Thursday, July 20, 2017

The breakdown of "breaking news"

Here we go friends.  I’m in a hurry.  So, read fast.   Let’s hit it.

Jeff Sessions
PDJT is a truth teller. I’ll wager Melania never asks, “Do these jeans make my butt look fat?”  One, because nothing can make that beauty look fat.  Second, because he’d tell her the truth.  Okay if the first is true, maybe she does ask just hear how wonderful she looks, because she knows PDJT will level with her.

Jeff Sessions just found out how truthful PDJT can be.  His comment on Sessions was the truth – and Sessions knows it.  Sessions has been in Caligula, D.C. too long.  Faced with BS charges of Russian collusion, he quit too soon.  He should have taken a que from his boss and told Franken and squish Rat establishment Republicans to go to hell when they called for his recusal.  He didn’t.  He rolled over for them.

Given PDJT’s statement, I’d expect Session to resign in the next couple of days.  How/why the hell would anyone stay when the boss has indicated that he would have picked someone else?  PDJT should tear Sessions’ resignation letter up in front of him.  Tell Sessions he made his bed.  Sleep in it.

If Sessions quits PDJT will be without an AG for, well given Chuckles the clown Schumer and feckless ReRs in the senate, who knows how long.  PDJT should tell Sessions that he’s the man until Muller finishes his work.  That should leave Sessions in place well past PDJT’s second term.

Yes!  By all means parole him today.  Let this man get back to the important work of scouring every golf course in America looking for Nicol Brown and Ron Goldman’s killer.

John McCain
John McCain is sick with cancer.  That’s a shame for him and his family.  McCain spoke at a forum at Quantico, VA when I was but a mere 2nd Lt.  The only two things I remember from the talk was that McCain was 100% pro military and his opening remark.  He told us that the former AZ Senator Barry Goldwater, once told him, “John, if I’d been elected president in 1964, you’d never have been a prisoner of war in Vietnam.”  McCain quipped that his response was, “Yeah, Barry I’d have been a prisoner of war in China.”   I thought it was a funny line back then, but little did I know that I would be able to trace that line back as the very first time I heard McCain cross the aisle to trash his own party.

That said, McCain is nearly 81.  He’s been hanging around Caligula, D.C. for THIRTY-FIVE years as a congressman and senator.  McCain is the poster child for the corrupting power of Caligula, D.C.  No one, it seems, can resist the long-term effects of that cesspit.

McCain is the perfect example of why we need the convention of states.  Yeah I know, whatever happened to that?  We need term limits on those who want to make milking the treasury a lifetime pursuit.  We need to repeal the 17th Amendment, which took the election of senators out of the hands of state legislators and put it in hands of the public.  The framers had it right.

Look at everything that has gone down while McCain sat in the hallowed halls of Caligula, D.C.  Look at the debt.  Look at the cultural rot.  Look at the ever creeping welfare state.  Look at the ever creeping government control over aspect of life. McCain's been there for all of it.

Why not rotate some fresh blood in, fresh ideas in and spread the blame around?

I’ve never been a McCain fan.  I wish him no harm.  I hope he tolerates his treatment well, makes a full recovery, decides to quit the senate and live to 100.   

Up the ante on the Rat establishment Republicans
In the brilliant post under, Lex proposes that the RNC promise to run a recall effort and primary challenge to any “Republican” senator that does not get on board with some form of repeal and replace for Robertscare.  On second thought I think the RNC needs to up the ante.  Promise the lying conniving cowards a recall effort, a primary challenge and a third party candidate if the one of the weasels manages to win the primary.  Make it clear that they are done.

Grand Nan from San Fran Peloser stirs violence
Like most everything that spews forth from this moron’s mouth, it’s unclear what the old, old bag means.  Is she saying that an increase in the US defense budget inspires violence world-wide?  Anyone who can click onto the Internet knows the world is an excrement hole.  The US defense budget is what is keeping it from descending father into the abyss of violence and chaos.

If by increasing the defense budget the old, old bag means that there will not be sufficient fund to stop violence here at home, she’s wrong again.  Much the violence is Demo-Dope, MSM and Hollywood inspired violence, violence that Dopes have yet to condemn in any meaningful way.  

I’ll make her a deal.  If she’ll send her staff into a LA bar anonymously wearing MAGA hats and stay for an hour, I’ll go into a bar in WV wearing a I’m with her hat and we’ll see gets violence visited upon them first.  My guess is that the Dopes will get their butts kicked by their own like-minded “violent” racists on the left. 

Make some popcorn that would be fun to watch.

Proof that they have not one scintilla of a sense of humor
This video is not racist.  It’s anti “gap” and it’s hilarious.  But hey, when everything is racist, nothing is.  She’s lucky the Griffin and I were not in her class.  She’d need therapy.  The problem with these Lefty Libs is obvious.  They cannot take a joke, and anyone with a brain knows this woman is herself a joke.  

But it’s okay, because she’s a teacher.  YGBSM.  And we wonder why the country is circling the drain.  The only thing this woman appears to be qualified for, evidenced by the video, is asking people if they want fries with that.   But she’s somehow she’s “qualified” to teach children.  Can you say, “Homeschool”? 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Recall Rat establishment Republicans

Greetings masses.  Let’s hit it.

As any of the 2-3 regular readers of this page know, Lex hasn’t been a big fan of any of the repeal and replace bills that seem to leave most of Robertscare in place and spend hundreds of millions of our tax dollars (the mob calls it a bribe) to coral a couple of recalcitrant senators.  My thinking has always been when you have a halfhearted work force you just have to get started getting the job done.  Bit by bit progress is made.  If you work hard enough and long enough at the task, eventually you reach an acceptable result.

Apparently there are more than a couple of Rat establishment Republicans who fear that very model and refuse to even start the process of unwinding Robertscare.

Who knew the Republican controlled senate was rife with lying, two-faced, BS Republican azzweasels?  Uh, well, everyone.  Okay repealing and replacing Robertscare was harder than the people with brains thought.  Having taken a dozen or more votes to do the deed when they were certain The Empty Suit would veto their efforts, now given PDJT’s vow to sing the bill, the lying, two-faced, BS Republican azzweasels are headed to the sewer grate to hide out with their butt buddies in the Demo-Dope Party where they are always the most comfortable.

Liars and cowards is not strong enough condemnation for these few, these precious few lying scumbags.  They are despicable, low-life weaklings akin to the guy that picks a bar fight with a biker gang then ducks out the backdoor as the trouble starts to let his “buddies” take the azz whippin’.

So repeal and replace is off the table.

On to a repeal alone vote.  Since the brave, brave ReRs voted this through a year or two ago, it should sail through, right?  Wrong.  The same weaklings are now pulling a John Fran├žois Kerry.  They voted for the bill before they voted against it.  The weaklings should consider how that worked out for Fran├žois who is now a washed up, has been, gold digging, fake war hero, lying politician.

If you believe the MSM, and why should you, there are currently four ReRs that say they will not even support a repeal alone bill with a two year window to “fix” Robertscare.  They are Rob Portman (ReR – OH), the reliably full of BS Susan Collins (ReR – ME), Lisa Murkowski (ReR – AK) and Shelly Capito (ReR – WV). 

Okay fine.  If I were the Ronna Romney-McDaniel, I’d pick a last name.  Then I’d call the four in and promise every one of them a primary challenge.  Then I’d promise each one of them a recall challenge.  I’d promise each one of them this is their last term.  There are 4-5 winnable seats coming up in mid-term election.  Better to have 3-4 known quantity azzbag Demo-Dopes than 3-4 lying, two-faced, BS Republican azzweasels.   I’d remind Capito PDJT won WV with 64% of the vote.  She’s done.

My guess is that if the four survive and Dopes take control of the senate more than one will pull an Arlen Spector and a la Benedict Arnold switch sides.

Fox News idiocy
I was forced to have FNC on in the background last night.  There were the usual suspects, Charles Krauthammer, Shep Smith, Brit Hume etc., all #NEVERTRUMPERS, calling the ReR betrayal on Robertscare a death blow. 

I’m not in that camp.  The continuing death spiral of Robertscare is 100% on the Demo-Dopes, and I think, if Republican vow to follow the Demo-Dope lead and do nothing it will collapse under its own weight.  That will achieve the end result - the death of Robertscare.

When faced with a problem, doing nothing is always the first option. The Republicans ought to take it, and beat Demo-Dopes like a drum with it.  It’s theirs.  They passed it sans even one Republican vote.  Dopes offer not so much as one vote to start the fix. 

On that note, is anyone else tired of hearing about what moderate and reasonable guy Joe Manchin is?  I’m am.  The guy is 100% a Chuckles the clown Schumer water carrier.

Flash mob of 500 teens throw bottles taunt officers in Philly
Yup, profiled it.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Robertscare, MSM treason linked to civil war

Welcome friends.  Let’s hit it.

Robertscare LIVES
Shocked!  Shocked, I tell you.  Rat establishment Republicans cannot unwind Robertscare.  The only thing that can be drawn from that is that ReRs, given 7 years to get it done and failing miserably, don’t want to repeal and replace it.

If Rat establishment Republicans can pass a clean repeal bill, it should be okay.  They can hang the failed Robertscare healthcare disaster around the Dope’s neck for more election cycle.  The bill in the senate, as near as I can tell, was total BS anyway.  I don’t think you get hurt for not passing a BS bill.  You do get hurt if you don’t pass the clean repeal bill.

Note to ReRs:  Politically doing nothing is NOT an option. 

The pitfall in that plan is that the replacement will come over the next two years supposedly with Demo-Dope “help.”  I’m not the least bit optimistic that the feckless ReRs won’t get rolled like beach balls at every turn by the Dopes as they are, after all, opposite wings of the same bird.

It may not be an option under the current political environment, but the best option in my mind is let Robertscare crash and burn under its own weight.  Dopes are fond are of pointing out that billions, nay tens of billions maybe a trillion or more will die under any proposed Republican bill even before the bill is published.  Well how many will die if we do nothing?  Why aren’t ReRs asking that question?  Well, let’s just find out. 

Lex, you cold hearted bastard.  Yeah, well what’s the alternative?

NRA proves Lex’s point
In another hard hitting video, the NRA pretty much destroys the Washington com-Post for attacking Dana Loesch’s effective ad condemning the violent left.  In the first link, the NRA proves Lex’s point made so brilliantly in the post under.  The NRA points out that the WaPost or is it the Waah Post has done more to harm America with their keyboards than the entirety of the NRA membership in its history. 

Also scroll down to the meme - “Law-abiding gun owners have more than 600 million firearms and roughly 25 trillion rounds of ammo.  Trust us, if we were the problem, you’d know it.”

On one of the Sunday shows Carl Bernstein claimed that America was in “a cold civil war.”  I disagree.  As Loesch’s video points out, the left is already engaged in a hot one.  Shots have been fired.  Assaults are on PDJT supporters is now the norm.  I bought a sporting rifle before the election, because I thought Shrillda the Hutt and the Dopes would ban them again.  Now I’m looking at another one because I think I might actually need it to defend the compound from increasingly unhinged Lefty Libs.

If you doubt this assement, wear your MAGA hat downtown in Chicago, NY City or any major in city across the fruited plain and see what happens.  Put a TRUMP bumper sticker on your car and drive it around Detroit.  You are actually likely to be assaulted and your property damaged.  In other words, there are no-go zones in America for half the population.  That’s the definition of civil war, right? 

But it’s only on one side.  Bernie and Shrillda the Hutt supporters are unlikely to be assaulted in the heartland, laughed at and mocked sure, but not assaulted.

Every Demo-Dope who fails to condemn the Lefty Lib violence ought to be linked to it by Republicans starting right now.  Have Chuckles the clown Schumer or Grand Nan from San Fran Peloser offered a word of condemnation of the “resist” movement’s violence?  Dopes need to be linked to the violence they refuse to condemn and that their MSM string pullers promote every day.

1st ever CORRECTION*: In the same post under, Lex infers that the pope is a communist.  That is likely incorrect.  My favorite definition of a communist:  “A communist is just a socialist with gun.”  I‘ve not seen where the pope has taken to packing, so he must just be a socialist and commie sympathizer. 

*NOTE:  1st ever correction doesn’t mean 1st ever mistake.  It just means what it says – correction.  It’s the first time Lex has ever taken the time to correct a page rife with mistakes.  Remember the tagline here:  The truth, as I see it. So if I see it that way, it’s the truth at that time.

As the USMC monitor – the guy that makes assignment decisions – told a guy when he said to his monitor, “Last week you told me I was getting a special joint assignment with the Army Ranger Battalion.  This week you are telling me I’m going to the Pentagon.  Which is the lie.”  The monitor told him.  “Both are true.  The Ranger Bn assignment was true at the time but sometimes the truth changes.  The current truth is that you are going to the Pentagon.”

Turns out some general’s aide took the Ranger Bn assignment, but there was absolutely no undue pressure brought down from on high on the monitor to change the assignment, and that’s the truth.  

Noooo.  Not at all.  That guy is in no way still carrying a grudge.  He’s long ago let that BS double dealing lying POS monitor off the hook for ruining his life.

Monday, July 17, 2017

MSM treasonous bastards

Welcome devoted readers.  Let’s hit it.

If you want to build a case for treason, fuggetabout DJT Jr.  Let’s start with the MSM.  There is no single event or person that can be charged with the crime.  Taken as a whole over time though the evidence is clear that the MSM has been on a jihad against America, American culture and freedom.  For the last 40 years – probably longer – the MSM has been like sunlight poring through the window of a tailor’s shop in Seoul South Korea onto Danny Mayer’s dark blue suit.

Mayer bought the suit while on liberty during the yearly Bear Hunt exercise.  It was supposed to be ship to his quarters on Okinawa, Japan.  It never was.  When I was headed back to Korea a year later, Danny asked me to stop by the shop and ask about the suit.  I did.  It was hanging in the shop’s window.  As a result of a year’s worth of sun light, the left shoulder of Danny Mayer’s beautiful suit was about 4 shades lighter than the rest of the suit.*

NOTE:  On returning the suit, I thought I’d be hailed a hero.  Oddly, Danny blamed me for the damaged suit.  He said I should have demanded that the suit be remade.  He’s probably right.  The only thing I could come up with was:  A year ago you thought you’d been totally ripped off.  Well, now at least you have a pair of trousers you can wear and an excellent story with a suit jacket to prove it.  Why are you mad at me for recovering your lost suit?

Interesting side note to the note:  When I went into the shop and I asked for “Johnny”, the tailor who sold Danny the suit, the guy said, “Johnny fired.  Johnny F__K everything up.”  So I told the guy the story about Danny’s suit.  He was baffled.  Well, I happened to see a Harris Tweed suit hanging in the window that resembled the one Charlie Rourke had bought at the same time.  Charlie, a former Naval Academy lineman, was a large man and the suit hung to floor, a good 8” past everything else on the rack, which is how it caught my eye.  So I walked over, and as was the custom in Seoul tailor shops, they had embroidered Charlie’s name on the inside pocket.  It was then that I noticed a dark blue suit and wala Danny’s name was stitched on the inside pocket.

The point is, yes there’s a point to all of this, that the MSM has had the same deleterious effect on America over the last 40 years that the sun light had on Danny Mayer’s suit coat.  The coat wasn’t destroyed in day, but rather day-by-day.  If I were forced to pin point the exact day and time, I’d point to February 27, 1968, at about 6:28 pm.  that was when Wally Cronkite delivered his infamous declaration that Vietnam War was lost after the US delivered the Viet Cong a massive butt kicking during Tet.  After Tet, the Viet Cong were never able to reconstitute to an effective level and the fighting fell to almost exclusively to North Vietnamese regulars.  But there’s Wally, the most trusted man in America, telling us the war was lost while good men were still on the ground fighting – al la Harry the roach Reid.

To be fair to Wally, the affect that Tet had on the Viet Cong was probably not known until years later.  But Wally never issued an apology or even a clarification when the truth about Tet was known.  And still, there are no more Ernie Pyle’s in American journalism.  They all might as well be foreign correspondents more interested in delivering another small cut to Gulliver in the hope of bringing the giant down.  If you can cut the giant enough, he will eventually fall.

The MSM are all Joe Scarboroughs now. Joe made a big deal about leaving the Republican Party.  Joe, what took you so long?  I left years ago.  Joe left because the Party wasn’t enough like him. I left because the Party was too much like him.  Leaving the Republican Party because of PDJT is like leaving Ford because it builds Corvettes.  It doesn’t. 

PDJT is popular precisely because he isn’t a Republican or a Dope.  Both establishments as well as the MSM despise PDJT which accounts for his popularity among people who just want to make America great again.   To the Rat establishment Republicans, the Demo-Dopes and the MSM, those very words are like Joe Scarborough’s music – a horrible sound.      

Pope Benedict says Catholic Church is on the verge of capsizing
Well duh.  Like everything communists touch, it rolls downhill to ruin.  The Catholic Church is not immune to this immutable rule.  So if you put a commie at the head of the organization, what do expect?

Fox News as unwatchable as the rest
Every segment, it seems, is set up to be a shout fest.  There’s some reliably dislikable Lefty Lib interrupting and shouting over some timid half-baked “conservative” who ought to say, “STFU!” to the lefty but never does as the “conservative” cedes nearly every point to the Lefty Lib. 

Fox News’ Charles Krauthammer, Shep Smith, Chris Wallace and others are now regulars on CNN as that Very Fake News Network loops the Fox crew’s scathing critiques of DJT Jr.  Well here’s a news flash, DJT Jr. isn’t President of the United States. 

And, no, I still do not give a crapola about DJT Jr.’s meeting with the Russian lawyer,  or any story subsequently proven to be untrue about it.  To my mind the more people at the meeting the less likely it makes it that there was any collusion.  The old adage: Two people can keep a secret only if one of them is dead – comes to mind.  Who in their right mind sets up a meeting for 8 to discuss collusion with a hostile foreign power?  The Clintons have piled lie on top of lie their entire public careers and the Lefty Libs don’t give a hoot.  I’ll start caring about DJT Jr. when they start demanding that Shrillda the Hutt be prosecuted

Until then I’m devotee to old movies and cartoons which are more real than anything on TV news including Fox.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Left just gets more and more unhinged

Well let’s try this one more time this week.  Let’s hit it.

Posterchild for the unhinged Lefty Lib Lunatics (L3) suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)
Some Dope Maine state representative, Scott Hamann, was off his meds for his severe case of TDS when he released a long tirade on his facebook page that included this gem: “Trump is a half term president, at most, especially if I ever get within 10 feet of that pussy.”  There were other colorful references to PDJT including being a rapist, a Russian agent and what cuts the deepest with PDJT, a loser.

When Hamann was finally wrestled to the ground and administered a double dose of anti-TDS, 16oz of Bourbon, Hamann released an Emily Litella apology, “Never mind.”  Here’s an interesting pull from Hamann’s non-apology, apology:  “This is not language I typically use, it does not reflect my personal values and, while misguided, it was intended to make a visceral point about the devolving political discourse in America.”

So by Hamann’s logic, to point out “devolving political discourse in America” you devolve.  Makes sense to me.   Years ago, when I was asking Lex Jr. not to stand on the living room table, I did so while standing on the living room table.  When I was yelling at the dog yesterday not to poop in the yard, I was…never mind.

I can tell you this, Hamann can expect a visit from the Secret Service who take these types of threats very seriously.  I don’t like The Empty Suit.  I’ve called him plenty of names, none flattering.  But, I cannot recall ever threatening him - or anyone else for that matter on this page. 

My best “NEVER threaten the President of the United States” story.  I worked with a guy in Illinois when we were both captains in the USMC.  The guy made some veiled private non-threat, threat to POTUS Clinton.  Somehow the non-threat, threat was shared and he received a visit from the secret service. 

It all ended well for him though.  I ran into him in Germany.  He was coming out of the gym as I was going in - to use the restroom.  We recognized each other and started a conversation.  Turns out he had been promoted to brigadier general.  As the conversation broke up I mentioned to him in passing that Mrs. Lex was retiring in a couple of weeks and he was invited. 

No further conversation occurred.  No formal written invitation or follow up call was extended.   On the day the retirement ceremony, who shows up?  Brigadier General M___ S___ with his wife.  Shocked, I said, “General what are you doing here?”  His simple answer made clear why he was a BG, “You invited me.”  That’s beautiful.

Needless to say the unannounced arrival of BG at retirement ceremony sent the protocol people into a frenzy reworking seating and opening remarks of all speakers where they always recognize all the grandees.  Thanks for the memory General S_____.   (Note:  Note I've thought better using the General's full name w/o permission.)

Or just different wings of the same bird that end up taking us to the same place?  Republicans cannot repeal Robertscare after promising for 7 ½ years that they would.  They cannot defund Planed unParenthood after campaigning that they would.  They cannot defund public radio and TV or the UN Committee for Human Rights. 

Federal spending hit an all-time high - $400billion a month.

A country 20 trillion in debt is on a path to paying for sex reassignment surgery and after care for military personnel – thanks Republicans. 

WTF – Republicans?

Why do so many NFL players end up broke after making millions?
Well they have the kind of business sense of Richard Sherman I suppose.  Sheraman, who I’ve always regarded as one of the more intelligent voices in the league, thinks the NFL ought to go on strike if they want the type of player contracts common in the NBA.   

Uh, NBA rosters are what 1/6th that of the NFL?  The NBA plays what 3 times more games?  There are plenty of structural difference in the two leagues that make player contracts what they are.  

But that’s not even the biggest problem for Sherman’s idea.  The main sticking point is the fact that the NFL is in serious decline.  The time to strike was maybe 5 years ago.  Since then, the NFL has suffered from over-exposure, rule changes that require some guy in a studio in New York, City to take 15 minutes to rule on whether or not a catch is really a catch, games that are so slow that they last all day, stadiums that can’t sell out and decline in ad revenue.

But hey, strike if you must.  I don’t watch anymore anyway. 

Monday preview
If I feel like it, on Monday I’m thinking about doing something on:  If you want to build a case for treason, fuggetabout DJT Jr., let’s start with the MSM. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nope, still don't care one wit about DJT Jr.'s meeting

Salutations truth seeker.  Let’s hit it.

"To meet with an adversary to try to get information to hijack democracy, the investigation is now more than just an obstruction of justice investigation, more than just a perjury investigation, it's a treason investigation." 
Moonbat Tim Kaine (Dope – Mars)

Shrillda the Hutt flunky and former failed VP candidate who, you might recall, could not keep his uninformed mouth shut during the only VP debate, Tim Kaine, let his ignorance show again when the ditz actually accused DJT Jr. of treason for taking a meeting with a Russian lawyer.  That’s a laugh.  THE PARTY of treason accusing anyone else of treason is crazy.

Yesterday someone, Corry Lewandowsky I think,  mentioned that Kaine is an ass.  He noted that he’s failed lawyer evidenced by the fact that he has no idea what constitutes treason.  Lewandowsky noted that if Tim Kaine, with no real estate experience, had out foxed Trump in a real estate development deal, Trump would be done as a developer.  That’s exactly what happened to the Hutt and Kaine.  They were skunked by a novice.  But only in politics and baseball mangers is failure a springboard to your next job.  

Let’s be clear.  Americans put treasonous bastards (except Demo-Dope pols) to death for treason.  So Kaine would be advocating for the death penalty for DJT Jr. for sitting in on a 20 minute meeting with a foreign national from a “hostile power.”  Hostile?  But Lex, The Empty Suit assured us during the 2012 campaign the Russians were not hostile anymore.  Exactly.

These are the exact same azzbags who ignored the world’s most famous rapist*, Billbo Billyboy Clinton, funding of his 1996 presidential campaign with Chinese money.   Why the heck aren’t the Republicans beating that drum?  Then American hero John Glenn sold his integrity for a chance to go back into space when he obstructed the senate committee hearing into Billbo’s crooked dealings with the ChiComs.*  Seems to me DJT Jr.’s sins pale in comparison.

NOTE 1:  Bill Cosby is a distant 2nd.

NOTE 2:  Yes that is a long time Lex conspiracy theory:  John Glenn was told by Billbo, if Glenn wanted to go back into space, the senate investigation into Billbo’s crooked as hell Chinese campaign money had to go away.  Glenn complied.  

Then there’s the whole Clinton Foundation Slush Fund selling access to the inevitable next President of the United States, Shrillda the Hutt.  Millions on top of millions of foreign money changed hands to benefit the Clintons with the expectation of buying favor with the prohibitive favorite to become the next POTUS.  Russia bought off the Clintons to gain access to 20% of US uranium production.  Treason?

If Kaine wants to uncover actual treason he needs to look no further than his former running mate and her rapist husband.

If a guy single handedly put a sworn enemy of the United States on the path to becoming a nuclear power, a la the Rosenberg’s, he’d probably get the chair.  If that guy happens to be The Empty Suit and that enemy happens to be Iran, the perp is hailed a hero by the Dopes.

One of Lex’s favorite notions is:  Maybe the Dopes aren’t anti-American treasonous bastards, but how would their actions be any different if they were?  Answer:  They wouldn’t be.

Republicans could take the pressure off PDJT by getting something done on Robertscare and/or taxes.  They can’t/won’t help their president out.  

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

DJT Jr. kerfuffle - Lex couldn't care less

Hallo freedom lovers.  Let’s hit it.

It’s probably impossible to explain away a meeting between DJT Jr. and a Russian lawyer thought to be a meeting to discuss Op-O research on Shrillda the Hutt provided by the Russian government.  No explanation, no matter how innocent, will sooth the ache deep inside Demo-Dopes, Rat establishment Republicans and the MSM suffering from even the mildest case of Trump Derangement Syndrome and still in a deep depression at the shock of the Hutt getting her ample butt kicked.  So why try?

Let me put this as plainly as I can.  I DO NOT CARE.  I don’t care because:

-Dopes didn’t care when Teddy Kennedy drowned a woman.
-Dopes didn’t care when Billbo Billyboy Clinton was diddling the help.
-Dopes didn’t care when their wonder kid lied about diddling the help.
-Dopes didn’t care when Gary Studs raped a congressional page.
-Dopes didn’t care when the Hutt set up private e-mail server.
-Dopes didn’t care when the Hutt lied repeatedly about the server.
-Dopes didn’t care when Dick Durbin compared US troops to the Soviets running the gulag.
-Dopes didn't care when TES traded 5 Islamo-Terror-Fascists for a traitor.
-Dopes didn't care when TES PAID the Iranians for putting them on the path to nuclear weapons.
-Dopes didn’t care when John Kerry claimed US troop were “firebombing civilians.”
-Dopes didn’t care when Ted Kennedy smeared Robert Bork
-Dopes didn’t care when they tried to smear Justice Thomas.
-Dopes didn’t care when Harry the roach Reid declared a war US troops were still in the field fighting “lost.”
-Dopes didn’t care when they stripped prayer from their convention only to reintroduce it when it polled badly.
-Dopes didn’t care when The Empty Suite colluded with Russia when he told the Russians he’d have “more flexibility after the election.”
-Dopes don’t care when conservatives are threatened by their AntiFa mob.
-Dopes don’t care when illegal aliens kill and maim US citizens.
-Dopes told me Russia was our friend during the 2012 election cycle (The 1980s called and want their foreign policy back.)
-Dopes consider a defense of Western Civilization racist.
-Dopes set the meeting up in the first place as sting for DJT.
-Dopes met with Ukrainians and Chinese for the same purposes.
-I cannot stand the Dope the Party, ReRs and the MSM.
-I cannot stand Shrillda the Hutt.
-Anything that would keep that socialist/communist out the White House short of murder or other physical harm is fine with me.    
-If the Russians had information on the Hutt that would keep her out of the White House, I’d want it released.
-Neal Gorsuch has been confirmed to the Supreme Court.
-Most of all, I don’t care because absolutely nothing came of the meeting.

Okay time to move on.  You get the point.  But Lex!  But Lex!  That’s a double standard!  Yes it is.  Another reason I don’t care.  Dopes do it all of the time. F-em.

There is good news in all of this.  The usual suspects are running at about 200 miles per hour downhill and leaning farther and farther out over the their skies.  The inevitable crash is going to be spectacular.  Dopes, MSNBC and CNN are in rare form.  TREASON!  Collusion!  Proof of a willingness to commit TREASON and/or COLLUSION!  Possibly a probable indication that perhaps something maybe significant but not proven could conceivably have occurred at some time somewhere that might prove collusion but has yet to develop or to be proven but is definitely a possibility if it could be proven which it can’t at this time which is why we need to continue the investigation.  Even though nothing came of the meeting this meeting cost the rightful President of the United States her right to occupy the Oval Office!

My guess/hope is that this will pass leaving the usual suspects writhing on the ground in agony as PDJT blithely goes on his way as if nothing has happened.

As always, the biggest problem for PDJT is not the Dopes or MSM.  It’s the rats in “his own party.”   The same congress that has yet to talk to Lo Lynch and/or Billyboy about their tarmac meeting, hasn’t talked to the intel chick who reported Sue Rice unmasked Gen Flynn, hasn’t talked to Sue Rice, now say they are considering bringing in DJT Jr. to testify.  YGBSM.  What a bunch of feckless punks.

Stopping leaks:  Why doesn’t the White House institute a policy of requiring scheduled and random lie detector tests for White House employees?   

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Taking on the "blame America" crowd

Greetings to all of the well-informed.  Let’s hit it.

Further take on the G-20
Better to call it the G-0.  Zero impact (except Ivanka sitting at a table).  Zero interest (except protesters). 

Charlie Gard
I suspect this child is a gonner.  That said, when did Western Civilization cede the decision of whether or not to seek lifesaving care for your child up to the government?   I sure as heck do not want some lefty lib judge deciding if I get a lifesaving operation after he stumbles across this page.

Blaming America First
In a letter to local fish wrap, Tim Tiernon blames America for creating a large percentage of the world’s war refugees.  That’s hogwash.  No doubt Tiernon would have blamed America for the hurricane when we showed up to help in Hatti.  Believing the JG is unlikely to publish the long letter sent yesterday, Lex tilted at this windmill as well.

Re: Resettling refugees, JG letter Jul 9, 2017

I agree with Tim Tiernon’s assertion that the intent of international refugee law is to provide temporary shelter for those effected.  That’s about where our agreement on the subject ends.

Tiernon applauds Ft. Wayne for accepting 7,000 refugees.  That decision is actually a heartless one.  Here’s why.  Relocation is the least cost effective means of caring for refugees.  The average five year cost for relocating a refugee from the Middle East to the United States is $64,370.  By contrast, the UN High Commission on Refugees requests only about $1,057 annually to assist Syrian refugees in neighboring countries. For what it costs to relocate one refugee to the United States the UNHCR can assist 12 refugees in the regions.

Relocating refugees to United States is akin to coming across a dozen starving people.  You have enough money to feed all 12, but instead you pluck one lucky guy out and take him to Eddie Merlot’s for dinner leaving the rest to go hungry.  Then, after dinner, you display your moral superiority by posting a picture to Facebook and telling all of your "friends" how you saved a hungry man by treating him to a steak dinner.  Of course you do not mention the 11 others you left to go hungry.

Then there’s Tiernon’s assertion that, “The united States is responsible for creating a large percentage of the world’s war refugees…”  That assertion is just plain false.  Why would any refugee seek refuge in the country responsible for his displacement in the first place?  That makes no sense.  After the Nanking massacre, were refugees seeking refuge in Japan?

The greatest number of refugees over the last 3 years have originated from Syria.  That country is run by a lunatic dictator, Bashar Assad.  Assad has gassed and persecuted anyone who opposes him.  Assad is responsible for Syria’s refugees – NOT the United States.

Here’s an inconvenient truth, the top five ongoing wars responsible for contributing the overwhelming percentage of the world’s refugees all involve radical Islam. 

Copy to:  Thom Bauer for the file

Monday, July 10, 2017

Time for the public education monopoly to end

Greetings adoring masses.  Let’s hit it.

Take on the G-20
I can sum it up in one sentence:  I’m glad it was PDJT (and/or Ivanka), not Shrillda the Hutt, sitting at the table.

School vouchers
There’s a debate raging in Indiana over school vouchers.  Okay “raging” is an exaggeration.  Lefty Libs are in an uproar over losing their grip on their education monopoly.  They will not go quietly no matter obvious their failure in education becomes.  Needless to say, the local fish wrap has come down squarely on the side of the status quo supporting the public school monopoly on education irrespective of the fact that there is not one example of success at the high school level in Ft. Wayne.

This (Intrusion on public schools limits vouchers’ usefulness) is but one of a long line of Lefty Lib letters trying to justify the failed status quo.  Lex responded:

RE: Intrusion on public schools limits vouchers’ usefulness, JG letter Jul 7, 2017

It’s nonsense to argue that school vouchers somehow “intrude” on public schools by taking funds.  Depending on which web site you believe, per student expenditure for FWCS is somewhere between $12,231 and $10,270.  By contrast Indiana offers only up to $4,800 (in many cases far less) per school voucher. 

So to keep this simple for my own publicly educated mind, if you have 20 students being educated at $100 each ($2,000), and you pay five students $40 each ($200) to leave, has the funding per pupil of the remaining 15 students gone up or down?  Lemmesee, 2,000 minus 200 equals 1,800.  1,800 divided 15 equals $120 per student.  $120 is greater than $100.  The public schools actually gain per pupil funding for every student they pay a voucher to leave.

Ah but what about the sunk costs of maintenance, administrative cost, buildings etc.  Well, those costs are not static.  When class sizes diminish, teachers should be excused.  When enough classrooms have been eliminated, schools should be closed, consolidated and the assets sold off.  As the district shrinks, administrative staff and cost should shrink proportionately.  What these concerns actually point out is the real and accurate fear that, if they are forced to compete, public schools can’t and the worst will die.  The alternative to a peaceful death of the public school monopoly is to keep the failed and dying patient on taxpayer funded life support forever.

FWCS are on life support.  According to the School Digger web site, not one of FWCS high schools is highly rated.  Three have a one star rating and three have two stars out of five.  Out of 392 high schools statewide FWCS best ranking is 221st.  The worst is 349th.  Mayor Henry can hang as many lights on the MLK Bridge as it will hold, build a river walk, ballpark, event center or any other attraction downtown, but until Ft. Wayne has a first rate school system, top flight people and companies will not come and have their children condemned to a failed school system.

To address the failing public school monopoly, Indiana might consider vouchers on demand for any alternative to the failed status quo.  Home schoolers should be eligible as well if they joined a home school co-op.  Mayor Henry and other civic leaders should consider looking into cooperating with Bishop Rhoades, Blackhawk, Concordia and other successful area private educators to open the public/private Allen County Career Center. The Career Center would serve as a year-round three year vocational training center, an alternative to traditional four year high school.  Its mission would be to provide any Allen County area high schooler with a great high school education, an accredited degree and - instead of a state football or basketball championship - a marketable vocational skill upon graduation for every graduate.  Instead of using college placement as a metric of success, the Career Center would use job placement.

Pre-K, to me, seems little more than a government subsidized babysitting service.  Why would any rational person want to put their child into a failed educational system run by the government at an earlier age?  If we’re going to subsidize babysitting, let’s just be up front about it.  Let’s give working couples with children a tax break that they can use to purchase the childcare of their choosing, which probably won’t be government run childcare.

All schools as well as home school co-ops would be required to meet minimum Indiana educational standards. 

All of this may sound insane, but not as insane as continuing to do the same thing over and over again expecting to achieve a different result.  That exercise is itself a popular definition of insanity. 

Copy to: Thom Bauer for the file

Note to editors:  Yeah, it’s well over 300 words.  Given the JG’s one-sided handling of this issue, the JG should print every word.