Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rat establishment Republicans in melt-down after Trump gives ReRs a classic beat down

Nevada Caucuses
Many are complaining about the mechanics of the caucuses, workers in Trump T-shirts, running out of ballots, people voting twice, no check of IDs etc.  Okay who runs the caucuses?  The Rat establishment Republicans – right?  So ReRs are complaining about themselves which is pretty much what the party is going.  So for once the Rat establishment Republicans have united the party.  

I don’t know why a caucus even exists.  I’m pretty sure it’s system whereby the lite think they can better control the unwashed masses from expressing their opinions.  You have to go and sit for hours while ReRs talk BS to you.  Then vote in public.  What kind of BS is that?  Enter the Donald who has the ReRs peeing themselves.  He’s increased the Republican vote and made the #1 issue – immigration - the #1 issue. 

My sense is Cruz is done.  He’s gone from 1st to 2nd to 3rd.  The two lanes seem to have been formed.  Trump is in the outsider lane and Rubio is in the insider lane still wanting open borders.  Okay that’s simplistic, but I wouldn’t trust Rubio at all.  Rubio said 8 times on ol’ Turkey Neck’s show (O’Really) that he’s still favors amnesty for the 12 – really probably about 20 – million invaders already here.

I’d urge Cruz to consider ending his campaign now.  The handwriting is clearly on the wall.  Staying in will ruin his political future.  If he gets out it’s a win – win.  If Rubio wins Cruz can say, “Well for the good of the process, I cleared the field for you.”  If Trumps wins Cruz can say, “Well for the good of the process, I cleared the field for you.”  The difference of course is that Rubio would be gracious, but Trump would call him a loser who was going nowhere and wasting everyone’s money.  Sadly, at this point, I think Trump would be correct.

Staying in hoping Trump implodes is foolish.  He’s smart.  He’s cunning.  He’s on an unbelievable roll.

One of the most confounding things that I’ve heard is that Rubio and Kasich need to combine by announcing their ticket now.  What does a guy polling at 7% and losing in his own state bring to the ticket? 

These dopes are the same pols who think that they can rise taxes on businesses and then are shocked, shocked I tell you, that businesses refuse to cooperate.  Instead they move out of the country to avoid the tyranny. 

Trump will counter by announcing 4 possible running mates who will compete to be his running mate by arranging Trump events, making Trump ads, doing TV interviews etc.  Week by week Trump would hold a one hour news conference to fire someone, appointing them to a cabinet position as a consolation prize.

Donald Trump Jr. nails it
In an interview with Greta on FNC last night, Donald Trump Jr. nailed it.  When asked why he thought his father was doing so well the Donald Jr. replied, “Americans are just tired of stupid.”

Gun control advocate at a gun range
No doubt this dumbazz is gun control advocate that knows so little about guns that he does not even know that they go BANG!! when fired.

Here’s all you really need to know about Rubio
Unless he pledges in writing to secure the border no matter what within a year and enforce ALL existing immigration laws, we can do better.  I am beginning to think Trump is the only answer.

Here’s why.  Donald Trump read the words to Al Wilson’s song The Snake at rally and some slick ad guy added visuals.  Click and scroll down to the video.

More on G'itmo tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff Doug. Trump is like the Brad Pitt character in Legends of the Fall. As the Native Amercian narrates those around him through themselves at him in an attempt to break him but he is like a giant boulder and it is they that break...haha

Jess Griffith