Friday, June 28, 2013

Cool kid gets de-pantsed by geek

While 8,000 Marine weapon systems are being cut due to sequestration, King Dumb@$$, Queen Fat@$$ and their lovely daughters are spending 100 million tax dollars to tour Africa.

But it is not all fun and games for LB.  While he was loafing in Africa, the subject of Ed Snowden came up.  LB’s response was, Ed who?  While everyone in his dysfunctional administration from Sec State - Cambodian war hero John Kerry - to the administration’s paid liar - Jay the carney barker Carney - have been telling us that people might die and attacks on the homeland are more likely due to Snowden’s actions, there’s LB kicking back in Africa, “what, me worry?”

The one word identifier for LB on this page is P-U-N-K.  His most dominant characteristic was well on display in Africa when he took questions from the press.   When the issue of Snowden came up, LB quipped he wouldn’t be scrambling jets for a 29 year old hacker.  Hacker?  HMM, here I thought he didn’t need to hack the NSA because the 29 year old high school drop out who has made fools of the LB administration worked at the NSA.  Besides, LB’s been too busy to worry about a hacker, what with vacation and all. 

LB’s minions are working the issue and there’s no need for LB to get involved.  As he put it:

"I'm not going to have one case of a suspect who we're trying to extradite suddenly being elevated to the point where I've got to start doing wheeling and dealing and trading on a whole host of other issues simply to get a guy extradited."

It's one guy, a 29 year old hacker, what’s the big deal?  The big deal is supposedly the information Snowden has handed over to the Chinese and now the Russians.  That’s the big deal.  It’s not the least bit surprising that LB misses the point.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get Snowden back – not so much to punish him - but rather to see just what he has handed over?  Oh, here’s another question for Ed that might be of interest, “Did anyone help you?” 

But No, it wouldn’t be nice.  It’s so much better to have the President of the United States acting like a too cool for school boy who just got de-pantsed and his scrawny @$$ whipped good by a girl.  He’s standing there in his tighty whities telling everyone that he could have beaten her if wanted to. Besides he claims, “The two black eyes, the bloody nose and the split lip don’t really hurt that much.  Now, has anyone seen my pants?”

Nobody believes a word of it, and one Ed Snowden has your pants.  He just sold them for a quarter to the girl who kicked your @$$.  "Not to worry, I'm not going to start wheeling and dealing to get my pants back.  Besides, aside from the urine stains in the front and the skid marks in the back, I like these new style shorts all the cool kids are wearing.

Of course the school newspaper encourages everyone to adopt the new fashion statement and come to school in their underwear and get their collective @$$es beaten, because it's really cool.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Air Force under attack, easier to comply than fight

In the military today there is some guy named Mikey Weinstein who runs some organization called the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.  Like most things on the left, the name is a misnomer.  The MRFF has nothing to with “religious freedom.”  Rather it is an organization that wants to root out any Christian influence from the military.  Mikey wrote this for the Huffington Post:

Today, we face incredibly well-funded gangs of fundamentalist Christian monsters who terrorize their fellow Americans by forcing their weaponized and twisted version of Christianity upon their helpless subordinates in our nation’s armed forces.”

Weinstein believes those guilty of what he has referred to as  “treason” must be “punished.” Under federal law, the penalty for treason is death.  

So what’s the big deal?  Here’s the big deal.  Mikey is in bed with the LB administration.  He has been called an unpaid advisor to LB and Box-O-Rocks SecDef Hagel.  Mikey brags that he has a hot line to the Commandant’s office at the Air Force Academy.  He also brags that he was responsible for having a piece of Christian art work removed from the dining hall Mountain Home Air Force Base.

I looked into it.  It’s true.  The commander there, some spineless turd merchant – Col Christopher Short – said he removed the artwork shortly after (within an hour) receiving a complaint. 

In a mind-bendingly stupid comment the Short-round said, “We make reasonable accommodations for all religions and celebrate the religious diversity of our Airmen.”  Hmm, so, he removed the religious painting to show religious diversity.  Brilliant! 

I contacted the Short-round through the Public Affairs Office at Mountain Home, located here.

Col Short


I’d say you were weak for taking down the painting in the chow hall, but that would be an understatement.  Unless you are willing to walk into an American chow hall in a Muslim country and demand that they serve bacon and ham to “make reasonable accommodations,” you are a coward and a hypocrite.  Sadly, in today’s military, that makes you general officer material.

If you happen to be a Christian, I’d remind you of Jesus’ warning, "But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father…”  Matthew 10:33

Good luck kissing butt to the top so that you can stand for absolutely nothing when you get there.

Hit the link and send the Short-round a note.  The nickname of the 335th Fighter Squadron that the Short-round heads up is “The Gunfighters.”  If the Short-round is so into making “reasonable accommodations” perhaps someone ought to tell him that the term “gunfighter” is soooooo NOT PC these days.  A name change is order.  Perhaps the “Weinstein scrotum suckers” better fit the command climate under the Short-round. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fr. Frank Pavone, a man for all seasons

Some time back Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack asked Grand San Fran Nan Pelooser who she could reconcile the death of a child outside the mother’s womb at 20 weeks at the hands of murdering scum like Kermit Gosnell and shredding the same child in uterine.  Or course the mental midget could not square the circle.   Instead the creep hid behind her religion stating:
“As a practicing and respectful Catholic, this is sacred ground to me when we talk about this. This shouldn’t have anything to do with politics.”

WTF (Win the future)?  To be clear abortion is sacred ground for Libs, but the Catholic Church has NEVER SANCTIONED ANY KIND OF ABORTION.  In the post under Lex talked of Men for All Seasons.  One has surfaced.  Father Frank Pavone, the national director of Priests for Life, loudly and publicly slammed the Grand Dope of the Demo-Dope House:

With this statement, you make a mockery of the Catholic faith and of the tens of millions of Americans who consider themselves ‘practicing and respectful Catholics’ and who find the killing of children -- whether inside or outside the womb—reprehensible.

You speak here of Catholic faith as if it is supposed to hide us from reality instead of lead us to face reality, as if it is supposed to confuse basic moral truths instead of clarify them, and as if it is supposed to help us escape the hard moral questions of life rather than help us confront them.

Whatever Catholic faith you claim to respect and practice, it is not the faith that the Catholic Church teaches. And I speak for countless Catholics when I say that it's time for you to stop speaking as if it were.

Abortion is not sacred ground; it is sacrilegious ground. To imagine God giving the slightest approval to an act that dismembers a child he created is offensive to both faith and reason.

He wrapped up with the line that should be delivered to about 99.99% of the Demo-Dope Catholics,
“Either exercise your duties as a public servant and a Catholic, or have the honesty to formally renounce them.”

The San Fran Dim Wit can barely speak coherently for herself.  She does not speak for the Catholic Church.   

Monday, June 24, 2013

And the winner is....

In 1966, the Oscar for Best Picture went to “A Man for All Seasons.”  That movie is about the life of Saint Thomas More, who on principle, stood against King Henry VIII.  SPOILER ALERT - In the end, More was beheaded for standing with his church and not granting the king a series of divorces and annulments. 

That was 1966 or the 16th century, however you prefer to look at it.  This is 2013.  What’s the point?  First point, can you, in your deepest imagination, even  conger a serious thought of movie about a Saint even being considered for a Best Picture Oscar in today’s Hollywood?  It more likely that you will be struck lightening, win the power ball jackpot, be mauled by a polar bear and see the Cincinnati Bengals hoist the Super Bowl trophy all on the same day than see the current group of Hollywood big shots give such a movie a fair shot.

Next point, what was More standing against?  More stood firmly against an onerous all-powerful king.  Henry thought that by edict he could tell people what to think, how to act and who to serve.   More would have none of it. 

So Henry jailed More in the Tower of London for more than a year to work on More’s stubborn conscience.  When Henry failed to convince More of the advantages of seeing religion as the king saw religion, Henry had More tried for treason and his head lopped off.

Next point, what was More standing for? In a time when it would certainly would have been easier for More to go along and get along, he stood for his Church, the rights of man, religious liberty and freedom.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, what does that have to do with today?  How is today any different?  We have know-nothing little twerp telling us that we have to pay for the neighbor’s abortion – even if it violates deeply held religious beliefs.  We have the twerp telling us that Catholic schools should be shut down because they are divisive.  You have a government shutting down Catholic adoption services because Catholics insist on the quaint idea that children are best served in a home with married mother and father.  You have government defunding Catholic refugee services because they refuse to offer abortion and contraceptives.  The Supreme Court is about to announce its ruling on homosexual marriage, that could place Catholic Churches in the position of marring homosexuals or losing tax exempt status.  We have a government that thinks it is perfectly OK to collect every bit of information on us as long as they promise not to use it until later.

So if we fail to bow at the alter liberalism and fund its sacraments of abortion, homosexual marriage and a basic hedonistic lifestyle, we’ll end like More on the wrong side of a tyrannical government.   Now, that tyrannical knows government knows everything about us.  Oh sure, a tyrant would never use any of that information to shut us up, get a Supreme Court Justice to vote their way, scare certain people out of politics or even from voting. 

The NSA spy thing is the government’s Tower of London of today.  They won’t put you on the rack.  They’ll threaten to expose you, your children, your wife or something else you hold dear to get you to do what they want. 

So, who is the man for all seasons in the mess we’ve created for ourselves?  Who will stand up to this tyrannical government? 

Friday, June 21, 2013

If the war is over, why do we need the NSA spy program?

According to our fearless dip$h!t at 1600 PA Ave, no war can last forever, and so he unilaterally declared the war on Islamo-Terror-Fascists over.  Notice he didn’t declare victory.  He simply declared the war over.

Just a couple of things about that.  Did the Chief Asswagon check with the ITF before declaring the war over?  No.  He did not. 

Seems to me, both sides have to agree the war is over for it to truly be over.   Because the ITF have made no such declaration, I guess we have entered the pre 9-11 mindset where the ITF declare war on us, and we swear we will unleash the full force of the FBI on them if they attack us, unless the attack come on an embassy just before an election - then we’ll arrest a dopey filmmaker to cove the Asswagon.  Maybe we should threaten to unleash the IRS on the ITF.  Nope.  That will not work.  The IRS is made up of political class cowards who would no more stand up when confronted with injustice than Moochy Moochelle would pass on a taxpayer funded vacation to Cabo.

Now, after the NSA story broke all manner of pols from Dick Cheney to the Chief Asswagon himself declared that Ed Snowden did great harm to a program that had help stop some 50 terror attacks across the globe.  WTF (win the future)?  I thought the war was over.  What are these 50 attacks then?

Seems to me, that by declaring the NSA spy program so vital to US security from ITF, Asswagon Barry or AWB (not the Average White Band) and his merry team of Assclowns is telling us the war is not over.  But thinking people know that a war that began in 1803 and has boiled over a 100+ times since, is never going to really end until there is a boot across the throat of one side or the other.  AWB has made it easier for the ITF to get their boot to our throat.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Making popcorn at the White House

Another day and it’s another round of scandals popping like a pan of Jiffy Pop Popcorn in mid-cycle.  Most administrations have a cycle like at the very beginning of the popcorn cycle where each pop is distinct and can be easily counted.  The LB administration these days is like the popcorn at mid-cycle.  So many kernels are popping simultaneously, it’s impossible to count them or distinguish one from the other.

 In the beginning, among others, we had the “cops acted stupidly,” the New same as the old Black panther Scandal, Fast and Furious, DHS declaring returning war vets a bigger threat than Islamo-Terror-Fascists, and the long series  of LB bow and apologize tours.  Then things began to seriously pop with Benghazi, the GAO scandal and the famous picture of bath tub boy,  where the agency spent tens of millions on a Las Vegas “conference.” 

After the election we hit mid-cycle and scandals are popping so fast there is no way to track or distinguish one from another.   It became clear LB and his entire entourage of lying scumbags had covered up actual events in Benghazi, - to the extent that they were willing to blame the whole thing on a man who had nothing to do with it and jail him.   Yeah, they jailed a guy on trumped up charges to save LB from having to explain why an American Ambassador and three other were killed on his watch.

But not to worry.  LB told us the perps would be brought to justice.  Yet as of today, the ONLY one doing hard time is the filmmaker. 

CONSPIRACY THEORY #4-13:  Right before the 2014 elections several people in Libya will be killed or captured.  LB will address the nation and tell us that the Benghazi perps had been brought to justice, just like he promised.  

But then the popcorn began to really roll.  The IRS story broke.  The AP story broke.  The James Rosen story broke.  The NSA story broke.

But it never ends.  Quick hits on just today’s stories about government BS:

LB says Catholic Schools “encourage division” so he wants them done away with.  Now this was in N. Ireland and it’s not clear if thinks American parochial schools are as divisive here as they are in N. Ireland, but I’ll bet he does.  OK, let’s accept the d-bag’s theory.  What’s the biggest divisive thing in America today?  Why it’s LB himself.  So if the solution for ending divisiveness in N. Ireland is getting rid of the Catholic schools, then what is the solution for ending divisiveness here in America?  Well LB since you’re the one causing it, see ya.

Then as if they haven’t already proven themselves to be a gang of worthless government @$$weasels, after targeting Tea Party and religious groups ahead of the 2012 election, and after being caught spending 50 million on an employee “conference,” the IRS wants to award it’s gang of overpaid Nazi BS workers 70 million in bonuses.  You cannot make this $h!t up.

Then the Capitol Hill branch of LB’s army of SS blocked Tea Party ralliers on Capitol Hill yesterday. 

Tomorrow there will be ten more scandals.  The total affect is to numb people to this administration's total corrupt nature and incompetence.  It’s a play on Stalin’s observation, one death is a tragedy.  A million deaths is a statistic.  One scandal can be tracked and bring down an administration ten scandals a day become too confusing for anyone to follow.

Oh, if the popcorn analogy sounds familiar to the Griffin, so sad too bad.  I didn’t see any copy right on it.  Besides, the only real question that remains is where you stole the idea so that proper credit can be given. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Marco who?

Anyone who still thinks Marco Rubio can be the savior of the Republican Party, read this quote from his promise made on Univision Spanish speaking network – no doubt in Spanish because after all one of the goals of “comprehensive immigration reform” is to get illegal aliens speaking English.  Hey, sadly it makes sense to politicians.

“First comes the legalization. Then comes the measures to secure the border." Rubio added, “It is not conditional. The legalization is not conditional.”

Wonderful.  Marco, we hardly knew thee.  Rubio claims that the legalization must come first so we can ID all of the illegals immediately.  So that we don’t continue to have a stream of new illegal coming in as the fence is built. 

OK if that is truly the reason, have a one day amnesty.  Just like we have an Election Day, we have an Amnesty Day.  Notify the country that Amnesty Day is the first Tuesday of the first full week in November.  If you are unable to attend because you’ll be out of the country on a drug run, child trafficking run, prostitution run, bomb run, or other illegal alien business then you must notify your local Board of Illegal Alien Registration to get an absentee illegal alien registration card.

Rubio would scream louder than Chuckles the schuck Fumer.  They will need a 25 year amnesty period to make sure everyone has a chance to come out of the shadows.  Shadows?  Ha!  The shadows of our hospital emergency rooms, public schools, welfare lines, prisons, the shadows of  illegal worker pick-up lines in front of every convenience store in every major city etc. , those shadows?

Shadows?  Just because certain cities and courts say you cannot ask a person his citizenship status, even if arrested, doesn’t mean these people are living in the shadows.  For the most part these people are openly going about their business until they kill a 17 year old in an unregistered jalopy while slugging down their third quart of Modelo. 

Then the cry is to get them driver’s licenses so that we can ensure the safety of the roads.  That logic says that if the guy who killed the 17 year old had a license, he would ensure the safety of his automobile, register it and not drink and drive.  A license you see equals people acting responsibly. 

If that worked, we should also a license every player on the Cincinnati Bengals so they would stay out of jail and concentrate on football.  We should license every politicians as temporary custodians of our Constitution so that they would stop running rough shod over it every time it suited their political ambitions.

Call me crazy, Ms. Lex does all the time, but I don’t think rewarding criminals with a driver’s license or citizenship is suddenly going to have to have them thinking to themselves,  “Wow.  These people are really getting serious about their laws now.  I’d better shape up or they will insist I move into public housing, take a LB phone, get 199 weeks of unemployment that use to prepare my disability claim and draw food stamps.”  It’s insane.     

But hey so are we.  We elect the same class of @$$bag election after election, all the while we expect things to change in our favor.  Because a third party is electoral suicide in America, we’re screwed.  Conservatives are the blacks of the Republican Party.  Taken for granted with no place to go. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Quik hits

Syria: Whatever we are going to do we should have done three years ago.  We didn’t because a) LB is weak b) LB is clueless.  As a result the crazy little eye doctor running the country had no fear what-so-ever about America crushing his balls if he strayed from our desired outcome.  Just the presence of Ronald Reagan, GWB or even GHWB would have been enough to keep the eye doctor looking over his shoulder, employing a platoon of food tasters and living most of his daylight hours a mile underground.  With LB, the eye doctor is keeping all of appointments, appearing on state tv and strolling in the park in broad daylight.

Whatever LB does it’ll some half-@$$ed measure designed to make it look as if he’s concerned about the outcome.  He’ll dump a bunch money (we do not have), rifles and ammo on the ground without any regard for who is going to pick the stuff up.  As always, he’ll talk endlessly about how he no idea about anything going on anywhere but he’ll get to the bottom it, even if takes three terms. 

Three years ago I might have been for getting in there and killing as many Islamo-Terror-Fascists as possible, now I’m of the mind we ought to supply guns to both sides and let them kill each other.  As Sara Palin advised, let Allah sort it out.

Snowden:  Three years ago I would have thought the guy needs to be strung up by his thumbs.  Now, I’m not so sure.  I have zero trust that LB and his merry band of @$$ weasels have not been given total access to the NSA database. 

We know from prior experience that LB hires people who use the levers of government power and information to settle personal and political vendettas.  Now we’re supposed to believe that they will not access the biggest and best data base for that purpose.  I suspect that they already have access to it and will use it in the midterm.

Immigration Reform:  Republi-Rats are pulling the handle to flush the nation down the toilet.  The ONLY thing Republicans should agree to is 100% use of e-verify and securing the border.  Those two acts alone would pretty much cause a mass self-deportation and keep new undesirables from entering the country.

It baffles me that the Demo-Dopes who are supposed to be all for equality and fair play are going to allow one group of immigrants head of the line privileges ahead of everyone else based on – not skill sets, not education, not talent, not for political asylum but rather because of their proximity to our border.   Just because they are able to walk across the border toting drugs, guns from Eric the wad Holder, bombs from who knows where, sex and child trafficers etc. the Dopes think they should be legalized.

Republicans ought to counter with: OK you want legalize the current crop illegals?  Fine.  But only after an 18 month period of total open borders where people from anywhere can come here and granted citizenship.  That’s crazy! The howl would come.  How is that any crazier than leaving the border unsecure and letting 11 million illegals in and then giving them amnesty just because they could walk across? 

Like everything these days, I have no confidence that anyone will do the right thing.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Scout policy falling apart

Lex noted this in Friday's brilliant post.  Here's the link.

Amish and Catholics

Living here in NW Indiana, I see a lot of Amish.  In fact, a four man Amish crew built the stable and riding arena here at the compound.  I buy saw dust from an Amish pallet making company and have done a lot business with the local Amish lumber company.  

Given their main means of transportation is horse and buggy, the Amish tend to cluster in tight knit communities.   When one needs help raising a barn or getting the crops in, it’s not uncommon to see dozens of buggies – or as the young Amish call them bugs – parked field side or in the front yard.

When I built my fence, I hired a young Amish fellow to help.  I was supposed to pick him up at 5:30 am Saturday morning.  I pulled into the drive right on time but not a single light was on in the house, as the Amish eschew electricity, running water and other so-called modern conveniences.  I tapped on the horn.  In the early morning stillness, I could hear rustling from an open window and then feet tapping down the stairs.  I heard the door open and a dark figure approached the truck.  The door opened and the dome light revealed Josiah all dressed Amish style with traditional Amish hat and ready to go.  The only thing missing was the ever present Amish beard.  Josiah was 17 years old, and the facial hair gene had somehow missed blessing him with an Amish beard that for some reason never includes a mustache.

Strong as a bull and able to do just about anything in the construction field, Josiah’s skills far exceeded his age.  That’s probably because while he was only 17, he’d already been on the job 5-6 years.  Amish kids attend school through the 8th grade and then enter a career field.  

When he hopped in, Josiah pulled and i-pod from his pocket and plugged it into the Aux jack of the truck radio and we drove on listening to a Josiah mix of rap, country, and top 40 back to the compound.  Weird huh.  Can’t have electricity but the kid has an i-pod and a cell phone and can drive a bobcat and use electricity to run a compressor to operate a nail gun etc. etc.  See once on the job, the Amish bishop can allow all kinds of exceptions.  In fact even at home there is some electricity.  Many Amish are allowed to install wind turbines and batteries to run LED lights and small appliances.  It’s all up to the bishop.

So, why all this background on the Amish?  It occurred to me in church yesterday that as the world becomes more and more secular, perhaps religious people, Christians in general and Catholics in particular may become more and more like the Amish.  Many people, the LB administration for example, probably already consider Catholics some kind of weird cult.  One guy, a friend – I think – asked me once if Catholics were even Christians.   My dead pan response was, “Yeah, the ORIGINAL Christians.”

I just wonder if at some point Catholics will have to become the insular type of community the Amish have become? 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Cat out as Boy Scout sponsor

Well it appears that there is nothing gay about the homosexual response to the Boy Scout’s half-@$$ed resolution on the subject of homosexual Scouts. It seems IL giant Corp. Caterpillar is cutting support to the Scouts for not going all the way with homosexuals by allowing homosexual leaders as well as homosexual Scouts. There’s also the news that Boy Scouts have marched in at least one homosexual pride parade in uniform. No word yet on whether the Scouts were required to tie their shirt tails in square knots above their trousers so as to expose their midriffs.

A couple of posts under Lex noted the total BS of the Boy Scout’s position would cause more trouble than it would solve. And wa-la, there you have it. Nothing short of two Scouts kissing while two adult leaders holding hands look on approvingly, on the cover of the new Boy Scout Handbook will get the Scouts out of the mess they have created for themselves.

It seems to me the sooner religious groups get the heck out the better off their youth programs will be. The Scout troop Lex Jr. is involved with is totally self sufficient. In fact, it would be better off financially by dumping the Boy Scouts, because there would be no dues requirements.

With the help of St. Vincent’s church the troop has, built a Scout Lodge with three detached buildings, bought two busses, a couple of trailers, canoes, enough camping gear for a battalion of Marines, ski equipment, a dozen rifles, built a first-class climbing wall and provided a safe environment for 10,000s of youths through the years.

They could change the name out front from St. Vincent’s Scout Lodge to St. Vincent’s Youth Lodge and not miss a beat. In fact, they could actually improve the program by removing a layer of bureaucracy – the Boy Scouts of America -from the equation.

They should do it. They could advertise a sex free zone where kids can be kids in a Christian atmosphere without the intrusion of self-loathing liberal BS.

They could offer an a-la-carte menu of events centered on camping and other outdoor activities that kids could choose from and as kids demonstrated the skills obtained, they can move up the leadership ladder. Parents could pay for the events out of pocket or kids could earn the money for their chosen events by working the various fund raisers for the organization.

Now, for today’s totally unrelated paragraph:

I like beer, nay love beer, since “love” seems to be the determining factor in things today. If I love it apparently I have a civil right to it.  I don’t know if I was born that way or if I acquired a taste for the stuff. The Boy Scouts frown on alcohol consumption at their events. This is total BS. If I was born with a “love” for beer, I should be able to drink it wherever and whenever I want. I should be able to force my love for beer onto everyone in my proximity.  It's my civil right, because I love it.  They must accept it, support it and force their kids to accept it as well. After all I was born that way - probably. The Boy Scouts should adopt a resolution allowing moderate consumption of beer at their events as long as no one gets drunk, or at least not too drunk. After all, there are far more beer drinkers than homosexuals. And what about the civil rights of beer drinking homosexuals?

That, Mr. & Mrs. America, is iron clad logic. It cannot be denied. Where else do you get this kind of stuff?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Foiled plots not a good metric for anti-terror

What’s really bugging me is Republi-Rats being co-opted into this senate shamnesty bill, but this just popped into my head. So, here we go.

CASE 1: The head of the NSA told congress that it’s a good thing he’s been collecting data on EVERY PERSON in America because as a result of that effort, dozens of terrorist plots have been discovered. In other news, Indiana’s head of highway safety told reporters that it’s a good thing he banned people from driving their cars because it has deterred 1,000s of accidents everyday.

CASE 2: The head of the NSA told congress that it’s a good thing he’s been collecting data on Muslims in America because as a result of that effort, dozens of terrorist plots have been discovered. In other news, Indiana’s head of highway safety told reporters that it’s a good thing he banned blind people from driving cars because it has deterred 1,000s of accidents.

Case 3: The head of the NSA told congress that it’s a good thing he’s been collecting data on suspicious people and their associates in America because as a result of that effort, dozens or terrorist plots have been discovered. In other news, Indiana’s head of highway safety told reporters that it’s a good thing Indiana has battery traffic laws to bring order to what would be a chaotic mess and cost 1,000s of lives if left to individual wants and desires.

In case 1 everyone is being held accountable for the act of a few. Most Americans deem that to be BS in everyday things such as driving a car, but if the government is acting outside the 4th amendment to keep them “safe,” even if they’ve never done one thing wrong, or maybe because they’ve never done one thing wrong, suddenly Americans are OK with the “everyone” rule.

In case 2 it’s obvious profiling Muslims for terrorist activity is every bit as reasonable as not allowing blind people to drive. We’re quite happy to do the latter but get the heebie-jeebies when anyone suggests the former. So, we default to case 1 where we hold everyone accountable. And even though it creates a mountain of information that is nearly impossible to strain for critical information thereby making us less safe than if we profiled likely terrorists, we think, yeah rounding up everyone makes much more sense. Better to round up everyone than take a chance of peeing off the Islamo-Terror-Fascists. Guess what? They are already PO’d.

Case 3 is the reasonable, common sense approach we’d all hope our government would adopt. As such, it is a non-starter. Besides, what if something slipped between the cracks? Oh you mean like a Ft. Hood shooting or a Boston bombing.

First, to say those events slipped through the cracks would be like the Rock of Gibraltar slipping through the #4 grade gravel screen at down at Irving’s aggregate. These events were there to be seen by anyone who wanted to see them. The fact is, had we been in a case 2 mode, Maj Hassan would have had a courts martial as a 2nd Lt. and the Tsarneav brothers would have been deported after the first warning from Russia.

But yeah, we set up reasonable safeguards, hire efficient people, give them adequate resources and let them do their job. If something slips through the cracks, we find out why and if necessary hold people responsible to account.

That’s another thing missing in government these days – accountability.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Trust? No. Not at all.

Under normal circumstances, I may be inclined to support NSA snooping into certain phone records. But let’s face since the election his Royal @$$holiness and his brain-dead VP the Duke Douchedom, these are not normal circumstances.

First off, what about the whistleblower, Snowden? The trial of wikileaks defendant Bradley Manning is just getting under way. PRIVATE Manning had access to thousands of top secret documents that a reasonable man might ask, “Why does a private have so much access? Who did he work for? Is his immediate supervisor and the supervisor above that been reassigned to the darkest, coldest corner of the world to inventory the snow shoe account until their enlistments run out?”

Why in the world is the new guy left unsupervised with all of that classified material. The military used to require two-man control for sensitive material. Has that rule gone out the window? Now we just trust everyone and anyone with everything? We used to have “a need to know” rule where even if you had the proper clearance, you could not access material without first demonstrating that you had a legitimate reason for the access.

So the NSA gets a new contractor guy in, let’s call him Snowden. Having learned nothing from the Manning case, Snowden is immediately given carte blanch to the agencies deepest secrets. WTF?

There is clearly a vetting problem in some of these programs. But that aside how about a period of close supervision of say 18 months before we leave the kids unattended in the candy store.

Now all of the smartest people on both sides are telling us that we have to have this program – it’ll save lives, like those in Boston. No. Well Ft. Hood then. No. Wait. Somewhere we are saving lives by snooping on EVERY SINGLE American.

That has to be BS. Any good manager knows one of the keys to success is knowing what’s important and what’s not. Apparently the NSA is working under the Michael Scott rules of management where everything is a #1 priority. If everything is a #1 priority, nothing is.

The NSA is collecting so much data where Aunt Betty trading recipes with Sally is collected and stored in the same manner as Akmed discussing flight times with Mustaffa. That can not be the most efficient manner to go about data collection.

Next we know:
The EPA wanted “crucify” the oil companies
The DHS wanted to track returning vets more than radical Islamists
The HHS considers the Catholic Church a bigger threat than AIDS
The DOJ ran guns to Mexican drug cartels in an effort to get more gun control laws at home
The IRS systematically targeted Tea Party and religious groups

And these are just the bone headed things the government is doing that I can recall off the top my head as I sop up spilled coffee before it gets to the keyboard.

And you know what? The fake video guy has done more hard time than anyone involved in any of those scandals. For most in government employees these days, being involved in a scandal is a surer way to promotion than hard work and competence.

Why in the world would any sane person trust THIS government to feed the dog let alone monitor EVERY ASPECT of our lives?

Oh, the site meter hit one yesterday.  So I'd like to apologize to to my new NSA friend.  Keep up the good work.

Posting is difficult due to NSA monitoring my computer and slowing it to a snail's pace.  I may need to take it in for 3rd time in less than a year. If I'm not here, that's why, or I've been thrown in a cell with the Benghazi filmmaker.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lex at odds with his Bishop on Scouting

In his weekly column for Today’s Catholic, Ft. Wayne-South Bend Bishop Kevin Rhoades wrote that the Boy Scout resolution on sexual orientation “does not seem to me to be in conflict with Catholic teachings.” The Bishop relies on the fact that the Boy Scouts require that all members and leaders remain chaste while participating in Scouting events.

Lex was stunned, or as my British freind might say, gobbsmacked. 

For Lex, that is an extremely thin thread to hold the rather weighty “Catholic teachings” on sexual orientation and homosexuality. Besides, hasn’t the Church paid untold hundreds of millions in settlements because it thought sexual orientation didn’t matter as long certain people remained chaste or celibate?

You can read the Bishop’s column here.

Lex sent the following letter to the Bishop:

Dear Bishop Rhoades,

I carefully read your column on the Boy Scouts with disappointment. How can one make the leap that just because the Boy Scout resolution does not specifically use the language that the Boy Scouts are “accepting ‘openly gay scouts,’” that the resolution is not intended for that end?

The Boy Scouts have been operating under a de facto “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. How would a troop know a Scout was a homosexual unless he announced that he was? The resolution allows a Scout to make that announcement, embrace the homosexual experience and promote the homosexual life style. What other conceivable end would a resolution that states, “No youth may be denied membership in the Boy Scouts of America on the basis of sexual orientation or preference alone,” be directed toward? Heterosexuals? Traditional marriage? What was all the media hype leading up to the vote and after the vote all about?

One reason that the resolution does not specifically use language about openly homosexual Scouts is that the policy is much, much broader than homosexual orientation. The resolution requires troops to condone bi-sexual, trans-gendered and any other sexual orientation a Scout may adopt as well. After all, membership cannot be denied based on sexual orientation no matter how odd or immoral that orientation may be.

But it doesn’t matter what you or I think the resolution means. The Boy Scouts of America is a nationwide organization. As such, councils and troops across America can interpret the resolution in pretty much any manner they want, with one exception, no Biblical interpretation will be allowed.

Troops sponsored by Catholic parishes within the Ft. Wayne-South Bend Diocese may be able to thread the logic needle reconciling Catholic teachings with the resolution. Other troops across the nation have no requirement for the mental gymnastics that exercise demands. So when a Catholic Scout or troop goes to camp, jamboree, conclave or any event outside his parish troop, your interpretation ends and it becomes the interpretation of whoever is running the event.

But it’s all a moot point. If homosexual tactics and pressure against the Boy Scouts remain true to form, I believe in very short order you will be forced to reverse your opinion. Here’s why:

Anyone who is familiar with the radical homosexual community or has even casually observed their tactics over the last 30 or so years knows that the resolution is NOT their desired end-state. Look how this nation has gone from marriage being marriage, to marriage requiring a Defense of Marriage Act from congress, to DOMA being ignored by the current Justice Department, to homosexual marriage being endorsed. Look how the military has gone from banning homosexuals, to don’t ask, don’t ask tell, to endorsing homosexual service, to allowing unmarried homosexual partners the same benefits as married heterosexual couples, to military chaplains being reprimanded for not performing homosexual weddings, to the fear of Christian reading material and symbols being banned for fear of offending homosexuals.

The response to the Boy Scout’s resolution from the homosexual community has ranged from, “it’s a good first step” to a more militant “it’s totally unacceptable because the Scouts still discriminate against adult homosexual leaders.” None have declared the resolution “mission complete” or “problem solved.”

The Boy Scout’s position of allowing homosexual Scouts but not homosexual leaders is mind-bendingly inconsistent and irreconcilable. The new Boy Scout policy says an openly homosexual Scout can earn his Eagle Scout Award on the day before his 18th birthday, but on the next day he must disassociate himself with Scouting. How on Earth is that a thoughtful, defensible position? It isn’t, perhaps purposefully so.

The next step, coming soon, will be to forbid denying an adult leader a position in the Boy Scouts based on sexual orientation. When that happens, homosexual partners will be attending meetings, camp, courts of honor, and family days. What will be the Diocese’s position on the Boy Scouts be when that happens?

The sad truth is that there are far more radical homosexuals more interested in destroying the Boy Scouts than those interested in joining them. As such we can expect the usual tactics. A Scout sitting around the camp fire declares that he’s homosexual. Another Scout says that the Church teaches that homosexual acts are sinful. The Christian who expresses his beliefs will be ridiculed as a homophobe and told to keep his religious beliefs to himself. We know how it will play out, because we have witnessed it in schools, the work place, the military etc.

While I have less concern for Scouts aged 16 and up dealing with this issue, how appropriate is any of this talk for a 10 year old boy? It is ridiculous. If anyone thinks that the homosexual community will not use the opportunity of Scouting to advance their life style among the youngest and most impressionable among us, think again.

I am of the belief that there are two roads to a homosexual life style, being born that way and being taught the behavior. We cannot alter the first. We can guard against the second. Once inside Scouting, homosexuals will begin to promote the homosexual life style. It will be discussed as being no different from heterosexual relationships. Then at some point, Scouts will be encouraged “explore and experiment” with their sexuality.

So, what to do? I pray Bishop that you will reconsider your column. I would recommend for the Catholic Church the same course of action that I advocated for homosexuals interested in Scouting before the resolution was passed, start your own group. Whatever the National Catholic Committee on Scouting decides, the Diocese of Ft. Wayne-South Bend should quietly inform area councils that the Diocese has decided to move in another direction with regard to ministering to our youth, thank them for the past association and wish them good fortune in the future.

When asked why he left the Democratic Party, Ronald Reagan quipped, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party left me.” Sadly, Scouting is leaving the Catholic Church. The sooner we accept that reality, the sooner we can begin establishing youth programs that truly reflect Catholic teachings.

Bishop, I know you are a great Scouter. I attended the ceremony at the Grotto at Notre Dame last year on a gloriously beautiful fall day when you said mass and then awarded Boy Scouts their religious medals. My son Danny, himself an Eagle Scout, received his award on that day. I share your love of this great organization, but I’m realistic. It is moving away from me, and it matters not how much I care for it.

With great respect,

Monday, June 10, 2013

We won't comply

In Friday’s brilliant post under, Lex closed with a link to a story about SC high school valedictorian, Roy Costner IV, who stuck a thumb in the eye of political correctness by reciting the Lord’s Prayer during his graduation speech. That’s great. But here’s the really interesting part that gets lost in the day in and day out of struggle against the Liberal Borg, the crowd at that graduation erupted in cheers and applauds.

So how did we get to the point where a vast majority of us would sit quietly and allow one or two self-centered lib @$$bags dictate to us what can and cannot be said in the public square? And yeah, screw the 9 dopes in robes as well. They are clearly part of the problem.

Lex has often asked when the shooting revolution will start in this country against an over-reaching and ever onerous federal government. Glenn Reynolds noted that the shooting revolution can be averted by a constitutional convention.

Roy Costner IV gives us another option, civil disobedience. When the IRS trashes our civil liberties, what if 10s of millions of us withheld 50 dollars or even 50 cents of our tax obligations? That should cause a computer melt down at the IRS.  I rely on the school yard logic of, “They can’t punish us all” on this one, but then maybe they can and will.

What if when one kid gets bounced from school for wearing a t-shirt with a gun on it, 25 kids show up the next day with various t-shirts with guns? This is a tough one. Given the current news of a vindictive government prying into every corner of our lives, few would want to have their kids targeted by this government, school officials or commie lib teachers at an early age. Maybe t-shirts with the second amendment printed on the front and “What part of ‘shall not be infringed’ are you having trouble with?” on the back.

I am a law abiding citizen. So much so that of late I have even begun to take speed limit signs seriously. My biggest act of civil disobedience so far was running not one but two census workers off the compound when they insisted I answer the other 50 or so census form questions after the ONE required by the constitution – how many people live in this house?

I have been contemplating wearing an empty pistol holster on my hip to the mall or Lex jr's next school function to see what kind of reaction it gets. There are many other ways to screw with liberals in a peaceful way that makes them look like idiots, which isn’t a difficult task since they are in fact idiots.

Maybe its time we all take a page from Roy Costner IV and begin to push back with a modest bit of civil disobedience.

Oh and to the brain-dead government commie, fascist, jerk bastard at the NSA who is reading this:
Go eff yourself. I hope you choke on a chicken bone at lunch today. 

That'll show him.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Benghazi? Going...going...

There are legitimate reasons that no military operation was mounted to save the doomed mission in Benghazi on the night of 11 Sep. Among them are incompetence, cowardice and treason. Thankfully, most these traits were on display by civilians, but sadly the military’s hands are not clean either.

There are no legitimate reasons not know the truth at this point, even if it doesn’t make a difference to the pantsuited witch. But we will never know the true story of Benghazi because the main players are all retiring with fat government pensions or are being promoted to positions outside the reach of congress and the lapdog MSM is more interested in Moochy Moochele's arms than dead Americans.

I do not believe Susan Rice was lying when she went onto the Sunday shows. What she was doing was something different, and in many ways it was worse. She was handed talking points and instead of questioning them or calling Tripoli to get background she remained willfully ignorant.

It’s like waking up one morning and finding an unexplained $10,000 in your bank account. You know it’s not yours, but you make no inquiries to the bank about how the funds showed up. That’s called willful ignorance.

It’s all fun and games until the bank discovers the mistake and wants the money back. Then you are reduced to the impossible story that you had no idea that the 10 large that showed up over night without explanation wasn’t your money.

Susan Rice was handed such a line BS to repeat on 5 Sunday shows, that the odor of the “talking points” she was handed had to give her the sense of standing in a Chicago stockyard in the 30s.

But ever a loyal dupe of the anti-American LB administration, she saluted, closed her eyes and ears so as not have a thread of truth destroy the insane talking points and she went forth and repeated - what she had to know was BS - over, and over, and over, and over, and over again.

So technically she wasn’t lying in that she didn’t know the truth, and there was the 1 in 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 chance that line BS was in fact true. What she could not do and did not do is what the guy with 10K couldn’t do, pick up the phone and say, “Hey what do you know about X, Y and Z?”

We won’t get to bottom of this because Leon Panetta is gone. On this day after the anniversary of the Normandy Invasion I wonder if any reporter had the guts to ask Leon to reevaluate his comment about the “military not going into situations they are unsure of?” No. I doubt it.

We won’t get to the bottom of this because not a single survivor has yet to surface for an interview. You would think that the press would be outraged about not having access to these heroes to tell their stories.

After the Boston bombing, the press interviewed 100s of survivors. Benghazi? No, not one and not a word of protest from the MSM about where these people are.

Sadly the military will be of little or help. Busy defending gay marriage, women in combat, prosecuting/persecuting combat veterans for frat boy indiscretions committed in the heat of battle and prosecuting/persecuting a Master Sergeant for serving Chick-fil-A at his promotion ceremony, it is unlikely that any of wannnbe generals/admirals will lay their careers on the line to get at the truth. Look at what happened to Petraeus. Four dead Americans on my watch? That’s a small price to pay for another promotion and a plumb assignment. Besides if my wife finds out I had an affair with my driver, I’ll loose 1/3rd of my pension. Better to keep quiet and play ball.

Too bad there are not a few military men and MSM lapdogs with the courage of this young man.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

DNA swab fine, except in the hands of tyrants

The Nine Dopes in Robes (aka the Supreme Court) ruled that the cops can grab a DNA swab if you have been arrested for anything. Then they can use the swab to see if you’ve been involved in any other crimes. Fine. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Given the current state of things, I’d expect anyone with a Romney sticker on the back their car to be arrested on some trumped up charge, probably by the IRS, and a swab completed.

Things we were pretty sure of and took for granted a scant five years ago are in question today. If my 10 year old daughter is sick, I can get her on a donor list right? No. You can’t. If the HHS secretary doesn’t think the odds are good enough for her, she must die.

If I survive a tour in Iraq and come home, I’m an honored combat veteran right? No. You’re not. According to DHS, you are risk to the current administration and must be carefully watched.

Well phone records are certainly protected by the 4th Amendment right. No. They are not. They can be snatched up by the NSA or any branch of government for that matter and perused to see if you’ve been cavorting with any anti-LB types. If you have, expect a visit from the IRS.

Well if I’m sick I can still see my own doctor right. No. You can’t. If you’re sick, and in any way connected to any anti-LB group, have ever written a letter to the editor expressing even mild discontent with LB expect the HHS secretary to withhold Robertscare. Also, you’re a RAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST.

Well my 1st Amendment rights are certainly in tack right? No. They are not. If you make a movie no body has seen but can be used to explain away an LB administration foul up, even though it nothing what-so-ever to do with it, you’ll be blamed for the foul up. You will then be arrested in the middle of the night and jailed. If you exercise your 1st Amendment right to join a group that LB does not like, expect a visit from the IRS. If your son wears a t-shirt to school that has a picture of gun or even the word gun on it, he will be suspended.

Well at least we have the 2nd Amendment to protect ourselves and families from this tyrannical government. For now. But it’s only a matter of time before John Roberts decides that under certain provisions contained in Robertscare guns can be a worse risk to one’s health than smoking. As such Robertscare premiums for gun owners will be 10,000 times higher than for non-gun owners.

So a DNA swab may seem innocuous enough until put into the hands of tyrants.  But of course LB and the people running the various departemnts will not one thing about any of this.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Hiding the damage, why it works

So when we last left our wacky White House miscreants (post under), they had wrecked the pick up truck of state and backed it into the driveway so no one would notice. The lapdog media, whose job it is to do a walk around on the truck inspecting it up close for damage, then if there is damage, is to find out who was driving and how the damage occurred, is happy to sit 50 feet away admiring the paint job and publishing photoshopped pictures of the truck.

A little less than half the people in the Us of A have strolled up close to the truck and are aghast at its condition. When asked how the damage occurred, LB and his boys and girls give a collective shrug. Who knows? Not us. Maybe some low-lifes, uh make that low levels down in Cincinnati. Besides, what difference, at this point, does it make?  Bush probably did it though.

So those discovering the damage are jumping up and down shouting, “Hey! You gotta see this! Come look!” The lapdogs don’t even look up and careful to avert their eyes from her fat @$$, publish another story on how great Moochy Moochele’s arms look.

Not even the crowd of on lookers can be persuaded to take a look at the damage. Why is that? Well there’s the 30% of the people in the US of A are Demo-Dopes and proud members of the Royal Order of The Party First, The Party Now, The Party Forever. Nothing a Dope does can ever be condemned with a full throat and conviction. Better to blame it on Bush or come up with a minor countercharge. If a Dope gets caught in a murder charge, bring up the Republican caught j-walking.

Then there are the bought and paid for LB apologist. These are the army of LB free phone people. No self respect. No ambition. No brain. LB gave them a phone so LB is man. If he isn’t, they may lose their 15 free phones and actually have to look into a phone plan that they can afford – also know as a pay phone.

Then there is the record 10 million Americans on disability. I’m certain a good many need to be on disability. Pay them. I’m just as certain, given the numbers, that there is a hell of lot fraud. These people do not want to see what’s happening to the truck. If it is exposed, they may lose their free ride.

Then there is the record 50 million on food stamps. Same as disability, there are many in need of the program. There are probably just as many scamming the program. None of them want the public to know what mess a LB has made of the truck.

Last there is the 7+% on unemployment. None of them want the damage to the truck discovered until their 99 or soon to be 199 weeks of unemployment run out.

That’s where we are Mr. & Mrs. America. A compliant lapdog media, a party that would rather see the country sink into the abyss as long as they are pulling the lever of powers when it does, and about 47% of the people paid in some fashion by the government to keep them quiet waiting for their daily helping of gruel.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

LB administration like an old truck

My old truck has taken a beating. It has many scratches and dents the origins of which are a mystery. The only thing certain about any of them is that they are not my fault. When I asked innocently enough if anyone knew any thing about a new dent, the simultaneous answer was, "What dent? Why no, we don’t know ‘nuttin."

The truck is metaphor for the LB administration. There is a lot going on with the truck, not all of it good, but nobody seems to know anything about or even remember a single incident of the dozen or so scratches and dents. Besides, what difference, at this point, does it make? Was the dent due to a falling limb or negligence while backing? What difference does it make?

Going back to the Fast and Furious debacle this know-nothing administration has relied on ignorance and its own incompetence to escape scandal. In spite of a dead federal agent and a daily body count in Mexico that looks like a weekend Chicago, no one was fired for the hare-brained Fast in Furious plan. In fact, after it rather successfully managed to blame the whole thing on Bush, the DOJ idiots responsible for the program were reassigned and promoted.

The EPA has awarded several certificates to a make believe employee. The employee was the illegal creation of then EPA head Lisa Jackson. According to the National Review:

“The agency also documented the nonexistent Windsor’s completion of training courses in the management of e-mail records, cyber-security awareness, and what appears to be a counter-terror initiative that urges federal employees to report suspicious activity.”

You might recall that the EPA had to let one of its own go when he was recorded telling a group that he wanted to crucify oil companies. Hmmm, would that be the EPA equivalent of the IRS targeting conservative groups?

Currently there is a trifecta of scandal surrounding the LB administration. Every time congress calls a hearing to find out what the heck is going on, the only thing we learn is that no one in the administration knows anything about what is going on.  Ignorance and incompetence are the involved agencies only defense.
Four dead Americans in Benghazi, “Uh, I don’t know anything about that. Besides, what difference, at this point, does it make?” DOJ ordering wire taps on James Rosen, never heard of anything about anything like that, only the wad signed the warrant and then shopped the POS to three judges before he found one drunk enough to issue it. Collecting phone records from the AP, “Uh no I wasn’t in the loop that one.” IRS targeting certain groups of Americans, “Uh, no that was a low level thing taken on by the Cincinnati office and I wouldn’t know anything about it.”

I got particularly bad dent and scratch in the truck last week. It’s right over the left rear wheel. It’s ugly and no it wasn't my fault. In fact, I don't know a thing about how it got there.  I used to pull the truck into the drive. Now I back it in so I don’t have to see the particularly ugly mess that was mysteriously made of the left side. And that is the perfect metaphor for the American lapdog media. They know the LB administration is damaged, but they park it in such a way that as few people as possible notice the damage.

Monday, June 03, 2013

"Defeated" Church continues to administer sacrament as it has for 2,000 years

The ever liberal yahoo news ran this piece of crap about Rhode Island State Rep Frank Ferri “defeating the Catholic Church” on homosexual marriage. Defeated the Catholic Church? Ferrari was advocating the equivalent of taking the kids to McDonald’s for every meal. The Church was advocating a more balanced diet. The kids voted for McDonald’s. That’s not a defeat of the Catholic Church. That’s a defeat of common sense.

In high school the most shallow, self-centered, morons win the popularity contest. That’s all this is. I guarantee you the Church, like dad when jr. wrecks the car, is just shaking its head and moving on.

The church’s stand on marriage is simply that the term and meaning of “marriage” is not a creation of man. Marriage is a creation from God and is, was and always will be the firmest foundation for a family.

Ferrari’s bastardization of the term is no victory. It is another crack in the dam of moral certitude that keeps us safe from our most base instincts. As the term “marriage” is further bastardized by the Ferri’s of the world ironically, the ONLY marriages that will have any true meaning are church marriages. As such, the Catholic Church will continue to administer the sacrament in the manner in which it was intended to be administered. That’s a defeat?

Because now Ferri and others who support the charade of homosexual marriage are in the uncomfortable position of telling Bruce, Harlan, William, Paul and Steve that even though they “love each other” they can’t have a five-way marriage. Now, who is the bigot?

Once you go screwing with the original construct that worked for 5,000 years, you have a hard time drawing a new line. Why can’t Jim marry his sister? To paraphrase queen @$$bag herself, “What difference does it make?”

When we reach the point where most everyone agrees that we’ve stumbled into the absurd – maybe when Rex marries his dog – we’ll get the government out of marriage. Then to paraphrase her royal @$$baggedness again, what difference will it make? Harlan and Bruce will gain no government benefit form saying they are married. Then what difference does it make to them saying they are married? None.

However for couples married within the church, the term will still have profound meaning.

From the article:
"Noting that a church lobbyist would be pushing abortion-related legislation later that day, Ferri said the Catholic Church will always have some political influence in Rhode Island.

'They just picked the wrong battle this time. And I think it hurt them,' he said."

I don’t think the Church picks the battles. The battle is always taken to the Church. Because the church defends its position on social issues, it isn’t out picking fights. The mission of the Catholic Church is to spread the word of Jesus Christ. That’s it. So who picked the battle?