Thursday, March 31, 2016

Trump is the only answer

Update:  Diamond and Silk have the definitive answer to the Lewandowski case.  Can't stop laughing.

Well, okay then.  Flaws, of which there are many, not withstanding, I think Trump is the only answer.  After kicking his campaign off by taking on the political 3rd rail - immigration - and gaining millions of Demo Dope blue collar votes with his message on trade, Trump most recently spoke the truth about NATO needing an overhaul with members paying their fair share.  He also created a firestorm after speaking the truth about abortion.  That has gotten him in water hot enough to make him back track a bit.  When asked if abortion were made illegal, should women who received an abortion be punished, Trump answered affirmatively. 

Oh the humanity!  First off, it’s unlikely that abortion will ever be ilegal in anyone’s lifetime reading this.  Lefty Libs worship at the altar of free $h!t in the church of punishing commonsense and achievement and abortion is the eucharist of their crude religion.  If it’s against the law, why is it off limits to punish someone for engaging in the practice?  Sure the docs ought to face sanction but I do not think it’s unreasonable for people who enable the evil by submitting to it to receive some sort of punishment.  I look at it like a drug dealer and a user.  Sure you want to get the dealers but if you want to end the scourge maybe you need to at least think about sanctioning all of the participants in some manner.

Immigration is my #1 issue.  Trump is the best on that.  If that does not get fixed, nothing else matters.  If we do not reverse the trend, America will not be recognizable as founded.  Sadly, it’ll look more like the $h!tholes illegal aliens are fleeing.  That confounds me.  Why in the hell would anyone want to come to America, reap its benefits, then try to turn it into the $h!thole they fled?  Well, that’s exactly what is happening.

Ted Cruz is good on immigration as well, but only after Trump forced the entire GOP field – except for the holier than thou The Most Righteous John Kasich – to the correct position on immigration.  But Trump can actually win.  Cruz can't.  Name one state Cruz is going to win that Mitt didn’t.  I’d love to take credit for that observation, but Ann Coulter wrote a column about it here.  Maybe she ripped me off. 

So The Donald is the man.  Okay Donald stop shooting us in the foot.  When asked a question that you haven’t given much thought to, it is perfectly presidential to say, “I’d like to sit with some people I trust and discuss that before blurting out something right now.”  If you did that people would have great respect for you and get the idea that you would seek council before – say - bombing Cuba.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Proof positive that neither Cruz nor Kasich are fit to be Commander in Chief

Commenting on the Corey Lewandowski flap, Ted Cruz actually called the incident a case of “physical violence”.  Huh?  YGBSM.  The incident may meet the letter of FL law for simple battery, but “physical violence” it ain’t.  How can a guy with such a boneheaded understanding of “physical violence” prosecute a war where real physical violence is the norm? 

For his part, John Kasich called the “touching” “very disturbing”.  You cannot be serious.  A heart attack is very serious.  ISIS drowning, burning alive and chopping off the heads of Christians is “very serious”.  This is BS. 

Remember, it was Cruz and Kasich who sided with the Black Thugs Matter against Trump in Chicago.  So at least they are consistent weak political opportunists.

The correct answer for these craven pols is:  We’ll wait and see how the legal process plays out. 

Besides, what happened to all that, “I am woman hear me roar” BS?  Women are supposedly fit for the infantry in this country but whine like babies when someone brushes up next to them in crowded room.  Would any self respecting man call that "assault"?  Well it is Trump.  So probably.  That's the point.  If Trump were not attached to this story, it would not be a story.

Cruz and Kasich are expecting Trump to act just like Rat establishment Republicans whenever the media rolls in on them for a made up controversy.  The ReR playbook calls for the candidate to apologize over and over, fire some innocent person as a sacrificial lamb, apologize over and over and over again, turn yourself in for progressive re-education, apologize over and over, and over again, repeat.  It’s infuriating for the ReRs and the media that Trump will not follow the usual ReR playbook.  Rather he looks them right in the eye and figuratively tells them to “F-off”.

Prediction: Right thinking people will recognize weakness when they see it.  Cruz and Kasich are ReR weaklings.  Voters will appreciate Trump standing up to the ReR, the MSM lapdogs and for once standing by his employee instead of taking the politically expedient path and ruining an innocent guy’s life.

I want to like one of these guy.  I really do.  Kasich is a delusional lefty lib who really does think he’s better than the average guy.  While he lectures us using Bible verse, he’s a moral leper because he’s perfectly willing to accept a nomination bestowed upon him by the ReR Party that he did not come close to winning on his own.

Cruz’s late night preacher-like campaign delivery is so off-putting I put him in the same category as The Empty Suit and Shrillda the Hutt for irritating cadence and delivery.  Also, anyone who lets Glenn Beck tell audiences essentially that “he (Cruz) is the chosen one” needs rethink their entire existence.  Beck also called anyone supporting Trump un-Christian.  Wow!  That’s a pretty broad brush Glenn.  Cruz ought to have disavowed Beck weeks ago.  Being on the same side as Beck is a very high hurdle. 

Trump is just one disaster after another.  Corey Lewandowski is supposedly Trump’s campaign manager.  Who new Trump had a campaign "manager"?  It's pretty much shoot from the hip until you're out of ammo, reload and shoot from the hip.  The heck with firing Lewandowski for brushing against a snowflake in a crowd.  Trump should fire him for not "managing" to stop Trump from ruining his own campaign.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Science Vs. the Arts: Lefty Libs don't get science

The left is winning the argument on language – again.  They effectively destroyed the "gay" that once had a rather benign meaning.  The latest battleground is gender Vs. sex.  The left often uses the word gender when they mean sex.  I am assured by my high school English and science teachers that gender has nothing what-so-ever to do the XY chromosomes that determine a person’s sex.  XX = Female.  XY = Male.  It’s simple science.  He, she, him, her etc. are pronouns that, in most languages, identify "gender" for grammatical purposes.
 So the left has successfully conflated a squishy, malleable term from the arts - “gender” - with the iron clad term from the sciences - “sex”.   A crossdresser named Steve can demand to be called Stephanie with little or no consequences.  If “Steve” insists on camping out in the girls locker room at the local high school because “he’s feeling feminine”, he ought to have his azz beat like every other pervert.
 Common sense is dead.  Idiot pols and Dope Popes want us to invite the Islamo-Terror-Fascists to live among us just to prove we’re not racists.  We’re supposed to support people with deep mental issues because they have “gender issues”.  Uh no they don’t.  They have two XX chromosomes or XY chromosomes.  It’s science.  Turning the world on its head to accommodate the 1/10th of 1% of people who have legitimate sexual identity problems, of which 90% of the 1/10th of 1% have real and tragic mental issues is just plain crazy. 
But that’s what happening under pressure from Hollywood and professional sports.  NC is under pressure for not allowing anyone to use any public bathroom they chose depending on how they feel at the moment.  I cannot believe that women’s groups are not up in arms about this.  Who is it going to hurt?   Women.  Men standing a urinal probably could not care less if woman came in to use one of the stalls. Women on the other hand might be offended if the already long line at the women’s room is extended because guys are feeling feminine that day.  Also, sex is only one differential in the men Vs. women restroom issue.  Let’s face it, men’s rooms are disgusting.  Women generally manage to get their waste into the appropriate container, men are bit less, um, accurate.
 So here’s the solution.  Two restrooms. One is marked urinals.  The other one is marked stalls.  Anyone can use either facility.  If a woman wants to bare her azz and back up the urinal, good for her.  I’d watch until it became the norm.  If women want to share stalls with disgusting men peeing everywhere, not flushing, or worse, flushing with, uh, no result or the worst possible result- a stopped up john, fine I’m all for it.
 My guess is that this common sense solution will be rejected because being able to pee on mass while standing up into a 15 foot trough will be seen as some sort of unfair male privilege that "triggers" snowflakes everywhere.  No.  Everyone must wait in the same long lines for a disgustingly dirty stall.  As is always the case, Lefty Libs never try to elevate the downtrodden.  Instead of solutions that elevate those who must squat to pee with those who stand, the Lefty Libs will insist on forcing the standers to wait in line with the squatters.  That will lead to epidemic of public urination. 
Republican nomination
Okay enough with the potty humor.
  I’m back to square one with the Republican nomination.  Damn it Donald, GROW UP!!  You were on the cusp.  Now we’re going to drag this out to the convention.  So we have a choice between a guy who would probably pee on the stall toilet seat on purpose just to make a point and a self-righteous annoying Glenn Beck acolyte.
Gun grabbing, common core supporting, Robertscare loving, holier than thou, John Kasich should be assured the role of National Comforter in Chief in any Republican administration and asked to end his pointless campaign.  He’s not fit assume the role of VP.  He’s the least conservative candidate left in the race.  F-Kasich.  Cruz should pick Fiorina for VP.  Trump should pick a black, female with a Hispanic surname who works in the porn industry as VP.

Monday, March 28, 2016

The world burns TES tangos

Wow!  I take a few days off to improve the tank trap at the front of the property and the world literally blows up.  If the world is literally blowing up that can mean only one thing, the “religion is of peace” as up to their usual tricks – killing innocents.  This time the target was the capitol of the European Union and NATO and the city with the most beautiful central plaza in all of Europe – Brussels.

ASIDE:  I wonder if the Europeans who have placed the blame for Palestinians blowing up Israeli busses and pizza shops on the Israelis are beginning to have second thoughts about their backazzward calculus on that problem now that it has come to their own neighborhoods?

While Europe washed the blood off the floor, mourned and was otherwise on edge over additional Islamo-Terror-Fascist expressions of peace, our own “Dear Leader” was doing the wave at a baseball game, shaking hands with murdering commie bastard and topped the weekend off with a horrible tango.

This is not surprising.  When the religion of peace is engaging in their expressions of said peace, TES always expresses outrage, grief and promises to bring the perps to justice just before dashing off for a fundraiser or a round of golf.  Must maintain a stiff upper lip and give the appearance of normalcy don’t you know.  And what’s more normal than TES f**king off rather than doing his job?

I think TES looks at the ITF and their murderous activities like America’s last living Cambodian War hero - John Francois Kerry – looks at the ITF attacks on Charlie Hebdo.  Recall when comparing the Paris attacks to the Charlie Hebdo attack, Kerry implied that the Charlie Hebdo attacks were at least “legitimate”.  I think TES believes the ITF murder of Europeans is legitimate due Europe’s colonial past.  So when someone is finally getting what they deserve, you don’t cancel your golf outing or tango lesson to demonstrate solidarity.  You take 30 seconds make some half-azzed comment condemning the attack, blah, blah, blah, mourning the loss, blah, blah, blah, justice, blah, blah, blah, we’re not at war with Islam, blah, blah, blah and then go hit the links.     

The pace of the religion of peace’s expressions of love to the West is accelerating to the point that the messages of condemnation, outrage and promises of justice to the attacks are nearly a rote exercise for TES and other ITF accommodating pols. 

 While the ITF are conducting genocide of Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere, Dope Homer condemns people for exercising their common sense and demonstrating a rational concern for inviting the enemy inside the gates.  Dope Homer condemns those of us who would rather kill the ITF in their own eff-ed up countries rather than investigate the murder of our citizens in our own country.  Oddly, Homer is much harder on us for not wanting to import no talent, uneducated, welfare junkie, murdering bastard ITF into our midst than he is on the same no talent, uneducated, welfare junkie, murdering bastards ITF wiping Christians out around the world.
With all the respect that Homer deserves on issues outside the catechism of the Catholic Church, go to hell Homer.  Seriously, just go to hell.
ASIDE:  Pope Homer’s moniker has been changed to Dope Homer for the exact same reasons Lex refuses to the word “president” anywhere near the excrement smear who occupies the Rainbow House.  I have too much respect for their offices to associate idiots with those titles.
Now, with regard to allowing 10s of 1,000s of un-vetted Muslims into our country, TES and other idiots will assure us only a tiny few Muslims are violent jihadists.  While the actual number of Muslims blowing themselves up in a crowd maybe tiny, about 28% of the overall Muslim population supports the murderer’s tactics and about 51% support Sharia law in their adopted occupied country.  Considering there are in excess of a billion Muslims in the world those are rather large numbers.
Now consider when the ITF (Watch as much as you can stomach) hook up American fascists on campus, (Bill Whittle's latest on Firewall) disrupting Trump rallies, church services, rush hour traffic and anything that has a hint of tradition, you’d better be well armed, because all hell is going to break loose.  TES will welcome the anarchy and condemn as intolerant anyone opposes the anarchy.   It may even be impetus for suspending elections.  You laugh.  You probably laughed when TES suspended the law on immigration, unilaterally suspended the onerous aspects of Robertscare for his buds, sicced the IRS on the Tea Party, ran guns to Mexican drug cartels etc. etc.  TES is a lawless azz.  Anything is possible with this POS.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Holy Week in one post

I'm taking the rest of Holy Week off.  There is enough material here for the rest of the week, so everyone is getting what they paid for.  There will be no subscription refunds.  Have a great and blessed Easter.
GOP convention, wait for itSomebody help me.  The Republican Party is in the middle of a hotly contested primary.  Yet all the buzz everywhere is about a brokered, contested or an open convention this summer.  MSM lapdogs are agog with speculation about a Republican Party implosion in Cleveland.   Walkouts and third party runs fuel much of the speculation.  Neither is a viable option for defeating Shrillda the Hutt. 
This may sound a bit weird coming from the reactionary you all know me to be, but take a deep breath.  There will be plenty of time to trash the Rat establishment Republican Party if and when they decide to screw someone.  For now I’m happy to wait and see if they do. 
Now that he’s the last hurdle impeding the Donald from reaching the Republican nomination, Ted Cruz has gained the mantel of establishment acceptability as a candidate.   A certain death blow for the Cruz campaign.  A couple of months the Rat establishment Republicans could not stand Ted Cruz.  Suddenly Gramnesty, Romney, et al are doing fund raisers for him and telling voters to vote Cruz not because he’s a good guy or even a good candidate but rather to stop Trump.  Having the ReR endorsement is like a candidate being married to a rapist.  It does not help.
I can almost understand the candidates making these cases and warning of dire consequences if they feel they are “cheated”, but what the hell do Karl Rove and Mitt Romney have to do with it?  I heard both use nearly the exact same long list of words (none of them good) to describe the Republican frontrunner.  If I hear it again, I’ll know it’s a Rat establishment Republican talking point.  You know what?  Forget that.  I already know that it’s a ReR talking point.
I can understand Trump’s outrage more than any other candidate.  He’s funding his own campaign.  It’s his own money being flushed if he gets screwed by a bunch of party hacks.  Depending on how/if they screw him, seems to me Trump could sue the party for the cost of his campaign.  None of the other candidates are similarly invested.   They are spending other people’s money.  So yeah, Trump has the right to be the most POed if the party screws him.
I recently saw the Caine Munity on TMC.  It looks to me as if Trump is like Capt. Queeg at the end of the movie, not the neurotic paranoid we see throughout.  At the end you might recall, after getting the “mutineer” off, his lawyer played by Jose Ferrer arrives drunk at the crew’s post-trial celebration party.  Instead of joining in the celebration, Ferrer reads them the riot (can I use that word?) the riot act for not supporting their captain and destroying a pretty good career naval officer.
Trump is not a great candidate.  No one since Ronald Reagan has been.  The ReRs could help Trump become a better candidate, but they’d rather pick up their toys and go home rather than lift a finger to help a guy who is outside the Caligula, D.C. ruling class.  Donald Trump is the frontrunner and ReRs are all up in arms.  Instead of offering sound political and policy advice the only thing old line party hacks can do string together 12-15 nasty descriptions of their frontrunner.  Sure Trump probably wouldn’t take their advice if they offered, but they could put it out there and save their most stinging criticism for Shrillda the Hutt.  
Protesters beaten, jailed at Empty Suit rally
Longing to travel in the company of like-minded commie bastards, The Empty Suit load the family onto Empty Suit One and headed to Havana, Cuba Sunday.  In anticipation of TES’s arrival, local commie bastard officials rounded up, beat and jailed “the usual suspects” so as not to upset TES’s notion that Cuba is a land of sweetness, happiness, free healthcare, apartments, phones, food, electricity, college…well, Cuba is a Bernie Sanders campaign ad for free everything.
Cuba’s round up was not unlike TES’s own roundup of a hapless video maker who got pinned for the attacks on the Benghazi consulate, or the IRS intimidation of Tea Party organizations, or DHS’s attack on returning white war vets, or the VA’s killing off its customers, or WI Demo-Dope prosecutors conducting a series of politically motivated home invasions under the color of law.  In short TES feels right at home in a totalitarian dictatorship.
While the media is enthusiastically covering and condemning the slightest disruption at a Trump rally, placing 100% of the blame on Trump and his supporters, the lapdogs yawn and avert their eyes when the commie bastards beat and lock up their citizens in an effort to impress a halfwit sympathizer.   
The Confederate flag is a no go, but Che is A-OkayAnd while we’re talking about Cuban commie bastards, riddle me this Batman: Yahoo news asks, Why do teenagers continue to wear Confederate Flag clothing?  Uh, lemmesee.  Pride not hate.  They like the colors.  Great, Great Grandpa was killed at Shiloh.  Dad wore it.  To give ruling class $h!tbag pols the middle finger.  It’s a Southern thing.  You wouldn’t understand.  It’s an honest counterbalance to the fraud that is Black Thugs Matter.  They wear it to send the pearl clutching free-speech eliminators who ask “why do they wear it” searching for a powder and a fainting couch. 
So yeah, there a lot of reasons an American teenager might wear a Confederate T-shirt.  I think the much better question is why an American would wear murdering dead commie T-shirt, as in:  Why do kids wear murdering commie bastard Che T-shirts?  Uh, lemmesee.  They love commie murdering bastards.  They hate America and…wait a minute… lemme think…uh, no, I guess that’s it.
I don’t always wear a Che T-shirt, but when I do, it’s a “Che is dead - get over it.” T-shirt.  People’s Cube.
Duke Lacrosse
If you didn’t get the chance to see the ESPN 30 for 30 episode on the Duke Lacrosse team, this a pretty succinct recap.
   #10 is an eye opener.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday roundup: Supreme Court fix, Trump's riots, guns in school and Gramnesty carrying the Dope's water

Fixing the Supreme Court
Plagued with another eye problem that has again placed me on light duty for a week. I’m being forced into unwanted TV viewing.  TURN IT OFF!!  I can hear the collective shout.  Then what  - picking up where I left off in Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time?  Trying for the 10,000th time to master the opening guitar riff in Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl?  Dust?  Vacuum?  What? 

So the news is on in the background and there are two female talking - nay screeching – heads going back and forth on The Empty Suit’s Supreme Court nomination.  The lefty Libs are riding their constitutional high horses demanding that the Senate do its job with regard to TES’s nomination.  Okay the president “shall nominate and with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall appoint” Supreme Court Justices.  So, McConnell simply advises TES that they do not consent to his nominee.  There.  Both branches’ constitutional obligations have been fulfilled.
 I do not know why the Republican leadership feels obligated to telegraph their strategy to the opposition party.  They inform Tes that have no intention of shutting down the government to curb TES’s lawlessness and impeachment of the halfwit in the Rainbow House was off the table from day one for this spineless bunch of Trump spawning weaklings.
Why not get behind closed doors and say, “Look unless he nominates, Ted Cruz, we are not going to consent to the nomination.  We interview him.  No make that, we will endlessly interview him.  We’ll study his record in the same manner the FBI is studying Shrillda the Hutt’s e-mails.  We’ll ask more and more questions.  We’ll deliver product at the same pace the State Dep. has used to produce the Hutt’s e-mails.  Got it?  Now go forth with a face and tone of cooperation.” 
Besides what if the Supreme Court sits with 8 or even 7 justices?  The number of Supreme Court Justices has bounced around between 6 and 10 since the founding.  You could get by with three justices if they limited themselves to interpreting the law instead of making it and confined themselves to faithfully defending the US Constitution.
We are not exactly in uncharted waters here.  As a cost cutting measure the Republicans should wait Ruth Bader Ginsberg out and leave the court at 7.  Balance restored. Problem solved.  No heated confirmation battles.  No insufferable Chuckles Schumer grandstanding.  That would be worth it in and of itself.

Trump’s riots
I think he's speaking metaphorically when he refers to riots at the Republican convention.  Given the media over reaction to the word “riot” you’d think we were talking about Ferguson, MO instead of the Republican convention.  If people are going to get so bent out shape over that wow, what if Trump had said there will be an “earthquake”?  Would the media be, “Oh goodness Donald Trump is calling for an earthquake, probably in CA because it’s a blue state.  What kind of man wants to see death and destruction to an entire state to win an election?”
Now consider that Trump is issuing a very real warning - weather in literal or figurative terms - and the RNC should consider the warning very seriously.  

Is someone in CO reading Lex?
The three regular readers of this page know that Lex has long advocated for programs that teach kids about gun safety in the school system.  Someone in Colorado City, CO mush have run across one of the posts.  Instead of an insane “zero tolerance” policy that only serves to stoke an irrational fear and at the same time curiosity about firearms, bring guns into the classroom and teach safety.  There should be zero tolerance for idiot administrators with a zero tolerance policy.

Gramnesty uses CJCS as political pawn; Dunford cooperates
Chairman Joint Chief Staff Marine General Joe Dunford was used as a pawn by Lindsey Gramnesty during his latest testimony before the US Senate Armed Services Committee.  Without mentioning Trump by name, Gramnesty asked Dunford about Trump’s controversial positions on waterboardeing, and targeting enemy combatants’ families. 
Now first off, you’ll notice where Gramnesty’s loyalties lie.  He didn’t ask General Dunford a hypothetical about a SecState that violated every tenant of operational security by using unsecured communications devises for years putting our troops at risk.  He asked a hypothetical question to embarrass “his” own party's frontrunner.
As far as General Dunford’s answer, I suppose he had to play along.  Saying “Look senator, I know what you are trying to pull.  Fight your own political battles.  Don’t use me for that purpose.”  If pushed he could respond, “We fight battles and wars within the Law of Land warfare.  We are permitted to target enemy combatants.  To the extent that their families associate with them, they become legitimate targets.  Are you familiar with the allies firebombing of Tokyo during WWII?  Do you consider that operation a war crime?  With regard to “torture” or waterboarding, I’ll remind you that a Republican administration sought a legal opinion on the procedure before engaging in it.  It was only after the fact and under political and media pressure that the procedure was considered torture.  When the CIA – not the military – engaged in that practice it was legal.   Now are you of the opinion that it is immoral not to adopt the strategy and weapons that will bring the conflict to its quickest possible end with the minimum of human suffering?   That’s my job, sir.  We’ve been bogged in the Middle East for 15 years for no other reason than we refuse to win.  Do you want to win, sir?”

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Judge Smails (ReR) Vs. Al Cervik (Donald Trump)

It seems to me that Donald Trump’s entry into the Rat establishment Republican nominating process is like the rich but crass and classless but none-the-less lovable Rodney Dangerfield character (Al Czverik) showing up at the appropriately named Bushwood Country Club in the movie Caddyshack.  Czverik moves through Bushwood irritating the old money country club snobs at every turn to the delight of the everyman who buy tickets to such movies.

In the movie, the epitome of the country club snob is depicted by Ted Knight’s character (Judge Smails).   To the enjoyment of the audience, Czverik humiliates Smails in every encounter.  No matter how Smails tries to set Cervik up for failure, by his good nature and unassuming presence, Cervik always ends up getting the best of Smails without ever really trying.  It’s like no matter how many new, new, or newest ReR hope they get behind in the primary, Trump humiliates them and sends them packing to the ash heap of political history.  Low energy Jeb!!, Gramnesty, Paul, Rubio all went the way of the three pronged pitch fork tilting at the Trump windmill on behalf of the ReRs.  Okay Paul not so much a ReR, but none the less gone.

ReR Party regulars (Judge Smails) tries to wave off Trump juggernaut (Al Cervik).  It does not end well for Smails. 

Now in a face saving move Smails - the ReRs - is forced to get behind so get behind Cervik’s poorer better behaved cousin Ted Cruz.  If you look at the photo above and think of Smail’s “dingy” as the ReR Party and Cervik’s yacht as the USS Trump.  In the movie Cervik’s yacht splits Smails’ “dingy” in half and Samils (think Karl Rove here) dutifully goes down with the half of the once beautiful sail boat he’s standing on.

The last thing the ReR Party (Bushwood) expected this year was for Donald Trump (Al Cervik) to show up crashing their heretofore closed club.  They have done everything possible to discourage Donald (Al) from joining making it abundantly clear that they do not want him.  Donald does not care.  Bushwood needs new blood and he’s bringing it.  The old guard won’t go quietly.  They think of it as “their club”.  The last thing they want is the hoi polloi storming the gates ruining their good thing.  So the old guard insiders are considering plans to discount the new members’ votes.  Game’s up fellas.  The only remaining options are not members of the club.  Deal with it or burn it down.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The National Review has one voice of reason - Trump's big night

Okay, well, finally someone at National Review has come to their senses.  It makes sense that would be the invaluable Victor Davis Hanson.   If I could trade brains with someone, anyone would probably be step up, but VDH’s keen sense of world history, his measured manner and powerful intellect would put him at the top of my list.
In this piece, VDH puts the Donald into perspective relative some of the most successful and popular political figures of the day including The Empty Suit, Ronald Reagan, Billbo Billyboy Clinton and Shrillda the Hutt.  While Hanson never comes close to supporting Trump, he does put the Donald and some of his idiosyncrasies into a realistic perspective that the stable of Trump hating NR writers have missed or ignored.  The bottom line here for Rat establishment Republicans should not be to “stop Trump”.  The goal is to beat the Hutt.  ReRs should sober up, and get that very simple fact through their pampered, ruling class, out of touch with America, full crap heads.
Rich Lowery, Kevin Williamson and the rest of the NR staff should print off VDH’s piece.  They should read it every morning with coffee.  They should get it out and re-read it at their mid-morning break.  They should study it over lunch.  They should read it onto a CD and listen to it on the drive home.  They should print a copy to be taped to the bathroom mirror so that they can be reminded of it before going to bed. 
Trump is called delusional for saying he’ll make Mexico pay for the southern border wall.  Cruz is called a brilliant realistic politician for declaring victory last night when he failed to carry a single state (MO is still out).  

Trump is the only Republican candidate to actually be competitive in every state so far and has received more than 2,000,000 more votes than his nearest competitor.

Trump is called delusional for saying he’ll make Mexico pay for the southern border wall.  Kasich is a hero with the ReRs now for winning OH, but somehow is not a delusional laughing stock when says he’ll be the nominee when he needs to win 105% of the remaining delegates to achieve that goal.

Marco lost the nomination on the exact same day he signed onto the gang of 8.  Pundits all agree that Marco has a bright political future.  I’m not so sure.  Betrayal is not something just fades away.  The Gang of 8 will haunt his political career for the foreseeable future in my opinion. 

I do not know if he has a path to the nomination outright.  I think momentum has a lot to with that.  Trump is up in AZ and WI.  UT is a caucus so the ReRs will fix the vote there.  Then it’s on to NY and the northeast where Trump has a big advantage.   So by Apr 26 Trump could have it wrapped by then.

Then Indiana is up and I may be one of those dopes standing in line to vote still trying to make up my mind – Trump or Cruz.  The news guy will stick a mic in face and I’ll have to say I haven’t made up my mind yet.

My sense right now is that Trump is conservative enough on my #1 issue  - immigration – and he isn’t siding with crap head liberal garbage disrupting the process.  Ted is a constitutional moralist comfortable with equally condemning the victim and the perp when someone’s 1st Amendment rights are being infringed.  He’s the “principled conservative” who suspends principle when he senses a political advantage.

Anyone who thinks Trump is not conservative enough consider the following, Trump supports:
Building the wall
Suspending most immigration for 2 years
Fixing the military
Reducing taxes
Fixing trade imbalances
And most importantly exposing Shrillda the Hutt and the entire Clinton crap machine in the same stark terms that has allowed him to dispatch the ReR field
Not an all-inclusive list, but it’s enough.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Super Tuesday part 2

The latest Super Tuesday
Well I do not see Trump overtaking the sitting Governor of Ohio.  The governor of any state pretty much controls the state’s political apparatus in ways senators and others do not.  So I see Kasich continuing his BS run for the VP slot by collecting enough delegates t play Kingmaker in Cleveland.  That may bode well for Trump as Kasich continues to fracture the Rat establishment Republican vote between himself and the latest ReR darling Ted Cruz.
Hard to believe the ReRs are now so desperate that they are beginning to throw in with Cruz.  Weird huh?  Kasich has managed what I encouraged Cruz to do, fly under the radar avoiding a frontal assault on Trump.  Had Kasich tried, Trump would have exposed his illegal alien loving immigration policies and job crushing trade advocacy.  I do not blame Trump for not going after Kasich while already in engaged in a two on one cage match with Cruz and Rubio.  If the people of Ohio knew that Kasich would sell their job out from under them for a loaf of bread to an illegal alien , Ohio would definitely be more in play, maybe even over in Trump’s favor.
Trump could win big tonight.  If he doesn’t sweep the evening, pundits will be claiming it was a bad night for Trump.  It’s getting more and more obvious that he’ll have to beat the field badly to avoid having the nomination snatched from him by ReRs in Cleveland.
The very stupid Shrillda the Hutt
Once billed as the smartest woman in the world, the very stupid Shrillda the Hutt advised us that “world leaders” wanted to endorse it over Donald Trump.  Yeah well maybe the Hutt should go ahead and campaign with Kim Jung mentally Il, ayatollah Khomeini, Bashar Assad, the Castro brothers, Maduro, Xi and all the other despots of the world who would love to see one of their own continue to destroy America from within.
This latest foul came up just after the Hutt told us it was going to put a lot of coal miners out work.  Talk about the government picking winners and losers.  The Hutt will put miners out of work while bringing in untold numbers of illegal aliens to put the rest of us out work.
I cannot believe anyone thinks this thing is qualified to do anything more complicated than blocking a door.
ESPN 30 for 30 takes on the Duke Rape Case 10 years later
I saw most of this ESPN 30 for 30 episode.  Anyone who thinks the death penalty is a good idea should watch the episode.  All it takes is a crooked cop and a POS prosecutor to ruin your life.  The Duke case proves.  The WI John Doe cases prove it.  The IRS case proves it.  The VA proves it.  Once you have the weight of the state coming down on you, you’re in serious trouble and it does not make one bit of difference how innocent you are.
It reminded me of the advice I once got from a criminal attorney friend.  He told me never cooperate with the police if you are being questioned about a crime.  Their job is to clear cases.  It doesn’t matter how innocent you are.  If they get the perp fine, if not well…

Monday, March 14, 2016

Cruz sides with leftist thugs, loses Lex support, campaign doomed

                                    Trump is the only answer now

Concerning the violence at Trump rallies, Ted Cruz says, “there’s no doubt that a candidate bears responsibility for the culture that is set from the top".  Yes, yes, so true Ted exactly in the same way America bears responsibility for the culture that led to the events of 9-11.  In the same way Lincoln bears responsibility for the culture that led to his assassination.  In the same way European women bear responsibility for the culture that leads to Moooooslim animals raping them.  In the same way the Duke Lacrosse players bear responsibility for the culture that led to a crack whore falsely accusing them of rape.  In the same way Christians bear responsibility for the culture that has led to the genocide being carried out against them in the Middle East.  In the same way Kate Steinle bears responsibility…well, you get the point.  Ted’s an azzhole on this one.  For the record, I didn’t leave Cruz.  He left me when he sided with the animals.  Ted, I want my $10 back.

Concerning the anarchist violence directed at the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, the frontrunner for the Republican vice presidential nomination, John Kasich, said,  Donald Trump has created a toxic environment, and the toxic environment has allowed his supporters, and those who sometimes seek confrontation, to come together in violence. There is no place for this. There is no place for a national leader to prey on the fears of people who live in our great country.”  Kasich is at least consistent.  Remember when Mooooooslims killed the cartoonist a Charlie Hebdo?  Kasich blamed the cartoonists for the “toxic environment” that they allowed by drawing cartoons that led to their being murdered.  Well no he didn’t, but it’s pretty much the same, no?

Kasich's NAFTA and open borders past is beginning to catch up with him.  If it does before Tues, he's toast.  Read here.
Then Marco Rubio, doing his best Chuckles Schumer imitation that he mastered while selling out constituents in the gang of eight opined,   “I already talked about the fact that I think Hillary Clinton would be terrible for this country, but the fact that you’re even asking me that question, um…I still, at this moment, continue to intend to support the Republican nominee, but…getting harder every day.”  Rubio also complained that it’s getting harder every day to support the police trying to maintain order in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD because of the continued violence in those places.  Later Little Marco opined: “We settle our differences in this country at the ballot box, not with guns or bayonets or violence. You wonder if we’re headed in a different direction today where we’re no longer capable of having differences of opinion but in fact now protests become a license to take up violence and take on your opponents physically. This is what happens when a leading presidential candidate goes around feeding into a narrative of bitterness and anger and frustration.”  Marco who is disrupting who here.  Is Trump showing up at Black Thugs Matter rallies shouting obscenities at BTM supporters?  
What am I missing here?  Rat establishment Republicans stood with their thumbs up their butts when The Empty Suit encouraged his army of anti-American, anti-social, Obamaphne loving, freeloaders to “get in their (opponents) face” and bring a “gun to a knife fight”. Now - as is always the case with these weakling ReRs – they are in lock step railing against their own frontrunner when a possible ISIS sympathizer rushes Trup while on stage at a political rally.

The azzweasel candidates that do not stand up to the left here or talk about not supporting the Republican candidate – if it’s Trump – are Shrillda the Hutt surrogates.  Any vote for any one of them is a vote for the Hutt.   

Conspiracy Theory 1-16
What I may be missing is the first conspiracy theory of 2016.  Wow three months into the New Year before the first conspiracy theory.  Is that a record?  It seems way too convenient for Lex to think that it’s a coincidence that a week after political donor class azzwipes from both sides gather for a private confab to discuss options for stopping Trump and then riots break out Trump rallies which both parties then use to condemn Trump and his supporters.

All of the ReRs are demanding that Trump lower the rhetoric (i.e. stop telling the truth) that has kept him in the lead in nearly every poll since the day he announced.  Well sure that’s the answer.  Instead of saying he wants to “make America great again”, a statement sure to pee off the anti-American Lefty Libs everywhere and apparently most of the Rat establishment Republican ruling class bastards as well, Trump should adopt a less confrontational slogan like, “America: It’s not as bad as you think”.

Then there’s ReR mainstay Karl Rove’s take on the convention.  Right now trump has 470 delegates.   The rest of the field has 596.  According to Rove, Trump needs win over a 120 more delegates on Tuesday than the rest to get the lead.  What!  Trump has beat the field?  Apparently.  Later Rove, talking about the convention, Rove said well if Trump shows up the most delegates but only at 45% percent that means there is 55% who are against him.  Well, if Trump is in the lead at 45% that would mean everyone else is behind him.  That also means that the percentage of votes against them would be larger than Trump’s 55%.  I think that’s right. So in Rove world it’s okay to dump the frontrunner with 45% of the delegates in favor of a candidate with 40% support. 

I’d remind Karl that Trump supporters are a whole lot more loyal to their candidate than others.  This Cruz supporter was driven out of the Cruz campaign by that candidate’s support for leftist thug crap bags.  If Trump loses me there will be no place in ReR Party for me to go.  ReRs should shut up, level the playing field and get behind the frontrunner.  The ultimate goal is to beat Shrillda the Hutt.   I’m beginning to think that for the ReRs, f they cann beat the Hutt fine, but not at cost that will require them to do real work.  

Friday, March 11, 2016

Please do not report me to the FBI for being anti-government & debate results

The KGB, uh, make that the FBI is asking high schools to inform on anti-government students.  Okay full disclosure I am firmly in the anti-government camp.  No. Wait.  I'm firmly in the f**k the government camp.  Americans asked to inform on Americans for not being PC enough to an arm of the federal government - The Empty Suit's vision of America.

I had thought until recently that the military and the FBI could be counted upon to tell government bureaucrats to get bent when they insisted on those agencies acting like Soviet era government apparatchiks.   So the FBI wants the name of anti-government high school kids and considering prosecuting global warm-mongering deniers which creates more anti-government high shcoolers.

Debate stream
Watching the first half hour of the debate I thought there were four Donald Trumps on stage.  Everyone wanted a wall.  Everyone talked about horrible trade deals. 

Trump was darn near Rubio like with his “we’re going to make great deals” answer. 

Rubio won the argument on Cuba and global warm-mongering.  His “America is not a planet” line to shoot down America destroying its economy in order to adopt policies that will not affect the climate one iota was a good answer.

Trump did not get into the global warm-mongering discussion.  No doubt his answer would have been to make better deals.  

Trump opening up to Cuba is a problem for me.  Again he’s going to make a better deal.  That when Rubio went into a long list of Cuban democratic reforms that would have to happen to make that deal worthwhile.  But at the end of the day we trade with commie bastards in China.  So…

Trump acting as the unifier taking credit for adding millions of voters to the Republican voting rolls was brilliant.  None of the other candidates bothered to point out that just as many were coming out to stop Trump.

Taking on Islamo-Terror-Fascists head on will work well for Trump.  Here’s why.  Radical Islam is the modern (which is to say ancient) face Islam.  There are too few moderating factions in Islam.  Those that do crop up from time to time are immediately slapped with a fatwa from some azzbag imam.  Everywhere two or more Moooooslims gather some innocent gets stabbed, raped or blown up.  In its current form, Islam is nothing more than a murderous cult.

Trump saying win the war and come home was as good answer as there is to the problem of ISIS.  They all finally stubled upon the correct answer to “how many troops”.  That is something military planners should recommend based upon strategic goals established by CinC.

I think that Trump looking presidential will boost him – it’s expected of the others.  So people are saying, “Wow I thought he was just loud mouthed idiot.  He sounded very presidential last night.  I could support that.”

Cruz called Trump supporters “low information”.  Terrible move.  Cruz was his usual flinty self last night and was about as warm and cuddly as a roll of barbed wire on a northern Montana ranch in mid-January.

I actually think trump got the better of the Harvard debate champ with short answers and left Cruz a bit speechless when Trump pointed out that Cruz had flopped on ethanol.

With regard to the convention.  I think Trump got it right.  Whoever shows up in Cleveland with the most delegates should get the nomination.  You might be able to argue that the most actual votes should decide, but the Republican Party needs to look toward the Electoral College.

Trump looked presidential.  Nobody took him out by default, he won.  Rubio went back to being a policy wonk and came in second.  Don’t know if it was enough to swing FL.  Cruz needs to get a personality – finished third.  Kasich continues to make a great case for his VP bid.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

New US military training includes everything except warfighting

Okay, in the post under on the crybabies that populate today’s college, Lex cynically and sarcastically notes that the only safe space for the campus babies might be the new US military that is quickly turning into a force for social justice turning out PC Social Justice Warriors rather than warfighters.  While ISIS is to kill and playing soccer with the heads of dead Christians as balls, the US military are training on micraggerssions, LGBTA>and now white privilege

I’ve always thought that the military was bastion of fair play.  That must be white privilege showing.  I do know that on military promotion boards, school selection boards and special assignments the services issue all manner of precepts outlining how minos – an ever growing list these days – need to be included t what rates.  White boys get no such edge.

While a young Marine, for years in February I used to rail against the “Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity” programs that would invariably crop up during black history month.  (ASIDE:  Why isn’t it African American History Month?)   I’d point out “Affirmative Action” and “Equal Opportunity” are mutually exclusive terms.  No one argued the point, but I was never-the-less advised to keep my opinions about the subjects to myself.

The AA/EO indoctrination was probably the beginning of the PC BS that is now killing the spirit of the US military. Now the US Army is lecturing the force on “white privilege”.  YGBSM.  You cannot be serious.  Now that the truth is out of the bag on that BS, I'm sure the wannabes are looking to their left and then to their right nodding knowing and telling each other, “Damn right.  Whitey is and has been way too privileged in this US military.  Ah, Rochester, get me another cup of coffee, pronto.  Are boots shinned?”

I’ve opined in the past that we should let the women and homosexuals fight the next war and check the results.  We can now add non-whites.  In some places such a scheme might be called genocide, particularly if the enemy is composed of real warfighters.  F**k em.  Sadly, I believe we are going to have to suffer a heinous azzwhippin’ before we wake up and return the military to a primary mission of killing the enemy. 

Gubiment taking over by hiring
Look at this video.  Combine the 32% of Americans with ties to gubimint employment with Mittens 47% of Americans receiving gubiment assistance and one could argue we have gone over the edge. 

Now consider the government is actually looking into suing companies that do ot promote global warm-mongering.   Consider an imperial douche in the White Hose that believes he kill Americans with drones.  Now consider DHS has admitted armed drones are already flying over the US. 

Consider the wannabes running the military.  Is there any doubt that these weasels would fire on Americans if they thought it would advance their careers?  

This is all a good case against the gubiment having the legal authority to kill its citzens.