Monday, February 29, 2016

The Cube backs Trump

I am a big The People’s Cube guy.  It’s some of the best satire and photo shopping on the interweb.  The comments streams are hilarious.  Even the name is a clever bashing of progressives who demand equal outcomes irrespective of effort, talent, savvy, intellect or drive.  It’s derived from a Rubik’s cube with red stickers on every square to ensure an equal outcome.  The creator of the Cube worked in the old Soviet propaganda mills in Ukraine before coming to the US in 1994.  His perspective is one that carries the weight of knowing how the other half live – or as in most communist controlled states, don’t live. 

Interlaced in the satire are some gems.  This is one.  The Cube has come out and endorsed the Donald.  The reasoning is undeniable even for a diehard Cruz guy like myself bent on ideological purity.   By Tuesday this may become a Trump-eter web page.  There is no reason to beat a dead horse.  He’s never going to pick up the pace.  It’s better to just pick the next best horse in the race. 

Regular readers know that I never liked the Trump bashing from day one.  It was, as Trump himself might say – a stupid strategy engaged in by incompetent and stupid people.  Now Cruz and Rubio are all in on the bashing.  They look weak and desperate doing so.  The swells in the Rat establishment Republican Party never once tried to tap the energy of the Trump campaign and ride the wave.  Instead they screamed like the little Rubio fan girl at the last debate  - he’s not a conservative.  Now the Trump wave has just about laid waste to all of them as a surging tide lays waste to a child’s sand castle at the beach. 

I sensed it was over for Cruz when he went after Trump way too early in the wrong way.  All a smart reasonable guy had to do was to channel Trump in a more reasonable manner.  On immigration:  Yes, we will build the wall.  We will enforce all existing laws vigorously and over a few years the 12 million will become 5, then 3, then 2 million.  On Muslims:  We have not declared war Islam.  Radical Islam has declared war on us.  Sadly there are not enough “moderate Muslims” to change what has become the face of modern Islam – which is Jihad.  Until that dynamic changes, we should not allow anyone into this country who cannot be thoroughly and reliably vetted. 

Early on all it would have taken was a candidate without the bombast to reflect the same things Trump was saying in a more reasonable manner.  That’s my take.  Maybe Trump’s is a movement that was bound to be.  We’ll never know at this point.  

The Cube backs Trump because Rat establishment Republicans have nearly ceded the country to leftist without ever standing up to them in any reasonable manner - too afraid to be called racist, homophobes, xenophobes (why in the world doesn’t that word start with a “z”?).  All but lost are the media, academia and the entertainment worlds without so much as a grumble from the ReRs. 

Enter Trump who says what so many reasonable people are thinking and catches fire like an oily rag stuffed inside a Coke bottle filled with high test gasoline.  He has started something the ReRs cannot stop now.  Endorsement are now flowing Trumps way proving the smart money is on the Donald.  Rubio is now the deer who has been shot through the heart with a high powered rifle who bolts a few last desperate steps, not knowing he’s already dead. 

There are eight good reasons not to vote Rubio.  #1: Rubio.  #2: McCain  #3: Schumer: #4 Gramnesty #5: Bennet #6: Flake #7: Menendez #8: Durbin.  Combined they are the gang of eight.  There’s also the Islamo-Terror-Fascist ploy of saying one thing in English for the consumption of the US lapdog media and then the exact opposite in Arabic to the ITF at Friday prayers.  That's what Rubio did in EspaƱol on Telemundo.  There’s also his unseemly trashing of Border Patrol Agent Chris Crane who stood up to him on the gang of 8 bill.     

The ReRs for their part will not go quietly.  Proving once and for all that they and the Dopes are, as Pat Buchanan once said, different wings of the same bird.  The ReRs are lining up behind Shrillda the Hutt and/or a third party if Trump wins the GOP nomination.  The proof is here, here and here for starters.  There are many more examples.  It may be a last ditch effort to untrack Trump.  We’ll see after tomorrow’s results.  

So the ReRs would rather see Shrillda the Hutt nominate a leftist for Scalia’s seat on SCOTUS than back Trump.  Does anything else really need to be said ReR bastards?  

FLASH!!!  FLASH!!!  FLASH!!! TO THE RAT ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS:  When you trash Trump you are trashing his supporters who are kicking your ReR’s azz.  As always when the ReRs get their azz kicked in free and fair elections they take their ball and go home.  What they should worry about is NOT ReRs supporting a third party, but the Trumpeters becoming THE real 3rd party that will actually oppose the Dopes leaving the GOP with nothing but a bunch of George Will, Rich Lowery like eunuchs who cannot figure out which end of a hammer to grab.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Shout fest #10

I watched a bit of it.  Every time I did tune in two or three guys were talking – shouting - at the same time.  Were there any moderators?  I did notice a smirky Marco Rubio belittling Trump “for not having a plan” for whatever they were arguing about.  Uh, Marco, Trump does have a plan for shutting down immigration.  Jeff Sessions says Trump’s plan is EXACTLY what America needs.  So there’s that and that’s enough for starters.  

This is debate #10.  I can’t see this debate making much of a difference.  Rubio’s attacks on Trump reminded me of Christie smashing Rubio in debate 57.  Or was it 157?  Christie’s attack hurt Rubio, but Christie is gone.  I suspect that it was obvious that Rubio was attacking out of desperation.  Otherwise, why wait until debate #10?  Besides we all know that Trump could shoot someone on 5th Ave in NYC and not lose a single vote.  I predict that any success Rubio had last night will sadly come at the expense of Cruz.

Look, Rubio is a grinning little sound bite tested machine, smooth as the water slides at Wet N’ Wild.  Marco slammed Trump for “starting with 200 million dollars”.  Trump says he started with a million.  Fine, whatever.  Well Marco, he started with somewhere between a million and 200 million dollars and has made billions from that investment.  He has a vast economic empire.  He has tangible assets worth billions.  He’s funding his own nation-wide campaign with the fruits of his labor.  That’s not too bad a return on whatever the investment was.

Meanwhile, Marco, you cannot keep your own credit cards straight and have been mired in debt until a Harry the roach Reid/The Empty Suit like sweetheart real estate deal bailed you out.  So, who are you going to trust with the America economy a) a guy who parlayed millions into billions and files a 1,000 page tax return or b) a guy who screws up a 1040A tax form and cannot manage to keep two credit cards in his otherwise empty wallet straight?  FNC is all in for Rubio this morning.  He remains #4 of the five for me. 

Trump’s taxes
Who cares?  He makes a lot money.  He tries to give as little as possible to the government.  That should be a resume enhancer for a GOP candidate.  I don’t get why Mitt Romney is playing like Harry the roach Reid for the Demo-Dopes.  Mitt, while the country has been circling the toilet bowl for the last 7 years, you haven’t said crapola about the sail eared douche who crushed your tired azz.  Now you wake up, put on your Harry the roach Reid mask and act exactly like the lying, thieving, old weasel who used your sissy azz in the last presidential election.  The big difference in this today is that Trump won’t just sit around and take it like Mittens did.  He’s swinging back.  Mitt STFU, please.  All you’re proving is that Trump is a much better candidate than you were.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Empty Suit's weakness is responsible for recruiting far more jihadists than G'itmo

G’itmo is NOT a recruiting tool for Jihadists a weak America is
The Empty Suit said on day one of his disastrous first term that he would close G’itmo in a year.  Way to go TESy you’re doing a heck of a job.  Now with less than 11 months to get the job done TES has vowed anew to close G’itmo.  Just as when he shot his lying sewer slit off on day one of his first term, our sail-eared punk has no plan.  It’s like me saying I’m going to build a 40 foot yacht.  Mrs. Lex asks, What’s it going to look like?  Where are we going to get the money?  Where are you going to build it?  Where are we going to get the money?  Where will you store it?  Where will you get the money?  Do you know how to sail?  Where are you going to get the money?  Do you have any plan what-so-ever?  And most importantly, where are you going to get the money for this project?  Details shmeetails.  Like Captain Pickard on Star-Trek, TES just says, “Make it so”.

Then there’s the BS notion that G’itmo is recruiting tool for Jihadists.  That is such a line of crapola.  These godless heathens trapped in the 9th century have been making war on the west for millennium before G’itmo was ever even known to exist.  It could close tomorrow and it would not make one bit of difference to the savage a-holes blowing people up in pizza shops, on busses, flying planes into tall buildings, shooting them down in their workplace, beheading them for being Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc.  It is a total BS argument.

I say again, the ONLY problem with G’itmo is that it is not operating at capacity.  I’d plow that soccer field under.  Rip out the cable except for guards and turn it into a less attractive place.  The only thing about G’itmo that is attractive to jihadis are the meals and relaxing life-style there.

TES’s never ending azz kissing of the world’s despots, his leading from behind, his get out and lose the war mentality, his America sucks attitude recruits far more jihadis than anything going on at G’itmo.  The jihadis know that America is run by a weak, feckless, Islamo-Terror-Fascist loving coward.  That’s why they flock to the cause.  If we started killing the bastards at the rapid rate again they’d be far less likely to join up.

Too late for the Rat establishment Republicans to channel Trump
So Trump’s not a conservative and Rat establishment Republican Party is apoplectic about it.  Bernie’s not a liberal either.  He’s a socialist/communist yet there is no hand wringing from the left.  Far from it.  Shrillda the Hutt is moving toward the socialist/communist.  Why isn’t the Dope Party out with all of its critics telling the Dope primary voter that Bernie isn’t a Dope Party regular – he’s a socialist!?  Well that is where that particular party wants to eventually end up.  So they give Bernie a pass.

I am rapidly becoming a one issue voter – immigration.  If we do not do something quickly, it’s game over.  Not for the Republican Party, F-em and good riddance to Pauli Walnuts, the Mitchster, JEB! and the whole lot of ‘em.  What will be gone will be any semblance of a two party system and shortly thereafter, barring a revolution, the country will turn socialist and be gone.

What I’m not hearing from the Rat establishment Republican types is how they intend to tap into the energy that Trump has created.  I’v e argued since day one that the way to beat Trump is coopt him on the issues.  The fact that ReRs cannot/will not coopt Trump tells me couple of things.  They don’t want to tap into Trump’s success.  It would set the ReRs back 30 years.  Trump’s ideas of sealing the border, building a wall and deporting the illegal aliens who have invaded the country is a nonstarter for ReRs.  So for me it’s “Go F-yourself” time for the GOP.  

Second, they know that they cannot - at this point - ride the wave of Trump support that through their own lies, theft of public funds, arrogance and incompetence they created.  The time to coopt Trump was on day one.  Instead the ReRs railed against him, belittled him and savaged him in every way possible.  The ReRs were like little kids standing in the tide on a beach somewhere trying to hold back the rushing waves with their little bodies.  The trick from day was not to hold the wave back but figure out how to ride it.   

So what do the ReRs do now?  They actually hang their hopes on a Rubio/Kasich ticket.  That’s how stupid the ReRs are.  That kind of boneheaded logic has gotten us precisely where we are. They cannot add up two poll numbers totaling less than 40 and figure out that the sum is less than Trump’s total.

I gave up on the Republican Party when they backed McCain. 

Takes one to know one

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rat establishment Republicans in melt-down after Trump gives ReRs a classic beat down

Nevada Caucuses
Many are complaining about the mechanics of the caucuses, workers in Trump T-shirts, running out of ballots, people voting twice, no check of IDs etc.  Okay who runs the caucuses?  The Rat establishment Republicans – right?  So ReRs are complaining about themselves which is pretty much what the party is going.  So for once the Rat establishment Republicans have united the party.  

I don’t know why a caucus even exists.  I’m pretty sure it’s system whereby the lite think they can better control the unwashed masses from expressing their opinions.  You have to go and sit for hours while ReRs talk BS to you.  Then vote in public.  What kind of BS is that?  Enter the Donald who has the ReRs peeing themselves.  He’s increased the Republican vote and made the #1 issue – immigration - the #1 issue. 

My sense is Cruz is done.  He’s gone from 1st to 2nd to 3rd.  The two lanes seem to have been formed.  Trump is in the outsider lane and Rubio is in the insider lane still wanting open borders.  Okay that’s simplistic, but I wouldn’t trust Rubio at all.  Rubio said 8 times on ol’ Turkey Neck’s show (O’Really) that he’s still favors amnesty for the 12 – really probably about 20 – million invaders already here.

I’d urge Cruz to consider ending his campaign now.  The handwriting is clearly on the wall.  Staying in will ruin his political future.  If he gets out it’s a win – win.  If Rubio wins Cruz can say, “Well for the good of the process, I cleared the field for you.”  If Trumps wins Cruz can say, “Well for the good of the process, I cleared the field for you.”  The difference of course is that Rubio would be gracious, but Trump would call him a loser who was going nowhere and wasting everyone’s money.  Sadly, at this point, I think Trump would be correct.

Staying in hoping Trump implodes is foolish.  He’s smart.  He’s cunning.  He’s on an unbelievable roll.

One of the most confounding things that I’ve heard is that Rubio and Kasich need to combine by announcing their ticket now.  What does a guy polling at 7% and losing in his own state bring to the ticket? 

These dopes are the same pols who think that they can rise taxes on businesses and then are shocked, shocked I tell you, that businesses refuse to cooperate.  Instead they move out of the country to avoid the tyranny. 

Trump will counter by announcing 4 possible running mates who will compete to be his running mate by arranging Trump events, making Trump ads, doing TV interviews etc.  Week by week Trump would hold a one hour news conference to fire someone, appointing them to a cabinet position as a consolation prize.

Donald Trump Jr. nails it
In an interview with Greta on FNC last night, Donald Trump Jr. nailed it.  When asked why he thought his father was doing so well the Donald Jr. replied, “Americans are just tired of stupid.”

Gun control advocate at a gun range
No doubt this dumbazz is gun control advocate that knows so little about guns that he does not even know that they go BANG!! when fired.

Here’s all you really need to know about Rubio
Unless he pledges in writing to secure the border no matter what within a year and enforce ALL existing immigration laws, we can do better.  I am beginning to think Trump is the only answer.

Here’s why.  Donald Trump read the words to Al Wilson’s song The Snake at rally and some slick ad guy added visuals.  Click and scroll down to the video.

More on G'itmo tomorrow.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Francis morphs into Pope Homer…again

As noted before, I have tremendous respect for the pope in matters concerning Catholicism.  As America well knows given the last 7 years, every institution has to, on occasion, deal with embarrassing leadership.  The Marine Corps had to suffer through a lying Famous crush the troops zoomie I don’t need no stinkin’ TBS Amos a wannbe general if ever there were one.  Now the Catholic Church has to suffer through a socialist/communist tending pope who morphs from Francis to Homer like a fashion model quick changes during a show.

In matters outside the church, Francis get about as much respect from me as Homer Simpson hence the moniker Pope Homer.  I find Pope Homer's treatment of Donald Trump’s position on immigration particularly offensive.  Pope Homer declared anyone interested in building walls rather bridges un-Christian.  YGBSM.  The interweb has been flooded with pictures of the massive wall that surrounds all of Vatican City.  Pope Homer!  Tear down your own damn wall.  Or as Rev? Al Not-So-Sharp-ton might say - hypocrisy much we must. 

Then there’s the condemnation of a guy that the pope doesn’t know about an issue that he is clearly a hypocrite about.  By contrast, when asked about gay marriage, Pope Homer shrugged, “Who am I to judge.”  Well honestly Francis nobody is asking you to judge, but how about a bit of moral clarity and if that’s too heavy a lift for you how about falling back on scripture.  Pope Homer couldn’t muster any of that about an issue that is clearly in a pope’s wheelhouse.

But ask him about one US presidential candidate’s position on securing America’s orders the pope responds - again channeling Rev? Al - judge muchly we must.  Pope Homer judges Trump to be un-Christian for wanting to secure his country which he would be bound by oath – so help him God - to do.   If it’s so un-Christian to build walls why did God order a wall built around Jerusalem?

Now what the pope has done will redound to Trump’s favor.  Why?  Well, Catholics are not the most popular people in the south.  So as usual, controversy will help Trump.

Pope Francis please concern yourself with matters Catholic. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday stuff

SC polls
Some are up in arms over the SC polls showing Trump at 40%.  It’s not the 40% that has them in such high dudgeon.  The internals of the poll also show that many of Trump’s supporters favor flying the Confederate flag and wish the South had won the Civil War. 
The same people clutching their pearls, grabbing the smelling salt and heading for the fainting couch over the that news are perfectly fine with polls that find high percentages of Mooooooslim Americans favoring jihad and sharia law.  So to them I say GFY.
CRUZ on the attack
Sadly, to me that is a sure sign he knows he’s in trouble.  Cruz was the guy who said he’d take the high road and run a positive campaign.  What we’re seeing is anything but.  Now Trump could get away with this.  He’d say, “My campaign is totally positive.” Then when asked about the 2 or 3,000 vicious attacks on other candidates he’d say, “Well look they hit me so I had to hit back very hard” and everyone would accept that.  Cruz gets called a liar and all manner of other less than flattering names by Trump and he looks desperate hitting back.

I think the reason is that Trump has been billed – incorrectly - by the Rat establishment Republicans so thoroughly as a clown.  So who hits a clown?  Desperate people, that’s who. Once you go down that road, Trump can escalate and remain totally in character.  While your own responses look more and more unhinged.
The worst thing that ever happened to Cruz – Glenn Beck’s endorsement – is proving more difficult as Beck claim’s God took Scalia to wake the American people up to fact that Cruz is the only answer.  Well I sort of doubt it.  I think the first question out of the box at the debate will be “Who is on your short list?”  Trump will have a list ready of totally acceptable nominees.  If anything it will help Trump.

I’m no lawyer, but…
How is Apple opening the phone of a dead Islamo-Terror-Fascist, a phone that apparently does not even own the phone, different from a landlord opening the door to the IFT’s apartment?  Apple should open this one single phone.  Had they done it quietly when first asked and worked out a non-disclosure statement with the FBI no one would have ever known that the phone had been opened. 

The Empty Suit to skip Scalia funeral
In what is being touted as a clearly racist move, TES is skipping the funeral of white Supreme Court Justice Scalia.  If I were a family member, I’d be delighted that the narcissistic POS wasn’t coming.  If he came he’d have to talk.  It takes the hairball 40 minutes to say hello and he’d spend more time talking about himself than the deceased.  The Scalia’s can breathe a sigh of relief that TES thinks he’s snubbing them when in reality his absence will be a very welcome relief. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Empty Suit channels Henry II

Michael savage says that Antione Scalia was murdered.  Savage is, at times, a bit unhinged, but because for some inexplicable reason no autopsy was performed who knows?  Sadly given the petty, thin-skinned, vindictive nature the walking talking POS that is The Empty Suit it doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility that TES might have had something to do with the judge’s demise.  Not that he did it or even was an accomplice other than perhaps a King Henry like declaration, “Uh lemmee be clear uhmm, isn’t there, uh, no one, Beuler, class, anyone, who, uh you know, could arrange, uh like uh you know an opening on the Supreme Court?”      

If you do not believe this a possibility read this piece by Victor Davis Hanson that outlines all the BS this POS was willing to do, then ask yourself, is killing someone really all that farfetched for this this piece of crud.
Then consider this piece.   There’s a 90% likelihood that Scalia died of natural causes.  It’s totally within the universe of possibilities that he met with foul play.  You’d think given the number of conspiracy theorists in America that someone with a brain would have order an autopsy.
 The right Trump
Saw Eric Trump n Fox & Friends yesterday.  He’s clearly the Trump that should be running.  Trump would get another bump in the polls if declared that after winning he’d turn the whole thing over to son Eric.

Something from George Will that doesn’t involve an unhinged bashing of the Donald
Here are some interesting points about PC by George Will in a video.  
Billbo disses Kanye: everyone can comment on black music
Since Billbo Billyboy put some ice on it Clinton has declared that we are all mixed race
I feel totally qualified to talk about the state of black music in spite of Kanye West’s request for white people to stop writing about it.   Since the 70s most of it sucks.  That’s not racist because except for Christian Contemporary so does most white music.   Even Country Music has come off the rails for the most part.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Trump explained - well as far as anyone can explain him

Donald Trump once famously pointed out that he could shoot someone on 5th Ave. and not lose a single vote.  The loyalty of Trump’s supporters may explain a lot about his Saturday night debate performance and put his boast to the test.  I think the Donald’s boast is correct as far as it goes.  Nothing he has said or done has dissuaded me from my opinion about him.  See The Fugitive analogy below.

The problem for Trump is that he’s my #2 pick.  I won’t vote for him until Ted Cruz is no longer a viable candidate.  It’s the famous ceiling that the talking heads have said he’d bump against – at 18%, then 22%, then 25%, then 30% certainly no higher than 32%, now he’s in the 40% range I believe.  Well I’m sure Trump does have a ceiling and I’m sure the talking head Rat establishment Republicans have no idea where it is.

Trump knows he has a ceiling among Republican primary voters as well.  In a crowded field that ceiling is lower than it might otherwise be so what to do?  Well SC is an open primary.  So if you’re bumping your head against the ceiling with Republican voters and your support is rock solid – as Trump’s seems to be – why not pursue some Dope votes?  Bashing G.W. Bush and the Iraq War, calling Cruz a liar, condemning the GOP Rat establishment Republicans booing him and threatening a 3rd party anew, might all appeal to a Dope or two crossing the line to vote for Trump in the SC primary.

He can clean the mess up later.  As we’ve already seen he has a way saying he never said something he said and making it stick as with John McCain. 

When Cruz is out I’ll be a Trumpster.  The only thing that bothers me about Cruz right now is being on the same side with Glenn Beck.  He uses his now unlistenable show for a 3 hour Trump bashing.  It’s like seeing the same 3 minute animal cruelty commercial over and over again while watching a late night movie.  Okay Glenn we got it.  Please move on.  Even your rodeo clown act was better than the last 6 months of your radio show. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

A busy Monday

Tough talk before the cave
We’ve seen this play out 100 times.  Mitch McConnell and Rat establishment Republicans are talking tough after the passing of SC justice Scalia.  A conservative lion is gone.  The ReRs talk tough to assuage the feelings of grieving conservatives.  In a month’s time these same he-men Empty Suit haters will transform into compliant TES azz kissers.

We’ve seen it on the budget.  We’ve seen it on defunding PPH.  We’ve seen it on ending Robertscare. We’ve seen it…well as noted above, we’ve seen it 100 times.  Once the media starts with the polling that 978% of Americans want the vacancy on the court filled and TES’s approval rating just went to 185 % among far right conservatives, Mitch and the ReR cowards will fold. 

When TES nominates Noam Chomsky, Mitch and the ReRs will say, “Well this the kind of middle of the road commonsense jurist that we’ve always wanted.”  That or some BS excuse like, “Well TES won the election and our own elections by comparison don’t really mean that much.  What we really need is to control the house, the senate and the presidency.  That’s how the founders envisioned American democracy.  A strong executive running amuck over a weak, spineless and cowardly ReR congress.  We are not only happy to comply with that vision, it is our duty to do so.  When we control the house, the senate, the presidency, then we’ll only be handcuffed by the 5-4 lefty lib split on the Supreme Court that we sent up.  But someone will die soon enough.  When that happens, it's going to be Katie bar the door.”
Rat establishment Republicans channel Dr. Kimble
There’s something weird going on with the Rat establishment Republicans.  You know - the National Review, Charles Krauthammer, George Will, Pauly Walnuts cabal.  Ever since Trump entered the race and gained momentum they insist at every opportunity and in every manner possible that Trump is not a conservative.  They shout it.  They opine endlessly on cable TV about it.  They drone on for hours on the radio about it.  They write special editions about it.  JEB!!’s PAC spends millions advertising it.

The effort reminds me of a scene in the movie The Fugitive where Harrison Ford’s character - Dr. Kimble - is trapped by Tommy Lee Jones’ character - Marshal Gerrard - in a spillway overlooking a dam. Over the din of the rushing water, Kimble professes his innocence shouting, “I didn’t kill her.”  Marshal Gerard replies coldly, “I don’t care.”

The ReRs are like Kimble shouting at us, “Trump’s not a conservative.”  We’re like Marshal Gerard shouting back, “We don’t care.”  We gave "conservative" ReRs any number of opportunities to run government and every single time they screwed us.  Now we truly do not care.  We just want someone - anyone - who will secure the border and take the fight to the Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  Trump’s not a conservative. He’s brash.  He’s profane.  Just like Marshal Gerard does not care about the truth of Dr. Kimble innocence, we don’t care if Trump's not a conservative.  Just get the border sealed and ISIS’s azz kicked.

Conservatives have had their chances and they have p*ssed every one of them away.

The Debate
In a word - Embarrassing.  Anyone who thinks Trump’s unhinged-ness is going to affect his poll numbers should re-read the bit above.  We don’t care.  He actually made sense to me on the state of the Middle East and our involvement over the last 15 years, taxes (still favor fair tax) and immigration.  What else is there?

Trump’s critique of W was off base but while W won the war in Iraq - then lost it - then won it again, his failure to act swiftly and decisively in Iraq when it started to unravel gave rise to The Empty Suit.  Whatever else W’s legacy might be there is that and it’s sort of like Rubio’s membership in the gang of 8 – unforgivable.

And we could point out to the Donald that there were in fact WMDs found in Iraq.  But if JEB!!’s not going to, why should we?  The big question that remains is, where did the rest of Sadam’s WMD stocks go? 

Trump saying W was responsible for 9-11 by saying “it happened on his watch” is like blaming the new clerk at the 7-11 for a robbery.  Or if you like baseball, blaming W for 9-11 is like blaming a relief pitcher for giving up a run when he comes in with 3 on, no outs and facing the numbers 3, 4 and 5 batters.  9-11 was Clinton’s fiasco and another reason Shrillda the Hutt shouldn’t be allowed within a 100 miles of the White House.

There does not need to be anymore debates.  If they must continue, the RNC should tell moderators that the goal of future debates should be to nail candidates down on their current positions on issues not endlessly rehash Trump’s 1968 position on bell bottom trousers. 

The RNC has to stop stacking the audience in favor of JEB!!  JEB!! is like a dear shot through the heart with a high powered rifle.  The deer can bolt for a few yards not knowing he’s already dead before collapsing.   I actually feel sorry for JEB!!  He tries so hard.  Too hard.  When he was defending his mother and talking about how great she was and Trump piped in with “Maybe she should run” it was game, set match.  JEB!! never recovered from the low energy tag.

Kasich sounded like the last Boy Scout. 

Rubio was fine but was still a member of the gang of eight and is the new Rat establishment Republican favorite.

Carson was good and probably would make a good president.  Few are going to support him.

Cruz won.  No really he did.  Aside from everyone calling him a liar several times each, it was a good night.  Mrs. Lex declared Rubio the winner. 

Letter to the editor on Syrian refugees
Lex responded to an article about a local couple whose son was murdered by ISIS but still advocates bringing Syrian refugees into this country.  The letter follows:

First, condolences to the Kassig family.  I watched my own parents struggle with the loss of my sister at the hands of a murderer. 

Allowing Syrian refugees into this country is dangerous, culturally reckless, fiscally irresponsible and immoral.

It is dangerous.  Every credible US law enforcement agency that has testified before congress says there is no reliable way to vet Syrian refugees.  ISIS has warned that they will use the refugee crisis to infiltrate the west.  In this case one bad apple does spoil the whole bunch.   If you knew a barrel of apples had poisonous fruit therein, would you allow your kid to eat from it?  

It is culturally reckless.  When was the last fashion show seen in Tehran; science expo in Kabul; film festival in Riyadh or gay pride parade anywhere in the Middle East?  Evidence across much of Europe demonstrates that vast numbers of Muslims have no interest in assimilating into the host country’s culture.  Rather they establish sharia compliant ghettos that often become “no go” zones for authorities.

It is fiscally irresponsible.  Our country is now 19 TRILLION dollars in debt.  Much of that debt has been heaped upon our children by the same politicians who now want us to open our borders - not just to Syrians but to anyone who can manage to stroll across our southern border.  91.4% of recent refugees from the Middle East are on food stamps. 

It is immoral.  According to the UNHCR it costs 12 times more to transfer refugees from the region than to care for them in refugee camps in the Middle East.  While the Kassigs, Pope Francis and Bishop Rhoades preach compassion, ironically that “compassion” frustrates efforts to provide life-saving essentials to 11 Syrians for every one they insist on transferring to the US. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

No draft for women

Sure there’s a part of me that says okay they want act like men draft them.  I resist that.  It’s not a few he-man men hating women who want women exposed to sustained ground combat operations that concerns me.  I’d bet the vast majority of women who think women ought to be able serve in the infantry would never even consider joining the military as yeoman let alone a grunt.  They just want to knock down the doors that they are too cowardly to walk through.  Making it so other women can get their azzes shot off - and a few men as well - implementing this BS is mission accomplished for the social engineers bent on destroying the American military.
First off, doors exist for reasons.  Not all of the reasons are bad.  They keep weather out and people you do not necessarily want to be able to just walk into your home.  Just because a few spineless civilian service secretaries with their heads planted so far up The Empty Suit’s azz that oxygen needs to be pumped in require the services to integrate women into combat arms, does not mean that real war fighters should go along with the lunacy.

Congress should put the kibosh on this first by forbidding the drafting of women.  Next, they should closely monitor training activities with no notice training surveys where they show up unannounced to evaluate that day’s training.  Are women fully participating and held to the exact same standards as the men?  The answer will be no or the standards have been lowered to accommodate an entire class of recruits that on the whole are weaker, slower and lack the stamina for sustained combat operations.  

Having served in USMC artillery for 20 years I contend that there is not 1/10 of 1% of women who could pull their weight on an artillery crew during a two week operation.
But hey as long as we look like a diverse military who cares about combat operations.  After all what is the bottom line for a military force - winning wars and battles or looking like society? 

It is another obvious attempt to destroy the military.  That’s it.  Look how these azzbags handled the Iranian capture of two US vessels.  They thank the Iranian.  Heap praise on the lawless $h!tbags who took the Navy vessels and issued an apology.  We have sailors crying.  We have an Air Force general passing out at the podium during a briefing.  Every standard in every branch of the military is being destroyed to accommodate weaklings for the sake of diversity. 

Meanwhile the world’s dirt bags are running amuck because the US leadership is clueless and sadly much of the military leadership is in full on go along and get along azz kissing mode.  The next president needs to hold a meeting of all the service chiefs and secretaries and issue a simple statement: If winning wars and battles is not your primary concern – get – the – f**k – out – today.  Clear your staff of anyone who doesn’t share this view of the American military by tomorrow.  Fire any commander who isn’t on board by Friday.  Now I want ISIS gone, not contained, gone.  I want options in 48 hours.  That is all.”

So no draft for women.  Fight the good fight for what is best for the ultimate goal of the military – winning wars and battles.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Feds running amuck & The Empty Suit's oldest boy - if he had one

The Ferguson effect
The feds are suing Ferguson, MO because the city council in Ferguson rejected a DoJ deal to reform the police department that would have required a tax hike upon the citizens of Ferguson to implement.  This is why people – yours truly included – hate the federal government.  

If the DoJ can sue or intimidate a city council with the threat to sue a community for failure to comply, what possibly could be off the table?  The Feds will use a bottomless pit of supplied by you Mr. & Mrs. America to bankrupt an already failing city if the community doesn’t follow DoJ “guidelines”.  Why have local elections?  Just let Lo Lynch and the brain deads at DoJ run these communities.

I’m telling you, if DoJ can get away with this they can then descend upon any community and bankrupt it.  So where do suppose they go?  They will go where the money is.   They will show up in wealthy Middle American (aka Republican) communities and demand quotas for public housing, mino hiring, mosques, rehab centers, halfway houses, soup kitchens etc.  If the community refuses to comply then DoJ rolls in with a boxcar load of cash and sues their collective azzes off. 

This is why I contend that the government has no business killing any of its citizens.  There is no sense of fair play within the government.  None.  Every nook and cranny of every level of government is corrupt.  Lois Learner can use the power of the federal government sic’ing IRS goons on us and the *itch retires with a full pension.  DoJ loons can give guns to Mexican drug lords who kill 1,000s including a US Border Agent and get promoted.  EPA pollutes and entire river it assigned to protect and nothing happens to those responsible.  This list could on and one and includes sanctuary city policies that unleash hell upon law abiding citizens to no knock warrants issued by a corrupt prosecutor for purely political reasons in WI.  The last thing I want is the government having the power to start killing us willy-nilly for calling out overpaid lazy incompetent government azzbags, overpaid lazy incompetent azzbags in a blog post. 

Let me sum this up in two words – one if you’re Slow Joe Biden – F**K GOVERNMENT.

If The Empty Suit had a son he’d look like this
TES’s oldest son (if he had one) is in trouble at St. John’s University, NY (NY values?) for threatening and assaulting a co-ed for having a Trump sticker on her computer.  No doubt Shrillda the Hutt will condemn TES’s boy for his attack on the woman.  No.  Wait. Does she need the black vote more than the women’s vote? 

When you read the article and listen to the short clip it becomes obvious, like punk dad, like punk son.  By the grammar use this “college kid” is obviously an affirmative action pass through.  Sure let’s make college free for all of these dumbazzes who cannot even speak the King’s English.  Then there’s the picture of Jesus in the background in one of the pics of the perp which many might consider incongruent with the content of the article.  Then there’s the priceless nature of TES’s boy sharing dad’s narcissism by being such a self-serving bag-O-crap as to post all of the evidence of his criminal behavior on Twitter and Youtube.  Brilliant!

So you have a bit of mino fratricide here.  A clearly uneducated black man threatening a woman.  What will the college do?  Well the woman clearly provoked the uneducated black man by putting a Trump sticker in plain sight.  Talk about a trigger warning and violating “safe places” on campus.  Lo Lynch is no doubt going to send a DoJ team to St. John’s and demand that the college hire a majority of uneducated black professors – is Skip Gates available? – hire a black campus police chief, build a black student union, remove all references to Trump on campus even in card games, build a monument to the uneducated black man at the center of the storm, and donate 150 million dollars to Black Lives Matter.  Failure to comply within all of the demands within 48 hours will result in DoJ suing St. John’s.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trump, Trump, Clinton and free $h!t

Trump wins big
My #2 guy came in first in NH.  The even better news is that Christie and Rubio shot each other in the knee in NH.  Christie is unacceptable not so much for his slobbering love affair with The Empty Suit six days before the election when TES visited NJ after  superstorm Sandy but also because of his keynote speech during the Republican Convention.  Mr. “tough guy” could never quite get around to lambasting TES and didn’t mention the nominee – Mitt  - until about 30 minutes into his speech.  Instead of platform to outline TES’s failures or Mitt’s strengths, it was Christie’s introduction of himself to the 2016 Republican nomination.  So Christie was tough sell for me from the start.  Turns out he is a whole lot more aggressive when he is selling his own line than he ever was standing up for Mitt.  As far as Marco goes, three words, two if you’re Slow Joe Biden, gang – of - eight. 

I do not think that you can work on something like that month after month and be there speaking in favor of it at its roll out if that is not where your heart is.  I’d put Carson and Fiorina ahead of Rubio in my ranking.

I am darn near a single issue voter.  That issue is immigration.  If we do not get that issue right – right now – nothing else is going to matter.  If the Dopes get open borders and turn those masses into Dope voters, the republic is done.  And why wouldn’t they be Dope voters?  Demo-Dopes are officially the fee $h!t party, F**k whitey party, men suck party, surrender at the first shot party, Christianity is the problem party,  screw the military with asinine multi-cult BS party.  If illegals are legitimized – aka amnesty – the next step is voting rights.  Once that happens Mr. & Mrs. America it’s over. 

Immigration is the issue most important issue to me.

Trump tells the truth again
Trump said, “Maybe [The Empty Suit] doesn’t want to defeat ISIS”, and outrage ensues.  Okay what would he be doing differently if he wanted to give the impression that he was anti-ISIS but really was tolerant of their world view?

From the no $h!t file
Billbo Billyboy put some ice on it Clinton actually said that sometimes he wishes he and Shrillda the Hutt weren’t married.  That is so obvious on so many levels there is no logical place to begin.  What was the first clue?

The scores of extra marital affairs

The fact that you cannot stand to be seen together unless someone is paying you

The fact that the Hutt look like…well…the Hutt

The fact that every time Shrillda the Hutt opens her sewer slit it sounds as if the devil himself is trying to create a sound so obnoxious as to drive any sane person crazy

The fact that everyone knows she’s using you to gain power for herself and otherwise probably hates your worthless guts

The fact that once she gets her cow sized azz thrown in prison all of your photo ops will be during visiting hours

Free college and free pre-K
Why do you suppose Dopes are pushing free college and free pre-K?  If you didn’t already know it - education in America is dominate by leftist loons.  That’s why when Lex jr. talked about entering the education field I didn’t say –are you crazy – rather I encouraged him as a voice of reason in a cesspool lefty liberal poo.

Dopes push free pre-k so that they can get their tentacles into the youth of Americans at earliest opportunities.  Meanwhile the unsuspecting parents look a t free pre-k as free day care.  That’s it.  Drop junior off with the state at the earliest opportunity and go to work so you can afford that big screen.  Offering up free college keeps people who otherwise wouldn’t even think of college to forestay going to work for another 4 years.  Why in the hell wouldn’t yu go to college if someone else was paying for it?  Colleges will fill up the Bart Simpsons, the Cam Newton’s who can’t play football, the talentless bloggers living in mom’s basement (hmm, that one is a little too close to home), it’ll be an extension of high school.  The work force, the military, the trades, privte colleges that actually market an education will all suffer.  It will serve as a magnet for illegal aliens to take the unfilled jobs – jobs Americans won’t do because the government insists on paying them for doing nothing.  

When I graduated high school my Aunt Anna asked me where I was going to work.  I told her was going to college.  She looked at me and said, “Why Douglas, we never thought of you as college material.”  It was a different age when people told the truth.  She was probably right.  Had it not been for Coach Locke & dad instilling a never quit attitude, I’d probably be finishing up my 30 year career at UPS.  UPS is where I worked and paid my own way through 5 ½ years of college. 

When we started Lex jr’s college fund my first question to Mrs. Lex was, “What if he’s dumbazz?”  It turns out he’s much smarter than I ever was, but I can nail two 2 X 4s together and run a chainsaw – so it evens out.  The point is that you tend to work a bit harder and consider college a bit differently if you are paying your own freight.      

If Bernie Sanders wins and gives away free college, having paid my own way, I’m demanding reparation.  You know what, if I was a mino, I’d probably get it.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Super Bowl re-cap

Super Bowl
America’s “first unapologetically black team” was beaten spawning the hashtag #Superbowlssowhite.  No word from Bomani Jones and only a few words classless pouts from the crybaby race baiting Cam Newton.

Cam’s second fumble
When Super Bowl SB MVP Vonn Miller knocked the ball out of Newton’s hand the second time, when Newton made no effort to recover his fumble, I assumed the ball had been recovered under the scrum.  It wasn’t until the replay that saw Newton’s pathetic effort.  Donavan McNabb is going to be known for throwing up in the huddle while the Philly Eagles were on a game winning drive and not knowing the NFL overtime rules.  Cam Newton is going to be known for standing around watching while others scrummed for his lost football.  Never was the fan’s taunt “sell him a ticket” more appropriate.

McNabb and Newton share another bit infamy.  The sport’s press’s willingness to cover up for them.   After losing an overtime game, McNabb admitted he didn’t know that an NFL regular season game could end in a tie.  He’s of 32 guys in the entire world running an NFL and he doesn’t bother to familiarize himself with the rules.  YGBSM.  I wasn’t an NFL QB and I knew the rules.  The press and other all gathered around admitting they didn’t know the rule either and few others were familiar with the rule.  BS.  Pure BS. I’d guarantee you Peyton Manning and his little brother know the rules.

Now the race baiters are excusing Newton’s performance and childish BS behavior after the game.  I guess he wasn’t able to steal anyone’s else’s work like he did during his college career or steal anyone else’s property to get over a simple news conference among his hero worshipers.  As told Mrs. Lex I never liked him because he is a punk, petty, lying, thief who’s all talk and showboat when things are going well but has been proven to be a quitter when things go south.  All that said, he is a magnificent talent.

The halftime show
There is great controversy about the halftime show’s lyrics.  I was with a dozen people all commenting so I didn’t hear a one of the lyrics.  I thought the visuals were very cool though.  I do not know why the NFL thinks the halftime show needs to compete with the game.  It shouldn’t.  They should go to the booth, go over halftime stats and squeeze in a few more ads so the second half can proceed with fewer 3 minute TV interruptions.

I couldn’t hear those either.  Ad guys need to get a grip and make these more visual as most people watch the game with a crowd so the sound becomes pretty much a non-player.  I am happy to hear that the Dorito’s ad made clear what I’ve said on this page many times ultrasound is crushing any notion that what exists in the woman’s womb is anything other than a baby.  Now the pro abort lunatics are all up in arms about the ad because the “fetus” looks too much like a baby.  First, if it looks like a duck….  Next, keep bitching ladies.  It draws more attention to the ad.  Anyone with a brain looking at an ultra sound l know it’s a baby.  So yeah, do what you do best.  Play right into that well known and I guess true stereo type, what lib women do best is  – bitch.  Hence the name.

A test for GOFO’s
This should expose the real generals and flag officer (GOFOs) from the wannbe GOFOs.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Friday round up

The part Islam The Empty Suit does not mention
While The Empty Suit was kissing moooooooslim azz and lying about a religion of peace, moooooslims were busy killing everything that didn’t see the world from their 7
th century point of view.  Of course all of this will finally change when Hollywood finds a few more mainstream parts for moooooslims.  Here’s the truth about that BS religion of mayhem.  No all Muslims are not bad.  The Kurds are heroes.  But unless they stand up and state loud and clear that Islamo-Terror-Fascists need to be killed, they are part of the problem.. 

Rubio the new Rat-establishment-Republican
Rush Limbaugh assures us that Marco Rubio is not a Rat-establishment-Republican.  Politically speaking JEB!! is dead.  So Fox News is now all in with Marco Rubio.  That’s RER for me right now.  Here’s why Marco Rubio cannot be trusted

How to end a war quickly
The Empty Suit is bragging about ending two wars.  Well first off neither is over.  Next the quickest way to end a war is to surrender and that’s essentially what TES did. Now he wants back in.  

Newton proof positive race baiting is an industry
Cam Newton alluded to the fact that people don’t like him because he’s a black quarterback.  YGBSM.  To the extent that anyone – me for instance - doesn’t like you is because you’re a lying thief.  I don’t like Ray Lewis.  It has nothing to do with him being black.  It has to do with him be lying accomplice to murder.  I don’t like Johnny Manziel. It doesn’t have one thing to do with the color of his skin.  It has to do with him being an immature waste of a draft pick for the Cleveland Browns.

A smart-alecky sports guy, as if there’s any other kind, Bomani Jones, backed Newton up saying people don’t like Cam Newton because Americans don’t “like black people very much”.  Wow what a racist.  There a parallels between the race-baiter and the religion of peace.  No matter the amount of evidence to the contrary, any failure of any black person in America will be traced back to racism.  They vote in a 90% block for a party that is supposed to end racism yet today it seems worse than ever.  America elects a totally unqualified black idiot whose only qualification was that he was black TWICE yet America is still racist.  How is that even possible?

Super Bowl prediction
Both teams have good defenses.  Panthers have a better offense mainly because of NFL MVP Cam Newton.  Denver will need a perfect game and couple of turnovers to keep it close.  Panthers 35 Broncos 10. 

Thursday, February 04, 2016

TES's moooooslims kill everyone because they don't get enough good TV parts, makes #oscarssowhite look like logic from Socrates

The Empty Suit is liar.  We all are well aware of his, “If you like your healthcare plan…” BS.  Now his utter BS at a US mosque remind us anew of what a clueless numbskull this guy truly is.  He lives in a world where if he says reads it off the teleprompter it has to be true in spite of centuries of proof to the contrary.

TES would have you believe that he is all about homosexual rights, women’s rights, the right to worship how you chose, but the little waif wanders into a den intolerance - aka a mosque – and lectures us calling the American people intolerant for the not tolerating the intolerance being preached within.  Catholics don’t want to provide abortion services at their hospitals on firm religious grounds and get sued by the vindictive POS.  Muzzies – who TES insists on referring to as mooooooslims -  hack people, shoot people, drown people, burn children alive, rape women, kill innocents around the world by the scores in the most horrific ways - also on the firm religious grounds found in their BS book the koran - and TES actually tells us we have to mainstream moooooooslims in TV and movie parts.  YGBSM. 

Talking about mooooooslims like that is like saying, “Aside from the obvious, I heard John Wayne Gacey had a pretty good clown act.  If we would have just mainstreamed the guy, you know given him a TV gig somewhere, maybe doing the weather, he’d have been all right.”  It’s fantasy.  It’s dangerous fantasy.  So sure a couple of mooooooslim TV shows are sure to reverse centuries of backassward thinking.  Let’s try Father Knows Best – When His Daughter Deserves an Honor Killing.  Or how about Leave it to Beaver – no wait that has a sexual reference, kill the producers.    

Until a responsible group of Muslims gain the upper hand in that BS religion, they should be treated as a fifth column here in the US, because that is precisely what they are.  TES is all worried about muzzies being singled out but nary a word about the religious group most often singled out and mistreated for their religion – Jews - or the bastards most interested in killing them all off the muzzies.

Three horse race
It looks as if right now the Republican primary is coming down to Trump, Cruz and Rubio.  Of course all of that can change in a minute.  I understand that Jim Glimore is poised and ready to pounce.  The good news is that I can live with any of them.  The bad news is that Trump and Cruz are like to bloody each other and split the vote to the point that my least favorite of the three – Rubio – wins the nomination.  

For a guy whose #1 issue is immigration, Rubio’s charter membership in the gang of 8 is tough pill to swallow.  Someone on that debate stage Saturday night has to get Marco to commit to enforcing the law on immigration if wins the presidency.