Friday, June 30, 2017

First, they deserved it. Second, I don't care.

Good morning patriots.  The rest of you AntiFa, Trigglypuff, anti-American, PMSNBC losers can go to hell.  Let’s hit it.

PDJT released a couple of tweets yesterday that has the Lefty Libs, Demo-Dopes, Hollywood swells, the MSM, Rat establishment Republicans and the weak middle who like the tweets but are afraid to say so going absolutely bonkers.  Which was PDJT’s intended result.  It is absolutely diabolical how easily PDJT can send the usual suspects over the edge. 

The company line from the howlers is “this beneath the office of the President of the United States.”  This is the same crowd that no problem with Billbo Billyboy Clinton diddling the help in the Oval Office. 

As is my habit now, I tuned into the hilarity on fake news CNN and PMSNBC.  They did not disappoint.  PMSNBC actually brought in well know fake news icon Dan Rather to opine on PDJT’s tweets.  He looked old and sounded like Uncle Willy 2 years after his Alzheimer’s diagnoses.  There was thread there, you just had to search it out.  He was all about dignity of the office, lack of Republican profiles in courage – you’d think he’d stay away from the word “courage” – condemning PDJT and deep concern about the tone in Caligula, D.C. with PDJT in the Oval Office.    

You cannot blame any of what is wrong with the “tone” in Caligula, D.C. on PDJT.  The place was a cesspool long before he showed up to drain the swamp.  As far as Rat establishment Republicans lack of profiles in courage, they were heading for the tall grass 10 seconds after the tweet hit.  If they had any courage Robertscare would be gone and we‘d be enjoying the largest tax cut in history.  Dan, you ought to be happy they are a bunch of weasels.  It’s working out marvelously for your type.  As to the dignity of the office, PULEEZ!  See paragraph two. 

Fake news CNN had on four PDJT critics each try to feign more outrage than the other.  It was comical.  There was one poor guy trying to make PDJT’s case.  He did okay, but let me give it a try.  First, neither Mika nor Joe are journalist as is often reported - that PDJT is attacking journalists.  No.  He's not.  If those two are “journalists” I’m the heavy weight boxing champion of the world.  Being a heavy weight, I’m already half way there.  Joe and Mika are talk show hosts.  Hannity was regularly lampooned by The Empty Suit.  Rush Limbaugh is attacked regularly by all manner of Lefty Lib.  No one cares.  When a Lefty Lib gets slapped around a bit, the rest of the crybabies cannot be consoled.

Here’s the thing.  The lefty Libs are less upset about what PDJT said than the fact that he said anything at all instead of just lying there and taking from two dim wits the likes of Mika and Joe.  They both have said vile things about PDJT and were pretty smug about it in the process, but when the shoe is on the other foot they simply cannot take it.  Where is it written that the Republican under attack has to just stand by and get clobbered? 

I’m too lazy to look it up, but I’m pretty sure when Harry the roach Reid was lying his worthless butt off about Mitt Romney (Where were the Profiles in Courage on the Dope side then, Dan?) Lex complained about the unwillingness of the Republicans to fight back.  Well now we’ve got someone who not only fights back but hits a lot harder than his opponent.  The Rat establishment Republicans are aghast.  I’m delighted with it. 

Then there’s the whole “women’s card.”  PDJT is attacking a poor helpless woman.  So, if he were attacking a man in the same fashion it’d be okay?  What ever happened to all of that “I am woman hear me roar” BS?  Seems to me it’s now I am woman – or at least Mika - hear me whine. 

Then there’s the real question – is it true?  PDJT has pretty good record of being right on these things.  If it is, Joe and Mika are two faced weasels.  Well they are that irrespective of whether or not what PDJT tweeted is true or not.  If you don’t believe me, and why should you, believe Rush Limbaugh
My guess is that this brouhaha breaks along Lex / Mrs. Lex lines.  Lex thinks it’s hilarious and well deserved by the two PMSNBC knuckleheads.  Mrs. Lex let loose her standard lament, “Oh brother!”

We’re all going to die
Two posts under, in the “Life is risky business post,” Lex mocks the standard Dope cry – Thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, maybe hundreds of millions, probably more than a billion people will die if Republicans tinker with the failing disaster known here as Robertscare.

Here’s a very hilarious take on the same subject.  Stay for the line that come over the credit – Crossing the street is incredibly tough.  People look left and right but they never look up.

Trigger warning
It’s the 4th of July weekend!  That can only mean one thing, Lefty Libs will be in a funk until the 5th and triggered by all of the red, white and blue.  Hey Lefty Libs don’t think of it as a patriotic holiday.  Look at as an opportunity walk on, burn and otherwise desecrate old glory.  I can see them perking up already. 

I’ll see you back here on the 6th.  6th?  Because I need an extra day that’s why.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Fake news leader CNN circling the toilet, blames PDJT

Good day to all of you well informed readers.  Let’s hit it.

Say this to yourself in your best Elmo voice:  This is CNN.  That’s right, James Earl Jones is out, and Elmo is in as the new voice of the Fake News Network.  In what appears to be a new low for the failing fake news organization, CNN used the Sesame Street character to push for Syrian refugees. So, is Elmo a real person?  No.  Animal?  No.  Thing?  No it isn’t.  It’s fake.  Just like CNN.  Today CNN will have Oscar the Grouch on to opine about global cooling warming change disruption.  Friday they’ll have Cookie Monster on for news about fat shaming.

With their reputation in the dumpster by their own making the fake news makers do what everyone does these days when they are exposed as dolts, claim victim status.  CNN hired Donna Brazil who fed Shrillda the Hutt debate questions and then when she was exposed lied through her ample butt about it.  CNN put Kathy Griffin on the air and then had to dump the unfunny “comedian.”  CNN hired the dope who called PDJT a POS and had to be let go.  CNN hired the “reporters” who made up the latest PDJT Russia story.  It’s CNN who puts puppets on air to make “news.”  It’s CNN who has producer and “talent” like commie Van Jones who agree CNN’s PDJT Russia obsession is so much BS.  It is CNN that runs with 5 unsourced PDJT Russia stories a day that then have to be retracted.  So CNN has brought their entire network to its knees by their own doing.

Now they they’re whining like a cut dog about the situation that they created.  They are blaming their poor showing, ratings and judgement on PDJT.  They believe PDJT is creating a dangerous environment for journalist.  They go so far as to declare that PDJT has “declared war on the media.”  I must have missed that declaration.  Okay then.  Everyone at CNN should be fine.  If journalist are the targets no one at CNN would have a chance of making the list.  Some dope at the Atlantic warned the PDJT would be responsible for violence against journalists.  Well if things proceed true to form, some unhinged lefty lib with a severe case of Trump derangement syndrome will assault or shoot someone at the FNC.  Lefty Libs are the ones dealing in violence, so it’s unlikely that would shoot their own.   

Demo-Dopes will kill 500,000 people in the next 10 years
The Demo-Dopes are estimating that somewhere between 10-15 billion people will die if Republicans attempt to fix the dying Robertscare fiasco.  Well university studies show that America will suffer 500,000 deaths from opioids.  Much of that toll will come from drugs brought across an unsecured southern US border.  So can Republicans say that any Dope opposes PDJT’s border wall “will be responsible for the deaths of 500,000 US citizens”? 

I think there is a much closed correlation to the deaths of US citizens from an unsecured southern border and opioid abuse than there is to deaths from US citizens choosing not to insure themselves.    

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Life is a risky business

Welcome you chosen few.  Let’s hit it.

Demo-Dopes believe that if we try to fix the failing Robertscare disaster that they saddled us with millions will die.  I’ll take my chances.  Seems to me that you are way more likely to die from a fall while working on a 4 foot ladder than to magically perish if Republicans are ever capable of pulling their collective heads out their butts and do something about Robertscare.

But Lex 22 million will go uninsured.  Yeah I suppose, but that’s a risk the majority of the 22 million are willing to accept.  Some will die.  That’s a fact.  Some will die on the highway today because we demand to drive 70 miles an hour on the freeway.  Highway deaths could nearly be eliminated if we did just two things 1) reduce the speed limit to 20 MPH 2) outlaw left hand turns. 

We don’t do it.  Are we killing 50K plus Americans every year because we want to drive 70 MPH and turn left?  I suppose if PDJT supports those activities, Dopes would claim Trump is killing 50,000 Americans every year.  No.  We chose to get in the car and go.  We accept the risk and move on.  So if Johnny 20 something wants roll the dice on healthcare, that’s his choice.

Everyday life is very risky business.  Nearly everything in our environment can or will kill us.  All the more reason to make sure everyone has insurance Lex.  If everything can kill us, we need insurance to pay the bills or we’ll all have to foot the bill.  We’re going to have to foot it anyway, so we might as well take the savings from the percentage that roll the dice and don’t need the insurance.

It’s pretty obvious that Republicans don’t have what it takes to square this problem away.  This whole problem demonstrates why government never shrinks.  Government is like two parents vying for the affection of their adolescent children.  One, the Dopes, lavish all manner of freebies onto the children to “be loved.”  The other, the Rat establishment Republicans, doesn’t have the fortitude to be the “responsible parent” and reign in the goodies giving of the other.  The family spirals into debt.   The whole while the family gets used to living a life style that they cannot afford.

 My guess is that what we’ll end up with is single payer healthcare, but only for the poor.  People with money will go to private doctors and hospitals.  Then the Dopes will try to outlaw private healthcare.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Wars, battlefields and healthcare

Meathead wants “all out war”
In some response to a Fox report on PDJT and Russia, Rob Reiner apparently believes that “the fight to save Democracy is now an all out war.” I don’t think he’s serious, because I think he’s smart enough to know what would happen to him and his kind if they ever strolled outside the rarefied air of Hollywood looking for “an all out war.”  He may be inspiring others to the violence that he’s too timid, weak, afraid etc. to initiate on his own or putting on a though guy show for his Hollywood pals.  Like the aged WWI generals sipping Champaign and eating caviar in some villa while calling for more troops to be sent to the front, it’s easy to call for war if you’re not going to be fighting in it. 

The good news in all of this is that Reiner is one more Lefty Lib who has finally come around to recognizing that Russia is our enemy.  I’m waiting for The Empty Suit to scold Reiner with a well-placed, “Hey Rob!  The 1980s just called and want their foreign policy back.”

Lefty Libs continue their destruction of America
In the post just under, Lex notes the destructive similarities of all that is holy between the Islamo-Terror-Fascists and lefty Libs.  The electrons of that post had not even settled into wherever electrons settle before I ran across this piece indicating that Anit-Fascist fascists plan to descend onto Gettysburg National Battlefield to burn Confederate flags and desecrate Confederate graves.  My hope is that anyone entering the Battlefield wearing mask, starting a fire or otherwise disrupting the sanctity of that hallowed ground is arrested.   

Healthcare front and center as Russian focus snares Dopes
Those two tidbits are interesting but here’s the really big news.  As the PDJT Russia story does a 180 and begins to sweep up Dopes including Lo Lynch and The Empty Suit and as the US Supreme Court validates PDJT, the Dopes and their MSM allies have been reduced to talking policy.  The result was none the les hilarious.  CNN and PMSNBC were in high dudgeon about the senate healthcare bill. 

The lefty libs are shouting from the mountain, thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, maybe Millions will die!   They are correct.  According to the UN – and who doesn’t trust the UN – 2,626,418 people died in the US in 2014.  I can do the Dopes one better.  I can state with absolute certainty that everyone in America will die.  So yeah, millions will die.  But they will die irrespective of the senate healthcare bill.

Now the CBO has scored thee bill.  That score is worth about as much Bernie Madoff’s credit score.  The Dopes have joined themselves at the hip with the CBO notion that 22 million Americans will lose their healthcare coverage and subsequently die as a result.  First, and this is very important, the largest percentage of the 22 million will not “lose” anything.  They will chose not to insure themselves.  We used to call it freedom.  Now when people chose not insure themselves, Dopes think it is important to force them to do so and that you pay the premium.  So yeah, some people, mostly young, will decide to roll the dice.  But hey they can stay on mom and dad’s insurance until age 26. Just let kids stay on mom and dad’s until mom and dad die. 

Here’s an idea.  Instead of slaving healthcare to employment compensate people enough to buy their own healthcare insurance.  Insure healthcare like unemployment insurance.  Then people who chose to can keep their kids on the policy they are paying for as long as they want.    

What Dopes do not mention and want to hide is the fact that after the be all and end all of Robertcare according to the CBO – and who doesn’t trust the CBO – there will still be 30 million uninsured Americans by 2022.  So are the Dopes content to “kill” those 30 million just to save The Empty Suit’s pathetic legacy?  Well, yes they are. 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Dopes are the American Taliban

Good morning loyal and learned readers.  Let’s hit it.

Islamo-Terror-Fascists don’t like much of anything.  When they don’t like something they kill it or blow it up.  Oddly the Lefty Libs will tolerate killing Christians, homosexuals, Jews, women etc. more than the destruction of some antiquity somewhere.  The world was aghast when the Taliban destroyed two ancient Buddahs in Afghanistan in 2001.  After birthing Osama bin Laden who gave us 9-11, the world really got its dander up when the Taliban blew up a couple of stone carvings.  That’s like being aghast at the Tate Labianco murders because the Manson gang drank the milk out of their refrigerators.

ISIS’ recent destruction of an ancient mosque after the Taliban destroyed ancient Buddahs in Afghanistan got me to thinking, what’s the difference between Lefty Libs, who destroy everything that they touch, and the Taliban in that regard?

Take American healthcare that was the envy of the world before Lefty Libs “fixed it.”  Could the Taliban had done a better job screwing up healthcare than the Dopes have?  Now the “fix” is falling in on itself and the Dopes want to whine about any effort to save American healthcare for the next generations.  The Dope whine, “We can do better!”  Well, to barrow their BS phrase, yes we can.  We had something better.  They wrecked it.  Now their contribution to the effort to put out the fire that they started is to pour gasoline on it or to take pot shots at the firemen trying to work out a new system.

Take the 2,000 year old institution of marriage.  The left has made a mockery of it.  It has been reduced to rubble in the same way the Taliban reduced the Buddahs to rubble.  If we were able to remove government from the institution of marriage, Lefty Libs would have no interest in ruining it.

Take the Boy Scouts.  The Lefty Libs are destroying an institution that they have no interest in joining.  If they wanted to join it, they wouldn’t be destroying it.  The purpose of “joining” is simply a method whereby they can destroy it. The same can be said, to a lesser extent, of the military.

The Lefty Libs cannot leave any distraction for the American people alone.  Sports are unwatchable what with league and team boycotts to states and cities that do not – in ITF fashion - tow the Lefty Lib line on everything.  Colin Kapernick is a hero, while Tim Tebow is an exhibitionist.  TV, movies, theater, music and the awards shows that honor those mediums and the “stars” involved in those activities are all infected and with a Lefty Lib tint that make them unusable.  As a result, American culture has steadily rotted, which was the goal.

Education is another prime example of Lefty Lib destruction of a once great institution.  America was leader in education now we’re mired in the middle with third world countries thanks to the Lefty Libs. Not teaching kids math is only half the problem.  What they do teach – the Lefty Lib agenda – is the other half.  Schools at every level are nothing more than Lefty Lib propaganda machines.  ISIS could not have pulled off what the Lefty Libs have in the last 40 years if they had a 1,000 years to it.

Aid to the poor is another prime example of Lefty Lib’s ability to turn anything they touch to rust.  Ben Franklin once opined “I am for doing good to the poor, but...I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it.”  Everything the Dopes do in this endeavor from free Obama phones to using EBT cards for cigarettes and beer is designed to make the poor easy in their poverty thereby hooking them on the system thereby buying their votes you’re your money forever.

Everything Lefty Libs touch is squashed down to the lowest common denominator.  They are the American Taliban destroying everything in their path.

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Friday roundup

I’m about done with this charade. Let it die on the vine.  Republicans – surprise – don’t have a clue.  The only thing that is going to get this done is PDJT demanding a joint session of congress and going before the American people a la State of the Union style.  PDJT spends 10 minutes outlining all the problems with Robertscare, hmm, okay 20, make it an even half hour.  Then he asks every member of congress who thinks Robertscare is dead or dying to stand.  Then he asks every member of congress willing to fix the mess for the American people to remain standing.  If you’d rather have the issue for political reasons, sit down.  Okay, senators who are standing follow me to room XYZ.  House members who are standing follow VP Pence to room ABC.  We’re going to fix this thing. The rest of you can go to hell.  

Letting Robertscare die on the vine will be a political boon for Republicans if they remind voters the bill passed without single Republican vote and efforts to fix the disaster were stalled because not one Dope wanted to help fix the mess for the American people.

For the record I cannot stand Grand Nan from San Fran Peloser.  For starters, I think she’s dumb as a rock, arrogant, out of touch, hyper partisan etc. etc.  That said my hope is that the Dopes leave her in her “leadership” position where she has presided over the loss of the House and 1,000 Dope seats nationwide.  I hope they leave Chuckles Scummer in place.  I hope they continue to embrace the Russia collusion story.  I hope they continue to embrace the ever more violent and unhinged “resist” movement.  I hope they continue to spawn more Lefty Lib artsy fartsy drama and “comedic” rage of assassinating PDJT and slicing his head off and calling for impeachment and blowing up the White House and fail to renounce the violent rhetoric as well as the actual violence.

It will all fail.  PDJT will remain undaunted.  They will lose again in 2018.

Keep up the good work Nancy.  You’re doing a heck of a job.

PMSNBC/CNN do not fail to entertain
PDJT states the obvious.  Lefty Lib media soils itself.  PDJT said he wanted successful people leading the country so he didn’t want a poor people in his cabinet.  Lefty Lib shocked face and outrage in 3, 2, 1.  I’m quite happy not to have Ned the wino running Commerce or the guy with the cardboard sign “Homeless and hungry” standing outside the strip mall with 25 “Help wanted” signs running Treasury.    

The mock outrage at a statement that just drips with common sense is why the MSM and the Dopes are hilarious.  So, Lefty Lib, why don’t you take your car down to the 35 year old Social Justice major who is flipping burgers at Mickey Ds when it needs service?  Next time you have a leaky faucet call the third generation welfare mom you run into at WalMart. 

Americans get it.  The MSM and Dopes never will.

Or should it read, no tapes.  MSM, Comey and the Dopes got played by the master.   Again, the media, Hollywood, Dope rage at getting their heads handed to them again by PDJT is hilarious.  Whole segments on PMSNBC last night about what it means.  YGBSM.  It means you're a bunch of dupes, ultra maroons, dopes.  It means you won't get a job in PDJT's cabinet.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

GA 6th brings the joy of Lefty Lib suffering back

If you are of the opinion that Dope suffering at loss after loss to PDJT shouldn’t trigger joy among the MAGA crowd, consider PMSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s theory for Dope Jon Osoff’s poor showing in GA’s 6th District – global cooling warming change disruption.  Well Maddow actually blamed the rain in GA on Election Day but we all know that deep down inside she knows the rain was caused by global cooling warming change disruption.  In Maddow’s mind, were it not for PDJT unilaterally pulling out of the Paris accords a week ago, the climate would have stabilized by now and it would have been sunny and 72 for Tuesday’s elections.  

Global cooling warming change disruption caused the rain and the rain caused Dopes not to vote, which gave Republicans a huge advantage because after all, due to their well-known white privilege, the rain does not fall on Republicans on Election Days.  That’s funny stuff.  What’s even funnier is, because Maddow said it on PMSNBC, a whole slew of rank and file Dopes believe it.

If Maddow’s explanation of why Dopes lost in GA has you laughing your Osoff, consider Don Lemon’s irrational explanation as to why the Dopes won.  Huh?  Don the Dopes lost…again.  According to Lemon, no they didn’t.  Because they got so close – which they didn’t – and because the Dope polled so well – which he didn’t on Election Day – Lemon asked, “Is this really a loss for the [Dopes]?”  That’s funny.  Yes Don, it is.  The way I know it is a loss for Dopes is that the very network you work for declared Karen Handel the “winner.”  But, it would be great if you and your Dope idiot friends continue to believe that coming in second in a two man race is “winning” if it’s close or because your candidate polled well before getting clobbered on Election Day.  That would really MAGA. 

Then there’s the tell-all photo at the top of the post.  Cost for Dopes to try to buy Osoff the GA 6th house seat in the primary: 9 million dollars.  Cost for Dopes to try to buy Osoff the GA 6th house seat in the Special Election:  20 million dollars.  Cost of the visible devastation across the CNN panel when Osoff gets clobbered: priceless. 

In this piece John Podhoretz warns us about short sighted “triumphalism” over the GA 6th Special Election.  Podhoretz is right.  One Special Election probably does not mean that much in a ruby red district.  I am not guilty of feeling triumphant about the GA 6th election.  I’m guilty of enjoying Dope suffering over that election.  I know it’s wrong to enjoy someone else’s suffering, but what can I say?  They bring it on themselves.  They are hilarious. 

In a post several under, Thom Bauer writes a letter to the editor condemning Lex for pointing out Lefty Lib rage and the possibility of that rage being turned into violence and in the process proves Lex’s point.  That's funny.  I'm wondering what ol' Thom is feeling like today.  Am I really a bad person for finding the humor in Lefty Lib unhingedness?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Osoff loses, hilarity ensues on PMSNBC

When news on PDJT’s collusion with Russia or anything else PDJT breaks, I like to get the “real take” on PMSNBC.  Last night they did not disappoint.  Prior to the returns being counted last night, Jon Osoff was dubbed the “Trump slayer.”  Dopes assured us that the GA 6th District was a nationwide referendum on PDJT.  They dumped 24 million dollars into the district.  Osoff was ahead in every poll by as much as 6 points.*  Then on election night it was Shrilda the Hutt all over again.  By about 8 pm the "too close to call" election was over when it became clear that Osoff was a figment of Dope pollsters’ imagination. 

NOTE:  As always the polls miraculously narrowed 24 hours before the election and then Handle wins by 5.   Polls are fake news.  I’m sure Dems already have their letter demanding DOJ look into winner Karen Handel’s collusion with the Russians to win the seat in the mail. 

So I went to my go to comedy relief in such situation, PMSNBC.  They were in rare form.  I laughed my Osoff (Saw it in a tweet from Kellyann Conway).   When I first tuned in, if didn’t already know better, I’d have sworn the Dopes had won and didn’t even really try that hard to win the seat.  You’ll be surprised to learn that, according to PMSNBC, Osoff’s butt kicking shows that Republicans are in serious trouble for the 2018 mid-terms, because, get this, Republicans cannot raise 24 million dollars to defend too many seats.   I suppose that means that the Dopes can raise 24 million dollars to take that many seats.  HEY!  PMSNBC!  Dopes DID just raise 24 million to try to take a seat and failed miserably. 

So using PMSNBC logic, if you can raise 24 million dollars to try to take a seat and fail, it’s actually a win because Republicans cannot raise that much money to defend the seats that Dopes cannot win with that much money.  See, for the Dopes, it’s about fund raising not ideas and policy.  The Dopes think as long as they can pour millions of outside dollars into these districts they are automatically the winners.  Dollars trump votes in the wacky Dope world.

Dopes rely on the buzz and bucks from Hollywood swells.  Note to Dopes:  Most Americans do not take political advice from people who make millions of dollars for doing and saying what other people tell them to do and say.  Shocking.  Americans care more about what a co-worker thinks than what Steve Colbert thinks?  But Steve makes more money.  Steve supports abortion, open borders, making you live in a dirt hut to alleviate global cooling warming change disruption and snatching up your rifle.  Exactly.

Dopes and the PMSNBCers just could not bring themselves to admit that they had just suffered another very expensive very humiliating butt kicking.  So what to do?  Get a message?  No.  Get a clue about Mr. & Mrs. America?  Oh hell no.  Are you crazy?  What then?  Well change the subject to…drum roll please…Russia/obstruction. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Weak Republicans - is there any other type - PDJT's real challenge

Alexandria shooter James Hodgkinson’s hero Bernie Sanders said this: “Our Republican colleagues are so cowardly, are so frightful that the American people will learn what’s in their legislation, that they refuse to have one hearing, one open discussion, about it.

Alleged state secrets leaker Reality Winner’s hero, Bernie Sanders, is right about one thing.  Caligula, D.C. Republicans are cowards.  That said, the millionaire “socialist’s”* rant on the Republican’s effort to cobble together a healthcare package is, like most things coming from Demo Dopes, hypocritical.  When Dopes pushed through Robertscare, I do recall someone on the Dope side saying, “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.”  My guess is that to this day no one actually knows what’s in Robertscare.  So if Caligula, D.C. Republicans actually know what’s in their bill but no one else does, that will be one set of people more than Robertscare who had any idea what was in the bill.   

NOTE:  Shouldn’t “millionaire ‘socialist’” be some kind of oxymoron?  My guess is ol’ Bernie would be quite happy for everyone else to like it was the 1960s in the Soviet Union but he sure as heck isn’t going to live the way.   The same goes for global cooling warming change disruption.  Everyone else should cut back on their carbon output, but don’t expect the Bernie to give up one his three or so houses.

Chucky Chuckles Scummer apparently staged a takeover of the Senate floor last and vowed it’s not going to be business as usual.  Hmm, does that mean that they are going to stop stealing?  Stop preening?  Start putting the American people ahead of their own personal interests?  What?  I’d be delighted if Chucky would turn over a new leaf and abandon “business as usual” – a euphemism for doing nothing except lining their own pockets at tax payer expense.

I’m not particularly delighted with Republicans either.  They’ve had 7+ years to get something together to replace Robertscare.  Now when all the pieces fall into place for repeal and replace they’ve got nothing.  Idiots.  Lex has always noted that PDJT’s biggest problem isn’t Dopes.  He deal with that bunch.  It’s the Republicans holding up his agenda.  The Republicans run the House and the Senate and what are they doing?  Obstructing and investigating. 

Everyone knows Robertcare is on life support.  One party wants to obstruct everything the other is afraid of their own shadow.

The Republican majority congress is as worthless as a truck load of sand in the Sahara.

Monday, June 19, 2017

The joy of Lefty Lib rage is back!

What a father’s day!  I got up late – almost 7 am.  I went and got the paper.  I came back and opened it up to the opinion section where this headline in the letters section caught my eye: Writer’s garbage has hit new low.  Hmm, I thought someone must be complaining about Eugene Robinson, Paul Krugman or E. J. Dion.  Ahh, alas it is, after all, the Lefty Lib Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette and this is what I found: 

I just read Doug Schumick's letter (June 12). His letters seem to almost appear monthly and vomit hate-filled and alternative facts. It is time for The Journal Gazette to stop printing his garbage. In this letter, he has reached an all-time low when he suggests Jill Case's letter may bring harm to her. This needs to stop. The man needs to be censored. I have started keeping all his letters so that, when someone becomes hurt over his vile rhetoric, I can turn them over to the authorities so he can be investigated.
 The Journal Gazette – while printing this type of letter under the guise that someone will call him on his disgusting diatribes – needs to stop when he reaches the point of inciting others. There are too many individuals in the world who do not understand that he is only voicing his hate-filled opinion. He is obviously a true hater of the First Amendment, which allows everyone to speak their feelings without feeling endangered by individuals like Shumick.
The Journal Gazette needs to stop printing his crap. And Shumick needs to grow up.
 Thom Bauer
Fort Wayne
The letter had me laughing so hard that at first blush I thought Mr. Bauer had to be some kind of diabolically clever right winger poking further fun at rage consumed Lefty Libs (I’m still not absolutely sure that he isn’t.).  IRONY ALERT!!  Thom says I need to be censored because – get this – I’m a hater of the First Amendment.  Sadly I’m sure it makes sense to him.  Then he says he’s actually keeping my letters to the editor to aid in any investigation of me in the off chance that my pointing out Lefty Lib rage leads to Lefty Lib rage causing “someone to become injured.”  YGBSM!  Editors at the Onion or the Peoples’ Cube needs to contact this guy.  He’s comedy gold.

The one thing that convinces me this not a joke – even though it is funny – is the part where Thom scolds me for “suggest[ing] Jill Case's letter may bring harm to her.”  Of course my letter did the exact opposite.  It suggested that the rage on Case’s and Thom’s side might lead to serious injury or death and sadly has since my letter ran.  Here’s the whole letter:
 I’m delighted to see Ft. Wayne Liberal rage at losing the most winnable presidential election in the history of the Republic, because they insisted on nominating the most flawed candidate in the history of the Republic, runs all the way to Montana’s special election for a vacant House seat.
First, I condemn Greg Gianforte’s assault on a reporter.  That said, I’m delighted he won the special election in a walk.  My guess is that had the person Gianforte assaulted been of a more respectable profession, say a mob enforcer, a grave robber or a paid protester burning an American flag, Gianforte would have suffered more at the polls. 
Speaking of “reprehensible behavior”, I suppose Ms. Case isn’t old enough to remember Bill Clinton’s one man assault on any woman who came within reach.  She must have slept through President Obama’s weaponizing of the IRS, EPA, DOJ – well nearly every arm of the federal government against conservatives.  She must have missed the anti-fascist fascists’ assaults on conservatives at Berkeley, Chicago, Portland - well anywhere a conservative is scheduled to speak.

 My hope is that my schadenfreude at Liberals’ soul sucking rage directed at the duly elected President of the United States, (trigger warning) President Donald J. Trump, doesn’t subside before their rage and that the rage on Ms. Case’s side does not lead to serious injury or death

I guess one of the first symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome is loss of reading comprehension.  I’d be surprised if Thom sent his comedy script into the JG after soon to be Lefty Lib hero James Hodgkinson shot up a Republican baseball practice last week.  It’d be interesting to get his take on that event.

On another vein, Thom is correct about one thing, after a long hiatus, the JG did begin printing my letters again on a regular basis.  I think it’s because, given the Lefty Lib bent of the JG, the letters to editor run about 10,000 to 1 Lefty Lib to conservative.  Still, if Thom is correct, and he’s the one collecting my letters so he should know, Lex gets one letter a month published but still no coveted “Golden Pen” award from the JG for the letter of the month.  I’m working thinking about a note to the editors pointing out this discrepancy and demanding an explanation and a Golden Pen for sheer volume if nothing else.  As we used to say about the Russian military when confronted with the daunting numbers of various types of technologically inferior equipment:  Quantity has a quality all its own.

I will close all future letters to the JG with a

Copy to Thom Bauer for the file

Now, since I may already be under investigation, I suggest you delete your browsing history or you might get swept up in the frenzy.
The real problem with Islam is Islam
Here’s a good piece explaining Islamo-Terror-Fascism by a Catholic priest.  Here’s the nut:

Rather than terrorism, he insists, Muslims see their violence as “a religious endeavor to conquer the world,” which they understand to be “an act of piety.”

Question: So how do you deal with that?  Answer: With a bullet.

Friday, June 16, 2017

PDJT should tell Golden State Warriors to go to hell then bring 50 fans to the White House

The Golden State Warriors are NBA champs.  First, isn’t the moniker “warriors” a bit triggering for today’s snowflakes, particularly those in Oakland, California?  Perhaps Golden State (GS) management should consider a name change to something less threatening like the GS boas.  Not the constrictor snake but rather the fashion feathered accessory – like NBA great Dennis Rodman wears.  Maybe the GS No Shows, because the team is reportedly not wild about visiting the White Hose as part of the spoils for winning the NBA title. 

If I were a championship anything and as a result invited to the White House by The Empty Suit, I’m not sure I’d have shown up either.  So here’s the answer to teams using the White House visit as a political statement.  Stop inviting them.  Instead, invite 50 registered Republicans from Oakland, CA (if there are 50) who happen to be avid GS fans.  Bring them into the White House, PDJT can congratulate them on their team’s accomplishment, present them all with Trump 45 GS jerseys, an NBA basketball, a framed team photo and the opportunity to have a picture taken with PDJT.

Such an approach would avoid having “BREAKING NEWS” for weeks before the visit about which players on the team are boycotting the White House visit while at the same time building a ton of good will with championship team’s home town by having 50 local fans at the White House to celebrate the championship.  PDJT could use his personal aircraft to fly the 50 to and from Caligula, D.C. with the news following the journey every step of the way.  PDJT could ask for GS to provide the props.  If they refuse, he just sweeps some spare change off the floor and pays for it himself making him look like the good guy and GS looking like stingy punks.

Why give people who have disrespected you like GS coach Steve Kerr or GS star Steph Curry have the opportunity to do it again?  Bypass the glitterati class and bring the common man who will love the opportunity in to pay tribute to the team that way.  It is a win, win, win, win.  PDJT wins by having people - everyday Americans - who will appreciate the opportunity into the White House.  The GS No Shows will win by not having to show up. The 50 fans win with a ride on Trump 1, a bag of swag and a White House visit.  The city of Oakland wins by getting the exposure from a brilliant gambit. 

Obviously orchestrating a White House visit the GS Warriors  means that I don’t have much of import on mind this morning except how to avoid the current stifling global warming – or as we call it, summer -  inflicting the boundaries of the compound today.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Lefty Lib rage no longer satisfying

The two faithful readers of this page know that Lex is guilty of experiencing a prolonged feeling of schadenfreude since about 9 pm on Nov 8, 2016.  The rage and over the top rhetoric from the losers on the left caused a bit of satisfaction for me only because the soul sucking effect it had to be having on them.  PMSNBC was fun to watch as the Lefty Libs tied themselves in knots as the subject of their rage, PDJT, sailed along as if oblivious to the boiling rage on the other side directed at him, which only caused the Lefty Libs to ramp up their rage. 

Well, yesterday it stopped being satisfying.  To be honest, I always thought it’d be the militia on the right to start shooting people.  I figured Shrillda the Hutt, after packing the Supreme Court, would try enforce a gun grab or some other unconstitutional BS and all heck would break loose.  I never thought begging for the government to control more of your life was a reason sufficient to shoot someone who didn’t want to control your life.

Since the June 6th post I’ve been working hmmm, working is not the right word ask Mrs. Lex, thinking about juxtaposing the satisfaction of the Lefty Lib soul sucking rage with the danger the rage posed.  In that post containing a letter to the editor, which recently made it to print in the Ft. Wayne JG, I wrapped the letter up with this:

“My hope is that my schadenfreude at Liberals’ soul sucking rage directed at the duly elected President of the United States, (trigger warning) President Donald J. Trump, doesn’t subside before their rage and that the rage on Ms. Case’s side does not lead to serious injury or death.

After that I started to compile a list of links under the title Lefty Libs’ rage funny dangerous:  Lefty Libs suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome are hilarious, but it’s not all fun and games with these raging losers. 

Of course the list can go on and on, but none of it’s funny anymore.  When people are allowed to wear masks and assault those with whom they disagree while the cops stand by and watch, when the minority exercise a hecklers veto at town halls and on college campuses when a conservative comes to speak, when people are allowed to shut down traffic in cities with no response, when people are allowed – no - encouraged to engage in the most vile discourse and “comedy” imaginable, when one of the major parties and their propaganda army in the MSM are consumed with destroying the duly elected President of the United States by a daily drumbeat of innuendo and lies, when congressmen are run off the road, when the Education Secretary requires an 8 million dollar security detail, sadly all of this was predictable. 

The Lefty Libs spurred on by the Dope Party, their propaganda arm the MSM, disgusting marginally talented Hollywood D listers and anyone else trying to be noticed have been consumed by their own rage.  I once enjoyed the discomfort their rage was causing them. My goodness, I thought, turn off PMSNBC and turn on an old movie.  Stop checking the Huffpost every 15 minutes and pick up a book that doesn’t involve politics.  For pure fun and joy, go watch a Little League baseball game.  I always ask myself, “Why don’t these people try to enjoy life - for a couple of days a week anyway?”

Is this going to change anything?  I doubt it. They killed a PDJT look alike in Central Park again last night.  The show (Lefty Lib rage), as they say, must go on.  After 9-11 Dopes rallied around the flag.  It wasn’t three weeks before they let their politics consume their patriotism.

Sure we’ll hug it over the next couple of days.  Then some masked AntiFa fascist will smack some guy wearing a red hat over the head with a stick, snowflake know-nothings on campus will riot at the notion of a conservative speaking on campus, Dopes will continue the drumbeat for groundless impeachment.  Muller will pack his investigative team with Dope partisans and the investigation will go on and on and on until they find something while fueling the MSM propaganda hate machine.  Of course the Lefty Libs were calling for gun control while the ambulances were still rolling.  It’s disgusting.

Last thoughts.  The Demo Dope party, their lackeys in the MSM and Hollywood spurred the shooter on.  Their hands are not clean.  Dope “leadership” in this matter are just like the “moderate Muslims” who refuse to condemn or speak out against the anti-American, anti-Democratic mobs.  Shrillda the Hutt went so far as to join the “resistance.”  What exactly are they resisting?  Democracy?  Capitalism?  Political debate?  What?  Dopes are supposed to be the “loyal” opposition not an anti-American mob that upsets the playing board when they are losing.

My advice, as always in these things, is to buy more guns and ammo.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sessions blasts another hole in the bottom of Shrillda the Hutt's excuse boat

By his plain language that he had no contact with Russians at the Mayflower Hotel, that he never colluded with Russians while a Trump campaign advisor, that Jimmy the shape shifter Comey’s accusation that there are secret reasons for his recusal from the “Russian investigation” is wrong, Attorney General Jeff Sessions destroyed his former Demo-Dope colleagues and the MSM at his hearing yesterday.  That makes two high-profile witnesses in a row that have blown huge holes in the already leaky canoe that is Shrillda the Hutt’s face saving (forgive me, but there is no saving that face) ruse that the Russians helped PDJT steal the 2016 election.

First Jimmy the shape shifter Comey was forced to admit that, because there is not one shred of evidence to support it, PDJT has never been the target or subject of any FBI investigation into collusion with any Russians to effect the 2016 election.  When the shifter blew that hole in the bottom of Shrillda the Hutt’s story, the Dopes and MSM threw a napkin over the hole and accusation shifted from a collusion crime to an obstruction crime.  Yesterday AG Sessions blew a second hole in Shrillda the Hutt’s excuse canoe when he forcefully denied Dope accusations that he was one of PDJT’s many links to the Russians.  So today the story has shifted from Sessions’ Russian meetings to Sessions’ refusal to disclose private conversation with PDJT.

So PDJT is pretty much in the clear now, right?  He always was.  Well then all of this means that the PDJT/Russian investigation is total BS – right?  It always was.  None of this makes any difference to the Caligula, D.C. scum trying to destroy PDJT.  As Lex has noted in the past, the investigation will not go away no matter what.  The Dope and the MSM are way to invested in it now.  There’s an extra constitutional “special” cover congress’ butt investigator – Robert Muller.  Muller and his team will take 18 months and spend 10s of millions of dollars “investigating” a PDJT Russia connection.  What is the likelihood that after all that time and money Muller will step to the mic and say, “Nope, couldn’t find a thing.  This was a total waste our time and your tax dollars.”

Remember Patty Fitzgerald?  He was the special whatever hired to find the guy who leaked Valerie Plame’s name to Bob Novak.  Fitzgerald knew within about 10 seconds that Uncle Fester’s stunt double and Colin Powell’s deputy Dick Armitage was the culprit.   Yet the “investigation” continued until Fitzgerald got Scooter Libby jailed. Fitzgerald, Armitage and Powell are all amoral cowards for not immediately telling what they knew about Plame's non-outing outing to Novak.  Now, what do you expect Muller, who is already stacking his team with DNC and Shrillda the Hutt hacks, to do?

Muller is a swamp creature.  His team is going to be loaded with more swamp creatures.  This “investigation” has been going on for more than a year already.  It is clear the Dopes are not going to drop it until someone is rung up for putting Russian dressing on his salad.  Sadly, if history is a lesson, neither is the special whatever.  Someone, anyone, but Shrillda the Hutt, must pay for the Hutt’s humiliating defeat.