Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday stuff

SC polls
Some are up in arms over the SC polls showing Trump at 40%.  It’s not the 40% that has them in such high dudgeon.  The internals of the poll also show that many of Trump’s supporters favor flying the Confederate flag and wish the South had won the Civil War. 
The same people clutching their pearls, grabbing the smelling salt and heading for the fainting couch over the that news are perfectly fine with polls that find high percentages of Mooooooslim Americans favoring jihad and sharia law.  So to them I say GFY.
CRUZ on the attack
Sadly, to me that is a sure sign he knows he’s in trouble.  Cruz was the guy who said he’d take the high road and run a positive campaign.  What we’re seeing is anything but.  Now Trump could get away with this.  He’d say, “My campaign is totally positive.” Then when asked about the 2 or 3,000 vicious attacks on other candidates he’d say, “Well look they hit me so I had to hit back very hard” and everyone would accept that.  Cruz gets called a liar and all manner of other less than flattering names by Trump and he looks desperate hitting back.

I think the reason is that Trump has been billed – incorrectly - by the Rat establishment Republicans so thoroughly as a clown.  So who hits a clown?  Desperate people, that’s who. Once you go down that road, Trump can escalate and remain totally in character.  While your own responses look more and more unhinged.
The worst thing that ever happened to Cruz – Glenn Beck’s endorsement – is proving more difficult as Beck claim’s God took Scalia to wake the American people up to fact that Cruz is the only answer.  Well I sort of doubt it.  I think the first question out of the box at the debate will be “Who is on your short list?”  Trump will have a list ready of totally acceptable nominees.  If anything it will help Trump.

I’m no lawyer, but…
How is Apple opening the phone of a dead Islamo-Terror-Fascist, a phone that apparently does not even own the phone, different from a landlord opening the door to the IFT’s apartment?  Apple should open this one single phone.  Had they done it quietly when first asked and worked out a non-disclosure statement with the FBI no one would have ever known that the phone had been opened. 

The Empty Suit to skip Scalia funeral
In what is being touted as a clearly racist move, TES is skipping the funeral of white Supreme Court Justice Scalia.  If I were a family member, I’d be delighted that the narcissistic POS wasn’t coming.  If he came he’d have to talk.  It takes the hairball 40 minutes to say hello and he’d spend more time talking about himself than the deceased.  The Scalia’s can breathe a sigh of relief that TES thinks he’s snubbing them when in reality his absence will be a very welcome relief. 

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