Friday, December 15, 2017

F-ing FBI and Net Neutrality

The FBI is a total BS agency.  That’s a broad brush Lex.  Why do you believe that?  Well, let me amend that. I suppose the BS is mainly piled up in the offices of Caligula, D.C. swamp creatures while actual field agents remain trustworthy to some degree.

Just consider that there is evidence that three well-placed agents, including the deputy director, held a meeting to develop a strategy to overturn an election.  WTF!  Some might call that treason. 

Mr. America - Peter Strzok wrote:
I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office [Andrew McCabe is the FBI deputy director and married to a Democratic Virginia State Senate candidate] for that there’s no way he gets elected—but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40 …

There’s two ways to look at this.  One is that Trump’s victory is so unlikely it is like dying before you’re 40.  The other is that the “insurance policy” talk is the made up dossier and Russian collusion BS to take PDJT out in the unlikely event he should win.

First off, young people buy insurance for that exact purpose – in case they die before they are 40.  Few people look to buy insurance after the kids are gone and the house is paid off.  Lex’s take: The “insurance policy" is the dossier.  

Next, the Left are experts at justifying just about anything.  Remember when their refrain was, “It’s just about sex.  It doesn’t affect his job”?  That was all good until it was just about sex about a Republican.  Now they are all up in arms.  So it’ll be with the FBI sinking into the Brown Shirt roll of the Demo-Dope Party.  Nothing to see here.  Move along. Move along or we’ll investigate you until you’re dead, which will be very soon, if you don’t move along.

Let me amend my amendment, the FBI is a total untrustworthy BS agency.  I don’t know what it’ll take for AG Sessions to wake the eff up and fire the whole bunch starting with McCabe, Strzok and Page, and open an investigation into the FBI.

FCC shuts down the Interweb, repeals Net Neutrality
This is futile.  Yesterday, the FCC rolled back The Empty Suit’s Net Neutrality (NN) regulations.  That crazy move has probably caused AlGore’s Internet machine to go dark as a result – and if not yet any second, so read fast.

I don’t get the Demo-Dope outrage over this.  The rules have been in place for 2 years.  What did we do before NN?  Did the Internet work back in the dark ages of 2 years ago??  Yes, I believe it did. So what’s the big deal? 

We’ve returned to the status quo ante.  No big deal right?  Well like everything the Dopes push, Interweb access and service has become a right.  You know just like Corvette access is a right. 

I don’t really understand NN except that it involves an onerous government’s intrusion into something that doesn’t need the intrusion.  As I understand it, NN requires the AlGore’s Interweb providers to treat all data the same.  That’s smart because everybody knows that, given the demand, Lex’s free rantings deserves the exact same access to the Interweb as colossus money-maker Netflix.  The fact that Netflix uses so much of the band, according to Lefties, make it an Interweb Borg assimilating all the Interweb band it touches.  The fact that the band usage is offset by the revenue it generates is irrelevant.

We all want free stuff.  Everyone wants to be able to stream different Netflix shows in every room of the house simultaneously and not be charged an extra dime for the privilege.  What happens under those rules is that the Interweb will, like all Lefty Lib schemes, sink to the lowest level where nobody can enjoy anything.

NN supporters believe that Interweb providers should not be able to provide better service to those willing to pay for it.  That’s like thinking that Chevy shouldn’t be allowed to sell the Griffin a Corvette because he can afford it and force the rest of us into a sub-compact just because the sub-compact fits our budget. Everyone gets a Corvette, damn it!!

The Lefty’s reaction to the repeal of NN reminds me of the outrage over banks charging a fee to use an ATM.  Who do Lefties think buys, maintains, services and stocks the cash machines, elves?  But in Lefty Lib world access to an ATM is right and therefore must be free?  In my world $2 is a blessing not to have to drive to a bank branch to get $20.

I don’t know for sure, but I suspect that Interweb speeds and access is the same as ATM access.  If you want to go fast on the Interweb buy the equipment and access that will allow you to do so. If you want it for free, drive to the teller.

Nothing is as expensive as free stuff.  Exhibit 1: Robertscare. Pay for what you want or need*.

NOTE*:  I still reserve the right to bitch when my access fees increase.

Besides the FCC’s move irritates all of the right people.

What we're up against
In a comment on a post several under, Infidel laments the state of America.  Here's what we're up against.  It is not all the Dopes' fault.  Rat establishment Republicans are probably at least as culpable.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Chuck, congress has helped black people so much they're killing them

This is pathetic.  Sir Charles Barkley thinks the payback for him going out and stumping for Doug Jones in AL is for congress to “get off their asses and help black people.” My entire adult life congress has been getting off their asses and trying to buy black votes under the guise of “helping them,” and in the process destroying them. 

But don’t take whiter than white Lex’s word for it.  Ask Jason Riely a black man who wrote an entire book on the subject – Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make it Harder for Blacks to Succeed.

Here’s the cliff notes version from National Review penned by the incomparable Thomas Sowell. 

No one over the age of 40 needs the primer.  We’ve lived it.  For 40 years Demo-Dopes have been using taxpayer money to create a nanny state in the black community in exchange for the black vote.  In the process the Dopes have pretty much destroyed the black family, made it okay to quit school, sell drugs, raise kids out of wedlock and depend on welfare to provide for the black family and have pretty much blamed the whole damn thing – the state of blacks in America - on white racism.

Sadly, for the Dopes it’s mission accomplished.  The black vote in America is more monolithic than the Godless communist vote, the felon vote, the welfare, and the moron vote – all solid Demo-Dope voting blocks.

But Barkley’s comment is more odious than the BS sentiment expressed.  It is like “black lives matter.”  Why black lives exclusive to any other lives?  Thing have slid so far off the tracks to make the common sense observation that all lives matter is now considered racist.  Why is it congress's responsibility to “help black people” rather than crafting legislation that gives everyone the opportunity to succeed?

This is the go-to play in the Demo-Dope playbook – divide people by color, religion, economic status, sexual preference – whatever – just divide. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

SHOCKER in Alabama

I don’t know where the truth lies with regard to the allegations about Roy Moore.  I do know the allegations are 40 years old and surfaced 4 weeks before an election.  So, color me skeptical.

I think we can all agree that there was something off about Roy Moore.  But, he wasn’t Dope so we could look past some of his oddities.  

We’re supposed to believe the women.  One of Moore’s accusers admits to changing the inscription in the famous yearbook inscription.  Another says the judge picked her up around the corner from her home but, the location actually turns out to be several blocks away.  Well after 40 years, memories do fade and jumble.  I suppose that’s why there are statutes of limitations in these cases.

40 year old allegations, the entire Demo-Dope Party, 3/4ers of the Republican Party, all of the MSM, Hollywood and the rest of the usual suspects were enough to snatch a sure Republican senate seat and flip it for the Dopes.  Now the #NEVERTRUMPers are blaming the entire AL mess on Steve Bannon. That’s weird.  Bannon was about the only guy out there working to win the seat. 

What happens now?  Does Moore sue the women?  Do the women go away for another 40 years?  Does Gloria Allred get disbarred?  

But we’re supposed to believe the women.  That went out the window with the Duke Lacrosse team.  We’re supposed to believe the women, just like we’re supposed to believe the FBI.  The FBI is now a BS agency.  We’re supposed to believe the women, just like we’re supposed to believe the MSM.  The MSM is total BS.

Now the Demo-Dopes have a template to take out their opponents.  Let me make this as clear as I can, Demo-Dopes, for all of their posturing, don’t give a flip about women past getting them out to vote Dope.  If they did, would they be trashing Sahara Sanders on a daily basis?

Republicans better learn how to counter this BS fast.  The way it’s done is to continually counter with, “Where were you when Teddy the drunk Kennedy was drowning women in his car and Billyboy Billlbo Clinton was raping his way across Arkansas?”  They need to start with Sens Gillibrand and Fauxcohontas Warren today. Republican should also demand to know who used a secret house slush fund to use taxpayer money to pay off their sex harassment victims.

In the long run, I suppose the Republicans dodged a bullet.  Every 2018 Republican candidate would have had to disavow Roy Moore 10,000 times a day.  But they should flip it on the Dopes and demand Dope candidates disavow Billyboy Billbo Clinton.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The whiners are lining up to oppose tax reform

Vote Roy Moore
The MSM and Caligula, D.C. ruling class uni-party establishment elite a-holes all hate Roy Moore.  I hate the MSM and Caligula, D.C. ruling class uni-party establishment elite a-holes.  Vote for Roy Moore.

Whiners lining up to oppose proposed tax bill
The local fish wrap published a letter to the editor signed by CEOs of several charities whining about the loss of deductibility of charitable contributions in the proposed tax bill. That letter can be found here.  Here's Lex's response:

Re: Charities likely to be hurt by tax bill Dec 10, 2017

Talk about crying before you're bitten.  The signatories of the referenced letter, warning of doom and gloom for charitable giving due to the proposed tax bill, are howling before the pup is even weened.

An alternative to the notion that people will be less likely to make charitable contributions, if the contribution is not tax deductible, is that people will be far more likely to contribute when they have a few extra bucks in their pocket. 

The idea that “95% of Americans will be taxed on their donations to charities” is misleading.  First, the new tax code will not tax charitable donations.  The new code, same as the old code, will tax income. There is no provision for an additional tax on charitable donations.

Under the current code, to deduct a charitable contribution the taxpayer must itemize their deductions.  Only about 30% of Americans take advantage of itemized deductions. So for 70% of Americans the proposed tax law doubles the standard deductions that they rely on when filing their taxes, but changes nothing with regard to charitable donations.

I can tell you this, I no more want my tax dollars going to subsidize a “charitable” donation to such odious organizations as Planned Parenthood or the Southern Poverty Law Center than a committed leftist would want to subsidize my contribution to the NRA (which is NOT eligible for tax deductions under current law but does serve to make the point).

While we’re at it, I don’t care for my tax dollars going to subsidize the taxes in high tax states, all run by Democrats.  Axing the deduction for state and local taxes is the fair way to go.  If Liberals want onerous state taxes, fine, pay ‘em, and enjoy the benefits of the nanny state.  Just leave the rest of us out of it.

The strange case of Keaton Jones
I’m always suspicious when a viral video pops up on the Internet followed by a go fund me page.  What parent puts this stuff on the Internet?  I’d be in the principal’s office finding out who was doing it, and calling their dads with a message, “Knock it off or we settle this with pistols at 20 paces.”  (Too damn old to get beat up these days.  I'd rather just be shot than take a beating.)  

If I came crying to my dad, he probably would have blamed the whole thing on me.  “Suck it up.  Go pick ‘em off one at time.  They won’t be so brave one on one, but don’t come whining to me.”  That was a different age. 

As he used to tell us, “We used give the fat kid the nickname, fatty.  He knew he was fat.  We knew he was fat.  What’s the big deal?”  But these guys suffered through the depression and won WWII.  They probably had more important things to worry about than hurt feelings.  As the old man used to tell us, “If you want sympathy, you’ll find it between $h!t and syphilis in the dictionary.” Like I said, it was a different age.

Monday, December 11, 2017

PDJT is blessed with having d-bags for enemies

After the raft load of inaccurate reporting from the MSM, (Yeah, I know.  What’s new?) some MSM azzbag defended the reporting by saying, “Hey, everyone makes mistakes.”  He obviously thinks we’re all idiots.  These are not “mistakes.”  You know how I know these are not “mistakes”?  Because all the mistakes, every last of one of them, error in one direction, to make PDJT look bad. 

If these were truly mistakes, they’d tend to even out like bad calls in a football game.  From the fake news story about PDJT removing MLK’s bust from the Oval Office a day after his inauguration to the latest PDJT had the keys to WikiLeaks hack of the DNC, every single “mistake” the MSM has made is to make PGJT look bad.   That’s not a mistake. That’s collusion.

Bottom line:  It’s no accident or “mistake” that every single story that turns out to be BS is detrimental to PDJT. 

The good news is that when the MSM puts out fake news and is caught, it’s like the crooked FBI agent running both the Shrillda the Hutt and PDJT investigations being outed as a crooked as hell partisan. It actually taints PDJT’s opponents and redounds to the benefits of their target.

Now the d-bag MSM is rejoicing because the White House Communications Director, Hope Hicks, has been hauled before the Special A-hole, Boob Muller. The MSM is giddy because they believe the investigation is getting closer to the Oval Office and “noose is tightening around PDJT.”  

The alternative to that theory is that the investigation winding up.  I learned from a tv talking head, as the investigation gets closer to the Oval Office, with no proof of collusion, then the investigation is winding up because, there is nowhere for the investigation to go after the White House.

I learned from these infallible wizards who talk on tv, the old investigative technique is to get the low hanging fruit to turn on the higher ups.  The higher the investigation gets up the food chain without results means there is no there there.

Proof the MSM is purposefully crooked
If you can stand it, watch this PMSNBC news clip to the end when Andrea Mitchell offers the on-scene reporter some advice: Just ignore all that’s going on around you.   YGBSM. 

That’s the EXCT opposite of what a reporter is supposed to do. They are supposed to “take in” all that’s going on around them and, report it acurately to those of us who are not there.

Is Andrea Mitchell that stupid?  Probably.  But the real news here is that she’s telling a reporter to ignore things going on around him because it does not comport to the leftist agenda. 

A real reporter might have turned around and asked the guy why he supports Moore.    

Army/Navy Game
Army won the game.  Navy won the battle of the signs.  The Middies trolled the Cadets in grand style as Commie sympathizers*.

NOTE: Who is running the Army’s investigation into 2nd Lt. Rapone?  Obviously Inspector Clouseau is supervising Chief Clancy Wiggum to get to the bottom of Rapone’s commie leanings. 

There are pictures of the d-bag supporting communism while in uniform.  Arrest him Chief Wiggum.  “I dunno Lex.  Anyone that openly pro commie is hiding something.  How do we know that the guy in the picture is not a Rapone doppelganger?  How do we know that the Che t-shirt and the ‘commies will win’ sign are not part of some elaborate ‘opposite day’ at the Military Academy?  How do we know that Rapone doesn’t have a Gadsden Flag t-shirt on under the Che t-shirt?  I tell you Lex this case is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.”  Chief, no it’s not. He’s a commie sympathizer.  Kick him out of the Army and make him repay the taxpayers for the education he received at the Military Academy.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Note to Lindsey Vonn: nobody cares

Tiger Wood’s old girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, says she won’t be skiing for PDJT at the Winter Olympics. Vonn also says she will skip a visit to the White House if invited.  I’m sure PDJT is crushed.

First off Linds, aside from the curling competition*, which is riveting, who cares about the winter Olympics?  Most of the events are governed by gravity or are so subjective, unless a skater falls on her butt, it’s just Dancing with the Stars without the talent and phone in polling.  It’s all crooked as hell.  The only thing people can possibly care less about than the Winter Olympics is what Lindsey Vonn thinks about anything. 

Note:  Curling is the only sport in the world where you can watch the start of play, get up, take a leak and be back to watch the end of the play.  You will sadly miss all of the frantic sweeping in between which is the highlight of the sport.

Note2:  In a second “only”, Curling is only sport where the “action” is actually sped up for the TV replay.

I think Black Thugs Matter should organize a boycott of the Winter Olympics for being too white.  It is.  You’ve got the “Oscar’s so white” movement organized by people of color.  Oscar looks like a disabled LGTQLKJHGF midget version of Samuel L. Jackson compared to the US Winter Olympic Team. The only brothers involved are pushing the 4 man bobsled.  Then in the ultimate insult, after doing all the work, they are made to ride in the back of the sled.

Talk about sex harassment, have you seen the pairs figure skating?  The guy has his hands all over his partner.  How is that NOT sex harassment?  It’s a bad example for American youth to have a guy openly groping a woman and calling it “art.”  It could make for the perfect defense for Al Franken.  I swear I wasn’t groping her.  I was practicing my pairs skating routine.    

Total BS.  Shut it down.  I did e—mail the White House and volunteer to take Vonn’s place on the White House visit.  It would be great if PDJT invited everyday people to stand-in for boycotting athletes. Lex has floated this idea before. If the GS Warriors don’t want to show up, get 50 conservatives to show up in Warrior’s gear to take their place.  It would make a great photo op and be as effective, if not more so, as the recent empty seats photo Op of Chuck and Nancy (Chancy).

Al Franken
The least funny man in the world, Al Franken, said he’d step down from the senate in “a few weeks.”  That’s code for, if Roy Moore wins and is seated, I’m staying.

I have a very low opinion of Al Franken, so he’s perfect material for a senate populated by lying, thieving weasels. He fits right in.  If it weren’t for lying, thieving weasels – who’d be left in the senate?  Fight on Al.  Doggoneit, you belong.

The FBI and Dope prosecutors can all go to hell.  This is total BS.  (There’s a lot of total BS today.) The feds can ruin you, threaten your family, take your house, kick down your door at 4:30 in the morning, keep turning the thumb screws for as long as it takes and spend as much money as they want until you cop a plea to jay walking 10 years ago to make it stop.

Someone needs to send the FBI swells (Comey, Muller, McCabe et al) to jail after using their own tactics to investigate them.  Kick in Srozck’s door at 4:30 am seize all of his assets.  Sweat him for 6 months, bankrupting him with legal fees, then offer the POS plea deal to make it stop.

The feds are doing the exact same thing Dope DAs did in WI.  Someone need to grow a set and make it stop.

The only good news in any of this is that the Dope's Russia collusion gambit is turning back on them.  But as always nothing will be done about any of it.

PDJT should issue a blanket pardon and require that anyone caught up in the witch hunt be made whole out of the DoJ budget for the cost of the harassment by a BS investigation.

Until an investigation into Shrillda the Hutt and her henchhags is opened, Muller can investigate until the moon turn blue, everyone is pardoned.       

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Jerusalem and conduct known before an election

All of the right people have their shorts in a knot over PDJT’d announcement recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol city of Israel.  That’s good enough for Lex to approve of the move. 

The Lefty Libs are warning that the announcement will lead to unrest in the Middle East.  Well, damn.  We don’t to cause a problem in the utopia that is the Middle East. 

BS.  Given that “unrest” is a mild description is the normal state of the Islamo-Terror-Fascist losers in the Middle East, so what?  F-em.  Now when the ITF do what the ITF do, start causing indiscriminant mayhem, the left will, no doubt, blame the normal activities of ITF a-holes on PDJT’s move.  In the process they will, as always, give murdering ITF a pass.

The meme making the rounds last night was that PDJT unilaterally ignored 70 years of American foreign policy by recognizing Israel’s capitol.  The exact same MSM butt lickers couldn’t get enough of The Empty Suit’s slobbering all over the Castros during his visit to Cuba that reversed 60 years of American foreign policy, now are wailing that PDJT is supporting our best ally in the Middle East.

To me PDJT recognizing Jerusalem is like recognizing Caligula, D.C. as the Capitol of United States.  It is because we say so, not because a bunch of weaklings say that it isn’t.

What is the big word in Caligula, D.C.?  Bipartisanship. We gotta have bipartisanship, unless its Robertscare.  Bipartisanship is must in tax reform and else anything Republicans want to do.  Chuck and Nancy, or as Greg Gutfeld shortened it “Chancy”, when given a dose of Demo-Dope’s own medicine whine about bipartisanship this and bipartisanship that. 

There are few issues that Caligula, D.C. azzbags are more bipartisan about than moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.  A 1995 law stating such passed with 95% support.  In Jun this year the senate unanimously reaffirmed the Jerusalem Embassy Act.  Presidents Clinton, Bush, The Empty Suit all campaigned on moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.  PDJT did it.  Now the swamp is in a tizzy.  Just who the hell does this guy think he is?  Doing what he said he’d do.

The end of Franken et al Vs Moore & PDJT
Let me try this without condoning anything too unseemly.  Al Franken is expected to step down from the senate today after a series of sex harassment allegations.  John Conyers quit the other for own sex abuse allegations.

My guess is that the Demo-Dopes are willing to jettison some of their deadwood in safe districts and states to gain the moral high ground to go after Roy Moore and PDJT.

Here’s the thing, voters voted for Conyers and Franken BEFORE they knew what reprobates they are.  In Roy Moore’s and PDJT’s cases their conduct is/was a major campaign point. If he wins, Moore will arrive in Caligula, D.C. with the people of AL and the entire world fully aware of the allegations.  Also, Moore’s conduct was 40 years ago.  PDJT’s was, I dunno, but before he arrived in Caligula, D.C.

Dopes conduct was unknown and on-going.  That cannot be said of Moore and PDJT.  Everyone knows, bit no allegations have come up since.

The same people who sat by while Ted Kennedy drowned a woman, Billbo raped his way through a 30 year political career, his disgusting blister bag of a wife stood by and covered it up, his baboon’s ass ugly off-spring thinks of herself as the Dopes/Clinton’s next great hope are now worried about sex harassment.  YGBSM.

The most pathetic thing is that Rats and Dopes threaten to drag Roy Moore before the senate ethics committee.  “Senate ethics”?  An oxymoron if ever there was one.  So a bunch of lying thieving BS artists are going to sit in judgement of someone?

Seems to me to have an “ethics committee” you’d need three Dopes and Three Rats plus a chairman.  That’s seven members with ethics to sit on the committee to judge others.  That is a bar about 4 members too many for the senate.  The senate “ethics committee” is likely to look like the UN Commission on Women’s Rights that ironically includes one of the worst violators of women’s rights - Saudi Arabia.

Senate ethics?  Harry the roach Reid lied through his worthless azz about Mitt Romney.  Ethics investigation?  Naaa.  

Gather the senate jackals and hyenas.  Someone needs to be judged.           

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

The peace process is dead or at least moving as fast as a dead man, move the embassy, Sessions and cake bakers

PDJT is likely to announce the move of the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem today.  The hand wringers are warning that announcing such a move will jeopardize the peace process.  YGBSM.  The “peace process” has been on-going for 50 years and has made almost one step toward peace.

Given the current rate of progress, I believe the Israeli/Palestinian “peace process” is going to take about 3,000 years.  Glaciers move faster than any noticeable progress toward the “two state solution.”  Remember Billbo Billyboy Clinton took a break from groping, raping, molesting and exposing his privates to the interns at the White House to broker a deal that basically gave the Palestinians everything they wanted.  Not only did Yasser Arafat reject the deal, he started the intifada to boot.

Here’s a flash, Palestinians and Arabs/Muslims in general do not want a solution to the Palestinian “problem.“  It’s like the Dope Party addressing racism and poverty.  If the problems were ever solved, they would have nothing to campaign on.  Dopes have been working on solutions to racism and poverty for as long as the Arabs have been looking for a solution to the Palestinian problem.  Creating a nanny state of perpetual anger “is the Dope’s final solution.”

So it is with Palestinians.  Arabs could use their collective wealth and land to establish a utopian Palestinian state today if they wanted to.  They chose not to because, once the Palestinian problem is solved there will be no pretext for getting rid of the Jews.   

Clinton, GW Bush, The Empty Suit and PDJT all promised to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. Only PDJT has the manly equipment to keep the promise.  It’s a shot across the Palestinian’s bow.  We’ve tried for 50 years to get you azzwipes to pull your collective heads out of your butts and move toward peace.  You will not do it.  Today we move the embassy.  Get you $h!t together or tomorrow we just might allow the Israelis to push the whole lot of you worthless excrement heads into the sea and be done with you.  Then there will be peace.

Question for AG Session
Okay you recused yourself from the nonexistent PDJT/Russia collusion. Fine. What’s keeping you from demanding answers from the corrupt and ever more full of crap FBI for their corruption and double standard for investigating and preferring charges against only one side of the political aisle? 

Here’s what needs to be done.  On Christmas Eve PDJT needs to give Flynn a total pardon.  He should cite a corrupt FBI official who treated well known criminal cartel head Shrillda the Hutt and her henchhags Uma Abidin and Cheryl Mills with kid gloves and then lowered the boom on Gen Flynn.  PDJT should note Flynn’s military service in contrast to the Hutt and her henchhags political corruption.

Let the swamp howl.  F-em.  Americans know when someone is getting screwed by the government.  It’s obvious the FBI is a BS corrupt organization.  PDJT should note until the FBI cleans house they are a suspect agency.  Until the agency is cleaned up PDJT should balance the scales of justice with pardons, counter investigations etc.  

Question for the Supreme Court
If you can force a baker to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding, can you force a Jew to bake a cake for Nazis, Muslims to bake a cake for…hmm…well nearly anyone, an AntiFa fascist to bake a PDJT MAGA cake, how about an ISIS cake, or homosexual baker to bake a white supremacy cake?  It is sticky situation.  People ought to be able to say, “I’m not comfortable with that.”

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Don't trust anyone because, nobody can be trusted

The FBI is crooked.  That’s for sure.  If not rotten through and through, it is thoroughly rotten at the top. The Russia collusion investigation is being run by deep state corrupto-crats Muller, Comey, McCabe and Rosenstein.

So given the level of corruption being exposed, where the hell is Jeff Sessions?  He probably cannot fire Muller but, he can fire everyone else in the FBI and DoJ exposed as deep state azzbags.  He can order a special prosecutor to look into the FBI handling of Shrillda the Hutt to include e-mails, uranium one, Russian payoffs, Billbo’s Lolita Express flights etc.

Sessions can’t do much about Muller but, he can cut out the cancer all around him.  He can see deep state investigation on PDJT and raise them one.  Drag the Clintons and the entire Demo-Dope Party through the mud with an investigation into all of the BS that has surfaced regarding the hacking of the DNC and all of the Clinton shenanigans. 

The amount of criminal activities surrounding the Clintons and the DNC is like the house after a three day block party.  There’s so much trach and cleaning to do, you just know where to start, so crack a beer and turn on the game.

So it is with the deep state, the Clintons and the DNC.  They are so corrupt that nobody knows where to start cleaning up the mess.      

Monday, December 04, 2017

Muller, Government shut down. last word on the CFP

Muller investigation and Flynn
Lex may be the only guy in America willing to admit he has no idea what the Flynn plea means.  It’s somewhere between PDJT is surely going to be impeached to we already knew that Flynn was a liar so it means nothing.  Remember, lying is why PDJT fired Flynn in the first place. 

I do know this.  I, having committed no crime that I’m aware of, probably could not withstand a federal investigation bent on finding SOMETHING - ANYTHING with an unlimited budget and no time limit into my activities.  When they start to target Mrs. Lex and Lex Jr. to get me and they consume every penny of income and every waking moment, who wouldn’t cave to some BS process “crime” just to get the F-ing government off your back?

I also think PDJT is right.  The FBI is out of control.  I have no confidence that the FBI is not a huge part of the deep state BS machine. If you doubt that estimate, look no farther than the Shrillda the Hutt investigation.

Please, just shut it down
The Demo-Dopes are threatening to shut down the government if the upcoming budget deal does not include a no-strings amnesty for between 3 million to 100 billion (point is no one really knows) illegal aliens (DACA) plus an unlimited number of chain migrators attached to the 3 million. 

Brilliant!  First, as always, go ahead, make my day!  Shut it down! 

McConnell ought to goad Chuckels the crying clown Schumer into such a move.  McConnell ought to release a statement this morning: 

“Chuckles the crying clown Schumer is a lying, showboat.  Go ahead, Chuckels shut it down.  That’ll give PDJT an opportunity to show the American people how he’d handle a shut down.  Hint, my guess is the PDJT will not pull a move like The Empty Suit and close the White House to the American people.  My guess he won’t have the park service placing barriers around open air monuments in Caligula, D.C. or arresting people who stop on public roads to snap pictures of Bryce Cannon. My guess is that PDJT would relish a chance to run the government without all the ‘non-essential’ personnel who are asked not to come to work when the funding stops. My guess is that if the government is shut down and left shut down we could finally put a dent in the deficit.  

“Chuckels the weeping clown is BS artist.  He’s what PDJT said he dragged women around by if he doesn’t shut it down.  I beg you Chuckels, please, please, please just shut it down, and please leave it shut down until the 2018 election.  Show the American people what the Dope Party stands for, shutting down the American government to entitle a bunch of illegal aliens and an unlimited number of their ‘family members’.  That’s wining message if ever there was one.”

College Football Playoffs
Well the committee has spoken and violated Lex’s Rule #1 putting a team not in the conference championship in playoff.  Given how the season played out, that was logical choice.  The OSU was never going to overcome the drubbing at Iowa.  Alabama was rewarded for only losing one with a weak schedule. The lesson learned from all of this: schedule Mercer, Columbus School for Girls or the American Institute for the Blind in week 11 and then mercilessly run up the score up on them. Duck the conference championship game with a real team if at all possible, sit back and wait for the committee to reward a weak schedule with fewer games.  There's the template for years to come.

Take look at these projected bowl match ups and tell me how a bowl season plus one CFP arrangement doesn’t make more sense.  But Lex, the two one-loss teams are still going meet in the championship.  SO what you are saying is that the committee got it right?  Okay that’s a flaw in the Lex logic, but my plan lets the CFP committee off the hook of making a BS decision.  Not so much this year, but last year when they took The OSU over Penn State.  

This whole thing didn’t end up making the point I wanted to make, which I cannot remember now.  But it WASN’T that The OSU got screwed by the committee, that’s for sure.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Steinle, National Kneeball League, College Football Playoffs

A CA jury let Kate Steinle’s illegal alien murderer walk last night. I’m so angry all I can think of is a long string of expletives directed at CA and Lefty Libs in general. 

I want to avoid tarring the entire state by hoping the whole crap hole of a state slides into the ocean or shakes to the ground this morning, but I will say if LA, the state capitol building and all of Marin County disappeared this morning, it’d take a couple of days before the magnitude of an event like that caused me serious concern.

Build the f-ing wall 10 feet higher!!!  Do it now!!

National Kneeball League will pay the extortionists
The head of the National Kneeball League, Colin Kapernick, used his sock puppet, Roger Goodell, to extort 100 million dollars from the league to be used for “social causes.”  The payoff is expected to bring an end – temporarily - to the protests that nobody can explain what they are about and have driven NKL rating into the toilet.

Yahoo, the news outlet of choice for idiots, claims that 70% of us are against PDJT’s stand against the NKL.  I guess the 70% are sticking it to PDJT by not going to or even watching the NKL.  Yeah, sure, that’ll show the SOB!     

Fixing the College Football Playoffs
First off, the only reason that there is any controversy over this is because Alabama is on the outside looking in.  Were it any other team, the reaction would be, “so sad too bad.”  But, all the swells have told us all year that no college team can hang with the Tide, except that they can.  So here’s how this should play out.

Rule 1:  If you are not playing in the conference championship, you’re not playing in the CFP. Failure to make the conference championship means that you’re not only NOT the best team in the conference, you’re not even the best team in your division of the conference.  You cannot make the CFP by taking a bye, resting up and healing during the conference championship.

But Lex, how about your The OSU Buckeyes?  They made the CFP and didn’t win the conference.  Yeah, well, how’d that work out?  Sort of proves the point doesn’t it?

Okay what about your 2nd team, Notre Dame?  They will never play in a conference championship.  How could they ever make the CFP?  Simple, join the Big 10 West.

But Lex that means a 10-2 team could be in the finals.  Yup.  If you care so much about records USF (11-0) should be in.  They aren’t.  Records obviously do not matter. 

But USF didn’t play anyone.  Yeah, USF ducked a late season game with perennial college football powerhouse Mercer. If Alabama misses the CFP this year, the Alabama AD and Saban need look no further than the BS decision to put a cupcake like Mercer on the schedule as tune up before their rivalry game with Auburn - which did them absolutely no good when they had to square up against a real team.

And if records mean that much to AL fans, send your 2013 National Championship trophy to The Ohio State Buckeyes.  The OSU was the ONLY undefeated team at the end of that campaign. 

Rule 2.  No rematches. That’s right Buckeye fans. If OK gets in, you’re out no matter what happens in the Big 10 Championship.  We had to sit through a rematch National Championship game when Alabama got a do-over with LSU.  All I can say is, if it’s one game each, play the rubber match.  If the committee isn’t prepared to settle the issue with an additional best 2 out of 3 game – NO REMATCHES. 

Well Lex this whole thing could be avoided if there was an 8-16-32 team playoff.  Well we used to have system that included a whole bunch of teams before the wizards of smart f-ed with it.  It was called the College Football Bowl System.  

So if determining college football's best team “needs to be fixed”…again, go back to that system the idiots f-ed up, and then add one game on the first Monday at least 7 day from New Year’s bowl games.   That would give the committee an additional game consisting of inter conference play to make what is a totally subjective decision anyway, but an additional inter-conference game would go a long way to clearing things up.  Rule two would still apply.

There you have it Mr. & Mrs. America, it’s fixed.  No charge.  

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Where's my pitchfork?

I don’t think anyone who drops in on this page - even just once and awhile - will ever say that Lex has an ounce of respect for congress or 98% of the lying, thieving, self-serving, arrogant PsOS who populate it.

The poster child for this opion, the $h!ttiest POS in congress if you will, Demo-Dope Rep for life Jimmy Clyburn, when confronted with a long list of people who recently resigned or were fired behind sex harassment, as justification for John Conyers stepping down, actually replied, “Who elected them?” The inference in that boneheaded statement is that if you’re an elected official, particularly a Dope official, you have a free pass to be sex harasser.

But, after Billbo BillyBoy Clnton we knew that.  We just didn’t think anyone would be so stupid as to admit it.  Jimmy reached a new level of stupidity when he let the Demo-Dope sex harasser protection racket cat out of the bag.

Hey Jimmy!!  A lot of us are of the opinion that elected officials ought to be held to HIGHER standard and not be allowed to sink to the lowest possible level while using a taxpayer funded slush fund to cover up their criminal activities.

Time flies
Yesterday I pulled into the driveway, and I had to get out of my truck to move Lex Jr.’s tricycle from obstructing my progress.  I went into the house and bawled him out for being a dope and leaving it there in the first place.

This morning I woke up to learn Jr. had turned 21 as a junior at Indiana University.  Now, I regret all the fuss over dopey stuff that, in the end, does not amount to a hill beans.

I know that story defies logic and physics, but that’s exactly how I remember it this morning. I will spend the rest of the day trying to reconstruct my own time-space continuum in an effort to figure out where the time went.

Happy Birthday my son!
Love you, no matter what, Daddy-O

Tomorrow I will hand down my instructions to the college football bowl selection committee. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Caligula, DC is as FUBARed as the current mess at the CFPB

If you wanted just one story to point to the sheer BS generated by the Ruling Class uni-party azzbags in Caligula, DC you’d need to point no farther than the current kerfuffle over who is the acting director of something called the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

The CFPB is some unaccountable agency dreamt up by Demo-Dopes in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.  As the name might suggest, the agency is charged to protect consumers from predatory lending and collection practices of the banking industry. 

All you really need to now about this thing is that Big Chief Squatting Bull, none other than Fauxcohontus herself, the “high cheekboned one”, Lizzy Warren was instrumental in forming this POS.

The name sounds good.  It’s like welfare.  Who is against the welfare of the people?  Its only when the government gets involved that welfare becomes a total BS program. 

So it is with the CFPB.  Like everything the Caligula, DC azzbags touch, the CFPB is a total mess.  The former director, an Empty Suit appointee, quit, and before leaving named his COS Leandra English as his successor.  PDJT named Mick Mulvaney as the acting director.  So on Monday morning two people showed up to run the agency. Like a plot pulled from a Chevy Chase movie, each began issuing e-mail orders to the staff to ignore the other. 

Mulvaney won the first battle.  No, not the court decision handed down yesterday supporting PDJT’s right to name the acting director.  Mulvaney won the first battle when showed up to work Monday at the CFPB toting dozens of doughnuts for the staff. 

Suppose you’re an 8th grader (that’s about the mental acumen of dopes at CFPB) and two teachers show up to run the class one day. They start barking out orders to the students each demanding the class pay no attention to the other.  Confusion reigns until one of the teachers pulls out 4 dozen doughnuts to ply the class to his will. Unless the other guy has 4 dozen ice cream bars, it’s game over.

The CFPB is like the congressional slush fund used to pay off staffer victims of sex harassment.  As long as the activity was kept under the radar everything was cool. It’s only when the activities and BS are exposed that people take notice and say, WTF.  A slush fund exists in Caligula, DC to pay off the staffer sex slaves who refuse to cooperate?  Yes there is.  Now that it has been exposed, has congress moved to shut it down?  No they haven’t.  Have they released the names of lawmakers taking advantage of the fund?  No they haven’t.

So it is with the CFPB.  Everything was fine until sunshine was poured in on its activities.  First off, political donations from the “non-partisan” staff at CFPB went about 600 to 1 to the Dope Party.  How the hell can anyone say that is “non-partisan”?  Next, there is no congressional oversight for the agency.  The bureau is not funded through the congress.  Its funding comes from treasury.  Next is the CFPB’s ability to levy fines against any institution that fails to kowtow to what appears to be unbridled and unchecked (is that redundant?) power.

Then there’s the Rat establishment Republican response.  Putting Mulvaney in as acting director is fine.  But if the Republicans really had a clue they’d fire everyone at the CFPB today, make it illegal to fund it or anything like it, drive a stake through its heart and shut it down for good never to rise again. Instead the ReR’s want to let the bureau stand and “reform it.”  

Hey ReRs! You won’t be there forever (no, wait given the current trend maybe you will be).  Dopes will be back at some point.  They will find Dr. Frankenstein’s CFPB papers and resurrect the monstrosity.  

 Grow a set and kill it off!

Benghazi perp walks on murder charge
Total BS.  First, this Islamo-Terror-Fascist should have been sent to G’itmo.  Next, WTF.  I always thought that the guy who held the horse during a bank robbery was as guilty as the actual robbers.

My guess is that the jury figured that if the accomplices are going to be held to the same standard as the murderers, they'd have to convict Shrillda the Hutt of murder for her gross negligence and Eric the wad Holder needed to rung up for his gun running scheme to the Mexican drug cartels that led to 100s of murders.     

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

PDJT’s ham-handed poke at Fauxahontas & College Football

You gotta love PDJT.  He never lets it go.  Given the opportunity to poke fun at the 150 year old lying American Indian wannbe, PDJT could not resist.  So he did it in the most obvious way possible. 

On cue the MSM and Lefty Libs went nuts.  Perfect!  I still love how he can get these lemmings tied up in knots with a tweet or off-handed remark.  As inelegant as the remark was, it slammed lying Big Chief Lizzy Warren where it hurts Libs - in their mino credibility.

The whiter than bleached white paper heap big liar Lizzy - you didn’t build that - Warren advanced her career on the back of tale of being one of them. Claiming that she’s American Indian because of “high cheek bones,” the great white liar parlayed her fake credentials into tenure at Harvard.  That made Warren a twofer.  She’s supposedly a woman and an Indian.  Given her lying past, PDJT should demand Warren submit to an immediate DNA test to prove she’s woman.

Given the fact that ALL white people are racist and/or white supremacists, I’m going to change the title of this page to Jose y la ley.  Then I’m going to claim that I have at least 25% Espanola blood because I like tacos. Then I’m going to put myself in for a boat load of mino  loans and get tenure at the local community college as visiting professor for Latino Studies focused exclusively on the roll of cerveza fria in the development of the New World order.  That’d be outrageous, right?  Well how is what this lying POS did at Harvard any different?  

PDJT does not do nuance.  I love it when the #NEVERTRUMP Fox all Stars deride PDJT for being such a troll when he lambastes his opponents in such inelegant ways. What these fools don’t understand is that PDJT doesn’t give one beaver skin what they think about just about anything.  They will never get what PDJT is all about.

PDJT knows his audience.  He is plying to the Lex E Libertas’ out there.  We’ve been asking for someone who’d punch back.  Now we have one, and the ruling class azwipes are appalled.  I for one love it.  Mrs. Lex, not so much.  Every time a tease come on about a PDJT tweet, her response, before ever seeing it, is always the same, “Oh brother.”

For her part Fauxhontus, having been busted in spectacular fashion, cannot stand the spotlight.  So she wants to deflect.  How do Lefty Libs deflect?  They call the truth teller a racist.  So it is with Big Chief Sitting Bull$h!t.  She’s busted – BIG TIME.  PDJT won’t let it go.  So she has to deflect by calling his jab racist.  It’s not.  It’s called pointing out the obvious with humor.  $h!tting Bull can’t take it because of the truth behind the poke.

Warren no doubt thinks of herself as a Dope Presidential candidate.  This is a warm up for what’s coming Liz.  Everyone is going to be calling you Fauxhontus dressing in feathers and war paint, not as racial slur, but rather as a reminder of what a lying $h!t you are. 

As anyone who has been involved in locker room or family banter knows, if you ever show that they are getting to you, they will double the mocking.  Liz, the best policy is to own it or ignore it.  Faux outrage over your faux family tree is only putting the issue to forefront.  Anyone who didn’t already know you are lying $h!t does now. 

Exit question:  Why is MSM more interested in PDJT poking fun at Liz for her fake family history, than they are about Liz just making up?

College football
It’s a mess.  The experts are saying we need an 8 team playoff.  No we don’t.  What we need is to get back to the old bowl system that allowed a couple for schools to claim that there’s absolutely, no doubt, that they were the best college football team.  It was great.  You can up the playoff to 8, then 16, then 32.  What you then have is two seasons. 

It’s college football!  They are supposed to be “student athletes.”  If this is that important then the NFL and other professional leagues should start paying colleges millions for every player drafted out of their program.  I don’t know why Lex Jr.’s tuition subsidizes athletes.

For every first round draft choice, the league should be required to make a 5 million dollar contribution to the general scholarship fund of the college.  4 million for a 2nd round draft choice and so on.  Theses filthy rich leagues should start subsidizing the programs that feed the leagues so that others do not have to.

Of course this college football mess wouldn’t be an issue if Alabama had held up its end of the deal and gone undefeated and were crowned the national champion without all of hub bub about a playoff.  Why did we even play the season?  Alabama was the best team.  Everyone said so.  All the injuries, travel, missed classes to play out what everyone already knew.

I think colleges should forego all of this and declare the national champion before the first snap of the season.  The kids could then get back to their studies and play a 10 game season for the joy of it.  I know, that’s crazy talk.
So for Alabama fans it’s not been a good year.  Roy Moore has brought unwanted scrutiny to the dating habits of Alabamians, which thankfully hasn’t included family members, yet.  Then the Tide was drubbed in the Iron Bowl.

Then big Sis got a year older.  Oh the humanity!  Will the suffering ever end?