Friday, August 29, 2014

Thank goodness The Empty Suit does not have a strategy for ISIS

“I don't want to put the cart before the horse.  We don't have a strategy yet.  [The news media is] getting a little further ahead of where we're at than we currently are [on confronting ISIL in Syria.]”
That’s The Empty Suit on his ISIS strategy

ASIDE:  You mean like the MSM got ahead of the Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin shootings?

Seriously, is anyone surprised that The Empty Suit does not have a strategy for ISIS?  Actually, given the way things have turned out for issues he did have a strategy for, we should beg him to continue to vacillate on ISIS. 

He had a strategy for Libya.  Except for Benghazi and the lawless nation state that now exists in Libya, that’s going well.

He and the Shrilldabeast had strategies for Syria and Russia.  The Beast announced that Bassar Assad was a “reformer” and they had the famously mistranslated “reset button” with Russia.  Syria, after crossing any number of TES’s redlines, gave birth to ISIS and Putin handles TES like Ray Rice handles his fiancĂ© in a casino elevator.

We poured a trillion dollars down the crapper stimulating “shovel ready jobs” that TES later learned, after all the money was gone, “were not so shovel ready.”

We poured additional money down the crapper with a “cash clunkers” program that destroyed the used car market for the next ten years.

We poured money into “green energy” and got cars that spontaneously combust, windmills that, when they run, kill endangered bids, catch fire and provide the most expensive energy available to the grid; we got Solyndra that briefly produced solar energy panels until they learned that China could do the same job for about 1/10th the cost; we got an obscenely expensive solar mirror project that is far more efficient at wiping out the local bird population than providing reliable energy; We got an ethanol program that contributes to an incompetence twofer: because we insist on burning our food, we got the highest food costs especially beef prices America has seen while gas prices hover between $3.50 and $4.

While TES was investing in all of this green weenie BS, the EPA is doing their level best to shut down or make prohibitively expensive all forms of carbon based fuels – especially coal.

So call me crazy, but it might be in the nation’s best interest that TES remains clueless on what to with ISIS less he decide to issue some kind reset button with them, invite them to set up training facilities in America while demanding DHS and ICE do nothing to prohibit their entry into the country.  No.  Wait.  He’s already doing that last one.

If King SFB was relabeled The Empty Suit in another era of new tone on Lex, should the Shrilldabeast become now become The Empty Pantsuit (TEPS)?   The editorial board will take that one under advisement.

NFL domestic abuse policy
After Ray Rice knocked his fiancĂ© out in a casino elevator, the NFL suspended him for two games.  The crowd went wild.  In a classic case of over correcting, the NFL now says anyone who commits a second act of domestic abuse will be banned from the NFL for life.  Now mind you this is the same NFL that saw nothing wrong with Ray Lewis lying to police in a double homicide case.  So will the NFL come out with a policy that says obstructing a second investigation into a double homicide will lead to serious consequences?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Putin's lobster strategy in Ukraine

At the outset of WWII the German army pioneered an offensive strategy that became known as the blitzkrieg or lightening attack.  The Germans employed a method of warfare whereby an attacking force would be spearheaded by a concentration of armor and mechanized infantry formations, backed up by close air support.  That heavy concentration of armor and mechanized forces would create a break in enemy’s defensive formations allowing the rest of the more conventional German army to pour through.

If the Germans employed the “lightening attack” in WWII, what do you call Russia’s slow motion military assault on Ukraine?  Way back in February, Russia annexed Crimea.  The Empty Suit retorted to no one in particular, “Cry-me-a?  As in ‘cry me a river?’”  The world yawned.  Crimea is gone.

Now Russia is actively supporting a Ukrainian separatist/revolutionary movement in eastern Ukraine.  After initial setbacks, the Ukrainian army has been able to retake much of what the Russian proxies captured and has managed to bottle up what’s left. 

Russia’s real leader - Vlad Putin - will not take that sitting down.  He is moving the front south and using Russian forces and material to do so.  But it’s all in slow motion.  As more and more Russian soldiers and equipment get captured by the Ukrainians, the Russian excuse of soldiers getting lost and paratroopers getting blow into Ukraine by the prevailing wind are sounding more and more absurd.  There are no warnings against intervention into Ukraine from any of the usual cabal of impotent tough talkers.  The Empty Suit and his parade of Pentagon GOFO sycophantic yes men are more worried about haircuts than national security.  The UN, busy passing hundreds of resolutions condemning Israel for protecting itself, cannot be bothered.  NATO, sans US leadership, is now a powerless bunch of semi-socialist states with France taking the military lead.

So what do we call this military strategy being employed by Russia in Ukraine?  During the Civil War the North tried what was called the “Anaconda Strategy” whereby the North tried to blockade the South while advancing armies down the Mississippi river to cut the South in two.  The idea was to strangle the South into submission.  While the plan achieved many of its goals, it didn’t force the South into submission.  So Putin probably is not a fan of calling his meddling in Ukraine an anaconda strategy.

Maybe he’d prefer the lobster strategy whereby heat is applied slowly so as not to alarm the lobster but by the time he figures out that he’s what’s for dinner it’s too late to anything about it.  Ukraine knows exactly who Putin wants to have for dinner.  The rest of the world either doesn’t care or as in the case of Europe, is hiding under the bed sheets hoping not be Putin’s next snack.  Even if the world were to wake up to what’s happening, I don’t think Putin gives a crapola.  It would barely change his calculus.  Who’s going to stop him?  

I’m not sure where, but somewhere in a post under Lex made a tongue in check  prediction that the showering habits of Ram’s rookie Michael Sam would become a more interesting news story to the homosexually obsessed MSM than any talent he may possess on the football field.  Truth is stranger than fiction.

Lower the standards, ignore the results
That’s one of Lex’s favorite expressions when dealing with any kind of affirmative action, social engineering, diversity quotas etc.  Read Ann Coulter’s account of this phenomenon when applied to policing - here.  To sum the results up in a word – incompetence.  Will we ever learn?  No.  We won’t.  It’s better to go down in flames as a “diverse society” than live in prosperity as a meritocracy that values personal responsibility.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's for the children

In an Aug 10th piece in Today’s Catholic, my bishop urged us to support the wave of children crossing our southern border illegally. I’ve been toying with a response:

Dear Bishop Rhoades:
I have read and reread your column published in the August 10th edition of Today’s Catholic.  I wasn’t going to reply because I’m a guy who happens to support the rule of law.  In today’s America, on this issue, to many that makes me a hard-hearted, anti-Christian, racist bastard.  Weird huh?  Simply for expecting the nation to have a secure southern border and an orderly process to enter the country, I’m labeled some kind of xenophobic racist.   

We might start by asking our selves how we arrived at this humanitarian crisis.  We have 60,000 children who flooded our border since October.  Why?  Haven’t the poverty, violence and gang crime that have gripped the countries contributing to the flow of unaccompanied minors to our southern border existed for decades?  Why are they risking everything to come to America now? 

One reason - the main reason in my opinion – is that our president, unconstrained by the congress, the constitution, or any other law simply announced to the world that the policy of prosecutorial discretion — which allows immigration agents to defer deportation of low-risk, non criminal undocumented immigrants — would be expanded to all DREAM eligible youth.  As a result, governments are running ads on radio telling their citizens to get their children to America before this arrangement ends.  With no real impediment what-so-ever to their crossing the southern border, they’ve flooded in.  It’s sort of an “if you don’t build it (a wall) they will come” situation.  The “they” in this case not only includes the needy children but also includes large numbers drug traffickers, human smugglers probably some Islamic State terrorists, maybe a few ebola carriers etc. 

Also complicit in this humanitarian crisis, in my opinion, is the US Council of Catholic Bishops.  The USCCB has been an open and loud advocate for amnesty – not only for children but for the 11 million illegal alien already in America.  Don’t think that the USCCB’s continuous calls for amnesty don’t affect people’s decision to risk entering the country illegally.  I agree it’s a humanitarian crisis, but the sequence of events leading to the crisis are all of our own doing. 

I think everyone would agree that America can easily absorb 60,000 children.  Do you happen to know what the total will be or when the crisis will end?  Nobody in government seems to be capable of answering those questions.   When we reunite these children with their families, will that start a chain migration process that will increase the total number migrants entering the country due to this crisis by a factor of five to ten times?  And what about the other children of the world who face similar circumstances but cannot simply hop a train and arrive at an open American southern border?  Do we have some kind of orderly process to address those children? And not to be too crass, since the focus is on illegal migrant children, I assume that all American children have been fully served by USCCB.  

I honestly believe that you and the USCCB don’t see this crisis in political terms.  That said, the undeniable truth is that how this crisis is handled will have far-reaching, long-term political ramification.  As has been the case with most issues of my adult life, USCCB chooses to side with Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry Catholics. 

Governments fail for many reasons.  They become too big, corrupt and unresponsive to the people they are formed to serve.  In the final days, they use the treasury to buy votes and provide their security.  We are 17 trillion dollars in debt with no hope of this generation or the next ten paying that bill.  The IRS, Bureau of Land Management, NSA, DoJ, EPA, VA etc. seem to be staffed wholly with overpaid corrupt bureaucrats more interested in lining their own pockets than serving the people these agencies were established serve.  America has 45 million people on welfare, 11 million on disability, a labor force participation rate not seen since the 80s.  So it’s not surprising that the US Chamber of Commerce would be siding with the USCCB calling for an amnesty to provide a replacement work force for the one our government pays not to work.
America has been a force for good for the last 200 plus years, but anything that cannot last forever won’t.  I think America is reaching that point.  Then what?  Who will do the good works for children that Americans have done when we are an entire nation that looks like Detroit or California?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

ISIS will capitalize on troube in Ferguson

Ain’t AlGore’s invention - the Internet – great!  Anyone from nearly anywhere in the world can log on to get their daily dose of Lex.  It can have its draw backs though.  A friend recently ran across an article about “peace-loving Muslims touting Adolf Hitler in London.”  My friend entered the conversation with this beauty:

“Not exactly news. Adolf Hitler is quite popular in the lands of the medieval Muslims. And why not; a genocidal maniac responsible for exterminating six million Jews would naturally be praised and beloved by a people so ignorant that they actually believe the God of the universe wants them to murder Jewish school children. It is obvious the Muslims are too stupid to recognize their peril. They are determined to go too far, and will. The United States, Israel or Great Britain will suffer a catastrophic attack; and at that point the hateful, medieval Muslims will reap what they have sown. No matter the degree to which the leftists in the West hate their countries; and no matter the desire of the barbaric Muslims to live in the 12th century, when our cities start to disappear beneath mushroom clouds, the same civilization that destroyed the Nazis, and the militarists in Japan, will rid the world of these grotesque, despicable, misogynist animals. God is great!”

Not too much later, my friend received the first ominous and anonymous threat on his person.  Until recently I’d have blown such threats off.  Until this.  The Daily News reports that ITF murdering freak Ali Muhammad Brown gunned “down at least four men in two states…as revenge for Muslims killed overseas.”

Why isn’t this national news?  Three reasons, 1) “ITF kills 4 innocent people” isn’t exactly a headline that gets anyone’s attention any more. It has been going on since Muhammad hooked up with his first under aged concubine.  The only thing that might strike people as remarkable about that headline would be: Only four?  2) “Angry black man kills four white people” is another dog bites man scenario.  There’s nothing to see here.  Move along.  The police chief assures us, “This is definitely not a hate crime.”  3)  It does not fit the template being established by race baiting, race hustling scoundrels like The Empty Suit, Eric the wad Holder, Revs? Al and Jesse and their lapdog MSM that racist America has a war on innocent black men.
I think it is a big deal.  We have a perfect storm brewing here.  We have an unsecure southern border.  TX Governor Rick Perry advises that ISIS has probably already infiltrated operatives inside the US.  We have an incompetent federal government that considers the Tea Party a greater threat to the country than ISIS.  The government can rally the IRS, DHS, EPA, BLM and all manner of federal agency against law abiding Americans wearing funny hats and carrying clever signs.  That government cannot (more likely will not) secure the southern border.  For this particular group of incompetents ISIS is the JV.  The real enemy is a free America.

For this bunch of race baiting buffoons, a dead black kid in Ferguson, MO, who may or may not have been shot in the line of duty, is far more important than four Americans gunned down by a truly hate filled black ITF.  It’s much easier to stir racial animus than cure it.  It’s much easier to make political hay while dancing on the grave of a dead man than confront ISIS or even just establish a coherent strategy and message to confront ISIS. 

The Empty Suit has done none of that.  ISIS has lopped the head of an American off in front of the world.  TES grieved the loss of Foley while playing golf.  An ITF murderer killed four Americans.  Not a word from TES.  A black kid is killed in MO and the world stops.  TES, the DoJ, the governor of MO all condemn the police before the investigation into the circumstances of the shooting are announced.  TES ducks the memorial for Foley and the four murdered Americans but sends 3 representatives to Ferguson for Michael Brown’s funeral. 

What if the investigation and/or trial prove Michael Brown provoked his own death?  What if as a result of the federal government’s heavy hand in the case and the governor’s insane statement about a “vigorous prosecution” the trial has to be moved to a lily white county for a fair trial?  I’d remind the race baiters, “justice” does not necessarily mean that Michael Brown was not responsible for his own death.

When all hell breaks loose after one of those scenarios, you can bet the ISIS ITF will be standing by to recruit the acolytes of the race baiting, race hustling anti-American black “leaders.”  I feel we are on the cusp of troubled times.  The post racial empty suit does more to provoke the trouble than calm the waters.  The Empty Suit is totally clueless how to deal with an inspired enemy that will not back down because the MSM called them racist for opposing The Empty Suit.  ISIS cannot be talked out of their mission.  The MSM meme of calling everyone who opposes TES a racist will have no effect on ISIS.  They wear that label proudly.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Things to ponder

Ponder this
The Left Libs think that…no wait.  Left Libs don’t think.  Make that:  The Left Lib emotional reaction to Ferguson, MO is to blame it on the cops’ war on black men.  They site statistics that black men are far more likely to have run ins with law enforcement - be stopped, arrested and incarcerated – as proof positive that the cops have it out for black men.

Using the same statistics to point out to the Left Lib race baiting crowd that black men commit crime at a much higher rate than white, Hispanic and Asian men is like trying to teach a dog to play rag-time on a piano.  Because the dog's paws can’t reach the piano pedals, everyone just gets frustrated with the process.

But maybe we should try turning the tables on our Left Lib airhead friends by agreeing with them.  Then when they’ve accepted that we’ve accepted their boneheaded theory we take that theory one step further.  We tell them that not only do the cops have it out for black men, because statistically the cops arrest far more men in general than women, the cops have it out for men in general.  What this country really needs to do to balance the scale is for the cops to arrest more women or let more men go.

When you see the Left lib’s head tilt like the RCA dog at that idea, you’ve got him.  If the arrest statistic of black males is, in and of itself, proof of biased policing, then clearly the statistic of the number of males arrested compared to women proves that the cops are far more biased against men in general than in black men in particular.  Tell your lefty Lib friend, “Who is it the cops are always gunning down?  It’s men that’s who.  Until the cops either start to shoot women at the same rate as men or stop shooting men there will be no peace.” 

How sad is it given the cops’ war on men that we are not marching in the streets demanding justice?

Then we complain that of white men not being arrested, Mormons and Amish men are some kind of protected subset inside an already protected class – and, and, AND that statistically, white men in commas are hardly ever in trouble with the cops.  What’s up with that?  It’s racism, pure and simple.  

The title of “leader” for Rev? Al should be enough to make every informed American cringe.  For black Americans it should be an absolute embarrassment.  First, it should be an embarrassment for the reason Dr. Thomas Sowell pointed out not long ago:  What other racial community has self-appointed “leaders?”  Who is the Hispanic or Asian “leader?”  I cannot think of a single one.  Why is it that the black community is the only racial community represented by “leaders?’ 

Let me take a stab at Dr. Sowell’s question.  The black community has leaders because the Dopes don’t want to deal with black people.  The Dopes just want to deal with Revs? Jesse and Al.  It’s far easier to pay off two race-baiting, race-hustling charlatans to get the black vote out for the Dopes than to actually improve the lot of blacks through education, jobs and personal responsibility.

Second it pre-supposes blacks can be led by any race-baiting pied piper to vote for the Dopes as long as the Dopes promise to pour just enough money into the black community to keep fatherless black homes afloat, while the pied pipers live like royalty.

Sadly, so far the Dopes have been proven to be correct.  The black community is the most monolithic vote in America for the last 40 but it has not one thing to show for its loyalty to Dope party.

In the minds of many race hustling black “leaders,” Darren Wilson is guilty for being a white police officer.

A Dope congressman is promising trouble in the streets if there isn’t justice in Ferguson.  By justice he, no doubt, means the arrest, trial and conviction of white police officer Darren Wilson.  Anything less, according to Rep. Clay, is not justice.  The statement alone is enough to demonstrate that the last thing Clay is interested in is “justice.”  He’ interested in a lynching to assuage the hurt feelings of the black community.
In that sense these leaders are no better than the leadership found in Hamas, ISIS, al Qaeda etc.  The problem with these radicals is ALWAYS with someone else.  The reason Muslims in Gaza are living like it’s the 12th century isn’t because their leadership think as if it’s the 12th century, it’s because the Jews and West have stolen everything from them.  According to the race hustlers, the reason the welfare state is a bare subsistent living isn’t because of education, drugs, gangs, out of wedlock babies, absent fathers and welfare itself.  It’s because of racism.  Asians and Hispanics can make it, but racism makes it impossible for the black ghetto kids to break the cycle of despair.  It’s all BS.  Voting Dope in lockstep is why the black ghetto cannot break the cycle despair.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Can a guy really be that dumb and still be SecDef? Yes. Yes he can.

One of the most endearing qualities about Forest Gump is that he knows that he is “not a smart man.”  In spite of Lex’s haranguing of nearly everyone in public life as some kind of “dumbazz,” I rarely actually believe that I’m smarter than anyone.

When I was stationed at the Pentagon as a lowly LtCol I attended many meetings where I was not only the most junior member but the most junior member by far.  I recall after one meeting, my boss asked, “How’d the meeting go?”  I told him, “It’s a terrible feeling to walk into a room with that many people in it and know instantly and for sure that you’re the dumbest guy in the room.”  With a notion of apprehension, the boss asked, “Did you say anything?”  “No sir,” I replied.  “Did you take good notes?”  “Yes sir.”  The boss smiled a relieved smile.  “Good man.  That’s why we pay you.”

I still get that feeling of being the dumbest guy in the room – even in my own house - when the conversation ever turns to cooking, checking accounts, where the blender is stored, laundry detergent, colleges for Lex jr. or just about any subject other than what I had for lunch that day.  I go to church on Sunday and I know positively that, except for the kid picking his nose and wiping the residue on the back his sister’s sweater, I’m the dumbest guy in the building.  I go to the hardware store, and except for the old lady reading from a list prepared by her son that includes something called soldering flux, I’m the idiot in the store.

I recently hired a guy to seal my driveway.  The guy was tattooed and pierced in a way that can only be described as “freakish.”  He talked like something out of Huck Fin.  I was going to hire him for the summer just to keep him around as an example of someone who knew less than I did.  Then the conversation turned to blacktop and blacktop sealants.  The guy was an absolute savant.  While it was difficult to get the guy to state his name clearly in conversation or offer an opinion on the weather, when the conversation turned to blacktop you could not get him to stop talking.  So, after sealing the driveway, I had to let him go.

That all prefaces this simple statement: I am smarter than Chuck Hagel.  Chuck Hagel is like the result of some weird science experiment that spliced the genes of Slip Mahoney, Professor Erwin Corey and Hank Kimball.  Need proof?  Try this glittering jewel of colossal idiocy:  

“This operation, by the way, was a flawless operation but the hostages were not there.”

That was Chuck Box-O-Rocks Hagel yesterday on the Foley rescue operation.  He followed that with, “I won the Powerball, except for the 5 numbers I didn’t have.”

OK call me a perfectionist, but if your rescue operation were a ship, the hostages not being there seems like a Titanic like gash in the hull of that ship well below the waterline and a pretty huge flaw.  No doubt ol’ Box-O-Rocks thinks that the Denver Bronco’s Super Bowl game-plan was flawless – if Seattle hadn’t scored so many points and the French Maginot Line was a sound military theory – if the Germans had just cooperated by impaling themselves against it instead of just going around it.  I think what Hagel meant to say was, “As always, our servicemen performed magnificently in this effort.”  

Here’s my theory:  The day the intelligence was delivered to The Empty Suit it was, to use a Hagelism, flawless.  The Empty Suit vacillated on the decision in order to endlessly weigh the political consequences that might ensue.  When the mission was finally given a go, the intelligence was useless.  As always with TES, a day late and 17 trillion dollars short.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Several things to ponder

The minority rules a lot of things
In Gaza we’re told that a small minority of Hamas dopes elected by the Palestinian people are ruining everything for the Palestinian people who elected them.  Writ large, we’re told a small minority of Muslims are engaging in the wonton slaughter of anyone not in total lock-step with their backward way of thinking.  Yet destruction and murder are the only things ever heard from the “religion of peace.” In Ferguson we’re told only small percentage of the people there are engaging in unlawful activities there.  Those activities are the only one filling the TV cable news feeds and the nightly news. A minority of Americans support the Affordable Care Act.  It is the law of the land.  The tiniest minority of Americans supports an open southern border but we do NOTHING to secure that situation. 

I don’t know.  Maybe the best strategy is let the loons take over – I know, as if they haven’t already.  Declare yourself an oppressed minority.  Demand your “rights.”  That strategy seems to work in everything from having your neighbor pay for your birth control to allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens stream across our southern border unfettered.

I worry that we’re like the lobster dumped into a pot.  We don’t know we’re being cooked until it’s too late.  Can we ever extricate ourselves from the mess that we’ve allowed a minority to get us into?  I dunno.

Fergusson = Gaza
In the post under Lex compared Ferguson to Gaza.  The pictures are not all that dissimilar.  We get a steady diet of destruction in Gaza and in Ferguson.  Stores destroyed, militant Islamo-Terror-Fascists calling for the destruction of Israel, militant rioters calling for the murder of police officers, reporters taking sides – the wrong side I might add, calls for peace that are ignored by one side.  Ferguson rioters have also been seen with Palestinian flags and “ISIS is here” signs.  So…

Mike Brown
He may have been a heck of a nice guy.  From the limited info available about him, I doubt it.  There’s the convenient store robbery.  There’s the altercation with a police officer that led to his death.  There is the less than flattering photo montage of Brown giving the camera the finger when he’s not flashing a Bloods Gang signs.

In spite of lapdog MSM BS artist’s attempt to suppress it, we’re getting a none too flattering picture of Mike Brown.  In an effort to put the 6’4” 300+ lbs Brown in the best possible light, he is called a gentle giant,” a teenager and even a “boy” in the MSM.

The story is that the MSM is peddling is that poor Mike was minding his own business walking home (in the middle of the street with box of stolen cigars) when a cop started to harass him (harassment here is a request to get out of the middle of the street).  Then the cop implausibly tries to pull poor 300+ lbs Mike into his squad car through the driver’s side window.  Poor Mike breaks a way and tries to make a run for it when the cop shoots poor Mike down in the back in cold blood (two autopsies show all shot fired either were front to back or inconclusive).

With few of the facts fully know, but at least enough for Mo. Gov Jay Nixon to call for Wilson “vigorous prosecution,” the streets of Ferguson have been lit up for 10 days now.  The Attorney General of the United States shows up in Ferguson to not to ensure a fair investigation but rather to proclaim he was a black guy who had experienced racial profiling.  Well, if ending up like the wad or The Empty Suit is a result of racial profiling, sign me up.

It’s pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain (No. Dopes won’t get this point.) that Wilson is being strapped into a coach class seat on a runaway train for what is lie to be the most obvious railroad job ever.  When you have the governor of the state and the US Attorney General taking sides against you, justice is the last thing anyone is interest in here.

The MSM and glitterati do not care.  Celebs, MSM and even some A-hole politicians will side with guilty as hell cop killers but will not wait for the facts to come from this incident.  America sucks.  Cops represent America.  Cops suck.  All of the reporting on Ferguson – just like in Gaza - is from one perspective.  Mike Brown good.  Cop bad.

Give cops .45s
This crossed my mind while installing fence yesterday.  What if the first or second shot from Officer Wilson took Brown down without killing him?  Probably the exact same riots and looting etc.

I don’t know what kind gun Officer Wilson used to shoot brown.  I suspect it was a 9mm.  Had Officer Wilson had been armed with a .45 Brown might be alive today.  Four shot apparently hit Brown before the fatal shot was fired.  Had Brown been hit in the arm and shoulder with a .45, I don’t think he be on his feet to continue what some witnesses claim was his attack on Officer Wilson.

.45s fell out of favor because they are heavier lack the magazine capacity and accuracy of many of the more popular 9mm models.  Well accuracy is a function of the guy shooting the weapon not the weapon itself.  As for magazine capacity, if one shot knocks a guy down you won’t need the other 14.

The Empty Suit
Reaction to Foley execution was pathetic.  I’d have bombed their effing azzes off.  Whatever the intensity of that bombing it would pale in comparison to what would follow if they killed the second reporter.  As Mark Levin once colorfully opined, if they want to live in the stone-age we ought to accommodate them.
Releasing info on a failed military operation to save Foley and others earlier this summer is pure politics.  It served no purpose other than prop up The Empty Suit.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The wad to the rescue
So Eric the wad Holder is due to show up Ferguson today to talk to “his people.”  “His people” would be those lawless punks raising cane about something they know very little about.  The skinny on Ferguson from the MSM, protestors and bob Beckel on The 5 is that blacks have been arrested and stopped in disproportionate numbers in Ferguson for a number of years.

I suppose that disproportionate thing is has gone through the roof after a week of riots.  As a result, Left Libs will have a talking point for a decade.  100% of the people arrested in Ferguson during the riots were black.  In that sense the “disproportionate” talking point is like a self licking ice cream cone.  It causes riots that lead to more “disproportionate” arrests. 

Ironically, had Mike Brown been arrested instead of shot for his strong armed robbery of the convenience store, he’d be part of the Left Libs BS “disproportionate” justice meme. No one asks, “Were the arrests and stops justified, or were they pure harassment?”

Jason Riley points to speech by that well know racists and hater of blacks - Martin Luther King - given in New York City where King scolded the black community for its involvement in crime.  King told the crowd that blacks comprised only 10% of the population but committed 58% of the crime.  Could that be the root cause for the disproportionate number of blacks being arrested and stopped?

But hey, no worries.  The wad is on the scene.

Voice of reason
Wall Street Journal reporter Jason Riley has book out titled Please Stop helping US.  Riley has been a one man wrecking crew on the Left Lib meme that cops have a war on black men.  Not so says Riley.  Black men have a war on black men.  The murder rate among black men is 10 times higher than for white and Hispanics combined.  90% of the victims of black murderers are black. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah sure.  But what does a “white interloper” like Riley know about the plight of black people?  Riley is black.  He grew up poor.  But he can speak the King’s English without f bombs or trite rhymes.  That’s bad enough for the race baiting know-nothings like the wad looking for excuses for “his people” acting like the terrorists in Gaza.  But Riley’s biggest crime in all of this is demanding that black men take responsibility for their own lives.  One of Riley’s great lines to black males is, “Pull up your pants; finish school; take care of your kids.” 

So according to the race baiting industry because Riley puts the responsibility back on black males, he’s not black enough to have a legitimate opinion on this.  For the race baiting industry, it’s better to have a half black guy of “white privilege” giving them pass than a full on black man who grew up poor telling them to take responsibility for their own lives.

Militarization of police
The three regular readers of this page might be wondering if Lex is rethinking his position on the demilitarization of police departments.  No.  Not at all.  If anything the events in Ferguson confirm my thoughts.

Ferguson police apparently have the all of the military type gear.  We’ve seen it on tv and early on just the sight of it on the streets was supposedly reason enough to enflame the rioters.  So it was at best no use what-so-ever as the cops seemed content to let the looters loot and leave the up-armored HMMV or MRAP parked and at worse a provocation to do the looting.

Then in the end the real military - the National Guard - was called out anyway.  So add it up.  The gear is too aggressive to use on rioting US citizens, too much of an over kill to use on a no knock warrant in the middle of the night usually served on the wrong house and a down right embarrassment to have rolling up and down the streets of Boston while the citizens are ordered “shelter in place” while cops go door to with no warrants searching houses looking for two jihadis.  I'd encourage the cops to park the military gear and modify a couple of civilian armored cars if they think they need a bullet proof vehicle.

The truth is that you’d better not be counting on the cops – militarized or not - to save you in situations like Ferguson.  They will be of little use.  Some store owners armed themselves to protect their stores and property.  I haven’t seen a story of any of them being victimized.

A Police department can keep the lid on a civil society.  They seem to be of little use when a large portion of that society organizes against it.  I don’t know if the “it” here is the society itself, the police department or both.

I am seriously considering putting my order for more razor wire to shore up the southern perimeter of the compound on hold to free up funds for a couple of .762 sporting rifles and ammunition.

Trust me on this.  Rule #1:  You are responsible for your own security.  Rule #2: No one will take your security more seriously than you will.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Never let the truth get in the way of a good riot and looting

As Charles Dickens might start the Mike Brown story:  Brown was dead, to begin with.  There is no doubt whatever about that.  What else do we know for sure?  Not much. 

We know Brown stole a box of cheap cigars from a convenient store and strong armed the store owner.

We know Brown and his accomplice were contacted by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson for walking down the middle of the street.

We know Wilson shot Brown shot six times.

We know none of the shots were in Brown’s back.

Sticking with Dickens here, that pretty thin gruel on which to either  lynch or exonerate Wilson.

Why is there so little information being released by authorities on the circumstances surrounding the shooting?  I don’t know.  If I had to guess I’d say it’s because the information exonerates the police officer.  If people are going to riot and loot while not knowing what the heck happened, how do you think they will respond when police release information showing that the rioter’s hero precipitated his own death?  Information is being withheld to keep a lid on Ferguson.  The truth will be of no comfort to these people. 

No matter what “truth” is told, the riots and looting will continue.  There is no doubt whatever about that either.  Ferguson is being set ablaze by people who have not the slightest idea of really happened to Mike Brown.  Do seriously you suppose then that the truth of the circumstances surrounding Mike Brown’s death is going to make one bit of difference to them? Revs? Al Not-So-SHARPton and Jesse Hymietown Jackson, Eric the wad Holder and The Empty Suit share one thing in common with the looters; they are all race baiting opportunists.  There is nothing to be gained for any of them by restoring order in Ferguson.

So TES is ordering the wad and 40 FBI agents to Ferguson.  For what purpose?  Ferguson is a Dope led town in a state with a Dope Gov.  Why send in the wad?  Why did the wad reportedly try to suppress the video of Brown robbing the convenient store?  How heavily are the wad and TES willing to press their thumbs against the scale of justice?

If Ferguson is such a crisis, how many FBI agents are working the VA’s culpability in the deaths of over 40 veterans?  How many FBI agents are working to stop the weekly carnage in Chicago?  How many FBI agents are working the IRS targeting of US citizens for political reasons?  The wad and the FBI are sent to Ferguson with lightening speed but couldn’t get into Benghazi for a month?

Monday, August 18, 2014

The country's downward spiral continues, The Empty Suit golfs

Who lost the great American cities?
Lex pointed out in posts under how the black community is a victim to their own lock-step voting patterns.  When New Orleans was under water, who was mayor?  Who was running the Super Dome?  Who was governor?  Who controlled the money to fix the levies for 40 years?  Dopes, Dopes, Dopes and Dopes that’s who.  When poor Libs and minorities are chased from desirable neighborhoods in San Francisco, San Antonio etc. due to suffocating Left Lib regulations, high rents and taxes who is left behind?  The all-caring, all-white Left Lib Dopes that’s who.

I find hilarious that the Left Libs Revs? Jesse and Not-So-SHARPton, The Empty Suit and Eric the wad Holder are bitching about Ferguson, MO.  Dopes have been running the show there for decades.  Shouldn’t it be some kind of utopia by now?

“And [the Dopes running the big cities] did so while adhering to a political philosophy that holds that the state, not the family or the market, is the central actor in our lives, that the interests of private parties — be they taxpayers or businesses — can and indeed must be subordinated to the state’s interests, as though individuals and families were nothing more than gears in the great machine of politics.” 

Question:  When is telling the truth about someone’s character, character assassination? 
Well if you’re a juvenile delinquent who happens to be black and you happen to have gotten your azz shot off for acting like a punk thug, well any information that destroys the narrative that you were nothing more than a college bound honor student walking home from your nightly Bible meeting when you got shot for no good reason is character assassination. 

Don’t get me wrong.  Being a juvenile delinquent, punk thug shouldn’t, in and of itself, carry a death sentence.  When confronted, had Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown done nothing more than kept on walking, both would probably be alive today.  The fact is both chose confrontation over non-confrontation and both got shot for their trouble. 

For their part, the media tried to play up the two as innocent and pure as wind driven snow.  That’s hardly the truth for any of us, but it’s no where near the truth for Martin and Brown.  Telling the truth about their previous thugery is not character assassination.  It is telling the truth about their past thugery as context to their getting their azzes shot off.

Neither is pointing out the urban use for the items found in their possession at the time of their deaths character assassination.  Martin was carrying two-thirds the ingredients for an urban potion called gleen.  Brown stole a box of Swisher Sweet cigars popular for rolling marijuana into.  After all, does anyone really smoke those vile things?

Now Ferguson is on fire.  For what?  Did anyone give a crapola when gang bangers murdered a truly decent black teenage girl in Chicago?  No.  No Revs? Jesse and AL.  No comment from the empty suit.  No riots.  No protests.  But if a part-time punk and thug gets shot the world gets set on fire.  

Mike Brown probably didn’t deserve to get shot to death for stealing a box of cigars or blocking traffic on a city street.  He did deserve to have his fat butt thrown in jail though.  Had he complied with the police officer, that’s probably where he’d be today.

Islamo-Terror-Fascists, as they are wont to do, are killing anything not 100% in step with their 12th century way of thinking.  This link is very graphic and not for the squeamish.

I wonder if the wannbes in the Pentagon have taken a look at it or are they still too busy deciding how many braids black female soldiers are allowed to have in their hair?  I wonder if anyone in today’s Marine Corps has the courage to ask dope CMC wannbe Gen Famous Zoomie Amos if he still thinks urinating on a couple of dead Talis warrants “crushing” battle tested Marine heroes?  While our wannabes are “crushing” anyone in the military with a martial spirit, a St. Michael's medal around their neck or who does not embrace their BS ideas of “diversity,” the ITF are laughing their azzes off taking our equipment and killing our allies with it.     

Maliki gone
At the urging of The Empty Suit, Maliki has stepped aside as Iraq’s Prime Minister.  Remember The Empty Suit telling us it wasn’t his fault that he couldn’t get a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with Iraq because Iraq had a duly elected government and they didn’t want one?  Truth is they didn’t want one for the 3,000 troops The Empty Suit was willing to leave behind, but that’s an argument for another day.  Besides, when you put Slow Joe Biden in charge of something, failure is a foregone conclusion. 

Anyhoo, does anyone else find it odd that TES can interfere with the Iraqi government to get the duly elected Iraqi PM booted but can’t interfere to get a SOFA to avoid the current mess?  Weird huh?

Friday, August 15, 2014

If you could do one thing to make the world a better place, what would it be? Kill all the ITF.

Yeah, sure you can negotiate with people like this.  Why not?
There’s a problem in the world today.  OK there are a lot of problems in the world today.  Islamo-Terror-Fascists are kidnapping school girls in Africa when they aren’t simply lopping their heads off.  ITF are raising hell in Iraq and Syria and threatening to spill into Jordan.  ITF continue their quest for nuclear weapons in Iran.  ITF have lobbed thousands of rockets into Israel and openly call for genocide against every Jew in the Middle East – hell the world.  Hell when you get down to it, they call for the genocide of everyone who isn’t a Muslim and every Muslim who isn’t their particular brand of Muslim.

So let’s back to the original point.  There are a lot of problems in the world today, but they all seem to stem from the same group of murderous people – Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  Back in my glory days as a US Marine, there was a discharge for “frequent involvement.”  That was for the guy who was never convicted of assaulting a guy but was there when it happened, or never got convicted of theft but had stolen goods in his possession; in short he was never proven to be the actual perp but was always in the vicinity when the trouble was going down.

Since the ITF seem to always be in and around and the root cause of a good portion of the world’s problems, if the world had a “frequent involvement” discharge we could rid ourselves of this human garbage.  Realistically though, the only “discharge” this human scum recognizes is the discharge from a high powered rifle that passes through their human shield – who volunteers for that duty -  and explodes in their hate filled heart.

Like rats in the basement, you cannot coexist with ITF vermin.  No accommodation to them is ever sufficient.  The only recourse is to wipe them out.  But there’s no military solution to these problems – the oh so smart lapdog MSM whine.  Wrong!  There’s no political will for the military solution that is the ONLY solution to the problem.

Proof?  Israel is in a fight for its very existence.  It is doing what is necessary.  It is killing ITF bastards by the score.  The west doesn’t like that because it shoots a rather large whole into the “there’s no military solution” theory.  So the weak kneed west demand Israel stop the only action ITF understands lest the world discover that there is a military solution to dealing with 12th century ITF weasels.  TES’s administration and Britain have gone so far as to threatening to withhold ammunition from Israel to defend herself.  If Israel were to actually defeat Hamas militarily, the wannabe GOFOs might have to push women’s hairstyles, military balls and dress uniform decisions to the bottom of the “to do list” and have to actually do their job of fighting battles and winning wars. 

Even the Pope has concluded that the ITF in Iraq need to be contained by force.  How gobsmackingly rare is it for a Pope to call for armed action?  ISIS, Boko Haram, Hamas and all the other ITF BS flags are birds of a feather.  They are everywhere – check it out here.  But hey don’t worry.  TES is managing it all from the Martha’s Vineyard golf course. Yesterday during his presser, TES declared the humanitarian crisis on Mt. Sinjar over.  The people still trapped up there and those doing the trapping haven’t been consulted on that opinion.  TES went on to declare our southern border secure and the 17 trillion dollar US debt paid in full.  Mission accomplished TES returned to the links 6 minutes after his presser. 

I saw the lawyer for a witness to the Michael Brown shooting on Hannity last night.  If I heard correctly, the witness is claiming that the policeman responsible for shooting Brown first tried to pull Brown into his police car by Brown’s throat and shirt.

That’s incredible.  If it’s true, I’d have to say that the cop acted stupidly.  It strains reason to me to believe that a cop would reach out of his unit and try to pull a large man - the lawyer referred to Brown several times as “Big Mike” - into the car through the driver’s side window.  That makes no sense. 

But I still do not know what happened.  As such I’m postponing my looting activities until the facts are known.  Once all the facts are out, then I’ll start to loot no matter who is determined to be at fault.  If the facts show Brown to be culpable in his own death well then - no justice, no peace.  If the cop is determined to have used excessive force well then – no justice, no peace.

The main thing in all of this is that America sucks and I have a reason in the lapdog MSM’s eyes to steal someone else’s property.  And remember no matter how many pictures you see to the contrary, looters are a very small percentage of the protesters.  Who you gonna believe, me or your lyin’ eyes?