Thursday, April 30, 2015

As always with the race baiting azzholes (TES etc.), the truth does not matter

The Freddie Gray investigation, promised to be released on Friday, is reportedly being delayed.  Why do you suppose that is?  Could it be that, like the Mike Brown case, the report shows the cops did nothing wrong?  That would be good enough reason for the Dope mayor of Baltimore to delay the release of the report, no?

The mob and the usual race baiting azzbags - The Empty Suit etc. - have already convicted the cops for abuse.  If that scenario doesn’t pan out, a la Mike Brown “hands up don’t shoot,” the result will be the same BS.  Hands up don’t shoot is still being used by the black lives matter crowd of uninformed douches when shutting down a brunch somewhere.  Politicians like the Shrilldabeast are still siting Ferguson as examples of poor policing.  All of this in spite of the fact that three investigations exonerated the police officer and put the blame for Mike Brown’s death right where it belonged - squarely on the shoulders of Mike Brown.  None of it deterred scumbag race agitators from rioting burning etc. 

The truth does not matter.  So if the investigation shows Freddie Brown was responsible for his own injuries, while high on some kind of drug cocktail, all hell break loose…again.  Truth made no difference in the Mike Brown Case, it won’t make any difference here. 

If the facts in the Freddie Brown case do add up to enough to put the cops in jail, you can expect that TES and the wad or Loretta Lynch will be able to manufacture enough BS, to indict the entire Baltimore PD, again, a la Ferguson.  The wad couldn’t indict Officer Wilson so the accomplice to the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry indicted the entire Ferguson PD via the lapdog MSM.

Here’s the sad bottom line, had Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Rodney King et al simply cooperated with the police none would be a cause celeb for rioting $h!theads today.  The actual circumstance – aka the truth - surrounding their involvement with police made no difference to race baiting creeps intent on making a profit or stealing, burning, shutting down commerce etc.  So, just release the report and let the riots resume.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Parent(s), jobs and education destroyed by Dopes

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it 100 times, “where are the parents”?  For about 72% of black kids the question is, “where is your parent”?  This is just one of myriad problems visited upon poor families, most noticeably poor black families, by do-gooder libs who redistribute your money without attaching any responsibility. 

It’s been nearly 60 years since the start of LBJ’s war on poverty.  America’s longest war has been every bit as successful as The Empty Suit’s “shovel ready” stimulus package.  Literally billions have been wasted on BS duplicative soul stealing government social programs.  The end result is a bloated less responsive government and the worst race relations since the program began. 

The “where are the parents” meme is followed by the, “what we need are jobs and better education” BS.  Education in America, particularly inner city education, has been destroyed lefty lib Dopes and their wholly owned subsidiary – the teacher’s union.  We spend more money per student than anyone and have NOTHING to show for it.  TES and the proposing 2 years of free college education because after 12 years of public education kids can’t find North America on a map, can’t add 2+2 and get 4, can’t name the three branches of the federal government…well, can’t do $h!t.

Jobs?  YGBSM! Count, if you can, the number of fed, state and local “job training” programs.   In the end, the majority of jobs created are for the government azzholes administering the program.  And who needs a job anyway when the government will redistribute up to $46K in “benefits” for doing nothing more than the hard work of applying for it.   Then the recipients will never, ever even say thank you to the people footing the bill.  More likely they will bitch about their “benefits” than ever utter a word of thanks.
So after 60 years of the government’s “helping hand,” and 6 years of an asleep at the wheel half-black president, the residents of Baltimore and the usual professional race baiters are STILL calling for jobs and education.  No doubt they will continue to vote Dope and expect things to change.  Hey, if 60 years isn’t enough time to improve things, maybe Dopes will be able to get things done in 64 years.   Keep banging your head against that brick wall.  After 60 hits, it’s sure to come tumbling down on the next bloody hit. No.  It isn’t.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Shrilldabeast an anti-Christian Roman at heart

We had a small gathering last Saturday night.  The conversation turned to how fouled up everything in the US seemed to be these days.  I opined that we needed to face the fact that we are now the counterculture.  In some ways that’s comforting.  Now when some Borg member tells us we must attend a homosexual wedding and we’d better bring a pretty nice gift or else, we can tell the Borgster to F**K OFF.  We’re traveling our own road

The mainstay in the counterculture as always, are the Christians.  The Gaystopo openly targets Christians and is cheered by usual suspects in the lapdog MSM and Hollywood know-nothing swells for doing so.  The main target in the assault is not the rite of homosexuals to marry, something the high priest havoc could always bestow upon them.   The goal is to destroy the Christian institution of marriage.  If you took the government out of the marriage equation, 98% of homosexuals would have no interest in marrying.

To put this in terms that homosexuals and their militant henchmen in the Gaystopo can understand, why does the government have the power to sanction who loves who?  Why does the government get to license a religious sacrament?  Once you accept the argument that “love” should be the only determining factor for “marriage,” the word has no meaning…except for the religious.  Seems to me everyone else could get along better with a legal contract than a marital contract.  But a legal contract would do nothing to advance the goal of destroying Christians.   

It’s not just the Gaystopo targeting Christians.  Speaking at something called the Women in The World Summit in New York Thursday the Shrilldabeast claimed that “far too many women are still denied critical access to reproductive health care and safe childbirth,” Godzilla in a pant suit told the audience that not only laws will have to be changed. Also, “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

First of all is anyone in America being “denied critical access to reproductive health care”?  What the beast means here is that she wants women to be able to walk into any pharmacy and demand free birth control and get it.  A month’s supply cost $9 at Walmart.  Not good enough for the Shrilldabeast.  You must pay for it.  And if the woman is too lazy, stupid or undisciplined to get it before the act, you must pay to destroy the baby.  According to this rape enabling old, old hag that is “reproductive health care.”  It is, of course, total BS.

Now consider this, the beast believes that, “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”  What cultural codes have not already been destroyed or weakened.  Turn on the TV.  What cultural codes are not regularly lampooned?  What planet has this ancient old bag been on for the last 40 years?  “Structural bias”?  WTF does that mean?  Do we stop driving on the left hand side of the road? 

Here’s the dangerous one – changing religious beliefs.  The Shrilldabeast calling for changing religious beliefs, is like The Ohio State University calling for the U of Meatchicken to change quarterbacks and raze Meatchicken stadium.  Neither has the best interest of the other at heart.  But at least TOSU knows something about Meatchicken.  If she thinks Christians will change their beliefs to accommodate abortion, the beast knows nothing about Christians.

Here’s the bad news for The Empty Pant Suit, the Gaystopo and all of the new age Hollywood hipsters, Christians are the original counter culture.  Christians survived the persecution of the Romans and in the end converted them.   So if this pant suit of doorknobs thinks she can change deep-seated religious beliefs - aka the truth, something she doesn’t understand and avoids – she is a bigger dolt than I ever gave her credit for.  Exit question: If elected president, will grandma douche condone crucifixion in order to change deep-seated religious beliefs? 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Bruce Jenner's a Christian Republican

Bruce? Jenner claims to be a Christian, Republican who believes in the constitution.  All of that may be true.  At least true in the same sense that I claim that I’m on a diet while finishing off my 3rd bowl of ice cream with extra chocolate sauce and crushed Oreo topping at 9 o’clock in the evening.  I know what I’m supposed to do on a diet.  I just don’t do it.

Jenner may think he’s a Christian, but not in any sense that I understand faith.  What Jenner is doing to himself would be like obtaining a magnificent and priceless piece of art work and then going about touching it up with a $2 can of spray paint.  I do not believe that Jenner can believe in an all-knowing, caring, loving God who created him, but then think that the same God screwed up and gave him a Y chromosome when he clearly preferred another X.  

That does not mean I question for one second that Jenner sees himself as a woman.  I think Jenner actually believes that he’s a woman trapped in a man’s body.  I Know because I’m convinced that I am a 400 pound alcoholic trapped in the body of a moderately fat moderately sober man.  Left to my own whims and devices, lunch would consist of a bag of double stuffed Oreos, a family size bag of Lays chips all washed down with a couple of two liter bottles of cherry Coke.  Dinner would be a bottle of Maker’s washed down with a 12 pack of Guinness.

Were I ever to start fulfilling my whims and desires, I’d probably seek professional help, or, ever the practical one, Mrs. Lex would have me committed to an asylum.  It’s not healthy to allow yourself or the ones you love to go around acting like Superman just because they think that they are.  Hint.  They are NOT faster than a speeding bullet.  They CANNOT leap a tall building with a single bound.  They are NOT more powerful than a locomotive.  It would be crazy to allow them to walk around  thinking that they were.
Now I’m sure the LGBTQZTVCAO  think that I should be committed, not for my dietary fantasies, but rather for ever posting that I thought that the voluntary and unnecessary lopping off of body parts might be the outward manifestation of a mental disorder.  If I think I’m Superman, I’m crazy.  If I think I’m Wonder Woman, I’m perfectly sane and highly educated doctors start lopping off body parts.

As far as being a Republican, here’s the first test for Jenner.  If he expects to pay for the procedure himself, he just might be a Republican.  If after the procedure he goes about his life seeking no special favor or attention, he just might be a Republican.  I suspect Jenner is a Colin Powell Republican.  That would be the kind that never votes Republican, trashes the party at every opportunity and roots for the Dopes.  But yeah, sure, he’s a Republican as much as anyone who voted to confirm Loretta Lynch.

As for loving the constitution, of course he does.  That document is set up to provide protection for people like Jenner.  I truly hope Jenner finds peace, goes away quietly and takes his entire dysfunctional family with him.  For people who are famous simply for being famous, that is a most unlikely scenario.
Kollege campuses a mess

This poster was removed from Youngstown University.  Diversity on campus is a JOKE.
 These posters identifying by name the campus Young Republicans and Libertarians and accusing them of supporting a "rape culture" for inviting Christina Hoff Sommers to speak at Oberlin are, of course, protected speech. 
Nice piece by Kevin D. Williamson channeling a lot of what Lex has opined about college but in a much more thoughtful, readable and funny format here.
New Srilldabeast bumper sticker


Friday, April 24, 2015

The American campus borg

There is no doubt that one of the most closed-minded places you might find yourself these days is not in the pew of a Catholic Church.  Compared to America’s college campuses today, the Catholic Church looks like the Cambridge Union Society open to debating anything at any time.  American college campuses, on the other hand, are run more like the Nazi SS meeting debating the “final solution” where diversity of thought not only is not tolerated but can be fatal, if not literally,  at least fatal to your academic career.

Point:  It’s the graduation season.  See how many conservative speakers are invited to speak at graduation.  See how many lefty Lib speakers are “protested.”  Free speech and thought my ample azz.

Point:  How many pro-life rallies are banned on campus?  How many “pro-choice” rallies get cancelled by colleges?  Open to all points view?  No.  Not at all.

Point:  How many rallies for traditional marriage are shut down as being – get this – non-inclusive?  How many homosexual pride events are banned from campuses?  Fair-play on campus is BS.
Point:  Movies like American Sniper get protested. Movies like Bowling for Columbine are praised.
Point: Chick-Fil-A is banned.  Moochele's arugula bar is mandatory.

I do not have time to continue this endless list of hypocrisy.

We have to face the fact that the college campus in America is no longer a place for the free exchange of ideas.  They are borg-like citadels for lefty Lib propaganda where descent is not tolerated.  Resistance is futile.  Anyone who dare resist is ridiculed, suspended, and harassed until assimilated or driven from the campus.

What I find comical about this like-minded mob who shouts down anyone who might disagree with them is that they actually think that they are cutting-edge hipsters railing against “the man.”  Hey kids!!  You are the man!!  If you want to be a hipster railing against the “college administration,” wear a cross, carry a Bible in one hand, a pro-life poster in the other and support Ann Coulter as your commencement speaker.  Watch the hate from the campus borgsters descend on your head.

As a means to silence the crowd, the borgsters have coined two new terms whoes sole purpose are to shut people up.  “Trigger words” are supposedly anything that shuts down conversation because the use of certain words are causing the borgsters anxiety.  The Bible or anything else used to make a point that differs in the slightest with the borg is labeled a “trigger” for these pamper azzwagons.  Microaggression is when something, anything, is said to be offensive to shut people up. So if a sorority holds a “taco night” as a fund raiser for disabled vets, that’s microaggression.

Here’s another thing that we have to admit, we’ve raised an entire generation of, oh what’s the word, it’s that locker room word Ann Coulter called Ed Schultz.  We’ve given them all trophies for doing nothing for so long and told them that are so special that they think breathing entitles them to lives devoid of challenges physical or mental.  They can no longer tolerate someone telling them the truth -AKA you’re full of $h!t.  They are a mob pampered Schultz’s. 

Here are the Urban Dictionary definitions of the two words:   

A word used often by idiots on Tumblr to justify their bitchy attitudes, most of whom don't know what a real traumatic experience is.


Supposedly, a microagression is when you do something offensive in a small innocuous way. In practice it's what happens whenever a white/straight/male does anything, ever. So basically, it's an excuse for liberals to be angry for no reason.

"Oh my God! You used a Spanish word! That's an appropriative microagression against Hispanic people!"

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The day's news

A number of posts below, Lex cautioned about the demise of the last two bastions of reasonable thought, the military and the Catholic Church.  Lex linked to an article that demonstrated how thoroughly the Gaystopo had infiltrated Catholic Charities in San Francisco.  Now read about how the head of Catholic Relief Services is living in a same sex marriage. 
All of this got me to thinking about marriage.  What is marriage?  It is the union of one man to one woman.  Says who?  The Bible.  Ha!  The Bible, that’s a joke.  Homosexuals may think so.  But ask yourself, where did the term and concept of “marriage” originate?  I believe it was the Bible.  Pre-Christians, pagans and cavemen had no concept of marriage.    So are homosexuals who want to “marry” affirming the Bible? I did not know that they were such religious zealots.  And why in the world is government involved in marriage anyway?  Marriage is a rite of the church not city hall.

The Gaystopo rolls in on Chick-Fil-A at Johns Hopkins. 
I’m a semester away from sending young Lex off to college.  I fear it will do more harm than good.  Look where the most intolerant, most insulated, least diverse thought in America occurs - the college campuses.  Cloistered Nuns are exposed to more diverse thinking than the average college kid these days.  Now the babies at JH can’t abide a Chick-Fil-A on campus.  These are the same open-minded ready for anything crowd that protests the movie American Sniper.  Sadly these poor babies cannot abide anything that deviates one mil from the established lefty Lib loon line.  In the locker room there was a term for such people.  Hint: It’s what Ann Colter called Ed Schultz when Ed complained he couldn’t get a conservative to come on his show to debate him.

The case for a flat tax
The Weekly Standard
is reporting that the IRS deliberately cut its customer service funding during the tax rush.  OK does anyone seriously think that an administration that locked up the White House and paid people it supposedly didn’t have money to pay to place barricades around open air monuments to keep the people out, would bat an eye at screwing us on purpose during the tax season to prove a point on IRS funding.  The arrogance of the IRS chief Koskinen on Capitol Hill yesterday was stunning.  While spending 10s of millions on bonuses and “union activates” Koskinen told representatives time and again he had no choice in how to redirect IRS funds.   Why in the hell are taxpayers paying for IRS “union activities”?  The union should pay for their own damned activities. 

The Slack Jawed Creep, Shrilldabeast and no talent off-spring Foundation: AKA The Bill, Hillary and Chelsey Clinton Foundation
I listened to Sen Joe Manchin (Dope WV) defend the shady goings on at the Clinton Foundation by saying the foundation had done many good works.  YGBSM.  They take money from some of the worst actors on the planet, siphoning off God knows how much for themselves and partisan Dope causes, then spend whatever is leftover on some food and a few blankets to ship off to some disaster.  Don’t give me the, “Oh Lex, there’s no proof the Clintons are looting the foundation for their own purposes.”  Puleeeeeeez.  It’s the Clintons.  There is NO WAY THAT THEY AREN’T.  These money loving low-lifes are selling access plain and simple.

But let’s say they were not.  Manchin’s logic is so flawed it is stunning.  It reminds me of the Godfather II movie were the Don moves through the neighborhood handing out walking around money to the people and putting money into the offering at church.  When someone mentions the murder and mayhem the Don inflicts on the neighborhood, Manchin no doubt would defend him, “Fugeddaboudit.  He do so much good for da neighborhood.  He offers insurance and protection to just about everyone.  Look whats happen to dose who don’t buy no insurance.  Day gets beat up.  So, da Don is offering a much needed service.”  Joe you have joined the long line of azz sniffing Dopes.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's walk to work day

It’s Erff Day AKA Earth Day or is it Earthday?  WARNING:  Most of this “green energy” BS is extremely flammable.  The Chevy volt, wind turbines are both highly flammable.  Now solar panels are bursting into flames.   Check out this most appropriate Erff Day story from the - you cannot make this $h!t up - file.

Today you can expect a litany of self-important Dope pols and Hollywood swells jetting to and fro in private aircraft while encouraging the rest of us to bike, no make that, walk to work, after all making a bicycle requires a good bit of energy that cannot be generated by wind or solar sources, so walk t is.

The real jihadi threat to America
So, why are Western ISIS recruits risking being found out while traveling to Syria to join the jihad?  How long do you suppose it’ll be before some kid in Dearborn, MI decides it’s better to kill people in America than to be caught try to get into Syria?  I do not think it’ll be that long.

Not to worry though, DHS is on the case.  It’s monitoring American vets returning from fighting the jihadis from forming a militia here in the US.

The Shrilldabeast is in trouble
How do I know?  Well IMHO it’d be much better to be involved in a real scandal.  Say you got a US Ambassador and three others killed in a foreign country.  You could lie, obfuscate, blame the “fog of war” or a video while the MSM covered your fat azz.  What is happening now with the Shrilldabeast is she is becoming a mockable clown.

ASIDE:  Bill Gates doesn’t think “mockable” is a word.  There’s one of those squiggly redlines under it as I type.  Unlike The Empty Suit’s redlines, Bill’s don’t go away until you take some sort of action. 

 Real scandals involving Dopes do not interest the MSM in the slightest.  If they did TES, Susan Rice, the wad and the Shrilldabeast would be under indictment right now.  What the lapdog MSM cannot control is when a Dope becomes a caricature clown like oh so slow Joe jobs is a three letter word Biden.  With her Chipotle moment, the Scooby van, parking in a handicapped spot etc. Shrilldabeast is becoming a national punchline.
Expect her do something to get the spot light off her wide bottom.  She might consider getting caught in an affair with another woman.  Doing so would bring the Gaystopo to her aid forever as her unassailable attack dogs. Nobody messes with the Gaystopo.  Better to be under investigation in WI than have the Gaystopo ruining your life.  Every criticism would be labeled homophobic.

Nothing shuts people up faster than being called a racist or homophobe.  I'd advise the beast to cover both bases by engaging in a homosexual affair with a black woman who has a Hispanic surname.  No one, not even her slack jawed louse of a husband, would dare say a word.  

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

TES opposes global warming because nothing else is required

Other than the fact that he is a complete dumbazz, why is it, do you suppose, The Empty Suit thinks global warming is the most serious threat facing the world today?  America is $18,000,000,000,000 in debt.  From ISIS to the Gaystopo, Christians are under fire across the globe, 31 just drown or beheaded by ISIS.  Iran has snookered TES and the pompous dumbazz he hired to negotiate a deal.  As a result, Iran continues to sprint to a nuclear bomb, which if achieved, it likely use somewhere.  ISIS is on the move in the Middle East and Africa.  He’s knee deep in enough domestic scandals any one of which would send a Republican jail for decades.  Yet TES believes global warming is the most serious threat facing the world.  Why?   

Never mind that TES is the biggest hypocrite on global warming since AlGore.  Even AlGore wouldn’t charter a separate flight for his fatazz wife – if there were another woman stupid enough to hang out with the fat bore – like TES does with taxpayer dollars and Air Force assets.  Don’t get me wrong, were I married to a hectoring nag like Moochele, I’d want her on a separate flight as well.  But I would not use taxpayer money nor claim to be fighting global warming while doing so.

The reason, Mr. & Mrs. America that TES is happy to focus on global warming while the world burns around him is because the only thing required of TES to be a warm-monger is to say he believes in global warming.  That’s it.  While the other crises require thought and action and entail risk, being a warm-monger requires nothing more than voicing concern.  Mission accomplished.  You can still send your fatazz hectoring nag of wife on a separate flight with a clear conscience.  It requires less effort than wearing one those pink pins that you put on your lapel to prove what a great person you are.  Or is it to show you oppose cancer? 

Warm-mongers are worse than folks who would rearrange the deckchair on the Titanic.  Those people actually accomplish something.  Warm-mongers want every else onboard a perfectly good ocean liner restricted to the lifeboats so they can get through the buffet line quicker.  They swear they have developed a computer model that proves without a doubt that a gaping hole in the side of the ship will develop any second.  As the ship chugs along hour after hour without incident, the warm-monger get more hysterical.  Anyone who gets out of the life boat and insists on going through the buffet line is “denier.” 

TES champions global warming while the world is on fire, because he’s a clueless dope.  I cannot put out the fire in the kitchen so I go cut grass.  No. Wait that requires effort.  While the kitchen burns, I look out the window with a cup of coffee in hand demand someone else get out there and cut the grass.  Funny thing is, the grass doesn’t need to be cut at all.   
Another reason to venture out for more ammo and another gun
If you are looking for one more reason to shout, “F**K THE GOVERNMENT,” read this.


Monday, April 20, 2015

TES aims to destroy last two bastions of reasonable thought

Lex used to opine that the last two bastions of sensible thought in America were found in the military and the Catholic Church.  Let’s face it, thanks to wannbe BS GOFO’s more interested in political correctness and social engineering than wining battles and wars the military is all but lost.

One of these blubbering sycophantic yes weasels, CJCS Marty Dempsey, actually claimed that the fall of Ramadi Iraq was “not symbolic in any way.”  YGBSM!  Then send your kids, family and friends to get it back excrementhead.  These clueless wannabes have their heads so far up The Empty Suit’s boney azz, they cannot see what is happening.

Here’s what is happening.  ISIS is getting stronger.  Why are they getting stronger?  ISIS is getting stronger because dopes like Dempsey cannot identify the ISIS center of gravity because they are two busy slobbering all over TES.  Grant understood that Lee and his army was the South’s center of gravity.  So he grabbed Lee by the belt and would not let go.  Reagan understood the decrepit Soviet economy was their center of gravity.  So he engaged the Soviets in an arms race they could not compete in and sent them to the ash heap of history (until the Shrilldabeast’s “reset button” anyway). Unless you’re talking about a par 5 with a dog leg and bunkers protecting the approach, TES HAS NO STRATEGY FOR ANYTHING.

Unlike al Qaida, the ISIS center of gravity is not the leadership, it is territory.  ISIS’s stated goal is an Islamic caliphate.  Every square inch of territory that ISIS controls is an advance toward that goal. It’s not only an advance for the stated of goal of establishing the caliphate, every square inch is a recruiting tool that sends more ISIS fighters to their cause. 
Here’s the sad news Marty and the azz lickers at the five sided puzzle palace have forgotten.  You cannot control territory from 35,000 feet in the air.  It will require boots on the ground.  The adage from defeatist wannabes, pol and anti-American lefty Libs is:  Americans are too war-weary for another ground war in the Middle East.  I suspect that what this class of losers really means is that the pols, wannabes, and lefty libs who have sucked the life out of the force with their PC BS are war-weary.
I suspect that the rest of us would support a lethal no holds barred good ol’ fashioned azz whippin’ of the Islamo-Terror-Fascists. I think a large force deployable from in-country that landed on the ITF’s head within hours and laid waste to every remnant of ISIS wherever and whenever they dare raise their heads would dissuade recruits and others from operating in the open.  I’d regularly strike deep into “their territory” so as to create the impression that not one square inch of “ISIS territory” was safe from assault.

It’s unlikely that the current group is going to take the fight to ISIS’s front door.  Better to hide under the bedsheets until you hear the bedroom door open then convert to Islam and beg for life for this bunch.  Wait.  They do have strategy –convert and surrender.
On the other front, we all know – except for ES and merry band of azzweasels – that Christianity is under world-wide assault.  This would seem like a good news story until one realizes how thoroughly the Gaystopo has infiltrated Catholic Charities in San Francisco.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Is it a baby? It depends if you count forward or back

Ron Paul demonstrated the weakness of the Dopes' position on the issue of abortion.  When asked about abortion, Paul would have none of it.  He rejected the lapdog MSM azzbag’s premise and asked, “Why don’t’ you ask Debbie Wasserman Schultz when life begins?”

When a reporter took Paul’s advice, Debbie blabbermouth Schultz could not or would not answer the question.   The closest the idiot came was saying that the decision was between a woman and her doctor.   Hmm, so according to DBS the day before a natural birth a “mother” and her doctor could kill the baby.  And do not say, “Well no doctor would ever do that.”  BS!  Two words, Kermit Gosnell.

DBS’s failure to answer the question is telling.  Because once these Dopes admit that at some point it’s a baby, as AlGore would say, the debate is over.   Even if the blabbermouth agreed with 90% of Americans that by the third trimester, it’s a baby, she’d have set the ball rolling for the demise of every Dope’s argument for abortion.  Once the blabbermouth agreed at some point it was a baby, she’d have open the door to the count back argument.  It’s easy to say it’s a blob at the beginning, it’s impossible to walk that decision back from birth.

Unlike most things discussed on this page, I’ve actually given this one some thought and gone full circle on it.  I started with the, “it’s a baby from the start position.”  Then went with the, “it’s just a blob of cells.”  Then I came back to, “it’s a baby from the start.”

When Lex jr. was born I could not square in my mind when he went from a “blob of cells” to a baby.  I could not walk him back day by day and say, “That’s it!  Right there!  He went from a baby to a blob.”  Then watch the ultrasound replay over and over like a football play on TV to convince me I’d discovered the answer.  Here’s the thing, neither can the Dopes.  Then if you consider the plot of the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, you have to wonder where we’d be had we not condoned the destruction of 50 million babies.  
Had the blabbermouth ceded the point that the 3rd trimester is definitely out, then Paul would say, so you can kill the baby on March 1st, but on March 2nd you cannot, because it’s a baby.  That’s weird and totally arbitrary.  So the Dopes are forced into defending the most extreme position on abortion.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Those Republicans are all losers.  If this is what a "winner" looks like, good for the losers.
The world’s best known lying pederast, Harry the roach Reid, called the field of GOP presidential contenders “losers.”   It’s really weird that the guy who was just pummeled by his homosexual boyfriend and now looks like Wily E. Coyote at the end of a Roadrunner cartoon is calling someone a “loser.”  As far as I know Mr. Roach, all the GOP contenders can still see out of both eyes.  So compared to you, Mr. Roach, that makes them look like…what?

Now, whenever a Republican candidate for dog catcher says something stupid, the lapdog MSM will run to every other Republican candidate running for every other office ask that repudiate that candidate (Think Todd Akin).  So the question of the day:  Will the lapdog MSM ask Godzilla in a pantsuit - the Shrilldabeast - to repudiate Harry the roach Reid?  Answer:  No.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Government is the real tax cheat

It’s tax deadline day.  Unless you’re AFBRO who has so much money that his left hand regularly bids against his right hand at auctions, or part of Mitt Romney’s famous 47% benefiting from government confiscation of hard working people’s money for redistribution, you’re probably PO’d about your tax bill.

Someone once famously said, “Taxes are the price paid to live in a civilized society.”  Yeah, I could have googled it.  I’m in a hurry.  Google it yourself.  Anyhoo, the “civilized society” line is a take on heap big Indian BS artist, the fair, fair, fair Indian maid Lizzy Warren whose high cheekbones are the only proof one needs to prove ones Indian heritage.    According to the Indian princess, you didn’t build that.  The government built the roads, bridges, etc. to make your business work. 

Even that is total BS.  The government confiscated the money from tax payers, took the kick-backs from their brother-in-law’s construction firm to steer the contract his way, allowed the contract to exceed 280% of cost, let the work linger 300% past completion date and certified shoddy work. 

When asked to name one thing the government does well, the default position is usually the military.  Not so fast my friend.  The military is now overrun with PC D-bags paying for BS program after BS program such as mandatory diversity training. 

As a Marine Corps officer, I remember being required to sit in affirmative action, equal opportunity lectures.  I used to point out that the two terms were mutually exclusive.  You cannot have equal opportunity if you’re going to show preference to one group.   Then I had to endure sexual harassment lectures.  I used those occasions to point out that DoD was condemning all males by making us sit through a lecture telling us not do something we’d never do in the first place.     “Well,” I was told, “this like a drug lecture.”  “I don’t use drugs either,” I replied.  For PC bureaucrats it was more important to “do something” rather than do something smart or effective.

Then there’s the litany arrogant abuses of tax dollars that almost always go unpunished.  IRS, GAO, VA, ICE, Secret Service, DoJ, DEA etc. etc. all mired in scandal.  When called on the carpet to explain, the “leaders” (think Koskinen &; Learner @ IRS, McDonald @ VA, the wad @ DoJ)  of these agencies usually come off as arrogant lying $h!ts.

Then there are the schools.  What a national disgrace.  Atlanta is an example of your education tax dollars hard at work.  Every single day there is a story of PC BS being perpetrated on students from Kindergarten through post graduate work in America.

Most Americans don’t mind supporting a civil society.  But when the reality is that your hard earned Yankee dollars are supporting the retirement of lying arrogant $h!ts the likes of Lois Learner; supporting the stupidity of Fast and Furious; paying the battalion of Czars in the White House; paying to erect barriers around open air war memorials to keep veterans out, you just want to beat the hell of someone.     Harry the roach Reid has probably already had enough.

Let me sum it up in 3 words, eff the government.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The day in photos

A year later, the girls have not been brought back.  This worked so well, maybe the first fat azz can hashtag #keep Iran from getting nukes.  That idea has the added benefit of not requiring senate approval.

Of course the best way to “connect with the little people” is to wear your sunglasses indoors and mess with a blackberry while ignoring everyone in the serving lines.  She is the voice for the middle class.  That doesn’t mean she has to talk to us.  I’m surprised they didn’t use the drive through.  Lex is offering $10 for the first photo of a bathroom stall shot, legs spread, with the pantsuit down around her ankles messing with her blackberry.  I’m having enough trouble keeping breakfast down with a mental image of the Shrilldabeast’s old, old, old fat azz sitting on the can.  But this must be done.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure a sawbuck will be enough to get her secret service protection to turn on her.  It’s for the country after all.

Debbie blabbermouth Schultz called Marco Rubio a prune.  OK when you think prune now, who comes to mind?

Shrilldabeast logo with one adjustment.  Yes I know.  It's brilliant.  No one else will ever think of doing this.  That's why you come here.  It's soooo cutting edge.
Marco's in!  Good choice.  Right now I'm a Rubio/Walker or Walker/Rubio supporter.  Had Romney put Rubio on his ticket, The Empty Suit would have been golfing for the last two years.  No wait.  He has been golfing for the last two years.  OK, he'd have been golfing full time for the last two years.  No wait...well you get the point.