Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Waxman thinks CEOs have some 'splainin to do

Henry Waxman, or as Rush refers to him, Henry Nostrilitis Waxman (early pic to the left) is demanding House hearings for the CEO of any company that informs his shareholders that the new health care debacle will cost them money. This is weird, because apparently the law requires CEOs to make such announcements.

The crux of the problem is that nobody who voted for the health care monstrosity bothered to read it. But no matter. As John Conyers pointed out, had they bothered to read it they had no chance of understanding it. So the only thing left for brain-dead politicians to do was to vote for it and let the lawyers haggle over it for the next millennium. After all, how 1776 or 1787 is it to write something in plain language that the people could read and understand in less than an hour like, oh I don't know, say, our two most important and cherished documents the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

We're so much more sophisticated now. It used to take less than ream of paper to set up the foundation for the most successful and long running democratic republic in history. Now it takes 2,700 pages to say, screw you, the American people, the government will run health care. Nice, we've advanced so far.

Now Oh Henry, whose appearance reminds me of a cross between a Star Trek Ferengi and that hideously deformed traitor in the movie The 300, wants to know why companies are reporting that government run health care will cost them several hundreds of millions of dollars. The short answer is, "Because it will and the government requires us to disclose this fact so as not to mislead shareholders or potential investors."

This is just one of oh maybe 10,000 or more unintended consequences of passing a bill nobody understands.

The real problem, as I understand it, is that the government will continue to subsidize a company's prescription drugs for retirees at 28% under Medicare but will not allow the company any tax break on the remaining cost. This is a gross simplification. But the gist is that the new health care bill will not allow companies any tax break on something that's already being subsidized by the government. Fine, that sounds great. I'm all for it. It should have been that way along. Better yet, it should never have been subsidized in the first place.

But it was that way and now the rules have changed. Those changes have affected the bottom line of companies who took advantage of the rules before Demo-Dopes took over health care. So now companies have to adjust their bottom lines in accordance with the new rules.

But because the new bottom line for some of these large companies is pushed several hundreds of millions dollars below previous estimates, Nostrilitis and his merry band of corporate bashers are beginning to pound long spikes into the clubs they plan to beat the CEOs with. After all, how dare they follow the law and report a new bottom line that doesn't make our inept president and his rubber stamp congress look good. They should simply risk serious jail time and fines and report the rosiest picture possible.

It's a no win for the CEOs. If they report honestly, Nostrilitis rolls in on them. If they don't, the SEC rolls in on them and sends them to jail.

I hope these CEOs fly into DC in private jets and really give it to these pompous, lying weasels in congress. When asked why his company released embarrassing numbers on health care, the CEO should respond, "Because you require us to. And unlike the lying tax cheats that populate this body and the administration, we take our responsibility to follow the law seriously."

It won't happen. The CEOs will take their @$$ whippin' and go home flying coach. This is government intervention and intimidation of the scariest sort. Someone needs to stand up to these congressional thugs.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Loans, militias and blacks

Student Loans

In the comments section of the post under, the Griffin wonders why the government would want to take over the student loans program as part of the health care scam. To this point, I thought it was a bookkeeping trick so that the bill would cost out at under one TRILLION.

The Griffin posits another idea that is entirely possible. He thinks it is so the government can continue its social engineering determining not only who gets to go to college but where they will go and what they will be allowed to study. No doubt there will be a condition imposed that those chosen for the government student loan program must drive a Government Motors car.

Just a year ago I would have thought such a theory far-fetched. But then a year ago I would have thought that a government take-over of GM and the student loan program were far-fetched as well. Now sadly, the Griffin's theory is as plausible, if not more so, than any other.

Christian Militias

When I see stories like this one, I have to wonder what the heck. A "Christian militia" plans to kill a cop and then murder scores more who turn out for the funeral. Exactly what Bible versus were they studying when they hatched that plan?

One thing is for certain, you can count on the MSM hyping the Christian angle of these militias until the two words are so intertwined that the term becomes akin to "government waste." Do a word association with the word "government" and the word "waste" will be at the top of most people's list. Test the word "waste," and the word "government" will rise to the top.

Funny the MSM can ignore or glorify Godless communist bastards like Stalin, Kim, Chavez and Castro who have murdered and/or just let millions die while zeroing in on a few nut-job militias who haven't killed anyone. And Lex saves a special mention for screw-ball idiot Thomas L. Friedman who thinks the USA could take a few lessons on how to get things done from the Godless murdering ChiCom government. Go set up shop in Pee-King (I don't fall for all of that Beijing hokum) Thomas and see how long you last.

Post racial my @$$

In addition to labeling every Christian as a right-wing militia member, the MSM has under taken to label every tea partier and everyone who might offer even the slightest criticism of Obama a racist. Dare I offer that the real racists are the ones who paint 2/3rds of the American people as racist just because they had a problem with a government take-over of their health care?

Idiots on MSNBC - as if there were anyone who wasn't an idiot on that network of idiots - are always saying, "I don't see any black faces in that crowd." And why would you expect to when the black vote is the most monolithic lock-step vote in America and has been for 50 years?

That's like Pissy Mathews walking into a Catholic church service and saying, "I don't see any yamakas in here. You all must be a bunch of anti-Semitic bigots." Of course there are very few black people at tea party rallies. 96% of blacks voted for Obama. So even if the entire other 4% showed up, they'd be hard to find. And if they were found, they'd be ignored by the media and beaten by SEIU thugs.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Time to be serious

As the three regular readers of this page are aware, from time to time Lex makes a conscious decision to change the tone of the page. Obama went from Obama to B-HO to the Dear Dope to just a plain old Dope. Well it's time for another change.

I believe that our president is trying to purposefully and systematically dismantle the systems and institutions that have made our country what it is today, or should I say what it was at the end of Ronald Reagan's term. He is not some blundering idiot making bad choices. He is a calculating and sometimes ruthless pol who will do nearly anything to have his way.

He was elected to the senate by destroying first his primary opponent and then his general election opponent. When I say destroy I don't mean by being a clever debater. His opponents were chased from each race by the release of sensitive personal information. In the case of his general election opponent Jack Ryan, some how the Obama team had sealed court papers released about Ryan's divorce from tv star Jeri Ryan. Some of Jeri's steamy allegations (not proven) made headline news forcing Ryan out. Ryan was replaced with a carpet bagger Alan Keyes. Had Ryan been a Democrat president his poll numbers would gone up.

Then after promising the people of IL to serve out his first senate term, after about 130 days of actual senate duty, Obama threw that promise overboard and went for the brass ring.

Now, we are where we are, a laughing stock around the world, mistrusted by out allies, still despised by those who would do us harm, an economy that has turned from bad to worse to worst with no end in sight and American exceptionalism under assault on every front by our own government. And if you're thinking why worry, the mid-terms are just around the corner, we can fix it then.

Here are some things to worry about:

1. A crooked census being run out of the political office of the White House
2. ACORN offices that have have changed nothing but their name and thanks to a federal judge are still funded with taxpayer dollars
3. Ever more powerful Government unions that will do to us what they have done to Britain, France and Greece if we do not reign them in.
4. A compliant sycophantic press that acts more like the opposition research arm of the DNC than a government watchdog.
5. Federal judges who more willing to toe the Liberal than line than rule within the law and the interest of the country.

What do we do if the mid-terms are stolen in manner that the MN senate seat was stolen for Al Franken? What then? It can happen. It happened in the WA state governor's race, the MN senate seat and, were it not for the Supreme Court, the FL presidential recount. We think that Democrats couldn't be so brazen when they have already demonstrated that they will do anything to win. They just threw every rule of the house and senate overboard and openly bribed their own members to pass an unconstitutional law. They will steal every close election in the fall.

Lex has noted before that there is a deadly combination that could lead violence: when the congress will not do the will of the people and when the people do not trust that elections are free and fair. When we reach that point what method is left for the people to be heard? The health care mess has proven that our elected officials could not care less about the will of the people and shifty recounts have put into doubt our electoral process.

This is serious business. The country is on the brink. We have to work for and contribute to our candidates and win in numbers large enough that the DNC and ACORN cannot manufacture enough votes to throw a recount.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Why so many crybabies?

When did America start electing wimps, whiners and crybabies as our representative officials? If I had to guess, I think it would date back to the day we decided to "give all of the boys a trophy" for playing baseball.

Used to be we'd elect guys like Davy Crockett and Andrew Jackson to the House of Representatives. Used to be our elected officials would settle things with a good old fashion duel or caning. Now we have bunch whining sniveling cowards like Bart Stoogeflak, Anthony Weiner and other Demo-Dope losers acting as if anyone challenging their votes for Dope-a-care is threatening them and their families with annihilation.

Little Bart was on Gretta last night talking about the spitting incident that "we've all seen" against members. Well no Bart, we haven't seen it. Because it doesn't exist. Unless you're referring to this incident where a protester may have unintentionally sprayed a member while the member was inciting the crowd.

Then there's the appropriately named Representative Weiner. After he received a white powder in the mail at one of his congressional offices, Demo-Dopes blamed Sarah Palin. Huh? Yeah, well apparently Palin wrote on her tweet after the House vote, "Commonsense Conservatives & America Lovers: Don't retreat - Instead RELOAD!" Now think about that. Does that mean that we commonsense Conservatives have already fired our arsenal of weapons so many times at the Lib Demo-Dopes that we now need to reload. How many dead were there? Seems to me, given the unmanly nature of our opponents, we wouldn't need to reload, because they would all be dead.

I think Palin was using a metaphor not issuing actual instructions to her lock step followers. But there is something cool about the sound, smell and mechanics of reloading a weapon.

Demo-Dopes are also upset that Palin used a graphic of a gun sight on her webpage to show which House seats we commonsense conservatives ought to - are you ready for this - "target" this fall. AHHHHGGGGHHHAAAHH! How insensitive. Targeting your opponents for defeat. Instead of a target, Palin ought to use a baby's pacifier to signify putting another cry baby to sleep. Let me make that clear to Bart and other Demo-Dopes - that's asleep like a baby NOT the family dog when she gets old. Come to think of it, there's probably not that much difference between putting the baby and an old dog to sleep for most Demo-Dopes.

Then yesterday some pant load of a Demo-Dope, as if there were any other kind, called for House Minority Leader John Boehner's resignation for saying that if a certain Ohio Demo-Dope congressman voted for the Dope-a-care bill, "he'd be dead" come fall's election. Oh my! Now there's a clear death threat if I've ever heard one - unless of course Boehner was talking metaphorically about the member being dead politically. Well then that would be another story. So do we suppose Boehner was calling for the death of the member or his defeat in the Nov election? Hard to say. We know that Boehner himself has killed nearly one member while ordering the death of nearly one other. Yes, this guy has to go before someone nearly gets hurt.

Beside let's face it, the world would be better off with certain politicians dead. A short list:
Hitler - politician
Mussolini - politician
Arron Burr - politician
Emperor Palpatine (aka Darth Sidious) - politician

The rub here is who gets to decide who dies. Booth? Oswald? Sad and tragic as the historic result may be, it's best to let God sort it out.

Last point. Why are these Demo-Dopes worried about violent conservatives? Until now, whenever there is or has been a violent mob, it has always been run by unwashed leftists - as if there were another kind.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Threats a way of life for conservative personalities

Bart Stoogeflak is whining about some nasty e-mails and voice messages he has received since he threw the baby under the bus and allowed Dope-a-care to be passed. Poor ol' Bart. Had he kept his publicity seeking mouth shut and just done what we knew he was going to do anyway, he could have faded from public memory with a couple dozen of other Demo-Dopes this fall.

Look, we all knew that Stoogeflak was as certain to fold as the top sheet of paper at a Tokyo origami festival. He could have just voted and been done. But no, Bart had to play the big shot shooting his mouth off as if he were a principled Demo-Dope. That reminds me of the old joke, whats the difference between Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy and a principled Demo-Dope? Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy might actually exist. So Stoogeflak leads everyone on for several weeks that he will not vote for the Dope-a-care bill unless the language in the bill is corrected to deny federal dollars for abortion. Well that or some one gives him a ton of taxpayer money for the airports in his district. One or the other, no compromise!

So yeah Bart, people are pissed. You should have just shut your suck and voted with the herd.

But really Bart, "threatening" e-mails and voice mails? Sean Hannity has a hate Hannity hot line where people can call in and unload their hate for him. Then for comic relief, he plays them back on the radio - for laughs Bart. Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck and every other conservative radio or tv personality have to have paid armed security for their protection from left leaning dopes. I don't hear them whining like a newly weened puppy. Besides, once this story gets a bit of traction, ACORN and other weasel Lib groups will be the ones calling in, smashing windows and painting swastikas on your office door.

Ann Coulter's talk in Canada was cancelled the other day because of a couple of thousand brain-dead libs - no that's redundant - a couple of thousand intolerant Libs - no that is too - a couple of thousand Lib "students" ARMED Bart - yes ARMED - with stick and stones threatened her and those attending the talk. That's right Bart, a talk. There weren't even any babies being killed. They were ARMED to stop her from talking. I sure Ann would have liked have had access to the FBI and the Capitol police to protect her. On second thought, the 98 pound Ms. Coulter, a self sufficient conservative, is probably quite capable of taking care of herself. Better able to take care of herself apparently than the big bad ex HiWay Patrolman Stoogeflak.

I hope that when I refer to Bart as "Stoogeflak" he doesn't take that as a "threat." I think he is a stooge for the party and a flak for King Dope.

The way we are headed, there may come a time when the only way for the people to get their representatives to do our will is through force, but we are not there yet.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What now?

Well, after a profane intro by the Slowest of the Slow, Slow Joe Biden, the Dope signed Dope-a-care into law yesterday. Man I feel better already. I think I'll run down to Ready Medi and get some pills for all the things that are ailling me. Huh, the only thing kicking in immediately are the taxes. Damn.

So what to do?

1. If you need any body parts replaced, do it now. In that it is usually the elderly that benifit from them, knee and hip replacements are likley to become rather rare under Dope-a-care.
2. If you think you'll need body parts replaced in the future, do it now. Replacing your heart and lungs now may be another life-saving move for the future.
3. Procreat like crazy. Unless every able bodied US woman committs to having at least three or three more children, there is no way our current demographic mix is going to be able to sustain Dope-a-care.
4. As predicted yesterday, do not rely on the Supreme Court to overturn Dope-a-care.
5. As predicted yesterday, do not count on Republi-Rats to repeal Dope-a-care. Cornyn ought to face a stiff primary challenge next time around for that comment alone.
6. If you're going to get sick, get sick before this thing kicks in.
7. Vote in Nov. If you live in Chicago, vote twice, at least.
I've gotta run leaky hot water heater ugh.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Look for a new level of corruption from congress

I knew the Corruptocrats would pass Dope-a-care. What I didn't know the was the depth of corruption they would plumb to drag this dead horse over the line. Then after all of the dirtiest of raw politics, of buy offs, promises and threats, Excrement for Brains has nerve to say, "tonight we set politics aside." He has to be a delusional, lying, psychopathic moron or think that we all are to make such a comment. YOU IDIOT, it was all politics.

And they aren't through. Corruptocrats are going to have walk the stinking turd that is Dope-a-care around the block one more time. The Senate is unlikely to pass the House "fixes" as is. So that crap sandwich will have to go back to the house for a bit of freshening up and Bart Stupak and his band of weasels will have to eat it one more time.

Anyone who woke up yesterday and thought, well, at least we can roll it back or the court can declare the whole thing unconstitutional, shouldn't get their hopes up. Even after a sweeping win in Nov, Republicans will be saddled with Republi-rats like Snowe, Collins and Grahamnesty. They will be all about changing this debacle on the margins. It will be like spraying a bit of cheap perfume on the pile of dog crap on your living room carpet. It will be worse than doing nothing. It will give the crap bi-partisan legitimacy.

And don't even think anyone has a clue what the nine dopes in robes will do. It's pretty much the same court that decided that the mayor can take over your business under imminent domain so his brother-in-law can open a business there instead.

And once a criminal gets started lying, cheating and stealing, they get better at it and it gets easier for them every subsequent time. So once they are done with this mess, expect the Corruptocrats to use stronger more vile and corrupt measures to pass illegal immigration and cap and tax. It's like a robber who kills a cop in act of robbery, after that act, he has so little to lose, he'll do anything he wants.

The Corruptocrats have crossed a line. They cannot cross back over, so they might as well hit the gas and go like hell. Many know they will be unemployed come this Nov. They might as well continue to take one for the team and hope that Sir Dopes a lot has a bunch openings somewhere in his administration come Jan 2011. The Grand Dopester could appoint them all Czars of something. Or, the IRS will be hiring 16,000 new agents provided for under this bill. They can work there. Oh yeah, if this thing is so wildly popular, why do you suppose they will need 16,000 new IRS agents to enforce its provisions?

Before the Nov election we are likely to see more and more outrageous behavior from this congress and King Dope as they attempt to grab everything they can before the people get the chance to reign in their excesses this Nov. It's like a kid who breaks the cookie jar while snitching a cookie, he knows his goose is cooked when mom comes into the kitchen, so he might as well eat as many cookies as possible before she gets home.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tom Hanks likable fool

Because I'm off to the NASCAR race this weekend and will not post on Mon, a rare Saturday post.

Tom Hanks
An idiot in real life, Tom plays heroes on the big screen. Tom accused his own country of racism for our victory over Japan in WWII. That makes sense because only AFTER we dropped the A-bomb on Japan did they attack Pearl Harbor. That's the correct sequence - right Tom? And never mind the rape of Nan King, the Bataan Death march and a couple hundred other acts of barbarism committed in the name of the all powerful Japanese emperor.

And try this putting a sign up on your place of business that says "No Japs." How do you suppose that would go over? Well, when I visited Tokyo and took a stroll down the Ginza there were numerous signs that said in perfect English - "No Americans." At the time I thought to myself, "Fine, who cares. F*^k 'em."

And for crying out loud Tom, if we were such a racists bunch in the 40's, why did we do all that costly island hopping across the Pacific to free other people we couldn't stand from a country we couldn't stand? Wouldn't they kinda of have deserved each other?

Why not just sue for peace and go into containment after the battle of Midway? You cannot seriously suppose that we hated the Japanese for being different but not the Chinese, Burmese or the scores of other slant eyed brown and yellow skinned island dwellers that are scattered across the Pacific. We shed American blood to roll back ruthless tyrannical Japanese.

Hanks is exactly like the Dope, a well educated high functioning moron. People will say, "I don't know how such a smart guy can such a dumb comment." Well these people confuse educated with smart. They are not smart. In fact most Hollywood Libs have shown proven to be morons when performing actual real life tasks like driving. They are forever in the news for running their high priced cars into stationary objects. Or sinking their expensive boats because they forgot to put the bung in before launching.

We ought not listen to the likes of Tom Hanks just because he reads the lines of a likable character in a movie. What he said about our parents proves him to be an ignoramus.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Rights, desires and responsibilities II

Used to be mom and dad could educate their kids around the supper table for the price of a couple of cookies and a glass of milk. Seems since government got involved, the costs have exploded, the standards have slipped and and kids are taught to believe the boneheads at school before they believe their parents. The worst things get, the more money school administrators demand. That is like an employee demanding a raise every time he's late, and he's always late. It's a bad formula. The employee should be fired.

But this is what happens when rights are conflated with desires and responsibilities. It starts out that parents are responsible for their kids education. Parents meet this responsibility primarily by moving into a descent school district, meeting teachers and checking text books and homework. Then the government got involved. As government interference increased so did the costs, but not the quality. Then the desires for modern schools and all the gadgetry came along and the government conflated desires with rights. Every student has a right to Internet access new athletic facilities and band uniforms. Cost rose and standards predictably declined.

We are now engaged in the great Dope-a-care debate which will send our health care system the way of our educational system. My first memorable visit to the Dr. was as child when I cracked my head open playing "timber logs." For the uninitiated, that's when you stand on the edge of the bed and fall backwards. I miscalculated the arc of my fall, and instead of my head landing on the soft pillow, it hit the hard headboard. OUCH!

The family Dr. stitched me up. Mom wrote a him a check, and that was that. I guess mom and dad felt they had a responsibility to to provide health care for their family. It never occurred to them to go door to door asking the neighbors for money to pay the Dr. Although I'm sure some would have gladly contributed.

Somewhere along the line that responsibility to take care of our own medical costs morphed into a right for your neighbor to be forced into taking care of your medical costs. How'd that happen?

Some people cannot afford to buy insurance. Even though most 'poor people" in this country have 2 color TVs, a car, a microwave, a cell phone and several pairs of $100 jeans with "style holes" placed in them BEFORE purchase, they cannot afford insurance. Instead they rely on the local hospital emergency room for routine care.

Fine, I spend money on dopey stuff as well, but I'm pretty good at prioritizing some of those things. I definitely make sure the gas and electric bills are paid before dumping $200 on race tickets.

But now Dr. Dope has decreed that no one has the responsibility to take care of themselves with regard to health care. That is now a right and the government will distribute equal health care to all.

The quality of that health care will, over time, go the way of the our educational system. American education was once the envy of the world but today is a laughing stock. With all of the faults in the health care system today, it remains the best in world. Why anyone would want to turn the system on its head, seek the lowest common denominator to ensure everyone gets equally crappy health care is beyond me.

And don't think that if this thing becomes law the Republi-Rats will ever over turn it. It can't be done. Look at every other failed government program. Whenever it is determined that a government program is a failure the government answer is ALWAYS to throw more money at the problem.

Every single person in the Department of Education should have been fired for cause 20 years ago. Instead that Department has seen a steady increase in spending with ever poorer performance. Does anyone seriously expect that government health care will be any different?

I expect that Dope-a-care will pass. Then the ONLY thing standing between us and government health care will be 500 years of litigation. But who is appointing the judges these days? Oh yeah, the Dope.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Right, desires and responsibilities

I've now been around long to have seen certain things morph from a desire or responsibility into a "right."

Case one:

It used to be cool if you could afford a computer and the additional expense of Internet access. Now universal access to the Internet is deemed to be essential. So the federal government, under Internet inventor AlGore's expert leadership, undertook to link the right of Internet access with the "right" to a free education. So Al threw on a pair of overalls, got into the crawl space under every American schoolhouse and wired it for the Internet. Cool! But as soon as Al wasted hundred of millions on that, wireless became the rage; wire became passe and now hundreds of millions more are needed to equip schools with wireless technology which has become a new "right."

Here in IN, Gov Daniels is taking heat for reducing the education budget 2-3%. Now I can find 2-3% savings in my household budget easy enough - chips, beer and soda. Hey, it be uncomfortable for a while. But if it needed to be done, it would be done. Well apparently here in IN, the education budget is so tight and not so much as a dime is wasted that teacher's unions and the IN MSM are after the Gov's head. How dare he cut education.

Well I submit that that we should cut education by 20% and in the process we'd improve test scores. What less money = higher test scores? How do you figure? Easy, every president since LBJ has increased spending on education. As spending has increased, we have seen a steady decline in performance - lower test scores and graduation rates. So if more money = poorer performance, let's try less money.

Money is not the problem. I submit that teacher's unions, sue happy parents with lawyers and state and federal interference with local school boards is the problem.

I'd look into privatizing the entire ball of wax. Every parent would be given a voucher to choose a school. Parents could then choose a school that is right for their kid. 25% of students never finish high school. Maybe vocational training is right for them. Some students lack the skills and/or desire to follow high school with 4 years of college work. Let's teach those students the basic skills our moms and dads learned to be functioning members of society.

These schools can also be adjusted to meet the needs of kids into the arts, or sciences. The one thing that we should have learned by now is that the one size fits all state run federally controlled, throw more and more money at the problem is not the answer. But the geniuses who cannot teach high school math, science, reading and writing want to bestow a new "right" on Americans, access to four years of federally funded college. So students who learned nothing in four years will now be given eight to learn what mom and dad knew when they left elementary school.

Hmm, state run federally controlled - does that sound anything like Dope-a-care? Let's look at health care tomorrow. Is it a right, desire or responsibility?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Caowards acting Cowardly

We all knew that our elected freaks in the Senate can use the tool know as reconciliation to ignore their own rules and pass legislation by simple majority. While unorthodox, it is majority rules and so while a bit frightening on the surface doesn't seem to spell doom for the Republic.

But who knew that the House could pass troublesome legislation (read wildly unpopular) without even voting on it. Sort of like the Dope himself voting present every time a thorny issue came up. There is something brewing in the house called the "Slaughter strategy" named after Louise Slaughter, Demo-Dope LA. The Slaughter strategy would allow the Demo-Dopes in the House to amend the Senate Dope-a-care bill before passing it. Then after supposedly "fixing" the Senate bill with House amendments, the Speaker of the House, Grand Dragon Lady Peloser, would simply "deem the Senate legislation passed" without the bill ever coming to the floor of the House for an actual vote.

Gee, Lex has always thought of the political class as low-down, half swine, half weasel, cowardly bags of excrement, but this that description to a new low. That description may have to be reserved for the good guys if this strategy is pursued.

Soooo, Dope-a-care is so popular that debate has to dragged on over a year, the Dope has had to cancel his over seas trip to twist Demo-Dope arms, the Senate has to shatter it's own rules and the House has to pass the 2,700 page pile of crap they haven't read without ever voting on it. Hmm, maybe it isn't that popular.

So while bending of Senate rules may not spell the end of the Republic, Demo-Dopes not facing the most humiliating defeat in political history this fall may.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Catholic Bishops see the light

I see where the Catholic Bishops have come out against Dope-a-care. At last the the bishops are beginning to see what Lex has known all along - that the Demo-Dopes in general and the Dope in particular have never seen an unborn child worth saving.

I recall seeing B-HO bumper stickers in Lex jr.'s Catholic School parking lot and thought, what are they thinking? Then I saw a few in the church parking lot after church and I thought, something is up. I asked a Catholic acquaintance what would cause such an obvious disconnect in the minds of practicing Catholics. He didn't know but offered a theory that went something like this:

Catholics have been told for so long to help the down-troddened and poor. Now B-HO emerges as what appears to be the genuine champion of this ingrained cause. Many Catholics will look past a rather major fault with this candidate to support what they think is the over riding principle of the church.

This theory was more or less confirmed when the homily on the Sunday before the election seemed to say the responsibility to vote outweighs the responsibility to vote pro-life. Sort of like:

These guys are both descent people. It's a major decision. No matter who you might decide on, go vote.

There wasn't the "vote life" line, which would have been a clear signal to vote McCain, that I was looking for. Not that it mattered to me. I just thought it mattered to them. I left thinking, when did soup kitchen politics trump pro-life politics in the Catholic Church?

So, before the election, our bishops couldn't muster the moral strength to lead their folks away from a party and a man who look upon unplanned children as a "burden."

Now that the handwriting is clearly upon the wall, the bishops want a do-over. I'm happy to allow them that opportunity. I'd be more happy if they come out with a letter stating that they were duped before the election and should have come out more strongly pro-life before this know-nothing destroyed the country while promoting federally funded abortion.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Who cares about basketball?

I spent this weekend, actually Thursday thru Sunday, at the Big Ten Basketball Tournament. For an Ohio State fan - even one who could not care less about basketball - it was fantastic! OSU won the tournament after a first round 2.2 second come from behind, heart stopping 37 foot prayer that ripped the bottom of the net, then a double over time victory in the second round and a back and forth basketball game - until the last 10 minutes when OSU finally broke away - to win the tournament in the third round.

In round one the Buckeyes faced arch rival Michigan. Back and forth. No team manged to break away by more than a couple of baskets. Then Michigan went up one with a scant 2.2 seconds remaining. Looking doomed, OSU took a time out.

I looked around the arena. OSU fans were standing mouths agape. UofM fans were high fiving laughing and shouting. One group in the upper deck clad in yellow t-shirts at the far end of the arena were jumping up and down and clearly elated. I wondered if those were the same students in yellow t-shirts who, after seeing my red cap and OSU fleece, taunted me and my friends in the parking lot with shouts of "Ohio State sucks."

I thought about returning the taunt with a, "Yeah we suck, but at least we didn't allow a division 1 triple z team to come into the Shoe, run around for 600 yards, and hang half a hundred on us in our house." That's a reference to Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez's debut loss against Appalachian State. I didn't say anything because there were about 10 kids and they probably had an early start at the bar. Besides my friends were Purdue and IU fans and probably wouldn't have had their hearts in an OSU UofM altercation.

But there they were, jumping up and down excited with anticipation of a UofM victory.

I learned then that a basketball court is 90 feet long. So after in bounding the ball, the Bucks would have to dribble or pass the ball to within 20-25 feet for a good shot - or so I thought. The ball was inbound to #21 Evan Turner, who then turned and dribble the ball up court, two strides past half court and let fly the most unlikely of shots that - after what seemed a lifetime - eventually found its mark.

The place went nuts. I looked down at the Michigan pep band. They were in stunned silence. One kid appeared to have been frozen at the exact moment that Turner's shot passed through the rim. Standing motionless, both of his hands were up around his head. His eyes were open wide in that, I just won the lottery look. His jaw was dropped so far and mouth open so wide in stunned disbelief, it would have been an easier shot for Turner to toss the basketball past his pearly whites from 50 feet than the real basket. Then my eyes found the boys in the yellow t-shirts. Some were clearly mad, as they beat their fists against the rail. Others sat with their heads down. Others walked up the stairs toward the exit with heads shaking back and forth.

As one Buckeye fan was heard to say, "they were laughing at us one second $h!tting themselves the next."

It was a great weekend. Except for the Michigan parking lot incident and an obnoxious Purdue fan, everyone was polite and in good spirit. Everyone seemed to wish each other "good luck" except if that team happened to play against their team.

Oh, one other thing the cheer leaders proved to be outstanding athletes themselves. They should get more tv time.

UPDATE: AS noted in the comments, Rich Rod didn't lose to App. St. in his debut. His team lost to Utah.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Too bad to think about

Note: Lex is off tomorrow for the Big 10 Basketball tourney.

He has already proven himself to be a moron (1. the cops acted stupidly; 2. Hey let's try KSM in NY City; 3. Uh Oh! there's a man down, CORPSEman up; etc. etc. really too many more to mention) and a liar (1. I'll get all the troops home in the first year; 2. I'll close G'itmo in the first year; 3. By allowing another 30 million people access to federally funded health care we'll reduce the cost; etc. etc really too many more to mention). Now Dopulus Maximus is proving himself to be a crook as well (1. Joe Sestak was offered a bribe by the White House not to run against Arlen Spector; 2. Hey, how about I make your brother a judge and you vote for Dope-a-care?; 3. Hey let's spend billions of dollars of taxpayer money and offer ambassadorships to every nation in the UN to Reps who vote yes on Dope-a-care; etc. etc. and really too many more to mention).

In less than a year Sir Dopes a Lot has proven himself to be the most incompetent, dishonest, and felonious occupant of the White House in American history. Now this Doofuss, who Rush Limbaugh calls a man-child who is the most inexperienced person in any room he happens to wander into, is running the Census to count illegals as Americans to redistribute wealth and congressional seats based on that count. I got a letter from the Census the other day informing me that I would be receiving a census form in the mail in a few days.

Huh? Does that make any sense to anyone? How much did that cost us? Why not just send the damn form idiots. I'm going to send the bureau a letter back stating that I'm going to fill out the form and they should expect it in the mail in the next few days. Will any government $h!t for brains see the irony? Doubt it.

Then, AF Bro tips me off that the Dolt of Dopes will have the company (GE) that runs his media arm (MSNBC) controlling the data base for computerized health care records. Gee I feel better already. What could go wrong?

Then the Knucklehead-in-chief wants to grab 13 million acres of land in 11 western states.

Then we find out the Dolt of Dopes wants to restrict recreational fishing.

Then, as noted yesterday, Lindsey Grahamnesty is collaborating with McGoofuss' administration to legalize 12 million illegal aliens. Gee, who is left to represent the people?

Then yesterday Bozo is cheered by college students who are told that they can remain "children" covered under their parent's health care until age 26. This is what we've become, a nation of 26 year old "children." WTF? By age 17 George Washington was commissioned the first surveyor of his newly formed county. By age 24 he was commission a LtCol in the French and Indian wars and earned status as a hero in that war. Had George been able to stay at home on his parent's health care coverage, playing video games in mom's basement, we'd still be having tea time in "the colonies." This is BS.

There is such a broad assault on freedom and common sense in this country under this nit wit, I'm not sure we will recognize America by Nov - which is our first chance to turn it around. God help us.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where are your papers

Chuckles Schumer and "his good friend" Lindsey Grahamnesty are crafting legislation for a national ID card. These two knuckleheads think that by requiring employers to check their employees "worker's card" they will be able to prevent illegal aliens from getting jobs.

One easy question for these two keepers of the flame of stupidity, why not just check their Social Security cards? Isn't that what people have been asking for? Don't honest employers want an insta check on Social Security numbers? You and Chuckles won't do that. If you had an insta check on SSNs you'd have to admit that you could also do an insta check on gun sales as well and poof there goes your 3 day waiting period.

This whole "worker's card" idea in the era of the Dope and his creepy acolytes is insidious, and like much of what is in the Dope-a-care legislation, it is also unconstitutional. Courts have a tough time approving local voter ID laws using something as benign as a Blockbuster card. It is unlikely that they will approve a federal ID card that permits one to work and contains the holders biometrics.

And in yet another indication of what a clueless buffoon Grahamnesty is, this little weasel actually said that he didn't believe that the new card would be abused the way the Social Security card has been abused. And what pray tell would leave one to believe that once the government had your personal and work information in the system it wouldn't use that information to collect back taxes, current taxes, future taxes, alimony, child support, parking tickets and the tip for the waiter you stiffed at lunch?

And how about union organizing? Can anyone see Chuckles or other Demo-Dopes handing union thugs information on an employer who has hired several non-union guys on a the night crew to keep the job on-time and under budget? No of course not. That would never happen.

OK class once again if we want to stop illegal aliens from working in the US do the following:

1. Stop paying welfare to any non-US citizen
2. Emergency care only and when they show up at the ER report them to ICE
3. One year in prison minimum at Joe Arpio's jail for illegal aliens caught breaking the law - which is every one of them
4. Get rid of the anchor baby rule
5. Most important put people who knowingly hire illegal aliens in jail with the illegals they hire

If you did any 3 of these things you'd stop the influx of illegal aliens and those already here would begin to self-deport themselves.

You expect extra constitutional BS like "worker ID cards" from Demo-Dopes, but what's in it for Grahamnesty?

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Dopes Lawyers and Naked boy Rham

Kissing their @$$' won't necessarily make them like you

Uh oh, more bad news for the Dope. It would seem that Mr. Hope-n-Change is not quite as popular around the world - at least in the mind of Americans - as he'd hoped to have been. The left-wing Democracy Corps, or as the Dope would call it the Democracy Corpse, released findings of a survey yesterday that shows 51% of Americans think that we are less respected around the world today than we were two years ago. Hmmm, kissing all that despotic @$$ for nothing. That's got to leave a bad taste in the Dope's mouth.

Keep America Safe

KAS launched an ad that asked the identities of the "al Qaeda 7." The AQ7 are Department of Justice lawyers hired by American Hero and light skinned Negro Eric Holder to prosecute 'Gitmo detainees. So far so good. But it turns out these 7 were first hired to defend 'Gitmo detainees. Lemmesee, is that what is called a conflict of interest? No. It isn't. Lawyers hold the law in such esteem that it would be impossible for a DOJ lawyer hired by American Hero Eric Holder not to be completely above board. End of story.

Well not so fast. It's the end of the story as far as the DOJ lawyers are concerned because we all agree that there is no such thing as a scum-bag lawyer - particularly when other scum-bag lawyers tell us that. But what about KAS? There's the real culprit. Why these right-wing zealots are trying to destroy the American legal system by demanding that the DOJ release the names of the AQ7.

Lawyers have lined up to attack the organization that is attacking lawyers with a perceived conflict of interest.

I do not know a thing about any of that. Here's what I know:
1. 'Gitmo detainees are at best non-uniformed enemy combatants.
2. At worst they terrorists who committed unspeakable crimes against humanity and the American people.
3. In either case under the military tribunal system approved by the Supreme Court and Congress, then scrapped by the Dope, these pieces of human debris were entitled to a military attorneys.
4. If they are simple enemy combatants, they are enemy prisoners of war and as such entitled to no legal representation
5. EPWs can remain in custody for the duration of the conflict. Ask WWII German and American POWs. So Uncle Charlie, how did your trial in Nazi Germany go after you were shot down?
6. Lawyers rolling in KAS in defense of their own corrupt profession is self-serving BS.

Massa is a messa

I believe everything this guy is saying. What I do not get is if he's the deciding vote on Dope-a-care, why is he letting the Demo-Dopes run him out of office BEFORE the House vote? He's obviously PO'd with the Demo-Dope leadership, so why not stick around until the vote? There has to be another shoe that is going to drop on his head if he doesn't get out. It's probably a criminal offence with real jail time. Otherwise, why wouldn't he give Hoyer, Peloser and Naked boy Rham the finger and stick around?

Monday, March 08, 2010

It's the House stupid

There are two very good reasons to listen to Rush Limbaugh. First he's funny. Rush premieres Paul Shanklin musical parodies that are hysterical. Barack the Magic Negro is a parody of Puff the Magic Dragon. Shanklin sings this one in the voice of Al Sharpton through a bullhorn.

The genesis of the parody was an LA Times story by a black writer that said B-HO was a magic Negro because he didn't scare white people. That story was combined with half-wit slow Joe Biden's remark about B-HO being the first black candidate that was, "bright, articulate and clean." Sharpton responded to slow Joe with a , "What he mean? I's showers ebryday."

So you have two Lib comments and and race baiting dope's comment that are combined to produce the parody Barack the Magic Negro. But who gets called the racist? Rush. No matter how many times he explained the genesis of this parody - reading directly from the LA Times and playing actual sound bites of slow Joe and Sharpton saying what they said, Rush was labeled a racist. Lucky for Rush that having crummy race baiting morons for critics is good for business. Rating took off again.

Then there was the Scrawny Harry incident. Squirrelly Harry wrote a letter to Rush's boss at Clear Channel demanding that he be fired for calling an Iraq war protester a "phony war hero." Harry got a couple of dozen of his lemmings in the senate to sign the letter along with him. Once again when you have Wile E. Coyote as your enemy, you pretty much know how the story is going to end. As it turns out, the individual that Rush called a "phony war hero" was in fact a phony war hero.

Josh Lansdale portrayed himself as a decorated Army medic who served in Iraq treating wounded soldiers. He was so convincing in the role that some anti-war organization, perhaps the DNC, made a commercial using Josh. The truth was that Josh's only exposure to Army medics was when he was in the psych ward as patient. Turns out he was in the Army only long enough to be discharged for being a creepy psychotic malcontent. He was literally a phony war hero.

Never one to miss an opportunity to poke fun at the left, Rush auctioned off Scrawny Harry's letter. He matched whatever the winning bid was and donated all of the proceeds to real heroes - the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation. The total donated was about 4 million dollars. Then in the strangest thing ever, after being squashed by the Rush anvil, a flattened Wile E. Harry goes on camera and says, "I'm glad we were able to raise so much money for the MCLEF." WHAT THE F*&%?! SFB didn't even contribute a dime to the cause.

So Rush is clever and funny. But he's also nearly always right. This is the scary news from Friday's show. Reconciliation is a smoke screen. It makes no difference. Once the House passes Dope-a-care and Dopulus Maximus signs it, it is law. What the Senate does after that makes no difference to the Dope. He's won.

Republicans have vowed to put up a fight in the Senate over reconciliation but it will make no difference. In fact, the Dope and Demo-Dopes probably hope that Republicans do put a fight in the Senate. Then the Dope and his lemmings can blame them for every bad aspect about Dope-a-care. Sure taxes have gone up, those damn Republicans blocked my efforts to fix that in the Senate. Sure granny was denied a heart procedure, these Republicans killed every attempt I made to get that fixed.

The battle is in the House not the Senate. Storm the House with hand written notes. Dick Morris has a list of vulnerable congressmen at his web site. E-mail them all. Send a snail mail to 3. Call 2. Click here to get the list.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Celebrating Lex History Month

Remember, during the last presidential campaign, when a black school "teacher" conducted an in-class election. She asked how many of her students would vote for the skinny, sail eared, arugula eating Dope then known on this page simply as B-HO. A bunch of students raised their hands. Then she asks who would vote for war hero John McCain. One white girl raised her hand. The ignorant overweight tub of lard "teacher" began to mock the girl in front of her classmates and told the girl, whose dad was serving in Afghanistan, "well you daddy won't be comin' home fo a hundred years." The whole incident was despicable. But the girl and her mom forgave the race baiting ignoramus "teacher." The most serious thing for me was, after several interviews, it was clear that this "teacher" had no business "teaching" anyone anything but a good biscuit recipe.

Then there were the elementary school "teachers" who taught their kids to chant Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm. Nothing wrong with that right? Wrong! Let a white teacher have his kids chant, "Nancy, Harry and the Dope, dumb, dumber and dumbest" and see what might happen. In the latter case, at least the kids would be learning the use of superlatives. What does mmm, mmm, mmm teach kids? When your stuck for a creative thought just hum.

Now we have three teachers in LA who are in trouble because they gave their students pictures of OJ Simpson, Rupaul and Dennis Rodman to carry during a Black History parade. Black History parade? WTF? OK probably not the best examples of blacks to issue to young students. It's sort of like giving students pictures of Jeffrey Dahmer, Tim McVeigh and Lee Oswald for white history month - if ever whitey had a month to himself.

Had I been the teacher, I would have handed out pictures of Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele and my favorite Rush Limbaugh substitute Walter Williams. Had the teachers done that, I'm sure they'd be in more trouble than they are now. Well on second thought, the teacher probably would have to of had to explain who those people are to most of academia.

But hey, whatever happened to that post racial period that King Dope was supposed to usher in? Where is it? In the same $h!tcan as his Iraq withdrawal plan and the rest of Dopolus's hope-n-change BS, I suppose. We will NEVER be post racial as long as we have set-aside months for certain classes of people. It's like the old days when we had "equal opportunity/affirmative action programs." You can have one or the other but NOT both. When I'd make that rather obvious point to the Marine Corps, I was told to shut the hell up. When I stopped reporting the racial composition of my unit, all hell broke loose.

You cannot be post racial while continually dwelling on race. I can't wait for the day when Black History month, Hispanic Heritage month, Asian Pacific Islander month, Women's month, all go the way of the three pronged pitchfork. Or even better, the way of the words Negro and niggardly - and soon no doubt Niger. Because we are intent on catering to the lowest common denominator, Niger will soon become known as "that African nation west of Chad and south of Algeria." Post racial my @$$.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

There are jackasses and then there are jackasses

The Dope = jackass

I suppose there are bigger jackasses in the world than the Dope, but they do not seem intent on wrecking my life. Donald Trump = jackass. Ask Rosie. On second thought maybe Trump is OK. Rosie is the jackass. Mike Tyson = jackass. Keith Olbermann = super jackass. Brittany Spears, Rick Sanchez, Mark McGuire's little brother, Tiger Woods, ,Tiger's 100 or so girl friends and a rather endless list of others all = jackass. But none of them are purposefully trying to destroy the country.

67% of Americans have rejected the jackass' Dope-a-care proposal but the jackass insists on continuing. This is the same jackass who admitted that his best and perhaps only qualification for being president was running a campaign for president. Talk about a self-licking ice cream cone. 52% of Americans fixated on hope and change, which has proven to be nothing more than smoke and mirrors, have saddled the country with this moron and we're not even half way through Sir Dopes a Lot's term.

God help us.

Charlie Rangle = crook

The Griffin noted that it's too bad about ol' Charlie. He liked Charlie - though not his policies or politics. I liked Charlie as well. A Korean War Vet and no holds barred straight shooter of a pol. I wish the Republicans had a couple. Charlie, it seems to me is the perfect case for term limits. He's nice guy or as the Griffin put it, "would make a pretty good neighbor." He goes to congress in 1971 a good descent man and in 2010 emerges a crook. Term limits would be practical not so much to save us from people like Charlie, but rather to save people like Charlie from themselves.

Tom Friedman = ChiCom loving stooge

Not too long ago Tom wrote a column lamenting the fact that America's messy democracy kept us from getting the things we needed to get done - done. Cumbersome democracy screwed up Kyoto and 100,000 other AlGore initiatives to save the planet like converting every American citizen not beautiful enough for the Lib jet-set into vegetarian mud farmers who live in carbon neutral mud huts. Tom explains, were we more like China, we could get these things done with a snap of the Dope's fingers.

Today Tom wonders why we can't be more like China when it comes to "Deferred Gratification." Using LAX as an example, according to Tom, we are letting things go and deferring maintenance to live for the moment. The much, much, much smarter ChiComs rely heavily on prison labor which there is no shortage of to improved their infrastructure, fore go momentary pleasures - like freedom - to keep things spic and span. You just have to know, were it 1939, Tom would be asking why we can't be more Germany and Italy? Sure those countries are led by despotic madmen, but damn it the trains run on time. Idiot.

Paygo shmaygo, congress continues to spend money they do not have

After being pilloried by Demo-Dopes and Republi-Rats alike, KY Senator and baseball hall of famer Jim Bunning relented last night in his one man crusade against the government fraud waste and abuse know as the unemployment extension bill. And the really funny thing is that Bunning wasn't against the bill. He was only asking that the senate scrounge up the $10 billion required by law to pay for it.

In January of this year, the exact same Demo-Dope phonies pillorying Bunning today were pillorying Republicans for not signing onto the Senate's "Pay as you go" rule. Just as the title sounds, the bill REQUIRES that legislation be paid for before becoming law. 10 seconds after passing the "Paygo" bill, the Demo-Dopes ignored it to pass a $15 billion "jobs bill" which was exempt from "paygo."

Now the Senate wants another $10 billion exemption from Paygo for an unemployment benifits extension. Now the senate looks like the fat chick who is going to start her diet after just one more bag of double stuffed Oreos...OK after this quart of Rock Road ice cream...OK definitely after this 2 liter bottle of Coke...absolutely after this pizza...without a doubt after this...

For the creepy people in Washington growing fat, stupid and arrogant on tax payer money, $10 billion is like one of us sifting through the car ashtray to find the odd penny or so to make the exact change at the McDonald's drive through. Bunning noted and it looks to be true, if the senate cannot find the money to pay for something that they all agree on they will never be able to find the money for anything. They will simply continue to drive us deeper and deeper into debt. But for the entitled class in Washington D.C. following the rules and the law is for suckers.

Given the hue and cry from Demo-Dopes, scared Republi-rats and the MSM over Bunning's simple demand, you'd think he was trying to take over one sixth of our economy by raising taxes and ruining the finest health care system in the world or something. Oh wait, bad example. Today Dopey Doppus plans to add 36 pages to the 2,600 page pile of steaming excrement known as Dope-a-care and then call the bill bi-partisan. The ONLY thing bi-partisan about the Dope-a-care bill is the opposition to it. Yet the Demo-Dopes and the MSM cheer this effort.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Let's try selling hot chocolate before Dope-a-care

Try this experiment. At the next office meeting, family gathering, high school sporting event, try selling cups of hot chocolate for $1.50. Offer cream and marshmallows with a sprinkle of cinnamon or nut meg for an extra $.50. People who really would like a cup of hot chocolate will buy a cup. If you're lucky you might sell enough to break even or make a buck or two.

At the next similar event, set up a stand and give it away. In minutes there will be a line. The word will spread and soon people who were not invited to the event will be standing in line for a free cup of hot chocolate. Even people who do not care for the stuff will wait in line if you give it away.

In ten minutes you'll be running low on supplies and have to limit the hot chocolate to office workers, family members or people who really need hot chocolate. Soon after that you'll start to run low on supplies. No more cream. No more marshmallows. Only the very few get cinnamon or nut meg. Soon the hot chocolate itself begins to run low so you begin to water it down to make it go further. Then you simply run out.

At the end of that experiment you're out of hot chocolate and have made no money to replenish your supply for another experiment - in fact you are deep in the hole. But the people who enjoyed the second experiment continue to show up looking for the hand out.

Now let's try the same experiment with Dope-a-care.

The Dope-a-care big lies

1. It'll cut medical costs.
a. BS. You cannot add people to the medical rolls for nothing and "cut costs."
b. Our experiment showed that if you give something away, people who do not even want the product will take just because it's free.
c. When that happens the only way to stay even is to cut services.

2. It will cover everyone.
a. BS. Even by their own numbers the Demo-Dope plan will leave millions without coverage.
b. When the inevitable rationing comes millions more will go without care.

3. We are in a health care emergency and something must be done now.
a. First off BS.
b. There is no emergency. For now, America has the best health care system in the world.
c. No one in need is turned away from an emergency room because of an inability to pay.

Monday, March 01, 2010

This world just got a little better and hell a little hotter

Some Hamas "military commander" (aka a terrorist) named Mahmoud al Mabhouh was killed in Dubai on January 20th. So far so good. Dubai police suspect that the Israeli Mossad was responsible for Mabhouh's death. That's even Better.

Allegedly a couple dozen Mossad guys and gals checked into the same hotel in Dubai as Mabhouh, staked him out and, after sedating him, suffocated him with his hotel pillow. This would be perfect as long as sedation wasn't so deep that Mabhouh didn't spend the last minutes of life experiencing the same feeling of terror and helplessness that he inflicted upon hundreds of others for so many years.

But there is some kind of international brouhaha over the death of this piece of human garbage because the agents allegedly used English, French and Australian passports. Seems use of an Israeli passport might have tipped officials in Dubai off that something was up - besides they don't allow anyone with even an Israeli stamp in their passport to enter the country let alone producing a full fledged Israeli passport at customs.

The Israelis are using the Bart Simpson defense - i.e. I didn't do it. Nobody saw me. You can't prove it. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. This seems a reasonable approach to me. It puts Hamas on notice that yes the Mossad can reach out and touch you anywhere. The faux outrage from the English, french and Australians can be weathered as long as the "secretary can disavow any knowledge of the teams activities."

Some Lib moralists in this country and abroad condemn the death of this terrorist. They claim that the Mossad is acting like judge, jury, prosecutor and hangman. When it comes to terroists, I'm fine with that. But, how are the actions of the Mossad - if they did it - any different than the actions of their own hero - Dear Duffus? Can't the same argument be used when the Grand Dope authorizes a drone strike on some unsuspecting Taliban scum bag? The big difference is that Mossad (allegedly) killed the target without blowing up a building and without any collateral human damage.

To the Mossad (Allegedly): Well done. In the future be aware CCTV cameras everywhere.
To Mabhouh: Good riddance. It just got little hotter in hell.
To the English, French and Australians: I understand the public outrage about the use of your passports. I hope privately you sent the Israeli PM a note of congrats on an operation to rid the world of one more terrorist.