Friday, November 17, 2017

Dopes on taxes, like everything, knee-jerk standard rote play

I was shocked to see Orin Hatch light into OH azzbag Sherrod Brown over taxes yesterday.  Hatch called out Brown – correctly – by pointing out that Dopes use the global warm-mongering play - where whatever the current condition is, it is due to global warming - no matter what tax plan Republicans propose Dopes whine that it’s a sop to the rich.

First off, if you are going to cut taxes and the top 10% pay 70% of the taxes, it seems to me that you might have to get to that 10% to accomplish the goal.

Next, the plan will be good for me and people like me.  That being the case, I am not offended that the plan might be good for someone who EARNS* more than I do.

Note*: The word “earn” is something the Dopes never associate with high income people.  They see a doctor making high six figures and crap all over him for his earnings.  They never consider the 12 years of study and effort that the guy invested to get to that point.  I for one don’t want someone earning 36K opening my skull to remove a tumor. Leave that guy for the Dopes.  It’ll be right up an unaccomplished surgeon’s alley, because when he opens their skulls the only thing he’ll find is the tumor.     

Next, Hatch is absolutely correct.  The Dope scream before they are ever bitten.  They do it in every case.  Chuckles the clown Schumer was condemning the Republican tax plan before he ever knew what was in it. It’s the lame Dope playbook.  Every tax plan benefits rich.  Every Republican was a racist until they all became white supremacists after PDJT took office.  Anyone who wants a secure border is a xenophobic pig.  Anyone who wants to protect the unborn hates women and opposes women’s health.  Anyone who thinks marriage should be reserved for one man and one woman hates homosexuals.  If you question AlGore on the climate, you are denier and want to destroy the planet. They are such BS artists on so many levels, how can half the country be fooled.  Because they are aren’t being fooled.  They want the country destroyed.

Next, I noticed all of the “moderate” Demo-Dopes in the House voted with Republicans. Here’s the list:

Next, blue state Republicans voted with the Dopes because the bill will not allow deduction of state income taxes.  Instead of beating their state governors and assemblies over the head for high taxes, they beat Republicans over the head for not making the people in Wyoming subsidize the onerous taxes levels in New York.

Last, every Republican needs to take a lesson from Hatch and learn to go right back at the azzbags Dopes.  Call out Peloser and Chuckles the clown for being the lying azzweasles that they are.  

Last, last, everyone should pay some kind of taxes.    

House of cards
This Roy Moore thing is beginning to fall apart.  The signing of Young Nelson’s yearbook* appears to be more fake – if that’s possible - than Dan Rather’s papers on George W. Bush’s National Guard service.  If the yearbook is fake, it demonstrates the lengths the Caligula, D.C. ruling class uni-party azzbags will go to protect their stranglehold on power.  If that yearbook is fake it casts a huge shadow of doubt over all of the allegations.

Note:  In a post several under, Lex mistakenly believed the yearbook was signed after the alleged assault.  I was wrong and a clueless dope for making that assumption.  I’ve issued myself a stern dressing down and suspended myself for ten minutes without pay.  I could blame the error on the editors, but chose to accept responsibility.

But it’s not just the yearbook.  The story that Moore was banned for the local mall also took a huge blow when the manager the mall stated that Moore was not banned. 

Another trick the MSM is using is stating that 8 women have come forward to “accuse Moore.”  Accuse him of what?  Three have alleged inappropriate behavior.  The rest I suppose are alleging inappropriate dating which they describe as consensual and legal under AL law. 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

This is NOT about Roy Moore

It's about the Lefty Lib's new-found objection to sexual harassment

So let me see, if the media has been willing to trash the women accusing Billboy Billbo Clinton for the last 20 years, would they be willing to be complicit in promoting a Caligula, D.C. ruling class uni-party smear of Roy Moore. I believe that they would. 

I’m not saying the charges against Moore are without merit.  I’m saying the uni-party deep state weasels can and would try just about anything to kill off Roy Moore’s campaign and the MSM would happily collaborate.

Recall when Harry the roach Reid came out with the lie that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes for 10 years?  Did any Rat establishment Republican take to the floor of the house or senate to call Reid a liar and to name Romney’s fake accusers?  No.  The MSM ran wild with the lie while ReRs said nothing.  After the election, when it did no good, Reid admitted he is a lying $h!t.  And still no ReR offered one word of condemnation.

We know this is ops normal for the swamp.

So now we have all kind of women coming out of the woodwork accusing Moore mainly of being a flirt.  I see only two as a problem, the 14 year old and the 16 year old who claimed she was afraid Moore was going to try to rape her.  The others, while odd and creepy, don’t appear to be criminal, because of consent ages in AL.

But as promised this isn’t about Roy Moore.  It’s about the MSM and the all of the swells that all of the swells agree matter have somehow grown a conscience and agree that Billyboy Billbo Clinton was/is a sexual predator.  Now that it’s too late to make a difference, they believe the women who charged ol’ Billbo with sexual misconduct. 

Beautiful.  In the year 2037 I too will admit that a 30 something Roy Moore probably shouldn’t have been dating teenagers*.

Note*:  How’d he put up with it?  When Lex Jr. and his teenage friends used to descend on the compound, I enjoyed their sheer joy of the day and laughed at their banter, but I quickly tired of the volume and drama.

Note to note:  I was on a train once and was forced to listen to two teenage girls talk about everyday topics.  They used the word “like” like every other word.  I poked Lex Jr and suggested that we start counting.  Within two lousy stops there were like over 100 “likes.” How could an adult carry on a serious conversation under such circumstances?

So the Dopes, MSM and the Harveywood elite have a new found respect for victims of sexual assault coming forward.  Like the Moore accusers, their timing is suspect.  20 years too late to make bit of difference for Billbo’s political life and legacy, these people now agree that there needs to be some kind of accounting for Billbo.

As someone once famously said, “sorry ain’t good enough.”  It isn’t.  The people and news organizations who ignored and attacked the women need to cough up some cash.  James Carville should pay the most.  He knew what a derelict Billbo was from day one.  He should lead the way in paying these women off in grand fashion for lying about them.  Then he needs to call on the Clintons to admit guilt and dip into their ill-gotten millions and pay these women off some more.

Short of monetary compensation, their newly discovered outrage is just so much BS made up for the express purpose of being able to trash Roy Moore without looking too hypocritical.

And while we’re at it – okay, while I’m at it.  We are just learning that the great US congress has a slush fund to make payoffs to the victims of sexual harassment of the swells on the hill.  So the cretins on Capitol Hill who took about nanosecond to condemn Roy Moore have their own tax payer funded slush fund hush up their own depravity. 

I have run through my entire lexicon of derogatory Jr High level names to taunt these SOBs with and cannot find one suitable to describe a body that would tolerate using taxpayer money to cover up the criminal activity of their associates while they arrogantly preen and espouse their moral superiority.  Worthless bastards is the nearest I can get.

This Mr. and Mrs. America is unacceptable.  The accusers may have nondisclosure agreements and may not want their names out there, but there is absolutely no reason the perps names should not be exposed.  Also, anyone aware of the fund and thinking it okay to have such a fund needs to be exposed and reamed as well.

And these azzweasels wonder why they're approval rating is lower than gonorrhea.  

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

As always, we start with Roy Moore

First of all, I still do not know.  My take is that there’s a stack of evidence that Roy Moore liked to date much younger women.  Don’t most men?  After beginning their relationship when she was 19, Humphrey Bogart married Lauren Bacall when she was 21 and he was 46 – that’s what…Mrs. Ralf don’t fail me now - lemmesee 6 from 1 is…no wait…1 from 6 is 5…2 from 4 is 2…a 25 year difference.

Coming from a small town, there were always the guys – 19-20 year old drop outs usually – picking up their Jr High girlfriend in their truck after school.  Would I vote for any of them for the US senate?  No.  Just sayin’.

Then there’s the idea that back in olden days younger women dated older men because older men were established and could afford to marry.  Does 1977 qualify as the olden days?  Depends.  For Lex no.  For Lex Jr, definitely. 

Now that PDJT has returned from his Asia trip, he needs to make Roy Moore job #1.  He needs to send VP Pence to sit down with AG Sessions.  Pence needs to convince Sessions to run for his old seat as write-in candidate.  For obvious reasons, PDJT can’t make the appeal to Sessions.

Barring Sessions stepping in to save the day, my advice to AL is: Irritate the establishment.  Elect Moore. My sense is that the more the establishment tries to kill Moore off the more AL digs in.  Good.  Tell ‘em to go to hell*.

NOTE: Telling a Godless lefty lib to go to hell should not offend them.  They do not believe in hell, so telling them to go there should be no more offensive than telling them to go Shangri-La. 

All the way back to the days when I lived there, I’ve always thought Roy Moore was an odd duck.  He’s always struck me as a rebel creating his own cause. 

For example, Moore for some reason thought it necessary to put a behemoth granite block* with the 10 Commandments etched on it into his courthouse.  Why?  Well so he could refuse to remove it when the inevitable order came down to so.

Note to note: I actually saw the 10 Commandments monument in the courthouse when I lived in Montgomery, Alabama.  It was nice.  Somehow, I was not offended in the slightest.

Instead of creating his own controversy that he could publically rail against, Moore might have considered using actual court cases to advance the idea of religious free speech.  He didn’t.  He created a public spectacle and put himself at the center of it.  To be honest, at the time, I actually thought, “Heck yeah.  Tell the Godless bastards to go to hell (or Shangri-La) judge!”

I think the zero tax bracket is BS.  The only thing more offensive than a zero tax bracket is throwing nearly 50% of the people into it.  Everyone needs to have skin in the game.  It can be 1% or even .5%, but everyone needs to pay something.  Once everyone is paying something it makes it that much harder for Dopes to ever raise taxes, because Republicans can beat them with their own stick – taxing the poor.   

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

More Moore, GQ on citizenship

As always these days, we start with Roy Moore
There’s another allegation against Roy Moore.  This one comes with a sort of creepy yearbook note.  The note is now being claimed to be a forgery.  Has anyone asked fake document expert Dan Rather his opinion on the authenticity of the note? 

A year ago I would have dismissed such charges of forgery as conspiracy theory BS.  That’s way too much trouble taken and way too much trouble to be gotten into for such a stunt.  Still it took over a week for this particular “me too” girl to surface.  Why so long? 

Well Lex, after 40 years, what’s another 10 days? I suppose.

As with the other allegations, I have no idea where the truth lies.  Is the yearbook signing creepy? I think so.  But what traumatized teenager takes her yearbook to be signed by the guy who supposedly traumatized her?  That’s creepy as well.  I didn’t go around Canal Winchester looking for the people who gave me $h!t and ask them to sign my yearbook.  I fact, I didn’t ask anyone to sign it. 

The allegations are all 40 years old and surface just before an election and after any possibility of pulling Moore’s name from the ballot.  That’s just a little too convenient.

Then there’s the reaction to all of this.  Immediately there were calls for Moore to step aside without so much as a “can these allegations be true?” There was the usual Rat establishment Republican - as always – race to come out in force each trying to feign more moral outrage than the other.

Low-energy Jeb!! Bush says that Moore needs to step aside so ReRs can stand for decency.  Jeb!! probably doesn’t see the irony of the son of a former president accused 6 times of groping women calling on someone only accused 5 times to step down for decency.

Then there’s the arbiter of all things moral in Caligula, D.C. John McCain.  That’s right the guy who cheated on his ailing wife then dumped her to marry a billionaire beer heiress is now the decider of who is fit to sit in the senate.  Well marrying a billionaire beer heiress is every young man’s dream, isn’t it?

Let me just say, if need advice on a moral question, I’d go to OJ before I went to McCain who has spent 30 years driving the country into debt while beating his own drum relentlessly and playing both sides against the middle. In my mind, McCain is a tired old BS artist who stayed about 150 years too long.

I find it disgusting that these arrogant, preening, lying, thieving, know-nothing, do-nothing, be-nothing bastards think that they are fit to sit in judgement of anyone. 

Would Moore’s senate seat be worth all of this trouble for ReRs and establishment Caligula, D.C. ruling class bastards to go after? What we have learned since the election of PDJT is that the swamp is deep and expansive.  It has unlimited resources.  It is vindictive.  It is relentless. In my opinion the swamp would happily walk by a $100 bill to snatch a nickel away from someone trying to drain so much as a thimble's worth of the swamp.

GQ’s Citizen of the Year
GQ has picked the man running the NFL for its Citizen of the Year.  That’s right Mr. & Mrs. America, GQ has named America-hating, Che loving, commie bastard; the no-talent Colin Kapernick as their Citizen of the Year.

Well to be fair, rumor has it that Harvey Weinstein turned the honor down and the TX and Las Vegas shooters are both dead thereby limiting the pool of available choices that meet GQ’s odd definition of “citizenship.”  In that regard, I suppose, Kapernick is probably the obvious choice.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Moore, the short and fat Kim Jong Un and AFA El Supremo channels Lex

Roy Moore
Because he irritates all of the right people, it’s hard not to support Roy Moore.  Like the bumper sticker that reads “Annoy a liberal.  Buy a gun.”  I’m apt to think another one could read, “Push the liberals over the edge.  Elect Roy Moore.”

I do not know the truth of the allegations leveled against Moore.  I do know that they are 40 years old and surfaced 4 weeks before an election, so color me skeptical.  Those facts cause me believe that the story is, at a minimum, politically motivated.

I also find it odd that many of the same people rolling in on Moore with such unbridled outrage seem to be perfectly okay with Billyboy Billbo put some ice on it Clinton sexually harassing and raping his way through a 30 year political career.

Where are the calls for Billbo to return all of the speaking money and foundation money donated to a rapist and life-long sexual harasser?  Harveywood elites, college students, military members nearly everyone who looks sideways at a dame* is being savaged while Billbo goes on his merry way unscathed.

You’d think given the plethora of evidence against ol’ Billbo in this era of pillorying sexual harassers and abusers, no matter how old the allegations, ol’ Billbo would be at the top of the “public enemies” list.  He’s not.  Why?  He’s the biggest scumbag out there.  Why isn’t there any interest in harpooning this whale?  

Note: Yeah, I know they won’t like that word.  That’s why I used it.   

Good thing PDJT would never call Kim Jong Un short and fat
I’m sure the Lefty Libs, MSM and people trying to demonstrate their moral superiority over the rest of us are appalled at PDJT’s tweet declaring that he’d “NEVER call [Kim Jong Un] short and fat” thereby calling the North Korean “leader” short and fat.

I’m not appalled.  There’s an old adage in the comedy business: good humor always has an element of truth in it.  PDJT’s roundabout way of stating an obvious truth about Kim, combined with the fact that the news flash comes in the form of a tweet from the President of the United States, to me, is hilarious. Mrs Lex's eyes are rolling, followed by an "Oh brother."

The hand wringers will whine, “He’s going to get us into a nuclear war!”  I don’t believe so. If one does ensue, the blame can be laid at the feet of a long line of US presidents and diplomats that thought giving the North Korean commie bastards what they wanted – nuclear weapons - was a sound US foreign policy.

Speaking of moral preening…

Wannbe AFA El Supremo channels Lex, stands by his BS words after being duped by a hoax
El Supremo’s excuse for being played like a clueless a-hole is like global warm-mongering.  Everything – including unseasonably cold weather – is caused by global warming.  So it is with El Supremo everything is racist.  The fact that the incident that triggered El Supremo’s knee-jerk reaction calling the entire student body at the AFA prep school possible racists turned out to be a hoax doesn't matter.  Someone out there somewhere was thinking it.  Because someone was thinking it, for El Supremo it’s perfectly okay to trash his own institution for something they did not do.

No doubt, morale at the AFA is at an all-time high because nothing improves morale like being accused of something you had nothing to with.  No doubt El Supremo has cancelled all leave and liberty at the AFA until all non-existent racist come forward for more group punishment.  El Supremo will not rest until the non-existent racism is stamped out at the AFA.

It’s time to admit that the military has been infiltrated by Lefty Lib loons bent on its destruction from within. Exhibits:
1. USMA El Supremo
2. AFA El Supremo
3. With “leadership” or lack thereof demonstrated by the AFA El Supremo is it any wonder the AF is down 2,000 pilots?
4. Bergdahl judge who let the traitorous bastard walk
5. The judge who gave the TX shooter a scant one year sentence for beating his wife and child
6. Inability to prosecute the most obvious Islamo-Terror-Fascist held at G’itmo
7. Navy vessels giving up the ship, running aground and into anything and everything that floats
8. Precious resources being spent to accommodate sex change operations and a lifetime of medical care
9. Women in combat
10.   Advocating for drafting women

11.   Every military standard reduced to the lowest common denominator to accommodate diversity 

Friday, November 10, 2017

West Point El Supremo, Roy Moore and more

First off and most importantly, Happy Birthday Devil Dogs!!

West Point update  
Not long ago LTC Robert Heffington released an open letter blistering the “leadership” or lack thereof at West Point. West Point El Supremo
Lieutenant General Robert Caslen responded to LTC Heffington’s charges here.

It’s worth noting that El Supremo NEVER addresses the particulars of LTC Heffington’s allegation that El Supremo is liar.  

There are lies of commission.  When the wife asks, “Do these jeans make my butt look big,” and you answer “No honey, those jeans don’t make your enormous butt look big” knowing full well that the jeans do nothing to hide the wife’s XXXL Texas sized azz.  That is a lie of commission.  

Another kind of lie is the lie of omission.  When the wife asks, “Do these jeans make my butt look big,” and you answer “Honey you’d look good in gunny sack.” You’ve avoided answering the question with a non-sequitur that skirts the issue knowing full well a barn door couldn’t hide the wife’s ginormous azz.  You’ve lied by omission.  

LTC Heffington’s specific allegation that caused El Supremo’s azz to chafe was that El Supremo lied when he said West Point would win at athletics while maintaining admissions and academic standards.  Seems to me that would be an easy accusation to bat away if it were false.  So El Supremo, either the Point allows athletes with sub-standard test scores to enter or it doesn’t. Answer the specific allegation El Supremo or we will be forced to accept that the allegation is true.

I’m sure El Supremo doesn’t like being called a liar.  I don’t like it when Mrs. Lex points out the time I drove the tractor into the pond.  Sadly, I did it.  So Lex not liking it does not change the fact that it happened.  El Supremo doesn’t like being called a liar, but never refutes the specific case he was said to be lying about.  So by omitting any evidence to the contrary while drowning us in statistics and other rubbish, El Supremo is admitting by omission that he's probably lying.

The rest of El Supremo’s defense actually seem to me to prove Heffington’s point.  The idea that West Point has gone from an “attrition based” model to a “developmental based” model tells me about all need to know.  I read somewhere, but cannot locate the link now, that in the last couple of decades West Point’s attrition has gone from about 50% - half of those who start a class plebe year fail to graduate – to about 10%.  Also, 75% of the 50% who managed to graduate two decades ago made a career of the military.  Those numbers have now flipped.  Only about 25% of the 90% who graduate now make the military a career.

With regard to acedemics, El Supremo again seems to confirm Heffington’s allegations.  El Supremo points to the average GPA at West Point.  I think Heffington charged that when a cadet fails a course, the cadet is given the opportunity to retake the class in the summer thereby avoiding summer duty with an Army unit to do so.  Most astonishingly the grade the cadet achieves during the retake is the grade used to compute his GPA.  Of course GPA is up under those conditions.  Who wouldn’t take a redo with no penalty for the original F-up?

That’s total BS.  In the Marine Corps every Marine qualifies with their TO weapon.  There are three levels of qualification, expert, sharpshooter and marksman.  Shooting badges are issued based on scores and the higher the score the more points a Marine is awarded toward his cutting score for promotion. 

Here’s the thing, if a Marine fails to qualify during his assigned range time the highest score he can achieve for his cutting score and badge in subsequent shoots is the lowest passing score.  That Marine may have set the range record the second time around but his score will be recorded as the minimum acceptable score and he will be awarded a square marksman’s badge of concentric circles depicting a target I suppose but what Marines call a “toilet bowl” for his efforts.  If a Marine qualified marksman with both the pistol and the rifle he was said to have achieved dual stool status.

Unwittingly, probably, El Supremo is affirming Heffington’s allegations.  He relies too heavily on the deeds of others – pointing to West Point grads that have done well and served heroically – to cover his own faulty azz.  Heffington didn’t say every West Point grad is a douche.  He said that standards at the Point have slipped crashed.  El Supremo seems to duck and dodge every specific allegation by pointing to the performance of a few top grads and hide behind statistics, that if Heffington’s allegations are true, you’d expect to be glowing.   

Air Force Academy update
Still waiting for that apology from the AFA El Supremo for his douchbaggery.  Emily Lattella would at least say, “never mind” after totally f-ing up an issue.  El Supremo, like the pope I guess, is infallible when it comes to the AFA catechism.  So no apology is ever necessary.

Roy Moore
UPDATE!!  Lex nails it!!: ReRs out to wreck Moore

Anyone who suspects the Demo-Dopes of dirty play in this ought to guess again.  My money is on the Rat establishment Republicans.  If you doubt that assessment recall how deeply the ReR’s were invested in Luther the Strange.  Then recall how the bloated MS ReR bastard Haley Barber ran ads against a fellow republican, Chris McDaniel, that stated McDainiel was a racist in order to get Black Demo-Dopes to cross-over in the open primary to vote for Barber’s ReR butt buddy the 197 year old Thad Cochran.  

Then read this.  The ReRs want Moore gone.  No innocent until proven guilty for Moore.  No investigation.  No trial.  No nothing.  Moore just has to go because of 40 year old unsubstantiated and probably unprovable – one way or another - allegations.

Whether true or false, my gut tells me the ReRs are behind this story.

John McCain actually thinks “it’s the seriousness of the allegations”, weather true or not, that are enough to disqualify More. Oh, really.  I recall when I was at the Basic School 30+ years ago, John McCain came to speak to the class.  After the speech I ran into McCain in the head.  He was butt naked except for clown shoes and face makeup.  He approached me and said he’d never seen a penis before and has always hoped to get one.  Then he demanded to see mine so he’d know what to look for. He offered to pay me $100 if I’d cooperate.  I told him to get bent, which he immediately did.

Now that’s all total BS, but if McCain’s standard for getting bounced out of public office is the “seriousness of the charge,” well I’d be happy to peddle that load of BS to the Post.  See ya John.  By your own standards, you’re done. But then you’ve never applied your own standards to yourself.  Keating 5?  Hmmm.
This is nuts.  We are actually considering paying a deserter hundreds of thousands of dollars in “back pay” instead of shooting him?

This is nuts.  This would be like putting Lex in command.  Neither one of us can keep up with the guys we are supposed to be leading.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Air Force Academy "hate crime" perp is the victim, apology from AFA El Supremo? Don't hold your breath

Well, well, well, I’m pretty sure Lex called this one.  When news of racially insensitive remarks being scrawled on Air Force Academy cadet white boards first surfaced, I’m pretty sure Lex noted that, given the history of such things, the victim might well be the perp.  It turns out that they are in fact one in the same persons.

Rather than issuing a full-throated apology and resigning, no doubt AFA El Supremo Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria will issue an Aunt Polly type apology.  After finding out that she’d punished Tom Sawyer for something he didn’t do, Aunt Polly refuses to apologize to Tom.  Instead she justifies her dubious action by telling Tom the punishment was probably deserved for something that he had done but hadn’t been caught at. 

So it’ll be with wannabe general Silveria. 

Apology:  “Okay, none of you wrote the racist notes on the whiteboards.  So what?  I have no apology for you.  We all know you’re racists.  My moral preening before ever looking into anything to do with those notes was spot on and made me a YouTube hero.  So if you think I’ve got an ounce of humility after being proven to be a total douche for dressing you down before asking a single question about the incident that I dressed you down for or that I’m going to stand up here and say that I demonstrated less leadership than Boy Scout Tenderfoot running as fast as he can and knocking down anyone in his way to get to head of the lunch line when I dressed you all down for something you had nothing to with, fuggetabooutit.  Ain’t happenin’. 

“If I had a single leadership trait, I wouldn’t have dressed you down before asking one or two questions about the incident in the first place. Leadership is for suckers.  I’m a new age wannabe general, I don’t do leadership.  I do '*uck you how can I use you to help me get to the top.'  Leaders don’t do group punishment.  I do.  It’s easier.  Leaders don’t punish in pubic.  I do. I film it.  I post it.  I hope it goes viral.  Leaders apologize and make amends when they make a mistake.  I don’t.  I either wait for the controversy to go away or I use the Dan Rather ‘fake but true’ defense.

“That’s what I choose to do today. *uck you all.  You’re all racists and you know it.  You didn’t write those notes, but we all know you were thinking it.

“That is all.  Now get back to class you racists scum, and have a great Air Force Academy day.  By the way, this incident is proof positive that I’m the only one in this institution with a moral compass that I can trust.”      

This definitely proves that PDJT is the crazy one

$h!t you cannot make up, must CNN's AR-15 modification

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

PDJT’s One year anniversary

That shrieking scream of agony you hear is not the neighbor’s cat in heat again.  It’s the sound of unhinged Lefty Libs howling in misery over the one year anniversary of PDJT upset victory over Shrillda the Hutt’s billion dollar plus bid to occupy the building at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Caligula, D.C.

That’s right the Lefty Libs, who regularly call PDJT crazy, are advocating for their legions to go out today and scream at the sky.  That makes sense to me, as much sense as anything else they’ve tried to do in the past year anyway.

They call PDJT crazy even after a one of tier own lunatic Socialist tried gunning down the Republican baseball team. They continue to try to convince us it’s PDJT who is crazy as they push a Russian collusion conspiracy theory that has reversed its course and now has Shrillda the Hutt and the entire Dope-party as the obvious target of their alleged collusion.  They have the most unhinged MSM talking heads and Harveywood elites echoing the PDJT is nuts even as the MSM, if it’s possible, becomes less and less popular and Harveywood swells are looked upon with about as much favor as a drunken leper stopping you on the street to sell you a burial plot on the moon.  They are led by one - Fredfreaka Wilson - who is so unhinged that she’s willing to highjack the death of an American soldier for her own political advantage. They have their “free speech” advocates violently shutting down free speech on campuses.  They have masked AntiFa fascist criminals violently attacking anyone who disagrees with them.  They have a representative walking out on a moment of silence in congress for the TX shooting victims in order to record his own worthless azz message in the passageway.  Sure that recording was so important it couldn’t wait a minute.  They have another of their own Socialists azzbags assaulting a sitting Republican senator from behind while the senator is mowing his own lawn.  But PDJT is clearly the crazy one.  Now they are literally advocating for their faithful to howl at the sky today in protest of the one year anniversary of PDJT’s election.  All of this is going on daily while the Lefty Libs insist it is PDJT who is the crazy one. This can go on, but it’s clearly the Lefty Libs who are on the verge of full-on lunacy.

For me the schadenfreude is back!

For his part PDJT has driven on. Neil Gorsuch sits on the Supreme Court.  TTP is cancelled.  The Paris Accords are history.  The Keystone and Dakota Pipelines have been approved.   ISIS has had the $h!t knocked out of them in Syria, been rolled up in Iraq and is being engaged in Africa.  Unemployment is at low. The stock market hits a new all-time high nearly daily. GDP scores 3% plus. The border wall prototypes are up.  The military is beginning to rebound from 8 years of neglect. The Empty Suit’s BS job-killing environmental BS is systematically being rolled back.

Had PDJT been blessed with a conservative or even a Republican congress, PDJT would be on the way to being one of the greatest presidents of all-time.  Sadly, he has to work with a Rat establishment Republican Congress.  The congress has done nothing to help him or even themselves.  They are more interested in protecting the ruling class Caligula, D.C. azzbag constituency than putting America and the American people first.

So to all of the Lefty Libs out there, go howl at the sky today.  Then go inside and write a letter to the editor about how PDJT is displaying all the signs of being mentally touched.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

PDJT: another campaign promise fulfilled

As I recall PDJT promised to “knock the $h!t out of ISIS” in Syria.  Count that as another campaign promise fulfilled.  As we run up on the Marine Corps birthday, that would be Nov 10th for the unwashed, I ran across this piece about Marine artillerymen in Syria.  As a former Marine cannon cocker, all I can say is OoooooRAH!

Image result for m777 howitzer

As the ISIS bastards flee or die in place in Syria, I saw The Empty Suit’s former SecDef, Ash Carter, claim that all PDJT has done is execute TES’s plan for Syria.  YGBSM!

That’s like me saying Jeff Black, a 1,000 point scorer at CWHS, was just executing my plan when he poured in 30 against cross county rival Carrol HS.  It very well may have been my “plan”, but there was no way heck I could have executed it.  It’s the same for TES’s plan for ISIS.  He may have “planned” to knock the $h!t out ISIS, but, there is no way he’d actually be capable of doing it.

Why not?  I don’t know.  When I see things like this, the National Kneeball League kneelers, leftist AntiFa fascists visiting violence on anyone brave enough not to cover their face, pulling down of America’s historic monuments, free speech bans on America’s campuses, defining every single issue as racists if differs one mil to the right of the accepted Lefty Lib orthodoxy, attacks on religion and anything once sacred etc. etc. I ask myself, if I give the Demo-Dopes the benefit of the doubt and accept that they are not anti-American azzbags, how would what they are doing be any different if they were?  The answer is always the same.  It wouldn’t be any different.

I don’t know why the success in Syria hasn’t gotten more play from the MSM.  They are, of course, loath to give PDJT credit for anything.  My hope is that the military has finally frozen the azzbags out and is conducting military operations with the secrecy or at least low-keyed efficiency these things deserve instead of embeds broadcasting live during operations as if it was some kind of Call to Duty video game or simulator for our entertainment. 

Monday, November 06, 2017

TX Shooting, Bergdahl, Ferguson, MO

Here we go again.  First off I profiled it.  At first I thought Islamo-Terror-Fascist.  But when they said the perp got a dishonorable discharge from the Air Force for beating his wife and young child, I thought it was probably some white trash POS.

Here’s the thing. The shooter was dishonorably discharged and spent a year in the brig for his crimes.  That means he was a felon.  Being a felon in TX most likely means it was against the law for him to own a gun.  It’s also probably against the law to discharge the gun inside city/township limits.  It’s also definitely against the law to discharge the weapon into innocent people attending church. 

But, no doubt, we need more laws because criminals are not obeying the laws already on the books.  We should continue to restrict the rights of innocent people until we stumble across a couple of gun laws that the criminals will obey.  That makes sense to Demo-Dopes everywhere.

Predictably, the shooting stopped when good guys with guns showed up.  It there any correlation there?  Hmm?  Maybe someone should do a study.  If there is the one for one correlation that gun violence stops when good guys with guns show up that there appears to be, maybe having more good guys with guns would limit the damage in these things.

To that end, maybe the Rat establishment Republican congress could get off its lazy azz and pass the reciprocal concealed carry legislation that it has been playing hide the ball with for over a year.  Better yet, just pass constitutional carry law and be done with the issue.

Churches are prime target for these type of things.  Nearly everyone has their backs to the shooter and focused forward and can be relied on to be largely unarmed.  After a curious event that appeared to be an ITF casing our church, Father Dan assured parishioners that there would be trained discreetly armed men at all parish events.  I don’t know if that program continues more than a year after the “curious event,” but if it’s not, I suspect it’ll be restarted.  

Bergdahl decision
Seems to me a clear case of a miscarriage of justice.  This little $h!t’s action resulted in the death of at least 6 and serious injury of a dozen or so more.  The judge gave the POS no jail time.  What the hell??

All military officers serve at the pleasure of the President.  PDJT should tell him he’s done.  That or order him to Afghanistan until he decides to get out.

The Lefty Libs mantra is that PDJT cannot be allowed to influence judicial proceedings. That particular ship sailed during the campaign when candidate Trump referred to Bergdahl, correctly, as “a dirty rotten traitor.”   So it seems to me, after that statement on Bergdah, the ball was then in the judge’s court.  If he felt unduly influenced by PDJT’s remarks on the case, he should have said so and asked to be relieved from the case.

Letting the dirty rotten traitor walk in order to put a finger in PDJT’s eye is not justice.  It’s Lefty Lib BS, and it’s another clue that a 5th column has infiltrated the military.     

Ferguson, MO re-litigated
Sure this is all very interesting to a point.  That is until the author notes: “
All of the destruction Ferguson rained down on itself for the year that followed sprang from that one errant decision: An incensed 18-year-old [Michael Brown], his mind addled by cannabis, gave a police officer no choice.” 

Well that’s fine, Brown was an azz, but what about the lying $h!t of a friend – Dorian Johnson – who started the whole “hands up don’t shoot” BS.  That punk azz POS was never charged for lying to the cops, hampering an investigation – nothing.  His BS lie has as much to do with Ferguson destroying itself as anything Mike Brown did, maybe more.  

Had Johnson told the truth, “Yeah, well Mike Brown was stoned, and he *ucked up robbing the convenient store.  He *ucked up again when he roughed up the store owner.    Then he *ucked up again when he decided to walk in the middle of the street.  But he really *ucked up when he assaulted a police officer.” Had that POS just told the truth there would have been no reason to riot. 

He didn’t.  What happened to Ferguson is history, and Johnson faced not one bit of trouble for his part in it.  No justice.  No peace.  My fat azz.  If there were any justice in this case Johnson would be in jail for a couple of years for lying to the cops and the result his lies caused in Ferguson.  As it stands, he’s probably some kind of local hero for lying through his azz and destroying Ferguson.

Friday, November 03, 2017

Ding dong the witch is dead - or is she?

Can it be that Shrillda the Hutt has finally had a wooden stake driven through her heart, by of all people, another Demo-Dope?  Donna Brazile – who gave the Hutt the CNN debate questions – makes a very compelling case that the DNC fixed its primary so that the worst candidate of the century would win. 

It’s hard for me to get my shorts in a wad, like this woman, over Dopes treating other Dopes badly.  Besides Bernie Sanders isn’t even a Demo-Dope.  Bernie happens to be an avowed socialist with a million dollars in the bank and three houses.  That’s a weird combo huh.  Some would call him a hypocrite.  But that is the history socialism and it’s big brother - socialists with guns, or what is more commonly referred to simply as communism.  Equality is for the little people.  And the equality is always a dive to the bottom looking for the lowest common denominator.  Bernie just happens to caucus with the Dopes because they most closely reflect his, it’s okay for me to be rich because I want the masses to be poor, ideology.

What Bernie/Warren/and even everyday socialist are learning, what they are finally waking up to is what the rest of us have known for decades - the Clintons are scumbags. The Hut is a no talent scumbag. 

So Lizzy, Donna, Bernie, how does feel to part of the vast right wing conspiracy to “get the Clintons” these days?  

Of course had Shrillda won, all of this stuff would be buried right next to anyone trying to get the story out.

From what I know about the plan it should help the Lex household.  That’s not good enough.  Not only does it need to benefit the Lex household it needs to screw AF Bro and the Griffin because they earn more money than me and it’s not fair.  They are both whiter than Frosty the Snowman after he falls into a vat of white out and is covered with confectionery sugar.  They are just better at exercising their white privilege than me. 

Yeah, that’s the ticket.  Being smarter, more savvy, more energetic - they can probably even do whitey white math better than me - but that has nothing to do with their success.  It all boils down to being better at leveraging their white privilege.

So they can reduce my taxes to zero and I will still not support the plan until it punishes AF Bro and the Griffin who are part of the country that pays 90% of the taxes in the first place.  There must be some plan that punishes their success.