Thursday, December 30, 2010

Person(s) of the year

Hands down the Tea Party.

You have to admire a group that never once took the bait of the MSM and the phony baloney Demo-Dope party.

The Tea Party energized the electorate to slam the brakes on an out of control and anti-American Demo-Dope majority. They rallied and rallied and rallied. They suffered the slings and arrows of know nothing Demo-Dopes who referred to them as an Astroturf movement, Nazis, violent rednecks, white racists, and those were the polite things. They policed there own and removed SEIU plants toting racists signs and they even policed the area after the rally saving taxpayers the cost of a clean up.  When accused of shouting racist slurs at black congressmen, they offered a $10,000 reward for any video proof.  The money is still in the bank and the credibility of the lying congressmen has been doused to all but Billbo O'Really  and other MSM jerks for whom the accusation is more important than one scintilla proof.

The Tea Party is here to stay. 2010 was the, “Let’s apply the brakes election.” 2012 will be the, “Let’s get this thing in reverse and roll this crap back election.” Already establishment losers in both parties are looking for ways to co-opt or minimize the effectiveness of the movement.

If we think the establishment Republi-Rat is on board with the Tea Party, think again. If they have been in Washington DC more than two terms, they probably think that they are entitled to the big office, the car, the big staff of @$$ kissers and special treatment by the people who pay them to do our bidding – which they ignore. They are part of the problem and need to have strong primary challengers from the Tea Party.

Here in IN we have an entrenched Republi-Rat – Dick Lugar – who needs to go. He’s been in the senate since Washington’s farewell address and like most career Pols thinks he’s the only person in the state qualified and capable of holding the seat. I’m not voting for him. If there’s a primary, and the person running against Lugar is not a pedophile, I’ll vote against him.

I always loved seeing the people at the Tea Party rallies. Dressed in red, white and blue, toting colorful creative signs, singing patriotic songs, they seemed a happy bunch. It must have all been for show. There was a study by a bunch of morons somewhere that indicated that Libs were happier than Conservatives. Take a look at Glenn Beck‘s 8-28 rally on the mall juxtaposed against Rev? Al’s pathetic little rally and tell me who is happy. Take a look at Sarah Palin juxtaposed to Scrawny lying thieving Harry Reid and tell me who is happy. Take a look at any Tea Party Rally juxtaposed against the New same as the old Black Panthers rally and see who is happy. Take a look at any SEIU rally were angry thugs are bussed in, handed a mass produced union sign and told what to say and do, do they look happy? It looks like a communist model. The most miserable people in the world are Libs. They are never happy with what they have but are always looking at ways to grab their neighbor’s earnings and spread them around.

So the Tea Party is the people/person of the year. Only a bunch of Demo-Dope flaks in the MSM, blinders firmly in place to fool themselves as well as the public, could have missed it.

Now, for the really devastating news, I’m taking tomorrow off so that I can start the New Year rested to sit in my PJs poking fun at and railing against all things idiotic and thereby light the way to truth and liberty. Yeah that’s a bit over the top, but I have to convince myself several times a week that this exercise in streaming consciousness is worth the effort. A delusion of grandeur now and then is just one of the tricks that keeps me going – that and the hope of some day being named Keith Olberdouches Worst Person in the World.

Anyway, Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ACLUs assault on Catholic hospitals will cost you money

On Wednesday, the @$$clowns at the ACLU sent a letter to federal health officials urging the government to force Catholic hospitals in the U.S. to perform abortions and deliver contraceptives on demand. If the feds cave into the @$$clowns, it’s going to cost the taxpayer a lot of money. There are about 630 not for profit Catholic hospitals spread around the US. Many are in locations that other public and private healthcare providers do not see as prime.

So if the feds move in to kiss the butt of a key Lib constituency and in their usual heavy handed screw the unintended consequences way, force the Catholic hospitals to deliver services that are 180 degrees out of phase with Catholic teaching, whatta you suppose will happen?

Well let’s take a look at what recently happened in Phoenix. Bishop Thomas Olmsted recently revoked the Catholic status of a rogue hospital that performed several direct abortions, provided birth control pills and presided over sterilizations against the church’s ethical and religious directives for health care. “It would be unfaithful to pretend the institution is still Catholic,” Olmsted concluded.

So it’s pretty clear that there may well be 630 hospitals across America losing Catholic funding if the feds try to force the ACLU mandate on them. Then what? Well the hospital will close or have to find other support.

What happened to all the cries for diversity and tolerance from the left? There may be 25 hospitals in a city that kill babies and one that doesn’t. The one that doesn’t is the one in heart of city serving the most needy. The ACLU and this administration of know nothings will be happy to see the one hospital doing the most good shut its doors because they refuse to bow down at the liberal altar abortion.

And if they succeed at closing the Catholic hospitals, you better believe that the Catholic schools will be next. The ACLU will mount a drive that we cannot allow Catholic schools not to distribute condoms to 8th graders or not have a homo studies department.

Here’s a dirty little secret the government doesn’t want anyone to know. The Catholic Church is model for running hospitals and schools in America. They provide better care and a better education for far less money than their public sector counter parts do. The Catholic Church educates 2.6 million students everyday in America at a cost of 10 billion dollars. If every Catholic school in America were to close their doors, it would cost American taxpayers 18 BILION dollars to do what the Catholic Church does with10 billion in non-government funding.

So even if you believe that the Catholic Church is defined more by a score or so homosexual pedophile priest than by the millions of free meals Catholics deliver every day for the needy across America (6,000 a day in Chicago alone), you should protect your wallet, and tell your representatives to leave the Catholic hospitals alone.

Two more tings that make you go Hmmm.


P-BO wished us all a Merry Christmas. He went on to wish those celebrating kwanza a joyous holiday. Who exactly is celebrating the communist inspired made up holiday of kwanza?

Here’s a refresher for the non-brain-dead.

Kwanza was created out whole cloth by Maulana Karenga in 1966.

Maulana Karenga was a leader in the communist, Black Panther inspired, black nationalist forming “US Organization.”

Two of kwanza’s seven “principles” are “collective work and responsibility” ie communism and “cooperative economics” ie spreading wealth around or obamanomics or communisims little brother socialism.

So screw kwanza

Next Mike Vick

I’m happy that he’s doing well, although his MVP hopes were probably dashed in last night’s loss to Minnesota. But I’m not of a mind to call the Philly Eagles owner to congratulate him on taking a chance on Vick like P-BO did. Vick did his time for his crime (unlike double homicide getaway car driver and Super Bowl MVP Ray Lewis) and should be allowed to pursue work in his chosen field. Besides, the owner probably couldn’t care less about second chances. He cares about winning football games.

Now Vick wanting a dog? Naaaaaaaaa. I don’t think so. Even if a pedophile does his time, we don’t allow him to work at a daycare facility. Sorry Mike, if your kids want a dog, they’ll have to visit their neighbors.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Legal/illegal immigation slowly killing America

Hey if don’t think that America’s immigration policy - or lack there of - is changing its face, take a look at this:

It describes the slide of the once great city of Detroit into an abyss of government freeloaders who don’t even think it proper to say thanks for the hand outs. And these are Muslim freeloaders. They are slowly turning Detroit into a sharia compliant zone where cops dare not go. Sort of like the ghettos in Paris where burning cop cars take the place of street lamps. And this is the result of a combination of legal immigration and 30 years Demo-Dope social programs in Detriot.

Now look at this piece:

Victor Davis Hanson tours the inland empire of CA. Here illegal immigration and 50 years of Republi-Rat and Demo-Dope failure to one thing about it have led to the once great state of CA looking more like a third world ghetto. Why do Hispanics come here looking for opportunity and then celebrate the corrupt countries they escaped? It would be like the Jews celebrating Nazi Germany or communist Russia.

I’ve never understood that part of this latest round of immigrants. If you think the old country was so great, go back.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Lex vindicated by Warmmongers and people with brains

I had a great Christmas and am still recovering. So lieu of my own brilliant analysis of events, I’d like to juxtapose two articles. Read this one:

Yes it is sort of what Lex has been saying for years. Everything that occurs with regard to global warming, no mater how counter intuitive, supports the Wrammongers. Now this one:

This guy obviously reads Lex daily. He makes the exact same points Lex has been making for years – ok he does it much better.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Buckeyes and the Christmas story

Uh Oh, the Buckeyes are in some trouble. But then again not that much trouble. Five players were caught breaking the rules. They sold some of their stuff. That’s right they sold some stuff that belongs to them. That apparently is against the rules. So they’ll have to sit out the first five games of next season.

Next season? What about the Sugar Bowl? No. The NCAA, the university and BCS stand to make too much money off that venture to stand on principle and enforce the punishment for that game. Oh, and the five suspended players will be back just in time for the OSU Nebraska game. How convenient.

There is so much hypocrisy in the NCAA you’d think it was the Demo-Dope Party. So a guy cannot sell a jersey that belongs to him with his name and number on the back, but the NCAA, the university and the BCS can sell the jersey and doesn’t have to give the kid whose name is on the back one penny of the transaction. BS!

But hey rules are rules and the kids should be punished. After all selling your own property cannot be tolerated in an organization that turns a blind eye to theft and cheating on tests and even awards it’s most prestigious trophy the thief and cheater. Selling your own stuff is the real crime in the bizarre world of the NCAA.

This rule needs to go. Players should have an account where royalties of jersey sales are contributed. The account can be settled at the end of each season or on graduation.

I just don’t see how you can give the Heisman trophy to a thieving cheater and then turn around and suspend someone for selling their own property. Maybe if the players had stolen the gear and then sold it or had Cam Newton’s old man sell the gear for them, they’d still be in the running for next year’s Heisman.

But now, Christmas is upon us. I needed a few more things but decided I’d had enough and came home early yesterday. Now it’s all wrapped, and piled up under the tree, it looks like quite enough, though Mrs. Lex’s stocking is a bit light. So now for the true meaning of Christmas:

LUKE 2: 1-14: And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed. (And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.) And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city. And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem (because he was of the house and lineage of David), to be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being with child.

And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered. And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.

And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And lo, the angel of the Lord come upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, "Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger."

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men."

Merry Christmas to all.


Things that make you go hmm.

In Providence, RI school officials at the Pleasant View Elementary School had a “Toy Gun Bash.” That’s right the busy bodies there, not content to have Moochel O and Hucksterbee telling them what kids ought to be eating, have decided it’s in their purview to tell parents what the kids ought to be playing with as well.

So they hauled in some dopey machine that destroys toy guns. YGBSM Lex! No I’m not. The nanny state busy bodies are everywhere trying to control everything. Some enterprising guy ought to be at the other end of this BS passing out Red Rider BB guns to all of the kids who had their blaster removed by their Volvo driving Birkenstock wearing moms and dads.

It’d be hilarious. Some guy in an overcoat at the back door. When Johnny comes he springs into action. “Pssst, hey kid. Need toy heater?” He pulls open the coat to reveal both sides lined with Mattel’s finest.

This also reminds of the futility of such efforts. Growing up, Lex Jr. had enough pistols, swords, maces, rifels and knives to outfit the entire neighborhood. One boy, was not allowed to play with toy guns. OK, unlike Moochelle, I believe parents may know best. The boy played with Frisbee. But if he hit anyone with it he’d make an exploding sound, and the boy he hit would fall to the ground writhing in mock pain.

Later, I saw the boy’s mom. She told me restricting toy guns didn’t work. “Last night at supper, he chewed his bread into the shape of a gun and shot his sister.”

In other odd news, there’s report going around that nuclear facilities may be hiring illegal aliens. Hmm, more work Americans won’t do I suppose. But I’d think that even janitorial work a nuclear facility pays well above the minimum wage. Maybe our nuclear facilities could collect a database of the 99ers and send them job application.

Then there’s the never ending global warming, uh er climate change debate. Europe is covered in snow, the west and northern tier in the US are having the coldest Dec on record and the south has temperatures into the tens. And what is causing all of this frigid mayhem? Global warming of course. You cannot make these people look dumber than they actually are even if they let you write their press releases.

The idiots claim that because the Arctic is warming the cold air has to go somewhere, so we are seeing colder temps in Europe etc. That makes no sense. Are there a certain number of degrees in the world that just get shuffled from place to place? If it is warming in the arctic by two degrees does it have to cool somewhere else by two degrees? How can every weather phenomenon be used to explain global warming?

I do believe in climate. The climate has been changing on this cinder since the first day. It will continue to change until God tires of his experiment and comes to judge.

Why does a do nothing congress and a know nothing president get credit for passing a bunch social engineering legislation in the last week of the session?  Shouldn't this crap all have been done in the light of day with due diligence months ago? 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gen Amos: pliable as a wet noodle with all the principle of flim flam man

My Marine Corps Commandant, Gen James Amos, said that he didn’t want to be visiting wounded Marines at Walter Reed because they were distracted by openly gay men serving in the military. That was then. Today the House and Senate have repealed DADT. Now Amos tells us he’s the man to implement the new policy.

Whew. For just a second, I thought he’d do something silly like stand on principle and issue a statement, “Not on my watch!” Then, I thought he’d await the inevitable firing that accompanies a military man’s decision to buck headquarters. Instead, the general began the greatest military walk back since Napoleon left Moscow. Amos, the first Naval Aviator to act as Commandant of the Marine Corps, now seems to think that because he’s against the idea, he’s the perfect guy to implement it.

Anyone can implement policy. We call such people bean counters. Anyone can count the beans. We call people willing implement bad policy, sycophants (well ass kissers really). What takes courage and leadership is bucking bad policy.

The military will set sound rules and regs for dealing with the latest idiocy unleashed on the American people by congress. It’ll take every third recruit being a Harvard law grad, but they’ll get it done. We don’t need Amos for that process. What we needed was a man of principle with the courage of his convictions. Amos clearly ain’t that man.

Dare I say it? Amos is now the poster child for the reason Marines have wanted an infantryman sitting in the Commandant’s office all these years.

9-11 Fund

Is it unpatriotic to say enough is enough to the 9-11 first responders? I don’t think so. Here’s couple of reason that enter my small mind:

We’ve already spent billions compensating "victims" of the disaster (38 BILLION by one account). How many millions is that per “victim?” When is it alright to say, “Look, I appreciate your sacrifice, but I don’t feel I owe you a blank check for the rest of your and families lives for doing the job you signed up to do.” There was a victims’ relief fund that was funded and then re-funded by another 815 million dollars. WTF? Where did that money go? Apparently GAO doesn’t know. So given the waste already, congress is now saying, “Let’s just keep throwing money at this problem until the public sector unions say they have enough money.”

We’re broke. Whatever we do better be fiscally responsible or whatever money the boobs in DC decide to pour into the fund will be worthless.

What needs to done is a board established made up of non-union non-NYers to apply money where it is needed and can do the most good. We cannot afford to take BILLIONS of more dollars and just throw it up into the air hoping it lands in the hands of people who need it.

Yes, I know I’m a cruel heartless bastard. No I’m not. I’d rather see the money go toward improving the lot of killed or wounded service men and their families . I don’t see anyone offering them millions of dollars for doing their job.


He’s at it again. “Uh, I dunno, didn’t the Mormons travel into hell and make a deal with the devil in exchange for that temple in Utah? I thought I read that somewhere. I’m just asking.”

The Huckster has come down on the rather broad side of Moochell Obama against Sarah Palin with regard to nutrition. So you’ve got fat-so Huckster siding with fat-so Moochell against the pretty girl who happens to be slim and fit on how many snacks are OK.

You cannot make this crap up. If you just looked at the three of them side by side by side, whose advise on diet do you think you ought to take? As a fat-so myself, I’m not taking other fat people’s advise on what my snack regiment ought to be.

Hey, MIKE! Go fill your pie hole with a double crust cheesy bread pizza and leave us the hell alone.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Congress should end the day after the election

What passes for leadership among Demo-Dopes? Given the pace of this not so lame duck congress, putting things off until the last minute and then blaming others is what Scrawny Harry this war is lost Reid and other Dopes would call leadership.

Dopes got their shorts in a wad when the tax compromise was reached. Many of the same Dopes with their shorts bunched in a wad between their butt cheeks, leaving precious little room for where their heads normally are, voted to place a 10 year sunset on the tax rates when they were first made law. Dopes are like a little kid who volunteers to cut the grass on Saturday, if he can use the car on Monday. When Saturday finally rolls around, the kid is wondering why his parents are so mean as to make him cut grass on such a beautiful day. “I gotta meet my friends at noon,” jr. complains. “Well, you’d better get busy then,” dad advises. Dopes have had two years to work on the tax rates. They did nothing. They did nothing because they were afraid that they’d take an even bigger @$$ whippin’ in November had they raised taxes.

Now the Scrawny weasel and his dope buds are up in arms that the Reps “are giving tax cuts to the rich.” Idiot. The mean old bastard had a 60 seat majority. Reps couldn’t do squat to stop anything the Dopes wanted to get done. But elections were coming and Pimp Reid thought it better to let that whole thing blow over before administering the coup de gras to liberty in America.

Well we all know what happened in November. So oily Harry comes back and just starts to try to ram all sorts of crap through the Senate. Four or five Republi-Rats were happy to act as his useful idiots. So we get an Omnibus pork laden spending bill, DADT, DREAM and START all laid out in addition to the tax deal. Harry lacks courage on a good day. He knew had any of this crap seen the light of day before the election, the 63 house seats the Dopes lost would have been closer to 100 and the 6 senate seats might have been 8-9. So now, in the last dying gasps of congress that doen’t reflect the will or the mood of the American people, the Demo-Dopes are going wild. The only thing stopping them is 20+ dopes up for re-election in 2012.

I’d strongly support a law that ended the congressional session the day after an election is held. Why are we letting these scumbags continue to ruin the country? They are no more representative of the country right now than your local Elks Club steering committee.

DADT would never have passed muster in the 112th congress, but it got done this Saturday for purely political reasons. Make no mistake, repeal of DADT had NOTHING to do with military preparedness. It had everything to with a bunch of know nothing weasels imposing their social agenda on the military.

I’m certain that the military leadership will set up sensible rules and regulations to govern the service of gays and lesbians. I’m just as certain that those rules will be challenged in every manner every step of the way. Until Bruce and Larry are living in base housing drawing ComRats as man and…what? Man I guess. Congress has just introduced another protected class into the mix of already too many protected classes. There will be all sorts of challenges as to why Bruce was denied command. Was it because his partner was running a gay dating service out of the spare room of their base housing or was it because Bruce used undue influence on his driver to find him date in the company for the gay pride parade.  It'll be like Major Hassan times 10 on steroids.  Political correctness in the Army allow a subversive to kill 13 people on a secure military base.  Before the bodies were cool the Army Chief of Staff is hoping it doesn't lead create a Muslim backlash.  WTF?  What makes you think political correctness will allow the Army reprimand a gay soldier?  I bet before it's over, PFC Manning claims that the only reason the Army is prosecuting him is because he's gay.

The really sad part is that it was totally unnecessary. But hey America, you asked for it. You got it. How’s all that hope and change working out for you now?

Friday, December 17, 2010

P-BO's only goal in Afghanistan is to get out

Yesterday P-BO declared that, "we are on track to achieve our goals" in Afghanistan. Goals? What goals? The only clearly articulated goal this administration has laid out is to get the hell out of Afghanistan as fast as possible. Given that low bar, how could we NOT be on track?

While the magnificent fighting men on the ground play whack a mole with the Taliban and AQ, killing and driving them out of one area only to see them raise their ugly heads in another, P-BO and his merry band act as if it’s all a big game of Stratego or Risk. Commanders on the ground ask for a 60,000 troop surge, military genius P-BO claims we can only afford to send 30,000. That rejection of sound military advice alone probably leaves several hundred holes where the enemy can run to raise his head after being whacked hard in another.

And while the game proceeds in Washington, by-standers in Afghanistan are placing their bets. Do they go with the moles who are in the game for the long run or the player whacking them? Well, when the player whacking the moles tells the crowd that he intends to quit the game before his quarter runs out, it’s a pretty easy bet.

And remember, this is the good war that P-BO said he’d fight and win. But it is hard. Pakistan won’t cooperate. Karzi is a two-faced mental case. Allies are only willing to sit in secure compounds. The US media lays in wait for any foul up. And after nearly 10 years of low grade conflict, the American people are tiring of the fight.

Well, so sad too bad. Remember candidate B-HO wanted the job. He was going to restore our standing around the world and in particular with those practicing the religion of perpetual anger and outrage. So where has all of P-BO’s bowing and @$$ kissing gotten us? Pretty much where we were when the anointed one took over with none of seriousness for the situation that President Bush brought to the table.

Remember that candidate B-HO said he’d send troops into Pakistan if that country didn’t cooperate? Well they ain’t cooperating. Remember candidate B-HO said he’d rally allies to make a greater commitment to the fight? Well they still ain’t fighting. Remember the pipe dreams candidate B-HO spun with regard to changing the world’s opinion of the US that would cause Islamo-Terror-Fascists around the world to lay down their arms? I’ve seen no evidence whatever of that. In fact, if you believe the news media, ITF are more intent than ever to blow us up. Our reaction to that is to strip American’s virtually naked at airports, remove nativity scenes from the public square and heap great praise upon ITFs for accomplishments that they had little or nothing to with.

And to make matters worse, (Is that possible?) P-BO and his band of know nothings are bent on destroying the very force they rely upon to stand between us and the ITF. The Senate takes up DADT this Sat. A body of cowards is going to tell the very bravest among us how to do business. The one institution in government that works – the US military – is going to be manipulated by the least popular, least effective, least capable, least representative of military values and most corrupt. What could go wrong?

Look, I’m well removed form the fight. But I know that a force can be broken. We’re in two wars with guys moving on their 3rd and 4th deployments into combat. 60% say repeal of DADT is going to adversely affect the force. What more do we expect from these guys? When the barracks are turned into homosexual brothels, the force begins to crumble and we have another Desert One, the preening (g)assbags in congress will hold hearings asking military men why things are so screwed up. The whole time the Barney Franks of the world will be doing the Fanny Freddy Mac shuffle acting as if they had nothing to do with creating the disaster that they are investigating.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

There is 13% moron factor in America

Today there is absolute proof that 13% of any group in America may be as dumb as a hoe handle and ignorant beyond comprehension. A Gallup Poll reveals that somehow 13% of Americans still approve of the job being done by this Congress. 13%! That figure would account for way more Americans than the friends and families of the 535 criminals, (g)@$$bags, creeps, dopes, dunderheads, dolts, doofusses, RCs, etc that populate the current congress could possibly represent. So there are least 12% of Americans with no ties whatever to congress that actually believe that this current lot of sleazy scumbags is doing an OK job. Weird huh? But then, I suppose you could probably get 13% of Germans to tell you that the Nazis weren’t all that bad either.

But hey, Lex, come on. You can’t condemn the entire group just because Peloser and This war is lost pant load Reid are screwing things up. Well yeah I can. The question is about congress not the Reps or Dopes. As a congress they are the worst bunch of anti-American weasels to gather in one spot since the Germans unloaded a u-boat full of saboteurs on the FL coast during WWII.  It's a shame that this congress can't meet the same fate as the sabateurs.

As a group, they are unprincipled, arrogant, self serving, worthless – worse than worthless actually. You can throw a worthless article away and be done with it. In Nov we threw 63 congressmen and 6 senators away. Yet they continue reek havoc on us. This congress is a drain on the American spirit, the American pocketbook, American ingenuity, American exceptionalism and right now the American Christmas season. If I could throw the whole lot out and start over, I would.

We may need to make dueling legal again. It seems the only way to stop the madness pant load Reid and Peloser are intent upon inflicting on us. Omnibus spending, DADT, START are all issues better left for the representatives of the incoming congress that reflect the current mood of the American people.

And it’s not all Demo-Dopes. OH cry baby Voinavich, CO Mikee I’ll show you to vote me out Bennett and MO moron Kit yeah it’s a girl’s name Bond are all showing why they had to go. They are Dopes in Rep clothing.

McConnell should have made sure that the tax deal was the last item voted on in the not so lame duck session. That way he could have held off of Scrawny Harry’s BS – even to the 5th of Jan if necessary.

And don’t get me started about Rep whining about having to work through Christmas to secure the future of the country. Pimp Reid is right about that. Instead of whining, Reps should have demanded that the congress stay in session non-stop, no rest, no meal breaks nothing until every last bit of Harry’s BS was dispensed with. Every bill read aloud. Votes every 15 minutes so that not one senator could leave the floor. Up the ante on that mean old bastard. Only after the senate chamber smells like a Chicago stockyard, ask the scrawny one, “What’s next, oh great leader?” But nobody in that town has half the courage of the biggest coward toting a rifle in Iraq or Afghanistan. Which is another reason I say, screw ‘em all.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Will CJCS allow servce members enlisted under DADT to leave if it is repealed?

According to a survey, 60% of combat troops said that repeal of DADT would have a negative impact on troop morale. Meanwhile, 70% of REMFs (Rear Echelon M-Fers) believe there will be a “positive, neutral, or mixed” effect from repealing the law.  Positive, neutral or mixed?  That's it?  No positively mixed or mixed neutral?  What the hell options are left in that equation?

And there in lies the problem. The REMFs hit the nail on the head. The law will have some effect on the troops, positive, neutral or mixed. Now there is solid information upon which to build your case. 70% of the guys not doing the fighting say that repeal of DADT will have SOME KIND of effect on the morale and well being of the force. What effect? Well positive neutral or mixed of course. So let’s turn the whole the force upside down and get this done based on that kind solid information.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Adm Mike Mullen, opined that service members who don’t want to serve with gays should leave the military. Well first Mike, I think you should revise your comments to say “openly gay.” After all DADT is still policy. So technically, service should not know if they serving with gays.

Let me get this straight, as the chief advisor to P-BO on military matters, Mike you’ll advise lifting the ban and those who don’t like it should leave, eh. If DADT is repealed, will you allow anyone who enlisted under DADT and doesn’t want to serve with gays to terminate their contract and leave the service, since that’s your own advice?

Mike, when you’re engaged in two wars and 60% of the guys doing the heavy lifting think it’s a bad idea to lift the ban, do you think that maybe the guys who rose to power counting beans for once ought to listen to the guys pulling triggers? Nah? What the hell do military men who actually do the fighting know? They are just a bunch slope headed Neanderthal thugs. It’s the guys like Mike who can figure how much custard is going to be required in the ward room for a six month cruise that need to call the shot on this one. And if half the trigger pullers quit, don’t worry. Mike can quickly figure out how many gays and women it will take to replace one fighting man.

And I just ran across the story where Moochele is telling Americans that our kids’ diet is a security threat and we cannot leave the feeding of our children up to parents. I agree. We need to grab the first couple’s kids up and feed them steady diet of pork rinds, soda pop, venison, pickled eggs, pig’s feet, fried everything covered in cheese and tomato sauce, McDonald’s hamburgers, ice cream, Oreos, and Twinkies. After all these kids do not know how to eat like kids whose parents have ever worked for a living. Since Moochy and P-BO have never had a real job, their kids need to be exposed to how working families get by. The nation cannot afford to have these two girls’ nutritional requirements determined by a couple of pampered know-it-all affirmative action hires.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day off

Hey I gotta run today. I have a carpenter coming over to fix the stove. That’s correct, a carpenter to fix the stove. You know something has gone horribly wrong when that happens. It's not as bad as the time I had to have the electrician in to fix the shower though.  Anyhoo, Christmas is upon us. Check out this joyous video to get/keep yourself in the spirit.  Once you get past the skinny dude with the 80s disco hair and dance moves, it’s pretty cool.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Manning is the criminal

A traitorous bastard, PFC Bradley Manning, hands over hundreds of thousands of pages of classified information to some cyber terrorist and the people in Berkley want to honor Bradley. I think I noted below that, until you shoot a few traitors you’re going to have this kind of stuff.

Oddly, I don’t think ASSange should be arrested for publishing the leaks any more than the people at the NY Times, who publish classified information all the time. Unless ASSange asked Manning to steal the stuff and paid him in advance for the info, ASSange is no worse a scumbag than the people at the NY Times who ran harmful report after harmful report about the war effort and Abu Grahab. He’s certainly no worse than the @$$bags at Newsweak who ran with the false koran flushing non-sense. So unless we’re willing to round up all of those usual suspects, we should find another way to deal with the ASSanges of the world.

ASSange should not have been arrested. He should have been dealt with the old fashion way. ASSange, like a nit wit’s favorite T-shirt figure Che, should just quietly disappear, hold a press conference one day, gone the next. 30 or so years from now when the next PFC Manning type shows up, the papers that @$$bag releases will reveal that ASSange’s dismembered body is buried under the front porches of several houses in a Rio slum. Or even better, ASSange’s dismembered body was ground up and used for chum by a Green Peace group studying the mating rituals of Great White Sharks. But even those papers do not reveal how it happened or who did it.

But I don’t think it is useful for “free” governments to be grabbing people off the streets because they have run across papers that embarrass that government. We need to be more Machiavellian. Proclaim ASSange’s right to publish publicly and order him to stop privately. If he doesn’t, well the next headline is, ASSange disappears!

Manning on the other hand is a traitorous freak. He should be quickly tried and if found guilty, shot. Manning is the culprit that has caused all of the trouble. Oh, and PFC Manning’s 4 or 5 supervisors up the chain of command ought to be given a choice of doing the rest of their careers in Afghanistan and/or Iraq or getting out of the service in the next week.

I cannot let this pass.

The first line in the Heisman Trophy mission statement reads:

“The Heisman Memorial Trophy annually recognizes the outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity.”

This year’s recipient, Cam Newton, was booted out of the University of Florida for cheating on at least two tests and stealing another student’s computer (Allegedly).

Notice it doesn’t say the “most outstanding” as is often repeated by sports writer dopes. It says “the outstanding” player who pursues excellence with integrity. Under that criteria Newton is not a deserving recipient of the award. If you want to scratch or ignore the last two words of the mission statement Newton, as an overwhelming majority of voters apparently were comfortable with, Newton is a fine choice. But for Lex, awarding this trophy to Newton is succumbing to the tyranny of low expectations.

Here’s the Griffin on Newton juxtaposed against the Army Navy football game:

I don’t recall the last time one of these teams had a football player arrested for robbery, rape, or attempted murder. I don’t recall either football coach requesting reinstatement of a player because “the girl looked older than 15” while his player’s GPA was hovering around a 0.25. There will not be a riot or fight breakout in the parking lot such as was the case at USC last week. Neither team is headed to a BCS game but both will go to a bowl game. I will watch both games. The Army-Navy game is played by like minded players that will not play professional football. It is a fun game to watch. The pre-game is always good. They play with discipline and when they score you see unrehearsed happiness. As Lou Holtz says about scoring a touchdown,” Act as though you have been there before”. They do.

Shortly after the Army-Navy game the Heisman Trophy will be awarded. The winner’s father illegally solicited money as part of his college selection process. He wanted Old Miss to pay $200,000. Old Miss did not pay. The player says he had no idea his father was soliciting and it cannot be proven differently. No one believes it. I highly suspect the father did not approach West Point or Annapolis and present a pay-to-play scenario. The Army-Navy football game provides credibility to the NCAA Football organization. It provides a platform for showcasing patriotism and college football in the same broadcast. The NCAA must love it. They should have scheduled the game until after the Heisman Award was presented. It would have been a better way to end the day.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Being beaten like a drum not really all that humbling for Demo-Dopes

I caught a bit of FNC last night, and what I learned from the experience is that after taking one huge @$$ whippin’ in Nov, Demo-Dopes still think it’s OK to be arrogant bastards. First up Charles, Chas, Chuck, Charlie, taxes? What taxes, Rangel. Chas Chuck is the same arrogant @$$wipe that, when asked what the “average American” should think about his lying thieving ways, quippid, “I don’t deal in average American citizens.”

Chas Chuck reveals himself to be a five pound bag with about 100 pounds of crap stuffed in. A freshly censured lying thieving crap sack cannot find one thread of humility minutes after the event.

So I catch Chas Charlie on the Billbo O’Really show. Now if has Chas Charles is 100 pounds of crap in a five pound bag, Billbo is the same size bag but only filled with 100 of himself, which may be a distinction without a difference to the contents in Chas Chuck’s bag. Anyway Billbo asks pretty much the same question and then let Chas Charles talk on and on about his major crime being one of sloppiness. Got that? So the next time you get rung up for any crime, invoke the Chas Chuck defense. “Your honor, there is absolutely no way I was robbing that bank at gun point. I was just making a sloppy withdrawal. Who knew I didn’t even have an account at that bank or any bank for that matter? Had I remembered I didn’t have any money or an account, I’d never have tried to take that money or pistol whip the teller when she was slow handing over the cash.”

It goes from bad to worse. Later they were discussing Vermont Communist Bernie Sander’s comment about America needing a bit of Europe’s civil unrest if the tax bill is passed. This stupid old fool should be arrested for sedition. But, OK Bernie, lets flip that around, if taxes go up on Jan 1st Americans should take to the streets beat the living daylights out of anyone responsible the increase. That’d be you Bernie.

Then as I’m trying to get through dinner without throwing up, NY $h!thead Anthony Weiner is on telling us that it is perfectly OK for the government to seize the property of dead people. Why? Well in Tony’s demented world the dead are dead, and since they are dead, the government gets half. Yeah, the Death Tax. You cannot work and save all your life to pass something on to your children, because when you die excrement for brains like Weiner think it is the government’s right to grab 55% of EVERYTHING you accumulated. It’s a total asset grab not just cash assets in the bank.

So let’s flip this around on Tony. If it is OK for the government to seize the property of dead people, why can’t I? Why can’t I check the obits everyday and keep an eye out for the people in Twin Eagle who might have passed away? While the bereaved are away at the funeral, I bust down the door and snatch up the things I like. I’m even willing to pay tax on my ill gotten gain. I’d be jailed the second the cops got wind of the scheme. At trial, I’d rightfully be marked as a heartless cruel bastard, and because I’m a white, Christian, conservative every sentence in the book would be maxed out. But in Tony’s miniscule mind, the government doing the EXACT SAME THING only with paper is OK.

Sick of the whole thing I go out to the barn to cut some wood. I come back, and Greta is on with Mary sure my vote is for sale Landrieu. And if she said it once, she said it 3 or 4 times, we “can’t afford to give income tax cuts” to the wealthy. Can she really be this stupid? Why Lex she’s pol. As a class, being stupid is what they do best. So yes, she actually can be that stupid. In fact, there’s a 50/50 chance that that comment didn’t even reveal how incredibly stupid she really is.

First Mary, how much will it cost the tax payer to secure your vote on the bill? Next, tax cuts? What tax cuts for the wealthy are you talking about? The 2% payroll tax break? Because, there are no tax cuts. Dear Doofus, the bill merely maintains the tax code at the current rate. IT IS NOT A CUT. Next, GIVE a tax cut? HUH? Really? Is that what you think? Someone works their butt off to EARN a good living, and you know nothing, do nothing, be nothing louses in congress think that because you don’t confiscate a bigger portion of THEIR EARNINGS, that you are GIVING them something?

I’d had it. This all comes down within two hours. If TV’s weren’t so damn expensive, I’d be out looking for a new one this morning, because I’d have tried to punch that silly woman’s face out through the screen.

I try to avoid these shows, especially during the Christmas holiday, because it just puts me in a foul mood. I think Bernie is right, if elections don’t work, we’re going to need a bit of civil unrest to knock the arrogance out of Washington D.C.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Go home, and DREAM about coming back legally

Having learned nothing from the last election, I see where Grand Fran Nan Pelooser and her merry gang of half-wit American hating criminal supporting scumbags passed the DREAM Act in the House yesterday. Hmmmm. Are we sure that rewarding illegals with US citizenship is good thing when we are running at near 10% unemployment and about 17% under employment? Is the Grand Nan absolutely sure the DREAMERS and the 12 million or so people who will accompany them will be doing the work that Americans just won’t do?

And if Americans won’t do the work voluntarily, should they be required to do it, after say 99 weeks of unemployment?

There is no reason whatever to allow this kind of crap. Here’s a short list:

First, we are preparing to extend unemployment benefits for the 6th time in two years. It seems to me that if we’re going to get Americans back to work, the last thing we ought to be considering is giving citizenship and work permits to DREAMERS and the hoards that will accompany them.

Then there are a couple of moral issues. Why does non-skilled labor from south of the border get a leg up over non-skilled labor from say Greece. Greece is experiencing an economic melt down and probably has a few hundred thousand people willing to make the trip legally for a job? They will procreate. But instead of DREAM babies they will create legal American citizens. I’ll tell you why. Demo-Dopes need the votes in 2012. That’s it. And morally, just how smart is it for a country to pass a law that rewards the illegal activity of one group and at the same penalizes every other law abiding person?

The myth of economic activity provided by illegals is just that, a myth. Well they pay into SS and never get to draw it. That is a small price to pay for the costs illegals inflict on our schools, healthcare system, legal system and jails. Also, do you know who the big winner economically is in all of this? Corrupt Mexico. Most of the dollars earned here by illegals are sent back to the family in Mexico for economic activity south of the border. That is why Mexico has no interest in securing its side of the border.

Well come on Lex, you cannot deport 12 million people, many of whom have been here for decades. First, OK find the non-criminals who have been here decades, established families and an American identity. Fine them $10,000 and let them stay. I’m all for it. But that is a very small subset of the problem. With regard to the other eleven and half million people who do not fit into the first category, they are here for just a few reasons, jobs, benefits or crime. Once those activities no longer pay, they will leave. They got here alone, they will get home alone. Hell, buy ‘em a one way ticket out. That would have to be cheaper than what we’re doing now.

Well I could go on, but those are the easy ones, and besides I have to go find the Christmas decorations. Cheers.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The deal

The deal on first take is looking good. Sure a small business would prefer to see a permanent rate or at least one locked into a five year window. But the good news is that the current tax code will be on the ballot in 2012. There is a boat load of squish Dopes Rats up for election in 12 so we’ll be able to smoke them out. Even if the economy begins to recover, there will be little support for raising taxes on a recovering and soft economy. 2012 will be the perfect time for a referendum on the rates and perhaps even the entire tax code. Savvy candidates can back the weasel class up for re-election in 12 into a corner on the rate and the code.

Also, there is absolutely no assurance that the Demo-Dopes, a party intent on destroying America, will pass the deal. They continue their class warfare rhetoric. “Hey, you should be pissed. Your wealthy neighbor is getting a descent tax rate!” That kind of logic can not sell. Can it? Is the starving man happy to get a ham sandwich, a bag of chips and a Coke? Or is does he refuse the meal he desperately needs because another guy, who worked harder and longer, gets steak and eggs? To the extent that it is good for him, I could not care less the guy up the street pays in taxes. I care what I pay. To the extent the guy up the street has more money and I may benefit from his economic activity, great. To the extent the guy invests and or saves the extra money, making it available for other people to barrow for their economic activity, great. To the extent that the guy gives the money to the Little Sisters of the Poor to feed and clothe the poor, great. Can anyone think of one bit of good it would do for these people to give the money over to the government?

Don’t give me that, the government will lose money. First, hey it’s not the government’s money. Next the government will waste 99.99999 cents on the dollar. What is left over, will be re-distributed by Demo-Dopes to buy votes in the next election. Last, if the situation is so dire, shouldn’t every American, rich, middle class and poor be asked to sacrifice? If we’re headed to a melt down, and the only way to avoid the melt down is to give the government, the very activity that caused the melt down, more money shouldn’t every American do his patriotic duty and give until it hurts? Shouldn’t double talking hypocrites like Warren Buffet give it ALL over to the government?

Screw this out of control constitution shredding bunch of weasels.  Starve 'em of your tax dollars.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Dope representatives give Charlie R a well deserved (by Dope standards) standing O

Chas gets Standing O from Dopes for ripping off America

What has Lex always said about pols? OK that would be a rather long list of expletives and words that convey the thought that they are all creeps, dolts, buffoons, bastards, stupid, morons, idiots, fools, @$$clowns, excrement heads, excrement for brains, weasels, BS artists, horses @$$es, @$$es, @$$holes, losers, etc.etc. and that would all be true.

But if you need more proof – you’re an idiot as well - here it is. After Censuring Chas, Charlie, Chuck, Charles Rangel for being a lying thieving (insert any three words from the list above here), house Demo-Dopes gave (same three words here as well) Rangel gets a standing O from the Demo-Dopes.

Giving a crook a standing O is how you know the congress is truly PO’d. Wait till they get a hold of ASSange. To show PO'd they are with him, Nancy Pelosi is going to give him a long wet kiss. Ha, try to get that visual out of your mind before lunch.

The entire MessNBC line up needs to man up - save Madow who already is

In a recent OpEd, one of MessNBC’s perpetual line of sissy boys, Joe Scarborough in this case, told the GOP to “man up” and dump Sarah Palin. Now Joe is a rather dim star in a dim constellation that contains great he men, like Keith Olberdouche, Pissy Mathews, Lying Larry O’Donnell and a gal who has more testosterone than all them combined Rachel mad Madow.

With the exception of Pat Buchannan, who is perhaps the only man employed by MessNBC, when I turn to that channel all I see are a bunch angry petty @$$clowns sitting around affirming one another. Welcome to the club Joe.

I guess I could say, “Man up? Sure Joe right after you grow a set and walk onto the set of one MessMBC’s prime time follies and tell the host how absurd they are and how they have contributed to the failure of the network. You go first Joe. Besides do you really suppose that the GOP will take any advise from any of the @$$clowns employed by MessNBC?

Great minds think alike

Proving that Lex is true genius, Charles Krauthammer agrees with Lex on Julian ASSange. Several posts below, Lex noted that ASSange should be driven so far under ground that dirt would become his primary meal.  Mr. K. has now penned the following with regard to ASSange:

“Want to prevent this from happening again? Let the world see a man who can't sleep in the same bed on consecutive nights, who fears the long arm of American justice. I'm not advocating that we bring out of retirement the KGB proxy who, on a London street, killed a Bulgarian dissident with a poisoned umbrella tip. But it would be nice if people like Assange were made to worry every time they go out in the rain.”

See folks you get all right here. But not until Wed next week. Lex is starting a new project and will be off line until Wed. Just wanted to give you a heads up less you think DOJ broke down my door and seized my blog.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Free Brian Aitken

The Griffin tipped me off to this. Here’s how the Daily Caller intros the Brian Aitken story:

In New Jersey, residents who want to transport firearms legally must request a permit from a local law enforcement office and produce a letter stating why it is necessary for them to carry a gun. In other words, New Jerseyans have to prove need before exercising what many Americans consider a constitutional right.

Twenty-seven-year-old Brian Aitken is learning that the hard way. Arrested in 2009 when police officers found two handguns locked and unloaded in the trunk of his car, Aitken was just sentenced in August to seven years in prison.

Now, protesters across the state are organizing a push for an appeal for the court’s ruling. A “Free Brian Aitken” Facebook page has almost 7,000 fans, the website was built and a rally will be held Dec. 12, in Towns River, N.J. Aitken’s family is asking Chris Christie to grant clemency — gun control just might be the next test conservatives throw at the New Jersey governor.

A pardon from Christie is far from assured, even if he does have fairly established, conservative credentials.

During his 2009 campaign, he told Fox News host Sean Hannity, “Listen, at the end of the day, what I support are common sense laws that will allow people to protect themselves. But I also am very concerned about the safety of our police officers on the streets. Very concerned. And I want to make sure that we don’t have an abundance of guns out there.”

Read more:

First off Gov. Christie, what is an abundance of guns? And if the abundance of guns are in the hands of responsible American citizens, what’s the problem? Is it better to have an abundance of guns in the hands of responsible US citizens or just a few guns in the hands of criminals?

But holy cow, guns locked and unloaded in the trunk of your car is reason enough to get you seven years in NJ. WTF? 2nd Amendment? So after a phone call from Aiteken’s mom, worried about her son’s “state of mind,” and after determining that Aitken was no threat to himself, the cops or any one else, the cops proceeded to search his car. WTF?

After finding the guns locked and unloaded in the trunk, they charged him with weapons violations and a hare brained judge sent him up the river for 7 large. Not to be too crude, but again WTF?

You have TSA disregarding the 4th Amendment, the Supreme Court peeing all over private property rights, DOJ seizing web domains that they don’t like, and the state of NJ disregarding common sense and the 2nd Amendment.

We are like the frog in a pot of water slowly being boiled. Is anyone else starting to think, “Hey, is it warming up in here?”

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Troubling headlines; lame duck not so lame

There are some very ominous headlines in the news these days. There is no good news about the not so lame duck session of congress. “It’s all rigged. The whole conversation is rigged,” said Colorado Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet. “The fact that we don’t get to a discussion before the break about what we’re going to do in the lame duck. It’s just rigged.” And that’s from a Demo-Dope who without regard for the rigging goes ahead and votes the Harry the war is lost Reid’s way.

Then there’s the real news, Congress is poised to give P-BO — along with his wife, Moochell — a congressional victory as the House takes up legislation to push greasy foods off the school lunch line and sugary drinks out of vending machines. Who the hell do these people think they are? The Congress of the entire United States is setting about to decide what kids Slapstick MT eat for lunch. What the hell provision in the US Constitution allows these busy bodies to intervene in such matters? We are well on the way to the US Congress allowing, nay forcing, the three servings of carbon neutral gruel onto our kids. And there won’t be any, “Please sir, may I have another.” 99.99% will end up being poured down the drain where it will coagulate and cause sewer mains all across the country to explode. P-BO is bad enough. Nobody elected his miserable busy body wife to anything. Until she slims her own broad @$$ down, she ought to, come on Keith one more time, “Shut the hell up.” What’s next, telling us how many No. 2 pencils our kids have to have?

These busy bodies are in the process of banning the traditional birthday cookies, suckers etc. that birthday kids have bestowed upon their classmate from the beginning of time. Now the first broad @$$ wants the kids to pass out celery sticks. BS! You want to why Sarah Palin is popular? She shows up at one these schools and passes out cookies. Hell yes.

These brain-dead busy bodies remove PE from the curriculum and ban any activity that induces motion on the play ground and then bitch about fat kids and unhealthy food. But really! The US congress telling us what the kids are going to eat at LOCAL schools. This is exactly what is wrong with government.

Then there’s news that Sec Def wants DADT repealed during the not so Lame Duck. If ever there was an issue that should wait for the REAL congress to convene next year it’s DADT. I do not believe for one second the “report” that tells us that it is time for DADT to go the way of the three prong pitch fork. But Sec Def wants it done in the Lame Duck because he knows that there is no way it’d pass with a congress that more accurately reflects the will of the American people.

Then there is the DREAM Act. More BS from a congress that specializes in BS. This is another issue that would not come close to passing muster with a new congress so these Demo-Dopes need cram it through in the dark of night under the weight of 2,000 page bill that nobody has read. No wait. That was P-BOcare.

I termed the last election as the “apply the breaks election.” I thought that the last election would wake the Dopes up. It hasn’t. They’ve become more brazen and actually have accelerated their pace of destroying the country.

In a bit of good news former Baptist preacher Mike Huckabee thinks the guy who leaked the info to WikiLeaks ought to face the death penalty. I’m not a big proponent of the government killing off its citizens but in rare cases, I support the death penalty. This would be one. Until you actually put one or two of these scumbags in front of firing squad, this crap will continue.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Get the Mossad to deal with ASSange

Here’s a Headline that I wouldn’t mind seeing: WikiLeaks promoter disappears. Now that’s not to say that he disappeared because of “lead poisoning.” I mean he truly just disappears. Sort of like Kreskin the magician, only for real and for good.

Remember, the key to any good magic trick is that nobody knows how it is done. And so it should be with Julian ASSange. Rush Limbaugh noted yesterday that back when the CIA was great ASSange would have died from a severe case of lead poisoning after the first round of leaks. But back when the CIA was truly great, nobody would ever know what really happened to ASSange. There would be a great many rumors, but nobody would know for sure.

And back when the CIA was really, really great, the CIA would get someone to the dirty work while thinking the whole time they were acting in their own interest. Now I’m not condoning or thinking the US government should put out a fatwa on ASSange. That would be so 12th century. But if the Muslims did that, it would be pretty much par for the course and nobody would even raise an eyebrow. After all kids will be kids and Muslims will be Muslims.

So how can we drive him so far under ground that dirt would become his steady meal? I think after P-BO’s extended bow and kiss @$$ tour of the Middle East there ought to be at least one Imam willing to issue a fatwa on ASSange. No? Well then how about Newsweak manufacturing a story about ASSange flushing a koran or something? That would certainly cause the religion of perpetual outrage to kick it up a notch. No? How about the CIA just issuing a stern statement as innocuous as: “Well these things rarely work out well for the leakers.” No? Of course not. Why? Well because they always do work out well for the leaker.

Maybe we could get Larry Flint offer a one million dollar reward for compromising pictures of ASSange like he did on the Republican leadership. Oh, that’s right Larry probably supports ASSange’s quest to wreck the US.

This is a mess. And, I only half believe that P-BO and his merry band of incompetent goofs are even mildly upset about it. Why? Well it seems to me if they had wanted to they could have stopped this. But then maybe, if I call them incompetent goofs in one sentence, I cannot assume that they will act competently in the next.

Now, we can take great comfort in the fact that Eric the wad Holder is finally on the case. If I were ASSange, I’d be hiring as many New same as the old Black Panthers as possible. That move alone would force the wad to stand down and probably cause the wad to issue a statement of support for ASSange’s stand on affirmative action.

Nothing is going to happen to ASSange…until he pisses off Israel. Then he will be found in a Turkish bath in Amsterdam as if he hung himself in some homo erotic sex experiment. The Mossad still has a set.

So we should post some embarrassing stuff on Israel on the WikiLeaks site. After that, if he’s smart, ASSange will disappear on his own.

As for the dirt bags like PFC Manning, the US soldier who gave ASSange the documents, he and anyone else involved should be sent to the deepest darkest hole in Leavenworth prison to live out the rest of their days.   Sadly, that will not happen either.  Manning will become some sort of media folk hero.  I can already picture the the "Free Manning" t-shirts in the crowd at every anti-American rally - like the Demo-Dope national convention.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NK commie bastards and the Frozen Chosin

Well, well, well, it has been 60 years. 60 years since the UK recognized the commie bastards in Red China. That worked out well didn't it. In June of 1950 – 60 years ago, the commie bastards in Red China sent their surrogate North Korean army to invade the south. As everyone but recent public school graduates know, it was only a valiant effort by US troops at the Pusan perimeter that kept South Korea from going the way of Carthage.

It was the daring landing by Marines at Inchon that turned the tide on the commies. Cut off and trapped many 1,000s NK commies were killed or captured. Things were going swimmingly. The allies were marching north to eradicate commies from the Korean peninsula. The war would be over by Christmas. Over by Christmas, except for one thing, on Feb. 28, 1950 the commie bastards in Red China sent 10 divisions across the Yalu River to attack the 1st Marine Div at the Chosin Reservoir.

The red Chinese bastards had the Marine Div completely surrounded by 10 Divs supported by another 12 Divs. When made aware of the situation, Col. Chesty Puller remarked, “"We've been looking for the enemy for some time now. We've finally found him. We're surrounded. That simplifies things." When asked about being surrounded by the commie bastard Red Chinese Army, Puller quipped, “They are a damn site better than the U.S. Army. At least we know that they will be there in the morning." When asked if he would retreat, Puller said, “Retreat hell. We’re just attacking in a different direction.” Ending his remarks with, “There are not enough chinamen in the world to stop a fully armed Marine regiment from going where ever they want to go"

After being written off by the Army as lost, Chesty and the 1st MarDiv broke out from the Chosin taking with them all of their men, including the dead and wounded, all of their equipment and a good deal of the US Army 7th Div men and equipment. There is a standing joke among Marines when being ribbed by an Army guy about being dumb, “Yeah we may be dumb, but we’re still using the Army equipment we collected off the battlefield in Korea.”

So now the NK commie bastards, no doubt urged on by their Red Chinese commie bastard buds, are raising their ugly heads again. And just in time for Lex to relay a bit of the story of the “frozen Chosin” and true legend of the Corp Lewis B. (Chesty) Puller.

Unlike Afghanistan, it’s doubtful that P-BO will be able to find an impostor to pay off with millions of dollars to act as go between the NKs and the US here. ASIDE: Will P-BO count the paid off impostor among the 500,375,278,197,756,354 jobs he claims to have created or saved? And, why are we so concerned about Afghan impostors when we have an entire administration full of impostors pretending to be competent?

Oh yeah, if the battle of the Frozen Chosin was 60 years ago, beginning on Feb 28th, that means that while the 1st MarDiv was facing the down the commie hoards, John and Katie were celebrating the birth of their third child. How cool would it be to have a birthday that coincides with an epic Marine Corps battle? Short of being born on Nov. 10th , it has to be the best.

But 60 years! Wow, that’s old. How old?

If 18 is the age when you can buy your first beer (legally), 60 is the age when you’d trade every beer you ever stole off mom and dad’s back porch for one good glass of Merlot (For some odd reason that is pronounced mur-low. And wine drinkers wonder why beer drinkers call them snooty. We don’t call it bood-weezner)

If 20 is the age of looking forward to great opportunity, 60 is the age when you look back and try to remember where you put your damn glasses and car keys.

If 30 is the age of enlightenment, 60 is the age when you’ve forgotten what you were enlightened about and are relegated to calling on your 13 year old grandson to program your electronic devices.

If 40 is about the time that you begin to earn good money, 60 is the time that you’ve spent it all, or in Sis’s case lost it all down at the redneck Riviera.

If 50 is over the hill, 60 is a freight train barreling down Pike’s Peak with no breaks and a hair pin turn dead ahead. No, I didn’t rip that off from Unstoppable. It is just that great creative minds think alike. Besides, my sister is not a hugely popular black man. So any similarity between that analogy and Unstoppable is purely coincidental.

Happy Birthday Sis. Enjoy the 4 copies of the new Neal Diamond Dreams CD that you’ll be getting from the kids and hubby. The sad thing is, she’s such a fan, she’ll keep all four copies.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Global Warm-mongering continued

If you recall yesterday’s exciting episode, Lex exposed Meg Bostrom – a little TSA lingo there – as a fool for her idea that us fly over rubes are just too stupid and busy to understand all the complex science involved with global warming,

Lex noted that the problem with the science wasn’t its complexity but rather the manufactured nature of the science. That fact, combined with the hypocritical knuckleheads that the warm-mongers have chosen to represent and speak for their cause, make it hard for anyone with brain not question their ideas.

Well Ms. Meg has a few other gems stashed in her column. Of the need for “more science,” Ms Meg writes, “The scientist hope, not unreasonably, to bring more attention to the climate change crisis.” Holey carbon footprint Meg, you gotta be kidding. More attention? As if the global warm-mongers haven’t been throwing their BS science of every kind into our faces for the last 40 years, no wait the first 10 years was a global cooling scare, make that 30 years. These chumps have been telling us the end is near since Lex was in 6th grade. We have a know nothing debunked peace prize winner (AlGore not the debunked peace prize winning P-BO) leading the charge with his favorite mantra, “The debate is over.” Well no Al, just because you’re too stupid to debate doesn’t mean the debate is over.

Sure Meg the OLNY thing missing from the warm-mongers effort is bringing it to the attention of the idiot Americans who live 40 miles inland of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. I’d say it’s the exact opposite. There’s been too much commotion over this crap. It’s like going to a NASCAR race. It is very loud to start with, but then you get your ear protection adjusted and then just get used to the din. After three and half hours, you don’t even notice it. It’s only when the roar is completely gone, you think, damn, that was loud. We quite frankly have become used to people who have no business doing so hectoring us on what we drive, what eat, and where we sleep. So used to it in fact that pay no attention to them. It’s like the dish washer running in the kitchen. It’s only really noticed when it stops running.

Then in an insane three four paragraphs to wrap up Meg swears that there is a long list of things that both Republican and Demo-Dopes can agree on to save the planet.

STOP! Compile a short list in you mind of what you think Ms. Meg might be talking about. Got it? OK, continue.

1. Mandating better fuel efficiency. Huh? We haven’t done that yet. CAFE standards Meg? Is really that easy? Why didn’t we just mandate 60mpg…no make it 150mpg… 30 years ago and the problem would be solved? Short of driving go-carts incased by PVC pipe and cellophane, car manufactures have done a pretty good job getting fuel efficiency up Meg and it has only cost consumers probably about $10,000 per car. And please do tell Meg what is plan for the coal burning cars (Rush Limbaugh’s term for electric cars) when their batteries have no more life? What self inflicted enviro disaster awaits?

2. Increase federal funding for clean energy research. Two things, if it is going to be a profitable adventure why would government need to get involved? Wouldn’t greedy private sector guys be all over it? I’ve said it before, if T. Boone wants to build a windmill farm and sell electricity, fine go for it T. Boone, but the government shouldn’t be subsidizing him. Two, do we really think the people who brought us the TSA are the ones who will be responsible for the next big breakthrough energy savings?

3. Spend more on mass transit. I rode mass transit. It doesn’t work because it’s too expensive, too unpredictable and too uncomfortable. No doubt Meg would make it look reasonable by taxing the b-jeezus out of private transit. We’d also be at the mercy of some government union thugs who would go on strike at Christmas time demanding time and half for anything over their normal 22 hour work week; quadruple over time on Sat, Sun, holy days of obligation, Mon nights during the NFL season, Thrus nights during the college season and bonuses for every two days without an accident, double bonus for showing up on time for week in a row. I’ll consider mass transit right after AlGore and Tom flathead Freidman start riding the bus to and from work.

4. Raising efficiency standards for homes and other buildings. Hmmm. Sound a lot like No. 1. But hey when you compiling a "long list" of things we can all agree on, why not use a sub-set of one to make the list even longer?

5. Requiring utilities to produce more energy from renewable sources. Hmmm sound vaguely like a sub-set of No.2. But ok fine, we’ll build 3 nuclear power plants a year for the next 15 years. Finally we can agree on something.

So how did your list compare?  This all the same old pap.  It is predictable as the sun (the real cause of any warming trend we are experiencing) rising up in the east.  What is missing here class? Not one damn incentive for the private sector to solve this problem. It’s government regulation, funding and mandates. Meg the government cannot balance its own books it is not going to find the solution for global warm-mongering, the BSC bowl situation, steroids in sports or end the search for a good nickel cigar.

But if we created the right business climate (pun intended), the private sector would.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Climate Chnage: Science by Homer Simpson

There was an article in the Sunday edition of the Ft. Wayne Urinal Gazette the jist of which was that the average rube (that would be you and me of course) is too worried about his job, the economy, two undeclared wars, his family, big sis’s birthday and the upcoming OSU Meatchicken game to understand or even care about the over whelming scientific evidence of global warming, uh sorry, ah climate change. So what to do? The writer, some Gal named Meg Bostrom, urges a new strategy that emphasizes “some climate changes that deniers can support” rather than the science that we’re all too stupid to get.

Well let’s spend just a minute on the “science” Meg. If the “science” is so sound, why is the global warming crowd always trying to fudge it? Meg there was this rather large scandal at East Anglican University where leaked e-mails prove that the “science” isn’t really all that scientific.

I do not think that our problem with global warming is that we’re too preoccupied with our daily lives to understand the science. I think our problem with global warming is two fold. First, we’re fine with science. It’s the “scientist” we have trouble with. After Global Warming-gate, why should we ever trust anything that those bozos come up with again? They have not been honest from the start. Climate survey stations placed on blacktop next to the air conditioner discharge units is just the tip of the mythical melting iceberg. NASSA can land a man on the moon but cannot do an 8th grade math problem that requires averaging 12 numbers. NASSA breathlessly reported “Hottest year on record!!!” It was only after a real scientist noted that NASSA had “mistakenly” used October’s temps twice, omitting the November figure, that NASSA famously sent its lead scientist, Homer Simpson, to issue a one word explaination of its science, “D' ho.”

Second, could the global warming crowd have a bigger bunch of preening know nothing hypocrites to champion its cause? No. If it had tried to do a spoof on itself, it could not have come up with a more clownish and hypocritical group of people to champion its cause.

AlGore is the walking talking definition of buffoon. He wins a peace prize for what? While spreading the news about global warming, he creates a carbon footprint for HIMSELF that is larger than some whole nations. Then the jack wagon tells us not worry about HIS carbon footprint because he has purchased “carbon off-sets.” So can I diet by having some guy in Ethiopia run a few miles for me as an “off-set?” But, if that just isn’t stupid enough, he didn’t buy the offsets by sending money to some scout troop somewhere to plant 100 trees, he bought the off-sets from…drum roll…HIMSELF. So how does that diet thing work for me now? Like it always does. As I finish my third Snickers Bar of the day, I tell Mrs. Lex, “Don’t worry honey. I have off-set this Snickers Bar with a diet and a three mile run in June of 2015.”

Then there’s Tomas my head is flat Friedman. What a joke. Tom lives in a mansion on a huge estate with a fleet of cars, not all of them Priuses. He flies 1st class back and forth to China so he can get a better feel for what a great place it is. Then he has the nerve to scold the rest of us for not doing our share to slow global warming. FU Tom. Move your fat @$$ into a two bedroom walk up on the fourth floor, ride the bus to work and establish some credibility for yourself before you lecture me. Oh and the China you admire and love so much is building another coal fired power plant every week. So @$$wipe, maybe the world is going to hell in a hand basket. But you, AlGore and the Chinese have more to do with it than everyone else in world from Maine to Hawaii, Texas to Alaska.

Gotta go, but tomorrow I’ll share some of Meg’s climate changes we deniers can support.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Rangel, J & the Wad

Former reputable congressman – no scratch that. Former congressman who hadn’t yet been caught for being the scumbag that probably 80% of congressmen are, Charlie, Charles, Chas, Chuck Rangel was censured by the House yesterday. Surprisingly, Rangel is only the 23rd house member ever to be censured. You'd have thought given the charachter of the class, the number of censures would be in the 1,000s. What, the other scumbags through history were shot?

No, not at all. They were ignored by their peers. So in the land of the blind where the one eyed man is king, in the land of sleezbags being censured by your sleezbag friends must be a really big deal.

Rangel gave up the defiant, “I am not a crook,” pose and wept while apologizing. Wept? Wept for joy is more like it. He’s a crook and all he gets for his crooked efforts is a letter from a bunch of other crooks telling him that he’s giving the house crooks a bad name. Not for being a crook, but rather for being a bad crook and getting caught. I’m sure in censure somewhere there is a line, “Geez Charlie, wise up and be more careful. If you don’t know how to hide these things, ask Barney Frank or Chris Dodd.”

The average citizen would be looking at huge fines and possible jail time for the crap that Rangel pulled. All Rangel got was censure. Try that the next time you’re in court. “Sure judge I was going 150 in a school zone. I’ll just take my censure now and be on my way. I gotta hurry. I have to be across town in 10 minutes.”

Protector of rights and freedom Sen Jay Rockhead suggested tearing into little tiny pieces the Constitution that he swore to uphold and defend. Rockhead said he’d like to see the FCC just make MSNBC and Fox News disappear so that they could get their work done.

Really J? What other constitutional rights don’t you like that that you think we ought to get rid of. Guns? Right for the tea Party to assemble to tell you that you are a pampered weak weasel?

And sure J we’ll give up the most popular cable news network - Fox for one whose demographic consists largely of family members and nursing home viewers too weak to push the button on the remote. Sure, as soon as the Indianapolis Colts agree to bench Peyton Manning if the New England Patriots will bench their third string guard; as soon as the Yankees trade Derek Jeeter for the Ft. Wayne Tincaps utility infielder.

Then we find out that J’s wife is an exec for PBS. Wow. Let’s get rid of all the competition so my working wife (It’d be too cool if her name was Wilma or Betty of Flintstone’s fame, but alas it’s Sharon.) can get a raise. After all it’s every parent’s dream for their kids to inherit more than they did.

Yes J is supreme pompous @$$. Trample the rights of the American people, no problem. TSA suspends our 4th Amendment rights when we want to get onto an airplane, why shouldn’t J Rockhead be allowed to just kick whole stations off the air?

But hey there’s hope. Rockhead is the same dope who was sure there were WMD in Iraq before it became politically popular to blame Bush because there weren’t any. J Rockhead, hypocrite, phony, liar, scumbag, free speech denier or to put in words everyone will understand Demo-Dope.

Then there’s Eric the light skinned negro wad Holder. Did your kid, who couldn’t hit a baseball when it was sitting on batting tee, ever ask you to throw him a high hard one? That’s what the Wad did with these civil trials. Clearly an affirmative action hire if ever there was one, the Wad would be out of his depth in an 8th grade mock trial of the Three Little Pigs. So what does the Wad decide to do? Surrender the one advantage he has, a secure court room where classified testimony could be reviewed and weighed for a NY court room populated with who knows who.

So some brilliant NY jury decides that the exact same Islamo-Terror-Fascist who they convicted of conspiracy to bomb our African embassy cannot be held responsible for the people killed as a result of the conspiracy.

So if your travelling 150 in a school zone and kill a crossing guard and dozen kids, does this jury just convict you for speeding?  Or will they just censure you?

Charlie Rangel should have asked for a civil trail in NY. They would have organized a parade for him and ordered the government to pay court costs and reimburse Rangel for all the trouble it caused him.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stuff 4 2 day

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (re-elect Sen. apparently) recently noted that “if he (P-BO) does well that means the country is doing well. “ Huh? YGBSM! He was doing well and was all smiles when the Dopes slammed Dope-a-care through. Was that good for the country? P-BO will be doing well if gets cap and tax passed, DADT repealed, an open border and a 90% tax rate on anyone with a job. Will that mean the country is doing well? 

P-BO is not a king and us surfs should not have worry whether or not the king is doing well.  Murkowski sounds more and more like a Demo-Dope every day.

P-Bo’s agenda and the Dope agenda are only good for America if you’re looking for ever creeping government nannyism. Remember, P-BO said he was going to transform America. Into what? A nanny state? P-BO is well on his way to wrecking the country. Does that mean we’re “doing well” Lisa?

Then Lisa had to show her female dog side. She whined about Sarah Palin lacking the “intellectual curiosity” to be president. Coming from I got my job from daddy after I couldn’t pass the bar exam Murkowski, that has to be compliment. And it the always the meme of the Dopes for the candidate they fear most. Reagan was an amiable dunce, who led us to the longest period peacetime prosperity in our history. GWB was an idiot who managed better grades in college than either of the two intellectually curious Demo-Dopes he ran against. Now Sleeza Murkowski has to air her dirty laundry about Palin to mental giant Katie Couric. Hey Sleeza, she may not be intellectually curious but she kicked your old man’s @$$ all the way up the intercostals of AK.

Last on this old hag. She seems to think it a good idea to stand up for earmarks. You go girl. That is wining issue. The intellectually curious all across this great land think the bridge to nowhere was a great idea. We’re saddled with this walking talking sack of crap for another 6 years. Thanks AK. 

But it's ok.  We knew this would take at least two election cycles.  This last cycle was the put on the breaks cycle.  2012 is the get back on track cycle.

Demo-Dope "leadership."  Demo-Dopes, proving that they deserve the tag that they have been awarded here on the Lex page, have returnned the grand loser to her leadershpip position. After suffering the worst political @$$whippin’ in history, they brought back not just P-loser but the entire leadership team that dragged them to crushing defeat on the 2nd. Grand Fran Nan P-loser was elected by the Dope caucus as their leader. That would be like the Republicans running Nixon again in 76. But hey, as dad always said, “When someone hands you a gift, don’t try to give it back. Just say ‘thank you.’”

One more thing on the airport scanner mess. Lex advocated profiling in the post a couple under in lieu of strip searches at the airport. For using that term and disagreeing with P-BO on just about everything, I am a racist. So let’s not use the ugly word profiling. Instead let’s use the euphemism “statistical probability.”

Every business does this when selecting an advertising campaign, colors for their logo, what play to run on third and four from your own 40 yard line, how much food to buy, etc. etc. So the next time TSA pulls Akmed al B-a-dumbass out of line for smelling like a bomb, they need to explain that, “NO! This is not profiling. Profiling is a racist practice. This is statistical probability.” They did a whole tv series on this method called “Numbers” and no one from CAIR, the ACLU, NBPP, the Rainbow Coalition or NAACP protested or boycotted the show.

It’s the old - there are five white guys in one group and five black guys in another group. Which one is the hockey team and which is the basketball team. You may not know one thing other than the color of their skin, but statistically you could with about 99.99% certainty tell which is which. And you’d be a racist if you did before giving them all full body scans. Never has common sense been so uncommon.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Griffin on Government BS

Lex is still a bit under the weather, so I’ll lift this e-mail from the Griffin for the day in hopes of a full recovery by tomorrow.

The Griffin on Government BS, which, save the military, is currently a set of the whole:

Let’s add the new x-rated airport machine nude scanning and groping requirements, to warrant-less phone tapping, to the new 25 page healthcare questionnaires, the 10 page 2010 inquiso-census, cell phone tower tracking of my cell phone number, IRS financial intrusions and continual incarceration threats, the statement “Upon Penalty of Law” on everything from my mattresses to the paint cans in my garage, the required Orange Triangle on my John Deere Gator, the local, state, and federal licensing of my dog, my cars, boat, trailer, my handguns, and my ability to drive a vehicle, to my need to pay road tolls on roads already paid for, need for a birth certificate to prove I was born, the required yearly county inspection of my aeration and septic systems, the need to pay for a wheel chair ramp if I modify the steps of our business entry, the plan approval from the county I needed when I added a market shed, the taxes I must pay by law when I die, for social security, FICA, Medicare, schools, property, to not being able to buy a happy meal in California especially if you have an American flag tapped to your bicycle on a school ground, and I could go on and on with an endless list.

So now the government requires that if you and your wife, and throw in your daughters and the mother-in-law, are about to board an airplane you must all remove your shoes and personal dignity and submit to the possibility of being groped by a stranger/s and have your clothes technically removed for a picture to be viewed by a stranger/s. The least the TSA could do is put a dollar bill in your waistline when they are done with you. If we were to vigorously find and kill the IslamoNuts trying to kill us we would not need these government gropes. Instead Incompetano and the TSA are going be tied up in court describing the difference between an accidental grope versus a squeeze versus an extended feel versus a reach-around versus an extended breast inspection and on and on. The IslamoNuts must be absolutely thrilled. Holder cannot even figure out after two years where KSM should be immediately convicted, then groped and scanned, and hanged. Groped and scanned would be considered cruel and unusual punishment for KSM but not for us Americans. Holder needs more time. And hey, in California you can now pay in state tuition if you are in this country illegally. So I live in Ohio . If I go to Canada legally and then sneak across the US border illegally (no customs check) can I attend UCLA at in-state tuition rates?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The P-BO administration: where incompetence is a virtue

A bit under the weather today. Suffice it say that Janet Napolitano is an incompetent idiot hence the Dennis Miller moniker for her, Janet Incompetano. But seeing as incompetence and idiocy are the chief qualifications for working in this administration, I guess she’s in good company. All of this scanning and groping idiocy can and should be avoided with a single word – profile. Egad! Lex, you racist bastard.

No not at all. If a middle aged Muslim man is getting onto an airplane koran in hand, with his wife and three children with seven suitcases for a round trip to Disney World, fine. If Mustafa pays for his one way ticket the day of flight with a bag of cash and has no luggage, maybe we want to set him aside for a special screening.

By the same standard, if Jonny Blueye is pacing the floor, sweating profusely, calling on cell his phone every few minutes between trips to bathroom, pull him out of the line and question him for several hours as well. Profile suspicious behavior, like a 140 lbs man asking for a seat belt extension. Sure you can have one right after you get your rotten @$$ off this plane and talk to the FBI for about five hours. So are you going to shut your suck or get off the plane?

Also, whatever happened to the idea that frequent travelers could get a special pass after a background check?

So enough for today. Incompetano is an idiot, but she’s barely noticeable among the throng of idiots in P-BO's sad sack administration.

Monday, November 15, 2010

This is all about sports.

Issue one is fixing violent collisions in the NFL and NCAA: There is a much better way to prevent the carnage currently on display in the NFL than having game officials assess penalties during the game and then league officials asses fines and suspensions following the game. All of that is ok as far as it goes, but it doesn’t get to the crux of the problem.

The problem is that the players are so big, so fast and so explosive that even clean hits cause serious injuries. I have often said while watching a college or NFL game, “It’s hard to believe that anyone can last more than a series of downs.”

So how can you rule against large, fast and explosive players? You can’t. But you can make a couple of simple rule changes that will cause it to happen on its own over night. First, barring injury, teams should only be allowed to substitute a maximum of three players at a time and only after an exchange of the ball. If a player is injured, he’s out for a minimum of that series of plays. If the same player causes a stoppage of play for an injury more than twice in the same game, he’s out for the rest of that game and the next game.

That simple rule change will cause the vast majority of players to play both offense and defense. Given that they will be on the field for a very long time without an extended rest, the number of 300+ lbs players will decrease dramatically and perhaps disappear. Endurance will become the first requirement for any player. You won’t have defensive backs catching their breath for 7-8 minutes, allowing them to load up on receivers and running backs. Teams will consist of better athletes at nearly every position.

It will also make nearly obsolete a field goal outside of about 40 yards, unless your kicker can play another position which is almost never the case. Most kickers need help getting their uniform on. ASIDE: No matter what else the NFL and NCAA do with regard to injuries, they ought to set up a point scale for field goals inverse to that found in basketball. The further back the kick is attempted, the fewer points it is worth. After all, the idea is to score touchdowns. So the closer a team comes to that goal the more the field goal ought to be worth 1to 20 yards = 3 points, 21 to 40 yards = 2 point, 40+ yards = 1 point. Don’t reward a team for finding some EuroTrash who can kick a 60 yard field goal.  Reward them for coming as close as possible to scoring a touchdown

Next increase the speed of the game. 20 seconds between plays after the official spots the ball ought to be plenty. It allows time for a rest but keeps the game moving. What is the most exciting part of any game? The two minute drill near the end of the half and the end of the game is what sports fans live for. Teams will do in the last two minutes out of desperation, what they should have been doing by design the entire game.

Many will complain that this remedy will actually increase the injury rate because tired players get injured more easily. This is true. If you take any of today’s NFL teams and make them play by these rules next week, the field will be littered with injured players. But it will be because they are too big and too out of shape to play under the new rules not because the new rules are bad.

The idea is to get rid of the blob players who play two plays every 4th to 5th down and are a sweaty mess after jogging on to the field.  In exchange for the specialty player teams would have leaner players with more skill and endurance who can play every down. After the adjustment period, what the game lacks in violent collisions will more than be made up for in skill, grace and sheer athleticism. Scores will go up even while field goals go way down.

Issue two, Cam Newton. I hear all the sporties say, “Well he’s innocent until proven guilty. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.” Let me be the first to go out on limb and say this guy does not deserve the benefit of the doubt. He was caught with stolen lap top computer and got caught cheating on papers and tests not once but twice at the University of Florida. He has used up any benefit of the doubt he had coming. He has gone from college athlete, to one of the usual suspects.

Everyone talks about Cam being innocent and how unfair these “allegations” are. Huh? Like it’s so sad that that all these disturbed women think Bill Clinton and Ben Rothlesburger are sex predators. That makes perfect sense. When 4-5 people come in and make corroborating statements against their own interest, hey it’s the people making the allegations who should get in trouble, not the cheating thief.

Anyone who votes Auburn in the top 5 or Newton for the Heisman is an idiot. Cam Newton makes Reggie Bush look like the poster child for what a student athlete ought to be. I’m sorry but, yeah at some point you do have to prove your innocence.  For me, that point comes right after getting caught with stolen computer and cheating twice.  And remember we're not assessing court fines and jail time for crying out loud.  It's not a criminal investigation for us.  It's a matter of weighing the preponderance of the information.  I knew all I had to know when the cheating and stealing were revealed.