Friday, February 28, 2014

2016 tip sheet

Is it too early to handicap the 2016 presidential race?  Yes.  It is.  But it’s what’s on mind this morning so here we go.

Chris Christie for now is done.  He’d have been better off getting four people in Trenton killed due to negligence on his part, initially blaming the loss of life on a Katy Perry video and then shrugging the whole thing off with a “hey, come on.  It’s me the - Chris man. Yoos guys knows yoos love me.  Fuggetaboutit, besides, what difference does it make.”  The good news for Christie is that his scandal came early. By 2016 most Americans will know as much about NJ bridgegate as they do about Billy Dale.

Ted Cruz would make a great president.  It’s unlikely that he’ll get the nod.  Cruz’s millstone is the same as Chris Christie’s – it’s too early.  But while Christie has time for people to forget, Cruz has time for the Dope lapdog media to hold him responsible for everything from the government shutdown to the huge pothole over on Coldwater rd. in Ft. Wayne, IN.  Cruz also has the disadvantage – advantage in my opinion – of taking flak from both sides.  Not only do the Dopes dislike Cruz, Rats like Pete King and McCain don’t care for him either.  That makes Cruz “The Man” in my book, but it’s a lot to overcome, and given my track record in handicapping these things the last thing Cruz wants is an endorsement from Lex.   Oh, and has anyone noticed that while Cruz was being lambasted from both sides for filibustering for a delay in Roberstscare, King SFB issued the delay unilaterally without so much as a word from the Dopes, lapdogs or Rats who were lambasting Cruz for demanding the exact same thing?

Marco Rubio drove a steak through his own heart by teaming up with the gang of 8 on immigration.  Note to Rubio:  Do not associate yourself with anything referred to as “the gang of (fill in the blank),” particularly if that “gang” includes McCain and/or Grahmnesty.  But Marco got back on track with his epic take-down of fake war hero Tom Harkin.  Yeah, it seems while Cambodian war hero John François Kerry was in make-believe battles with the Kamere Rouge in Cambodia, Tom Harkin was providing fighter support over Vietnam – only thing is both are liars.  Sadly, that is a resume enhancer in the Dope party.

Rand Paul is the guy that I most identify with right now.  If he can avoid his dad’s neo-isolationism, he might have a chance.  He has such a matter of fact way of making his case even while he pokes a very sharp stick deep into the eye of Billbo Billy Boy Clinton.   It will take that kind of no holds barred easy going “kill all of the prisoners” kind of style to deal with the type of lying hypocrites who populate the Dope party and their lapdog acolytes.

Jeb Bush is not for me even though I voted for him for Gov of FL three times.  Jeb is an establishment weakling.  No thanks.

Mitt Romney, in my honest opinion, still has the best skill set to successfully guide the country back onto some sort of sustainable upward trajectory.  I know it's crazy.  But just think of how much better off we'd be right now had he carried 2012.  He’s not running, but if he were and my vote was cast solely for the guy I thought best suited for the job of helping America, Mitt would get it.

Right now I’m a Rand Paul guy.  With Lex’s rousing endorsement, Paul implodes in 3,2,…

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rev? Hymietown and the religon of constant anger: liberalism

In the Rev? Jesse Jackson’s small mind yesterday was Easter
“Trayvon Martin has resurrection beyond the grave. Today marks the two- year anniversary of his death.”
Rev? Jesse Jackson

So weird on so many levels.  I think Jesus was the only one to get out alive.  As tragic as Martin’s death was, he was a foul mouthed, violent, thieving, lying, punk – pretty much the antithesis of the Christ.   And that Mr. & Mrs. America is why Lex always puts the question mark after the Rev. in Rev? Jesse Jackson.

ASIDE:  Who are the real racists?  I live in a pretty much lily white community.  I’m absolutely certain that if a black man walked our community, he’d be perfectly safe.  I’m sure people would look and wonder what the heck, but they wouldn’t go out and shout obscenities at him or beat him.  I wonder how safe I’d be walking the streets in SW Ft. Wayne as a white guy.  It’s probably not a good idea to test this theory.  I know it’s true though because the right Rev? Jesse hymietown Jackson himself once commented that when being followed, he was relieved to look back and see a bunch of white kids.

What’s wrong with this picture?

This a pic from a UCLA student council debate on a demand that the university divest from companies “profiting from Israeli occupation.”  A woman wearing a Palestinian  keffiyeh is sort of like  a chicken holding up sign that reads “I (heart) Colonel Sanders.”  I’m sure some parent is overjoyed at the notion of going broke to “educate” their daughter at UCLA only to see her supporting misogynistic Islamo-Terror-Fascists.   And for the jerk dude in the keffiyeh, I’d hand him this picture of Palestinians after 9-11:
While we’re on the subject
Like those practicing the religion of total and perpetual pissed offedness (AKA Islam), those on the left seem to be the angriest most intolerant bunch since the Nazis got their azz whipped in WWII.  Every time a cross shows up in the public square the left mobilizes their legion of angry Christophobes and demand it be removed.  The Christophobes threaten small towns with expensive law suites and bully their way to their desired result.  No one ever asks the person who claims to be “offended” by a cross if they truly are and why.  Do you have any 6 panel doors in your house?  They make a perfect cross in the upper 2/3rds you know.  Should all 6 panel doors be removed from society?
When I see a Star of David or green crescent, even though I do not personally hold to that way of thinking, I pass by totally un-offended.   What is it in my make up as a conservative (AKA confirmed hater, homophobe, racist, sexist, bigoted creep) that I can walk by things totally un-offended but a oh so tolerant, salt of the Earth, enlightened, generous, thinking, feeling,  all-knowing lib is offended at about just about everything that does not comport to his way of thinking?
Why is it a federal case for homosexuals because a photographer didn’t want to film their homosexual “wedding?”  Why do the homosexuals care?  Why not walk up the street to Harlan and Larry’s LGBT House of Photography and ask them to take the pictures?
I was in Tokyo on the Ginza strip one night walking about.  I noticed signs on a couple of doors in perfect English, “No Americans.”  It wasn’t racist.  It didn’t say “No whites” or as they called us “big noses” -  no, still not offended.  It said “No Americans.”  I was not offended. I suspected that there were still some hard feelings from that little imbroglio our two countries were involved in back in ‘41.  Besides, own my dad always referred to the Japanese as Japs or G-D Japs.  So no, I wasn’t offended.  I had a pocket full of yen and was happy to spend it somewhere else.
I truly believe if all these cases were restricted to people who were truly “uncomfortable” with a cross or a merchant’s religious beliefs about 99.9999999999% of these first amendment religious “discrimination” cases would disappear.  The overwhelming number of cases I believe to be more politically motivated than having anything to do with the petitioner being offended.
If people looking to be offended would just stop looking there would be no need for any type of state bill that AZ Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed yesterday.  If I were to walk into my favorite hang out today and find a poster mocking the Pope, I’d take it up with the manager.  If he didn’t take it down, I’d probably find a new hang out.  I wouldn’t sue him.  I wouldn’t expect or want the full weight of the federal government to come down on his head for putting up a poster I didn’t like.  The left would do just that and delight in it.
I, of course, retain the right to be outraged when my government participates in discriminatory practices and uses my tax dollars to single me out for extra IRS scrutiny.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Enforce the laws? We don't need to enforce no stinkin' laws!

In a truly stunningly stupid remark – even for him - the nation’s top cop, Eric the wad Holder, advised states’ attorneys’ general that they could take a page from the wad’s playbook and ignore laws they didn’t agree with.  In another sop to homosexuals, the wad encouraged his state counterparts to ignore their oath and state laws restricting homosexual marriage.

This kind of crap always originates on the left.  Can’t pass a gun law?  Well just legislate one from the bench of some leftist judge.  People reject homosexual marriage in a statewide referendum by 16 points?  No problem.  One leftist statist judge cancels millions of votes from us little people.  The people or the people’s representatives vote to restrict illegal aliens from receiving welfare and a judge steps in and says the welfare payments must continue.  The people object to paying for sex change operations for convicted and incarcerated felons and a judge tells them, “Your sensibilities be damned.  The operations must go forward.”  The state wants to snatch your land from you so the mayor’s son can build a Whole Foods store that will increase the tax base, too bad for you.  You get pennies on the dollar in compensation and the mayor’s son gets your property.  It is ALWAYS the left using judicial fiat and lawlessness to get their way.

So if you can get part of your way by making laws up from a judge’s bench, then why can't you double down and get the rest by ignoring the laws you happen to disagree with?  Brilliant.  Other than the fact that he’s sworn an oath to so, and to prevent anarchy, why should an attorney general have to respect the legislative branch or a state or national constitution?  Representative democracy is sooooo last century.  It’s a brave new world.  Masterminds in an all powerful executive branch now know what’s best for the people.

But the masterminds keep the legislative branch to give the people the illusion of having a voice.  The ruling class BS artists in the legislative branch appear to argue and resist each other but in spite of their “opposition,” the country moves in only one direction.  As long as they can vote themselves perks and exempt themselves from the laws they force on the rest of us, legislators for the most part are happy to let the wad and King SFB ruin the nation at their own pace.

You don’t look at the pols that populate Caligula D.C. as a ruling class?  Consider MI Rep. John Dingell.  To say John Dingell is a “long-time Caligula D.C. insider” is like saying Ft. Wayne got a bit of snow this winter – a gross understatement.  Dingell inherited the congressional seat after his daddy died.  Daddy held the seat for 20 years.  Dingell has been in congress for 58 years.

He recently announced his retirement.  Oh, good!  After nearly 80 years there’s a chance for new name in the MI congressional delegation.  Uh no.  Probably not.  Royal lines in England don't last as long as Caligula D.C. ruling class royalty.  You see Dingell, based on his roughish good looks, trim and athletic frame, unruly mane of thick black hair and a quick wit that can deliver knock-knock jokes in rapid succession - one every 3 minutes - managed to score himself a trophy wife 30 years his junior.  It is predicted that Debbie Dingell will succeed her sugar daddy in congress.  Good for her.  MI deserves her.  No word yet from the Royal Dingells who will be next in the line of royal succession after Debbie assumes her birth right.

John and Debbie on their first date:
John:  Knock, knock.
Debbie:  Who’s there?
John:  Who?
Debbie:  You said knock, knock.
John:  Who’s there?
Debbie:  No.  You said knock, knock.
John;  Who’s there?
Debbie:  No.  I thought you were starting a joke.
John:  Oh!  Knock, knock.
Debbie:  Who’s there?
John:  I don’t know.  Why don’t you shake your sweet butt over to the door and check it out?
Debbie:  Oh, that’s a good one John.  I just love all of your jokes.
John:  No seriously.  Go see who is knocking at the door.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Who should be allowed to vote for the Shrilldabeast?

In the post under Lex noted how he would require potential voters to demonstrate the ability to handle a weapon and a working knowledge of the constitution.  In that Tocqueville noted that a democracy could not survive past the point where a majority of the citizens discover that they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury, I’d add a requirement that people on the government dole for more than 2 years would forfeit their right to vote.

By “dole” I’m not talking about Social Security recipients or pensioners who are essentially getting their own money back.  Nor are Medicaid and Medicare recipients included.  I can sum up who I am talking about in two words – Obamaphone lady.  Now you can laugh at the stupidity of the poor creature in the video, but her vote cancels your vote in a national election.  I venture to guess that there’s another entire phylum of Americans who are one rung lower on the government gravy train.  They would sell their votes for a pack of smokes.

We’re now at about the 47% mark of people voting themselves largess from the public treasury.  King Douche and his court of sleazy weasels are working overtime to get the other 3.1%.  That is what Robertscare and carbon credits are all about.  Once the government can tell you what to eat if you want healthcare and where to live if you want heat, you are pretty screwed.  Wait.  We’re pretty screwed right now.  When Robertscare and carbon crediting take hold we will be totally screwed.

Yeah, I said “when” not “if.”  We count on political vaginas like John Boehner and John McCain to take the fight to the Dopes.  Have you noticed how eternally disappointed we are in that arrangement?  McCain has already given into the inevitability of the Shrilldabeast as our next sovereign.  The other day he noted that if the election were held today the Shrilldabeast would be queen.

Sure if we run a John McCain that’s a likely scenario.  I’m sorry, but I do not think the Shrilldabeast is all that inevitable – even on the Dope side – against anyone willing to take the fight to her.  She has more baggage – personal and political - than the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on a 6 month tour.  Here’s her greatest hits:

Enabler of her serial groper, rapist, philandering husband – if she can’t keep her lying cheating husband Billy Boy Billbo in line, what chance does she have with Putin

Hell just pointing out that she sat on the board of WalMart ought to be enough for her to get creamed in the Dope primary

Rose law firm crooked White Water deal

Crooked Cattle Futures deal

Firing of the White House travel office

Shrilldabeast care debacle

Identifying Bashir Assad as a “reformer”

Iran closer to a nuke than ever

Standing mouth agape while Putin stormed Georgia

Selling out the Poles on anti-missile defense 

Giving the Russians a “reset” button that was total BS but in addition the button itself was mistranslated – an ironic twist and true testament to her total incompetence

Worse relations now with Egypt, Israel, Middle East, North Korea, Europe, Africa, South America, Asia than when she took office as SecState

Well except for Benghazi – and really, what difference does Benghazi make? – that’s about it.

So sure she’s inevitable, but only if the Republicans declare her pathetic record off-limits.  If Republicans did that, would anyone be surprised?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Just a couple of things

The wad wants to give more criminals guns
Well not really.  Eric the wad Holder indicates that he wants to restore the right to vote to felons after they have repaid their so called “debt to society.”  Well really, does that surprise anyone?  Criminals are a natural voting block for Demo-Dopes and precisely how Al Franken ended up in the US Senate.  Many can argue that after a debt is repaid, it is repaid in full.  Period.  To those folks I’d argue, surrendering certain rights after certain crimes IS part of the debt.  I’m all for letting bygones be bygones, except in the case of grand theft, murder, assault, rape, manslaughter, treason, child pornography, assault on a child etc.

Here’s the acid test for the wad and others in favor restoring felons’ rights.  If the wad wants to restore voting rights for a felon convicted of armed robbery, is the wad also in favor restoring that felon’s right to keep and bear arms?  The wad, no doubt, would think that’s crazy talk.  Voting is much different from keeping and bearing arms.  No it isn’t.  In fact, in Lex’s perfect world one would be required to show proficiency with a firearm and an understanding of the US Constitution before voting.

The wad is against anyone keeping and bearing arms - save Mexican drug lords who he is so in favor of having guns he actually supplies the weapons.  Once the wad comes out in favor of keeping guns out of the hands of felons who have “paid their debt to society,” you’ve got him.  He’s not interested in restoring a felon’s rights after the obligatory debt to society has been repaid, he’ out mining votes for Dopes.  It is no more complicated than that.

Box-O-Rocks Hagel wants to slash the military
I’m not so sure that there isn’t plenty to slash in the military budget.  I’m pretty sure ol’ Box-O-Rocks is precisely the wrong guy to be doing the slashing.  Manpower is the biggest cost in the defense budget.  So when it’s time to cut, manpower is the low hanging fruit.  A couple of things on that score:  1) Combat in built up areas – think Fallujah and war on terror type combat – are manpower sink holes.  2)  King SFB honored an Army Sgt. who had 10 tours in ten years in Afghanistan and Iraq.  If the force is cut much further, that Sgt. would be in WWII scenario where the deployment would last the duration plus 6 months.  Extended combat, even with all the gee whiz technology, requires an extended force.  The smart thing to do would be to put the forces in the reserve. Train and equip them for manpower intense forms of combat that are what is likely in today’s Islamo-Terror-Fascist form of combat.  Reserve forces can be maintained for about one forth the cost of active duty forces.

And while we’re on the topic of manpower, what is ol’ Box-O-Rocks going to do with glut of civilian and military manpower housed inside the five sided puzzle palace commonly referred to as “the Pentagon”?  Seems to me whatever cuts are being made in the fighting force ought to be tripled or more inside the Pentagon.  Here’s my prediction.  AS the fighting force is reduced, the number of generals and admirals and under secretaries in the Pentagon will increase.

The 11 Aircraft Carriers should remain.  But they should be deployed with about 1/3rd of the complementary aircraft.  I’m told by AFBro that one of the good things about airplanes is that they can fly.  I’m almost certain that Naval Aircraft can fly independent of an aircraft carrier.  So if anything bad started to develop, the planes could - get this - fly to the carrier then.  This would greatly reduce the cost of carrier deployments.

Next fire anyone in the military whose primary mission is not winning battles and wars.  Get rid of the people who want be the first bisexual Hispanic to lead a platoon into combat.  Replace him/her with a competent platoon leader happens to be a bisexual Hispanic.  There’s a subtle difference there.
By just getting rid of service members whose main purpose in the military is money for college, GLBT rights, rights for women, poke a sharp stick into the eye Christians, anything but winning battles and war, manpower cuts could be reached and you'd have a better, more lethal, more focused fighting force.  We need to restore a culture of closing with and destroying the enemy as a primary focus rather than building a divers force solely for the sake of diversity.

The most important thing we could do though is to guarantee to our armed forces and the American people that we will NEVER enter into another conflict where we do not intend to place American lives ahead of enemy lives and those who choose to associate with the enemy.  

Friday, February 21, 2014

John Francois Kerry demonstrates his total douchiness again

While Kiev burns, Venezuela totters, Koreans starve, Iran inches inexorably toward becoming a nuclear state, Syria drifts deeper and deeper into civil war and the practitioners of the religion of peace world-wide perfect their outrage at literally just about everything NOT moored to the 12th century, colossal jerk wad John Francois Kerry has declared that global warming is the most serious threat the world faces.  How on Earth do you even begin to argue with someone so obtuse?  Well, I’d start by pointing out that maybe the Earth getting a bit warmer will work out.  I mean who says THIS CLIMATE is the best for mankind?  Isn’t there something between Eden and the scorched cider like planet the warm-mongers warn us about?

I’m certain the people being beaten and shot by Putin’s surrogate in the Ukraine are thinking, “Gee, all this and global warming too.  Let’s make sure our Molotov cocktails are environmentally friendly.  Do we have any ethanol?” The people in Israel are thinking, “Well at least when the Iranians get their nuke, that’ll be an environmentally friendly end to the state of Israel.  No long gas guzzling war with tanks and jet aircraft.”

Any argument against the dire predictions of the warm-mongers – that never materialize by the way - are met with, “The debate is over.”  Or, “The science is settled.”  Or the more personal, “You’re a flat Earth denier.”  That beauty combines two taunts into one.  It conflates the flat Earth reference of anti-science 15th century doubters of the exploration of the new world with “deniers” as in Holocaust deniers.

But who are the real doubters?  Seems to me if the science was settled you’d be able to predict with pretty much a certitude what was going to happen with the weather.  This winter caught all of the global warm-monger by surprise.  You know who it didn’t catch by surprise – the very unscientific Farmer’s Almanac which accurately predicted a bitterly cold and wet winter.  The Almanac enjoys about an 85% success rate in predicting weather patterns.  That’s bout 84.9999999999% better than the settled science of the global warm-mongers, and that’s with the warm-mongers’ advantage of claiming that whatever weather shows up is a direct result of global warming.

Take the draught in CA.  King Numbnutz dumps millions of pounds of pollution into the air to show up and declares that the draught is a result of global warming.  Never mind that the models these dumbazzes rely upon predict a wetter climate in CA as a result of warming, it’s dry in CA so there’s your global warming evidence for the day.  Now let’s hit the links at a plush desert course that sucks up about million gallons of precious water a day.

The only thing settled about global warming/cooling/climate change is that nothing is settled, save the loony Left’s use of the issue as means to tax us to oblivion and control us into all manner of personal behavior that the Left finds acceptable.  It’s another ruse used by the masterminds to gain control of an ever more and more oblivious populace.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Government aims to keep kids in a state of need

When talking about his 6 kids, I recall my dad saying, “I can’t wait until they’re all 20 years old and living in Montana.”  He was kidding…I think.  But the sentiment was a true one.  His wish was that we’d all grow into responsible self-sufficient adults.  Isn’t that what every parent wants?  What responsible parent wants a 40 year old unshaven man in sweat pants living in their basement bitching because his sheets weren’t cleaned and the Oreos are all gone?

Parents I suppose will always be the first social safety net for their kids.  Things go wrong.  Cars break down.  Roommates fall through. Jobs disappear.  When things of that nature happen, parents step up and provide the safety net to get their kids back on their feet.  Since Lex jr’s birth, I’ve always said I will not criticize anyone else’s parenting or kids until Lex jr is 20 years old and living in Montana.  No.  Wait.  Really, I’m not like my dad.  As Lex jr. is but 17 years old I know I’m going to regret writing this, but after about 3 months, the safety net becomes a hammock.

So what the hell is our government doing telling kids they can stay on their parent’s insurance until they are 26 years old?  And how much sense does it make doing something like that when you need those “kids” to sign up for Robertscare to make that giant mashed up mountain of bull excrement work?  WTF?  It makes no sense.  So Johnny can stay on mom and dad’s insurance or can go buy his own at an exchange.  Which do think Johnny is going to do.  Even if Johnny is self-sufficient he just might opt to pay a premium plus 10% to mom and dad to stay on their insurance.  That’s a win, win for Johnny, mom and dad but a big fat loss for Robertscare.

Yesterday Lex noted that the average business guy is about 10,000 times more savvy than anyone in Caligula D.C. when it comes to watching out for his own interest.  Today I expand that notion to the average high school drop out changing oil at the local Jiffy Lube.  OK, Johnny, you can pay an exorbitant premium to Robertscare to subsidize old man Potter’s knee replacement and colostomy supplies or you can pay the much, much cheaper penalty and not get insurance at all until you get sick.  After all, preexisting conditions are covered so you really don’t even need to pay a dime until you need it.  Or just pay mom and dad and stay on their plan until you’re 26.

Why in the world are parents and the government working against each other?  One is trying to prepare Johnny to leave the nest go forth and conquer the world.  The other is telling Johnny that it’s a cruel, cruel world out there Johnny.  You’d better just stay in the nest until we give the all clear notice.  Here’s free healthcare.  Here’s a free cell phone.  Here’s some food stamps.  Here’s some tuition assistance.  Here’s some home heating assistance.  Here’s free WiFi to do your blog – No.  Wait.  Here’s free WiFi to skype with your fellow basement dwellers.  That’s better.  Blogging is such a noble thing.  It requires real talent and skill to tap out 300-700 words of crap every day.  I doubt any basement dweller is up to the challenge.  Well, it’s time to head upstairs to get another cup of coffee.  See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thank heaven global warming is arriving

Temps have finally broken here in Ft. Wayne.  It hit 43 yesterday!  That is as sure a sign of global warming – or what we refer to as spring – as anything.  Today we will see high 30s.  Tomorrow it’ll hit near 50!  That’s the good news.  The bad news is we have about 18” of snow still sitting on the ground.

Prediction:  The snow will melt.  That is sign of global warming.  The snow and ice will clog storm sewers.  That’s sign of global warming.  The sewers will back up causing flooding.  That is a sign of global warming.  As sure as I’m sitting here the coming floods, caused by excess snow fall and melt, will be blamed on global warming.  After all warming causes snow to melt.

Commenting on global warming, some bright guy once opined that if everything proves your thesis, your thesis proves nothing.  I guess that’s where we are.  Every condition - or what mom and dad called the weather – is said to be caused by global warming.  But now that the warming has stopped for the last 17 years – we call it climate change.  After all we have four seasons, so who can say that the weather/climate isn’t in a near constant state of flux?  Flat Earth climate change deniers, that’s who.

Ten or even 5 years ago, I do not recall any of the leading proponents of global warming AlGore, any of the Hollywood swells or even 60 Minutes telling me we’d be freezing our butts off just before the Earth turned to cinder under our feet.  You’d think given their faith in the ability of their models to reliably predict “climate change,” those models would have caught polar ice expanding 900,000 square miles and one of the coldest snowiest winters on record.  And that draught in CA is problem as well.  The models actually predict a wetter climate due to warming.  Hmmmm, oh well.  There’s nothing to see here.   Move along.

Meanwhile King Dumbazz took the airwaves again yesterday to discuss another something he knows nothing about (an endless list) - fuel efficient trucks.  I have to ask, given the cost of fuel, does King Dumbazz think that if there were savings to be had out there the manufacturers wouldn’t be jumping all over them?  Besides, I thought ethanol (also known as burning our food) was going to save us.

One thing is certain, profit pushes innovation.  Business people tend to take a long look at things.  They will invest millions to save a few bucks but over time the few bucks pile up to a few billion bucks.  Whatever King Dumbazz does to stifle business, they will be 10 steps ahead.  While king Dumbazz was talking about fuel efficient trucks WalMart was introducing it’s own concept truck.
That’s the problem with the government mandating a “minimum wage.”  Business can determine the minimum wage it is willing to pay an entry level employee. A prospective employee is capable of determining what the minimum wage he is willing to perform a certain job.  So when the swells in Caligula D.C. decide arbitrarily that $10.10 IS the minimum wage, business will respond.  CBO says 500,000 will lose their jobs.  Way to go Barry.  You’re doing a heck of job.
It amazes me that when these government know-nothing masterminds sit back and think that they can dictate to business how business will be done.  They act as if business doesn’t get a vote.  When an employer has to pay an entry level guy $10.10, he may decide that he can do without that employee.  Or, what about automation?   Considering the difference between paying $10.10 to a couple of guys, the employer may decide that it is just as efficient to automate.  Maybe brick and mortar Sears become nothing more than distribution centers catering to the Internet crowd.  Maybe the waiter at your favorite restaurant is replaced by a menu and a keypad at your table.  Maybe GPS controlled mowers cut your grass automatically after the first mowing is recorded.
It amazes me when the masterminds think they can do to us whatever they want and we’ll just sit back and take it or “shelter in place” like sheep.  CO passed a law restricting magazine capacity.  MagPul magazine company left CO taking with it thousands of jobs, millions in tax revenue and maybe billions in economic stimulus.  The same is true in NY.  Anti-gun zealots chased Remington Arms from the state.
But the masterminds are nothing if not arrogant bastards.  You see they know what is best for us.  We just need to sit back, “shelter in place” and let them administer to our every need – or at least to what the masterminds have determined to be our needs - one cup of gruel, one 60 watt CFL light bulb, one 160 sq ft aprt, one roll of toilet paper, one can of beets.  When our King Dunbazz talks of "equality," this is what it means.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pols are of Caligula D.C. not America

Two years ago long- time IN Senator Richard Lugar lost a primary bid to State Treasurer Richard Mourdock.  Among other things, Mourdock pilloried Lugar over the fact that Lugar had not established a residence in Indiana – the state he claimed to represent.  Lugar was first elected to the senate in 1976.  He was reelected 5 times.  That’s 36 years in the US Senate.

At some point Lugar became a man of Caligula D.C.  He sold his home in Indiana to hang with his pals in D.C.  I’m sure he maintained offices in all the key precincts of Indiana, but he only came back to the state he “represented” to raise money and campaign.

He probably looked at those trips as inconvenient necessities.  He was like a pampered prince who, in order to maintain his birthright, was forced to sit through the king’s state of the kingdom speech once every six years.  Oh the agony.  All the prince wanted to do was to get back to his royal friends to be fitted into the finest fashion for the next royal ball.

It must have shown, because Lugar got hammered 61%-39% in the primary.  Then Lugar did not do one thing to help Mourdock out.  You see, Lugar was much, much more important to Lugar than Indiana, the nation or the party.

After getting canned from the senate Lugar did what pols do.  He set up a lobbying firm called The Lugar Center.  When you visit the web site, you are greeted by a beautiful field of corn with a grain silo in background.  It could be Anywhere, Indiana.  I thought the guy had finally come home.  Then I checked the contact information.  The Lugar Center is located in, wait for it, wait for it, waaaait for it, Caligula D.C.  Lugar remains a BS merchant extraordinaire.

So when I see a story where another Republi-RAT – Pat Roberts KS - has not even bothered to establish residency in the state he supposedly represents, two things come to mind.  1)  The guy is a D.C. butthead who is part of the problem.   2)  The guy is an ignorant and/or arrogant butthead for not correcting the problem two years ago when he saw a fellow butthead get his azz handed to him. Watch the devastating ad on this subject that Roberts’ challenger has put together.

Roberts entered the senate 1997 after serving 16 years in the house.  That’s 32 years in office in Caligula D.C.  Roberts needs to be sent home.  No.  Wait.  D.C. is his home.  Roberts needs to have the opportunity to set up The Roberts Center for Washed Up Go Along To Get Along RAT Senators.  The people of KS should fire his old worthless conniving azz.

The Monica problem for the Shrilldabeast
I’ve heard it said that the Monica and Bill dalliance is an old story.  That’s true, but it’s the oldness of the story that makes it a big problem for the Shrilldabeast.  The scandal is so old that most millennials have not been, uh excuse the pun, exposed to it.  That makes it new to a whole lot of voters.  That makes it a big problem for Shrilldabeast.

Mitt Romney said that Monica and Bill shouldn’t be an issue for the Shrilldabeast.  That’s probably true until she or any Dope operative mentions the Republican “war on women.”  At that point it becomes fair game, and the best rejoinder would be the response of Kathleen Willey, one of Billy Boy Billbo’s many grope victims, “[The Shrilldabeast] is the war on women.”

Monday, February 17, 2014

Upon further review, the play does NOT stand

In the post under, Lex hails the 9th Circus for upholding a citizen’s right “to keep and bear arms.”  On further review, the 9th Circus case is a better case to prove what mindless dopes we’ve become.  The court says that CA must allow citizens one means of defending themselves concealed or open carry.  Calling that a victory is like saying it’s victory if the government allows some free speech on odd days of the month.

This is how far things have gone.  We applaud the masterminds for restoring a bit of liberty instead of asking how the liberty was suspended in the first place and why not restore all of the liberty protected by the Second Amendment.

How have we become conditioned to hail such half measures as “victories?”  Are we like a dog beaten and starved into submission to the point where we appreciate our master when he visits every third day to fill our water bowl and drop off few scraps?  Instead of pulling at our chain to get hold of an ankle or wrist, we lay prostrate wagging our tails hoping to please a despicable bastard.

The real gun rights victory is in CT where as many as 50,000 have chosen civil disobedience by refusing their master’s command to rollover and register their “assault rifles” (also known as hunting rifles; also know as semi-automatic rifles; also known as rifles with a black matt finish; also know as rifles with a pistol grip; also known as rifles with a flash suppressor).  Here’s proof positive that American business people are about 10,000 times smarter than anyone writing a law to destroy a business.

Now what happens when a CT SWAT team of hundreds clad in black tactical gear and supported by 2-3 25 ton armored vehicles descends on John and Mary average citizen’s house, busts down the door and demands John turn over his AR-15?  Well what might happen is that John mistakes the SWAT team for home invaders and blasts one of them in the face with a Slow Joe Biden shotgun.  Then when no AR-15 is found, John is found not guilty by a jury of his peers.  The lesson is that if you’re going to treat a dog badly, make sure you stay outside the radius of his chain.

Epic dumbazz Ted Strickland filleted, quartered, chopped, diced, sautéed and served over rice topped with a nice Béchamel Sauce by Karl Rove

This is priceless.  When I first saw Strickland's attack Christie as a liar or incompetent, I thought how can that excrement head say that when King SFB has claimed ignorance, believably so I might add because he’s a dope, on a myriad of scandals.  Given the king’s cluelessness, he probably doesn’t know the woman with the fat azz living in the White House is his queen.  Maybe that’s why they fly everywhere in separate jets.  The king doesn't know they are together.

I thought the tack Rove would take would be to bring King SFB’s ignorance of his own scandal plagued administration into the argument.  But Rove made it much more personal, calling Strickland a liar or incompetent.  What’s interesting to me, among other things, is that when faced with his own scandal Strickland says he did just what Christie has done – fired the person responsible, which sort of defeats his own argument.  So what’s the problem Gov?  Well Strickland wants to know who told Kelly to do what she did?  That’s the real question, you see.  To which Rove replies, who told your employee to do what she did?  Game, set, match.

I also thought it a veiled threat when, after being pounded to a pulp, Strickland said I’ll give Karl my number so we can continue this discussion.  To which Rove might have replied, “Well when you do that governor let me know which it is, liar or incompetent so I’ll know who I’m dealing with.” 

Michael Sam
Lex predicted that the Westboro Baptist "Church" would picket NFL games when Michael Sam showed up.  Well it didn't take that long.  The pickets showed up at Missouri.

Friday, February 14, 2014

9th Circuit defies Libs, upholds plain language of the Second Amendment

I'm on a short deadline this AM.  I have a mission of mercy that must be performed.  So a short post.  I'll get you your money's worth on Monday.

The craziest court in the land, the US 9th Circuit (aka Circus), ruled that California MUST allow its citizens some means of armed self-defense by either open or concealed carry of a fire arm.  Gov. Jerry Brown and the most leftist of state assemblies on the planet must be looking for a place to clean out their drawers about now.

It is odd that these supposed best and brightest of the Golden State are upset about the recognition of the plain language contained in the Second Amendment.  I can guarantee you that recognition of the plain language is NOT what is upsetting them.

Hell, they can read.  You don’t need to be a constitutional lawyer or even that bright to interpret the words “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”  It’s pretty damned clear.  Only a moron could misinterpret the meaning.

That’s what has Jerry Brown and other “living constitution” advocates in a panic.  The 9th Circuit – a bastion of leftist screw the constitution judicial activism – has failed to deliver.  What can this mean?

I don’t know.  The only thing it seems more unsettled than constitutional law is the decision of original or extra crispy at the KFC drive thru.  These things only seem settled for as long as it takes to bring the next case up before a more sympathetic court.  For the Libs, what court is more sympathetic than the 9th Circus? 

Constitutional carry may be coming.  We should demand that the NRA be allowed into schools to prepare our youngsters for marksmanship training and the proper handling of fire arms.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A statist POS in 140 charachters

Because I have about a 140 character span of attention, I always check Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy web site.  A couple of things struck this morning.  First and most hilarious is that big oil hating David Corn heats his home with fuel oil.   What, no solar heat David?    No wind turbine driven electrical whole house heating?  No eco friendly geothermal heat?  Second, his supplier apparently is running low on said fuel oil leaving Mr. Corn in a state that I heretofore would have thought would have delighted him – oil free – but instead it has him in a panic.

I’m sorry there are few things as humorous to me as libs being hoisted on their own hypocrisy.  To wit:  Complaining about “income inequality” while your wife stuffs her fat azz into a $12,000 dollar gown for a state dinner; said fat azz wife fills her pie whole with a 3,500 calorie dinner while telling the rest of us we should eat less; “Gun control advocates” being arrested on a school campus for carrying a gun; “gay rights advocates” cursing out people using homophobic terms; an AlGore lecture on global warming being postponed because it’s too cold or there is too much snow;

ASIDE:  If Putin wanted to ensure cold weather and snow at Sochi, he should have invited AlGore to hold a two week global warming conference there.

Hypocrisy again:  the “tolerant left” shouting down conservative speakers on campus; the left condemning the Catholic Church for not supporting homosexual marriage but ignoring the religion of peace’s stoning of homosexuals; groping, raping, philandering Billy Boy Billbo Clinton being the chief spokesman for the Dopes on women’s issues - a position he assumed only after Teddy I only drowned one woman in the backseat of my car Kennedy surrendered that post in death.  This could go on and on, but you get the point.

So Corn is aghast that the evil oil company hasn’t filled his tank before an impending storm.  What will he do?  Well we know that, in keeping with the Lib spirit, he will take to Twitter to bitch and complain about his plight.  Will he take some affirmative action, that's a Lib term turned on its head in this context, to ease his plight?  Go split some wood and start a fire?  Take the family to a local hotel while he tries to keep the pipes from freezing by cracking the spigots and hitting them with a hair dryer?  Buy some electric heaters?  Use kerosene, natural gas or propane to get by?  Or will Corn follow his Lib instincts and simply sit on his azz and wait for a government program to fix his problem. Who knows, he may do just that.

No doubt Chuckles Chucky Schumer will be holding hearings on the evil oil distributor who left lefties to their own devices before an historic storm.  Where else did we hear about that?  Oh yeah, Katrina.  Is there a better a case against a dependency on government or just about anyone else but family, Christians and a few very close Friends?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Seriously, is anyone surprised?

After passing a clean debt ceiling increase, blubbering cry baby and colossal wimp John Boehner said, “It's a recognition that we don't have 218 votes. When you don't have 218 votes, you have nothing.”

John Boehner is like Civil War general George McClellan.  McClellan adored his Army of the Potomac so much he refused to use it for the purpose for which it was established.  Boehner was given a Republican majority in the House of Representatives in 2010.  Since then, he has always thought it better to husband his resources for the next battle than fight the one in front of him.

Is anyone surprised that Boehner abandoned the battlefield of ideas on the debt limit?  He could have held a series of votes to - at a minimum - get Dopes on record as opposing the XL Pipeline, restoring veterans benefits stripped by Paul Ryan’s budget deal and supporting a bailout of insurance companies necessitated by the most enormous of all government f&^k ups – Roberstcare.  He did none of that.  He retreated.  Run away and fight another day.  For Boehner, that day NEVER comes.

Another thing that is irritating abut Boehner is that he always saves his harshest criticisms for conservatives in his own party.  He never takes to the podium to bash a lying thieving senile old bastard like Harry the Roach Reid or the lawlessness of King Douche or  the incompetence of Grand Nan from San Fran Peloser in unmistakable terms that would be the lead on every 6 pm news broadcast.   “Nope.  I don’t have the votes, so I’m going to run away…again.”

I’m liking Rand Paul.  At least he will close with and engage the enemy.  When asked about the Republican war on women, Paul rejected the premise of the question and turned the tables asking how a party that embraces Bubba Billy Boy Clinton – a proven lying, philandering, groping, rapist of an ex-president - can say Republicans have a war on women.  If Republicans have a war on women, why are all the bodies on the Dope side?

If the Shrilldabeast run, the Republicans had better get someone like Paul who is willing to shoot back with deadly accuracy.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ohio National Guard targets Americans

I've bee busy this morning.  This article really, really peed me off.  So I've been firing a response to Governor Kasich's office, the Public Affairs Office of the Ohio National Guard;  ( ) and the City of Portsmouth, OH.  This kind of crap only continues because people do not take the time to object.  So, I did.

Dear Governor Kasich:
I read with great disappointment that last year your National Guard conducted an exercise where American citizens who, among other things, support the Second Amendment were identified as the enemy. From the Media Tracker’s article:
“The ONG 52nd Civil Support Team training scenario involved a plot from local school district employees to use biological weapons in order to advance their beliefs about ‘protecting Gun Rights and Second Amendment rights.’” 

As a former military officer, I could have sworn and did, that military personnel were required to “support and defend the constitution.”  Is the education system in Ohio so inadequate that large swaths of the public, including officers of your Ohio National Guard, are ignorant of the Second Amendment?  Or was this entire exercise a fantasy of politically correct morons who occupy the upper ranks of your National Guard?

During my service, I participated as a planner of large-scale international training exercises.  I know exactly how easy it is to construct a training scenario that does not offend your allies or unduly agitate your enemies.   As such, I believe the training scenario used by your 52nd Civil Support Team was a purposeful politically correct swipe at the Second Amendment.

Today, the US military enjoys great favor with the American people.  When the military starts to identify American citizens as the enemy that favor will quickly erode.  I would remind the “leadership” of your Ohio National Guard that the Tsarnaev brothers were neither American nor Second Amendment advocates.  Perhaps your National Guard can use a bit of imagination in the next training exercise to develop a scenario that does not pit one group of Americans against another.  There is a term for that – Civil War.  Do not allow your National Guard to promote it.

Your Adjutant General should be required to explain to the people of Ohio how such training scenario came to be used by your 52nd Civil Support Team and apologize for it.  If she doesn’t, she should be fired.  Also, anyone above the pay-grade of O-3 that was involved in this should be required to respond in writing why they thought the training scenario should be allowed.  This will give you an insight into the thinking, or lack there of, of the leadership in your Ohio National Guard.