.  So what are the CalExit folks going to do when the western half of the state secedes back to the United States?  The nation of California at that point will consist almost exclusively of densely populated urban areas. 

That’s probably how voting patterns across the fruited plain break down, the urban areas Dope, the heartland Republican.  Why do they call it “the heartland” and why won’t anyone call LA, NY, Detroit, Chicago etc. part of “the heartland”?  I dunno.  If we’re a divided nation, the split between urban areas and the rest of the country are perhaps the clearest evidence of that division. 

Part of me would love to see the west coast of CA go.  They are nothing more than a bunch of pompous arrogant azzhats to me.  Their exit would mean no more Peloser, Feinstien, Boxer, Harris types polluting Caligula, D.C.   The swamp would be a bit less swampy without CA’s contribution of swamp creatures.  That’s enough for me to think, maybe this CalExit is not as bad as it sounds.  Certainly not worth another Civil War.  There are too many upsides to the equation. 

It’ll never happen.  The Dopes lock on CA’s electoral votes means the Dope party will fight this tooth and nail.  Can you imagine presidential politics if CA were a red state? 

What is President/Prime Minister/King/Sultan/Chairman Jerry Brown going to do when Mexico annexes the new nation of California?  Well, I’m sure they’d seek help from the Russians and ChiComs. 

Jim Acosta
CNN White House azzhat Jim Acosta who whined like a baby for days about the camera being shut off during the White House Daily Briefing showed why wanted the camera on.  It’s simple.  He wanted to preen on TV.  He got his butt handed to him by Stephen Miller yesterday in outtakes making the rounds this morning. 

Acosta tried to use the poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty as means for attacking PDJT’s proposed immigration reform requiring new immigrants to speak English.  Acosta pointed out to Miller that the poem didn’t mention speaking English.  Okay, what language is poem written in Jim?  Does the poem carry the weight of law?  

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Lefty Lib led tax revolt might just work - let's hope so

There’s a lot going on.  Let’s hit it.

Lefty Lib led Tax Revolt
In the past I recall Lex advocating for taxpayers withholding a $100 of their taxes to give the middle finger to the Caligula, D.C. ruling class buttheads.  Of course advocating breaking the law to – for the most part – law abiding conservatives is a non-starter. 

Well when the left starts to advocate breaking the law to people who have no problem whatsoever breaking the law, sanctuary cities, support for illegal aliens, AntiFa violence, Back Thugs Matter violence, ignoring federal drug laws, gun running to Mexican drug cartels, weaponizing the federal government to attack political enemies, etc. etc. a lefty Lib led tax boycott - over PDJT – becomes a very real possibility. 

The two big problems I see with this type of protest for Left Libs is that 1) the few who actually work and pay taxes have probably already been boycotting the tax system for years; 2)  the ones that don’t work, and let’s just face it the welfare class is a rather large percentage of the Dope vote, have nothing to withhold anyway and 3) (I know I said two but this just crossed my mind and that’s how this page works) the largest portion of taxes are withheld by employers, so how would a Lefty Lib get that money back?

I’m not really against a taxpayer revolt against the ruling class buttheads running Caligula, D.C. no matter who the president is, because the Caligula, D.C. waste is ubiquitous no matter which party controls the lever government.  As Pat Buchanan has said, the two parties are just different wings of the same bird.   

I’m bipartisan on this issue, so good luck to the Lefty Libs tax revolt.

Don’t worry, the government is there to help
Most reasonable people agree that if you want to screw something up, get the government involved in making it “better.”  The latest one word proof of that axiom is – healthcare.  Nuf said.  If the government were put in charge of sand in Sahara, in week there’d be a shortage.  Hey, you said “Nuf said” then added the sand thing.  Yeah, just thought of it, that’s how this page works.

So the government was upset by the Sandy Hook school shooting so they made a law that people with mental disorder cannot own guns.   Sounds reasonable enough.   Who gets to decide what a “mental disorder” is?  Won’t this make people with “mental disorders” avoid treatment? 

I’m of the opinion that everyone has a “mental disorder.”  Too fat, too thin, too neat, too messy, drinks too much, won’t drink, vegans, transgenders, Bengals fans, too fastidious, too slovenly, the list can go on forever.  Who chooses which “disorders” disqualify you from exercising your 2nd amendment rights?  I guarantee you there will come a day when Demo-dopes declare faith a “mental disorder.”  If you think that farfetched, they have already pretty much declared pro-lifers off tier rockers. 

I think anyone who does not have at least one “mental disorder” is himself mentally disordered.  We call people with these one off things quirky.  When Dopes run the legal system in places like WI they declare people with differing political opinions criminals and no-knock predawn SWAT raids against them.

So here, here and here’s what happens when congress passes “common sense” gun control laws.  People with not a wit of common sense execute them.  They use the law to criminalize politics that disagree with.

Government foul ups are not restricted to gunsGrowing tomatoes is also suspicious activities for the idiot in government.

Instead of “common sense” gun restrictions, what we really need is common sense government restrictions.   Seems to me term restrictions is a good place to start.