Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Chief Clown Chuckles Scummer, euchre master

Euchre is a card game known primarily in the mid-west.   The game is a five card trick taking game played with a deck of 24.  Once the novice understands that the trump suit jack is the high card and the jack of the same color but not suit is the second highest card, the game rules are pretty straight forward and simple.  The photo above is what is referred to in Euchre parlance as a “lay down loner.”  That’s where the player, after naming spades trump in this case, lays his hand down face up on the table.  Anyone schooled in Euchre rules knows there is no possibility for the opposition to take a single trick, so, to save time, everyone concedes the points, throws in their cards, passes the deal and starts the next hand. 

Enter chief clownboy Chuckles Scummer.  Clownboy has not a prayer of stopping any of Trump’s cabinet nominations.  However he can slow the game down by making the guy with the lay down loner – Trump – play his bulletproof hand card by card.  If someone demanded that at a Euchre table, the other 3 players would throw their cards in and tell him to f-off.  The demand defies logic and the rules of the game.  It serves no purpose.  It is a waste of every one’s time.  Even if the other players humor the obstructionist and play the hand out trick by trick, everyone knows how the hand will end.  

We know how this hand will end.  Trump will win his nominations one by one.  In the process of confirming them over several weeks, Demo-Dopes across the country will get the picture of how totally impotent they are at stopping ANYTHING Trump and the Republicans want to pass.  Had the Dope’s chief azzclown just thrown in his hand and confirmed the lot of Trump’s nominations, the Dopes might have been able to maintain the illusion that they had some power to stop something for a couple of more months.  So instead of Trump taking one grand victory lap for his nominees’ confirmations, he’ll be taking 14 victory laps over the next couple of weeks.  Way to go Chucky.  You’re doing a heck of a job.  

Of course none of this would have been possible without the help of well-known liar, thief and pederast Harry the roach Reid.  Thanks Harry.

Will they give Trump any credit
Trump has met with corporate leaders.  He has met with union leaders.  He has met with auto makers.  He’s met with opposition political leaders.  He wrote a personal check for $10,000 to help a guy with his dad’s cancer treatments.  In two days he’s done the things that it takes career politicians their entire careers to do – if then.  He has sat with people who oppose them politically and talk.   Will they give Trump credit for reaching out?  No.

Feds to Chicago
Dopes and MSM are saying that Trump wants declare martial law in Chicago because he’s said he’d send the feds into Chicago.  Hmm.  Was it martial law when DoJ sent the feds into Ferguson and Baltimore?

Voter fraud
I think it’s totally comical that Trump says he would have won the popular vote were it not for 3-5 million fraudulent votes.  How many fraudulent votes were cast in 2016?  I don’t know.  That’s the nature of fraud. 

Trump has done this since his announcement.  He makes some outrageous statement.  There’s an element of truth in it.  The MSM and talking heads go nuts.  Trump focuses on the element of truth and comes out smelling like a rose.  More on this tomorrow.

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