Friday, February 29, 2008

Lex on the economy

OK warning, I got a B in freshman economics at THE Ohio State University largely on the back of a generous curve.

To my mind we’re in slow a down with rising inflation and unemployment due to one thing, the cost of energy. Every good and service is directly affected by the price of gas. So, because it affects everything, BIG oil is different from BIG anything else. Take BIG movie. If BIG movie raises the cost of tickets and popcorn you can take your date to the roller dome – and probably have a better time. If BIG ice cream, raises its price you take junk food dollars over to BIG cookie to show ‘em a lesson. What ya do when gas costs over $3? You can’t even say I’ll just order a pizza to save gas money because the delivery charge and tip are going up.

President Bush had the answers yesterday. Drill in ANWR. Build refineries on old military bases. Build new nuclear plants and a safe storage facility for the nuclear waste. All of these answers have the added benefit of creating thousands upon thousands of great paying private sector jobs. Just the threat of opening ANWR would cause a significant drop in oil cost per barrel.

Don’t look for anything to happen. Barack – his middle name shall not be mentioned – Obama wants an energy program as well, but his consists of building windmill farms across America. Ask Texas how well that is working out for them this month.

John McCain has bought into the whole global warming hoax. Oh by the way, it’s the end of February and we got another 4” of global warming last night. There is now more snow cover in the northern hemisphere than anytime since 1960. And the temp cooling in THIS ONE YEAR has apparently wiped the warming that has taken place over the last 100. The cooling is attributed to…I kid you not…global warming. We were warned by the warming crowd that we’d see these “cooling swings.”

So nothing about the price of oil is going to be done until the economy is in a shambles and gas is over $5.

The dollar

The president says he’s for a strong dollar. I don’t believe it. I don’t even know how these things work, but someone is going to have to talk long and hard to convince me that the falling dollar is not the next step in NAFTA. I do believe that there are those interested in common Mex-Americ-anada Amero type currency. To accomplish that, the values of the currencies have to be somewhat similar. No proof other than NAFTA and open borders to back that theory up.

And if you take the conspiracy one step further may be why politicians are really not interested in the US becoming energy independent. Mexico will provide our energy until the dollar collapses. Then will supply the labor force to build the last great oil giant Mex-Americ-anda Oil in Alaska and off the coast of California.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

RIP Mr. Conservative

I recall when I was no more than Lex Jr’s age, being in the room while mom and dad looked at a 19” black and white TV listening to some guy with a weird accent, not British, not New England, not New York, not really like anything. My thoughts then were, geez all these guys are doing is talking, why don’t they do that on the radio so the TV time could be used for more appropriate programs – cartoons.

The guy with cool accent was William F. Buckley Jr. and show was Firing Line. I used to watch the show later in life and marvel how Buckley could dissect a foe so precisely and with such a gentle hand that, at the end, his opponents often resembled cartoon characters. They didn’t know they’d been sliced and diced until they stood up and checked themselves for wounds. Then finding none, they'd smile and say, “see, he never touched me”. It’s only after the character takes a step and falls into a 1,000 tiny pieces that they know just how finely they’d been chopped.

I see a perfect political cartoon for Buckley’s passing. Panel one: A cheerful and young Buckley is carrying the baby GOP elephant through the wilderness on his back. Panel two: Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan pitch in to help Buckley, while fending off wild animals like the John Birch Society and Lowell Wicker bent on destroying the young elephant. Last Panel: The elephant has grow with huge tusks labeled National Defense and stands on four strong legs labeled personal freedom, personal responsibility, low taxes and American exceptionalism. The elephant crashes through the wilderness knocking down trees labeled big government, nanny stateism, communism, terrorism and government regulation. On the elephant’s back now are scores of conservatives from Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich to John McCain, Bill Kristol and Laura Ingraham but right up front just behind the elephant’s ears is the ever cheerful William F. Buckley Jr.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Barack - his middle name shall not be mentioned - Obama

John McCain jumped all over some guy for using Barack Obama’s middle name. At the same time, the MSM was crying foul because of a picture circulating of Obama in African garb. So now we know why it’s so hard to land a blow against Obama. Any such attempt is considered a low blow.

Criticism of Barack – his middle name shall not be mentioned - Obama is off limits on his way to the coronation. What kind bovine excrement is that? If he doesn’t like his middle name change it. If he likes it and is proud of it, say so, “Look I’m very proud of the middle name my Muslim father gave me. I see no reason why it should be an issue in this election.” Instead we get, “anyone who mentions my middle name is some kind of racist.” Huh?

Hey elephant ears – oops another thing that is off limits with Barack the magic negro – it’s your NAME. Are you ashamed of it?

And while black teens all over America are running around with t-shirts depicting the African continent, Obama got the got his picture taken in the real deal man. But now that the picture is out, it’s some kind of foul. Are you embarrassed by your African heritage? If so, say it? “Hey it was a big mistake dressing up like one of those backward snake eating dopes in Africa.”

But again it’s not Barack – his middle name shall not be mentioned - Obama that has to clarify anything. The person putting the picture out is a racist. That's it. End of conversation.

So when McCain calls Obama a tax and spend liberal with no clue about how the real world works, what is Barack – his middle name shall not be mentioned – Obama going to say? “Look these racist attacks by my opponent have to stop.”

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

For Shrillda, there's nowhere to run

There’s something wired going on in the Dem primary. You have two candidates with equally thin records whose only policy difference revolves around whether or not they will force everyone to buy government subsidized health insurance. So this race is like buying a new car. Everything else being equal, it all boils down to which salesman you like best.

Shrillda Beast has run on 35 years of experience – not hers, Bill’s. So when the other Dem candidate tires of looping the words hope and change together in an endless stream of banalities, he points out that some things about Bill’s record – like NAFTA – that ain’t that great. When he does, the Beast cries foul. “That’s Bill’s record is not mine!” Sorry Shrillda, without Bill’s record you have none.

Meanwhile, Shrillda cannot get to the left of Obama on any issue and the kooks that vote in Dem primaries don’t want to hear of any candidate moving to the center. So what to do? Well the Beast and her surrogates have tried to point out, rather ham-handedly, that Obama “cannot win in November.” That was code for, “racist America would never vote for a black man.” Ahh but Dem primary voters will. Then Shrillda alluded to Obama’s drug use. Again, that’s a resume enhancement among Dem primary voters. Then there was the Hussein name game. That should scare away voters. Not Dem voters who still don’t believe there is a war against Muslim extremists. (No Obama isn’t one. But the Shrillda thought the mention of the name would do the trick.)

Then there were the things that the Beast’s campaign didn’t take advantage of. When Michelle Obama said that she was “proud of her country for the first time” the Beast didn’t pounce. She couldn’t. Most Dem primary kooks agreed with Michelle Obama that there’s nothing to be proud of. When people point out that the church that Obama belongs to is about as racist as anything in America – that’s OK because it’s black racists. And beside, it’s not as if he were a Mormon or something creepy like that. When Louie Farrakhan endorsed Obama, the Beast should have pounced but couldn’t because, Dem kooks agree with Louie that America sucks.

So the Beast is screwed. She can’t get to left. It does no good to get to the right. She can’t run on her record. She gets mad about being attacked for Bill’s record. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Obama and the Beast, EXCEPT, he’s more likeable.

Now I don’t doubt for a minute that the Clintons don’t have some heinous bombshell to drop on Obama on Wed or Thur this week to ruin him before the Tue primary on Mar 4. If they don’t, that’ll be a signal to Obama that the Shrillda Beast is interested in the VP slot. Obama could loses big time if takes her on board.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Obama the clueless

During the Democrat debate on Thursday 21 February, Senator Barack Obama made the following stunning claim:

OBAMA: I heard from a Army captain who was the head of a rifle platoon, supposed to have 39 men in a rifle platoon, ended up being sent to Afghanistan with 24 because 15 of the soldiers had been sent to Iraq, and as a consequence they didn't have enough ammunition, they didn't have enough Humvees. They were actually capturing Taliban weapons because it was easier to get Taliban weapons than it was for them to get properly equipped by our current commander-in-chief. Now, that's a consequence of bad judgment, and, you know, the question is, on the critical issues that we face right now, who's going to show the judgment to lead?

First, the “captain” in Mr. Obama’s example was a lieutenant in 2003 when the “events” supposedly occurred. But there remain a couple of obvious questions:

When I was a Marine, we were taught to “task organize” our units for the mission at hand. If the mission of the platoon in Mr. Obama’s example was to guard the water bull at Camp Swampy, it is possible that they were perfectly task organized for the mission. What was the mission of the platoon in Mr. Obama’s example? Better yet simply ask, was the platoon used commensurate with its capabilities - whatever those capabilities were and irrespective of the TOE? If not, did the captain use the chain of command to highlight the problem or did he save those matters of life and death for members of his platoon for five years so that he could discuss them with national political campaign figure? What was the COC’s response and when was his platoon finally wiped out by the misuse?

Also, if another Army platoon’s mission in Iraq was to clear houses block by block in Faljujah, might that more troop intense mission require the 15 soldiers from Mr. Obama’s example?

If a platoon is task organized with fewer personnel than the TOE calls for, all other things being equal, wouldn’t the amount of ammunition per man increase? Or did the same irresponsible loons who sent an infantry platoon into harm’s way with too few soldiers also neglect to give them ammunition?

“…it was easier to get Taliban weapons than it was for them to get properly equipped by our current commander-in-chief.” Is there anyway in George Washington’s America that that statement can be true? If so, every politician in Washington DC needs to resign, everyone of them – TODAY.

What has Mr. Obama done to ensure the troops get the equipment and personnel they need? Hasn’t he voted against funding the war?

Someone is lying. The best case for America would be if it were Mr. Obama, because let’s face it, America trusts the military far more than greasy politicians. I believe that Mr. Obama is trying to destroy that trust for a couple of votes.

The problem here goes well beyond the ignorance and political opportunism Mr. Obama. The fact that there has not been a single voice from anyone on the hill challenging Mr. Obama’s wildly inaccurate and misinformed statements indicates a total lack of understanding of our military in Washington DC. The only group of people more clueless about our military than politicians it seems is the media who also have failed to ask a single question about Mr. Obama’s supposed conversation with “a Army captain who was the head of a rifle platoon.”

Call out Mr. Obama and demand some proof of these scurrilous accusations.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Disgruntled employees, hot air & heroes

Disgruntled employees
In a funny scene from the TV show The Office, Roy shows up at the Scranton office to pummel Jim for kissing Roy’s girlfriend Pam, but the ever vigilant Dwight maces Roy –as well as the rest of the office - before he ever gets to Jim.

Jan, at the NY “corporate” office, calls Michael, the office manager in Scranton, to inquire about the incident. Jan starts the conversation with, “So Michael, I understand that you have a disgruntled employee in Scranton.” Michael, ever the dope and afraid Roy’s actions are a direct reflection on his management, replies, “No Jan. That’s not true. All of the Scranton employees are very gruntled.”

Well it would seem that not everyone on John McCain’s 2000 presidential campaign staff was as gruntled as they thought they should be. As the matter of fact they were so not gruntled they became disgruntled. So disgruntled that they made up - or told the truth about – a bunch of scurrilous stories regarding the guy they thought would make a good president.

But that is not the story. Not every employee can be a gruntled employee. The big story is why did the Times sit on the story? Why did the Times give McCain an endorsement before Super Tuesday knowing a scandal - real or manufactured - was brewing?

Hot Air
Three chief gasbags, John Kerry, Joe Biden and Chuck Hagle, aboard a US helicopter made an emergency landing yesterday in Afghanistan. Upon returning to safety, John Kerry immediately put himself in for a Distinguished Flying Cross, Silver Star and Purple Heart; Joe Biden said that if he were president, there would be no more emergency landings and Chuck Hagle said that the American people were sick and tired of Americans making emergency landings and it was time for the Afghans to step up and do their own emergency landings.

Hard to believe that any closed container with that much hot air on board could be brought down at all.

The greatest generation in perspective
63 years ago tomorrow five Marines and a Navy Corpsman raised the flag on Iwo Jima. Three of the six would not leave the island alive. Over 2,000 Marines were killed on the first day of fighting, which began 19 Feb, 1945. Over 6,000 allied soldiers, sailors and Marines were killed before the island was secured on the 26 Mar.

And all I can say is, wow.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

McCain spars with the invisible man

Well who knew that the MSM would turn on John McCain? Oh wait, I knew that and posted the prediction just before Super Tuesday.

As far as allegation go, the New York Times’ are pretty thin. Using “people speaking on condition of anonymity”, or “unnamed sources high in the campaign” to ruin a man’s life ranks just below a banjo playing - lawyer - politician caught with a young boy on the set of a snuff film. Actually being the “person speaking on condition of anonymity” or the “unnamed source high in the campaign” and allowing yourself to be used in this manner ranks just below the people doing the using; which if you followed the banjo playing etc. etc. is pretty damned low.

The people being used rank below the users because at least the users get something out of the deal – higher circulation. The use-ees – if you will - get nothing; nothing that is unless your life revolves around anonymously ruining another man’s life. How do you square that on your death bed? The family is gathered around, “Dad what was your proudest moment?” “Well son, I can now tell you, I was the one who spoke on condition of anonymity and ruined John McCain.” At that moment, the family looks at one another and leaves the old man to die on his own.

Unfortunately, the term “Swift Boating” is sure to come up with regard to these allegations. That will be a fraud. The Swift Boat vets all came forward signed their names to letters, made TV commercials, wrote books and withstood public scrutiny. Anyone who tries to equate McCain’s smear with the Swift Boat vets, is lower than the use-ees in the McCain smear; which if you followed the banjo playing etc. etc. is pretty damned low.

Now, notice I haven’t said that none of it’s true. The whole point of a smear is to cast doubt. That’s why no names are mentioned in the story. If the names of the accusers were mentioned, they would rightly be under as much scrutiny as McCain. But with unnamed sources, all of the suspicion falls on McCain. Now, McCain is left in the ring to spar with the invisible man where he can only look foolish, tire quickly and grow frustrated.

One question for the Gray lady; Why didn't you run the story you have sat on for months, BEFORE you endorsed John McCain for Super Tuesday?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Proud of America because even an idiot can run for president

The first time I can recall being proud - or even really proud - of my country was when I was about 5-6 watching fireworks on the 4th of July outside Bexely High School in Columbus, Ohio with my dad. The first time as an adult was after Richard Nixon was run out of office. There were no tanks in the street like other dopey little countries where the maximum leader hangs onto power through force. The vice president was sworn in and on we went.

The latest time was this morning watching Cuban exiles celebrate Castro’s demise in Little Havana safe from tyranny in what is basically great and good nation. There have been too many other occasions to count; Marines of every race, color, creed and geographic portion of the nation working together; Marines going door to door on Christmas delivering presents donated by other Americans to the less fortunate; the fall of the Berlin wall; the fall of the Sadam statue; moon shots; shuttle launches; private generosity to victims of every kind of tragedy everywhere in the world be it tsunami, hurricane, tornado, craved Islamo-terror-fascists etc. Even the Scoutmaster staying at the end of the night, long after the meeting has ended and the hall has cleared to listen to the last boy’s story make me proud to have been lucky enough to have been born here – that last one happened last night and the boy was Lex jr.

So excuse me if I think Michelle Obama is a bit of a self-centered female dog for suggesting that America has offered her nothing to be proud of until her empty headed husband got on roll last month. And I’m not buying any of the MSM spin that oh she meant this or she meant that. She said exactly what she meant. If not she’d have come out falling all over her self about how great this country is and what great opportunities it has afforded her and her elephant-eared husband. She’s done nothing but offer excuses.

So, if she has such a low regard for her country, why doesn’t she do us all a favor and get the hell out. She certainly has the means to move her family to a country she could be more proud of. Ironically, those means were afforded her by the very country she holds in such a low regard.

Why doesn’t she move to Africa where she and her family can be hacked to death by machete wielding Muslim lunatics who look more like the Obamas. Why doesn’t she move to communist China where they share many of her husband’s political ideas but where she’d certainly disappear the first time she ran her trap about not being proud of the country or its government. She could dawn a burka and move the Middle East where she and her two daughters could be treated like property.

The MSM will want us all to forget about this. Until Barry Obama’s campaign spends the money to buy three hours of prime time TV and she uses that time to list all the benefits this country has afforded her and her empty suit husband, I’m not forgiving or forgetting. And by the why, I’m one of those angry white men that decides most American elections.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Barack the magic negro
Barack Obama is in trouble for allegedly lifting some of Maryland Governor Deval Patrick’s lines. The Shrillda Beast is accusing Obama of plagiarism. Politicians stealing? Alert the media! Call the cops! This is outrageous!

When I read the lines Obama is accused of lifting from Patrick, it looks to me as if Patrick stole a whole slue of lines; “We hold these truths to be self evident”, “Ask not what you your country can do for you”, “I have a dream” etc. etc. In the original and the Obama “lift”, I didn’t hear anyone giving Jefferson, Kennedy and King credit. But if I steal someone else’s lines and then add “just words” to it, I guess it’s OK. Unless someone else stole the words first and then they add “just words”. If you do that, then you’re double plagiarizer. The guy who used the words first and then added “just words” is just a plagiarizer. So essentially, Obama only lifted the "just words" meme, which of course are just a couple of words from Patrick. The other words, the more important words,came from other more important people and were more than the "just words" words.

OK, enough of the John Madden analysis.

This is bunch of hooey. The Shrillda Beast must be desperate to try this kind of transparent idiocy. I think I’ll try to copy write the word “the”. “The” is the most used word in the English language. If I can git r done, nearly everything anyone says or writes from that point forward will have to be attributed to me.

NOTE to Shrillda: “Barack the magic negro” and “git r done” may be lifted phrases.

Gee if I’m ever accused of cheating, I hope the accuser is unsympathetic a figure as is Brian McNamee. Then I hope the dopes in congress think that it’s their business to get to bottom of the matter. I’m home free the second some gasbag Pol decides to roll in on me. Short of being caught on tape hacking Mother Theresa to death, John Q. Public is likely to side with an alleged seedy character over the known seedy characters that populate congress.

NOTE to Shrillda: “John Q. Public” may be a lifted phrase.

I just don’t get how Bud Selig gets off in this whole deal. This idiot stood by and watched the most cherished book in all of sports, the baseball record book, get trashed by drugies. Now he’s treated like some kind of hero for exposing the cheating he actually encouraged by his turning a blind to it for so many years. If the steroid problem hadn’t trickled down into college and now high school sports, Selig and the congressional grandees still wouldn’t give a crap what stuff professionals were injecting themselves with as long as it was putting cheeks in the seats.

NOTE to Shrillda: “cheeks in the seats” may be a lifted phrase.

Bill Belichick
We all know what the oldest profession is. Some know that spying is the second oldest profession. In fact, it was probably a prostitute who was the first spy. Bill Belichick is in trouble for filming what was going on openly on the opponent’s sideline in front of 80,000 people. The incident was dubbed “spygate”. In my book, anything that is observed occurring in front of 80,000 people ain’t spying. But because there is an NFL rule against it, it is cheating.

Now there are a couple of former LA Rams players giving the term sore losers new meaning. The dopes are suing the New England Patriots because the Pats allegedly filmed a Rams walk through practice just prior to the Super Bowl. The idiots ought to be suing the Rams for not safeguarding valuable team information.

The great military thinker Sun Tzu noted: O divine art of subtlety and secrecy! Through you we learn to be invisible, through you inaudible and hence we can hold the enemy's fate in our hands.

Note to the NFL:

If teams are going to flash signals in front of 80,000 people they ought to bright enough to think that someone in the crowd might catch on to a couple of them.

If you’re going to divulge your entire game plane while holding a team walk through in a cavernous “empty” building, you better be damned sure the building is empty. If not hold the walk through in facility you can ensure is empty.

Don’t blame someone else for your own stupidity.

NOTE to Shrillda: “the oldest profession”, “spygate”, “sore losers” may be lifted phrases.

Monday, February 18, 2008

George Washington's Birthday

Today is President’s Day - the ultimate in modern un-exceptionalism and “let’s give all the boys a trophy-ism.” By act of congress, the actual name of today’s holiday remains George Washington’s Birthday. The actual birthday is the 22nd of Feb, but retail requires all holidays fall on a Monday. But the PC crowd has once again had its way. Can’t have a holiday named after a slave holder even if slave holding was a world-wide activity at the time and African tribes were whole hearted partners in the activity and Africa remains one of the last bastions of the activity to this very day.

So while it is popular to focus inwardly on white American complicity in this heinous activity, the black African suppliers of humans more or less get a pass. It is easier for unhappy people to focus their attention on and blame their immigrant brothers for the American opportunity that has been bestowed upon them by the suffering of their ancestors. It’s easier even if the immigrant brothers they blame might have escaped slavery, bondage, indentured status in Europe themselves and arrived in America long after slavery was abolished here. It’s easier to proudly wear a t-shirt with a red, green and black stripped picture of the African continent and ask reparations from people who escaped much the same fate, than to focus on the African tribes who sold their ancestors into slavery in first place.

No black US leader shows up at the African National Congress demanding reparation from the African nations/tribes who sold their ancestors into slavery in the first place. Hell they don’t even show up to ask the ANC to look into black Muslims forcing Christians into slavery on the continent today.

OK fine, let’s give all of the boys a trophy. Let’s just heap Millard Fillmore in the same pile with George Washington. Let’s put Honest Abe on a par with Honest Bill Clinton. Look at the last three words in that sentence. Does anyone think that the word “honest” belongs in the same paragraph with the name Bill Clinton let alone as a modifier?

Only as a laugh line. Happy Honest Bill Clinton day.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Congress sucks

Well let’s see. What has our congress been up to? While investigating something that they really have no roll in, we had the preening gasbags calling a couple of American citizens liars and ner-do-wells on national TV. But the preeners couldn’t get to the bottom of who was actually lying. So they did what our constitution calls for; they assumed one or the other was lying and announced it on TV; so much for due process and the presumption of innocence.

Had I been one of the preeners, first, I’d have grown my hair long to hide the lobotomy scar. But not having undergone the required surgery to become a preener, I’d have taken my 15 minutes and said:

Mr. Clemens and Mr. McNamee allow me to apologize to you for the conduct of the other members of this committee. As far as I know, it is not the purpose of this hearing to announce the guilt or believability of either of you here today. You both are private US citizens and the way the committee members have treated you here today is shameful.

Let me assure you that they do not always act this way. If it weren’t for Mr. Clemens’ appearance here today in front of the three one eyed monsters – the TV cameras – half of these gasbags wouldn’t have even bothered to show up. It is the sad habit of people of no particular talent or accomplishment to dump on those with talent and who have accomplished something. And if the no talent crowd can do that dumping on national TV, it’s all the better.

While these preening gasbags, whose collective knowledge of the game you two participate in is probably less than my 11 year old son's, sit here feigning high dudgeon about…what? Here’s what else is happening in this building.

The FISA bill that protects Americans from Islamo-terror-fascists is going to lapse. While these losers who think a slider is nothing more than a White Castle hamburger, deliver their inane ten second sound bites to cameras for the local six o’clock news, the law that allows US intelligence to gather information on the people who spend every waking minute plotting to destroy us, is set to expire.

Now why is that law going to be allowed to expire? Well after 9-11 the president asked the telecom companies to cooperate with the federal government in trying to prevent another attack. The telecom companies, thinking it was patriotic duty to help their country protect their fellow citizens, complied. Now lawyers who want to sue the telecom companies for violating the privacy rights of their customers, have donated 23 million dollars to one of the political parties. That money was donated by trial lawyers to ensure that the telecom companies do not get immunity for their cooperation with the government’s request after 9-11.

So America will be essentially blind so that trail lawyers can make gobs of money suing telecom companies for doing what the companies thought was their civic duty while America was under attack. Yet we sit worried about who stuck what into Mr. Cy 7s butt.

And let’s be honest, if Mr. Clemens had won just 77 games over a 4 or 5 year career – as good a record as that might be – he wouldn’t be sitting here right now. So much for another cherished right, equal protection under the law. But, how could any of the losers who comprise this committee look good beating up on an average player.

But Mr. Clemens is Mr. Cy 7. And if the losers can get him in their sights on the six o’clock news, why that would really be something. A know nothing do nothing gasbag dumping on the possibly the greatest pitcher of all time. I would have loved for Mr. Cy 7 to have challenged the members on the committee and their staffs to drug test.

And while we sit here under the glare of the white hot spot light preening for the cameras, looking into something that Mr. Selig, the baseball owners, the union and the justice department ought to be settling, our house colleagues are in a back room resurrecting the illegal alien amnesty bill. Our senate colleagues are rushing a Global Tax bill to the floor without hearings or the even the hint of deliberation. And one old coot of a senator is trying to make a name for himself by attacking the NFL.

I cannot believe that this body has 27% approval rating from our fellow Americans. It ought to be about .27%.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Change, stimulus and lying

Hoping for change
Were I John McCain, I’d hire 10 accountants to follow Barack Obama around and attempt to total up the cost of all the programs and government give-a-ways he proposes. Then once the total is known, a difficult task in that every new group along the campaign trail evokes a new give-a-way, I’d put a per tax payer price tag on it. In a TV ad, I’d have a slow scroll of the programs and their cost with a running total like that deficit counter the MSM always shows when a Rep is in the White House. I’d use the ominous voice over made famous in political ads and ask, “At time of war, can America afford Barack Obama?” Then I’d come up with clever tag line like: John McCain, change we can afford.

Speaking of government give-a-ways, the president signed the “stimulus package” yesterday. Woopie! To think, had I worked harder – some would say at all – the government wouldn’t be sending me a check. Of course the government just puts its name on the check. The money is barrowed from China and repaid with interest by the over achievers among us – in this case the over achievers are anyone making over $75,000. Anyway, I will do my patriotic duty and try to find some US manufactured product to spend the money on. Just to piss off the Libs, I may go buy a hand gun.

Who ya going to believe?
The best line in the Roger Clemens Brian McNamee dust up before congress yesterday was when my congressman, a Rep gasbag named Mark Souder, said someone was lying. Duh! It was a room full of politicians.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Party is a mess!

In case you haven’t noticed, one of our political parties is in a mess. I can hear conservatives across the nation muttering, “Damn right! That (fill in your preferred expletive here) McCain!” But it’s not the Republican Party that’s in a mess; well at least not relative to the other party anyway.

The Dem party is in far worse shape than the Reps. Here’s why.

They have a primary season that looks as if it might not produce a clear winner.

They have an odd thing called the Super Delegate. These are about 800 party potentates and grandees that can act as king maker at the convention because they are not bound to any primary or caucus result. The 800 just vote for which ever candidate promises the most. How un-American can you get? Sure all delegates are equal only some delegates are more equal than others.

They have to at some point deal with MI and FL. The delegates in those two states have been stripped by the party for moving their primaries in front of Super Tuesday. The Shrillda Beast is claiming those delegates because she won the non-primary primary in both states. The only problem is that hers was the only name on the ballet in MI and Mr. Undecided still got over 40% of the vote. In FL candidates agreed not to campaign but the Shrillda held a “victory rally” after the primary – breaking the spirit of the agreement if not the letter.

They have the Clinton war machine that will kick in at minute. Many seem to believe that Obama will be on a 10 state winning streak come the OH TX primaries in Mar. They are beginning to look at Obama as inevitable. But Rush Limbaugh offered this accurate mental picture yesterday, “Until you see her [Shillda's] feet curled up and protruding from beneath a house, don’t count the Clintons out.” The Clintons will kick into high gear very soon begin to try to smear and destroy Obama, which is sure to further fracture the party.

They have the whole identity politics thing to overcome. While it’s perfectly OK for women and blacks to base their votes solely on which candidate looks like them, when white men do the exact same thing they are called misogynistic racists.

As an aside, did you see where Bill Clinton claimed that he’d waited his whole life to vote for a woman or a black for president and now he’s forced to choose between them in the same primary? Poor Billy. Question Bill, if you were so interested in voting for a woman or a black for president, why didn’t you select one as your running mate, ya lying pant load?

By contrast the Reps have identified their candidate early, if not enthusiastically. The conservatives will come home once they begin to realize what the option of not coming home is.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Who is ready to fight the long war?

Well boys and girls, we have good news and we have bad news. First, the good news: Captured al Qaeda letters in Iraq indicate that AQI is on its butt. The London Times notes:

“Al-Qaeda in Iraq faces an ‘extraordinary crisis’. Last year's mass defection of ordinary Sunnis from al-Qaeda to the US military ‘created panic, fear and the unwillingness to fight’. The terrorist group's security structure suffered ‘total collapse’.

“These are the words not of al-Qaeda's enemies but of one of its own leaders in Anbar province — once the group's stronghold. They were set down last summer in a 39-page letter seized during a US raid on an al-Qaeda base near Samarra in November.”

Al Qaeda’s assessment of its own position doesn’t square with Dem House Speaker Nance Pelosi who continues to root for and claim a AQI victory in Iraq – or at least a Bush failure. One can imagine the Speaker on the Phone to her allies in Iraq telling them quit with the negative vibes.

So what’s the bad news? The bad news is that Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff notes:

"The great weapon they have is persistence and patience, and the one weakness that we have is the tendency to lose patience and become complacent. It strikes me as hard to accept that anybody would believe the threat is over. There is nothing these terrorists are doing or saying that could lead a reasonable person to believe that they have somehow lost interest. Our biggest challenge is making sure we do not drop our guard because time passes.”

So if you accept the good news, you should probably consider the bad and keep your guard up and the pressure on. Chertoff is right. The Islamo-terror-fascists have long memories and a sense of time that would confound most Americans who get impatient waiting two minutes for microwave popcorn.

By contrast, the ITF are still waiting patiently for an opportunity to avenge the naval defeat and beheading of Muezzenzade Ali Pasha at Lepanto in 1751 by Pope Pius’ boys.

And that is why the right the wing of the Rep Party ought to get over itself and knock off the talk about supporting the Dems in the fall.

I’m sure Barack Obama is a nice guy. That is something that cannot be said about his chief rivals in the Dem and Rep Parties. But he is totally unqualified to lead a nation at war, whether the people of that nation know they are at war or not. His primary strategy in any war situation would be an appeal to “hope and change”. The hope we’d get is that the government will pay for the prayer rugs we’ll all need and the change will be to a Muslim theocracy.

The Shrillda Beast would not be much better. She would be slow to react as she polled and triangulated the most popular position on every issue for her second term and legacy.

McCain is the only one of three that will hit the ITF square in mouth at the first opportunity.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Berkeley sure, but Toledo?

Holy Toledo Batman! Did Mayor Finkbeiner really kick the Marines out of town?

Why yes Robin, Mayor Finkbeiner really did kick the Marines out of town just as the Leathernecks were preparing hone their warfighting skills at Toledo’s Madison Building and the Promenade Park area.

Holy excrement Batman! Couldn’t this type of exercise save Marine lives? Aren’t Finkbeiner and his fellow Democrat weasel pols always telling us how much they support the troops?

Well yes Robin, Finkbeiner and other Dem Pols love to heap praise on the troops and talk about how much they support the troops as long as they don’t actually have to do anything to demonstrate that support.

Holy double talking hypocrisy Batman! Didn’t the city know that the Marines were coming?

Why yes they did Robin. Finkbeiner cancelled the deal at the last minute leaving the Marines holding the bag and costing taxpayer a lot of money.

Holy no good reason Batman! Why?

Well Boy Wonder, it seems hizhonor seems to believe the presence of Marines in his fair city might frighten the citizenry.

Holy a$$backward logic Batman! Aren’t the Marines on our side?

Indeed Robin, they are. And everybody knows that they are, but the mayor needed a fig leaf to cover his stupidity.

Holy over exposure Batman! Is there enough foliage in the Amazon jungle to cover this kind of stupidity?

No Robin, there isn’t.

Holy double dealing reneging bastards Batman! Shouldn’t the federal government sue the city of Toledo for every dime Finkbeiner has cost the tax payer?

Why yes Robin they should. But they won’t.

Holy dilemma Batman! What do we do?

Well Boy wonder I have found the mayor’s e-mail address and sent him an e-mail.

Holy Internet Batman! Can I see the e-mail?

Yes, Robin you may;

If Jihadis come to destroy Toledo, would America be better off? We don't have to answer that question because the USMC will not let that happen. When the Marines find Mayor Finkbeiner crying like a baby,hiding under the bed sheets, soaked in his own urine and shaking like the miserable coward he is, will the mayor thank the Marines? I doubt it. But the Marines won't care as they laugh their collective butts off at another craven politician. They will just mount up, move out and draw fire. Needless to say, I'll be avoiding Toledo and everything produced there until the good people of Toledo have the common sense to can the Fink beiner.

Holy uncivil letter writing campaign Batman! Where do I send my e-mail?

Well Robin, the mayor’s e-mail address can be found here.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Veepstakes

If you look where the Republican candidates won, it was pretty much a regional not nationwide primary. McCain won were you’d expect the Lib to win – the northeast and left coast. To be fair McCain took his home state of AZ albeit with a bit of trouble and the purple state of MO. Huckabee colluded with McCain to rip off WV from the most popular candidate there but other wise was restricted to southern states. Romney took his home state of MA but was otherwise relegated to the upper west and mid west states.

So given that dynamic who are the veep possibilities?

For McCain, Huckabee and Giuliani are probably thinking they are owed something. But neither will bring anything to the ticket that isn’t already there. Giuliani, like McCain, is just another Lib Republican. Rudy will be promised Sec Homeland Security or AG if can deliver something in the northeast and/or Fl in the general. Huckabee’s strength is all in the south. That strength is off-set by the Dem’s weakness in the south. The Dem’s weakness will be compounded with a woman or black man on the ticket. The exact same identity politics that have made Obama and Clinton will further destroy Democrats in the south. So sorry Huck, McCain won’t need you once the nomination is wrapped up. Southern voters will have no place to go but McCain. McCain’s distaste for Romney rules Mitt out of the veepstakes, and let’s face it, the Republican strong hold in the south ain’t crazy about Mormons. Romney ran third in nearly all of the southern states. Romney will work hard for the Rep ticket, might be promised Sec Commerce or Treasury; probably turn it down and go on to make another 800 million dollars in the private sector for another run 2012.

So who then? A Gov or former Gov from someplace where it will help the Electoral vote. In addition, a Gov will give McCain an executive experience lift that he currently lacks and Govs are well vetted proven campaigners. So from the top: 1) Tom Ridge former Gov of PA and Sec of Homeland Security. Ridge could put PA in play and off-set a Dem move on OH or IN. 2) Gov Pawlenty of MN. MN is a purple state that Reps could strip away by putting Pawlenty on the under card. 3) Gov Blunt in MO for the same reason. 4) Long shot, Gov Christ in FL. FL went pretty well for Bush in 2004 so Reps may not need a push there this year.

On the Dem side, the dream ticket of Clinton/Obama is out. Identity politics will dictate that whoever wins, will be forced to bring a white male on the under card. Clinton is in the worst shape. For the Shrillda Beast, the veep nominee is going to have to agree to be the vice-Vice President to Bill. Or is the real VP going to be Shrill? She needs a white male which is going to PO the black vote. She will pick Sen Bahy of IN or what makes more sense is Gov Strickland of OH. There’s a myth that the Shrillda will then need to shore up black vote. That’s only half true. She really only needs to shore up the black vote in the battleground states. The Clintons being Clintons could care less about blacks in states they have no chance of carrying – read the south. Look for Bill to be deployed to every black church in every battleground state the day after the nomination is secure.

For Obama the calculation is about the same. He could bring the Shrillda Beast aboard to gain the Clinton machine, war room and to do the nasty smear work that Obama may not have the stomach for.

I’m off for a couple of days. Cruise the archive. See you Mon.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

By way of introducing one of the best (which in my mind means funny) sites on the web, I offer this exchange between the Griffin and Lex. The Griffin forwarded to me these directions for the disposal of a fluorescent bulb, with the predictable comment which boiled down to YGBSM.

Fluorescent light bulbs contain a very small amount of mercury sealed within the glass tubing. EPA recommends the following clean-up and disposal guidelines: Open a window and leave the room for 15 minutes or more. Carefully scoop up the fragments and powder with stiff paper or cardboard and place them in a sealed plastic bag. Use disposable rubber gloves, if available (i.e., do not use bare hands). Wipe the area clean with damp paper towels or disposable wet wipes and place them in the plastic bag. Do not use a vacuum or broom to clean up the broken bulb on hard surfaces. Place the first bag in a second sealed plastic bag and put it in the outdoor trash container or in another outdoor protected area for the next normal trash disposal.

Note: Some states prohibit such trash disposal and require that broken and unbroken lamps be taken to a local recycling center. Wash your hands after disposing of the bag.

If a fluorescent bulb breaks on a rug or carpet: First, remove all materials you can without using a vacuum cleaner, following the steps above. Sticky tape (such as duct tape) can be used to pick up small pieces and powder. If vacuuming is needed after all visible materials are removed, vacuum the area where the bulb was broken, remove the vacuum bag (or empty and wipe the canister) and put the bag or vacuum debris in two sealed plastic bags in the outdoor trash or protected outdoor location for normal disposal.

Lex responded:

Comrade Rich this easy clean up and disposal mandate by people's government is why the US Central Planning Committee has mandated compact fluorescent lights for all of the people. This simple and cost effective clean up regime makes more sense to Central Planning Committee than just throwing an incandescent bulb in the kitchen garbage and installing a new. We cannot complain comrade. Each Central Planner has received more people's votes than us or our chosen candidate.

Be careful comrade, complain too loudly or to the wrong peoples and the gulag awaits.

And the web site is:

The people’s cube icon is a Lib/Socialist’s dream a Rubik’s Cube where all of the sides of the cube are red insuring an equal outcome for everyone who picks it up. This site will become more truth than parody if the Dems get control of both houses of the legislature and the White House.

Check out the – Che is dead. Get over it. T-shirt line.

Monday, February 04, 2008

The four MYTHS of St. John

This is by far the longest piece ever to appear on this page. I was going to break it up over four days, but Super Tuesday is tomorrow. So by Wednesday blue blood country club Republicans may have forced the echo know as John McCain on me as their nominee. I always vote my best interest even if it boils down to a choice between Lenin and Marx. So I don’t want to have to be trashing the guy I end up voting for after he’s the nominee. So here are some reasons John McCain shouldn’t be that nominee.

There are four myths surrounding the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Saint John the speech squelcher. All of the myths have been foisted upon us by the MSM.

MYTH 1: McCain is a “straight talker.” He’s decidedly not.

Exhibit one Saint Juan the open borders: McCain sponsored a bill that offered amnesty to between 12-20 million illegals. Yet to this day he denies that his bill was an amnesty. Is that straight talk? His bill allows criminals who entered the country illegally to jump to the head of the immigration line if they pay a $3,000 dollar fine. In addition to clearly being amnesty, the bill amounts to selling American citizenship to people whose first act upon stepping on to American soil was to break our laws. But are we hearing any straight talk from Saint Juan that he’s was wrong on immigration? Now, McCain is such a straight talker he takes both sides of whether or not he’d sign his own amnesty bill if given the chance as president. He told Tim Russert he would. Three days latter at the republican debate, he said he wouldn’t. Any straight talk in that?

Exhibit two St John the class warrior: McCain’s stance that he was against the Bush tax cuts before he wanted to make them permanent isn’t straight talk. How about an, oops I sure blew that one. Instead Saint John the tax cutter enhances his reputation as a twisted talker by misrepresenting – that’s pol talk for lying – how he arrived at his position. When the bill was up for a vote, Saint John the class warrior opposed it because he said the cuts favored the rich. Now Saint John the fiscal hawk says he opposed the cuts - he now favors - because he wanted the cuts off-set with reductions in government spending. Any straight talk in there? How about a question like this from the MSM, let’s assume your class warfare meme didn’t happen and you're telling the truth about opposing the tax cuts because you wanted them off-set with reductions in government spending. What reductions in government spending have occurred since you first opposed the tax cuts to make you favor them now? There is not one straight line in any of it.

Exhibit three St. John the double back flipper: McCain offerd straight talk about the auto industry jobs in Michigan not coming back until voters wanted to hear that they were. “These jobs are gone” was Saint John the flip’s position right up to point that Romney pounced on him saying, we’re going to innovate, we’re going to invest in R&D, we’re going to rely on American ingenuity and we’re going to bring these jobs back. Well when St. John the flipper found himself looking like dower pessimistic dope, he deftly morphed into St. John the flopper and the straight talk express took an unexpected turn down Lombard St. Of course these jobs are coming back, said McCain. Who said they weren’t coming back, asked McCain. Why when I’m president, there will be so many jobs up here that Americans won’t do, we’ll be able to move half of Mexico up to Michigan.

Exhibit four St. John the chicken: Mr. Straight Talk turned down an hour debate on economics with Romney on Meet the Press. Shouldn’t anyone considered to be a “straight talker” have accepted the debate and delivered a bit of straight talk on how he’s not really all that in tune with how economies work? Shouldn’t McCain have gone on MTP and once again hit us with his class warfare meme condemning corporate profits? Isn’t that why St. John the corporate basher only invests in corporations that don’t make a profit? Is that how his wife’s family made all of their money – foregoing profit? Most people have a one word description for McCain’s reticence to appear with Romney to talk economics. That word is “chicken.” Everyone else uses the more colorful compound word variant –chicken$*%#. And that’s the straight talk on that.

Exhibit five St. John the fabricator: McCain’s insistence, in spite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, that Romney supported a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq is a lie. That matter is covered in the post below.

MYTH 2: McCain is a conservative. He is not.

McCain was actually toying with the idea of being John Kerry’s running mate

McCain had several discussions with then Dem senate leader Tom Daschel about switching parties

McCain opposed tax cuts along class warfare lines

McCain/Feingold is a Soviet style assault on the First Amendment

McCain/Kennedy is an amnesty bill for between 12-20 million criminals who have entered the country illegally

McCain/Lieberman is a gift to environmental whackos and global warming worshipers that will tax clean coal technology while inhibiting exploration and utilization of our own abundant energy resources in favor of inefficient and wildly expensive wind, solar and biofuels. St. John the enviro whacko says he’s for the US becoming energy independent. How? We all buy bikes and live in the cold and dark.

McCain refuses to search for oil in the barren Alaskan wasteland known as ANWR. That’s another gift to enviro whackos who, like Mr. Straight Talk, insist on referring to ANWR as a pristine wilderness area. It isn’t. It’s a wasteland.

McCain wants to close G’itmo in favor of bring the worst terrorist in the world to US soil were they would be afforded access to the same legal system that allows double murderers to escape justice in spite of a mountain of evidence against them including a 1 in 100,000,000 DNA match.

McCain insists that he would not "torture" a terrorist even if the terrorist had information regarding the immanent detonation of nuclear devise in a US city. I wonder what his position would be if that city happened to be the one he or one of his loved ones was in.

MYTH 3: McCain is the only Republican candidate that can win the general. He can’t.

McCain is nothing more than a figment of the MSM’s imagination, a carefully constructed Potemkin Village of a strong conservative military war “hero” capable of taking anything the Dems throw at him. But they do not throw anything at him themselves. They worship him. They write glowing stories of his maverick – read anti-conservative – status. Nothing about McCain escapes into the MSM that doesn’t have him walking on water or nobly suffering the slings and arrows of his less worthy conservative tormentors.

All of that will change two seconds after McCain secures the Republican nomination. Then you will see everything contained in MYTHS 1 and 2 along with long stories on all of the following:

McCain is too old. At 71 he’ll be the oldest ever first term president. And while he will point to his 90+ year old mother, the press will point to his father and grandfather both of whom died before the age McCain currently enjoys.

McCain is unstable. All sorts of stories of McCain blowing his top in red faced expletive laced rants directed at senate colleagues and staff will begin to surface. Was the “war hero’s” POW experience – an experience few could endure – just too much?

McCain dumped his sickly first wife who endured five years of her beloved husband being held as a POW for his current younger, more attractive and richer wife.

McCain broke faith with his fellow POWs when he gutted the 1996 Missing Service Personnel Act.

McCain is ripe for former POWs to ask that he open his private POW debriefing file, a request up until now he has refused even though his POW status is key to his ever arriving in Washington DC as an elected official in the first place.

While the disposition of American MIA/POWs was still unknown, Senator
McCain fought for the normalization of relations with Vietnam.

McCain was one of the original Keating five taking sleazy campaign money before making it illegal by destroying the First Amendment.

McCain crashed three navy aircraft – ok one was shot down - that’s not exactly crashing

McCain is a worst kind of flip flopper
- Bush tax cuts: was against them before was for them
- Doesn’t really have a stellar record for demanding a full accounting of his fellow POWs
- McCain/Kennedy: was for it before he was against
- McCain took sleazy campaign money before deciding to make it illegal by trashing the first amendment
- McCain toyed with idea of switching parties
- McCain the hero – see MYTH 4.

The MSM have made John McCain. Two seconds after he has the nomination, they will remake, deconstruct, and destroy him.

Because the Shrillda Beast starts with about a 49% loath rate, McCain, depending upon who he chooses to run with, has about a 50-50 chance at best of beating her. Clinton lies, misstatements and painfully true statements about McCain’s record will have McCain blowing his top two days into the campaign. He can’t beat a young energetic and hopeful Obama.

MYTH 4: McCain is a war hero

This is hard. There are several definitions of what a hero is;

An ideal model based on ideal qualities of character – no that’s not McCain. He’s angry, egotistical, petty, self righteous, sanctimonious, etc.

The central male character of a book, play, movie or novel – no that’s not McCain although a movie about McCain is not out of the question.

A man admired for his nobility, courage and exploits, usually in war – that’s McCain… sort of.

The MSM always uses the modifier “war hero” to introduce McCain. Let’s stipulate that any who serves during a time of war is some kind of hero. That makes McCain one of about 9.2 million military personnel who were on active duty during the Vietnam War.

Further let’s stipulate that anyone actually in the combat zone is some kind of hero. That makes McCain one of about 3.1 million others who served in the actual combat zone during Vietnam.

After that, what is McCain a hero for? He got shot down and endured 5 ½ years as a POW in North Vietnam. Nobel? Yes! The sacrifice and endurance he displayed are remarkable. Courageous? I’m not so sure. He was doing his job, just like the 3.1 million other guys when he was shot down. After that, dare I say, it was in his own best interest to survive.

There is a huge difference between the guy who, through no fault of his own, finds himself trapped in a burning building and by his ingenuity and will to survive guides five people to safety and the guy who leaves the relative safety of the side walk outside the burning building, dashes into the inferno with no regard for his own personal safety and guides people through that inferno to safety. One guy finds himself in a dangerous situation and works for his survival. The other guy voluntarily leaves safety and PLACES HIMSELF in danger for the benefit of others.

Now both of these scenarios become a bit less remarkable when the guys in question happen to be firemen, guys whose job it is to do what they did.

So while McCain’s remarkable story is one of sacrifice and survival, it’s one predicated on McCain as career Naval Aviator doing his job and then surviving all of the nasty consequences.

Contrast that with Sergeant First Class Paul Smith who willingly placed himself and a .50 cal machine gun between his company and about 100 armed attackers. Smith single handedly destroyed the enemy attack and by his actions saved an untold number of his comrades. Smith probably could have laid low and saved his own life. Instead he manned the machine gun and covered his comrades and died for his valor.

Or how about Lt. Michael Murphy who left a covered position of relative safety to dash into the open and into a hail of enemy gunfire to get better reception to call for help for his trapped SEAL team. That’s heroic.

Now, since McCain showed up in the presidential sweepstakes in 2000, I’ve tried to make this case about 10 times and each time the people I’ve tried to make it with have looked at me as if I was off my rocker. I’m not. There’s a difference. McCain himself would admit it. And when he gets the nomination, the MSM is going to go from “war hero” John McCain to cankerous 71 year old John McCain whose time as a POW may have left him permanently scared psychologically.

If I can put two and two together, some smart Lib surely can using about one-quarter the number of the words with three times the impact.

That’s it. Now, I’m all in for McCain if/when he takes the nomination. That endorsement has so far been the kiss of death for a candidate. Maybe I should add that fact to list in MYTH 3. And YES a vote for HUCKSTERBEE is a vote for McCain.

Friday, February 01, 2008

We all use timetables we're not all quitters

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that CNN’s ratings are so far into the tank that very few people probably saw the arse wippin’ Mitt Romney laid on John McCain during Wednesday night’s debate. The good news is that CNN’s rating are so far into the tank that very few people probably saw our presumptive nominee looking like a tired, bitter, angry, petty, sanctimonious, self-righteous, lying weasel.

Keep in mind he’s all of that while he’s winning. What’s he going to turn into when the press finally exposes him for what he is – and that’ll be about two seconds after he wraps up the nomination?

McCain insisted on sticking with his fantasy that Romney called for a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq - sort of like him sticking with the idea that his amnesty bill wasn’t an amnesty bill or his bill assaulting the First Amendment didn’t assault the First Amendment etc. etc. Romney and nearly everyone who reads Romney’s remarks objectively disagree with McCain on the meaning of those remarks. Yet McCain insists that it’s the rest of the platoon who is out of step as his right foot hits the deck just as 43 left boots strike the deck.

Here’s the quote:

When asked by ABC News’ Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America” if he believes
there should be a timetable for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq, Romney
replied, “Well, there’s no question that the president and Prime Minister al
Maliki have to have a series of timetables and milestones that they speak about,
but those shouldn’t be for public pronouncement.”

The former governor went on to explain, “You don’t want the enemy to understand how long they have to wait in the weeds until you’re going to be gone. You want to
have a series of things you want to see accomplished in terms of the strength of
the Iraqi military and the Iraqi police and the leadership of the Iraqi
.” End quote

A Marine General once told me that a leader’s job consists mainly of three things:
Determine what’s happening
Determine what’s not happening
Use your skill, leadership and assets to influence the action

So who among us decides we want to remodel the house then pays the general contractor the full amount for the job before the work has even begun? I guess John McCain does. Smart people – ah sorry John – set timetables and milestones for payments. Also, smart people – again sorry John – use the timetables and milestones not simply to call off the job if it’s running a day or so behind but rather to manage assets and focus the priority of work.

So when you learn on Fri that the tile you ordered to be laid on Mon won’t be in until Thur, you can either use the John McCain management (ah what he’d call leadership) style and have the tile man stand around for three days while McCain berates him for not being patriotic enough; or you could use the Romney leadership style and call the tile guy and tell him he’s not needed until Thur. Then maybe you’d have to shuffle painters, electricians, carpenters and counter men in order to keep the job moving forward and expenses down while you waited for the tile.

With McCain, republicans are buying into a myth.