Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kagan appointed to subvert the constitution through the judiciary

As predicted, Elena Kagan is sailing along in her Judiciary Committee hearings. She most likely will be confirmed with all Demo-Dope votes and more than handful of Reubil-Rat votes. She is sailing along by claiming that she cannot answer any serious question because that matter may come before the court at some point. Great. Why have a hearing then?

If the nominee can dodge every serious question simply by saying that the question cannot be answered because the matter may come before the court, what's the point?  When a question of theory arises such as her support for the framer’s intent or her belief in living constitution, Kagan walked the fence caling herself an “originalist” while saying in the next breath that the founder’s knew the constitution didn’t cover everything for all ages.

Maybe they did maybe they didn’t. But they allowed that the constitution could be amended by a two thirds vote of the senate and the several states. That is what frustrates so many of us. The amendment process for the constitution has been thrown out by Libs who use a the judicial branch to create “rights” out of whole cloth – abortion – while denying all sorts of rights for certain people in other cases - gun rights, property rights, privacy rights when it comes to an obtrusive government, speech rights with regard to McCain Feingold etc. etc.

The amendment process to limit any of declared rights is too damn difficult for Libs. They cannot win on these issues with clear up or down votes so they don’t even try. They allow life time appointed judges do the dirty work for them. That is why Kagan was nominated by P-BO. Plain and simple, she is willing to subvert the constitution through the judiciary because they could never get the constitution amended the way they want through the legislative branch. If they tried to do it the way the framer’s intended, Demo-Dopes couldn’t hold 50 seats in the house.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Supremes one of two yesterday

Hey, finally! We have some good news. The Supreme Court yesterday said that the Second Amendment said what the Second Amendment says – individual Americans have the right to keep and bear arms.

If there is any bad news in the good news, it’s that the ruling was 5-4. Huh? There are four legal minds that can read the Second Amendment and think, “No really the right ‘of the people’ to keep and bear arms that’s not what it means. It really means the right of the people we decide can keep and bear arms.”

One of the four dissenters, 192 year old John Paul Stevens, is being replaced by Jon Lovitz look-a-like Elena Kagan. Kagan’s hearings got underway yesterday and are sure to provide all of the drama of a Harlem Globetrotter’s basketball game. Gee, I hope the Globetrotter’s can finally win one against the Generals. The ‘Totters always win, and ever since Bork, the nominee always gets confirmed. This is why elections matter.

So the doe-eyed Kagan will be confirmed sans any real experience for the job she has been appointed to do. Hmmm, sounds familiar. She’s also not married. Seems she scared off all the men by being too smart. I saw no evidence of her “being too smart” yesterday but I did see other evidence of why men might shy away. Did you see the buttons on that outfit she was wearing? What? She couldn’t find a suit with bigger buttons.

But let’s get back to the Second Amendment. In true Chicago style, Mayor Daley indicated that in light of the high court’s ruling, the city would pass so many restrictive laws on gun ownership that the total would equal a ban. A ban? The hell you say. Recall this bit about a bloody Chicago weekend from a couple of posts below:

Eight people were killed and at least 44 others were shot across the city Friday night into early Monday, including a baby girl who suffered a graze wound to the neck when gunfire erupted at a Near West Side barbecue. On an especially violent Saturday, at least 21 people were shot. That included five people injured in four shootings in the West Side Humboldt Park neighborhood, just blocks from the annual Puerto Rican festival.

Doesn’t’ sound like much of a ban to me. This story demonstrates the idiocy of such policies. Law abiding sheep lay down their guns and end up being preyed upon and slaughtered by scum bags that do not. Better to require each and every citizen to carry a gun than to disarm only the good guys.

In other news that proves that courts are no better than the dopes that populate them. The Supremes ruled that Christian groups can be banned from university for not allowing gays to join the group. Hmm, what about openly gay satin worshipers, should they be allowed to join the “Christian group” as well? What I’d like to see now is a bunch whiter than white Ken doll clones try to join the all black Omega Psi Phi fraternity on campus and see what the Supremes have to say about openness and diversity in that case. Or better yet whiter than white gay men forming a synchronized swim team show up to join the fraternity.

Monday, June 28, 2010

A strategy of withdrawal

What was the Bush strategy in Iraq during the surge? Provide enough security to the Iraqi government and people to allow the newly planted democracy to root and allow adequate training for the Iraqi forces to our place.

What is the P-BO strategy in Afghanistan during our on-going surge there? Hear the crickets chirp? Does anyone even know?

Well yes I do. The strategy in Afghanistan during our on-going surge there is to prevent the total collapse of the Afghan government before P-BO can make his orderly troop withdrawal while declaring victory. We cannot have a total collapse of the Afghan government on P-BO’s watch. That would be a clear signal that he is incompetent. Better to do the S. Vietnam trick. Withdraw, then when the government is overrun claim that, “we did everything we could.” Well we didn’t do everything we could have in Vietnam and by all accounts, we aren’t in Afghanistan either.

Now, flashback to the campaign. What was the B-HO campaign strategy on the two wars. Oddly, it was that Iraq was a terrible mess that was depriving us of the needed resources to win in Afghanistan. That is not a bad strategy. Afghanistan was, after all, the good war.

But now that democracy has taken root in Iraq, available resources be damned, P-BO wants to pull the plug on Afghanistan in July 2011.

Weird huh? Afghanistan was the good war that needed to won during the campaign. Now it’s just a mess we can afford to walk away from on some timetable pulled out of a hat by the court jester – that would be Joe Biden.

Why the change from the good war, to just another war need to cut-n-run from? Simple, first and most obvious, Demo-Dopes are in charge. To them a half hearted effort that ends with thousands of dead Americans, early withdrawal and mission failure is the exact same as an all out effort that ends with thousands of dead Americans, continued American presence in a far away land and mission success. Second, the Afghan war is more difficult to manage than midnight basketball program. And as such it is way too hard to manage for the community organizer who found his way to the Oval Office.

We have to realize that this guy is in way over his head. Our best hope is to stop everything – including Kagan – until after the November elections.

Flash note:
West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd is dead.  For extreme fun watch the MSM twist itself into knots trying to airbrush this Klansman's true nature and history.

Friday, June 25, 2010

YES! It is happening!

Incredible, as reported in The Hill:  Democrats Vote Down 5 Percent Rule

In a bid to stem taxpayer losses for bad loans guaranteed by federal housing agencies Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac, Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn proposed that borrowers be required to make a 5% down payment in order to qualify. His proposal was rejected 57-42 on a party-line vote because, as Senator Chris Dodd (D-Conn) explained, “Passage of such a requirement would restrict home ownership to only those who can afford it.”

Huh? Run that by me again… Chris Dodd (D-Conn) explained, “Passage of such a requirement would restrict home ownership to only those who can afford it.” It still makes no sense. One more time please… Chris Dodd (D-Conn) explained, “Passage of such a requirement would restrict home ownership to only those who can afford it.”

I’m wondering if there is such a program for buying a boat that I cannot afford. No money? No problem. You can still get your 75 foot luxury cruiser with all of the extras. What do you think? Boat ownership is only for those who can afford them? Hey this is Chris Dodd’s America where the American taxpayer can pick up the tab for everything anyone wants.

You can read that line… Chris Dodd (D-Conn) explained, “Passage of such a requirement would restrict home ownership to only those who can afford it.” 100 times, and if you have a brain, it will make no sense 100 times.

Fanny and Freddie continue to hemorrhage money like the “damn hole” continues to hemorrhage oil. Still the Demo-Dopes, like the oil spill, will not allow even modest steps to slow the leak or mitigate the disaster it will cause.

This is another of those incidents that should have sane Americans throwing up their hands and shouting WTF! But it is one of many nearly daily assaults on our sensibilities. Most of us actually do not believe these things are happening. They are. Here’s a short list:

Freddie and Fanny continue to cause economic mayhem and instead of shutting them down the government doubles down with your money.

Creepy looking census workers harass you at your own home and threaten you with fines and jail for not complying with their request to fill out their damn papers.

Bills consisting of thousands of pages of law, that are not even read by law makers, are passed in the dead of night on straight party line votes and against the will of the majority of the American people.

Christians are arrested for passing out Bibles on a public street near an Arab fest in Dearborn, MI.

We force oil companies 50 miles off shore and into a mile of water and act surprised when something goes wrong.

Oil spews of for nearly 60 days in the gulf and nobody has even a whiff of what to do. (Blow the thing up and seal it?)

Politicians change party and principle on a dime and still get 40% of the vote; Then run as “independents;” Independent of any moral compass.

Government officials side with our enemies and brow beat our allies.

Etc. Etc. Run that line by me one more time… Chris Dodd (D-Conn) explained, “Passage of such a requirement would restrict home ownership to only those who can afford it.” YGBSM.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

They are still at war with us

While P-BO was out trying to “plug the damn hole” and sort out a case of high level insubordination, the Time Square bomber – an Islamo-Terror-Fascist named Faisal Shahzad – was telling anyone who would listen that and other Muslim jihadist were at war with America. Guess who didn’t want to hear the truths that Shahzad was spewing? Thaaaat’s right our own pointy headed doofs in nearly every branch of government.

But you don’t have to believe me. Read Shahzad’s own words: "One has to understand where I'm coming from. I consider myself ... a Muslim soldier. And it's a war to kill people." Pretty darn clear to me. They are at war and we are not. When the judge asked Shahzad if he had noticed the women and children in area of his bomb, Shahzad replied "Well, the people select the government. We consider them all the same." They are at war. We are not.

Hmmm. Maybe explain why we’re having trouble in Afghanistan. The enemy is at war with us but we’re conduction “man-made disaster” and “overseas contingency” operations against them.

To make matters worse, our clueless government continues with its meme that Islam is a religion of peace. Well from where I sit, nothing could be further from the truth. Every time something goes boom in a pizza parlor or a vacation resort some shadow Muslim group claims responsibility. That’s OK there nuts in every group. But the sane people who belong to group loudly and continually chastise the nuts who claim membership. We do not hear that from Muslims. The closest we get is the patented, “We condemn all violence, but until we run the Jews into the sea and the Americas out of the Middle East we understand the frustration of our Muslim brothers.”

And it is no better here at home. Christians were arrested at a Muslim festival in Dearborn for the unspeakable crime of handing out bibles. GASP! It just keeps getting nuttier and nuttier everyday. Everyday it is some new outrage. It some outrage that has people thinking this cannot be happening in America. Yet it is. Everyday.

It will get to the point that when this kind of thing happens we will have to gather –weather Christian or not – at these sites in protest. For now the city of Dearborn should have their asses sued off. Too bad they are probably already broke.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New commnader and strategy in Afghanistan

The old saying, “The truth will set you free” is not always true. A lot of people don’t know that when it comes to insubordination in the military, the truth is no defense. In an ordinary court case, if you testify truthfully that it was your, “skinny, know nothing, inexperienced yet arrogant boss who caused the down fall of the company,” the jury will weigh your testimony and if appropriate find in your behalf.

In the military, if you call your boss a skinny, know nothing, inexperienced yet arrogant SOB who is causing the down fall of the country, your guilty of insubordination even if the boss is 40 pounds under weight, doesn’t know anything, has no practical experience yet acts as if he is the second coming and is the off-spring of a dog. It makes no difference. Insubordination – anything that undermines the commander’s legal authority - is prohibited.

This is the jam Gen. Stanley McChrystal finds himself in. He spouts off – truthfully one supposes – that the administration and congress are filled with clueless buffoons making his job more difficult. Well OK. But part of the military man’s mission is to deal with clueless buffoons and still get the job done. And if you cannot get the job done, you send a letter to the boss detailing the problems. If nothing happens, you send another letter – your resignation.

What you shouldn’t do is publicly ridicule the Commander in Chief and other public officials while on active duty. There will be plenty of time for that kind of thing after your letter of resignation is accepted. Once a military man is returned to civilian life he can within reason recount the ineptitude of the commander and offer his own ingenious solutions. Recall there was a whole line of retired flag officers telling Bush what he ought to do. 

What makes this more interesting to Lex is that McChrystal is P-BO’s man. P-BO relieved the Bush guy in Afghanistan to make way for McChrystal. Now it seems neither is happy with the arrangement. You might understand this kind of thing were it some Bush holdover whose Afghan policy was to “kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out” that was causing a problem. That’s not the case. This is P-BO’s man who has emplaced a P-BO strategy to win the hearts and minds of the Afghan people.

The MSM is awash with stories of what a great soldier McChrystal has been. On the whole that may be true, but Lex has been critical before of the Afghan rules of engagement that encourage terrorists to fire on US forces from the sanctuary civilian home or mosque knowing it would take an act of congress for the Americans to return fire. But what do I know of these things. Come to think of it, probably a hell of a lot more than the Commander in Chief.

We should also remember this. McChrystal first became famous for telling 60 Minutes that he had had only one meeting with the president after nearly 3 months on the job, after being appointed the Afghan commander. There’s the problem right there. Were McChrystal able to pass his concerns up the chain of command early and often he might not feel as though he needed to vent his frustrations through 60 Minutes and Rolling Stone.

Anyway this thing goes, it’s a mess. I think McChrystal has to be fired. Commanders cannot be allowed to say the things McCrystal and his staff have been reported to have said about their civilian leadership and stay on – even if, as in this case, they are true. If McChrysal goes, the Afghan theater will be in further confusion for months. If P-BO allows McChrystal to stay on he can expect much more of the same – from anonymous sources – in the future.  Now you know why the military has these rules.  For the good of the force and the nation.  By his remarks, truthfull or not, McChrystal has threatened what little chance we have to achieve success in Afghanistan. 

Now we need a new commander and new strategy.

Add this to the never ending list of things that P-BO is totally unqualified to handle. 

See?  Had McCrystal uttered that truth to Rolling Stone, he could be fired for insubordination.

Monday, June 21, 2010

“Comprehensive immigration reform” = AMNESTY

AZ Senator Jon Kyle told a town hall meeting that P-BO will refuse to secure the border until ILLEGAL immigrants get amnesty. The WH press shill said Kyle was making the statement up. Kyle said the WH press shill was a liar.

This is pretty much politics as usual. OK, it’s politics as usual. But who ya gonna believe? In the same statement, the WH press shill we need “comprehensive immigration reform.” And what exactly does “comprehensive immigration reform” mean to Demo-Dopes? Amnesty! It means amnesty, pure and simple. And if you don’t believe Lex – you should – but if you don’t, consider this:

The US government occasionally conducts raids on employers who hire illegal immigrants as workers, even during Barack Obama’s term of office. Now suddenly Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis has established a hotline number, not for people to tip the government to employers breaking the law, but to act as an agent for illegals to make sure they get paid “fairly.”

YGBSM! You cannot make this stuff up. Now it seems the only problem P-BO has with ILLEGAL aliens is that they aren’t being paid enough. What a crock!

Then there is this. Pols and military men alike are beginning to grouse about American fighting men Sacrificing life and limb in support of a corrupt Afghan government. Fine, don’t support the corrupt Afghan government. Then what? We’re there to kill terrorists. To the extent Karzai allows us to that fine. To the extent we can do it outside his purview and thereby weaken him, even better. Sitting in the air conditioned comfort of home, I think Afghanistan seems to be the perfect place to practice the old Marine Corps adage of “kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out.”

Now we don’t that. I’m just saying it’s a huge problem of balancing Afghan politics with our main mission of killing the enemy.

But if we’re going to pull out of every place where a corrupt government is in charge and Americans are being killed, check out this note from the Griffin:

Eight people were killed and at least 44 others were shot across the city Friday night into early Monday, including a baby girl who suffered a graze wound to the neck when gunfire erupted at a Near West Side barbecue. On an especially violent Saturday, at least 21 people were shot. That included five people injured in four shootings in the West Side Humboldt Park neighborhood, just blocks from the annual Puerto Rican festival.

It is about time we look to pull out of Chicago . Too much corruption.

Who else was from Chicago?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

If green energy worked, those money grubbing private business people would be investing

P-BO is attempting to seize the day on the BP oil spill. But he is not seizing the day to “plug the damn hole” or mitigate the disaster in other useful ways mind you. No P-BO is seizing the day and using the worst man-made environmental disaster (Mt. St. Helens is the worst overall disaster in my mind but not man-mad– wait maybe Bush did that) in the history of the use of the US to push a green agenda.

As the hocus pocus on man-made global warming collapses under the weight of the scientific scandal at the University of East Anglia in Norwich where “scientist” were encouraged to fudge the figures to support the notion that the Earth is warming at a dangerous rate and it man’s fault. But it is not just any man’s fault. It’s a white man with a car, house, job and western diet’s fault.

See China and India are much dirtier environmentally than the US and doing squat about it. While the US wrings its hands over clean energy, China builds three new coal fired electric plants a week. While the US wastes billions on a useless cash for clunkers program, Indian drivers are lashing their transportation together with duck tape, chewing gum and bailing wire to get a few extra mile out it – pollution be damned.

It is not just the East Anglia dishonesty that is catching Global Warmangers by the short hairs. The Earth itself just will not cooperate. There has been no global temperature increase in the last 10 years. Given the extent these “scientist” are willing to go to distort and lie about data, one must wonder if we’re on the brink of a new ice age.

Eviro whackos insisted on moving off-shore drilling platforms out 50 miles and into waters that are more than a mile deep. Then P-BO acts surprised that when something goes wrong – as it always does. What? There is a problem plugging “the damn hole?” Yes this is one bright guy. An oil well explodes under a mile of water (killing 11 workers by the way least we forget) and P-BO acts as if plugging “the damn hole” should be like putting the stopper back into the bathtub drain.

P-BO is not one to let an environmental disaster go waste though. He is demanding that we turn to green energy to solve all of our problems. It will not work. By his own estimations, P-BO knows it will not work.

See if this seems logical to you:

P-BO claims that business is corrupt and driven primarily by profit.

P-BO claims that not only will green energy save the planet but is an economic winner.

If business is corrupt and driven primarily by profit, and green energy is an economic winner, why aren’t corrupt, profit driven private businesses investing billions into it?

Simple, it isn’t profitable or economical yet. Solar and wind are unpredictable and expensive power sources. If you covered every available acre of the US with a solar panel and a wind driven turbine, you could not off-set 10% of US energy demands.

Now, let’s just say it was all feasible. Who do think would get to a solution of abundant green energy first; success driven, money grubbing, corrupt capitalists who would throw their own mothers under the bus to make a dime and who could make billions off of the solution or a bunch of back biting, lazy, corrupt, politically correct, sloth like, bloated federal government bureaucrats?

P-BO cannot have it both ways. If he is correct in his stupid characterization of private business, business would have solved the green energy thing decades ago. So either he wrong about business or he wrong about the profitability of green energy sources. I think he’s wrong about both.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Good for Abby

I’ve seen a lot of concern about the teen who attempted to sail around the world solo. Lex thinks all of the concern is over the top. I recall doing a whole bunch of things as a teen that should have gotten me killed.

Come to think of it Abby Sunderland’s attempt was a whole lot more organized than most of the spur of the moment stupid things we did as teens like jumping off of a 30 foot cliff into a small pool of black water below; or riding a bicycle – no hands – down the Jefferson hill on a bicycle with nothing but a pair of shorts on; or shooting each other with roman candles in some kind of odd 4th of July duel; or tossing a box of .22 sells into roaring fire on a camp out and laughing behind a log while we decided who would be the first to check if the coast was clear; or walking the slate school roof with a 10 pitch to paint our graduating year on it. There are many more that could have easily landed us in the Darwin Award top 10, but most of those involve alcohol. Since I assume Abby was sober, the similarity is not the same.

So, good for Abby! Had it not been for bad weather and 30 foot waves, she could have made it. Her parents, on the other hand, ought to be jailed. Had mom and dad gotten even a whiff of some of the tom foolery going on at the creek behind the house, somebody would have been grounded for months and the creek placed off limits.

Had Abby set up some elaborate rouse that she was spending a couple of weeks with her best friend at their lake cottage, stole the family boat and headed out to sail around the world, the story would have been much better. That has kind of a Disney ring to it.

But what kind of parents allow and encourage their teen aged kids to sail around the world solo? Let’s see, bad weather, pirates, miscalculation on the part of the crew, equipment failure are just a few of the unforeseeable things that could put the CHILD at great risk for life and limb.

How does that conversation even go?

AS: Mom, dad, I want to sail around the world by myself.

Parents: OK. Sure honey be home before, what, July? OK, OK August, but not a day later. Call if you need a ride.

I’m happy that Abby got on that boat, what courage and daring. I hope she got on it because she wanted to and not because mom and dad are living out their foolish dreams through their children. What’s next, jumping the Grand Canyon on a mini bike? Or, “OK Abby that sailing thing didn’t work out. Let’s try the highest sky dive with lowest opening next. The press will love it.” Her parents need a psych eval.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Camodian War Hero Kerry sould lead...for once, maybe the first time in his life

“Sens. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) found many reasons to gloat after getting the 74-page study that showed the overall costs from their legislation’s major global warming provisions would cost an average household between $80 to $150 per year.”

Read more:

Gee that’s less than a dollar a day. We ought to that. We should also give Mr. Peabody a dollar a day to perfect his Way-Back Machine. How about a dollar a day for Professor Ned Brainard to perfect his invention – flubber? A dollar a day from every household could man on Pluto 2033.

I wouldn’t trust Cambodian War Hero John Kerry with a penny a day, week, month or year. Besides, if he’s so sure of himself, why doesn’t he sell his house, uh houses, cars and dump ALL of his own and his wife’s ketchup money into the project? Nothing says “follow me” better than leading the way.

I think ketchup magnet Kerry (or at least a magnet for a woman who married a ketchup magnet) wants us to pay, so he and his government cronies can spread more of our wealth around. If these guys really were interested in solving the “problem” of global warming, they would be demanding that we fast track nuclear energy.  They would be calling for us to drill responsibly in our country.  They would exempt any clean coal technology from ALL taxes.  And first of all, they would live the lives they expect us live in THEIR quest to cool the planet. They aren’t. So, they aren’t serious. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Haul Etheridge into court

I suppose everyone has seen this video by now. If you haven’t, I must ask, “Who are you?” This guy deserves to have an assault charge filed against him and hopefully thrown in jail. Etheridge is obviously a boob of spectacular proportion.

“I have a right to know who you are,” really? Do you? When the state of Arizona says they have a right to demand an ID from a man arrested for drunk driving, excrement for brains like Etheridge say the state is acting like the Nazis. But if a college kid asks a question of a “representative” on the street, that kid apparently must be prepared to relinquish his right to free speech, freedom from assault, and the right to have his property, papers protected.

What a gross display of arrogance. This is what happens when the when the people sent to congress get too comfortable there and expect that they are more important than the people they represent. Etheridge should be hauled into court, publicly dressed down by a judge, made to publicly apologize to the students, sentenced to pay the maximum allowable fine and serve 100 hours of community service at the local soup kitchen scrubbing pots and pans.

The media should be all over this but of course since Etheridge is Demo-Dope he gets a pass.

In happier news, the World Cup has started and the droning of the elites has begun about how the unsophisticated Americans are ignoring the “world’s sport.” Well let me be the first to say, I couldn’t care less about the World Cup unless the Americans win. If the Americans begin to win and Americans begin to take notice of the World Cup as a result, then the media elites will lament the fact we are a bunch of jingoistic Neanderthals. Like when Bryant Gumbal lamented the fact that Americans were rooting for the Americans during the Olympics. Well yeah, who else? Duh. Idiot.

I hope all of the commie and dirt bag countries get their @$$es kicked early in World Cup competition and America wins the whole thing. I won’t spend 10 seconds following anything soccer, futbol, or whatever else they call it, unless Americans are winning.

Does that make me a bad person? Well according to some elite people I don’t give a crap about, it does make me a bad person. I’m OK with that.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Who knew: All we ever really needed to contain the leak was a new plan

It’s, what, day 54 or 55 of thousands of barrels of oil gushing into the gulf? Our ass whippin’ government has finally stumbled upon a plan for plugging the damn hole. That plan consists of demanding a new plan within 48 hours from BP. Brilliant!

You can almost hear the team of BP engineers sitting around the table smacking themselves in forehead, “I could have had a V-8! A new plan!!! Why didn’t we think of that? This changes everything. OK everyone we have 48 hours to get a new plan together. It was so obvious all along. I can’t believe we weren’t working on a new plan.”

OK what does the new plan consist of? Here’s my plan. Demand a new plan from BP, but give them only 24 hours. Hell, Jack Bauer can save the world the several times over in 24 hours, why can’t BP come up with something new in that amount of time?

Here’s the real thing:

Make containing and closing the leak the #1 priority of the Coast Guard, Departments of the Interior, Homeland Security and Energy.

Convene a board of the best minds in science and the oil business in America to solve this problem.
Order every ship with a collection capacity to the spill.

Buy all of the boom material that can be produced and get it to the spill.

Set up an oil containment hot line to evaluate tips from the people to contain the spill. Trust me, someone out there has an idea that will work.

Evaluate Kevin Costerner’s oil/water separator immediately and if it works, mobilize industry to start building them on a massive scale.

Work with governors to clean affected beaches as the oil comes ashore.

Have the military set up tent cities in the gulf and register unemployed workers and college students to work at minimum wage cleaning the beaches.

Use military transport to rush teams to spots where the oil comes ashore.

Fire every census worker to pay for part of the effort.

Issue a positive statement praising BP for their effort. You cannot blast the company that you expect to pay for everything, thereby driving their stack price through the floor, and expect that they will have the money necessary to pay for the clean up.

Open Alaska and close in ocean oil reserves to development. We got into this mess because we did not retrieve the oil closest to our shores first.

Set up a small tent on a lonely beach somewhere in the FL panhandle for Slow Joe Biden to monitor the situation until it is resolved. This would be a perfect use of his talents.

The Lakers lost game 5 of the NBA finals last night.  Now, you'd have though that Lakers coach Phil Jackson would have called a time out somewhere along the way and come up with a new plan to avoid the loss.  He didn't.  They lost.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

DADT has worked, why mess with it?

Sadly, for you, Lex will be off today and tomorrow.  I leave you with this long piece.  I thought I was too old and the times attitudes had changed.  Maybe not.  I concur with the writer, anything that does not make the military stronger or better able to attract the best people is NOT in the nation's interest.  I wonder if the DADT hoopla is specifically deigned to weaken the military and make it more like the rest of society rather than vice verse.

I was intending to write an article on this subject myself, but was blown away by a letter I received from a warrior who is overseas, doing history’s work: fighting for freedom. His response is the epitome of logical sequencing and reasoned analysis, scientific in its conclusions and mathematical in its preciseness.

In other words, indisputable in its truth, the final nail in the coffin of iron-gripped Political Castration.

There is no way I could have done better. I am printing it here unabridged, and as per his request, giving no clues to his name or service. Shame, really, that he must fear retaliation for truth. Such a response is supposed to be reserved for the lie.

Welcome to Armageddon…with our permission born of sloth.

The logical place to begin this discussion is in describing the purpose of the military. Despite recent mission changes that reflect a greater focus on stability operations, ie., nation-building, the primary purpose of the military is to violently execute political goals that cannot otherwise be effected through diplomacy and other non-violent avenues of approach (sanctions, boycotts, etc.). We exist to destroy those who would threaten our political and economic existence. Any change to the military, whether it is in training, equipment, doctrine, or social norms, should be to enhance the lethality of our Armed Forces.

Soldiers are trained to fight as a team, not as individuals. If you look at something as simple as the construction of sectors of fires in a defense, you understand immediately that the primary goal of individual fighting positions is to protect your team members to the left and right of your position. It is not to defend your front. Your front is covered by your buddies to your left and right. In other words, trust and reliance on your team members are absolutely essential. Soldiers live together- at times in conditions that most civilians would find completely uncivilized- sleep together, eat together, shower together, and even defecate together in open slit trenches, in order to accomplish the mission. It is a very strange relationship they share because their lives are so open and inter-connected. During combat, the intensity and necessity of that relationship grows. You must believe that your team members have your survival and well-being as the second highest priority during battle. Notice that I said, "second highest priority". The top priority of any military action is to accomplish the mission.

When Congress or the military attempts to inject social engineering, specifically open homosexuality in the ranks, into this relationship, it is a disaster in the making. Now- instead of mission accomplishment being the top priority- it is individual rights and relationships that become the priority. I find it to be very ironic that Congress and the President are choosing to deal with this issue in the midst of a two front war on Global Terrorism. It is very revealing that the top military concern of the Democrats is allowing open homosexuality into the ranks rather than defeating the enemy in our wars.

If we take homosexuals at their word, they did not choose to be gay. They are, according to them, born gay and are biologically attracted to people of the same sex. If that is the case, what impact does sexual attraction have on military teams? It has a huge and devastating impact. This is even true with heterosexuals and is why the Army has rules against establishing relationships between heterosexuals within the same chain of command. I have served for 26 years. One of the things that I have noticed is when a female is thrown in the mix of a male-dominated world, the males naturally begin competing for her attention. It is not, necessarily, that they are trying to sleep with her, but the natural tendency for heterosexual males is to attract the attention of the opposite sex. It throws a wrench in the relationship between the males. This is why men who serve in Combat Arms branches do not prefer to have women fighting on the front lines. The presence of a female skews the male mentality. Men, by nature, choose to protect women at the expense of protecting their male counterparts. Again, this has deadly consequences when the bullets are flying. If gays are biologically wired to be gay, than they, too, must have this desire to protect the males to whom they are attracted. Instead of focusing on accomplishing the mission and protecting the men to their left and right, they would be more concerned with protecting their attraction.

And how does Congress propose to house gay Soldiers? Are they going to billet gay men with females? What would Congress say if the Army started housing heterosexual males with females in the barracks? Is it not the same thing if you house openly gay males with heterosexual males or other gay Soldiers? Why should they be given special treatment? (I am quite certain that most heterosexual males who were housed with females would consider it special a good way.) If the plan is to provide gay barracks, then why are they allowed to live and sleep with their sexual counterparts and heterosexuals are not? We are also talking about a very small minority of Soldiers. If gays are housed separately, then they would enjoy more living space than heterosexual Soldiers. If you have one gay in your company, does he get his own tent or own room, even if he is a Private? Is that just?

Has the military surveyed Soldiers to see how they feel? I receive dozens of surveys from the military in my email every year. I have never been given a survey on this issue. Why? Why has the military refused to even ask those who would be the most affected by this policy? Why are generals more concerned with appeasing politicians than doing what is best for those who fight and die for this country? I am trying to be unemotional about this, but what is occurring on Capitol Hill and even within the ranks of the senior leadership of the military is a disgrace. Thank God the Marine Corps Chief of Staff spoke like a Soldier. But when an Army general echoed the same sentiment as the Marine, he was disciplined. Why? Who in the Army leadership thinks that a general, who is echoing the majority sentiment of Soldiers, should be disciplined for stating an opinion that defends what Soldiers believe?

The heart of the issue boils down to this: Congress and the President (and I fear some in the military leadership) are more concerned about the sexuality of Soldiers than the efficacy of the military in destroying our enemies. This focus is so far off track and incredible that it is difficult to find the appropriate words to describe. It is further proof that American culture is in decline. I would be just as opposed to any move to make heterosexuality the primary focus of the military rather than destroying the enemy.

I acknowledge that gays have served in the military since military forces were created in ancient times. I have no issue with someone who is gay and serves in the military. But I do not want to know about it and I do not want my squad, platoon, or company to know about it. It is a divisive issue that destroys team integrity. And it will most certainly do this if a homosexual Soldier decides it his "right" to flaunt his gayness. I was most disappointed to read an article a few weeks ago when an alliance of milbloggers came out in support of open homosexuality in the service. I understand why they might make this decision. It is, in my view, based on the fact that we all know gays who have served. But I think people who are not currently in the tent, shower, foxhole, latrine...the fight...forget the detrimental impact that openly gay Soldiers would have on the front lines.

It is truly a sad day in our history when the most talked about issue of our Armed Forces, in the midst of two wars, is about the sexual preference of Soldiers. I think it is a sign of just how self-centered and immature the "adults" who lead our country have become. We are more concerned about satiating our sexual desires than we are about ensuring the very survival of our civilization. Don't ask, don't tell is a policy that has worked. It allows gays to serve in the military. It prevents elevating a Soldier's sexual preference above mission accomplishment and what is best for the military. Today, a gay, male Soldier can receive the Medal of Honor, reach the rank of General, and serve in any military occupation to which he is qualified. There are no restrictions placed upon him, other than the fact that he cannot announce his homosexuality. And why should he? Are gays so insecure in their sexual preferences that they must demand that others accept what, statistically, is deviant behavior? What benefit does the military derive in allowing open homosexuality? How does it make the military better, more effective, and stronger? If the answer is that it allows gays to feel better about themselves, then that is the wrong answer. The military is not about making gay or straight Soldiers feel better about themselves. It is about defending our nation. It should be about making our service members feel better about our nation. (But the Cult of Diversity, to which the homosexual debate belongs, has seriously damaged even this aspect of the military culture. See Gen. Casey's remarks after the Ft. Hood jihadist killed 13 people.) If the answer is that allowing open homosexuality does not make the military better, then we should not even be having this discussion. It is the topic of self-centered, immature "adults" who choose to identify themselves by a sexual act rather than the character and qualities that make a person, gay or straight, a truly responsible and mature citizen of this nation.


So I said it. I apologize for the length, but as you can tell, this issue seriously concerns me. Trash it if you want. Again, I did not mean to offend anyone. My concern is the effectiveness of our forces. This debate has nothing to do with improving the military. In fact, it is detrimental to the my view. I would appreciate anonymity on this. Isn't it sad that I have to fear retribution for simply stating an opposing view to the gay lobby?

At ease, soldier…you did right, and we must NEVER apologize for truth, for if you are offended by truth, it is because you are on the wrong side of it. Our obligation is supposed to be to the truth, NOT politeness. ’Nuff said.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Understanding Libs: an imponderable

When you come from a particular political persuasion, sometimes it’s hard to account for some things. Take Helen Thomas…please! This old gas bag has been in the front row of the White House press corps (corpse?) since the Polk administration. She has said dumb things in the past and after Garfield was shot, gave up any pretext of objectivity. Yet, until a week ago, there she was in the front row.

She was like a loony old aunt who bakes but forgets one of the key ingredients in the sugar cookie recipe – the sugar. The family eats the cookies. They praise Aunt Helen for the wonderful job did. But the family doesn’t enter the cookies in the county baking contest. By giving loony Helen a front row seat at in White House press room, the White House press corps essentially entered her in the county fair. Her fall from grace should have occurred after the Dewy administration – wait I still haven’t gotten over that one – first F. Roosevelt administration. It didn’t. Who is to blame for that? Leftie loon MSM, that’s who.

Now consider this. I grew up in small town in Ohio. To say it was mostly white, would be like saying it gets sort of dark on a moonless night at the bottom of Carlsbad Cavern. It was totally white. During the civil rights brouhaha, I recall my dad saying that the government had no right to tell the local barber that he had to cut a black man’s hair or risk jail time and a fine. His reasoning was if the barber cut a black man’s hair in our town, many of the locals would not give him their business. There is something about freedom to associate in the constitution – the right to peaceably assemble – or something.

So Rand Paul, Republican candidate for the Senate in KY, makes the same point as dad and the fervor explodes. How can Paul be against the civil rights movement? He’s not. Any and all government activities should be open equally to all US citizens. Oddly, right now doors are open more equally to some (minos) than others. And this is OK because it is “affirmative action.” It’s actually BS! But that’s for another rant. Private business, in my opinion and to a lesser degree Paul’s, is none of the Government’s business – unless the business is GM, Chrysler, AIG, Fanny, Freddie etc. which are government businesses. Weird.

The government should not be in the business of telling business how to do business. Besides minos do the exact same thing. If you don’t think so, try walking into a barbershop on Ft. Wayne’s southeast side and tell the barber you are trying to start a mullet. “Say what? You better get the hell outta here boy,” will be about the kindest response you’ll find. Beside we self segregate anyway. And we will continue to do so until the government requires us to have at least one mino in any gathering of 5 or more people. Minos, of course will maintain their right to assemble with whomever they choose.

The other, OK one of many other, things I don’t understand about lefties is why they insist on slaying the golden goose that pays for all of their hare brained, certain to fail, social engineering projects. We sort of had universal health care paid for by responsible people who bought insurance. Everyone got treated in the ER or elsewhere. Ahh, but those damn rich people were getting better care than the rest of us. Well yeah. They paid for it and in the process guaranteed the rest of had some health care. Now, if P-BO care is not repealed, we’re doomed to traveling to a banana republic for healthcare.

Libs bitch about the rich when they should start every comment with, “I’d like to thank those creative people who earn gobs of money and pay huge taxes so I can grab it up to build the Red Tender Sparrow bird sanctuary in my district.” The rich in this country pay for everything. Nearly half of all Americans pay no income taxes. So who do libs think is picking up the load?

I’ve said it a 100 times. Rich people are rich for a reason. They are smarter, more talented, more creative, more driven and savvier than the rest of us, certainly more so than a dope like Charlie Rangel who can’t even pay his own taxes. Every time ol’ Charlie aims tax hikes at the rich, he ends up hitting the rest of square in the wallet.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

P-BO and BP ought to have a beer summit

Uh Oh watch out, tough guy P-BO is out loking for some @$$ to kick: Wow, where’s Don King when you need him. I hope the culprit in this case turns out to be an Ultimate Cage Fighting champ. But being a tough a guy is always easy when you know that the Secret Service will have to do all of the fighting.

So P-BO has time to go to the gulf to talk to fishermen to see whose “@$$ to kick.” I wonder how a fisherman would have such an answer. And if a fisherman knows whose @$$ to kick with regard to an oil rig 50 miles off shore and in a mile of gulf water, might not we expect P-BO himself to have stumbled upon the answer?

Sadly, you get answers like this when the people elect an inexperienced person to high office. Leaders often revert to what they know. So when something goes wrong with P-BO you get beer summits, job bribes, insults to our friends, fawning praise to our enemies and blaming your predecessor and America for anything and everything that goes wrong in the world. This is what this guy knows.

I read yesterday that P-BO had yet to call the CEO of BP. Hmmm. I might have called him before I met with the fishermen. Fishermen are great guys but they probably know less about an oil leak than they do about whose @$$ needs kicking when one occurs.

P-BO call BP CEO and ask:

What are you doing to “plug the damn hole?”

How did this happen?

Has anything like this happened before?

How was that leak contained?

What can I as President of the United States of America offer that will help “plug the damn hole” or mitigate the damage?

Who is responsible for this disaster?

Gotta run there’s a problem with a construction project out back. I’m going to meet with Lex jr. to find out whose @$$ to kick. Sure, I could meet with the General Contractor or the construction foreman, but it’s just easier to meet with jr. Beside if I met with those guys, we might actually resolve the problem. Better to meet with jr. and talk tough. Besides if I met with those guys threatening some @$$ kicking, it’ll be me who get his @$$ kicked. Where’s the Secret Service when a guy really needs them.

Check out yesterday's late post below on D-DAY rememberance.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Blogger was down this morning.  I sent them a strong letter condemning them for depriving the world of Lex.

We must have been a different kind of people in 1944. On Jun 6th of that year Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy, France. America lost 2,499 of its finest men that day. Can anyone imagine a scenario today where this nation would commit to lose so much blood and treasure on a single day?

The truly astonishing thing to me is that military planers and politicians of the day knew it would be a blood on the beaches. They made the commitment. They stormed the beaches. They made the sacrifice. All in order to gain just a toe hold to begin rolling back Nazism and Fascism.

How abstract do you suppose those concepts were to an 18-22 year old in 1944? Well, on second thought, given the decline of public education, those concepts are probably more abstract to today’s 18-22 years olds than they were in 1944.

For the average 18-22 year old – of any era - wading ashore in a hail of artillery, mortar and rifle fire to free Pierre from German oppression had to give one pause to think – why me? There must be a better way. Yet by the 10s of thousands they picked up their rucksacks, moved out and drew fire. They did what they had to do.

I happened to be at a cancer relay for life event with a handful of Scouts over the weekend. I wore the hat I had bought when I toured the Normandy battlefields on Jun 6th 2005. I mentioned to a group of adults that Sunday would mark the anniversary of the D-Day invasion and showed them my hat.

A brief question and answer ensued about what the experience was like. After that we moved on to the task at hand. I thought at the time. Well at least a few us will remember.

Americans do not have spiritual or political “Mecca’s.” We have touchstones of the founders in Washington D.C. But we do not have that one place where we could go to get in touch with what it is to be an American. Were I king of America for a day, I’d seriously consider requiring all Americans to journey to one of two places during their lifetimes. Gettysburg on the 4th of July or Normandy on Jun 6th.

For me those two places capture the spirit of America. At Gettysburg over 3,000 Americans were killed trying to erase America’s original sin of slavery. A fact not often mentioned in the texts of today’s race baiters. In Normandy over 2,000 fell, not protecting their own families but protecting the families of the world. As a nation, I think we can be very proud of who we are and what we’ve accomplished – yes in our own interests but in the interests of the world as well.

Every time I hear Edwin Star’s anti-war anthem “War” (War Huh, What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.) I think of these two places, and wonder if Star had ever visited them or even knew the history of his own country. Yeah war is sad and tragic. But sometimes, you gotta do what gotta do. Thanks God America has always been blessed with an abundance of men who knew this and were willing to ruck up, move out and draw fire.

Friday, June 04, 2010

MI Governor panders with the best

"I, Jennifer M. Granholm, governor of the state of Michigan (aka Meatchiken), do hereby declare Armando Galarraga to have pitched a perfect game, and I join Tigers fans all across the globe in saluting his unassailable accomplishment -- the first perfect game in Tigers history."

Well there you have it. If things don’t go your way get a politician to declare that they did.

First off, I'll bet she doesn't even know how many outs there are in an inning of baseball.

In other startling news, Granholm declared that the University of Meatchicken (aka Michigan) has never – ever been defeated by Ohio State in anything… ever. Catching on to the craze, IN Governor Mitch Daniels declared that that the Colts won the Super Bowl in Jan and demanded that the White House set up a visit for the team. “Come on, there were at least three bad calls in that game. The Colts deserve the win or at least a trophy like the other boys got,” an irate Daniels declared.

In my own life, were it not for the human error of every coach in every sport on every team that I played on, I’m sure I would have won the Heisman Trophy. Who is going to fix that?

Human error is part of the game. Sport is another area where politicians shouldn’t stick their worthless noses. They can’t set up a one car funeral but they are going to take care of baseball’s record book? Doubt it.

I’ll say this, the pitcher and the ump have shown more class in this one incident than anything that has come out of D.C. since Jan 2009.

On a happier note GWB spoke in plain words, “Yeah I’d water board ‘em again.” The only thing that would have made it better would have been a, “Hell yeah…”

Thursday, June 03, 2010

The BP disaster: a case for more off shore drilling

Predictably, the call for more off shore drilling and other kinds of drilling is being muffled out by the drone of reports of the BP mess. The BP mess should be call for more and smarter drilling. BP was pushed off shore 50 miles to try to extract oil from under a mile of gulf water. That’s insane when you consider there are closer and easier reserves to tap on our Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

Now the same people – eviro nuts and Demo-Dopes - who pushed BP 50 miles off shore to drill a well under a mile gulf water feign outrage that something has gone horribly wrong. This is a kin to mom and dad sending jr. out in his hot rod on an icy night to get them pizza from Joe’s Pizza in a town 50 miles away when there is a Joe’s just around the corn from the house. Then when jr. slides off the road and wrecks the car, mom and dad are furious at jr. Mom and dad would be better served to take a look at their own idiotic policy of putting jr. on the road in bad weather at night on a long road trip to retrieve something that was just around the corner in the first place.

Instead of saying, “Hey jr., we blew that one.” Mom and dad call in the police to see if jr. was speeding when he drove off the road. And ban all pizza from the house even from the shop around the corner. Then because they think pizza and other such foods are bad because jr. wrecked getting them one, they decide the kids must be taxed not only for the pizza but for hamburgers, ice cream and pop as well.

This is what the government is doing with the so called energy plan. The Demo-Dopes claim we need a plan to get us off of foreign oil and lessen the likelihood of another BP type disaster. But, they want to tax all carbon out put.

Seems to me if want to limit oil especially foreign oil consumption that you’d make other domestic energy resources more available and advantageous by taxing them less. But in the bizzaro world of Washington D.C. an energy plan is really an enviro wacko climate control bill designed to send us back to the days when Abe Lincoln walked three miles each way just to return a library book. Walking will be the only option.

And now there are hints of the government taking over BP and /or the entire US oil industry. There are serious thoughts for this proposal from serious people and they are joined by half-wits like Maxine Waters and Rosie O’Donnell. For your comic gold today, watch the white guy in the Waters video to Water’s right as she struggles for a sane thought. LOL funny.

Now when this accident happened I thought it might be terrorism. It turns out it wasn’t. Big brother said that it was sad that he couldn’t totally rule out administration sabotage so that P-BO could do a 180 on his newly released off-shore drilling policy.

11 men died on that rig (a fact too often ignored) as a result of the explosion. So such thoughts could be the same as Shrillda Beast holding up a newspaper in the well of the senate with headlines that screamed “BUSH KNEW” about 9/11. That’s crazy right? Well as the disaster grows and the feds do precious little to mitigate the disaster, I begin to wonder myself. After all, it was P-BO Chief of Staff Naked Boy Rahm Emanuel who was quoted as saying, “You never want a crisis to go to waste.”

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

It's always big brother's fault

How many of you have seen this dynamic play out:

Little brother is poking big brother. Big brother tells him to knock it off. Little brother laughs and fake sneezes on big brother spraying him with spit in the process. Big brother tells him to knock it off. Little brother laughs and calls big brother names. Big brother tells little brother “he’s asking for it” and to knock it off. Little brother laughs, picks his nose and wipes it on big brother. Big brother slugs little brother hard on the arm. Little brother whines like a baby. Mom comes in and yells at big brother for slugging his little brother on the arm. Big brother explains what happened to mom. Mom doesn’t care. He’s the big brother. After mom leaves, little brother laughs and calls big brother a farthead. Big brother tells him to knock it off…

The exact same dynamic has played out in the Middle East since I can remember. Big brother Israel is more and better developed than its other Middle East little brothers:

Militarily: Israel can fend for itself against any and all of its Middle East little brothers. In this sense Israel is Gulliver and the others nations are the Lilliputians.

Economically: Israel has a solid middle class and diverse economy. Israel’s little brothers are either poor or filthy rich or somewhere in between but few, if any offers the economic mobility available to all in Israel.

Socially: Israel is the only place in the Middle East where you might find a diverse tolerant society – outside of tourist location where anything – even women without veils - can be tolerated briefly for a few bucks.

Politically: Israel one is but of a few functioning democracy and by far the most stable.

So a lot is expected of big brother. But little brother has been antagonizing big brother for 50 years. Everything little brother does is a provocation. When big brother finally smacks the crap out little brother, who has begged for it, mom - in this case the UN and international opinion - steps in to scold and restrain big brother.

There is a theory that goes if you are going to get in trouble for doing something; you might as well make it worth the punishment. Israel ought to face international condemnation one more time. In this case, for pushing Palestinians into the sea.

On the oil spill:

When all else fails litigate. P-BO fresh out of ideas for fixing the problem has sent AG the Coward Holder to see if the government might make a few bucks off of BP’s woes.

There is talk of the government taking over BP. Hmmm, that probably won’t happen until the spill is under control. If they take it over now, they’ll have to blame themselves for not plugging the damn hole.

Does anyone else find it amusing that tthe very people responsible the disaster – enviro wackos and government regulators who pushed oil rigs ever further out sea into deeper and deeper waters where we finding out that it is much harder to plug the damn hole – are screeching the loudest?

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Wow, how about those Israelis? Boarding a ship with paint balls? An Israeli SEAL team boarded some “relief convoy” that included the Turkish ferry Mavi Marmara. The “relief convoy” was carrying “peace activist” and “humanitarian supplies” to Gaza. The “peace activist” turned into an anti-Israeli mob when the boarding operation began.  So much for Gandi type non-violent "peace activists."

It’s all very weird because the Israelis asked the ship to pull into an Israeli port so the cargo could be inspected and transported via land to Gaza. Apparently that offer was not good enough. And while this load may in fact 100% legitimate, once the precedence is set, you can bet your last dollar that the terrorist would have started loading the ships with rockets next.

Just a few thoughts:

Why is it always Israel’s responsibility to avoid PO-ing the Arabs/muslims? Why didn’t the ships just pull into port and off-load the humanitarian goods? Wouldn’t that have been the surest way to avoid a confrontation? If the main thing was getting the “relief supplies” to Gaza, what difference does it make how they arrive?

The main thing was not getting the “relief supplies” to Gaza. The main thing was to provoke a confrontation with the Israelis. Mission accomplished.

Now there’s a some international hullabaloo because the Israelis took the steps necessary to defend themselves against terrorist who’d love to Israel disappear under a mushroom cloud.

Even the French, of all people, are PO’d at the Israelis. I guess as long as you’re not sinking a Greenpeace ship, you could get yourself into trouble with the French.

This was a no win situation for the Israelis. No matter what they did they were bound to lose. If they let the ships pass, soon the ship would be carrying weapons that would end up killing Israelis. If they stop the ships they cause an international incident that they cannot win.

So they try to thread the needle. Board the ships with paint guns. Huh? It’s clear that the ship was prepared for the “assault” and that the assault wasn’t fast enough, large enough or supported correctly.

How about rubber bullets, water cannon, tear gas, concussion grenades, something to clear the decks so the assault force can at least get it’s feet on the deck before being beaten by the “peace activist?”

How about fowling the propeller and disabling the ship? The Israelis said they didn’t want the ship stranded at sea for days for fear of a humanitarian crisis. Huh? Better to kill nine people. Once that ship is dead in the water for a few days people will be begging to get off of it. They’d probably have invited the assault team on board and had dinner waiting in return for getting off the ship.

Here’s an idea. Dump oil behind the ship to make appear as if it’s leaking oil. Then let the environmental wackos demand the ship immediately pull into port for repairs.

Now, the UN is involved and the Israelis are sure to come out on the short end of the stick. At best P-BO will issue some Solomon like statement about both sides being at fault at worst he’ll tell the world that he doesn’t know the facts but he’s sure the Israelis acted stupidly.