Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Petty criminal Lex's Man of the Year for exposing leftist loons

Lex’s Man of the Year included consideration for Pope Francis who has his own domain – the Catholic Church - so squared away, he’s finding time to delve into politics.  He brokered a deal or at least played some part in The Empty Suit reaching out to commies in Cuba.  That after his letter condemning “greed” i.e. capitalism.  Never mind that capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than anything in the history of man.  Now Francis is joining in common cause with the world’s Warm-mongers or green commies.  And if you do not believe that assessment of “green commies” - name one person speaking for that group of loons who is not a raging leftist.  So the Pope is out.

I considered TES for being a lawless punk.  But when it comes to lawless punks I settled on Eric Garner the loosey cigarette salesman who died after a run in with the NYPD.  Garner is not the man of the year because he’s a petty punk thug who died while committing a crime and resisting arrest, but rather because his death exposed Mayor de Blasio, TES and Eric the wad Holder for the race baiting d-bags they are. The fact that de Blasio and TES used the occasion of Garner’s death to bring reprobate, tax cheat, liar, riot inciter, race baiter and all round buffoon Rev? Al Not-so-sharpton into their inner circle is all you need to know.

While Republicans wrestle with a congressman who foolishly spoke a white supremacy rally 12 years ago, Dopes walk hand and hand with the biggest racist in America today and get a big ho hum from everyone including Republicans.  Were Boehner not a total eunuch sans a spine, any other skeletal support or brain, he’d tell the Dopes, “We’ll dump Scalise when TES tells America that SFB Not-So-Sharpton is no longer welcome in the White House.  Never happen

Garner’s death is also credited for unleashing commie led demonstrations in blue cities across America, promoting gun sales, support for the police and inconveniencing the very lib azzbags who voted for the Blue anarchy.   When you see shots of the rioters you see white commies, Muslims recruiting blacks youth, green weenies and all manner of human waste that show up at such things and the first thing they have to ask is, “What are we protesting?”

So, for exposing Dope “let the loons run the city” policies, commies, Muslims and anarchists acting in concert to destroy America all across the fruited plain petty criminal Eric Garner is Lex’s Man of the Year.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fake rape propels Lena Dunham to Lex's woman of the year

Lex’s woman of the year was an easy choice.  No it’s not the Shrilldabeast although she gets hung out to dry by my choice – details to emerge.  But I also need proof the beast is a woman.  I suspect she’s actually a cyborg.  It’s not fake Indian Lizzy Warren or any other pol either.  Although I strongly considered Mia Love the black Utah congresswoman whom I supported with my wallet as well as words.  If Boehner only had her spine.

My woman of the year was a tossup between the woman in the fake rape story at UVA and Lena Dunham.  I went with Dunham because her rape accusation is a clear lie.  The woman at UVA has a fake story about her but it’s still not certain that she wasn’t raped.  Dunham story is sheer BS.

How do you know?  Well when the story emerged that Dunham was raped by a college Republican named Barry – I thought this is just all too convenient.  It was a set up.  When it was checked out, it proved to be pure 100% pureed BS.  It never happened.  Dunham refuses to press charges and walked the story back just enough to give Barry the benefit of the doubt.

Fake rape stories, like fake racial notes left on dorm room white boards that turn to be left by the black woman who occupies the room, raise suspicion on actual rape and racial incidents.  Perpetrators of such hoaxes need to be prosecuted.  The people who lied to the Grand Jury in the Michael Brown shooting should be prosecuted if it can be proven that they lied.  They won’t be.  So people will continue to lie under oath.

But how does Dunham’s fake rape story hurt the Shrilldabeast?  As the chief enabler to the Dopes’ one man war on women, I guarantee you the beast doesn’t want rape to come up in the primary or general election.  If Rand Paul’s in your face “why don’t you ask the Clintons about their war on women” response becomes the pat answer for Republicans when confronted by a lapdog MSM about some phony war on women, I’d expect not hear anything about a war on women until after the election.   

So way to go Lena.  You’ve got the Shrilldabeast walking on thin ice – trust me she needs very thick ice - when it comes to rape and the “war on women.”


This piece of trash showed up in the local fish wrap.  Lex responded. 

Anytime a liberal says he’s going to “stick to the facts,” you’d better get your front-end loader warmed up to remove the mountain of rubbish that is sure to follow.  So it is with Bob Dunderman’s letter “GOP talking points contrary to facts” GJ letters Dec 28, 2014.

Even if you stipulate that anyone who agreed with what every credible intelligence agency in world was saying about Iraq from about 1998 on was a “liar,” by focusing solely on the Bush administration, Dunderman is painting with a razor thin brush.  The Democrats’ chief warrior in their war on women - Bill Clinton, 82 Democrat representatives and 29 Democrat senators, including Senators Clinton and Kerry were saying the exact same thing as President Bush, at the time.

With regard to abortion, whatever the political lay of the land was for the 9 members of the Supreme Court in 1973, only a child who still believes in Santa Claus could be so ill informed as to argue that the Republican Party has not stood firmly on the side of life since.  Meanwhile, Democrats have encouraged the expansion of abortion to the point that they are now knocking on the door of infanticide.

With regard to “outsourcing,” President Obama’s failure to enforce immigration law and his unconstitutional executive order on amnesty have outsourced far more American jobs to foreign labor living here illegally than anything congress could ever dream. 

Last, regarding executive orders, Dunderman thinks total numbers are all that matter.  In his mind someone speeding 25 MPH over the limit down an abandoned stretch of I-80, in Wyoming, at one in the morning is worse than someone going 20 MPH over the limit through a crowded school zone at 2:30 in the afternoon.  Simple numbers don’t tell the whole story.

Print it and send me my Golden Pen.  Oh wait.  That honor is reserved only for writers willing to ape the JG’s leftist point of view.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Lex's event of the year

Were this some shabby operation like Time Magazine we would just conflate a man, men, a woman, women, women and men who make up an organization, things, events and everything else with a title “Person of the year” take two weeks off and be done with it.  Here at the Lex page we’re a bit more careful than Time.

The events in the running for the event of the year are:
The midterm election:  An epic azz woopin’  if ever there was one.  Sadly it wasn’t big enough to rid the RepubliRAT Party of its weak sister leadership in Caligula D.C.  One of the overlooked aspects of the win was the down ticket wins.  There now 23 states controlled by Republicans in the governor’s house and both state chambers.  Move to one.  There are only 7 states where Dopes exercise that kind of control.  Move way.

Scandal investigations: This non-event is in the running precisely because it is a non-event.  I’m not going to run down the myriad scandals plaguing this White House.  It does not matter.  Nothing The Empty Suit’s administration can do seems to rise to the level of “scandal” for the lapdog MSM.  Let’s look at just the top three, any one of which would have been front page news for months and been the lead on every nightly news cast until impeachment had forced a Republican from the White House.  Four dead in Benghazi a scandal?  No.  It wasn’t.  It was caused by a video.  Throw that guy in jail and move on please.  Besides, dude, that was, like, two years ago.  IRS a scandal?  No.  There’s not a smidgen of corruption at the country’s most hated agency.  Well then certainly the VA rises to level of “scandal” then?  No.  It doesn’t.  A score or more of old dead mostly white service men is not a scandal.  Nor is the fact that they died for nothing more than a few thousand bucks in bonus money for VA administrators.

Executive Amnesty:  The mauling of the US Constitution by supposed “constitutional scholar,” like the scandal investigations above, is in the running due to the brazenness of the move and the ho hum reaction to it by the MSM and the “loyal opposition.”  The RepubliRATs adopted their never ending strategy of “keeping their powder dry for the NEXT FIGHT.”  Like Robertscare the RATS are always railing against it but doing very little to repeal it or roll it back.  Amnesty is like Robertscare in another way, Americans do not like it.  Still the RAYS won’t fight.  They’ll raise money on it.  They’ll run against at election time.  They’ll make brave speeches against it.  In the end they are no better at dealing with it than have the Dopes have been at dealing with the plight of the black family over the past 50 years

Any of these stories plus stories like missing flight 370, the rise of ISIS, withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan after what has been the bloodiest year of fighting there since the war began could go down as event of the year, if it were not for the phenomenon known as fracking. 

Fracking is the event of the year:  The oil boom on private and state owned lands in the west resurrected a US economy that The Empty Suit did his level best to destroy.  It held OPEC oil prices in check and then caused a steady decline in the price we paid at the pump.  As the industry grew, it put the fear of an energy independent America into OPEC which caused the per-barrel price of oil to steadily drop as OPEC manipulated the oil price low enough to make fracking unprofitable.  That move had the additional benefit of causing the bottom to fall out of the heavily oil dependent Russian economy.  Even though TES and Dopes oppose fracking, they take credit for the rising US economy that it inspired.  They also mistakenly (or not) claim credit for imposing sanctions which they claim are crippling the Russian economy.  Nothing TES and his band of azzclowns have done has had 1/10th the effect on the Russian economy that the drop in oil prices has had.  Like a vain rooster who thinks his crowing caused the sun to rise, TES is crowing about how his policies have the US economy on the move while his sanctions are crippling Russia.  Fracking is responsible in large part for those events, and is therefore the event of the year.

Tomorrow Lex’s woman of the year.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

You will know them by their friends

When you hang out with A-holes, you shouldn’t be surprised when they act like A-holes.  If you bring a stray dog into your home you shouldn’t be surprised if it pees on the carpet and chews a hole in the couch.  Mayor DeBlasio courted every left leaning loon in NY City to win election.  Now his constituency is blocking traffic, assaulting and murdering police officers.  Seriously azzbag, what did you expect? 

Now after giving his tribal moron mob free run of his city for a couple of weeks, Mayor D has asked the moron mob to cease and desist until the two murdered cops are buried.  The mob gave Mayor D the finger.  Ask any substitute teacher, once control of the classroom is lost, you might as well call in the principal and resource officer in to restore order, because when the animals escape from their cages and taste freedom, they don’t often return to their cages on their own.  Yeah cages are where most the tribal moron mob belongs – JAIL.

The mayor’s best bud - azzweasel, tax cheat, race baiting, lying, riot inciting buffoon of “we was inventin’ astrology (I think you astronomy there Skippy) when them Greek homos was livin’ in caves” fame Rev? Al Not-So-Sharpton carried on doing what the azzweasel does best - inciting the mob.  Right now I believe Rev? Azzweasel has more control over NY City than Mayor D.  Sadly, it’s a tossup whether or not that’s an improvement. Hey NY City!  You bunch limousine liberal azzwagons, you asked for it, you got it.  Enjoy the anarchy YOU VOTED FOR.

The proximate cause for the mob’s lawlessness, which ironically is bankrupting cities across America run by Dope mayors, is laid at the feet of two myths surrounding the deaths of a couple of petty thug criminals.  But when you pay attention to the “America sucks” rhetoric spewing forth from the tribal moron mob and their “leaders” like the human garbage that is the Rev? Al Not-so-sharpton the mob is really blaming all of their grotesque behavior on the American founding.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better.  The cops are probably going to have to split a few skulls to get the tribal moron mob’s attention and restore order.  That will further enrage the tribal moron mob.  There will be a cycle of escalation that stops who knows where.  El Presidente The Empty Suit may have to have another beer summit to get things of his own making under control.
Now we’re on the eve of Christmas.  So, we’ll try to chase the dire straits our country is in from our minds for a few days.  There’s no better way to do that in my opinion than with What a Glorious Night by Sidewalk Prophets.  If your toe is not tappin’ half way through this one, check yourself for a pulse.  Merry Christmas.  Back on Monday to wrap up the year.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tribal morons want excuses not opportunity

The indispensable Michael Ramirez nails it in a single frame.  Yet where do the race baiters from El Presidente The Empty Suit and Eric the wad Holder on down want to focus 100% of the attention?  On the cops.  Most particularly on white cops.  The reason the race baiters focus on whitey is simple.  It’s easier to assure the black underclass – think TESphone lady here – that the only reason they are not chairman of the board of a big corporation is that whitey is holding them down.

It’s a lot easier sell BS to the uneducated, undisciplined, unholy mob of tribal morons than truth.  The tribal morons actually look to congregationless agitator Revs? for “leadership” before a Ben Carson who demands the that notion that “a thug is a thug” needs to part of the wad’s conversation on race precisely because it requires no effort on their part.
It’s a lot easier to perpetuate a myth that a black guy had his hands up to surrender and was shot than it is to face the truth that the guy was a petty thief and thug resisting arrest with his hands down.  Same with the Eric Garner “I can’t breathe” myth.  Garner was a petty criminal and thug.  He was disrupting the commerce in a neighborhood and the mino store owners called the cops.  The cops were dispatched by a black precinct captain under the supervision of a black sergeant.  Garner was committing a crime and resisted arrest.  Garner was taken down and sadly died an hour later.  Had he been choked, as the myth demands, he’d probably have died on the spot.

All of the BS is an easier sell to the tribal morons than the truth.  It’s easier to tell the tribal morons that whitey owes them something than it is to encourage them to earn it.  What’s easier, to tell someone, "all of your problems are because of white racism" or to demand that they "stay in school and apply themselves, stay off drug, don’t join a gang unless it’s the church choir, don’t carry a gun, don’t impregnate your girlfriend until you both have jobs?"

The congregationless agitator Revs? have their shtick down to a science.  They know exactly how to appeal to the mindless tribal moron mob.  “It’s not your fault.  Sure, you’ve made no effort to get ahead.  In fact you’ve made a dozen or more poor decisions that will do more to doom your future than anything Simon Lagree did to keep your ancestors down.  But we knew the deck was stacked against you all along.  So why try? Don’t tell me about Asians, Hispanics, Indians, and other immigrants achieving the ‘American dream.’  Underclass black tribal morons are different.”

And so they are.  Quick!  Name the congregationless agitator Revs? who show up in the Asian community to rouse the rabble?  Now a Hispanic congregationless agitator Rev??  Ah there aren’t any.  Only the black community strains under the weight of such “leadership.”  The congregationless agitator Revs? are anything but leaders.  They are very effective excuse mongers.  Sadly, it’s a hell of lot easier to make excuses for problems than it is to fix problems.
So why is the congregationless agitator Rev? Al Not-So-Sharpton soooo welcome in TES’s White House?  Is TES not aware what a despicable race baiting azzclown the Rev? is? No, he knows.  That’s partly why TES is happy to be seen with Not-So-Sharpton.  It’s another poke in the eye of descent Americans.  I actually believe that a lot of what TES does is done for nothing more than spite.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Shooter to blame, egged on by the usual suspects

Police heroes:  NY City Police Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu  RIP

I don’t like it when instead of blaming the scumbag responsible, lefty libs blame guns every time there’s a senseless shooting.   So the guy I blame for shooting two police officers on Saturday is Ismaaiyl Brinsley.  (Hmm, anything odd about the shooters first name?)  Of the all the people who might be blamed for inspiring Brinsely to commit his heinous deed, the one trick pony known as the NAACP is still saying lax gun control made the crime possible. I am willing to bet the Griffin’s next pay check that Brinsley violated about a dozen gun laws before he ever pulled the trigger on two of NY City’s finest.  The NAACP’s claim is nothing more than a distraction from their own culpability for stoking hatred among minos towards the police.

While Brinsely is the guy who pulled the trigger, he was egged on by nit wits starting all the way back with MO Governor Jay Nixon who urged the “aggressive prosecution” of the police officer involved in shooting petty thug Michael Brown while Brown’s hands were down and he was charging officer Darren Wilson.  Nixon’s stupid remarks presupposed Officer Wilson’s guilt as they came before the grand jury’s decision.  Idiot.

You could attach blame for stoking the flames of racial animosity and hatred toward the police at the feet of El Prsidente he Empty Suit, his Richard wad AG Eric Holder for doing nothing to attempt to tamp the race baiting down.  Quite the opposite  the two stocked the flames for political gain ahead of the 2014 midterm elections.

You could blame NY City Mayor Bill De Blasio who- like TES - is more likely to side with the lawless mob than the guys standing between you and the mob. What dumbazz DeBlasio is going to find out is what every parent, teacher, coach and manager knows – it’s easier to start out in control than try to regain control after you’ve let the mob get out of hand by being their “friend.”  Deblasio set the stage for violence against the police with his thoughtless remarks but more by his willingness to let the mob shut down streets, bridges and assault the police.  Now he’s no doubt going to try to stuff his self-made genie back on into the bottle.  Good luck.
Race hustlers like Revs? Al Not-so-sharp-ton are, as always, at the center of this kind stuff.  He’s a liar, tax cheat, accomplice to inciting riots and is a disgusting human.  He a bigger criminal and thug and punk than Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin combined.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Artist and Hollywood at their best when bashing those who will not hit back

Remember when Hollywood blamed uptight intolerant Christians for trying to stifle their “artistic” genius?   The more Christians objected to Sarano’s jar of pee the more the lefty libs heaped praise on its cutting edge nature.  The more reasonable people complained about public money being spent (i.e. wasted) on “dung art” that depicted the Virgin Mary, the more the lety libs tried to conflate us not wanting to pay for their garbage billed as “art” with us being tyrants trying to censor the artist.  While that endless tube of bologna was being cut thick, fried, topped with chili, melted cedar and a dollop of sour cream, the oh so tolerant lefty libs were going apoplectic every time a report of grieving parent placing a cross on the public roadside cropped up.

Now the godless commie bastard N. Koreans are hacking and extorting the crap out of Hollywood and Hollywood’s reaction is to throw their hands up and quit.  There is no talk of the commies suppressing or censoring art.  There is only whining about how no one should look at the truth about lefty libs being the most intolerant racists among us. They whine.  Then they quit.   In short they are doing their best OJ Boehner impression.  I guess Hollywood is nothing more than a bunch of racist bullies.  They’ll act all tough and macho, talking $h!t about free speech and art while kicking sand in faces of Christians.  But crap their drawers and kowtow to commies, Islamo-terror-fascists and the Gaystopo.

Why don’t they get their comie loving buds together, Sean Penn, Dennis Rodman, Michael Moore and head over to N. Korea and talk some sense into Kim?  “Kim dude, baby, com’ on man, you know we’re on your side.  Why so up tight about a little film?”

We are left to wonder what some of the old Hollywood movie moguls and stars would have done.  I recall a Chaplain and others doing a spoofs on Hitler.  I suppose you cannot single out Hollywood for going to crap while everything else in America is head to into the $h!tter.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Liberation Theology comes to Cuba, nothing changes

I see where the media are giving the Pope partial credit for convincing El Presidente The Empty Suit to normalize relations with the godless commie bastards in Cuba.  So I’m supposed to believe that a worthless $h!t that sat in Jerry Wright’s church for 20 year but didn’t hear any of the inflammatory anti-American excrement spewing forth from Wright’s sewer hole is going to listen to the Pope?  I doubt it.

I believe that TES heard or at least new of every bit of the inflammatory anti-American excrement spewing forth for Jerry Wright’s mouth.  I believe that it’s that influence that led to TES normalizing relations with Cuba.  If it screws America or makes it the bad guy TES is on board with it.  But if the Pope can be dragged down a notch or two in the process - sure give him just enough credit to fracture the Catholics – especially Cuban Catholics.

It wouldn’t be unheard of for the Catholic Church to side with communist bastards.  After all the church was more or less all in with the Latin and South American socialist and commie dictators by means of their Liberation Theology.  Which is pretty much Marxism under a fancy title.

I have often wondered what would happen if a bit of American style capitalism were to be re-introduced into Cuba.  I’ve thought the commies would have a rough go of it when the people discovered the mountain of BS commie lies they have been living under.  Now, I wonder what happen if a bit American style capitalism were to be re-introduced here at home.  TES is exactly the wrong guy to normalize relations with Cuba.  He has more in common with the Castro brothers than the Cuban people.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Would Feinstein have tortured someone to stop the Pakistan school attack?

DiFi and zoomie Amos on Paki terror
When asked about the 140+ dead school children in Pakistan, Senator Diane Feinstein said, “Thank goodness we didn’t torture anyone to stop it.  As dead as those poor children are; as horrific as their deaths must have been; as terrified as they must have felt in their last moments of life, the real tragedy would have been if the CIA had gotten information to the stop the attack by making a Muslim uncomfortable for a few minutes.  I thank God our CIA didn’t waterboard some poor economically deprived jihadi, deprive him of sleep or play loud music to try to get information that could have prevented the attack.  140 dead school children is a small price to pay for me to be able to stand up here and lecture you about how morally superior I am to all of those of you who would have done something to try to stop this.”

These Taliban bastards are the exact same scum of the Earth that wannabe Gen famous zoomie Amos was all bent out shape over because a couple Marines p*ssed on their dead bodies after dispatching them to meet their 72 virgins.  Amos was reportedly heard to say about the dead school children, “I don’t know what the big deal is.  It’s not like the terrorists p*ssed on anyone.  That would make me want to ‘crush’ them.”

Sony - DON'T LOOK!
Hollywood is in panic.  The lefty libs at Sony Pictures have been exposed as catty, semi-racist boobs.  One Sony exec went on Rev? Al Not-so-sharp-ton’s MSNBC wreck of TV show to try to rehabilitate herself and salvage her career.  Anyone who has ever been caught up in one of these things knows, apologizing only makes it worse.

So Sony is claiming that these are private communications and that the media should shun publishing them.  If published, the public should shun reading them. That is the exact same logic lefty libs used when military and state secrets were leaked to the Washington Post and NY Times.  No.  Wait.  They actually reveled in that when it occurred under Republican presidents.  They got on their high and mighty “freedom of the press” horse and printed the secrets and used them against the administration.  “The people have a right to know” the high and mighty proclaimed.  Now that it is their ox being publicly gored they complain about a free press and the people’s right to know.

First off, we already know what a bunch hypocrites people on the left are.  Nothing they could do or say along that line would surprise us in the least.  Second, for that reason, I don’t think anyone on the right gives a crap about what a bunch of limousine liberals have to say about one another.  The real damage to these bozos is the damage that is being done to them among other liberals.  That’s why they are in such a rush to shut the story down.  All of this crap is “SUN RISES IN THE EAST…AGAIN” journalism to us.  It’s always the left that is seemingly surprised, “I'll be danged!  How many days in row is that now, honey?  It’s gotta come up somewhere else tomorrow.”  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The "lone wolf" part of larger coordinated strategy

What do the Senate report on the CIA giving certain jiahdis a bit of “extra attention” and the report of a some Marines p*ssing on dead Taliban have in common?  98% of reasonable thinking Americans don’t give a $h!t.  The latest polling shows that nearly 60% of Americans support enhanced interrogation.  Only 30% oppose it.

That’s the same 30% who believe Michael Brown had his hands up asking Officer Wilson not to shoot.  No.  Wait.  They don’t even believe that scenario, but that’s the narrative that they want to be true so – facts be damned - that’s the new “truth.”  Fox News’ reasonable lefty lib Juan Williams was forced to admit that the “hands up” mantra is BS but it has become a “symbol” for police mistreatment of blacks.  Heck Juan if you’re just going to make $h!t up for symbolism’s sake, why not say Brown was a card carrying member of the Junior League who was waterboarded by the CIA for exposing greedy Wall Street bankers before a racist cop shot him in the back while he was helping a little old lady cross the street on his way to choir practice?   When you’re making $h!t up (aka lying) the sky’s the limit Juan.  Go big or stay home.  Besides, every good commie bastard knows - the bigger the lie the more likely people are to believe it.

NOTE:  We’d liked to have worked something in there about Brown being “anti-war” but that’ll have to wait for the next Republican president.  Can’t be protesting the abandoned then restarted wars of a Nobel Peace Prize winner now, can we?

With regard to jihadis, I’m all for rounding up all of the “lone wolf” attackers and sending them down to G’itmo for some non-torture torture.  And when is that term “lone wolf” going to be recognized for what it is?  It is the new tactic of ISIS and other lunatic Muslims – but I repeat myself – around the world.  Seems to me when you’re citing multiple cases of “lone wolf” attacks, they aren’t lone wolf.  In the military, when several events happened in concert over a period of time, we called it “coordinated.”

During the Spanish Civil War, rebels announced that a clandestine 5th column existed within Madrid to undermine the government while the rebel military consisting of four columns conducted open operations outside the city.  Now I wouldn’t call the “lone wolf” jihadis a 5th column here in the US.  I’ve always believed that a compliant, slavish, one-sided, in the bag for the Dopes, dirt bag MSM was America’s 5th column and that the near totally socialist/communist leanings of academia would be 6th column undermining America from within.  That would give the “lone wolf” jihadis 7th column status - maybe even 8th if you count public sector unions and other tools of the Dope party.  Being relegated to 7th or 8th column status here in the US is really going to p*ss off the peace loving terrorist followers of Allah, but then they live in a state of perpetual p*ssed offedness…so eff ‘em.

Here’s the good news.  The “lone wolf” has pretty much free reign here in America since Eric the wad Holder just decided that federal law enforcement couldn’t target jihadis based on religion.  So the FBI will now have to confine its search for “lone wolf” Muslim terrorists (are there really any other kind these days?) to Mormon Tabernacles.  While the FBI searches the Abby of the Little Sisters of the Poor for jihadis, Dopes are still demanding that Americans disarm.  The last thing you’d want to have is a guy with a concealed carry permit in the K-Mart while the lone wolf Muhammad slices off the heads of shoppers lining up for the latest Blue Light Special.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Stutzman admits to being a rube

Indiana’s 3rd District Representative Marlin Stutzman provided the crucial vote that allowed OJ Boehner’s 1,700 page 1.1 trillion dollar CROmnibus - that effectively neuters Republicans for the remainder of the fiscal year - to pass the house.  Stutzman was thought to be a reliable conservative, well at least his district is reliably conservative.  Now Stutzman claims that he was lied to, tricked, bamboozled, hoodwinked, by the GOP leadership to get him to switch his position on the procedural vote that allowed Boehner’s atrocity to proceed.  I’m not so sure.  Stutzman has yet to name the liar(s).  Here’s how the Ft. Wayne fish wrap summed up Stutzman’s idiocy in Saturday’s edition.

I’ve voted for Stutzman three times.  I’m pretty much done with him…at least until the next time.  Here’s the note I sent him summing up what I think of his betrayal of the 3rd District.

Representative Marlin Stutzman                                          14 December, 2014
1300 South Harrison Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Dear Congressman Stutzman:

I read in the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette on Saturday that you were “surprised…to see the CROmnibus back on the floor” after you supported it in a procedural vote.  Weird huh?  It’s almost like you threw principle to the wind during the procedural vote, and then were “surprised” to find out that principle matters.  But don’t worry.  In 2016 you can always use the tried and true campaign slogan, “I actually voted for it, before I voted against it” when trying to explain away your CROmnibus betrayal to the 3rd district.  That gem of a slogan has been a real winner for everyone who has used it in the past.

But “surprised?”  Really, you were “surprised?” I was “surprised” by a party on my 50th birthday.  I, like 99.99999% of American voters, am never surprised when a politician lies to me.  Anyone who gets “surprised” by that trick is a rube.  Being lied to by dirt bag politicians doesn’t “surprise” me, it makes me mad as heck.  You should exchange some of your “surprise” for righteous anger.

Politicians used to duel with swords and pistols and kill each other for much less than what some nameless bureaucrat pulled on you.  Alexander Hamilton aside, for the life of me I cannot understand why that practice fell into such disrepute.  An endless supply of unscrupulous politicians killing each other every weekend could fill RFK stadium at $200 a head for millennia.  We could use the funds to finally get a handle on the debt while ridding the nation of its pampered ruling class weasels.  Finally, a term limit arrangement all Americans would agree to.

Here’s the deal.  You give the liar in the GOP leadership 72 hours to publicly admit that he lied to you.  Demand an apology to you, the third district and America.  If he doesn’t, you name the person, time and place the lie was told.  If you don’t demand an apology from the liar and/or out him yourself then I’ll assume that it is you who is lying.  No.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you turn out to be a liar (see paragraph 2), but I would be mad as heck (see paragraph 2).   

Also, your “communications director” must be a dear friend, family member or an extortionist.  What kind of dirt does he have on you?  There is no other explanation for having someone so obtuse in that position.  Mr. Stapleton told the JG that being lied to by the GOP leadership wouldn’t cause you to distrust them in the future.  Really?  Are you going to continue to trust the people who lied to you?  Tell Mr. Stapleton to practice the phrase “trust but verify” in front of the mirror 10,000 times each morning before showing his face in public.  Oh and what Reagan really meant by that was, he didn’t trust the Soviets an inch.  If you doubt that assessment, try this experiment at home; tell your wife that you trust her, but you’re going to have to verify everything she says anyway.  That isn’t going to fly, is it?  So, yeah, Regan didn’t trust the Soviets.  The bottom line on that stupid comment from Mr. Stapleton is this: If you are willing to trust known liars, the people of third district shouldn’t trust you. 

You and your boneheaded communications director have provided a gold mine of material for a primary challenge.

Marlin Stutzman (Doing your best John Kerry imitation):  I actually voted for it, before I voted against it.

Stutzman’s primary challenger:  If Marlin is going to trust liars, the 3rd district shouldn’t trust Marlin.

I plan to contact Matt Kibbe’s group at Freedom Works to find out who in the district is available to mount a primary challenge against you in 2016.  You have embarrassed yourself and our district.  Worse, by casting a vote that by your own admission compromised principle, you have enabled the further weakening of America

Friday, December 12, 2014

Boehner folds without firing a shot, but we knew he would, Chaplain Lawhorn

Crybaby BS artist Dopelite Boehner
Yeah, John Boehner is weasel, wrapped in slug covered in bovine excrement for passing a 1,700 page CRomnibus that funds Robertscare, amnesty, abortion ect. etc. etc.  My own congressman Marlin Stutzman voted in favor of the CRomnibus in the rules vote allowing it pass for a house vote.  Then, claiming he was tricked, he voted against the final passage.  Exactly – he was for it before he was against it.  I e-mailed him.  I’d never vote for him again.  I’d offer what little money and talent I had to anyone in a primary against him. 

The curious case of Chaplain Lawhorn
I was made aware of the story of Army Ranger Chaplain (Captain) Joe Lawhorn by a former Navy chaplain friend of mine.  The short story of Chaplain Lawhorn can be found here.  The longer more well documented more legalize version can be found here.  I don’t know why these type of things bother me, but they do.  I spent a good bit of time yesterday looking into the matter.  After being convinced the facts of the matter were accurate, I wrote the letter below. 

Colonel Fivecoat’s impressive resume is here.  For those not familiar with the HBO series Band of Brothers and reference in the letter below to Captain Herbert Sobel, his story is here

Colonel David Fivecoat
Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade
6850 Barron Ave, Building 85
Fort Benning, GA 31905

Dear Colonel Fivecoat:

I’ve read what’s available on your biography, so I know you’re bright and possess physical courage.  As a 20 year Marine Corps veteran, I know better than to confuse physical courage with moral courage or leadership.  They are all different and distinct.  Possessing one does not presuppose that the others are on board.

I guess that is what concerns me most about your treatment of Chaplain Lawhorn.  Given your background how could you get it so wrong?  The fact that you rescinded your first letter of concern to the chaplain indicates to me that you know that you’re on thin ice, but rather than admit your error, I believe you are now engaged in some sort of face-saving exercise.

For the first time in life, I’m relieved that my son shows no interest in joining the United States military.  I used to encourage young people to join.  I don’t anymore.  I sense an absolute absence of strong moral leadership at the higher levels of today’s military.  I’m happy my son is not going to be exposed to politically correct, keep the whiners happy at all cost, dumb it down, lower the standards ignore the results “management style” that seems to pass for “leadership” among today’s ranking military.  And what it seems is being “managed” by these “leaders” is not so much the unit as their next promotion.

Oh, and what a nice touch having the chaplain in on Thanksgiving Day to issue him a letter of concern that you later had to rescind.  You really know how to spread the joy.  Some might call that move unnecessary, petty, thoughtless, tactless, tasteless and just plain wrong.  Congratulations!  When I read that, I got a mental image of David Schwimmer as Captain Herbert Sobel in Band of Brothers commanding the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade.  Fall the brigade in for another run up Currahee colonel.

Given the date, I could wish you a Merry Christmas, but I wouldn’t want any such seasonal greeting to offend your hyper sensitive secular sensibilities.  So I’ll just bid you, good day, sir.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Empty Suit uses the Old Testament according to Judas to outline the 12 Commandments

El Presidente The Empty Suit used the well known Bible verse “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” to chastise those who oppose his banana republic like decree on amnesty.  One problem, the glass house story isn’t in the Bible. Everyone knows Lex’s third grade teacher – Mrs. Perkins - first coined the phrase when Lex pointed out that David Bowman had a messy desk.  Instead of the glass houses nonsense, TES should have relied upon the well known verse from Exodus where Moses warned the Israelites not to text and drive while leaving Egypt.

TES went on to compare the Holy Family with today’s illegal immigrants.  He was spouting some nonsensical BS about welcoming “strangers.”  Let’s get this straight.   Joseph and Mary were not homeless.  They were forced out of their home and onto the road by the government for a census so the government could collect taxes.  They were not “strangers” in Bethlehem.  Joseph was born there.  There was no room at the inn because, like the stupid government’s evacuation of Houston, TX post Katrina, everyone was on the road at the same time.  It would seem every single hardship, every single tragedy, every single discomfort the Holy Family encountered during the life of Jesus was brought about by a jealous, overbearing, arrogant, corrupt, self serving and all-powerful central government.  How is that description any different from where we are today?  After examining that description of government, does anyone else have a mental picture of TES, Slow Joe, Jonathan Gruber, Lois Learner, the Ditz sisters at State, wannabe Adm Kirby at the Pentagon or any one of about 98 senators in their mind right now?

It is apparent that Biblical scholar The Empty Suit knows as much about the Bible as Constitutional Scholar The Empty Suit knows about the US Constitution.  He should stick to a religious text he might know something about – the koran. 

Here’s a strange one

If The Empty Suit and his azzclown brigade of Dopes believe a video caused Benghazi, what do those azzclowns believe will be the result of releasing DiFi’s treasonous BS report on the CIA?  And a better question is, do they care?  Oh, remember what happened to the guy who made the video?  They threw his butt in jail.  So if all hell breaks loose as a result of DiFi's BS report what will they do with her shriveled worthless azz? 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

DiFi's treason

What do the UVA rape story and the senate report on CIA torture have in common?  They both tell only one side of the story.  Now this would cause all kind of trouble if lefty libs thought that a MO grand jury only listened to the police side of the story.  They'd be rioting in the streets.  But since the rape fantasy and the CIA BS report fit the left lib narrative, they must be universally accepted at face value.

If you question any portion of the UVA fairy tale, you are a misogynist azzbag.  Besides, even if the UVA story has more holes in it than Aunt Mary's lace tablecloth, we all know that the narrative of a "rape culture on college campus" is true. So, you see, you uninformed rube, it doesn't matter if the UVA story is true.  What matters is that the UVA story - true or not -  exposes the narrative that all lefty libs want to believe.

The CIA report, in another time when serious people populated the government, would be regarded  is treason. There are several things that pop out at me about this report. One, as noted, only the Dopes have signed off on the report. 

Next, the timing of the release of the report is a pure politics. The Dopes need to get the report out before they are relegated to minority status.  Idiot traitor senator Diane Feinstein admits that the release of the report would put Americans at risk.  But the report has to come out before the Dopes are relegated to minority status.  When that happens the report wouldn't see the light of day. It no doubt gives aid and comfort to America's jihadi enemies and puts Americans at risk. Delaying the release of the report would keep everyone involved safer.

Next, the one-sided treasonous report cost the American taxpayer 40 million dollars.  That is scandal in and of itself.   First because we are actually paying the traitors to produce seditious material.  Mind boggling.  Next $40,000,000?  Really?  $40,000,000?  I could turn out 500 pages of BS for $40 plus cost of paper and ink.

The hypocrisy contained in the report, even for the Dopes, is breath taking (no reference to Eric Garner intended).  So Bush waterboarded three high level jihadis and saved thousands in the process.  AHHHHHHHGH the humanity!! 
El Presidente The Empty Suit blows them up by hundreds with drones sans any due process and kills their families, their friends and innocents by the thousands in the act and is hailed by the Dopes as the greatest warrior since Patton. Don't get me wrong - good riddance.  But it is such BS one wonders how they keep a straight face.

Then there's windbag SFB Dope DiFi's presser on the report. The entire exercise reminded me of the Claude Rains character - Police Captain Lois Renault - in the movie Casablanca when was he's was "shocked, shocked" to learn there was gambling going on at Rick's Cafe Americain.  This lying steaming pile bovine excrement knew about the CIA program from the start.  Now she's acting all outraged about it.  Does the report catalog her objections when she was first briefed?  NO.  She was no doubt all in with the CIA at the time.  Will anyone ask her about any objections she raised at the time?  No.  A compliant MSM will attack the CIA exclusively.  DiFi's a BS artist.

This is why the limp weak bastards in congress need to vote yes or no on a declaration of war in these cases.  People whose sensibilities are so fragile as to get queasy when real men take the steps necessary to secure their worthless azzes should probably never enter into the cruelty known as war. They should immediately surrender and get in line to have their heads lopped.  The world will be a better place when they do.

I've noted on this page before but haven't noted it in some time: So if Dopes aren't traitors, what actions would they be taking if they were?   Pretty much the same stuff.  

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Random thoughts, in no particular order, which is what makes them random

The Empty Suite just now discovers America is a racist country
America’s first half black El Presidente - The Empty Suit - told BET that America is deeply rooted in racism.  Strange, over 600,000 American’s died in a war to end that scourge.  Since then there has been civil rights legislation, affirmative action programs, preferential treatment called “precepts” (not to be confused with quotas an ugly word that describes what they actually are), a mountain of social welfare spending and willingness by authorities (police, judges, school administrators, work supervisors etc.) to ignore behavior that would get the average white guy arrested, jailed, expelled, canned etc.

TES is nearing the end of his 6th year in office.  He is just now discovering that America is a racist $h!t hole.  Well that must be the case.  He didn’t mention it during either of his two runs for the White House.  He mentions it now only because he’s insulated from ever having to run for office again.  If he tried after having uttered such grievance mongering nonsense, he’d get the vote from the Urban League, NAACP, New Black Panthers, Crips, Bloods, guilt ridden rich white liberals, wards of government  and that’s about it.  Come to think of it that might be a majority.  If America were as deeply rooted in racism as TES thinks, he’d still be voting “present” in IL senate.

Rape industry
What do Mayella Violet Ewell, Tawana Brawly, Crystal Gail Mangum, Lena Dunham, and UVA student “Jackie” have in common?  They are all famous liars about being raped.  All are initially believed.  All have their stories fall apart upon the most cursory examination.  All create trouble for themselves and their alleged perp(s).  In To Kill a Mockingbird, Mayella Ewell accuses black handyman Tom Robinson of rape.  It was a lie.  Rev? Al Not-So-Sharp-ton’s first race hustling scam of note came with Tawana Brawley’s claim that she was raped by 6 men including NY City policemen and a NY City prosecutor.  It was a lie.  Crystal Mangum accused the Duke Lacrosse team of raping her.  It was a lie.  Lena Dunham claimed a Young Republican named “Barry One” raped her. It was a lie.  Jackie claims she was raped for 3 hours by 7 fraternity members at UVA.  It’s still being investigated, but Jackie’s story is falling apart faster than a house built by the Three Stooges in the last 10 minutes of the movie.

Lefties are always quick to believe the worst about the cops, rich white kids, a young Republican and frat boys and want them all jailed immediately in solitary confinement on bread and water until they can prove their innocence. But if the one man war on women named Billy Boy Billbo Clinton rapes, gropes, assaults and exposes his worthless shriveled hide to women, well that’s another story completely.  That kind grotesque behavior must be tolerated and even celebrated because after all, it’s only about sex, and if his wife the Shrilldabeast and daughter don’t mind, why should we?

T-shirt industry
Lebron James and others sports figures have taken to wearing “I can’t breathe” t-shirts.  Lex is thinking about sending them “I couldn’t breathe, so I stopped resisting arrest.  I’m fine now.” t-shirts.

White privilege?
What the heck is it?  Reports are that Eric the wad Holder’s DoJ showed in Ferguson, MO before the grand jury’s decision.  Instead of preparing the community for the inevitable chaos that would ensue regardless of the GJ’s decision, DoJ lectured them on “white privilege.”  I thought white privilege referred to European royals, trust fund babies and the permanent ruling class dip$h!ts and their no talent progeny in Caligula D.C. who were white, or even half white.  Now I find out it includes everyone who happens to be white –even the occasional “white Hispanic” if circumstances warrant.  The white son of an immigrant truck driver who takes the toughest classes in school, studies hard and is accepted to Harvard has gotten in only because of the color of his skin.  What’s worse, that bastard is depriving a seat to a fatherless, drug dealing, drop out who never had a fair shot at life.  If you believe that, please re-read the first entry.

By any metric you want to use, if there is privilege in this country, it’s Asian privilege.  These smart azzes get all of the math, science, engineering, piano and violin scholarships.  They never get expelled from school.  They don’t get arrested for murder, drug dealing, pimping, ho- ing, and their average income exceeds that of whites.  WTF? 

That of course is, for the most part, satire.  Asians excel because of hard work – work some white, black and even brown Americans won’t do.  They have cohesive families that reward effort and will not tolerate BS behavior. 

So if we’re going to get on people because of their success leave whitey alone.  We all need to roll in on the Asian community.

Monday, December 08, 2014

A Public Service Announcement from DoJ

DoJ tries to head off further racial strife with clever PSA
Eric the wad Holder’s DoJ is out investigating every situation where a black man was killed by a white guy for “civil rights violations.”  White Hispanic George Zimmerman is, as far as I know and I’m too lazy to Google it, still under DoJ investigation for shooting petty thug, thief and drug user Trayvon Martin.  Darren Wilson and the entire Ferguson police department are under DoJ investigation for the shooting death of petty thug, thief and drug user Michael Brown.  The NY City police department and Officer Pantalono are under DoJ investigation for the death of Eric Garner. 

Investigators are getting thin at DoJ.  44 FBI agents were sent to Ferguson alone to dig up dirt on Wilson and the Ferguson PD.  So in an effort to get a handle on these kinds of cases and head them off at the pass, the wad Holder’s public affairs office surprisingly has released this public service message.  It’s so simple, it might just work.  

College football
I are a gradeeate of The Ohio State University, so I’m glad that they were placed in the 4 team bracket for the national championship of college football.  That said, their rise to #4 and TCU’s fall to #6 are a bit baffling.  Last week the committee vaulted TCU from #4 to #3 past undefeated FSU.  This week having beaten Houston handily, TCU falls from #3 to #6?  Many say the fall is justified if The OSU is going to #4 because Baylor beat TCU 61-58 during the season.  OK fine.  I agree, but the committee had that evidence last week.  What changed this week?

If The OSU’s masterful beat down of Wisconsin with a third string QB was enough to get them into the bracket, shouldn’t they have jumped #4 FSU and #3 TCU been left pretty much alone?  No.  You can’t disqualify the defending and still undefeated national champs – even if you desperately want to.  So shouldn’t The OSU have been placed in the bracket at #3?

The committee and the 4 team playoff scheme were supposed to take the drama out of the college national football championship.  It added to the mess.  There’s already talk of an 8 team playoff system. 

It’s all BS.  The system should revert to traditional the inter conference matchups in bowl games.  Had they not messed with the system, Oregon would be playing The OSU in the Rose Bowl and Alabama could match up with FSU in the Orange Bowl.  Baylor and TCU could get top tier opponents in the Cotton and Fiesta Bowls.  Then after New Year’s Day games the committee could meet and make a BS decision as to which two teams will meet for the national championship - a decision that is still going to PO a team or two who won bowl games against worthy opponents but are not selected.  Lex’s method would at least give the committee another game against a quality out of conference opponent to base its decision upon.

One thing we know for sure, if you’re making predictions for 2015, put that “The Big 12 will have a conference championship game in 2015” at the top of your list – it’s probably as sure a thing as anything else you might come up with.  If not a championship game at least a system of tie breakers that assures that there will be no more “co-conference champs” in the Big 12.  It seems to me a no-brainer that everything else being equal, the team that won the head to head match up would be declared conference champ.  But we live in a time were everyone gets a trophy, so the Big 12 probably thought it best to hand out as many of them as possible.  It killed them during Sunday’s selection process.  And neither Baylor nor TCU is happy today about a co-conference championship.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Baylor put the trophy on the campus quad and allowed students to pee on it for $5 a shot.  It’d be great fund raiser for a worthy cause.   Then they could allow Baylor coach Art Briles to tie a rope to it and drag it behind his car for a year.  But hey coach you gave up 58 points and 600 yards against TCU…so.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Black "leadership" now the most racist people in America

NY City Mayor De Blasio has called the police racist and doubled down by saying that not only are the police racist but Americans are racists and have been for hundreds of years.  I believe he's right.  White elites, De Blazio's fore runners, were racist DemoDope slave holders.  Once the Republicans cleaned that mess up with a Civil War, the Dopes became segregationists.  Once the Republicans cleaned that mess up with civil rights legislation, the Dopes took to buying black votes with affirmative action programs that stoke racial animus, government handouts that have destroyed two generations of black families and 50 years of just plain Ferguson type pandering that turns a blind eye toward the truth.  The Dope's policy toward blacks for the last 50 years can be perfectly summed up by one George W. Bush's "bigotry of low expectations."

Everyone knew - expected - Ferguson would burn...again...when the Grand Jury released its decision. Everyone knows - expects - when a white guy or even a "white Hispanic" shoots a black guy riots protests etc. will ensue.  Everyone knows - expects - that the facts of the case will make little or no difference to the race hustling agitating pimps, starting with El Presidente The Empty Suit himself, who are still walking around shouting "hands up don't shoot" even though there is more proof of the existence of the Easter Bunny than there is of Mike Brown complying with police on the day he was shot - or any other day for that matter.  

That's about where we are today racist Dope agitators stirring the pot at every opportunity to keep and gain power and raise money.  Additionally, something major has changed along the way.   While it used to be elite white DemoDopes like Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Margret Sanger, Bull Conner, KKK grandee Bobby Byrd, Ernie Hollings, Lester Maddox, Al Gore Sr., George Wallace, Wm. Fulbright et al who were the clear raging racists, now it's the elite black "leadership" that are the most racist people in America today - Dopes all.  You've come a long way baby.

Supreme Richard cranium and so-called Rev? (never had a congregation) Jesse Hymietown Jackson said juries in the US "corrupted by racial considerations" must "pay the price."  Hmm, who determines if juries have been corrupted?  The rabble rousing race baiting BS artists like Jackson?   Pay what price?  Physical harm?  House burned by by a Dope mob?  What price?  So if Hymietown Jackson doesn't get the outcome he wants in Ferguson, it's OK to burn the town down?  In the process destroying the livelihood of  minority store owners who had NOTHING to with anything involved in the shooting or the Grand Jury.  Or is Hymietown Jackson advocating just killing off Grand Jurors who don't toe his BS line of racism?

But it's not all bad news.  LA Miss. Piggy look-a-like Mary Landrieu is likely to get her extra wide butt kicked on Saturday's run-off election.