Thursday, July 31, 2014

King SFB's on when walls, fences and other barriers work

At speech yesterday, when he wasn’t slipping into the full on punk talk you’d expect from the losers of an 8th grade cheer competition - why you all gotta hate so much - King SFB derided American companies who move their company headquarters overseas to avoid King SFB and the Dope Party’s onerous American tax policy.  So what to do?  SFB wants to punish them badly enough so that it’ll be more advantageous for them to stay in America.

Weird.  Illegals can stream across the southern border totally unabated but law abiding American companies are harassed by their government because they chose to do business elsewhere.  When someone with a brain proposes a wall to secure the southern border, lefty losers compare them to the Soviets building walls.  The big difference - until now -  is that the people with brains are proposing a wall to keep illegals out not to keep our population in.

So that’s the lefty Lib position.  Barriers are bad.  That is unless it’s an economic barrier constructed by the lefties NOT to keep lead laden toys, poison dog food, moldy dry wall and other sub-standard cheep azz ChiCom junk assembled by prison labor out but rather to keep law abiding American companies in.  Bu..bu…but I thought lefty Libs were against barriers.  No. Not really.

Here’s a news flash that most lefties, including apparently their own dear leader King SFB himself, do not understand.  American companies do not exist to pay taxes.  They do not exist to provide healthcare to employees.  They exist to produce a profit to the owner or shareholders of those companies.  That is their purpose.  To the extent that the government engages in activities to hinder that purpose, the company is going to engage in activities to mitigate the government’s effort to stifle its growth.

Second news flash, most people in business are a whole heck of lot smarter and more creative than the brain-dead a-holes (a little Lois learner talk there) in government.  So it’s not surprising that when government a-holes construct an onerous tax burden, smart businessmen find a legal way around what the douches in congress propose in an effort to redistribute a company’s wealth.

That’s why SFB is proposing a Soviet style economic wall to keep people in.  But any effort to construct a barrier to keep illegals out is met with derision from the lefty Libs.  Fences don’t work! Howl the Libs.  As Dr. Krauthammer once famously asked, “If fences don’t work, why is there one around the White House?”

They do work.  They create an obstacle.  Like any obstacle, it must be observed and covered by fire.  Not literally.  That’s just what we learned in Marine Corps tactics. 

But Dopes have not one ounce of will to secure the our southern border.  As result we are flooded with illegals.  Dopes and some religious leaders demand that we as a generous people accept and welcome them.  OK fine.  I’ll do that if you tell how me how many we’ll accept first.  George Will is all for accepting the rush of illegal children flooding in.  OK George.  Fine.  How many?  5 million?  105 million?  How many?  And once what ever figure is proposed that we accept is reached, how do you plan to stop the flow?

But there is good news.  While under educated illegal gangbangers can walk across our southern border unmolested, on the northern border the Border Patrol is all over it.  They detained a group of Boy Scouts for four hours searching their gear all because one of the boys snapped a picture of the border patrol.  Now common sense would dictate that the group be asked not to take pictures and let them move on.  What probable cause was there to detain them and search their equipment?  The only thing that will stop this abuse is to sue there stupid non-protecting non-serving azzes off.

Suing apparently works.  OJ Boehner is going to sue King SFB.  It will end badly.  Americans do not like pu**ys who sue.  OJ will go down history as the Jesse Ventura of the House.  Ventura sued murdered Navy SEAL Chris Kyle’s wife.  Kyle apparently beat Ventura’s azz for insensitive remarks Ventura made during the wake of a fallen SEAL.  Kyle included the incident in a book.  Ventura sued because of “embarrassment” the book was causing.  Here’s a guy who wore a pink feathered boa during his WWF days whining about being embarrassed.  YGBSM.

Ventura won a 1.8 million dollar settlement.  But it seems if Kyle embarrassed Ventura the settlement will embarrass him 100 fold.  Look here.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

At least Ray Rice isn't accused of raping anyone

Stephen A. Smith is riding the pines over at ESPN for a week for making insensitive remarks about Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knocking out his fiancĂ©.  Smith opined that maybe the gal asked for it.  Maybe she did, but apparently there is no abuse a woman can dish on man that allows the man to defend himself.

I had a Marine once who was accused of hitting his wife.  I asked him if he did.  He answered, “Yes sir.”  I went off on him and after a minute of berating the man, I asked “WHY?!! Why would you hit a woman?” His answer was simple.  “She’d have killed me if I hadn’t.  She had a baseball bat and hit me at least three times while I was sleeping.  She continued to swing the bat after I got to my feet, so I hit her.”  He had the bruises on his ribs, arm and leg to support his story.  His wife on the other hand had a single huge black eye.  He was never charged.  I apologized.

On The View, Whoopie Goldberg opined that women better never hit a man and expect not to get hit back.  That’s pretty much what Smith said, but Woopie is Whoopie and Smith is Smith.  The View is the The View and ESPN is ESPN.  Whoopie will not be suspended.  A woman offering this opinion is sort of like blacks using the “N” word.  It’s OK for them, but you better never try it.

I don’t know what led up to Rice knocking out his girlfriend.  I don’t think it was because she insisted that he take her out for pancakes at 2 in the morning.  Men probably shouldn’t make a practice of hitting women.  But if a man is in a confined space, say an elevator, and a woman with skills hauls off and kicks him in the groin and follows that by smashing her fist into his face, yeah, he ought to hit her back.

We had this discussion with young Lex last night.  Mrs Lex hoped that “we raised Lex jr. better than to hit a woman.”  I hope we raised him better than to hang out with lunatic gals that need to be punched.  But you never know.

That sadly is not the end of the story.  The NFL fined Rice three games or $529,411.24 and suspended him for two games.  Women’s groups have their panties in wad over what they deem a slap on the wrist.  Well first off the woman that Rice knocked out married him.  That’s pretty much case closed in my book.  Second half a mill ain’t chump change.  Third Billy boy Billbo Clinton was only fined $90,686 for lying about his sexual harassment and humiliation of Monica Lewinsky while getting off Scott-free with raping Wauneta Broderick and groping Kathleen Willy.  The court also suspended Billbo’s law license, which he hadn’t used and had no intention of ever using again, for a year.  That’s sort of like suspending the blind guy’s driver’s license.

Then Billbo settled out of court with Paula Jones for a reported $850,000.  Hey maybe that’s why the Shrilldabeast said they were dead broke when they left office.  When you starting paying off all the women sexually harassed by Billbo, it’s going to cost you a lot of money.

The point here is that the same women’s groups in an uproar over Rice’s supposed “light treatment” by the NFL are happy to declare Billbo a defender of women’s rights.  And I suppose he long he can assault them first. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

King SFB's Dep of State offended at being called out for its stupidity

Given its neighborhood, Israel is an impossibly small country.  It’s about the size of the state of New Jersey.  It’s about 260 miles long and at its narrowest point is less than 10 miles wide.  It is surrounded by Arabs who have been trying to destroy it since its inception.  It is a nation that goes to sleep every night wondering what Islamo-Terror-Fascist attack it will have to endure tomorrow and if it will it be able to survive that attack.

Given this geo-political background, how in the hell can any reasonable person argue that what Israel needs to do is to surrender more land for a peace that will NEVER come?  What land?  What peace?

The azzbags in the King SFB’s administration don’t have a clue about Israeli security.  SecState and chief ITF apologist Kerry travelled to the Middle East supposedly to broker a cease fire.  What he did was ask Israel to accept every Hamas demand and in addition to those demands pay for reconstruction in Gaza.  When the Israelis howled, YGBSM!  Kerry got all offended, left in a huff and put himself in for 15 Purple Hearts and a half dozen Navy Crosses for his effort. 

Israel might learn from the Kerry visit that Kerry and SFB don’t give a crapola about Israel.  They should take this opportunity to put as close to an end to Hamas as is possible.  Instead of discouraging the Israeli effort to kill ITF scum, Americans should be cheering every lopsided report.  The more ITF Israelis kill the fewer that are likely to stroll across our southern border and blow themselves up in a Pizza Hut on Friday night after the high school football game.

Kerry’s not the only idiot apologist for the ITF.  It’s a well known fact that you can fix fat, and you can hide old and ugly for a while, but you cannot fix or hide (for long) stupid.  When asked about Hamas hiding rockets inside school buildings, hospitals and other civilian structures, the world’s smartest woman explained:

"I'm not a military planner but Hamas puts it's missiles, it's rockets in civilian areas, part of it is Gaza is pretty small and its densely populated."  

Yeah, America’s most popular enabler of rape, groping and all manner of sexual assault by her alley cat of an old man Billy boy Billbo Clinton, the Shrilldabeast herself thinks it’s OK to violate the law of war because, well, there just aren’t any better option.  This stupid, brain damaged, ugly, fat, old, battle ax thinks it’s OK for Islamo-Terror-Fascists to hide weapons of war in schools, hospitals and mosques irrespective of the fact that that strategy results in the very civilian casualties they are “wailing and wringing their hands” over and ignores the fact that the ITF are not supposed to possess the weapons in the first place.

When asked why drug dealers hide their stash in their children’s room, the old hag responded, “Well I’m not a drug runner anymore, but drug runners hide their stash in their children’s room in part because these apartments are pretty small.”

Yet, this murderously incompetent pimp remains the Demo-Dope front runner.  But really, what difference, at this point, does it make?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Impeachment, the Pope and fast food

King SFB untouchable and he knows it
Not long ago Lex predicted that, as scare tactic to gin up their base, Dopes would claim that if Republicans won in Nov their first goal would be to impeach King SFB.  King SFB is trying to accelerate the process by becoming an even bigger lawless punk and douche bag than previously thought.  Now SFB is ready to take more lawless executive action on immigration that would effectively nullify American immigration law.

The goal is two-fold - one, increase the Dope voter base, while two, poking a sharp stick in OJ Boehner’s eye daring the hapless impotent Boehner to try to do something about it.  SFB’s ultimate hope is to get Republicans to impeach his worthless lawless azz.  But SFB knows that the chain smoking eunuch running the house isn’t going to do squat. 

Oh wait.  That’s not entirely accurate.  In response to SFB’s lawlessness, spineless RepubliRats like OJ Boehner are taking SFB to court.  Brilliant!  That move will take 37 years to get to the Supreme Court which by that time will have been dissolved by executive action from SFB and replaced with a three man court consisting Michael Moore, Ward Churchill and illegal alien front man Jose Antonio Vargas. 

The Pope is a funny guy
Not funny ha, ha but rather funny peculiar.  I saw the headline Please stop!”, Pope Francis makes plea for peace and thought that the Pope was referring to the Islamo-Terror-Fascist’s campaign to eradicate Christians from Iraq.  Nope.

The Pope was making a thinly veiled plea for the Israelis to let the ITF Hamas bastards off the hook…again.  The Pope might try offering a few words of discouragement for the ITF effort to wipe Christians out of Iraq by way of their main method of persuasion…murder.  To my knowledge, the Pope hasn’t uttered one word of dissent about the ITF murdering bastards in Iraq – or anywhere else for that matter.

To the Pope’s way of thinking, for the sake of “peace,” I guess we all should just accept our fate of being incorporated into the Muslim Borg or uh caliphate.  We all should go peacefully - convert, pay the tax or be beheaded - but never make a ruckus.

Pope’s used to be a mainstay in the battle against the ITF.  They raised and funded armies to square off against heavy-handed Muslim encroachment.  Now we have a Pope who is silent and by that silence a bit complicit in ITF aggression against everyone who not only isn’t Muslim but not their particular brand of Muslim.

Even though Catholics acknowledge just war principles, I doubt that we’ll ever again hear a Pope call a war “just.”  That’s OK.  I get it.  You cannot have religious prelates advocating for war.  But you expect them to recognize evil and call it by name.  John Paul II did.  Benedict VIX did. Why is this Pope into moral equivalence?

Could he be buying the Palestinian PR BS?  The Palestinian claim is that the Israelis have killed over 800 Palestinians mostly civilians and most of them children.  BS.  By whose account?  The Palestinian’s (aka Hamas)? 

Setting aside the fact that those ITF cowards hide behind women and children and use them as forced labor in the construction of their terror tunnels, why would anyone with a brain believe one word of what they say?  That lying Sac-O-Crap bunch of azz weasels lie as part of their “religion.”  But if they claim 17 hundred million Palestinian children were killed by an Israeli with a BB gun, the azz weasel supporting MSM run with the story.  Who is verifying the numbers? 

Unless this Pope is willing to speak up in a loud clear voice against the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and Africa by Islamo-Terror-Fascists, I’m not too interested in much of what he has to say about anything outside the Catholic Catechism. 

Fast food next work Americans won’t do
There is a movement afoot to unionize fast food workers.  Fast food workers are planning sit-ins at their restaurants. One story I read was about a woman who had worked for her fast food chain for 10 years and was still making minimum wage.

Where to begin?  Why would anyone eat fast food?  The name gives you one clue - fast.  If you’re on a short lunch break or traveling, you probably don’t want to sit down for an hour to eat.   

The next primary draw to fast food is that it is relatively inexpensive.  If you’re taking your kids and their friends out to lunch you probably don’t want to drop $60 at a sit down burger joint.  Why in the world would you go to a fast food place and pay sit down prices?  You hit the drive through at Mickey D’s for $25.  The kids think you’re a hero and you’re home in time for the second half of the game.  Do these geniuses understand their place in the world of fine and not so fine dining?  Maybe that's why they are stuck at min wage for ten years. 

If these doofusses think they can strike or in any way disrupt an owner’s livelihood and still have a job, they are crazy.  They should and will be fired.  Jose and Juan will happy to take their place. 

Last, if you’re 10 years into your gig at a fast food place and you’re still making minimum wage, you should fall on your knees and thank your employer, because the problem is so obviously with you and not your employer that it makes my head hurt.  You are probably the one employee in that organization that can be fired without even hiring a replacement.

Friday, July 25, 2014

If you sympathize with Islamo-Terror-Fascists you probably think Israel's military response in Gaza is disproportionate

Former SecState Maddy Not-So-Bright went so far as to say Israel defending itself against Islamo-Terror-Fascists was over doing it.  As a result Israel was losing their moral authority.

Of course Maddy pretends that “Israel has right to defend herself.” With that as preface Not-So-Bright inserts her big but:

"I do think that the point has to be made that if rockets are being shot at Israel that Israel does has a right to defend itself, but the bottom line is a question of proportionality.”

Proportionality?  As stated in the Hamas charter the Islamo-Terror-Fascists are interested in genocide against Israel.  Israel’s goal is just to get the ITF bastards from indiscriminately rocketing Israeli cities.  So who, Mz. Not-So-Bright, has the disproportional goal?

As usual, you cannot learn anything from an American left lib.  After 60 years of left Lib indoctrination in America’s public schools, we often have to go way back and outside the mainstream of Dope and lapdog media thought to get the correct answer.  If we consider St. Thomas Aquinas’s just war principles, it is clearly the IFT scum bags who are acting outside those principles. 

First, just war must be waged by a properly instituted authority such as the state. (Proper Authority is first: represents the common good: which is peace for the sake of man's true end—God.)

Second, war must occur for a good and just purpose rather than for self-gain (for example, "in the nation's interest" is not just) or as an exercise of power. (Just Cause: for the sake of restoring some good that has been denied. i.e., lost territory, lost goods, punishment for an evil perpetrated by a government, army, or even citizen population.)

Third, peace must be a central motive even in the midst of violence. (Right Intention: an authority must fight for the just reasons it has expressly claimed for declaring war in the first place. Soldiers must also fight for this intention.)

So as not to go all John Walsh on you the bolded portion above is from Wikipedia.  Walsh is the lying plagiarizing Dope Senator from MT who lifted 25% of his master’s paper without credit.  But then if I was going to go all John Walsh on you, not only wouldn’t I cite Wiki I wouldn’t even give Aquinas credit for his principles.   Just to close the loop, Walsh’s excuse for lying and cheating was that he was suffering from PTSD after two tours in Iraq.  I did not know that lying and plagiarizing were symptoms of PTSD.

Is there no human condition or short coming that cannot be blamed on PTSD?  I think we do servicemen a great disservice when every deviant behavior can be brushed away with, “You know he was in Iraq and now has PTSD.”  It’s Vietnam all over again.  Every returning vet was portrayed in the media as homeless, helpless, bum, haunted by the hundreds of babies he killed in Vietnam.  It was all BS. If you strip out the McNamara 100,000, 99.9% of Vietnam servicemen did their jobs with honor and returned home to contribute to American society. 

PTSD is real.  But not everyone has it.

Ooops, we slipped down a rabbit hole there.  Back to proportionality and just war.  It is the ITF that violate every single one of Aquinas’s principles.  Hamas is not properly constituted, has no purpose other than self gain and is in no way interested in peace with Israel.  Case closed for anyone with a brain.  Brainless Dopes like John Kerry and left Libs, sadly, are as bad as the ITF when it comes to applying these principles to Israel and the Palestinians.  By their way of thinking the tiny nation of hope that is Israel in a sea of the worst kind Islamo-Terror-Fascist hate and depravity that marks most of the Arab world- it’s always Israel who must knuckle under to people whose only goal is to exterminate them.

Last word on proportionality in war.  I always thought the goal of war is to inflict as much pain as possible as quickly as possible to bring the war to speedy end as to avoid unnecessary human suffering.  Apparently that logic is lost on the left Libs and the wannbe GOFOs populating today’s Pentagon. 

During Lee’s last offensive at Petersburg, Confederates captured Fort Steadman.  In an effort to recapture the fort, 1st Maine Heavy Artillery suffered nearly 600 casualties of the 900 man unit.  The Confederates reported 25 dead.  There were no post-war war crimes trials for the disproportionate loss of life suffered by the 1st Maine. 

War is a nasty business.  It’s like knocking down a hornets nest.  You’d better have a plan other than just poking it with a stick.  Fog it.  Spray it.  Knock it down with one blow from a long pole, douse it with fuel and then burn it.  Disproportionate?  Hell yeah it is.  What are you supposed to do get stung 10 times so as to even out the fight?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pentagon azzbaggery

When you read stuff like this, you know we’re pretty much screwed.  When you read “climate change hits all Pentagon operations,” you know we’ve gone off the rails.  It reminds me of when the Commander for the Pacific Area of Operations, wannbe Navy Adm. Samuel Locklear III, said the climate change factor should be the focus of American concern in his AO.  For you public school grads, the Pacific Area Operations includes such benign powers as China, North Korea, Malaccan pirates, India Vs. Pakistan, Vietnam etc.  Yet somehow Locklear concludes global warming is the real, uh, hot spot in his AO.  Amazing. 

Now I couldn’t care less if you’re an AlGore acolyte who has swallowed the entire global warming/cooling/climate change/climate mitigation/gentrification or whatever they are calling it these days hook, line, sinker and the entire damn boat.  The purpose of the American military is to defend the homeland by fighting battles and winning wars.  ANYTHING that detracts from that mission is folly.

Look at this line from the article: 

"We plan to more fully integrate the impacts of climate change into our humanitarian assistance, disaster relief and other exercise plans." 

What’s missing from that statement?  Not one word about defending the country, fighting a battle or laying the ground work for winning wars.  The left Libs are turning the most powerful military in the world into a social services network to be used by the world’s community organizers.  And doing that only in the greenest manner possible.

Compare today’s wannbes who populate the Pentagon with a real American icon and genuine war fighting hero, real General George S. Patton via Victor Davis Hanson’s piece on Ol’ blood and guts.

Bu…bu…but this is a gun free zone
At Case Western Reserve College in Cleveland, OH there has been a spate of armed robberies.  What’s really puzzling about this trend is that Case is a well known “gun free zone.”  Left Libs are outraged and contemplating larger more strongly worded signs to ward off the armed robbers.  Instead of signs that read “Gun Free Zone” or the classic sign that depicts a hand gun with a red slash through it, the great thinkers at Case are considering signs that read “ABSOLUTELY A GUN FREE ZONE.”  Yeah, that’s the ticket. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Reagan: Respected world leader; SFB: World's bufoon

Left Libs like Jon Stewart and Bob Beckel are saying that Ronald Reagan’s response to the Soviet shoot down of Korean Air flight 007 was no different from King SFB’s response to Russians downing MH 17.  Au contraire, there is one rather huge difference.  Reagan was a respected and yes feared world leader.  SFB ain’t.

Reagan didn’t issues red lines and then crap himself when they were ignored by cowards.  Reagan didn’t present the Soviets with a mistranslated “rest button”.  He called them the “evil empire.”  Regan didn’t say Bassar Assad was a reformer, then have to counter march and call for his removal, then have to march by the left flank while Assad - safely ensconced in Damascus - gave him the finger.  Reagan didn't comfort enemies and chide friends.

Reagan didn’t go to war over the Korean Air shoot down.  He put missiles in Europe.  He confronted the Soviets at every turn.  He built the up the US military in manner that drove the decrepit Soviet economy further into the dumps.  Most of all he changed the calculus in the Kremlin.  The Soviet hardliners knew that wherever they went, so to would Reagan.  Reagan put the Soviet Union on the path to ending up on the “ash heap of history.”

Regan was like the no nonsense dad who could correct his child’s misbehavior with nothing more than a stern look.  The kids took him seriously.  They knew “the look.”  They knew there would be serious consequences if their foolishness continued.  They stopped it after the first look.  For friends, Reagan was like the neighbor who had all the tools, knew how to use them and was always willing to lend a helping hand.  For enemies, Reagan was like the sheriff in the old movies who rides into town and begins organizing the town’s people to stand up to the gang who had been terrorizing them.

King SFB is the Homer Simpson of world leaders.  Everyone knows he’s a buffoon.  His kids ignore and taunt him.  His friends wouldn’t trust him to take out the trash.  His enemies prey on his azzbaggery.

And ain’t it weird that the left Libs who have spent so much of their time trying paint Reagan as doddering old warmonger are now saying King SFB is just like him?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gay Gestapo goes after Tony Dungy for telling the truth

One of America’s classiest guys - coach Tony Dungy - is in trouble with left Libs and the homosexual Gestapo.  Dungy made a comment that he wouldn’t want the distraction of having drafted “the first openly homosexual” player in the NFL.  So, he would not have drafted the openly homosexual Michael Sam.  Here’s what Dungy said:

“I wouldn’t have taken him.  Not because I don’t believe Michael Sam should have a chance to play, but I wouldn’t want to deal with all of it.” 

Dungy knows football and football teams.  His judgment on the chemistry of a team might be worth listening to, but the tolerant left pounced. 

Twitter exploded with all manner of intolerance from the tolerant left.  Most were of the variety of Patrick Haynes who, as left Libs are want to do, demonstrates his own intolerance while condemning intolerance:

Tony Dungy can fuck off. Your intolerance has no place in the world of sports or, ya know, the world at large.

So, according to the oh so tolerant left Lib Haynes, Dungy should be banned…from the entire world.  Maybe the Russians will shoot Dungy up to the space station where he can live out his remaining days in silent contemplation of his most grievous crime of verbalizing a thought that does not comport with the left Lib or gay Gestapo’s way of thinking. 

First let’s just point out the most obvious.  Sam was drafted in the 7th round of this year’s NFL draft.  So, there are a lot of other teams that would not have drafted and in fact didn’t draft Sam either.  In left Lib world that makes them intolerant homophobes.

Next, this entire incident and the reaction to it by the gay Gestapo makes Dungy’s point doesn’t it?  Sam is a distraction.  This whole thing proves it.

So what should the gay Gestapo’s reaction be to Dungy’s remarks?  The same as a reaction to remarks directed at any other draftee.  “Michael Sam’s talents will be assessed like every other player’s talents are assessed.  He will compete in the course of a proven rigorous process to assess his talent.  If he can play, the Rams should keep him.  Period.  If he can’t, he should be cut.  Period.”  The left Lib and gay Gestapo does not want a competition.  They demand Sam be drafted.  They demand Sam be kept on the team.  Later they will demand that he be given playing time.  In the end they will demand he be named rookie of the year.

Last, the NFL has harbored accessories to murder, drug addicts, wife beaters and all manner of social deviants.  If a guy can play, I don’t think they will draw the line at being homosexual. 

But Dungy’s point goes beyond being able to play.  If a player, any player becomes such a distraction to the cohesion of the team that guy needs to find another place to play.  (Google Pac man Jones) The MSM lapdogs will cause the distraction.  I predict in the first pre season game a guy could rush for 300 yards score 5 touchdowns and during the post game interview the only thing any of these BS artists will be interested in is what that player thinks of having Michael Sam on the team.

“Nice game.  What’s it like showering with Michael Sam?”

Monday, July 21, 2014

The "new tone" is dead for today

Lex is tough on Cops.  Well at least those steroid rage cops who dress as if they are going into battle in Fallujah; or the kind of cops who demand civilians “shelter in place” and then in kick in doors with no warrant and search a home; or the kind who throw a flash bang grenade into child’s crib during a no knock night time raid and then the Rambo wannbes claim they didn’t know the crib was there.  EXACTLY!  How is that kind of indiscriminate fire on civilians any different from what Hamas is doing to the Israelis?

I remain 100% pro good cop, particularly pro sheriff.  Sheriffs are accountable to people at election time.  Big city police chiefs are accountable to lowest common denominator political hack who happened to lie, cheat and steal his/her way into office.

Look at King SFB’s chief law enforcement officer.  Eric the wad Holder is himself an accomplice to the murder of a border patrol agent.  OK maybe not.  But his response to that crime – which was a big fat nothing and his lying and covering up for that crime – make him an accessory after the fact. 

Hey I know policing is a tough job.  There may be none tougher.  I am of the opinion that the Rambo wannbes make the job tougher.  They give all cops a bad name.

So which groups of cops do you want in your neighborhood?  How much goodwill built over years by hard working cops goes down the drain in these neighborhoods with one flash bang grenade thrown by an imbecile who shouldn’t be given a string of lady finger fire crackers?  The reaction of the perpetrators of the stupidity is more chilling than the actual deed.  The brass closes ranks and excuses what was such an obviously bone headed act.  That too destroys confidence in the police department.  

10,000 cheers to every cop who suits up to protect and serve.  10,000 boos to every roid rage Rambo wannbe who suits up to show us who’s the boss.   

But that’s not even what has my blood boiling this morning.  Last week during my self imposed news blackout, a couple pieces of current affairs info did slip through the filter.  First, some Pentagon nit wit named wannbe Rear Admiral Kirby was defending the Army’s decision to let traitor Bo Bergdhal roam around a free man.  According to this highly educated dumb azz, letting a guy who walked off post to collaborate with the enemy roam around Scott-free is totally OK.  After all, explained the wannbe admiral, all the Army has so far are allegations made by the collaborator’s platoon mates. 

Huh?  YGBSM.  Is the wannbe admiral really that stupid or does he have his head stuffed so far up King SFB’s butt that they have to pipe in air.  I suppose it has to be the latter. 

Allegations?  You dumbazz liar.  There was an NCIS investigation at the time of Berdahl’s disappearance that concluded Bergdahl left post voluntarily at a time of war – aka deserted.  The chief piece of evidence in that investigation was a note in Berdahl’s own hand – aka a confession - saying he was leaving.

You’d think that would be enough probable cause to keep the collaborator confined as an unstable flight risk until the Army’s “official investigation” is completed.  In King SFB’s military “led” by clueless douches like Kirby, you’d be wrong.  Besides, we’ve seen this play out before.  A two year investigation followed by a douche like Kirby saying, “Dude, that was, like, two years ago.”

The other bit of information that got through the filter was the MH 17 shoot down.  Yeah, that’s infuriating enough.  But the left’s reaction to it is even more so.  As always the left Libs are claiming that King SFB’s reaction to that war crime is just right.  After all we cannot go to war with Russia over a civilian airliner being shot down by Russian proxies.

Nice straw man.  No one says we should go to war with Russia.  There is a military response though.  How about moving two Army brigades out of sausage land  - aka Germany – into Poland?  How about sending the anti-missile missile batteries - once promised then cancelled by SFB as a sop to Vlad - into Poland?  How about getting some attack aircraft forward deployed into Poland?  How about sending the world’s smartest woman to Russia to ask for her dumbazz mistranslated “reset button” back? 

There is “no military” response because we have a group of azz kissing sycophantic yes men wannbe GOFOs advising King SFB.  That smug little $h!t Kirby now has his head so far up King SFB’s backside that not only are they piping in O2, they’ve had to put a window in SFB’s stomach so Kirby can see out.

But that’s not what really has my shorts in wad this morning.  What really, really has me PO’d is SFB’s response to Hamas’ rocketing of Israel.

SFB is still playing the moral equivalence game.   Calling for "restraint" from "both sides."  I’d like to see a 100 guys given high powered rifles, 2 rounds a day capable of penetrating the White House anti-ballistic windows and permitted to circle the White House and take indiscriminate shots inside the compound for a couple of weeks.  I wonder if SFB would think the police reaction to that series of events needs to be “restrained” when it's his worthless azz and his family's being threatened? 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Can our governemnt be any more petty? No. I don't belive it can.

Government run amok
In California there are strict water controls.  Now “droughtshaming” is pitting one neighbor against another.  There are fines for unauthorized water use.  Now California’s transformation to a communist state is complete.  People are actually calling in there neighbors to the water police and taking to “shaming” water users on social media.   I’d be forced to start a bit of reverse shaming.  I don’t like cutting grass anyway and probably would have put #7 gravel over the yard by now, but if I had a lawn in California, it’d be green.  There would be a big sign with a hammer and sickle in the coroner:  Comrade!  Be a good soulless Communist!  Report this green grass to the California water Stasi.” 

Remember, the truth is no defense
High profile case for the DOJ
While Lois Lerner’s missing e-mail’s, Fast and Furious, Benghazi murders, illegal alien dumping, VA misconduct etc. are completely ignored by Eric the wad Holder and DOJ they have finally found a crime worth investigating. Some guy makes a 4th of July parade float depicting King SFB’s presidential library as an outhouse and the feds roll in on the poor guy.  I guess the 1st Amendment does not apply when if you’re poking fun at King SFB.

Eric the wad Holder thinks that anyone who points out that he and SFB are clueless azzclowns are raaaaaacists.  Some probably are, but they are still correct in their observation that the wad and SFB are clueless azzclowns.  No doubt the guy with the outhouse float for SFB’s library is being thrown in a cell with guy who made the video that got Amasador Stevens killed.

This kind of stuff is enough to pi** off the Pope.  I need to take a couple of days to deepen the tank trap around the compound.  I’ll see you back here Mon.

Hunting saves wildlife

Apparently for left Lib loons, there’s a big difference between raising meat (animals) for slaughter and hunting them.  Humans have been hunting animals for food since the most famous cavemen ever - Fred and Barney - first learned to throw a stone or hit something with a stick. 

Kendall Jones
A couple of ladies have been targeted in left Lib’s never ending war on women.  In the post under, Lex notes the case of Kendell Jones.  Now we have the case of Belgian beauty Axelle Despiegelaere – here after known simply as AD.  AD was spotted in the crowd at the World Cup.  So stunning was her appearance that L’Oreal offered her a modeling deal on the spot.  That deal went kaput when pictures surfaced of AD hunting. 

It seems the left Libs who have no qualms about eating a cow that was shot in the face with a cap bolt gun, made famous in the movie No Country for Old Men, from less than a foot away, get the heebie jeebies about giving an animal a fighting chance while stalking it in the wild and shooting it from a challenging distance.

The only thing more annoying than the left Libs who denounce hunting while stuffing their faces with a hamburger are the left Lib vegan crowd.  What a bunch pompous creeps for the most part.

Dad used to make a point that the one thing Texans, Notre Dame grads and Marines all had in common was that none of them could go more than three sentences without reminding you that they were a Texan, a Notre Dame grad or a Marine.  I would add vegan to that illustrious group – which of course would make it a way less illustrious group. 

I don’t give a hoot if someone wants to subsist entirely on broccoli, hickory nuts and distilled water.  So why is the vegan crowd always preaching to us about what real food is doing to our intestines, the environment and our general health? 

If you mention to an emaciated vegan that you were a bit stiff in the morning after an all day basketball tournament or better yet a weekend of hunting, they will lecture you that if you just put down that disgusting hamburger - that is killing you by the way - and got a bit more sal palmetto and arugula into your diet that wouldn’t happen.  BS.  Total BS.

But anyway back to hunting.  Human management of natural resources – wild animals - insures their survivability.  In the early 1900’s the American Whitetail Deer population was estimated to be about 500,000.  In a rare case of government that works, after state Department of Natural Resources cropped up and controlled the taking of deer, the deer population exploded.  Today there are an estimated 20 million Whitetail in America.

Many of them are making a nuisance of themselves by eating Mz. Lex’s driveway planters.  As soon as one of Mz. Lex’s plants would flower and look nice, boom, it would be eaten to the ground.  The destruction was so pervasive one year that I took to calling the planters "Diana’s deer feeders."  Products to keep the deer away were more like an exotic spice that insured a plant’s total destruction.

But she will cringe at the thought of shooting one or two of the culprits – no matter how desperately a few of them need to be shot.   So if shooting a few overpopulated deer is off-putting, imagine the reaction to shooting a leopard.  That was Kendall Jones’s crime against humanity.  I guess for some it makes no difference if the animal is mauling children waiting for a school bus, if that animal is “beautiful” it cannot be dealt with.    

The idea that humans are forever encroaching on wildlife habitat is as big line of BS as global warming.  Look at the map of human population density above.  Most of our orb is unpopulated by man.  It shouldn’t shock anyone that other animals prefer not to share a space with humans.  Heck I prefer not live around a bunch humans.  But the wildlife doesn’t die when humans move in.  They just migrate. 

There are a lot more humans moving nearer and nearer to the Lex compound.  If you didn’t know better, you’d think the poor deer would be extinct in a couple of years because of human encroachment on “their habitat.”  We are already seeing fewer of them.  But if you drive two minutes north of the compound on I-69, you would see nothing much more than woods, bean and corn fields.  I suspect that, like the “children” of South and Central America, the deer will just migrate north.

Then there’s the idea of “endangered species.”  When the American Bald Eagle was put on the endangered species list, they were multiplying like rats in Alaska.  The meme was we’d never see another Bald Eagle if we didn’t ban insect control agents like DDT.  As a result of the DDT ban an estimated 50 million humans, mostly Africans, are dead from malaria, but the American Bald Eagle was NEVER in danger of becoming extinct.

It was all environmentalist BS.  Rush Limbaugh opines that Rachael Carson may be responsible for more human deaths than Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot combined.  It was Carson’s book Silent Spring that gave rise to the movement to ban DDT. 

When Lex jr. was young, we’d visit various zoos.  I was amazed at how much of the animal population was listed as “endangered.”  It seems every placard describing the animal on display would list that species as “endangered” then make a plea for money to help protect the animals.

Environmentalist nuts get a logging ban in the Pacific Northwest to protect the Spotted Owl.  Environmentalists claim that the owl will only inhabit the old growth timber land used for logging.  After the ban and displacement of and hardship on 1,000s of logging families are dozens of Spotted Owls found nesting on billboards and Wal-Mart signs.  Then there’s the Brown Smelt a 3 inch fish environmentalist are using to choke off the water supply to California farmers.   BS.

I'm convinced that humans are the main target of environmentalist.  It seems to me, instead of funding environmentalist to protect the animals, there should be some movement requesting funds to protect humans from environmentalists. 

Holy cow way long to day.  No worries.  There will be no extra charge.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Left Libs war on women

Because some of us are of the opinion that if a woman wants to use birth control or have an abortion she ought to have to cough up the cash for those activities, the Dopes have labeled us as having a war on women.  It’s as if the ONLY issues women care about are who is going to cough up the 9 bucks a month for their birth control and who will allow them unfettered access to the Kermit Gosnells of the world for free and unlimited abortions.

Dopes, particularly those individual, free and radical thinkers on the American campus who for all their professed individualism, freedom and radical thought always seem to march in a lockstep unison not seen since the Nazis paraded into Berlin, buy the “war on women” meme hook, line and sinker.  Leaving aside Billy boy Billbo Clinton who waged a literal one man scorched earth war on women enabled by his witch of wife, it’s the dopes waging a war on any truly free thinking woman.

Take Holly Fisher’s case.  I’d never heard of Holly Fisher.  That is until after the Hobby Lobby case.  This private American citizen, a mother of 3 and Army spouse posted this picture of herself on her Twitter account.
After that picture was posted, someone tweeted, “the only things missing were a flag, a gun and the Bible.”  So in honor of the 4th of July, Fisher posted this picture to her account.
Left libs showed their true colors.  All hell broke loose.  The left descended on this woman.  They have become so rabid, there is now a “kill Holly Fisher” page on Facebook.  One nut posted this picture comparing Fisher to an Islamo-Terror-Fascist homicide bomber.
This is just a woman who a week ago, outside her own circle, nobody knew existed.  Now she’s public enemy #1 for left libs.  For what?  A couple of pictures?  Nice.  Tolerant. Very affirming to women.  Truly left libs at their best.  Don’t you think?

For her part, Fisher seems to be handling fame well.  During an interview on Fox and friends she explained that the picture in front of the flag was to honor American and the 1st and 2nd Amendment freedoms.  Who could be against that?  Left lib loons, that’s who.

Then there’s the case of Kendall Jones.  Jones is a big game hunter and travels to Africa to hunt.  I have read that most of her hunts involve tranquilizers.  She once “shot” (tranquilized) an injured rino so the animal's injured leg could be tended to.  That makes no difference to left Lib loons who have descended upon her with all manner of hate.

One Dope politician is channeling Larry Flint by offering a 100K for nude photos of Jones.  Billbo Clinton has demanded to see any such photos, uh for verification purposes only of course.

Keep in mind that these women are not judges, politicians or even the usual B list tv and movie people trying to get one last bit of attention for themselves.  Until the photos of them surfaced and became the shiny objects that distracted left Libs from their usual targets of hate/tolerance, they were just a couple of young women going about their own lives not bothering anyone. Now they are targets of death threats from the tolerant left Libs.

During her interview, Fisher hit the nail on the head.  She thought the uproar was just a way to get conservatives to shut up.  She won’t.  But some, not wanting the attention, will keep quiet.

Oh, given their familiarity with weapons, threatening either of these two could put a hole, literally, in your health.  But, by and large, left libs are a cowardly lot.  So, I doubt that anyone gets hurt.  If someone does, my money is on one fewer left Lib.  Good riddance.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

King SFB shoots pool while world burns

What killed journalism?
Several post under Lex noted that, ironically, elite Journalism Schools may have caused the death of real journalism. In an interesting piece, Ed Driscoll at PJ Media shares that view here.  

Palin’s call for impeachment
Of course she’s right.  If ever there were an incompetent, lawless, clueless, idiot it’s King SFB.  Sadly, incompetence, cluelessness and idiocy are not impeachable offenses.  But there is the lawless aspect of King SFB.

Palin’s absolutely right.  SFB is a lawless punk.  If you cannot or will not impeach SFB you cannot or will not impeach anyone.  Where SFB is not mired in scandal and criminal activity he’s mired in incompetence and failure.  Out of his depth in a parking lot puddle, King SFB is without a doubt the worst king this country ever elected.

However, impeachment is out of the question.  First, you’d turn the country over to a classless buffoon - Slow Joe Biden.  Then alas we know affirmative action is alive and well in America.  Let’s give poor SFB another chance.  Let’s make excuses for poor SFB – it’s all Bush’s fault.  Let’s ignore poor SFB’s actual body of work.  Let’s ignore the consequences of poor SFB’s work and just give poor SFB an A to demonstrate that we are not racists.

SFB could announce that he is giving our nuclear codes and a complete list of American spies and informers to Putin during a joint press conference, and the left Libs and lapdog MSM would nominate him for another peace prize and say Bush did the same thing in the last year of his administration.

SFB will never be impeached.  OJ Boehner knows it.  SFB knows it.  That increases the lawless activity SFB is willing to engage in.  He knows he’s bullet proof.

Border chaos
King SFB is asking for four BILLION dollars to deal with the border chaos he created.  I wouldn’t give him a penny until he answered a question Rush Limbaugh but no one else seems to want to ask SFB or his incompetent help:  When will the flood stop?

King SFB has spent most of his time in office kissing our enemy’s azz dissing our friends - especially Israel.  Now when SFB calls for Israeli restraint, Israel should ignore him.  Israel must have a feeling they are on their own this time.  They would be right. 

Israel should do what every other county in world is doing these days – ignore a feckless SFB and his incoherent policies.  They should take the opportunity of having a vacillating incompetent residing at 1600 PA Ave to raze Gaza then plow salt into the earth.

I tire of hearing, “There is no military solution to the Israeli Palestinian problem.”  That’s BS.  What these military thinkers mean is “there is no will for a military solution.”  If that point is made, then the geniuses say, “Well the world will condemn Israel for any such action.”  Uh, OK.  So?  How is that different from what the world does everyday.  Over 200 rockets pour into Israel from the Islamo-Terror-Fascists in Gaza in two days and pro Palestinian protesters in San Fran threaten people supporting Israel  

Yeah, I know.  Who knew there was group of Americans that supported indiscriminate rocket fire into the cities of an American ally?   That has to be a pretty weird bunch.  But there’s a group who call the Little Sisters of the Poor “dirty” because they have the temerity to stand up to King SFB.  Will no one rid poor SFB of these troublesome women?
Apparently there is nothing too low or too disgusting to be out of the question for left Libs.  Support for ITF scum and disdain for Little Sisters of the Poor just about covers the water front.  Wouldn’t you say?

But don't worry.  While the world descends further into calamity, King SFB is on the case.  He's yucking it up, tossing back a few cold one, shooting a few games of pool while raising money for Dopes in CO and TX.  No.  Hell no.  He didn't go anywhere near the border.