Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday morning shots

OJ Boehner to sue King SFB
Friday, Boehner told the press that he’d be pushing the house to OK the filing of a law suit on behalf of the institution of the House of Representatives against King SFB for his failure to "faithfully execute" the law.  Predictably, King SFB told OJ to eff off.

This pretty much proves Lex’s point in the post under, which is, lawless scumbags like SFB are rarely constrained by laws or law suits.  Their total disregard for the law, after all, is what makes them lawless scumbags in the first place.

But OJ and other RAT Republicans will not ever do what really needs to be done with SFB – impeach him.  No matter how incompetent, no matter how many scandals he stacks one a top the other, no matter how lawless SFB becomes, impeachment just will not fly for America’s first half-black king.  Besides, King SFB has the ultimate impeachment insurance – Slow Joe two blasts and a garden variety slap Biden.  So the Republicans will NEVER, EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE impeach King SFB.  King SFB knows this.  So he ups his lawless behavior daily knowing full well he’s untouchable by gutless RAT Republicans.

Conspiracy Theory #XX-14
While SFB and the rest of the Dopes know full well Republicans like Boehner lack the fortitude to do what needs to be done with SFB, that will not stop them from using King SFB’s impeachment as an issue in the fall election.   “Save King SFB from impeachment!  Vote Dope or the racist Republican majority will impeach the dearest of all dear leaders – King SFB - for being half black.”

Hobby Lobby case to be announced this week
With the Hobby Lobby case as background, here are some imponderables: If left libs insist that they want the government out of their bedrooms, why are they demanding we get in there to pay for their contraceptives?  Why are they demanding we get in there to pay for their abortions?  Why are they demanding the government get in there to promote GLBT sex?

Only the Shrildabeast built that
When Shrilldabeast hilariously claimed that she and her lying philandering POS husband earned their money “through dint of hard work,” not one DemoDope – not even faux American Indian, the ultra white chick with the “high cheek bones,” Lizzy Warren or King SFB himself – reminded her “You didn’t build that.”

ASIDE:  On Liz Warren Mark Steyn said: She’s whiter than Frosty the Snowman in a vat of white out.  

Ironically journalism schools may have been the death of journalism
Arizona State University named its school of journalism The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism.  Cronkite studied Political Science at the U of Austin in Texas.  What did real journalist study before there were ultra left lib J-schools to indoctrinate them into ignoring real news like King SFB’s boatload of scandals?    

Para militarization of police depts.
Lex has railed against the militarization of police departments for some time.  Charles Cook at the National Review has taken up the cause in a bit more reasoned and restrained manner here.  But yeah, what he said.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Dillinger, King SFB share the same criminal mentality

Two criminals, peas in a pod or punks from the same gang
Yesterday in 9-0 ruling on King SFB’s recess appointments to the Labor Relations Board, the Supreme Court told King SFB what we all already knew – “You’re a lawless punk.”  OK well not in those exact words.  But a 9-0 ruling on this or anything else these days by the Supreme Court pretty much means that you’ve stepped so far outside the bounds of the law even the Dope appointees can recognize it, which is saying something.

The most hilarious part was Justice Breyer’s opinion in which he stated, “The senate is in session when the senate says it is in session.”  Wow!  In other shocking news:  Wal-Mart is open when they say they are open.  The menu at McDonald’s is what McDonald’s says the menu is.  The name of the Washington Redskins is what the owner says it is…No.  Wait. 
I do not fault Breyer for pointing out the obvious.  It had to be done.  Brayer’s assertion is so obvious only a narcissistic, know-nothing, azzbag like King SFB could have missed it.  So it was up to Breyer to point out to King SFB that 2 + 2 still equals 4.  Just because SFB fancies himself king, he cannot change the equation.

I’ve often claimed on this page that King SFB is NOT a great thinker.  A smarmy thinker of high order – definitely.  SFB makes Eddie Haskell look like Father Flannigan.  He can weasel, lie, connive, obfuscate, cover up and BS better than anyone drawing a breath on God’s green orb today.

But left to his own devices he couldn’t figure out how to pour pi** out of a boot if the directions were written on the heel.  He could claim credit for pouring the pi** out of the boot then feign outrage when it’s discovered that there is still pi** in the boot: “There’s still pi** in that boot I poured the pi** out of?!!  I didn’t know anything about that!  I read about it in the paper.  I am mad as hell that the pi** I poured out of the boot is still in the boot.”

As a result of King SFB’s lawlessness 100s of law suits pertaining to rules issued by the illegal board will be forthcoming.   One pundit claimed that SFB’s decision has “made a mess of labor law.”  Ah, what hasn’t King SFB made a mess of?  Everything SFB touches turns to the S in SFB.

The only thing funnier than Breyer’s overstating of the obvious in his ruling is the conservative reaction to that ruling.  Everyone seems to think this was such a hard slap in the face to King SFB that it will change his lawless behavior.  They forget that King SFB is a lawless punk.  He knew at the time what he was doing was illegal.  Conservative pundits’ reaction is befuddling.  It’s as if they believe a legal ruling will somehow change SFB’s criminal activity.  He already knows that 90% of what he is doing is illegal.

John Dillinger robbed banks.  He knew it was illegal.  Do you think the Supreme Court issuing a 9-0 ruling asserting that bank robbery was indeed illegal would have changed Dillinger’s outlook on his crime?  “Whoa, hold on boys we have a 9-0 ruling from the Supreme Court on bank robbery.  This changes everything.”

In this regard Dillinger and King SFB are peas in a pod or should we say punks from the same gang.  In that sense they know they are breaking the law when they do it.  Someone new telling them that what they are doing is against the law will make no difference. It’s not as if either would be inclined to wake up one morning and say, “Holy crap boys, did you guys know that what we’ve been doing is illegal?  I just read about it in the papers.  I didn’t know a thing about this.  Now I’m mad as hell about it.  We’d better straighten up, pronto!”  Ha.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

RAT establishment victory in MS a total BS play

Tuesday night the face of the RepubliRAT establishment – Thad Cochran – defeated Tea Party endorsed Republican Chris McDaniel.  So what does the face of the RepubliRAT Party look like these days?  It looks old, white, rich, and entrenched.  When it speaks it sounds as if it’s been touched with a bit of senility.

Need proof of senility?  At one point during the campaign Cochran bragged about doing “all kinds of indecent things with animals.”  Note he didn’t say “to animals.’  He said “with animals.”  “Indecent things with animals” equals bestiality in my book.  Doing it is bad enough.  Bragging about it during a campaign for the US Senate has to be a sure sign of senility.

All the establishment good ol’ boys and gals got together and helped their old buddy ol’ Thad out.   When ancient Thad was down 6 points in the polls, fellow old, white, rich and entrenched guy Mitch McConnell called an emergency meeting of the fossilized RepubliRAT establishment.  The purpose of the meeting supposedly was to get the fossils to break into their campaign coffers and donate to fellow fossil Thad.  The ol’ boy’s network worked and several older than dirt, been in the Caligula D.C. forever RAT Republicans coughed up the dough. 

Money wasn’t enough.  The aged Cochran still trailed.  What to do?  Well Mississippi is an open primary state.  Meaning Dopes could vote in the Republican primary run-off if they had not already cast a ballot in the Dope primary.  So Cochran, who looks like he could be the last surviving member of the Donner party, appealed to Dopes to come out to vote for him.

Fine.  I’ve always said Republicans should go into the belly of the beast.  If Dopes ignore the black vote because 98% of it is in the bag, Republicans ignore it because they think they cannot crack the code with blacks.  It’s as if Republicans believe a message of smaller government, lower taxes, more freedom and more opportunity will not resonate in black communities.  For 90% maybe it won’t.  So go get the 10%.  That’s all you’d need to break the unholy alliance between Dopes and blacks.

So Cochran went after the Dope vote.  McDaniel should have done the same.  It’s not that Cochran went after the Dope vote that pi**es me off.  It’s how he went after that vote.  Old, old, Thad did not appeal to any the arguments above, economic growth etc.  Why bother?  Old, old Thad has been around the block a few times or for his well advanced age – a few hundred thousand times.

Why try to reinvent the wheel, which he brags about being present for?  We’ll just take a page from the Dope playbook.  They know how to motivate their base.  It mattered not to senile old Thad that the way the Dopes get out the vote is by race baiting and lying.  So that’s what old, old, old Thad did.

Cochran appealed to Dopes particularly black Dopes by essentially telling them that the Tea Party opposes King SFB for no other reason than he’s half black.  In short the Tea Party is a bunch of racists.

So ol’ Thad and the old, old boy’s club pulled it off.  But it’s not over until McDaniel says it’s over.  Any write in, third party, or even a “just stay home” effort by McDaniel might be enough to doom old Thad.

Whatever happens in MS in Nov the ol’ boy club victory in the MS run-off was a pyrrhic victory.  I’ve always encouraged people to take the long view.  Put aside the hurt feeling from the primary and get behind the best guy available.  I’d have to reconsider that if the winner won by calling me a racist.  If the Tea Party does not exact some kind of price from the establishment for their BS play in MS, the Tea Party will become to RepubliRATS what the black vote has become to the Dopes.

I cannot stand the thought of this senile old SOB sitting in the U.S. Senate in a pair of depends diapers crapping himself while some establishment RAT tells him which button to push for each vote.  The only thought more repugnant than that is one of Harry the roach Reid continuing to run the senate. 

Patients is a virtue.  Vote for Cochran.  Then send him a small dog and maybe he’ll die of a heart attack during sex.  Or given his senility, send him a full grown Pit Bull and wait for the story of him being mauled by the animal while he was alone and mysteriously totally naked.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What if McClellan had been elected in 1864?

Glenn Beck is at it again.  He’s declared the left libs were right in their opposition to the Iraq war from the beginning.  What left libs?  He does not say.  Shrildabeast, Cambodian War hero Kerry, the roach Reid, Chuckles Schumer, John piss on my dying wife Edwards, slow Joe Biden and 23 other Dopes in the senate al  voted for the Iraq War Resolution.  So exactly what great left Lib Dopes is Beck talking about when he says, “You were right”?  Public opinion for taking out Saddam Hussein was at about 70% at the time.  It took the roach and their lapdog media two years to drive that number down.  So Beck cannot be talking about those great left Lib thinkers.

The Iraq intervention was NOT a mistake.  Electing a know-nothing, do-nothing, be-nothing affirmative action pass through piss ant to see it through was the mistake.

Beck and others must think that leaving Saddam to his own devices would not have caused us any problems over the last 11 years.  That scenario is as unlikely as the Cubs sweeping the Word Series this fall.

We’ve been down this road before.  During the election of 1864, Lincoln was on the ropes because of the protracted Civil War.  His opponent, George McClellan, personally supported the war but ran under the Dope platform of “suing for peace.”  Had Sherman not crushed the rebels at Atlanta, Lincoln’s reelection could have been in serious doubt.

How did Atlanta come about?  Well, after suffering through a long line union generals – including McClellan - more interested in preserving the Army of the Potomac than fighting rebels, Lincoln settled upon Gen Grant to take the fight to the South.

Grant’s strategy during his Overland Campaign was to bleed Lee and the South dry.  His orders for Gen Meade were simple enough “Wherever Lee goes, there you will go also.”  Grant impressed upon Sherman that he believed that the Civil War would only end when the Confederacy's strategic, economic, and psychological capacity to wage war was broken.  Atlanta was an off-shoot of Grant’s overarching strategy to make the South howl.

We had the exact same thing going in Iraq.  A bad situation was turned around by Gen Petraeus (Bush’s Grant) and the surge (Grant’s Overland Campaign).  If there was an Atlanta it was probably the battle for Fallujah.  By the time the 2008 election rolled around Patraeus had metaphorically arrived in Savannah. The Iraqi insurgents were broken.

But instead of reelecting Lincoln (in our case McCain), we hired a dope smoking loser to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  That was the big mistake in the Iraq War, Glenn. 

The Iraq War, like nearly all American wars, was/is a noble cause.  Like all wars, it was not perfectly managed.  Like all American wars, the American fighting men performed superbly.  Like some recent American wars, they were sold out by seditious politicians almost always and exclusively from the Dope side.
It was not the Iraq war that was a mistake.  The mistake was ever thinking treasonous Dopes – most especially King SFB - could ever put the country ahead of their party and their own power.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Koskinen depantsed by Gowdy

Last night Trey Gowdy destroyed arrogant, smug bastard John  Koskin’s credibility and reputation.  If the cameras were allowed to roll to the end of the hearing, you’d have seen people around Koskinen holding their noses wondering if Koskinen had crapped himself.  If that line of questioning had been allowed to continue another 10 minutes, Koskinen would have resigned in tears right there.

Along that line, why didn't RepuliRATS yield their time to Gowdy and allow him continue?  He obviously has more on the ball than the others.  But the Rats have to get their 5 minutes of face time to feign outrage and then ask stupid questions.

For their part the Dopes defended the IRS throughout the hearing.  There's a TV ad in there somewhere.  The IRS is the most hated (soon to be passed by the VA) of the none too popular 250,000 or so armed, corrupt and incompetent agencies that make up our federal government.  Ad headline:  Dopes defend IRS in their war against the American people!  Followed by back and forth sound bites between Republicans tearing Koskinen apart for IRS overreach and Dopes apologizing to and defending the worthless lying crap machine.  Republicans could even throw in King SFB's "not even a smidgen" of corruption at the IRS for good measure.  Close: Dopes will always side with the government bureaucracy against your family.

If that idea were to be floated at a meeting of highly paid RepubliRAT "strategist," their unanimous decision would be:  Naaaa, that would be waaaaay too effective.  It might look like piling on.  Better to stick with our old meme: Republicans, we're not as bad as you think."

Lying POS IRS chief John Koskinen is an arrogant, smug bastard.  Don’t believe me?  I looked it up.  This is what I found.

ar·ro·gant adjective \ˈer-ə-gənt, ˈa-rə-\
: anyone of a number of Dopes serving in King SFB’s administration having or showing the insulting attitude of people who believe that they are better, smarter, or more important than other people

Arrogant, smug bastard
: the current picture of  arrogant:
smug adjective \ˈsməg\
: anyone of a number of Dopes serving in King SFB’s administration having or showing the annoying quality of people who feel very pleased or satisfied with their abilities, achievements, etc.

: the current picture of  smug:
Smug arrogant, bastard









bas·tard noun \ˈbas-tərd\

: anyone of a number of Dopes serving in King SFB’s administration who are offensive and disagreeable people

: the current picture of  a bastard

Bastard, smug and arrogant

Monday, June 23, 2014

Iraq alternatives, oil trumps homophobia for SFB

Except to say King SFB effed it up, I have not commented on the situation in Iraq.  In short it’s a mess.  Short of dropping a couple hundred thousand troops in there, Iraq’s al Maliki government – a government not worth saving by my estimation - is probably doomed.  So what to do?  The experts – which does not include a single Dope - wring their hands.  The “experts” claim there is no reliable ally in Iraq at this point to invest in.  I shout at the TV, “What about the Kurds?”

As Iraq slides toward the partition Azzclown Slow Joe Biden once advocated for, the US ought to be getting in there exerting influence somewhere.  There are the jihadi Sunnis in the north bent on establishing a Muslim caliphate.  That’s pretty much a no go for the US.  There are the majority Shia’ south of Baghdad.  These are the al Maliki bunch that either can’t or won’t fight.

Then there’s the Kurds. They are our the best choice of bad choices.  When Churchill drew his squiggly lines all over the Middle East dividing it up as best he could along tribal lines, he was out of land before he got to the Kurds.  They have been fighting for autonomy ever since.

They are good fighters.  So much so Saddam Hussein granted them limited autonomy in 1973.  The Kurds were brought back into Iraq after the second gulf war.

Siding with the Kurds would no doubt PO Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Iran all of whom got their large shares of Churchill’s pie to a certain extent at the expense of the Kurds.   All of those countries – particularly Turkey - have had their problems with the Kurds ever since.  But I look at those countries and think, so what.  With the exception of Turkey, a NATO ally slipping away from democratic rule toward a Muslim state.  We need a counter balance in the region to ISIS, Iran and Syria.  Given their long history of fighting the region’s tyrants, the Kurds are our best bet.

Cambodian War hero John Francois Kerry – idiot
On some cable show with Katie Couric, supreme azzclown Kerry said there was “no doubt” that leaving a residual force behind in Iraq would have made no difference what-so-ever in today’s crisis in Iraq.  So says America’s sole surviving hero from the Cambodian War so it must be true. 

Some bright guy once said: “History does not reveal its alternatives.”  That statement is now revised to: “History does not reveal its alternatives, except to lying pompous royal douche bags like John Kerry.”  (That IS the new tone.  Don’t ask me what I really think of that walking talking POS.)

Kerry’s remark is also a slap in the face to America’s fightingmen.  Had Kerry said: “Given the preference of today’s wannabe generals to lick King SFB’s azz to fighting and winning America’s wars and battles, there’s no doubt that a residual force would have made no difference what-so-ever.”  Yeah, I could believe that.

If history is any guide, I’d put my money on a 10,000 man American stay behind force with American air power in support under General Mattis propping up the Iraqis against any and all comers in the region.  The only time we lose a fight is when politicians in Caligula D.C. want us to.  In that regard American wars are as “fixed” as most Jai Lia matches.  We used to call it treason when a politician publicly announced a war was lost while soldiers were in the field fighting that war.  Now we say, “Oh, that’s just crazy old Harry the Roach.”

Homophobia OK with King SFB as long as you have oil
While Honduras and Guatemala advertize for and then flood our country with illegal alien “children” with not so much as a “Hey knock it off,” from King SFB or the criminal enterprise that is his administration, SFB has lowered the boom on Uganda.  Uganda’s crime is not being a homosexual friendly country.  So, because they don’t have any oil, the SFB administration is imposing sanctions on Uganda for its anti-homosexual laws – which to be sure are draconian.

As draconian as Uganda’s laws are, they don’t include stoning of homosexuals as in the peace loving Muslims countries that escape such sanctions because they produce oil and, because they insist on killing Christians so are a protected class in SFB’s world.

No, I will not get started on left Lib hypocrisy again today except to say:  There are not enough electrons in all of AlGore’s Interweb device to even scratch the surface of just the left Lib’s blatant hypocrisy.  Subtle hypocrisy such as this will have to wait a millennium until AlGore Jr. invents the intergalactic interstellar interweb – the address on Jr.’s system will be http://iii.dopehypocrisy (note: this is the largest file on record in the entire universe) 

Then there’s this.  Mexican soccer fans evidently taunt the opposing team’s goalie with homosexual slurs.  The Mexican soccer coach defended the practice saying, “…it’s just a ‘folksy’ part of the game, and is not being used in discriminatory fashion.”  No word yet weather the Dopes are considering sanctions on Mexico for the homosexual slurs.  I wonder what would happen if Redskins owner Dan Snyder used the Mexican coach’s explanation for his team’s name. 

While we’re on the subject of homosexuals
A while back TX Governor Rick Perry compared being homosexual to being an alcoholic.  Since Lex compared homosexuality to being fat a further while back, I thought Perry was channeling Lex. 

Perry has since thought better of comments and walked them back by saying he “stepped right in it” with his alcohol comment.  Perry didn’t explain what “it” was.  The truth?  A pile of Gay Gestapo excrement?  A pile of his own excrement?  What?

Unless the “it” is the truth, Lex does not believe he “stepped right in it.”  First off, as an occasional viewer of Three’s Company and Will and Grace, I think I’m as qualified as anyone to opine on homosexual issues.

Now I take you to the critically acclaimed movie The Legend of Bagger Vance.  Bagger mysteriously appears in the life of once promising golfer Rannulph Junuh.  Junuh is experiencing a severe case PTSD after earning the Medal of Honor during WWI.  So, using golf, Bagger’s mission is to get Junuh through his demons.  At one point when Junuh has a hopeless shot Bagger tells Junuh: (Paraphrasing here, like everything else on this page, don’t hold me to accuracy.)  “Everyone has his demons Junuh.  Some of ‘em is even bigger than yours.  They just work through ‘em.  That’s what you need to do now.  Work through it.”  He’s talking about Junuh’s PTSD not the impossible golf shot.  Junuh works through both and wins the match even though he takes a one shot penalty that he calls on himself in the process. 

I give the movie 3 ½ stars out of 3.  Huh?  How the hell can it have 3 ½ if there are only 3 to give?  Well, it’s my page I can do whatever I want.  Most movie critics use a 5 star system.  Since there is so little that Hollywood turns out that’s even worth 2, that’s a terrible waste of stars or a severe case of star inflation.   So I use 3 stars.  If something is actually watchable, it gets bonus stars.

But back to the point, is homosexuality a demon?  I know the Gay Gestapo would have me drawn and quartered for such a remark.  Could we at least agree that pedophilia is a demon?  We all have our demons some are worse than others.  Just because it’s a sexual preference or you “love” it, shouldn’t make it right.

Computer is crashing slowly.  I’d better go.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Gay Mafia Vs. Gay Gestapo

Some in the Lapdog media refer to militant homosexuals as the Gay Mafia.  You know the ones.  This bunch of mind-numbed creeps cannot let a Brendon Eich run Mozzila, a company he founded, because he supported CA’s prop 8.  Prop 8 was a statewide initiative that defined marriage the same way King SFB defined it before he pitched that principle in favor of making a run at homosexuals’ money to fund his reelection campaign.

Lex refers to this class of classless people (the militant homosexuals not King SFB) as the Gay Gestapo.  Why?  Well, once you strip away murder, bribery, extortion, drugs, prostitution and gambling, the Mafia is essentially an Italian social service network – Italian community organizers if you will.

Sure they’d whack Louie the Lipp Pizzano if he got out of line, but then they’d send a nice floral arrangement to the funeral home, pay off Mrs. Pizzano’s mortgage and even send the Lipp jr. to college if he deserved it and could be of use to the family.  Don’t doubt me on this.  After shoulder surgery, I watched all three Godfather movies back to back to back.  When it comes to the Mafia, I know what I’m talking about.  

Hitler’s Gestapo had no such redeeming qualities.  They were ruthless murderous thugs whose mission it was to keep party members, opinion makers and even the hoi polloi in line.  They’d turn on their own grandmother, pulling the trigger of the gun to her head themselves, if the party demanded it.

Besides, Gay Gestapo has the whole alliteration thing going for it and if necessary can be shortened from “the Gay Gestapo” to “the Gaystapo.”  The accent goes on “gay.”  Yeah, I know.  That’s way obvious.  That’s way easy.  It’s also exactly what regular readers of this page have come to expect.  So…

Arte Johnson as "Wolfgang" on Laugh In - Veeery interesting, but stupid.
The Nazi Gestapo tag line made famous in a 100 B movies (or was it made famous by Arte Johnson on Laugh In?) of, “Vee haf vays to make you toc” of course will have to be changed to, “We have ways to shut you up.”  While the Nazi Gestapo was in the business of gathering information, the Gay Gestapo is in the business of suppressing information.

Other than that their missions are essentially the same.  Which is, while paying particular attention to religious people, round up anyone who does not conform to the party line and ruin them.  As such, for all the cool kids (Dopes, Hollywood know-nothings, lapdog media, colleges) who want to remain cool - resistance is futile.  They get in line and are easily assimilated into the homosexual borg.

There are a few pesky men for all seasons who are guided by history, religious teachings and natural law who refuse to be assimilated.  This infuriates the Gay Gestapo.  But what really infuriates the Gaystapo is that they are utterly powerless against such men.  So they become all the more militant against those not so firmly grounded.

That will be their eventual downfall.  When asked if you support homosexual marriage, your answer better not be, “I don’t give crap.”  It better be something along the lines of, “Why yes, I do.  In fact, for me, there is nothing more romantic than the sight of two bearded men with their tongues down each other’s throat kissing during their nuptials while the lesbian ‘preacher’ with the Buddy Hackett hairdo, the Marty Feldman nose, and the voice like the Aflack duck smiles in the background.”

Overreach will be the end to the madness.  Just as with abortion, the courts are deciding an issue best left to the people, the states and / or the legislature.  The current trajectory is a recipe for the same type of political division that has plagued the country since the Roe decision.  It will end the same way.  After a wave of support, bit by bit truth will win out.  As their position deteriorates, instead of becoming more tolerant of those with differing views, the Gaystopo will be become increasingly militant.

O’Really Vs. Limbaugh
Billbo O’Really is taking a shot at the king of talk radio.  Why?  Well Billbo is currently getting his butt kicked by Megan Kelly so he needs to get some buzz going.  Don’t take the bait Rush.  It’ll only serve to help O’Really.  Let Kelley bury the bum.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Barbers, Skins and the World Cup

Barber shops
A while back Lex traced America’s decline to the blow dryer and the near death of American barber shops in favor of styling salons.  Men of my generation and older got the point.  Metrosexual millennial King SFB loving Pajama Boys (as if any such creature would read this page) didn’t.  Here’s another take on the same theme.

In an effort to cut funds from the Washington Redskins organization, the paten office revoked the Redskins paten because “it is offensive.” The idea of trademark protection is to limit unauthorized use of the trademark.  It restricts any Tom, Dick or Harry from slapping the trademarked material on things and selling them or using it to promote unauthorized activities. 

Lex:  So riddle me this Batman, if the Redskin’s logo is so offensive, why in the world would anyone think lifting the restriction on its use would be good thing.  Essentially what has been done is to give everyone the right sell the offensive material.  Isn’t that going to lead more of the offensive material being produced and sold than ever?

Pajama Boy:  Aah yes, but Redskins owner Dan Snyder will not profit from the enterprise of hawking the offensive material.

Lex:  So it’s not the logo that’s offensive?  It’s Dan Snyder profiting from it…right?

Pajama Boy:  Well no.  Both are offensive.

Lex:  So having the market flooded with cheap knock offs of offensive material is ok as long as Dan Snyder doesn’t get a nickel of the profit?

Pajama Boy:  Well yes.  This will hurt Dan Snyder to point he’ll have to change the name.

Lex:  Really?  The Redskins are worth 2 BILLION dollars.  Dan Snyder owns them, which means he is worth considerably more.  So you seriously believe allowing every Redskins fan access to as much Redskins merchandize as they want at a reduced cost is going to hurt Snyder?

Pajama Boy:  Well yes, because the more popular the team becomes the more pressure there will be on Snyder to change the…Wait.  Damn.
Oh, Harry the roach Reid is all for the federal government taking Snyder's property if it forces Snyder to change the name of the team.  Some bright reporter ought to ask, "Uh, Senator Roach, you've been in Caligula D.C. for what, 200 years, when did you first become offended by the Redskins name?

I purchased this number

The World Cup Stream of thought
I am told these are the greatest athletes in the world.  As proof, I’m instructed, “try running like they do for 90 minutes.”  Fine they can run, but if I wanted to watch men run, I’d go to a track meet or out to the jogging path at the Y.

The best part of soccer is the flops.  You know, where a guy is running up the field full steam and is struck by a monarch butterfly and instantly falls to the turf, or as they call it “the pitch”, grasping an ankle writhing in pain.  The team Dr. rushes onto field little black bag in hand to tend to the injured warrior.  After about a minute the fallen player is up right taking a few tentative steps limping on the exact opposite leg he grasped as he hit the, ah, pitch.  In 90 seconds he is again at full speed.

So what’s in the Dr.’s little black bag?  Is it one of those magic pens Dr. McCoy (Bones) used on Star Trek.  A guy would come in with a huge gash on his arm and Bones would wave the pen over it and it would heal right before our eyes.  So why not just give one of those pens to everyone and get rid of Bones?  And instead of, “Damn it Jim I’m only a doctor.”  Shouldn’t Bones’ signature line have been, “Damn it Jim I’m only the guy with the magic pen.”  That and why the Federation was never able to develop their own cloaking device are imponderables.  The world wonders.

The Cameroon Vs. Croatia match was on in the bar during dinner last night.  (No.  They serve food at the bar you know.)  Anyhoo, I saw this bit of action.  It was replayed a dozen times and I watched it on AlGore's interweb several times as well.  I swear the Cameroon guy whiffs, but down goes Croatia. Down goes Croatia.  Down goes Croatia.  A little Howard Cosell there.

So I figure the Cameroon guy must have nicked or at least brushed the Croatia guy’s jersey.  Anyway, the Cameroon guy was booted, or as they say “sent off.” But I swear I’ve seen harder hits during a synchronized swimming competition.

Then there are the unbearable soccer snobs.  They come into the bar all sophisticated looking wearing a jersey from another country.  American soccer apparently isn’t good enough for these doofs.  The only exception to this is the guy who bought the jersey because the colors matched the colors of his favorite American sports team. 

If you like soccer, fine.  I agree with the commentator who said, I’m all for anything that makes drinking in the middle of the afternoon acceptable.

The counter to the soccer snob is the soccer hater.  Geez of all the things in this world to hate soccer isn’t one of them.

Please don’t tell me that America should dump American football in favor of soccer.  That’s as foolish as saying homosexual marriage is the same as traditional marriage.

So in about 2 years we’ll all be playing and watching soccer.  Failure to do so could result in job loss and social shunning.
Hey the headline is “stream of thought.”  So if it pops in, it gets typed down.  That’s what stream of thought means.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

You know what's irritating?

Condescending and smug liberals:  You know the type, while the situation at home and around the world goes to $h!t, the condescending and smug dumbazzes twist logic like a Twizzler to protect their Dear Leader.  This category includes the lapdog media, Hollywood swells, and everybody who should be able to see what’s going on and say, “WTF?” but don't.

Chief among these kind of people are the twin ditzes the StateDep uses as spokespeople.  Maria Harf is the idiot with smart girl glasses who claimed that the clueless A-holes at state knew more about why defector Bergdahl left his post to joint the Taliban than his platoon mates.  Jan Psaki is the idiot who really thinks hashtags ARE diplomacy.  Like the rest of their condescending and smug travelers, the arrogance of these two is stunning.  They have to know King SFB is a total 100% disgrace.  It does not matter these two and the rest as long as their agenda is moving along in the direction they want.  

Stupid condescending and smug liberals:  This category includes anyone who goes along with category one above to get along.  They are just too stupid or too lazy to read or listen to anything that might cast doubt on the greatness of the worst chief executive this country has EVER had.  These are the clueless dolts repeating talking points on every single issue.  There’s not one thing King SFB has even come close to fouling up.  They will not even accept that King SFB lied about “if you like your Dr. you can keep your Dr.  Period.”  They are too stupid for the truth.  They are like the wife confronted with pictures of her husband in bed with another woman and insists the person showing her the picture is a racist for doing so.

Stupid condescending and smug liberal millennial “men”:  Perhaps the most irritating group of all.  These are the know-nothing, do-nothing, be-nothing dopes that came out from their moms’ basements in droves to vote for King SFB - twice.  This is the group that collectively cannot run a chainsaw, catch a fish, drive a nail, change a flat or perform any of a thousand tasks that men of one generation ago learned by watching and helping dad or another man in their lives.  Think pajama boy.
The good news is that this group has screwed themselves.  They are the exact ones who will inherit King SFB’s debt.  But they won’t have a job to pay for it.  They are saddled with 17 trillion in debt and no realistic way of paying it off.  They are saddled with the crappiest music ever.  They are saddled with crappiest clothes and styles ever.  Thanks to CAFE standards and their slavish adherence to the gospel of global warming, cooling, climate change, climate disruption or whatever other BS euphemisms they’ve come up for this scam, they are saddled with the crappiest cars ever.

They question nothing.  Except for the centrally provided talking points they can effectively argue nothing.  Anyone who challenges their BS ideas is simply dismissed as a racist, homophobe, misogynist. They march in total lock-step across America’s campuses and in the coffee house where they spend their weekly allowance provided by mom or the American taxpayer.

Stupid condescending and smug liberal millennial “Women” are exempt from the group because women are nurturing souls by nature and are expected to vote for the man who’ll give them the most free stuff.  That is why Ann Coulter is for repealing the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to vote.

Condescending smug conservatives:  These are the Glenn Beck types who vow not support anyone who does not meet 100% of their standards.  These are the 2 million smug asses that voted for McCain but didn’t come out for Romney because Romney was Mormon, or too rich, or not conservative enough or because they thought it didn’t make a difference.  Well it does make a difference.  Grow up.  Do what’s best for the country, even if not’s the perfect solution in your own mind.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Achbishop responds, be careful what you ask for and SFB's triage of the world's problems

A man for all seasons.
In the post under Lex notes, in an attempt to intimidate him, San Fran Grand Nan Peloser sent SF’s Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone a letter telling him he should not attend a Jun rally for traditional marriage at the Supreme Court.  Lex suggested a one line response to Peloser.

The archbishop did respond and in fact shared many of Lex’s thoughts, but as one might expect, the archbishop’s response was much more thoughtful, thorough and eloquent.  Archbishop Cordileone translates Lex speak.

5,000 years of history, 2,000 years of religious teaching and natural law are pretty thin gruel when stacked up against the homocentric, vengeful and hateful Gay Gestapo and their media propaganda machine.

Archbishop Cordileone:
It gives me assurance that we share a common disdain for harsh and hateful rhetoric. It must be pointed out, though, that there is plenty of offensive rhetoric which flows in the opposite direction. In fact, for those who support the conjugal understanding of marriage, the attacks have not stopped at rhetoric. Simply for taking a stand for marriage as it has been understood in every human society for millennia, people have lost their jobs, lost their livelihoods, and have suffered other types of retribution, including physical violence.

Hey IDIOT!  Supporting traditional marriage is NOT condemning anyone.

Archbishop Cordileone:
The March for Marriage is not “anti-LGBT” (as some have described it)… Rather, it is a pro-marriage March.  The latter does not imply the former.  Rather, it affirms the great good of bringing the two halves of humanity together so that a man and a woman may bond with each other and with any children who come from their union.

Catholic Charities stretched thin due to border crisis
There’s a certain amount of Schadenfreude in that headliner.  The USCCB were all for open borders.  Now it seems the church’s resources are not enough to meet the situation they advocated for.  You know, sort of like the nation’s resources.  This situation reminds me the old Toyota commercial tag line - You asked for it.  You got it. Toyota!  You asked for it.  You got it.  Chaos!

Apparently King SFB never watched M*A*S*H
In the 70’s I learned the meaning of the French word “triage” from the TV show M*A*S*H.  King SFB never watched the show.  How do I know that?  He doesn’t know the meaning of the word “triage.”  As the world descends into chaos, here’s SFB “to do list” triaged in order of importance to him:

Go golfing
Plan next 110 vacations before leaving White House
Have IRS lose Lois Learner’s e-mails
Have NSA dig up dirt on Tea Party candidates
Plan campaign fund raising for 6 days week until leaving office
Blame Bush for economy
Blame Bush for Iraq
Blame Bush for Iran
Blame Bush for gas prices
Blame Bush VA
Blame Bush for the border mess
Blame Bush for…

Now, like everything on this page, that’s tongue in cheek, but how in the hell can King SFB go golfing when the Middle East is in total chaos, our southern border is in chaos, the economy is in a shambles and you need a Ouija Board to keep track of the myriad scandals that SFB first claimed he was unaware of, then claimed he was mad as hell about, then claimed were phony.  The scandals may be “phony” but the body count decidedly is not.  We have dead vets,  a dead ambassador, dead embassy workers, a dead border patrol agent, dead Mexicans and the count continues to rise. 

So SFB goes golfing.  Good call.  That’s just what we’d expect from a no load, affirmative action, pass through POS.
I wonder if Archbishop Cordileone could translate that thought into something a bit more presentable?