Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Race hustlers similar to practitioners of the religion of peace

What would Martin Luther King have to say about the state of black America today?  We’re now how many decades into the war on poverty, a money redistribution scheme if ever there was one, and if you want to argue it, reparations as well.  Still the rate poverty has not dropped even half a percentage point.  In fact minority poverty is on the increase under King Dope of PA Ave.

So what to do if you depend on the race hustling industry to make a living or support your corrupt political party?

If you are a race hustling “leader” in the black community who do blame for the state of the black family?


If you are a race hustling “leader” in the black community who do blame for the state of the black out of wedlock child birth rates?


If you are a race hustling “leader” in the black community who do blame for the state of black high school graduation rates?


If you are a race hustling “leader” in the black community who do blame for the state of black on black crime?


If you are a race hustling “leader” in the black community who do blame for the state of the black drug problems?


If you are a race hustling “leader” in the black community who do blame for the state of black gang problems?


If you are a race hustling “leader” in the black community who do blame for the state of the black teen age unemployment?


Well the one thing you cannot do if you’re a race hustling pig like Duke Dumbazz of PA Ave, Notsosharpton, Eric the wad Holder et al, you cannot say the government program of endless handouts has failed.  You cannot begin to ask to the people you trapped into government dependency to try a bit self reliance.  You cannot even address in a serious way the real problems of race in America.  All you can do is call endlessly for a conversation on race and then call anyone who tries to have one in a serious way a RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST!

Like the religion of perpetual peace it’s easier to blame someone else, the Jews, the Christians, than take a hard look within.  So race hustlers blame race.  They lionize a juvenile delinquent who got his azz shot off for acting like the punk thug he was.  Then they have doctor 911 calls, ignore the dead kid’s background and create a whole new race to make the shooting race related.

It’s all absolute BS.  I need a few days off to fix the concrete tank traps on the compound.  See you after Labor Day.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Homosexuals similar to Islamo-Terror-Fascists

If I were Bassar Assad, I’d hold a presser and blame the chemical weapons attack on an Internet video.  I’d use the exact same words as King Doof, Sec State Shrilldabeast and UN Amb. Susan Rice.  Then I’d wrap the entire thing up by asking, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Supposedly we “know” that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people.  The people telling us that are confirmed lying Cambodian War hero and fake medal throwing Sec State John Fran├žoise Kerry and dope smoking dope, you can keep your policy if like it, Sir Lies-a-Lot himself.  Count me as skeptical.

The opposition to Assad is so fractured now that I wouldn’t put it past that opposition to gas their own supporters to get the international community and useful idiots like Kerry and his chum bucket for brains boss to get involved.

That doesn’t mean I won’t cheer if a 500 pound bomb falls on the beady eyed dictator’s head.  Good riddance!  It’s just that in my mind, the perfect time to have done that would have been when he was facilitating the infiltration of Islamo-Terror-Fascists into Iraq to kill Americans.

I know.  How selfish and xenophobic can one person be?  Aren’t the dead Syrians worth every bit as an American?  To God yes, they are.  To us mere mortals, uh, how to put this delicately, HELL NO they aren’t.  They have put up with dictators forever.  They have gone along to get along.   Get out and put an end to them.  Then sign up with the most fanatic Islamic group to come along and after a year throw them off.  Then settle on a benevolent military dictatorship.

Lex has often opined, be careful asking for democracy in the Middle East.  You may not like what you get.  12th century sensibilities may not be the best to elect good government.

Demise of the American Military
King Jug Ears and his royal court of half-wits and azzclowns are in the process of up arming every branch of the domestic government buying up ammo and weapons at an alarming rate.  The good news is that a good portion of it goes unaccounted for on a pretty regular basis.

Meanwhile the DoD seems to be getting shakier by the day.  Take these two stories.  Here, a DoD training manual cites anyone advocating individual liberty and states rights as an “extremist.” It relies on the leftie Southern Poverty Law Center as a resource for identifying “hate groups.”  The material goes so far as to call the founders and colonist who opposed British rule as “extremists.”  I would take that as a slap at the Tea Party.

Here, a homosexual commander relieves her 1st Sgt for being an evangelic Christian.  The chickypoo here also happens to have a Hispanic sir name.  So she is pretty much bullet proof.  She’s a three-for, female, homosexual and Hispanic.  She’s a promotion board’s dream candidate.  The board can fill three precepts with one candidate.  If she doesn’t screw up by marrying white girl, or even a white-Hispanic girl by the name of Zimmerman, she’ll probably end up being Chief of Staff of the Air Force.

So the tolerant left is not so tolerant when someone doesn’t get in line with their way of thinking.  Sort of like practitioners of the religion of peace – no?  You can believe whatever you want as long as you believe what we believe.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Letter to the bishop on immigration reform

Dear Bishop Rhoades:

I have read that during the September 8th services, the Catholic Church is planning a massive push for amnesty for illegal aliens who have broken our laws.  I would hope that the Diocese of Ft. Wayne/South Bend would opt not to endorse lawlessness, as a famous Catholic university within the Diocese has done.

Using the Affordable Care Act as proof, whatever the congress comes up with to address the issue of illegal aliens in this country is more likely to be thousands of pages of undecipherable, unenforceable, gobbledygook that, in the end, worsens the problem, than a sensible, compassionate approach to dealing with illegal aliens.

Instead of advocating for lawlessness, the church instead should focus on why we are where we are.  We need illegal aliens because our own population is about 50 million people short of supplying the necessary employees to sustain Social Security and do the work America needs done.  Where did we lose those 50 million people?  Abortion and birth control are the main culprits.  Which political party advocates for abortion and birth control?  Which political party is now pushing amnesty?

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me for 40 years, shame on a large unwieldy religious bureaucracy.  It seems to me, the church leadership has been fooled by Democrat propaganda for the last 40 years.  I thought after the Affordable Care Act lies, the leadership of my church would wise up.

Remember when President Obama and the Democrats assured us that the Affordable Care Act would NOT be used to funnel tax dollars to provide abortion?  Now we hear that the abortion mill known as Planned Parenthood is receiving millions of tax payer dollars to shill for the act.  That fact coupled with the bishop’s ongoing battle with the administration over the right of consciences to not fund abortion at Catholic institutions should be enough to convince the bishops that this administration in particular and Democrats in general cannot be trusted.

Yet, as soon as another mountain of law constructed by Democrats rolls off the congressional press, there’s the leadership of my church again cheering the event without ever looking at the law or, it seems, considering its consequences.

Here’s what we can expect if the Democrat version of comprehensive immigration reform is adopted:
The law will be used to establish a one a party system in America.

Given the excesses of government infringement under the Affordable Care Act, how safe will the church feel when there is NO political opposition to that government overreach?   Once it has served its purpose, the Democrats will turn their full attention to destroying the Catholic Church and then religion (except Islam) in America.

When I hear the petitions read during mass to help cloth, house and feed the needy, I assume that is call for me to support Catholic Charities and do what I can to help solve the problem.  But honestly, I wonder how many hear the petitions as an appeal to vote Democrat?  When the question is asked, “What did you do to help the needy?”  Is the correct answer, “Well, I voted Democrat so they’d heal the sick, cloth, house and feed the needy, and provide a sanctuary for the population of the world all by raising my neighbor’s taxes and then wasting the money”?

With great respect,

Friday, August 23, 2013

White shoots black = Racial hate crime, Black shoots white = no racial component

Why is it that anytime a white cop shoots a black perp, or a white Hispanic neighborhood watch captain prevents having his brains beaten out by a black punk thug by defending himself, all hell breaks out?  Everyone from King SFB to his Minister of Black Justice, from Hollywood swells to the Hollywood has beens trying to make a comeback, from the captains of the race baiting industry to clueless campus know-nothings chant “no justice, no peace” in perfect cadence to a lapdog media’s lead.

But whenever a black gang descends on a white victim everyone from the cops to lapdog media recite in unison, “This was random crime.  There’s no evidence of a racial component to this crime.”  Weird huh?

Yesterday, Rev? Hymietown Jackson said that “some on the right are making a false equivalency” between Trayvon Martin and the murdered Australian baseball player Chris Lane.  He’s right.  There is no equivalency.

One was self defense the other cold blooded murder.  In one case the media made $h!t up to fit a template of white on black crime, in the other they sweep facts under the rug to cover a black on white “hate” crime.  In one case the “black leaders” threaten to boycott Disneyland, in the other there is no outrage.  In one case the no good punk who got shot for his trouble looked like King Punk himself, in the other the shooters look like King Punk.

So I have to agree with the congregationless Rev? Hymietown on this one.  There is no equivalency.

Then proving he’s clueless dope, Rev? Hymietown Jackson brought up a case in Oklahoma last year when two white men killed three people in a black community, saying conservatives “seem to have forgotten” about that.

Rev? Hymietown SFB cannot want to have a conversation on interracial crime, can he?  Blacks are about 8 times more likely to assault whites than vice versa.  That’s in spite of the fact that there are about five times more whites than blacks.

The black man who called the cops on Lane’s murderers had it right.  The thugs who shot Chris Lane had no man in there lives.  That is the fault of their absentee fathers for sure but also of a leftist social welfare program where the state has become the substitute for fathers who abandon their children.  The results are as predictable as the tide.  When the government gets involved, things go wrong.

And speaking of fatherless children, Jessie Jackson Jr. is cooling his heels in federal prison for being a bipolar lying, thieving Sac-O-Crapola.  I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Maybe if Rev? Hymietown had stayed home to establish a congregation in a poor community and preached love, tolerance, a work ethic and personal responsibility instead of running to and fro agitating racial divide, shaking down corporate America for his own gain, and making his own out of wedlock prodigy, Jr. might have been raised better.

Colin Powell assures us that there is no voter fraud and any voter ID law to prevent this non-fraud is actually RAAAAACIST.  So the guy who didn’t have clue his own Deputy at the State Dept. was at the center Valerie Plame investigation is so on top voter fraud that he can say with certainty that there isn’t any.

Sorry Colon, your credibility and honor left on the same train when you decided to let innocent people twist in the wind and go to jail to cover your own worthless deputy’s fat azz.  You are the fraud.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

In Sunday's Ft. Wayne Urinal Gazette, the following letter won the Golden Pen Award.  The writer, one Chad Ryan, is a black Associate Professor at Ft. Wayne's St. Francis University.  The headline alone proves that you'd not want to be paying tuition to that university to have one of your kids sit in one of AP Ryan's classes.

Stutzman willing to see poor children go hungry
In the recent Congressional debate about the farm bill, Republicans proposed slashing $20 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program over 10 years.

Some holier-than-thou advocates for children call this cruel. Luckily, Rep. Marlin Stutzman sees that the only problem with these cuts is that they don’t go far enough. He suggested upping the amount to $30 billion.

You can guess what the reality-based crowd will say to this. They’ll point out Stutzman has taken more than $200,000 from the government for his own farming operations over the past 15 years. They’ll remind us Stutzman has claimed he was forced to take these government handouts when, in fact, he wasn’t. They might even use the word “hypocrite” to describe Stutzman.

All of us in Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District should be thankful that when not being frog-marched to the bank by government thugs and forced to cash those five-digit checks he didn’t even ask for, Stutzman has devoted time to sorting out the real culprits behind our economic woes: hungry kids.

Never one to tire of tilting at wind mills, Lex blasted the Urinal Gazette with this:

Wow, just when we were on a roll, along comes Chad Ryan breaking the string of conservative thinking Golden Pen awards at, what, nearly one in a row.  Oh, and how fair is it to have an Associate Professor - of English no less - at a private Catholic university competing for this prestigious writing award against us mere public school peons?  Shouldn’t he be competing in some other category such as the Platinum Pen Award for Professionals? 

I wrote a rather sarcastic letter to the editor last week that didn’t see the light of day.  After the Obama rodeo clown mask ordeal, I know why.  Left leaning statists are a thin skinned bunch and hypocrites to the core.

So if I lampoon Associate Professor Ryan’s letter, rather than argue the merit or creativity of the missive, for leftists, it’s as reflexive to scream RAAAAAAAAAASIST as it is for a dog to wag its tail at dinnertime.

Oh, and just what the heck is “frog marching?”  I haven’t heard that term since Joe Wilson wanted Karl Rove “frog marched out of the White House” because Uncle Fester look-a-like Richard Armitage outted Valarie Plame as a CIA employee to Bob Novak.  Some how, Scooter Libby ended up in jail for Armitage’s misdeed.

Four Americans were killed in Benghazi due to the incompetence of the Obama administration in general and Hillary Clinton in particular.  The same people screaming for Rove’s head because of Armitage’s abuse of leaking a name are now asking, “what difference does it make” about four dead Americans in Benghazi today.  Like I said, leftists are hypocrites to the core.

Want sarcasm?  Try this:

It’s just been reported that welfare recipients in Washington D.C. can receive in excess of $50,000 in “benefits” from over 200 federally funded programs to help the poor.

Some holier-than-thou advocates for fiscal sanity call this outrageous.  These personal responsibility zealots think the “safety net” has become a hammock.  Well just try getting into a hammock with a free Obama phone in one hand, a cold beer in the other and a lit cigarette in your mouth, without dropping your call or a hot ash on your new $80 shirt or spilling your beer.

Luckily, Democrats see that the only problem with these programs is that they don’t go far enough. They suggest upping the amount to whatever it takes to ensure no American has less than any other American.

You can guess what the reality-based crowd will say to this. They’ll point out that the country is already 17 trillion dollars in debt, which pretty much confirms that there is bottomless pit of free money available.  They’ll remind us that work is overrated and unnecessary in a country as rich as America.  They’ll tell us that there is no way that there’s even a dime’s worth of fraud, waste or abuse in any of the programs.  They’ll tell us it’s demeaning to ask recipients to lift even a finger in return for the handouts.  Besides, it is work dealing with government bureaucrats all day to get what’s coming to you in the way of freebies.

All of America should be thankful that the poor are able to cash those five-digit checks instead of devoting time looking for a real job.  Besides, everyone knows who the real culprits behind our economic woes are: Working class people selfishly trying to keep what they earned.

Print it, and send me my Golden Pen so I can smash it with a sledge hammer, burn it and bury the ashes in the outhouse.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Biggest racisit all balck

Lemme get this straight.  There was a coronation for King Doof in 2009 and then a re-coronation of his Royal Doofness in Jan 2013.  The O is the richest woman in America.  Young Americans buy up every bit of “music,” watch every BS movie put out by an entertainment industry more and more dominated by some talented but mostly not (rap) black entertainers.  Largely white crowds fork over big bucks to watch largely black athletes compete at every level of every sport.  The historically inaccurate BS movie “The Butler” is #1 at the box office.  Yet Butler director Lee Daniels let’s loose with this bit of race baiting BS:

I think that people are angry that [King Doof is] president, and I think that they're showing their true colors. And I think that, you know, when Danny Strong wrote those words, "Any black man could be killed by any white man and get away with it," Trayvon Martin had not happened. I end the movie with hope, you know. He's walking down, and Obama's giving that famous speech, you know, and then I come out of my edit room and Trayvon Martin has happened. So, yeah, I think so. Sadly, I think so.

YGBSM!  Let’s just start with the most obvious bit of BS in this mountain of BS.  George Zimmerman IS NO WHITER THAN KING DOOF.  So even if he did shoot Trayvon Martin in cold blood, it’s not white on black crime – which by the way pales in comparison to black on white crime – which by the way pales in comparison to black on black crime.  Unless you're white trying to make the point that blacks are the real racists in America, using crime statistics is a fools gambit.  Blacks commit more crime against every other race.  So, who are the real racists?

I am convinced more than ever that the biggest racists in this country are all black, starting at the top with King Race Baiter himself.  From the Skippy Gates incident to the Martin case, King Race Baiter has gotten it wrong.  Then there’s his race baiting Attorney General who doesn’t want to prosecute “his people” while calling America a “nation of cowards” for not engaging in a conversation on race that has been going on in this country since I can remember.  Besides, how can you have a conversation on race when race baiting dumbazzes like Daniels cannot or will not recognize undeniable truths, like Gerorge Zimmerman IS NOT WHITE?

Then there’s the lying $38K purse buying Sack-O-Crap herself – The O.  Revs? Notsosharpton, Hymietown Jackson, Maxine Waters, Ben Jealous, New Black Panthers etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.  Conversation on race?  PUL-EEEEZ.  You have a better chance of teaching a two year old to pole vault across the Grand Canyon than having an honest conversation about race with any of them.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Paying our friends to be friends

While Egypt burns, Grand Duke Dumbazz plays golf.  The Dumbazz Duke’s Sec State is out wind surfing.  So yeah, we’re in pretty good shape in the Middle East.

I’ve listened to all of the crap about cutting off “aide” to Egypt and not cutting off aide to Egypt.  Here’s what needs to be done.  The money is cut off and among other things specifically earmarked to resume tours of the White House.

Aide to Egypt is a misnomer.  99.99% of the “aide” goes the Egyptian military as an incentive, bribe, donation, kickback, blackmail pay off to keep them from attacking Israel or $h!t canning the Camp David accords.  Yeah, that’s how you do things in the Middle East - pay governments to be your “friend.”  Yeah, I was pretty good friends with the school bully as long as I gave him my lunch money.  Eff, em!  I don’t think Egypt has the where with all to attack Israel again or the stomach for another heinous azz whipping if they do.

When you deal with the devil, expect to get burned.  We’ve funneled all that money to Egyptian military to stay out of Israel and to keep Islamo-Terror-Fascists in the area under control. No wait.  That would indicate the 12th century dwelling rank and file were at any time under control.  Let’s say, he entire region could be a worse breeding ground for world instability than it was prior to the Dumbazz Duke inheriting his Dukedom.  In one fell swoop the incompetent Duke Dumbazz let the whole thing go south.

Now the entire region could spin out of control.  I cannot wait until gas goes to $8 a gal after the Middle East blows up again and the Duke Dumbazz and the Republi-Rats start talking to us about “energy independence.”  Any life-long pol who uses the term “energy independence” needs to be horse whipped.  These life-long corruptocrats have been talking that BS since the 70s.  Yet here we sit 40+ years later as vulnerable to Middle East BS as ever.

It is exactly the same as the levies in New Orleans.  Everyone knew the levies needed improvement, but money for the work was siphoned away so Demo-Dopes could buy votes.  Then Katrina hits and the corruptocrats look astounded.

The same is true in the Middle East.  Everyone knows dealing with these 12th century dwellers is not good for us.  We are currently funding both sides of the war on terror.  Oh wait.  We are now funding both sides of “over seas contingency operations” and “man made disasters” at home.  Apparently, for dope pols, it’s easier to deal with 12th century dwellers in the Middle East than it is to deal with the EPA and Green Peace at home.

The end will be the same as well.  There will be a catastrophe that will cost 10,000 times more in the future than doing the right thing right now.

On top of all of this is the persecution of Egyptian Christians.  After pulling the aide money, Egyptian General Sisi needs to get a very clear message through the back channels, that if the persecution doesn’t stop, he, General Sisi, will feel the pain.  Maybe that’s too much to ask from a government more interested with spying on Americans than America’s enemies.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Clowns abound

Proving once and for all that the NAACP is a racist organization:  The NAACP has NOT asked DoJ and the Secret Service to investigate the photo shopper of this extraordinary piece of spot-on sarcasm.
After the rodeo clown debacle, it is clear the left leaning statist believe that LB and wife - the lovely former winner of IL’s meanest, angriest Mz. Fatazzz pageant - should be treated as if they were American royalty. OK fine.
King Dopes-a-lot said this at his last press conference:
“If you look at the reports even the disclosures that Mr. Snowden’s put forward, all the stories that have been written, what you’re not reading about is the government actually abusing these programs and, you know, listening in on people’s phone calls or inappropriately reading people’s e-mails. What you’re hearing about is the prospect that these could be abused.”
Just after the of King the Dopes told the press that there was no indication that the NSA was intercepting Americans’ phone calls or reading their e-mail, the Washington Post breaks a story indicating that 1,000s of phone calls and e-mails were intercepted by the NSA each year since 2008.  His High Azzholiness is such a clueless dope, particularly as it turns out, about things going on right under his nose that it kind of makes you glad that Lord Doof didn’t tell us that there was no indication that the sun was about to explode.
Here are some of Grand Duke Dumb@$$’s greatest hits “Well I didn’t know a damn thing about this IRS targeting until I saw it on the news.  Gun running to Mexico?  Never heard of it.  Ben Ghazi?  Who’s he?  DoJ going after James Rosen?  Naaaaa, that just couldn’t happen in America.  EPA harassing coal and oil producers?  Never!  Not when we’re trying to get off of foreign oil.  DHS tracking white veterans returning from Afghanistan while the Muslim terrorists on a watch list in Russia blow up the Boston Marathon?  Well that just could not happen in my administration.  I don’t know nuttin’ about what happened with Skippy Gates, but I do know the cops acted stupidly.”
What does all that add up to?  Either a clueless know-nothing double d-bag is running things or a clueless know-nothing lying POS is running things.  Ooops, I left out the now required royal salutations in the last sentence.  I better fix that before the NAACP urges DoJ and the Secret Service to investigate me.  Either a Royal clueless know-nothing double d-bag is running things or a Royal clueless know-nothing lying POS is running things.
While the world burns, the NAACP and the lapdog media concern themselves with a rodeo clown.  Many, Lex included, have said these race baiters are like the always PO’ed wing of the Muslim religion.  That is – they are ALWAYS PO’ed about some real or perceived injustice.  For Muslims, it’s a heck of lot easier to bitch about cartoons that accurately depict the prophet and the religion he founded, than turn the water on and pick up the trash in Gaza.
For the race baiters, it’s a heck of a lot easier to bitch about a rodeo clown in a King Smokes-some-pot rubber mask than work on the high school graduation rate of black males or the out of wedlock birth rate of black females.  The Revs? Not-so-Sharpton and Hymietown Jackson are asking themselves, “Where’s the cash in fixing the problem?”

Friday, August 16, 2013

E. F. Lex 'splains the market

‘Splain this.  The stock market has been going great guns since…well for a long time.  In fact, I think the current bull market can be traced back to the exact day that I decided to get out of the market.  Anyway, it’s been going great guns for a while.

This seems odd to me as the economy writ large is pretty much in a shambles.  Unemployment, food stamps and disability payments are all up.  GDP, hiring, number of people working are all down.  So what gives?  What are “investors” investing in?

I thought investments were made based on silly calculations such as a company’s profitability, on hand cash to debt ratio, overall health of the economy, abundance of a trained work force.  None of that seems to matter in the current bull market run.

What does matter, it seems, is the government manipulation of the market.  Every time the Fed indicates it’s going to tighten the money supply, the market drops triple digits.  Charles Krauthammer recently reminded us of Milton Freidman’s economic axiom, anything that cannot last forever will, at some point, end.

So it is with government manipulation of the market.  It cannot continue to pump huge sums of money into the market everyday forever.  At some point it will end.  Investors apparently have more faith in government money than they do in the market itself.

When that money dries up, what happens to the market?  I think economist call it a “correction.”  That’s why, I suppose, the markets fall when the fed indicates a tightening of the money supply.  It’s simply the market correcting - valuing companies along traditional lines instead of the artificial ones that include free government money.

So why are LB and his team of economic half-wits manipulating the market?  Why cater to these fat cats?  As the “Occupy” crowd might chant - F-em.  Well, apparently it’s a lot easier to manipulate the market than it is to manipulate the actual economy.  By manipulating the market, even while the traditional markers of economic strength suck, LB and the half-wits can claim, “The economy is rebounding.  Look at the stock market.”

So if I were an investor, I’d bet nothing is going to happen with the fed money supply going into the market until after the mid-term election.

OTHER NEWS:  Several rodeo horses have been fired for impersonating Moochel Obama's fat azzz.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Military Justice Improvement act no improvement

The Military Justice Improvement act s.-967 is anything but an improvement.  It is an erosion of the command structure within the military and a bill that pits the privileged classes against the rank and file.  Here’s the skinny on the legislation:

Military Justice Improvement Act of 2013 - Amends the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), with respect to charges that allege an offense triable by court-martial (with certain exclusions) for which the maximum punishment includes confinement for more than one year, to direct the Secretary of Defense (DOD) to require the Secretaries of the military departments to provide for the determination of whether to try such charges by general or special court-martial to be made by a commissioned officer of grade O-6 or higher with significant experience in such trials and who is outside the chain of command of the accused. Provides that a determination not to proceed to trial shall not preclude a commanding officer from either referring such charges for trial by summary court-martial or imposing non-judicial punishment.

Requires Rule 306 (relating to policy on initial disposition of offenses) of the Manual for Courts-Martial to be amended to strike the character and military service of the accused from factors to be considered by the disposition authority.

Revises the list of officers authorized to convene general and special courts-martial to include those in grade O-6 or higher assigned such responsibility by their department chief of staff (with the same prohibition against an officer in the same chain of command as the accused). Requires each chief of staff to establish an office which shall convene general and special courts-martial and detail judges and members.

Requires a military judge to call a general or special court-martial trial into session within 90 days of the determination of its necessity.

Requires a convening authority (the official acting on the sentence of a court-martial), when taking any action other than approving a sentence, to prepare a written justification of such action which shall be made part of the record of the court-martial. Prohibits a convening authority from: (1) dismissing or setting aside a finding of guilty, or (2) reducing a finding of guilty to a finding of guilty to a lesser included offense.

Requires a commanding officer who receives a report of a sexual-related offense involving a member in such officer's chain of command to act immediately upon such report by way of referral to the appropriate criminal investigative office or service.

Amends the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013 to require an independent panel established by the DOD Secretary to monitor and assess the implementation and efficacy of this Act and its amendments.

This legislation appears to be a knee-jerk reaction designed to appease a key voting block and make know-nothing congress people look tough.  So I sent the following to my two senators and representative:

I am a constituent and an honorably discharged Gulf War era Marine Corps officer. I am opposed to S-967. The MARINE CORPS MANUAL (MCM), in part, describes command authority and responsibility.  Simply stated, the commander is responsible for everything the unit does or fails to do. Military discipline is clearly a command responsibility. S-967 would diminish the commander’s authority to administer discipline within the command, thereby undermining the commander’s authority and ability to maintain good order and discipline.

Additionally, if you approve S-967, how many other separate tracks are you willing to approve?  One for homosexuals?  Another for blacks?  A Sharia track for Muslims?

I recall something about “equal justice” under the law.  Is that now out the window?  Or are some service members just more equal than others?

Please preserve the necessary authority of a commander to administer military justice. SEMPER FIDELIS.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

O, the clown and the rodeo clown

Race relations in America are in a shambles.  Think about it.  Her Royal O-ness had to hop her Gulf Stream and travel all the way to Switzerland to interact with an Italian store clerk in a top flight apparel store to prove the average black in America is discriminated against on a daily basis.  Sorry O, that ain’t exactly being told to give up your seat on a bus in Montgomery, AL.  Besides the O’s story has pretty much fallen apart since the clerk has called the O a liar.  Well, yeah, after all she is a Demo-Dope.  What do you expect?

Then there’s the case of the rodeo clown dawning a Little Barry mask to poke a little fun at the American Emperor.  Oh no!  That can’t be done.  There will be no mocking of his Royal AZZHOLINESS.

The clown – the one at the rodeo, not the one in the White House, is in deep kimchi for this stunt.  I expect him to be blamed for the riots in Cairo at any minute.  The FBI and secret service will swoop down in the middle of the night and throw him jail for a year or so, or until he gets his mind right.

As would be expected from gutless wimps, the Republi-Rats are falling all over themselves apologizing for the clown.  Huh?  He’s a clown!  He’s supposed to stupid stuff.  The purpose of a rodeo clown is to distract rampaging bulls.  It doesn’t get much dumber than that.

But one thing we know for sure is that the jug eared king of the Dopes - Little Barry - is not one to be mocked.   He’s a very serious person.  Not at all mockable.

Dope dance or trying out for drum major at THE Ohio State University?  The only thing missing here for this clown is the red rubber nose.
Not mockable?  Yeah right.
But the NAACP is up in arms.  When aren’t they up in arms?  Oh yeah when three black thugs are beating a white kid on a school bus.  But yeah, like the religion of perpetual outrage, the NAACP is outraged.  Ho hum.  They are demanding the DoJ and Secret Service investigate the rodeo clown.  YGBSM.  No.  I’m not.
How’d you like to be giving the presser after that raid.  Secret Service spokesman:
We uncovered some very disturbing things in Johnny the Clown’s mobile home.  First, we found it suspicious that all of Johnny’s shoes were size 27 when we know for a fact Johnny the Clown’s feet are size 10 ½.   We suspect these shoes might be used some kind of drug smuggling.  Next, we discovered a very small two passenger car customized to fit a dozen or so grown men.  We think Johnny is involved in some sort of human smuggling ring.  Next, there were any number of colorful lapel flowers.  Not odd in and of them selves, but on closer examination every one of them was rigged to expel liquid.  We think Johnny might have been planning to get close enough to the Emperor to spray him with acid.  Then there was the pants suspender collection.  There must have been a hundred pair, one pair louder than the next.  Our experts are determining if these might be used to launch a poison dart at the Emperor.  Most disturbing we found a number of hand buzzers that could be rigged to deliver an electric shock to the Emperor if Johnny got close enough to shake hands.
Last, we don't think that Johnny is working alone.  None of the clothing found in Johnny’s closet fit him.  It was all either way too big or way too small for a man of Johnny’s stature.  We think that there are at least three other men in Johnny’s cell, and perhaps a small boy.  We found a very small derby style hat with a daisy in the hat band that could only fit a child.
Our Secret Service profiler says whoever is involved in this nefarious ring is color blind and/or has absolutely no sense of fashion.  Nothing, no matter the combination, found in the home matched.
On a scary note for the investigators, the home was rigged with all manner of booby traps.  Every time someone sat down somewhere it sounded as if they were passing gas, but there was never a foul odor.  So we’d have to quickly evacuate and test for poison gas.  We had to do the last half of the search in Hazmat gear.  No traces for poison were ever found.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Accountability? We don't need no stinkin' accountability.

When Uncle Fester look-a-like Richard the dick Armitage outted Valerie Plame as a CIA agent to Bob Novak, all hell broke loose.  The lapdog media were in tizzy about seeing Karl Rove “frog marched” out of the White House.  Then by some twist of fate Scooter Libby ended up going to jail.  Libby ended up in jail because Armitage and his boss Collin Powell were gutless chumps with gapping moral deficits.  These weak-kneed wimps could not bring themselves to tell the truth and say, “We did it.”  Apparently in their bizarro worlds, it’s better to let innocent lives be ruined by an overzealous prosecutor than to tell the truth to the public. 
There’s no accountability in government.
Morons at the Department of Injustice develop a hare-brained scheme to undermine the 2nd Amendment and dubbed it Operation Fast and Furious.  They ran hundreds of guns to Mexican drug lords.  The drug lords used those weapons to murder a US Border Patrol agent and hundreds upon hundreds of Mexican citizens.  The Attorney General, Eric the wad Holder, lies to congressional committees investigating the fiasco.  To date not one person has been held accountable for the deaths of hundreds of people.
There’s no accountability in government.
In Benghazi it is beginning to look more and more likely that the Sate Department, under the “leadership” of the Shrilldabeast, was taking a page from the DOJ playbook, but instead of running guns they were running anti-aircraft missiles.  Now there are four dead Americans and probably an untold number of missiles loose in the Middle East.  The missiles are probably worth more on the black market in that region than they are as a military force multiplier to the rebels.  I wonder if it’ll “make a difference” if civilian airliners start falling from the skies due to an American missile being run up its tail?  No one but a CA filmmaker has been held accountable.
There is no accountability in government.
In the IRS scandal, the person currently at the center of this scandal is on paid administrative leave.  Lois Learner is drawing a pay check for doing nothing.  There is nothing unusual there.  The same is probably true for about 75% government employees.   No one has been held accountable for the IRS bullying of American citizens.
There is no accountability in government.
When asked if the government was spying on the American people, DNI James Clapper (AKA Jimmy the lip) flat out lied on the record and under oath to congress.  There has not been so much as a reprimand from LB or anyone else in the administration.  Why?  Well they all lie daily.  And frankly, Clapper's lie, compared to the rest, seems pretty inconsequential.
There is no accountability in government.
The worst purveyor of “workplace violence” in America is on trial for the cold blooded murder of 14 at Ft. Hood.  Great fry the bastard.  Better yet, drag his worthless ass through a vat of bacon grease after force feeding him ham hocks, pork rinds and sausage gravy and biscuits as his “last meal.”  Then shave the bastard hairless and force feed the hair down his throat before hanging his hairless naked bacon coated body in public with a piano wire.  But that is as likely to happen as the BS Army “leadership” being held accountable for promoting the bastard over and over for fear being politically incorrect.  Former Army COS, George Casey, ought to be put on the stand at that trail and forced to explain his comment about the worst casualty of Ft. Hood would be if the Army’s diversity program were to be questioned.
The indispensable, take no prisoners, Michael Ramirez, nails it in one panel at the top.
There is no accountability in government.
Then the first dog Bo gets his own flight out to Martha’s Vineyard.  I’m sure this was Her Royal Fatassedness’ decision.  F**k sequester, 17 trillion dollars of debt, 47 million Americans on food stamps, record unemployment, we’ll do what we like and there is not one thing you can do about it.  We’re in charge now, and we’re black.  So if you point out any of this extravagant waste, you are a racist and we can count on Harry the roach Reid, lying thieving Charlie Rangel and our lapdog media to call you one.
There is no accountability in government.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Mark Levin to the rescue

I missed Friday’s post.  The howls of anguish were deafening.  Here’s why that post went amiss.  There were, once again, too many targets of opportunity.  So many that it has become clear that, if not already lost, America is on the cusp of extinction as us 50 some things and up knew it.

Dopes are running amok destroying the very foundation of the greatest country ever.  Rats are content to go along or, like Civil War general McClellan, refuse every fight no matter how superior their force or position.  After his death, the New York Post commented on McClellan’s legacy this way:  "Probably no soldier who did so little fighting has ever had his qualities as a commander so minutely, and we may add, so fiercely discussed."

The same can be said for the Karl Rove wing of the Rat party.  It’s time to dump the Roves and look for fighters.  Ted Cruz, Sara Palin and Rand Paul are the Grant, Sherman and Sheridan in this fight.  Unlike Rats in Rove wing, they are not only eager to engage in a fight a when one presents itself, but they are also actively out looking for one.

We are faced with Rats caving on immigration, Roberstscare, the debt ceiling and every other issue of substance that comes down the pike.  While Dope “leadership”, movies, music, tv and the education system lampoon us, our “leadership” can’t even offer a mild rebuke.

During the presidential campaign, Harry the roach Reid told the most fantastical lies about our candidate, and not one Rat senator steps up to say, “Hold on you lying, thieving, senile, mean-spirited, old bastard…”   Charlie Rangel called Tea party members “crackers” and not a word from any Republican of note in the house.  John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan were too busy figuring the best way to cave on amnesty, Robertscare and the debt ceiling to issue a statement condemning disgraced lying thieving representatives like the censured Rangel who is last one who ought to be out race baiting.  Besides, let’s face it.  The Rat establishment dislikes the Tea Party as much, maybe more, than the Dopes.

There was a ray of hope. The roach was at his race baiting best when accused Republicans of opposing the president because he was black.  Sen. Tim Scott finally stepped up and told the roach he was out line for his racist comments about Republicans.

I fear if we do not a demand candidates like Scott and the three mentioned above that are willing to close with the Dopes, destroy their socialist/communist policies, call out the 47% of their bought and paid for with US tax dollars constituency, reverse course on immigration, Robertscare and adopt a sane fiscal policy in this mid-term, it will be game set and match for the US.  And it does not matter if a bunch of Rats win.  We need fighters.

So yeah, Friday I was POed and thought what the heck.  Get to a happy place before your heart explodes from high blood pressure.  So, during my Lex time, I turned on some Christmas music and wrote a letter to friend’s son in week 10 of Marine Corps boot camp.  Full refunds for paying customers are in the mail.

Now just when I’m ready to throw in the towel, it’s Mark Levin to the rescue.  Here’s a blurb from his interview with Breitbart:

"I am not prepared to get to the end of this and say: it's all over, we're doomed, there is nothing we can do. I would rather say: let's fight. Let us do everything we can do to preserve this society. Whether by Abraham Lincoln, or Joseph Story, or Ronald Reagan, we've been warned that if America is to be destroyed, it will be from within. This is a difficult decision. But the left is using the instrumentalities of the government and the law against us. So what I'm saying is: let us use the Constitution to save the Constitution, and restore it, to use against them."

Levin discusses his “way forward” here and here.  Hannity will have “the great one” on for the entire hour tonight.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

College football going the way of the NFL

The National Football League has been getting over on America and American universities for decades.  The league uses college football as its minor league development program.

In Major League Baseball clubs have to develop a farm system to analyze and develop talent. MLB has two levels of A ball, then AA ball and finally AAA ball.  That’s a lot of teams in a lot of cities.  That’s a lot of stadiums, hot dog vendors, parking lot attendants, managers, secretaries etc.  In the end, it costs a lot of money.

The NFL is burdened with none of it.  American universities are quite happy to act as the NFL’s farm system for free. The universities eligible for the BCS are now charging confiscatory rates for non-athletes to attend their establishments while raking in millions from football TV and radio deals.  The football coach is often the highest paid member of the faculty often making more than the university president.

Student athletes, for the most part, are joke. They often graduate these fine “establishments of learning” unable to read, write, add, subtract or point to the Gulf of Mexico on a map.  Uh, strike the last one.  Apparently, neither can the current President of the United States who thinks such great Atlantic cities such as Charleston, Savannah and Jacksonville are located in the gulf.  Smarmy know nothing dip-$h!t.

OK back on track now.   Universities often care more about expanding the capacity of the football stadium than expanding the science dept.  In the process they have ruined classic stadiums like Notre Dame and THE Ohio Stadium to add luxury box seating for pamper swells.  Their efforts are like up dating the Statue of Liberty by putting red spike high heels on her or bringing Lady Justice up to date by putting her in a Versace summer print sun dress with Bill Blass sunglasses.

And what do the universities get in return.  A butt load of tv money for sure.  But they get teams that have loyalty to the team but represent the term “college student athlete” about as much as calling purveyor workplace violence Maj Nidal Hassan a typical American soldier.

What to do?
Limit 50% of all scholarships to athletes who live within 100 miles of the university.

Divide the rest using concentric circles radiating from the university.

Reduce available scholarships based on a 10 year graduation rate of student athletes.  If a university wants to run a football farm, fine, but soon they will find themselves with fewer and fewer available scholarships.

Require the NFL to fund academic programs and non-athlete scholarships at some great rate for every athlete they poach from a university.  Quadruple the rate if they poach an athlete before graduation.

Never going to happen.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Sarcasm is fun

I saw this bit of trite and bad sarcasm in the Sunday issue of Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette:

Who told everyone they could have an opinion?

What the H is wrong with this country? Nowadays a wannabe cop vigilante can’t even gun down a black kid in the street without a bunch of left-wing sissies freaking out.

Back in my day us Americans all believed in Jesus and were morally correct. We stood as one and believed in discrimination and prejudice. We didn’t have time for all this Internet nonsense. We were too busy writing letters to the editor condemning free speech and peaceful protest.

I just don’t know what is going to become of the good ol’ US of A, what with everyone thinking they have a right to express their own opinion. Let’s hope we can get this country back to the good old days when conservative old white guys were in charge, before it’s too late.

BRAD HUFF Fort Wayne

So Lex gave it a shot:

Sarcasm is fun.  For instance: Brad Huff’s letter in Sunday’s JG was reeeeeeely clever.  Let’s try this:

What the heck is wrong with this country?  Since when can’t a wannabe MMA thug minority kid on marijuana and while in possession of two-thirds of the ingredients of the new hit codeine based joy juice called “lean,” assault a man watching out for his community, beating his head into the concrete until he’s unconscious or worse, without the right-wing going all self-defense and stand your ground?

Back in my day, kids were laying in the mud and their own excrement, getting high,  spreading sexually transmitted diseases, and voting Democrat…two or three times.  We didn’t have time to get informed.  We just voted for the guys giving away the most free stuff.

I just don’t know what is going to become of the good ol’ US of A, what with 17 TRILLION dollars of debt, fewer people working than in the last 30 years, 47 million people on food stamps, 10 million on disability, welfare rolls exploding.  Let’s hope we can this country back to the good old days of uninformed leftist race baiters dividing the country and tearing it apart.  No, wait.  We are there.  Well, at least we still have the leftist utopia of Detroit.