Monday, December 14, 2015

Trump vs. Cruz

Sayed Farook's down payment on his 72 virgins.

It was bound to happen.  The legions of loyal readers of this page were finally going to come to their senses and support Lex’s candidate in the Republican primary.  The good news is that Ted Cruz is climbing in the polls.  The bad news is that anyone who gains footing in this race is then targeted by the Donald.  Cruz is now leading in Iowa.  That triggered the Donald to call Cruz a “maniac” because Cruz called Mitch turtle McConnell a liar.  Well, again in Caligula, D.C. the truth often is no defense.

My question is, how are you going to talk about Shrillda the Hutt without calling her a liar, serial liar, damn liar, pathological liar, lying $h!t, worthless liar, fat liar, ugly liar, rape enabling liar…well you get the point.  Trump’s point was that you shouldn't call people you have work with liars.  I guess the point might be that if you beat the old, old hag, you’ll never have to “work with” the Hutt.  So it’ll be okay to tell the truth about Shrillda the Hutt in the general election.

Cruz will now be center stage for Tuesday’s debate.  I always worried before a debate that GW Bush or Romney would say something stupid during the debate.  I have no such worries with Cruz.  The guy is smooth as Grace Kelly.  (That reference is a bit outdated.  Hint – movie actress, Princess of Monaco, killed in an auto accident.)  Cruz has argued and won cases in the Supreme Court.  It is unlikely any of the azzbags at CNN will be able to trip him up. 

What needs to happen in these debates – and I might have mentioned this before – is the over and under cards need to be flipped.  Put 8 candidates in the under card.  Make the over card 5.  The reason the cards are not flipped is because the establishment has to have the low energy guy on the main stage.   Not only that, he cannot be on the end.  Even though the JEB! candidacy is deader than General Franco (Another dated reference.  Hint Spanish dictator whose death was lampooned on SNL.) the networks have to give the establishment candidate the appearance of viability.  So the polling bar is set at .0005% to get enough candidates on stage so JEB! does not look like a loser or too low energy.  The only thing high energy about JEB! is the exclamation point on his campaign literature and signs.  For his 51st “campaign roll out” I expect that they will use two exclamation marks.  What say high energy better than JEB!!?  

Cruz has for the most part settled on the Lex strategy of not attacking Trump but rather co-opting Trump’s issues.  I’d expect Cruz to be the main target tomorrow.  Except for the minus 1% crowd – Kasich et al - the brave, brave Republi-Rats are too afraid of Trump to go after the front runner.

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