Monday, February 21, 2011

When "common sense" isn't so common

The Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette has run tripe pieces on "common sense" liberal solutions to the usual perceived lib problems, too many people exercising their freedoms.  Having had enough after Sunday piece here, Lex sent off the letter below.

Whenever liberal liberty vampires want to suck another freedom out of America’s blood stream, they invariably do so by invoking the words “common sense” just before sinking their fangs into the neck of lady liberty and beginning to suck - as in “common senses” gun control, smoking bans, health care and education reform.

No activity of daily living, from the amount of salt on your French fries to the type of oil that the fries are cooked in, escapes the “common sense” rules and regulations laid down by weak, nanny state minded, liberal do-gooders. It’s just “common sense” to do things their way, the constitution and the will of the people be damned.

Oh, and don’t judge the liberty vampires by the results of their freedom destroying policies – socialized medicine has never worked and there are already hundreds of gun laws on the books. They are only interested in being judged by their “enlightened” good intentions for protecting us unwashed from ourselves.

Now the liberty vampires are worried about an Indiana bill that would prevent cities and local governments from prohibiting guns in certain buildings and places. As the JG puts it:

“…the Colts management has already expressed concern about fans being allowed to bring guns. The proposal raises big questions about security for the 2012 Super Bowl, which will be played there.”

If the Colts management is so concerned about “fans being allowed to bringing guns,” why don’t they build their own $tadium and make their own rule$? And as most everyone outside the JG editorial room knows, the Super Bowl is designated a National Special Security Event by the Department of Homeland Security. What do you suppose they mean by “National?”

Never has “common sense” been such an uncommon commodity as when used by liberals to advance a political agenda.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fire 'em

If it weren’t such a dangerous world, Lib Demo-Dopes would be hilarious. Take the public “school teacher” who was roaming the streets of Madison with his sign that read “Sic Semper Tyrannis” – Latin speak for "thus always to tyrants." Lincoln scholars and Civil War buffs know that’s what John Wilkes Booth shouted after assassinating Lincoln.

While the “teacher’s” wishes for the governor may have been heart felt, he threw himself into a lot with the murderer of one of America’s most beloved presidents. Smooth move Frostie.

Some pass this dolt off as a dope who probably doesn’t know any better. Perfect, let’s put him in a school classroom to teach our children. That would be the perfect microcosm for public education in America today. Ignorant buffoons licensed and over paid for a 9 month gig to pass on basic reedin, ritein, rithmatic and references to archaic stories of yesteryear (history with lib spin).

The other explanation, much harder to believe, is that the dope actually knew what the context of the phrase was within American history and decided to put it onto a sign and carry it around for the world to see anyway. If that’s the case, sure, let’s put a guy that seems to be openly calling for the assassination of the governor of the state of WI in classroom to teach our children. That makes perfect sense.

The other thing that I find a bit humorous about this whole thing is the disappearance of the Lib mantra, “It’s for the children.” Even these callous nitwits knew to stay away from the insane argument that they were unlawfully closing down the schools and acting like greedy spoiled brats, “for the children.” It’s hard even for these giant hypocrites to make that case straight faced.

So if it’s not about the children, what is it about? It’s about saving the teacher’s union. It’s about an unwillingness on the part of these monuments to greed to pay even one half of what private sector workers pay into THEIR OWN RETIREMENT and THEIR OWN HEALCARE PLANS. It’s about a group of know nothing lame brained numb skulls trying to save themselves from having to prove that they are smarter than a third grader. It’s about extorting money from much harder working, more talented and smarter people in the private sector to subsidize a bunch of greedy law breaking no talent SOBs who would otherwise be asking, “Do you want fries with that” 150 times a day.

And of course there’s the, “we all have had great teachers” caveat. 40% of Madison teachers are on sick strike. Probably half of those calling in are in the Assclown category described above. With probably only half of that category reserved for the Supreme Assclown status of dim-witted losers who carry around signs in Latin because they think it makes them look sooooo smart.

Who will be the big winners in all of this? It certainly will not be the union. Chris Christie will be the big winner, because WI is only the tip of the public sector union extortion racket. This stuff is spreading to OH, CA, etc.etc. Christie has already proven that he can stand up to the public sector unions and make them look like the greedy bastards that they are. As this mayhem foisted on America by money thieving under productive, over paid public union employees spreads, America may draft Christie as means counter the public union’s thug tactics.

As for WI, fire every teacher who is not in the class room, at a funeral or in a hospital on Monday morning.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fiscal apartheid

The Griffin has noted that fiscal responsibility is “the new civil rights movement.” The train of thought goes like this:

The whites/feds are trampling on our civil/individual freedoms.

The white masters/crooked pols have rigged the system.

Civil rights/economic freedom is a national security issue.

I pondered this.

When the greatest political thinkers in history gathered to petition the king of England for their freedom, they listed only three inalienable rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Today everything, it seems, is a right. Healthcare is no longer a responsibility, it is a right. When Lex was but a lad, he cracked his head open on a bed post. He was taken to the doctor, and his head was stiched shut. Lex clearly remembers mom writing a check to the Dr. on the spot. After all, it was a parent’s RESPONSIBILITY to provide for the health and well being of their children. Not any more. Healthcare is a right and the government, ie your neighbors, must pay.

Internet is no more a luxury item. It is a right. And to use the Internet one must have a computer, so that too is a right. Now schools, ie you and me, provide the computers and AlGore, ie the taxpayer, provides universal Internet access. Never mind that the recipients have three plasma TVs, the whole list of premium channels to go with it, that too is a right; and a cell phone with every imaginable app and feature, that’s a right as well. It seems that all of the new “rights” have nothing to do with human freedom and dignity but rather with what liberals can get the rest of us to pay for under the guise of being a “right.”

Affordable housing rights led to Fanny and Freddie and a near collapse of the American economy. Welfare rights and child custody rights have led to the destruction of the black family. The rights of criminals have led to a revolving door policy of incarceration, an open border and victims of crime being charged as criminals when they defend themselves from the actual perps.

So I wasn’t ready to jump onto the “fiscal responsibility” as new civil right train. I see it more as a battle against fiscal apartheid. Fiscal apartheid is legal malfeasance practiced routinely by the privileged few against the will of an overwhelming majority.

If you put public funding for abortion to a vote of the people, it would be defeated 70-30. Yet our federal government funds abortion under the thinly veiled notion of providing “reproductive healthcare to poor women.” That’s fiscal apartheid.

The same goes for the funding of NPR, NEA, NEH, the UN Commission on Human Rights, the Teddy Kennedy museum etc. etc. The overwhelming majority of Americans do not want to contribute one dime of their hard earned Yankee dollars to fund such leftist BS activities. Only the fiscal apartheid practiced in congress allows such expenditures to continue.

Healthcare is greatest example of fiscal apartheid in the history of the country. Demo-Dope majorities of the 535 pampered Washington weasels forced this liberty killing line of crap that no one to this day has read and completely understands onto an American public who have opposed it from the start. An infinitesimally small minority of US citizens have legally forced a fiscal albatross around the neck of every American and their posterity, and their posterity, and their posterity. All of this was done by well-meaning leftists who confuse rights with responsibilities.

So I would characterize our struggle as one against fiscal apartheid rather than a new civil rights. But in the end, it’s all semantics. It’s people railing against the fiscal injustices forced upon them by another group of less enlightened people.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

P-BO's birth certificate used as a shield

Pissy Mathews threw a Chrissy fit last night when he accused Speaker Boehner and Eric Cantor of being collaborators in the P-BO birther scandal that will not go away. Why won’t it go away? Because P-BO doesn’t want it to.

P-BO goes for the birther defense like Rooster Cogburn goes for his .44s. Every time some one – anyone - has the temerity to point out that P-BO just happens to be the least experienced and probably the dumbest guy in any room he happens to stumble into they pull the birther defense. If you accuse the P-BO of wrecking the country with a healthcare plan that is so flawed if it were a rocket, it’d blow up on the pad in spectacular fashion, you're a birther, but not just a birther, a racists birther.

If he wanted to,P-BO could put this whole thing to rest in 5 minutes. He doesn’t,because he can count on Pissy throwing his Chrissy fits every night. There would be no birther defense were P-BO to produce his long form birth certificate and put the entire thing to rest. Sadly, P-BO was born in Hawaii in 1961. Sadly, from the date of his birth forward he didn’t do much, smoked a little pot, did some cocaine, organized a community here and there and then was elected president by 51% of the voters in2008.

Oh, and here's why the budget cannot be cut:
1.  Pols won't de-fund NPR.  Who the hell looks at or listens to NPR?  Let them pay for it.
2.  Pols won't de-fund planned parenthood.  Or should it be unplanned non-parenthood?  This organization makes millions upon millions of dollars aborting babies yet our brain dead Pols give them public funding.  Why don't they use the money they make off abortion for their own funding?
3.  Pols won't de-fund the UN's commission on human rights.  The most corrupt organization within an organization dripping with corruption.
4.  Pols won't de-fund a second Teddy Kennedy library.  The Kennedy's have enough money of their own to pay homage to this over weight drunken pant load.  Most of that money is in overseas accounts to avoid the taxman that Teddy always wanted to push onto the rest of us.

If pols are unwilling to grab this low hanging fruit, how are they ever going to be able to make a tough decision when it comes to entitlements?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time for common sense knife spork legsilation

There is some disturbing news from NY City. Well there’s always disturbing news from NY City. But how about this? Maksim Gelman stabbed 3 people to death using 6 knives and killed a fourth with an automobile while on a 28 hour rampage that terrorized the entire city.

Where is the anti-knife crowd when you need them? This is a clear case where congress must enact common sense knife control legislation. 6 knives? Come on. Is there really any good reason why anyone would need more than one? And one of the knives Mr. Gelman used during his rampage was 10 inches long. 10 inches long? Sounds more like a sword to me.

I can’t wait for Chuckles 3 branches Schumer to come out with his new low capacity knife legislation. The target of 3 branches Chuckles legislation will be steak knife sets. These ugly sets can be purchased by any American without so much as a background check or a three day waiting period and can contain up to 6-8 knifes. A single purchaser can even buy multiple sets.

Many knife enthusiast believe that 3 branches Chuckles’s common sense steak knife restriction is just a precursor to Chuckles real goal of a nation wide spork (pictured above) requirement. Chuckles knows that once the knife ban goes into effect, people will skirt the law and begin to buy longer and longer forks with which to stab people with. The only way to stop the stabbing carnage is with comprehensive spork legislation.

Since knives are not specifically mentioned in the constitution, 3 branches Chuckles expects his legislation to sail through the senate where liberty snatching Demo-Dopes hold the majority. The legislation is expected to die in the House where Republicans were heard to say, WTF?

Chuckles is undeterred by common sense or reason. Sure it’ll get whacked in the house by the Neanderthal Republicans who want to see every citizen of NY City with Bowie knife strapped to their leg. But we enlightened few know that every maximum security prison in the land has turned to the spork and inmate on inmate stabbings have been reduced one half of one tenth of a percent.  And really is America, under Demo-Dope control, that much different from a prison?

Mayor Bloomberg agrees and is adding knives to the list of legal but none the less banned items in NY City such as cigarettes, trans fats, sugar, salt, spandex on fat people and the toy in a happy meal. Bloomberg was heard to utter, New Yorkers have always been willing to let me sacrifice their liberty for false sense of security. Beside we all agree that I, Mayor Bloomberg, knows what’s best for everyone.

With regard to the person killed by the automobile, Chuckles is looking into the make of that car. If it happens to be anything other than a GM or Chrysler, he plans to ban that make from sale until the manufacturer can prove that pedestrians will have 98% survival rate during a head on crash test at 60 mph.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Klavan on the culture

I ran across Andrew Klavan last week and spent an hour or so this week looking at all of his short videos I could find. Check out western civilization in 21/2 minutes here:

Shut Up here:

Highway to hell here

For your home work today, type Andrew Klavan on the culture into search engine, click on to one or two of interest to you and see if you find Klavan as addictive as I did.

Friday, February 11, 2011

More genius from the P-BO dope farm

As noted before on this page you could not make the buffoons who populate P-BO’s dope farm of an administration look any dumber if you hacked into their teleprompters and literally put words into their mouths. The latest case is Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s point of view on the MUSLIM Brotherhood:

“The term ‘Muslim Brotherhood’…is an umbrella term for a variety of movements, in the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried Al Qaeda as a perversion of Islam.”

YGBSM! What do you suppose DNI Clapper thinks the word MUSLIM in the group’s title MUSLIM Brotherhood stands for? You can just see a bunch of Islamo-Terror-Fascists in a basement somewhere plotting murder and mayhem in the name of Allah. They decide to confuse the western intelligence into thinking they are “largely secular” by including the word MUSLIM in their title and that they have “eschewed violence” by murdering people across the globe for 25 years. And Clapper has not only taken the bait, this idiot has swallowed the whole boat.

In other shocking new intelligence developments Clapper revealed that the Knights of Columbus are in no way connected to the Catholic Church and that the Anti-Defamation League is actually a Hindu group interested in the reunification of Ireland through a series of beer and whiskey summits.

Then there’s P-BO himself. Having learned nothing about just keeping his trap shut about Egypt, he uttered these words yesterday after Mubarak was supposed to have stepped down but – SURPRISE – didn’t:

The Egyptian people have been told that there was a transition of authority, but it is not yet clear that this transition is immediate, meaningful or sufficient. Too many Egyptians remain unconvinced that the government is serious about a genuine transition to democracy, and it is the responsibility of the government to speak clearly to the Egyptian people and the world. The Egyptian government must put forward a credible, concrete and unequivocal path toward genuine democracy, and they have not yet seized that opportunity.

Wow! And if they don’t? Then what? Are you going to send Bobby Squiggy damn cold sore Gibbs out to tell them they should have done it yesterday? These people have not one clue what is going on in Egypt. Hence they all should shut the hell up, call in GWB, Cheney and Rumsfeld to find out what an adult might do under these circumstances.

But hey it gets worse. P-BO went on say:

The Egyptian people have made it clear that there is no going back to the way things were: Egypt has changed, and its future is in the hands of the people. Those who have exercised their right to peaceful assembly represent the greatness of the Egyptian people, and are broadly representative of Egyptian society. We have seen young and old, rich and poor, Muslim and Christian join together, and earn the respect of the world through their non-violent calls for change. In that effort, young people have been at the forefront, and a new generation has emerged. They have made it clear that Egypt must reflect their hopes, fulfill their highest aspirations, and tap their boundless potential. In these difficult times, I know that the Egyptian people will persevere, and they must know that they will continue to have a friend in the United States of America.

It sounds as if the president is saying if you ever have a large mob in the streets of your capital, the people have spoken and the leader must step down. Well I recall about 500,000 people at Glenn Beck’s rally in Washington last summer, yet P-BO won’t step down. Were I Mubarak, I’d remind the president of that event and using P-BO’s own logic call for him to step down. That would be a disaster because as bad as he is, P-BO’s probably a damn site better than the next guy in line - Jo-Homer Biden.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What are you going to do with Pols?

I see where Sen Jim Webb D-VA is retiring. I’ve always liked Jim Webb ever since I picked up his first book Fields of Fire as a Marine second lieutenant in Quantico. But retiring after one six year term as a senator? WTF? And, no, I don’t mean win the future. Retiring after six years, how does one get such a gig?

These are pampered weasels sucking the treasury dry to purchase their perks, pay-offs and earmarks while they purposefully drive the country into the ground. It’s not as if these Pols are at the gates of hell battling demons under insufferable conditions for those six years. Come to think of it, it was probably much worse. Being in the same caucus room as Chuckles 3 branches Schumer probably does rate some sort of extra generous compensation. But the thought of retirement for congress people after just FIVE years of uh er “service” seems a bit like keeping your teenaged son on retainer for cutting the grass that he butchered when he bothered to cut it all after he’s left home and gotten married.

This year the US taxpayer will shell out over 200 MILLION dollars in retirement pay to former members of congress who did their FIVE YEARS in hell.

If Repubs are serious about slashing the budget, I suggest they start by slashing their own BS retirement plan.

In other shocking skuzzy Pol news, NY Rep Christopher Lee resigned Wednesday after a report claimed he sent a shirtless photo of himself to a woman on Craigslist. This dope needs to go not because he flashes a topless pic of himself to some gal. He needs to go because he’s obviously dumber than a box of rocks if thinks that such a picture will not surface soon or later. Two words Chris, Brett Favre. But then at least you spared us the shot of your genitals, for now anyway.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Jo-Homer Biden's brain scan

No matter the outcome in Egypt, the P-BO administration can claim success. If Mubarak stays and the situation settles, P-BO can say, see, we told you so. If Mubarak stays and the situation goes south, P-BO can say the same thing; if he leaves quickly and the situation settles, same thing; if he leaves quickly and the situation goes south, same thing.

The reason P-BO can claim credit fro every outcome is because since the start of the flare up P-BO and his minions have advocated for every possible outcome. Mubarak is not dictator. No wait. Yes he is. Mubarak should go. No wait. He should stay. No wait. He should go, but not today. You name any one of the infinite possibilities for Egypt and you can Google where someone in P-BO’s dope farm of an administration has advocated for that possibility. It’s like betting field at the track. You’ve got the winner right there in your pocket.  It is also like the global warmongers.  No matter what the weather condition is, it supports the warmonger's theory that the planet is turning into a cinder right before our very eyes - no matter how cold it is outside.

So P-BO has ensured himself a winner no matter what and plausible deniability if things go south. If Mubarak stays and things blow up you can just hear the pant load, “Well we knew it was a bad idea for him to stay. Besides, everyone knows that is all Bush’s fault anyway. Right?”

Someone, Mark Twain I think, said, I’d rather keep my mouth shut and have people think I’m a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.” Hmmm, that’s a perfect line for our Homer Simpsonesque VP. A leader first assess the situation, finds out what’s happening, what’s not happening, determines how best he influence the action and THEN speaks. P-BO’s clown college rushed to issue a statement, learned a few facts, issued a new statement, learned some more facts, clarified the previous statement and issued demands, learned some more facts, removed the previous demands, issued new demands, re-clarified it’s ever shifting position etc. etc. And it continues to this very day.

Here’s what P-BO might have said early on:

Egypt has, to this point, been a stable platform against terrorism in the Middle East. We pray that the government and the demonstrators can reconcile their difference peacefully and in a way that will simultaneously increase democratic principles and Egypt’s commitment to battling terrorism.

Instead you have walking gaffe machine Jo-Homer Biden first out of the box with a statement that had to be walked back the very second it left his nearly empty head. You’re doing a heck of a job Jo-Homer.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

God Bless and protect the 5

Is the country one heartbeat away from disaster? NO! I’m not talking about the president expiring and having Dim-Wit Joe Mubarak is a damn dictator - no, wait he’s not Biden taking over. Although, come to think of it, maybe the country is one of several heartbeats away from disaster.

I’m referring to the Supreme Court. Right now the court is divided 5-4 in favor of a center right interpretation of the US Constitution. What if one of the 5 was forced to step down due to health or was replaced due to assassination? Given the over the top leftist bent of P-BO’s first two Supreme Court nominees, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, it’s likely that the president would find another leftist to shred what little remains of the US Constitution and liberty in America. Remember, Keith Olberdouche isn’t doing anything right now.

But given the make up current make up of the presidency, house and senate, Chuckles 3 braches Schumer’s government, the Demo-Dopes are going to have a much harder time purposely running the country into the ground legislatively. P-BO can try executive orders but that thinly veiled attempt at an American dictatorship will run afoul of the legislative and judicial branches sooner or later.

But what if P-BO gets to replace one of the 5? As Tanto might say, we in deep excrement Kimosabe. In this case the “we” is the republic. And don’t tell me the likes of Lindsey Grhamnesty, Snow and Collins would have the mettle to stand up to P-BO and 3 Branches Chuckles in the senate to ensure a middle of the road nominee. They wouldn’t, don’t and won’t.

So now along with all of the anxiety caused by global warming, Lex is losing sleep over the health and well being of the 5. The five being:

Chief Justice John Roberts

Associate Justices: Sam Alito

Antonin Scalia

Clarence Thomas

Anthony Kennedy (Shakiest Constitutionalist of the group)

All are young and, from what we know, are in good health. That is why recent death threats to Scalia, Roberts and Thomas by lefty loons in the group Common Cause need to be taken seriously. In this new era of P-BO inspired civility, P-BO ally Common Cause has publicly called for the assassination of Judges Scalia and Roberts and the lynching of Judge Thomas. There is nothing yet from P-BO on this type of civility coming from his own side.

Now you can recall when Lefty Loons tried to tie the actions of one of their own to comments and rhetoric from Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh for the murder of a Republican Judge in AZ, comments and rhetoric that NEVER occurred by the way. Now there is video tape circulating with the most veil, hate-filled rants coming from lefty loons directed at sitting member of the Supreme Court and the same (g)assbag weasels who condemned Palin and Limbaugh for things that they NEVER said, sit silently in the face of video evidence of the hateful rhetoric coming from their brain dead simpaticos at Common Cause.

So, yeah, there is one more thing to be paranoid about today.

Friday, February 04, 2011

P-BO usual

P-BO dropped by the National Prayer Breakfast to offer up a prayer that his nation dividing P-BOcare will not be found to be unconstitutional. P-BO came to pray for his legacy and inform us that there is only so much a church can do and only so much the private sector is willing to do. And in the absence of either of those two stepping in, big government was the only answer.

I suppose he’s right. There’s only so much the church of Rev? Wight’s screw the hungry, I got mine, get out there and smack whitey now can do. Had P-BO spent his time down at St Vinnie’s listening to Monsignor John he’d have come away with a different point of view. He’d have picked up on the fact that there is actually an unlimited amount of good St. Vincent’s and the Catholic Church can do.

With all of the Hollywood Catholic bashing and while sitting in a church pew for TWENTY YEARS with a Rev? more interested in spewing venom than scripture, P-BO might have missed the fact that the Catholic Church, as a world wide organization, feeds, clothes, houses and educates more people than ANY other organization – including the US government – could ever even hope to.

When Cardinal O’Connor offered to educate the children of NY City at a savings of about 20% to the city, politicians told him no. They claimed that he’d take the cream of the crop and leave the public schools in shambles. The fact that the Cardinal assured the Pols that he’d take every student who wanted to come, made no difference. Better to resign the poor children of NYC to a third world education than have the Catholic Church break the back of the teacher’s union and get credit for improving test scores.

When Mother Therese confronted Shrilldabeast Clinton on the subject of abortion, Clinton told the Sister that the procedure had prevented millions of unwanted children being born into poverty and sickness. Mother Therese’s answer was simple and direct, “Please don’t kill the child. I want the child. Give me the child. I’m willing to accept any child who would be aborted and to give that child to a married couple who will love the child and be loved by the child.” She said, “I will tell you something beautiful. We are fighting abortion by adoption.” It is still unreported what deep dark hole the Shrilldabeast crawled into after that world class smack down.

So, like everything else that comes from this president’s mouth, he’s wrong and in this particular case spectacularly so. There has been no people in the history of the world so generous as the American people. P-BO wants to destroy that generosity and replace it with wasteful inefficient government programs. That is why the Demo-Dopes want to eliminate the deduction for charitable giving. Better to tax that money and have the government set up 8 tiers of bureaucracy to hand out a cup of soup and a ham sandwich to the poor than to have the hungry lining up outside St. Vincent’s so volunteers can cook and feed them. Better some Pol get the credit than the church.

Super Bowl

This one has all the potential for a great game. Steelers have to be the favorite simply because so many of them have been there before; they have a great defense and a great QB, Ben who cares if she’s only 16 years old Roethlisberger. So I’m going with the Pack, 24-17.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

18" of proof that the globe is getting warmer

Ft. Wayne was blasted with another round of global warming last night. In the 8th such blast of global warming this year, we’re looking at between 16-18 inches of snow right now and it hasn’t stopped. Winds are howling and the forecasted low temp for tomorrow is zero. That will put Feb on track to match Jan as the coldest since the late 1800s. Oh joy, it’s snowing much harder now.

Never to be deterred by facts that they can’t fudge, lie about or cover up, the global warmmongering morons are claiming that the brutal winter, snow and cold temps is a further indication of how bad the warming has gotten.

In other news, after back-to-back league losses to The Ohio State University by 30 points and a 5 point loss to Wisconsin last night, Purdue coach Tim Painter pointed out that those two losses are further proof that the Boilermakers are the strongest team in the conference.

Painter thinks that a loss to Penn State or Iowa down the road will seal deal. In fact, Painter declared “the debate is over!” Any further losses would make Purdue the undisputed best basketball team in the land. He declared that anyone interested in a March NCAA basketball tournament at this point to determine the best team in college basketball is “a flat Earther” and “it is like denying the Holocaust” or not admitting that “Justin Beiber could kick heavyweight Ultimate Fighting Champion Cain Velasquez’s @$$ all over the octagon.”

If AlGore decides that the Green Bay Packers are the best team in the NFL, he’d get Steeler greats Terry Bradshaw, Mean Joe Green and Franco Harris to officiate the game. Then every time Green Bay scored, he’d give the points to the Steelers. Then when the GBPs still somehow manage to win, AlGore would declare, “the debate is over.  The Steelers are the Super Bowl champions.”

But this goes to the point made in the post under and in the past, despite what Glenn Beck says, you cannot argue with an idiot, especially one as arrogant as most libs.  How can argue with someone who will lie about the data, destroy the data that they can't lie about about and claims everything that happens no matter how counter intuitive, supports their argument?  

Well I didn’t think it possible but it’s snowing even harder now. Better get internal combustion snow thrower and Bobcat out to pump some Co2 into the air and warm things up bit.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

3 branches Chuckles, ITF and P-BOcare

Over the last month, Lex has noted that arguing with Libs is an exercise in futility because 1) they think of themselves as smarter than the rest of the fly over crowd and 2) they are actually dumber than a pallet load hoe handles. Latest case in point is Chuckles Schumer lecturing and hectoring us about the need to get along with Demo-Dopes like himself so that they can continue to run the country into the ground. Then Chuckles dropped this little known fact about the republic on us:

“So I would urge my Republican colleagues, no matter how strong they feel — you know, we have three branches of government: we have a House, the Senate, we have a President, and all three of us are going to have to come together and give some. But it is playing with fire to risk the shutting down of the government, just as it is playing with fire to risk not paying the debt ceiling.”

I wonder what the Lemming Stream Media would be headlining today had Sarah Palin uttered such idiocy? It wouldn’t be Egypt or the epic smack down, bloody stomping and two shots to the back of the head that a federal judge delivered to P-BOcare yesterday. No the lemmings would be running with how Sarah Palin isn’t smart enough to understand the structure of her own government. But let an arrogant (g)assbag Demo-Dope piece of crap like Chuckles walk all over his Johnson while wearing track shoes in the course of condescendingly informing us (incorrectly) about 6th grade civics, and the lemmings are “Ho, hum if it’s not that way it probably should be. After all, Chuckles is sooooooo smart.” When I hear Chuckles Schumer talk, my mind conjures up a vision of Cliff Clavin of Cheers explaining to Sammy how “with just a few modifications your standard internal combustion lawn mower engine can be converted into a solar powered snowmobile.” Idiot.

Oh and speaking of Egypt, Chuckles thinks its near Canada somewhere, many on the right are calling for the support of Mubarak. The reasoning goes that Mubarak is better than the Islamo-Terror-Fascists who might take over after Mubarak is gone. I disagree.

Just like Ali had to fight Frazier, there is going to be some kind of world wide struggle with Islam sooner or later. We might as well get it over with now. Let the ITF show their hand.

The US has been battling the ITF since 1803. The west has been battling them much longer.  Take a look at this and be sure to click onto the video:

Given their long, long history of perpetual outrage, it is unlikely that the ITF are going to start Twittering and Skyping each other asking, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Oh speaking of the epic smack down, bloody stomping and two shots to the back of the head that a federal judge delivered to P-BOcare yesterday, wasn’t that an epic smack down, bloody stomping and two shots to the back of the head that a federal judge delivered to P-BOcare yesterday?  Now we know why 3 branches Chuckles wants to disregard the judiciary.

So the mandate or the tax is unconstitutional. Who knew? Well just abut everyone except Demo-Dopes who had to pass the bill to find out what’s in it. Now they find out that congress cannot hide under the commerce clause and tax economic inactivity. That is essentially what the judge said. The feds cannot tax/mandate someone for NOT entering into commerce. If the Supremes let this bag of crap stand, you can bet P-BO will use it as a precedence to tell us all, if we have two cars, one of them must be a Government Motors Volt.

Oh and let me digress back to the top of the page here so I don’t have to go back up and figure out where to slip this brilliant thought in. Who says not raising the debt ceiling is playing with fire? 3 branches Chuckles? We’ve heard this crap before. I’d say let it lapse and see what happens. The argument goes that it is irresponsible not to raise the debt ceiling. As if it is somehow responsible to continue to raise it when you already can’t pay. That’s always my first response when Mrs. Lex says we can’t pay the Master Card bill. Well honey, call them up and instead of the $10,000 limit we can’t pay ask them for a $20,000 limit we can’t pay. Then go out and buy yourself something nice. Seems to me more responsible to stop now and work with creditors on a payment plan than to continue borrow more and more. 

But hey, what do I know?  I have always thought that the judiciary was one of the three branches of government.