Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trump running well ahead of the quadriplegic press and Dopes trying to catch him

One of the tricks in a good movie chase scene, particularly a comedy, is the car being chased dumping things on to the road in front of the car chasing it.  One of 007’s cars had a deployable oil slick.  The Bowery Boys would dump bubble bath in front of the bad guys to the same end.  On Saturday mornings Dick Dastardly and his sidekick Muttly could be counted on to dump everything from marbles to coconuts on the road in a vain effort to win a Wacky Race.  Crooks distracted Springfield Police Chief Clancy Wiggum by pitching a doughnut in front of his cruiser.  All good stuff.  HEY!  I’m the one in my PJ’s cobbling this post together this morning.  If I say it’s “all good stuff”.  It is all-good-stuff dang it!

So Donald Trump is running ahead of Chief AzzClown Chuckles Scummer and the MSM.  Every time they close the gap on Trump, he pitches something in front of him.  Trump has pitched cabinet picks Sessions, Tillerson, Devos, Pruitt, Price etc., crowd size non-issues, a voter fraud investigation, stopping TPP, three executive orders a day including an immigration ban, pipeline startups, last might he fired the acting AG, today he announces his Supreme Court pick, the result is Chuckles and the MSM having to make a half dozen whip saw adjustments to their message everyday thwarting their efforts to run Trump down.  Trump is like Usain Bolt running a 100 yard dash while Chuckles and his merry band of azzclowns are Harpo Marx trying to catch him running the 110 hurdles in Harpo’s signature raincoat.   

Trump is sooo far inside Chuckles and the MSM’s OODA Loop on nearly everything he is actually standing still watching them race in ever widening circles around him.  A reverse Coriolis swirl if you will.   

Chuckles and the Dopes – Sung to the tune of Benny and the Jets – are like a blind kid trying to play Whack-a-Mole.  By the time the MSM shouts “UPPER LEFT” and the kid –Chuckles - swings, Trump is long gone.  So today Trump will pop up at 8 pm to announce his Supreme Court nomination.  The MSM will shout “CENTER LEFT”, but by the time Chuckles swings, Trump will pop up in a new spot announcing he’s pulling out of the Paris climate accord.  Now if you think you’ve seen Dope meltdowns to this point, wait until Trump tells us he’s dumping the stupid Paris climate agreement.  Oh the humanity!

Ooookay we’ve gone from quadriplegics, to movies and cartoons, to track and field, to the OODA Loop, to Whack-a-Mole with Coriolis swirl and Hindenburg references.  At least I stayed away from the tired over used:  Trump’s playing chess.  Chuckles and the Dopes are playing checkers metaphor.  Well I did until just then.  If you don’t get it by now, seriously, it’s you not me.

Keaton worries about Trump’s EO on immigration is a recruiting tool for ISIS.  
Hollywood swell Michael Keaton believes DJT’s EO on immigration will be an effective recruiting tool for ISIS.  Phew, I was wondering if a Hollywood know-nothing would ever get around to telling me what to think about all of this.  Keaton’s is a stupid argument akin to some idiot telling us the EO will lead to the Islamo-Terror-Fascist hating us.  Uh, note to dumbazzes:  THEY-ALREADY-HATE-US!!  Exit Question:  What was the recruiting tool for 9-11 and the 8-10 Islamo-Terror-Fascist attacks on the West every year dating back to the Barbary Pirates?

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Monday morning target rich posting topics

Secret Service Agent gets paid vacation for trashing DJT
The Secret Service Agent who said she wouldn’t take a bullet for Trump has been placed on paid leave, AKA vacation.  Here’s what the controversy is all about.  Secret Service agent Kerry O’Grady put this out on social media:

“As a public servant for nearly 23 years, I struggle not to violate the Hatch Act.  So I keep quiet and skirt the median. To do otherwise can be a criminal offense for those in my position.

“Despite the fact I am expected to take a bullet for both sides. But this world has changed and I have changed.

“And I would take jail time over a bullet or an endorsement for what I believe to be a disaster for this country and the strong and amazing women and minorities who reside here. Hatch Act be damned. I am with her.”

I do not know the rules are for Secret Service Agents with regard to these matters.  Ms. O’Grady apparently does know the rules.  She acknowledges that she is likely breaking the rules, but she is quite willing to do that to advance her political agenda. 

O’Grady’s acknowledgement that she is aware of the rules and chooses to violate them is pretty open and shut.  So the “investigation” should consist of two questions, “Were you aware of the posting?” and “Did you write it?”  An affirmative answer to either question ought to end O’Grady’s career with the Secret Service in my opinion. 

The not willing to take a Bullet for Trump is not the only problem with O’Grady’s post.  Her aforementioned disregard for the Hatch Act is problematic.  Even that is subordinate to this part of O’Grady’s post: “… the strong and amazing women and minorities who reside here.”   Excuse me?  “…strong and amazing women and minorities…” that’s it?  Women and minorities?  That’s what O’Grady has boiled America down to – women and minorities.  White, straight, Christian men equal a zero on O’Grady’s ledger sheet.  And what is DJT? 

I think for the good of the Secret Service and the good of the country she needs to be very publicly fired.  Today.

The Muslim ban which isn’t
As often as not, the opposition party, which is the MSM, refers to DJT’s executive order on immigration as a “Muslim ban.”  Weird.  If the order is a “Muslim ban” why doesn’t affect the keepers of Islam’s two most holy sites - Saudi Arabia?  That’s akin to banning all things Catholic but excluding the Vatican from the order.  There are about 50 Muslim majority countries.  7 are affected by the ban.  So 14% is ban.  And that figure does not even take in to account millions of Muslims who do not reside in Muslim majority countries.  So, the vetting – not ban – affects even less of the total Muslim population.  Some ban. Trump needs to tighten it up a bit.

Is Obama regretting his “pen and phone” strategy?
Leaving the stammering and uh’s between every other word out, Obama once said, “If congress won’t act, I will.  I have a pen and a phone.”   But like most everything else with the affirmative action pass through president, it turns out Obama’s a piker when compared with someone with energy who knows what they are doing and how to wield those tools.

Compare the pace, scope of and reaction to DJT’s executive actions to Obama’s.   DJT is winning bigly.  Of course because right thinking people have jobs, responsibilities, respect for our fellow citizens and the law we couldn’t/wouldn’t go about breaking the law to disrupt our fellow citizens’ travel plans to protest an incompetent president’s executive orders.  We’d just go about electing a president who would repeal them.  

Just in time, celebrities stage another awards show tells us what to think
Thank goodness the celebrities had an awards show scheduled – when is one NOT scheduled – so we’d know what to think about DJT’s immigration ban, otherwise we’d be lost in the woods on what to think about this issue.    

So, after their near lockstep support of Hillary Clinton propelled her on to victory…no, wait, scratch that.  At the Screen Actors Guild Awards show last night we got wide range of opinions on DJT’s executive order…no, wait, scratch that.  Actually and very predictably, we got more of the same from the unhinged Lefty Lib Hollywood swells.  No doubt their very pubic whining has swayed millions upon millions of opinions just as it did in November…no, wait, scratch that.  No doubt their very public whining made them feel good about themselves and affirmed their opinion that they are sooooo much better than the rest of us.

And speaking of acting, did anyone see Head Azzclown Chuckles Scummer’s performance denouncing Trump’s order?  Total BS.  First of all, no one saw Chuckles shed a tear at the podium on 9-11.  He didn’t cry after the Boston bombing, the Pulse Night Club or San Bernardino shootings.  But the cry baby can fake tears over a temporary ban on people from countries that support or are overrun with terrorist and/or terrorist sympathizers. 

This isn’t about the temporary ban.  The ban is common sense.  It’s about DJT.  If Obama had instituted a 7 country ban similar to the 6 month ban he slapped on Iraq, no one would shed a tear or say a word about it. 

And what does Chuckles have to say or blubber about the fact that the list came form the Obama administration?      

There are many more topics to hit, but I'm out of time.

OK one last thing if you demand it
Where was the SAG, Lefty Lib, Demo Dope, Head Azzclown Chuckles Scummer's tears when tier hero B-HO banned Cuban refugees before exiting the White House?

Friday, January 27, 2017

A 50% cut at the EPA would be a good start

There’s an old lawyer joke:  What do you call it when a bus load of lawyers go over a cliff?  A good start. 

What do you call it when it’s discovered there were three empty seats?  A tragedy. 

So it is when we learn that Trump could cut the budget of the EPA by as much as $800 million.  That cut sounds like a good start, until you learn that the EPA budget is over 8 BILLION DOLLARS.  WTF?  YGBSM?  No. I’m not.  That budget supports over 15,000 EPA bureaucrats who make it their business to screw with anyone who might lean conservative.

Here’s how I would kill two birds with one stone.  (Hey that’s just an idiom not a threat to the bird population. Unlike the EPA approved wind generated power no birds were harmed in publishing this post.)  Trump has promised to add 5,000 Border Patrol Agents.  The Demo-Dopes, who suddenly have become fiscal hawks, have their shorts in a knot about the cost of such a move and are demanding to know what “the off-sets” are.  So here’s what you might consider doing to “off-set” hiring more Border Patrol Agents.  Fire 5,000 EPA workers, starting with anyone at the EPA authorized to carry a weapon*, and transfer those numbers and the supporting budget to the Border Patrol.

*You just know that this onerous bunch of preening azzbags – like every other onerous bunch of preening Federal azzbags - have their own SWAT capabilities for some reason.  Shut that capability down first.

Once the armed element of the EPA has been dismissed anyone showing up for work at the EPA in tears can be given their walking papers.  Sure, I’d give all the employees the opportunity to trade in their Caligula, D.C. office and move to the Texas border and do the job of a Border Patrol Agent.  Talk about causing tears.  The EPA would have to declare the EPA’s Caligula, D.C. office a protected wetland, as is their wont.  (Hat tip to Mark Styne for linking EPA tears to the EPA’s propensity to declare any prime real-estate with so much as a morning dew on the grass a federal wetland.) 

In Caligula, D.C., that’s considered crazy talk.  Transferring personnel and budget between agencies is NOT how the government is grown.  Well, that’s sort of the point isn’t it?   

Four biggies at the State Department also got canned.  Another good start.  Two corrupt VA azzbags were fired.  All good starts but the enormity of the problem is daunting.  Look at the size and scope of the EPA, a Nixon era agency, which is now a federal government leviathan with its tentacles into everything.  

When I was a lowly staff puke at the Pentagon, mired in typical useless duplicative staff puke BS, I used to advocate cutting the overlapping staffs by 25%.  My boss told me that was a bad idea.  If the staff were to be cut by only 25%, the bureaucrats would just expect the reaming 75% to pick up the slack.  If I really wanted to end the BS, the staff would have to be cut by 50% or more.  Only such a dramatic cut would force the bureaucrats to cut BS rather than just shuffle it around. 

50% cuts at EPA, IRS, Dept of Ed, etc. would be a good start.  The tragedy is that 50% of those azzbag government agencies will remain.

Dennis Miller:  What’s the difference between Tom Brady and Chuck Schumer?  Brady’s a Patriot and a winner. 

USA/Mexico Presidential level meeting canceled:   Trump hasn't even started the wall yet and he's already been able to discourage Mexicans from coming into the US.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Voter fraud? Of course there is voter fraud.

The one thing in all of this voter fraud business that is absolutely true – there is voter fraud in American elections.  So Trump’s statement is a truism in that regard.  There is fraud in the American election process.  The only argument is to what degree? 

I think voter fraud is no more difficult to find than flaws with that person that you were infatuated with in high school or college.  The flaws are there.  They are not difficult to find when you go looking.  You just have to be willing to look for them.  The only real question is how many are you willing to tolerate. 

Straight line argument
There’s fraud in American elections.
The fraud benefits Demo-Dopes by-and-large.
Trump wants to expose the fraud and stop it.
Dopes want to continue the fraud and expand it.
Trump says he’d have won the general election popular vote were it not for 3-5 million illegal votes.
Dopes howl and ask why Trump isn’t investigating massive voter fraud.
Trump says he’ll investigate.
Dopes howl because Trump says he’ll investigate.
Trump points out MSM and Dopes asked for the investigation.
Dopes and Trump know when it is looked for, voter fraud exists.
If even just one case of fraud is turned up, Trump wins.

Short version:  The MSM and their champions the Dopes are howling because Trump has said election fraud will be investigated, per their request.  The investigation cannot help but turn up fraud.  Once any bit of fraud is found and documented no matter the degree, Trump wins…again. 

And consider this, the same bunch with their shorts in knots over “possible Russian influence” in the election are poo pooing the undeniable absolute fact that there is Dope sponsored voter fraud committed in every election.  It makes no sense.

Instead of turning on Trump, the smart thing to do would have been to concede the point, but insist, because it’s so insignificant, it makes no difference.  The beautifully diabolical thing to do would have been to admit – with a smile – Trump is right and let it lay.  But the Dopes have to protect the lie that Trump’s win was illegitimate so they protested, too much.  Now there’s going to be an investigation.  How hard do you suppose DoJ will have to work to pick at the voter fraud scab in Dope controlled cities like Cleveland, Detroit, LA, Chicago and NY before it starts bleeding verifiable case after verifiable case of voter fraud?

By stumbling into DJT’s trap the Dopes have exposed their voter fraud operations to scrutiny.   Here are some links to voter fraud that, according to the Dpes and MSM apparently does not exist.

For Dopes jobs aren’t enough.  They must be “permanent” jobs.
Ever since DJT announced the restart of the Keystone/Dokota Pipelines Dopes have been grousing about the decision.  Among other things, Dopes are *itching about the Keystone/Dakota pipeline jobs because the construction jobs are “temporary”.  Uh, aside from Teddy Kennedy’s “big dig” self-licking ice cream cone never ending construction jobs in MA, there’s no such thing as “permanent” construction jobs.  When the construction is complete, the people working on the construction move on to new construction. 

Note to Dopes:  My first real job was cleaning out dog kennels twice a day for $1 an hour.    Thank goodness that job wasn’t permanent.

RIP MTM “Take off glasses.  Look concerned.”  MTM Show aficionados get it. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Chief Clown Chuckles Scummer, euchre master

Euchre is a card game known primarily in the mid-west.   The game is a five card trick taking game played with a deck of 24.  Once the novice understands that the trump suit jack is the high card and the jack of the same color but not suit is the second highest card, the game rules are pretty straight forward and simple.  The photo above is what is referred to in Euchre parlance as a “lay down loner.”  That’s where the player, after naming spades trump in this case, lays his hand down face up on the table.  Anyone schooled in Euchre rules knows there is no possibility for the opposition to take a single trick, so, to save time, everyone concedes the points, throws in their cards, passes the deal and starts the next hand. 

Enter chief clownboy Chuckles Scummer.  Clownboy has not a prayer of stopping any of Trump’s cabinet nominations.  However he can slow the game down by making the guy with the lay down loner – Trump – play his bulletproof hand card by card.  If someone demanded that at a Euchre table, the other 3 players would throw their cards in and tell him to f-off.  The demand defies logic and the rules of the game.  It serves no purpose.  It is a waste of every one’s time.  Even if the other players humor the obstructionist and play the hand out trick by trick, everyone knows how the hand will end.  

We know how this hand will end.  Trump will win his nominations one by one.  In the process of confirming them over several weeks, Demo-Dopes across the country will get the picture of how totally impotent they are at stopping ANYTHING Trump and the Republicans want to pass.  Had the Dope’s chief azzclown just thrown in his hand and confirmed the lot of Trump’s nominations, the Dopes might have been able to maintain the illusion that they had some power to stop something for a couple of more months.  So instead of Trump taking one grand victory lap for his nominees’ confirmations, he’ll be taking 14 victory laps over the next couple of weeks.  Way to go Chucky.  You’re doing a heck of a job.  

Of course none of this would have been possible without the help of well-known liar, thief and pederast Harry the roach Reid.  Thanks Harry.

Will they give Trump any credit
Trump has met with corporate leaders.  He has met with union leaders.  He has met with auto makers.  He’s met with opposition political leaders.  He wrote a personal check for $10,000 to help a guy with his dad’s cancer treatments.  In two days he’s done the things that it takes career politicians their entire careers to do – if then.  He has sat with people who oppose them politically and talk.   Will they give Trump credit for reaching out?  No.

Feds to Chicago
Dopes and MSM are saying that Trump wants declare martial law in Chicago because he’s said he’d send the feds into Chicago.  Hmm.  Was it martial law when DoJ sent the feds into Ferguson and Baltimore?

Voter fraud
I think it’s totally comical that Trump says he would have won the popular vote were it not for 3-5 million fraudulent votes.  How many fraudulent votes were cast in 2016?  I don’t know.  That’s the nature of fraud. 

Trump has done this since his announcement.  He makes some outrageous statement.  There’s an element of truth in it.  The MSM and talking heads go nuts.  Trump focuses on the element of truth and comes out smelling like a rose.  More on this tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The "peaceful protest" don't sound or seem peaceful when the rhetoric and actions of the mob are violent

Soros funded commie bastard anarchists – or as we refer to them on this page Demo-Dopes - protesting at the inauguration on Friday and the women protesting…um…well, everything on Saturday are still hot topics for comment.  I think this Andy Swan tweet sums up how a lot of Americans feel about Friday/Saturday protesters.

I don’t much care if pampered rich kid protesters, know-nothing, do-nothing, be-nothing Hollywood swells and unemployed rabble rousers show up in Caligula, D.C. to express their displeasure at the rest of us being free.   If that’s what floats their boats, go for it. 
That said when these azzbags start assaulting people and causing property damage they should be thrown in jail.  On Friday the D.C. police took a page from the Baltimore mayor’s office on how to handle the protesters – contain them.  That’s a total BS strategy for those who happen to own a business or be unfortunate enough to be caught inside the “containment area.” 

The strategy might have been to never let the mobs form in the first place.  In the military we call it a preemptive or spoiling attack.  When out numbered, the defensive force strikes out and attacks the enemy in his assembly areas to disrupt their preparations for attacks.  One for the most effective spoiling attacks came in Vietnam when the political officer of  a NVA unit was picked off by a sniper as he was telling the unit how scared the Americans were of them and how much more superior they were to the Americans, just before his head exploded like an overripe melon at a Gallagher show.

Crush them when they are small.  Arrest them as the public nuisances that they are and release them at noon on Monday.  Well, Lex how do you know if they are peaceful protesters or “rabble rousers?”  If they are wearing a mask they are probably the latter.  If they are dressed in all black and running in gangs, they are probably the latter.

Look we all know who make up the 10% of azzbags at work, in the neighborhood, at the family picnic etc.  We can walk into a bar and in about 2 seconds know whether or not to turn around and leave.  When we pull off the highway, we can judge whether or not a neighborhood is safe.  My sense is that the Cops who deal in this crapola every day have pretty good sense about who the trouble makers are.  THAT’S PROFILING!!! the snowflakes will scream.  Sure it’s profiling, but the perps are mostly white so who cares?
After watching and listening to some of things the unhinged Lefties are doing and saying, I’m thinking maybe it wasn’t a total waste of money investing in that sporting rifle.  These people seem intent on anarchy.  I think the police need to be a bit more aggressive in dealing with these azzbags or certainly the violence and intimidation will spread. 
I recall a small group of students bent on after hour’s frivolity at the OSU one Halloween night.  As the crowd gathered, a couple of Columbus’s finest showed up.  One drunk guy made the mistake of saying, “Hey look! A couple guys dressed up as pigs.”  One cop grabbed the guy by the throat with one hand and cracked the kid in the head with the nightstick in the other hand.  The crowd immediately dispersed.    
I’m fairly sure if the police took a harder line and the courts threw the human garbage in jail for 3-5 for committing assaults and property damage, the commie snowflakes would think twice about engaging in criminal behavior.  If there is no penalty for gangs of Leftist thugs beating people and destroying property the behavior will continue. 
And, as President Obama might say, uh, um let me, uh, be clear, umm, I’m not talking about stealing campaign yard signs.  This is serious stuff.  Cars being burned, windows being shattered, businesses being shut down, people who are not 100% in lockstep with the anarchist’s lunacy being beaten are felony crimes and should be treated as such. 

ASIDE: Doesn’t that last one - people who are not 100% in lockstep with their lunacy being beaten – sound a lot like the tactics of the Islamo-Terror-Fascists?
Oh, and for all of the “ladies” carrying those incredibly creative “Hands off my uterus” signs at Saturday’s rally.  I’ll make you a deal.  I’ll keep my hands off your uterus if you keep your hands off my wallet and pay for your own damn abortion and birth control.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Reaction to "The Speech"

As I watched President Trump’s inauguration speech I thought, Oh my gosh, he's reaming them all.  Not one politician on that dais Friday at noon wasn't squirming in their seat. The speech was, at the same time, brutally honest, easily understood and totally uncompromising.  None of that is the stuff Caligula, D.C. is made of.  

As for the truth, there’s an old axiom in Caligula, D.C. that a political blunder is when a politician accidently tells the truth.   Trump spent 25 minutes telling the bare faced truth.  Not only did he tell the truth, he told it in terms that everyone could understand.  Clarity was not a casualty of a desire for soaring rhetoric.  The heavyset, facially unpleasant domestic sanitation engineer of the female persuasion became the easily understood fat, ugly cleaning lady.   Given a straight forward question, President Obabm was found of starting his answer whit what became a verbal tick – “Let me be clear…”  What would follow was anything but clear.  Obama, who it seemed required a 1,000 to say hello, would wander about aimlessly for minutes in vain search of a cogent thought, and as often as not came off like Professor Erwin Corey explaining the latest developments in string theory.  Finally, there was none of the usual Rat establishment Republican BS about hoping to “work across the aisle”, which means caving on every issue of importance.

For the true measure of how successful Trump’s speech was look at the reaction to it by Dopes and their MSM lapdogs.  You know it was spot on when Dope bootlicker Chrissy Mathews call it Hitlerian.

With regard to the inauguration protests, Iowahawk may have put it best in this tweet:  “We’re protesting fascism” – people dressed in all-black uniforms smashing windows and starting fires

Iowahawk’s post and the dopey “Love trumps Hate” meme the anarchists spew – in many cases violently – in order to register their disgust at their fellow Americans for voting Trump pretty much capture the left’s ironic oxymoronic dyslexic view of America under a Trump administration.  Madonna, in a fit of love I suppose, told the Women’s March that she thought about blowing up the White House.  Nice.  I’m pretty sure – not absolutely sure though - it was just hyperbole.  I’ve said many dopey things on this page, but I do not recall advocating for blowing up government buildings.  So all of the same Hollywood swells were out in force blasting Trump for...um…uh…for being Trump.

Does anyone know what the protestors were demanding other than Trump stop being Trump?  How brain dead are these people?  These exact same people whose celebrity couldn’t drag Hillary’s XXXX azz across the finish line with a BILLION plus campaign war chest. 

I was impressed with the crowd size the Women’s March was able to assemble.  How could you miss it?  It was wall to wall coverage on all of the news and cable outlets. 

Prediction:   The largest march in Caligula, D.C. year in and year out is March for Life.  The MFL takes place this Friday.  Friday’s crowd will be larger than the Women’s March.  Watch the coverage – if you can find any coverage.  

It is like music sales.  If you didn’t know any better you’d probably swear hip hop/rap were the most popular music genres.  You’d be wrong.  In 2015 Christian Contemporary and Country Music both outsold hip hop/rap in down loads and CD and vinyl sales.  You can find hip hop stars everywhere.  When’s the last time you saw the Newsboys headlining an Obama White House music event? 

The MFL will draw the largest crowd, but it will get about zero coverage.  That may be because none of the Hollywood swells will take to the MFL dais to spew threats and vulgarities.   I think the primary reason the MSM ignores the MFL is because it doesn’t want lifers to discover that they are not alone. 

Before Friday’s address, I had thought that if we got nothing more than a couple to Supreme Court nominees through, it would be a yuuuge victory for Trump and the nation.  After his inaugural speech, I'm expecting much more from President Trump today.  As Trump said, it is a time for "action".  Anyone who continues to underestimate this guy does so at their own risk.  My biggest worry this morning is that squish Rat establishment Republicans will take their cue from the anti-Trump BS MSMS and join forces with their Demo-Dope establishment kin to dump sand into the gears of government to stop Trump.

Friday, January 20, 2017

The day of American renewal is upon us

We should start out day with our National Anthem, so here’s a reprise of Madison Rising’s kick butt version to get you revved up this morning.  It never gets old.

I’m up at the butt crack of dawn with anticipation of the inauguration.  Well that and old man’s disease got the best of me - I had to get up to pee and just stayed up to get my chores done, take a short run and get lunch ready before noon.
Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as America’s 45th President today at noon.  Hallelujah.  New flags have been put out at the compound for the occasion.  The golden ring of the election is (perhaps) a couple of Supreme Court nominations.  If DJT sticks to his pledge to pick from his list of 21 nominees, America may be around for another generation or two.   If that’s all that “we” get from this, it will all have been worth it.

So how did we get here?  Click here and scroll down to the video.  Watch it, and then ask yourself, how long does schadenfreude last?  Maybe as long as 8 years.

Notice not everyone in that clip was a lefty Lib loon.  If you’re a Fox News fan, you probably recall the rather tiresome “Candidate Casino” segment on Special Report.  Upon entering, DJT got zero bets and was a laughing stock.  After the first Republican debate, Charles Krauthammer said that the debate proved one thing, Donald Trump’s campaign was dead.   None of DJT’s success or their own spectacular failures to get any of it right ever gave any of the know-it-alls pause about telling DJT what he should have done as the Republican nominee or what he ought to do as President.  The unapologetic know-it-alls are perfectly comfortable telling us what a conceited braggart DJT is when they cannot bring themselves to say, “Well I’ve been wrong – uh make that spectacularly wrong - about everything about Trump, so I’m just going to sit down and STFU now.”  No. They just keep right on talking.

I don’t know how successful DJT’s Presidency will be.  The Ramirez cartoon of Presidential Roulette is still trapped in my mind.  I am more hopeful today than I have been.  The transition seems to have gone fairly well.  The cabinet nominees – Mattis in particular – are all highly successful and impressive people. 

My advice to Trump is to trust none of the Caligula, D.C. establishment azzbags – particularly the Rat establishment Republicans azzbags, and go at two hundred miles an hour.  One thing we know about the Caligula, D.C. crowd is that about 98% of them are allergic to work.  The harder Trump works, the less likely anyone in Caligula, D.C. will be able or willing to keep up.

Advice to Republicans is, as always – ride the Trump tiger. 

For former President Obama:  Good luck and good bye.

I caught part of the MAGA Concert last night from the Lincoln Memorial.  I missed the end, so I went back to catch it here.  If you missed it, the entire show is here.  If you don’t have time, make sure to pick it up at 2:02:05 mark – very inspirational.  I told Mrs. Lex that Trump probably bought Hillary’s cancelled election night fireworks at 10 cents on the dollar for this part. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

It's warmer than ever, or is it

Oh nooooo.  The world is turning into a cinder before our very eyes.  Every year it seems is 100 degrees hotter than the year before according to NOAA and NASA.  How can everything be getting so hot?   Why is warm weather a bad thing?  Why was it -7 in Ft. Wayne in Nov?  What does science tell us about all of this?  Screw scientist, what do the Hollywood swells tell us to think about this?

Here’s what the Washington comPost has to say about the latest report.  I was just about to trade in my Carhartt’s and boots for a swimsuit and pair of flip flops when I ran across this.      

It will surprise absolutely nobody to learn that Lex don’t know nothing ‘bout no global warming.  BUT, I do know this.  If I’m feigning a broken leg to get out of cutting the grass, Mrs. Lex better not catch me playing a pick game of hoops in the back yard.  The Global Warm-mongering crowd has been caught so many times lying through their butts in addition to just plain making $h!t up about global warming, why the hell would anyone believe a word of what they say? 

Then there’s ol’ Lex stand by.  If the azzbags (AlGore) who supposedly believe this crapolla won’t cut back on their private airplane trips to Davos to complain about Lex bar-B-Qing in the back yard, why the heck should I – a skeptic - turn vegan and ride a bike so the azzbags can feel good about hopping their G-6 for a weekend party 10 miles away?

Well the Lefty Lib azzbags know the global warm-mongering scam – like taxes – only works if the middle class are the ones being screwed and soaked.  The “rich” are rich for a reason.  99.9% have earned their money because they are smarter, savvier, harder working, more talented and/or have honed their talent to a degree the average guy hasn’t.  There is a reason they are the “top” 1%.  Because the “top” 1% is only…what… about 1% of the population, there are not enough of them to make a difference in global warming or for that matter the federal treasury.  The only way to change the equation is to target the 99%, because that is where the carbon and the money is.

Well this thing kinda skidded off the rails.  I think conflating middle class carbon usage with middle class taxes didn’t work out the way I thought it would.  But it’s all true. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bradley Manning deal should surprise no one

Bradley Manning will be a free man – sort of – in four months thanks to The Empty Suit.  You might recall Manning was the guy who pilfered several thousands of pages of highly classified military material and then turned the secrets over to Wikileaks.  Wikileaks published the material.  Now TES has commuted the treasonous bastard’s sentence.  Well, if a guy is willing to trade five Islamo-Terror-Fascist generals for a deserter/traitor, we shouldn’t be shocked if the same guy lets a treasonous fruit loop off the hook.

One of the odd things about this case, other than Manning hasn’t already faced a firing squad, is the hyper ventilating by some over others refusing to refer to him as a her.  Screw treason!  According to these azzbags the real crime in all of this Manning mess is cis gender Neanderthals like Lex refusing to join the scam and call the dude a dudette.

Now the same blubbering idiots who take Lex to task for refusing to humor the crazy guy who insists on being called a gal will be all up in his face because he refuses to accept the “settled science” of global warming.  So for these morons the global warming hoax is “settled science” but determining the sex of an individual is so ambiguous that a person can actually float between male and female pretty much at will.  Apparently science has no place in the biology class.  Weird huh?  

I don’t doubt that Manning think he’s a woman.  Crazy people have crazy thoughts.  I once had a Marine who thought he was a biker.  He dressed like one with the boots, the all black shirts, jackets etc., chains and bandannas.  He talked about Harley Davidson bike related stuff all the time, but it turned out he didn’t own a motorcycle.  The discovery that he didn’t even own a Vespa let alone the vintage Harley Davidson Panhead that he claimed didn’t change his persona one bit.  Some of the Marines would just go along with the guy, others would tell him, until he rode a Harley through the front gate, to STFU about it.  I don’t know that the kid ever did get a Harley.  One of the sergeants who tolerated the BS told me that while the guy didn’t own one, he knew lot about them and was a pretty source of info about Harleys.  I hope the kid finally got one.  Oh and didn’t kill himself on it.

But Lefty Liberal hypocrisy regarding Bradley Manning does not stop at the “settled science” of sex non-assignment.  The Demo-Dopes are also in high dudgeon, demanding blood and calling into question the electoral process because of the leaking of John Podesta’s e-mail by Wikileaks.  So, outing sources and methods of ongoing combat operations is pardonable offence but exposing Demo-Dopes bigoted opinions of the American people and their clannish relationship with the lapdog MSM requires senate hearings and turning the country on its head.  I can see the Dope bumper sticker now – Free Manning Bomb Russia.  It’s all a very sensible, logical and reasonable – if you’re an idiot.

There are still 2 ½ days left for The Empty Suit to crap all over us as he heads out the door of the White House.  Does anyone seriously believe that this petulant brat won’t take full advantage of that opportunity?  Brace yourselves Mr. & Mrs. America.  There’s more to come.

UPDATE:  The Architect of the Capitol has removed the “art work” depicting a cop as a pig.  The “art work” is reportedly on its way to a display with clock boy’s fake clock, pictures of John Lewis at George W. Bush’s 2001 inauguration, Cambodian War hero John Kerry’s famous beret, sheets off the bed of the Russian hotel where DJT stayed, literature from the 9-11 “spontaneous demonstration” in Benghazi and the Nov 9, 2016 special edition of Newsweak declaring Shrillda the Hutt “Madam President”.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lex supports Constitutional Carry and other gun stuff

Way back in October of 2016 a friend and I were concerned about the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election.  We both were of the opinion that if Shrillda the Hutt were to win, the 2nd Amendment would be in jeopardy.  No.  It wouldn’t make a bit of difference if Rat establishment Republicans still held the House and Senate.  We figured just the Hutt’s winning would be enough to drive the price of guns and ammo through the roof.  So we did what any reasonable person would do, we bought guns – AR-15 sporting rifles.  My friend was more reasonable than me.  He bought two.

After Nov 9th, I told my friend if we’d just waited until the 10th, we’d never have bought them.  Now with Rosie O’Donnell calling for martial law, leftist everywhere calling for violence and in some case open revolution, Black Thugs Matter showing up in places to disrupt ordinary events like breakfast, shopping in the mall etc. and the left’s continued unrelenting attack on the 2nd Amendment, I’m pretty happy with my decision again.  Mrs. Lex remains skeptical.

After the FL baggage terminal shooting, the left’s gun-grabbing hand wringing began before the blood dried.  On Sunday this rambling and, in my opinion, self-defeating letter appeared in Ft. Wayne’s leftist propaganda broadsheet:

Another mass shooting. This time in a busy Florida airport baggage claim area. Another politician calls for more guns. Open carry in all Florida airports.
I can only imagine the feeling a Florida law enforcement officer will have in the pit of his stomach as he enters a large, open room, filled with a large number of people, to answer a call of “shots fired” in “Terminal 2 baggage area.” The officer rushes in and is greeted by dozens of men and women waving handguns, some shouting “He/She is shooting people.” Who’s shooting people? The man in the red jacket? The woman wearing the pretty purple shorts? Both have pistols in their hands. Both are waving their arms around and pointing the pistols everywhere.
What does that officer do? Scream “drop the guns”? Yell “which one of you is the bad guy?”? Shoot both of them, only to find the “bad guy” has come up behind him and is about to put a bullet in his head? How will they know? How will the people we trust to protect us possibly know in the few seconds before a life-and-death decision must be made?
Now, move to the local Wal-Mart. You’re walking in the bread aisle. Coming toward you is a couple pushing a shopping cart. Both are wearing black shorts and black T-shirts. Both have serious looks on their faces, and both have semi-automatic handguns strapped to their waists.
Think fast. Are they getting ready to slaughter everyone they can until they run out of ammo? Are they looking for you because you banged their car with your door in the parking lot? Or are they simply exercising their “Constitutional right”and looking for a loaf of bread? Are they begging for someone to “get in their face” so they can impress everyone within earshot?
In this next legislative session, some elected Indiana officials will attempt to remove the laws concerning the licensing of handguns in our state. Anyone will be able to carry a firearm (pistol, AR-15, shotgun or other firearm) without any license requirement. No check by local or state police. No agency responsible for at least talking to them before issuing a permit. No one asking whether they have been convicted of a felony, committed to a mental institution or convicted of a “crime of moral turpitude.”
Who will be responsible for our safety in public? Who will be held legally responsible for those of us who may be injured or killed by some off-balance individual mad at the world ( or “hearing voices in their head”) who chooses the moment you are beside them on the street to say no to sanity?
John M. Colgate

So I sent the Lefties a note in response.

John M. Colgate writes a letter in which he contends that “off-balanced” individuals will likely commit crimes with guns if Indiana passes a Constitutional Carry gun law.  I am willing to stipulate that “off-balanced” individuals will do what “off-balanced” individuals do be it with a gun (Omar Mateen et al), an airplane (Mohammed Ata), fertilizer and fuel oil (Timothy McVeigh), a car and knife (Ali Artan), pressure cookers (Tsarnaev Bros) or even poison laced Kool-Aid (Jim Jones).  I do not understand why the other side insists that we all be reduced to lambs for the slaughter during an active shooting scenario while waiting for the police to arrive.    

11 states have already adopted Constitutional Carry.  The kind of chaos described in Colgate’s letter has yet to manifest itself in those states.  Who knows, Hoosiers just might be able to handle the responsibility Constitutional Carry entails. There is also the notion that “an armed society is a polite society.”

I would applaud Indiana legislators who can comprehend the 27 plain words of the Second Amendment.  I am a firm believer in Constitutional Carry.  I do not have an Indiana CCW license, because I believe that the Constitution already gives me that right.  Paying for a CCW license is, in my opinion, acknowledging the state’s power to limit my Constitutional right to bear arms.  No.  I do not violate state law.  I simply chose to not carry. 
Colgate asks, Who will be responsible for our safety in public?”  The obvious answer is: Constitutional Carry allows us to be responsible for a greater degree of our own safety.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday morning round up

The real election hack

Trump Vs. Lewis or Truth Vs. BS
Sore loser John Lewis is taking up the Demo-Dope MSM mantra that Donald Trump is an “illegitimate president”.  So, John Lewis is not going to attend DJT’s inauguration.  Boo effing hoo.  Who cares?  I hope all the Dopes sit at home and pout.  The average IQ at the event will go up 50 points.

More than “being illegitimate” in his small mind, what is probably bothering John Lewis this morning is DJT’s tweet about Lewis’s comment: 

Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to...... mention crime infested) rather than falsely complaining about the election results. All talk, talk, talk - no action or results. Sad!

Ouch!  For Lewis someone pointing out the truth about his lack luster career has never happened.  After all he’s a hero.  It’s part of the Black Caucus affirmative action program to never have anyone question their BS.  The Caucus can attack you with all the lies they can spew, but if you point out the truth about them, well, you are a racist.  And let’s not put too fine a point on it, what has the Caucus done for anyone.  They all seem to be about as accomplished as Lewis.  Whine.  Cry.  *itch.  Complain.  Sulk.  Threaten.  All while living high off the Caligula, D.C. hog, but nothing in their districts ever seems to improve.

As far as Lewis being a “hero”, Kurt Schilchter puts that into perspective with this tweet:
So, because ~50 years ago some Democrats beat up John Lewis means we have to ignore how he lies about Republicans today?

The Demo-Dopes and the MSM are crushed that a Republican is actually fighting back.  It’s harder to destroy someone when they defend themselves.  Lewis and the MSM must be asking themselves, “When did the Republicans stumble onto that tactic?  I spread BS about Trump and he tells the truth about me.  That has to be racist or something.”

Mrs. Lex thinks DJT should give up the twitter account.  I don’t.  I think he should defend himself.  George W. Bush never bothered to respond to the lies issued by the Dopes and the MSM and they were able to pretty much destroy him.  When Chief Clownboy Chuckles Scummer took out after Trump, DJT labeled him the “head clown”.  One thing we know for sure, when DJT labels someone it tends to stick.  That may give azzbags like Lewis and Scummer pause before going after Trump. 

Many conservatives, Lex included, have waited for a Republican who would hit back – hard.  Now that we have one, Rat establishment Republican types are getting nervous and want Trump to lay down and just take it.    

Dope DoJ confirms: Demo-Dope run cities are $h!tholes
The Empty Suit’s DoJ has called the Chicago PD racist and heavy-handed.  Hmm.  Who has been running Chicago for the last…umm forever?  Dopes.  So the Dope DoJ is calling the Dopiest of all Dope cities racist.  How in the name of FDR do the Dopes see this as anything except what it is – an indictment of their own brand? 

It is not as if some nefarious Republican mayor was hiring Klansmen to police the south side of Chicago with intent of keeping black men down through police intimidation.  Dope mayors have been hiring Dopes to police Dopes in Chicago since Al Capone ran the city.

Lex renews Peter Holley conversation
When I kept stumbling across stories of Leftist violence and threats of violence directed at conservatives and inauguration participants, Lex renewed the conversation Washington Post “reporter” Peter Holley (several posts under “Leftist are going to have a very bad year – I hope” you can check out how the original conversation went).  The short story is that the original conversation began after Holley equated threatening e-mails to a leftist college professor with terrorism.  So I e-mailed him:

Hi Peter:
I was wondering if you were working on another one of those “victim of terrorism” pieces?  There seems to be a veritable gold mine of material on the subject out there.  Andrea Bocelli and Jennifer Holliday cancelled inauguration performances.  They pulled out after Leftist death threats.  Also, Leftist shut down a Milo event at UC Berkley with threats of and actual violence and the Leftist have threatened, nay, promised violence during Friday’s inauguration. 

Of course, given that all hands at the Post are probably still trying to track down that Russian hacking of our power grid story, none of this is as important or as compelling as a leftist college professor who takes to the fainting couch when she receives e-mails after ill-advised post-election comments.