Friday, January 19, 2018

Even if 100% accurate, nothing will come of congressional memo

Several of my go to Interweb sites are ablaze with the notion that there is a congressional memo out there that will lead to high level firings at DoJ and the FBI.  They claim the memo may also lead to jail time for certain perps and the end of the Muller investigation.

Wow sounds like a magic bullet. I do not believe in magic.  So it’s impossible for me to believe in magic bullets.  Even if the memo is released and is every bit as damning as web pages indicate, nothing will come of it.

Let’s go over this again.  Is Lois Learner in jail?  Is anyone in the FBI or DoJ in jail behind the Fast and Furious fiasco?  Other than the video maker, did anyone go to jail for Benghazi?  Is Shrillda the Hutt or any of her lying azzbag cronies in jail for their illegal activities that compromised national security?  Did anyone go to jail for the unmasking of Trump staffers caught up in fraudulent FISA warrants? 

Not only did nobody serve time for any of these dead to rights crimes, no one was even charged, indicted or tried.  The worst cases are Lois Learner is living out her days on hefty government pension and the FBI DoJ stooges involved with Fast and Furious were reassigned to other cushy jobs.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in hope.  My hope is that every one of the criminal deep state azzbags – including Muller - is arrested on Sunday morning in a nation-wide highly publicized FBI raid.  I just do not see it happening.

Here’s why.  This is totally unrelated but serves to make the point.  The congress is working on a bill to keep the government from shutting down.  How does it come to this 3-4 times every year?  It’s a ploy by deep state azzbags to screw you.  People do things in a crisis that they otherwise wouldn’t do.  Grandpa’s priceless leaded tiffany lamp becomes totally dispensable when the rowboat transporting it and you to a new home begins to founder.

The deep state azzbags create these national emergencies every year as cover to do stupid stuff “to avoid the disaster of government shutdown.*”

Now how is the “disaster” to be avoided?  Amnesty to 3.6 million illegal aliens.  It’s not the 800,000 “Dreamers” Chuckles the weeping clown Schumer is trying to drag into the mix. It’s all illegals, and deep state weasel Lindsey Grahamnesty is ready to go along with it.  No doubt amnesty will include “a path to citizenship” and 3.6 million new Demo-Dope votes – enough to destroy the country for good.

Next, when PDJT accurately points out the undeniable truth about fake news and certain countries in the world being sh*tholes the deep state – Dope and Rat estab. Rep alike - and the MSM react in lockstep to condemn the utterance of truth when it comes to media coverage and immigration policy. They are all in cahoots.

Conspiracy theory 1-18:  The point here is that the deep state is the Caligula, D.C. ruling class uniparty and the people named in the memo are all part of the deep state operation to take PDJT out. Nothing will come of a memo exposing deep state criminals to the deep state “investigators.”   They already know/knew everything contained in the memo because they were in on it. 

NOTE*:  I'm still for shutting it down.  Let's see how Republican handle a shut down.  Will PDJT cancle White House tours?  Will open air memorial be fenced off?  Will tickets be handed out to motorists who stop to take pictures from the road at a national park?  Let's see.  

After killing it at PDJT’s 2017 Fake News Awards, CNN is off to roaring start for 2018
CNN’s Jim Acosta, after being cut to the bone by PDJT’s “2017 Fake News Awards,” was reduced to a Pee Wee Herman taunt – “I know you are, but what am I?”

Now in the running for 2018 Fake News Award (Fake) Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The problem is the news is fake, not someone pointing out that the news is fake

According to the flaky Jeff Flake when the MSM lies, you are like Joe Stalin if you point it out.  Of course the 187 year old John McCain agrees.  Anyone holding the MSM accountable for reporting the truth is the real danger to democracy – not the wholly owned subsidiary of lying thieving Demo-Dope Party we refer to as the MSM.

What is amazing is that while these two out of touch bozos are blasting PDJT who regularly blasts the MSM for bias reporting (90% negative coverage during a booming economy and the shellacking of ISIS) while for asking the MSM to report the news accurately, PDJT has made himself available to the very news outlets he blasts. 

Jim Acosta of the very fake news CNN got booted from the Oval Office for being an obnoxious boor.  He whined that “What occurred reminded me of something I would see in a different country. Certainly not at the WH. Certainly not in the US.” 

Let’s do thought experiment combining flaky Flake’s Stalin analogy with Acosta’s “let’s see how big a  douche I can be” routine.  Joe has Acosta and other MSM for a photo op to cover the meeting of Uncle Joe and Soviet war hero Gen Zhukov.  During the photo op Acosta begins peppering Uncle Joe with questions, “Is it true that you had nearly 250,000 Soviet citizens killed during your purge before WWII? Did you really kill 38,000 civilians in Budapest?  What about the more than 100,000 Poles you are said to have had murdered?”

First off I think it becomes clear that flaky Jeff Flake is an idiot for comparing anyone but Pol Pot, Hitler, Moa, and other despots to Stalin.  Certainly not an American president.  Then there’s the utter absurdity of PDJT being a bit like Stalin with regard to his treatment of the press.  Had Acosta asked Stalin any question other than “How great tho art?” he’d been grabbed and tortured before being killed off in the most inhumane manner possible. 

Once again what has these boobs’ shorts in a knot is that, like the sh*thole comment, what PDJT says about the press is 100% accurate.  Unlike other Rat establishment Republicans PDJT is not just going to sit back and let weasels like Jimmy hey look at me I’m tough on PDJT Acosta control the narrative.

Here are PDJT’s Fake News Awards – all undeniably true. PDJT got 90% negative stories in his first year in spite of the list of accomplishments noted at the end of the awards.

How is possible to have a booming economy and ISIS on the run and still get 90% negatives?  Easy - MSM bias.     

Posturing douche Corey Booker is dead wrong – (take off glasses look shocked)*
Hey Corey!  Dry your eyes, put down your cymbals and read (if you can) this.

Then this.  Much of Africa is a literal sh*thole.  And yeah, Western Culture is much, much better.

*NOTE:  That headline is a Ted Baxter reference from the MTM Show where the quintessential pompous know-nothing “newsman” Ted Baxter (Played by Judge Smails from Caddy Shack who is really Ted Knight) - a dead-on forerunner of today’s pompous azzwipe jurnos - where he would read on air the stage directions imbedded in a news story from the teleprompter.  “There was fire in a downtown apartment building this morning (take off glasses; look concerned) fortunately no one was hurt.” 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Senator Corey Booker from the sh*thole state of NJ wails tears of rage over PDJT's sh*thole remark and it's glorious

Cory Booker blew his nose and wiped his eyes of the tears of rage that had weld up when the Dick, Durbin told him that PDJT referred to countries that are undeniably sh*tholes as sh*tholes.  Cory screamed, “It’s HELL HOLES you racist bastard.” 

Just as an aside, you gotta love PPDJT.  He sends Cory Booker into a wailing tear filled fit of rage by calling sh*holes sh*tholes.  These are the very people telling us PDJT is unstable.  Get a grip Corey.  You are looking like an unhinged douche.  PDJT should double down with a tweet this morning: “Oh, by the way Corey, many places in your state – NJ - are sh*tholes as well.”

Then Booker proceeded to go off DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen at her senate hearing yesterday.  Dopes in general were more concerned about PDJT calling certain sh*thole countries in the world sh*tholes than they were with anything pertaining to Homeland Security. 

Booker claimed 73% of something over some period of time were committed by white supremacists.  He went on to air a long list of high profile “white hate crimes.” Nice try Corey.  Get your hanky ready for more tears of rage: the simple fact is that blacks are 27 times – that’s twenty-seven – that’s one score and seven -that’s two – seven – times more likely to target whites for their criminal activity than vice versa. 

So go F-yourself you bald headed whining little crybaby.  Take your faux outrage to Chicago where blacks are doing their level best to kill each other off as quickly as possible as the Demo-Dope party stands by and watches.  What Chicago needs is a whole lot more of the civilized cultured behavior found places like – dare I say it – Norway and whole lot less of the uncultured, uneducated, feral behavior found in sh*tholes like northern Africa, Hati and the Middle East.

As I watched the video above it reminded ofthis.  Yeah it’s totally racist, but only if you think the pics Dopes used to lampoon GWB below are racist.

Obviously the Dopes think that they have a winner here.  There closing argument being, “You just cannot call a sh*thole country a sh*thole.”  Well I think maybe you can when it’s true. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Just when did PDJT turn into a racist?

It seems to me that if you’re going to be a successful NY real estate baron, you’d better not be a racist. 

When DJT was playing both sides against the middle to further his own financial position, Dopes lined to accept his hefty campaign contributions and get a picture with him.  No Dope shunned an opportunity to hang out with “the Donald” because he was a racist.  That notion was absurd. 

DJT dated black women, trusted Hershal Walker to take his family to Disneyland. He ran a successful NBC reality show for years hub bubbing with that Lefty Lib crowd.  He rubbed shoulders with Rev? Jesse Jackson, pro athletes (particularly from the boxing world) and the Oprah.  No one ever alleged racism during any of it.

DJT only became a racist when he threatened the Demo-Dope way of doing business.  That’s when the Dopes did what Dopes always do: call anyone the least bit out of step with their orthodoxy a racist.  Now enhanced with white nationalist/supremacist, Nazi, KKK follower.

The latest salvo comes from none other than well-known liar and agitator The Dick, Durbin.  The Dick, Durbin, you may recall, once compared US armed forces to soviets running the gulag.  The Dick, Durbin is now claiming that PDJT called certain sh*tholes around the world sh*tholes. 

The Demo-Dopes and MSM lemmings jumped on the allegation, truth didn’t matter.  You cannot call a sh*thole a sh*thole particularly if the sh*thole you are referencing is run by blacks and/or Hispanics.  No matter how backward, culturally repressed, corrupt, bankrupt, communits leaning and filthy dirty the country might be – it is certainly not the sh*thole it appears to be.  “Hellhole” is fine – ask Lindsey Grahmnesty.  Sh*thole, on the other hand, is definitely racist. 

Quick question: Where would you rather be, in a hell hole (which is eternal misery, wailing and gnashing of teeth) or standing in a hole with sh*t in it that you might eventually be able to extricate yourself from?  A hell hole is much worse than a sh*thole.  Grahamnesty is a racist.

Now the Dopes are demanding the PDJT make amends and prove he’s not a racist by signing an amnesty for “dreamers” to include their friends and family, and they claim to be related in some way to everyone in their backward sh*thole country of origin.

Idunno if PDJT is a racist or not.  I do believe that the people who were hanging out with him and taking his money or making a living off of him before he ran for POTUS know if was/is a racist.  If he was good enough to hang out with then and was not a racist, he’s probably not turned into one by being sworn in as POTUS.

It’s all total BS.  

Monday, January 15, 2018

MLK Day now = you are all racists day

I was going to say something about MLK day.  But let’s face it, after 8 years of post-racial healing The Empty Suit style, race relation are in the toilet.

According to the Dope Party, 63 million Americans are racist, white nationalist/supremacists, Nazi, KKK members for voting their own and America’s political interests.

Meanwhile the most outspoken racists seem to me to all be black and/or liberal.

LBJ can talk about wrapping up the “nigger vote for 100 years” for Dopes by passing Civil Rights legislation and no Dope bats an eye.  Former KKK Gran Kleagle and Dope senator Robert Byrd can talk about “white niggers” and no Dope raises a fuss.  Slow Joe and Shrillda the Hutt can lampoon Indian shop keepers without any Leftist being the least off put by it. 
But let PDJT speak an undeniable truth and all hell breaks loose.

So F-MLK Day.  Nothing is ever going to change because Dopes and race baiting blacks – some with Rev before their names – don’t want anything to change.  They are quite content to stoke the racial divide for votes and profit.

Textbook photo on how NOT to attempt a tackle

Lemmesee if I can recall what every coach taught me about tackling since little league:  1) Head up 2) Drive the shoulder 3) Wrap your arms.  Which of those three fundamentals did DB Marcus Williams ignore on his play against Stephon Diggs?

How did Williams miss Diggs on this play?  Obviously, too cool for rules.

It will not be long before sports dope start make comparisons to other sports foul ups.  Larry Bird’s steal of an inbound pass in the final seconds of an NBA playoff game for the win.  Auburns “kick six” against AL.  And perhaps most famous, Bill Buckner’s missed ground ball during the World Series.

This is so much worse than Boston first baseman Bill Buckner’s muffed ground ball during game 6 of the 1986 World Series against the Mets. First off, it was Boston manager John McNamara’s fault for leaving the injured Buckner in the game.  Next, Buckner’s error was NOT of the “walk off” variety.  Boston still had three outs and another game to bail Buckner out.  They failed.

Williams was healthy and was the right guy for the job…supposedly.  His inexplicable missed tackle brought the New Orleans Saint’s season to an abrupt end.  No comparison to Buckner please.

Riddle me this Batman, who’s is the crazy one:
Case one:  AlGore, who once claimed that the Earth’s core is “very hot, several million degrees” making it more than twice as hot as the surface of the sun*, tells us that the life-threatening cold snap that blanked 3/4s of the US is consistent with global warming*.  After all, isn’t everything?

Hint*: In either case, it’s not.

Case two:  PDJT calls certain undeniable sh*tholes in the world, sh*tholes and is backed up by a Navy SEAL who claims that PDJT is literally correct in using that term.

Ponder that for a second.    

The main problem for the Lefties with PDJT’s sh*thole comment is that he’s 100% correct.  They know it, and they cannot stand it.  It truly is no more complicated than that.

Meanwhile they have to treat AlGore like parents who humor their 4 year old son who has an imaginary friend.  Instead of telling little Johnny that his “friend” Rocky can’t come over for dinner tonight because his mom called and said Rocky isn’t going anywhere until his sh*thole of a room is picked up, mom just puts an extra plate at the table.

For the Lefties it seems, it’s just easier to deny reality and cover for Lefty criminals and dumbazzes than face up to the truth and break the sad news to their fellow travelers of what a total bunch of BS they have been fed for the last 40 years. 

The Dopes now have so many empty place setting their dinner table looks like da Vinci's Last Super without Jesus and the loyal 11.

Wiley E. Coyote has got PDJT again…wait no he doesn’t
Apparently, whatever the amount of “hush money” that was allegedly paid, it was enough.

Friday, January 12, 2018

The truth, as always, is wasted on the Left

Apparently, this is NOT a sh*thole but rather the Lefty Lib version of Utopia.
NOTE:  In Caligula, D.C. a blunder is when someone accidentally tells the truth.

When PDJT reportedly told the truth about certain sh*tholes in the world being sh*tholes, that sent the Lefty Libs into a blue tirade before grabbing their salts and heading for the fainting couch. 

The White House should immediately release a statement:

As a NY real estate developer, PDJT is fully aware of what constitutes a sh*thole.  Every college kid that spends the summer looking for a decent place to live on campus knows what a sh*thole is.  Every businessman, soldier and/or world traveler knows what a sh*thole is.  Everyone who has spent a lot of time working with the poor, disabled, aged, mentally challenged has run across a sh*thole or two during their Godly service. 

I dare say even the crews at CNN, PMSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS etc. all know a sh*thole when they see one. 

So what’s the big deal when PDJT points out the sh*tholes among nations?  Everyone, even the perpetually outraged Lefty Libs, knows he’s right.  Of course those places are sh*tholes.  Why is everyone trying to get out of those places if they are Utopian lands of leisure where the garbage is picked up twice a week, trains run on time and everyone receives a daily ration of arugula?

What has these purveyors of fake news’ shorts in a knot is that PDJT spoke the plain truth in plain language that even public school grads can understand and in fact use.  How dare he!   

The fact is that those sh*tholes PDJT mentioned are the Lefty Lib versions of Utopia.  They are long on government control, central planning and stifling regulation and short on freedom.  That is what makes them sh*tholes and that’s just what the Demo-Dope party proposes for America.  So if you want America to become a sh*thole – vote Demo-Dope.

The obvious questions for those of you feigning outrage over this plain truth is, 1) How many of you own vacation property or have even vacationed for a weekend in any these sh*tholes? 2) How many of you have or would consider sending your children to be educated in any of these sh*tholes? 3) How many of you would be willing to leave the comfort of your current situation, pack up your family and strike out on your own for a year or two in any of these sh*tholes?

If you cannot answer any of those questions in the affirmative, maybe deep down inside you know PDJT is correct when calls them sh*tholes. Your severe cases of TDS just will not allow you to admit it.

How about we substitute, “backward, freedom sucking crap valleys” for sh*holes.  Would that make you feel better?

End of statement.

For their part, while repeating the vulgarism – sh*thole -in an endless loop, the MSM feigns being appalled by it.  Hmm that makes sense.  Then, of course, because the sh*tholes PDJT called sh*tholes contain blacks and Spanish speakers he’s a racist, white nationalist/supremacist, KKK Grand Wizard for pointing out the truth*.

NOTE*:  Which is why there can never be an honest discussion about race in this country – even though it has been a topic for discussion my entire lifetime.  When you tell the truth about black crime, fatherless families, dropout rates, drugs, welfare etc. you are called a racist.

12 days in, all the right people continue to be outraged, 2018 promises to be a grand experience.    

Thursday, January 11, 2018


What’s up with PDJT and DACA*?  Idunno.  My position on DACA – or “dreamers” if you will – has always been: There is no way in hell that congress will ever kick them out.

NOTE*: DACA = Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals.  Okay, several points. One, your “deferment” is up.  Two, childhood?  We keep our “children” on our health insurance until they are 26 these days.  Three, Arrivals?  Sounds like the lines at an airport or something.  Not “arrivals,” but rather “illegal arrivals.”

If you’re like Lex and know that congress isn’t capable of doing the right thing here, the best strategy is to get everything that you can from the deal.

Here’s what PDJT should get:

One, the wall funded in its entirety.  No, “we’re going to give you enough to get it started and then fund the rest of it down the road” BS.  All the money up front.

Two, Lefty Libs are fond of saying, “a 20 foot wall will result in spike in 21 foot ladder sales.”  That’s because they know so little about so much.  Any Marine Corps infantry Sergeant knows that an obstacle that is not covered by observation and fire is pretty much useless.  

You have to be able to see when the enemy reaches the obstacle and you have to have a mechanism whereby you can dissuade them from crossing it.  In the military it’s called direct and indirect fires. I’m not yet willing to advocate for firing indiscriminantly on illegal aliens trying to break into the country, but the wall should include funding for sufficient technology and manpower to patrol, observe and when necessary means to interdict illegal aliens crossing the wall.

Three, extreme vetting for all dreamers.  No criminals.  No welfare cases.  If they are not proficient in the language, send them to somewhere where they are.

Four, e-verify needs to become as mandatory for hiring as NICS is for a weapons purchase.

Five, an end to chain migration.

Six, an end to the immigration lottery.

Seven, a replacement of quota based entry immigration for merit based immigration.

Eight, and no one is talking about this, an end to anchor baby status.  The Chinese government runs hotels in CA where pregnant Chinese women come to give birth, for crying out loud.     

Realistically speaking the “dreamers” aren’t going anywhere. The key is going to be what PDJT can get for letting them off the hook.   

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Nothing ever happens to a Dope no matter how damning the evidence

Uh oh.  Here we go again.  Republicans are a bit like Demo-Dopes in that they tend to get euphoric and PO’d over stupid stuff.  Take the latest evidence that the FBI, at least at the top, is a crooked as hell organization.  Republicans in congress vow to investigate.  Yeah, right.  Love the way you guys got to the bottom of the IRS scandal and Shrillda the Hitt's e-mail server and Benghazi.  In serious tones talking heads tell us “laws have been broken.” Sean Hannity's nearly nightly "bombshells" and "tic tock" warnings of "new more explosive revelations of just how crooked the Muller investigation" is - go exactly nowhere.  

Let me be the first to pour cold water on all of this.  Not one damn thing is going to happen any Demo-Dope, no matter how serious the crime, if that crime was committed in an effort to destroy PDJT.  No.  Wait.  Make that: Not one damn thing is going to happen any Demo-Dope, no matter how serious the crime.

Exhibit one:  The DOJ FBI scum in charge the Fast and Furious gun running scheme that got a Border Patrol agent - Brian Terry - killed are cooling their heels for life in federal prison, right? Nope.  They have been reassigned and probably promoted and given exorbitant government bonuses.

Exhibit two:  Remember the hub bub over the “unmasking” of private citizens’ names in intel reports for the express purpose of leaking embarrassing info about PDJT to the media?  Unmasking without proper authority and is crime, and someone needs to go to jail we were told.  Republicans were all giddy when Susan Rice, Samantha Power were found to be sources of much of the unmasking.  So they have both been fined 10,000 dollars and sentenced to 3 years community service, right.  Nope.  Nothing.

Exhibit three:  The IRS scandal where Lois Learned is caught dead to rights slow walking conservative groups'301c3 IRS applications.  Fined and jailed then, right?  Nope.  Retired drawing a hefty government pension for the rest of her miserable arrogant life.

Exhibit Four:  Shrillda the Hutt lied about everything associated with her illegal private server from the use, to the classification of material passed on the device.  She tampered with and destroyed evidence and lied about that.  Jimmy the fib Comey laid out an ironclad case against the Hutt before his famous “however she is too stupid to know what she was doing was wrong" Clinton escape clause.

Exhibit five:  Benghazi.  Turns out it was the video after all, right?  Well it must have been.  The only one who went to jail behind that episode was the guy who made the video.

There other cases involving, DoJ, EPA, BLM, etc. where The Empty Suit authorized the weaponization of the federal government against the people of the United States to include spying on the press and not one damn thing was ever done about any of it.

So if anyone thinks that catching the highest levels of the FBI colluding with the Dopes to defeat and embarrass PDJT is going to get anyone in the slightest bit of trouble, guess again.  They are all Deep State azzbags.  The Deep State azzbags will not prosecute any of their own for fear of exposing how deep the roots of the Deep State have penetrated every single agency in Caligula, D.C.

Prediction:  No one goes to jail for the FBI tampering with the 2016 Presidential election.  Everyone involved, Muller, Strozk, Page, Comey, Rosenstein, Ohr and all of their cronies retire quietly and get rich writing books. 

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The FBI needs to be scrubbed like the kitchen floor after dropping and breaking a bottle of Mrs. Butterworth's syrup on it

Stelvio Pass, Italy

Why does the once vaunted FBI need to be scrubbed?  This is why.  It is crooked as the road through the Stelvio Pass in Italy.  Seems to me when Wray, McCabe, Ohr, Rosenstein, Muller and other top FBI/DoJ brass are all so obviously in on the fix, AG Sessions has no other choice but to un-recuse himself and fire the whole bunch.

The whole thing stinks to high heaven. 

Republicans are fond of saying Boob Muller has impeccable integrity.  No.  He does not.  If he did, given the close relationship he had/has with dirt bag Jimmy the fib Comey (birds of a feather flock together), he’d never have taken the job in the first place.  He is so clearly conflicted on so many levels it is crazy this weasel’s witch hunt is allowed to continue.

Then there’s this.  The dung heap is allowed to investigate the dung heap for a foul odor emanating from the dung heap. Guess what?  The dung heap couldn’t smell anything foul.  The dung heap smells like a bed of roses according to the dung heap. 

I child of four knows that Andy the crook McCabe is crooked as hell.  When mom’s getting big money from someone, Mom’s going to make sure Dad doesn’t kick that someone’s azz.  So Andy the leak McCabe, knowing he is crooked as hell and having been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, does what all lying thieving crooked as hell government employees do, he announces his retirement a la Lois Learner.  Sit back for the rest of your days and collect a government pension for being a lying crooked cop.  Not a bad gig if you’re Demo-Dope enough to get it.

National Championship
Didn’t watch it.  Don’t care except to say, to heck with the Alabama football team.  To heck with Bo Scarborough.  To heck with the thugs that ruin the game.  To heck with Nick Saban and his private helicopter, airplane, limousines, hotel suites, lassie fair attitude with thugs, et al. Here's why college football is so screwed up?  In a word – money.

Sadly, Alabama football is microcosm of the sport.  A bunch of spoiled kids who, for the most part, cannot compete in an academic environment but represent institutions that are supposed to promote academics.  They represent “colleges” but cannot express themselves in public without a string of expletives. They cannot read or write on a basic level. 

It’s not about college athletics.  It’s about athletes bought and paid for by colleges.

I’m probably painting with too broad a brush here.  There may be many cerebral college football players. If there are they are as elusive as the moderate Muslim.  The face of the sport - Baker Mayfield - grabs his crotch and shouts expletives at the opponent and goes on to win the sports most coveted trophy.  

Last night Bo Scarborough shout F Trump to the tv camera.  Way to go Nick.  That’s real class.  Then someone on the team gets into fight on the field and throws a fit on the sideline and isn’t thrown out by the ref or the AL coaching staff.  Guarantee you if Nick thought he could win without the guy, he’d been sent to the locker room.* 

Like I said I didn’t watch but one play of the game. This is what I learned from the headlines about the game this morning. The game it seems was a distraction from the look at me BS put on display by primadonna “student athletes.” I think Alabama won.

NOTE: While at Arkansas, Lou Holtz once kicked three important starters off the team before a bowl game against a heavily favored Oklahoma team for violating team rules.  When asked why his team rushed onto the field in such a frenzy for the start of the game, Holtz quipped, “I told them the last ones out of the locker room were going to have to start.”  Arkansas went on to win 31-6.  If last night was any indication, I guarantee you Nick Saban lacks that kind of character.   

Monday, January 08, 2018

Who are the "unstable" ones?

The Demo-Dopes declare that PDJT is mentally unstable and unfit to be the leader of the United States and the free world.  PDJT has declared himself to be a very stable genius. 

Who should we believe, the party that pinned its hopes and dreams in the 2016 election on an old, lying, thieving, rape enabling hag, a seasoned politician, who they poured a billion plus dollars into, rigged the primary for her and literally had to prop up for months or the “unstable” guy who handedly beat her extra wide azz like a drum?

Who should we believe, the party that that couldn’t crack 3% economic growth for a single quarter in eight years, or the guy who has the economy roaring?

Who should we believe, the party that sat back tying the hands of the American military with BS rules of engagement, getting God only knows how many of them killed and maimed, while the ISIS caliphate became reality and spread across Syria and Iraq or the “unstable” guy who has fundamentally destroyed ISIS in that region and reduced its “caliphate” to a series of redoubts?

Who should we believe a party that thinks screaming in anger at the sky in protest on the one year anniversary of the election is a useful exercise, or the “unstable” guy who laughs at the exercise?

Who should we believe the lying press, caught in lie after Lie after lie (fake news if you prefer) or the “unstable” guy they have targeted with 93% negative stories for his first year in office?

Who should we believe, the party that represents a group of people who have been in a perpetual state of unhinged rage for a year or the “unstable” guy who in spite of all of the animosity directed at him from every angle has continued undaunted to MAGA?

PDJT is living rent free inside the heads of these Lefty Lib azzbags.  He knows it.  They don’t.  That’s why he can send them into shock and rage in a 140-280 character tweet.

Lex pointed out after DJT took his now famous escalator ride, that anyone who underestimates him does so at their own peril.  The guy is – at a minimum – a street savvy brawler.  It has been proven by a score or more political “experts” that it is difficult to successfully label or brand PDJT.  He does the labeling and branding. It is difficult to outwork or out hustle PDJT.  While Shrillda the Hutt was being throw into a van like a side of beef by her security detail after collapsing, DJT was making 6 campaign stops a day.

DJT survived and thrived in the one the most difficult business environments on Earth.  He is in himself a brand associated with “the biggest” or “the best” or “the most expensive” or “the most luxurious” EVER!  Even if what he selling is none of those things he proudly puts his name on his product.  There’s an old adage any man that is willing to put his name on his business or product probably has a great deal of faith in it.

PDJT is different for sure.  That’s what got him elected.  Until he shows up to a press conference in his underwear, Trump underwear no doubt, I will assume he’s not crazy.   

Friday, January 05, 2018

Question: What was he (Bannon) thinking? Answer: He wasn’t.

Anyone familiar with Lex’s advice to the 118 or so Republicans vying for their party’s presidential nomination in 2016, knows where Steve Bannon messed up.  For the unwashed, Lex’s advice to competitors and supporters alike throughout the campaign was to ride the Trump tiger. 

The saying is an old Chinese proverb. The meaning is, that when you are with a tiger (in a difficult situation) the only safe place to be, no matter how difficult it is to stay there, is on the tiger’s back where he cannot maul you. 

Bannon thought he was tougher than the tiger and got mauled once when he was booted from the White House.  Having learned nothing from that experience, Bannon apparently went after Trump’s family in an interview with the Author of the new tell all (and make up the rest to sell books) - book Fire and Fury, Mike Wolff.  Now Bannon is out at Breitbart and has incurred the wrath of nearly everyone on the Trump team, including Rush Limbaugh who apparently unloaded on Bannon on his Monday radio program. 

Here’s a short take on what is sure to become the Lefty Lib’s bible for 2018.  As I read through it, I kept thinking how did we get where we are then?  Stock market boom, Keystone, Supreme Court, Applet Courts, regulations roll backs, ISIS hammered, caliphate gone, Robertscare mandate dead, drilling opened in ANWR etc. are all pretty stellar achievements in a well-oiled administration.  How did dunderhead PDJT achieve them under the chaos Wolff purports?

There is a management style in a little read book somewhere, I suppose, that calls for chaos.  Maybe PDJT read it.  There’s also the notion that PDJT was elected precisely because he was unconventional.  Why is it shocking news that will sell books that an outsider is acting like an outsider not familiar with the ways of the swamp?

Why is it news that a large staff is filled with backstabbing SOBs who think they are the smartest guy in any room and are always out to prove it to anyone who will listen?  I know.  I worked on a couple in an environment where loyalty was not only expected but it is the law. 

I dropped a paper off from my boss’s boss, a two star general, to colonel one time.  The colonel began deriding the two star in rather glaring terms to me, someone he did not know all that well. The thoughts may have been true.  I honestly didn't/don’t know.  I do know the conversation was inappropriate and came to an abrupt end when I interrupted him with two words, “Careful colonel.” 

The colonel wasn’t a bad guy, as far as I know.  He was venting. It never happened again.  But I thought, if the guy was willing to unload such openly disrespectful stuff on me, pretty much a stranger, what the hell is he telling his staff?  

So while reading Wolff’s article, my mind went back to those days of big egos and petty arguments.  I suspect the egos are 10 times bigger in the West Wing, sadly so are the issues.

My initial thinking was that PDJT should ignore the entire thing, save a few well-placed tweets, “Find Mike Wolff’s new book in the fiction section.”  That is not PDJT’s style.  He’s the tiger.  He mauls anyone who dare not remain on his back throughout the ride. 

The part that the Left is surely going to grab onto is PDJT’s mental state.  Obviously I do not know what’s true.  I do know a good leader sets the mission, priorities and standards and repeats them until the rest of the unit tires of hearing them and can repeat them back by rote.

There’s this to keep in mind as well.  For the first 11 months of PDJT’s first year he was an island.  Dopes, Rats, MSM, Hollywood, sports world, everyone was lining up against him.  Even paranoid people have real enemies.

My gut feeling is that Wolff’s tale is 80% - 50% BS mixed in with just enough truth to give it credibility.  People say and do things in fits of pique that they regret moments later.  Remember this is the same crowd that gave us the Russian dossier.

For now, let’s just judge the results.  If this is crazy chaos, I’m liking it.

Last, what is Shrillda the Hutt to think when reading this?  She’s got to know that losing to a figure as pathetic as the one Wolff portrays makes her the biggest loser in the history of the world. In that regard I enjoyed Wolff’s piece.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Questions for the New Year

Riddle me this Batman.  If the Russians were colluding with DJT to get him elected, why is there no Shrillda the Hutt dossier?  Seems to this small mind that if you’re interested in getting someone elected you do not participate in the fabrication of a salacious fake dossier to improve their/your chances.

The corollary to that question is why IS there a Trump dossier? Fine there’s no Shrillda the Hutt dossier.  There probably was one but it became too voluminous to haul around without a pickup truck.  Here’s the thing about the Trump dossier, if the dossier were not so patently fake it would be exhibit one in the insane Maxine Watters’ Impeachment Trial that Trump did not collude with the Russians.  It is a crazy collusion theory that has one of the colluders trying to destroy the colluder that that the first colluder supposedly supports and wants to win the election.  

So we’re supposed to believe that the Russians were helping Trump by assisting the DNC, Shrillda the Hutt and sadly it appears the FBI to develop the most vial accusations against their preferred candidate, but produced nothing from a mountain of known and provable scandals on the azzbag they were trying to defeat.

That, Mr. & Mrs. America makes no sense what-so-ever.  Why isn’t it being trumpeted from the White House?  Dunno.

Riddle me this Batman. How long can the Lefty Libs sustain their rage and petty partisanship? It’s been a year.  An entire year of howling at the moon like bat excrement crazy lunatics has gone by with not a whiff that the bat excrement crazy behavior will end anytime soon.

The latest nudge toward the edge of the cliff the bat excrement crazy Lefty Libs seem intent on falling off of was “the button” tweet.  I get it.  It was very jr hi locker room like, but it was funny so it was okay.  Even Mrs. Lex giggled a bit as she rolled her eyes and let loose one her standard “oh brother”, laments when the tweet came up on the news.

If the letters to the editor in the local fish wrap are any indication, the tax bill is causing them excruciating pain.  My guess is that pain arises primarily from the knowledge that, given the history of such things, the economy is going boom in 2018.  America doing well under PDJT is the Demo-Dopes worse nightmare.  Will the Dopes celebrate 4+% GDP growth? No.  They will bad mouth the economy and talk of burger flipping jobs, as if flipping burgers is somehow beneath the dignity of someone out of a job. 

If he brings N Koreans to heel via tweet and economic pressure on China what will the Left do?  Celebrate the avoidance of war?  No. They will move the Dooms Day Clock 20 seconds past mid-night.

Riddle me this Batman.  If global warming, climate change, climate disruption is real why have I literally been freezing my butt off for the last 10 days?  It was -13 the other day crying out loud.  And those predictions about kids never seeing snow again are total BS.  The kids are seeing snow where snow isn’t supposed to be – FL. 

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

A sad assessment of our once proud US Navy

The 2017 Navy Secretary’s Readiness Review can be found here.  SecNav Richard Spencer ordered the review after several mishaps – two involving fatalities - demonstrated that today's sailors have problems driving ships.

There’s good news and a bad news in the review.  The good news is that review identifies that the US Navy, while still preeminent, is in rather bad shape.  Budget cuts, declining numbers of ships and crews and an increased operational tempo are the main culprits identified in the review for today’s decline in naval readiness.

That’s all good and fine as far it goes.  It brings to mind the old Marine Corp adage: They’ve been asking us to everything while providing us with so little for so long now they think we can do anything with nothing at all.

If you want the nutshell version you need to look no further than the first recommendation found in the Exec Summary and on page 78.  The #1 recommendation from the review board is that the US Navy Re-establish readiness as a priority. To me that is gut blow to every single sailor in the US Navy above the pay grade of Seaman. 

RE-establish?  YGBSM.  WTF?  Who UN-established readiness as a priority?  Find them and have them keelhauled under the 1,000+ foot long USS Teddy Roosevelt.    

My guess is that if you took that approach you’d be keelhauling a great number of wannabe go along to get along The Empty Suit azzsniffing Admirals starting with CJCS Mullen, former SecNav Ray Maybus, the idiot PacCom Admiral that, when assuming command, declared climate change his #1 threat. No dickweed, not having 7th Fleet sailors capable of navigation and basic seamanship is your #1 threat in the world’s largest ocean.

Note:  When you command the entire PacCom AOR, an AOR that contains China, N Korea, Malaccan Pirates ect. and you think that climate change and fuel efficiency are your #1 concerns you are one of two things: a self-serving, clueless, azzsniffing, rank grabbing azzweasel or just a plain clueless weasel. 

Here’s an interesting note from the review:
The Navy’s readiness standards for training opportunities, certifications, maintenance availabilities, and manning quality and levels, have been thoughtfully established. However, the Navy allowed these standards to erode to the point that they are nearly ineffective, especially in the case of Forward Deployed Naval Forces in Japan.

That sounds a lot like Lex’s oft repeated lament of the decline in military standards, “First you lower the standard.  Then you ignore the results.”

The primary culprit in the Navy's long decline to my way of thinking is the absences of mission oriented, combat focused leadership.  Instead of blood and guts warfighters like Hulsey, or even the more cerebral warfighters like Nimitz, the senior leadership of the Navy - it seems anyway - is populated with azzsniffers like Mullen and Locklear.  

I do not think we need to worry though.  As of Jan 1st the military will be forced to accept transgendered (we used to call them crazies) recruits.  One thing we know for sure from opening all MOSs to women and homosexuals is that adding one more pampered group that will suck millions of dollars out of the budget will surly fix whatever it is that is ailing our once proud Navy.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Liberals suddenly and mysteriously worried about deficits

The Fort Wayne Fishwrap publishes a letter or two everyday now wherein some Liberal whines about the now passed tax law.  Here's but one example:

The headline in the Dec. 17 Journal Gazette informs me that the GOP sees its tax cut as a fiasco averted. In truth, the bill is the fiasco. While this legislation has been rushed through Congress in a manner designed to avoid as much reasonable scrutiny as possible, every credible analysis has concluded it is a plan that will certainly continue and accelerate the already-outrageous transfer of wealth from the poor and the middle class to large corporations and the wealthy (which has been in progress for several decades). Far from paying for itself, it will blow an additional $1 trillion or $1.5 trillion hole in the federal budget. Already, House Speaker Paul Ryan has a special gleam in his eye as he contemplates the opportunity he soon may have in his grasp to realize his life's dream of shredding what social safety net we have.

At this same moment, we also learn that the United Nations has dispatched a fact-finding expert, Philip Aston, to probe the already grotesque levels of poverty being experienced by nearly 41 million of our citizens. For those with the stomach to read his preliminary report, the details can be found at In this season when we are celebrating the coming of the one who said that how we treat “the least of these” is the measure by which he will judge how we have treated him, we can only conclude that he will find us entirely as ready as the ancient authorities to have him re-crucified.

But do not despair. Our GOP friends reassure us they have made it safe for us to say “Merry Christmas,” as if we had ever stopped doing so. Even Charles Dickens could just not make this stuff up.
Elaine Fazzaro
Fort Wayne

Lex sent this - way too long to be published - response:

Fazzaro starts with the idiotic premise that the new tax law will “continue and accelerate the already-outrageous transfer of wealth from the poor and the middle class to large corporations…” Ah explain how lowering the tax rate for a corporation takes or transfers ANYTHING from anybody – particularly the poor who supposedly have nothing to take. The point of lower taxes is that less is being taken by the government from the people who earn it. There is no transfer.     

Next, Fazzaro complains that the GOP tax bill is blowing a trillion dollar hole in the federal budget.  Fair enough, but a quick search of the JG archives did not produce any letter from Fazzaro complaining about President Obama’s doubling of the national debt on such ingenious ideas as Solyndra, non-existent shovel ready stimulus jobs, cash for clunkers, Obamaphones, socializing healthcare to name a few. 

That tells me that Fazzaro and her Lib pals are fine when the government is confiscating the peoples’ earnings for ineffective harebrained programs that double the debt, but cries foul when the debt goes up (Which it won’t.) when government returns a small portion of its ill-gotten gains to the people they stole it from.

I wonder why it never occurs to Liberals to ask the government to do with less money rather than the people the government steals money from. 

Fazzaro talks of a UN “expert” coming in to investigate poverty in the US.  The UN investigating the US is like Jimmy the philosopher Comey investigating Hillary Clinton’s too numerous to mention crimes in this regard, the report condemning the US is already written.

Fazzaro then makes some references to Dickens.  Given the time of the year I suppose she was alluding to Scrooge in A Christmas Carol.  Apparently Fazzaro never read Dicken’s A Christmas Carol.  Prior to his dreams, Scrooge was all for the government taking care of the poor.  That was the basis for his refusal to donate to charity.   

Instead of supporting personal philanthropy, he argues that the public entitlements, that Liberals so love, are the solution: “Are there no prisons? And the Union workhouses? Are they still in operation? The Treadmill and the Poor Law are in full vigor, then?” After hearing these are still active, he notes, “I help to support the establishments I have mentioned: they cost enough: and those who are badly off must go there.” 

It’s only after his dreams that Scrooge sees the light and the way of personal philanthropy over ill-conceived government programs that serve mostly to worsen the problem. 

Fazzaro can donate the entirety of her disposable income to helping the poor.  Instead she insists that the government take her neighbor’s earnings do what she apparently will not do herself.  By insisting on high taxes to fund government programs whether they be the prisons, workhouses, treadmills and the Poor Law of Dicken’s age, or the modern version of government enslavement of the poor known as Democrat style welfare, it is you Mz. Fazzaro who is acting like Scrooge.

While we’re at debunking literary myths, it’s total Liberal hogwash that Jesus was homeless at his birth.  An onerous centralized government forced Mary and Joseph to leave their home to travel to Joseph’s place of birth in order to get an accurate counting of the population for tax purposes.  During and because of that government-forced journey, Mary and Joseph could find “no room at the inn” and were left to room in a stable.  They were not homeless until a greedy government forced them out of their home so that it could then gouge more taxes dollars from them. 

Also, Robin Hood did not steal from the rich. He stole from an overbearing central government whose heavy and unfair tax burden went to support an arrogant out of touch royalty, not unlike the current Washington, D.C. crowd where a congresswoman steals another woman’s seat on a United flight then calls the woman a racist for complaining about it.

All of these stories show the dangers of heavy-handed centralized governments and that the old adage, “That government is best which governs the least” remains true today.

Liberals what a lovely ignorant bunch.

New Year’s resolution:  Shorter posts.