Friday, September 22, 2017

Half the country is stark raving mad part II

Well-known healthcare expert Jimmy Kimmel has railed against the latest Republican effort to repeal Robertscare.  He went so far as to call one of the senators sponsoring the bill a liar. The senator, Bill Cassidy, is a member of the Caligula, D.C. ruling class, so his being a liar is not beyond the realm of possibility.

But hey Jimmy, what’s alternative?  Robertscare is crashing and burning faster than Sean Spicer’s appearance at the Emmys.  Doing nothing is probably not a good option. 

How the hell did Jimmy Kimmel become an expert on healthcare?  He’s a late night TV funny man humorist comedian jokester hmm...ahh, TV host.  Well, the short answer is, he isn’t.  He had a child born with a heart defect.  He claimed had he been Jimmy Nobody, without Robertscare, the hospital would have kicked him and his sick son to the curb and let the child die.  BS.  I’m pretty sure there are already laws in place to prevent such actions.

But that is the sole basis for Kimmel’s “expertise,” a sick child.  I have been blind in one eye on more than one occasion.  Does that make me an expert on blindness?  Am I an expert on the procedure that restored my vision?  No, apparently not.  Not one newsman has contacted me to get my “expert opinion” on Graham Cassidy. Kimmel’s just a loud mouth Lefty lib with a platform to tell joke someone else wrote that doesn’t know any more about anything than the average guy riding the subway.

Kimmel’s unhingededness went on to threaten Fox News host Brian Kilmeade with physical violence.  Didn’t they have celebrity boxing at one time?  I think I recall Donny Bonaduce and that skater gal Tanya Harding squaring off.  Hmm, on second thought maybe they had different opponents, but then again maybe not.  Idunno.

Anyhoo, several posts under Lex proposes bring back dueling.  I thought that John Kelly putting a bullet through Louis Gutierrez’s empty head would be a good thing.  No one would get hurt, but it would send a strong message that slander would not be tolerated.      

So Kilmeade needs to respond to Kimmel – boxing gloves or pistols at dawn, your choice.

Oh, and if haven't seen Lefty Lib unhingededness, check out PMSNBC's lying Larry O'Donnell come unglued.

I wrote this letter that appeared in the JG in the Sunday edition:

Since about 9pm on November 8, 2016, America’s left has been spiraling out of control.  Their deranged response to the democratically elected 45th President of the United States has been like an unending reality show.  It has been one outrageous over the top reaction after another.

As the derangement of lefty libs intensifies, with the exception of the disgusting violence of the George Soros funded Democrat goon army, known as Antifa, the show has been somewhat entertaining. It’s been like watching Wile E. Coyote trying catch the Road Runner.

One of the newer attacks on PDJT is that he’s mentally unstable, a narcissist.  Okay fine.  PDJT is a narcissist. 

Sadly, presidential elections are largely binary choices.  In 2016 we had a choice between Trump the narcissist and Clinton the sociopathic liar.  The narcissist won.  Get over it.   

Sociopaths are the Burger King kids who want it their way and they want it NOW.  To get what they want, they will tell the most outrageous lies imaginable.  They will crush anyone who gets in their way.  They lack morals.  They NEVER accept responsibility for lies gone wrong or apologize. 

Here’s Hillary’s quick list in no particular order: 
Whitewater; Benghazi; cattle futures; uranium; travel office firings; private E-mail server; “missing” Rose Law Firm billing records; 33,000 deleted emails; rape enabler; sniper fire; looting of the White House and Air Force one on the way out of office; Clinton Foundation slush fund; character assassin of husband Bill’s victims 

With the exception of marrying well, she has accomplished nothing on her own.  She has the ironic honor of being a well-known feminist ONLY because of the man she married.  She has been able to force herself on the American political scene for the last 25 years only because she married well.  Were it not for Bill, Hillary would be third rate lawyer at second rate law firm somewhere.

In response some chick, Nancy Bryan, wrote:

Regarding the letter in your Sept. 17 issue (“After marrying well, what has Clinton done?”), Doug Schumick needs simply to check Wikipedia before stating so many inaccuracies regarding Hillary Clinton. Like her or not, you cannot dismiss her accomplishments. She was the first student commencement speaker at Wellesley College and received a seven-minute standing ovation. She received her law degree from Yale University. She advocated for children's rights since the early '70s. During her postgraduate studies, she served as staff attorney for the newly founded Children's Defense Fund. In 1974, after being highly recommended, she became a member of the impeachment inquiry staff advising the House Committee on the Judiciary during the Watergate scandal. Then she married Bill Clinton. Do I really have to go on?
Nancy Bryan

To me, this is hilarious.  It’s like calling your boss an over-weight, incompetent, lying, thieving, no-good, womanizing cheat, a dope-smoking, cocaine-snorting, drunk, with bad breath, a terrible toupee, and a horrible fashion sense and his response being, “Hey, I resent that. I’ve got a sense for fashion.”

I called Shrillda the Hutt, among many other things, a “rape enabler” and Ms. Bryan responds with, “Hey she gave the commencement speech at Wellesley.”  YGBSM.  That’s it? That’s like Chris Rock commenting on white people having the N-word and blacks coming back by calling whites crackers*.  Really? Cracker? That’s all you've got? 

*NOTE:  Should the inherently racist saltine “crackers” and Animal “crackers” be removed from store shelves?  I think so.

She talks about Shrillda the Hutt’s work during the Watergate scandal without mentioning the Hutt got her broad azz fired from that gig for being incompetent.  It’s just too damn easy with these people.

I also love Ms. Bryan’s Wikipedia reference.  It reminds of the Michael Scott quote from The Office, “Wikipedia is great because anyone can get on there and post anything about everything anytime they want.”

Ms. Bryan asks, “Do I really have to go on?”  Yes Nancy!  Yes you do, until you wander across a significant accomplishment.  But hey, if it’s not on Wikipedia can it really exist?

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Half the country is stark raving mad

I suffered through eight years of The Empty Suit.  I cannot recall ever yelling at a total stranger for having an Obama sticker on their car.  I do not recall hoping that someone put a bullet through TES's empty head.  Quite the opposite.  Between the two – TES/slow Joe Biden - TES was clearly the better choice.  That fact and the disintegration of the nation over the assassination of our first half-black president were high on my mind while praying for TES’s safety daily.

I never liked the lying weasel. I have always thought whatever smarts the smarmy punk possessed where the Eddie Haskell kind of smarts, not the Sheldon Cooper or even Slip Mahoney kind of smarts. In my mind he’s little more than a BS artist one rung up the ladder from a dope peddler.

I railed against this half-wit on this page and in more mild and thoughtful newspaper editorials.  I never threatened anyone with violence.  The closest I can recall coming is warning that if the people cannot trust the integrity of the ballot box, the only option left will be revolution.  I stand by that.

And let’s face it, Lex is not the voice and conscience of the nation.  He should be, but he’s not.  Conservatives and Republicans who had the ear of the people were in varying degrees, complicit with TES’s agenda.  There were no calls from mainstream conservatives for the formation of a violent AntiSoc or Anticomm thug army.  No one tarred TES’s voters as communists as a whole – stupid race baiters* sure, but no one thought granny Moses voting for the first half-black president in her life-time was a communist just because TES leaned that way.

*NOTE:  Yeah racist.  If white people voting their interests by voting Trump are racists then the corollary of black people voting their interests by voting TES are also racists - has to be true.

In short, during the TES nightmare, many of us were of the mind that country was headed down the wrong road, but short of voting, donating and an occasional letter to the editor, there was little we could do about it.  One of Lex’s favorite lines, barrowed from someone else I’m sure, is: America gets the leadership it deserves.

That is a lot of words to deny something.  If it takes that much effort to deny something – there must be some truth to it.  But I never threatened or shouted at anyone for their political views.  (I should delete everything above that line and let it stand alone.  That’s not the way it works here.  It’s total stream of conscience here, scatter logical as it sometimes turns out.)

So the point today is that half the country has gone stark raving mad over the election PDJT.  They have to feel like the Atlanta Falcon’s fans leading by 28-3 midway through the third quarter.  The game was in the bag, right?  Wrong.  The Lefty Libs’ heads continue to explode because their hero got her ample azz whipped, and they just can’t accept it.

Exhibit one:  According to this lovely “lady” supporting PDJT equals being a racist.  The only redeeming quality of this miserable human being is the fact that her seething rage which is what makes her miserable is eating her alive - that and apparently the hag was arrested for her BS behavior.  Whatever happened to the “I’m ok; you’re ok” “don’t worry be happy” Lefty Libs of old?

Now, it seems they are all masked anarchists burning everything and whacking anyone with a different point of view with a stick.  They attack anyone with a MAGA hat or t-shirt.

I mean think about it.  Some guy is sitting in bar, minding his own damn business, in his own country, enjoying a beer with his mates and some foreign unhinged lunatic woman start calling him a racist because of the hat he’s wearing. That is akin to some German tourist cussing you out in your local bar for wearing Munchin Oktoberfest hat.  Your reaction is likely to be, WTF?

For goodness sake, get a grip.  Turn off MSNBC and CNN and go for a walk.  Get a hobby.  Get a life.  When you have devolved into attacking total strangers, calling them the most vile names, while not knowing a thing about them, in a foreign country for the hat they happen to be wearing you need professional help. 

My hope is that the lunatic woman in the video gets her azz fined off and kicked out of the country. On second thought, I hope they make her stay.   

Shrilld the Hutt settles on "What Happened"

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Manafort case should be chilling for anyone interested in political freedom

Lex's extensive take on PDJT’s UN speech
All of the right people are PO'd, so I’d say it was a home run.

Worst Case: The Deep State entering people’s homes with guns drawn
In a nation where 20% of college “students” think that it’s okay to use violence to shut down free speech on campus, this should surprise no one.  While serving a no-knock warrant, the FBI picked the lock of PDJT’s one time campaign manager, Paul Manafort, and entered his home.  Picking the lock may be nothing more than a safety measure for the agents as it lessens the likelihood of the home-owner opening fire on the unannounced intruders I suppose, but it just seems wrong in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

This is what we’ve become: armed agents of the government storming into the home of a political opponent in an effort to intimidate him into turning states evidence.  My sense is that this was nothing more than an intimidation move, because Manafort isn’t Shrillda the Hutt.  He and his lawyers know that if any evidence that the FBI was interested in “disappeared,” he and the lawyers would be in serious trouble.  Claiming that there was “no intent” would be no defense.  That means there were no exigent circumstances for getting anything out of Manafort’s home.  So why go to these extraordinary means to get inside?  Intimidation seems the most likely answer to me.

We’ve seen this before from the Dopes.  Remember the “John Doe” warrants issued by the Dope WI Attorney General against conservative supporters of Governor Walker?

All of this would seem a lot less suspicious if were being applied across the political spectrum.  It isn’t.  The FBI treated Shrillda the Hutt and her entire team with kid gloves. The FBI interviewed the Hutt without putting her under oath and only after interviewing her lawyer who they gave immunity.  So the Hutt went into her interview only after her lawyer had the questions and received immunity for her answers from the FBI.  That’s a sweet deal Manafort would never be offered.

It’s all deep state BS.  PDJT knows.  Paul Manafort probably knows it.  Any hope the FBI had of turning Manafort ended the night PDJT pardoned Joe Arpio.  That was a pretty clear signal to all that the Dopes puling the strings of the deep state to criminalize politics would not fly with PDJT. George W. Bush let Scooter Libby go to jail for nothing.  PDJT is not likely to do that to his friends.  In my book, that’s good enough reason alone to like the guy.

If you wanted to dive the Lefty Libs over the cliff, you’d be hoping for an indictment of Manafort and a quick pardon by PDJT.  That’d be hilarious to watch.  While issuing the pardon, PDJT would cite the “lack of any intent” on Manafort’s part.  The irony would be totally lost on the Lefty Libs as their seething rage melted them like the Wicked Witch, or better yet the Nazi in the Raiders of the Lost Ark.  It’d be more fun to watch than a good movie, which sadly they do not make anymore.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

PDJT was right...again

WOW!  As it turns out The Empty Suit WAS tapping PDJT’s wires.  CNN broke the news last night and then spent half-an-hour apologizing for falsely accusing PDJT of falsely accusing TES of tapping his wires. 

Just kidding.  CNN felt no need to re-litigate their dopey story about PDJT making the very reasonable accusation that the Dopes, as always, will do whatever it takes to torpedo an effective conservative.  Weaponizing America’s intel agencies to spy on political opponents is the low hanging fruit in the Dope’s bag of BS.

No one should be surprised.  The Dopes weaponized the IRS, BLM, commerce, EPA et al against political opponents. Of course Rat establishment Republican like McCain are left alone unless they run for president.

Of course the Dopes will claim the wiretapping is all legitimate because Paul Manafort, the target of the tapping, had contacts with Russians.  So if Manafort is talking to Sergi about a hotel reservation at the Moscow Hilton the spooks can tap Mnafort’s wires and in the process sweep up everything Manafort had to say to PDJT and PDJT’s associates. 

This also would spell a bit of trouble for Jimmy the shape shifter Comey and Adm. Mike Rogers who both denied under oath that didn’t know nuttin’ bout no wiretaps.  So either they incompetent azzbags, which would make them like a large percentage of Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzbags, or they are lying azzbags which would make them like an even larger percentage of Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzbags, or they are lying incompetent azzbags which would make them like the largest percentage of Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzbags.

One thing is certain, the MSM weasels will NEVER admit that PDJT was correct about what POS TES was for wiretapping him.

PELOSER gets dose of own medicine
Grand Nan from San Fran got shouted down by the people that the Demo-Dope Party has been advocating for over 40 years.  The Dopes never saw an illegal alien that didn’t look like a Dope voter.  Now the illegal aliens have turned on their master and it was a beautiful thing.  This is what happens when you advocate for chaos.  Sooner or later it comes back onto you.  When the Antifa $h!ts are done with conservatives they will turn on the Dopes.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Preschool BS, Dope control = chaos

I’m pretty sure Lex has railed against preschool as a government funded or at least government subsidized babysitting service that is used to further Lefty Lib indoctrinate America’s youth.  We know it’s true, but here’s more proof.  Anyone who thinks putting their children into an America’s failed public school system at an earlier age is a good idea is an idiots.

The Lefty Lib preschool plan is a nefarious and clever plot by the Lefty Libs.  What parent is going to oppose “pre-school”?  Every parent wants to give their child a leg up in life.  If they don’t, they are probably the type of parents that would hand their child off to an ax murderer just to get rid of him so they could blow bowl or do a couple of lines.

To get what they want with regard to preschool, the left will release all kind of fixed reports and studies that find that “preschoolers” can expect to earn $10,000,000 more over a life time and comprise 700% of high school valedictorians. Kids who do not attend preschool will turn out to be homeless drug addicts.  The bottom line will be, all of the studies will be designed to prove that keeping your child out of the government propaganda machine called preschool is akin to child abuse.  It should be a crime not to get your child into a government run preschool as soon as possible, 48 hours after birth at the latest. After all, it’s for the children.

Long-term Dope political control equals chaos
Another city under Demo-Dope control for decades is in turmoil because of Demo-Dope controlled police policies and training.  St. Louis, MO is the latest American city to experience the Ferguson, Baltimore effect.  The sad sacks who protest everything crowd is rioting because a black man was shot by a white (supremacist) cop all the way back in 2011 - which we all know was during the great racial healing period of The Empty Suit.  WTF?  What happened?  Maybe someone should write a book.

There is corollary between Shrillda the Hutt and the dead black St. Louis man Anthony Smith.  Hillary blames Comey (and everyone else) while the rioters blame institutional racism in a city controlled by Dopes for decades.  Lesson: Dope Control = Institutional racism.  The real blame lies with the perp in each case.

Comey didn’t set up the Hutt’s private e-mail or delete 33,000 e-mails or keep classified material on the server etc.  The Hutt is responsible for all of those bad decisions. 

The cops didn’t make the perp in St. Louis participate in a drug deal, then try to run from the cops, then try to run them over with his car.  The black perp did all of that on his own.  The perp is dead because he didn’t comply with police orders and tried to kill or at least injure them with his automobile.

I make no judgement on the necessity of shooting the man.  Had he stayed in his car hands on the steering wheel and complied with police instruction, he’d be alive today – probably in jail, but alive. What Smith engaged in was suicide by police officer. 
Christians going the way of the Amish?

Friday, September 15, 2017

DACA & the wall, Charlottesville conspiracy theory, global warming and military readiness

I woke up yesterday and Shrillda the Hutt still was not president.  Life was good.  At about 10 a.m. I got wind of some news about PDJT making a “deal” with Chuck and Nancy on the border wall and DACA.  I was disappointed, but Shrillda the Hutt still was not president, so I carried on.  By 4 p.m. news of the whole story being fake news started percolating and Shrillda the Hutt was still not president, so some order was restored to the galaxy.

There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth with regard to PDJT’s supposed “deal” with Chuck and Nancy on the border wall and DACA. Because I kicked in that extra $5 on Election Day to Trump’s campaign, apparently just enough to turn the tide, PDJT personally sent me this one-of-a-kind e-mail:


There’s been a lot of noise today and a lot of rumors.

Let me set the record straight in the simplest language possible…


Apparently, liberals in Congress and the mainstream media need one more reminder that building the wall is non-negotiable.

So please, sign our petition to demand that we BUILD THE WALL.

Thank you,

Donald J. Trump
President of the United States

That seems pretty clear to me. He also said that we’d have the wall or we’d have nothing.  I assume that means nothing on DACA. 

Okay then, we’re going to have the wall, but what about DACA?  I don’t know.  My sense is that PDJT is onto something when he says, “Who wants to kick out kids who are educated, working, serving in the military, paying taxes etc. brought here illegally through no fault of their own as children?” My guess is only the most hard-core immigration hawks.

I look at opposing DACA as akin to black racists blaming me for the sins white guys I never knew and was never around to oppose or support.  It should not be permitted to tar me with the “white supremacist” brush because of anything my parents did or didn’t do.  Same with DACA.  The kids were brought here through no fault of their own, have grown up here and may know nothing other than being American.

PDJT should use the same tool for DACA as he did for his famed non-Arab Arab ban executive order on immigration from terror sponsoring countries – extreme vetting.

Here’s what that would look like in Lex’s world:  Okay DACA kids if you want to come out of the shadows, step right up and get an extreme vetting in exchange for a green card.  Anyone with a brush with the law is gone.  Anyone with MS13 tattoos is gone. Anyone who came in the last 3 years and is over the age 16 is gone.  Anyone who does not come forward in the next 6 months and has a brush with the law is gone.  No chain migration will be permitted for those subject to the law. Once registered, congratulation here’s a green card.  You are not a citizen.  You cannot vote.  You will be deported if you do not obey our laws.

Honestly, it’s hard to believe that Demo-Dopes and Rat establishment Republicans would settle on such a common sense law.  After all, common sense is an uncommon virtue in Caligula, D.C.

But hey Mr. & Mrs. America, things are not that bad.  Shrillda the Hutt still is not president.

Lex’s hare-brained conspiracy theory not so hare-brained
On the Monday post after the riot, Lex opined that George Soros was probably funding both sides of the Charlottesville riot.  Since then there have been stories of at least two of the “white supremacist” leaders having ties to the Occupy Wall St. movement.

Now Congressman Dana Roharbacher says that the left got Civil War re-enactors to act like “white supremacists.”  I don’t know how you convince a thinking human being to “act like a white supremacist?”  I could understand the Civil War re-enactors being upset by the removal of the statue based on it being a historical touchstone to something that they obviously have a great deal of interest in.  I cannot understand how you convince them to act like white supremacist in the process or demonstrate how that would help their cause.

None-the-less something stinks to high heaven about the whole Charlottesville BS.  Most damning to me is that the police didn’t keep the two groups separated.  It seems to me that would be policing 101.  If there was a calculated decision to let the two groups clash, the people responsible for that decision –Gov McAuliffe, mayor, police commissioner/chief etc. - have blood on their hands. 

Turns out that Cuba – not PDJT – is to blame for Irma
Jenifer Lawrence blamed PDJT’s election for Hurricane Irma hitting the US.  Irma took an unexpected turn and hit the barrier islands of Cuba causing it lose some energy.  So, Jenifer, does that mean the whole thing was actually Castro’s fault?  

Better to be warm and have money than cold and broke
Lefty Libs insist Harvey and Irma were caused by global warming.  Okay, for fun I’ll play along.  First, I’d rather be warm than cold.  Next, if policies to lower the temperature increases energy costs, I’d rather be warm and have money than cold and poor.  Cold kills.  Poverty has killed more people than anything in human history. 

But Lex you will surly die in a hurricane if you don’t support the global warm-mongering position.  So you’ll be warm, rich and dead. 

No, I don’t think so.  Irma ranks about 7th in all time hurricanes to hit FL.  So hurricanes are not getting stronger or more frequent, but actually staying about the same in frequency and strength for as long as they have been tracking such things. So I may well die in a hurricane, but that likelihood is no more probable today than it was 100 years ago.

Dope Homer (AKA Pope Francis) is an advocate for the poor, so much so that he wants to create more of them.  Homer is an ardent global warm-monger.  As such perhaps we can assume Homer wants higher energy prices to reduce greenhouse gasses.  That move has the unintended, or perhaps intended, consequences of creating more poor people.  The signers of the Paris Accord admitted that the accord would have zero effect on the climate through the foreseeable future.

Military mishaps
Military aircraft crashes, US Navy ships running aground and bashing into civilian cargo ships, Amtraks catching fire and burning the crew and occupants, what’s going on with today’s military?  

First, military training is inherently risky business.  Think about it, you have thousands of predominantly high testosterone young men running about at high speed for long hours at night in bad weather etc.  That’s sort of a recipe for bad things to happen.  During 20 years in Marine Corps artillery, I saw my share of serious injuries and death. Some were just plain stupid.  Others were just tragic mishaps.  Not unavoidable but they were not the result of stupidity, negligence or malice.

The current spate of mishaps had John McCain blaming it on a lack of funding.  I think that’s the smallest part of the problem.  It's like walking past the poor people’s house that looks like crapola. You make comment about it and your Dope social justice warrior friend calls you white supremacist and says their property looks like $h!t because they are poor.  What, they can’t pick up the trash out of their own front yard because they are poor?

Money is only part of the problem.  Here’s the real problem.  As noted in the a post several under, the armed forces leadership under The Empty Suit was more interested in social justice BS than war fighting.  It’s that simple.  The leadership is to blame.  There needs to be some simple test for anyone above the grade of O-2 or E-4.
Are you more interested in: A) warfighting; B) Social; Justice C) Both A and B; D) Money for a college education

If your answer is anything other than answer A, get the f*ck out before you get someone killed. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Everyone is to blame but the one who is responsible

Shrillda the Hutt is on a tear.  She is up to, what, over 100 excuses and people to blame for her bumbling campaign that blew through nearly a billion bucks and still got their azzes whipped like Conor Mcgregor got whipped by Floyd Mayweather by a political novice.

Jimmy the shape shifter Comey has come in for his own share criticism from the Hutt.  The Hutt thinks were it not for Comey’s reopening of her e-mail investigation in Oct. she’d have won.

That’s probably a fair characterization.  Had it not been for the timing of Comey’s reopening of his e-mail investigation, the Hutt might have had the presence of mind to consider visiting, WI or MI or PA or IA.  So sure when you’re worried about an investigation that the investigator has already cleared you of wrong doing because “there was no intent,” you might make dumb mistakes, but they are not your mistakes for sure - they are Comey’s.

The Hutt blaming Comey for her loss is like famed bank robber Willy Sutton blaming his lawlessness on bankers for keeping money in their buildings. The Hutt is an idiot.  Comey didn’t set up the Hutt’s e-mail account.  Comey didn’t lie about the account. Well he did.  But he didn’t lie about it to advance the Hutt’s career.  Okay he did that too.  But Comey wasn’t running for president.  Comey didn’t dump 33,000 e-mails.  Comey wasn’t the arrogant azz that said, “you mean with a cloth” when asked if she wiped the server. 

Sorry Shrillda, well actually I’m not sorry, this whole thing falls right into your lap and nobody else’s.  What happened?  You happened.  You’re arrogance thinking someone else is responsible is stunning, well considering it is coming from you, it is not stunning – it’s pathetic.

This is good time to reintroduce Occcam’s law of parsimony or Occam’s razor.  The gist of that theory is of a list of competing hypothesis for the cause of a problem, say losing the most winnable election in the history of the republic, the theory with the fewest variables – i.e. the simplest answer – is most likely the correct answer.

While the Hutt moves about the country constructing the most elaborate Rube Goldberg machine ever imagined to explain why she was crushed like a bug on Nov. 8th 2016 and takes 500 pages to explain “What Happened,” people with an ounce of common sense can do it in three words: Shrillda the Hutt.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Telethon rejects donating from half of America, PDJT white supremacist

Here’s a shocker
Hurricane telethon gets political from the start. Seriously what the hell did you expect?  99.99% of these dopes are still PO’d that Shrillda the Hutt is waddling from book store to book store hawking a book that fixes blame for her epic loss in the 2016 presidential election on everyone except the one person responsible – Shrillda the Hutt.

There are very few these pampered azzbags I’d walk across the street to say hello to, even if they were giving away free beer if you showed up. Movies and entertainment picks here at the compound are pretty much the sole domain of Mrs. Lex.  I tag along. 

That isn’t to say they are not talented people.  Many are.  But why would I pay to watch and waste my time funding a know-nothing like Jenifer Lawrence when I know she cannot stand people like me.  I enjoy some movie – but very few.  They always seem about 20 minutes too long.

No.  I can’t recall the last movie I saw.  The last “show” I remember going to was Barry Manilow – we got free tickets and went with Mrs. Lex’s friends.  Laugh if you must.  It was a good show. Nothing beats Manilow doing “At the Copa.”  Zero politics.

Except for comic relief, I don’t turn on PMSNBC.  Why would I turn on a “star studded” hurricane relief when it is just going to be the same fare found on PMSNBC with more attractive people?

You can avoid the assault on your sensibilities and donate with confidence here.
What is a “white supremacist”?
Well, a white supremacist is anyone who disagrees with a Lefty Lib’s world view.  “White Supremacist” is the new “racist” for the libs.  Where did all of these white supremacists come from in the last 9 months?  I don’t recall this scourge when The Empty Suit was running thing.  Back then we were just run-of-the-mill racists when we pointed what a POS TES was. 

Suddenly, we’re all white supremacists.  Take PDJT. Before his run for president, the celebs and ruling class azzwipes were lining to be photographed with Trump.  Now that he’s PDJT and he’s somehow been transformed into a white supremacist.  WTF?  How does that even happen?  PDJT must be some Svengali. How did he fool all those swells before he became PDJT?

Some jackass on ESPN – hmm that doesn’t narrow the pool of what ESPN calls “talent” much - Jemele Hill called PDJT a white supremacist.  Because she still has a job at ESPN, we can assume the suits at ESPN saw nothing wrong with Hill’s description of the President of the United States and his supporters.

Look, I couldn’t care less what Jemele Hill thinks about sports – something she apparently knows something about – let alone her opinion on is politics, science, food, beer or who she considers to be a white supremacist.  I know her opinion relates back the first paragraph.  Jemele Hill’s definition of a white supremacist equals disagreeing with Jemele Hill’s world view.

All the proof you need that all cultures are in fact the same, or not

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

2016 the narcissist Vs. the sociopath

The JG ran a letter to the editor where some local yokal put PDJT on his couch and determines that PDJT is a narcissist.  That stupid letter follows Lex's spot on insightful and brilliant response. (Is any of that narcissistic?):

Since about 9pm on November 8, 2016, America’s left has been spiraling out of control.  Their deranged response to the democratically elected 45th President of the United States has been like an unending reality show.  It has been one outrageous over the top reaction after another.

As the derangement of lefty libs intensifies, with the exception of the disgusting violence of the George Soros funded Democrat goon army, known as Antifa, the show has been somewhat entertaining. It’s been like watching Wile E. Coyote trying catch the Road Runner.

One of the newer attacks on PDJT is that he’s mentally unstable, a narcissist.  Okay fine.  PDJT is a narcissist. 

Sadly, presidential elections are largely binary choices.  In 2016 we had a choice between Trump the narcissist and Clinton the sociopathic liar.  The narcissist won.  Get over it.   

Sociopaths are the Burger King kids who want it their way and they want it NOW.  To get what they want, they will tell the most outrageous lies imaginable.  They will crush anyone who gets in their way.  They lack morals.  They NEVER accept responsibility for lies gone wrong or apologize. 

Here’s Hillary’s quick list in no particular order: 
Whitewater; Benghazi; cattle futures; uranium; travel office firings; private E-mail server; “missing” Rose Law Firm billing records; 33,000 deleted emails; rape enabler; sniper fire; looting of the White House and Air Force one on the way out of office; Clinton Foundation slush fund; character assassin of husband Bill’s victims 

With the exception of marrying well, she has accomplished nothing on her own.  She has the ironic honor of being a well-known feminist ONLY because of the man she married.  She has been able to force herself on the American political scene for the last 25 years only because she married well.  Were it not for Bill, Hillary would be third rate lawyer at second rate law firm somewhere.

The other less spot on insightful and brilliant letter:
There is an issue that needs to be brought before the American people; the issue relates to Donald Trump and has been festering for some time. It deals with a mental health diagnosis. Many in the field have had red flags for a long time. We have not been allowed to speak out because of the “Goldwater Rule” and fear of losing our licenses.
In 1964, many psychologists and psychiatrists had been critical of Republican nominee Barry Goldwater; there were concerns about his mental health. A proper examination had never been completed on him by any professional; all that existed was conjecture. This led to the “Goldwater Rule” – those in the field should not diagnose individuals without consent and proper therapeutic practices in place.
This has become a raging battle within psychiatric professional organizations. There are those who see value in the rule and those who clearly see a mental health diagnosis for Trump. They point to his impulse control, paranoia, accusatory nature, short attention span and need for positive recognition. These traits can lead to a mental health diagnosis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
Those who believe this issue needs to be public point to the “duty to warn.” This is also a mainstay of psychology – it becomes a professional obligation to inform those who may be subject to an injurious act. There is also the position that not speaking out robs the community of the knowledge and expertise of those within mental health. There is a great deal of education and experience within the field, they argue; it needs to be shared and the public needs to understand how mental health affects us.
There are 10 different personality disorders, each with its own criteria, each well defined. They operate outside the framework of the some 265 diagnoses within mental health. One of the 10 is Narcissistic Personality Disorder; for me, Trump suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He is a classic example.
I also believe the general public can make that determination themselves. The criteria can be easily found on the internet or the DSM-5 .It is less than a page of reading. There are nine provisions. After reading each one, a person should ask themselves, does this apply to Trump?
This is a serious issue, and I believe strongly we need to educate the public. We need to have a working knowledge of this diagnosis and what we should expect from our president.
Rodney Scott
Fort Wayne

Monday, September 11, 2017

9-11 and is the US Navy a joke of its former self

Flags are flying high here at the compound today in memory of 9-11.  This weekend is our annual “come and get us” party scheduled with red, white and blue 9-11 shirts, good food and American football planned. We eat and drink and tell the same old stories over again (but always with a new twist - some say lie - we prefer recovered memory), recall old friends and family - while waiting for the Islamo-Terror-Fascists to come attack us.  They never have. Bastards!

Looters break into store in Ft. Lauderdale

Can the US Navy be fixed?
Sadly, this assessment of the once proud and capable US Navy is all true.  Lex commented on some of this after a visit to a US Naval Academy graduation ceremony where no less than 2 score midshipmen dropped out of the parade while demonstrating a total lack of drill skills.  That is unless "wander left, march"; "wander right, march"; “sort of cover if you can” and "take a seat if you feel like it" have been added to the Landing Party Manual.  

Navy Sec Ray Maybus's speech at the event was long on firsts - 1st woman here, 1st gay officer there, 1st Trans bathrooms, opening all MOS's to women & transgendered, total number of women and minos being advanced, a waiver for the Navy football QB if he got drafted into the NFL etc. etc. Missing was even one word about combat readiness, preparedness to take the fight to the enemy, the US Navy as America's vanguard, which, as demonstrated by the article, are pretty much non-existent in today's Navy.  

Lex noted then that Maybus's lone legacy is and always will be the surrender of two navy boats to the Iranians - that is all the evidence necessary of a totally F*ed up organization.  Way to go Ray.  You're doing a heck of job. 

Sadly, if the destruction of the US Navy as an effective fighting force was "his job", he did it well.  Which, as always, causes Lex to ask; Suppose Lefty Libs aren't anti-American, how would their actions be any different if they were?

Anything can be fixed.  For the Navy, it’ll take 25 years of sustained effort to purge itself of the self-serving azzbags who ran it into the ground have tried mightily to scuttle it and replace the social justice warriors with real war-fighting warriors focused on fighting and winning battles.

When you stop and think about it, that is the most basic function of American fighting forces.  Sadly it takes a backseat to PC BS.

Shrillda the Hutt’s book cover answers its own question.

Question asked at the top.  Question answered at the bottom.

If a large percentage of flooded Texans have no flood insurance, can they just apply for it now claiming the three feet of water in their home is a “preexisting condition?”  Why not?

Friday, September 08, 2017

When will the bloom on the PDJT rose fade for Lex?

The short answer is, never.  The short reason is, the alternative to PDJT was PSTH (President Shrillda the Hutt).  So no, the bloom will not fade.  As the matter of fact, I still get satisfaction recalling the evening of Nov 8th.  It was glorious.

There’s also the stuff that PDJT has accomplished: Gorsuch, TPP, Dakota/Keystone pipelines, border security, ending regulation and most importantly exposing the Rat establishment Republican Party for the duplicitous, lying scumbags that they are.

I’m supposed to be mad at PDJT for agreeing with Dopes to extend the debt ceiling for only 3 months?  ReRs are outraged because they will have deal with the issue again just before Christmas.  The ReRs wanted an 18 month extension so that it would take the weasels past the mid-term elections. I want to get the azzweasels on record 3 or 4 times before the mid-terms.  I want to get as many of them primaried as possible.  I want as many of the ReR swamp creatures gone – a la Eric Cantor - in the 1st round of elections.

Why am I supposed to be PO’d at PDJT for working with the Dopes on this one issue, when the ReR have been caving to them for as long as can remember?

There’s a simple therapy for Ann Coulter and others frustrated with PDJT.  Consider the alternative. You’ll feel better instantly.

“The Comeback” a better title for Shrillda the Hutt’s book
The Hutt’s book seems to be a compendium of what she should have said.  Like, the long excerpt about the Hutt telling PDJT to “back off creep” making the rounds a week or so back.  Of course, when presented the opportunity, she didn’t say any such thing.

We’ve all had such experiences.  We think of what we “should have said” at the party the morning after the party.  There’s a Seinfeld episode on the subject.  George gets used at meeting by a co-worker.  So he sets up an elaborate meting just so he can deliver a pretty lame comeback. 

Here’s the Wiki explanation of George’s comeback:
George Costanza has a conflict with one of his coworkers at the New York Yankees named Reilly (Joel Polis). When Reilly notices George stuffing himself with shrimp cocktail at a meeting, he remarks: "Hey George, the ocean called; they're running out of shrimp." Slow-witted George cannot think of a comeback until later, while driving to the tennis club to meet Jerry. His comeback is: "Well, the Jerk Store called, and they're running out of you." George becomes obsessed with recreating the encounter so that he can make use of his comeback.

Jerry, Elaine and Kramer disapprove of "jerk store" as a comeback mainly because "there are no jerk stores." Elaine suggests, "Your cranium called. It's got some space to rent." Jerry offers, "The zoo called. You're due back by six." Kramer finally suggests that George simply tell Reilly that he had sex with his wife.

After discovering that Reilly has changed jobs to Firestone in AkronOhio, George flies there to attend the meeting, and brings a tray of shrimp just to try out the jerk store line. When he says it, Reilly simply shoots back with "What's the difference? You're their all-time best seller." George, fumbling for words, ends up using Kramer's line, "Yeah? Well I had sex with your wife!" He is then told that Reilly's wife is in a coma.

During the end credits, George is seen driving away from the airport back in New York, muttering to himself that he could not think of another comeback, when he utters, "The life support machine called...", and after having thought up a new comeback, in an ecstatic fit, whips his car into a U-turn to head back to the airport and fly back to Akron while yelling out "You're meat, Reilly! You just screwed yourself!"

It's pretty funny stuff.  At one point Jerry tells George his comeback is stupid.  George protests claiming the retort is “smart.”  

Well I guess Shrillda the Hutt’s new book could use a name change. Instead of “What Happened” it should be called “The Comeback.” 

The book proves that Shrillda the Hutt is the George Costanza of American politics; a slow-witted, dull, self-absorbed, know-nothing.

Popeyes employees brawl
Yup.  Just what you’d expect.

Profiling is not racist
Just because you can guess who’s involved in an incident by the headline does not mean you’re a racist.  When I see a case of incest, I’m pretty sure it involves toothless trailer dwelling white trash.  When I read about a one pot meth lab being busted somewhere, I’m pretty sure it is the same set of white trash.  When I read about a fraud or embezzling case the perp is likely to be some punk white guy.

Stereotypes become stereotypes for a reason. A brawl at a fast food fried chicken store – please.  It’s way too easy.  Just like a riot at the local private golf club is most likely to involve drunk out of shape white guys wearing ugly trousers. 

It’s not racist to be observant.  Or is it?

Bannon channels Lex on Catholic response to illegal immigration (and refugees by the way)