Friday, October 29, 2010

Rickey's method for Speaker of the House ignored as well

In the post below, Lex noted how Branch Rickey carefully broke the color barrier in MLB. Demo-Dopes should have followed Rickey's model.  But maybe there was a method to their madness in picking unqualified people to be their "firsts."  Most obvious, maybe Demo-Dopes have completely broken the color barrier, because now, not only is it OK to have a black president, it’s OK if that black president is a terrible president with huge character and integrity deficits.

Wow! Screw Rickey.  Who says the first of anything has to be really good.  We can have a terrible black president just like we can have terrible white presidents.  Maybe we really have put this race thing to bed. Except for when race hustlers, a group that now includes the President of the United States, are turning us on each other, like when the cops question a man for breaking into a house. OK, he was breaking into his own house, but none-the-less breaking into a house. Instead of thanking the police for being vigilant, the new race hustling industry, which now includes P-BO, have to try to figure out a way that can pit black against white over the incident.

And the race hustling industry cannot be limited to black against white. Now the race hustlers, P-BO and Scrawny Harry Reid, want to turn the Hispanic community against Republicans. Read white people there, because we know that no self-respecting person of color would ever vote Republican or show up at a Tea Party rally. How do we know that? Scrawny Harry and P-BO told us.

So, as with a lot of what P-BO promised, this post racial thing he promised is turning out about as well as his pledge to close G’itmo in the first year. Oh well, Rome wasn’t built in a day. At least he got us out of Iraq. Oh, that’s right he didn’t. Well at least we’ll all be able to keep our health care if we like it.

But on to yet another barrier broken down by Demo-Dopes with utterly disastrous results. Drum roll please. Nancy Pelosi as the first ever woman Speaker of the House of Representatives. From the famously ignorant comment, “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it;” to the, “We’re going to drain the swamp;” to the “I’ll be running the most ethical house ever;” to the loss of control of the House with between a 40 and 70 seat swing, Pelosi has set the Liberal women’s movement back 20 years.

Conservative women on the other hand are on the rise, as are candidates of color with in the GOP. The GOP has a great line up women candidates and leaders. Liz Cheney being chief among them for my money. They are so good and I like them so well, that if I mind like Joy Behar’s, I’d be calling them all my bitches.

Hmm, is “mind” the right word here for Behar’s...what? Maybe “vacant cranial surface area?” Or “cranial vacuum?” Cranial vaccum has possibilities because it conjures up the image of a black hole for me. So every time Behar opens her pie hole, I get a visual of everything being sucked out the room, light, intelligence, rational thought everything.

So anyhow, Demo-Dopes made a total boob the first woman Speaker of the House. Can you call a woman a boob? Maybe I should just stick to the words that Demo-Dopes use for women they disagree with, bitches and whores.

Another good thing about Demo-Dopes not following Branch Rickey’s model, is that no matter how clueless the next black president or woman speaker is, they will be compared to these two. Given that measure, no matter how awful they may turn out to be, the next black president or woman speaker will probably have to be judged a huge improvement over the first.

In that sense black people and women have to be thanking P-BO and Pelosi for setting the bar so low.

Side note: Behar’s comment calling Tea Party candidate Sharon Angle a “bitch” led to a fund raising boon for Angle. So much so that Angle sent Behar flowers thanking her for the help. The ever classy Behar responded with this:

“Those flowers were picked by illegal immigrants. And they’re not voting for you, bitch.”

Two questions:
Are we sure they were picked by illegals? Because after all, that would be illegal.

And, if illegals aren’t voting for Angle, who will they be voting for?

I’m of the opinion that they shouldn’t be voting at all. That probably makes me some sort of racist bastard to the shrills on View.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Demo-Dopes should have studied Rickey

When Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, thereby breaking down MLB’s race barrier, his success was as much a credit to his example of character as his unquestionable talent.  It was a combination of Robinson's grace, grit and talent that challenged the traditional basis of segregation.

When Brooklyn GM Branch Rickey was approached about bringing players into MLB from the Negro League, Rickey was on board as long as the first player brought into the league had not only the requisite skills, but also a character and will of steel necessary to withstand what Rickey knew would be unbelievable pressure from teammates and fans. Rickey knew that if his experiment failed, because of poor performance or character issues, it would set acceptance of black athletes in MLB back decades. Robinson filled the bill admirably, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Too bad Demo-Dopes didn’t study Rickey’s technique for bringing Robinson into MLB. If they had we wouldn’t be saddled with P-BO’s failed presidency. There is not one thing in P-BO’s life story that qualifies him to hold the office of presidency. He admitted himself that his primary qualification for being president was running the slick campaign for the office. That is definition of a self-licking ice cream cone if ever there was one.

But being unqualified for the office is one thing, lacking the character necessary to hold the office is quite another. P-BO recently called one group of Americans the enemy of another group of Americans. Why? Was one group the KKK or a militia intent on doing the other group, in this case Hispanics, harm? No. Not at all. The group P-BO called the enemy of Hispanics were anyone with the temerity not to support P-BO.

P-BO is a divider. Divide, separate and conquer the electorate. If they end up at each other’s throat, fine as long as P-BO maintains his power.

And his willingness to turn us on each other is intentional. It’d be one thing if he had just misspoke. But you do not call one group of American the enemy of another by accident. If it were an accident, he’d be falling over himself apologizing for the classless comment. He didn’t.  So the comment must have been purposeful.

And for what great end was the comment issued? To stop racism or some other great social injustice? No. It was to garner a few more votes for what appears to be a disastrous midterm election for Demo-Dopes. Never has so much character and integrity been cast away, wasted on such a meaningless cause.

I had an old colonel who used to tell me, “You have a million dollars worth of integrity. But you cannot spend a dime of it.” The moral was simple enough. If you compromise your integrity once, he’d never trust you again.

I’d say between, stupid white cops, typical white grandmothers, bitter clingers, racist preachers, communist White House staffers and declaring Americans the enemies of other Americans simply for how they vote, I’d say P-BO’s million dollar character and integrity accounts are now completely bankrupt.

In places across America there are black men with the talent and the character to be great presidents. Too bad P-BO has just made it all that much more difficult them.

Too bad the Demo-Dopes didn’t study Branch Rickey. They probably ignored him because he’s an old dead white guy. Gee, where have I heard that before?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why wait, Demo-Dopes coming unhinged before Nov 2

I thought the Demo-Dopes would have waited until after the mid-terms to come unhinged. Apparently there’s a memo from the supreme punk – P-BO – that it’s ok to start coming unhinged right now. Why wait?

P-BO turned punk again when he urged a Spanish speaking crowd to “punish our enemies” with regard to border security. Who is the enemy, punk? The thousands of Al Qaeda, dope peddlers, human traffickers and just plain illegals trying to sneak across our unsecured southern border? No. Hell no. The enemy according to the punk are the people trying to secure the border. So how far will one seedy sail eared little punk sink just to get a few votes? Referring to fellow Americans as “enemies” has to be a new a low for any president. It’s even lower Scrawny Harry’s remark about not understanding how any Hispanic could vote for a Republican.

Picking up on P-BO’s divisive comments, intellectual soul mate Joy Behar called Sharon Angle a b!t*h, and said Angle would go to hell for not supporting open borders. Wow! Isn’t the “tolerant left” sounding less and less tolerant to closer we get to Nov 2?

You’ll recall that Behar and fellow (g)@$$bag WHOOOOOOOPIE cushion Goldberg walked off the set when Billbo O’Really? Remarked that the Muslims attacked us on 9-11. Fine stand up for your moral equivalency every chance you get. Then Juan Williams was fired by NPR for making a remark, if not equally condemning of Muslims, at least on a par with O’Really?’s. WHOOOOOOPIE’s response? Why NPR is crazy. Why would they fire Juan? They need to “get it together” over at NPR according WHOOOOOOPIE. So, why does Juan get a pass and Billbo gets walked out on? (Actually, Billbo got the better end of the stick. It doesn’t get much better than not one but two [g]@$$bags walking away from you.)WHOOOPIE is clearly a racist.

Let’s test WHOOOPIE and Joy’s theory. Take the View gals on a two months month tour of the Middle East where they broadcast daily from open venues. Live from the Blue Mosque in Baghdad. Live from Damascus. Live from Kuwait City. Live from Mecca. Those (g)@$$bags wouldn’t last two days over there.

But wait there’s more unhinged craziness from the left. Scrawny Harry Reid claimed to have single handedly prevented a worldwide depression. Think about that one. Some slippery skunk of man claims to have saved the world from a depression? And even if you did Scrawny, whose money did you use/waste saving it? This makes AlGore’s claims on the Internet believable.

Then there’s Katie Couric. She is touring what she calls “this great unwashed middle of the country.” Unwashed in what sense Katie? As in not bathed? Or some other unwashed sense? Couric is traveling among the “unwashed” in an effort to divine the mood of the “unwashed” before the midterms. And CBS wonders why they are tanking.

As Allah Pundit puts it over at HotAir:

It’s not as bad as it sounds. She didn’t mean it in a “these ignorant peasants sure do smell when they haven’t bathed” way. She meant it in a “I love to chat with these ignorant peasants no matter what they smell like” way. She’s a people person, guys. Accept it.

Last Jimmy Carter, always unhinged, thinks he would have beaten Reagan had it not been for the third party candidacy of John Anderson. Hmmmm. Anderson was a Republican. Seems to me, had Anderson not been in the race many of his votes would have gone to Reagan. Besides given the total @$$whippin’ Reagan laid on Jimmy the Arab, he truly is unhinged if he thinks there’s anything short of the second coming of Jesus as his running mate that would have saved his pathetic loser @$$.  But even then, Demo-Dope would have demanded a separation of church and state.  So actually, no Jimmy, there is NO WAY you could have beaten Reagan.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This is just the mash down on the brakes election

Wow! We’re just about one week out from the most consequential election of my lifetime. I could vote absentee, but I prefer to go to the polling place with camera in hand to record anything out of the ordinary. You know like three Black Panther thugs standing outside with clubs hurling racial epitaphs outside the polling place. But you know, come to think of it, maybe that’s not so out of the ordinary since cowards like Holder are now running the justice department. I’m considering throwing my .32 on the dash just in case. Oh! Just in case, that’s the Safe Auto guy. Now I get it!

If the blow out is as big as expected, I plan to turn the TV over to MessNBC for a good laugh. How great is it going to be to listen to Olberdouch, Moodow, Liying, liar, liarface, liar Larry O’Donnell, Pissy Mathews and the same 3 people they interview every night whine about all of the racists showing up to vote? I expect that MessNBC will using the DE senate race as the bellwether for the evening. I can hear Olberdouch’s speckled comment now, “Even though they took 70 seats in the House and 10 in the Senate, Republicans have failed miserably. The American people have rejected the racists who do not believe everything I do. Case in point, Christine O’Donnell was defeated in De by 2%. There you have it America. A stunning come from behind victory for P-BO and the Democrats.”

And what about O’Donnell? What if she does close in the remaining days but comes up a point or two short and that leaves Demo-Dopes with control of the Senate? Who do we blame? Well we could blame the candidate. We could blame the people of DE who nominated her over Republi-Rat Mike Castle. We could blame Castle who like Chuck Crist and Lisa Murkowski act like sore losers when things don’t go their way. ( Aside: Ain’t it funny how the Republi-Rat establishment want us to get on board with their wishy-washy candidates but they never seem to reciprocate when those candidates get an @$$ whippin’ from a real conservative.) We could blame Rove and Krauthammer for, if not comfortable with an outright endorsement, at least not just shutting the hell up. Shut the hell up: To date, Keith Olberdouch’s singular contribution to journalism.

How long will it be into the evening before some Demo-Dope loser uses the line: It’s easy to run a campaign, but now they have to govern. No. Wrong idiot. P-BO will still be president. Even if things go swimmingly, Repubs will not have a 60 seat majority in the senate - the magic number required to roll back P-BOcare.

This is just an apply the brakes election. Sadly to roll anything back, we’ll have to start the whole thing over come Nov 3. To roll things back. P-BO will have to be removed from office and Repubs will need enough votes in the senate to overcome Republi-Rat squishes like Snowe, Collins, Grahmnesty, McCain, Lugar, et al. 2012 will be the roll back election.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Libs, Libs and Democrats

Juan Williams
After being sacked by NPR, Juan Williams just signed a 2 million dollar contract with Fox. Does this mean that all of NPR’s “talents” will be going off the NPR reservation in hope of getting a bigger contracts and audiences with Fox? Probably not.

I saw this Williams thing yesterday and had meant to comment on it but the rant on DADT went long, and to be honest, I saw something shinny and just forgot about Williams.

So Williams gets canned from NPR where no one heard him anyway. He gets a huge pay raise from Fox where he’ll reach 100 times as many people. It sounds as if Juan might have landed on his feet.

NPR on the other hand has been condemned from left, right and center for firing Williams. Its head, some ditz, Vivian Schiller proved that you can be an idiot and a mean spirited idiot all at the same time when she told an audience that Williams should have kept his feeling about Muslims between himself and "his psychiatrist or his publicist."  Yeah I fired him, but that shouldn't stop me from kicking him while he's down.

Never has one firing done so much good. Williams has landed on his feet after a Lib on Lib food fight. Schiller is in jam of her own idiocy, and NPR is finally going to be investigated by congress and lose its public funding.

I like Williams. But had I known so much good would come from his firing, I’d have called for it years ago.

Lib Victory either way in Nov
How great is it to be a Lib? They are in a win-win situation come Nov 2nd. If they win, they can raise taxes. If they lose, they can just send whatever they think is their fair share into the federal government.

Imagine if the shoe were on the other foot. If Republicans win, taxes go down. If Republicans lose, we just send in what we think is our fair share.  I know I’d save several thousand dollars under that arrangement.

But have you noticed that when P-BO, the Slickmeister Clinton, Soros, Buffet et al talk bout how rich people like them ought to be paying more taxes, no one ever challenges them to just send it in?
Dear NRA:
I was considering becoming a life member. Not anymore. Your endorsement of Brad Ellsworth in the Indiana senate race has me considering weather or not I want to renew my annual membership.

I understand that the NRA is a single issue organization. I might even believe that Democrat Ellsworth has a better record on gun issues than his Republican opponent Dan Coats. But the NRA had better begin to look at party politics.

No party votes in complete lock step like Democrats over the last two years. How does the NRA think we were saddled with mandatory national health care? The Democrat Party, that’s how.

Ellsworth’s record may be one thing, but the NRA has to know that his party would love to see restrictions on gun ownership and ammunition purchases. The NRA might take a day to study what the long-term effects on gun issues are likely to be if Ellsworth, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Barak Obama continue with unchecked power.

Coats is the obvious choice for thinking Indiana gun owners - if for no other reason than to act as a check to the gun grabbing Democrats who dominate Washington, D.C. today. But the NRA wants to send more Democrats to Washington?

Wake up. Reject all Democrat candidates until the party signs a plank in its national platform that recognizes that the Second Amendment says what it says.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

It is the American culture not the military culture that needs changing

Headline from the AP:

Pentagon trying to change culture to allow gays

OK, you’ve got the biggest baddest and best – something. Makes no difference, a soft drink, beer, screwdriver, anything, it’s the best. One day the CEO comes in and says we need to change the culture around here. What’s your reaction? What are you nuts?

It reminds me of the story of two owners standing around lamenting the fact that they sell so many canary yellow purses. “Who would buy such a thing,” laments one. “I don’t know they are just awful,” says the other. They agree that even though they sell a ton of the purses, that they shouldn’t reorder. The third partner steps in and says, “Hold on. I don’t care if they are the ugliest thing ever. If they sell, we’re stocking them.”

The military could make the same case.  We're not the most sensitive bunch, but we can kick @$$ on behalf of the American people when asked to do so.  But instead of arguing the need for good order and discipline in the military as an argument to reject social experimentation in the armed forces, the nut jobs want to change the culture.

You can almost hear it down in Alabama, under Bear Bryant. “Bear the times are changing. We need to change the culture around here a bit.” Bear, “Huh? Oh you mean from a winning culture to a losing culture?” “Well no. Not necessarily. Just a kinder gentler culture.” Bear, “Yeah, that’s what I said. From winning to losing.”

And look we are not talking about purses or football here. We are talking about the defense of the nation. Seems to me we need to set people’s feelings aside here and do what is best for the force and the country.

The last thing the military needs at this point is to inject another protected class into its midst.  How do you think we got murdering scumbag Maj Hassan? He was a protected class. No one in the Army from the Chief of Staff all the way down to Hassan’s immediate supervisor would confront the bastard for fear of being labeled an Islamophobe. Hell Gen Casey spoke out against any Muslim backlash before he’d admit that Hassan was $h!thead. Something about a troubled man, we don’t know what his motives were, blah, blah, blah.

So the military will not confront a Muslim murderer. What makes anyone think that it will confront an openly gay colonel for doing the gay orderly on the parade deck before formation?

Things may have changed, but you could see hard core military men bite their tongues and change their demeanor when women were on the scene. At one briefing a female general told a friend that the reason most women couldn’t handle a 60 pound pack was because the pack wasn’t designed correctly for women. Yeah sure. And the only reason I’m not an all-pro NFL linebacker is because the shoulder pads don’t sit right on me.

Dare I say it? It’s not the military culture that needs to change. It’s the culture of me first that needs to change. The culture of no matter what it is, it is a right. The rent is too damn high. I have a right to live wherever I want free. Tuition is too damn high.  I have a right to a college education paid for by my neighbors. Arugula is too damn high. I have a right to food subsidies.  The military is the last bastion of good order and discipline.  Gays have a right to destroy it.

Leave the military culture alone. Change the American culture back to one of personal responsibility.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Libs get American history lesson from Palin

The picture above is the iconic 1846 lithograph by Nathaniel Currier entitled "The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor"

There is nothing quite as delicious as a know nothing know it all being shown up by a target of the know nothing. That is exactly what happened yesterday. In a speech to Tea Party activist Sarah Palin wisely warned them - as Lex has on this page a couple of times - not to “party like it’s 1773″… yet.

Since her appearance on the national scene, Palin has been roundly mocked and criticized by MSM BS artists, Hollywood (the land of know nothings if ever there were such a place), Demo-Dopes and Republi-Rat blue bloods as not being sophisticated and/or smart enough to hold a high political office.

Well after her speech to the Tea Partiers yesterday, Libs across the country thought that Palin had flubbed the date of our founding and meant to say 1776. Several well known lefties took to the tweet and lambasted Palin for what they though was a Slow Joe Biden like gaff.

As it turns out, only Slow Joe Biden can make Slow Joe Biden like gaffs - Look there's Stephen Hawking.  Stand up Steve and say a few words to the crowd.  The gaff in this case was by the dopes on the left. The actual Boston Tea Party took place on 16 Dec. 1773. So it turns out that, no the left isn’t as smart as a fifth grader. But OK it’s hard to keep a couple hundred years of history straight. Thank goodness we’re not Chinese or Egyptian where they have to keep track of several millennia of history.

But hey, take dad’s advice and look it up. Google 1773. This is the first thing that pops up. WOW! Ain’t AlGore invention the best? This Internet thing is so cool. Now, look right down the page to Dec. And there it is:

“December 16 – Boston Tea Party: A group of Americans, dressed as Mohawk Indians, steal aboard ships of the British East India Company and dump their cargo of tea into Boston Harbor.”

Unbelievable. Had these leftist dopes taken the 10 seconds necessary to look it up, they wouldn’t be staggering around this morning looking for a towel to wipe the egg the off their collective faces. One of the ignorant jackasses cracking wise about Palin’s apparent gaff was Gwen Ifill. She tweeted, “Sarah Palin: party like its 1773! Ummm” So when Ifill’s caught in her own ignorance, like whenever she opens her pie hole, ignoramus doubles down and tweets this, “Stand down everybody. I was quoting Sarah Palin from her speech yesterday.” So Gwen, what was the "ummm" all about?

Ifill’s last tweet proves that not only is she ignorant and lazy, she also has trouble admitting when she screws up. And what is with the “stand down” BS, Gwen? You stand down. You’re the meathead here. I’ll stand down when you admit you’re wrong and kiss my butt at Broad and High Streets in Columbus, OH at noon on a Monday and give me half an hour to draw a crowd.

Ifill’s an idiot running for cover instead of saying, “I guess I’m not quite as smart as I though I was.” And how great is it that this crowd is made to look like a bunch of jackasses by a woman they try to portray as not ready for primetime?

So you’ve got a whole bunch of Demo-Dope Homer Simpsons wandering around claiming to be soooo smart, only to be shown to be ignorant of their own history and too damn lazy to look it up.

No doubt they will fall back on the Demo-Dope line, “Palin tricked us into mocking her.” You know, like they did with GWB “tricking” them into supporting the Iraq war. In both cases it seems that the Demo-Dopes are so much dumber than the people they mock. Only Libs and Demo-Dopes can be tricked by someone they claim to be a fool.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Were we actually lucky that B-HO became P-BO?

I was just thinking given the landslide that is LIKELY to occur in just two weeks – Oh, by the way, does anyone else have that Christmas feeling? You know, you just can’t wait. Anyway, in just two weeks there is LIKELY – Oh, likely appears here twice in all caps because I’m still not convinced that Dems will not cheat themselves into control of the senate, as they always do in a close election where the Supreme Court does not intervene to stop the cheating. Anyway, in just two weeks there is LIKELY to be one of the worst political smack downs in the history of the world. Given that occurrence, were we actually lucky that B-HO was elected P-BO?

Think it over. Had McCain won, we’d be left trying to justify the half measures he would be taking to steer the ship of state into the same socialist iceberg, all-be-it in slow motion, that P-BO is driving ship toward at all ahead full.

As a result of P-BO’s reckless actions, a great majority of Americans have awakened to the fact that this experiment in self-rule is only one election away from being destroyed. We came very close in 2008. It still remains to be seen if we can reverse the damage done by the Demo-Dopes since inauguration day.

But one thing is certain, there has been the great awakening. That is the first step necessary to at least make the effort to roll back the idiocy laid down over the last 20 months. You have to know that you’ve dug yourself into a deep hole before you can stop digging.

Given the extraordinary @ss whippin' expected in Nov, many think P-BO will quickly move toward center.  I don't think he'll have too.  The next big danger is that Republi-Rats being Republi-Rats will likely bend over backward to get along with whatever remains of the Demo-Dopes. As I mull over the numbers in the senate, whatever happens, the ruling class in the senate after Nov 2 is going to be half a dozen “moderate” squish Republi-Rats like McCain, Grahmnesty, Collins, Snow, Brown, Lugar and Grassley. Unless Republicans get to at least 48 senators, these half dozen linguini ribbed Republi-Rats will continue to steer the ship toward the iceberg, but the Republi-Rats will demand that P-BO slow the ship thereby delaying the eventual wreck of the ship but not avoiding it.

Sadly, what took only 20 months to get into may take us 20 years to get out of. Several post below, Lex notes that “not enough good can come from this election.” It will take at least two possibly three cycles to affect the kind of – dare I say it – change necessary to just get us back to the status quo anti. Who knows how long it will take to get us back to the days when you could sing Christmas carols in a public park.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Scrawny, takes @ss whippin', TKO'd by girl

The former boxer who dominated the, please don’t kick my butt weight class, Scrawny Harry Reid was bitch slapped into a comma in his recent debate with his senate opponent, Sharron Angle. The big news was when Sharron told eunuch Reid to “man up.” No it wasn’t over Scrawny Harry’s the “war is lost comment,” which would have provided the perfect opening for the line. It was over the Scrawny one’s failure to admit that Social Security was in trouble.

I know millions of readers just dropped their cups of coffee. Social Security is in trouble? Why yes it is. It is well on the path to going the way of Woolworth’s Dept. stores. But don’t tell Scrawny or the other Demo-Dopes. They have a plan. We’ll just grab up more money from the working saps and spread it around.

But for me the “man up” shot wasn’t the most telling shot landed on the Scrawny (wo)man’s chin during the debate. Maybe because I knew it was physical impossibility for the crusty old bastard to do. No the best shot came when the closest thing to man on the stage, Sharron Angle, asked Nevada land baron Reid to explain how he/she became one of the richest (wo)men in the senate while trumpeting his “humble beginnings” in Searchlight. Harry was crushed and had a stunned mullet look. He was shocked that anyone might remember his land swindling past.

His answer was more bizarre than the land transaction that netted the Scrawny little weasel millions. He claimed he was a successful lawyer before going to senate. Fine. As David Axelhead might demand, prove it. What case netted you the millions and when exactly was the last time you worked on a case? Excrement for brains Reid went on to say that he was a shrewd investor. So while everyone else was loosing their collective @sses in the market, Scrawny’s brilliance allowed to make millions. He must have been getting stock advice from cattle futures maven Shrillda Beast Clinton. There’s a case for insider trading in there somewhere. Get the feds on it. Send in Patrick Fitzgerald to ignore Scrawny’s criminal activity and nail some poor shlub for lying to the FBI.

Irrespective of how many seats the repubs take in Nov, the victory will not be complete unless the people of Nevada send this seedy little sack of crap packing.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday headlines

Confirmed: Moochelle Obama doesn't know what she's doing

After the First angry Lady violated Illinois campaign laws by campaigning inside the polling place, an election official explained away the violation with this troubling insight, "You kind of have to drop the standard for the first lady, right? I mean, she's pretty well liked and probably doesn't know what she's doing."

This is BS on so many levels

“You kind of have to drop the standard for the first lady…”

What does that tell us? Is it the right entitlement for certain people, or is it “the soft bigotry of low expectations?”

“…she's pretty well liked…”

Well as long as she’s pretty well liked, let’s elect her prom queen and let her break as many laws as she pleases. I think that there are a great many more of us, who are less well liked, who would like to think “equal protection” means something, and is in no way influenced by how well liked you happen to be.

“…probably doesn't know what she's doing."

Well there you have it. When it comes to giving eating advise, going on vacation, talking about policy, talking about America, voting, dressing like a president’s wife, dieting, Moochelle Obama “probably doesn't know what she's doing."

Come to think of it, maybe the “election official” is a bigger doof than the First angry Lady. After all, “she probably doesn't know what she's doing." What’s his excuse for such BS statement regarding

Behar and Goldberg walk off The View: average IQ on stage doubles after departure

I don’t care for any of them, O’Reilly included. But if can get Behar and Goldberg to leave a room, well then he is good for something.

Oh and the Behar Goldberg departure didn’t do a thing to improve the IQ of the studio or TV audience which has to be about a -10.

Another go for good ol’ Slow Joe

Slow Joe told us that P-BO asked him to run again in 2012. Oh joy! I’m sure this true. Why break up such a dynamic team? Did Batman vote Robin off the ticket? Did Tom tell Jerry to get lost? Did Simon tell Garfunkel to take a hike? Well, actually yeah, he did. Anyway, shouldn’t the president have been the one to make this announcement?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hail big business, the miners are safe!

All 33 Chilean miners have been pulled to the surface. I wonder when P-BO will begin slamming big business for the landslide that trapped the miners. But the fact is, were it not for big business, the miner would have died of starvation and dehydration long ago.

What mom and pop company had the resources, technical know how and equipment to save the miners? It took big business to come to the rescue here. It was the hated American mining industry that had the know how to bore down half a mile to affect the rescue. UPS flew the necessary equipment in from the US in less than 48 hours.

The next time P-BO and the Demo-Dopes slam big business, try to imagine your life without it. Own a TV? Gone. A refrigerator? Gone. A furnace or air conditioner? Gone. Planning to fly off for some nice vacation? Don’t. Need a quart of milk after 8 pm? Too bad. Need to drive to work? Better get a bike, uh wait that’s big business as well, better leave early or take up long distance running.

So why is big business the #1 least respected group in America today? Well we have a president who has never worked a day in his life bashing big business for political gain. It’s class warfare. It’s an attempt to pit the big thinkers and risk takers against the rest of us. How many pols in Washington today have ever done one thing of substance outside of politics? Too damn few that’s for sure. Theirs is the life of a self-licking ice cream cone. Get elected, then spend every waking moment pitting one group of Americans against another to get re-elected. And big business is an easy target. Because it’s so big and touches every aspect of our live.

Try to imagine your life without big business. It isn’t pretty. It pushes us back centuries. Yeah sure we all complain when our flight is delayed or stranded on the runway for hours. Some of the stuff that occurs on occasion is downright criminal. But where would we be without it? And is big business really out to screw us and endanger its employees? I do not think there is a single business plan out there among the fortune 500 that has as its goal drawing in first time customers and screwing them so completely that they will never again use the companies product or service.

Quite the opposite. It’s usually the small time business that shows up reeks havoc on the customer and is off to the next town before the cops can catch up with them. You hear about it all of the time. Joe pays a little “front money” to the local shade tree mechanic to get his car fixed. Ten weeks later the car the car isn’t fixed. His front money is gone and the mechanic is in jail. Had Joe gone to the Ford Motor Company, he’d have paid a bit more, ok a whole lot more, but the car would be fixed.

I try to use the little guy as much as possible, but on certain things I like to be able to go back and say. “Hey something’s not right here.” Every business has its ups and downs. Businesses big and small sometimes come up short. But I submit that unless it’s some fly by night scam company or fly by night scam manager, no business sets out to screw its customers or workers.

So the next time you hear someone complaining about “big business” because the manager at McDonald’s was rude to her, reminder her that it was the manager not McDonald’s that was rude. The next time some know-it-all talks about putting all of the CEOs in jail, ask him if thinks he could go a week without the goods and services that those CEOs provide.

Yeah, I get frustrated sometimes with business, but I thank God that people are willing to take the risks and invest the way that they do because it makes my life on the whole soooo much easier.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More buffoonary from the courts

Oh joy, another unelected unaccountable tenured for life federal judge ordered the military to stop enforcing the "don't ask, don't tell" law that has been used to maintain good order and discipline in the armed services for the last 17 years. Combat veteran and long-patrol submarine expert Judge Virginia Phillips, camre off of a long-range patrol, laid down her rucksack, rifle and web gear long enough issue the ruling. Actually, I’ll bet this dame knows less about the military than Donovan McNabb knows about the over-time rules in the NFL.

Egad! The military discriminates? Why yes they do. They discriminate against fat people, skinny people, short people, tall people, deformed people, mentally challenged people, people with poor sight, hearing and health. They discriminate against people who are out shape, are criminals, use drugs, diabetic, wet the bed, have flat feet, long hair and beards. The military discriminates against people who cannot read, speak and write English at an 8th grade level. They discriminate against single parents or parents with multiple kids. The military is a discriminatory organization and for good reason.  Sane people do not want to go to war with a handicapped dwarf who is blind in one eye and cannot see out of the other. And it doesn't matter how patriotic the dwarf is.  Think of Ephialtes in the movie The 300.  In spite of what Judge Vi thinks, an all voluntary force will suffer in recruitment and performance if high standards are not maintained.

Now I’m not sure why being homosexual makes a difference in the military, probably the same reason why I do not want a gay man teaching my son’s PhysEd class. I do know it does make a difference. I don’t know why, but it does. And until such time that it doesn’t make a difference the Supreme Court ought to slap Judge Vi down, hard. The court has tended to place the need for maintaining good order and discipline in our military above the endless social experiments of clueless clowns like Judge Vi. The function of the military is war. Anything that distracts from that mission is a waste of taxpayer money. There are hundreds of wasteful policies laid on the military every year.

So this is where we have arrived. One clueless buffoon can place the needs of one protected class above the moral and welfare of the entire force. I have an idea. You what social experimentation? Fine, let the gays and women fight the two wars we are now engaged in and see how far we get.

The force can be broken. Straw by straw, Judge Vi and libs are doing their level best to accomplish the task of breaking the force.  Once broken, how do Vi and her lib cohorts plan to defend the country?  And once the clueless are bounced from positions of authority, how long will it take to restore the force?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

White House, P-BO, Demo-Dopes turn reptilian

There is creepy. Then there is reptilian. Reptilian, that’s how the usually measured Charles Krauthammer referred to Demo-Dope charges that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was using foreign money to finance election year TV ads.

And of course who is the head Demo-Dope? Correct P-BO. The punk leader of the reptilian scoundrels so desperate to easy an impending avalanche of Republican votes on Nov 2 that he will latch on to any nutball conspiracy that shows up on his teleprompter.

When asked to provide evidence supporting the lies the punk leader read from his teleprompter, White House insider and probably the guy who put the words on the punk leader’s teleprompter, David Axelrod said, “Well, do you have any evidence that it’s not…”

Well all righty then. There you have it. Guilty until proven innocent. David, Lex has leveled charges the P-BO is a clueless buffoon, do you have any proof, anything at all, a job he once held for instance, that proves the punk leader isn’t exactly what Lex claims? There is nothing wrong with being desperate. The trick is not let everyone know you are desperate. It’s like buying a car. You may want the that shinny new pick up more than anything. But you have to willing to tell the salesman, give me a call when you need to sell a car.

The worst thing is that the Demo-Dopes are desperate, and it shows. Don’t believe me? Prove to me that they aren’t. Bob? The fact is that the chamber has asserted that, but they won’t release any information about where their campaign money is coming from, and that’s the core of the problem, here,” Axelrod said.


Businessman turned candidate Carl Paladino told a group of Jews that children should not be "brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid and successful option. It isn't." Then he doubled down by saying, kids "would be much better off and much more successful getting married and raising a family."

This reminds me of charging disrespect in the USMC. It is the rare charge where the truth is no defense. You cannot call the commander a stupid, fat, bastard even if his grades were the lowest in the class, he is 50 pounds over weight and he was born out of wedlock.

I see Paladino’s remark in much the same light. I happen to think to think homosexuals fall into two categories, born that way and nurtured that way. When applied to the second group, Paladino’s comments, in my opinion, were right on. Nobody wants their kids brainwashed about anything in the public schools. And, on the whole, if we are as the left insists we are homophobic creeps, getting married and raising a family would give one a much better chance at success. And remember, I’m only talking about my second group here.

But hey Carl, it’s New York! Beat Cuomo like a drum about fiscal irresponsibility, passing the governorship from father to son as if it were a family business and Andy’s hand in the Freddy and Fanny foul ups.

Even if you’re right, there is no reason to bring up gays, new NASCAR rules, paper versus plastic, or any other controversial issue in this election.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Judges, NFL and NASCAR

In a court case of pitting several of the states against P-Bocare, Judge George Steeh ruled against the states, finding that the individual mandate contained in P-BOcare did not exceed the federal government’s authority under the Constitution’s commerce clause. OK now you understand why reversing P-BOcare will take more than a single election.

The government expansion clause, oh sorry, the catch-all commerce clause for expanding the reach and power of the federal government has raised its ugly head again. This signals that the ultimate destination for P-BOcare is the US Supreme Court, where 9 unelected unaccountable dopes in robes will decide the near-term future P-BOcare.

The long-term solution is to vote P-BO back to a village somewhere in need of community organizer and repeal the entire thing. Then the congress needs to look at the judicial branch.

The 9th Circus needs to be broken up into at least two courts, and at some point congress needs to impeach one or two of the most out-of-step tenured for life Bozos. This will send a shockwave throughout the courts reminding them that while the judiciary is a co-equal branch of government, it is the least accountable to the people.

Logic tells us that what an entity is empowered to create, that entity has the same power to regulate and destroy. The “inferior” federal courts are established by congress. As the most accountable branch of government, congress then by reason has the power to shut the “inferior courts” down or re-district them as needs direct.

Until congress re-establishes its authority to “constitute Tribunals inferior to the supreme Court” and regulate the same, there really is no check or balance on the courts

OK that’s the important stuff. Now for this;

I was watching the NFL this week and saw all of the pink crap the players were wearing in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. OK a great cause I suppose, but the Center for Disease Control notes that heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans. Even among cancer deaths, breast cancer falls way behind lung cancer. So why is breast cancer the cause celeb for the NFL? Shouldn’t they be wearing a ribbon and color for heart disease which afflicts all Americans? Or if they want to zero in on cancer, they should be targeting lung cancer which is the biggest killer among the cancers (pancreatic and genital cancers are also bigger killers than breast cancer).

But breast cancer it is. Why? Hmm, some PC disease control here perhaps?

Next up in the sports world, tired of seeing pink NFL players, I switched over to NASCAR which has been ruined by the car to tomorrow which has essentially turned NASCAR from stock car racing into an enhanced IROC series. Then they let Toyota in into the series. Note to NASCAR: it’s OK to promote American car manufacturers. Now in a further attempt to ruin the sport, NASCAR is promoting its “Drive to Diversity.” The slogan is, “NASCAR, where the only thing that matters is who crosses the finish line first.” Well if that’s truly the case, why would you need a “drive to diversity?” It’s obviously a recruitment for minos. So why not just have your slogan, “NASCAR, we’re tired of being too white for libs?” I’m about done with this sport.

First off, these days it’s a good race for Earnhardt when he doesn’t hit the wall, finishes in the top 25 and manages to stay on the lead lap. Even that low standard is an all too rare of an occurrence for the #88 lately. Then there are the car issues. Now this drive for diversity. I’m sick of having the crap shoved in my face. If all that matters is who crosses the finish line first leave it alone and pay the guy or gal the money and as Olberdouche might say shut the hell up. Actions not words, you know. Besides has anyone with one lousy win (on a Japanese track where there were no practice laps) gotten more undeserved publicity than Danica Patrick?

Well there you have it a tutorial on the judicial branch, the NFL and NASCAR all rolled into one. Where else do get this stuff?

Friday, October 08, 2010

Not enough good can come from this election

Don’t pay the ransom! Lex has escaped! I’ve been tied up finishing some summer projects over the last week. My fellow workers, it seems, do not appreciate the demand for daily Lex by the three people who visit this page from time to time. Anyhoo, Lex is back, and the P-BO is back on the run.

Yesterday P-BO said that a Republican majority in Congress would mean “hand-to-hand combat” on Capitol Hill for the next two years, threatening the socialistic policies Demo-Dopes have enacted. Well yeah. Who knew this guy, who can't say hello without a teleprompter and 10,000 words, was capable of articulating what is at stake in this election in one clear uh, er, is thought actually the right word here? Yes I believe it is.

But it’s not going to be easy. If the republicans fail to win veto proof majorities in both the house and senate – highly unlikely – the status quo remains. Bills repealing P-BOcare will be vetoed and that monstrosity that nobody on Capitol Hill to this very day has bothered to read, will continue to roll down the tracks further bankrupting the country with every clickity and every clackity.

Sadly, we will suffer another two years of “Hope-N-Change” before this socialist worker, uh sorry, social worker and his mean spirited wife with expensive tastes (when the taxpayer is paying) can be unceremoniously booted from 1600 PA Ave. Then they can go back to where they belong, the front pew at Rev? Jerry Wright’s Church of Let’s all Beat Whitey Now.

Until P-BO is back in some community - organizing the midnight basketball program, the country remains at risk. That’s why the title of this piece is “not enough good can come from this election.” Because…well…not enough good can come from this election. It will be a battle for the next two years. And if you’re going to have to do “hand to hand combat” with someone, it might a well be a skinny, arugula eating, swell eared, fool who throws like girl, bowls like “one of Jerry’s kids,” golf’s like Charles Barkly and thinks like Karl Marx or is it Groucho Marx.

And another thing. Demo-Dopes cheat. If there is not huge ground swell, there may not be enough votes to off-set the dead people and illegals who vote and the union thugs who spend the day voting in as many precincts as they can travel to in day, and this is only after voting in all of them via absentee ballot.

Pollsters are predicting a tidal wave election for Republicans (yeah I know Tsunami, but still call commie bastard capitol Beijing – Peking, pronounce Haley’s Comet with the long A and think “sucks” is a four letter word). I won’t believe it until Nov 3rd.

And the last thing, we still have to worry about Republicans acting like Republi-Rats. Many (Collins, Snow, Grhamnisty, McCain etc.) will just try to go along to get along.

Sharpen your knives. Ready your hand grenades.  Have your e-tools at the ready. If it’s hand to hand P-BO wants, let’s be ready to deliver the crushing blow.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Back to being a punk

OK, it’s time to descend back into a bit of name calling for P-BO. I have tried to avoid it, but in this case there is no other way. The guy is a punk. Sure there is the picture above with the punk-in-chief sitting with his feet propped up on a national treasure as if it were a couple of crates of 1960s propaganda pamphlets still waiting for distribution in a community organizer’s office.

Here’s the e-mail commentary that goes with the picture:

The problem with public housing is that the residents are not the owners.

The people that live in the house did not earn the house, but were loaned the property from the true owners, the taxpayers. Because of this, the residents do not have the "pride of ownership" that comes with the hard work necessary. In fact, the opposite happens and the residents resent their benefactors because the very house is a constant reminder that they themselves did not earn the right to live in the house. They do not appreciate the value of the property and see no need to maintain or respect it in any way.

The result is the same whether you are talking about a studio apartment or a magnificent mansion full of priceless antiques. If the people who live there do not feel they earned the privilege, they will make this known through their actions. The picture illustrates the point!

The Resolute Desk was built from the timbers of the HMS Resolute and was a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford B. Hayes.

It is considered a national treasure and icon of the presidency.

Mr. Obama, with all due respect, get your damn feet off of our desk.

You're one arrogant Chicago politician, really!

All very accurate, But there is also this:

"People are frustrated, their anxious, they're scared about the future. And they have a right to be impatient about the pace of change. I'm impatient," President Obama said at an event for Gen44. "It took time to free the slaves," he added.

WHAT!? What is this delusional punk talking about? What is there in our national character today that is on a par with condoning slavery? Idiot. Fool. Poltroon. Dolt. Weasel.

And if there is some sin on a par with slavery in our national character today, what is it exactly that qualifies you to identify it or correct it? You cannot seriously be comparing yourself to Lincoln, can you? Well here is comparison that is making the rounds in cyberspace:

1. Lincoln placed his hand on the Bible for his inauguration.
Obama used the same Bible.

2. Lincoln came from Illinois.
Obama comes from Illinois.

3.. Lincoln served in the Illinois Legislature.
Obama served in the Illinois Legislature.

4. Lincoln had very little experience before becoming President.
Obama had very little experience before becoming President.

5. Lincoln rode the train from Philadelphia to Washington for his inauguration.
Obama rode the train from Philadelphia to Washington for his inauguration.

6. Lincoln was a skinny lawyer.
Obama is a skinny lawyer.

7. Lincoln was a Republican.
Obama is a skinny lawyer.

8. Lincoln was highly respected.
Obama is a skinny lawyer.

9. Lincoln was born in the United States.
Obama is a skinny lawyer.

10. Lincoln was called Honest Abe.
Obama is a skinny lawyer.

But wait, still there is more. This punk of president was the opening act for some rapper laid on by the DNC call B.O.B Here’s the lyrics to his super hit “I’m dat nigga” Follow up to his mega monster “He be da udder Nigga”: Yes our super classy president was sharing the stage with “dat nigga.”

Im Dat Nigga
Im that nigga X3
and im clean, that machine,
super cool, super mean
You Already know,
im the hottest nigga you heard in a long time,
introducin you to the hottest nigga you heard in a long time..
mega pimp, super clean, the coolest in the universe. niggas hatin on what he doin, just mad cause they aint do it first.
his name pop up when you hit "playa" on ya google search. bitches bow they heads and bend they knees, just like they do in church.
drop dough into a purse, before you get into a skirt.
she agree to do the work, before she get into the purp.
till my pine box drop down into the dirt, ima be by far the hottest nigga known to the earth. in the air i fly cant compare, my swagger to another rapper dont you dare try, anybody wit a pair of eyes can look and see, no licorcy, will ever be, next to me. or nothin near by. tho i invite you all to try, aye, ima a fair guy. just approach with caution, be aware, cause i dont share my..thrown. my crown i own, hottest flo on any song. im on im gone...nigga!

B.o.B you up next baby,

if i aint the hottest nigga on the mutha fuckin universe, i guess ill just have to do till he get here nigga!

Here i go...
Im that nigga that you heard about thru word of mouth,
they prolly said i change the music in the dirty south,
now that the word is out,
the timing is perfect now,
to take all these hypicritical rumors and burn em down.
if you observe the doubt you would see what they worried bout,
they say i sound like dre when im rappin bout virgins now,
honestly, i could give a fuck wut you blurtin out.
point blank, im in the game..rockin my jerseys now.
so just accept me or dont pay me no mind,
either way you gonna be hearin me all the time,
wether on greg street, or 107.9,
or on yo favorite rap blog, on yo rap website,
and if that aint right, then show me straight to the judge.
just like bryan nichols i aint spittin, nuthin but slugs,
venomous blood in my vains,
chemicals up in my brain,
yes i resemble a criminal,
B.o. Bizzle, you aint fuckin wit mane!

Hmmm, very, what?  Uplifting?