Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Vs. content Vs. mad

When I was young captain - what seems like 100 years ago - I used to have breakfast with the corporals and sergeants that worked for me once a month. The purpose of the meeting was to listen to complaints, suggestions and concerns. At one of these meetings a corporal asked me, “Why are you never happy with what we do?” Stunned, I looked at the young Marine and said, “I’m ‘happy’ with about 95% of everything we do. That’s pretty good, isn’t it?” The corporal said, “Well it seems like we’re never fast enough, clean enough or organized enough.”

“Ohhh” I said. “And you never will be.” I said, “Look it isn’t my job to be ‘happy’. It’s my job to keep getting you better and better still. I’d like to get us to the point where, even on our worst day, we’re pretty damn good. So don’t confuse being ‘happy’ with being content. I’m very happy with how we’re doing. I’m not content with how we’re doing and never will be. We can always get better.”

I’m wondering if the DemoRATS and their MSM cohorts are playing the role of making America better or just trying to destroy it for political gain. They harp endlessly on 3,000 dead in Iraq. Each is a tragedy no doubt, but what is lost in RAT and MSM hysteria is that they died freeing a Muslim country of 25 million the size of California from a madman. They have given the Iraqi people a chance at a democratic government that is non-existent in the region and they have killed 10s of thousands of jihadis doing it. When the MSM run their nightly car bomb footage there is NEVER any context.

There are too few stories on the successes our fighting men have achieved, and their individual heroism goes largely unnoticed. Rather than the American fighting man being defined in the MSM by his courage and sacrifice, he is too often defined by a few shortcomings like Abu Graihb. While others in America are given the benefit of the doubt or at least declared innocent until proven guilty, Jack the ass Murtha declares Marines in Haditha guilty. Now, that case is so full holes even Mike Nifong wouldn’t take it. Prosecutors have dismissed charges and immunized an unprecedented number of supposedly “guilty” Marines in an effort to make charges stick against the remaining Marines.

Our battlefield medical techniques are second to none. 1,000s have been saved. 1,000s of amputees are leading relatively normal lives and some even returning to their units to continue to serve. Where are the stories of a great nation that has provided top-flight medical service to its military forces. Nearly nonexistent. The one medical story that gets out is about one run down building in Washington D.C. I’m still waiting to hear why that building was run down. I’m betting contractors – probably minority union contractors – have scammed the government, collected a ton of tax payer money and not delivered promised maintenance and cleaning services.

So are the RATS and MSM happy? No. Content? No. Are they mad? Yes, and they will remain so until a RAT enters the White House.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Hypocrites, damned hypocrites and DemoRATS

If there is a more despicable human being in American politics than Scared Harry Reid, I’d like to know who it is. Scared Harry, after giving aid and comfort to the enemy and demoralizing our own troops by saying the Iraq war was lost, yesterday led the DemoRAT charge to keep the war going until October. Fine Scared Harry, if you truly believe the war is lost, then why would you vote to keep American fighting men (who of course you adore and support) in harm’s way even one more day for a lost cause?

There is something really screwed up about this weasel. He said we needed more troops in Iraq, but when the president sent them, he opposed it. His DemoRAT led senate voted unanimously to confirm General Petraeus as the head of all forces in Iraq, but has spent the last three months undermining him. Now that very general has come all the way home to report on his mission, but the DemoRATS don’t have time to listen to him - or in Scared Harry’s words, “don’t believe him.” He said he wouldn’t legislate to cut off funds to the war, but he just did. There are hypocrites, damned hypocrites, and then there are DemoRATS.

And what about the DemoRAT’s famous 100 hour agenda the MSM lemmings slobbered all over themselves about? What have the RATS actually accomplished other than bombast, colluding with and giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies? Minimum wage? No. Energy policy? No. Immigration policy? No. Healthcare reform? No. Homeland security reform? No. Something? No. Anything? No. Nothing? Yes.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Joe caucuses with the party he warns against

While Scared Harry and Queen General Nancy are doing their damnedest to surrender America’s national interests to Islamo-Terror-Fascists in Iraq, our head guy, Gen. David H. Petraeus, reported that the surge was showing positive results and a pullout would hurt the war effort. Scared Harry said, even before Patraeus testified, that he “wouldn’t believe him.” I’m sure the next thing out of the Scared One’s mouth was, “of course I support the troops, just not the dishonest, lying, conniving generals that lead them.”

Joe Lieberman has an OpEd piece in the Washington Post today calling out what passes for leadership in the DemoRAT Party. Here’s the nut of Sen. Lieberman’s piece,

“The challenge before us, then, is whether we respond to al-Qaeda's barbarism by running away, as it hopes we do -- abandoning the future of Iraq, the Middle East and ultimately our own security to the very people responsible for last week's atrocities -- or whether we stand and fight.

“To me, there is only one choice that protects America's security -- and that is to stand, and fight, and win.”

Given that it’s the party that you choose to caucus with that is attempting to perpetrate the very policy upon us that you warn against, we ask, "Where have you gone, Joe LIEBERMAN? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you." Alas, Joe knows that further Republican losses are likely in the senate ’08. It’s all numbers. Reps have 21 seats at risk. Dems have 12.

So what game is Joe playing? Is it more important for him to be in the majority caucus than stand up for American interests? I don’t know either.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Abortion a wrenching personal decision? For who?

Before heading to the woods until Thur next week, Lex fired off the following to the Daily Puctilio (AKA the ft. Wayne Journal Gazette):

A few things on your ed. Rolling back Roe v. Wade

What anti-abortion (AKA pro-life) proponents dubbed “partial birth abortion”? What else would you call it when a baby is partially pulled from the mother’s womb; surgical scissors stuck into the base of the baby’s skull and the baby’s brains sucked out? I dare the JG to run a series of full color pictures of this vile grotesque procedure and then try to defend it.

Knocked a chink in the decision that “AFFIRMED the right to abortion”? Sure abortion rights have been there since September 17th, 1787 when the constitution was ratified. Who knew until the Burger court found it buried deep in the Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments in 1973? Five unelected judges legislated abortion on America from the bench of the Supreme Court. Americans will continue to be at odds on this issue until Roe is struck down and the issue returned to state legislatures where it belongs. Sadly, even then, little will change with the laws regulating abortion; a practice that future human generations are likely to view as barbaric as we now view the human sacrifices of our ancestors.

Women making “the most wrenching personal decisions of THEIR lives”? You cannot be serious. Whose brain gets sucked out? The woman’s or the helpless baby’s? It seems to me that it’s the baby, mere inches away from leading a normal productive life – maybe curing aids - being imposed upon in the most “wrenching” and “personal” way imaginable. It’s a wrenching personal decision to get a tattoo or choose between Rocky-Road or Mint-Chocolate Chip ice cream on a hot day. It’s not quite as “personal” when someone else has to pay the consequences for your decision - wrenching or otherwise.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Harry, Tim & John

Scrawny now Scared Harry

We’re changing Scrawny Harry Reid’s moniker here today. He was Scrawny because he is Scrawny. He is now scrawny Scared Harry because he is scared. He’s scared of Islamo–Terror-Fascists. No doubt Scared Harry will be the last one pulled terrified from under the bed by the ITF. He’ll be trying to save himself for one more crooked land deal by blubbering and pissing all over himself begging for mercy from the same pitiless bunch he’s been facilitating. He’s scared George bush might be successful. He’s scared America may remain the world’s only super power. While the Scared one was comforting America’s enemies with a proclamation that the war was lost, an Indiana mother of a soldier killed in Iraq was asking “congress to shut up and let the military do their job.” Way to go mom.

Peace Studies at Manchester College?

There’s a PhD named Tim McElwee who is the Director of the Manchester College Peace Studies Institute; your kid’s college tuition hard at work. The frightening part about this is that if McElwee is the “Director” that means there’s whole department working under him. Either that or the college gave him the big title with no staff just to make Dr. Tim feel OK with himself. Either way, it’s dumb. In the name of diversity, I wonder if the college has a Director of Useful and Necessary Violence? Dr. Tim wrote a column for the Ft. Wayne Daily Punctilio today where, after positing the false notion that “we are encouraged to believe that violence solves problems” he asks, “How much safer might our communities be if we taught non-violence instead?” Where the he%$ has McElwee been for the last 20 years? We don’t teach violence. We teach tolerance to the point that every aberrant behavior is accepted as normal. No one questions a psycho living in the dorm – I’m OK you’re OK. While McElwee rolls in on guns there is nary a word in his “Can’t we all just get along” piece about the left’s culture destruction in TV, movies, music, videos etc. Hey Dr. Tim, it’s not the guns. It’s the nut jobs using them and a society too willing to accept ALL behavior, no matter how destructive, as OK in the name of diversity. Dr. Tim your glad machine is ready to transport you to Oz where never again will you be bothered with reality.

John Boy’s $400 haircuts

John, we live in two Americas, Edwards is being lampooned for living in the America were people live in 28,000 square foot homes and pay $400 for a haircut. I pay $8 to keep my dome groomed. Let’s see 8 goes into 400? Hmm, help me Mr. Will (Mr. Will, a great man, taught 7th & 8th grade math). Lemme see, 8 wont go into 4 at all, try 40, four 8s aren’t enough, six 8s are too many must be 5 - BINGO!! 8 goes into 400, 5 times!!! No wait, that’s not right. Hmm, Lex Jr. informs me it’s 50. He’ll explain it later. He’s in 4th grade at the Catholic school. I graduated public school. I’m going with the 10 year old’s answer. So I could get 50 haircuts. Lemme see, 4 weeks in a month, one haircut every 2 weeks. 50 haircuts, one every two weeks, would equal how many years? Darn, jr.’s off to school. I’ll get back to you on this but it’s somewhere between 2 and 20 years. Edwards, never one to say, yeah what was I thinking? 400 Washingtons is a bit excessive to get your lettuce trimmed, blamed the whole thing on global warming. Seems the warm temps cause his hair to grow faster and affects his limited judgment.

Off to the woods

I'm off to the woods for a turkey shoot and will be gone until Thurs.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Send Rosie out to collect up all the guns

First, the important stuff. America’s long national nightmare is over. Sanjaya has been canned from Idol.

Then there was news that The Keeper of all Knowledge called for a firearms ban in America. Let’s see. There are somewhere between 220 - 280 million firearms in America. How does Ms. Rosie propose rounding them up? She could go door to door – starting at her own armed body guard’s house. Then she could head down to the Cabrini-Green project on Chicago’s north side. If she doesn’t get shot with the elephant gun that would be required to bring her down, the plan would have the added benefit of working a few pounds off of the rotund Keeper of all Knowledge while at same time keeping her yap off TV. Who do we expect will be least likely to follow a law that requires one to turn over a particular type of firearm?

Then there was the O’Reilly show where Mr. Bill and Dennis Miller were aghast that the gun shop owner sold Cho his weapon in 10 minutes. “I can’t get a Starbucks in 10 minutes” quipped Miller. “It takes a week to get my shirts done” chimed in O’Reilly. The two agreed that there ought to be some kind of waiting period to buy a firearm. OK, in respect for the VA Tech shootings, let’s more than triple the old three day waiting period. That would mean that Cho would have to wait 10 days instead of 10 minutes for his gun. He bought his guns over a month before the shootings. How would the 10 day wait have changed anything at VA Tech? Bill? Dennis? Class? Beuler? Class? Anyone?

This demonstrates the problem with making laws based on emotion. Cho was nut case. But his medical privacy trumped public safety. It’s OK for Cho to be a suicidal/homicidal maniac living in a college dorm room. There seems to be nothing odd about that situation to the civil rights crowd. But letting the public and gun dealers know he’s a nut job is somehow a violation of Cho’s civil rights, and we can’t have that. Now there are thirty plus people dead and Rosie, Bill and Dennis want to roll in on guns with idiotic bans and waiting periods.

How about this for a law? The national instant check for firearms purchases will contain all relevant information, criminal, medical and mental for persons deemed to be no sale candidates. To insure privacy, when the SSN of a potential buyer has a check placed on it by any relevant agency, the seller is warned with a “No Sell” notice. No other information is provided to the seller. The would be buyer could then petition the state as to why he was denied the right to buy the weapon. The state could then privately tell the buyer that not only does he have a screw loose, he owes $28,000 in back taxes, $15,000 in back child support, $800 in traffic fines. Then in true nanny state fashion, the state could tell him he needs to clean up his room and phone his mother. Oh yeah, and how about this; Not an American citizen? Alien - legal or illegal? Sorry sport the second amendment does not apply to you. You want to tote a gun Cho? Go back to Korea and join the army.

Then there’s the anti-gunners fall back position; we license cars and drives but we don’t license guns and shooters. Well first off, I’m having trouble putting my finger on that part of the constitution that says, “A well regulated traffic flow, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to drive, shall not be infringed.”

Next, what is the primary reason for states licensing cars and drivers? $$$ pure and simple. It is a sure fire way for the state to raise revenue. There are added law enforcement and public safety benefits to be sure. But anyone who doesn’t think that $$$$ is the primary reason hasn’t thought it through too far. I’ve owned the same car for ten years but every year I have to re-license it. I had the same Ohio driver’s license forever when I was in the military because there was a provision that military could use an expired driver’s license if their home state allowed. Now I’m out and have to pay for new ones over and over. Why do I have to pay the state to re-new my car and personal license if nothing has changed? $$$$ that’s why.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Anti-gunners should visit a shooting range

Well substitute the word “sensible” about half the time for the word “responsible” and Lex was dead on in his prediction about how anti-gunners would react to the Va Tech shootings. According to these fools, all we need are more “reasonable/sensible” laws abridging the rights of law abiding citizens to protect themselves. More laws will prevent lawless kooks like Cho from killing innocent people, goes the anti-gunner’s mantra.

Oh really? Well what about the 2 plus million times a year firearms are used in self defense? Will additional gun laws have the unintended consequence of actually adding to carnage across America when law abiding now unarmed citizens are confronted by armed lawless thugs?

One need not waste time and money on another “government study” to answer that question. One need only look at gun free zones at places like Va Tech and our nation’s capital. We know how Va Tech turned out. Washington D.C. has been among the nation’s leaders per 100,000 of population in murders and violent crime since its ten year old handgun ban. Never ones to accept fact and reality, anti-gunners attribute D.C.’s violent crime problems to easy gun access in neighboring VA. How do you argue with fools that make your point for you? Criminals will get their guns in spite of the law – any law.

I could almost hear the disappointment in anti-gunner’s voices yesterday when it was widely reported that Cho used two semi-automatic handguns, not a so-called assault weapon (you know a weapon that operates and fires the same ammo as a hunting rifle but looks military). Damned Cho. Had he just used one those “assault rifles” we could have more meaningless laws banning weapons for the way they look rather than how they function.

So the assault on anti-gunner’s favorite target, the assault rifle, was a no go. Oh well, their second favorite target is handguns. So that’ll just have to do for now. Leading the anti-gunners uninformed charge yesterday was the clueless Paul Helmke, of the Brady Campaign to Prevent gun Violence. As he made his rounds to a sympathetic MSM yesterday, Helmke relied on the anti-gunner’s favorite weapon – emotion.

Since Cho’s weapon of choice was a hand gun not an assault rifle, Helmke rolled in what he called “high capacity clips” that allow a shooter to 20-30 rounds very quickly. According to Helmke, "When you have a weapon that can shoot off 20, 30 rounds very quickly, you're going to have a lot more injuries."

Helmke’s uninformed, ignorant statement’s indicate why it is impossible to argue from fact with these people. First and most obvious, we are not talking about a “clip” which is a device with a prepackaged number of rounds. A clip is discarded when the last round is fired. We are talking about magazines that are loaded by the shooter and reused. This is a small point but it demonstrates how willfully ignorant Helmke and most anti-gunners are.

So Helmke is out railing against high capacity magazines. A good question that was never asked would have been, what’s a reasonable/sensible capacity for a magazine? Let’s say 5 rounds. Then ask Helmke, how long does it take to change a magazine? Let’s give the long estimate for a guy that just got the weapon and hasn’t practiced much - 3 seconds. So what Helmke is advocating is a law that will cause Cho to spend 15 more seconds getting off his 30 rounds. An experienced guy would tape the magazines over and under and change in about a second. Good thinking Paul, that’ll solve everything.

Then idiot Helmke is under the illusion that rapid fire is more dangerous than slow fire. This would be true for only the most experienced and well trained shooters. If I’m going to have an inexperienced guy shooting at me, I’d prefer a guy shooting 3 rounds a second than a guy shooting one well aimed round every ten or so seconds. No doubt lives were saved at Va Tech by Cho’s inability to control his rate of fire. A handgun when fired by a right hander will naturally rise and drift to the right. If rounds are fired in rapid succession that error accumulates to the point that an inexperienced shooter is soon shooting into the ceiling.

So the Helmke’s of the world will call for five round magazines or a ban magazine fed hand guns altogether. Then the next tragedy will be from a guy using a revolver and a dozen or so speed loaders. This why anti-gunner should get themselves to range and discover what exactly it is they are opposing.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's time to require responsible people to carry a handgun

In response to the tragedy at Virginia Tech, the New York Times decides to make a little political hay with this gem, “Virginia imposes few restrictions on the purchase of handguns and no requirement for any kind of licensing or training.” First, as a guy who once tried to buy a handgun in Virginia and couldn’t, I know that there are restrictions for law abiding people legally trying to purchase a handgun in Virginia. If Virginia is typical, there are probably a hundred or more local, state and federal laws restricting the purchase of a handgun.

That fact tells the average guy with a brain, gun control doesn’t work. That fact tells clueless liberals, if a hundred laws failed to prevent some whacko from committing mass murder with a handgun; we need a hundred more laws or better yet a ban on handguns. Screw the second amendment. It’s for the children.

We know that more laws are pointless because, once all the facts of this shooting are known, we will find that the evil, deranged, piece of Satan’s excrement that committed this atrocity probably broke dozens of laws. 32 murders, 28 attempted murders are only the most obvious laws that were broken.

The Virginia Tech campus is a “gun free zone” - another testimony to the idiocy and futility of gun control. The only thing that Tech’s gun free zone accomplished was to insure that the ChiCom bastard that committed these murders would be the only person with a gun. Knowing that he could commit this crime unfettered in any way from his victims, the creep actually chained the doors and locked his victims in. What if there were 5-10 responsible citizens in that building with right to carry permits? What if the perp knew that there’d be armed resistance within seconds of him firing the first shot?

Whiners are full of oh my gosh, Columbine, the Amish School House, the Utah mall and now this. Now ask yourself, when did all of these tragedies come to an end? The answer is, when responsible men showed up with guns. In the case of the Utah mall, an off-duty police officer engaged the perp early on and saved an unknown number of lives.

The second point of the Times’ meaningless little quote from above is this, “[Virginia has] no requirement for any kind of licensing or training.” This is hypocrisy of the highest order – even for a liberal institution. When was the last time the Times ran an editorial supporting licensing and training of handgun owners – say those seeking a right to carry permit? Never. The only time the Times comes out in favor of licensing and training is as an afterthought to total gun bans. Well if we can’t ban them all together, let’s at least license them and require a 27 month, 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, training period conducted in the bottom of the Amboy crater outside the Marine desert base at 29 Palms, CA. That’s reasonable gun control.

Just three more things on this tragedy.

1. Every time one of these things happens, I’m tempted to rush out and buy a handgun and 1,000 rounds of ammo before RAT politicians give into emotion and start shredding the constitution.

2. Grief counselors will fan out across the country. In an effort to drum up business, they’ll tell us, it’s OK to be upset. The local news outlets will be full of stories about self-absorbed twits that will use the tragedy to focus attention on themselves.

3. Most of the MSM attention will be focused on the need for more “reasonable gun control” (watch for those three words) rather than holding to account the freak that committed the crime.

Monday, April 16, 2007

In fairness, Olbermann quits MSNBC

Imus is gone. He has been relegated to sifting through a number of offers that reportedly proffer more money and more exposure than he received when he was with MSNBC and CBS. So just several hours after race baiters got their scalp, lo – ho- and behold Imus has risen. And this event again proves the point that for celebrity, no exposure is bad exposure. Imus will apparently be back bigger than before. Ain’t America great?!

The congregationless Right Reverends Al and Jesse smell an opportunity. So with none of the Christian forgiveness displayed by the Rutgers women’s basketball team, who graciously accepted Imus’ apology, Al and Jesse march on - in perpetuity. In an apparent take over of the FCC, the Right Reverend Al has declared that he will decide what’s good for Americans to hear over the public airwaves.

Al’s ostensible target will be rap music and course movie language. Fine, and “frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a damn.” That line, from Gone with the Wind, is the line Dad used to say opened the flood gates to all the Hollywood trash that has followed. Let’s get back to the 1940 something way of doing movies. Let the viewer fill in the blanks when a man and woman enter a room at night and the next scene is them fully dressed having coffee in the morning. The left’s second greatest thinker, Sean Penn, lampooned such movie as “unrealistic.” Bernie Goldberg responded to Penn, “Look, I use the bathroom several times a day to relieve myself. That’s realistic. But it doesn’t belong in a movie.”

But, whomever and whatever the left’s media target is today, tomorrow it’ll be Rush Limbaugh. I’d throw in the list of other right minded talkers, but the target is Rush Limbaugh. Mark it down. Cut it out and tape it to the refrigerator. The target is Rush Limbaugh. The left can’t stand this guy. He’s funny. Name one liberal who is funny. He’s smart. Name one on air liberal who’s smart. He’s popular. Name 10 liberal shows whose combined audience even approximates Rush’s. So the left will use the Imus controversy to resurrect the Fairness Doctrine – which is everything but – to get Rush.

Keith, anything right is wrong, Olbermann, whose little show will take weeks and weeks to achieve in audience what Limbaugh gets in an afternoon, let the cat out of the bag. While discussing Imus - on the very network that put up with Imus’ crass comments for 10 years – Olbermann asked the Right Reverend Jesse if Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly ought to be the next targets. Jesse was smart enough not to take the bait. In a move that no doubt had Olbermann scratching his empty head, Jesse laid into MSNBC for being “all white, all night.”

So, I await Olbermann’s announcement that he is leaving MSNBC to make way for diversity. Keith is leaving to make way for Shelby Steele. Steele’s show will address race issues that continue to plague America. Way to go Keith, a man true to principle.

Friday, April 13, 2007

The rat, Al, M$NBC & CB$


Pat the rat Leahy is shouting from the senate floor that the people in the White House are lying. Lying about what? Well it seems the White House cannot find certain e-mails with regard to the heave-ho (can I say "ho" here?) of eight federal attorneys. Leahy says that’s a lie.

Juuuuust a couple of things. Pat the rat’s biggest claim to fame with regard to his shady government service so far has been getting kicked off of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for leaking government secrets. His next biggest claim to fame is having Vice President Cheney telling him to F%$@ off on the floor of the senate during a picture taking opportunity. I’ve always liked Cheney. Pat the rat questioning the White House’s integrity is akin to the Right Reverend Al Sharpton calling Mother Theresa a race baiter.

Alberto Gonzales is due to testify before Pat the rat next week. When asked the very first question, I suggest Gonzales take the Clinton amendment. When Pat the rat asks, “What’s the Clinton amendment?” Gonzales should say, “Well, like the leading DemoRAT candidate for president, Senator Mrs. Bill Clinton during Robert Ray’s investigation into Whitewater, I plan to say, ‘I don’t recall’ over 50 times during this session. When asked about the missing e-mails, I plan to remind you about Senator Mrs. Bill Clinton’s two-and-half year delay in producing her Rose Law Firm billing records with regard to Whitewater. We’ll find those e-mails about 30 minutes before the 2009 presidential inaugural ceremony.”


Al is taking over for the FCC. Al, sans the bullhorn that made him famous, said yesterday, “It is our feeling that this is only the beginning. We must have a broad discussion on what is permitted and not permitted in terms of the airwaves.”

I have to admit, as a “the government that governs the least, governs best” guy, it’s hard to pass up dumping an entire government bureaucracy and replacing it with one guy. And besides, right now Al and his race baiting acolytes are rolling in on their own. They have CBS, NBC and MSNBC by the throat. Jesse Jackson, poet laureate for race baiters, has spent days coming up with a new rhyme about those networks, “all white, all night”. How does he do it?

He’s right. NBC should can the failing Chrissie Matthews or the “anything right is wrong” Olbermann and pay the big bucks it’d take to bring in a black host like, Shelby Steele, Dr. Walter Williams, Dr. Thomas Sowell or Larry Elder. Then the Right Reverends would take to the streets demanding that the network fire the Uncle Tom, Oreo, House N*&%er and hire a “real black”.


If the $uite$ at M$NBC & CB$ are $o outraged by what Don Imu$ $aid about the Rutger$ women'$ ba$ketball team, why did it take nine day$ to $^&*can him? Why did Imu$’ canning come only after $pon$or$ began to bail?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sharpton and brother Nifong

A black woman accuses three white men of rape. Then her story changes and changes again, and again, and again. Each new story contradicts the woman's earlier accounts. After months of the media smearing the accused and race baiting hustlers stirring up trouble, investigators conclude that no attack ever took place. The Duke rape case? It could be, but it is actually the 1972 Tawana Brawley case in New York.

The big difference between the Tawana Brawley and the Duke rape cases is that the guy who stirred up all of the trouble in the Brawley case went on to become a serious DemoRAT presidential candidate. To this day the Right Reverend Sharpton remains a serious guest on the various “respectable news” programs. Ironically, Sharpton’s stature has actually risen as a result of his loud mouthed, inaccurate, libelous, race baiting in the Brawley case. Now the Right Reverend Sharpton gets to sit in judgment of Don Imus. While Imus’ statements about a women’s basketball team were callous and stupid, he never put one person’s freedom in jeopardy or put a community on the edge of a race riot for weeks. Sharpton’s lies in the Brawley case did just that.

The Sharpton like slug in the Duke case is Mike Nifong. But instead of using the Duke case to springboard his presidential bid, Nifong will be lucky to stay out of jail. It’s unlikely that Nifong will ever get his own radio show or be invited on O’Reilly to pass judgment on someone stupid enough to use a racial slur on a national radio show. Sharpton should be in the same boat as Nifong.

And let’s not forget Nifong’s office. Who was advising Nifong? How many resigned while Nifong was railroading the Duke players? How many participated in the railroad? How many should be issued their walking papers for not standing up to Nifong?

Were I Nifong, I’d do a genealogy search and come up with black blood somewhere in my family tree. Then I’d buy a bullhorn, grease my hair back and march through black Durham neighborhoods chanting “No justice. No peace. No white interlopers. No hymies.” Of such things DemoRAT presidential bids are born.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Free speech

Not surprisingly, Rosie O’mygoshisshedumb said something breathtakingly stupid yesterday. Rosie, The Keeper of all Knowledge, in defense of Don Imus, opined that corporations shouldn’t be allowed to squelch free speech by firing people who say kooky things. Hmm, maybe she was defending herself, not Imus. According to the wise one, if the vice president of Coca-Cola in charge of marketing begins touting Pepsi in speeches, Coke can’t fire the guy because it’s a violation of free speech. Or, if Coke is a sponsor of, oh let’s say, a morning talker that employs four vacuous, empty, stupid, dim witted kook fringe cackling hens who say one idiotic thing after another, Coke shouldn’t pull it’s advertising in the name of free speech protection.

FLASH, FLASH, FLASH to the Left’s Brainiest thinker. Our constitution, put together by true great thinkers, says: Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech…” Where do we defer from that, that corporations shall never fire anyone who says stupid things on a daily basis? Corporations have an absolute obligation to their shareholders to fire stupid people and pull advertising from shows that risk corporate profit.

In other odd “free speech” news, there’s the DemoRATS who have adopted the rather peculiar and indefensible position that while they are willing to travel the world on US taxpayer dollars to have “free speech” with anti-US dictators, they aren’t willing to drive down Pennsylvania Ave to have free speech with their own president to settle war legislation. Further, top DemoRAT presidential candidates are squelching “free speech” by refusing to appear for a presidential debate on America’s number one cable news network because that network is perceived to be right leaning. Seems to me all the more reason for DemoRATS to show up. I can’t imagine a Republican presidential candidate saying they won’t go on CNN because of that network’s clear left leaning bias.

Last, the Rutgers women’s basketball team exercised their free speech rights by holding a press conference. Surprise, surprise, surprise they were offended by Don Imus’ remarks. Wow, who would have thought? What struck me about the pity session was how so many people let the words of guy they don’t even know scar them so deeply. As a white, male, Christian, conservative, I’ve been called a racist, sexist, homophobe, bigoted, Nazi, dope. I finally convinced Mom to lighten up – but anyone’s opinion of me outside mom, dad and few others has never had very much effect on me. How cool would it have been for the Rutgers team to show up at the presser and talk about their outstanding season and never mention Imus’ name? When someone finally asked, answer the question with a question of their own, Who’s Imus?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Imus straight haired idiot

Uh oh, nappy headed ho, has fallen out of favor somewhere along the line with blacks. I guess if you’re not Stevie Wonder singing about your memories as a “nappy headed boy” or gangsta rapper grouping all black women into the category of hos, you could be in serious trouble. This story like so many others escapes me. Were it not all over the sports channels yesterday, I’d probably never have known it was a big deal.

It’s a big deal I suppose because Imus is white and we should all know by now that disrespecting black women is the sole prevue of black rappers like Snoop Dog – the only name that comes to mind in that particular category. It’s like the “n” word. A black man like Chris Rock can make a million dollars off the word in a comedy routine, but a white dude better never use it - even if he’s just repeating one of Rock’s jokes to a friend.

Then there’s the faux outrage of such morale arbiters as the Right Reverend Al, Tawana Brawley Freddy’s Fashion Mart, Sharpton and the Right Reverend Jesse, Hymietowne here’s the latest photo of my bastard baby, Jackson. Forget about their personal hypocrisy, they land with both feet on Imus – justifiably so I suppose – but nary a word to the Snoopster’s industry for saying much worse on a much more regular basis.

Because Imus’ remark was directed toward the Rutgers women’s basketball team, the sports guys all used the remark to mount the high horse and wax on and on about how disgusting and inappropriate it was. None mentioned the double standard that has manifested itself in the outrage that has consumed Don Imus’ use of the word ho and the mega sales and extended air play that the Snoopster’s industry receives when they use the word.

Then there’s the Don himself. Goodness man, get a hold of yourself. Imus sounds like a British soldier captured by the Iranians for ten minutes. He’s ready to confess to and apologize for about anything if he can just stay on the radio. You should have sailed right into the storm. “Gee, ho has a bad connotation among black people, whodda thunk it? It’s everywhere in the culture and nobody seems to be too upset with it, particularly the weasel race baiting Reverends Sharpton and Jackson. I thought I was complementing the girls.”

Look, if a white guy like Lex lectures blacks on the use of words like the “n” word, hos etc. he’s told to shut up – you don’t understand the hood blah, blah, blah. But if a white guy like Lex dare use one of those words, holy cow sound general quarters we’re in for trouble. Imus gets paid a lot of money to say things that offend people. As long he’s offending conservatives and Christians he’s safe. But if he offends a minority by referring to them as they refer to themselves, that’s over the line.

Imus should be fired. But he should have been fired years ago. His crime, in my opinion, was not the use of the words hos in reference to black women -- that is way too common place these days to be offensive -- his crime was directing that comment a specific group of black women rather than black women generally. I would hope that the groups feigning outrage at Imus would take their mock outrage to the rap industry's door step as well.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Maintaining that quivering upper lip

OK I wasn’t going to say anything about the behavior of the Brit hostages until some arrogant Brit ridiculed US actions during its own 444 day hostage crisis on a national radio broadcast. First and foremost, with regard to our hostage crisis – three words – James Earl Carter. Nuf said about that.

But while the US government acted like a scared rabbit, the hostages did not. The Brits on the other hand seem to have caved the instant the Iranians refused to give them a fresh lime slice with their evening gin and tonic. The threat of trial and seven years in prison in rings hollow. How much sense dose it make to publicly admit to a crime you didn’t commit to avoid a trial and prison? It would seem to me once you’ve made the public admission the trial become unnecessary. The admission is played for the judge and the sentence is handed down. Read this from Formerhostage who was at the US embassy during the Iranian take over:

As my screenname indicates, I can speak with Complete Moral Authority (tm) on this issue.

On the day of the takeover, the Marines were outnumbered at least 1000 to 1. We held the consulate and the communications vault for over 12 hours, helping to destroy equipment and classified material. We were under STRICT orders not to fire our weapons or pop gas grenades (too late for that last one..hee, hee, hee). We were eventually told that we were on our own and to make a break for it. The monkeys even put one of the diplomats in front of the comm vault peep eye with a pistol to their head and threatened to kill them unless the door was opened. It wasn't and they didn't. Once all the material was destroyed the doors were opened and they all got the crap beat out of them.

When we were first taken, the Iranians took us into a room individually and asked us to sign a statement denouncing the US policy in Iran, Israel, the Shah, etc. The Marines signed with names such as Michael Mouse, Chesty Puller, Dan Daly (google the last two...Marine Corps legends), Harry Butz, etc.

During the ordeal they would try to tape us for propaganda purposes. Personally, I would keep looking down to the ground or hide behind others so that my face wouldn't show (in fact, after a couple of months of not seeing me in any of the videos my records I was classified as MIA). Another Marine and I shared the same cell and when they came in with cameras we'd strip down. I heard a rumor that one of the other Marines smeared ketchup on his face and started howling.

The day before they released us, we were taken to a room with a camera and Mary the Terrorist who was going to interview us. We were threatened that if we didn't say the right things we wouldn't be released. Some Marines gave only name rank and SSN, others sang (Marine Corps Hymn or God Bless America), others just said nothing.

On the day they let us go, I was being herded towards the airplane by a couple of those monkeys. I pulled my arm out of their grasp and let them know that "We're number one"...but used the wrong finger.

For our troubles we were isolated, thumped [beaten], went through two mock executions, starved, threatened, and had to put up with useful idiots from Amnesty International showing up just to let the world know how humane we were being treated.

We resisted at each opportunity, except for Army Sgt Joe Subic who collaborated from day 1 and was later snubbed by the rest of us (and was the only one not to receive a citation). We refused to cooperate, stole keys, plugged toilets, pissed in their rations, blew circuit breakers, laughed in their face when they threatened us and cursed them when they beat us. Steve Kirtley even told one of them to pull his finger! The monkey did and Steve was beaten for the inevitable result.

We did this because we were first and foremost, MARINES! Our honor and loyalty to the United States gave us the courage. We would rather die (and that was a definite possibility) than to shame ourselves, our Corps, or our Country. We had to live up to our history and got to measure ourselves and our actions against those of greater men.

Yes, we broke now and then. But would immediately pick ourselves back up and go back to fighting. Which, by the way, confused the hell out of the monkeys!

Pity the poor Brits. All they had was the history of the E.U. and the U.N. as examples.
Semper Fi

There is much more on this story here. Read it all. As for the Brits, there is a scene in the Movie 300 where King Leonidas confronts the traitor who betrayed the Spartan army. Instead of trying to kill the man or berating him, Leonidas sees the shame on the man’s face and says to the traitor, “I hope you live forever.” As if no fate could be worse than bearing shame the man already feels for eternity. If these Brits have any honor left, over time their very public poor behavior under duress is sure to have an unfortunate effect on them. Their military careers --in a disciplined army -- should be over, except for the gal, of course, who will no doubt be promoted to admiral or something by the end of the week.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Walters is as serious a journalist as Rosie

I don’t watch The View. That’s the Barbra Walters inspired morning talker with four hens all clucking like Henny Penney about things they know very little about. So I don’t watch. But lately who can NOT watch. The View has become the staple of every other news show in America mainly for the outrageous and factually incorrect things that are said on that show – usually from emanating from the clueless Rosie O’Donnell. So ill informed is Rosie that her name has become a euphemism for stupidity. Like, “You have to be kidding, right? Or have you seriously gone Rosie on me?”

Producers of the show surround Rosie with a bunch lemming guests and co-anchors and they must screen the audience to make sure each has been recently lobotomized to insure they applaud when the sign is lit. How could thinking people sit and listen to this idiocy without throwing up. First there was the Trump thing – WHO CARES? Two rich fools trying to show America they can be the biggest buffoon. Then Rosie compared Christian “hate” with the Muslims who are blowing things up all over the world – ooops sorry DemoRATS, heads buried deeply in the sand, want no mention of a Global War on Terror. But who cares and besides it’s the Christian nature to turn the other cheek. Then there was the impeach Bush stuff. Fine, Rosie is no dumber than about 75% of the public that have not the slightest idea of how our government works. But then there was the “The US Government had to have brought down the WTC because there was a federal investigation into Enron being conducted there.” Rosie is not a structural engineer and didn’t even stay at a Holiday Inn before announcing that fire cannot melt steel. Really? Well how then do they shape steel into all of the useful things that we use everyday, oh Keeper of All Knowledge?

Now there is something insidious and evil about a person that is so willfully uninformed, or just so angry that they would go on national TV and make such charges. And so who are the losers in all of this? Rosie for sure, but she is laughing all the way to the bank and will continue to make millions speaking to DemoRATS across the nation. ABC is in the same boat. The corporate suites there have to know that Rosie is an unhinged lunatic spouting non-sense but they let it go because the bottom line is what is important to them. Lemming co-anchors as well because they either support Rosie’s lunatic rantings or are too weak to stand up to the overweigh gasbag. This includes Barbra Walters who supposedly was a “respected” news person – insert oxymoron joke here. Walters can no longer be taken seriously.

Have a blessed Easter.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rudy's clarification causes even more confusion

Rudy Giuliani is conflicted on abortion. During his first run for mayor of NYC, he was pro-life and lost. Next time around he was pro-dead baby and won. Now Rudy is personally opposed to abortion but supports a woman’s right to choose to kill her baby – this from the “law and order” mayor. Rudy tries to split the abortion baby by saying that while he is against abortion but is pro-choice (huh?), he would only appoint “strict constructionist” judges to the Supreme Court which is really code speak to conservatives for overturning Roe V. Wade. He has also alluded to the several states’ role in setting abortion law as means to side-step the question. OK, I’m confused Rudy.

Now on CNN Rudy says, "Ultimately, it's a constitutional right, and therefore if it's a constitutional right, ultimately, even if you do it on a state by state basis, you have to make sure people are protected." Uh Oh we have a problem Rudy Giuliani. How does appointing strict constructionist to the Supreme Court overturn a “constitutional right”? I thought that might be what amendments to the constitution were for. Rudy’s foggy answers on abortion guarantee that he’ll spend the next 18 months trying to clarify the unclarifiable.

“Yes, yes I was against it before I was for it. Now while I’m personally against it, I’m in favor of you being for it in states where others favor it, and remain against it in states where other people may be against it as long as federal funding and the constitutional right protecting it are not infringed. And remember, I’ll appoint ‘strict constructionist’ to the Supreme Court – wink, wink.”

Abortion is not a constitutional right. It’s a figment of the Burger court and Harry Blackmun’s imagination. And that is why it has been controversial ever since. In 1973 five unelected dopes in robes passed legislation from the bench of the Supreme Court. Finding abortion to be legal on the grounds of, get this, not the life or death of the mother or baby but on the grounds of the privacy of the mother.

Prediction: Abortion will remain the bane of politicians until the Supreme Court overturns Roe and returns the issue to the state legislatures where it belongs and will sadly remain largely legal.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Better is the enemy of good enough

I recently spent a week with young Lex shaping a block of pine into a toy car for the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. Lex jr. cut the car on a jig saw. In an effort to cut perfectly along the line he’d drawn, he goofed and cut deep into the nose of the car. Later in an effort to get the car perfectly smooth for painting, he sanded one of the car’s rear fins way down past the other. Lex jr.’s experience reminded me of an old Marine Corps saying, better is the enemy of good enough. A good plan violently executed now is better than the perfect plan which always arrives long after the moment for action has passed.

It seems to me that Republicans are like young Lex now, working their candidates too hard looking for the perfect fit. It ain’t gonna happen, because if nominated I won’t run; if elected I will not serve. So you are going to have to look for candidate that most closely approximates your views on the important issues of the day. Also, if the most important issue of the day for you is equal rights so that you can marry a dog or anything other than defeating Islamo-terror-fascists, you need to rethink your priorities.

Right now I’m inclined toward Mitt Romney, but most any of the others would do because they all seem to understand the issue of the day. McCain is the worst of the bunch for me because anyone who actually believes that’s it a good idea to limit free speech during an election cycle is scary. As a result of McCain-Feingold there is now more money than ever in politics. Way to go John.

The bottom line for Republicans is that they are going to have to settle for something other than perfection – no mater who wins the nomination. At that point, it’ll be important to stop “sanding the candidate down”. Also, remember that Hillary can’t get near 50%. Any “principled third party” run from the right will hand her the election.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Scrawny works overtime to defeat America

Scrawny Harry, between crooked land deals, and a miserable band of DemoRATS are in a snit over President Bush’s promise to veto any legislation that sets a timeline for exiting Iraq. Scrawny has upped the ante and is now saying he’ll move to cut spending altogether if the president vetoes the DemoRATS’ latest “support your local jihadi” legislation.

In the ultimate sign that the legislation is foolish, counter productive, anti-American BS and doomed to failure, John Cambodia Kerry signed on as a co-sponsor. "In the face of the administration's stubborn unwillingness to change course, the Senate has no choice but to force a change of course," said Kerry while claiming he just returned from a secret mission to Mars. (Kerry has put himself in for 8 Purple Hearts, two Silver Stars, a Legion of Merit and the Tereza Heinz Kerry Plume de CourĂ¡ge for his exploits while away on his 20 minute secret mission.)

Well, isn’t this just delightful? Queen General Nancy sips tea with the head of a state sponsor of terrorism while Scrawny Harry and the dimmest of dim wits -- Kerry not Rosie O’Donnell -- cook up multiple ways to defeat their own country. Stunning!

Lex has often opined on this page that America gets what it deserves. A majority of voters, disinclined to believe that America is in a world war with a brutal enemy, not understanding what is required to win that war and in denial about what is at stake in that war, voted the party of blame America first, capitulation and retreat into power. Now, we live with the consequences of that vote.

Right now I’m inclined to believe that our only hope is that some Islamo-terror-fascist was responsible for the current mass pet poisonings. While Americans won’t risk their 401Ks for the freedom of 50 million people in a region vital to our own national security, they will demand Bush lay waste to anyone connected to the purposeful poisoning of Fido or Ol’ Yeller.

Monday, April 02, 2007

It's a good day to bomb Damascus

Well the good news this morning is that the Jerusalem Post is reporting that the US will be ready to strike Iran with missiles and air raids by Good Friday. Lex has been for expanding our war on terror into Syria and/or Iran for some time. My preference has always been to lay waste to Damascus first. That remains my preference and even more so today. Even more today because Queen General Pelosi and a special contingent of lemming gasbags are in Damascus today to kiss Bashar Asad’s butt in spite of an administration warning to stay away. The Griffin puts it this way:

“I heard yesterday that [Pelosi] is headed to Syria. This all has a Hanoi-Jane feel to it. I wonder if she will stop at the marine barracks in Beirut to lay a wreath. Naaaa…she will be way too busy kissing the a** of the stone cold murderers of our troops. It really makes me sick.”

Indeed. I can hardly wait to see the picture of the Queen General, the skin of her face stretched tighter than a piece of extra cling Saran Wrap over a bowl of Jell-O from a fresh round of Botox, sitting behind a Syrian anti-aircraft gun. The first thing out of each of these gasbags’ mouths when they return will be that nobody can question their patriotism. Well, yes we can.

How hilarious would be for at the exact moment that the Queen General and the head of a state sponsor of terrorism are shaking hands and toasting their mutual loathing for President Bush while mugging for photographers in the palace gardens, US bombs and missiles are reducing the front of that very palace to rubble. The Queen General no doubt would look surprised in the pics. But that is the permanent and only possible expression on her face etched and frozen there by gallons of Botox over the years. Eyebrows raised in clownish fashion, skin around the eyes, cheeks and mouth pulled so tight, she reminds me of those pictures of the astronauts or a pilot in a centrifuge undergoing g-force training.