Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pick a metaphor

Ok there’s this comparison above. P-BO’s photo (and bit of photshoping done by the wildly creative people at the People’s Cube) is the perfect metaphor for this guy’s entire life. Looks good, sounds good but totally incapable of performing the simplest tasks. So he always has a staff or teleprompter to prop him up.  53% of us have decided that P-BO should be running the country or in this case the riding the bicycle. But there’s one big problem, P-BO can’t ride a man’s bike at all and can’t ride a woman’s bike without training wheels. And if he’s ever turned loose on busy street, oh my someone’s likely to get hurt. Well in this metaphor, the world IS the busy street and we've already skinned our knees a dozen or so times..

If you don’t like that metaphor or comparison to Bush check this one out. Now picture P-BO taking the mound for the US of A against Cuba, Iran, or two dozen other countries in the world that mean us harm. He’d give up 50 walks and six grand slam home runs before getting an out. The trouble in this case is that the manager (us the voters) can’t pull the bum for four years. Who knows what the score will be by then.

Don’t like that metaphor check this one out. P-BO takes the pitch from the quarterback on what looks like a promising play. First he fumbles the ball, then he runs the wrong way, then he continues to run the wrong way, then continues to run the wrong way, then, in desperation, he just throws the ball up for grabs.

Pick one. They all work for the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. We have this know nothing, do nothing, been nowhere, can’t do anything but talk from a teleprompter and act stupidly when the teleprompter isn’t available. And we’re stuck with this socialist creep for another two-and-a-half years before we get the bike back or can put a new pitcher on the mound or get the ball from wrong way P-BO – hopefully before he throws it up for grabs in our own end zone.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fake Revs. fail to condemn Iowa assaults

Last week I was reading about a report that Iowa police are investigating whether a series of assaults at the Iowa State Fair were racially motivated. They aren’t sure. Inspector Clouseau must be heading up the investigation for police. The attackers announced it was “Beat Whitey Night” during the attacks. Hmm, “Beat Whitey Night?” How odd. What could it mean? We need to get our best code breaker on this one.

One wonders if Eric the wad Holder will send his crack team of Fed investigators in to see what’s going on in Iowa. Or are they too busy sweeping the latest New Black Panthers investigation under the rug? Perhaps the team is too busy investigating Sheriff Arpaio for enforcing the immigration laws down in AZ. Or was DOJ whistle blower Christian Adams correct when he told the Commission on Civil Rights that Eric the wad and the DOJ just weren’t that into investigating blacks?

OK, I get it. The Wad is busy getting black criminals out of trouble, prosecuting States for enforcing their laws and trying to figure out a way to try the 9-11 debris in a civil court in NY City. Those are nearly full time jobs no American wants to do. Then mix in a couple of rounds of golf, a vacation or two before going on vacation, your vacation, and the two vacations to rest up from the vacation and before you know it the year is gone. Where does the time go?

Well if The Wad can’t look into Iowa’s Beat Whitey Night, surely the Revs? Al, Jesse and Jerry can get over to Iowa and talk some racial peace, love and brotherhood, right? Wrong! The buffoonish cartoon character known as Rev? Al was looking for Jew interlopers in Harlem before staging a counter rally to Saturday’s “Restoring Honor.” That is the one thing in this clown’s life that makes sense. He organizes a rally against honor. Perfect. Anyhoo, Rev? Al was too busy to get over to Iowa to find out what this “Beat Whitey Night” was all about. Had he made it, he’d probably make it a national event.

Rev? Al was the first thing that tipped me off that Billbo O’Reilly and Sean Shamnity were not serious figures. They’d put this sack of crap Sharpton on their shows and treat him as if he were something other than a race baiting BS artist. I tuned out and haven’t missed either one.

So Rev? AL wasn’t available. What abut Rev? Jesse? No it is his week with his illegitimate kids. Then he goes on his month long shake down tour where he threatens companies with boycotts if they do not hire is friends and contribute to his Rainbow Coalition. This is nothing more than an open extortion scheme being run in plain view of the American people.  Yet some how Jesse Hymietown Jackson gets away with it. For all of the reasons listed above, I guess DOJ is just too busy to look into this either.

That leaves Rev? Wrong way Wright to get to the bottom of this “Beat Whitey Night.” Apparently Rev? Wright is lost inside his multi-million dollar mansion. Who says hate don’t pay? Anyhoo, he released a statement via satellite phone that read in part:

“Damn right it’s Beat Whitey Night. Should be every night. My GPS is broken. Send someone in here to help me find my way out.”

Now to all the Libs out there, Lex warned you about this. That if you passed hate crime legislation, since most interracial crime is black ON whitey, blacks would be the ones most eligible for the enhanced sentences. Let’s see how that pans out for the thugs in Iowa.  Wanna bet Clouseau can't find any evidence of hate on this one?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Left vows to put a stop to honor

Something big is going to happen tomorrow. Glenn Beck is holding his “Restoring Honor” rally at the Lincoln Memorial. “Restoring Honor,” I don’t see any controversy in any of that. The rally is billed as an apolitical call to Americans to return to faith, hope and charity as mean of correcting what Beck sees as America’s decline. A decline brought about by our faith in government over a faith in God, our ignorance of our own history, and the, “Pull up the ladder. I’m aboard,” mentality of too many political and financial leaders as well as individual Americans.

This is all pretty much what used to be considered boilerplate American rugged individualism, give me a hand up not a hand out type stuff. So why are the left and their MSM butt kissers in such a fit over Beck’s rally? I don’t get it. Racist race baiting riot organizing arson sponsoring excrement for brains Rev? Al has any one seen my congregation Sharpton has organized a counter rally. Huh? Counter rally to what? Countering what? Honor? Or restoring it?

Rev? Al and his race baiting chums are PO’d because Beck’s rally happens on the anniversary and at the place of the real Rev. MLK’s march on Washington where he delivered his “I have a dream speech.” Apparently, and according to Rev? has anybody seen any Jew interlopers Al, the Lincoln Memorial is off limits to whitey on Aug 28. Hmmm. Is that what MLK was saying? I missed the part of the speech where King said:

“I have a dream that from this day forward, no white man, irrespective of the content of his character, will be allowed to organize any a rally at the Lincoln Memorial on Aug 28.”

But the Rev? D-bag isn’t alone. All manner of lefty losers are lamenting the Beck rally. The rally is incorrectly being billed by some as a Tea Party event. One numbskull in England associated Beck’s yet to happen rally with Tea Partiers who shouted the n-word at John Lewis. One problem with that. Lewis is lying through his teeth or butt which ever he uses to express himself these days. No one shouted anything at him except “Stop the bill,” meaning the O-care bill. And the New – but really the same old – Black Panthers have vowed to show up to disrupt the rally.

So we’ve got Rev? Know-nothing holding a counter rally to honor. We’ve got the NBP vowing to disrupt the Restoring Honor rally, and we’ve got the lame streamers describing the event days before it ever happens as a racist event. When did Honor get such a bad name? And yet, they want us to believe that Beck is the bad guy in all of this.

I wonder how this crowd might have reacted to Jesus’ sermon on the Mount.

Headline from the NY Times: Radical hatemonger Jesus of Nazareth calls for peace and love

Lead on the CBS evening news: Rev? D-Bag of Looserville held a counter sermon on a nearby Mount to counter Jesus’ call for peace and love which Rev? D-Bag said was a thinly veiled display of intolerance

NBC news: Pontius Pilate’s New Roman Legions vow to disrupt Jesus’ sermon

ABC news: King Herod claimed that some in the crowd attending Jesus’ sermon shouted “Pharisee” at him 15 times.

MSNBC: Keith of Olberdouche named Jesus the “Worst Person in World” for his sermon.

NO! I’m not comparing Beck to Jesus. I’m pointing out the idiocy on the left. How do you come out against honor? How do you come out against free speech? Fools.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Afraid? No just sick of it

Some more evidence surfaced the other day of P-BO’s Muslim leanings. Marine Gen James Conway noted to reporters, “We know the president was talking to several audiences at the same time when he made his comments on July 2011. In some ways, we think right now it’s probably giving our enemy sustenance….In fact, we’ve intercepted communications that say, ‘Hey, you know, we only have to hold out for so long.’”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/08/24/u-s-general-withdrawal-deadline-boosts-taliban-in-afghan-war/#ixzz0xcKWfnu1

Who is the “enemy in this case? Uh, Islamophobic Christians trying to stop the GZM? Uh, no. Jews, Communists, fascists, narco-terrorists then? No. The enemy in this case are the committed lunatics of Islam. Committed to what? Oh, nothing more than turning back the hands of time 8-10 centuries, stoning women and homosexuals, removing limbs from the bodies of criminals for stealing a pack of gum, forcing prayer on the people five times a day.This is the crowd Gen Conway believes P-BO is giving “sustenance” to.

So the heck with the GZM, bitter clingers, bow and @$$ kiss tour, referring to terrorist acts as “man made disasters,” banning the word Muslim from any connection with the word terrorist, hectoring of America about the religion of peace BS and the rest of P-BO’s insane Muslim outreach that has 24% of Americans believing that he is Muslim, a Marine General is telling America that P-BO’s idiotic “war policy” is giving aid to the enemy. In the Bush days we had retired generals maligning the president. Today it seems as if the entire force is questioning this president’s skill at managing military matters.

Then there is this piece by Richard Cohen. Cohen posits that either you have to believe that all of Islam is responsible for the 9/11 or you have to support the GZM. Well ok fine Dick, I’m coming down on the side of the former. While not all of Islam flew planes into buildings on 9-11 the full throated outrage of “moderate Muslims” was drown out by Muslims celebrating in the streets in Palestine, London and just about everywhere else two or more Muslims were gathering to stone woman to death for leaving the house not in the company of a male family member.

Even today, statements of the @$$bag Imam and his wife are surfacing that indicate that, while they didn’t fly planes into buildings on 9-11, they really don’t have much of a problem with the dirt bags that did.

And I’m sick of the word “Islamophobic.” I’m not afraid of anything except Ms. Lex before she has her Mt. Dew in the morning. I’m not afraid of Muslims. I'm and sick and tired of their BS.

I’m sick and tired of hearing about moderate Muslims who won’t condemn terrorism in general or Hamas in particular.

I’m sick and tired of Muslims who think that they should be allowed to stroll onto a plane covered from head to foot, without the screening that was made necessary by the actions of $h!theads who share their “religion.”

I’m sick and tired of hearing about Muslim grocery clerks who won’t handle pork products.

I’m sick and tired of hearing about Muslims who chase people walking their dog away from Mosques.

I’m sick of reading about Muslims suing Disney because they think that they shouldn’t have to conform to Disney’s dress code even after signing a statement at hiring that they would do so.

I’m sick of Muslims burning churches killing nuns and anyone else outside the their faith when a cartoon of Mohammad appears in a newspaper somewhere half way around the world.

I’m sick of Muslims blowing up everything in the world that they are too stupid, lazy, or confined by religion to build.

So yeah, Dick, count me in the first group for now and until:

some voice of reason with in the religion of perpetual outrage gains footing for that whole sick band to undergo a serious and deep seeded reformation.

Until the religion of me first makes some attempt to meet the civilized world half way on some of the minor issues like stoning women.

Until the losers that practice the religion of you must honor my religion; I must kill you for practicing yours, stop suing, beating and killing people for living their own lives.

Yeah, Dick for now, they are guilty until proven innocent, because they expect rights and treatment that they are totally unwilling to afford to others. But do not call me “phobic” about them. I’m just sick of them. Screw ‘em

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

P-BO the uniter...against P-BO

Finally! P-BO the unifier. Ever since P-BO came out in favor of the GZM, then walked his support back, before reaffirming his support, then declaring he wouldn’t comment on his support, Americans have finally been coming together to tell P-BO and the GZM Imam to go to hell. Finally, black and white, rich and poor, Jew and Christian have united under this president. Sadly for P-BO and his Demo-Dope lemmings, they have united to oppose this president’s hare brained support for a Muslim victory monument at GZ.

So what is a president to do when 70% of Americans think he is callous dope for supporting such an obvious affront to decent sensibilities? Well you could head down to the Gulf Coast where you can meet some ordinary Americans and pay them homage.  Give them a pat on the back as they toil away to eek out a living to realize the American dream. Try your hand on shrimp boat. Visit the kitchen at one of the nearly empty hotels dotting the coast and buck up the staff while sampling the gumbo. Take the family on a charter. Enjoy the coast and catch a few fish to donate to local charity kitchen.

Nah, let’s head to Martha’s Vineyard and hang out with the swells. Go golfing of course. Take a vacation from the current vacation and get away from getting away. After all, Spain was sooooooo last week. And besides there is actually nothing a president can do about the two wars that the country is now engaged in; or the economy teetering on default; or the chaos on our southern border.

No the only thing the presidency is good for these days is hectoring the public to be open minded about some radical Islamo-Terror-Fascist’s attempt to build a Mosque at GZ. But these stupid rube bitter clingers just don’t get the brilliance of this president. All this talent and genius wasted on a bunch of unwashed ignoramuses.

Well then, we’ll show them. We’ll just jet down to Martha’s using two separate planes a mere two hours apart. No reason why we should adjust our schedules by two hours or even two minutes to save these unworthy slobs a few tax dollars. We are in charge, and damn it we’re going to act like it. That’ll show ‘em. Next time they will just blindly support my decision to support my religion… ur, er, Islam…no wait the GZM…no that’s not right…uhmmm…religious tolerance. Yes that’s it, religious tolerance.

Can Nov 2 come fast enough? No it can’t.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Just a few things

Where’d they get that idea?

There are a couple of polls out indicating that somewhere between 18-24% of Americans believe that P-BO is a Muslim. The administration and their lackeys in the MSM are wondering how this can be and are insisting P-BO is NOT a Muslim. In fact they are denying it so vigorously that you’d think that they thought that there was something wrong with being a Muslim – well, at least in an election year.

But the administration’s surprise is, well surprising. P-BO spent the campaign maligning Christians as bitter clingers. Then during his bow and kiss (the @$$) tour the Middle East, he heaped all sorts of praise, most of it unfounded, on Muslims. Then he comes out for building a victory Mosque at Ground Zero. Why wouldn’t people think he was Muslim?

The polls also show fewer and fewer people believe that P-BO is real Christian. Again the administration is shocked, shocked that people do not believe the president is a committed Christian. Maybe people have finally been made aware of the strange kind of Christianity P-BO availed himself to at the Rev? Wright church of G-D America.

I don’t believe P-BO is Muslim. I don’t believe P-BO is a committed Christian. Like everything associated with this guy, nobody really seems to understand what he is.

Lying to a bunch of liars is a crime?

Roger Clemens is in a bit of hot water. Seems the congress believes that he told them a couple of whoppers during steroid testimony a while back, when Clemens vehemently denied steroid use.

First, anyone who played baseball past the age of 35 during the Bud I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing Selig era as Baseball Commish is automatically suspect. In fact, I’ll go one step further. Anyone in that category that had an all-star year needs to prove that he is innocent of using performance enhancing drugs. Drug use during Selig’s tenure was/is so prevalent that the presumption has to be, if a player is doing well, he must be juicing.

That said, who cares even a hint if Clemens went before congress and lied? The president does it every year. It’s called The State of the Union Address. In fact P-Bo was called on it by the good Joe Wilson when Wilson shouted “YOU LIE!” after the president assured the American people that P-BO care wouldn’t fund abortion. Well, now that P-BO care does fund abortion, will the congress issue a subpoena for P-BO?

And why is congress investigating baseball in the first place? We have two wars raging, the economy is teetering on bankruptcy, our borders leak a row boat build by the Three Stooges and they think they need to get involved in baseball? A bunch of preening jackasses.

Oh good, another Jew bashing summit

Hillzilla announced that direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians will resume in early September. Wonderful. Why would Israel want to talk to the Palestinians? They are divided into two groups. One group is led by a rather powerless figure head “moderate” Mahmood Abbas who wants to kill the Jews slowly so nobody will notice. The other group is Hamas who would just as soon kill all the Jews at once, public opinion be damned.

Hamas has been a thorn in both Israel and Abbas’s side. They lob missiles by the dozen indiscriminately into Israel and have kicked Abbas out of the West bank. So anything that P-BO and Hillzilla might be able to force Israel into agreeing with Abbas about, will literally be blow up by Hamas the next day.

And why would Israel trust our “Muslim” president or Hillizilla? One is an arrogant Jew basher in a pant suit and the other is married to Bill Clinton who couldn’t move the ball on this issue in eight years.  I suppose they have to go, but I'd be very careful around this crew that can't shoot straight.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Griffin holds forth on all manner of things

Lex has paid the Griffin twice what Lex makes on each posting for these gems of wisdom.  They are worth every cent Lex paid for them. 

Wringing the Golden Goose's neck
Like the steady din of the horns in the background of the World Cup, the government idiocy that marks this administration becomes numbing after a while. Kindred to the drip, drip, drip of a Chinese water torture.

The political lesson apparently needs an occasional reinvigorating. The lesson is that when the people know for sure that their will is being superseded for the will of the government they will act. And it will be with vigor.

Two good friends I spoke with this week have started their own businesses. There are more new business start ups in a bad economy than in a good economy. Of course people tend to sit on their backsides when times are good and take control when times are not good. Unless of course, the people are clueless and requires the government to run all the important aspects of their lives. The first business of America is business. It is the lifeline that supports every social program, the military and the dubious earmark/paybacks to political supporters.

A lesson that I have passed on more than once to my own children is that you have to take care of yourself first before you can help others. This includes our governments. The nonsensical gangs in the White House and Congress have turned that 180 degrees and held that course for the last four years. Like the lotto winner that squanders several million dollars, wealth it is not appreciated for its real value until it is gone. Wealth provides options that those without it do not have.

When our government imposes harsh restrictions on generating wealth and businesses they are pointing the pistol at their own heads. The unforgivable adder is then for government to demand the remaining fruits and squander them too. The real seed corn that is left over is the ingenuity and determination of the individual to retake as much control as possible back from any government that imposes its will on an unwilling public.

Ideology and pragmatism can coexist, but only in such a ratio that allows pragmatism to be the far greater content of the mix. The pendulum is swinging hard back to center. It will probably overshoot. But the business of America demands it now and for the next 5-10 years.

The treasury now is as empty as the talking heads now in control. They have squandered the treasury and their opportunities. Rather than admit it, they have been inclined blame others as racist, near homicidal, and unhinged. It validates, more than they realize, the desire of the people to remove them from power. November will see the Buckeyes go undefeated, a new conservative congress, and a nice family get-together at Thanksgiving. Can’t wait.

Labor Vs. Business, can’t we all just get along?
Why is it that the libs pound away that you are either pro-labor or pro-business? Can’t a person be both? It is like saying my left arm is numb but the rest of me is okay. Really? So who wins when the libs force a factory to Botswana, US workers are laid off, the product quality goes to crap, and the companies brand goes the way of the dodo bird? No one wins. Workers draw from the union fund and unemployment is paid for by the taxpayers. Great long term strategy by the government and Big Business is the bad guy. And taxes? Less for the government.

The government as an unbiased arbitrator
GM stock will soon come up for sale (next week?). How can the government provide an unbiased prospectus of the stock offering when the government owns it? Is the role of the government to protect or exploit the citizens? “Hey Joe, let’s take grandma’s life savings and buy GM stock from the government”. “Yea the gov’t is saying it is a rock solid investment”. All companies position their companies in the best possible light when offering stock. I am waiting to hear that the gov’t will back the stock price for 10 years, or 15 years. With what? Why our own tax dollars. If a US company tried to offer that kind of guarantee the company leadership would be shackled up after being horse whipped.

Cash for foreign car makers
Cash for Clunkers was to stimulate auto manufacturing. It did but for foreign countries. 60% of the cars sold were not US made. The government was absolutely brilliant on this one. It makes the government look like the flimflam man. “Push, pull, or drive that piece of junk in here and the government will give you money to buy your next new car”…but not necessarily a US make because the greeni’s that love Toyota and Honda would kill us. It killed new car sales to US companies for about 3 months. And here is the kick…..THEY OWNED GM when they did this!! Brilliant.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dumb and Dumber

Hmm, I dunnknow. Who is dumber, Maxine Waters or Grand Fran Nan? I just dunnknow. Both seem to be afflicted with a strange birth defect where the only thing that works on their empty heads is the one thing that shouldn’t, their mouths.

There is no doubt that Maxine Waters is incredibly stupid. She also has the disadvantage of looking the part. And oh my, when she talks, she sounds like a shrieking hawk that at the same time is running its talons down a chalk board with a squeaky wheel in the background during a third grade piano recital.

Every time she opens her pie hole, you just want to run for the hills. But you can’t, because you just know something insanely stupid is about to pour forth. So you are forced to endure to see if her latest idiocy out does the last. She rarely disappoints. It’s almost like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

“No, Mike, there is no way those brakes will stop either train in time. Let’s just sit back and see what happens. Yep, they are going to collide.  Wow!”

Then there’s Grand Fran Nan. She is the stealth candidate. Except for the clownish eyebrows permanently affixed a ¼ of an inch from her hairline by 10,000 botox injections in a vain effort to stretch the age wrinkles from the rest of her face, she’s not an unattractive lady.  Her outward appearance gives no hint of the heavy box of rocks contained inside her cranium.

Uttering one of the all-time 5 dumbest things ever said by anyone, when talking about the 2,000+ page Ocare bill, Grand Fran Nan is the genius that said “we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it.” Well no, actually you don’t. You could read it to find out what’s in it before you foist it off on an unwilling public.

Now Maxine has upped the ante on Grand Fran Nan. Under investigation for trying to steer TARP money to a bank that her and her hubby have a sizable stake in, Maxine has declared the house ethics investigation…wait for it…wait for it…RACIST!!!!! Oh and besides, if there was any wrong doing on her part, it was all George Bush’s fault. “George Bush made me violate the house ethics rules. That’s right. The same way he got all of you support the Iraq war, he got me to lobby to for money to save the bank that hubby and I were about to lose our @$$es on.”

Afraid that Maxine might be seen as the dumber of the two, Grand Fran Nan saw Maxine’s stupidity and raised her by a bunch. Grand Fran Nan has called for the investigation of private American citizens who oppose the GZM. That would be 70% of us. Damn. Think about it. If the government hires enough investigators to look into us all, unemployment would disappear. Brilliant.

Then in some half-hearted effort to walk the investigation of 70% of American’s back a bit, Grand Fran Nan said it should be an "unofficial" congressional investigation. Huh? Unofficial is much, much worse than official. Would you rather testify before the house with cameras rolling and the public watching or be dragged into the basement of the Capitol Building in the dark of night and face an inquisition with some worthless $h!t like Patty Fitz recording everything to hang you up on a lying to congress charge?

7 million votes are thrown out by one judge.

Private property is seized by the government and given to another private citizen.

DOJ is suing AZ, because elected officials there are enforcing the law.

A slam dunk voter intimidation case is dropped by DOJ.

Public officials loot the treasury with impunity.

Public officials are not required to follow the laws imposed upon the people.

Laws consisting of thousands of unread pages are passed against the will of the people.

The government undertakes “unofficial investigations” of private American citizens because of their political opinion.

These are the things that armed revolutions are based upon.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If you lose just double down

Well the world can finally sleep easy, Rod Blagojevich was found not guilty on all but one of the 24 counts filed against him by DOJ. But wait. DOJ has vowed to file for a new trial as early as next week. Huh?

DOJ had a slam dunk case against the New (but actually the same old) Black Panthers and dropped it. They wouldn’t even bring it to court for sentencing. DOJ is also considering bring a case against AZ sheriff Joe Arpaio for enforcing the laws that the fed refuses to enforce. So now DOJ has just had their @$$es handed to them in a court case but they are going to re-file? Ignore the NBP, pursue Joe Arpaio and re-try Blago. Sure why not. What a wonderful DOJ.

Every time you get your @$$ handed to you, double down with taxpayer money and try to get the guy again. In the Marine Corps we called this reinforcing failure. If an attack fails in one sector you do not send more troops to that sector. You send more troops to the sector that is experiencing the most success.

And dare I say, it’s time to start questioning the legal mind of Patrick Fitzgerald. This is the same boob that spent untold millions and a couple of years “investigating” the outing of the already outted CIA office worker Valerie Plame when he knew from the start that Uncle Fester look-a-like Richard the dick Armitage was the culprit. Then Rick the dick walks Scott free and Scooter Libby gets hung out to dry on a “lying to the FBI” charge. WTF?

Now Pat has let oily Rod run a gauntlet of charges and has only managed to hang him up on a…wait for it…lying to the FBI charge. Note to self: No matter what, do not talk to the FBI. Talking to the FBI seems more legally risky than actually committing a crime.

Statement From Pat Fitz:
Sure, the major crime charged against Mr. Lex was robbing the Fifth One Third Second to none bank and he walked on that charge, but we got him for lying to the FBI. He said he couldn't have robbed the bank because he was dropping Lex jr. off at school at 7:30, the exact time that the crime occurred.  Well the traffic cam clearly shows him dropping jr. off at 7:35. He lied to the FBI.  It’s a slam dunk. Sort of like the NBP case, the only difference is Lex is white and we’ll be pursuing this one.

Seems to me that Fitzgerald has twice proven himself to be an incompetent trial lawyer and should be reassigned to investigate J-walking cases in Billings, MT. The only question would be is weather or not they an FBI office there.

Hit and run

According to Amb. John Bolton, Israel has only a couple of days left to hit the Iranian nuke reactor at Bushehr. The clock has run down due to our “friends” the Russians providing fuel for the reactor. As the thinking goes, after the fuel is loaded, attacking the reactor is a no-no because of the risk of nuclear fall-out. I’m not absolutely certain that those calculations go into Israeli planning.

But the real problem with the Iranian reactor isn’t an Israeli attack. It is the total inability of the “international community” led by the UN to succeed in an effort that “they” all seem to agree with. Resolution after resolution and sanction after sanction have accomplished what?

Food Stamps
P-BO and friends have taken to raiding the food stamp program to fund high priority projects like the First angry Lady Moochelle's “Let’s move” initiative. Yeah we’ll let’s move you back to Chicago in 2012. Why raid the lib iconic food stamp program to pay for some unelected angry chick’s anti fat kid program? Easy, the program will never lose a dime. Libs know that gutless Republi-rats will never vote to take money out of the food stamp program.

Grand Fran Nan is calling for an investigation of people opposed to the GZM. So she wants to investigate about 70% of the American people who oppose the idea of the GZM. Not because it violates the first amendment, but because it’s a stupid @$$ idea being proposed and funded by radical Muslims. So will the first witness at Pelooser’s hearings be Stupid Scrawny?

Then you have lizard lip licking Mao loving buffoon Anita Dunn(ce) telling MessNBC that the Republican Party is solidifying its reputation for intolerance by opposing the GZM. Huh? 70% Anita. In a good year “Republicans” don’t make up 40%. Where are the other 30+% coming from? There are more than a few Dems and almighty Independents in that 70% some place. This is why the Demo-Dopes are running scared. They are so far on the wrong side of this issue the only way out is calling 70% of Americans “intolerant.” It didn’t work with the Tea Party and it won’t work with this issue.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scrawny Harry thinks P-BO acted stupidly

Stupid Scrawny Harry Reid, in a political battle for his life, was forced by his opponent yesterday to say what people with brains knew last Fri. night, that the president acted stupidly when lecturing us on the Ground Zero Mosque - GZM. Stupid Scrawny’s Republican opponent Sharon Angle pounced and demanded that Scrawny take a stand on the president’s pandering and ill advised remarks to a Muslim audience.

Scrawny – the Demo-Dope senate majority leader - was forced to declare a president from his own party a fool, and said the GZM should be built elsewhere. In another boost to the Republican party, he went on to say that he didn't know how any Muslim could be a Republican.  No wait.  Sorry, that was Hispanics.  In normal times that would indicate a rather large rift within the Demo-Dope party. But the lapdog media just airbrushes the story if they mention it all.

By acting so stupidly P-BO has nationalized the GZM issue. Every Demo-Dope candidate in the country will now have to state his position the GZM. Seeing as the issue breaks about 65-30 opposed to the P-BO position, it should be a good thing for Republicans. But it should be a better thing for the country. Pressure is going to build against the idiocy of building a Muslim victory monument at GZ.

And the Lex prediction of yesterday is already coming true. Radicals from both sides are beginning to line up on the Mosque issue. Greg Gutfeld now insists that his Muslim gay bar is NOT satirical poke at GZM organizers. He’s serious! On the other side the wonderful and highly influential terrorist group Hamas is siding with our wonderful and highly influential president that the GZM should be built. According to this Islamo-Terror-Fascist group that supports P-BO’s rhetoric on the GZM, “Muslims must build everywhere.” How nice. 65% of Americans think the GZM is a bad idea, but hey as long as Hamas is cool with it, what could possibly be the problem?

The White House is saying that P-BO never endorsed the GZM. What the hell else would call it when he tells Muslims in a prepared speech that they have the right to build the GZM – period end of sentence? That is an endorsement plain and simple. It wasn’t until Sat., when he got kicked between the legs by right thinking Americans, that P-BO began pulling back from acting so stupidly on Fri.

I’m sort of an either you’re with us or you’re against us on this issue. By acting so stupidly P-BO will be forced in the next day or two into telling us if he thinks the GZM is a good idea or not. Anyone guess how he will come down?

And the last bit of foolishness on the GZM is declaring it a local issue. Yes of course 9/11 was simply an issue for the NY city police and fire depts. 9/11 was and remains a national issue. Forget about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that the incident triggered, the nation also paid out millions to the survivors of each victim. NY City isn’t footing the bill for 9/11, the nation is. So Mayor Bloomberg and his city committee on historical sites can go to hell. GZ is national business.

While Lex was dutifully sounding the alarm to the country of Demo-Dope plans to dismantle America, some things that need brief comments from Lex have slipped by in the recent past.

Jet Blue @$$bag

It turns out that folk hero for a minute Steven Slater is just some liquored up d-bag not a real folk hero. Slater claimed that he went berserk on Jet Blue flight only after being struck by a passenger. Turns Slater’s “injury” was in plain view of passengers before the flight ever left the gate at its origin. Passengers also claim Slater had been acting like a jerk for the entire flight. Some claimed he had been drinking.

I knew this guy was a Bozo the second I saw him mugging for the camera after his arrest. Put him jail.


Go ahead and publish the leaked papers, but try the person who leaked them for treason and, if convicted, shoot him. I used to keep a message from Marine Major William Ward Barrows from the 1800s in my office. The message went something like this:

“We caught a few days ago a deserter and have just had his head shaved and 200 lashes laid on, but we will never end this scourge until we can shoot a few.”

I’m not a big fan of the death penalty, but the same is true of treasonous bastards like Pollard, the Walkers, Aldrich Ames, and this WikiLeaks creep. Shoot ‘em.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Radical Muslims shout "Fire!' in lower Manhattan

It isn’t easy not to slip into some red hot diatribe on P-BO’s ill considered approval and support for building a Victory Mosque at Ground Zero. It wasn’t very long ago Lex gave up calling P-BO a whole host of richly deserved yet unflattering monikers. I was tempted to scrap this whole new tone thing in favor of unloading on the president over his latest callous, uninformed, idiotic, foolish and yes unpatriotic decision: 

“I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country. That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances.”

Hmmm, let’s take a look at this bit by bit:

“I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country.”

As far as I know, nobody is telling Muslims that they cannot “practice their religion.” Could be wrong on this, but I haven’t even heard what the Lamestream Media think are the radical racists that make up the Tea Party movement declare that the US is now a Muslim free zone. This is what this guy does all the time. He constructs some of the most absurd phony baloney straw men imaginable and then proceeds to tear them apart. Then then lame brained left hails him as genius and clear thinker for tearing down foolish arguments of his own making.

The issue here Mr. President isn’t weather or not Muslims can “practice their religion,” It is weather or not it is smart or even constructive to put the Victory Mosque so close to ground zero. Only a self-serving fool would frame the argument over the Victory Mosque around a first amendment right of Muslims to practice their religion. That isn’t an argument anyone but you is making.


“That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances.”

I suppose the president would support the Japanese if they wanted to place Shinto shrine at the entrance to USS Arizona memorial. No, that is not hyperbole. Really, I think this guy is so out of touch that he wouldn’t see a problem with a Japanese shrine extolling the virtues of the people who laid waste to Pear Harbor right next door to the memorial for the American victims. Yes really, he seems that clueless to me.

People and groups have all kinds of rights that they should not exercise as a matter of good taste, civility, common sense and decency. It’s like parents at a little league baseball game. They have a right to yell at the teenage ump when little Johnny strike out, but they shouldn’t. The ump and little Johnny are both doing their best. When an unruly parent starts in on the ump or the opposing pitcher, they are usually quickly put in their place with a stare or a “Hey, knock it off” from another adult.

That is what is missing here a stern word from another adult. Far from a stern word, Mayor Bloomberg, P-BO and a whole raft of Demo-Dopes are actually encouraging this outrageously poor behavior by a group of radical Muslims. Then, when a responsible adult does speak up, these fools on the left label that person an “intolerant bigot.” These are the same mindless elites who call everything outside their own wants, desires and moral leanings discriminatory, racist, fascist etc.

I’ve made this point before, I don’t know when discrimination got such a bad name. It is what allows us to discern the “light at the end of the tunnel” from an on coming train. It’s OK to discriminate against bad taste. It’s OK to be against something that is so disgraceful and so “in your face” offensive that it makes your blood boil. And it doesn’t matter one hoot that whatever that something is – is “legal.”

I’ll make this last point – and write this down. If built, this Muslim thing will be a point of controversy from day one until the day they put a wrecking ball to it. It will be nothing but a lightening rod for kooks on both sides. The religion of perpetual outrage will use every demonstration against it for propaganda, and I believe that propaganda is the primary purpose for whatever structure the radical Muslims place on that site. You cannot yell “Fire!” in crowded theater as joke for fear of the consequences. Well that is exactly what is happening here. Radical Muslims are yelling “Fire!” in lower Manhattan. But instead of hold the radicals accountable for the mayhem that ensues, Mayor Bloomberg and P-BO are blaming the people being trampled for their own plight.

That is beyond contemptible.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hillzilla sends Rauf on mission to Middle East...raise money for Victory Mosque

Just when you think – It can’t get any worse – you read this:

The State Department is using US taxpayer money to send Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, yeah that Rauf, to the Middle East as a public outreach to Muslims.

Who is Rauf? He is "a moderate Muslim cleric” as far as that description goes. Moderate means he’ll keep his mouth shut when a western head is cut off by Islamo-Terror-Fascists instead of saying the victim deserved it. But no, that’s not correct. Rauf says Osama bin Laden was made in America, and that America was an accessory to 9/11. So there must be a whole other definition of the word “moderate” for Muslims at the US Dept. of State.

I guess in this day and age it’s money better spent, at least less of it, than sending Moochelle - as Rush Limbaugh has taken to calling the First Angry Lady – to Spain with her entourage. Maybe Moochelle and Feisal could travel together on Air Force II to get the cost back up into the stratosphere. Nope. Won’t work. Just back from the arduous vacation in Spain, Moochelle has to rest up for the even more arduous vacation to Martha’s Vineyard later this month. Looks like Feisal will be on his own.

Let’s face it.  There is no face to the “moderate Muslim.” There may be one or two moderate Muslims out there hiding with Leprechauns, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and Elvis, but like the others, no one has seen them lately. They do not make the six o’clock news and if they exist at all they are drowned out or killed by the human debris like Rauf. Oh, and as if sending this dirt bag to the Middle East on the taxpayer dime isn’t bad enough, Rauf is expected to use the trip as a fund raiser for his Muslim Victory Mosque at Ground Zero.

Now remind again who the Sec State is. Oh yeah, the world’s smartest woman, Hillzilla Clinton. Well how smart do you have to be to understand that maybe you ought not spend taxpayer money to send your enemy on trip to raise money to build an offensive structure at Ground Zero? Apparently, you have to be a whole lot smarter than Hillzilla.

On a happier note about the Ground Zero Mosque (GZM), Greg Gutfeld is raising money to open a Muslim gay bar next door to the Mosque. Not a terrible idea. How about a pig farm on the other side?

When the Yankees built their new stadium, some workers claimed that they planted Red Sox jerseys inside the structure. Can you imagine what these wise @$$es will do to that Mosque. I can hear it now:

“Yeah sure, I sabataggied da whole entire ting. Every day I dumped a bag a pork rinds and a couple a pounds of dat thick slice bacon into da crete mix an everybody pi$$ed all over the da steal. A couple of da guys even took dumps in a few strategic places. But hey, dat ain’t as bad as my brudder Joey. He went over to Joysy an got him a couple of piglets he let run through the place. And that Jew was forever puttin them rolled up scrolls he called tories into the walls. An even Fadder Andrew came by everyday sprinkling so much Holy Water all over everything it looked like a down pour. Den when da whole ting was done, dem homos from Gutfeld’s bar next door was in here doin’ tings I can’t even talk about. I’ll just say dis, it’s gonna take a whole lot more dan Stanley Steamer to get dem carpets clean.”

Thursday, August 12, 2010

In atrful and racist

Stupid Scrawny Harry the war is lost Reid let loose this brilliant insight:
"I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, okay. Do I need to say more?"

Yeah Harry, I expect when you say something that racist and ignorant, you do need to say more.

Perhaps you could differentiate between light skinned Latinos and dark skinned Latinos. You remember Stupid Harry’s remark about some light skinned negro - B-HO – during the campaign don’t you? Well Harry seems to think that all these Latinos need is for some racist piece of crap like Scrawny Harry to tell them which party to belong to. Latinos of course could not be relied upon to figure this out for themselves. Too dumb you know, and they probably don’t even speak English. Better to have some ivory white liberal walking talking hypocritical POS like Stupid Scrawny to tell these poor waifs where they belong.

If Latinos buy into this crap they can expect the Latino family to the way of the black family. Men will be replaced by the federal government. Children will become wards of the state and women will become welfare queens. That is what Demo-Dope welfare policy has done to the black family in large degree and that is exactly what Latinos can expect if they buy into Stupid Scrawny’s logic.

Besides Scrawny, the biggest part of the Latino population are pro family, pro life, pro traditional marriage, pro work and suspicious of the federalis. If they gave it some thought, many Latinos might find that they are a better fit in the Republican party. Like most groups, except the brain dead who vote exclusively for Demo-Dopes, Latinos are diverse in their interests and political thinking. But don’t worry Stupid Scrawny we all know there are Latino gang members and criminals and like all criminals they will vote for the Demo-Dopes.

Of course everyone including Republicans are giving Stupid Harry a pass calling his comment “in artful.” Really? In artful refers to stating the truth in a bad way, like referring to the fat lady at a cocktail party as “the fat lady” instead of using the more artful “the heavy set woman.”

Stupid Scrawny’s comment wasn’t just “in artful.” It was racist. Harry went on to explain that he didn’t know how any real black man - light or dark skinned - could pass up his fried chicken and watermelon fundraiser,  and wondered why “them Jews” controlled all of the banks.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When you're broke spend more money

OK you’re broke. You don’t have a dime except what you can borrow from your neighbor who doesn’t like you very much and rob out of your kids' college funds. The neighbor props you up because you spend a good deal of your income at his weekly garage sale. Besides, in the long run, the neighbor thinks you or your kids are good for or the borrowed cash.  The kids don't mind because they don't know you're robbing "their" funds and that they are expected to pay the neighbor back if you can't.

So what do you do? Well you go out and buy three expensive computers and you justify the buy by telling yourself they are for your kids’ education. Yes, it’s for the children. Besides the computer store own is a friend that gets you your drinks for free down at the lodge.

Then you offer to pay off your drinking buddy’s home mortgage. After all, he was “tricked” into buying a house he knew he couldn’t afford by some unscrupulous banker and his wife who really liked the curtains. Besides, your buddy gets out the vote for you every year down at the lodge so you can continue as the lodge Grand Pooba. Paying off his mortgage is the least that you can do.

The neighbor who is loaning you money thinks you are nuts and your family is shouting at you to STOP SPENDIING MONEY! But you, with a wealth of economic knowledge gained during your years organizing a mid-night basketball program at the Y, tell them to buzz off. You know what you’re doing.

Sound absurd? Sure it does until the “you” in this story is replaced with our own Community Organizer in Chief, P-BO; the money loaning “neighbor” is replaced with China; the kids are replaced with our kids; the computer store owner is replaced with 50 BILLION to the teacher’s union; and the drinking buddy’s home mortgage is replaced with another 6 BILLION to Freddie and Fanny and the dope himself considering paying off EVERYONE whose mortgage is under water.

You just could not make this stuff up fast enough, if it were not actually happening.

Then there’s this, Stephen Hawking is advising that if we don’t colonize outer space the human race faces extinction. In other news, the AAA and the FAA have advised the government to perfect Star Tek type transporter technology or people will face long drives and flights. Colonize outer space! Why didn’t I think of that? Oh, because I’m not a brilliant physicist trapped in theory. I live in the real world. And I know that we cannot even set up a workable biosphere on our own planet so how the hell would we expect to set one up in outer space?

Monday, August 09, 2010

While I was away:

Lex on the news while I was away. First, if you don’t see it happening every day eventually becoming numb to the liberal onslaught, you think, wow, things are getting bad when all of the news is dumped on you at once.  It's like a lobster being slowly boiled, it doesn't notice the temperature until it's too late.  After a week away I feel like a lobster thrown into a pot that is already boiling.

Thoughts on Al Franken: If you elect a jackass to the senate, don’t be surprised when he acts like a jackass. Franken’s boorish, childish behavior while presiding over the senate during Mitch McConnell’s speech opposing Judge Kagen is exactly who this no talent buffoon is. Why would anyone – particularly the dopes in MN who voted for the creep – be surprised. My mama always said, “Stupid is as stupid does.” Franken is a dope. MN should be very proud.

Thoughts on the NY committee that cleared the way for a mosque at ground zero: Mayor Bloomberg and the libs who populate said board deserve a mosque at ground zero. The rest of the country does not. I think a good talking point for any Republican running for the house or senate would be, “Give us control of the house (senate) and we will hold hearing after hearing until we know where every dime of money going into this project is coming from. Give us control of the house (senate) and we will investigate every single person associated with outrage. Give us control of the house (senate) and we will remove every penny federal money that can be construed in any way to support this BS from NY state and NYNY. If they want a mosque at ground zero, fine they can pay for it.”

Thoughts on the federal judge that overturned prop 8: There is a funny notion in this country that we have a one man one vote system. WRONG! If you’re an unelected unaccountable federal judge you have 7,000,000 plus votes. 7 million, that’s how many Californians voted in support of prop 8. One dope in a black robe overturned those votes. This is exactly why the Roe v. Wade decision is so controversial. Unelected unaccountable judges stuck there noses into the business of the people where they had no business sticking it. Now we are the verge of having a class of unelected tenured for life libs telling us what marriage is. One judge struck down the will of the elected officials in AZ and now this. If this kind of thing continues and people get the feeling that elections and their votes do not matter, there is only one place for this to end - mass civil disobedience followed by revolution.

Thoughts on queen Michelle touring Spain while P-BO asks Americans for sacrifice: File this one with the Franken story. Is anyone surprised that libs are asking the people to do one thing while they engage in the most hypocritical behavior imaginable? I’m not. Particularly, with this current crowd of tax cheats, know nothings, plagiarists, communists, socialists and community organizing rip-off artists running the show. The last thought is: Pay for own damned vacation like everyone else.

Thoughts on the “warmest summer on record:” Well if you could believe the dopes making the claim that would be one thing. But you can not. Besides, all of the warm weather has the IN Ag Dept forecasting a bumper crop this year. There may be so much corn in fact that it actually makes sense to burn it for fuel this year.

Thoughts on some chick named Anne Rice questioning Christianity: Well duh. Who hasn’t? Faith is like that short period of time in parachuting between jumping out of the airplane and the chute opening. During that short period the only thing you have is faith that the chute will open.  Most people play it safe will not leave the airplane. Like the faithful, most of the people who do jump have a wonderfully fulfilling experience. What I’ve seen of the reasons Rice sights for her departure from fold seem like a tired old laundry list from some 20 year old campus bum. For example, she claims that Christians reject science. Oh really? That would be a huge surprise to all of the science departments of major Catholic institutions across this country. Christians do not reject science, they question it. That is what science is all about.

Which brings us to the last story. Thoughts on Christopher Hitchens being stricken with cancer: Hitchens, an avowed atheist, lamented the fact that many Christians were praying for his slow painful death or his eventual conversion. I would suspect that those are a pitifully small minority of Christians. For some reason I’ve always admired this guy. He seems like a brilliant guy to me. As such I, like most Christians, pray for his full recovery. If that is not to be, I pray he passes in the most peaceful way possible.

Hey I’m caught up so you’re caught up!