Thursday, January 31, 2013

Scatter shot Thursday

From the you cannot make this $h!t up file
After 15 year old LB inaugural performer Haydia Pendleton was gunned down in a city with the tightest gun laws in America – Chicago – one of the world’s greatest dumbasses - Sen RC Turdbin (Dope-IL) - claimed that Pendleton’s death proved the need for more gun control.

Huh? No. What it proves you worthless scum sucking cretin is that gun laws do not work, because by definition criminals are lawless right up to the point that they are shot dead by a good guy with a gun or cuffed and thrown in jail

Boy Scouts cave to the “diversity” of sameness
While pointing out the liberal lunacy of declaring a fatwa in the name of “diversity” on anything outside their own narrow beliefs, someone on tv once summed it up like this, “In the name of ‘diversity,’ we must all be the same.”

The Boy Scouts, having won a Supreme Court case that allowed the organization the true “diversity” to associate with whomever they chose, are now contemplating an Emily Lattelaesque “never mind” statement allowing gay Scouts and Scout Masters. The Scouts are expected to stop short of telling Troops they must allow gays, leaving that decision to each Troop or council. Of course, they will be relentlessly sued until they back track and issue rules requiring membership, and if a Troop has no gay members, they will be forced to go find a couple.

The Catholic and Mormon Churches are the two biggest organizational contributors to the Boy Scouts of America. That is they sponsor more Troops than any other organizations. It’ll be interesting how they read the Boy Scouts national decision.

When the Girl Scouts proclaimed their left leaning by declaring lesbianism OK for teen age girls and called Media Matters for America a legitimate “source on media fairness in America,” Monsignor John said, “Fine. You can do that. But you cannot do that at St. Vincent’s. We are now the Heritage Girls of America.” However, he graciously allowed girls deeply invested in the Girls Scouts to finish out their work if they desired.

It’ll be interesting to see how he deals with the Boy Scouts. My hope is that he will stand for true diversity and issue a statement that St. Vincent’s Boy Scouts are now St. Vincent’s Adventuring Club for Boys.

There is a bit of GOOD NEWS!
More and more people, organizations and states are telling the federal government “we will not comply.” The Catholic Church led the way declaring they would not comply with LBcare. Now there is a string of sheriff’s offices across the country telling the feds they will not comply with LB’s executive orders on gun control. One sheriff in Milwaukee actually advised the citizens in his jurisdiction to defend themselves with their own firearms. People are also telling statist to go to hell. One of the more popular signs at pro gun rallies is the one with the silhouette of a gun with the challenge “come and take it” under. States are also thumbing their noses at the Feds with regard legalized marijuana. CO, AK and WA have outright legal recreational use of the drug and almost a dozen have allowances for medical use.

The more we mock and simply refuse to comply with the asinine dictates from the ruling class in D.C. the better off we’ll be. It’s illegal to gamble in the US except for a few federally sanctioned locations. Let’s all run Harbowl pools this weekend. Winners keep the money but don’t report it on their taxes.  A small victory against tyranny is still a victory.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shots heard 'round the blogasphere

Johnny Cambodia to State
Though known to be a lying Sack-O-Crap and a pompous ass without peer, the ruling class in the House of Lords (AKA the US Senate) overwhelmingly (94-3) voted to confirm one of their own – Johnny Cambodia Kerry – as Secretary of State. What a shocker! Who could have seen that coming? I’m sure al Qaeda is shaking in its boots worried that Johnny Cambodia is going windsurf into their midst with “assault weapon” blazing on a mission ordered by George Bush.

Another example of anti-gun ignorance
In a stupid attempt to demonize women shooters, Rep Carolyn McCarthy (Dope: NY) inadvertently spoke out against the His Royal @$$holiness and High Master’s idea of putting women on the front lines of combat. She said:

I will tell you, if you talk to professionals, hunters and certainly sportsmen, they’ll tell you that [an “assault weapon”] is not the gun to use. A rifle is more accurate. It’s certainly easier for a woman to be able to do that.

McCarthy’s ignorance on this issue is that of a newborn child. First, an “assault weapon” is a rifle. Second, they are very accurate rifles, easy to fire multiple rounds on a target accurately. That is what they are designed to do. The recoil of modern sporting rifles is considerably less than standard hunting rifles and/or shotguns. Less recoil means the average shooter is capable of getting back on her target faster and fire more rounds accurately. That would be a good thing in combat. Last, anyone who has fired an M14 and an M16 will tell you the M16 is a much easier rifle to fire – for women and men.

Suffice it to say, like most anti-gun lunatics, McCarthy doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Safer to be in house full of loaded weapons than...
With regard to a weapon’s safety, Lex would note: It’s probably far safer for the average American to have guns loaded and at the ready in his home than it is for that American to get between Chuckles Chucky Schumer and a bank of press microphones or even worse a rolling tv camera.

Comprehensive immigration reform
The last time our lying, thieving, aristocratic ruling class tackled an issue in a “comprehensive” manner, we got 2,700 pages of undecipherable gobbledygook called LBcare. Now they are at it again. This time the issue is “comprehensive” immigration reform.

No doubt that by the time they are done, the bill will be 4,500 pages long. It will and include all manner of waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayers and their money. It is as likely as not to include a 150 billion dollar grant to a key vote - Representative Thumbsucker’s district - to study the affect the blue ink on lined pages of notebook filler paper has on school janitors suffering from a combination of ALS and Huntington’s disease.

Next, Hispanics are natural Republicans. They are religious. They have an ample distrust of government. They are pro life. They are hard working. There's the rub. Illegals work hard because they have to.

Once legal they will discover the government no longer rewards hard work. It taxes it, and regulates it to the point of frustration. Once legal, Jose and Maria can make nearly 40K worth of government handouts for filling out the proper paper work and waiting in a few lines. That’s a bit easier route than landscaping and hotel work for the same money.

Prediction: Of the 12 million illegals granted amnesty in this bill, 10 will vote Republican. In 10 years there will be another 12 million illegals in the country. We'll need the 12 million because the 12 million we just let in no longer need to work hard. So we'll need to bring a new underclass to do the work the guys who just got amnesty will no longer do. Come to think of it, make it 15 million because the 12 million we just let in will need someone to cut their grass and clean their house.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Government serves civil society

OK, if you believe, as is stated in the post under, that a government exists to serve a civil society, how are we doing?

Right now the government is working overtime to undermine natural law with regard to our right to defend ourselves and families from predators and a tyrannical government.

Right now the government is ignoring natural law by funding the wanton destruction of the most innocent of life – babies in the womb clearly demonstrated by ultrasound technology to be babies in the womb. They do this under the ironic guise of “women’s rights” and “women’s health.” The child’s rights? The child’s health?

Right now the government is casting aside natural law and 5,000 years of human history by declaring “marriage” can exist between couples of the same sex. You can love whomever or whatever you chose, I love my dog, but that relationship is not a natural marriage.

Right now the government is casting aside natural law by placing women on the front lines of combat.

Governments and even a “majority” of a “civil society” can mess with these natural laws. They can even pass all manner of “man’s law” declaring them null and void. What they cannot do is cause them to cease to exist. It’s called natural law for a reason. It is part of nature.

Government can tell us we need nothing more than a single shot bolt action .22 rifle and ten rounds of ammunition to protect our home and family, but, by nature, we know better.

Government can tell us that crushing a viable baby’s skull in the womb and sucking the remains out to be thrown out with the garbage is a woman’s health “choice,” but nature tells us to protect the weakest among us. If it didn’t, every child would die within the first 6 months of life.

Government can hide “gay marriage” under the shroud of “civil rights” but it cannot change the nature of marriage as the primordial relationship of a “civil society” - the family. Neither can government change the natural law of procreation. Let’s be clear, you can love whomever or whatever you want. Just because you love it does not mean the government should call that relationship a marriage.

Governments can and have sent all manner of their populations forward to fight, often to be slaughtered, on behalf of the state. History and our nature have condemned them for doing so. What governments cannot do is change our natural understanding of who is best suited for the task.

So how are we doing? Are we becoming a more or less “civil society?” I would contend that in spite of all of our technology and all of our supposed “understanding” of the order of things, every time we mess with or ignore these natural laws, no matter how well intentioned, we become less and less a civil society and slide ever closer to chaos and a sort of Mad Max type of society.

Monday, January 28, 2013

The new American Aristocracy

In his two volume classic Democracy in America, published way back in 1840, Alexis de Tocqueville made the case that as a result of the American Revolution and subsequent ratification of the US Constitution, that aristocracies around the world were gradually beginning to die out.

HA! Not so fast my friend! Here in America, where the dagger that supposedly killed off the aristocracy was forged, the idea of equality is gradually beginning to die out. Over the weekend FOX news aired a special called Boomtown. It covers the new American aristocracy. Guess where that aristocracy is centered? Surprise, surprise, surprise, it’s centered in Washington D.C.

The great minds at Breitbart were behind the special.  The particulars can be found here.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of examples the Washington grandees looting the treasury to lavish themselves in personal luxury but suffice it to say, the American ruling class, lifetime politicians in Washington D.C., have used their positions to enrich themselves, their families, their friends and the special interests that keep them in power.

Lex has been calling entrenched pols in Washington D.C. the “ruling class” since reading Throw Them All Out by Peter Schweizer. De Tocqueville calls for limited government that promotes civil society. Today it would seem society – civil or otherwise - exists to promote government.

The ruling class lavishes themselves with great advantage in every aspect of life while telling society they don’t deserve the same. The ruling class goes to great lengths to protect themselves and their families from society with heavily armed guards, but the rulers are bent on denying society even the constitutionally protected right to keep and bear the arms they deem necessary for the task of defending themselves.

No doubt the rulers know that an armed society is the greatest risk to their good thing. At some point these armed citizens might just get fed up with the ruling class. The rulers know they can fix an election or two but a revolution is bit harder to predict, particularly when there are nearly 300 million guns out there the overwhelming majority of which are under the control of commoners.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Johnny Cambodia for state

Let’s review. Lying pompous jackass and Cambodian war hero John François Kerry relies on the now debunked “winter soldier” testimony he helped promote to slander American troops in Vietnam.

Cambodia John mugs for the media while tossing "his" ill gotten military medals over the White House fence. Somehow the medals are recovered, neatly framed and hung in his senate office. Weird huh? Toss them away as so much garbage when it suits your purpose. Then when they can be of use, have them neatly framed and hung your office. 

When exposed as the double D-bag he is, Kerry says he never threw "his" medals away, but rather tossed the medals of another veteran over the fence.  Which is worse?  Tossing your own or tossing someone else's and having the world believe that they are yours?  Hard to say.  Yet we are fixed on Manti Teo's fake girlfriend.

Then Cambodia John took to senate floor to proclaim that it was SEARED, SEARED into his memory being sent into Cambodia on the Christmas of 1968 by Richard Nixon. Two big problems, there is no record of such a mission and Nixon wasn’t inaugurated until Jan of 69.

Never one to be deterred by being confirmed as a liar and fraud of a single war, Johnny Cambodia took to the Sunday morning shows to lie about soldiers and Marines fighting in Afghanistan. American soldiers shouldn’t be terrorizing Afghan citizens in the middle of the night Johnny Cambodia whined. Then inexplicably, the dope went on to say Afghan troops ought to be doing that. Hmm. Maybe, just maybe, nobody shoud be doing that.

Now Johnny Cambodia is set to be confirmed by his ruling class comrades as our next Secretary of State. Wonderful we’ll replace one lying Sack-O-Crap for another.

Women in combat
At the Pentagon, I had the pleasure of sharing a cubicle with a Marine officer responsible for integrating Woman Marine (WM) training at Quantico, VA. “How’d you do that?” I asked. He replied, “Well, first we lowered the standards, and when that didn’t work, we ignored the results.”

My specialty in the Marine Corps was artillery. A 155mm high explosive shell weighs about 95 pounds. The powder charge that sends that round down rage weighs about 35 pounds. These items are loaded, unloaded, shuffled and reshuffled by the hundreds.

A M198 crew consists of 11 Marines. They have a standard of emplacing the 8 ton behemoth in, I think, 3 minutes. To avoid inordinate displacement when fired, the trails of the howitzer must be dug deep into the ground.

So, there are a few options. If I want to put a couple of WMs on each crew, I can allow extra time for the gun to be emplaced or I can increase the crew from 11 to 12 or 13.

There will be great fan fare about how women in combat billets met the exact same standards as the men. It’ll be BS. Women will be promoted and have great glory showered upon them so as to prove the point. It’ll be BS. And when an infantry unit made up of 25% women is over run because the artillery couldn’t get the rounds down range on time; because they couldn’t get the howitzers emplaced; or because they had to relay after every round; because they couldn’t get the trails dug in properly, well, in the words of the model of modern feminism, what difference does it make?

The truth is there may be one gal in 1,000 capable of doing what is needed. Why go in search of that one 10 pound gold nugget when there are hundreds of pounds of gold pebbles at your feet?

Conspiracy theory #2-13
LB and his double D-bag adminstration is on the road to destroy the last bastion of American pride and trust.  The American military.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Liars lie

The campaign slogan for whoever - Dope or Rat - runs against the Shrildabeast will be “What difference does it make?” That was the Beasts flip answer to a question yesterday about how the “world’s smartest woman” cloud be such a colossal dumb@$$ as to believe that the coordinated attack on the US consulate in Benghazi was the result of a third rate video trailer no one had ever heard of before the US government made it known to the world.

Can you imagine how entertaining the debates would be?  Every and  any question is met with the same answer, "What difference does it make?"

Way back when, Steve Martin had a bit on Saturday Night Live where he brushed any misstep away with an exaggerated WELL EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUSE ME! When confronted with the news he’d just run his car over a poor crippled child trying to cross the intersection with a green light, Martin’s answer would be, “WELL EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUSE ME!” and all was expected to be forgiven.

The new “WELL EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUSE ME!” is “What difference does it make?” Republicans should try this out when Demo-Dopes try to crush them at the ever upcoming debt ceiling debate. When Chucky chuckles Schumer says that Republicans want to shut down the government, Boehner ought to reply, “What difference does it make?”

I’ve ordered young Lex to use it whenever possible to explain things at school. “You didn’t do your home work.” “What difference does it make?” Well for those of us not within the ruling class, it makes a lot difference. Had any of us been as negligent with our employees as the Beast was those under her charge in Benghazi, you can bet your @$$ we’d have been hauled into court, made to pay restitution and would at this very moment be well into a 5-10 year sentence for manslaughter. But hey, because it’s the ruling class and in fact one of the grandees within the ruling class, what difference does it make?

That’s the problem with the ruling class, well one of the many problems with the ruling class. They know nothing of accountability, responsibility and consequences for their utter incompetence.

Good News
When I visited Freedom Firearms on Saturday, their parking lot was full. So was the curb on both sides of the road. I had to park several hundred feet away. I bought two boxes of ammo. Thanks to LB, the ammo cost about twice what it had on my last visit. There was a large picture of LB at the cash register with a blue ribbon affixed to the frame. In a separate frame was a fancy certificate proclaiming LB the “World’s Best Gun Salesman.”

Don’t believe it? Check out this web site. Every Bushmaster model - 56 of them - is sold out.  Not that it matters.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just rip off the band aide and get it over with

It’s Wednesday.  It's two days after the inauguration.  So, right on schedule John Boehner is set to cave on raising the national debt ceiling. Big John tells us not to worry though, the adjustment is only temporary. Aren’t they all? Yeah well, this one though is unusually temporary. It’s only three months.

That’s the amount time Boehner figures it’ll take Harry the roach Reid to pull his head out of his scrawny @$$ and pass a Senate budget. Hmm, it’s been what, four years since the Senate passed a budget? So yeah, three months will definitely be enough time to get it done this time.

Boehner has threatened to suspend the pay of congress until a budget is passed. Great. That just reminds me we’re paying this dysfunctional bunch a lot of money to wreck the country.

For his part, LB says he’ll sign the three month deal if it passes. Boehner is declaring this a great victory, because heretofore LB has threatened to veto anything does not declare him Lord and Master of the Universe for Life. A victory no matter how small or irrelevant is still a victory.

Expect to see Republicans high fiving it around the Capitol building today. Yeah we showed him.

Prediction: In three months we’ll be right back where we are with another three months of spending debt piled on top of the 16 trillion already accumulated. There will be no senate budget. If there is it will be chock full of tax increases or as the Dopes call them “investments” or “revenues” on nearly everyone. That will be the second tax increase the Republi-rats will be forced to vote on. If they cave this time there truly is no reason to ever vote Republican again.

Republicans are like a little kid trying to avoid his chores. He’ll come up with almost anything to avoid the unpleasant task. Hey John, the task isn’t going away. Dive in and get it done.

It is clear that LB wants one of two outcomes, Republicans to get blamed for shutting down the government in a Demo-Dope manufactured crisis or Republican to cave and raise taxes…AGAIN.

So John choose your medicine and get on with it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Manti's naiveté

Sports offers a good window into the soul of a nation. If Americans took the mess LB and his army of anti American leaches have gotten us into half as seriously as they do Manti Teo’s make believe girlfriend, Mitt Romney would have won by 25 points.

The Lex take on Teo is this, anyone older than say 30 years old is probably thinking YGBSM. How exactly do you become so invested in a girl you’ve never met? Wouldn’t you hop a flight at some point and go visit? Maybe for the funeral? How about after the funeral? How about meeting the family? Anyone under 30 is probably thinking, yeah, I can see that happening. No make that, “Like, yeah, I can like totally like see that happening, totally.”

But a couple of things I cannot quite get my arms around was the holier than thou reaction of the sports media. After being burnt like the last hot dog at a 4th of July picnic by the story they never bothered to check, the lazy@$$ media wanted some revenge. Teo must come forward and explain this, they demanded.

Why? No one actually got hurt. Duped media dopes: “Well, he won all of those awards, and character is part of the mix.” Ha BS! Two words, one guy, Cam Newton. If character was part of the mix thieving Cam and the money grabbing Newtons would have been so far down the Heismann voting list, the backup QB at Slippery Rock would have beaten him by 10 votes and Auburn would just now be getting off NCAA probation.

Well Teo did come forward and it appears that he’s a gullible kid that did get totally invested in a girl that did not exist. At some point, he probably knew he was in too deep. So to avoid looking like a total dope, he began manufacturing make believe details around the edges to make his make believe girl friend a bit more believable to an outsider – and maybe even to himself.

But again, he didn’t steal another kid’s computer. His father didn’t shake down the coach and the university for an undisclosed amount of money, and he certainly wasn’t involved in the murder of two men. The only one hurt by Teo’s naiveté was Teo.

Juxtapose Teo’s “crimes” and the media reaction against those of NFL super star Ray Lewis.

Ray Lewis was involved in the murder of two men in Atlanta in 2000. Oh and before LB makes this a case for gun control, the men were stabbed to death.  Lewis was given opportunity to plead down to obstruction of justice if he testified against the other two men he was with, who were involved in the incident. Lewis took the deal. The other two men walked, because the jury was convinced the two dead men were killed in self defense. Lewis was named Super Bowl MVP the following year.

So back to the first line, what does all this tell about the “soul of the nation.” Well, we’re a pretty soulless bunch. Lewis walks on the murder of two men. The NFL fines him $250,000. Instead of telling Lewis, “You can play football, but you cannot play here,” Ravens owner Art Model, welcomes Lewis back with open arms. Lewis pays off the families of the two dead men to avoid a civil trial were the facts of his involvement would become widely known. Media heaps great praise on Lewis for his “leadership.” Lewis wins the Super Bowl MVP without a word ever spoken about the two dead men. The two dead men are never mentioned for the remainder of Lewis’ career. He’s is currently better known for his pre-game antics than his involvement in the deaths of two men.

Manti Teo gets duped into believing he has girl friend he has never met and all hell breaks loose.

Yeah, we’re a pretty soulless bunch. Or is it, “Yeah, well, like we’re totally like a totally soulless bunch, totally.”

Monday, January 21, 2013

Tale of two Toms: one smart, one not so

A well educated and great American once said:
"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."That great American was Thomas Jefferson.

Fast forward, a guy who claims to be a well educated great American Said:
“The response to that was, ‘I have to keep my weapon because the government’s going to come and try to take it away from me, and I have to be able to fight back when that happens.’ Well that’s the most far-reaching thing you can possibly imagine.  If we get to a stage where storm troopers show up on your doorstep, it’s about a lot more guns, by the way, it’s anarchy in this country.”
That dope was liberal water boy Tom Brokaw. 

Well yeah Tom, you’re right.  How would you describe the “Occupy movement” if not anarchy?  How would you describe the government’s Fast and Furious program if not inept dunderheaded BS that has increased anarchy along our southern border?  How would you describe what is going to happen when the free cell phone crowd has to get a job and start paying for things when America devolves into Greece?  How would you describe union behavior in WI during Gov. Scott Walker’s attempt to balance that state’s budget?  How would describe union behavior in MI when that state voted to go “right to work?”  What do suppose is coming when governments have to ask public sector unions to further scale back their demands?

Brokaw is absolutely right.   What he doesn’t understand is that we are well down the road toward anarchy.

Another crowd of great thinkers take Brokaw’s argument a step further.  They argue that, even if anarchy comes, small arms will not make a difference against tanks.  Of course these great thinkers know little of about the military art.  Any armor in a built up area such as a city or wooded area becomes very vulnerable.  The armored assets must be covered by dismounted infantry.  The last 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan demonstrates what happens to armor in built up areas.  

But there is greater flaw in the argument that small arms are of no use against armor.  The people who make these arguments assume that military units enmass will just line up and start firing on US citizens because LB, his asswipe VP or corrupt Attorney General tell them to.  

When the anarchy settles in, sycophantic wannbe generals like Dempsey, who have their collective heads so far LB’s ass that they cannot breathe, will willing comply with almost anything LB wants.  Others, a majority I believe, will consider their oath to the Constitution and either not comply or actively resist. 

When that happens, there will be a great deal of anarchy Tom.  I for one prefer to be armed when that day comes.  And if it doesn’t, well fine.  No harm, no foul.   

Friday, January 18, 2013

Saturday, support your local gun dealer

After the NRA’s ad demonstrating LB’s hypocrisy on child safety, comparing LB’s kids to our own, Demo-Dope (g)assbag Howard EeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Dean told one of the fools at MessNBC that the NRA was populated by “hate-mongering people.” Hmmmmm, where have we seen this before? Oh yeah, the people in funny hats who cleaned up after themselves – the Tea Party - was tarred with the same “hate-mongering” brush. How long can it be before the NRA is called racists and Nazis?

Tomorrow is gun appreciation day. As a visible means of telling Howie EeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaa and his ilk to eff-off, if I can get near them, I plan to visit both Freedom Firearms and The Sniper Co. here in Ft. Wayne and make some small purchase. I encourage everyone to stop by their local dealer to show support, if not for guns, for our Constitution and the legal means set forth therein for amendments to its contents.

On the NRA ad itself, I don’t see the problem. It is accurate. It is direct. It has gotten under the skin of liberals. It is perfect. Liberal Demo-Dopes of every stripe, elected, party grandee, as well as rank and file have made a living off of calling us racist, Nazi loving hate-mongers.

I know I’ve pleaded on this page for someone to stand up to the Howie DeeeeeeeeeeeenHaaa type Liberal scum of the world. Then when someone does, they get lambasted from both sides. Charles Krauthammer and Steve Hayes both condemned the ad on Fox’s Special Report. 2 Ton Tony (aka Chris Christie) is in the news this morning condemning the ad.

HEY, WAKE THE F UP! When Dopes squeal, it is never because they believe something has gone over the top, because there is no “top” when Dopes roll in on conservative. They squeal because the “something” has hit the mark.

The last thing we need is the “no price is too low to capitulate now” crowd telling those in the arena fighting the good fight that they are hitting too hard. The NRA should follow up the LB ad with one of the food blister (aka Chris Christie) hugging LB and pointing out all the security present at that slobbering bromance moment.

Culture is something LB missed at gun grab conference

Stgw 90.jpg
The Swiss issue this "military type assault rifle" to its citizens.  Dopes ban them.  But where is it safer to walk the streets?

A while back Lex noted that, per the constitution, every citizen having a machine gun is not out of the question. Per capita, Switzerland is the most heavily armed country in the world. A majority of males between ages 20-30 are given military training and a “military type assault weapon” capable of fully automatic fire which he is required to keep in is home.

Why aren’t the Swiss killing each other by the boat load? It can’t be because they have a “military type assault weapons” ban. They don't.  The government actually gives guns capable of fully automatic fire to its citizens. So why is one far more likely – like a 100,000 times more likely - to be gun downed in Chicago where some of the tightest gun restrictions in the world are in place than say Lucern where the government actually gives fully automatic weapons to its citizens?

Does anyone dare say it? Our love affair with multi-cultural BS and nanny state-ism has caused many of us to trade in our personal pride, aspirations and responsibility for the low expectation of government handouts.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shotgun blasts on LB's pre-crime infringements

LB’s 23 infringements announced yesterday, while surrounded by human shields, can be summed like this: Don’t just do something. Do something unconstitutional, really stupid and meaningless.

When lapdog media hag Andrea Mitchell claimed it was OK to infringe on the 2nd Amendment because we infringe on the 1st as well, because we cannot yell fire in crowded theater, Eric Pratt of Gun Owners of America pounced and ripped her BS argument to shreds. He told the old buzzard, yes but we don’t gag people before they enter the theater.

That is all LB’s BS measures and the blathering from fawning media barnacles like Mitchell amount to - pre-crime BS exercised against law abiding citizens.

Near dead CBS BS artist Bob Scheifer - who first broke the news on the invention of the wheel and deemed it “too dangerous for man” – compared gun rights advocates to Nazis. Nice.

Booby is proof positive that our US media has their collective heads every bit as far up LB’s scrawny @$$ as Pravda did with a long line of Soviet Central Committee Chairmen, and they are every bit as odious. They rate just ahead of child molesters in favorability. They are propaganda machines for the lawless bunch of creeps occupying the White House. NOTHING they report can be trusted. If they report the sun rising in the east again this morning, I’d be forced to go look.

While the White House bitched about an NRA web ad that used LB’s kids to demonstrate LB’s hypocrisy on gun control, LB surrounded himself with a bunch kids at his announcement yesterday. So that puts this White House in the odd position of being hypocritical about an ad pointing out their hypocrisy. Hey Booby, is LB using this type of stunt to groom his own Hitler youth movement?

The kids thing reminds of when Jimmy Carter would tell us he consulted daughter Amy on strategies for nuclear arms control. Idiot. While Carter was consulting Amy, the Soviet Chairman was consulting KGB thugs like Putin. No wonder things didn’t go well for Carter. I don’t want children running the country or having a hand in policy decisions for which they have no understanding.  No wait.  It might be an improvement.

Last, US hosteges were taken at an Algerian gas facility by terrorist practicing the religion of peace.  Why not just declare all of these hot spots "Gun Free Zones?"

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Question of the day: How many of the 19 will target criminals?

LB rolls out his 19 gun grabbing executive orders today. It’ll be interesting to see how many of them will make a criminal’s life tougher and how many will be extra-constitutional pre-crime type harassment and infringements on law abiding citizens.

I’m not sure I can even come up with 19 gun laws above and beyond the 100s already on books, but here’s a start:

Commit a crime, any crime, with any type of firearm gets that criminal a 10 year mandatory federal sentence.

Stealing any type of firearm gets that thief a 10 year mandatory federal sentence.

Transferring any type of firearm to a known felon gets the person transferring the firearm a mandatory 10 year federal sentence.

Any felon in possession of any type of firearm gets the felon a 10 year mandatory federal sentence.

That’s a start. Notice the emphasis is on criminals and criminal acts. Lex is not in the business of restricting the rights of law abiding citizens because they might commit a crime. Neither is it appropriate to bastardize our constitution because of the actions of criminals and a few nut jobs.

Demo-Dopes don’t want to go after criminals and nut jobs because they are natural constituents of the Dope Party.

In the aftermath of one of the most famous self defense shooting in years where a GA woman protected herself and her children in an attic crawlspace from a home intruder by shooting the Piece-O-$h!t FIVE TIMES, Demo-Dope Jerry Nadler proclaimed “one or two shots should be enough” for self defense. The POS in the case above, long-time trouble maker Paul Slater, survived the FIVE SHOTS and was able to leave the house, start and drive his car into a tree. So, Jerry, was it the first one or two shots that deterred Slater or the last three? I’m sure the GA woman and her children are happy not to have to know the answer to that question.

The fact that Slater was able to drive away indicates one of three things: 1) The woman needs to get to the range more often. 2) She needs a larger caliber handgun. 3) She needs a handgun that holds more than five rounds.

I don’t know what LB and his @$$wipe VP are going to come up with, but my initial response is, “I will not comply.”

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Powell's lazy and shiftless argument

There is a tendency among liberal (g)assbags to say the most outrageous things about conservatives. There is a tendency among conservatives to sit back and take it.

Ever since LB was crowned lord and master of the universe, any disagreement - no matter how slight - with anything the know nothing POS says or does is labeled “racist” by Demo-Dopes and their lapdog MSM.

During the campaign there was a long list of words determined to be “dog whistle” racist terms. Among them, Chicago, food stamps, welfare, golf, angry, constitution, vacation, empty chair etc. On a Sunday talk show Colin Powell added the word "lazy." Powell said that in a time past, the word lazy was followed by shiftless and then by another word – the N-word.

Yeah, I’ll bet “there was a time.” But now, maybe “lazy” just means lazy.

Lazy describes the entire Dope party and their following; too lazy to pass a budget; too lazy to protect a consulate in Benghazi; too lazy read a bill before voting on it; too lazy to get a job to pay for their own cell phone and birth control; too lazy to engage in an honest discussion so shut it down by calling the other guy a racist; too lazy to…fill in the blank.

The other favorites of the lazy and shiftless left are Nazi and Hitler. You can always tell when a lefty is losing the argument. You’ll be called a racist, a Nazi or compared to Hitler. Or, if you’re really good at destroying lazy shiftless liberal arguments, you’ll hit the trifecta and be called a combination of all three, “You’re just a Hitler loving, racist, Nazi!”

It’s amazing to me how there isn’t one person in the entire Republican party that will stand up to such lazy and shiftless arguments about Republican racism coming from a guy who, if it weren’t for a string of Republican presidents, would have retired in relative obscurity.

There is a political adage that any charge that isn’t quickly and vigorously denied and knocked down sticks. So where is the Republican that will tell Powell, “STFU. You wouldn’t know a Republican unless he brought you into the Oval Office to offer you a plumb job. You probably never were a Republican who would advocate for a smaller government, lower taxes and a strong national defense.”

Little Barry (LB) cuts pro-life ad

Monday, January 14, 2013

If it saves even one life...

Last week, Slow Joe gun is a four letter word Biden reminded his gun grabbing committee of a bit of LB BS, “If your action result in saving only one life, they’re worth taking.” Sounds nice. It is total BS. Let’s consider just how hollow LB is on this.

First, how many people are unnecessarily killed and wounded due to negligent/accidental discharges every year? Schools should be required to teach firearms safety and safe shooting to every student. After all, if such instruction saves even one life, it’s a step worth taking.

There are over 300 million guns in America. Kids are eventually going to stumble upon one. Our children need to know how to handle and shoot a gun safely. The NRA’s Eddie Eagle program does just that. As such, slow Joe ought to recommend to LB that the NRA be invited into every one of our schools to teach gun safety. What do you suppose the chances are of Slow Joe making that recommendation to save “just one life?”

Because on many occasions just the sight of a gun being brandished by a responsible citizen has deterred a crime, every former military man ought to be encouraged to openly carry a weapon. After all if just the sight of an openly carried firearm saves one life, encouraging open carry is a step worth taking.

Economics professor John Lott proves statistically that the more guns in an environment the safer that environment becomes. As such Slow Joe should recommend to LB that concealed carry permits be issued the same as a fishing license, except that there is no fee for such a permit. After all, if putting more guns on the streets saves even one life, it’s a step worth taking.

Remember when you have seconds to live, the police are only 10-20 minutes away. As such, people in rural areas should be encouraged to keep at least one loaded weapon in their home. After all if encouraging rural citizens to keep a loaded weapon in their homes saves only one life, it’s an action worth taking.

This exercise could go on for several pages. I think the several examples noted above demonstrate the total BS nature LB and Slow Joe’s offer. What they really mean is, “If any gun grabbing action saves one life, let’s do it until we grab every gun from law abiding citizens.”

And let’s be doubly clear about this. The target is lawful ownership of guns. Nothing Slow Joe comes up with will be directed at criminals. There will be no recommendation that any crime committed with any type of gun receives a mandatory 10 year sentence at a federal prison.

Any such recommendation would no doubt save hundreds of lives. First by making criminals think twice about ever committing any type of armed crime. Next, the sheer amount of human garbage that  would be swept away by such a law would make everyone safer. Last such a law would tip the scales heavily in favor of law abiding gun owners. If criminals are encouraged to disarm or face 10 large in the big house while their victims are encouraged to arm themselves, who has the advantage?

Friday, January 11, 2013

What dirt does LB have on John Roberts?

Conspiracy theory #1-13
Lex’s conspiracy theory # whatever of 2012 floated the idea that Gens Petraeus and Allen were set up by LB. The primary evidence is two 4 ½ - 5 looking guys scoring two 8 ½ -9 looking gals. Then there’s the fact that Paula Broadwell gets a plumb book deal having never written a book. Hmmm. Then there’s the fact that Jill Kelley has an “unofficial” billet as a CentCom social liaison when there is an entire office at CentComm devoted to social liaison. Hmm.

Now consider how LB cleared the field in his run for the Senate.  He first managed to have sealed court documents on his Demo-Dope opponet's divorce released.  Then he did the same with his Republican challenger, Jack Ryan.  Hmm.

In the first conspiracy theory of 2013 Lex has to ask, does LB have some Petraeus like dirt on Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts? Why? What makes you think he does? Well first there’s the whole LBcare decision where the Chief Dope in a Robe not only upheld LBcare but went so far as to rewrite the law from the bench calling it a tax rather than a mandate in order to pass constitutional muster.

Now there is Slow Joe gun is a four letter word Biden’s commission on guns. Slow Joe is talking about “executive action” as means to modify and screw with the 2nd Amendment without ever repealing it or amending it in the way REQUIRED by the constitution.

No doubt whatever extra constitutional BS Slow Joe comes up, the NRA will be challenging it in court. So, I ask again, does LB have some Petraeus like dirt on Roberts?

Here’s the problem, well one of the problems with congress
If I asked you to name a country ruled by a wealthy few who use their positions to line thier own pockets, you'd probably think of some Middle East satrap.  If I told you, no it's America.  You'd think I was crazy.

Well before you tell me I've gone around the bend, consider this.  While only 1% of the American population are millionaires, 50% of those in congress are millionaires.  Weird huh?   

Now when you take into account that probably well over half of the 50% became millionaires while lining their pockets as part of America’s elected ruling class and the notion that we truly are the best 3rd world country ever begins to become clear.

Any other doubts can be laid to rest by watching the confirmation hearings for millionaire gold digger and Cambodian war hero John Françoise Kerry. Kerry is a lying narcissistic pant load. He knows it. Everyone in the senate knows it. Yet they will allow this cretin whose real talents are best suited to servicing bums from the 3rd stall in some inner city bus station men’s room to sail through to confirmation.

John Adams noted:
“The principal difficulty lies, and the greatest care should be employed in constituting this Representative Assembly. It should be in miniature, an exact portrait of the people at large. It should think, feel, reason, and act like them.”

Is this congress and exact portrait of the people at large?  No.  Gerrymandering and the bulletproof nature of incumbency have established an elected ruling class whose primary purpose is to loot the treasury on behalf of themselves and their favorite few.  And make no mistake, the vast majority are arrogant double d-bags who consider themslves as roaly as any Saudi prince.

From the YGBSM file:
Billy Billbo Clinton was named father of the year by the National Father’s Day Council. Hmmm, never knew there was such a thing. They also posthumously named Pol Pot ‘Humanitarian of the Year.’

Billy Billbo Clinton was named father of the year, LB winning the Nobel Peace Prize, this should be very encouraging to all of us. It proves anyone of us is qualified to win any and every award.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cue the demagogues

In the post under, Lex noted how liberals always try to make the 2nd Amendment about hunting. It isn’t.

Almost on cue, in his state of the state address, clueless NY Gov Andy Cuomo let lose this gem of colossal ignorance: “No one hunts with an assault rifle.”

First, I’ll bet someone does. Next, this is the exact BS argument Lex warned against in the post under. Last, how Americans chose to protect their lives, homes, property and loved ones within the law and the 2nd Amendment is none of Cuomo’s business.

As if trying to outdo his own stupidity Cuomo went on to say: “No one needs ten bullets to kill a deer.”

First, and again, I’ll bet there is someone who does. Next, most states already restrict the number of “bullets” allowed to be loaded for hunting. They don't restrict the weapon's capacity only the number of rounds permitted to be loaded in to it while in the field.  Consistent with IN law, for hunting purposes, my shotguns all came with precut plugs that would only allow three shells to be loaded into the feeding tube. The guns are all capable of holding more than three rounds.  Last, and again, if Americans want to load 10, 20 or 30 rounds into a magazine to protect their lives, homes, property and loved ones within the law and the 2nd Amendment it is none of Cuomo’s business.

Hey Andy, how many armed security guards do you and your family have 24-7? How many rounds do they carry? More than 10? Do they carry automatic and semi-automatic weapons? Give it all up. Then I’ll consider what you say as coming from someone who truly cares about gun control. Until then you are just another liberal hypocrite.

Are Republicans learning?
First off, I doubt it.  But, after Harry the roach Reid lied his scrawny @$$ off saying that super storm Sandy that racked the east coast was much worse than the cat 5 Hurricane Katrina that ravaged the Gulf coast, Louisiana Sen. David Vitter twittered that the roach was an "idiot." 

Once the roach learned that in every demonstrable category Katrina was a much worse storm than Sandy, he began to back peddle. He misspoke claimed the roach. Well, when you continually misspeak, as the Roach does, it is proof positive that he IS an idiot.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The words, Hunting, common-sense and reasonable cannot be found in the 2nd Amendment

With regard to any proposed gun control laws, here’s all you need to know:

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Notice there is no weasel word language at the end, "except when reasonable and common sense dictates."  Shall not be infringed - period - end of sentence.  How much clearer could someone write something they didn’t want wimp politicians screwing with? The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Now everything being discussed so far and the only thing that is ever discussed after a gun tragedy, is how the ruling class can infringe upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms. But there’s an oddity in the ruling class’s discussion. They never, ever, under any circumstances discuss amending or repealing the 2nd Amendment.

They don’t do that because it would expose the ruling class’s primary purpose in these discussions – banning all weapons. They also know that they’d never get 2/3rds votes in the house and senate and 38 states to ratify whatever hare-brained scheme to confiscate guns Chuckels Schumer came up with.

So they are left with Winfield Scott’s approach to fighting the Civil War, an anaconda strategy. They pass infringement after infringement, each small and on the surface appear “reasonable” and “common sense.” In the end though, the aggregate of the 100s of “reasonable” “common sense” infringements has the affect of squeezing guns from the hands of law abiding citizens.

The 2nd Amendment says nothing about hunting, but one of the gun grabbers favorite tricks is to pretend that it does. Some dope is forever asking, “Why does anyone need an AK 47 to hunt deer?” He doesn’t. But if he chooses to, that right shall not be infringed.

The “nobody needs” argument is one of the left’s favorite memes:
Nobody needs more than $250,000.
Nobody needs more than a 1,200 square foot home.
Nobody needs incandescent light bulbs.
Nobody needs an SUV.
Nobody needs to hunt wild animals for food.
And on and on

You watch. The major focus of Slow Joe gun is a four letter word Biden’s commission will be on infringement of the people’s rights without out one wit of concern about what the words “shall not be infringed” mean. Dopes like retired wannabe general Stanley McCrystal and ruling class morons, who have sworn an oath to protect and defend the constitution, will shred it without a second thought.

The Kelo and LBcare decisions tell us the 9 dopes in robes consider themselves part of the American ruling class. They cannot be relied upon to support and defend the constitution.

From the “You cannot make this $h!t up" file
Tunisia freed a suspect arrested for participation in the Benghazi consulate attack for lack of evidence. So, after months and months of promising to bring the perps of the Benghazi attack and murder of four US citizens to justice, the only one currently in jail is the US filmmaker LB’s lying and inept administration wrongly fingered for “the riot” for weeks after the attack. And they want us to turn in our guns. YGBSM.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Running gun battle/Alabama's excess football riches

In the third letter down at Ft. Wayne’s Journal Gazette web site Richard Moessner’s letter entitled “Responsibilities tied to our rights” butchers the 2nd Amendment.

In what has become a nearly daily exercise, Lex fired off this response. In a shocking bit news, this letter cleared the first hurdle toward publication.

Among other things, Richard Moessner wrote “…some people think that because the military has automatic weapons, citizens should be able to have them as well. This is stupid.” Stupid or ignorant?

What’s really ignorant are people who do not know the difference between automatic and semi-automatic. Private ownership of unregistered fully automatic weapons is banned by the National Firearms Act of 1968. In addition, a federal excise tax on fully automatic weapons makes them prohibitively expensive - most in excess of $10,000. All the guns used in recent tragedies have been semi-automatic.

What’s really ignorant are people who think the 27 plainly written words of the 2nd Amendment are subject to the whims of gutless politicians, a misinformed MSM and an emotional public every time a gun tragedy occurs. It is not.

What’s really ignorant are people who think that the 2nd Amendment has anything what-so-ever to do with hunting. It does not.

What’s really ignorant are people who raise red herring arguments conflating military weapon systems that can neither be kept nor borne by an individual with those that can.

What’s really ignorant are people willing to cast their rights and those of their neighbors aside because of the actions of a few nut jobs.

What’s really ignorant is thinking a nut job who probably broke a hundred or more laws carrying out his heinous deed is going to be affected by a couple or couple dozen more.

There is an orderly way to amend the constitution. If it’s time to amend the constitution with regard to the right of the people to keep and bear arms, let’s have that discussion. However, the rights of the people are not subject to the knee jerk reaction of an ignorant few, or even a majority who, in the face of tragedy, think the 2nd Amendment is stupid.

THE Ohio State University undefeated and clearly the best team in the country
After Alabama’s man-handling of Notre Dame last night, one thing is undeniable. THE Ohio State University is the only undefeated college football team in America.  If the NCAA really wanted to punish The OSU, they would have made them play Alabama last night.

Aside from not being able to rush the quarterback, cover a receiver or stop the run (Betty White would have rushed for over a 100 yards last night), the vaunted ND defense looked impressive. Aside from not being able to throw or run the ball against an Alabama defense that looked as if it should be playing on Sunday’s, the ND offense looked pretty unstoppable.

The one bright spot for the Irish was their punter. He buried the Crimson Tide deep on numerous occasions forcing them to drive the length of the field in order to score, which they did with relative ease.

I think it is time LB and the Demo-Dopes looked into Alabama football and begin redistributing football talent out of that school and then the entire Southeaster Conference. Shouldn’t the WAC, MAC, PAC 12, ACC, Big 12 and Big 10 get some of that speed and talent? Why should Alabama have both, Lacy and Yeldon? Isn’t that a grotesque display of college football riches? Congress needs to step in, level playing field and make these schools redistribute the “extra” talent they clearly do not need.

Congrats to Alabama. Regrets to nephew Adam who had to get up early this morning to raise an Alabama National Championship Banner. One hard earned Lex dollar is in the mail to big Sis.

I’m thinking about writing her a check. It’ll cost her more to deposit it than the dollar is worth.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Ripping off your neighbor is an entitlement

The bad news is that thanks to LBcare, an across the board 2% increase in the payroll tax and various state and local tax increases, everyone’s paycheck shrunk by as much as 8% starting in Jan. The good news is that those receiving government “benefits” are pretty much immune to such arbitrary gouging by politicians to fund an ever growing and onerous government.

To the free phone crowd, the tax increases are just those rich bastards finally getting what they deserve. What they don’t understand, yet, is that the free phone crowd’s “benefit” income has now drawn about even with the income of the average guy paying for the “benefits” and who himself my have no benefits.

So, Mr. & Mrs. America, how long does that model last? How long is a guy going to be willing get up every morning and trudge off to work and put in his 40, so that he can watch the government confiscate more and more of what he earned to give to his neighbor who is on “disability” combined with food stamps, sec 8 housing, a free cell phone plan and home heating assistance? Why would that person go back to work for 40K when he can get 40K in “benefits?” Why should the neighbor continue to bust his hump for 40K to pay for the free phone crowd’s “benefits?”

And if you want to have a mental breakdown, substitute the word “entitlements” for the word “benefits” above. Among other things, we’ve lost the language. Sitting on your @$$ and ripping off your neighbor is an entitlement in LB’s America.

Gun control
Last week in the “winners” and “losers” section of the editorial page local fish wrap called the Chevy Volt a winner, described out of print Newsweek magazine venerable and the NRA a loser. Lex ripped them with this note:

I know you won’t print this, but I hope someone will read it and pass it along.

The NRA losers? HA! Because thinking Americans have always known that Wayne LaPierre is correct when he said bad people with guns stop shooting when good people with guns show up, the NRA gained over 8,000 new members a day for about a week after Sandy Hook. How many new subscriptions did this dead tree, dead paradigm publication generate over the same period?

The NRA has been around since 1871 and will be around long after the JG wastes its last roll of newsprint and goes the way of the three pronged pitch fork and Newsweek magazine. Both of which were pretty useless items by the way.

And choke on this, 54 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of the NRA while only 40 percent have any trust what-so-ever in the media. So, who is the real loser?

Last, in what bizarre alternate universe do your editors live where they call an over priced, fire trap of a car nobody but the government - who subsidized its production - wants to buy a “winner”; a magazine run into the ground by Liberal ideologues to the point it has gone out of print “venerable” and an organization that has just added 10s of thousands of new members in a week a “loser?” Keep up the good work Tracy. You’re doing a heck of a job.

I haven’t gotten a response yet. As noted in the 1st line, I knew they wouldn’t print it. Walter E. Wiliams has an interesting piece on gun “control.”

Friday, January 04, 2013

Have a beer and enjoy the flight

This morning before heading out for school, Lex jr. reported that he was going to the movies after school today. My first response was, “Who’s driving?” Jenna is driving. That’s a relief, because teen age girls are significantly less likely to kill their passengers than a teen age boy. But still, teen age girls are the second most risky drivers to travel with, right behind teen age boys, and just ahead of senior citizens under 80.

Wow, I know way more about who is driving young Lex today than I do about who is flying the airplanes I board. That’s crazy when you consider that most driving entails a 20 minute 30 mph jaunt across town and flying…well flying is down right dangerous. You’d think we’d know way more about the pilots.

Well over one million people per day board airplanes in the United States. Think about that. Over one million people willingly hop aboard fragile thin skinned aluminum tubes chock full of highly combustible jet fuel and powered by powerful engines that take the tube miles into the air and then hurl the tube through the atmosphere at, if not so common place, would be unthinkable speed. Yet we do not have the slightest idea who is flying the wonder machine. Worse, or better depending on your mind set, we don’t even care as long as the plane takes off and lands on time.

If the pilot is having money problems, family problem, drinking problems, drug problems etc and would, in his own mind “benefit” from an “accident,” we don’t want to know. We want to leave on time and arrive on time. That is our main criterion for judging a pilot’s skill set – does he take off and land on time. The fact is the more we knew about these guys the less likely we’d so willingly hop aboard our next flight.

If we knew our pilot had suicidal tendencies, or was looking for some way to score a big insurance pay out for his family or was just plain crazy, how willingly would stroll up the jet way to the tube to find our seats? My approach to flying is, hell I know nothing about the pilot and can’t fly the plane if something goes wrong. So for me, flying can be summed up in these five words, “Flight attendant, another beer please.” What else can I do except enjoy the flight?

Nov last, in their infinite wisdom, given the choice between a sober, alert and fit for duty pilot and the one they had seen tossing down doubles in the airport lounge for a couple of hours before the flight and bragging about the 100 ways he would crash the airplane, over 50% of the passengers (the American people) chose to fly with the drunk because he promised them free drinks, free headsets for the movie and an extra bag of peanuts on the flight.

Now our debt laden flight is aloft trying to maintain enough air speed to keep from stalling. The pilot ordered tons and tons of free liquor be brought aboard for the passengers who voted him pilot. The extra weight makes controlling the plane all the more difficult. The flight engineer recommends dumping some the free stuff in order to gain speed and altitude. The pilot rejects that idea and counters that they should throw anyone making more than 250,000 dollars out of the airplane.

The tower is warning the pilot that a whether ceiling that they must fly beneath is looming just ahead. The tower suggests dumping all unnecessary weight to make the wonder machine more maneuverable in the impending foul weather. The pilot says dumping the free stuff is non-negotiable.

Meanwhile back in the cabin, the free loaders are all drunk and enjoying the flight. Free booze, food, air phone calls, movies, this is great. The co-pilot has donned a red nose, a rainbow wig and baggy clothes and is making his way down the isles to reassure everyone that everything is fine.

The sober passengers are scared to death. One of the sober passengers shouts, “Flight attendant, I’ll have a beer, please.” His fellow sober passengers shout, “Are you nuts! This thing could crash at any minute!” He replies, “Yeah, well I can’t fly the airplane. So, until you’re ready to rush the cabin and take control, handing it over to someone who can, I might as well relax and enjoy the flight.”

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Is Boehner learning?

I have a whole new respect for John Boehner. Apparently the Speaker told Harry the roach Reid to go eff himself. That’s a good start John. Next time, that line needs to be followed with “you lying, thieving @$$ weasel, and eff your lay about worthless off spring too stupid to make a living without you siphoning off millions of taxpayer dollars to throw at their ChiCom loving K St. lobby.”

Boehner has taken heat from all sides. New Jersey’s favorite tub of lard - Chris Christie - went after Boehner for not passing a pork laden (maybe that’s why fatso liked it so much) 60 billion dollar Senate bill for Sandy relief.

First, I could have sworn the Constitution required all spending bills to originate in the House.

Next, as mentioned, the bill was laden with crap that had nothing what-so-ever to with Sandy relief. 51 billion of the 60 billion dollar boondoggle “emergency Sandy relief” bill had nothing to do with Sandy relief or wasn’t even due to be spent in 2013. How much of an “emergency” could it be if the money isn’t needed until the out years? Does anyone call an “emergency squad” then have them sit out in front of your house for a year?

Last, this Sunday at St. Vincent de Paul there will be second collection for Sandy relief. I hope Tub-O-Lard doesn’t have a news conference to harangue Monsignor John for not getting him the money fast enough. Whenever these self righteous (g)assbags take to the stage to complain about how much federal money is being throw at their “emergency,” does it ever cross their mind to start by offering a word of thanks for all the “charity” that has been directed at them to date? No! Hell no! The Chucky Schumers and Chisties just want more. How much money has poured into New Orleans after Katrina? Is anyone down there auditing that money?

It’s less important to Supersize that 51 billion dollars of taxpayer money was about to be wasted than the fact that his share of the 9 billion of actual emergency relief was held up for a day or two. Instead of blasting the senate for screwing around with the relief bill, Gov blister bag takes after John Boehner.

John, follow up your eff yourself comment to the roach with a, “Look you fat slob, I’ll get you your money right after I clean up Harry the roach Reid’s mess. Go get another Big Mac and then another hug from your ‘man friend’ and STFU.”

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Dump Boehner and McConnell

This BS MUST end.  We need a leader willing to call this @$$bag
the lying plagiarizing POS that he is

While talking politics, Ronald Reagan once noted, “If you get the policy right, the politics will follow.”

Now, more worried about being called assault gun toting, racist, bigoted, homophobic, climate change denying, women hating, war mongering, superstitious angry white men, than getting the policy right, the Republi-Rat party has proven it is willing to chuck principle at the last moment, cede their majority to the Demo Dopes and let them run things. If that was plan all along, this deal could have been done two days after the election.

The only good news in this that I can see is that tax rates for those earning under 400K are now permanent. This is big a big disadvantage for the Dopes. You know they wanted to re-negotiate this deal with Republi-Rats every six months. Why not, they clobber the Republi-Rats every time. Dopes would be saying, “Nobody needs 400K dollars,” then 350K, then 250K, then 150K until they got to about 40K the sum the average free loader takes with welfare, section 8 housing, food stamps, free phones, etc. Now, Dopes cannot so easily come back to raise taxes.

That does not mean they won’t try. They know what they have done is bad policy, because it is a punitive thumb in the eye of the people who make this country work. It won’t come close to making even the slightest dent the 16 trillion dollar debt and amounts to a rounding error in LB’s yearly deficit. All it will accomplish is to slow an already creeping economy, and if history is any indicator, it will actually reduce receipts to the treasury.

Here’s the dirty little secret. Whatever is worked out 47% of Americans – yeah the same 47% Mitt Romney warned us about – will not give a $h!t and neither will any of the ruling class in DC. Until the 47% free loader class begins to get squeezed a bit, until everyone has skin in the game, we’re screwed. A flat tax were everyone is expected to pay something is the only answer. You simply cannot have 47% of the people voting for the guy willing to give them the most goodies.

Republicans should have gone head long over the cliff. In a presser Boehner could have argued, “Look apparently the American people love a disbarred, lying, raping, groping cheat like Billy Billbo Clinton and hate a decent guy like George W. Bush. Fine. We’ve given you the rapist’s tax rates. Enjoy them. In January when see your pay stubs, remember they are brought to by Billyboy Billbo Clinton, LB and that cheating thief in the Senate, Harry the roach Reid. There is another election in two years. We can return the Bush tax rates then if the American people want to.”

Now I heard Lindsey Gramnesty tell House Republicans to take the deal and get real spending concessions during negotiations to raise the debt ceiling. What the hell makes Gramnesty think those negotiations will go any differently? The Republi-Rats have shown the Dopes that in the end they are more interested in their next election and will cave, the country be damned. If you think the current deal is bad for the country, it’s not the worst news this morning. The really bad news is that same creeps who brought you this debacle will be negotiating for your 2nd Amendment rights, immigration reform, raising the debt ceiling etc.

We truly are screwed unless Republicans dump Boehner and McConnell and get someone in there willing to hold line and when possible push the line back a little. At a minimum we need some who is willing to make news by telling the truth. I’m sick of the Republican niceties.  We need a fire brand willing to stand up to the media and the dopes. Too bad Allen West was cheated out of re-election in FL.