Saturday, July 31, 2010


Lex and family are off for the land of hockey, draft dodgers and Labbat's beer.  Yes we're headed to Niagra falls via the northern route.  Yes we have our papers in order so as not to draw any unwanted scrutiny.  Will be back Monday next.  Cheers.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

How's the view from the bowels of daytime TV

I have often said the only thing worse than someone watching daytime tv, is someone being on daytime tv.  Now I know I'm right.

P-BO put chatting with The View hags ahead of chatting with the Boy Scouts. Good. P-BO has about as much business being in the same room as a bunch of Boy Scouts as he did at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day. The Scouts and veterans everywhere ought to be happy he didn’t show up to either event.

But The View? Come on. What Jersey Shore wasn’t available? Springer was booked? I’m sure he’ll be facing all the tough questions, like, “Who makes the girls’ lunches in the morning?” It’s all BS.

AZ’s immigration law passed by the duly elected representatives of that state has been gutted by an unelected and unaccountable Clinton appointed judge. Surprise. This is how the left gets things done. It is also a clear example of why elections have consequences. No Bill Clinton, no Judge Bolton. But what are we to do? Vote the bastards out in Nov.

This challenge to the AZ law was brought by the ACLU. The ACLU is a well funded organization that has cash strapped communities taking down Christmas decorations at the mere threat of law suit. I would have thought that the right would have long ago come up with a counterweight to the ACLU. A group that would cover the ACLU like a blanket and follow them everywhere they raised their demented heads providing equally qualified legal representation pro bono.

MA joined five other states – IL, MD, NJ, HI and WA – in adopting a policy that would award its states Electoral Votes to the presidential candidate that won the popular vote. This is idiocy. The founders created a bicameral congress to give the small equal footing with the larger states in at least one of the houses so that the large could not run rough shod over the smaller states. The EC serves the exact same purpose. Where is a candidate most likely to spend most of their time in voter rich states like CA, NY, TX etc or Delaware?

This also opens up the possibility of someone being elected president only 20-30% of the vote. If we become like the European countries with a dozen or more candidates fracturing the vote we could end up with know nothing community organizer idiot who gives a good speech being president. Hmm, maybe not the best example.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The WikiLeaks are cover for a retreat from Afghanistan

Try this for a conspiracy. With the war in Iraq going badly, P-BO talked like a big shot during the campaign about how Iraq distracted us from our mission in Afghanistan. He promised to end the war in Iraq and dedicate our assets to the war in Afghanistan.

Then, all of the sudden, the war in Iraq looks good. So good in fact that Slow Joe Biden talks about Iraq being one of P-BO’s greatest accomplishments.

Now the war in Afghanistan is going badly. And P-BO’s hand picked man has dissed him forcing P-BO to fire the guy and bring back President Bush’s General to fix Afghanistan. In the process the general is pitching the P-BO strategy of…what?...getting UN permission before firing on targets. Now his whole out by next spring thing is crumbling at his feet.

P-BO is now like a dog that chases cars. He’s finally caught one, but now what? Actually that’s a metaphor for his entire presidency to date, but let’s continue with Afghanistan. Afghanistan is no longer the good war that it was during the campaign. He wants out. So what to do? Have an operative dump 96,000 pages of documents that make the war effort look hopeless. Blame the whole ting on Bush. Turn tail and run.

Were he a real Commander in Chief, he’d double down as Bush did in Iraq. He’d use the release of the papers to flog the Pakis into doing what he wanted. Besides didn’t he boast during the campaign that he’d go into Pakistan to kick @$$ if it were necessary to get bin Laden? Why yes I believe he did. Well, it seems P-BO has caught another car. But his bark is much, much worse than the bite. Sort of like all the @$$ kicking he did in the gulf oil spill.

The papers make it clear that the Paki intell service is pretty much complicit in the killing of US troops and may be harboring bin Laden. The papers would provide all the cover necessary to start some cross border covert ops. The kind were the Paki intell chiefs start getting blown up one at time until things change. I doubt he has the stomach for an expansion of the war. So the purpose of the release is to provide cover for a cut and run pull out.

He will lament the pull out but blame Bush for leaving things in such chaos that retreat is the only sane thing to do.

Monday, July 26, 2010


While driving through Ohio over the weekend, I noticed a few of those signs that have saved or created 180 billion jobs, like the one above. The first thing I noticed about each of the locations where these signs were planted, was the ONLY indication that there was any work going on anywhere near the sign was the sign itself.

We were driving around I-270 on a miserable stretch of road and there on the right side of the road was a sign proudly proclaim that the “project” was funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The sign itself was the only indication that anything was being done about the condition of the road. Nobody was working and there was absolutely no indication that anything had been done to improve the condition of the road.

But just like the idea that “jobs can be saved” by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the mere presence of the P-BO propaganda sign caused the ride in the car to immediately smooth out, the shocks to recede from the top of the fenders, the tires to immediately re-inflate to the proper tire pressure, the front end alignment to return to the factory setting and the rims to straighten as if they had never fallen into an 18” pothole on a stretch of road being blessed with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding. That funding apparently is limited to putting up a sign.

I spied two other American Recovery and Reinvestment Act signs with not one bit of evidence that any work – other than placing the sign – was taking or had taken place at or even near the site. When we left town, we drove out 315. The road was torn up for miles with barrels everywhere. I kept a close eye out for one those job creating American Recovery and Reinvestment Act signs but didn’t see one. So a place where actual construction was taking place there was no sign to be found. But signs could be found where there was no evidence that work was taking place.

So I guess if we can just hire 4 million people to just go around the country putting up and taking down these signs we can solve all our unemployment problems. But the placement of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act sign is only half the story. While looking into this piece I came across this sight. If this doesn’t have US Government written all over it nothing does. We are paying people 100s of thousands of dollars to come up with this kind of detail for the signs that are “saving” jobs.  Five pages drawing out every aspect of the signs appearance and conditions under which it can be displayed.  The primary condition is that no work can be taking place anywhere near the sign.  No doubt, if the placement of the any part of the sign is off so much as a 1/4 inch, the whole thing has to be re-done.

I suspect that the only jobs being “saved” are the jobs of the guys designing, making and putting up and taking down the P-BO propaganda signs.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More @$$ for Rev? JJ to kick

Uh oh, more racism is raising its ugly head over LeBron leaving Cleveland. Looky here:

First, Michael Jordan said there was "no way" he would have ever joined forces with two other superstars to chase a championship. Now, one of those guys Jordan said he would have never linked up with is doing the same.

Magic Johnson said he never would have joined with Larry Bird to win a championship the way LeBron James is teaming with Dwyane Wade. "We didn't think about it cause that's not what we were about. From college, I was trying to figure out how to beat Larry Bird."

Rev? JJ called Cavilers owner Dan Gilbert a “slave master” when Gilbert (and the rest of Cleveland) dumped on LeBron for leaving town. What do suppose the race baiter and chief the right Rev? JJ will have to say to Magic and Jordan? Uh, nothing. Well of course you can’t be out race baiting your own. That serves no purpose. If JJ doesn’t roll in on Jordan and Magic it just more proof positive that Rev? JJ is a race baiting dope.

But on the LeBron situation, let’s face it Cleveland, LeBron couldn’t carry Magic’s or Jordan’s jock. That’s why he left town. He knew he couldn’t do what Magic, Jordan, Bryant, Thomas, Bird or Walton did – carry a team. So he left to let Wade do the heavy lifting.

Also, I’m having a hard time with this JournoList story. It’s a bunch of leftist MSM gathering to fix “news stories” to support the leftist agenda. OK what is the big surprise with this? MSM types getting together to put P-BO in the best possible light? This cannot surprise anyone with a single functioning brain cell. Other than the ”Oh yeah I knew that” factor, I cannot figure out why sane people are acting surprised by this. Of course they did it. How do you think Doofus McGoofus got elected? They are still doing it. How could this know nothing have a 10% approval rating if the MSM were doing its job?

Oh, and this.  China is working its slave labor in the prison farms overtime to pay for its economic and military expansion and to alow it to buy up as much US debt as possible.  Meanwhile back in the USA we're offering 100 weeks of unemployment benifits and asking the Chinese to pay for it with loans to Uncle Sam.  This is way beyond YGBSM.  But yes it's true.

Who hasn't been called a racist since P-BO's inauguration?

I was considering pulling down the bit in the post under about Ms. Shirley Sherrod, the USDA agent fired for racism. But up on further review, the play will stand as called. Ms. Sherrod’s actions with regard to the white farmer were racist. Irrespective of when they occurred or how she now feels about what she did 20 years ago, what she did was clearly racist. I suspect that Ms. Sherrod, if not a dues paying member of the NAACP at the time of her dealings with white farmer, was at least a supporter of that organization.

So Lex’s point that the NAACP is and has been populated with a number of racist is accurate. The good news for the NAACP and America is that Ms. Sherrod has had a conversion. The bad news is that the Revs? JJ, Notso Sharp-ton and Wright, Rep Lewis and the Tea Party 3, the New/Old Black Panthers have not.

The NAACP has NO business calling any other organization in America racist. And isn’t being called a racist today sort of like being called a conservative? When idiots like Janeane Garofalo– or as Mark Levin refers to her God-awful-o – and other know nothings toss the word around like baseballs during spring training, it really does lose its sting.

When everyone who disagrees with P-BO for any reason is labeled a racist, when people who stand up for smaller, more accountable, less onerous federal government are labeled racists, when people who shout their disappointment that best basketball player in the league is leaving town for another team are labeled a racist, when the first line of defense of any lib losing an argument is to label the other guy a racist, well I begin to think maybe racists aren’t all bad.

I begin to think, well they cast such a wide net, who cares if a Lib calls you a racist. It’s unavoidable with Libs. It is going to happen. It’s as predictable as a 5 year old shouting, “It’s not fair!” when something doesn’t go his way.

The NAACP issues a resolution against the Tea Party calling them racist while real racists, like New Black Panther leader and cracker baby killing advocate King Dope Samir Shabazzzzzzzz gets away with uh mmm…murder. The NAACP is so afraid of the political fall out for the nation’s first half black president from the Tea Party that they will ignore 99.89% of the evidence about the organization and instead focus on the one or two SEIU plants to hurl accusations of racism at them.

And make no mistake that is the only thing these charges of racism are about – politics NOT racism plain and simple. They have nothing what-so-ever to do with real racism. The left just wants people to shut up. Ignoring the Tea Party didn’t work. Calling them an Astroturf organization of wealthy old white people didn’t work. Portraying them as whacko loons way out of the mainstream of American political thought didn’t work. Hurling vulgar slurs at them and sending in SEIU thugs to beat a few of them up didn’t work. Now it’s time for the big gun. Libs are calling the Tea Party racist to shut them up. It won’t work. Nearly everyone in America has been labeled a racist for some reason since P-BO took office and began “the healing” between the races. As a result, race relations in America have worsened and being called a racist in today’s climate means less then nothing.

Oh yeah, Ms. Sherrod should get her job back.  She showed courage in talking about her conversion from being a racist.  She didn't have to share the story.  She did it to make a point.  Does anyone want to be held accountable for everything they did or said 20 year ago?  I'm more interested in where she is now than where she was 20 years ago.  The Revs? JJ, Notso Sharp-ton and Wright, Rep Lewis and the Tea Party 3, the New/Old Black Panthers should take a note from Ms. Sherrod.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bad timeing for ANOTHER NAACP racist to surface

AAAHGGAAGHGA, I missed a post yesterday. What happened? Kidnapped by the Census Bureau? NO. I have a substantial backyard project going this summer that is nearing completion, so everything is happening at once. Monday, I had to pick up an Amish guy early and the rest is history.

But how about the racism at the NAACP? Could this news have surfaced at worse time? No. It couldn’t have. The @$$ clowns sit around listening to Revs? JJ, Al and J Wright without so much as a, “Hey, tone it down a bit.” Then some @$$ clown representative lies about racial slurs from the Tea Party and the NAACP is all offended. Too damn bad.  He's a liar and the NAACP is run by a bunch a fools.

Note the NAACP "leadership," get after the racist trash littering your own front yard before hassling some other group.

The newest controversy on Capitol Hill is about unemployment pay. P-BO took to the Rose Garden where, as he is prone to do, he told whooper after whooper. The Republicans are not trying to stop an extension of unemployment, doofus, they are trying to pay for it. Chief @44 clown talks straight faced about Republican deficits while ignoring the from here to what was the planet Pluto zeros he has tacked onto what ever it is he’s accusing the Republicans of doing.

But let’s ask this question if you have 10 weeks of unemployment, when do you begin looking for job? When do you begin to think seriously about taking anything available? Now do the math with 100 week of unemployment.

No the New Black Panther thing will not die either. Listen to Boob Schieffer explain that he didn’t ask Eric the wad Holder about the Black Panthers because the whistleblower story came to light “while he was on vacation.” He’s an idiot. The story came to light on election day 2008. It was further brought to light when the wad order the case dropped. And it hasn’t been a "big story" because Boob and 99% of the boob-bots in the MSM don’t want the truth known.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Jackson Lee: Idiot; Financial reform or ruin; P-BO plugs damn hole; Tim Scott

Jackson the history major Lee
The dumbest thing ever said in congress? Yes perhaps. But remember, it’s people like this determining your health care coverage.

Financial reform?
In other good news the senate passed a 2,500 page bill on financial reform that nobody has even read let alone understands. Like P-BO care, the unintended consequences of this bill will take years to fully materialize.

Only a few “moderate” Republi-Rats supported the measure. This left Demo-Dope stunned. Demo-Dope leaders are asking why more republicans didn’t support the bill. After all, the argument goes, the bill contains a bunch of Republican amendments.

Try this one on. Eric the wad Holder wants to legalize beating, raping and killing women. Republicans object and offer amendments to make illegal for anyone to beat rape or kill anyone else. Demo-Dopes agree that the legalizing the beating of women is bad. So they pass the amendment making it illegal to beat a woman. But its still OK for to rape and kill a woman. When the bill passes on strict party line vote, Demo-Dopes whine, “We gave you the amendment you wanted. Why didn’t more of you vote for the bill?”

Like the stimulus, P-BO care et al this monstrosity contains so much crap it should never have seen the light of day.

Damn hole plugged, much @$$ left to kick
Apparently, 90 some days into it our fearless leader has found somebody’s @$$ to kick because the gulf oil flow, for now, is stopped. One wonders what part of solving the problem the US government had, 0% or minus 10%. Its pretty clear while looking for somebody’s @$$ kick Fedzilla failed to mobilize this nation’s considerable assets to deal with the problem. Looking for @$$ to kick and blaming Bush get you only so far when 100s of thousands of barrels of oil are leaking at the bottom of the gulf. At some point, around day two, you have get your assets to the area, convene a council of experts – real experts, oil men, scientist, inventors etc. not just a bunch green weenies with tiny wind mills attached to their beanies. P-BO did little to nothing to stop the leak or mitigate its effects. I’m sure he’ll be claiming credit for "plugging the damn hole" though.

Tim Scott
I’ve been asked to comment on Michael Steel chairman to the RNC and his propensity to make gaff after gaff. He’s my guy and I'm sticking by him. Steel should leave policy to the pols and get out and raise money for the GOP. I was contacted for a donation and declined. I’m sending my hard earned Yankee straight to candidates I think will help the conservative movement. I want the GOP to have more black members in their caucus than the Demo-Dopes.  I want our guys to able to look Jacks-Lee in the eye and ask, "What have you been smoking lady?"  without being called racist.  To that end, I have sent money to two black congressional candidates and am sending out a contribution to a third to Tim Scott in South Carolina.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Cracker" the new N-word?

If the n-word and every word containing a part of the n-word or sounds like the n-word, or words spelled nearly the same way are banned – like the word niggardly – what are we to do with the word “cracker?” Given the rise of the New Black Panther videos, I guess the word “cracker” is to whites what the n-word is to blacks. Now nobody in any part of government or polite society can be heard uttering the n-word. Instead it is referred to as the n-word. Niger, niggardly and Negro are also being banned from polite discussion.

So what do we do with the word cracker? If we do not act soon, Animal Crackers will become little white cookies of men dressed badly sporting golf clubs or overweight guys drinking Duff Beer. Cracker Jack will become, You a cracker, Jack! This will have a huge impact on the sale of crackers all over the world. Sales will skyrocket in the hood and drop off sharply in the burbs. Something must be done. We need to ban the cracker and rename our snack foods to protect us from this racial slur immediately.

Instead of asking if you’d like crackers with your soup, wait staffs across America must start asking if customers would like saltines with their soup. I don’t know what to do with Cracker Jack, perhaps Carmel Corn Jack. But that doesn’t have the right ring to it. Graham Cracker? I just don’t know. We’ll have to work hard to find a suitable inoffensive names.

We also have the dilemma of how to refer to the word “cracker” without using it. We say N-word when referring to the N-word and everybody knows what we mean. Sadly, C-word is already taken to mean another vulgarity. So what do we do? Ker-word perhaps?

All I know for certain is that I am offended by the word cracker and think everybody else should be as well. Actually I’m not. I could not care less. If a black guy came up and called me a cracker to my face, I don’t think I could muster the energy to be angry for myself let alone the entire white race.

Let’s do a little desensitizing (note: reader must mentally insert M-F-er before and after wherever the word cracker appears.)

Yo, you a cracker.

Yo, cracker! Get out my face.

Yo, you be a trippin’ cracker.

I think if you look at the geniuses who use the Ker-word and the N-word (Except when one N-word uses the N-word to describe another N-word. That’s perfectly OK and comprises 2/3rds of Chris Rock’s funny show.), anyway, the people who use language like that are about the kind of people you’d expect them to be.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Now even al Qaeda is racist

Well as predicted an organization that calls for the advancement of only one race – hey isn’t that racist? Yes it is. But anyway, an organization that calls for the advancement of only one race has condemned an organization calling for smaller government of being racists – with not one wit of proof.

Well there you have it. In order to gain credibility to assert racism charges, you yourself must be a racist. Hey it works look at JJ, Sharpton and P-BO’s new advisor on race issues King (King? Huh?) Samir Shabazz.

P-BO has laid down the race card on al Qaeda as well. Seems he’s using the AQ bombings in Uganda this past weekend to assert that AQ is racist:

“What you’ve seen in some of the statements that have been made by these terrorist organizations is that they do not regard African life as valuable in and of itself. They see it as a potential place where you can carry out ideological battles that kill innocents without regard to long-term consequences for their short-term tactical gains.”

Gee if only a majority of Israelis were black, we could back on the right side the Middle East peace process. Muslims have been blowing up everything from pizza stands to the World Trade Center for decades. Apparently without our gallant leader ever noticing. But oh my, now a bomb has gone off in Uganda and the problem isn’t radical Islamo-Terror- Fascists blowing things up, the problem is that they are blowing things up in Africa.

Has he forgotten the embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya? Of course the ITF hate blacks who do not conform to their 12th century way of doing things. They hate everyone who doesn’t conform to their way of doing things. And P-BO is just finding this out?

This is like one of your kids coming in and throwing mom’s favorite vase to floor, setting the kitchen on fire, slugging baby brother in the face and kicking the dog. Dad only jumps out of the chair when jr. kicks the dog.  We don't fault dad or P-BO for their reaction to the Uganda bombings or jr. kicking the dog, we just wonder where the hell they were when everything else was going to hell in a hand basket.  I wonder if ITFs who blow things up Africa can be called terrorist now.

There has been a lot of crap going on with creepy ITF types since 1803 and the Barbary Pirates. The Uganda bombing is only the latest in very, very long line of atrocities. But what the hell, if it takes an African bombing to wake our clueless president up to the fact that there are bad people out there trying to bad things to us - great.

But it hasn’t aroused him to the point that he’s ready to go look for some ITF @$$ to kick. He reserves his limited @$$ kicking skills for Tea Parties, BP and little old ladies. Only one of which he has even a slim chance with in an @$$ kicking contest, without secret service protection.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

NAACP should get rid of their own racists - Clyburn, Jackson etc. - first

What does the P-BO administration do every time something goes wrong? Well yeah, blame George Bush, but what else? Every time something goes wrong or the administration comes under fire it labels those doing the firing racists. Now were George Bush a racist it would be a perfect for this crowd of backward race baiting – or as Sarah Palin puts it backassward – creeps.

P-BO sits in church being run by a certifiably racist lunatic for 20 years and gets a pass.

P-BO calls the cops racists and accuses them of acting stupidly before knowing the facts in a case that involves a pretty good race baiter himself Skippy Gates. P-BO gets a pass for having a beer summit with the cop and Gates.  Everybody but P-BO admits the situation could have been handled better.

Eric the wad Holder calls the entire nation cowardly for not dealing with the race issue when that’s all I can recall us doing for the last 40 years.

Any one opposing stimulus, health care, cap and trade or the current 2,000 + page debacle working its way through congress the financial reform bill is labeled for a racist for opposing - not the Oval Office Idiot – but the daily stream of crap that crosses his desk to which he joyfully affixes his signature.

And now if you gather in a group asking for a smaller more responsible government you are a racist. The NAACP will declare elements of the Tea Party movement racist today. Which elements? And aren’t there elements of the NAACP that are racist? How about that lying sack James Clyburn and his buds who claimed that Tea Partiers shouted racial slurs at them before their disgraceful P-BO care vote. They simply are not telling the truth. There is a $100,000 reward for any video evidence that supports Clyburn’s side of the story. No one has collected the reward to date.

Given the base nature assigned the Tea Party movement by P-BO who calls members “tea baggers,” the MSM and Demo-Dopes in general, it’s hard to believe that if any such evidence exists it wouldn't have surfaced by now. Absent any evidence, I don’t think Clyburn and his race baiting buddies are being truthful. The ONLY ting worse than a racist, is accusing someone who isn't of being racist.  So Clyburn and his pals must be racists. They belong to the NAACP. So the NAACP has a racist element. If the NAACP is trying to expunge racism from the American landscape, maybe they should start with the racists in their own group.

Chief race baiter Jesse Jackson belongs to the NAACP. JJ is like one of the African tribal leaders who met the slave trading ships on the beach and sold other African tribes into slavery. Jesse Jackson isn’t looking for a solution to race relations, he’s looking to get rich(er) off of the problem.

The sad, sad truth is that JJ isn’t interested in solving race relations. He’s primarily interested in stirring the pot and keeping the problem simmering. This dope from the New Black Panthers calls for the murder of whites, uh sorry crackers, and their children. Where are JJ, Rev Sharpton and the legion of other congregationless race baiting preachers? Condemning the moron? No. JJ can’t be bothered with that kind of thing. No he is stirring the pot by calling the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers a racist for being upset about the best basketball player in the league leaving Cleveland. Hey JJ, the entire city is upset. Are they all racists?

I do not believe there will ever be a smoothing out of race relations as long as people like P-BO, the wad, JJ, Sharpton et. al. are in positions of power and profiting from the discord.

If I could join the Tea Party, this morning I would. The funniest thing about this is that the Tea Party doesn’t even exist as a party or any other kind entity that can be identified. It is simply Americans who gather to protest the ever expanding and onerous nature of our federal government. Yeah, they must be racists.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Eric the wad Holder heading first ever "future crimes" unit

Because there is “potential” for racial profiling in AZ, due to the new immigration law enacted there, dim wits at DoJ are considering adding “profiling” to list of grievances, real and potential, listed in DoJ’s suit against AZ. Wow, “potentially” breaking the law is now considered a crime by the DoJ. Didn’t Tom Cruise make a movie that featured a “future crimes” unit?

I guess Eric the wad Holder will be sitting in his office manipulating a dozen or so computer monitors with hands after the fancy mahogany ball rolls down the track with the word “Arizona” laser carved into it. Hopefully for the wad there will be none of those pesky “Minority Reports” that ruin everything.

Now if the wad really wanted to look into profiling cases, he’d take a look at what’s going on along I95 from FL to NJ. The I95 corridor is a notorious drug/gun running route. The dealers, their mules, and victims of the product they deal in are mostly people of color. So when the cops pull over a car load of people of color for speeding or other minor traffic violations the accusation of profiling crops up.

No. You were pulled over for speeding. The profile on drug runners is that they never speed, drift left of center, drive with their lights out, cruise in the passing lane 15 MPH under the posted limit for 40 miles impeding traffic etc. etc. The profile for drug runners is that they drive 2-3 miles an hour under limit and so carefully follow every law normal people blow off when on a long trip, that their strict obedience to every traffic law draws suspicion.

But there is a profile for drug runners, who happen to be predominately black. Now in this topsy turvy world, the fact that the cops have figured out how to target drug runners ends up being proof positive that the cops are racist pigs. It also becomes an excuse for any black guy getting pulled over for doing 110 with his lights out to scream racism. “Damned racist pigs pulled me over for DWB (driving while black) again.”

And I suppose there is a profile for smugglers of humans in AZ. Instead of praising the cops for their hard work and diligence in stopping this curse, the wad and his bunch DoJ lunatics are watching for the first opportunity to prosecute them.

Now supposedly Fedzilla is landing on AZ with both feet because that state had the temerity to think that if Fedzilla won’t secure the AZ border with Mexico, the state will. Holy cow we can’t have that, the wad claims. Securing the border is federal responsibility and AZ will be usurping federal law and federal authority.

When asked during a resent press briefing why the feds weren’t going after sanctuary cities - which also usurp federal law and authority – with the same vim and vigor as they are pursuing AZ, Squiggy Gibbs never had an answer. And he won’t have one today either. There is no logical answer. We can count on the lamestreamers to stop asking the question though.

There is no answer. See if the DoJ were being even-handed in their approach, sanctuary cities would have to be added the DoJ’s law suit. Of course they never will be. That fact alone proves that the wad’s case against AZ is purely political.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Warm-mongers investigate self; find they did nothing wrong

It’s been hot here in Ft. Wayne for the last week or so. So much so that even Lex began giving some credence to AlGore...about inveting the Interent not global warm-mongering. It's summer. It’s always hot here in Ft. Wayne in July and August. Heat will do funny things to a person. It makes them tire easier and it clouds their judgment. But even at its worst, last week’s heat had me cussing the sun not the Ford F150 in the driveway.

It must have been much hotter over in jolly old England where some commission declared the climate scandal at the University of East Anglia a non-issue. That’s right dumping and adjusting data that will not conform, deleting e-mails that do not support your claim and adjusting pesky testing methods that just will not confirm what is supposed to be “settled science” is nothing to worry about.

The debate is still over! So claims some nit wit Sir Muir Russell’s investigation into Climategate at East Anglia. Now if your skeptical, please don’t be. East Anglia hand picked these highly qualified “Sirs,” “Lords,” and “Dukes” to investigate itself. That’s sort of like when the White House investigated itself with regard to offering a sleazy deal to Joe Sestak to stay out of the PA senatorial primary. Squiggy Gibbs took 10 minutes out of his busy day and discovered nothing untoward happened with regard to the illegal job offer. So, move along folks. There’s nothing to see here. And the press compliantly moves along.

Sir, Lord, Earl, Grand Margrave and Marquises of idiocy Russell’s report reminds me of the old CIA directive to field operatives when caught in a sticky situation, deny everything, admit nothing, make counter charges. I’m going to try that the next time I get pulled over for speeding. “Well officer, I’ve asked my wife to do a complete and through investigation of my actions while you were radioing in this stop. You’ll be happy to know that not only was I NOT speeding, she has found that I am an exceptionally safe driver that has done absolutely nothing wrong…ever. However, she did notice that you traveled a bit left of center while you chasing me for last ten miles. Watch that.”

This incident and the response to it is a microcosm of the entire global warm-mongering movement. Make things up. Lie about the things that you’ve made. When you’re caught making things up and lying about the things you’ve made up, prosecute the guy who caught you making things up. Then, investigate yourself and – SURPRISE - find that you’ve done nothing wrong.

These people are hoaxes. Their “science” is a hoax. Why would we expect their investigation of themselves not to be a hoax?

Thursday, July 08, 2010

DoJ incompetent morons and racists

Uh oh, maybe we’re not a nation of cowards after all. While DoJ is out looking to kick the state of Arizona’s @$$ for doing what Fedzilla refuses to do, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is looking into something else the feds apparently are not too interested in doing, prosecuting blatant civil rights violators – if the violators happen to be black.

We have all seen the video of the New Black Panthers blocking the entrance of a polling place in Philly, while issuing racial slurs, carrying clubs and dressed paramilitary gear. Yesterday, Lex linked to a disturbing video of one of the NBP defendants in the Philly case advocating the murder of white people (aka crackers) and their children.

Seems the only race cowards that can be identified in this case are AG Eric the Wad Holder himself and his happy band of DoJ lemming running their own affirmative action program for black law breakers out of the basement of the Kennedy building in D.C.

On Tuesday a DoJ spokesman claimed "the facts and the law did not support pursuing claims". Do you know what that means? It means one of three things. First, that the lawyers at DoJ have to be the most incompetent bunch of legal minds in the world. They are. DoJ had already won a default judgment. All that was left was the sentencing portion of the case. But then the P-BO administration moved to dismiss the charges after getting one of the New Black Panther members to agree to not carry a "deadly weapon" near a polling place until 2012. Huh? So it will be OK to bring a deadly weapon to the polling place after 2012? That’s good information to know. But according to whistle blower J. Christian Adams, DoJ decided to drop the case for nothing more than racial reasons.

The second thing a DoJ spokesman claiming "the facts and the law did not support pursuing claims" could mean is that DoJ is populated with bunch of morons. It is. The case was on a video that even Joe Biden could see and understand. They had already won. Fact and law? The facts are clear, and I suspect had David Duke shown up in Harlem with a bunch of club wielding white supremacist, we’d find out that the law is clear as well.

The last thing a DoJ spokesman claiming "the facts and the law did not support pursuing claims" could mean is that DoJ is being run by a bunch of racists clowns. It is. Given the circumstances outlined in above, what other rational explanation is there?

But wait! There’s more. Were this set of circumstances not bad enough – and let’s face it they pretty bad – DoJ is trashing the whistle blower who brought to light DoJ’s policy of letting racist black poll intimidators off the hook Scott free. A disgruntled employee claims the DoJ. Well hell yeah. He is disgruntled because the DoJ is populated by a bunch of race baiting morons.

Take the circumstances of the this case and juxtapose them against the AZ case that the DoJ is pursuing with vim and vigor. Everyone in this administration declared the AZ law discriminatory – before they had even read the damn thing. P-BO said and continues to say that the AZ law has potential for abuse but refuses to list one single other law that doesn’t have POTENTIAL for abuse. So blatant racists in Philly caught on tape get off hook but AZ is dragged into court for POTENTIAL abuse.

Yes America this all happening right here at home, right now. It isn’t some third world country where these things are happening – yet.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Fedzilla Vs. AZ

Well the legal fight between AZ and the Feds - or as Ted Nugent refers to them “Fedzilla” – is on. AZ passed an immigration law that nearly mirrors federal statute with the exception that AZ intends to enforce their law. Fedzilla claims that the immigration issue is the sole responsibility of the federal government.

So while the Justice Dept. is perfectly happy to let real racists NBP members intimidating voters in Philly off scott free, they will waste millions of tax dollars going after the state of AZ for enforcing a law that is very similar to the federal law that the feds refuse to enforce.  And if you want to see exactly what we're dealing with in the NBP case, look at thisCaution: It will make you sick.

OK for a really far far out comparison, consider this. Suppose Mexico invades the US. Invades with a shooting army not an army of poorly educated unskilled illegal laborers. Suppose they make it all the way up to Ft. Wayne. Would the federal government sue IN if it passed a law requiring the police to defend their communities from the invading army?

It is the federal government’s responsibility to provide for the national defense. So would the IN law be usurpation of the federal law and federal power or a just a reinforcement of that power? I do not see how this end well for the feds. But then I didn’t see how the courts could require a Christian group to go against its fundamental understanding of the Bible to include gays in order to have access to campus funds and facilities. We do have a right to freedom of assembly and association. But apparently the court didn’t see it that way.

And just as an aside, Bobby Byrd is dead and buried.  Several posts below I asked that you watch for the air brushing of Bobby's checkered past.  I didn't know then the extent that the Demo-Dopes and the lamestreamers would go to make this racist creep who has over 50 government projects in WV named after himself and his wife look good.  Bill Clinton said Bobby had to belong to the Klan to get elected. 

Exactly!  Bill hit the nail on the head and he doesn't even know it.  All of these so-called "public servants" are more interested in getting elected than honorable service to the country.  Bill, who else in congress is doing things to "get elected" rather than to advance the causes of freedom and liberty?

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

For the, "this cannot be happening" file

The newest addition to your "this cannot be happening file" has to be this tidbit:

In a far-reaching restatement of goals for the nation’s space agency, NASA administrator Charles Bolden says President Obama has ordered him to pursue three new objectives: to “re-inspire children” to study science and math, to “expand our international relationships,” and to “reach out to the Muslim world.” Of those three goals, Bolden said in a recent interview with al-Jazeera, the mission to reach out to Muslims is “perhaps foremost,” because it will help Islamic nations “feel good” about their scientific accomplishments.

Hmmm. So NASA stands for…what? National Aeronautics and Space Administration or National Arab Supplication Administration? You’d think somewhere in the mission statement P-BO gave NASA there would be some mention of aeronautics and/or space. But with this crowd you’d be wrong.

In other startling news, P-BO has tasked the agriculture department with finding a cure for cancer, creating the largest tinfoil ball ever and finding out once and for all how many licks it takes to get to the center of tootsie roll pop. In the biggest government shake up ever, the post office will now be responsible securing the southern border and homeland security is going to be passing out money to artists who best capture the heroic nature of our president.

This is the kind of stuff when you first see it you cannot believe it. WTF, was the first thing that crossed my mind. Then you read the story. Your blood boils when you find out it is true. P-BO assigned NASA three goals. Not one of which has to do with space. And the “foremost” mission is a Muslim outreach program.

How weird is that? NASA, what used to be the world’s leader in cutting edge scientific development has as its primary mission reaching out to a religion that is trapped in the 12th century. I’m certain there was a Star Trek episode based on this idea and it probably didn’t go well for Capt. Kirk.

Just add this to the ever growing list of imponderables from this administration. There are at least a couple of dozen equally or ten times more disturbing things coming out of this crowd. Come to think of it, while one of the most bizarre, this is one of least threatening to any of our established liberties.

Gotta run.  The guy from the energy department is here to see if he can get me to fill out the a 2010 Census form.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Faith in government makes P-BO an American

Proving once and for all that he rarely has a clue about what it is he’s talking about, P-BO made this insane statement, ““Being an American is not a matter of blood or birth, it’s a matter of faith.” So is it the faith of goofball Rev? or race baiter? Jerry Wright who damns America? That’s the church our clueless president grew up with in Chicago. G-Damn America. Is that the faith P-BO refers to? Yes, I believe it is.

This guy is an idiot. If it’s not blood or birth that determine American citizenship, but rather “faith,” who then is ineligible to become American? Atheist I suppose. But we know that P-BO doesn’t exclude that group either. So everyone in the world is an American if they have faith in...what? Faith that P-BO will some day before the end of his second term plug the damn hole? Faith that America can sustain an ever growing ever more onerous and incompetent government to pass out checks to people who did not earn them written off of funds from the people who did?

Faith in what? I did not hear him mention faith in an American style liberty that allows Americans to dream big then succeed and fail on their own merits. No doubt, and I mean NO DOUBT, he means faith in American government to save idiots who ride motorcycles with no helmet by passing laws that they must. In short faith in a government that is more interested in protecting us from ourselves than protecting us from our neighbors or the government itself.

And if it is faith in America that makes us American, what country do P-BO buds Bill Ayers, Van Jones and Jerry Wright belong to?  They have no faith in America.  Can we deport them?  That would be good start.

Immigration is an abomination in this country. Why do Hispanics have a special right to wander across the border and expect to get a free pass? I guarantee you if talented well educated white male Christians were pouring across our southern border Demo-Dopes would have a 15’ triple barrier with live land mines between each layer and the border patrol odered to shoot to kill.

The more I see of this bunch the more I am convinced that are racist to the core. Immigration, Van Jones, the cops acted stupidly, America is country of cowards, dismissal of the case against the New Black Panthers, typical white woman etc. etc. We are lucky this moron is only half black.

This is just one more thing in an extraordinarily long list of things that are happening that has people saying, “This can’t be happening.”  It is happening.

Let’s try this experiment. Stop hiring illegal immigrants and see if they leave.

Happy birthday America. Enjoy it while you can still recognize the country.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Plain language is to be avoided these days

The 4th of July is Sunday. Now is a great time to take another look at the Declaration of Independence. Like our Constitution, the Declaration of Independence is plainly written in few words, about 1,300. Compare that to the crap that comes out of our congress today. Today this congress passes two THOUSAND page bills so filled with gobbledygook that no one can possibly read them and they cannot be comprehended except by teams of lawyers.

The purpose of the founders was to lay out their ideas in clear easily understood language so as to allow everyone to understand what the issues were. Today, the (g)assbags we send to congress want to avoid clear language so as to obfuscate the truth about what it is they trying do –which is to undo what the founders created. So we get 2,000 page bills that have all kinds of crap in them that subverts the founders’ intent.

The founders wrote in clear language to create a call to arms among the citizenry. If the (g)assbags in today’s congress wrote law in plain language there would be a call to arms alright – against them.

This congress and this president are more like the King of England than they are like the founders. They pass all of this crap without the consent of the governed. When the governed call the creeps on what they are trying to do we get this kind of crap over and over.

These arrogant bastards of both parties today have disdain for the people they serve. Citizens rallying against onerous and abusive government are called vile names - by the president of all of the people. That plagiarizing buffoon who is vice president, called the manager of a custard store he was visiting a “smartass.” What grace. Call your host a smartass. The simple fact is that any ass Joe Biden happens to be around will be smarter than the dumbass that Joe Biden is.

But this is how this current crop of “public servants” sees their opportunity to hold power. Divide and conquer.

If you disagree with this bunch about the government running healthcare, you’re toady for the HMOs that wants his neighbor to die unnecessarily. If you disagree with them on “comprehensive immigration reform” you’re a racist. If you support America defending her interests against a bunch of religious nuts trapped in the 10th century, you are a warmonger. If you think the sun has more to do with global warming than anything man is doing, you are a kin to a Holocaust denier.

This whole bunch needs to go the way of the three prong pitch fork.

This where we are this 4th of July:

Teetering on bankruptcy

Engaged in two wars that the “Commander in Chief” has no clue how to run

Passing two thousand page bills that erode the very thing our founding was based upon – liberty

Thousands of barrels of oil gushing into the water of one our tourist and economic treasures for 70+ days and a president who is more concerned with POSSIBLE eco damage the clean up might cause than cleaning the mess up AND NO CLUE how to stop the gusher

A president and majority party HAPPY to divide us among our selves so that they may continue to hold power

November cannot come soon enough. Stop the madness. Then begin to roll it back.