Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Failed Navy Secretary Ray Mabus adresses Naval Academy class of 2016

Mrs. Lex and I had a great Memorial Day weekend.  We visited Annapolis, MD home of the US Naval Academy.  There, we saw a friend’s daughter graduate with the USNA class of 2016.  The campus is a fantastic setting and drips with history.  The student body was inspiring.  With exception of the Navy Secretary’s speech the graduation ceremony was inspiring as well. 

This is your legacy Ray Mabus

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus is an idiot.  Apparently he has pushed deep into the recesses of his pathetically small mind the humiliation the US Navy suffered on his watch.  Two US Naval vessels were captured and detained by the Iranian Navy while Mabus worried about getting the first female graduate through the Marine Corps’ School of Infantry.    The picture above is your legacy bud:  US Navy Sailors kneeling with their hands behind their heads weeping before a third rate third world Iranian navy. 

Mabus spent a bit of time congratulating an outstanding class of 2016 Midshipmen.  But enough about the people Mabus came to celebrate.  He quickly turned his talk into a “look what a deep thinker and progressive I am” speech about how wonderful Ray Mabus is. 

To wit:  I got homosexuals to be able to serve openly.  I reduced the amount of fossil fuel being used by the Navy.  I increased the percentage of women attending the Naval Academy.  I opened all Navy occupations open to women as long as they can meet the standards, wink, wink. I got two naval vessels detained by the Iranians so the US could grovel before an enemy and in the end thank them for the humiliation less The Empty Suit’s BS Iranian deal fall through.

With the exception of a passing comment about a 300 ship navy there was nothing about increasing combat readiness.

After TES announced he wanted all military occupational specialties (MOSs) open to women, the Marine Corps conducted a study that demonstrated mixed sex units were far less combat ready than traditional units.  Like all lefty Libs, Mabus ignored the science that stood in the way of getting Marines and sailors killed on the battlefield so that he could be lefty Lib hero.  Mabus demanded that the Corps open all MOSs to women if they could meet the standards.   That standards stuff is total BS.  Anyone who thinks these azzbags are going to accept biology as a reason why women cannot be SEALs or Marine infantrymen is delusional.  Mabus has already ordered a review of the standards to insure that they necessary and appropriate.  Read that to mean, if it’s too tough for the girls, it isn’t necessary and appropriate.

Well good luck class of 2016.  You have a great many challenges.  While you face down America’s adversaries on the seas and distant shores, you’ll also have to watch your back from being attacked by the civilian douche bags running today’s navy who believe body bags are okay as long as the bodies occupying them are a diverse group.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

West wall needs reinforcing

Working on reinforcing the compound over an extended Memorial Day holiday.  See you Tues.

Trump: the uncommon, common man’s hero

Most people know that The Empty Suit’s extra constitutional bid to withhold funding to states who do not comply with his dictatorial edict to let anyone wander into whatever bathroom they feel like is total BS.  If Target wants to destroy their company with stupid policies fine, but the effing government ought not to get in the middle of common sense arguments –for obvious reasons. 

In the comments section of the article is THE answer to the bathroom dilemma.  Put a row of unisex porta potties in the parking lot of schools.  Problem solved.  The Empty Suit’s idiocy complied with, and in the process American ingenuity is proven to be superior to any pol’s attempts to screw us.

The article makes another good point.  When it comes to Global Warming, cooling, climate change, Global Climate Disruption, lefty Libs are always harping about “science” and labeling the common sense crowd science deniers.  So who is denying the science when it comes to what sex you are?  Who denies science when they see an ultrasound of a baby and insist it’s nothing more than an nonviable mass of tissue – which describes a human baby until about age 8 by the way.  Left unattended, they are nonviable.   

Here’s why Trump will win.  He’s going to hit Shrillda the Hutt right between the eyes with everything he has.  In a 16 second ad Trump destroys the Hutt’s credibility as an advocate for women.  He’ll take it straight at her in a way no career Rat establishment Republican ever would.  All of the Clinton’s trash is going to out on the table for everyone to see.

One Dope strategist predicted The Empty Suit would come to rescue the Hutt’s foundering campaign.  I’m not so sure.  If he does, he’ll become a legitimate target for Trump.  Trump will become the first ever Republican to take the fight to TES and expose the worthless affirmative action pass through know-nothing for what he is, a worthless affirmative action pass through know-nothing.  Rather than being exposed as a worthless affirmative action pass through know-nothing he may just want to sit it out and protect his fake image as a guy with half a brain.  Better to be thought of as a guy with half a brain than being exposed as a brainless idiot.

Monday, May 23, 2016

After 7 years it is The Empty Suit's economy, worst pope ever

The local fish wrap, the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette listed American household income as a “tossup” in their winners- tossups and losers article on Saturday.  The JG blamed the “Great Recession” for lagging household incomes.  It’s been 7 years since the recession ended.  So what is causing household income to lag seems to be a mystery to the editors at the JG.  Lex set them straight:

Does anyone at the JG ever bother reading your own copy?  No, they don’t.  Make it up. Print it and off we go.  Case in point:  “Tossups” in the Sat JG: Household finances “Seven years after the Great Recession ended, 75% of American would have at least ‘a little’ difficulty paying an unexpected $1,000 bill…”  How about: Seven years after failed Obama economic policy, which included an $831,000,000,000 stimulus package for “shovel ready” infrastructure projects, American household income has remained stagnate.  Pouring salt into the 831 billion dollar wound, now Obama claims we need to “invest” in repairing America’s crumbling infrastructure.

Huh?  What happened to the $831 billion stimulus package VP Joe Biden was instructed to take charge of and watch every single dollar?  Well you cannot blame Biden.  During the debate on the stimulus package, Biden predicted that there was a 30% chance they’d get it wrong.  With him in charge of it, the odds hit 99%.  So the $831 billion is gone with no tangible results to show for the money.  Household income remains stagnant after 7 years and the JG is still citing the “great recession” as the culprit.  That’s akin to blaming Paul Brown, who died in 1991, for the Bengals disastrous playoff game against Pittsburg last year. 

Any problem with household income or anything else with this economy should rest squarely on the narrow shoulders of Barak Obama.  

Dope Homer strikes again
Image result for pope homer

Unlike the overwhelming majority of moderate Muslim who cannot find a voice to condemn the face of their religion – Islamo-Terror-Fascists – either because they are afraid or deep down do not care about ITF atrocities or deeper down secretly support the terror campaign, Lex - a practicing Catholic  - regularly takes the “leadership” of his church to task on this page, in letters and by withdrawing his financial support.

Dope Homer is at it again.  While celebrating mass migration of ITF into Europe, Dope Homer is blaming the economy in Paris and Brussels for the ITF atrocities committed in those cities.  You cannot get any dumber or more callous than that.  Maybe this dope sees the handwriting on the wall in Europe and knows it’s just a matter of time before the ITF come for his own empty head and he’s hedging his bet.  He is the worst pope ever.

Not only that a Catholic group in Germany is advocating for co-locating Christians and mooooslim refugees in the same camps – even though the moooslims are regularly committing atrocities against the Christians under that arrangement.  No matter the German “Catholic group” demands that wolves not be separated from the sheep. 

I remain faithful to mission of my church to spread the gospel and Eucharist of Jesus Christ.  The leadership of the church on worldly events seems cowardly and out of touch.  That includes the pope and my own open borders hawking, climate change supporting bishop.

Friday, May 20, 2016

The face of Islam is exposed again, no Gen Petraeus I will not self-sensor

Update:  The dumbazz editor that does not know the difference between a sensor and being censored has been sacked. 

Let me be revolutionary again (“revolutionary” as noted below means to tell the truth).  Islam as currently constructed, is a murderous cult.  Quick General Petraeus, get thee to the fainting couch.  According to the general that truism could trigger a string of "religion of peace" bombings.  Therefore I should, as the general says, “self-sensor”. 

But then, Christians merely living their beliefs could trigger another string of "religion of peace" bombings.  If Petraeus could just get all of those preachers, priests, rabbis, ministers, reverend’s, monks etc. to be quiet least they incite the "religion of perpetual outrage" into demonstrating the azzbackward violent nature of the cult.  Also the homosexuals need to self-sensor, and feminists need to self-sensor, and historians who tell the truth about Islam need to self-sensor, and LGBTJCJVK:N”:KN activist need to self-sensor, and college students who support all manner of foolishness need to self-sensor, and news agencies need to self-sensor when reporting on the barbarity of the face of Islam, and anyone who thinks sharia is not compatible with free people should self-sensor.

It goes on and on.  We should all self-sensor.  Avoid telling the truth about what homicidal maniacs the face of Islam truly are.  According to Petraeus, we, like a child scared of the noises downstairs, should just pull the sheets up over our heads and hum the tune Tomorrow from Annie while the family is murdered in the living room instead dialing 911.

Dial 911.  Be revolutionary.  Tell the truth.  The face of Islam is a murderous cult.  The Empty Suit when it comes to mooooooslim is full of excrement.  There are way too few “moderate moooooolims” willing to stand up to the cult running their “religion”.

General Petraeus – go to hell.  I will not self-sensor.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Men in the women's room is a hill to die on if you're interested in preserving an American culture

Someone said, in troubled times, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.  Maybe it’s my own thought, but let’s face it, the sentiment expressed is way too advanced to be Lex’s.  Anyhoo, Target stores are being targeted with a semi-truck that shows up and parks in parking lots across the country.  The picture above is of the ad on the side of the truck. 

How in the name of Smedley Butler did we get here?  We had 30 something straight denials by of homosexual marriage at the state level by voters and homosexual marriage is the law of the land.  Now people with common sense are being told to ignore their inner gut feeling about the idea of letting anyone walk into whatever bathroom or high school locker room they chose. 

One ignorant dope is allowed to turn the entire country on its head over a miniscule percentage of the population for political reasons.  The Empty Suit whipped out his pen again and declared the he might deny federal funds to states that did not go along with the idea that predators should have equal access to the ladies room. 

I’d like to see a state like Texas challenge TES and the whole lefty lib world on this issue.  I’d like to see Gov Abbott tell TES to go to hell.  If TES wants to try to affect the amount federal funds going into TX – something he clearly lacks the constitutional authority to do – then Abbott can ask TX to boycott paying their federal Taxes.  Abbot could then call for a Convention of the States to reign in a worthless congress and a megalomaniac chief executive.

I think the ruling class a-holes in Caligula, D.C. understand only one thing – a threat to their power.  Once 25-30 states join the convention and vote to withhold tax revenue, TES and his ruling class bud might get the picture.
What ever happened to the idea of a Convention of States?  I joined a group supporting the idea, but have not heard a word from them.  I expect it was infiltrated by ruling class azzwipes who put the brakes on the idea.   It’s time to get serious about it again.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dope Homer and Petraeus kiss mooooslim azz

Image result for pope homer

According to Dope Homer, Christianity and Islam share the same idea – conquest.  Well in the sense that Jesus demanded the apostles leave the upper room and spread the gospel to the world, I suppose that Homer is correct.   In the sense that Christians share the face of Islam’s desire to slice off anyone’s head that may not want to join their BS religion trapped in the 12th century Doe Homer is full of bovine excrement.

So Christians are conquering by handing out Bibles to get into people’s heads while Islam is cutting off heads to spread Islam.  One is trying to conquer via love the other is trying to conquer via fear.  Dope Homer dwells on the goal and gives a pass to the means to the goal.  Hey we’re all trying to get ahead for our families right?  So one guy gets up at 6 every morning goes to work, takes a side job when he gets off and saves money.  Another guy smashes down his door while the family is out and steals everything the family owns and takes it for his own family, but hey they are essentially the same, right.   They both have the same goal looking out for their families.

But don’t point out the BS that the religion peace is full of.  Instead “self-sensor” lest telling the truth about a religion whose face is a murderous cult of zealots makes the murderous cult go on another rampage killing everything in its path refusing to accept their azzbackward way of thinking.  Self-sensor about “moderate mooooooslims” refusing to rise up to quash “tiny minority” of Mooooooslims giving the religion a bad name lest they show up your cartoon drawing contest to kill everyone. 

Self-sensor is what an American former Army general wants Americans to do.  Disgraced former general David Petraeus – in what seems to be an audition to be Shrillda the Hutt’s VP – tells Americans to self-sensor in an effort assuage the feelings of the azzbag murders practicing the religion of perpetual outrage, also known as the “religion of peace” particularly after its practitioners commit another string gruesome murders.

Hey Dave! F**k off.  How about you “self-senor” and just STFU and go away.  Or better yet just tell the truth about the face of Islam.  It is a political movement of crude, ignorant, homicidal maniacs that would cut your head off in half a heartbeat.  You and  Dope Homer should just hop on your glad machine and head over to Neverland and let people with a shred of commonsense give the face of Islam what it deserves a god old fashion lethal azz kicking.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Trump benefits from being on both Dope and Rat establishment Republican enemy's list

A couple of Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon mates showed up on Hannity last night to endorse Donald Trump.  Bergdahl, you might recall, is the deserting traitor that The Empty Suit traded 5 high level Taliban leaders for.  5 high level commander for the walking talking POS that is Bergdahl.  Come to think of it, maybe that’s why TES did made the trade.  TES is a walking talking POS as well.  Forget about petty thug Treyvon Martin, if half black TES had a son, he’d look like Bergdahl – an anti-American, deserting, traitorous, POS.  So what trade wouldn’t you make o get your son back?  TES’s trade was a kin to the 1927 Yankees trading Ruth, Gehrig, Combs, Meusel and Hoyt for a minor league utility infielder.  It made less than zero sense.

During the interview Cody Full, Bergdahl’s former roommate, dropped this truism:
The reason I’m voting for Donald Trump is because Hillary Clinton came out and told the mothers and widows of the Benghazi victims that their sons were killed over a video. Well, when those same mothers and widows came out and said that’s what Hillary told them, she proceeded to call them a liar. If a person is willing to call a Gold Star Mother or Widow a liar, there is NO LIE she will not tell the American public.

Is there a campaign ad in there somewhere?  I believe that there is.  Other Rat establishment Republican candidates wouldn’t touch it.  Trump will use it to devastating effect. 

That may be another reason that Trump has run away with the popular vote among Republican primary voters.  If you hit him, he is willing to hit back 10 times, 10 times as hard. We’ve watched the country circling the drain for the last 7 years and nary single ReR seems to be all that upset with the course we’re on.  They have attacked Trump more vigorously over the last few months than they ever went after TES or Shrillda the Hutt.  So Trump is in the enviable position of having both the major parties trying to take him out.  Weird huh?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Trump's taxes, illegal immigration, refuges

Trump gives correct answer on taxes 
A better answer would have been:  “F**k off George.  It’s none of your or anyone else’s Effing business.  I will tell you this.  I made a lot of money.  I paid as little of it as possible in taxes to a wasteful bloated federal government run by BS artists like you who use taxpayer money to buy votes.  If I could have gotten my tax rate to 1%, I’d have done it.  I’m going to lower taxes for all hard working Americans.  That part about ‘hard working’ would, of course, exclude hacks like you who have for so many years sustained themselves breathing the rarefied air found only when your head is planted well up inside the Clinton’s azzes.”

Dopes demand The Empty Suit stop deporting illegal aliens in an election year

Americans cheered the raising of the American flag on Mt. Suribachi

Americans sit quietly by while illiterate cheap labor  raise the Mexican flag in America 
Ungrateful fools want to turn America into the same kind of $h!thole they escaped

If you need more proof what the Dope plan for immigration is really all about, read this.  Spoiler alert!  It’s about votes.  The biggest war bond drive during WWII was spurred on by Joe Rosenthal’s iconic photo of the Marines raising the flag on Mt. Suribachi.  Americans cheered and gave to the war fund until it hurt.  Today Mexicans go around hoisting some rag from a $h!thole country that they ran from as fast as they.  The Dopes embrace the azzbackward thinking of people who want to turn America into the $h!thole that people flee.  Others stand quietly by while the Mexican rag is flung around the US like it’s a symbol of something other than total government corruption, human trafficking and drug cartels.  One school banned American flag t-shirts on Cinco de Mayo.  Now remind me again why #NEVERTRUMP.  The reason we stand idly by while $h!ts – Mexican and American alike – allow the country to be overrun with cheap uneducated labor, is because no one wants to be called a racist. 

Enter Donald Trump who says he will end the madness by kicking them all out and building a wall to keep them out.   No one can call you a racist in the secrecy of the voting booth. 

London's Mooooslim Mayor warns of attacks if US does not take more refugees
That headline reads like blackmail, but so does The Empty Suit’s bathroom threat.  It seems to me either way there will be more attacks.  In 1803, when America had a backbone, there was a crisis with Barbary pirates who were taking US ships and demanding “tribute” i.e. ransom for the crews.  In the midst of that crisis America adopted a rallying cry – millions for defense not cent in tribute.  Now Iran can snatch two American vessels and the azzbag SecState, America’s last Cambodian War hero, thanks them for “assisting the crew.” 

So London Mooooooslim mayor make a thinly vailed threat to America about letting more refugees into the country and theirs is so little outrage you’d think the guy had admitted, in its current form, the face of Islam is a BS religion being run murderous creeps and a way too silent majority who either condone it or are too afraid to make so much as a peep about it for fear of a fatwa coming down on their heads.  Now remind me again why #NEVERTRUMP.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Screw Pauly Walnuts. George Washington endorses Trump

As George Washington used to say, “If the establishment f**ks in both parties are trying to destroy the same guy, you should probably vote for him.”  GW never said that.  One of the plethora of colorful GySgts that populate the Marine Corps like red jackets on a cool day on the campus of The OSU used to use made up GW quote as vehicle for proposing things outside the norm.  

Like, “Well sir it’s Friday.  As George Washington used to say, ‘Let’s knock off early and go have a beer.’”  Which would be followed by 30 minutes of discussion about when and where exactly George Washington uttered the truism.  Which would lead to knocking off early to go have a beer.  Waaaait a minute.  Now I see what the Gunny was pulling on me.

Well George Washington might not have uttered the truism about a person both parties loath, but a more accurate truism never there was.  (That’s just how it came out.  I don’t know why.  Yoda must have invaded my subconscious.)  Anyhoo, both Rat establishment Republicans and Demo-Dopes are becoming unhinged at the idea of a President Trump.  So, he must be the guy.

Both parties warn that Trump lacks "experience" to be president.  What that kind of stupidity indicates is that it requires experience to run a country 19 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT.  I swear you could give any family in America a government credit card with no limit and accomplish more for the country and spend less than the “experienced” politicians have done over the last 50 years.

How much do really have to know about anything if your solution to every problem or perceived problem is to simply allocate billions of dollars to study it?  Racism in America?  Well let’s give everyone who feels aggrieved a free cell phone, food stamps for life, free housing, we’ll put them first in line for college admittance irrespective of their academic qualifications, we’ll give them free wi-fi, wi-fi is useless unless you have a top of the line laptop so we’ll get them one of those and to the extent that they exist, we’ll put them first in line for all of the no show mid-level management positions.   And if that does not work, we’ll simply pay them off in the form of welfare payments.  After all, that’s a small price to pay for racial comity.  And if it doesn’t work, we’ll throw some more money at the “problem”. 

Prediction:  Before the election, the Dopes will try to buy the black vote again with talk of reparations.  Notice I say talk.  They will never do anything to actually address race relation.  They need the grievance to continue in perpetuity for political reasons.  

So what the establishment pols in both parties are telling us is that Trump doesn’t know how to waste your money as quickly and foolishly as they do.  Case in point, Robertscare.  Nothing has turned out to be more expensive than “free healthcare”.  The Empty Suit actually pats himself on the back for providing millions of Americans with healthcare policies with premiums and deductibles so expensive that they cannot afford to use them.  Your federal government hard at work.  So incompetent they cannot even give something away.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Vincente Fox warns of war
 A former Mexican El Presidente giving America the finger is sure to appeal Shrillda the Hutt and other anti-American Dopes.  Thanks for boosting Trump you POS.

Hey a war against Mexico is a win win win.  The LGBTHCJFCVLJKHB  PC obsessed
US military could probably rack up an easy win against Mexico – unless the drug cartels come out for the Mexican military.  After Mexico surrenders in 20 minutes they would demand to be annexed by America.  No more illegal aliens.  No more risky border travel.  They are - presto - just Americans.   Of course they’d all vote Dope and the corruptocrats who have made Mexico the $h!thole that it is would remain in charge.

Trump has lucked out again by having this clueless a-hole as an enemy.

The Mittster demands that Trump make the same mistakes that he did
Mitt Romney, playing the role of Harry the roach Reid, has demanded that Trump release his tax returns - that not doing so is “disqualifying”.  So if Trump does not cower like Mitt did in the face of a lying douche – Harry the roach Reid – he’s disqualified?  The really priceless part of this is the Mittster demanding Trump release his tax returns.  That is sort of like Pete Carroll demanding NFL coaches ignore their sledgehammer running backs and be forced to throw a short pass over the middle when inside the one yard line for a Super Bowl win.

The pat answer for Trump, of course, is to say “if a loser like you did it, I won’t.”

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I had Fox News on last night.  I wasn’t watching I swear, but I confess it was on during the self-imposed boycott.  I caught a shouting match between Tucker Carlson and Steven Hayes.  During the tiff, Hayes referred to Donald Trump as “this orange guy”. 

Hayes can be counted among the Rat establishment Republican f**k America crowd who would rather hand Shrillda the Hutt a pistol and allow her to administer the coup de grace to America while huffing about “principle”.  Better no America at all than allowing America get her feet back under her under Trump.   

For Hayes, Ryan, the Bush family, et al, those pesky voters are rubes to be used for ReR f**k’s own purposes.  When Trump talks about a wall and the people come out in droves to vote for it, Ryan, Hayes and their azzbag $h!ts, gets his shorts in a wad.  They want to continue to do nothing, because it’s easy.   

What is infuriating to me is that these are the exact same azzbags who talk about expanding the party.  Trump comes along and expands the party into Dope strongholds with talk of making America first and he is lambasted by the ReR Party for not being conservative enough.  The same ReR Party azzwipes who backed John McCain are now worried about conservativism with Trump.  YGBSM.  No. It’s true.

I’m a one issue voter this cycle.  If immigration is not brought under control nothing else will matter in the long run.  So, Trump it is.

Lex defeats Ft. Wayne annexation…for now
Ft. Wayne’s Mayor Henry was crushed in last night’s annexation vote.  It failed 7-2.  Henry was incredulous after being beaten like a rented mule and channeling his inner Bluto from the Movie Animal House - who comically asked, “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pear harbor?”  - promised the annexation plan wasn’t dead and promised to “continue the [annexation] discussion into the summer”. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Trump does not not need to change tone to get #NEVERTRUMP f**k America crowd, Annexation, it was one against 22 thousand

The Dopes and Rats who said Donald Trump could never win the Republican nomination are assuring us that Donald Trump’s attacks on Shrillda the Hutt will fail.  While pointing out that Trump is “upside down” with women, they insist pointing out the Hutt’s own miserable 30 year record with women is not smart.  I think if all the talking heads who were wrong and fabulously so think Trump’s tactic is “dangerous” it has to be spot on. 

After the very first debate – you remember the one where every candidate except Trump raised their hand and vowed to support the nominee (more on that later) -  Charles Krauthammer said the one take away from the debate was that the Trump campaign was over.  Now after Trump has all but secured the Republican nomination, CK tells us Trump’s campaign needs a new tone and the attacks on the Hutt will backfire.  Well low and behold, new polls show Trump even with the Hutt in FL and PA and leading it in OH.   

I watched a panel of the Trump primary bashers with absolutely no self-awareness again assuring us that Trump has to bend over backward change his persona to bring the #NEVERTRUMP traitors pack on board.  Uh no he doesn’t.  These exact same azzbags must have missed the WV coal miners’ endorsement criticize.  How many #NEVERTRUMP f**k America $h!ts does that cancel out?

The first Republican debate demonstrated that Trump was honest and JEB!, Gramnesty and others are not.  After standing in front of America and raising their hands promising to support the Republican nominee are now raising their hands to give the finger to America.  They refuse to ride the Trump tiger and Trump has called them dishonorable.  He is of course absolutely right.  There’s video proof of their lies and dishonor.
Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.  There’s been another attack in Europe by the religion of peace – or is it pieces?  #NEVERTRUMP azzbag are aligned with these anarchists, communist, seditionists and otherwise clueless PsOS.  So, whose side are you on?

Lex battles Annexation
Lex responded to an OpEd piece by a Ft. Wayne City Councilman who claimed to have an open mind about annexation and “remains persuadable either way”.  Here’s 

Lex’s response:

I read with interest John Crawford’s opinion piece in Sunday’s JG.  Crawford assures readers that he “remains persuadable either way” on the issue of the North 4
Annexation.  How very big of Crawford to keep an open mind on the fate of 22,000 people not a single one of which he legitimately represents.  Crawford may be that benevolent dictator we’ve all been waiting for.

In what world do 5 councilmen and a mayor get to turn the lives of 22,000 people upside down when none of the 22,000 had an opportunity to vote for any of the councilmen or the mayor?  The Lorax speaks for the trees.  Who on the Ft. Wayne City Council speaks for the 22,000 unrepresented people who live in the North 4 area and overwhelmingly oppose annexation?

Even Ft. Wayne public school grads know this nation engaged in a great Revolutionary War over such issues.  Perhaps they could remind their overlords on the City Council.

For the current citizens of Ft. Wayne who favor annexation, because misery loves company, think again.  Whatever you think of your city services now, imagine them spread over another 22,000 people and 23 square miles.  

Americans can no longer stand large portions of their government in part because it is populated by career politicians who are about as popular as an undertaker making the rounds at the old folk’s home.  Career politicians are small people who compensate for their smallness with huge egos, impenetrable hubris and unbound arrogance.

The fact that Ft. Wayne cannot grow based upon the merits of being a “well-managed city” people want to join but rather must resort to strong armed mob style coercion is a testament to unimaginative career city politicians.  They’d rather push the easy way out rather than doing the difficult work of enticing people into the existing city limits.
End of letter.

Well, well, well it turns out that the chief proponent of the annexation, Ft. Wayne Mayor Tom had an OpEd on the same page.  It’s here.

Lex responded with a letter to Mayor Henry.  In retrospect, I could have stopped after the first paragraph, but what the heck, I was on a roll.

Mayor Henry your Sunday OpEd was so comical and self-defeating it left me shaking my head.  I wrote a letter to the editor opposing you harebrained annexation scheme and in it described career politicians generally as, “small people who compensate for their smallness with huge egos, impenetrable hubris and unbound arrogance.”  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you for proving my point on the very same page on the very same day.

You cannot be serious.  You hail Ft. Wayne as a “best run city” but lament outmigration.  How in the world do you reconcile those two polar opposites?  Is it your ego, hubris or arrogance?  Did it ever cross your mind that if Ft. Wayne truly was a “best run city” people wouldn’t be leaving? 

If Ft. Wayne has “the type of swagger that has not been here in years”, why aren’t people chomping at the bit to get in?  Is that swagger present in the Ft. Wayne’s failing high school system?  I don’t see the swagger when I peruse the Saturday morning JG Metro section.  What keeps you from seeing that adding another 23 square miles of patrol area for metro police is not going to make an already crime ridden Ft. Wayne any safer?  Is it your ego, hubris or arrogance?  Or is your plan to simply not patrol the annexed area?

I contend that Ft. Wayne’s future growth is more closely hinged to the quality of its school system and the safety of its citizens than any amount square mileage you and the other megalomaniacs on council can conceive of adding to the city limits.  What keeps you from addressing the problems right under your noses instead of looking to add a bank of entirely new problems that are sure to arrive with annexation?  Is it your ego, hubris or arrogance?

While I’m sure there are people inside the North IV Annexation area using city services, I’m also sure that they paying for them.  Your argument about people coming into the city to eat is self-defeating.  On the one hand you say the city needs to grow to become a “destination city” then you ridicule people who use the roads to come into the city to eat but do not want to become residences of the city.  So do you want people to come to the city or not?  Get with the chamber of commerce and come up with an ad campaign for your backward thinking.  Here’s one:  Ft. Wayne where if you come to eat we’ll have the right to annex you.  Or:  Fort Wayne a destination city for people who want to be annexed.

You write, “all of us must grow and compete as places where residents want to live, work, and play, and businesses want to invest.” Why have you - as 30+ year politician in Ft. Wayne - been unable to do that?  Lack of imagination?  Low energy?  What?  What makes you think exporting your failed policies to annexed areas will help you achieve your vision?  Is it your ego, hubris or arrogance?  And please do not keep saying a place “where residences want to live”.  What keeps you from understanding the overwhelming majority of the people within the North IV Annexation area DO NOT WANT TO LIVE INSIDE THE FORT WAYNE CITY LIMITS?  Is it your ego, hubris or arrogance?

You claim, “In a globally competitive economy, we can’t simply stand by and let others dictate what the future holds for us.”  Huh?  Mr. Mayor, we are not “others”.  We are not some unknown people complaining from some corner of Botswana.  We are the people who live here, raise our families here and work here.  That remark demonstrates an arrogance usually reserved for dictators or football coaches during a halftime speech when trailing by 7 touchdowns - not anyone seeking comity.  You should write a 10,000 word essay apologizing for that foolish arrogance.

I want to end by saying, go to hell.  Seriously, just go to hell.  That’s how I want to end, but I won’t.  That would be rude, akin to referring to my family as “others”.  So, good day Mr. Mayor.  Your annexation plan is foolish, disruptive and will cause a plethora of problems many of which are unknowable at this point.  There is not one shred of evidence to indicate that you and the council are up to the task of handling any of them.

Monday, May 09, 2016

Pauly Walnuts about to find out what happens when you do not Ride the Trump Tiger

The saying in air these days is “get on the Trump train.”  I prefer my own “ride the Trump tiger.”  Scan down a 5-6 posts for the historical meaning if you’re not a regular reader.  Trains run in a series with regular stops for passengers to “get on” but also to “get off”.  If you miss the train, hold your ground, another will be along soon enough.  Let’s face it, if you’re riding the train you’re not really in a hurry anyway.

Ride the tiger has a totally different meaning.  If you don’t ride the tiger or get off the tiger there are consequences.  The tiger eats you.  Pauly Walnuts didn’t want to ride the Trump tiger.  What could possibly happen to the sitting Rat establishment Republican Speaker of the House who refuses to back the Republican nominee?  Well, Lex Proposed Trump rolling into WI with his 757 and holding one of those airport rallies for Walnuts’ primary opponent.  It turns out that Trump must be of the opinion that a piss ant like Walnuts isn’t worth his time or jet fuel. Instead Trump said, well maybe I won’t have Walnuts be the chairman of the convention.  Then Sarah Palin announced that she’d lead an effort to “Cantor” Walnuts.  That's a reference to Eric Cantor – former ReR Leader in the house – who lost his primary bid last election cycle.

So Walnuts didn’t just miss a train and was left on the platform for the next run.  He’s not riding the Trump tiger and might just be eaten by it.  Good riddance Pauly whatever the Dopes want the Dopes shall have Walnuts.  We hardly knew thee, but then we knew thee well enough to know that thee are a worthless Dope in ReR clothing.


Unbelieveable not believeable totally made up headline

I saw this headline:  White House’s lies on Iran deal is humiliating for Chuck Schumer and thought to myself, “No it isn’t.”  How can you shame or humiliate Chuckles Schumer?  Like most stupid animals, Chuckles Schumer has no self-awareness.  Therefore it is impossible to shame him, humiliate him or convince him it is not necessary to knock people down when running toward the nearest TV camera.  Dopes as a class are shameless self-serving double d-bags more interested in dividing the country sufficiently enough to get one more vote than there opponents.

Friday, May 06, 2016

Rat establishment Republican Speaker of the House trashes Republican nominee, what's new?

Finally, Pauly Walnuts has found his spine and is standing up to someone.  The Empty Suit?  Oh hell no.  The little weasel has no spine for that.  He cannot be seen standing up to the leader of the opposition party.  When it comes to that Pauly wears a diaper bends over, grabs his ankles and asks TES, “Please sir, may I have another?”  Stand up to the media?  Oh hell no.  He only fakes being a conservative during election time in his own district.  Stand up to Pelosi?  No he’s still getting her coffee, picking up her laundry, taking out her trash and all other tasks assigned to man servants.   

After clearing the field of 16 highly qualified Republican candidates, beating them like various drums, rented mules and rugs, Pauly finally finds his spine when it comes to trashing his own party’s nominee for president.  Wow that is a man of true courage.  No doubt when the Islamo-Terror-Fascists he insists on letting walk across our southern border, storm his office, ready to slit his throat, he’ll immediately convert to Islam and blame Christians for all the world’s problems.  Why is it that every one of these Rat establishment Republicans are more comfortable taking on and trashing their own party than the Dopes?

Pauly Walnuts gave us the omnibus spending bill that gave The Empty Suit everything that he wanted.  If TES had wanted the first born of every family, Pauly would have passed the legislation.  He’s a weak pain in the azz.  If you doubt that, watch the Biden debate. 

If Pauly doesn’t backtrack turn tail and run – as usual - Trump should fly his 757 into WI and very publicly dump the maximum campaign contribution allowed on Pauly Walnuts’ opponent at one of those massive rallies over the weekend.  The ONLY thing these ruling class a-holes understand is power.  If someone threatens that power, they’ll prostitute themselves to hang on to it.  Eff Pauly.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Kasich quits just as his campaign was picking up steam

Someone has finally gotten to John Kasich.  Yesterday he finally, finally, finally dropped his bid to become the Republican nominee for President of the United States.  His supporters were devastated.  So close.  So very, very close and now it’s all over.  It reminded me of The OSU Vs. ishigan game when Meatchicken scored in the last minute and ishigan Coach Brady Hoke passed up the chance for overtime and went for the two point conversion.  It failed.  So close. Actually, Kasich’s campaign was more like The OSU’s blow out of WI in the Big 10 championship game two years ago.  Kasich playing the role of WI, of course.  The bad news, I suppose, is that Ohio can now claim it is being run by a delusional, narcissist again.

Rat establishment Republican dead enders are sticking with their #NEVERTRUMP idiocy.  One reason they cite is that Trump is not qualified and lacks the experience to be president.  Well doesn't that then presuppose that if what we have experienced to date are qualified people who do have the experience, that they have then purposefully destroyed the country??

What lefty Lib destruction of America will end with
Several posts under, Lex linked to an article about what it would be like when the ruling class azzwipes destroy one American  institution after another.  You can read this or study the picture to get an idea.   

Now keep in mind the DoJ has just declared that NC’s bathroom law violates federal Civil Rights Law.  Huh?  Who knew you had a “civil right” to violate another person’s privacy.  I though personal privacy was the invisible hinge upon which Roe v Wade swung.  So let’s recap.  The right to kill a baby just up to birth is clearly there in the US Constitution under the privacy clause.  What?  There is no privacy clause.  YGBSM.  So anyway, in lefty Lib world privacy covers killing a baby but you do not have an expectation of reasonable privacy when you enter a public bathroom.  What were we talking about? Oh yeah, destruction of American institutions.  So.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Thoughts on Trump's big night

First, what Trump accomplished with less money, less organization and no political experience is remarkable.  When The Empty Suit was asked what his qualifications to be president were, he cited his ability to run a political campaign.  If running a campaign is a qualification to be president, Trump just trumped TES in spades.  Trump's political stunner compared to TES's is like comparing General Patton to Gomer Pyle.

In Indiana, Shrillda the Hutt got Berned again last night.  Maybe Rush Limbaugh will start another Operation Chaos and organize Republican voters to get to the polls and vote Bernie where possible.  Actually, it looks pretty good for Bernie in several states without Limbaugh’s help.  She is an incredibly weak candidate.  Trump will beat her like a drum and in the process expose all of the Clinton's crooked dealings. 

Ted Cruz is out.  John Kasich, whose campaign is so short of cash that he has apparently taken to cutting his own hair, who still has less delegates than Marco Rubio who dropped out on March, is still running.  YGBSM!  No, sadly I’m not.  Kasich is like a guy in rowboat with a fly rod fishing for Moby Dick in the compound’s small pond.  There’s less than zero chance he’ll catch anything big enough to eat and if he did, he wouldn’t know to do with it.  Maybe Buckeyes should start a recall campaign to get their governor to come home and start doing the job he was elected to do.  

I could not believe my ears.  Last night after Fox News called Indiana for the Donald ½ nanosecond after the polls closed, the exact same talking d-bags who gave Trump no chance at the Republican nomination were telling Trump what he needed to do to unite the party.  Trump says he doesn’t need the Rat establishment Republican Party.  My money on this one is on Trump. 

After trump secured the nomination, all manner of sore loser took to the airwaves to announce they would remain #NEVERTRUMP.  As Trump said at his rally in Ft. Wayne, I couldn’t care less if they endorse me.  I think he means it.  The ReR has so alienated their base that it came out for Trump in droves.  They were more energetic, more committed and more vocal – not so much FOR Trump although that was a part but rather AGAINST ReRs who have screwed them repeatedly over last 20 years.  The ReRs started their meme “Trump’s not a conservative” when the Donald hit about 8% in the polls.  They have continued it right through last night’s coverage.  It’s as if they think telling us for the 12 millionth time that Trump is not a conservative, it’ll finally sink in after the first 11,999,999 failed.  I cannot speak for anyone but myself, I know he’s not a traditional conservative.  I think he’s conservative enough for where we are.

The #NEVERTRUMP ReR a-holes like George Will - who actually encouraged the RNC to work against their candidate to lose all 50 (or is it 57) states - prove once and for all that ruling class swells are more interested in maintaining their political influence than they are about saving America from its great slide over the last decade.  They do not care if the ship sinks as long as crew keeps the riff raff out of the 1st class dining room while it goes down.  It proves what Lex has opined for a long time, ReRs and Dopes are two sides of the same coin or as Pat Buchanan put it, opposite wings of the same bird.  They take the bird to the exact same place.

Here's a Trump story that will soften even the hardest #NEVERTRUMPster's heart.   

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Trump garners 100% of Lex exit poll vote

I’ve already voted for Donald J. Trump.  So he’s up one vote in my unofficial exit poll.   I’m confident it’s a vote for the future of America.  Cruz cannot win.  I’m not 100% sure about much about Trump.  I am sure he’d be 1,000% better than Shrillda the Hutt.  I’m sure he’ll take the battle straight at the Hutt, her predator old man and their army hatchet men in ways other Rat establishment Republicans do not have the stomach for.   I’m sure he’ll dismantle Robertscare.  I’m sure he’ll ax TPP.  I’m sure he’ll push for a sensible immigration policy.  I’m sure he’ll respect the military.  I’m sure he’ll push for a flatter fairer tax code.  That’s good enough for now after 8 years of disgrace.  I’m also sure he’ll be different once in office than he is on the campaign trail, and that’s what bothers me most. 

Monday, May 02, 2016

Trump storms Ft. Wayne

Ft. Wayne’s War Memorial Coliseum had a record crowd and was packed (12,500 plus) to the rafters yesterday for a Donald Trump rally.  You can read about it here.  While the JG gushed over nearly a 1,000 people showing up for a Ted the tool Cruz rally held downtown, they waited until nearly the end of the story to mention the capacity crowd at the Coliseum for Trump.

Among the masses were Mrs. Lex and I.  For some unknown reason, we were ushered to the front by one of Trump’s campaign guys.  If you open the link, Mrs. Lex is standing right next to the kid in the second picture.  We were so close we could have pull tested The Donald’s hair.  We did get two Trump posters signed.  Bidding ends on EBay in 20 minutes for the unrecognizable unreadable signatures. 

Fate is hunter.  After a back and forth on when to depart for the rally scheduled to begin at 4 pm, we settled on 1:30.  We stopped for a McD’s sack lunch and were off again.  We were well on our way when we discovered we had left the tickets on the kitchen counter.  So we turned around to retrieve them.  When we arrived at the Coliseum we parked in the back so we could get a parking spot on the end to make egress easier.  That’s when Mrs. Lex informed me we would be leaving early to beat the rush.  When we got inside and given a choice of - floor standing - or - arena seated -, Mrs. Lex informed she didn’t want to stand through the whole thing on the floor of the Coliseum and preferred to sit.  I said, “well let’s just walk in and see what it’s like.”  That’s when we were scooped up and routed to the front of the crowd.   We stood and stayed well past the very end.

The event kicked off right on schedule.  It was a really good time with a very diverse crowd of Trumpites.  No protesters disrupted the event inside the Coliseum.  With 12,500 plus inside, the JG did devote a picture to the 10-15 protesters circling the Coliseum outside.  We saw that group of sad sacks on the way in.  Pathetic.  
The speech itself was okay, pretty much boilerplate with a few Indiana stats thrown in for local flavor.  The guy used a cheat sheet to get the stats out correctly and to accurately quote Mrs. Cruz who admitted her old man was immigrant, to which Trump said, “That’s what I’ve been saying.”   Other than that he was pretty much stream of consciousness.  At one point he was talking about Bobby Knight’s endorsement and got off on a tangent.  He went on for quite a while so I thought he’d forgotten about Knight.  Far down the road he sort of seamlessly picks up the Knight story up where he left off.  I thought to myself WOW.

These things have to be very grueling for the candidate.  Trump makes three stops today.  I got the sense that Trump is a genuine guy.  A bit unorthodox, a bit rough around the edges but a guy who truly cares about people and the country.  As he was working the rope line, the secret service tried to get him out.  He looked down the line, shrugged and motioned that he’d continue to the end.  That’s about when he had a word with Mrs. Lex while signing her poster.  The crowd and atmosphere were still very high energy for Mr. Trump and being so close to the candidate made a good fun afternoon.

Ted the Tool Cruz gave birth to TPP because it was in his wife’s best interest
During the debates and the long back and forths on this issue, I was under the impression that Ted Cruz backed something that in the legislative process then changed, causing Cruz to change his opinion.  This article shines a very bright light on the tool’s shenanigans, his key role in birthing TPP, the total worthlessness of double dealing Speaker of the House Pauly Walnuts and a payola scheme in talk radio. 

Once again Trump got it right.  Once again Trump’s candidacy is shining light into places Ruling Class a-holes and party swells do not want it shined.