Friday, October 31, 2014

Can't wait for the election to be over

Is anyone else sick of this election cycle?  If I see one more commentator standing in front of a map going over the millisecond to millisecond polls in the 10 “key senate races” I think I’ll throw a brick through the TV.  I can only hope that I’ll be at home and not at friend’s house or in a bar in that eventuality.


It’s absolutely insane for a guy in Indiana to be worrying about Scott Brown’s election in NH.  There is only so much anxiety one can muster.  We’ve at this for months, but doesn’t it seem like a lifetime?  God bless the idiots, fools, undecideds and the ones who are “just tuning in.”  You know the type.  You ask, “What do think abut the midterm election” and they reply, “there’s an election coming up?”  What the hell kind of world can you live in where you’re still undecided or just have missed the nonstop coverage of this election?


At this point you have to wonder what the hell kind of county we live in where these morons are permitted to set the course of the country.  Sometime back about the middle of September anyone who was still undecided or hadn’t yet “tuned in” needed to have their voting privileges pulled.  I have to think if that happened the DemoDope Party would cease to exist. 


Here’s how I see a break down of the DemoDope party.  60% of the Dope Party is made up of hard core single issue losers who look to Dopes to affirm their single issue fetish. 

Homosexuals who think they will be stoned if a Republican congress comes to power.  No that will only happen if a Muslim caliphate comes to power.

Women who think 30 years of wrongly decided abortion rights will be wiped over night or that after 40 years contraception will be wiped out the morning after a Republican victory. 

Blacks who think an Obamaphone and a welfare check trump a job.

Hispanics who fled corrupt and useless governments who now want to vote for corrupt and useless Dope candidates to establish the same thing in the US. 

Anti-American fanatics who just want to ruin the country.  What better  way to that end than vote Dope?

Union thugs, particularly public sector union thugs, who think the guy making $50,000 a year should be taxed to death to pay a union teacher $75,000 a year for 9 months of work.

Criminals are, of course, a near unanimous voting block for Dopes for obvious reasons. 


Then there are about 10% of Dope voters who are trapped in the memories of what the Dope party used to be before it became a dumping ground for every misfit anti-American lunatic drawing a breath - old time liberals who still ascribe to the true meaning of the word.  These are the Truman, JFK, Scoop Jackson Democrats who love America, its founding principals but who believe the government has a larger responsibility to the people.  These are the true liberal people with whom conservatives only disagree on the margins.  JFK today would be tax cutting, pro life, pro-military hawk of a Republican.  The difference between him and Richard Nixon were found only on the margins.


The last group of Dope voters is the 30% uninformed moron vote.  They rely on what their friends, the Hollywood hipsters and the din of MSM Dope lackeys are saying.  Since Hollywood and the MSM are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Dope Party the uninformed can be relied upon to break about 99% for Dopes.  Their vote is cast to be cool or avoid ridicule from the hipster crowd.  These are the people seen in the Jaywalking bit on Leno or on Water’s World on Billbo O’Really.  Clueless dopes who cancel your vote as effectively as an illegal alien voting Dope.


Dopes are always whining about Republicans trying to suppress the vote.  The Republicans deny the allegation.  That’s a mistake.  The coming out position ought to be, “Damn right we’re trying to suppress the moron vote.”   Voter ID ought to the absolute minimum requirement to vote.  I don’t know where literacy tests got such a bad name.  There ought to be some mechanism whereby idiots are screened out of the process.  Dopes scream bloody murder at such a thought because they know like criminals, idiots are likely to vote 99% with the Dopes.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

TES adopts homosexual tactic with Israel

The Empty Suit's administration is just like the homosexual Gaystapo.  Homosexuals are happy to go after Christians for their live and let live policy of love the sinner but hate sin while remaining totally silent about Islam which hates the sin and would bury the homosexual sinner to neck and stone them to death.  Why?  Well Christians won't issue a fatwa for homosexual assaults on Christianity.

So it is with The Empty Suit.  First, never has Pee Wee Herman's rejoinder to an insult - "I know you are but what am I? - been more apt.  An administration loaded with weak know nothing, do nothing, be nothing affirmative action pass through azzclowns like the Ditz Sisters at state, a plethora of sycophantic "yes men" at the Pentagon, a lawless double d-bag at justice,  lawless corrupt idiots at HHS, DHS, NSA, IRS and the VA really shouldn't be calling anyone a chiken$h!t.  Particularly when the chief chicke$h!t ignored his own "redlines' in Syria, is currently groveling like Whimpy for a hamburger to get someone to take a leadership role in Iraq against ISIS and helplessly says and does nothing while Vlad Putin causes trouble round the world, metaphorically kicking sand all over The Empty Suit's scrawny azz at the beach.  Ann Coulter once famously called MSNBCer Ed Schultz a pu**y for not having her on his BS show.  Let's just say Ed is more man than The Empty Suit.

So, yeah TES is a weakling.  So why is the weakling calling out a guy who clearly is about 10,000 times more man then he is a chicken$h!t?  Well like the homosexuals, TES knows that Bibi won't fly in and kick his worthless scrawny azz.  Putin would. So the real chicken$h!t is the guy who will only taunt the guy he knows will not give him the azz beating he desperately deserves.

So yeah, among all of the other limiting factors TES is inflicted with, liar, weakling, dope, lazy, vindictive, etc. etc. he's also a chicken$h!t.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dopes looking like dopes

Things are looking pretty good for Republicans next week.  Don’t get me wrong there’s still plenty of time for the Republicans to implode.  Look for some genius Republican like Jeb Bush, Karl Rove, to come out for amnesty, keeping Robertscare and across the board tax hikes on a Sunday talk show.   

Right now though, the Reps are riding a wave.  It’s not only for the midterm.  Looking ahead to 2016 – which is what everyone will be doing on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning – the Reps look good as well.  Why?  Well it’s not their candidate – they don’t have one or even a slate to choose from yet.  But when the top Dope candidates are the Shrilldabeast who is looking more and more like a cross between Cruela Deville and Snooki in an extra, extra large pantsuit and super stupid slow Joe Biden (don’t worry though, what he lacks in smarts he more than makes up for with his arrogance) what more could you ask for? 

Take the Shrilldabeast…please.  From White Water to travelgate, from cattle futures to the vast right-wing conspiracy, from Hillarycare to a mistranslated “reset button,” from Benghazi being the result of a video to not making any difference, from being so “dead broke” she couldn’t pay her mortgages to businesses don’t create jobs she’s proven to be a classless, cruel, bitter and gaff prone politician if ever there was one.  Being Billy Boy Billbo Clinton’s rape enabling spouse of convenience, she can’t even fall back on the “war on women” meme.  She is married to the war on women.  

Then there’s slow Joe.  Joe is a two-time plagiarizer, serial liar and all-round dumbazz.  Joe’s so dumb he got fired from the M&M Company for throwing out all of the Ws.  Joe’s so dumb when The Empty Suit told him “It’s chilly outside” he ran and got a bowl.  He’s so dumb he once called me to get my telephone number.  He’s so stupid he taped a piece of paper to the tv and called it paperview.  But hey as long as you’re an arrogant braggadocios idiot who has been wrong on every important decision in the last 40 years, you are presidential material in the Dope party.  Why do you think Lex calls them “Dopes?” 

I look forward to the gafftastic first Dope candidate’s debate.  All we’ll need is a Cambodian war hero, a fake Indian and a fake construction dude to round out the Dope’s Village (Idiot) People’s cast.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A sports blog for a day

If this were a sports blog, I'd be forced to deal with The Ohio State University's double overtime win against Penn State Sat. last.  TOSU benefitted from one questionable call and one non-call.  The questionable call was an interception that wasn't.  The non-call was a field goal that was kicked about three seconds after the play clock hit 00.  It should have been a five yard penalty against TOSU.  Instead it was 3 points.

Here's the deal.  As my high school coach used to say, as much as you may hate them, the referees will never cost you a game.  Do not put yourself into a position where they can.  It's sort of like Dope voter fraud.  Republicans need to get out and get enough votes to off-set one of the Dope's natural constituents - cheats.

So it is with regard to the interception.  The play itself resulted in no points.  It was called an interception on the field.  As one not to embrace replay reviews, I subscribe to the thought that the officials are just part of the game, like a gust of wind that blows a pass off target.  As George Washington used to say, $h!t happens.  Shut up and play defense.

Same with the field goal.  How did TOSU get into position to kick the filed goal in the first place?  Don't put yourself in a position to let the officials decide the game and they won't decide the game. 

Another coachism: The bad calls tend to even out over a game and the year.  So it was Sat. when PSU benefitted from two questionable roughing the passer penalties that kept drives alive.  Play on.

Last, and as a former huge Joe Paterno fan, it's hard to point out.  Any university that allowed a pedophile to run rampant on campus for decades ought not be complaining about an official who missed a call or two in a football game.  It is not as if the officials averted their eyes while TOSU players sodomized PSU players.  So...

Monday, October 27, 2014

Guns, here we go again

After the school shooting in WA last week the same tired old lefty loons are awakened to make the same nonsensical arguments for gun control - or not make them as seen in these rants from some Hollywood swell named Lucas Neff "star" of Raising Hope.  Never heard of him.  Never seen Raising Hope.  In lefty world that's case closed.  I've never heard of him or seen his show so they are both losers.

He may be great at what he does and his show may be brilliant, but after reading his rant, he's still a loser.  What's missing?  There's not one word of condolence or compassion for the dead and wounded.  There's not one constructive suggestion to alleviate the situation of gun violence which though on the decline in America Neff sees as an all consuming evil in America.

Some stream of thought on this situation in no particular order.

Any sane person's heart goes out to the friends and family of those killed and injured in WA last week. 

A Hollywood swell coming out for gun control isn't exactly like a chicken coming out for Col Sanders.  It's more like a criminal coming out for gun control.

How many died in Chicago this weekend from gun violence?  Guns are tightly controlled in Chitown so it should be zero.  Yet Chitown is one of the most violent cities in America.  Why?  Could it be that laws do not deter criminals?  Neff, never one to let common sense or a differing opinion interrupt a pointless and inane rant closes all argument's with "Guns don't kill people...BULLSHIT!" etc.  Brilliant.  Why didn't I think of that?  Let's try it.  Guns are killing our children...BULLSHIT!"  WOW!  The argument is universal.  It works every time it's tried.  It shortens the argument and the removes the discomfort of having to hear other facts and arguments that strain your lefty lib empty head.

Isn't Neff's lack of concern for the blacks being gunned down in Chitown by other blacks racist? 

The rate of gun violence is much lower in private schools, so does Neff support vouchers and parochial education?  I doubt it.

What has gone wrong with public education that we see this type of thing over and over again?  We have conflict resolution classes.  We've been giving all of the kids trophies for so long and propping up their "self esteem" in every way - what has gone wrong?  Given all that we've done, we should never see these kind of things.  Could it be that we've done so much to protect our kids that they do not know how to lose any more?  Maybe we should go back to the days when we taught responsibility and accepting the consequences for your actions instead of the I'm OK, you're OK, moral relativism, here's your trophy for only missing 7 of the 10 questions on the test BS.

Given the Islamo-Terror-Fascist's new strategy of "lone wolf" attacks, insecure borders, along with The Empty Suit's and Eric the wad Holder's political strategy to stir racial animosity ahead of the midterm, gun control is dead letter issue for the Dopes.  Therefore I hope they start to press for it in the last week ahead of voting.

It's counter intuitive, but I firmly believe instead of getting guns out of schools, we need to get them back in.   Guns in America are not going to go away.  So we should be teaching kids the safe handling of weapons.  Instead of demonizing the NRA the lefty libs should seek to partner with them to teach kids the deadly consequences of mishandling firearms.

Isn't it weird that lefty libs will demand that sex education start in kindergarten because sex is everywhere and you cannot stop the kids from having sex so you MUST teach them "safe sex."  Heterosexual sex is not likely to kill your kid.  Guns definitely might.  You'd think that lefty libs would be demanding the NRA get into the classroom to teach gun safety.  Of course, you'd be wrong.  Apparently for the lefty libs, gun safety is the one area in life where education is NOT necessary.  When it comes to guns for lefty libs, deadly consequences be damned, ignorance is bliss.

One of the sane lefty libs voices in America today is Kirsten Powers.  I was surprised that she attacked Iowa senatorial candidate Joni Ernst for saying she carried a gun.  Power's tweeted something along the lines "Why?  Who are you going to shoot?" To me that's like asking someone who drives and carries a spare tire in the trunk, "Why?  When and where are you going to get a flat tire?"

Last, there's bit of disheartening news that the IRS can confiscate all of your assets, even if they never charge you with a crime.  Our biggest fear in America today may be our own government.  If they could, the Caligula D.C. ruling class would love to confiscate our means of protecting ourselves from them.  That's reason enough to get another gun and another 1,000 rounds of ammo.

Friday, October 24, 2014

It's morning in The Empty Suit's America

Well, well, well, where to start in The Empty Suit's America this morning?
Race baiting in Ferguson
Eric the wad Holder is furious that autopsy results that were released months ago have leaked back into the news.  Ha!  That's a good one.  Along that line, I suppose the wad is also furious about the release of the report that Lincoln succumbed to a single gunshot wound to the back of the head.
What is the point of getting all huffy about an official report confirming what had previously been released?  It's sole purpose is to cast doubt on the report itself.  According to the wad, the only possible reason for the truth getting out about Mike Brown is to smear Mike Brown.   If your reputation gets smeared by the truth is that still a smear?  Claiming that the report is a smear will energize the "hands up don't shoot" crowd into a conspiracy theory that should keep the rage going until well after the election.
Ax attack in NY City
One of Eric the wad "Holder's people" attacked a NY City police officer with an ax yesterday.  The wad's guy appears to be an Islamo-Terror-Fascist out on one of those "lone wolf" nothing to see here, move along attacks.  So, how many "lone wolf" attacks need to occur before authorities stop calling them "lone wolf attacks" and start to refer to them as what they are: The new ITF strategy to attack the homeland?  
The wad's biggest disappointment
So while ITFs are out to kill us one by one, Eric the wad Holder's biggest lament is leaving office before he could do more about gun control.  The ITFs are attacking soldiers, policemen and ordinary citizens in record numbers here in America and the wad thinks now is a good time to take away your means to protect yourself.
Couple rabid ITF roaming the streets looking to attack an individual without warning - (that's not all that different from the "knockout game" being played by another group of miscreants when you think about it) - with the racial animosity being stoked by the wad and The Empty Suit to get a few more votes in Nov and who in their right mind wouldn't be looking for a gun and a concealed carry permit right now?
Ebola has hit the Big Apple
No worries.  The government has a Dope political strategist and know-nothing hack running the effort to contain the disease.   What could go wrong?  You get the government you vote for.  Sadly, for a lot of people having their neighbor pay for their birth control pills is a far more important task for the government than defeating the ITF or controlling a highly infectious disease.  You've come a long way baby. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mike Brown, Jamis Winston and Evert Golston

Two posts under Lex warns of an October surprise involving Ferguson, MO.  The jist is that Dopes will arrange for the grand jury acquittal of the involved police officer, Darren Wilson, just in time to inspire black outrage and a massive black turn out on Nov 4th.  Perhaps the Dopes do not have that much influence in Ferguson.  What to do then?  Well you just leak the information from the grand jury.  It has the same effect.

There has been a steady drip, drip, drip of information coming out of Ferguson on the Wilson/Brown shooting.  First Darren Wilson's grand jury account of what happened to him leaked.  Then the police chief claimed there was nothing to indict Wilson on.  Now the coroner's report has been released.  It substantiates Wilson's claim that there was a struggle for his weapon inside the police car and Brown was killed while facing the police officer with his hands down.

For the usual rebel rousers demanding truth and justice, the truth makes no difference as long as they get their peculiar form of justice.  There is no win here for anyone.  Even if the truth acquits Darren Wilson, his life is ruined.  If he's convicted and gets the chair, Mike Brown will still be dead.

The truth in this case is uncomfortable for a lot people. Here's what we think we know now:

Mike Brown is a criminal. He robbed and roughed up a convenient store owner minutes before the shooting.  Only an idiot would believe that the convenient store robbery was Brown's first brush with crime.

Mike Brown was high on marijuana when he was shot.

Mike Brown instigated the incident by not complying with the police officer's order to get out of the middle of the street.

Mike Brown was shot in the hand at a range close enough to leave gun powder residue in his wound supporting Wilson's contention that Brown tried to take his weapon and was shot during that struggle.

Mike Brown's other wounds are all front to back indicating Brown was not trying to leave the scene.

Mike Brown's wounds indicate that the palms of his hands could not have been facing the officer in a traditional "hands up don't shoot" surrender mode when he was shot.

On second thought, the truth is not the least bit uncomfortable for the "hands up don't shoot" crowd.  They could not care less about the truth or Mike Brown.  All Ferguson is to them is an opportunity to loot and spread their hateful message.  In that regard they are far more racist and destructive than their lily white DemoDope heroes like George Wallace, Booby Byrd, Ernest Hollings, William Fulbright, Orval Faubus and a long line of Dope segregationists.    

Here's the unpleasant truth: 
Mike Brown was a thieving petty criminal and thug who got his azz shot off while so high on drugs he could easily have been hallucinating at the time of his death.  Not exactly a Martin Luther King figure.  Had the police tried to spare his life by subduing him physically, no doubt there'd be another Rodney King episode. 

He has probably been on a path to destruction for a while.  Only after his death, it seems, does anyone take an interest in Mike Brown and his conduct. 

Along that line, let's compare two college quarterbacks.  FSU coach Jimbo Fisher walked out of his weekly presser when he got repeated questions about his troublemaking QB Jamis Winston.  Jimbo said he was tired of answering questions about Winston when Winston "had done nothing wrong."  YGBSM Jimbo!  We know he's a thief.  He stole soda from a Burger King and shop lifted from a campus grocery.  We know he's an immature dope who would jump up on a table in the student union and shout expletives at the top of his lungs. We know he has autographed over 2,000 items that have been sold online.  We know he has been accused of sexual assault.  The assault was swept under the rug by you and the university.  So yeah, he's done quite a bit wrong.  His only discipline to date is to miss a couple of baseball games and one football game.  Other than that Jimbo and FSU could not care less what activity Winston gets into as long as it's not so public that they can keep it quiet and sweep it under the rug.

Compare FSU's handling of Winston to Notre Dame's handling of their start QB Evert Golston.  Golston got caught in an academic scandal at ND.  According to my ND insider, Golston provided test answers to another student.  I don't know that it makes a difference, but some may cut the kid giving the answers some slack and hammer the guy stealing the answers.  At ND it's all the same.  Golston sat out an entire year of his college eligibility.

This isn't about the kids.  It's about how people in positions of responsibility handle the kids.  Who is better served in the long run, the never disciplined always excused Mike Brown's and Jamis Winston's of the world or the Evert Golston's of the world?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Monica and air dropping supplies to ISIS

She's Baaaaack
Monica Lewinsky is back in the news to claim that Matt Drudge ruined her life.  Isn't that akin to a car thief saying "the cops ruined my life" when he gets caught?  Or how about the most famous blame shifting line in the history of blame shifting lines, Caligula D.C. Mayor Marion Barry's "The b*tch set me up" when he was caught doing cocaine?  No doubt Dillinger blamed bank managers for his life of crime.

Drudge's culpability in Monica's demise was to report what she and Billy Boy Billbo Clinton were doing in the Oval Office.  Drudge didn't arrange or encourage Monica's dalliance with a married (at least when it was convenient to act that way) man.  "Give 'em hell Harry Truman" was once asked about that moniker.  He replied, "I don't give 'em hell.  I tell them the truth and they think it's hell."  And so it is with Monica and Drudge.  Drudge didn't ruin Monica's life.  He told the truth.  The truth ruined Monica's life.

Oh, and if her life is soooooo ruined, why does she keep showing up to take advantage of her "ruin?" 

Dropping in on ISIS
The US managed to drop supplies intended for our rebel allies in Syria to ISIS Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  In stead of being furious, Pentagon brass said, "Well it was a windy day.  The sun was in the pilot's eyes.  The chute took a bad bounce. And what the hell, it was only 1 of 28 drops that went astray so that's pretty darn good."  Uh, BS!

I don't know much about air dropping supplies, but as an artilleryman I do know it is possible to correct for wind.  We'd fly what was called a met balloon.  The balloon was filled with a precise amount of helium and sent aloft.  While it rose through the air, it was tracked with a theodolite.  At certain times readings would be taken.  By knowing how fast the balloon should rise with no wind the readings would give the smart guys wind direction and speed through the various levels aloft.  Knowing wind speeds and directions aloft allowed artillery computers to correct for the wind's affect on an artillery round while ascending and descending.

If that process works for the artillery which has to navigate the sequence on the ascent and the descent, the problem should only be half as hard for something dropping from the sky.  It seems to me they could drop a couple of test chutes to test for accuracy.  Maybe they did.  Maybe the winds changed or the pilot was just a bit off course.  Maybe they were trying to drop them to forces in close contact with the enemy and there was little margin for error.  I don't know.

What I do know is that air dropping supplies to the enemy is akin to an artilleryman dropping rounds on his own troops.  When that happened, the brass was not saying, "Oh, what the hell it was only one round that killed Johnny.  All the rest were on target.  So that's pretty darn good."  No, when rounds fell short, someone's head rolled.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October surprise

Do you believe in the October surprise?  You know like when AlGore dropped GWB's DUI on us a couple of weeks before the election.  That little gem may have caused the Florida recount and an even deadlier form of blood politics ever since.  The thing about October surprises is that they tend to work. 

They lay a big juicy story at the feet of a compliant media just days before the election.  The buzz is all about the story.  The target of the story has precious little time to overcome any damage or even to get the truth out if the October is surprise is nothing more than a Dope lie spread by Harry the roach Reid or anyone of the legion of Dope liars.  The surprise suffocates the target's campaign taking it off message and forcing it play defense in the crucial last days before people head to the polls.

Here's a dicey October surprise the Dopes might try.  The media was abuzz yesterday with news about the stomping the Dopes will take in November if the black vote fails to show up in record numbers.  If you're a Dope how do you get blacks to turn out in record numbers when your solution to record unemployment among blacks is to invite 10s of millions more low-skilled low-pay immigrants into the country?   Why would blacks want to show up to keep Harry the roach Reid, an old, senile, rich white guy in power?  Because of the Dopes boisterous stand on homosexual marriage, they're not even welcome in the majority of black churches - a mainstay of Dope campaigns - because those bigoted religious black are so opposed homosexual marriage.

Well try this on for size.  You keep Ferguson, MO at a low boil for months.  You periodically send in d-bags like Cornell West and Rev? Al Not-so-Sharp-ton to stir the pot.  Keeping it simmering just below the boil.  Then days before the election, Eric the wad Holder orders the release of his federal investigation and the grand jury releases its findings.

Now what if the wad's investigation finds fault with the police officer but the grand jury fails to indict?  All hell breaks loose across America.  The wad knows the truth.  He's in a position to manipulate it for Dope political gain.

Lex that's outrageous!  No Attorney General would do such a thing!  Well we didn't think one would run guns to Mexican drug lords either.  Or routinely lie to congress.  Or investigate journalist going so far as place them on terror watch lists all for political reasons.  We never thought we'd have a Attorney General who had separate laws for "his people."  We didn't think we'd ever hear the US Attorney General refer to America as a "nation of cowards" for not talking about race when arguably the only thing that has been talked about more than race in this country for the last 50 years is the weather. 

If the goal is to mobilize the black vote for November, an acquittal of the Ferguson police officer will do the trick.  Sadly, it will also lead to mass riots, death and mayhem.  The Dopes DO NOT CARE. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ebola scare hits the heartland

I was talking to friend last night and the subject of Ebola came up.  My friend told me that people where he worked actually asked him what they were going to do for Ebola.  One guy wanted to wear a gas mask.  My friend – a scientist – told him to go ahead but first he’d to go to be tested to see if his lungs were strong enough to support wearing one.  Apparently you can pass out if your lungs are not strong enough to pull air through the filter.

Who knew there was such a test or that it had to be administered before donning a gas mask?  Yeah, all former military types know that the military tests you by the gunny marching everyone into the gas chamber.  Once in, the chamber is closed.  Everyone starts to sing the Marines’ Hymn.  At some point during the rousing rendition, the gunny, already in his gas mask, lights off a CS canister.  Then he waits for what seems like 10 minutes until he hears enough coughing and choking to satisfy his sadistic side at which time he yells “GAS! GAS! GAS!” That’s the signal for the rest of us to begin the test - the signal that it is OK to don and clear your gas mask. 

The trouble with that entire test is that you never know if it is the guy’s lungs or his gas mask that failed when he is led from the gas chamber choking to death with snot shooting from his nostrils like a fire hydrant being flushed on a warm summer’s day that slowly fills the mask’s eye lens like a cartoon.   You can just hear the gunny joke as he examines the fluid collected in the mask through the eye lenses, “Send him back in.  He’s only half full.”

But yeah, right here in Ft. Wayne, IN a guy is concerned enough about the spread of Ebola to consider wearing a gas mask to work.  I told my friend to calm the man by telling him that so far only one person has died from Ebola in the US.  One is a number that is as close to none as it is to two.

Besides what’s the likelihood of anyone with Ebola showing up in Ft. Wayne, IN?  What’s the likelihood of ANYONE showing up in Ft. Wayne who did not have a specific reason for being here, like a wedding or funeral?  But if Ebola does break out in the US, Ft. Wayne may become an attractive destination for people trying to escape the disease for that very reason.

All of this illustrates how vulnerable we are to panic.  But don’t worry the clueless are instructing the incompetent on the incoherent policies established by The Empty Suit for purely political purposes.  So what could go wrong?

Quick question for extra credit:  What previous TES scandal did the current Ebola TES scandal chase from the headlines?  (Play Final Jeopardy theme in your head here.  I know you're doing it.)

I’ll accept either Secret Service scandal or the more specific White House Secret Service scandal.  The WH Secret Service scandal is where WH intern Johnny Dach got caught with a Colombian hooker before being hired on by the ditz sisters at the State Department to run – get this – international women’s issues.  You cannot make this stuff up.  Even the People’s Cube wouldn’t try something that obviously azbackward.  But it’s OK because the WH and their press lemmings refer to Dach as a “kid.”  Dach was 25 at the time of the incident.  That means it was OK for him to be on his parent’s insurance policy.  In Dope politics that does in fact make Dach a kid, because "children" can now stay on their parent's insurance policies until age 26.  It also proves the point that “kids” today are NEVER expected to grow up.
For your reward for a correct answer, allow yourself an extra Hershey’s bar at lunch today.  We’re on the honor system now.  You’re welcome.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Campaign strategy

Well we’re a bit more than two weeks away from the midterm election.  I wouldn’t get too excited.  There’s still plenty of time for the Republicans to blow this.   So here’s some advice for what to pound in the stretch.

Immigration.  In spite of what the swells in Caligula D.C. and their media lemmings tell us there is less enthusiasm for “comprehensive immigration reform” than there was as recently as Jun.  What happened?  Ebola and ISIS happened.  And that’s exactly how the Republicans should be framing the issue.

n     Troops should be sent be sent to our southern border before the first boot hits the ground in an Ebola infected African country.

n     So far, one person has died of Ebola in the US.  That is a grand total of ONE.  That one death has cost the US 100s of millions of dollars.  If you throw in the stock market panic caused by the spread of Ebola to two – count them two nurses – that figure is in the billions.

n     For our own economic security should we get a better handle on who is coming and going in our country?

n     ISIS has claimed that they will fly their flag in our Oval Office.  Can we afford not to take them seriously? 

n     More than a 100,000 illegals entered the country in a last minute blitz before The Empty Suit lawlessly declares his amnesty.  

n     Is it out of the question that ISIS would seek to infiltrate 20-30 Ebola infected Islamo-Terror-Fascists across our southern border?  Look what havoc one Ebola case who got nearly immediate attention has caused.  How much panic would 20-30 untraceable cases cause if they did nothing more suspicious than just took to riding public transportation in a major US city?

Energy.  It’s really aggravating that we have to bring this issue up during another election cycle. 

n     The Keystone pipeline should be hung around every Dope candidate’s neck.

n     If they claim that they support the project, the very simple answer is that The Empty Suit and the lying thieving senile old bastard of a senate leader that they also support do not.  That’s the problem, Dopes may claim support for things like Keystone or scrapping Robertscare or sealing the border but TES and Harry the roach Reid do not.  A vote for a Dope is a vote for TES and the roach doing nothing on these issues.

n     It’s probably too late for this but I’d link the roach to every Dope candidate.  He’s not a likable guy.  He’s old.  He’s white. He’s rich.  Here’s a 10 second ad.  Harry Reid was worth less than a half million dollars when he came to Caligula D.C. thirty years ago.  Now he lives in the Ritz and is worth more than 6 million.  How’d Harry get so rich on a senator’s pay?  Mark Pryor (or other Dope candidate’s name) knows.”   

Attack the Dope base.  A very simple economic message could be taken to the Dope base.

-- Juxtapose the stock market rise during TES’s rule against average take home pay for ordinary Americans.

--  Here’s the ad:  A full color screen shows TES yucking it up with all of the swells while the stock market ticker creeps up and up.  In black and white on a smaller split screen a haggard black family sits around the kitchen table under a mountain of bills discussing what they can cut while the ticker shows the decline in take home pay under TES.  The crowd roars when TES sinks a putt.  Tag line:  Had enough?

Hey Lex that’s the John Edwards two Americas you railed against.  Well I did rail against two Americas.  But that was before TES propped up his rich buddies with quantitative easing 1 through - what are we up to now - 118.  Then while he was propping up the 1% TES railed against them.  Also, under Republican monetary and other economic policy, the rising tide lifted all boats.  What the tide has done under TES is lift his selected boats while swamping the smaller boats.

Of course rebuilding the military left to rot under TES is a priority but publicly educated Americans can only keep track of three things at a time.  So there you have it, a clear path to victory, immigration, energy and an economic message to the Dope base.

Ebola czar

TES is considering naming an Ebola czar.  Don’t bother we already have one.  Inside the CDC there is an Office of Infectious Disease.  If we need someone to head up the Ebola effort maybe we should start there.  Or is adding another layer of unaccountable incompetent government bureaucracy the answer?
Just saw this
Hunter Biden got a drug waiver to join the Navy.  In this day and age, as the article states, that’s not too uncommon.  What probably is uncommon are two waivers, one for drugs and the other for age.  So how’d that conversation go?
Recruiter:  I need an age waiver for a guy.
Office:  How old is the guy?
Recruiter:  43.
Office:  43?  Idunno.  That’s petty old.
Recruiter:  Well, the guy’s lawyer and wants to work in Public Affairs.  What harm can it do?
Office:  Well OK, if you think so.
Recruiter:  I also need a drug waiver.
Office:  For who?
Recruiter:  The same guy.
Office:  Do we really need a 43 year old doper?
Recruiter:  Come on man.  I’m one guy down for my quota this month.
Office:  Alright.  But you owe me.
Recruiter:  Did I mention the guy has a club foot?
Office:  That’s it.  We’re done.
Recruiter:  And his last name is Biden - - as in slow Joe Biden?
Office:  Well yeah then sign him up of course.  We need more guys like him.
Now Hunter has been booted for testing positive for cocaine.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ebola idiocy and Houston's thought police

Ebola is a very confusing disease

Ebola is the most confounding disease ever.  Not the cure or vaccination which are elusive enough, but the other stuff.  CDC Director and the slayer of the Big Gulp in NYC, Dr. Thomas Friedan is dead set against a travel ban for people trying to enter the US from West Africa.  His stated reasons for opposing the ban make no sense what-so-ever.  Fine, he’s all for letting travelers from infected regions enter the US willy nilly.  Where it gets confounding is that in the very next breath he says that we need to confine the disease to Africa.  Huh?  Then wouldn’t the ban make sense.  “No.  You are clearly a raaaaaaacists for even mentioning a ban.” 

But wait gets worse.  When the second Ebola infected nurse was allowed by the CDC to hop a round trip flight from Dallas to Cleveland, Friedan said that should not have been allowed to happen.  WHAT!?  So Dr. Friedan, we should ban air travel from infected areas within the US but not restrict air travel from infected areas outside the US into the country? 

Freidan’s got to go.  Being an idiot who never says a word is one thing, but when you are constantly offering up contradictory BS and lies, you gotta go.  I watched Hannity for as long as I could stand it last night.  I had to tune out when, in defense of Friedan, Gerry Rivers, aka Geraldo, said, “You don’t fire your commander in the middle of a battle.”  I guess that’s why Lincoln stuck with Winfield Scott as General – in – Chief of the Union Army until the end of the Civil War.  I guess that's why Truman stuck with MacArthur.  I guess that’s why we’ve never heard of General Patton, General Ridgway or General Petraeus.  Gerry, please revert to the idiot who never says a word.

When did bullies get such a bad name?

Bullies used to be the grade school and high school punks who, in the name of “fun”, tormented other kids with a bit of cruel name calling and/or a bit of physical intimidation.  It did not involve criminal activity. People who engaged in lawless criminal activity were not referred to as bullies.  They were criminals.

Today nearly everyone who utters a sarcastic comment or beats the crap out of someone is labeled a “bully.”  Before Mike Brown got his petty thieving azz shot off in Ferguson, MO, he roughed up a store clerk while stealing a box of cigars.  That’s strong armed robbery, not bullying.

When Houston’s homosexual gal mayor thought it a good ideato subpoena area pastor’s sermons and other documents, I was surprised when the pastors characterized her as a bully.  She’s not.  She’s much more dangerous.  She’s an arrogant, corrupt, lawless public official.    

She should not be characterized like someone who needs to be sent down to the principal’s office for good talking to and an official warning.  She and the city should have their worthless azzes sued off.  Ironically it was a law suit that triggered the lawless subpoena in the first place.  I was never much one for taking someone to court to settle a dispute.  However, when you’re faced with the full weight of the government coming down on your head, you may have no other choice.  Besides I’m convinced the only way to stop some of this BS in schools and community is to make it cost prohibitive for the arrogant thought police to engage in activities like banning Bibles, pop tart guns, NRA t-shirts etc.  Once they have to start paying through the nose for their azzbaggery, the azzbaggery will stop.

Also, a CO recall effort might be in order for couple of the more vulnerable council members.  When the gravy train is threatened by the people, that tends to send a message.

Last, doesn’t this episode make it clear to anyone paying attention that there is no end to the homosexual agenda?

Last, last, were a Republican to advocate for allowing men to enter the ladies room wouldn’t that be characterized by lefty Libs as part of the Republican’s war on women?  Why, yes.  It would.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lying pant load Amos exposed

Lying dishonorable Amos needs to be crushed

Full disclosure:  I do not like Commandant of the Marine Corps wannabe General Famous zoomie Amos.  From the day of his appointment I thought it was a mistake to put even the most gung ho aviator in charge of an infantry organization.  Putting a lying, feckless, half-azz one with the leadership skills of a lemming was well past a mistake.  Like everything The Empty Suit touches, the appointment of Amos was probably a stealth way to degrade and demoralize the esprit of the Marine Corps.  Hiring Amos to run the Marine Corps was like the Royals hiring a pee wee hockey coach to manage their baseball team.  He was NEVER up to the task.

When Amos became an Empty Suit yes man on DADT, my suspicions were confirmed.  Everything about Amos was negotiable.  When he turned on what are supposed to be “his Marines” in the most famous case in history of where a couple of battle hardened Marines chose to relive themselves, there was no redemption for this preening POS with fancy wings.

Amos famously injected himself into the case by demanding of the court martial convening authority that the Marines be “crushed.”  When the convening authority told Amos to go to hell, proving there still are some real generals left, Amos backtracked lied and covered his BS move.  “Uh, well, that, yes.  All a misunderstanding you see.  When I said I wanted them crushed, what I meant was I wanted them all to have Orange Crush soda pop.  That’s all.” 

Having learned nothing from his encounter with undo command influence, Amos proved himself to be a rudderless powerless tiny boat adrift to the currents of the whims and wishes of whatever is/was The Empty Suit’s political soup du jour.  When TES was running his war on women and that spilled over into the Pentagon, Amos famously declared that 80% of military women’s claims of sexual harassment were true.  He then wondered aloud why more Marines were not being kicked out of the Corps for their sexual harassment.  No.  That’s not command influence on the pending sexual harassment cases.  Idiot.  

Bad mistake Famous.  A group of defense attorneys took offense to Amos’s BS and began investigating his background.  What they found was interesting.  Amos padded his resume to the Senate before being confirmed as Commandant of the Marine Corps.  Amos never attended The Basic School (TBS).  That’s where ALL Marine Corps lieutenants go to be inculcated into the Marine Corps way of doing things.  Not going is bad enough.  Not going but claiming that you did on your resume is a lie. 

No it wasn’t just an oversight, just a lost memory of a long career.  TBS is a rite of passage for Marine Corps lieutenants.  It’s akin to an officer boot camp.  Amos not attending TBS is like the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps skipping boot camp.  He’d remember that.

Like all incompetent lying pant loads in this administration, Amos will famously be allowed to retire this Friday with a full pension.  Amos’s reign of BS will end Friday when he passes the Marine Corps colors onto another general.  No doubt TES has chosen a Coast Guard admiral from the supply corps to finish what Amos has started. 

Second healthcare worker contracts Ebola in TX
CDC Director Dr. Thomas Friedan was NY City Mayor Bloombergs health guy.  In that role Friedan banned smoking, trans fat and Big Gulps in New York City.  So why doesn’t Friedan just ban Ebola?
 Bergdhal investigation to undergo “lengthy review.”  That’s code for:  “It won’t see the light of day until after the midterm election.” 
The Nuremburg Trials of 23 of the most notorious Nazis were held between 20 November, 1945 and 1 October, 1946.  That’s 416 days.  Bowe Bergdhal went missing in Iraq on Jun 30, 2009.  NCIS conducted an investigation into his disappearance in 2009.  Today is Oct 15, 2014.  That’s 1939 days from the day Bergdhal went missing.  Another “preliminary investigation” into Bergdhal’s desertion has been completed but inexplicably still needs a “lengthy review.”  In the words of Ward Cleaver when Eddie Haskell broke his car window, “That’s Bull $h!t.”

It took less time to build the Pyramids than it has to investigate what appears to be a pretty clear case of desertion.   Only someone with the mental acuity of Bullwinkle J. Moose cannot see through what is going on here.  The US Army is cooperating in a political cover up.  They are willfully burying Bergdhal’s crimes until after the election lest it reflect poorly on TES and other Dopes for trading five high value Islamo-Terror-Fascist commanders for a POS.  

So now you know what I mean by wannbe generals.  There has to be half a dozen or so Army generals who are perfectly comfortable with TES using them as political tools.  I wonder what they’d say if TES ordered them to fire on Tea Party protestors?  Sounds crazy, but…

You’re too stupid and lazy to get a photo ID

Were I to opine on this page that blacks are too stupid and lazy to get a photo ID, I’d rightfully be labeled a racist.  Of course if I didn’t, the lefty Libs would still label me a raaaaaaacist, because that’s what they do.

So what’s the difference between me saying that and Kay Hagen saying voter ID laws are designed to suppress the black vote?  When asked why blacks can’t be expected to get an ID, what is the “good answer?”  I don’t believe there is a good answer.  So lefty Libs do what lefty Libs do when they are losing the argument, they call their opponent a raaaaaaaacist.  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

We'd do the work if we had to

I was cutting the cattails out of the pond, or as I like to call it - the back up water supply, yesterday when it struck me, if I were an American this is a job I wouldn’t do.  No.  Wait.  I am an American.  Yet there I was engaged in as nasty and backbreaking a task as there is to be found here on the compound.  That is now that the 28 -- 38” deep postholes for the northern fence have been hand dug dug.  That was the previous nasty backbreaker. 

The big difference is that I won’t have to dig the postholes again next year.  The cattails on the other hand will grow back.  That is unless I apply chemical to them in the spring.  That’s when the yearly battle begins.  Mrs. Lex likes the cattails, because they’re “pretty.”  And so they are until it’s time to remove them, and then they become the most azz ugly, stubborn plant of no use or value what-so-ever. 

After squaring off with the miserable wretch of a plant, I always tell Mrs. Lex, “Next year, no cattails.”  “Aww, I like them.  I think they’re pretty.”  So guess who wins that battle?  My plan is to kill them off a few unnoticeable feet at a time until Mrs. Lex looks out the window in a few years and says, “Haaaay, what happened to the cattails?”  I’ve practiced my introspective and detailed response, “I dunno.”   

The whole cattail thing got me to thinking that Americans - of certain age anyway – are pretty much willing to do whatever it is that needs to done.  And in the case of the postholes even things that don’t need to be done.

That entire effort was a 100% capitulation to the Mrs.  I didn’t want anything to do with the unnecessary and somewhat expensive project.  So in effort to protest the project and elicit sympathy, I insisted that I’d dig the postholes by hand.  No.  I would not rent a power auger.  No.  I would not accept my neighbor’s offer to use his auger that attached to the PTO of our tractor.  Every one of those nasty holes would be dug by hand.  Period.  That’ll show her who is boss.

That was weird and stupid thinking – or lack of thinking.  She didn’t give a crap how the fence went up as long as it went up.  Sympathy?  No.  There was none.  When I complained about how much effort was required, all I got was, “Go rent a posthole digger or ask Troy for help.”  That really peed me off.  Well I’ll show her.  But again no matter how dirty and sweaty I got the only thing that interested her was how much progress I was making – to a point.  When I finished, I asked her, “Did you see the fence is done?”  Her response wasn’t “What fence?”  But it was the next worst thing, “No.  I’ll have to go out and have a look.”  Her only reaction to the completion of the project was one, “Very nice.”  Well, I guess I showed her who's boss.

Now what was the point of all of this?  Oh yeah, work Americans won’t do.  We’ll do the work.  The problem is that we’ve devolved into two groups, 1) people with enough disposable income and too little time to do the work, and 2) people who would do the work for the busy high achievers but are being paid by the government to not participate in the economy.

Take Ferguson, MO.  How can people afford to be out everyday protesting?  Not to paint with too broad a brush, but if they worked, they couldn’t.  At some point they’d have to risk being shot by a murderous police officer when they put their hands down to pick up the posthole digger to get back to work.

So if the government is paying a large percentage of uneducated low-skilled workers to drop out of the work force, what can you do?  You are forced to rely on illegal immigrants to fill the void.  It is The Empty Suit’s policy to pay enough Americans to drop out of the work force as to make amnesty the only option to get enough people in the work force to make the economy work.  The side benefit – maybe the primary benefit – is the illegals – being criminals – will be a natural fit for the DemoDope Party.

Then Ebola and the enterovirus D68 started to show up.  Uh oh.  Cheap labor be damned, people are starting think that sealing the border may not be such a bad idea.  That is why TES will not stop Ebola plagued West Africans from entering the country.  If he does that, he’ll be forced to deal with a porous southern border.  That’s the last thing he wants to do.  So he’ll risk contaminating all of us to gain the upper hand in the next couple of elections.

You think that sounds crazy.  Sadly, I do not.