Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bonus coverage

Uh no thanks
Okay congress is as popular as a plague infected rat these day.  So Marco Rubio is sporting the endorsement of Trey Gowdy a member of despised body.  You’d think he’d take a page from Trump’s book and reject any endorsement from anyone with any connection to congress.

Dope city explodes while head Dope parties with commies
Rev? Al Not-So-Sharp-ton is calling for the resignation of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel because Not-So is azzbag.  No wait that’s an auto fill.  Every time Rev? Al’s name comes up on this page Microsoft inserts “azzbag” somewhere in the sentence.  Makes sense, after all, Not-So-Sharp-ton is an azzbag.  But so is Emanuel.  Ahh another shortcoming of technology.

Rev? Al (azzbag #1)is calling for the resignation of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (azzbag #2) because azzbag #2 obviously covered up the investigation into the police shooting of Laquan McDonald in order to get past azzbag #1’s re-election.  Azzbg #1 is wrong – I know why bother pointing out that a dope who is perpetually wrong in the most spectacular ways about the most mundane issues.  But to paraphrase azzbag #1, point it out we much and we will much about that be committed – uh riiiight.

With his city on edge due his own self-serving azzbaggery, azzbag #2 took off to Cuba to rub elbows with his political kindred spirits – aka commie bastards.   While azzbag #2 was picking like-minded commie bastards in Cuba, Chicago had another police shooting of an innocent black person.

So azzbag #2 was going to return to Chicago “immediately,” no wait, this a backward commie country that does not have regular air service back to the US.  Smart move azzbag #2.  Your city is on edge so you arrange a vacation to a commie crap hole that leaves you stranded exactly when your city predictably explodes again. 

Saying there was another shooting in Chicago is like saying there's another day with crappy programming on TV.  It's a given.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Lex’s Man of the Year: Donald Trump

The Donald has laid waste to JEB!!, Rand Paul, Kasich, and the entire Rat Republican establishment.  He’s about to schlong Shrillda the Hutt.  Sensing a tough go in NH from a 178 year old socialist senator who looks like Professor Irwin Corey, the Hutt is calling on all of her feminist resources and deploying her slack jawed rapist old man to bail her ample azz out.  You’ve come a long way baby – get your fat butt in trouble and the first thing you do is call on your old man to bail you out.  What happened to all of that “I am woman hear me roar” BS?  For the Hutt it’s more like, I am woman hear my old man roar, because I am clearly not up to it.

It’s not only the candidates that Trump has dominated, he’s setting the debate as well.  Every issue Trump wants to bring up dominates the news cycle for ten days.  Immigration, John McCain not being a war hero for getting captured, the border wall, Muslims entering the US, bombing the oil fields to deny ISIS funds and now Shrillda the Hutt getting schlonged took over the news cycles.  In most cases the pundits were sure each would doom Trump to an early exit from the race.  After the first debate Chas. Krauthammer said something along the lines, “The one take away from the debate is that Trump is done.”  Uh, no he isn’t.

When Trump said he’d bomb the oil fields to deny ISIS funds, the geniuses said that could not be done. Now they are doing it.  When Trump called to close the southern border with a wall that Mexico would pay for, he was called a racist.  Now most Republicans agree that sealing the border is job one.  When Trump called for not allowing any more Muslims into the country he was again attacked as racist.  But common sense is alive and well among the electorate even if it long ago died among the Caligula D.C. ruling class azzbags and their MSM water carriers.

Trump is ahead because, bombast aside, as Mrs. Lex notes, “I don’t like his style, but I don’t disagree with much of what says.”

Trump has accomplished all of this on his own.  He doesn’t take huge donations.  He has yet to unleash the multi-million dollar ad campaign that JEB!! is now unleashing on us on Fox News.  Note to JEB!!, it is not working.  You are done.  JEB!! has been so thoroughly humiliated by Trump  that when the one time front runner and almost certain Republican nominee threatened not support Trump, Trump said he didn’t want JEB’s!! endorsement because he’s a loser.  Pure Trump.  Get the last word that leave the opponent so gob smacked they just stand there with their best stunned mullet look.

Now Shrillda the Hutt has waddled into Trump’s beaten zone (military term for the area of most accurate fire from a machinegun) and dragged her slack jawed rapist old man with her.  Everyone is warning Trump off.  The Dopes because he’s on to something.  The estb. Rats because they are losers and like to lie down while they take it from the Dopes. 

Prediction: Trump will win again.

Yup, still all in for Cruz.

Shrillda the Hutt simultaneously most admired and biggest liar
Apparently the same Americans who said that the first word that comes to mind when the name Hillary Clinton comes up is “Liar” do not think that being a liar should disqualify one from being Gallop’s “most admired woman in America.” 

So on the one hand we have “liar” on the other hand we have “most admired.”  We know for a fact that Shrillda the Hutt is pathological liar.  So who voted? 

See you next year.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Trump schlonging Shrillda the Hutt and MSM

Here’s why the Donald’s Schlonged comment will die a peaceful death.  When lefty Libs claim the Donald is sexist – the Donald goes into full Bill slack jaw Clinton is a rapist and Shrillda the Hutt knew it and helped cover it up mode.  I’m wondering if he plays this stuff out in his mind before saying these things or if he reacts on the fly.  Either way WOW.  Just WOW. 

I think the Donald is on to something here.  How do I know?  Well ever since Trump schlonged Shrillda the Hutt last week, all manner of Dope political strategist and the usual Rat weaklings are warning Trump off of the practice.  Dopes maintain they’d’ love for Trump to go after their slack jawed rapist hero.  Rats opine the strategy is fraught with danger.  Had Trump followed the advice of these political wizards, he’d be polling somewhere between Jim Gilmore and Lindsey Grahmnesty right now.

Here’s what we know.  Billbo Billyboy Clinton was impeached and disbarred for exposing himself to Paula Jones.  The inquiry into that event exposed Billyboy’s long track record of groping, exposing and even raping women and using an intern as a “cigar humidor” in the Oval Office.  It’s been nearly 20 years since the public was made aware or reminded of what a reprobate the slack jawed misfit has been.  Since then he has been recorded in the company of a well-known pedophile on flights in his private jet for the express purpose of hooking up with under aged hookers (Subway guy Jared is in jail for the similar behavior.) and has a long list of shady dealings with the Billbo Billyboy, Shrillda the Hutt and no talent off spring Clinton Foundation or as Rush refers to it - The Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

Rand Paul has made similar comments about Shrillda the Hutt being married to the war on women.  I cannot believe millennials who need a safe space when confronted by a coed in a Halloween costume, who are battling a make believe “rape culture” on campus, are going to vote for a woman married to a disbarred impeached thieving rapist who was labeled a racist by The Empty Suit.

Trump is making a smart move.  The one constant in Republican Party politics is the lack of anyone willing to punch back twice as hard.  Lying crap weasel and admitted lying $h!t Harry the roach Reid took to the floor of the senate to level lies at the Republican presidential candidate and not one Rat SOB senator took to floor to call him out.  Trump -thankfully - will never need anyone to step in to defend him.  That fact alone is probably enough to keep most craven pols from saying anything about defamatory about Donald Trump.

NFL doping
Peyton Manning has been accused of doping.  He fits the profile, aging icon plagued by injury trying to hold on to glory.  I don’t know if he’s doping or not.  I do know that the NFL is full of physical freaks.  How they got there is a good question.  I do not think the 400 pound defensive lineman who covers 40 yards like cheetah got there by eating more peanut butter.

The players union claims its #1 priority is to make the game safer for its members, but they are fighting against blood samples to check for human growth hormones.   Hey player’s union, freakishly large men accelerating at unnatural speeds creating collisions that would total most subcompact cars is not a safe practice. 

Peyton Manning may be 100% clean.  If the league were to have 100% screening for HGH, I’d wager the Griffin’s Christmas bonus that the NFL would have to cancel the play offs due to a lack of clean players.  But we’ll never know what we really should think about this issue until we get double murder suspect Ray antler head Lewis’ take on it during ESPN’s MNF pregame show.

The NFL is a joke.  Sadly like trickle down economics, what goes on in the NFL trickles down to college and now even high school football. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

No matter what, all is not lost. Human nature is not liberal.

Human nature is to defend one’s self.  Even against those who say you should not be able to defend yourself and would deny you the means to do so.

Human nature is to defend one’s community.  From the beginning of time people have built walls around their communities to keep invaders and other bad people out. 

Human nature is to defend the most defenseless.  The left demands “safe spaces” and rails against all manner of “bullying” like putting up a nativity scene or saying God bless you when someone sneezes or putting a cross on the side of the road where a loved one died or sings white Christmas or don’t want to bake a cake for Steve and Harlan’s wedding or cafeterias serving Chinese food sans a real Chinese cook or all manner of “microaggression”…no wait lefty Libs don’t rail against all bullying in fact they are the chief bullies in most case.
Human nature is to direct charity from one’s own holdings.  We don’t count stealing money through government taxes and redirecting it to Dope constituents for no other reason than they are Dope constituents as charity.

Human nature is to treat people fairly, not extra fairly by punishing a group people for past grievances that they had not one thing to with.

Human nature is to self-segregate.  Sad but true.  And no group has more exclusive clubs than black gangs, athletes and entertainers.

Human nature is for a man and a woman to raise a family.  All of the feel good lefty Lib mumbo jumbo will not change natural law of procreation and the building blocks to civil society.

Human nature is to protect a baby.  We probably can’t imagine dissecting a baby for parts.

Christmas greetings:

Luke 2:14
You shall find the infant wrapped in swaddling clothes, and laid in a manger.  And suddenly there was with the Angel a multitude of the heavenly army, praising God, and saying: Glory to God in the highest and on earth, peace to men of good will.

Because we are now a “Let’s give all of the boys a trophy” society, the last part of that passage is now bastardized to “peace on earth, good will to men.”  I doubt a just God is heaping “good will” upon all men.  As Msgr. John told me, “If you believe in heaven, you must believe in hell.”  I think that there is ample evidence in the Bible that God does hold us responsible for our ill will.  Sorry lefties, all the boys are not getting trophies at the end of times.  There will be a judgment.

So remember the reason for the season.  Merry Christmas to all.  See you next year.  Write 2016 on the first 10 checks in checkbook New Year’s Day.  I had planned to take next week off but there appears to be too much going on and I do not want either of my loyal readers to get schlonged so I will be holding forth throughout the joyful season.

Monday, December 21, 2015

More stuff

Lindsey Gramnesty is out
Unbelievable!  Linds you’re at .05% on the cusp of .06 or .07%.  Why not stick around and collect 10-15 votes in IA?  I’d love to see him get the humiliating political azzwhippin he so desperately deserves.

Lindsey take Paulie walnuts with you
There is a movement afoot to primary Dope in Rat clothing Paulie walnuts Ryan.  If a viable candidate is found, I’ll be sending in ten hard earned Yankee dollars.  The only thing that would better than this hipster getting his too cool for school azz kicked in a primary would be getting his azz kicked literally and his mug scrapped with a razor used to shave the scrotums of vasectomy patients.

Allen Simpson dumber than his brother Homer
Former WY senator Allen Simpson said Ted Cruz should be removed from the senate for calling well known liar Mitch McConnell a liar.  The ancient ex-senator offered no opinion on what should happen self-confessed liar Harry the roach Reid.  I suppose Al would jump anyone who called the liar a liar.  Allen Simpson is exactly what is wrong with the Republican Party.  My hope is Cruz will tell Al to go to hell.  Al is a Rat establishment BS artist who for some reason will not STFU and go away.

Morning Joe run by racists
Mika Brzezinski, from the Morning Joe show, asked Rick Santorum why he isn’t “working on white men” when it comes to mass shootings.  Nice racist BS statement Mika.  White men are not the problem.  Why not work on the black on black gun crime in every major city in America run by a Dope mayor.  Chicago, Baltimore, NYC, Caligula, D.C. etc. etc.

Sams Club run by racists
Sams Club’s chief racist and CEO Rosalind Brewer said she rather not work companies who have a preponderance of white men sitting around a table.  To hell with the content of their character, it’s the color of their skin that counts with Brewer.  Well okay then.  I’ll take my honky azz on down to Costco.  A bunch lefty Lib to be sure but so far they haven’t said they don’t want my business.  Hey maybe Mika and Rosalind Brewer can get together and compare their racist notes. 

I’ve said this before – black seem to me to be the most racist least tolerant people around.

White privilege
Okay whitey get screwed in affirmative action.  Gets shredded by lies from Mika.  Gets their preferred customer cards puled by a racist CEO at Sams Club.  So what’s the privilege?  Oh paying for everything.

TES #1 gun salesman and #1 ISIS recruiter

Contrary to what The Empty Suit says, G’itmo isn’t the main driver of Islamo-Terror-Fascist recruiting - he is.  What happens in a football game when one side builds an insurmountable lead?  The other coach starts clearing the bench.  It’s at that point that every kid in the stands wishes he’d joined the team – particularly if the team being pounded is the reigning state champion.

ISIS is beating TES’s brains out.  Now the wannbe jihadis want to get into the game.  They have the advantage of being able to forego the brutal summer 2-a-days.  They grab a gun, wander into a “gun free zone”, and shoot the place up.  Before the smoke settles and the blood is mopped up, TES is out calling the murder “work place violence”, “gun violence”, “senseless violence”,   anything but what it actually is: a war on the west by godless murderous ITF bastards trapped in the 7th century. 

The azzbags running this half-azzed fight against ISIS continually tell us putting boots on the ground to kill and capture the bastards is playing right into ISIS’s hands.  I’d like to test that theory with a no holds barred fight between ISIS and the 1st MarDiv.  I’d pity the bastards.  I truly would.  And I guarantee the mountain of dead jihadis that fight would produce wouldn’t be a recruiting tool.  No one wants to get into the game when there’s a real chance that the other team is skilled at putting your lights out and these is a bench that is littered with injured bodies to prove the point.   For the record: The ONLY thing wrong with G’itmo is that it is not running at capacity in the manner of a real prison instead of a PC jihadi vacation camp.

If you’d like another sports metaphor or even if you don’t, TES’s G’itmo policy is like a manager of baseball team unilaterally waiving baseball’s reentry rule for the other team.  For the unwashed, in baseball when a player is replaced on the lineup card he cannot return the game.  TES’s G’itmo policy is to get as many the ITF that our forces have captured back into the game at all cost.  After all, a pandering campaign promise is a pandering campaign promise – and none the Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzbags are likely to get their worthless hides blown up.

With regard to traitor bastard, Bergdahl, TES traded five top flight major league Cy Young winners for a washed up no talent D League utility man.  Again, TES or his hectoring fatazz wife are unlikely to run across the 5.  Your kid might, but really you cannot expect any of these Caligula, D.C. azzweasels to care what happens to you or one your kids.

As far as Shrillda the Hutt's coments about Trump being ISIS's best recruiter, check this out.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday stuff

Passage of Paulie Walnuts' Omnibus another nail in America's coffin
Once again the Rats cave.  Ironically, the establishment Dope and Rats gave Trump another gift. Trump will rise a coupe of points in the polls.

Jonah Goldberg channels Lex
After the CA murders by Islamo-Terror-Fascists and member in good standing with the “religion of peace”, Lex noted that he was sick about hearing how “Americans are afraid.”  Lex noted that Americans historically do not scare easy and if they were afraid of anything it was probably their own corrupt BS dysfunctional government bent on jailing video makers, Tea Party members and retuning vets rather than looking into ITF MFers.  Well turns out NR’s Jonah Goldberg reads Lex.  He takes the idea and runs with it here.

Hey, Mike ask your homosexual buddies if they are Muslim then show them the picture of what ITF azzbags do to homosexuals
Mike More takes brave stand for ITF tolerance in front of Trump Towers
No, mike, we’re not.  Ask your homosexualfriends if they’d like to relocate Damascus or any other Muslim center.  Hell, ask them if they’d like to relocate to Dearborn, MI.  Take your own lefty liberal fat azz to a Muslim center and start to preach tolerance and love for homosexuals and Jews and see what happens.  Mike More would get his head sawn off in about 30 seconds.  He’s a brave, brave man so instead of hanging out with his friends pushing tolerance, Mike hangs out in front of Trump Towers.  What was it Ralph Peters called TES?

Idunno it makes sense to me
Ted Cruz while trying to sell a poison pill amendment to kill gang of 8 amnesty bill, denies it’s a poison pill.  Rubio and his Rat establishment azzlickers – many of whom reside at FNC – call Cruz a liar for trying to get the senate to take their medicine.  Parents never do that when dealing with their spoiled rotten privileged little brat kids (accurate description of 98% of the senate) now do they?

The bottom line on this is simple.  Rubio was carrying The Empty Suit’s, La Raza’s, foolish Dopes everywhere and Chuck Schumer’s water on amnesty as a charter member in good standing of the gang of 8 and Cruz wasn’t.  As Rush Limbaugh opined – It’s no more complicated than that.  Cruz shouldn’t even try to justify “lying about his amendment” and go straight to the bottom line – Marco was a gang member.  I was not.    

Affirmative Action = Banning all Muslims
How is Trump’s common sense proposal to ban Muslims any different from affirmative action.  Both single people out for special treatment, no?

If we are not going to do what the ITF want us to do….
The howl from lefty libs when confronted with common sense proposals for dealing ITFs like banning Muslim immigrants until “we can find out what the hell is going on” or putting American boots on the ground to kill wholesale or sending police into mosques to listen to sermons, keep G’itmo open etc. is “That’s exactly what the ITF want us to do.”

So does the ITF want the US government to disarm their citizens?  I suspect that they do.  So lefty libs, STFU up about gun control because that’s exactly what the ITF want us to do.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

All pols ought to be forced to self-fund some part of their campaigns

Here’s a theory that just popped into my cranium.  If Trump were where JEB!! is in the polls, Trump likely would drop out.  Trump is a business man and does not reinforce failure.  Since he is spending his own money, Trump is even less likely to seek his desired outcome in the face of long odds.

Because JEB!! is spending OPM (other people’s money) he’ll stick around until the free ride runs out – even if means humiliation of running at less than 1%.  Why not?  It’s free.  There’s also the revenge factor.  If JEB!! can hang around insulting Trump with no fear of falling any further in the polls because there is no “lower”, why not?  And trust me there are a lot of people who would pay good money to support a failed candidacy if the candidate would do their dirty work for them.

So one form of campaign reform would be that candidates have to self-fund some portion of their candidacy with some percentage of their net worth or of their campaign spending.  The system now allows the losers to play with house money for as long as they want.

I guarantee if failed candidates had to put up $20,000 of their own money every month they are in the campaign, two things would happen 1) the campaign season would be about 3 months long 2) When candidates like JEB!, Grahmnesty, Pataki, Gilmore et al saw the handwriting on the wall they’d get out faster than Chris Christie heading for the dessert table at a Sunday buffet.

Someone once said - money is the mother’s milk of politics.  That is the sole reason the establishment of both parties cannot stand Trump.  Trump has all of the milk he needs without asking anyone for a drop.  Thus there will be absolutely no way for the azzweasel establishment BS artists who are about to give us another omnibus spending bill of over 2,000 pages to control the Donald.  Trump has gone so far as to say he’d work for free if elected president.  He’d be a totally free agent and that Mr. and Mrs. America is what the azzweasels cannot stand.

But what really, really POs the establishment boneheads is that Trump has not spent much money so far on his campaign.  Establishment darling JEB!! has blown through 50 million dollars of establishment money to get to 3%.   Trump has spent next to nothing to lap the field two or three times.  That fact alone ought to be enough for people to get behind Trump and dump JEB!!

Sure it's a dopey idea that would make it impossible for average Joes to run for office.  But then seriously, how many average Joes are running for office?

Trump’s point made clear by VDH
If you think Trump is unhinged for wanting to go after the families of terrorists, read this piece by the totally hinged Victor Davis Hanson.  If this doesn’t make you think that there needs to be a price paid those in support of this murderous cult there will be a lot more murders by this murderous cult.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Donald survives which means he won

Trump won.  Don’t listen to Fox’s post-debate analysis which appears to be an orchestrated effort to breathe life back into JEB’s!! campaign.  Here’s why.

1) No one took him out.

2)  Denying or infiltrating ISIS Internet access is NOT a violation of their 1st Amendment rights of which they have none and sounds totally reasonable.

3)  Killing ISIS family members if they are in material support of the enemy makes them the enemy and fair targets.  If Mo’s 7 wives happen to be home when Mo is holding an ISIS meeting and a 500 lbs bomb falls on their heads well so sad too bad.  I can guarantee you if Lex was running a criminal activity from the compound, my first worry would be Mrs. Lex finding out.   Islamo-Terror-Fascists have no such worries. Israelis bulldoze the homes of suicide bombers leaving their families homeless and creating a descent deterrent for mom and dad encouraging jr. to blow himself up on a bus.

4)  We heard the “We are at war” line how many times last night? Seems to me Trump was signaling to voters he was one a few who was willing to fight and win a war.

5)  Trump will embrace JEB’s!! supposed insult of being a “chaos candidate.”  We’re 20 TRILLION IN DEBT and have a list serious problems that could fill three posts.  Maybe the ruling class azzbags need to have some chaos come down on their lying thieving heads.

6)  Trump’s pledge to support the Republican candidate did him some good.

7)  Trump’s signature issue – immigration – took a toll on gang of 8 charter member Marco Rubio.  Trump didn’t even have to go after Rubio.  Cruz did the heavy lifting against Rubio and got the better of him.

8)  After his comment on Muslim immigration, Trump is one Islamo-Terror-Fascist attack from the White House.

Cruz’s line about Rubio caring more about Chuckles Schumer opinion on immigration than the Party was a cut that went pretty close to the bone.

Grahmnesty pandering to Muslims by apologizing for Trump was a sickening moment on the undercard. 

Christie’s “feckless weakling” characterization of The Empty Suit got cheers from Mrs. Lex and has the added benefit of being totally true.

I didn’t disagree with anything Fiorina said but the delivery at times comes off a bit like a hectoring schoolmarm.

Carson was flat and may continue his slide in the polls.  So far Carson's loss has meant Cruz's gain.  Most total BS question ever to Carson from Huge Hewitt  - are you okay with killing thousands of innocent children.  Huge, you’re a pathetic dumbazz.  The correct answer is F**K you.  If that’s too harsh there’s always Gen Sherman’s approach, “You cannot qualify war in harsher terms than I will.  War is cruelty, and you cannot refine it…”  

Kasich, why are you up there?

Paul had a solid performance and has a diehard base.  Will hang around until NH and IA.

I'm starting to see a Trump Cruz; Cruz Trump...okay the Donald isn't going to play second fiddle to anyone, but a Trump Cruz ticket is a possibility. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Kerry proves he's an idiot...again, Debate notes

America’s sole surviving Cambodian War hero - Fran├žois Kerry – called for “public shaming” of people with brains.  On Meet the Press Francois told Chuck Todd that public shaming “was the most powerful weapon” to get other countries to comply with Kerry’s hare-brained scheme to fleece American taxpayers called The World Climate Agreement.

Public shaming is the perfect tool for shameless azzbags like Francois because it has absolutely no effect on them.   It’s like waterboarding Spongebob Squarepants.  It’s like sentencing Superman to a firing squad.  It’s like denying Michael Moore a shower.  It’s like throwing Br’er Rabbit into the briar patch.   Trying to shame a Demo-Dope is like telling Shrillda the Hutt that she has to wear a different color jumbo sized pant suit every day.  Trying to shame the shameless is a fool’s errand.

Francois tells us to publicly shame those who will not comply his unenforceable BS climate deal.  Okay Frenchy.  You have access to five mansions from the labors of your wife’s dead husband.  Sell four of them.  Donate the money to homeless shelters across America.  You Your wife’s inheritance just bought a yacht.  Sell it.  Donate the money to food bank.  You Your wife’s dead husband’s money bought you access to a private jet.  Sell it.  Donate the money to Toys for Tots.

Needless to say the public shaming will have exactly zero effect on this shameless arrogant hypocrite weasel.  That’s less effect than the tactic will have on the world’s two major polluters - China and India. 

Debate notes
I heard a sound bite from JEB! about tonight’s debate.  He said Trump would get clobbered by the Shrillda the Hutt in a debate on national defense.  So if JEB! fails to clobber Trump tonight what would that say about him?

The Donald will do what the Donald does.  When asked what he would do with ISIS, he’ll say, “You don’t want to know.  I’ll be so hard on them…”  With no real answer.  When pressed he’ll say, “I’ll hire the best people.”  Which kind of makes sense to me.  Given the breadth and scope of the American government and the world’s problems, you probably want a guy who is a good judge of character and competence who will hire well rather than a guy who thinks he knows it all himself.  We’ve witnessed that for the last 7 years.  Not only does he NOT know it all, he’s basically a clueless blockhead with jug ears.

Ted Cruz has the biggest opportunity.  He’s up to the challenge to take advantage of it.

Best advice I can give Cruz, Rubio and Trump is to direct their fire at the establishment candidates, JEB!, Christie, Kasich, and settle their own feud later.

That probably will not happen.  The big fireworks tonight will be between Rubio and Cruz.  Which will delight Trump.

Trumpites will storm every online poll and the Donald will declare himself the winner based on those polls.  It’s better to appear to have won than to actually have won.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Trump vs. Cruz

Sayed Farook's down payment on his 72 virgins.

It was bound to happen.  The legions of loyal readers of this page were finally going to come to their senses and support Lex’s candidate in the Republican primary.  The good news is that Ted Cruz is climbing in the polls.  The bad news is that anyone who gains footing in this race is then targeted by the Donald.  Cruz is now leading in Iowa.  That triggered the Donald to call Cruz a “maniac” because Cruz called Mitch turtle McConnell a liar.  Well, again in Caligula, D.C. the truth often is no defense.

My question is, how are you going to talk about Shrillda the Hutt without calling her a liar, serial liar, damn liar, pathological liar, lying $h!t, worthless liar, fat liar, ugly liar, rape enabling liar…well you get the point.  Trump’s point was that you shouldn't call people you have work with liars.  I guess the point might be that if you beat the old, old hag, you’ll never have to “work with” the Hutt.  So it’ll be okay to tell the truth about Shrillda the Hutt in the general election.

Cruz will now be center stage for Tuesday’s debate.  I always worried before a debate that GW Bush or Romney would say something stupid during the debate.  I have no such worries with Cruz.  The guy is smooth as Grace Kelly.  (That reference is a bit outdated.  Hint – movie actress, Princess of Monaco, killed in an auto accident.)  Cruz has argued and won cases in the Supreme Court.  It is unlikely any of the azzbags at CNN will be able to trip him up. 

What needs to happen in these debates – and I might have mentioned this before – is the over and under cards need to be flipped.  Put 8 candidates in the under card.  Make the over card 5.  The reason the cards are not flipped is because the establishment has to have the low energy guy on the main stage.   Not only that, he cannot be on the end.  Even though the JEB! candidacy is deader than General Franco (Another dated reference.  Hint Spanish dictator whose death was lampooned on SNL.) the networks have to give the establishment candidate the appearance of viability.  So the polling bar is set at .0005% to get enough candidates on stage so JEB! does not look like a loser or too low energy.  The only thing high energy about JEB! is the exclamation point on his campaign literature and signs.  For his 51st “campaign roll out” I expect that they will use two exclamation marks.  What say high energy better than JEB!!?  

Cruz has for the most part settled on the Lex strategy of not attacking Trump but rather co-opting Trump’s issues.  I’d expect Cruz to be the main target tomorrow.  Except for the minus 1% crowd – Kasich et al - the brave, brave Republi-Rats are too afraid of Trump to go after the front runner.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

College kids versus college men

The last bastion of true student athletes in major college sport are the academies.  This Saturday the Army and Navy football teams will clash in Philly.   While pathetic college age punks all across the country are demanding "safe spaces" so as not to wilt under the intense pressure of having to be in the presence of someone who does not agree with them on such important issues as what Halloween costumes are PC and which are not, many of the men taking the field on Saturday will be but a few months away from calling a well-constructed fighting hole their “safe space.”  While many college punks will be running from everyone challenging their warped view of the world, these men will be running toward real danger and the sound of the cannon. 

There is much wrong with the juxtaposition between the dirt bag college kids marching across campus demanding that no one ever confront them or their BS ideas and the military men marching across the tarmac to catch a flight to confront the world’s thugs.  If you walk on most campuses these days you’ll find yourself in the presence of pitiful, self-centered, crybabies of the highest order.  When you walk on one of the academies you walk in the presence of greatness. 

It’s too bad the next time some of these snowflakes occupy a university president’s office because of a perceived lack of attention to the crisis of the day that the sidewalks on campus are too white forcing students of color to walk on the grass, they should scooped and dropped on a firebase in Afghanistan for a month to hang out with real men.    

Good luck to all the men who take the field on Saturday.  Better luck to them on their assignments after the academy.  And as always in this situation: GO NAVY!

Makes more sense to fear our own BS government than Islamo-Terror-Fascists

When it comes to the Donald and his plan to stop Islamo-Terror-Fascists from entering the country, if I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a 1,000 times – “Americans are scared.” Then the tag line, “Trump is appealing to Americans’ fears.”  As noted below – no he’s appealing to our common sense. 

Is anyone else sick of hearing “Americans are scared”?  I am.  I do not think Americans scare easily.  Well at least those of us not walking across a college campus looking for something to be offended about.  I don’t know how those snowflakes make it through a day.  I’m concerned about a lot of things.  Most of all I’m concerned about young people in this country growing up in an ever increasing totalitarian America.  The only thing I’m “afraid of” is accounting for myself at the end of times. 

Now keep in mind, I’m the same guy who used to claim he wasn’t scared but only “startled” when Lex jr. would spring out from nowhere putting his hands an inch from my face and ask, “Did I scare you?”  One time the creep hid under the bed and grabbed my ankle while I was walking to the shower.  Luckily I was headed to the shower, because the surprise was rather complete.  I put up with it because he delighted in doing those little tricks and would laugh hysterically and say, “I got you good!”  Thankfully, I think he’s finally grown out of that game.

Americans are probably more concerned about their own government auditing their tax return as BS harassment for belonging to a political organization or being persecuted by Lo Lynch for telling the truth about the face of Islam in the world today than they are about ITF.  That’s right, we’re more concerned about our own BS, corrupt government than the ITF.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

He - could - go - all - the - way

The establishment of both parties want to take Donald Trump out.  Harry the roach Reid and Paulie walnuts Ryan are on the same side of the Trump issue of ensuring the proper vetting of Muslims coming into the country.  I don’t care what Paulie thinks.  One reason I don’t care is that his new bearded hipster look reminds me of the total loser character on the old TV show The Office whose first name ironically is Ryan.

Aside from looking like, the two share the same career path.  Office Ryan, though having been proven to be an incompetent loser, rises to a high corporate position in a dying and dysfunctional paper company.  Speaker of the House Ryan though having been proven to be an incompetent loser (Oh yes he is.  Exhibit one: 2012 debate performance with Idiot Biden.), rises to a high government position in a dysfunctional government.

Idiot spokesperson for the Chief Idiot, Josh not so Ernest said that Trump’s comments “disqualifies him from serving as president.”  In the post under Lex notes how Dopes want to suspend your First Amendment rights with regard to telling the truth about Islamo-Terror-Fascists and abolish the Second Amendment with no due process.  Now this pompous little azz sniffer thinks he can decide who is qualified for what office.  

Seems to me Article II of the Constitution pretty clearly lays out “who is qualified to be president.”  With regard to Trump: Naturally born citizen: Check.  35 years old: Check.  Resident of the US for 14 years:  Check.  So what Josh meant to say was:  “$h!t.  I wish this common sense, tell it like it is, self-funded, accomplished guy would stop screwing up the political process the Rats and Dopes have so carefully constructed over the years and were somehow disqualified.”

I can understand the Rat and Dope establishment azzweasels going after Trump.  What I cannot understand is that the vitriol directed at Trump is much harsher than anything they direct at the enemy.  The establishment Rats - Paulie walnuts, Kasich, Jolly, Gramnesty, JEB!, etc. - are 1,000 times harsher toward Trump than any criticism they direct toward the roach, The Empty Suit, Shrillda the Hutt etc.  To me that is downright weird.  Happily my guy Cruz didn’t take the bait.  Rubio even took my advice to say anyone who cannot be 100% vetted cannot enter the country.

I think the establishment Dopes and Rats are getting the same feeling that I’m getting.  Donald Trump may thread the needle all the way to the White Office.  Thus panic has set in.  They are now in do anything, say anything just stop Trump mode.  It's a wonderful thing to watch.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Watch Trump dominate the news cycle

When Donald Trump calls for the “complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the country, his detractors claim, “He’s appealing our fears.”  Uh, no, he’s appealing to our common sense.  Trump’s plan for restricting Muslims entering the US is appealing not because we are afraid of the Islamo-Terror-Fascists excrement heads but rather because WE KNOW Islam is populated with a high percentage of murderous azzbags and/or those compliant with or in support of their murderous mission.

This is once again the Donald being the Donald.  He says something so obvious - as illegal as it may be – that the masses say, “HELL YES.”  His detractors take the bait and condemn him.  He dominates the news cycle for a week or two on something that appears common sense to most people.  Today or tomorrow Trump will pivot to the second part of his statement – until we can “figure out what’s going on.”

So a reporter will say, “You have called for a complete shutdown of Muslims entering the country.”  Trump interrupts, “No I said we need to know what the hell is going on with people coming into this country.”  “No you said you wanted a ‘complete shutdown of Muslims’ entering the country.”  The Donald, “What you want people coming into this country intent on blowing us up?  We have to know who is coming into the country.”   He will have a long list of vetting foul ups and then say he will do a fantastic job of vetting all immigrants.   The tag line will be something as common sense as, “we have to know who is coming into the country.”  By the end of the interview the story will be “The Donald will find out what the hell is going on.”

My advice is to ignore the bait and take the pivot point.  Ted Cruz, when asked about the Donald’s “complete shutdown” comment, should ignore the bait and go straight to, “The Donald is right we need to know who is coming into the country.  If we don’t know who you are, irrespective of religion, you cannot come in.”  You then have co-opted the issue with none of the outwardly racist tone.  Ted, call me.  I’ll get you on track with this.

No word yet from Lo Lynch if Trump’s First Amendment rights have been trumped by Lo’s law against anti-Muslim rhetoric or if those comments have been determined by Lo to be “edging toward violence.”

Fox News contributor tells truth is suspended
Fox News contributor Ralph Peters is sure to be added to a no fly list or two and his chances of being audited by the IRS just went up 10,000%.   Why?  Well he told the brutal truth about the know nothing, do nothing, be nothing, sail eared, affirmative action pass through POS known on this page as The Empty Suit:

“Mr. President, we’re not afraid. We’re angry. We’re pissed off. We’re furious. We want you to react. We want you to do something. You’re afraid. I mean, this guy is such a total pussy, it’s stunning. We, the American people, who he does not know in any intimate sort of manner, we want action. We want action against Islamic State.”

Mr. Peters was suspended as a Fox News contributor for two weeks for his truism.  As regular readers of this page know, in many cases, the truth is no defense. 

Monday, December 07, 2015

Dope assault on the constitution

Dope assault the First Amendment
While we wait for the funerals of CA massacre victims to begin, the administration’s chief azzbag and law enforcement office Lo Lynch says her “greatest fear” is the rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric.  YGBSM!  Her greatest fear isn’t another Islamo-Terror-Fascist attack?  It isn’t even a sudden shock of global warming?  It isn’t someone invading the “safe space” of some snowflake college baby?  It’s anti-Muslim rhetoric.  And the clueless creep is even willing to jail you under a well know legal standard: if your rhetoric “edges toward violence” Lo and the DoJ will pounce.  Hey, America they locked up the video guy for Benghazi.  I’d take them seriously. 
Besides it’s right there in the constitution:   Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Unless of course any of that high-minded stuff is edging toward violence or extreme anti-Muslim speech in the opinion of the sitting Attorney General, in which case such speech is banned and subject to arbitrary confiscation, censorship, blackout and jail time for the perpetrators.

So it’s all right there.  No one can argue the firm legal ground the BS AG is standing on when she threatens to jail you for speaking.  Naturally, a whole host people are calling the BS AG’s bluff by telling the truth about Islam and daring the clueless hack to arrest them.  Let me join the crowd.  HEY LO!  Islam is a murderous cult based on subjugation and trapped in the 7th century.  The only good thing about the entire cult is they require ugly azz skunks like you and Shrillda the Hutt to cover their butt ugly faces.  Oops, is that extreme?  No.  Not at all.  It’s the truth.

In effort to push her very reasonable theory on terrorism of: “See something, STFU if it involves a member of the religion of destruction”, Lo says she’s going direct her BS DoJ to investigate the arrest and questioning of the lying little koran toting clock boy.  Okay let’s all construct devises just like little clock boy’s, grow a beard, skip showers for a week, throw on a dishdash and dirty sandals and try to get onto a flight with it or enter a federal building with it then sue the government for 15 million when they stop you.

Dope attack on Second Amendment
There is so much wrong, inconsistent and downright loopy about the NY TimesOpEd calling for the confiscation of “certain types of weapons” it would take a month of posts to cover them all in Lex type sarc, junior high name calling and flawed logic. (The much smarter guys at Powerline do it in one post here.)

One line in the OpEd covers all three and tells you everything you need to know about the lefty Lib’s respect for the US Constitution:  “It is not necessary to debate the peculiar wording of the Second Amendment.”  Of course not because like the hoax of global warm-mongering “the debate is over.”  The peculiar wording means whatever the lefty lib’s say it means and 99.5% scientist agree.

Of course in a nation of laws, the NY Times position is absolutely wrong.  It is necessary to debate and litigate the meaning of those peculiar words.  Oh, by the way, the words have been debated numerous times with a consistent outcome upholding the right of American citizens to keep and bear arms.  The words only appear to be “peculiar” to lefty Libs like those populating the NY Times editorial board.  SCOTUS has found the words to be rather normal.

As noted above, the lefty Libs are quite comfortable squelching the free speech of people with whom they disagree.  Lo Lynch will prosecute you for telling the truth about a murderous cult masquerading as a religion.  The Empty Suit will sic his IRS on you for organizing a non-profit political group to oppose his liberty destroying administration.  (So, are you going to trust The Empty Suit and his dumbazz bunch of azzbags to populate the “no fly list”?) Now do you suppose the Times would have a problem if a Republican AG was trying to shut down their BS factory or confiscate the weapons of the force providing security at the Times building?  HEY!  Consistency is the hobgoblin of a small mind.  What’s good for the masses in fly over country may not be so great for the swells at the Times.

The OpEd is considered loopy even among the lefty Libs because the Times lets the cat out of the bag that the goal of the lefty Lib charade of “common sense” gun control is confiscation.   Confiscation with no due process.  What if you do not comply?
According to left we can vet Syrian refugees against a data base that does not exist but we cannot vet American citizens to legally purchase a fire arm.

Regular readers of this page know that when faced with “common sense” gun laws from the lefty Libs the real goal was confiscation.  Lex has argued on several occasions that if the lefty Libs want to confiscate our guns they need to get on with the very difficult and politically career ending process of repealing the 2nd Amendment.  Bottom line the lefty Libs would rather have the issue than solve the problem.  Charles CW Cooke makes many of the samepoints in a more thoughtful, articulate and eloquent way.  Spoiler alert – Cooke sees civil war if the feds try to round up our guns.  Well as Jefferson noted:  The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

The Donald strikes
This piece shoots so may holes in so many myths about the Donald it's very entertaining to watch the Donald's campaign spokesperson destroy the CNN tool.

Friday, December 04, 2015

More CA shooting points

On Prayer
There is no doubt in my mind that the dopes shaming anyone praying for victims and survivors of the CA shooting where themselves praying.  The dopes were praying that the perp was a white, right-wing, NRA member toting a Bible.  They prayed for that outcome right up to the point that the names of the shooters were released.  That’s when a lefty Lib collective “DAMN!” was heard across the nation.  It’s only when their own prayers, hopes and hashtags were not answered that they began shaming people praying for the comfort of the victims.

On Climate Change
The dog not barking in this case is any news of environmental, global climate change, save the whales, hug a tree, connection to the CA shooters.  Knowing that climate change and other environmental issues are the most pressing and dangerous issues of the day, according to The Empty Suit, this non-news is downright baffling.  I’d have thought by now we would learn that evidence has surfaced that the shooters were members of Green Peace, Earth Liberation Front, Sierra Club, PETA and The Human Fund (Seinfeld).  That news would be followed by America’s sole surviving Cambodian War hero - Francois Kerry - issuing a statement that due to their motives, the shooters’ actions were justified or could at a minimum be rationalized.

All we know for sure so far is that the shooters were radical Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  Again baffling, because we all know that Islam is religion of peace.  I've got right, don't I?

On gun control
Lefty Libs have yet to turn out their of list of “common sense” gun controls.  When the list does come out it be the standard list of BS proposals, banning black guns, guns with a bayonet lug and any gun that looks ugly to Babs Boxer and Diane Feinstein.

They will ignore genuine common sense measures like instant checks for gun purchasers.  If you’ve ever had a problem with a credit card you know the first time you ever find out about it is at a restaurant when you’re with friends and waiter informs you and the rest of the table that the card has been rejected.  If Master Card can instantly track hundreds of millions of cards world-wide, why can’t the government create a database of felons, loons, terrorists under investigation etc?  It’s simple.  The lefty Libs would howl like banshees if their solid voting blocks of felons, loons and terrorists were singled out by law enforcement.

Such a system would do nothing to prevent straw buyers.  So the dope reaction is stop selling guns altogether.  That does nothing about the 380 million guns already in the country.  The Dopes will want round those guns up.

That’s the bottom line Mr. & Mrs. America Dopes want to ban guns and round up those already in American hands.  That’s when the jihadis will unleash hell on America.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Thoughts on CA shootings

If the weather (climate change) truly were our most serious problem, stories about what happened yesterday in CA would read like this: There was another bad case of global cooling, uh warming, uh climate change in San Bernardino, CA yesterday.  The sudden and drastic change in temperatures from a cooling scare in the 70s to warming scare in the 90s to just normal or slightly above or slightly below normal seasonal fluctuations for the last 18 years - climate change - left 14 people dead and 17 wounded.   The scourge of climate change coupled with the climate’s easy ability to obtain guns is killing Americans.

We know this because The Empty Suit and other Dope grandees have declared the weather the #1 problem in the world.  Old timers used to sit on the front porch sipping moon shine and say, “Everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it.”  Well, other than the occasional Bond villain who created satellites to affect the local weather.  Now TES and other world “leaders” are devising a plan whereby developed countries with relatively clean economies and getting cleaner everyday pay a carbon tax to offset China and India’s heavy pollution.  Makes sense and is a truly brilliant idea!

It’s really very easy when stop to think about it or don’t stop to think.  First, ban all of the guns.  Then only the climate will be able to get a gun.  Accordingly any gun owner will become a criminal.  Then we can arrest them.  Then enact silly climate change legislation designed to cripple the American economy.  This will have three benefits.  One, cheap illegal alien labor will become a must to stay competitive.  Two, no one will be able to afford a gun.  Three, it will create millions upon millions of additional poor people who cannot afford to heat or cool their home, buy meat or drive a car.  They will be forced to line up at the federal trough and wait for the Dope Party to turn on the free gruel.  All power to the Dope party. END OF STORY.

Encouragingly, thinking people know climate change is a hoax.  The hoax is blindly adhered to by people have too much invested in it to let it go.  Hollywood hipsters, snowflake college kids and the Demo-Dope Party cannot let the warm-mongering scare go because to do so they would have to admit that they are colossal dumbazzes for buying into the scam in the first place and then hanging on for so long in the face of a mountain of evidence that proves they continue to be even bigger dumbazzes.  Better to come out with another BS study based on fake data that “proves” man will destroy the planet in the next 50 years if we don’t raise taxes on the rich and open our borders to anyone who wants to walk across.  When the study is inevitably proven to be total BS all of the people involved will be dead.  Then it’ll be time for another BS study based on fake data that proves man is destroying the planet and we only have 50 years left.

The real problem in this world today Mr. and Mrs. America is a BS religion based on war and subjugation and firmly anchored in the 7th century.  It’s most zealous followers are like primitive reptiles.  They are impervious to reason.  They cannot be bargained with.  Their primitive instincts are to kill or assimilate everything on Earth.  They cannot be “contained”.  They must defeated - and because they NEVER really go away defeated again.  This has been going on in America since 1803 and in the West since the 6th century.  Today TES, Western leaders and Pope Homer think that they can reason with the primitives and are more concerned about the weather than their people getting their throats slit or shot down in cold blood by the score by Muslim fundamentalists.

Every time something goes bang in the night, the Dope knee jerk reaction is “common sense” gun laws.  Instead of offering the usual cogent fact based arguments, we ought to say “fine put it out there.”  No more hiding behind buzz words like “common sense” what EXACTLY do you propose?  The answer is nothing.  Like poverty, immigration and the fake war on women Dopes do not want a solution they want a campaign issue.  I suspect any gun law the dopes could come up with was already law in Paris.  And of course, it’s against the law to shoot people enjoying a Christmas party anyway.  Wait, this is TES’s America.  Maybe it’s okay to shoot Christians now.

I am toying with the idea of paying for CCW licenses, buying small handguns and concealed carry holsters for the family for Christmas this year.   I am a big believer in constitutional carry, but things are getting nuts.  When BLM and the ITF link up to start a race war in America, the smart money is on preparation not platitudes about the Constitution.   

The leftist Dopes have sunk so low as to mock us for extending well wishes and prayers to the victims.  This new phenomenon is referred to as prayer shaming.  Okay I offer my well wishes and a meaningless lefty Lib hashtag to victims along with the hope the perps and their supporters get their worthless azzes shot off the next time they raise their scaly heads.  We need another Pope Pius V to raise a Holy League to end this scourge on humanity.  Anyone who doesn’t not recognize this as the continuation of 7th century Islam trying to dominate the world is an idiot.  Any talk of the religion of peace, or backlashes, or can’t paint with too broad a brush is BS.  There is not a brush wide enough to paint this BS murderous religion.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

PuP, 1,000s of cheering Muslims and Rubio vs. Cruz

Sadly, the photos probably tell you everything you need to know about the PuP shooter.  The word "crazy" comes to mind.

Planned unParenthood
A bit more on the CO PuP shooting.  I find it odd that there are not 24-7 reports in the MSM of all of the evidence of the Christian right wing leanings of the shooter.  The fact that there are no reports leads me to believe that there are no identifiable Christian right wing leanings.  To steal a plot from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; the MSM’s failure to report on the shooter’s Christian right wing leanings is the dog that is not barking in this case.

Trump on cheering Muslims
The MSM is in a frenzy to prove that there were not 1,000s of NJ Muslims cheering as the World Trade Center buildings collapsed.  That’s a tough sell because anyone with half a brain knows that there were.  Maybe they were not cheering on TV as the Donald claims, but without a shadow of a doubt – the ITF sympathizers and enablers were cheering.

How do I know?  Simple math.  25% of so-called “American” Muslims admit supporting jihad.  Because of the “it’s okay to lie to infidels” policy enshrined in this BS religion under the heading Taqiyya, you can be sure the actual percentage is much higher.  So Mr. and Mrs. MSM are there at least 8,000 Muslims in NJ?  If the answer is “yes,” then Trump is technically correct. 

What the MSM and the establishment Republi-Rat azzweasels don’t get is that Trump is where he is by being politically incorrect.  The rest of the politically incorrect unwashed masses know that the Muslim 5th column in this country was cheering 9-11.  Not on TV perhaps as Trump claims but there is no doubt in anyone’s mind the bastards were cheering.

Besides, if tree falls in the woods does it make a noise?  If the MSM chooses not to report something like a bunch of animals cheering the collapse of the World Trade Center, does that mean it didn't happen? 

I am convinced the Trump campaign is screen test for a new reality TV show called “How Far Can You Go”.  In it contestants are placed in setting where they have to say and do increasingly politically incorrect things.  If they are ever forced to apologize or are actually shunned by a group they lose.  Bombast and self-assurance will be critical for contestants who want to do well.

Each show will be opened with the Donald recounting one of his so-called “over the top” pronouncements that were sure to kill his campaign - like saying John McCain was not a war hero – then he will demonstrate how he turned the tables on the MSM and dumber than dirt Republi-Rat establishment to rise in the polls. 

When the “I saw 1,000s of Muslims cheering in NJ on 9-11” bit comes up on his game show, all Trump will have to say is, “I didn’t have to do anything.  Americans knew the Muslim 5th column was cheering.  It was only the despised PC MSM who wouldn’t admit it.  So they impaled themselves over and over again against the truth.  It was a wonderful thing to watch.”

So far, Trump has enough material for about 10 seasons of his new hit show.

No.  I’m not ridiculing Trump.  I’ve said from a start that’s just a bad idea.  I’m pointing out how masterfully he has played the least liked segment of America – the MSM and career pols – against Joe six pack.  I am a Joe.  I admire what Trump is doing.  I love to see the weasels squirm at Trump’s popularity.  Most of all I like to see the weasels get totally frustrated that the more controversial Trump gets the more popular he becomes, and there’s nothing the MSM or Caligula D.C. ruling class weasels can do about it.

Marco now the establishment candidate
As JEB! fails, Marco rises.  As Carson falters, Cruz rises.  That makes Rubio Mr. Inside (Caligula D.C.) and Cruz Mr. Outside (Caligula D.C.).   I think Cruz is best positioned to collect the Trump followers if/when Trump decides to launch his new TV show.  Rubio has the albatross of the “gang of eight” immigration reform around his neck.  It’s never a good idea to be on the same side of an issue as Chuckles Schumer before a Republican primary – particularly on an issue as important as immigration is during this cycle.