Saturday, April 28, 2012

The assault on Catholics begins/continues

Mnsgr. John and Lex jr. take a break during Jr's Eagle Scout project 

Disclaimer: I know Monsignor John Kuzmich, Pastor of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, and I think the world of him and our other priests and deacons at the church. I know Msgr. John to be a kind, compassionate, worldly and extremely learned man. Also, Lex jr. attended the school in question in the post under, St. Vincent’s school.

Just as predicted on this page, the steady drip of anti Catholic crap from the lamestreammedia and their high holy one, the P-BO, has begun. The State dept, under the steady hand of the “world’s smartest woman” who can’t even manage to get a single word translated correctly into Russian, lumped the Vatican in with drug runners, human trafficers, gun runners and other unsavory characters (all probably on a P-BO donor list somewhere) as a money laundering operation. Even though the Catholic Church is arguably the most effective organization in dealing with the problem, State has denied the church a grant for ministering to victims of human trafficking because the church will not encourage abortion as part of that ministry.

Now the lamestreamers have taken up the cause of one Emily Herx. Ms. Herx did not have her contract renewed at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School here in Ft. Wayne, IN because she insisted on time off for in vitro fertilization procedures. Now, had Ms. Herx just done the damn thing on her own time, who would have known about it? No one that's who.  But no. Her and her husband demand time off so that the Catholic School has to subsidize a procedure that the church has condemned for decades. Ms. Herx’s case is Sandra Fluke sans the contraceptives and now desperately trying to get pregnant and wanting other people to pay for it while ignoring the immoral nature of the method.

And NO, it doesn’t matter if the Catholic Church is the ONLY organization in the world that takes exception to in vitro. As part of her contract, Ms. Herx was required to "have a knowledge and respect for the Catholic faith, and abide by the tenets of the Catholic Church." For the same reason it makes NO DIFFERENCE WHAT-SO-EVER if Ms. Herx’s duties at the school did or dindn't have anything to do with religious teaching.

Ms. Herx claims that she always got good evaluations. No doubt. In an age where everyone gets a trophy and an Islamo-Terror-Fascist Army Major psychologist is passed through and is discovered to be an incompetent murdering bastard only after killing 14 people on Ft. Hood, why would we think anyone would bother to tell the truth about Ms. Herx? All that aside, what the hell difference does it make? She can teach. Hitler could paint. Don’t even start. No she’s not Hitler. That was just the most extreme example I could think of. The point is, except for OJ, we don’t ignore grave moral shortcomings of people because they happen to be good at something else. No she's not OJ, except for the nasty moral dillema as what is to done to disposal of unused or frozen embryos.

Ms. Herx’s lawyer claims that none of Ms. Herx’s embryos were destroyed in the process. No. But I’ll bet a few are frozen in a jar somewhere. These unborn are referred to as snow babies. They will create a moral dilemma as to their disposal once Ms. And Mr. Herx get their desired result or give up trying.

Ms. Herx claims that Monsignor Kuzmich called her an “immoral sinner.” I don’t know. What I know of Msgr. John, without some context, I find that claim difficult to believe. Besides, let’s say he explains the church doctrine on in vitro and Ms. Herx insists on going through with the procedure, what would that make her in the eyes of the church? People are so afraid to call anything by its name any more. The murdering ITF at Ft. Hood is not a terrorist. He is a purveyor of “work place violence.”

Mz. Herx claims she had to explain the procedure to Msgr. John, that he didn’t know what it was. Not likely. The church has been teaching against this procedure for decades. Msgr. John is a smart and compassionate man. I would guess that he was questioning her in effort to see how much she knew about the procedure and determine what type of “fertility procedure” she was under going. The Catholic Church is not opposed to fertility treatment. They do draw the line at creating life in a test tube or any other procedure that creates life outside the marital embrace. More likely, Msgr. John probably needed to know how to move forward given a certain set of circumstances.

As is the Catholic way, Msgr. John will not do or say anything that will bring shame or embarrassment on Ms. Herx or her family. Diocese spokesman Sean McBride’s statement said all, the Herx family is in our prayers.

And make no mistake about it, all of this is being engineered by an increasingly onerous and dangerous federal government intent on "crusifying" anyone who stands in their way. The rather Orwellian named Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued a determination in Herx's favor in January 2012 and a right to sue in February. This after and in spite of a Supreme Court ruling that affirmed the right of religious institutions to terminate employment on religious grounds. Seems the EEOC wants a do over and over, and over, and over until it hears what it wants to hear.

Friday, April 27, 2012

After Slow Joe "big stick" Biden, it's time for a real Vice President

The Veepstakes are on for Mitt Romney. I’d make the choice early on. Why wait until the convention? I’d look to a person who is well qualified and if possible can break one or two the P-BO’s voting blocks. A black woman with a Hispanic sir name would be perfect. If she had a disability, a Jewish mother and Muslim father and happened to be a left handed dwarf, well, it couldn't hurt. Barring that, Romney ought to just pick the best qualified person who can get the job done. Though clearly the most qualified, Cheney’s heart transplant probably takes him out of the running.

I’ve divided these up in two categories non-white boy and white/white Hispanic males and listed both from most to least likely.

People of color and colorful women

Condi Rice: Brilliant talented and well qualified. Will hit the P-BO and his dumb@$$ cracker VP on two fronts. She’s blacker than the P-BO and is more of a man than Biden. Oh yeah, she’s an attractive woman. Will school slowest of all Joes like the school boy dunce that he is during the one VP debate. Does anyone know if she’s a conservative? Well, that could be a problem.

Marco Rubio: Real deal senator from key swing state, FL. Hispanic, and no doubt will be portrayed by the lamestreammedia as a white Hispanic at some point. Solid conservative that will shore up Romney’s right while fracturing the Hispanic and white Hispanic vote for the P-BO.

Ken Blackwell: Conservative former Sec State of key swing state, OH. Is twice as black as the P-BO and twice as serious. Can school Biden on voter ID laws, that Americans break about 70% in favor of, and make him appear dumber than he his, which given Biden's already MVP level of stupidity, is no easy task. Long, long, long shot.

Alan West: Firebrand first term Rep from key swing state, FL. Ret. Army LTC who discharged his weapon in the presence of ITF in Iraq to get information on roadside bombs killing and maiming US personnel. Sycophantic military lawyers and “leaders” could not stand a man of action who actually achieved results ruining their plans for a slow defeat. So they brought him up on charges. Twice as black as the P-BO, three times the man of the P-BO and slow Joe plugs Biden combined. Probably can actually get a baseball to the catcher from the mound. What a refreshing site that will be after three years of pathetic attempts. Oh, did I mention he's a firebrand?  Not Romney's style.

Jan Brewer: AZ gov. who signed a state law enforcing Federal immigration policy. DOJ sued the state. The case is before the Supreme Court where Justice Kennedy will decide for the othe 8 justices and 311 million people what to do with case. No matter wht happens, 60% Americans support the law. A good choice for that reason alone.

Susana Martinez: Gov. of NM. The name says it all. We do not know if she is a white Hispanic or not? Undoubtedly she will be portrayed as such by the lamestreamers. Seems a well spoken, accomplished, serious woman.

White and white Hispanic males

Chris Christie: Volatile gov. of NJ who has the political liability of telling the truth and telling it in a very colorful fashion. Has NJ headed in the right direction fiscally so the public sector unions all hate him. Is well overweight. But then, in America these days, who isn’t? Unlikely to lecture us what and when we should eat. For that alone, he’s a solid pick. Does a northeastern Republican satisfy the Tea Party rock rib conservatives? Yes. Against the P-BO and his @$$clown of a VP, Homer Simpson would be a 10,000% improvement. You almost hope for this pick so you can watch Christie dismantle mental midget and Slowest of all Joes, Joe shovel ready Biden at the VP debate. And do it in such a colorful way it would be late night TV fodder for weeks.

Tim Pawlenty: Who? Yeah the former gov. of MN who dropped out of the Republican presidential primary contest before he even had his chance to be the “not Romney” candidate of the month. Romney may appreciate him for that, but not enough to tap him for Veep.

Jeb Bush: Well qualified former governor from key swing state FL. Unfortunately for him, his last name is Bush. Even more unfortunate, he’s the brother of GWB. The last name alone would provide unlimited fodder for the Demo-Dopes and would do little to shore up Romney’s conservative bona fides. Never happen.

Haley Barbour: Solid, solid conservative term limited gov of MS. Would be a great but highly unlikely pick.

Rob Portman: Budget wonk and senator from key swing state of OH. And? Well that’s it and that’s why it isn’t Portman.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Check out all of the links

Looks just like a white Hispanic with a touch of black Peruvian blood mixed in.  Let's just call him white to simplify things.

Learn interesting and fun stuff from Reuters that our own lamestreammedia won’t report about white and as it turns out partially black Hispanic George Zimmerman at the link.

Here is a not so funny parody of the P-BO telling the truth about what his re-election will mean (1 min).

Here’s how a guy that doesn’t look like the P-BO’s son, if he had one, ends up at the hands of a black mob.  Who cares? Now we’ve been told that Trayvon martin’s parents are salt of the Earth type people. Who told us? The lamestreammedia told us. So it is suspect. What kind of salt of the Earth people let something like this happen to a man without shouting: “NOT in my son’s name!”? I think the race baiting Revs? may have gotten to the Martins making them a bit less salty.

The People’s Cube (A Rubic’s Cube with all red stickers so that everyone can solve the puzzle equally.) remains an indispensable web site for anyone who needs razor sharp sarcasm to soften the sting of the nation slipping over the edge. Best photo shoppers on the web, funniest comments. Take a few minutes to scroll down, click around and save to favorites. These guys make Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert look very unfunny. HILL-R-I-US. Check out the Earthday post. They have a great bit contrasting Sandra Fluke with the Romneys. Too dog gone funny.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Too much info

Typing out these lousy 300-700 words gets tougher every day. Not because there’s nothing to talk about. It’s the exact opposite. There’s so much it’s hard to get started. It’s like a kid with a pass for a scoop of ice cream at shop with a 157 flavors. More time is spent looking and trying to decide what to get than can be justified for a free scoop of ice cream.

We’re 15 trillion in debt. No one cares. What’s important is that Rush Limbaugh called a woman who wants to add her contraceptive costs to the national debt a slut.

The idiots in this administration declared the war on terror over. They might have checked with the people who first declared the war – the terrorists – if they agree. But that assessment might have slowed the announcement that the war was over. But none of that’s important. What’s important is that a kid who looks like the P-BO’s son, if he had one, was killed by a white Hispanic.

Every aspect of the federal government is in disarray. The Secret Service is being serviced in not so secret ways. The GSA “watchdogs” are the dogs looting the treasury for personal use. The military is laced with sycophantic yes men looking to protect the “boss” and defend diversity more than to protect and defend their own troops. The DOJ has Brian Terry’s blood on their hands because of an anti 2nd amendment gun running scheme that would make the 3 Stooges look like Mensa candidates by comparison. They turn a blind eye to blatant crime because the perps look like the P-BO’s sons, if he them, and are Eric the wad Holder’s “people.” The Dep of Energy pees away 10s of billions of dollars on “green energy” pipedreams that go broke, catch fire, blow up and create more environmental hazards in their production and disposal than they could possibly off-set in a million years even if they all functioned perfectly – which none of them do. Meanwhile production of proven energy sources are rejected out of hand or mired in decades of red tape costing hundreds of millions dollars before the first shovel of dirt can be moved. Public education in nothing more than a propaganda mill being run by teacher’s unions for their own benefit. College education has the same goal but costs 10 times more and the P-BO wants you to pay the cost of that indoctrination as well. The State Dep, being run by the supposed “smartest woman in the world,” can’t even translate a single word - “Reset” – to Russian correctly for a photo that in hindsight now appears dumber than the translation. That should be the P-BO’s “Mission Accomplished” moment. Hillary standing with her fouled up “reset” button while Putin funnels arms to Syrian murdering SFB Assad.

And yet the lamestreammeadia continue to ask the tough questions that Americans are demanding answers to: Why did Mitt Romney put his dog Seamus in a carrier on top of the car? If we could just get a satisfactory answer to that question, we could move on to the important issues like: Why has Ann Romney never worked a day in her life?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A race baiters dream come true

I was looking at a couple web sites, it doesn’t matter which ones, about George Zimmerman’s release from prison. The articles were not nearly as informative as the comments below the articles.

Each time, the comments devolved into an argument about weather or not the white Hispanic was guilty of murdering the kid who like the P-BO’s son, if he had one. The key to the blog commenting wannbe lawyers seems to boil down to who started the fight. Depending on which side the comment maker took, he alleged the other guy started it. That was met by, “Well you can’t prove that.”

I think the comment makers have stumbled upon something prosecutor Corey Nifong missed. Proof. The PJ people seemed to stumble upon this thing referred to in the legal community as “proof.” Proof was the one thing missing in the left’s dream case against the Duke lacrosse team. Proof was ever elusive in the overcharging of Casey Anthony. A dead baby must equal murder by mom, not neglect, manslaughter or any other conceivable charge. It’s murder straight and simple. We don’t need no stikin’ proof. Given what we know about the Zimmerman case from the prosecutor’s affidavit, leaked portions of the police report and what we can glean from media sources and talking lawyer heads, you can make whatever you want to from the available facts.

But let’s put this into the starkest light possible, the dead kid looks like the P-BO’s son, if he had one, and the guy who pulled the trigger is white. Well he’s at least a white Hispanic. If the kid looked like Mitt Romney’s kid and the guy who pulled the trigger was looked like the P-BO or his son, if he had one, it would be par for the course and nobody would take much notice. If the kid looked like the P-BO’s son, if he had one, and the guy who pulled the trigger looked like the P-BO, there would be absolutely NOTHING remarkable about another black on black incident ending in death.

To put an even finer point on it, the race baiting industry, which now sadly includes the P-BO and his jack@$$ of an Attorney General, could not care less about the kid who looks like the P-BO’s son, if he had one. The ONLY thing they care about is stirring the racial divide. If they really cared about kids who end up like Trayvon Martin - dead from a gun shot wound - they would spend more time condemning gangs, drugs, out of wedlock children, drop outs and the creepy anything goes music and entertainment industry that glorifies all manner of depravity and plagues all young people. But hell, congregationless SFBs like Revs? Jesse and AL couldn’t make the easy money and would have to get their hands dirty doing real work were they to set up in a neighborhood and try to prevent such things rather than just rolling in on a weekend in $1,000 suit, agitating, passing the plate and moving on when something like Trayvon’s death occurs.

If Zimmerman is found guilty, whites and white Hispanics will breathe a sigh of relief and life will go back to the usual crime stats of blacks killing blacks and blacks assaulting whites in disproportionate percentages. The revs? will crawl back into their holes to count their blood money. And the status quo ante will resume.

If Zimmerman is found not guilty, all hell will break loose. The Revs? the P-BO and his jack@$$ of an Attorney General will call for calm while doing nothing to inspire it. As in the Rodney King case, Eric the wad Holder will file federal civil rights charges within half an hour. The big difference between LA after the Rodney King verdict is that whites and white Hispanics will be ready for the reaction being inspired by the Revs? and the P-BO administration. Sadly, the one industry that is booming under the P-BO is the gun industry.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh good, a movie

Remember when you had a substitute at school? They’d come in and show a movie or if you’re an oldster a film strip. Here’s your assignment for today:

Take 4 minutes and 39 seconds and watch this:

Now, is there a single inaccuracy in any part of the 4:39?

What does it tell you? It tells me that it may already be too late to right this ship.

Friday, April 20, 2012

What do the photos tell us?

Photos of US troops posing over or peeing on dead terrorists are not good news. This is all George Eastman’s fault. His invention of paper based photographic paper allowed nearly everyone to become a photographer and now with digital phones and iPods nearly everyone is. A picture says a 1,000 words.  What these photos are saying, nay shouting, is that much of our political and military "leadership" is composed of dopes or worse - cowards.

We are told that the photos will inflame those followers of the religion of peace - those perpetually offended Mohammad Atta types looking for a reason, any reason no matter how slight, to fly a passenger plane into a tall building somewhere. The fact is that just drawing a breath while not believing in every syllable of the hokum contained in the koran is reason enough for these lunatics to slit your throat. Ask Daniel Pearl.

Let’s stipulate that taking the photos in this day and age of facebook, mindless blogs, twitter photo, viral youTube clips etc. was dumb. What is much, much, much dumber is for anyone in a position of authority to act as if they didn’t know that such things might occur in today’s digital world where everyone, it seems, wants to share everything with everyone else. What is much, much, much dumber still is for the same people who pretend they didn’t know that some kid might kneel next to dead Taliban he shot from a 1,000 yards and snap a photo as if it were trophy deer, is for those same people to say such photos will enrage the enemy.

NEWS FLASH!!! They were already enraged. Barring some Islamo-Terror-Fascist reformation, they will remain enraged until the day they die. THE PHOTOS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

That is the only lesson the West needs to learn from all of this.

But as usual, we have “government and military leaders” tripping all over themselves seeing who get to a microphone first with most over the top condemnation of the troops. They are cowards.

Here are some talking points for someone with a brain:

-  War, combat, men fighting for their very lives with guns and bombs is a disgusting and dirty business. That is why the overwhelming majority of us decide not to enter that line of work.
-  Those who do are under tremendous stress.
-  At times discipline breaks down under stress.
-  From the time of the very first photograph, photographers have been filling books with photos of dead criminals and warriors.
-  Today’s technology has made the snapping of such pictures ubiquitous.
-  Not every photo taken in today’s environment is in good taste.
-  We do not condone such pictures.
-  In fact, it is prohibited by our Law of Land Warfare.
-  Still, discipline brakes down and such things occur more frequently than we would like.
-  In the big scheme of things, such photos do not amount to much more than someone speeding down the highway on Sat morning.
-  Anyone who thinks such photos are the proximate cause for the ITF is an idiot who does not know the enemy.
-  The proximate causes for our 10 year Afghan war are two fold: (1) The koran and a large enough percentage of its followers willing to kill anyone who does not believe in the writings contained therein. (2) Our unwillingness to kill the ITF as efficiently as our technology and our magnificent military men would allow us.
-  Those photos are a result of every “military man” and politician who would not allow rules of engagement and military activity that would have killed the enemy in numbers large enough to have allowed us to exit this mess 6 years ago.
-  We will deal with the men who took these pictures and posed in them in a manner proportionate to the crime. They will start digging a hole for the gunny and not stop until they find a Chinaman.
-  Anyone who uses these brave men as scapegoats for “enflaming” a bunch of brain dead terrorists has committed a much graver crime, giving a terrorists cover for his activity.
-  Those who would give any solace to the enemy or excuse their actions based on these photos are sanctimonious, self-serving, un-American bastards that should be shunned by decent people.

Case closed.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Get government out of government

Let’s face it. Our government is as corrupt and dysfunctional as any in history before it went the way of the Dodo bird. Look at the scandals that dominate the news today. The department that is supposed to be the government watchdog has run amok looting millions upon millions of tax dollars as if they were some privileged class that was allowed to take as much as they wanted whenever they wanted. And who the hell knows? Maybe they were.

Whatever the thief Jeff Neely was able to pull off, I’ll bet is only the tip of the iceberg of GSA thievery and debauchery at taxpayer expense – and whatever the GSA pulled off pales at what others are doing. Defense Sec Panetta regrets the cost of his 27 trips home to CA SINCE JULY at taxpayer expense. WTF (Win The Future). 27 trips home since July? Again WTF? He’s looking into how he might reduce costs. Here’s a clue Leon, STAY IN WASHINTON D.C. ON THE WEEKENDS! Robert Gates by comparison traveled home on average three times a year. Panetta reminds me of the one or two boys homesick during Scout summer camp. GROW UP LEON.

As always, we can count on some sycophant military general to stand up for “the boss.” How courageous! Give that man a medal! Screw the troops but stand up for the boss. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Martin Dempsey, came to Panetta’s defense:

Let me help the boss here, because if I couldn’t get a hold of him, we’d have a really different relationship. He doesn’t get much rest in California, based on the number of times I know that I’m in contact with him.”

Way to go Marty. You’re doing a heck of a job. Never has a slobbering @$$ kisser said it better. How about Leon just staying in D.C. Marty? Did that idea ever cross your highly trained military mind? Now, let’s hear your defense of the troops peeing on and photographing dead terrorists in Afghanistan. "Help the boss out," but not a word for your troops in trouble but for condemnation. COWARD.

Leon’s expenditures pale in comparison to Moochele who, when not telling us what and when to eat, hails government travel as if she were hailing a Chicago taxi. Queen Mooch has twice ordered up military aircraft so that she could beat the P-BO to family vacation spots by a couple of hours. Good use of taxpayer dollars Mooch. No doubt Marty will be issuing a statement in defense of the Mooch leaving just a bit early so that she can get dinner ready for the Commander in Chief after one of his 80 or so rounds of golf. A statement like that from Marty would solidify his reputation as possibly the greatest @$$ kisser ever.

Then there is the Secret Service scandal. Use to be that if a writer or Hollywood wanted to give a guy instant credibility, they would make him a Secret Service agent. Now they, like everything associated with the government except the rank and file military, are nothing more than a punch line.

This is what happens when a government gets so big it cannot administer itself. This is what happens when people make a comfortable living off of the government, more comfortable than those paying for it. This is what happens when citizens accept a ruling class because they were “elected.” FLASH AMERICA a ruling class no matter who they are, is STILL a ruling class. This is what happens when citizens only get upset when they can’t get a four bar signal from the WiFi or their cable goes down.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Freedom is under assault. The Bishops FINALLY get it!

There is some good news this morning. After 40 years of a basically a go along to get along relationship with the Demo-Dope party, the Catholic Church is finally openly and loudly breaking ranks with the Dopes. Sadly, an institution that has stood for the weak, tired and sick for 2,000 years only stirred against the Dopes’ 40 year assault on individual freedom and responsibility when its own ox was being gored. But hey, no matter, they are on board now.

There is a great document located here penned by the United States Council of Bishops entitled A Statement on Religious Liberty. It’s long, but it pretty much tells Catholics straight up that the P-BO and his administration are in favor of a bloated onerous and intrusive government dictating to the Catholic Church how it should practice its faith, the First Amendment be damned.

It is a call to action. The Bishops call for a Fortnight for Freedom from Jun 21 to Jul 4th to inspire “a new birth of freedom in our beloved country.” Stunning! Demo-Dope have been assaulting the 2nd Amendment for 40 years. They have been deleting, watering down and prying away all manner of freedom for 40 years and finally the Bishops get it! Hallelujah!

The administration will respond with a war on Catholics. Their divide and conquer strategy will be to pit other Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims against Catholics. They will use the gun control anti-Second Amendment logic of “common sense healthcare laws” as the Trojan Horse to isolate and attack Catholics. Expect a steady stream of decades old sex abuse scandals to resurface in the nightly news. Expect Eric the wad Holder and the DepState to intensify and publicize the phony money laundering charges against the church. Expect Hollywood to portray Catholics in an even worse light than they do now.

It won’t work. There are 77 million Catholics in the US. While most are Demo-Dope affiliated, very few are anti-First Amendment. Take a moment and check out this very powerful video the church has put out. Demo-Dopes come down on the wrong side of Marriage, Life, Freedom every time. If you doubt the effectiveness of this video, read the comments under. The vitriol expressed by the lefties says it all. They are scared to death.

And the NRA’s on board. Look at this video of the Motor City Mad Man Ted Nugent. The Secret Service is freeing up a couple of agents and a dozen or so whores to accompany them to look into Nug. Weird huh? Zimmerman has a million dollar bounty on his head and no one cares. The Nug goes on a rant threatening no one and he gets investigated by the Feds. Nug should pay the New Black Panthers to say the same thing and see what happens.

Demo-Dopes, of course, are demanding that Romney repudiate the Nug’s remarks. The RNC should come up with the encyclopedia of anti-American remarks uttered by Obamalites over the years and ask that the P-BO repudiate each, one by one. Start with the P-BO’s minister of 20 years Rev? NotSo Wright. He would have to have his own book.

The frightening thing in all of this is that freedom of speech, association, religion and right to bear arms are all under assault here.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Send in your money the GSA party planning committee needs it

Geez, where to start? OK if you don’t have your taxes in yet, today is the day. Please hurry. Our credit at the National Bank of China is running low and the GSA is planning another “conference” and needs the money ASAP.

The big problem here is not with the GSA. The big problem here is with government regulations that prohibit the immediate suspension without pay of people who use their government credit cards for personal use and tax payer dollars as if it were confetti. Once the investigation is complete, these GSA thieves are likely to loose their jobs but maintain their accrued retirement and saved leave. WTF (win the future)?

Clearly the people at the top should be put in jail for grand theft. The video kings and other GSA employees who par took of the GSA largess, should be suspended without pay for six months. All the gifts and anything else that can be recouped should be under penalty of a fine and jail time. The stuff, year books, videos, pictures, coins etc. could be auctioned off on e-bay to recoup some of the money and send a strong message about how government civil “servants” are expected to conduct themselves while on the public dime.

Perhaps government philanthropist, Warren Buffet, would buy the whole lot for the million or so plus that it cost tax payers. That might go a long way to assuage Warren’s faux grief at not paying enough in taxes, even the legitimate ones he owes but oddly refuses to pay while whining he doesn’t pay enough. Better to make a lot of noise about wanting to pay more in taxes than actually doing it, huh Warren. Better to have some BS Demo-Dope campaign bill named after you, as if you’d pay the tax rather than dump the affected money into a tax shelter the day the bill became law, than just writing a damned check.

Warren, you are not fooling anyone. You are a fake and an old wind bag - a very rich one, but none the less, a fake and an old wind bag. Hey, leave out the “old” and that’s a pretty good description the P-BO and his entire administration.

Happy Birthday Pope Benedict
Pope Benedict turned 85 recently. Archbishop Luigi Bettazzi indicated that Benedict may resign his post “if the moment arrives when he sees that [his lucidity is] changing.” That would be a great gift to the church he loves.

There is absolutely no reason for these great men to have to remain in office until death. They are not feudal monarchs. There is no set line of succession as in England. If there was a Prince Charles type waiting in the wings to ascend to the papacy, I’d be all for Benedict staying on and even several decades of “Weekend at Benedict’s” to avoid that.

If the time comes, I hope Benedict convenes the College of Cardinals to pick his successor so that he may live out his days in peace and comfort.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Corey: the new Nifong

I don’t know much about the night when white Hispanic George Zimmerman shot and killed the kid who looks like the P-BO’s son, if he had one. Sadly, the 2nd degree murder indictment, of the man who is as white as the P-BO, does little to enlighten us about what happened. What I have read on indictment from legal minds as diverse as Alan Dershowits and Mark Levin is that the Special Prosecutor in this case, Angela Corey, is some cross between Duke lacrosse prosecutor Mike Nifong, Casey Anthony prosecutor Jeff Ashton and OJ prosecutor Marcia Clark.

Nifong, as you recall, was rung up on criminal misconduct charges for making things up and ignoring exculpatory evidence in the Duke lacrosse case. The Casey Anthony prosecutor was sure something bad happened but had no proof. He over charged Ms. Anthony in the hopes of scaring her into a plea deal. When that never materialized, he was left with a big bag of crap over his head when he couldn’t prove his case. The OJ prosecutors have the simplest explanation, they were incompetent.

Angela Corey’s indictment makes crap up when she notes that Zimmerman’s refusal to follow what was essentially a suggestion from a 911 operator, “we don’t need you to do that” referring to Zimmerman following Martin. No part of that, Zimmerman following Martin or disregarding the 911 operator’s suggestion, is a crime. It is made up stuff.

The indictment also appears to exclude exculpatory findings such as Zimmerman’s bleeding head and nose. It notes nothing of the wet and grass stained back of Zimmerman’s shirts. The combination of those two details might indicate that Zimmerman’s story about Martin being on top of him beating him is true.

While she excludes the exculpatory evidence in the case, she jumps to the conclusion that any kid who looks like the P-BO’s son, if he had one, could do no wrong. In her indictment she notes that the white Hispanic guy confronts the kid who looks like the P-BO’s son, if he had one, and a struggle ensued. There is no proof yet of who confronted whom. Zimmerman’s dad said his son had lost track of Martin and was returning to his car when Martin confronted him. So lacking evidence, but confronted by a high profile case, what do you do? Pull a Jeff Ashton, over charge the white Hispanic guy in the hopes of getting Zimmerman to take one for the team and cop to lesser offense.

If he doesn’t, you’ll look just as stupid as Ashton and incompetent as Clark for not being able to prove your case.

Meanwhile the slam dunk case against the New Black Panthers for offering a bounty on a US citizen goes completely ignored by Corey, the state of Fl and DOJ. The latter takes it one step further refusing to take notice of any crime that has one of coward Eric the wad Holder’s people as a suspect of criminal activity against a white or even a white Hispanic.

There is no way this will end well. When this case is dissected seven ways to Sunday on every cable talk show for three hours every night the truth will come out. There will be no method by which Corey, the wad, or anyone else will be able to stop it.

Then what? If Zimmerman is acquitted there will be riots and Zimmerman will have to live the rest of life in hiding because the DOJ refused to prosecute a fatwa issued by the NBP against Zimmerman. If railroaded the nation and the world will see our justice system for what it is unjust. They are probably seeing it right now with this BS indictment.

Oh and looky here.

                                                          The P-BO's son or just a look alike?

A guy who looks eerily like the P-BO’s son, if had one, was arrested for beating a white tourist in Baltimore, MD over St. Patrick’s day. No word yet from the P-BO or Revs? Al, Jerry and Jesse on this senseless hate crime where people who look like the P-BO’s son’s, if he had them, and daughters act like animals when they beat and strip naked a white man.  A hate crime?  No way.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Send Ozzie to Havana to manage

I looked it up.  Seriously, there was Ozzie guillen's picture included with the word "idiot" as an illustration.

The face of a clueless idiot
id•i•ot [id-ee-uht] (See photo)
1.  Informal . an utterly foolish or senseless person. Such as any free man who loves Fidel Castro, i.e. Ozzie Guillen.

2. Psychology . (no longer in technical use; considered offensive unless used to describe Ozzie Guillen who truly is an idiot for being in love with a mass murdering communist bastard.) a person like Ozzie Guillen who is of the lowest order in a former and discarded classification of mental retardation, (making a come back in polite circles to describe people like Ozzie Guillen, Eric the wad Holder, the P-BO and other Demo-Dopes) having a mental age of less than three years old (that’s charitable in Guillen’s case) and an intelligence quotient under 25.

1250–1300; Middle English < Latin idiōta < Greek idiṓtēs private person like Ozzie Guillen with no semblance of a brain, layman, person lacking skill or expertise, or knowing when to STFU, equivalent to idiō- (lengthened variant of idio- idio-, perhaps by analogy with stratiōtēs professional soldier, derivative of stratiá army) + -tēs agent noun suffix

Related forms
id•i•ot•ic, adjective

1. fool, half-wit; Ozzie; Guillen; Ozzie Guillen; imbecile; dolt, dunce, numskull.

Sentence use
That poor child is dumber than Ozzie Guillen.
I thought the P-BO was just a dumb@$$, but now I see he’s dumber than Ozzie Guillen.

Guillen, of course, should be fired as purely a business decision. It’s the Miami Marlins and their dumber than a hoe handle manager, the face of the club, loves Fidel Castro. That will alienate a rather large percentage of your fan base. Of course you could make up part of the loss through marketing Marlin jerseys with the name F*%K OZZIE or COMMIE LOVER on the back.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Racial divide a Demo-Dope political strategy for 40 years

In Baltimore, MD on St. Patrick’s Day, a gang of punks, who look a lot like the P-BO’s son, if he had one, beat a man, stole his belongings and stripped him naked. Way to go P-BO and cheers to your jackass coward of an Attorney General. No doubt the race baiters Revs? Jesse Hymietown Jackson and Al Not so SHARPton are on the case. Exit question, could this possibly be a hate crime? Naaaa.

In Tulsa, OK two men that look a lot like the white side of the P-BO went on a shooting spree targeting blacks.

Then, four women, who look a lot like Moochele, attacked a server at Red Lobster, because, according to them, their order was fouled up.

The P-BO’s religious mentor Rev? Jerry G-Damn America is back in the news for race baiting with this beauty, that I’m sure the P-BO didn’t hear:

“The ignorance and arrogance of white supremacy have the movers and shapers of world policy living in a different world from people of color all together.”

Truly, with healing words like those, how can we go wrong?

Armed Neo-Nazis are patrolling the streets of Sanford, FL while Attorney General’s Eric the wad Holder’s “people” at the NBP who are twice as black as the P-BO who ironically is as white as George Zimmerman are holding “survival training” and calling for blacks to boycott white businesses today in Sanford.

I’m so happy that with the election of his royal @$$holiness - the P-BO - supreme punk of all punks, America has finally been able to put all of this racial stuff behind us. Truly, while an utter and complete failure in every other aspect of his presidency, the P-BO can always hang his hat on the fact that he healed the racial divide that has scarred this country since the first slave ship arrived.

HA! What BS! It’s worse than ever under the “leadership” of arugula man and the wad. While the wad uses the Justice Dept to encourage “his people” aka the New Black Panthers to patrol polling places with clubs, offer up bounties on American citizens and openly offer racist militia training, the P-BO seizes the moment to stoke the flames of racial divide for political gain. So while the HHS under Janet Incompentano uses her office to conduct surveillance on military members returning from war zones least they become involved in an anti-American militia, the NBP openly conduct their “survival training” right under DOJ and HHS’s nose.

And what do think might happen if the FL and DOJ investigations show George Zimmerman was assaulted by Martin? Do you suppose the NBP, Revs? Not so SHARPton and Hymietown Jackson are going to say, “Well OK then. That’s all we ever asked for was a complete and impartial investigation. If that investigation shows Trayvon to be a punk thug, well then we accept that.”

Like the Islamo-Terror-Fascists there is NOTHING that will satisfy the race baiters. There will be trouble in Sanford no matter what the outcome of the investigation. And there will be trouble when if the Supreme Court strikes down P-BOcare. And there will be trouble for a million other perceived grievances all made up out of whole cloth by the race baiters.

Sadly, I believe it’s all planned. Divide and divide and divide has been the Demo-Dope political strategy for 40 years. Divide the Catholics off from the Christians. Divide the rich and the poor. Divide the black from white, the Asians from whites, Hispanics from white. Divide women from men. Divide young from old (tell the young that the old are taking too much of healthcare resources from the young). Keep dividing until you get a 50.00001%.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Finally, the P-BO on Augusta - that should settle it

Having solved the Trayvon Martin shooting before he knew any of the facts, much as he did when reported that the cops acted stupidly when they checked out a man breaking into a house, the P-BO is getting to the bottom of membership issues at Augusta. The P-BO is pandering, as always, this time to the gals. His propaganda minister, the appropriately named Jay the Carney barker said the P-BO:

believes women should be allowed to become members of the all-male Augusta National Golf Club.

Perfect! Let the skinny sail eared little know nothing start his own golf club for women that will rival Augusta. As with everything else in this nit wit’s life, that of course is not possible, unless a group of men smarter and more accomplished than he did it for him and allowed him to take the credit.

If this SFB thinks he can throw out the religious freedom part of the First Amendment by forcing the Catholic Church to pay for contraception, abortion et al, he probably thinks there is absolutely NOTHING to stop him from trashing the freedom of association portion by directing his (g)assbag HHS Sec under the guise of “women’s health” to force Augusta to allow women to join, with no membership dues, free contraception, meals and drinks and a guarantee that a woman will shoot the low score on the course everyday for the next 250 years to make up for past discrimination. (Yeah, that’s probably a run on sentence, but I don’t have time to fix it.)

When I was in high school, I wanted to join the National Honor Society. No go. Some petty requirements about grades, character, community service etc. There was absolutely no room for a mediocre class clown in that organization. Any way, talk about discrimination! A bunch of over achieving egg heads who thought it was juvenile pranking the Ag teacher ruined my life. Who knows where I’d be right now if the NHS had not discriminated against me? I don’t know but probably not in my PJs pounding out some pointless blog rant. Bastards!

Now all I want to do is drive a NASCAR, but those discriminatin’ bastards won’t let me in either.

Enough of this. Have a holy and blessed Easter.  He IS alive.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Mitt's challenge

Mitt Romney will have a tough row to whenever Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich finally wake up, smell the coffee and discover the primary was over after MI and OH, which sadly won’t be until the start of 2016 campaign. We know that the MSM are slavish peon hacks for the P-BO. We know that very few the A list Hollywood types will come out for Romney and none will dare say anything that can be construed as so much as a limiting statement on the P-BO let alone tell the truth about him - that his presidency has been a colossal failure in every respect.

It is also becoming clear that the morons who run our public schools will be openly shilling for the P-BO. I read last week where one school “teacher” had students doing opposition research for the P-BO. Nice. Now there’s this from a VA elementary school. During the VA Republican primary where the school was being used as a polling place, some dim wit teacher named Kristin Martin told her students that “Republicans are stupid” and “they don’t care about anyone but wealthy people and businesses.” Perfect.

But that’s not even the scary part. The scary is that the woman who blew whistle on the Martin won’t reveal her name for fear of retribution against her daughter or a visit to her home from the OWS crowd, union thugs, a Trayvon justice league retribution hit, a NBP bounty being placed on her or her child’s head, an IRS audit or the DOJ investigating her for a hate crime.

Wake up Mr. and Mrs. America! We’re becoming afraid of our own government and public servants? The Governor should step in, take on the union and direct the State’s Attorney General conduct a full scale investigation of the teacher, the school and the union.

But hey we could all just go along to get along and let the know nothings in public education brainwash our kids and watch compliantly while the American dream vanishes.

Then there's this
A group of kids who look like the P-BO - that is both black and white - beat 78 year old Dallas Watts in Toledo the other day.  While beating Mr. Watts the P-BO youth told him that the beating was for Trayvon, who we all know looked like the P-BO's son if had one.  No statement yet from the White House on the race war developing at their behest.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Stuff you cannot make up

Current TV "values" for creepy people
Does anyone else find it odd that AlGore’s Current TV fired Keith Olberman because Olberman failed to honor Current TV’s “values” then they go and hire whorehouse –patron Eliot Spitzer? So just what are Current TV’s values? In the bizarro world of AlGore it is much preferable to be an egotistical brain dead whorehouse Lib slime ball than just an egotistical brain dead Lib slime ball hosting a show that no one watches.

It ain't over until Ricky is humiliated again and again and again
Rick Santorum got skunked last night and if Santorum was skunked, what descriptive terms are left for Gingrich and Paul? Yet, they vow to fight on. What fight? At this point I wouldn’t walk across the street to shake Rick Santorum’s hand if he was giving away free beer. He remains, as always, the whinny loser. I think it’s time for those who made Santorum, i.e. Beck and Limbaugh, to get behind Romney and get Santorum out of the race.

Budget we don't need no stinkin' budget
Is it weird or is it just me that the P-BO comes out and attacks the Ryan budget that passed the House of Representatives when his own budget was 414 to 0 failure? Yeah, not one Demo-Dope voted for the P-BO’s budget. Yet the chief D-bag, when he’s not lying about P-BOcare and the Supreme Court’s role reviewing the 2,700 page piece of crap, takes to the campaign trail to mock a budget that has far more support than his own piece-O-$h!t budget that could not get even one Demo-Dope vote. Meanwhile over in the Dope controlled Senate the chief agitator’s 2011 budget went down to defeat 97-0. Scrawny Harry is so sure it won’t get even one vote again this year refuses to bring the P-BO’s 2012 budget up for a vote. So no one, not one elected representative or senator supports the P-BO. To make matters worse, land thief and cowboy poetry reading bike trail supporter Scrawny Harry Reid has not even proposed a budget in over 1,000 days. There is far more support for the Ryan budget than anything the Dopes have come up with. With the MSM in their hip pocket, the Dopes know that they don’t have to do anything but demagogue whatever the Republicans come up with.

Green energy saving the day again
There is another green energy boondoggle. In Reno, NV one wind turbine that cost the city $21,000 to install saved the city $4 on its energy bill. Perfect! In 5,250 years the wind turbine will have paid for itself, provided it doesn’t require any maintenance or new parts between now an then. Of course if the P-BO has his way, energy prices are going “to necessarily skyrocket” which should help amortize the 21K in 5, 220 years. Way to go Barry. You’re doing a heck of a job.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Law "professor" the P-BO proves he was a pass through

The P-BO is a liar or delusional or some combination of the two. Take this whopper:

Ultimately, I am confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.

A “strong majority”? Are you nuts? Don’t answer that. Is your memory too short to remember that Demo-Dopes had to use every trick in the book to get your landmark piece of crap passed? Strong majority? You are an idiot. But even an idiot isn’t so dumb as to say that P-BOcare passed with a strong majority. After Scott Brown was elected, Demo-Dopes had to resort trickery and suspension of their own rules to get P-BOcare passed without so much as one Republican vote. They had to lie about the cost. They had to ignore the will of the American people. They had to ignore the bill itself because at 2,700 pages no one read it. To this day, I’ll bet not 10 member of congress have read the entire bill. The only strong majority there has ever been concerning the P-BOcare monstrosity is the people opposing it at every turn.

Then the dope said:

And I'd just remind conservative commentators that, for years, what we have heard is, the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism, or a lack of judicial restraint, that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law.

Judicial activism is not striking down an unconstitutional 2,700 page unread law passed in the middle of the night against the will of the people. Judicial activism is making law from the bench. Marbury v. Madison invalidated a law passed by a duly elected congress. The Supreme Court does have the authority to review acts of Congress and determine whether they are unconstitutional. That’s their J-O-B. I think that’s what is referred to as a check or balance or some other quaint thing often referenced when one branch of the government thinks it’s in charge of the whole shooting match.

What the Supremes and other courts do not have the authority to do is issue legislation from the bench like in Roe v. Wade. That is real judicial activism. Abortion would be a lot less volatile issue in the US if the rules governing it were established in legislation rather than from a wrongly decided edict from the bench.

So once again his royal @$$holiness is exactly 180 degrees out of phase. But even a broken clock is correct twice a day. The P-BO miraculously stumbled upon one bit of truth when he noted that the Supremes were unelected. So are your Czars and they don’t even have the benefit of consent of congress that judges do. Neither is the HHS Sec (g)assbag who $h!tcanned the First Amendment implementing P-Bocare an elected offical. Neither is you’re A++++ Energy Sec flushing billions down a green energy sink hole elected. Neither is your absolute disgrace an Attorney General who sells guns to criminals elected. So yeah, sure if you want to play that game, fire your entire @$$clown administration and put them up for a vote.

Lex has noted that the country is subject from time to time to the rule of five. Five Supreme Court Justices often have the fate of the country in their hands. With the current division of the court, it generally boils down to single swing vote, Justice Kennedy. It’s not the best we could hope for but it’s better than letting the P-BO, Pelooser and Land thief Scrawny Harry Reid run thing into the ground unchecked.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Another call for a boycott from the tolerant left

Naomi Wolf, the woman who picked out what clothes AlGore would wear everyday during his failed presidential bid – failing so badly he couldn’t win the state who knew him best his home state of TN, has given up on winning national elections and is now using her 50lbs brain to destroy another woman. Wolf is calling for a boycott of Katy Perry because the pop star’s new video is largely complimentary to the Marine Corps and the women who enlist in it.

Now older, fatter and uglier than during her AlGore days, Wolf calls younger, slimmer, and prettier Perry’s new video“propaganda for the Marines.” Well good for Perry. The nearly forgotten Wolf, who is trying to gain a bit of notoriety by manufacturing controversy against a pop icon who is obviously prettier and more talented than herself also said Perry was “glorifying violence” with her new video. Wolf whined to nobody in particular, because nobody in particular listens to her said:

“I really want to find out if she was paid by them for making it . . . it is truly shameful. I would suggest a boycott of this singer whom I really liked — if you are as offended at this glorification of violence as I am.”

And don’t we all call for boycotts against people whom “really like?”

Except for her video “Part of Me,” the one Wolf called my attention to, I don’t know a single Katy Perry song. The only things I knew about Perry before Wolf opened her pie hole was the cleavage incident on Sesame St. and that she got divorced from some creepy looking Brit guy.

Meanwhile Wolf has been totally silent on the truly violent movie “The Hunger Games.” It’s a good movie about what the world would be like if Liberals ran the world. Children of districts are pitted against children of other districts in a fight to the death on a reality show. Isn’t always about the children for the Libs? She’s so worried about Perry’s pop tune, Wolf hasn’t gotten around to condemning the 10,000 times more graphically violent “The Hunger Games.”

To sum up. Wolf is a total has been if she ever was a person of interest in the first place. She’s done. What to do? Find a young person people like who is more talented better looking and slimmer and call for a boycott of a tune and video that displays a branch of America’s armed forces in a positive light. Be totally hypocritical – because nobody ever notices when Libs act like hypocrites. Condemn the pop song as “glorifying violence,” which it doesn’t and ignore the gross violence in the nation’s #1 block buster movie.

So here’s what I did. I went to the iTunes store and downloaded Perry’s “Part of Me” for $1.29. The video is cool and if the Marines didn’t pay Perry they should have. Better yet, hold a press conference and give her an award and a check. That’ll drive wind bag Wolf to even greater hysteria.