Thursday, January 31, 2008

Primaries prove Dems are the racists

There is something odd going on in the Democrat party. The Kumbaya party of tolerance and can’t we all just get along has disintegrated into the party of identity politics of the worst kind. Identity politics is when a voter ignores issues and simply votes for the candidate that looks most like themselves.

Blacks it seems are breaking about 98% for Obama. This was fine with the Clintons when 96% of blacks were voting Democrat for Bill. But now “those people” are voting for one of their own against the Shrillda Beast and the Clintons have to smear Obama as a “black candidate” – read Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. Never mind Obama’s mother is white, which makes him at least half as white as Bill Clinton. And never mind Obama won in the whitest of all states and came close in the second whitest of all states. The Clintons keep the whispering campaign up – Obama’s the “black candidate.”

While blacks are breaking for Obama, women are breaking overwhelmingly for the Shrillda Beast.

So the blacks go to Obama and the women go to the Shrillda Beast – whose left? The most down trodden and least appreciated of all Democrat constituencies - white men – they are particularly ignored if they happen to be heterosexual Christian men with a job. When white conservative men vote their interests based on issues by voting Republican, Dems call us racists and bigots.

Racism and sexism among white males being what it is, what are Dems going to do in the general election? Certainly the Dem nominee will expect white men to march into the booth and dutifully pull the lever for the “black candidate” or “the woman” because that’s what the party wants them to do. But what if white Democrat men play a little identity politics of their own and end up voting for the white male Republican? Then they would enter the world of the white male Republican and become racist bigots.

Weird huh. If you’re black and vote for the black guy for no other reason than he’s black, you’re an enlightened soul voting your best interests. If you’re a woman and vote for the Beast for no other reason than she’s a woman – sort of, you’re a person of conscience, a true patriot voting for the future of America. If you’re a white male and vote for the white male Republican candidate because he’s least likely to turn America into a socialist state, you’re nothing more than a greedy racist sexist homophobic redneck.

So the Dems think that they can placate the redneck vote by putting a white guy like John Edwards on the ticket. First, the Shrillda Beast is more of a man than Edwards. Second, Edwards makes no sense electorally because Edwards has proven he can’t even deliver his home state. Dems will pick a white guy like Even Bayh from IN or Ted Strickland of Strickland Propane (juvenile King of the Hill reference) actually he's the Gov of OH. But they will need to do more.

How funny is it going to be to watch Democrats pandering to white male rednecks? Look for the first one to offer a beer subsidy at NASCAR races; $3,000 government rebate checks for the purchase of a new American made pick up truck; a special sub-prime bail out for anyone who bought more double wide trailer than they could afford; legalized bootlegging and most important, lifting the ban on hunting deer with a spotlight.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An echo not a choice in November

It’s not over until it’s over. Given the disasters my men have faced after Lex going all in for them, I’m tempted to throw my support to McCain in sort of a jujitsu endorsement.

It looks like an all uphill climb for Romney at this point. He has the money ($25 of it mine) to hang in there until Super Tues. All of Romney’s money will not off-set the free attention and publicity McCain will get from his adoring press. And it appears that Reps are willing to take the bait and go along like lemmings wherever the press steers them. That ought to send warning signs to any Republican. If the press is for it, ought we not be against it?

Anyway Romney is going to have to sharpen his attacks on McCain – without appearing desperate. That won’t be easy. But I’d continue with the Washington outsider line while linking McCain with Feingold, Kennedy and Lieberman. I’d keep the amnesty bill front and center and note that McCain’s chief advisor on immigration, Juan Hernandez, is a dual citizen Mexican who served on Vicente Fox’s cabinet. This out reach is code for open borders and amnesty. Last you could go after him where he lives – honor. It’s not an honorable thing to dump your sickly wife for a younger, prettier and richer one. That would be a tricky issue. It’s not an honorable thing to distort your opponent’s record – distort is political speak for lie about. George Will called McCain Clintonian for his misrepresentation of Romney’s remarks on Iraq. Nearly every other conservative just said it was a clear distortion – aka lie.

The easy part is finding things to nick McCain up over. The hard part is doing it aggressively enough to gain headway while not looking desperate. Now Giuliani is getting out and supposedly going to endorse McCain. So McCain will have a free shot at 100% of the non-conservative Republicans. Hucksterbee will stay in without a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the nomination because McCain wants him in to strip Conservative votes from Romney. Hucksterbee will continue to attack Romney while giving front-runner McCain a pass – an odd tactic if you were seriously interested in winning.

I’m not willing to say it’s over yet. But it looks we’re headed for a choice between Democrat and Democrat-lite in November.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

SOTU and who'd you rather be

State of the Union

Hey how about that State of the Union address? Did anyone else think the best part of the speech was the aftermath? Both Dems and Reps were crowding around a lame duck president with approval ratings in the tank to get a handshake and autograph. Could it be that they all know that history is going to be a kind judge of the man who got the main issue of his day right?

The best line of the entire night was when the president told those who thought that taxes were too low that the IRS accepts checks and money orders and that they could send in whatever additional tax money that they thought was fair. Touché!

Could the Democrat response been any lamer? “Will you join us” Governor Sebelius in trying to pick the tempo and energy of your speech up a bit so that we don’t all nod off between each mechanically delivered line? “Will you join us” governor in not piling one trite Democrat talking point on top of another to the point where you sound like a boring civilized version of Keith Olbermann? And last, why don’t you join us governor?

Bottom line, even if the president did “join them,” they’d still complain about him, still blame everything on him and still nothing would get done. It’s Washington DC. Did you see the one shot of full-time Crooked Land Baron and part-time Senate Leader Reid? It was comical. It would be well worth it to keep Bush in office until 2036 just get that kind of reaction from that dower, humorless, petty wreck of humanity.

Who would you rather be?

But on to more important things. I’ve decided that the best way to determine who to vote for is the “who would you rather be” test.

On the Republican side, who’d you rather be?

A mean spirited, angry, cantankerous, broken down looking old man who has spent nearly three decades in Washington DC getting us to where we are today; who dumped his modest sickly wife who stuck with him through five years as a POW before being throw over board like so much kitchen garbage for younger more attractive and wealthy Coors Beer heiress (hey, that might explain the John Kerry connection); who sponsored an assault on the first amendment because he got caught taking crooked money; who sponsored an open borders amnesty immigration bill; who is willing to wreck the US economy in order to placate enviro whackos; who voted against tax cuts; who calls his opponent a flip flopper even though it was he who took crooked money before voting to ban it; it was he who voted to open the borders and grant amnesty before coming out against his own legislation; it was he who voted against tax cuts before saying he was for making them permanent.

Or you could be;

A pleasant, more attractive, smarter, well spoken younger man; a self-made business man (aka made his own money instead of marrying it) who is a multi millionaire; who has spent his life fixing problems instead of making them; who gained notoriety by saving the Salt Lake Olympics; who married his high school sweetheart and has raised five successful and independent sons. Well you get the point.

Hey did Romney read Lex yesterday? Did you hear him on after the State of the Union shows talking about McCain Feingold/Kennedy/Lieberman?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Fodder for the ad wars

Bill Clinton said "She (The Shrillda Beast) and John McCain are very close. They always laugh that if they wound up being the nominees of their party, it would be the most civilized election in American history, and they're afraid they'd put the voters to sleep because they like and respect each other."

There has to be a TV ad in there somewhere for Romney or Giuliani - sadly sadly the Hucksterbee campaign is now wholly owned subsidiary of the McCain campaign.

Couple Bill's words with:

McCain Feingold - an assault on the First Amendment of the US Constitution
McCain Kennedy – an amnesty bill for 12 -20 million illegal aliens
McCain Lieberman – an economic self-destruct bill in the name of global warming

You use those grainy black and white photos made famous by negative political ads of a smiling McCain juxtaposed with grainy black and white photos of the various Democrat players: Announcer’s voice runs off the list, McCain Clinton; McCain Feingold; McCain Kennedy; McCain Lieberman and use the tag line: Which party’s nomination is John McCain running for anyway?

On immigration, I’d show clips of McCain talking about illegal aliens having to pay a fine to be able to stay in the US and then ask: Hey John, if we’re going to sell US citizenship, shouldn’t the people who have been waiting in line legally the longest get first dibs?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Debate stimulus

The debate

The Republicans had their, what, 1,000th debate last night. This one was in FL ahead of Tuesday’s primary vote. There was none of the open acrimony that marked the Democrat debate a few days ago.

Romney was the clear winner. Sharp, on point, best prepared, most presidential and the best dressed guy on stage, MSNBC clearly hated him. Romney played the Washington outsider at every chance placing oblique enfilade fire directly on his closest competitor – McCain the consummate Washington insider – without ever mentioning McCain by name. Brilliant! Thank God MSNBC finally brought up Romney’s religion …for what was at least the millionth time. This time it was in the form of a poll. 44% of Americans it seems have some reservation about a Mormon as President. Romney swatted it away saying he didn’t believe 44% of Americans couldn’t understand the “no religious test” verbiage found in the Constitution. He also noted that when issues are defined in the general election, faith is not going to be as important as the Shrillda Beast’s liberalism compared with his conservatism.

McCain looked old and said nothing new or particularly inspiring. He was the obvious favorite of MSNBC. While they peppered Romney with tough questions, they lobbed softballs to McCain, which he surprisingly seemed to have trouble catching up to. MSNBC noted that McCain’s most serious short coming might be his temper. No. His most serious short coming was his brazen assault on the First Amendment for political gain. His second most serious short coming was that he advocated opening our borders and giving amnesty to 12-20 million illegal aliens (Immigration never came up in the debate). His third most serious short coming is that he expects the US to destroy its economy to save the environment while China and India are expected to do nothing but grow their economies by 12-15% every year while spewing millions of tons more pollutants into the air than the US could even dream of. His fourth most serious short coming is that he voted against tax cuts before voting to make them permanent. This is the myth being pushed by the media. The myth is, that except for topic A (fill in the blank) McCain is the best conservative candidate. The reality is, except for topics A, B, C, D, etc. on through to about topic triple X, McCain is the best conservative candidate – and you have to go about half way down the list before there is anything about his temper.

Giuliani looked good, but sadly I get the feeling that he waited too long.

Ron Paul was Ron Paul - solid on domestic issues but can’t close the deal on a US international policy consisting of us sticking our heads in the sand while Islamo-terror-fascists try to kill us.

Huckabee was good on the fair tax and shut Russert down when Tim tried to interrupt saying it was unrealistic to think it’d be passed into law.

What was clear last night was that the media are going to try to take the successes in the Iraq war and dangers of illegal immigration off the table during the general election. Instead they are going to insert high gas prices, unemployment, unstable markets and rising unemployment as the issues of the day.

The stimulus package.

If Mitt Romney promised everyone in the swing state of Ohio a $50 check for voting for him, the government would put him in jail. Aside from the amount of money being offered, how is the unpaid for “stimulus package” any different? At least Romney could pay for his plan. The government is just going to print more money and ask the post office to deliver it to Americans. I’m happy that the money is out of government hands, but it seems to me unless there is corresponding off-set to government spending somewhere – we’re only making the problem worse. I don’t think it’s any kind of profile in courage for politicians to be in favor of sending voters $300 checks in the mail during an election year. It is quite the opposite.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A life well lived

When word of actor Heath Ledger’s death broke, my initial reaction was Heath who? The news always included the tag: Oscar Nominated star from the critically acclaimed movie “Broke Back Mountain.” I still had no idea who the guy was. It wasn’t until I saw clips from “A Knight’s Tale” and “The Patriot” that I was able to put a face with the name.

My second reaction was, let’s see a successful movie actor dies young, could drugs be involved? Sadly, all too predictably, drugs were reported to be strewn around the body. Apparently Ledger was taking about six different prescription drugs for various conditions. The guy was 28 years old and taking more drugs than my 80 year old father in law who has arthritis, heart trouble and Alzheimer’s. How can that be?

Anyone who watches the six o’clock news knows. Drug companies have developed a relief for every human condition from a runny nose to a dry scalp. The drug companies, having invested millions in the R&D of such drugs, aggressively advertise their wares as instant relief from a bottle for whatever ails you. When, as required by law, the list of possible side effects is read, I always wonder who would take such stuff?

But there is a market. The aches and pains of everyday life and the reversal of the aging process it seems is only a dozen or so pills away taken three times a daily. The things that mom and dad lived with from thinning grey hair to aging skin can now be done away with if the application, ingestion or injection of certain chemicals. There’s no such thing as aging gracefully anymore. And what’s really shameful is that your federal government is subsidizing this prescription nightmare that promises only to get worse.

The third thing that struck me was that it must be tough to be young, rich and famous. That said, I wouldn’t mind giving it go. Hell, I wouldn’t mind getting ten years back never mind the rich and famous part and even ten years wouldn’t make me young by Ledger’s standards. But alas, life is not a dress rehearsal. You don’t get do overs. You can only hope to learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others and go forward.

The last thing that struck me was, as sad and tragic a death as Ledger’s was, does such a life merit the 24-7 coverage it has received and will continue to receive long after the Batman movie he worked on is released? I Googled “Heath Ledger” this morning and got over 14 million listings.

For perspective, I Googled Lt. Michael P. Murphy and got a little over 200,000 listings. Lt Murphy, you might recall, was the leader of a SEAL team. He was killed in action in Afghanistan fighting to save his men and defend his country. He received the Medal of Honor for his heroism. He was 29 years old.

What has just struck me is that there is 70 times more attention being paid in this country to actor that has killed himself, intentionally or not, with drugs than to an American hero who was cut down in battle defending his men and the country. I find that more puzzling than drug companies spending millions developing and marketing a cure for dry earlobe syndrome. The dispirit attention being paid these two young lives, one a life privilege the other a life of service, is more puzzling than some young actor willing to risk a long list of possible side effects up to and including premature death to get relief from some manufactured syndrome.

But hey, I was 20 years in the Marine Corps and rarely go to the movies. But I ask, of these two young men, whose life was better lived? Whose life is a better model for our sons? Whose life deserves more attention?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My candidate is out. My new candidate is...

Fred is out. America said it wanted a candidate that didn’t speak in sound bites. Fred spoke in long paragraphs. America said it didn’t want a slick packaged Pol. No one ever called Fred slick. Republicans complained that there was no real conservative in the race. Fred was the most conservative candidate. So for whatever reason, Fred didn’t catch on though he seemed to embody what the people said they wanted in a Pol.

So Fred’s out and now I’m all in for Mitt Romney. I’m sure my support and the $25 donation that goes with it along with the consideration of the 3 people that check this page from time to time will push Romney over the top. Look for a special news conference from Mitt announcing Lex’s support later today.

Now Fred is running for Vice President. I suppose that’s OK. But I hope the Rep nominee will look outside of the traditional field for a running mate. Former Maryland Lt Gov Michael Steele would be a good pick. Steele is a black man with a quick wit and an affable personality. He’d be a good Rep off-set to Obama. Condi Rice might be a good choice. How about a military guy in the mold of a Gen James Mattis or Gen James Jones or Gen Charles Krulack? No, it is no coincidence that they are all Marines. How about taking a risky political position and bringing on a captain of industry? You know a Mitt Romney type that has actually accomplished something other than raising money for the next political campaign.

Why is it that we always go to the class of people who have gotten us in to the mess to bail us out? We seem to value the judgment of pandering Pols over people who actually know and have accomplished something in their lives. And, the longer the Pols have been around to screw things up, the more we seem to be for them.

I guess no average successful guy would want the public anal exam that goes along with public political life. So we get stuck with a class of people who not only don’t mind the finger of public scrutiny probing every orifice of their persona public and private but seem to revel in it. Is that a good thing?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What if.....

What to do if faced with a choice between Clinton and McCain in November? I’m considering a trip to the deep backwoods of Michigan. No wait, it may be cold up there in November. A trip to the deep backwoods of Mississippi sounds warmer and better. No wait, that conjures up visions of the film Deliverance. I guess there’s nothing to be done but face the music.

What to do when faced with a choice between a woman whose only qualification for the job is that she remained married to serial philanderer and an unstable old man whose signature piece of legislation is the greatest assault on the Constitution and the First Amendment in the history of the nation? I guess I’ll go with the unstable old man in the hopes that brings on Thompson as a running mate. Then two days after entering office, McCain wakes up and decided that the only way to get the money out of politics is to suspend the constitution in favor of some “straight talk.”

After that the country and the congress take hold of their senses and realize what a nut job McCain is the Twenty-fifth Amendment is evoked and Thompson serves an eight year term.

Hey that’s the hopeful scenario. If the Shrillda Beast gets the nod, we don’t have to worry about a second Beast term. I’m convinced she’ll be able to destroy the country in less than four years.

Monday, January 21, 2008

It's a mess

John Edwards and Barack Obama will be campaigning and raising money inside black churches all day today. Black churches are the only places of worship where a pandering politician can openly campaign without fear of the ACLU or Justice Department interfering. Can you imagine the hail storm of criticism Mitt Romney would take if he showed up at Temple Square in Salt Lake and started to talk politics? Politicking in black churches has been going on for so long now nobody even notices. I don’t know why that is, but it is. The Shrillda Beast will throw on her best Aunt Jemima dress, head scarf and the over the top fake black accent to tell the gathered black congregation how she has fought for civil rights for 35 years. The she’ll leave town for Texas where she’ll lay a wreath at the grave of, according to her anyway, the real civil rights leader, LBJ. No one will ask, what pray tell in those 35 years have YOU accomplished?

The Primaries
It would seem my guy, Fred Thompson, is dead. The only good thing about Fred’s campaign was it knocked Hucksterbee for a loop in SC. The bad thing was it allowed McCainiac to further inflate his ego with a win there. Given Thompson’s own estimate, I suppose he should think about dropping out of the race now. Hucksterbee has claimed that Thompson’s campaign has been nothing more than a foil for the McCainiacs from the start. If Thompson drops out and endorses McCainiac, I suppose there may be some truth to that charge.

Now we have to hope somebody, Giuliani or Romney, can stop McCainiac in FL. FL is a winner take all state so coming close doesn’t count. Reps need to thin the field a bit. A poor showing in FL could drive Hucksterbee out and Thompson, if he’s not out already. If Giuliani wins and goes on to Super Tuesday, he’ll split votes with McCain and Romney will benefit. If McCain wins and drives Giuliani from the race, then it’s Romney and McCain. Who knows?

But Dems are in a mess as well. Blacks aren’t taking kindly to the Clinton’s smear campaign against one of their own. There are huge riffs - black vs. white, black vs. Hispanic, men vs. women - inside the Dem party that supposedly doesn’t notice skin color and/or sex. That is until it’s useful for the Clintons to exploit such differences to get the nomination for the Shrillda Beast.

Then there’s all of this talk about white voters lying pollsters. They tell the pollster that they’ll support the black candidate then get into the booth and vote white. The only thing I’d say about that is, it’s not white voters lying. It’s white Democrat voters lying. And what else would you expect from a party that holds a lying white man like Bill Clinton in such high regard?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Republicans looking for a student council president

Is this a national election or student council election? Supposedly national elections are based on candidate’s beliefs about the direction the country ought to be headed on the major issues of the day. Student council elections center around the relative popularity of the candidates.

McCain strikes me as the star running back on the football team who had his knee blown out scoring the winning touchdown against the cross town rival. Who cares what he stands for – or against like free speech – he’s a hero. Huckabee is the class clown. He’s quick with a quip or cutting remark and keeps the class laughing. Romney is the class valedictorian. He’s handsome, smart and has answers to all of the questions. Thus the student body is suspicious of him and oooooh he’s Mormon. Thompson is the tackle on the football team who knocked down three would-be tacklers on McCain’s heroic run but got no credit. He organizes the class carwash and runs all of the school meetings. He’s not flashy and is nearly invisible to his classmates.

So far the student body and the Republican Party would rather have a football hero for student council president than someone actually capable of running things.

The best thing yet on Fred here.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Hucksterbee problem

What’s the Huck up to? The tax and spend Huckster first signed the Americans for Tax Reform “no tax pledge” as means to drive around his record on taxes as Arkansas governor. Now, faced with a similarly inconvenient record on illegal immigration as governor, Mikey has decided to sign the Numbers USA “no amnesty” pledge.

What’s next? The no I don’t really believe that Mormons believe that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers pledge. Or the no I don’t think we need to amend the constitution when I said, "I have opponents in this race who do not want to change the Constitution. But I believe it’s a lot easier to change the Constitution than it would be to change the word of the living God. And that’s what we need to do is amend the Constitution so it’s in God’s standards rather than trying to change God’s standards so it lines up with some contemporary view of how we treat each other and how we treat the family" pledge.

Look at that statement. That ought to be enough to send reasonable people scurrying to any other candidate. Not because what he says is wrong. It may be true. But I don’t want any of our current crop of Pols tampering with the Constitution. I my opinion none are smart enough for that project.

I know how it’ll turn out. Dems will send Teddy I only drown one woman in the back of my car Kennedy and Chuckles Schemer to conference with Lindsey Grahmnesty and John to hell with the First Amendment McCain and our Constitution will come out reading like Mao’s little red book. Grahmnesty and McCain will tell us what a bipartisan triumph the project was and how the rest of us should just go along. We should all be willing to give up freedom for the sake of bipartisanship. We have to be willing to compromise. BS.

I don’t trust Grahmnesty, McCainiac or Hucksterbee.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's on to SC

STOP THE PRESSES! Lex was wrong, but only half wrong. In the post just under, Lex predicted that McCain would carry Mich. He didn’t. Lex was wrong. But Lex also predicted Romney would get a plurality of the Republican vote. He did. Lex also predicted that McCain would get more Democrat and Independent votes. He did. There just weren’t enough of them off-set Romney’s lead among Republicans.

Now the McCainiacs are touting the loss as win because it demonstrates McCain’s appeal among Democrats and Independents. Too bad there’s no such thing as a Democrat/Independent primary. If there were, such logic would be sensible.

I hope my guy, Fred, takes off in SC and sweeps super Tuesday. That is an unlikely scenario. Thompson and Romney are likely to split the conservative vote leaving an open field to Giuliani and McCain. Rudy has all but disappeared. That leaves us with McCain.

But enough about us, let’s talk about the Dems. They’re in a mess as well, a three man race where a doofus like Edwards gets to play king maker. At last night’s debate the Shrillda Beast called Bush “pathetic” for “begging” for more oil from the Saudis. Well, blow me down! I agree with her. The Beast went on to say that the US needed an energy policy - the comprehensive type of course. Any time you hear the word “comprehensive” associated with a government program, think Rube Goldberg.

No one asked Shrillda about Clinton’s “comprehensive energy plan” during Bill’s eight years as president. No one asked her about more oil drilling, nuclear power or clean coal. See when Dems talk “comprehensive energy plan” they’re talking about forcing everyone – but them - to use compact florescent light bulbs, government regulating the temperature inside your house, taxing oil companies out of business and forcing us to drive cars that will resemble Wiley E. Coyote on a pair of rocket powered roller skates with a helmet and a pair of goggles.

How about we develop our own resources to meet current needs while funding a robust R&D program to meet next generation energy requirements? If we passed legislation to open ANWR and off shore oil deposits, while approving a robust nuclear power program and clean coal technology, OPEC oil prices would drop 15% before we sunk the first well.

It’s on to SC. Go to Fred ’08 and donate a sawbuck for the red pickup.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Tale of Two Phonies

I predict that McCain will lose the Republican vote but still carry Mich in tonight’s “Republican primary.” Whoa Nelly! How can that be? Because the Mich Republican Party, like the New Hampshire Republican Party, is willing to let Independents and Democrats pick the Republican candidate.

That’s how Democrat lite McCain won last year’s primaries in those states. To compound the problem for conservative Americans, the Dems don’t have anyone on the ballot in Mich besides the Shrillda Beast. Given she is a certain winner, Dem are more likely to stray in and cast a ballot for the member of their party running in the Republican primary - McCain.

OK fine. There is no way to change the process now. But all of the pundits are claiming that Romney is through if doesn’t win tonight. Odd, isn’t it, that four states into a 50 state process, the guy with the most Republican votes would be considered out of the Republican primary. Some might call such a system broken.

Now McCain is upping the ante. In Mich he’s claiming to be the Conservative. He says, “I am pro-life, pro-defense, anti-regulation, anti-taxes, by any conservative measure you have." You’re also the most anti-First Amendment, pro open borders, pro environmental whacko by any measure Lex has. And if you’re so anti-tax, why did vote AGAINST the Bush tax cuts?

So conservatives are caught between a Rockhead (McCain) and a Huckster (Huckabee). Romney and Thompson are fracturing the conservative vote so that McCain can sweep to victory on the backs of Independents and Democrats. According to the MSM, Romney is out if he doesn’t win Mich and Thompson is out if he doesn’t win SC. Rudy’s done if doesn’t win FL. That’ll leave conservatives with a choice between McCain and Huckabee.

Now I know how Brittney Spears’ kids feel, forced to choose between two irresponsible phonies.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Voter fraud is real

On Jan 12, 2008 Ft. Wayne’s local fish wrap, The Journal Gazette – aka The Daily Punctilio - printed the piece below regarding the Supreme Court case revolving around Indiana’s voter ID law.

SECRETARY of State Todd Rokita has been perhaps the state’s most vocal advocate of the voter ID law that makes Indiana one of only three states requiring voters to produce a photo ID.

Rokita used Wednesday’s U.S. Supreme Court oral arguments on the constitutionally of the law to tout the law again – and to heighten his profile – with a news conference on the steps outside the Supreme Court in Washington.

In a news release issued Monday, Rokita, a Republican, repeated some of his same, tired arguments to defend an unnecessary law intended to disenfranchise some Democrats. And he added a unique one:

“In-person fraud, or identity theft – which is what this is, occurs in all facets of our lives. Unfortunately, the fastest-growing crime in the nation does not stop at the polling booth,” Rokita was quoted as saying.

Most Hoosiers understand that identity theft occurs when a criminal gets credit or otherwise incurs bills under another person’s name.

With identity theft becoming a growing concern and gaining public awareness, Rokita saw a chance to bring supposed voter fraud – which has never been proven – under the identity-theft label.

Lex fired off this response to the JG’s tripe.

Re: Furthermore Jan 12, 2008

If you type the words “voter fraud” into the Yahoo search engine, you’ll get about 26,300,000 listings. Given that volume of writing on this subject, there must be at least a hint of the problem around.

But what really struck me were your words “…an unnecessary law intended to disenfranchise some Democrats” to describe Public Law 109-2005, which requires a photo ID.

Why is it always only Democrats who are being disenfranchised? Florida Democrats complained during the 2000 election that they were disenfranchised. Apparently they were not clever enough to follow the big black arrow next to their candidate’s name and punch out the corresponding chad on the ballot designed by DEMOCRATS.

I don’t know anyone in my circle of family and friends obtuse enough to foul up such a simple process, foolish enough to admit it if they did or arrogant enough to blame the mistake on someone else. Yet Democrats proudly wear being “disenfranchised” by a “butterfly ballot” as a badge of honor.

Now Democrats believe that getting up off the couch to obtain a free ID to verify that voters are US citizens living in the precincts in which they are voting is just too onerous a task. It apparently is just too much trouble to get an ID in order to protect and exercise the very right they supposedly hold so dear.

Voter fraud is a bipartisan activity. Because it is “fraud,” it’s not always easy to spot, but because the fraud must be proven to be “willful,” it’s always difficult prove. Voter fraud, rampant identity fraud and the fact that we have between 12-20 million illegal aliens running around the country ought to cause reasonable people to favor taking steps to safeguard our voting process before we lose it to criminals.

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Republican debate

I watched the debate last night. Yeah, life at Lex’s house is that boring. Any hooo. Here’s how I saw it.

Fred Thompson won. He is plugged into the issues and has common sense answers to the problems confronting America. I was happy to see him come out swinging at Huckabee as a Dem in disguise and run off a rather long list of issues to back it up.

Mitt Romney - as always – was second. The big complaint about Romney is that he comes off too smooth – like the smartest kid in the class. All of that is probably true. He is smooth and he is probably the smartest guy in whatever room happens to walk into. It shouldn’t be a disadvantage to be articulate and smart. Romney’s smoothness probably was refined as a business CEO where lose talk causes companies to go broke. How many times have we seen the Fed Chairman say something stupid and then watch as the market drops 200 points because of it? Romney doesn’t make those mistakes. That should be a plus. But when thoughtful articulate responses come from a Mormon --- ooooooh he’s just too smooth.

Rudy Giuliani was as tough as he needed to be for now. He doesn’t really start running for another month. And people thought that Thompson got into the race late.

I’m sorry, but the more I see of Huckabee the more he strikes me as a flim-flam man. You know the type. You go to buy a car and the salesman says, “Where you from friend?” You say Columbus. And the salesman says right on cue, “Columbus?! Why, I have people over in Columbus.” As you leaving, you hear the same salsman with another customer, "Where you from friend?" Ft. Wayne comes the answer followed immediately by "Ft. Wayne?! Why I have people over in Ft. Wayne." To me, Huckabee is the same. “So you’re a Christian?! Why, I’m a former Baptist minister, you know. Lucky thing WE don’t believe Jesus and Lucifer are brothers like some of those other crazy religions – Mormons – isn’t it? By the way my fellow Christian believer, Isn’t that fellow Mitt Romney a Mormon? Anyway religion should play no part in this election.” P-H-O-N-Y.

If McCain calls me “friend” one more time my head will explode. Look everyone thinks McCain is some kind of hero. Fine. Forget that there were 2 million plus heroes doing their duty at the same time. McCain strikes me as guy who pulled a child out of a well when he was 20. Then, when he was 40, he burns the entire town down while buring dry leaves on a windy day. Now he’s 60 and wants to be mayor. So he reminds everyone about the time he pulled a kid out of a well when he was 20. The fire never comes up. McCain served and did his duty…great. Then he came home and sponsored an assault on the First Amendment. If he’s willing to attack the First Amendment, what’s to say the Second Amendment isn’t next? He voted against the very tax cuts he now wants to make permanent. Then he sponsored a bill advocating open borders and amnesty for 12 million illegals. But because he was a hero 40 years ago, many think he should be president. Does the phrase, “what have you done for me lately” strike a chord?

Ron Paul continues to participate in and spice up these debates. While Dems and the MSM keep the Dem’s crazy uncle – Denis Kucinich - locked in a closet, the Reps and the MSM insist on rolling the Republican’s crazy uncle out for Christmas dinner. Who is more compassionate?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

On Taxes

Of the candidates, Fred Thompson has the most aggressive most workable solution to get the federal government off of the backs of taxpayers. He calls for making the Bush tax cuts permanent, ending the death tax, killing the Alternative Minimum Tax, a reduction in the corporate tax structure from 35 -25% and a simplified voluntary two tier flat tax arrangement. Under Thompson’s tax plan, joint filers making $100,000 or less or singles making $50,000 or less would pay 10%. Anyone over the $100,000/$50,000 thresholds would pay 25%. Taxpayers would get an automatic standard deduction of $25,000 or $12,500 as well as a personal exemption of $3,500. Based on these figure a family of four making $39,000 or less would pay no federal income tax. The voluntary part comes in when Thompson allows the taxpayer to choose between his new plan and the existing 300,000 pages of federal tax law. Thompson gets a 9.

The Giuliani tax plan is similar to Thompson’s:
The Giuliani tax cut plan would extend the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts immediately; eliminate the Death Tax completely; lower the capital gains and dividends tax rate to 10% and index capital gains to inflation; lower the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%; and permanently index the Alternative Minimum Tax to inflation with a plan for eventual elimination. The Giuliani tax cut plan also contains a particularly bold pro-growth tax simplification strategy that would give taxpayers the option of opting into a simple tax plan in which their taxes could be done on one page. Instead of the current tax behemoth, the voluntary tax plan would constitute across the board cuts in marginal tax rates by proposing three simple rates of 10%, 15%, and 30%. Rudy gets an 8.

Romney like Giuliani has a good track record on taxes. Romney’s tax plan has the same boilerplate stuff as Thompson’s and Giuliani’s but has the added advantage a of zero tax on capital gains. The big draw back is its lack of simplification of the overall code. Mitt gets a 6.

Huckabee is next. He proposes a fair tax or national consumption or sales tax of - depending on who you read - between 23 and 25%. Of course certain life sustaining products like food would be exempt. This is the best form of taxation because it puts the tax payer in the position of determining how much federal tax he is willing to pay. If he wants a new car but determines that the 23% surcharge is out of the question for the time being, he just doesn’t buy the car. The income tax is ripped from your wallet whether you think you can afford it or not. The problem with the fair tax is that it will first require the repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment, which gives the government the right to tax income. That in itself would be a long and arduous process. Given government ineptitude, what would likely result is both a consumption and an income tax. I like the fair tax but its implementation strikes me this way:

I need a quart of milk one night.

Fred Thompson says, OK, I’ll run over to Walgreen’s and get you one. I’ll be back in ten minutes.

Mike Huckabee says, you know the best milk is over in Switzerland. I’ll plan a trip to Switzerland. I’ll get a taxi. Go to the airport. Hop a flight to Switzerland. Get a hotel room. Take a couple of days sightseeing. Buy the best milk available. Hop a flight back. Get a taxi and deliver your milk in about a month. The milk will of course be sour by the time the trip is complete.

Huckabee’s idea gets a 10 but Huckabee gets a 2 because the plan is not workable. And me being ever the cynic, believe he wants something that sounds good but is totally unworkable so that the status quo remains in place. And then there’s his tax record in Arkansas, which ain’t good and is why I remain a cynic about Huckabee.

Then there’s John I voted against the tax cuts because they weren’t perfect McCain. That is leatherhead, my way or the highway thinking typical of McCain. I didn’t get the spending cuts, so I’m not voting for the tax cuts. Weird huh. So when the single pump fire truck shows up to put out McCain’s house fire, he’s going to send them away because he didn’t get the four battalions of fire equipment he had requested. McCain gets a -4. Not only for being wrong about the Bush tax cuts but for being too stupid or too stubborn and arrogant to admit it.

All the Dems are going to start off by taxing us into a depression. The Shrillda Beats is our best bet on the Dem side because she has no core beliefs and will be the same poll driven triangulating calculating dope that her husband was.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The comeback

She’s baaaaaaack!

The absolute truth about the Shrillda Beast’s break down is located here is MUST viewing if you’re interested in the truth. Anyone who bought into that line of BS, I’ve got million dollar check that you’ve just won. For a small fee, I’ll send it along to you. It was a planted question. It was a rehearsed response. The same is true with the “iron my shirt” guys. I’m sure that the Shrillda Beast’s staff just let’s something like that happen – right in front of the camera. Think about it. I’ll believe it when I see guys with signs that read,
“Support women’s Lib: Marry a rapist?” or
“Invest in cattle futures” or
“First, we fire the travel office” or
“Paula, Jennifer, Kathleen and Wanita who?” or
“I’m so smart even George Bush fooled me” or
“Now, where did those billing records go?”
So, of all of the things that could have appeared on that sign to hurt the Shrillda Beast, what shows up, something that actually helps her. Oh Yeah, that was spontaneous.

Then there are the Republicans. After getting the Shrillda Beast prediction wrong by about a mile, the pundits now think Mitt is dead in the water because he finished second to McCain in New Hampshire – where independents not Republicans carried McCain’s water. But Mitt is dead according to the chattering class. That is in spite of Mitt trouncing McCain in Iowa, Mitt winning Wyoming and having more Republican delegates, votes and money than any other candidate. That makes sense, why not quit while you’re a head.

Were I Mitt, I’d be looking at what would happen if I stayed in the race and watched McCain, Giuliani, Thompson and Huckabee impale themselves on one another while I ran a consistent second. The worst case is that I might be the king maker at the convention.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


John drinks the global warming Kool Aid.

Rating the candidates on immigration and energy independence.

Fred Thompson has gotten the illegal alien thing right from the start. Build the fence and enforce the law. As Thompson says there’s no need to “round up” the 12 million or so illegals already here because once you begin to enforce the law, thereby removing the incentive to come or stay here illegally, the illegals will deport themselves. With regard to energy independence Thompson again has it right. Develop our own resources to include domestic oil, nuclear and clean coal. He’s not buying into the global warming Kyoto BS either. On a scale of 1 to 10 Fred gets 9.9.

Mitt Romney is the next best bet on this issue. He’s got the immigration issue down and is probably best suited to chart a course to energy independence. Mitt gets a 9.8 because Fred’s my guy.

Next is Huckabee. He is a late convert to immigration reform and has gone the extra step of calling for the repeal of the anchor baby language in the Fourteenth Amendment. I’m against any such amendment before it is tested in court as to whether or not such language applies offspring of people who entered the country illegally. Who knows maybe the Supremes will have a lucid moment and say, “no I don’t think this applies to criminals.” Next, it may become a moot point if Thompson’s self deportation theory works. Huckabee thinks we need to be energy independent in 10 years and offer a huge cash prize for the first viable car to get 100 mpg. Since I called for the same thing, I have to give him credit. But he ruins that bit of brilliance buy saying something about a duty to God to reduce global warming. The idea of becoming energy independent was to stop sending US dollars to the Middle East where they are used to kill us. Huck gets a 5.

Last is John they are all God’s children McCain. Hey John, let’s just say you’re right, they’re all God’s children. Do we just open the borders to any uneducated low skill, criminally intent person who wants to wonder in? Castro emptied his jails and sailed his criminals to Florida. That worked out well for everyone. How is your idea any different? Then he’s gotten the harebrained idea that by paying a fine the illegals aren’t being offered an amnesty. He’s right. They are being offered - at a greatly reduced price - the most valuable commodity we possess – citizenship. And he’s selling it cheap - $5,000. Hey John if you want to sell US citizenship, why not start with the people waiting in line legally? Many would probably be willing to buy. Why start with the group whose first act in America was to break our laws? John, like Huck, has had an awakening though. Now he’s the Johnny come lately tough guy on immigration. I’m not buying it John. If the American people are dumb enough to elect you, you’ll give your amnesty and claim it was bi-partisan and the best we could do. Then, as pictured above, there’s John’s buying into the whole global warming hoax. He's probably more interested in achieving energy independence by making us all walk than finding more oil. John gets a -3.

Dems would be far worse on this issue than any of the Reps. We’d have open borders. Oil exploration and nuclear power would be all but banned and taxes on what energy remains would have us all peddling a bike to work.

Of the Dems, I suppose the Shrillda Beast would be the best. I say that only because she, like Bill, would be maniacally poll driven, thereby giving us – the people - at least chance to influence the action. Given that, she may be better on immigration than McCain. Posted by Picasa

How they stack up on terror

I believe that Rudy Giuliani would be the toughest guy on terror. I don’t know why. I just get that feeling. We know he’d stay on offense and I just get the feeling that he’d look his cabinet in the eyes and tell every one of them that stopping and killing terrorists is job one. I think he’d allocate the resources necessary and not be one bit squeamish about terrorists being forced to listen to Keith Olbermann re-runs late into the night – the worst kind of torture I can think of - to get information. On a scale of one to ten, I’d give Giuliani a 9.9.

Fred Thompson is my second choice among Republican candidates. He gets it. He even articulates it well - not as well as Giuliani - if you can get from sentence to sentence without dozing off. On O’Reilly last night he knocked it out of the park. He described the number one issue of this election as the threat of Islamo-Terror-Fascists using new methods and new weapons – read nukes and bio weapons – trying to destroy America. I’d give Thompson a 9.8 only because he doesn’t articulate the issue as well as Giuliani.

Mitt Romney is next only because Thompson is my guy. So, I put my guy second. Romney is an expert manager. He can identify the fire closest to his feet and is certain to allocate the necessary resources to tend to it. Romney gets a 9.79.

McCain is third. He’s probably as strong as any of the others but he doesn’t strike me as quite as willing to lay waste to terrorists as the other two. Why? Well first, he seems to think shoving bamboo under a terrorist’s fingers to get the location of the nuke set to off in a US city in an hour would violate the poor dear’s rights. Giuliani or Thompson wouldn’t wait half a second. Also, the, "I'll get bin Laden" comment strikes as Edward's, "If you elect me Christopher Reeves will walk again." Just a line of crap. Then there’s his whole, ”they are all God’s children” shpeel used by McCain in the immigration issue. I suppose that argument would have to extend to the terrorists as well. I give McCain a 9.

Last among viable GOP candidates is Huckabee. Given his record in Arkansas and his comment about shutting ‘Gitmo down, this guy is likely as not to pardon everyone held there. Then there is his whole “arrogant foreign policy,” “Bush’s bunker mentality,” and “treat them as we would want to be treated” crap. I don’t think we can afford to come out of the bunker, sit down with terrorists over green tea and biscuits and tell them we’d like to help them achieve their goals because that’s how we would want people to treat us. Huck gets 5.5.

Dems will never be able to take the terror war seriously because they will be too busy trying to turn America into a welfare state. Listen to their debates. Universal hangnail insurance gets more attention than the war on terror. They are too naive.

Shrillda Beast would be the best on this issue. Not because she gives a crap about America but rather because she cares about her legacy. Who wants the “I lost the Middle East and Europe to terrorists” legacy? I’d give the Shrillda a 5.

Obama would be next because he's inexperienced. Because he’s inexperienced, he’d have to have enough adults in the administration to guide him through the issues. I’d give Obama a 4.

Dead last would be John Edwards. This guy would be so busy redistributing everybody’s money – except his own of course - he wouldn’t care if the entire Middle East were on fire. Edwards get 1.2. The only reason he doesn’t get a zero is that he’d want oil companies to be able to do some business in the Middle East just so he could take any money that they might make and use it to finance universal tire rotation insurance.

Tomorrow, territory.

Monday, January 07, 2008

The three Ts for candidates

Lex has broken through all the fog of presidential politics with the three big Ts. In order of importance they are:

Terrorism. Islamo-terror-fascists want to, as my man Fred Thompson has said, see a mushroom cloud over a US city. Short of that they will be happy to kill us in what ever numbers they can. And when I say “us,” I mean any and all of “us.” From a day old baby laying in a hospital bed to 90 something year old laying in a nursing home bed; from the most devout among us to those who have no religion to those don’t believe in God; Male, female or transgender (still don’t get that one); hetro, homo or bi makes no difference; skin color makes not one whit of difference; Conservative, Liberal, Moderate, Republican, Democrat or Independent; none of it matters to these homicidal maniacs. They want to kill us…any and all of us.

The candidate has to understand this one. If the candidate doesn’t get this one right, nothing else is really going to matter.

Territory. First and foremost this means enforcing our borders and enforcing our laws. Secondarily, this means using the resources provided by our territory to break our dependence on foreign oil.

Taxes. Taxes need to be kept low to keep the economy from tanking. If the economy goes, we’ll have a more isolationist mentality which will distract us from our primary goal – defeating the Islamo-terror-fascists.

Many of you are asking about that Conservative mainstay abortion. First, it doesn’t start with a T. Next, even if the Supreme Court overturned Roe today, little in the US would change with regard to abortion. That’s a nasty little secret the Libs don’t want you to know. Red states would restrict it a bit and blue states would…well what’s left to be done in blue states? Require abortion I guess. But the issue would fall to the state legislatures and as a result to the voters rather than the court and Libs can’t have that.

Tomorrow, how the candidates stack up against the three Ts.

Friday, January 04, 2008

McCain's the big winner

About 116,000 Rep voters (about 30,000 fewer voters than Lex’s generous model predicted yesterday) decided Huck’s the man. He finished about 10,000 votes ahead of second place finisher Mitt Romney. Using yesterday’s math, Huckabee’s margin of victory was .003% of Americans. Now the MSM is proclaiming Huck the man to beat and Romney dead in the water. Yes, 10,000 votes representing .003% of America can be described as an overwhelming victory by any standard.

I’m not so sure I’m ready to sign on with someone endorsed by the MSM, the National Education Association (Teacher’s Union) and E.J. Dionne Jr. but whose Conservative credentials are questioned by Rush Limbaugh and George Will.

My guy Fred Thompson finished slightly ahead of but in a virtual tie for third with McCain. McCain was the big winner. Here’s why:

Romney the leader in the early primary states has been knocked off by guy who realistically has no chance to win the nomination.

Rudy, the Rep national leader, didn’t contest Iowa, so was nowhere in the hunt.

The next state primary is New Hampshire, where guess what? Independents get to vote in whichever primary they want. I don’t think Conservatives – no matter what the MSM claims to contrary – think much of McCain for his assault on the First Amendment, support for open borders, anti-tax cut talk and oh yeah that Keating five thing. But Romney was damaged in Iowa. He’s in a dogfight in New Hampshire - not with Republicans but independents. Thompson has not caught on and Rudy is sitting it out until Florida.

All of this gives new life to John McCain.

So my top three guys in order, Thompson, Romney and Giuliani are already in trouble. Huckabee in my mind is a non-starter. So who is left to pick up the pieces? John I’m one of the politicians who takes the money I rail against McCain.

Some quick hits on the caucus:

I come to find out that the word “caucus” is derived from an Indian word meaning conference. The NCAA is now taking steps to ban any athletic team from a state holding a “caucus” from post season activities. In a statement released after the origin of the word was discovered, the NCAA said, “We think it’s outrageous that states would poke fun at our native Americans in such an insensitive manner.”

Some good news. We don’t have to listen to those pathetic “undecided Iowa voters” any more. Hey, I wouldn’t walk around wearing the word “undecided” like a badge of honor two hours before the election. First 90% of the “undecided” are liars. They’ve made up their minds but either like the attention or think “undecided” makes them look sophisticated. Hint, it makes you look like an indecisive moron. Which is what the other 10% who actually are “undecided” are…indecisive morons.

Bad news. We will be treated to four days of pathetic “undecided New Hampshire voters.” Who have the double indecisive moron whammy because not only do they not know who they will vote for but don’t even know which party they will vote for. And the MSM caters to these idiots as if they were prophets and/or oracles. How can these people be taken seriously? They are idiots.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa in perspective

Let’s put Iowa in perspective.

Iowa state population is 2,982,085 or about 1% of America’s 303,619,006 total population.

Of the 2.9 million Iowans about 2.3 million are voting of voting age or about .7% of the total American population.

Of those of voting age, given a generous turnout of 250,000, about 10%, of Iowans will participate in tonight’s caucus. (Note: Most news agencies say turnout among eligible voters is usually about 6%.) Anyway voters in Iowa will constitute about .08% of the total American population.

If the vote is divided equally among Dems and Reps, or about 125,000 each, .04% of the total American population will be choosing candidates for the major parties.

If polling is correct that it’ll take about one third of that vote to win the caucus, or about 42,000 votes. So, about .014% of Americans are choosing Iowa’s delegates to the two major conventions.

Iowa’s 56 Dem delegates comprise just over 1% of the 4,366 total Dem delegates. The 40 Rep delegates will comprise just over 1% of the total 2,509 total Rep delegates.

Then there are the vagaries of voting in the caucus system. It’s not a vote where you get up early. Drive to your designated polling place. Cast your vote in five minutes and go to work – if you’re a Rep. If you’re Dem, you get on a bus at about four in the afternoon and drive from polling place to polling place casting multiple votes and bitching about the long lines caused by several Dem buses pulling up to the same polling place at the same time.

In the caucuses you have to go some guys house at 6:30 pm and be brow beaten by some loudmouth Pol for a couple of hours before casting your ballot – Dem votes are public and like all Dem votes, you get to vote several times.

It’s nuts. But the MSM is agog over the process because they think it gives them an opportunity to pick the winners. But, given the numbers and the process, this vote should not mean much of anything.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Dump Murtha

A comment on the post two below. If ever there was a good place to drop a C note this might be it.

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Stephen R. Maloney said...
hope you and all your readers will offer whatever support you can to Murtha's opponent, Lt. Col. Bill Russell. You can do so by going to his web site at: I write regularly about the Russell-Murtha race. Thanks to all supporters of the "Haditha Marines."
steve maloney


Muslim extremists will continue to kill innocent people. Look at Pakistan. Only nut job whackos respond to the murder of someone by murdering someone else that had nothing whatever to do with the first event.

As the death toll of innocents caused by the Muslim extremists rises around the world, the MSM and government officials will continue to refer to Islam as a religion of peace. Only after a close family member is killed by the insane fundamentalists do Pols say something along the line of, “we may want to rethink this religion of peace stuff.”

Israel and the Palestinians will reach an agreement to take some baby step toward peace. You know, like they will agree to hold talks about holding talks to talk about the possibility of holding talks to talk about talking about peace. In response, Hamas will kill 100 Jews in a restaurant or on a bus somewhere. The UN and European powers will condemn the Jews for riding buses and eating out while the Palestinians live in squalor.

Every single weather pattern will be blamed on global warming.

Due to the success of nanny state Libs in getting legal products – like cigarettes - banned from the public, look for the assault to continue. Likely targets include, Coke machines, any vending machine dispensing anything other than organically produced carrot and celery sticks, fast food restaurants, slow food restaurants, cell phones, leather shoes, beer, wine, snack foods (defined by Libs as anything that takes less than 3 hours to prepare and/or includes more than two non-organic ingredients), cars not achieving 130 miles per gallon of ethanol, guns of any description including toy guns and sticks that may picked up and used to simulate a gun, helmets will be required whenever a child under the age of 37 leaves his house etc. etc.

Nanny state Lib candidates will continue to promise everything from free diapers to free mortuary services and everything in between to people. These services will be billed by Libs as rights and will be paid for by “the rich.”

As a result, Libs will redefine “the rich” as anyone holding a job.

Because of third and fourth party candidacies by Michael Bloomberg and Ron Paul, a Lib Dem will be elected president with just over 40% of the popular vote.
Because of a fractured government, the Dem will not be able to make good on single campaign promise and will be able get less done than the current congress, which will be a good thing for America.