Friday, May 25, 2018

World closer to nuclear war - Left cheers.

Savvy car buyers know that when sitting with manager in the final stages of the deal, sometimes the best thing that buyer can do is walk out.  I did that once back in ’86 and I continue to get calls from the dealer asking if I’m still interested in the car. The worst situation is the buyer wanting the car so bad he can’t walk away.

So PDJT walked away from Lil’ Rocket Man. 

What is so amazing to me is the reaction from the Lefty Libs. The exact same azzbags that defended MS-13 and Hamas are now cheering for N Korea.  Gran Nan from San Fran Peloser couldn’t contain her glee.  The interweb meme No-bell took off.  WTF?

My guess was that the summit had about 99.99% chance of happening because there was no downside for N. Koreans.  The worst case for N. Korea was the status quo.  So why not show up and see if you can get something for nothing?

I did not count on PDJT telling N. Korea to go to hell.

Here’s the Lefty Libs timeline on this.  PDJT confronts Lil’ Rocket Man, and the left faints dead away.  “He’s going to get us all killed in a nuclear war!!!!!!”  N. Korea thinks better of their BS and agrees to a summit, and the left faints dead away.  “He’s going to get us all killed.  He’s not ready for a summit!!!!!!”  PDJT cancels the summit, and the left leaps for joy.  “No-bell for Trump and the chances for nuclear war have just gone way up.  Awesome!!  Better we all die in a war than PDJT get a win!!!!”

Then all day yesterday the Lefty Lib line was that PDJT’s letter was written like 13 year old breaking up with his girlfriend from day camp.  So PDJT has written a couple of bestselling books but apparently can’t write. 

I’d have written it differently, but the up and down and back and forth tone of the letter probably plays to PDJT’s favor.  All of the N Korean translators are now sitting around a table trying to decide what the letter means. Kim no doubt has a call into Dennis Rodman, “He thanks us, trashes us, threatens us with war, cancels the summit, but says he’s happy to meet anytime. WTF?”

As always seems to be the case with PDJT, he’s ready to move in any direction.  When the MSM says he threatened the N Koreans, he can say, “I thanked them for letting our people go.”   

The sun hadn’t set on the compound before the N. Koreans were rethinking their shenanigans and striking a more conciliatory tone.  My guess is that the N. Koreans will shortly be like the car dealer calling PDJT to ask if he’s still interested in a summit.  The left will then faint dead away.

But what about diversity?
When I saw this story about James Mattis’ speech to Air Force Academy grads, I recalled my own experience at a Naval Academy graduation where the thought of combat or warfighting was never mentioned. Diversity and the football team were the topics Navy Sec Ray Maybus and SecDef Ash Carter thought needed to be addressed.

To my backward way of thinking war should be the major point interest to academy grads. It’s good to know that we now have a SecDef that gets that nuance.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

PDJT should announce that, "for their own good" he's ordering the FBI to infiltrate their campaigns

As this DOJ, FBI, CIA, DNI spygate caper gets weirder by the hour, the Demo-Dopes are trying to convince Mr. and Mrs America that spying on a presidential candidate in America is ops normal.  Not only does it happen all the time, but in PDJT’s case, the candidate ought to be thankful that the deep state government apparatchiks were on the job protecting him.  The only thing missing from the FBI’s mob like activities was a warning to candidate Trump, “Nice campaign you have here.  Be a shame if anything happened to it.”

The more the Demo-Dopes and guilty as hell spying azzbags, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Strzok, et al brush this crime aside as normal operations the more it opens the door for PDJT to spy on their campaigns.

PDJT should go on primetime TV for a 30 second announcement, “As result of the flap and justification as ‘normal’ by Dopes and spy former spy kings about them spying on my campaign, and the supposed constant effort by the Russians to penetrate our political campaigns, I’m ordering all government agencies from the IRS to the DOJ to infiltrate the DNC and any Dope campaign for any public office higher than dog catcher.  It’s for their own good. Don't worry the agencies will report directly to me and will not share the information.  

"To the Dopes and the MSM, there is no need to thank me for this positive action.  I’m just doing my job to keep you safe from the Russians.  Good night and God bless America.”

PDJT should accept the Dopes and MSM at their word.  The Russians are everywhere.  For their own good he ought to publicly order the infiltration of political opponents’ campaigns.  If there is the slightest outcry from Dopes or the MSM, it will demonstrate their hypocrisy.

The NFL’s latest move is no better than a criminal’s plea for mercy
During the sentencing phase of a criminal proceeding, having been convicted, the perp often makes an impassioned plea for mercy.  Often he will note how he’s gotten religion since the incident and is now so very sorry and remorseful for bashing the victim’s head in for wearing a MAGA hat.

It’s total BS.  It’s a lie.  It’s self-serving.  Everyone knows it.  He’s not sorry.  He’s trying to save his worthless azz.

So after two years of defecating on the anthem and the flag, the NFL has decided that NFL players must respect the anthem and flag or stay in the locker room. 

It’s total BS.  It’s a lie.  It’s self-serving.  Everyone knows it. The NFL’s not sorry for the flag brouhaha.  The NFL’s trying to save its worthless azz.

This half measure will do nothing to restore the NFL’s luster to those of us who have tuned them out over the last couple of years.  It is way too little way too late.  It is totally self-serving. It does nothing to speed the game up or lead to anyone’s (including the referees) better understanding of what constitutes a catch in the league.

I’m perfectly okay with players staying in the locker room during the anthem if they use the time to change back into civvies and get the hell out of the stadium.  The NFL could now require every player to wave an American flag during the anthem.  After two years of BS it doesn’t matter.  It’s all fake. This once hard core fan is still in the f-the NFL court. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Commencement speeches clichés

It’s that time of the year – commencement.  So we are bombarded with all manner of lefty lib commencement speakers trashing America while focusing their speech on themselves rather the graduates.  Shrillda the Hutt spent more time talking about herself - whining about being a dull incompetent candidate and of course blaming the Russians for azzwhippin’.   Of course the lefty libs loved her whiny rant.

So what’s Lex’s advice?  Self-evaluation and brutal honesty about your own potential.  Take on all of the graduation clichés.  Like:

“You can be whatever you want to be!” No.  You can’t.  I want to be an NFL linebacker.  Ain’t never going to happen. Replace that fake line with, introspection is a life-long requirement.  Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.  Set your goals accordingly. You cannot be whatever you want to be.

“Be persistent.  Webster’s dictionary defines persistence as…”  First, your idea of “persistence” can be considered stalking by other people.  Greg Gutfeld noted that on the Five the other day which gave rise to this post.  Next, you’re graduates.  For crying out loud you should know what the word “persistent” means.  If you don’t, go to the purser’s office and demand a full refund. At some point see #1 and move on.  

“Never give up.”  Reference #1. If you’re still pursing your goal of being an NFL linebacker at age 62, you’re wasting valuable time and energy. Give up.  Move on.

“This is not the end but the beginning.”  Unless you expect mom and dad to continue to the foot the bill the rest of your lives, this absolutely is the end of one phase of your life. Go get a job.   And if this is your “beginning” you are woefully under prepared to go forward. Your beginning should have been somewhere during your sophomore year in high school.   If this is your beginning, do what I did. Join the Marine Corps.  They will get you focused.

“You are the best and brightest.” That notion applies to about 10% of you.  10% of you are not even close to being the “best and brightest” and actually reside at the other end of the bell curve.  80% of you are average. To figure out where you are on the bell curve, see #1. Being average is not a curse.  Most everyone is average.  Not to worry some of the actual “best and brightest” lack common sense, drive, savvy, personal skills etc.  It God’s way of leveling the playing field. Evaluate and compensate.

“The friendships you’ve made here will last the rest of your life.”  Sadly for about 98% of you, they will not.  Most of you will move on, get jobs, marry and make new friends.  That’s not a bad thing.  There’s only so much time in a day.  Spend your time in the moment not trying to recreate “that night” back in college.  My guess is that in five years’ time very few of you will be exchanging Christmas cards with each other.

“You have a bright future in front of you.”  If you consider the future this week or this month or the next year that may be true.  But here’s the ultimate truth.  Life is difficult.  Much of what the world is made of from climate to fellow humans, from wild animals to cars to nearly every item we encounter has the potential to kill us.

There are serious questions in life.  We tend to avoid them.  What is my true potential?  What career is my skill set best suited to?  Who are the five most important people in my life?  Do they know it?

My only advice to you is to answer the tough questions honestly and continuously assess yourself – honestly. Congratulations.   

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Stop the world!!!  Lex is in agreement with a Demo-Dope!!! Oh, the humanity!!  Say it ain’t so Lex!!

It’s true.

But wait it gets worse.  Not just any Demo-Dope a Dope from The Empty Suit’s administration.

Brace yourself America.  Here it is.  After the Texas school shooting, The Empty Suit’s former Ed Secretary Arne Duncan swerved into a solution for two problems.  Duncan asked What if no children went to school until gun laws changed to keep them safe?  Brilliant Arne!!  Hell yes shut ‘em down.  What good have they been over the last 40 years?

That course of action would put an end to the school shooting situations and literally ANY other education model is likely to be superior to the status quo that has been around since the 1800s.

On second thought, maybe Lex isn’t agreeing with a Dope, maybe it’s a Dope agreeing with Lex.  

Since it’s unlikely that common sense will be considered in any solution to improve the school model, how do we protect children while the smartest kid in the class is being bussed across town and forced to learn the same material at the same rate as average joe?

Well I think that wide open access to anything invites trouble.  Take a border.  If anyone can stroll across a border at any point, the country has no idea of who is coming and who is going. Once access is limited, say by…oh Idunno…something like a wall, then “authorities” can better observe people coming and going at controlled access points. 

So common sense asks why access to many schools and the southern border of the US are left wide open? 

Forcing the enemy into lanes in the military it is called channelization.  The idea is to direct the enemy into narrow kill zones using obstacles, wire, landmines, outposts to direct indirect fires etc.  School entries need to be channelized so that so some control and observation of who is coming and going can be established.

Well then Lex doesn’t limiting access at schools create a target rich environment for potential school shooters at the channelized entries?  Yes it does.  That’s why security is layered.  Resource officers inside the school during class would be outside observing the migration of students into the building – an outpost if you will.  So say a kid shows up in a trench coat on a 90 degree day, the officer might ask him to unbutton his coat so the officer could see inside. 

Also various aspects of the “routine” are changed from time to time so that a potential shooter’s “dry run” becomes more difficult.  Resource officers who regularly engage students 50 feet from the school entrance, show up in the parking lot one morning and look into the vehicle of every 3rd or 4th car.  The 10th car has the doors, trunk and glove box opened.  Yeah, hell yeah, if you don’t like it drop the kid off a block from school and let him walk uphill both ways like the rest of had to do.

Dare I suggest volunteer teachers (possibly armed) augment the process from time to time?

Can I make an even bolder suggestion?  Work with the NRA.

Lefty who have not fainted dead away at the suggestion are now shouting at the screen, “Egad man!!  Have you lost your F-ing mind?? They’re a terrorist organization responsible for the murder of hundreds, no thousands, no millions, no billions of school children every single day!!!  You’re turning the schools into armed camps.”

The NRA is not a terrorist organization.  It is the premier gun safety organization in America.  It also has been studying effective responses to school shootings since Columbine.  So why in the world would any school truly interested in student safety refuse their advice?

The fact is that there are some Lefty Libs perfectly happy for the carnage to continue.  The goal being to gather up all of the guns and then impose onerous government regulation over speech, the right to assemble, the right not to be terrorized by the government knocking down your door in the morning and seizing your computer and files, etc. etc. etc.

The fact is that even if the #2A is repealed today and law abiding people turn over every gun they own, guess what?  Criminals will still have guns.  So the schools need to change the way they allow access or accept that this BS will continue.  

And last of course is the question, why do we insist on a 19th century model of education where children are herded, nay REQUIRED by the state to be herded into, for lack of a better expression for this topic, kill zones?    

Monday, May 21, 2018

Is America failing, if they get away with it - yes

Farm bill fails over work requirement for food stamps
So the Demo-Dopes are up in arms about a job training or work requirement for citizens receiving food stamps and/or other public aide.  Weird huh.  On the one hand Dopes are pushing a $15 an hour government job for all Americans who want one and on the other bitching about a work requirement for welfare.

Well then, cancel welfare.  Open a job program that pays $15 an hour for 20 hours of work or work related training.  Everyone is happy - right?   

Every campaign will now have an FBI “informant”
The key question for Boob Nifong Mueller and DOJ IG is, just how long have foreign powers been trying to influence American elections?  The answer is – since the founding.  It started with the French trying to drag America into to its conflict with Great Britain. The French actually tried to gin up a revolution against President Washington.

Russians were enlisted by Demo-Dopes like Teddy I only drowned one girl in the backseat of my car Kennedy to thwart President Reagan’s reelection. 

Lex looks at foreign interference in our elections as a given.  Money and information is going to flow to candidates that support a country’s interests. Chinese Communists backed Billbo Billyboy Clinton.  The Soviet Union and now Russia historically back the Demo-Dopes – for obvious reasons. 

So foreign influence is a given and has been since 1776.  Why all the sudden interest in something that has been ongoing since the founding?  To answer that question one need look no further than who got her ample azz whipped in 2016.

Jimmy the fib clap Clapper says the government wasn’t spying on the Trump campaign per se but rather “investigating” Russian interference. YGBSM!  That’s pretty much a distinction without a difference.  If that’s a true statement, and given the source that cannot be assumed, then there should have been “informants” inside every campaign.  Because, as Lex noted, foreign interference is a given.

So try that if the wife catches you tailing her to her “girls’ night out.”  “I wasn’t doin’ no spyn’ honey.  My trust in you runs deeper than the outhouse hole.  I was just, what’s the word, oh yeah investigatein’ who it was you was hangin’ out wit.”

My own thinking on this issue is that the incompetents inside government – like Clapper, Mueller, Comey, Brennan, Lynch, Power, Biden, The Empty Suit etc. etc. – ought to be dealing with foreign powers to dissuade them from interfering in our elections.  Not infiltrating the opposing party’s campaigns. 

It makes no sense to me for the heavy and corrupt hand of the federal government infiltrating one side of the political spectrum’s campaigns. All of the evidence in history says that if any political party is in bed with anti-Americans and communists it is the Dopes.  But inexplicably the illegal government BS only EVER goes in one way – and it is not targeted at the political party with well-known ties to anti-American and communists.

That’s a constitutional crisis, Mr. and Mrs. America.  That is not supposed to happen in America. 

As each layer of the onion is pealed back, the dirty deeds of The Empty Suit administration and the Demo-Dope Party become more and more apparent and more destructive to the trust in the electoral process and – if possible – government itself.

Lex would often write. “Okay let’s assume Demo-Dopes and their MSM lackeys are not anti-American commie loving d-bags, how would their behavior be any different if they were?” The answer today is the same as always, it wouldn’t be any different.

Look, the Dopes and MSM side with Iran, N Korea, China, Russia, Hamas, MS-13, illegal aliens, rioters and drug cartels against the American people – and that was just last week.

Corruption at the highest levels of government is apparent to anyone willing to notice.  All of it has been directed at preventing DJT from winning the 2016 presidential election and now to destroy his presidency. 

In the post under, Lex asks if America is failing.  If the anti-American commie loving scum are able to scuttle PDJT’s presidency behind lies the answer will be a resounding yes.  Not because President Pence would be a bad choice as a president, rather because Nifong Mueller and the Caligula, D.C. azzbags think 63 million Americans are going to just sit back and watch an election be reversed by a criminal element that resides deep inside government.

Note to Nifong Mueller and the azzbags – many won’t. PDJT at that point as likely as not would form a government in exile.

Last note:  Supposed “loyal Americans” like Shrillda the Hutt, Mueller, Comey, Brennan, et al have done to undermine Americans’ trust in elections and the political process than all of the foreign interference in the history of this great country. 

Royal wedding proves white male dominance
Rev? Al Not-So-Sharp-ton says the royal wedding indicates an end to white male supremacy.  Well to the extent that anyone thinks that white male supremacy actually exists, I hope so. 

Not surprisingly, looking at the royal wedding, one might think it indicates the exact opposite proving – again not surprisingly – Rev? Al Not-so-sharp-ton is wrong. A pretty biracial girl falls for a whiter than white ginger boy.  It would seem to me that those circumstances indicates white male dominance – to the extent such a thing exists - is doing fine rather than failing.

You know whitey can’t jump, shoot a basketball or dance but somehow still scores the prettiest girl in the class. If that’s not white male dominance what is, Al?

When the real Rev officiating at the royal wedding asked for objections, Rev? Al Not-so-sharp-ton should have pulled the cultural appropriation card to stop what is clearly a sham marriage for the bride to gain English citizenship.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Murdering scum just like grandpa - really Chuckles?

Can the MSM and the Demo-Dopes be this stupid?  Why yes, I believe they can.  They started out dumb as a hoe handle and continue to let their Trump derangement syndrome negatively affect their mental condition to the point that they now have the judgment and IQ of sand.

PDJT called MS-13 animals.  Because PDJT is against MS-13, the Dopes and the MSM reflexively began to defend the murderous gang. Chuckles the weeping Clown actually equated the gang to our great-great-grandparents.

Chuckles is a d-bag clown.  If there’s a camera around you just know he’s going to stop and say something stupid.  PDJT gets blasted all the time for his impulsive tweets.  Well how about Chuckles comparing your great-great-granddad – who in my case, I come to find out, was probably a butcher in Croatia – with murderous drug dealing illegal alien gang members?  I dunno Chucky.  You may be painting with a bit too broad a brush here and looking like the total azzbag that you are. 

Grand Nan from San Fran Peloser doubled down on stupid and chimed in with a “we’re all God’s children” justification.  Well then so is PDJT.  Why don’t you treat him like one of God’s children?

Demo-Dopes like Peloser invoke God when it’s convenient for political reasons not as a matter of faith. They support the federal funding of the destruction of children by the millions, then talk about a spark of God’s divinity within all humanity when she thinks she can bash PDJT. So Nancy which is it?

Before invoking “God” to defend MS-13, Nan, you may want to spend some time with the Old Testament.  Look at Exodus and the hell on Earth God visited upon Pharo.  Check out Matthew 7-16, “You shall know them by their fruits.”  My guess is that God is not taking great joy in the “fruits” of MS-13.

So the Dopes and MSMS take up the cause of MS-13 against PDJT and still count on a blue wave in Nov.  Some smart ad guy is already putting the ads together of Dopes supporting MS-13 against PDJT to run against Dopes in reasonably educated quarters.

For his part, PDJT gave them all the finger.  When most Rat establishment Republicans would be backtracking and trying to explain, re-explain, re-re-explain and apologizing for 10,000th time “if I offended anyone,” PDJT looked into the camera and said he called MS-13 animals and would “always call them animals.”  Real Americans cheered.

Okay Mr. and Mrs. America, there you have it.  Dopes and the MSM are on the side of MS-13. PDJT is on the side of protecting Americans.  Quick, let’s vote.

Somewhere, sometime back in a post under, Lex has made the point that PDJT is fortunate in that he has amassed a legion of enemies one more bat-excrement-crazy than the next.  People – even Lefties - are now so immune to PDJT bashing.  Even the measured and somewhat accurate criticism of PDJT is rejected by a wide swath as just so much BS noise from sick, sick sickos suffering from extreme case of TDS.  
Gina Haspel confirmed!!
Come on man, you know the rest of the story.  McCain, like all of us, is still dying and his opinion on the matter made zero difference.

The posturing on this is mind boggling.  I hope to heaven there are people in the CIA willing to do some things that would make the average guy cringe.  Does that make me a bad guy.  I guess so.  Better if I’d be a virtue signaling azzbag all outraged that there are people willing to do more than scold the azzbags of the world with strong language. 

My thinking is that we may have to accept a touch of immorality when dealing with the scum of the world. 
Is America failing
In my self-imposed cable news ban, I’m beginning to contemplated the lede.  Supporting the supposition
-   UUUGE ever expanding divide between left and right
-   Infiltration of the government by deep-state azzbags, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, et. al more interested in the success of the Demo-Dope party than the country they supposedly serve
-   Dope effort to criminalize politics
-   Rat establishment Republican go along to get along d-baggery  
-   Education system in a shambles
-   Lefty demonization of law enforcement, free speech, religion, ethics etc.
-   Rejection of many of the simple truths of natural law, a man is a man, the right to self-defense, Dopes are 99.999% azzbags etc.

On the positive side of the ledger is PDJT and a armed citizenry.  That’s pretty much it as I see it right now.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

An apology or 10 will not matter

There’s this story from Andy Cooper that claims that PDJT’s White House has been instructed not to apologize.  Sounds about like PDJT, because he has a 6th sense about doing the right thing even if a bit out of the norm.  Not apologizing is absolutely the correct thing for the PDJT White House to do. Why the heck should they apologize for anything? The left is incapable of accepting an apology.

Here’s a truism.  John McCain, like all of us, is still dying.  His opinion of Gina Haspel made not one bit of difference in her being confirmed out of committee yesterday. It won't make one bit of difference in the final vote in the full senate.  But when a WH staffer made that observation a couple of days ago, “It (McCain’s opinion on Haspel)doesn’t matter he’s dying anyway” all heck broke loose. 

An apology was demanded.  So the staffer called McCain and apologized.  Not good enough!!  The apology must be made to the public.  Why should the staffer apologize to me?  I find nothing wrong with the comment, and it wasn’t directed to me anyway. The comment was made in private, so a private apology, it seems to me, is appropriate. 

ASIDE: I once made an azz of myself at Scout Committee meeting.  I later apologized to the committee.  I didn't take out a full page ad in the Ft. Wayne Urinal Gazette.  Unlike Demo-Dopes, the committee graciously accepted the apology and we all moved on. 

No matter what the staffer does, the left will continue its faux outrage.   So why bother?  Here’s the apology, “I'M SORRY if you want me to publicly apologize for telling the truth about McCain.  I’m not going to do it.  I apologized to McCain personally.  I’m SORRY.  That’s all you are going to get.

“Here’s why.  An apology was demanded.  I apologized. It wasn’t good enough.  Now a public apology is demanded.  If I do that, it won’t be good enough.  My sincerity will be questioned.  So a more sincere apology will be demanded.  When I make that third apology, it will be said that I’m just trying to save my job.  When the fourth, fifth, and sixth apologies are made, it will be said that I cannot get out from under the controversy and I should be fired for the good of the country.

“So I apologized to the McCains.  That’s it.  That’s all you’re going to get and to the point, the apology wasn’t accepted by all the McCains.  Meghan is demanding a public apology. That won’t be enough.

“Fortunately I work for man, not a Republican azzweasel.  No more apologies.” 

North Korean summit
The news is all abuzz with the hope that Lil’ Rocket Man will cancel his summit with PDJT. For the MSM better to get back to the good ‘ol days of possible nuclear annihilation than to denuclearization of the peninsula.  San Francisco going up in smoke would be a fair price to pay to deny PDJT another victory and a Nobel Prize.

Come to think of it, San Francisco going up in smoke would be a fair price to pay for a cup of coffee from my view from the compound.

Here’s the thing.  There is no down side for Lil Rocket Man sitting down with PDJT.  The way these things have worked to date is that the N Koreans sit down, make promises, get concessions, break the promises and keep the concessions.  The worst that can happen for N Korea at any summit is the status quo. 

So my sense of the N Korean bluster is that it’s all…well bluster.  If N Korea cancels the talks over a military exercise that has been on the books for 18 months, PDJT should stage an unannounced military exercise for Sep in place of the summit.

My guess is that the talks will go on.  Lefty Libs heads’ will explode.  Another upside to the talks.   

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Political handling of rock bands demonstrate the difference between McCain and PDJT

Another clueless limey with bad teeth – 180 year old Keith Richards – is hating on PDJT.  Badazz Richards reputedly pulled a knife on Trump back in the day - 1989.  Keith was upset that Trump gave himself top billing when Trump was promoting a Stones concert in Atlantic City. Total Trump.

So Keith did what we all would do - pull a knife on the dude.  Only thing is Trump was not in the room, which kind of ruins the badazz aspect of the story.  If I only had a nickel for every time I pulled a knife on someone that wasn’t around…

Richards reportedly said, “You have to get rid of this man” as he slammed his knife into the table.  So Trump wasn’t there.  Maybe there was no knife.  Maybe Richards slammed his empty hand on the table.  Maybe he didn’t say what he says he said.  Maybe he said, “Someone get me a beer!”  Now that would be a totally believable story.

Who knows?  At face value the story is a big nothing.  Who the hell cares what you tell someone who isn’t there?  Maybe that’s why this page has never taken off.  Lex doesn’t get out there and confront the azzbags face to face.  Instead I confront them on this little page and pull a knife on them in delusional alcohol induced episodes down in the barn.  I will tell you this, when they aren’t there to confront you back, you can really give ‘em hell.  I never once lost a confrontation with someone who wasn’t there in the barn

The Stones don’t like PDJT.  He uses their music in his campaign warm ups and one as his signature close.  They asked him to stop using their music.  PDJT told ‘em to go f-themselves.  He bought the rights.  If they don’t like it, they can remove their music from public play lists and forego the royalties.

When the sisters who made up the rock band Heart demanded that John McCain (who is dying by the way and whose opinion will not matter in the confirmation vote on Gina Haspel today) stop using their song Barracuda at Sarah Palin rallies, the McCain campaign apologized and complied.

Do you see the very subtle, almost imperceptible difference there?  McCain complied with a demand from a couple of washed up chicks that he stops doing something that he has the perfect right to do and actually paid for. PDJT tells an epic iconic rock band that can still fill a stadium anywhere in the world - The Rolling Stones - to go get bent when they ask him to stop using their music. That’s why Trump gave himself top billing back in ‘89, Keith. 

PDJT is the man.  Sadly, he, like every living thing, too is dying.  The big difference between him and John McCain is that PDJT’s opinion still matters.