Monday, June 19, 2017

The joy of Lefty Lib rage is back!

What a father’s day!  I got up late – almost 7 am.  I went and got the paper.  I came back and opened it up to the opinion section where this headline in the letters section caught my eye: Writer’s garbage has hit new low.  Hmm, I thought someone must be complaining about Eugene Robinson, Paul Krugman or E. J. Dion.  Ahh, alas it is, after all, the Lefty Lib Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette and this is what I found: 

I just read Doug Schumick's letter (June 12). His letters seem to almost appear monthly and vomit hate-filled and alternative facts. It is time for The Journal Gazette to stop printing his garbage. In this letter, he has reached an all-time low when he suggests Jill Case's letter may bring harm to her. This needs to stop. The man needs to be censored. I have started keeping all his letters so that, when someone becomes hurt over his vile rhetoric, I can turn them over to the authorities so he can be investigated.
 The Journal Gazette – while printing this type of letter under the guise that someone will call him on his disgusting diatribes – needs to stop when he reaches the point of inciting others. There are too many individuals in the world who do not understand that he is only voicing his hate-filled opinion. He is obviously a true hater of the First Amendment, which allows everyone to speak their feelings without feeling endangered by individuals like Shumick.
The Journal Gazette needs to stop printing his crap. And Shumick needs to grow up.
 Thom Bauer
Fort Wayne
The letter had me laughing so hard that at first blush I thought Mr. Bauer had to be some kind of diabolically clever right winger poking further fun at rage consumed Lefty Libs (I’m still not absolutely sure that he isn’t.).  IRONY ALERT!!  Thom says I need to be censored because – get this – I’m a hater of the First Amendment.  Sadly I’m sure it makes sense to him.  Then he says he’s actually keeping my letters to the editor to aid in any investigation of me in the off chance that my pointing out Lefty Lib rage leads to Lefty Lib rage causing “someone to become injured.”  YGBSM!  Editors at the Onion or the Peoples’ Cube needs to contact this guy.  He’s comedy gold.

The one thing that convinces me this not a joke – even though it is funny – is the part where Thom scolds me for “suggest[ing] Jill Case's letter may bring harm to her.”  Of course my letter did the exact opposite.  It suggested that the rage on Case’s and Thom’s side might lead to serious injury or death and sadly has since my letter ran.  Here’s the whole letter:
 I’m delighted to see Ft. Wayne Liberal rage at losing the most winnable presidential election in the history of the Republic, because they insisted on nominating the most flawed candidate in the history of the Republic, runs all the way to Montana’s special election for a vacant House seat.
First, I condemn Greg Gianforte’s assault on a reporter.  That said, I’m delighted he won the special election in a walk.  My guess is that had the person Gianforte assaulted been of a more respectable profession, say a mob enforcer, a grave robber or a paid protester burning an American flag, Gianforte would have suffered more at the polls. 
Speaking of “reprehensible behavior”, I suppose Ms. Case isn’t old enough to remember Bill Clinton’s one man assault on any woman who came within reach.  She must have slept through President Obama’s weaponizing of the IRS, EPA, DOJ – well nearly every arm of the federal government against conservatives.  She must have missed the anti-fascist fascists’ assaults on conservatives at Berkeley, Chicago, Portland - well anywhere a conservative is scheduled to speak.

 My hope is that my schadenfreude at Liberals’ soul sucking rage directed at the duly elected President of the United States, (trigger warning) President Donald J. Trump, doesn’t subside before their rage and that the rage on Ms. Case’s side does not lead to serious injury or death

I guess one of the first symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome is loss of reading comprehension.  I’d be surprised if Thom sent his comedy script into the JG after soon to be Lefty Lib hero James Hodgkinson shot up a Republican baseball practice last week.  It’d be interesting to get his take on that event.

On another vein, Thom is correct about one thing, after a long hiatus, the JG did begin printing my letters again on a regular basis.  I think it’s because, given the Lefty Lib bent of the JG, the letters to editor run about 10,000 to 1 Lefty Lib to conservative.  Still, if Thom is correct, and he’s the one collecting my letters so he should know, Lex gets one letter a month published but still no coveted “Golden Pen” award from the JG for the letter of the month.  I’m working thinking about a note to the editors pointing out this discrepancy and demanding an explanation and a Golden Pen for sheer volume if nothing else.  As we used to say about the Russian military when confronted with the daunting numbers of various types of technologically inferior equipment:  Quantity has a quality all its own.

I will close all future letters to the JG with a

Copy to Thom Bauer for the file

Now, since I may already be under investigation, I suggest you delete your browsing history or you might get swept up in the frenzy.
The real problem with Islam is Islam
Here’s a good piece explaining Islamo-Terror-Fascism by a Catholic priest.  Here’s the nut:

Rather than terrorism, he insists, Muslims see their violence as “a religious endeavor to conquer the world,” which they understand to be “an act of piety.”

Question: So how do you deal with that?  Answer: With a bullet.

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