Thursday, March 31, 2011

Like P-BO's bracket, Libya looked good at the start

P-BO should have talked with President Clinton before trying to bomb his way to an easy victory in Libya. As expressed several times here, I have no problem with the Libyan bombing as long as it is directed at Kaddafy. P-BO says the bombing is not directed at Kaddafy. I don’t believe him on this any more than I believed that P-BOcare would reduce the deficit. Given the opportunity to get Kaddafy, I think our kinetic engineers (aka generals) will take that opportunity

Now P-BO is finding out what Clinton already knows from his Bosnian adventure. It’s hard to influence the action from 15,000 feet. P-BO waited 9 days, 15 rounds of golf, a 3 country vacation and a dozen devastating bracket foul ups to talk to the people of the United States about the kinetic military action in Libya. Many believe and Lex agrees that P-BO was taking a wait and see approach on the action. If it turned out well, he’d rush in and claim credit. If it faltered, he’d stand back and blame Bush. What he couldn’t plan on was it going well, him claiming credit, and then it going badly and him getting stuck with the blame.

That is what is happening. Just after P-BO took the airwaves to claim credit for being smarter than everyone on the planet because things in Libya were going so swimmingly, things began going south for the rebels. Now P-BO is left with egg, low cholesterol egg beater type egg, but egg none the lees on his face.

He fouled up when he talked about supporting the rebels. That was wrong. He should have stuck with a message that every American could understand. Kaddafy is a murdering jerk. We now have the opportunity to target him. We’re going to take that opportunity. Once he’s gone, the rebels or anyone else can approach the US for assistance in establishing a free market and representative government in Libya. We’ll provide that assistance once they turn over the Lockerbie bomber.

Now the rebels are in disarray and retreat. P-BO is finding that a bomb’s kinetic intervention lasts only a split second. If you can survive that split second, you may be bleeding from the ears but you can still pull a trigger and are likely to be more aggressive in doing so after the experiencing P-BO’s great kinetic adventure.

Then to make matters much worse, the “smartest woman in the world” goes on TV Sunday and says that Assad is a reformer. WTF? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard this wind bag say since she blamed a vast right-wing conspiracy her louse of husband's un-presidential and unmanly behavior in the oval office.

Yeah Assad is a reformer. The victims get to choose the form of torture they endure before being shot.

SecState Shrilldabeast reminds me of the paper Lex jr. was assigned to write in school a couple of years ago. He was supposed to write about being an exchange student in Syria. My first reaction was, WTF. I wrote a nice letter to the teacher and informed her that Syria was one of only 7 countries on the US terrorist watch list. That they openly funded, and provided sanctuary for Hezbollah operations against Israel. That they were responsible for the destabilization and collapse of the representative government in Lebanon. That they provide a pipeline into Iraq for Islamo-Terror-Fascist to murder US soldiers. All of this is and was going on under reformer Assad.

The teacher apologized, set the students straight and dropped the Syrian exchange student project from the curriculum.

It would seem Sec State Shrilldabeast has no more sense of Syria than Lex jr’s. 6th Grade teacher. And I really have not heard a word from the administration walking back the Beast’s idiotic statement.

Maybe we should get Lex jr’s old 6th grade teacher for SecState at least she now understands what a miserable bastard Assad really is.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Operation Hoops Snatch

Stop what you’re doing, and look at this:

This is disturbing on so many levels. First just the idea of the state rolling down streets and snatching up basketball hoops is sad enough. Then the state carts them away as if the hoops are the property of the state. Did you get a look at the money those hoops represented in back of that dump truck? Then the time and money wasted in this endeavor while potholes go unfilled is enough to make you want to scream. The only question is, are these guys public union workers? Apparently so. Half a dozen union thugs show up to pull up little Johnny’s basketball hoop. No doubt the little Himmler’s were “just following orders” of the supreme queen bimbo running Operation Hoops Snatch.

All of that is bad enough, but the arrogance of the bimbo “public servant” is enough to make free men want to take up arms against the state. With a uniformed police officer right there, the bimbo orders the man to go inside. What? You go inside. Do something with your hair and with what you’re wearing. Try to look like a professional. And, yes the bimbo clearly is a lying sack of government crap.

Queen bimbo needs a little public relations training. Usually women are pretty good defusing things. This old bag was egging the whole thing on with her, “Are your papers in order” routine. At some point common sense has to prevail. But wait. This was a government operation being run by public union thugs. Common sense is suspended in government operation being run by union thugs.

Whoever the “neighbor” was that phoned in the complaint about the hoops, ought to have his yard TP’d daily and sacks of flaming dog crap piled on his door step nightly before a clever ring and run. And no I don’t care what it looks like. Every driveway in IN has a basketball hoop. I put one up just so people would stop asking me where my hoop was.

And even if it is an eyesore, it’d been there 60 years. Seems old man kill joy might have considered the lay of the hoops before moving in.

The law is a thin veil to hide behind when going door to door and snatching people’s property out of the ground. And, yes, the hoop should have stayed until the government responded to the couple’s appeal.

If someone in DE wants to make a name for himself, fire supreme queen bimbo today, or at least transfer the stooge to the stoppage unit of the Water Dept’s sewer unit. Replace the confiscated hoops with new adjustable state of the art roll away units.

P-BO's America.  Property being confiscated in broad daylight under armed guard.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Outside the pop culture; is P-BO qualified to talk about anything?

P-BO wrecked another night of BS tv by taking it to a new level of BS. As always when the narcissist we elected president gets too low in the polls, he takes to the airwaves. So what was P-BO talking about last night? His insights into who he thinks has the inside edge on Dancing with the Stars? No. Then he must have been handicapping the remaining contestants on American Idol. No. Re-bracketing the NCAA b-ball tourney then for sure. No.

Those are all things this Commander in Chief is qualified to do. Unfortunately he strayed into something so far a field of what he is qualified to do, it’s scary. He ruined another night of tv to try and explain US participation in the war on Libya. Uh, sorry, not war. That’s such a George Bush thing. Let’s call it the kinetic military operation in Libya. Yes that’s more, uh, what’s the word? Ah yes sanitized. After all, people get killed in wars. Given the state of American education, three quarters of the people probably have no idea that kinetic actually means blowing things up. It’s like in the post below, where Lex carries on a conversation with two elderly P-BO worshipers. Confronted with the Libyan war, the couple would probably respond, “You idiot! How many times must P-BO tell you? It’s not a ‘war!’ It’s a kinetic military action. Geez, you Tea Partiers sure are dumb.”

But we are making progress. Until last night, P-BO had spent more time discussing his ruined bracket picks than affairs of kinetic military action in Libya. And as is always the case when P-BO tries to explain an adult subject outside the pop culture, people tend to think, WTF when he stops talking. Last night was no exception. According to P-BO, we’re in a war that is nothing more than a kinetic military action. We’re there to establish a no fly zone, but we are attacking ground forces. We will only be there for a few days, but have been there over week already. We want Qaddafy to go, but we’re not targeting him. We’re there to protect the Libyan people, unless the people are being attacked by Libyan rebels – many of whom are known to be al Qaeda operatives. We won’t run the operation, but we will supply the lion’s share of the kinetic force to make the mission happen. And all of this is in support of mission that according to SecDef Gates has no American strategic interest. Cool.

What the hell, as long as we have the UN and Arab league with us. With a set up like that, who needs the congress?

It’d be easy to get the American people on line for this operation. Simply remind them of Pan Am 103 and the German disco Qaddafy bombed. I’m all for killing Qaddafy, his sons and the Pan Am bomber. And I do not particularly care if it’s by kinetic means or death by the bites of 10,000 ducks. According to P-BO we’re not even targeting the guy. I hope that’s wrong. But why do have this funny feeling that we’re not interested in killing the slimy bastard?

Kill him and the rest of his sycophants.  Turn Libya over to whoever we think best supports out interests. Give them a packet of pictures of a dead Qaddafy as a reminder of what will happen to them if they cross the good ol’ USA.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bumper sticker logic

I was driving along the other day, minding my own business, when I saw this car with an incredibly clever bumper sticker. It said, "Endless war." But the clever part comes when the clever bumper sticker dude had a red line going through the “less” part of endless and inserted the word “this” over the strike through. So now you have, End This War. Clever huh?

Along with that clever piece of work, there were a couple of Obama stickers. As I drove past, I noticed an elderly couple driving. I wanted to roll down the window and shout, “Which war?” But traveling a 70 mph, I didn’t think I could get my point across, so I drove on imagining the conversation.

Lex: Which War?

Oldies: Bush’s war. Bush started a war, so Bush is a creep.

Lex: Bush’s war? Does Bush go to war, or does America go to war?

Oldies: It’s Bush’s war. He lied. Kids died.

Lex: I see. What about P-BO’s war. I’ll bet you guys are really pissed about that one.

Oldies: No. We think P-BO is the best president ever.

Lex: Yes but he stated a war. Bush started a war and he’s a creep. P-BO started a war in Libya. So, isn’t he a creep as well?

Oldies: No. Bush started a war for oil.

Lex: Well doesn’t Libya produce a lot of oil?

Oldies: Yes. But P-BO got the UN to go along with our war in Libya.

Lex: Didn’t the UN pass about 25 sanctions against Iraq.

Oldies: Yes but Bush is a creep. P-BO has built a coaltition.

Lex: Didn’t Bush build a much larger coalition in Iraq than P-BO has for Libya. And didn’t Bush get congressional approval before beginning operations in Iraq?

Oldies: Yes. But Bush is a creep. P-BO is the greatest president and human being ever.

Lex: But you are OK with the Afghan war, because P-BO said that we should get out of Iraq and win the “good war” in Afghanistan. Besides, P-BO has sent additional troop into Afghanistan. Right?

Oldies: No. Bush started the Afghan war too. He’s a creep. P-BO was handed a bigger mess than he knew in Afghanistan, so he had to send in more troops because Bush is a creep.

Lex: So a war in oil rich Libya is OK because P-BO started it, even though he has a smaller coalition and no approval of the congress.

Oldies: Yes. The UN is more important than our congress where the House of Representatives is dominated by right wing Tea Partiers.

Lex: Did you know that P-BO has more support in house for his Libyan operation from Republicans than from Demo-Dopes?

Oldies: No. It doesn’t matter. Bush is a creep. P-BO is the greatest man ever. Have you noticed that the seas have begun to recede and he has created an extra hour of daylight for everyone?

Lex: Well no. The seas have not receded. Ask the Japanese. And the “extra hour” of daylight is due to daylight savings time. Remember when you had move your clocks ahead an hour?

Oldies: The Japanese were put under water because of their reliance on nuclear energy. P-BO was punishing them, and you’re trying trick us with this clock business. All we know is that it used to get dark at about 6pm. Now, because of Obama, it doesn’t get dark until 7.

How do you argue with logic like that?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Nobel Peace Prize winners for war

Hard core Libs are wising up and discovering that P-BO never deserved the Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded for…what? For not being George Bush I guess. At the time people with brains noted that P-BO had not done one thing worthy of being President of the United States let alone a Nobel Peace Prize winning President of the United States. The award was given in the hopes that P-BO reign in the US and subvert our exceptionalism. It was a good bet.

Then Gauntanamo stayed open. Then the Iraq “occupation force” continued to occupy. Then the Afghan war refused to wind down. In fact, it escalated when P-BO stole a play from his predecessor and reinforced the troops. Now P-BO has a scandal much worse than anything that happened at Abu Grahab. An Army “kill team” it seems was out killing everything that moved without regard as to their age, sex or activity. Then the boneheads took pictures that, as always, ended up on the Internet. And notice that there has not been a single cry for the resignation of SecDef Robert Gate or calls for war crimes trials for Gates and P-BO. Amazing. Bush and Rumsfeld are regarded by the left as war criminals because some guards took fraternity type photos of some terrorists locked up for being terrorists. The story ran daily in the NY Times with photos. Bush and Rumsfeld were responsible according to the MSM. Now on P-BO’s watch a few scum bag soldiers are killing innocents and there is nothing but the sound of crickets chirping. Weird huh?

Then came the coupe de gras for anyone who bought into the hopeychangey, Mr. Peace Prize started bombing Libya. Not only was he bombing Libya, he was bombing them for reasons that could not be clearly explained. Everyday, it seems, brings a new mission and a new reason for the bombing. The imaginary reason for the bombing at the start was to establish a “no fly zone” over Libya to allow rebel forces a means to maneuver. OK fine. I’m all for it. But, when did the clever Libyans develop tanks and artillery that can fly? Have you seen the pictures of the bombed out tanks? I couldn’t make out any wings on any of them. So there must be some kind of “no drive” zone as well. Is that what they call mission creep?

The operation was supposed to last days not weeks. Now it been a week and the story of what we’re doing and who is in charge has changed more times than the girls at a Paris fashion show. So hell yeah, P-BO give it back, you war for oil, you lied they died, war crimes supporting, war mongering, war monger.

Hell no, I don’t believe a word of it. But it does point out a bit of the hypocrisy on the left, no? Nothing would be better than to have Qaddaffy, his sons and the Pan Am bomber assume room temperature by a couple US missiles that some clever swabby has emblazoned with “This is for Pan Am flt 103.”

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is revolution at hand?

The real no kidding shooting revolution begins when elections don’t mean anything. Today elections are always subject to Lib fraud and theft. If letting every Tom, Dick and Harry and Jose, Juan and Hector vote as many times as necessary in as many precincts as necessary doesn’t work, Demo-Dopes are perfectly happy to count and recount votes until their candidate achieves a one vote advantage and then stop counting and declare victory. How else could anyone explain Al Franken?

So we know that Demo-Dopes will cheat any and every way possible. But when they are handed an @$$whippin’ like last Nov, no amount of cheating could bend the overwhelming will of the American people to their side. So what to do? Well, quit. Walk out. Leave the city, county and state of the office that you were elected to represent. Screw the will of the people. Just stop the Demo-Dope bleeding any way possible.

Then bring no count loser public union reps and their no compete, can’t be fired, loser members who are otherwise unqualified to walk a dog to storm the statehouse and shut the whole thing down. Threaten anyone who stands up to you. Wreck the people’s house while you are at it. Cause several millions in damages, just to let everyone know you mean business. Then when the duly elected majority finds a way to enact the will of the people, get some leftist judge to over-turn the work of the legislature. That’s pretty much WI.

Here in IN Demo-Dope cowards have taken flight as well. The Dopes are on a 4 week unpaid vacation pretty much shutting down all business in Indianapolis. They are AWOL. And like any soldier who shirks his duty, the AWOL legislators should pay a steep penalty. Forfeiture of all pay and allowances is only a start. The majority has levied daily fines to what Gov Mitch Daniels calls the “hot tub” Demo-Dopes. One Republican Rep. says the fines will be forgiven once the Dopes come back. Great. Thanks for sharing that. The fines should be doubled and collected when the Dopes come back. That’s one way to balance the state’s budget.

But you can see what’s happening. Republicans go out and win elections in huge ways then the Dopes subvert the will of the people by stopping the proper functioning of government. No doubt the Dopes will continue in this tactic until they can steal enough elections through fraud, intimidation and theft to set things right.

Dopes are playing with fire. Right now, unlike the Dopes, the people are of the belief that elections matter. When we come to the conclusion that election don’t matter and the unions and their Demo-Dope co-conspirators, get their way through fraud, the threat of violence and whacky judges who single-handedly over turn the will of the majority of the people and their representatives, another much, much larger group will show up at the statehouse. As always, the union thugs will try intimidate the larger group. When that doesn’t work, the thugs will resort to violence.

DOJ head, Eric the wad Holder has demonstrated that he has no interest in protecting honest people from left wing loons, so what to do? At some point, when elections don’t matter any more, the people will secure their liberty by the same means as the founders, violent revolution.

So when the idiot to top all idiots, Joe why yes I am dumb as a hoe handle Biden praises the union thugs for having “the muscle” to get the Lib agenda enacted in spite of the will of the majority of the American people, what are the rest of us to do? At some point, fight.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rats acting like rats

Why are public unions acting like cornered rats? Take a look several posts under at the way the public unions have acted in WI. Then check this out:

Public union thugs are acting like cornered rats because they are…well…cornered rats. The rats can see that they are about to be run over by their own public gravy train. So instead of making the concessions required to keep the gravy train rolling they’ve decided no concession, no matter how minor, can be extracted from the monopoly that the public unions represent.

Better to slay the golden goose than let the public off the hook on public union salaries and benefits. Unions can see the unsustainable nature of what they have created and they can now see that the public can see. The only hope in their eyes is fight like hell over even the most minor of concessions lest the public demand more and more concessions until the unions are brought on a par with people paying their salaries and benefits.

They are out acting like animals now, because they know the gravy train is going to have to roll to a stop. But they can’t make everyday man the enemy, never mind that these greedy bastards are making ½ again more money as everyday man who pays the freight. They need everyday man on their side. Because the dirty little secret is that lefty dopes like the public unions could confiscate every dime of everyone making a million dollars or more and it still wouldn’t come close to funding the BS that Demo-Dopes think of to spend money on. The money has to come from everyday man because there are so many of us.

But everyday man is getting wise. He’s humping his butt off 5-6 days a week 10-12 hours a day to make ends meet so that the public unions can pay employees ½ again more than everyday man, that’s for a public union 30 hour work week 180 days a year. How is that sustainable?

I’ll tell you how. The public unions raise the kind of hell we’ve seen in WI and in the bank in that video and try to intimidate everyday man and his representatives. It’s called mob rule. Whoever can organize the mob rules. And sadly we’ve foolishly elected an organizer in chief.

Everyday man is behind the power curve. But the Tea Party has demonstrated that everyday man can get organized. But it’s usually on the weekend, because unlike public employees, everyday man has to show up for work Mon thru Fri.

Public union employees are acting like cornered rats because that’s what they are – cornered rats.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ending the mission is not a mission

I’ve been listening to the president talk about what exactly is the mission for US troops in Libya. So far here’s what I’ve learned about the mission:

The primary mission of US forces in Libya is to end the mission as soon as possible. Well yeah. That’s what comes out of P-BO’s statement. It’s not the old days of understandable mission statements from that boob GWB, “A strong stable Iraq who will be a partner in the war on terror.” That large strategic mission statement is laser clear compared to The Organizer’s, “A the behest of the French and the UN, we’ve begun bombing Libya. The mission will end as soon as possible.”

Barring any route to immediately cut and run, P-BO’s plan is to “transition” the effort in Libya to the Arab League or some other country - France, England, Spain, Lower Volta anyone to get America out of the lead. Seems the Big Organizer’s efforts to re-cast the American image abroad has failed miserably because P-BO doesn’t want American leadership in the Libyan effort lest the people of the world get the wrong impression about our, um “leader.”

The Arab League? Really? YGBSM! Is the President of the United States seriously considering turning American military power over to the Arab league? If he is, he’s a bigger dope than anyone could have imagined. If he isn’t considering that move, he’s…what do they call it…oh yeah lying.

Then to make matters worse P-BO says that we’re wanting Cooodoofy to leave but our military actions are not directed at Quoooodoophy. Huh? We’re protecting the Libyan people from Kaduffy’s military but not supporting the rebels who are presumably Libyan and the direct targets of Kudaffy’s military. WTF, doesn’t even begin to touch this one. 

Aside:  And we'll hear over and over about how smart P-BO is.  They continue to think he's smart.  But no one has ever seen any evidence of it.  Seems the dumber things he does, the more they tell us how smart he is.  It's like he's so smart that he's the ONLY one in the universe that knows that 2+2 is actually 18.  So nobody knows how really smart he is.  Well 2+2 is about 4 here in the real world.  I'll bet this guy knows exactly how many pizzas to order for the midnight basketball program.  Other than that, I see no evidence that he has any idea of what he's doing. Back on point:

One military guy said he could accomplish his mission and Ckudauffy could still be in charge of the country.

In the movie The Wind and Lion – a story loosely based on actual events – President T. Roosevelt demands of the Moroccan “government” that an American being held by Moroccan rebels be returned alive or the leader of the rebels dead. When the Moroccan government vacillates, TR moves on them with the US Navy and Marines and takes over control of the government and secures the release of the hostage.

After the action, TR utters this memorable line:

Gentlemen, nothing in this world is certain - absolutely nothing. The fate of the nation will be decided by the American people in November, and the fate of Morocco will be decided tomorrow by me. And now, if you don't mind, I'd just like to be alone with my bear!

The fate of Libya is going to be decided by the Brits, the French or the, you can’t be serious, Arab League. How much farther do you suppose we can slide as a nation as our puny president continues to shrink?

Here’s the mission: Kill Qudaffy. Target him and his forces night and day. Kill his sons. While you’re at it, kill the Lockerbie bomber. The president will decide the fate of Libya once Qudaffy and his sons are dead.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rent a mob war protesters now worried about union pay not war

Who knew P-BO was a war mongering hawk? With two wars still brewing, P-BO is setting his sight on Libya. No doubt it’s an effort to seize the oil resources there. And war protesters are taking to the streets by millions to protest Mr. Hopeychangey’s war machine. They were everywhere over the weekend protesting P-BO’s new war for oil and his blown promise to…pick one or two:

Close Guantanamo

End the war in Iraq

End the war in Afghanistan

Make America more popular around the world

Lemesee, Guantanamo is still open. That’s right. Two years ago Mr. Organizer signed the executive order to close it before having a clue how that order would be accomplished. There was much hoopla at the time : P-BO makes good on campaign promise, P-BO closes Guantanamo, P-BO sets new tone for US - closes Guantanamo. Yet the Organizer in chief found out that actually doing something is a bit harder than making speeches about doing something. So G’tmo is still open for business. And after a two year delay, military trials are to begin again there. So at the next P-BO presser can you expect a question like: Well Mr. P-BO are you ready to admit that the Bush administration had Guantanamo about right?

And while they are at it, they can ask the same questions about Iraq and Afghanistan. Because B-HO the campaigner is no where near where he promised P-BO would be on those two situations. Those wars continue with talk of exit dates and draw downs occurring about as frequently as discussions about what great guy GWB turned out to be.

And is America loved around world. If anything P-BO has made things considerably worse. His never ending bow and kiss tours have weakened America abroad by treating our friends like worms and our enemies as if they were better than we are. Now our enemies are emboldened by a weak president and friends are in a “let’s wait two years” mode. Here’s one indication of how popular America is under the leadership of The Organizer. P-BO visits Rio for his 700th vacation in two year and there riots in the streets, people are shot with rubber bullets, his speech in a public square is canceled because of security threats, and a presser is canceled because, well who knows why.  Yes things for Americans are just better everywhere.

So Mr. Organizer of hope-n-change has delivered squwat with regard to war and war’s consequences. He has stood pat with the Bush administration that he uses as a shield every time something goes wrong around the world. He has let George Bush set his administration’s policy and then bitched that the job is just too tough.

After letting GWB lead him around by the nose for two years on silly campaign promises he has failed to deliver on, P-BO has now let French President Sarkozy pull him into a third war with Libya. The MSM are spinning this as if P-BO is great man for waiting for the UN to get on board. That’d be fine if P-BO had had one thing to do with the UN getting on board with FRENCH LEADERSHIP. He didn’t. He voted present again and let America get swept up in the event. McCain had this figured out three weeks ago. Where would we be right now had the grand organizer taken a minute away from his bracket to give serious matters serious thought?

So now war protesters have taken over the streets in Washington DC to protest the Organizer in chief’s failed campaign promises to get us out of two wars and starting a third. Ha! There are no war protesters. They must all be in WI protesting Scott Walker - the real danger in America now.  They couldn’t care less about war unless there happens to be a Republican president. And no matter how you look at it, that is very sad.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Recovery Fri.

My bracket is a mess.  Mostly because I didn't fill one out.  I had too much St. Paddy's Day last night.  Soooo, go here, This pretty much sums up the WI labor movement.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Real brackets for P-BO

In a recent National Review on Line article, Rich Lowery explored this question: Why is it every time a half-wit Demo-Dope gets elected president and things start to go south as every conservative knew that they inevitably would, the left resurrects the old, “has the presidency become too big for just one man?” Lowery’s correct assessment is that the presidency isn’t too big, Jimmy Carter was and P-BO is just way, way, way too small.

Carter fretted over the schedule on the White House tennis court. P-BO, even more detached, frets over NCAA basketball brackets. At least Carter was concerned about SOMETHING going on in the White House.

P-BO delighted the world on ESPN yesterday when he laid out “his” (Yeah right. The guy hasn’t done his own work since 2nd grade) bracket. Try these brackets P-BO:

In the Mid East Regional who are you taking the Libyan Rebels or Quackdaffy? Iranian Rebels or the Mooolalalas? Saudi oil extortion or energy independence?

In the Far East Regional who ya got? The people of Japan or a nuclear meltdown? Pakistani Islamo-Terror-Fascists or democratic reform?

In the Euro Regional who you pullin’ for? Continued government and economic collapse under the weight of unsustainable socialists programs or democratic entitlement reform? A continued slide toward a Muslim centric population or tax reform to encourage Europeans to procreate?

In the home regional who do you think has the best shot? Energy independence through a well-planned energy policy relying on domestic coal, oil and natural gas or a strategy that funds both side of a war on terror by shipping US dollars to the Mid East for over priced oil? Who you got? The over-paid, under-worked, whining, crying, lying, extorting, thugs in the public unions or the people who pay them? Who you got, the teachers unions who have destroyed American education or vouchers for parents so that they can remove their children from the crappy monopoly of public education?

Take a minute out of your busy day of golf, basketball, smokes, an afternoon nap and toilet training and address the real brackets.

Lowery had it half right. P-BO isn’t too small. He’s puny, miniscule and virtually unseen on any real issue of the day without an electron microscope.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Phony Pres prefers basketball to world leadership

A study indicates that there will be $1.7 BILLION dollars in lost productivity during college basketball’s March Madness national championship tournament. What’s an employer to do? No doubt he wants to keep the work force on its toes and doing their best. Trying to stifle the madness may lead to more trouble than its worth. Particularly when you have the Commander in Chief of all US forces filling out “his” brackets for ESPN, let’s face it boss, you might as well go all in.

Put a tv in the break room. Get your best numbers guy to set up the pool – screw any laws forbidding organized gambling. Encourage employees to wear “their” school colors or the ones of the teams they are betting on. What the heck, get some chips, pizzas and keg of beer. We’re Americans, let’s not quit until we make that puny 1.7 a 7.1 BILLION.

If the president can take time out of his busy day of leading the free world during two wars, economic collapse, an energy crisis, a humanitarian disaster of Biblical proportion in Japan and utter chaos in the Middle East, what’s to say the third teller at the First Fifth and Last Bank can’t make change for a $100 while deciding whether to go with The OSU or Duke in the final?

Lex has lately shunned his tendency toward Jr. High name calling of the president. Lex is lifting that shun to say this – You worthless punk. Libya smolders while you golf. Japan suffers while you fine tune “your” bracket. Our economy is a wreck while you deliver a speech on bullying. States are broke. Schools are a mess. But you take your ugly mug and sail ears onto ESPN to talk college basketball. You are a pathetic loser. And I do not believe for one minute that it is “your” bracket. No doubt some team of sports aficionados have gotten together and come up with a bracket for you. Like everything in your unproductive unremarkable life, there will be an affirmative action bracket done for you while you munch arugula in front of Moochell before sneaking out for a hamburger and fries. You are a fraud, a fake and a phony scam artist.  On his worst day GWB is a better man than you are on your best.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stupid cops

If you’re worried about one of the kids that just doesn’t seem to have it. Don’t worry. Send him to Dayton, OH to become a police officer. Eric the wad Holder has just ordered the Dayton police Dept. to dumb down their test so that more minos can get in.

We’re not sure, but we believe that The Wad did so in order to please the big boss, P-BO. So now when P-BO shoots off his mouth before thinking and says something as dumb as, “the Cops acted stupidly,” in Dayton, OH at least, he will probably be correct. Stupid people often do stupid things, like diving off of a house boat into the Ohio River, wrecking a $17,000 car to save a $.75 milkshake, rolling their tractor into a pond etc. And that’s just a start of the dumb things Lex has done.

So I’m off to Dayton. Because I believe I are intelligence enough to became one of Dayton’s finest. Oh and thanks to the public unions, once your numbskull off-spring does get hired, it’ll be a life time job (lifetime in union speak means until about age 45 or as soon as he can be medically retired for slipping on the ice) and he will not be able to be fired no matter how stupidly he acts. They might consider making him a public school teacher if acts really, really stupid. Can you imagine the lawsuits that will occur from this decision?

Actually, dumb white people need not apply. This is an affirmative action program for stupid minos. That’s exactly what Dr. King said in his famous “I have a dream” speech.

I have a dream where uninspired, lazy, minority children become police officers in Dayton, OH regardless of the content of their character. I have a dream, that public unions so destroy the public school system that minority children cannot even pass a simple civil service exam and require an unconstitutional affirmative action program within another unconstitutional affirmative action program. I have a dream where stupid cops can act stupidly. I have a dream where all of God’s children are arrested and throw in jail by people who cannot read or write on an 8th grade level. I have a dream, where every stupid mino gets a gun and a badge not due to the content of their character but rather due to the color of their skin.

You can be sure the @$$clown Rev? population, JJ, not so SHARPton, Wright are all ok with The Wad’s decision.

The Wad’s decision comes on the heels of a “diversity report” on the US military that claims that there are too many white male officers. How can that be? The only group in the military that do not have precepts at promotion boards working for them, the only group that does not get promoted at rates consistent with their overall representation of the force are over represented?

This report comes on the heels of the repeal of the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy and the serious consideration of allowing women to serve in the combat arms. Taken together, it is difficult not to believe that there is an ongoing conspiracy among Libs to destroy the US military, the last bastion of government efficiency, through social engineering of the force.

Soon we’ll have a black general, Jerome Dawson, marring a white general, Bruce Lopez in the base chapel at Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton in a service performed by a transgender non-denominational military priest while the Islamo- terror-fascist hoards are held at bay by the world’s dumbest police force.

Only when the whole thing collapses around us will we wake up and…blame Bush.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Control the nukes and Japan will be back better than ever

The pictures from Japan are surreal. I had visited Tokyo many years ago. I was struck by the orderliness of everything from the cab drivers who wore spotless white gloves while maintaining a spotlessly clean cab to the rarity of finding so much as a gum wrapper in the street gutter.

The parks were perfectly clean, not because the government kept them that way, but because the people kept them that way. With the few exceptions of the “No Americans” signs on the Ginza, people were unfailingly polite and to the extent possible given the language barrier helpful.

I was on a street corner trying to orient myself to walk to a park. A Japanese man stopped and asked if I needed help. I pointed to the park on the map and the man walked me a block or two and pointed the way before backtracking the way we had come.

I recall sitting down at a restaurant. It was early by Japanese standards so we were the only one’s in the restaurant. The menu was an absolute stopper. So the manager came over and ordered for us. It was a great meal for a very good price. It was confusing because we ate and ate and then the waiter brought out the soup. I thought, oh no, we’ve just started. But apparently soup comes last with some Japanese meals.

It's devastating to see the ruin brought on these people. But I suspect they will recover in a big way. It’s the nukes that are the major concern right now.

I suppose we ought to reconsider building those 50 nuclear power plants Lex called for several posts below, at least until all of the lessons learned from Japan’s experienced can be absorbed. Given the delay nature of government and greenies, that period will probably be about 50 years.

But on the bright side the Japanese seem to be managing the systems pretty well given the devastating hits the facilities and the country have taken. John Bolton has commented that the back up systems were working until the tsunami hit. He believes it is more a matter of where such back up systems are placed. Certainly we can learn from this event and make the nuclear power more secure.

But let’s face facts, the likelihood of us ever building another large scale nuclear reactor are slim to none. So what will Government Motors electric cars run on? Clean nuclear power? Not many. Most will ironically be nothing more than coal burning cars.

So with nuclear off the table, what do we do? Well, according to P-BO’s nutball menagerie, with the exception of burning food for energy, nothing.

That’s right. Nothing. Can’t build nuclear plants now. Can’t drill anywhere there is oil. Can’t pursue oil shale. We can however plant acres and acres of corn to burn in ethanol.

This will be huge issue in 2012. Unless P-BO reverses course and gets us drilling ASAP, gas will go to $5.  If he reverses course he will lose the greenies.  If he doesn't, he should lose the election.

But Lex it takes 3 years for any new drilling to produce results. I doubt it. Why? Well because that’s the meme that the left and the MSM have been spreading for years. They lie for political purpose.  The relief will not be instantaneous, but I seriously doubt it will take three years to produce oil from new wells.

And we know this that even the serious threat of a serious energy policy in the US causes the Arabs to get nervous. They then produce more oil at lower prices. So we should at least pretend that we’re serious about becoming energy independent.

One thing is certain, solar and wind power will not begin to touch the power requirements of recovering US economy let alone a booming one. And consider the lead time required to get these wind farms and solar farms on line. How long do suppose it take to get the leases, install the equipment and get on line. I suspect it’ll be at least three years.

The bottom line is that with nuclear power out of the question, for now, the ONLY viable way to power the American economy is with oil and natural gas. So what to do? Go get the oil.

Friday, March 11, 2011

WI where creeps abound

WI is broke. Not recognizing that fact, lying union scum have descended upon the WI state capitol building to protest the most minor wage concessions and squeal like stuck pigs about the elimination of their collective bargaining rights.

These bargaining rights were heretofore engaged in against the people of WI. The scam went like this. Public unions contribute tons of confiscated union dues to Demo-Dopes. Demo-Dopes get elected. The unions then proceed to collective bargain with their newly elected Demo-Dope cronies on their side of the table against the people of WI. It’s like being the boss of a small company. He can pretty much take as much money as he wants to out of the business. Only when the business begins to suffer will the “boss” realize that maybe he has gone too far.

In WI the greedy bastards in the union and their Demo-Dope paid shills do not care if the state is broke. SO they descend on the statehouse and raise hell. Lie like little kids getting sick notes from fake doctors. How much more pathetic can it get.

Plenty. When these imported “union” thugs initially occupied the statehouse they caused in excess of 7 MILLION dollars damage. That’s like jr. throwing a brick through the family’s front window because mom and dad don’t have the money to pay him for cutting the grass. Costing an entity that is broke more money so that you can get a higher wage is insane behavior. Oh, good jr. Now that you’ve broken a window that we can’t afford to fix, more money has mysteriously shown up in the checking account.

So after causing 7 million in damages to the statehouse, wiser heads prevailed and decided to keep the bottom feeding union scum out. But bottom feeders are hard to keep out. They have no respect for anything but their own wants. So after the WI senate passed the bill ending collective bargaining, the bottom feeding scum stormed the statehouse.

And speaking of bottom feeding scum, guess who showed up in Madison yesterday? That’s right the right Rev? Jesse why no I’ve never had a congregation Jackson. Hymietown Jackson took to the mic and declared that he wanted to cut P-BO’s nuts off. No wait that was on CNN during the campaign. He was going to call Walker a bastard but thought it might lead to questions about his own birth and that of one of his own kids. So Rev? Jackson decided to fall back on his old extortion tricks and vow more trouble for the already troubled state of WI if they didn’t do things his way. See if you can make sense of this:

“More health care for more Americans is not as hurtful as less education and less health care and fewer jobs. Maybe what you see here is the rise of hurt and people are acting out their democratic rights and sharing their pain. And they want to be heard and I feel that when they’re steamrolled as they were in the Assembly and as they are in the Senate, people are going to fight back against the governor hears them and engages in democracy and not ramrod democracy. It simply will not work whether Cairo or Madison, it will not work.”

Huh? WTF? It doesn’t even rhyme. How about, “Hell no. We won’t go. WI must pay the union all of its dough.” That’s the Rev? JJ I grew up with. What’s with this incoherent babble that doesn’t rhyme? Four sentences that even Mrs. Donavan couldn’t diagram with a 50 ft. chalkboard and a case of colored chalk. Where’s the Rev? and bullhorn when you need him.

Sharing the pain? State workers on average make more money than the Joe’s paying it. Let me have some of that pain.

So now we’ve had Michael Moore and Rev? JJ showing up in Madison. All the unions need is for Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn, Hugo Chaves and Cudaphie to show up and they’ll have a clean sweep for support from the world’s best known creeps.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bust the public unions

Every time I see one of the union demonstrations, they claim that the governor - pick one, Christie, Kasich, Walker, Daniels – is trying to bust the union. Inexplicably, the governor or one of his minions comes on and denies the union’s allegations. No it’s all about the budget, not union busting. WI has now almost gotten it right.  But a better answer would be:

“Hell yeah we’re try to bust them before they bust the state. Take teachers. In WI they make an average of $55,000 a year cash and another $37,000 in benefits and they contribute far less to those benefit packages than the private sector employees paying their salary. That’s not bad for a 180 day work schedule from Aug 30 to Jun 7th, with Christmas, Easter and other holiday breaks thrown in. They can retire at age 55. They cannot be fired for incompetence. So hell yes, I’m trying to bust the union. Damn straight.

“Hell yes! I’m trying to bust the public sector union. My friend Paul works down at the Wayside Garage six days a week with a week off, and pays twice as much into his healthcare and retirement accounts for about the same money as the whiners out on the statehouse lawn. Hell yes, I’m taking a sledge hammer to the union. My intent is to bust it into the tiniest pieces possible and put the membership on a par with people paying the state’s bills. If public sector employees do not like it, quit and get a job on the other side of this bassakwards equation and see how you like it.

“And hell yes! That goes for police and firefighters as well. We honor your work and bravery, but the city cannot afford to pay two sometimes three departments. We have the one on the streets and the others are retired. It has to stop. And if you think that nobody else wants your job or can’t do it as well, quit. I’ll privatize the fire department and hire new police officers. There will be lines around the block for new hires.

“Hell yes! The public sector unions have to go, NOW! My plan would be to place first in line returning veterans for police and fire work. As seemingly the last bastion of duty, honor, country and service before self left in this country, I’ll hire and train any and all former military who want to work and serve this community.

“Hell yes! I’m trying to blow public sector unions to hell and back. I want to completely destroy them and then plow salt into the proverbial earth where they take root so that they will never sprout again. These “public servants” are a monopoly. They cannot be allowed to hold the community hostage for unlimited pay and benefits under threat of illegal strikes, sick outs or any other work stoppage.

“Hell yes! I want every public union member picketing on the state house lawn instead of providing the service to the community that they are overpaid to perform fired right now. I want to be able to hire a new breed of public servant who can understand the importance of their work to the community, who will respects the people who pay their salary and actually consider it an honor to serve the people of this great state.

“Hell yes! Public sector unions are an albatross around the taxpayer’s neck. At the top, they are dominated by greedy, politically one-sided thugs. They rob the forced union membership of dues that they then use to elect the people that will negotiate their next contract. It has to stop.

“Today, what you are seeing on our statehouse lawn, are these money grubbing bastards acting like the Slim Pickens character in Dr. Strangelove, hooping and hollering in glee as he rides the bomb that is going to blow him to bits. I am the bomb.

“Hell yes! The public sector unions have to go for the good of the state and the people who live here. And I do not apologize for it.”

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

He's BACK!

Don’t pay the ransom, Lex escaped! Just as the cite meter at Lex crept into double digits, wham! A virus takes down Lex’s line to the outside world. I suspect foul play from the governemnt.  Then after the “repair,” wham! The same virus takes hold again. Which in my mind is proof positive that P-BO and the herd of jackasses that populate his administration couldn't take the heat.  My IT staff down at A+ Computers were working feverishly to get me back up. And by feverishly I mean this:

Lex: Hello is Brad there?

A+: No. His cat sick. He won’t be in today.

Lex: Uhmm, I have a computer Brad was working on. Is anyone taking his place.

A+: No. Brad started the work. So Brad must finish the work.

Lex: Soooo, will it be ready tomorrow.

A+: Tomorrow is Saturday, duh. Our “technicians” don’t work on Saturday.

Lex: Hey look I’m Lex E. Libertas, and I need my computer to get back into the fight to save American freedom.

A+: Lex!! Wow! We’re dropping everything. You can pick it up in an hour.

Actually the computer guys were great. They put up with a 100 questions that to them I’m sure were stupid as hell. But Lex is back.

Where to begin? How about we go to the union demonstrations in WI. I have to note that even here in IN the most often heard question is, “Don’t those people have to work?” If the teachers think they have lost public support for their cause now, wait until June when school goes on and on to make up the lost days. Here in IN people are up in arms because they have make up about 5 global warming days – heretofore known as snow days. If people won’t give Mother Nature a break, what are the chances of them giving lying, over-paid, under-worked, under-achieving union thugs a break?

And how about Kadaffy? Is that one of the 300 or so approved spellings of his name? You have to wonder about a guy who has been running a country for 40 years with an iron fist, but some how cannot get promoted past Colonel. Do you suppose he sits in eager anticipation every year to see if the Libyan Army’s promotion board is finally going to make him a General? How’d you like to be the guy who has to break the news to him that he’s been passed over again, 40th year in a row, for general?

I recall Ronald Reagan making a joke of Colonel Qudafie’s imaginary “line of death” in the Gulf of Sidra. Now the arugula eating hero occupying the White House is content to let Cadaphy slaughter his people nilly-willy. Without so much as a warning from Moochell O that he’d better be watching his trans fats.

P-BO doesn’t want to do anything without the cover of some international coalition. Is that leadership? Get in there and get the job done and see if the French and the Brits will follow. I can tell you that it would probably be a whole lot more likely that the Brits would follow had P-BO made even the slightest effort to maintain the special relationship that we’ve enjoyed with them since WWI. Proof positive that it only takes one @$$clown about an hour to destroy all of the goodwill that real diplomats have built over nearly a century.

How about those gas prices? Liberals continue to rely on the spaced out argument that even if we started to drill right now, we wouldn’t see any results for three years. That’s what they told us three years ago and here we sit. So let’s go get the oil. Let’s start to build 50 nuclear power plants today. Because, I’ll tell you, as long as we rely on the Middle East for our energy needs, we’ll be funding both sides of the war on terror and we’ll be held hostage by some of the most reviled governments in the world. So screw the “endangered” three toed pink eyed dunderfish. Put three or four of them in an aquarium somewhere stuff a couple for the field museum and let’s go. People and the American economy are more important right now. Go get the oil.