Monday, April 20, 2015

TES aims to destroy last two bastions of reasonable thought

Lex used to opine that the last two bastions of sensible thought in America were found in the military and the Catholic Church.  Let’s face it, thanks to wannbe BS GOFO’s more interested in political correctness and social engineering than wining battles and wars the military is all but lost.

One of these blubbering sycophantic yes weasels, CJCS Marty Dempsey, actually claimed that the fall of Ramadi Iraq was “not symbolic in any way.”  YGBSM!  Then send your kids, family and friends to get it back excrementhead.  These clueless wannabes have their heads so far up The Empty Suit’s boney azz, they cannot see what is happening.

Here’s what is happening.  ISIS is getting stronger.  Why are they getting stronger?  ISIS is getting stronger because dopes like Dempsey cannot identify the ISIS center of gravity because they are two busy slobbering all over TES.  Grant understood that Lee and his army was the South’s center of gravity.  So he grabbed Lee by the belt and would not let go.  Reagan understood the decrepit Soviet economy was their center of gravity.  So he engaged the Soviets in an arms race they could not compete in and sent them to the ash heap of history (until the Shrilldabeast’s “reset button” anyway). Unless you’re talking about a par 5 with a dog leg and bunkers protecting the approach, TES HAS NO STRATEGY FOR ANYTHING.

Unlike al Qaida, the ISIS center of gravity is not the leadership, it is territory.  ISIS’s stated goal is an Islamic caliphate.  Every square inch of territory that ISIS controls is an advance toward that goal. It’s not only an advance for the stated of goal of establishing the caliphate, every square inch is a recruiting tool that sends more ISIS fighters to their cause. 
Here’s the sad news Marty and the azz lickers at the five sided puzzle palace have forgotten.  You cannot control territory from 35,000 feet in the air.  It will require boots on the ground.  The adage from defeatist wannabes, pol and anti-American lefty Libs is:  Americans are too war-weary for another ground war in the Middle East.  I suspect that what this class of losers really means is that the pols, wannabes, and lefty libs who have sucked the life out of the force with their PC BS are war-weary.
I suspect that the rest of us would support a lethal no holds barred good ol’ fashioned azz whippin’ of the Islamo-Terror-Fascists. I think a large force deployable from in-country that landed on the ITF’s head within hours and laid waste to every remnant of ISIS wherever and whenever they dare raise their heads would dissuade recruits and others from operating in the open.  I’d regularly strike deep into “their territory” so as to create the impression that not one square inch of “ISIS territory” was safe from assault.

It’s unlikely that the current group is going to take the fight to ISIS’s front door.  Better to hide under the bedsheets until you hear the bedroom door open then convert to Islam and beg for life for this bunch.  Wait.  They do have strategy –convert and surrender.
On the other front, we all know – except for ES and merry band of azzweasels – that Christianity is under world-wide assault.  This would seem like a good news story until one realizes how thoroughly the Gaystopo has infiltrated Catholic Charities in San Francisco.

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