Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Trump garners 100% of Lex exit poll vote

I’ve already voted for Donald J. Trump.  So he’s up one vote in my unofficial exit poll.   I’m confident it’s a vote for the future of America.  Cruz cannot win.  I’m not 100% sure about much about Trump.  I am sure he’d be 1,000% better than Shrillda the Hutt.  I’m sure he’ll take the battle straight at the Hutt, her predator old man and their army hatchet men in ways other Rat establishment Republicans do not have the stomach for.   I’m sure he’ll dismantle Robertscare.  I’m sure he’ll ax TPP.  I’m sure he’ll push for a sensible immigration policy.  I’m sure he’ll respect the military.  I’m sure he’ll push for a flatter fairer tax code.  That’s good enough for now after 8 years of disgrace.  I’m also sure he’ll be different once in office than he is on the campaign trail, and that’s what bothers me most. 

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