Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wanna bet on website working?

Thanksgiving is upon us.  But I will not stoop so low as to compare King Clueless, his Minister of Mischief, Cambodian war hero Lord Horseface or his queen, Lady Wideazz with the noble fowl upon which we will feast tomorrow.  Nor will Robertscare, the Iranian capitulation (the real nuclear option) or Lord Roach Reid’s fake “nuclear option” be referred to as turkeys. It would not be fair to turkeys.  All are more fittingly of the Dodo variety of bird.

King Corruption is traveling the nation raising money from people dumber than he is by telling them we’d be much further along if weren’t for one segment of the House of Representatives.   That begs the question, along to where?  Roberstcare is disaster.  Dec 1st is upon us, and it is unlikely that all the kings men have been able to the web site – code named Humpty Dumpty – back together again.  The reason for that can be directly attributed to the last three letter in the web address – g-o-v - short for government.

True story – my neighbor was having a house built by a contractor who screwed things up so bad that it was cheaper to bulldoze it and start over than try to fix the foul up.  There are 500 million lines of code in  One website architect told Fox News that there is no way the site should have required even a quarter of that.  So how does one go about untangling a 3 gallon bucket of lo mein without breaking it into a bucket of mush? And better question, why would you want to?

Then there’s the Iranian non-deal.  It’s falling apart in manner not seen since the Robertscare “rollout.”  Each side is now calling the other a liar with regard to what the agreement means.  Both sides are correct.  These guys are like two cons sharing a cell in prison.  They are now engaged in telling the prison guard how the other ripped them off.  The guard looks at them and has to simply shrug his shoulders, "So?  Besides how can I possibly determine who is telling the truth?  You're both lying thieving bastards."

Students at THE Ohio State University take the traditional Mirror Lake plunge ahead of the Meatchicken game.  No swans in sight.

Have a great and blessed Thanksgiving.  See you in Dec when is up and running as smoothly as a swan trying crossing Mirror Lake on THE Ohio State University campus during the annual student body plunge before the Meatchicken game.

Oh, Thanksgiving day is big sis's birthday.  What 32?  Since I've given myself a meritorious couple of days off, I cannot say anything about that on Thanksgiving Day or War Eagle wiping his butt with a "roll" of "tide" toilet paper on Friday's post ahead of Saturday's big Iron Bowl showdown.  Happy B-day sis.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You have to be really, really smart and highly educated to get a deal this bad, that or a know-nothing affirmative action pass through

OK suppose your neighbor has a toxic mess in his backyard or worse a 16’ by 12’ lighted billboard of a naked King Flimflam in his new suit that only the truly enlightened can see standing with her Royal Highazz Queen Moochele eating and enjoying a Martin Bashir excrement sandwich.   When it was first constructed, you approached your neighbor and asked him tone it down.  He refused, so you called the local officials for relief.  The local officials all refused to do anything about your neighbor’s hideous display because they could all see how wonderful the king looked in his new suit and admired Queen Moochele for “recycling” Martin Bashir’s arugula salad.

After a couple of years of back and forth you decide, screw him and close the easement by which the neighbor enters and exits the property.  You dig a six foot ditch and surround it with an iron gate.  You tell the neighbor you’ll open the easement when the sign comes down.

For a few weeks garbage piles up and supplies are difficult to get into the neighbor’s house.  But he constructs a path to the county road out the back of the property.  But it is not sufficient for emergency vehicles so his auto and home insurance skyrockets to Robertscare proportions.  Also the road is rough and pretty much impassable in foul weather.  After a year or so, you hear the neighbor’s wife yelling at him to “take the damn sign down.”

Just then you decide to go over and pay your neighbor $80,000 to continue to negotiate with you for another six months about the sign.  He uses the money to improve the path which gets insurance company and his wife off his back.  After six months, with the improvements made, he tells you to go pound sand.  The sign stays.

That is the essence of the “deal” King SFB and his mischief minister - Cambodian war hero Lord Horseface - have struck with the Iranians.  They are essentially paying the bully their lunch money if the bully will agree to negotiate with them for six months not to take their lunch money.  I’m pretty sure the king’s teenage punk son, if he had one, or the avatar Julia could have negotiated a deal that was at least as good.  Yet we’re told how smart King SFB and Lord Horseface are, much, much smarter than you or I, you see.

If getting this horrible deal is a sign of their “smarts,” the pundits are right.  I’d be way, way too stupid to have ever gotten such deal.  The first thing I would have done is demand the release of any American citizen in an Iranian jail.  I’d give them ten days and then tighten the sanctions.  So yeah, I never could have gotten a deal.

But hey, it’s only six months and 8 BILLION dollars, what’s the harm?  Give peace a chance.   Hmm, then there’s the Israelis.  They are not nearly as smart as King SFB and Lord Horseface.  What will they do?  The world wonders.  Dennis Miller summed it up in one tweet, “Bibi…it’s just one less phone call you’ll have to make when it’s go time.”

Monday, November 25, 2013

A bad deal and assessing JFK

Iranian Deal
Of course it’s a bad deal.  I have a theory.  Anytime the phone rings after 9pm, it’s bad news.  King SFB took to the airwaves after 10 pm EST, on a Saturday no less, to announce this turd.  So it has to be bad news.  But King Jugears and his minister of mischief, Cambodian war hero Lord Horseface, wanted the news out before the Sunday talk shows so as to distract the kingdom’s subjects from the fiasco that is the king’s signature piece of $h!t, uh, make that legislation - Robertscare.

When thinkers as disparate as the Israelis, the Saudis, Alan Dershowitz and the king’s chief azz kissing jester Lord Chuckels the Schumer are all suspicious, then there must be something to be suspicious of.

JFK Rewind
Quick, what date did George Washington die?  (Dec 14, 1799)  What date did Lincoln die? (Apr 15, 1865)  Before we adopted the “let’s give all of the president’s a trophy” mentality (i.e. President’s Day), we used to celebrate these two great American’s birthdays in Feb on the 22nd and 12th respectively, but who recalls the date of their deaths?

So why the fascination with the death date of JFK?  I think it’s because it serves the purpose the lapdog media.  On Nov 22nd every year, Dopes and leftists try to white wash the murder of one their own by one of their own.  First, JFK was shot by an avowed communist – Lee Harvey Oswald.  All the media harping on conservative Dallas is not going to change the fact that JFK was shot by a Godless commie bastard – one of the Dopes own if you will – Lee Harvey Oswald.  The fact that half the country did not care for JFK does not change the fact that a commie loving SOB – Lee Harvey Oswald – shot him.  Tom Browkow and other lefty ignoramuses can engage in revisionist history from now until the day the sun don’t shine, but it will not change the fact that JFK was shot by, as Jackie O herself put it, some “little communist” – Lee Harvey Oswald.

Next, there needs to be a conspiracy theory because Dopes cannot accept the fact that JFK was shot in his prime by a little commie sympathizer – Lee Harvey Oswald.  There has to be some big business, mob or conservatives connection of some type to square this circle for deranged lefties.  That is the same crowd that is still counting votes in FL from the 2000 election by the way.  In their deranged minds, JFK could not have been gunned down by a lone commie ideologue – Lee Harvey Oswald.  The Dope logic goes, conservatives hated JFK so much, they conspired with a commie – Lee Harvey Oswald – to shoot him.  Riiiiiiiiiiight.

Also, how does the left completely ignore the fact that JFK would be about as welcome in today’s Dope Party as Ted Cruz.  At the time of his death, Kenney was a pro-life, tax cutting, anti-communist cold warrior who believed in American exceptionalism to the extent that he inspired a nation to send men to the moon.   How do those ideals fit into today’s kill the babies, screw our allies while praising our enemies, tax America to death because America sucks Demo-Dope Party?  The lefties cannot stand when Rush Limbaugh or other conservatives use Kennedy’s own words to point out just how afar today’s Dope Party has drifted from the ideological moorings of one of their professed icons.

Next the left’s contention that America was Camelot under the Kennedys is hogwash.  I don’t recall the scene in Camelot where Robert Goulet was teaching the children to duck and cover under their school desks to avoid being turned to cinder in a flash.  In the left’s mind, or the vacuum that occupies the space where their minds are supposed to be, America being the closest it has ever been to vaporization is in fact Camelot, as long as it’s one their guys sitting in the Oval Office when the mushroom cloud appears over it.  To their way of thinking, Camelot, no matter how dystopian, is still Camelot.

There is an “eternal flame” at Kennedy’s grave in Arlington.  Count me in the minority that thinks that is way over the top vanity on the part of the Kennedy’s.  Neither Washington nor Lincoln has an “eternal flame.”  Their contributions to making our country great far exceed those of Kennedy.  Yet Kennedy has the flame.

Millions have come to Arlington and seen it.  How many left thinking, “Well he’s the only one with an ‘eternal flame,’ so he must be the best.’”  But once lit, who is gong to be the one who says, “OK now that we’ve had time to get a grip, let’s rethink this ‘eternal flame’ thing.’”

And not to be too crass or petty, who is paying the gas bill for that thing?  I think it’d be a good thing if we waited at least 50 years after a pol’s death before lighting an “eternal flame,” placing their image on our money or naming anything other than a public outhouse after them.

UPDATE:  Has anyone considered the ecological damage being done by a hydrocarbon fueled "eternal flame"?  Maybe it's time the flame were swapped out for a 40 watt eternal compact florescent light bulb powered by a Solyndra solar panel. 

Oh, and not to be too crass a second time, if America was indeed Camelot under the Kennedys, who was Lady Guinevere, Marilyn Monroe or Judith Exner?

Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday slap shots

Party of roaches
We already knew that Harry the roach Reid is a despicable senile thieving old bastard with worthless no-talent kids.  We didn’t know that there were 50+ Dopes just like him in the senate.  There’s enough hypocrisy on both sides of this issue to go around, but it’s the Dopes who pushed the button on the nuclear option.

Prediction:  If/when Republi-Rats take the senate back, they will not have the guts to use the measure passed by the Dopes to reverse the damage the Dopes are going to wreck in the next year or so.

War on women
MesSNBC limey dope Martin Bashir defecated in Mrs. Clinton’s mouth last night.  She’d already been dumped on so many times by Billbo, we’re not sure she noticed, or maybe she has just come to enjoy it.  Way to go Marty.  You’re doing a heck of a job.

Who is over paid
Some double douche bag over at - Matt Yglesias - penned this line of BS to cover King Triple D-bag’s skinny know-nothing azz:

Medical doctors are highly paid professionals. They earn more money—a lot more money—than your average American. What’s more, American doctors get paid more than doctors in any other country. Given how much of health care is financed either directly (Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Affairs, public-sector workers) or indirectly (tax subsidy for employer-provided insurance) by the federal government, it’s natural to make restraining doctors’ income part of any program for making health care more affordable. So when you read stories about doctors whining that Affordable Care Act exchange plans don’t pay them enough, please throw up a little in your mouth and proceed to ignore the doctors’ complaints. The only practical reason to worry about low compensation for doctors in the ACA exchanges is it may cause them to boycott exchange patients. If that happens, the solution is to reduce doctors’ payment rates elsewhere in the system.

My first take is OK fine.  Don’t finance any doctor for any research, education or medical service with any public money.  Problem solved.  Can you imagine Yglesias’ outrage were someone to propose that solution to his straw man argument?  This is the new line of attack for King Dim-wit and his merry band of airheads.  Blame the Republicans – who had not one thing to do with Robertscare save trying to stop it and warning of what is now happening, insurance companies –who with dollar signs in their eyes supported the scheme, the media – who turned a blind eye to colossal mangled mashed up mess that is the ACA  and doctors – who only go to school for up 12-16 years to learn their life-saving trade.  These are now the fall guys for the Dope overreach that is Robertscare.

The holiday season is upon us.   Let’s play a party game.  Which of the following do you believe should receive the most compensation for their occupations?
8th grade math teacher
Fireman, sorry firefighter
Real estate agent
The guy flying your airplane
Football star
The guy performing your lifesaving heart surgery

With the exception of the senator, I’m sure there are many good reasons why all of these people should be making good money.  I place them in the following order:

1.  Surgeon because he is correcting the most immediate threat to my life
2.  Pilot because if screws up a lot people, including me, get hurt, but he supposedly has a co-pilot to avoid disasters sort of like King Nit wit has phony bologna Biden – that is a terrible comparison.  One is worse than other depending on where you start.
3.  Math teacher has the ability to influence lives at an early age but only works 9 months a year
4.  Firefighter, anyone who rushes into burning buildings deserves to be compensated for that.  But let’s face they’ll never get to your house in time to save it.  They are primarily concerned with saving the neighbor’s house.  Maybe they need to have a bonus system where they are kept on a moderate salery unlit they prove that they will indeed rush into a burning building.
5.  Cop, sort of same as the firefighter.  They show up after the fact and take a report in 99% of the crimes.
6.  Football stars command the big bucks because of the money they generate by putting butts in a stadium seat or TV tune in factor, but I wouldn’t reach into my wallet to pay them very much, particularly given the culture of the sport.
7.  Real estate agent is worth his weight in gold if he’s honest, knowledgeable, courteous and interested in the customers needs.  So let’s face it, it’s easier to find Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yetti than that real estate agent.
ASIDE:  I happen to know for a fact that there is no such thing as a Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yetti.  But Lex, how can you be sure?  Simple, no redneck has one stuffed in the entry way to his double wide trailer.  If there were such things Phil and Si would have shot one by now.

That leaves us senators.  No matter how many occupations you put on the list from trash picker to child porn photographer, senator is always going to come in dead last and it won’t even be close.  I think it’s the arrogance of that group that just really Pees me off.  I can understand the incompetence, stupidity, ignorance, theft, etc. but being an arrogant azz while engaged in the process is just too much.

Trick question:  Notice the pilot and surgeon are “your[s].”  I wonder how many would admit skewing their list when it’s their own azz on line?  Bill’s heart surgeon is ranked 5th, MY heart surgeon is ranked #1.

Knock knock
If this isn’t sure sign of the utter decay of American society under King Pantload, what is?  Gangs of Eric the wad Holder’s “people” that look a lot King Douche’s punk son – if he had one- target white people and without warning smash them in the face.

The good news is that one King POS’s sons were shot…twice for his trouble.   What, only twice?  Did the gun jam?  Get a revolver.

King meets with lib yakers
King Dope met with MesSNBC yakers and Fox tool and Kool-Aid drinker Juan Williams to discuss how to lay the blame for Roberstcare off on someone else.  The meeting included Lying Larry Lawrence the liar O’Donnell, Eddy Schultz and the afore mentioned Williams.  Pics showed Rev? Al NotsoSharpton leaving the White House, but he didn’t attend the meeting.  He was only there to defecate in Queen Moochelle’s mouth.

OK all of that is a bit over the top, but it serves the purpose of demonstrating how vile it is and how a conservative would be looking for a job had they uttered such an obscenity.  But for MesSNBC it’s ops normal and a big yawn from the lapdog media, the Dopes and the “women’s lib” crowd.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Too many scandals for the average subject to keep track of

The NY Post is reporting that just 30 days before the 2012 election, the Census Bureau faked the unemployment numbers.  Recall the precipitous fall in unemployment from 8.1 to 7.9 for Aug –Sep 2012 unemployment?  Yeah, well like the King Clueless’ brain, it was all a fake.  What do you want to bet that when the investigation starts, King Punk will take to teleprompter and insist he didn’t know a thing about it and is madder than anyone about the fraud?

Listen up Oprah – any of these scandals would have doomed a white Republican president:
- Fast & Furious gun running to Mexican drug cartels
-  DoJ being an accomplice to the murder of a border patrol agent as a result
- Booting the Black Panther voter intimidation case
- IRS targeting political groups
- Hiring a tax cheat to run the IRS
- NSA spying on private American citizens
- Justice Department targeting AP and Fox news reporter James Rosen
- Racist reparations payments to “black farmers” who never grew so much as geranium
- GSA gone wild in Las Vegas after King Douche declared people shouldn’t go to Las Vegas
- About 10 “green energy” failures and counting
- DHS declaring white returning vets a bigger threat to America than Islamo-Terror-Fascists
- A failed TRILLION dollar “shovel ready stimulus” plan
- Benghazi 4 dead Americans
- Lying straight faced before the election about a video being the culprit
- Actually throwing the video maker in jail
- A 3 ½ year 600 million dollar Robertscare website debacle
- And now reports of the Census Bureau fabricating numbers just prior to an election

In the movie Amadeus, Mozart brings a beautiful piece of music to the emperor.  The emperor feeling obligated to correct young Mozart in some way, declares that while the music is indeed beautiful, it simply has “too many notes.”  The emperor goes on to explain that there are, “only so many notes the ear can hear in the course of an evening.”  And that’s where we are with the public with regard to the near daily drip, drip, drip of the scandal plagued reign of King Putz.  There are only so many scandals the king’s subjects can keep straight in the course of his reign of incompetence.

For the Oprah:  He’s not incompetent because he’s half black.  He’s incompetent because by his own admission he’s lazy.  By his own admission he’s a dope smoking under achieving lay about.  He’s incompetent because, in an effort to make himself look good I suppose, he has surrounded himself with people more incompetent than he is, Biden, Shrilldabeast, Kerry etc.  He’s incompetent because there is not one thing in his entire life to indicate he’s qualified to do anything more complicated than stand on the road in a yellow vest and a hard hat ahead of a construction site holding a “slow” sign to warn drivers.  Even then, knowing our dope king as we do, we’d have to wonder if the sign simply indicated the mental acumen of the dope holding it or if we were supposed to let up on the gas. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Defying the ACA

After the house passed a bill that essentially legally does what King Numbnutts did in a press conference, the king’s lapdogs at the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette ran this headline;  “House OKs sale of  plans that defy law”

Defy the law?  Hmm, that’s not right.  So I sent the JG a primmer on how things are supposed to work.

Re: Saturday Nov 16, 2013 headline “House OKs sale of plans that defy health law.”

First, how on Earth does a bill passed in one house of congress that repeals or redefines existing law “defy” that law?  To quote Schoolhouse Rock, it’s “just a bill.”  The JG should know, the house bill “defies” nothing until passed through the senate and signed into law by the president.    Even then, it doesn’t “defy” the old law.  It simply becomes the law.

Next, the only one to defy the ACA law is the president.  The president did this first when he and his HHS issued more than a thousand waivers from the onerous effects of the president’s signature law as pay back to their political cronies.   The president “defied” the law again when, for purely political reasons, he unilaterally delayed the employer mandate required by law.  The president “defied” the law a third time when he single-handedly declared that congress, their staffers, the White House and their staffers would receive a 75% stipend for healthcare irrespective of what the law requires.  On Thursday last, the president “defied” the law again when he recommended that insurance companies ignore the law with regard to “grandfathered” policies.

Last, what happened to the JG’s praise for bipartisanship?  39 Democrats voted for the Upton bill.  That makes it the most bipartisan piece of legislation to come out of either house concerning the national embarrassment that is Obamacare.  Did the JG consider the accurate headline:  House OKs short-term bipartisan fix to ACA?

Aside:  Wake up!  The blatant editorializing in a front page headline leaves one to wonder if it was a purposeful act or if the JG just doesn’t know the meaning of the words it uses or worse yet doesn’t know how our republican form of government is supposed to work.  My guess is that it’s a bit of all three.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Segregation got us into this mess

Before we get started, Oprah is a first class total moron.  Queen O said:
“There’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. And that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he’s African American."

Let's get this straight.  If King Sheetfobrains were white he'd have had his head shaved and 200 lashes well laid on by now.  The ONLY reason King Moron has not been impeached and jailed for what his lying azz has done to this country is because he is HALF black. Period.

OK class, we're now ready to start.

Contrary to social drivel pushed by politicians and other people who apparently don’t know much, by nature humans tend toward segregation rather than integration, similarity rather than diversity.  To put it another way, humans are tribal by nature.

Go to any social gathering - neighborhood, work, whatever and watch how the crowd naturally segregates itself.  At parties men tend toward the buffet or the football game on TV.  Women avoid both.  Walk into the student union on any American campus at noon.  These supposed bastions of diversity will look as if Bull Conner himself worked up the seating chart.  Blacks will be huddled in groups, whites in other groups.  Asians won’t be there, because they will be in the library studying. If you don’t think segregation is openly practiced on American campuses, try being white and joining an Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.  That ain’t happinin.

Is there something nefarious going on?  Are we all racists?  No.  We simply tend to hang out with people that we have something in common with.  Skin color is the most outward thing to identify people whom we might share commonality. While skin color is pretty obvious marker, I doubt that Dr. Ben Carson has much in common with JZ.

Staying on campus, because of their training schedules athletes have separate dorms and fraternities.  Racisim?  No.  We do have Black Miss America, black proms and in extreme cases black student unions.  Racist?  Outwardly, yeah, it probably is.

The university campus is probably the most segregated, racists and intolerant place in America.  If you don’t believe that, try starting an all white fraternity, all black fine, all white racist.  Try organizing a White Miss America Pageant, Black Miss America fine, white Miss America racist.  Try opposing anything for religious reasons.  The most difficult mission yet, try being conservative and getting into the faculty lounge.  That is simply a bridge too, too far. But there’s more to it than skin color, and it doesn’t stop on campus.

So what does this mean?  On the surface it doesn’t mean that’s there’s anything bad going on.  It means, as noted above, that humans are tribal by nature.  We like to hang out with people we have something in common with. 

The congress has a black caucus.  There are no white, Hispanic, White Hispanic, or Asian caucuses.  Probably the most segregated hour in America is at 11 am Sundays.  We segregate by religion and then by race.  In a stadium, we look for people wearing our team’s colors.   Military people tend toward people who served in the same branch.  In every setting we look for people we have something in common with.

So what’s point?  Well self segregation may give us a clue how we got in the mess we’re in.  Birds of feather flock together.  So if you are an under achieving, racist, affirmative action pass through who is incapable of telling the truth, who are you going to flock with?  Here’s the short list:

Harry the roach Reid, Grand San Fran Nan Peloser (aka the Bay Area B!tch), Eric the wad Holder, 4 dead Americans phew who cares Shrillda the beast, Cambodia John Jerry, Susan the video Rice, Timmy the tax cheat Geithner,  Lois the 5th Learner and an entire cast of sycophantic liars and cheats.

Self segregation has a lot to do with why we are where we are.  If you have an arrogant clueless buffoon in charge, who do you expect him to hang out with?  There’s a reason parents and teachers chaperon teen age parties.  If there were an adult in this administration we’d stand a chance.  Maybe what need is some good old fashion forced integration – some forced busing if you will to integrate the college faculty lounges and the bring someone, anyone, with a brain into this administration.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Failure is an option as long as the insurance companies get the blame

Meet your Robertscare rollout team
King Dip$h!t says he fumbled the Robertscare rollout.  Jonah Goldberg laughed at the term “rollout”.  It has to roll to be a rollout.  The Robertscare fiasco is like the Three Stooges trying to roll a grand piano through a peat bog.  Yesterday King Douche said he fumbled Robertscare.  Hmm, then he recovered his own fumble and ran it into the wrong end zone a la Minnesota Viking’s Jim Marshall’s famous blunder which remains a highlight on every NFL “unbelievable plays” highlight reel.  Then King Sierra Foxtrot Bravo spiked the ball for good measure.
At his lie conference yesterday, our benevolent king says one more time, if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it, ah for one year then you have buy mine.  But you can’t.  It’s against the law.  Some insurance guy made the point last night that King Incompetent and his court of jesters had three-and-a-half years, 600 million dollars and a virtual army of pizza fed Red Bull driven 20 something to 30 something know-nothings to launch Robertscare.  In less than a month – I’d argue less than 10 minutes – the thing has fallen apart like a Jenga tower constructed by the three geniuses in the Brosurance ad at two in the morning after finishing the keg.
Now King Dope tells the insurance companies they can ignore his stupid law.  It’s too late King Dumbazz.  But fixing the problem he created is not what King Vacuum Skull is interested in.  The only thing this arrogant pant load is interested in at this point is shifting blame.  So SFB goes out, Emily Latella style, and tells the insurance companies, “never mind.”  You can sell those policies I told you that you couldn’t.
Now when the insurance companies say WTF?  We couldn’t do that before Dec 31st if we wanted to, and besides it’ll cost us 10s of millions of dollars to participate in the do over King $h!thead is proposing.  Unlike King Effwad, we do not have the authority to print the money required to do what the king is asking.
So when the insurance companies cannot comply with the king’s idiotic mandate, King Azzbag will blame the insurance companies for all of his problems.  He’ll go so far as to say, “See, ah, I told you, ah, that these, greedy insurance companies were the ah, problem all along.”
Even if the “fix” works consider this.  In 1955 Tennessee Ernie Ford topped the charts with the classic hit Sixteen Tons.  In the chorus is the classic line, “Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go, I owe my soul to the company store.” The “company store” is what mining companies used to keep miners in debt and unable to quit or complain about working conditions.  How is what the government is doing now with regard to healthcare any different from the debt bondage mining companies engaged in during the 20th century?
You have to buy King Jug-ears’ health plan.  Then he decides how much it will cost you and if you will be allowed to use it.  Imagine if you were required by law to buy a pallet of Coke every month, but the government mandated that you pour all but a six pack down the drain.  Then the government brags about “giving” everyone as much Coke as they could drink.  That’s Robertscare.
So how did we get in this mess?  I believe it has to with segregation.  Yeah segregation, I’ll explain Monday.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Third Party ensures Dope control

Glenn beck and anyone else touting a third party ahead of the midterm elections and 2016 are idiots.  You do not need anymore proof than the results of the VA gubernatorial race.  A third party “libertarian” candidate sunk conservative Ken Cuccinneli’s hopes.

Beck, a self described libertarian, rails against the RINOs in the GOP.  He takes it so far as to say he will never hold his nose and vote the least of two evils again.  That’s stupid.  Glenn if you had the only vote, would you vote to have your right arm hacked off at the shoulder or the pinky on your right hand removed?  Yeah, he’d vote.

I don’t know many people who have been tougher on the GOP than Lex.  I railed against him in strong terms, but I voted for McCain.  While it’s nice to send off strong letters and e-mails to Republicans threatening to NEVER vote for them again, Lex remains a pragmatist.  I support dumping the RINOs in the primaries.  If that’s not possible, for the sake of the country, I think you have to vote for the least of two evils. Does anyone in their right mind believe we’d be in the mess we’re in right now had McCain or Romney been elected?

Ann Coulter is taking an even more radical stance.  She is of the mind that we shouldn’t even challenge establishment Republicans who can easily win their seat.  We should leave the Mike Castle’s, Orin Hatches and Mike Enzi’s of the party alone.  It’s better to have a RINO than a Dope in the seat.  If we take that approach, the establishment will NEVER change.  We’ll never have the Marco Rubio’s, Mike Lee’s and Ted Cruz’s if challenges are never mounted.

It is not disloyal to challenge sitting Republicans if they have been in congress for more than 4 house terms or two senate terms.  Anyone involved in any organization knows that it is the new blood that shakes things up and moves the organization forward.  Although killing the competition in every time slot and every demographic, Fox News just totally redid its prime time line up.  Early returns indicate that the new line up is increasing Fox’s lead over its competition.

It’s not the Tea Party being disloyal Republicans by challenging the stats quo.  It’s the establishment Republicans thinking they own the party and their seat in congress that are truly the disloyal ones.  Long-time IN Senator Dick Lugar was defeated in a primary in 2012.  After his defeat, Lugar did not lift one finger to help the Republican candidate.  He pouted like an entitled spoiled brat.  He took his ball and went home.   The Demo-Dopes picked up the seat.  Way to go DICK.  You’re doing a heck of a job for the country.

Besides, the Tea Party is right.  Way back when, John McCain called Ted Cruz and Mike Lee “whacko birds” for opposing Robertscare and advocating its repeal, defunding or delay.  Last night I caught Senator McCain on Greta saying the exact same things Cruz and Lee were saying when McCain was calling them whacko birds.  So who are the leaders and who are the followers?  Where would we be had the 40 senate Republicans stood with Cruz? 

Last, in the Marine Corps, we learned that it was OK to argue your position right up to the point of decision.  Once the decision was made, you were expected to get on board and support the decision 100%, as if it were your own.  Primaries are the arguing point for Republicans.  General elections are past the decision point and we should all get on board and support the best candidate. The problem isn’t with the challengers.  The problem is with establishment cry babies.  They never take their turn in the field.  Unless they get to bat all of the time they take their bat and ball and go home.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Millennials are our best hope - really?

Robertscare is an utter fiasco.  The web site will NOT be fixed by Nov 30 as promised by King lies-a-Lot.  It can’t be.  It cannot be secured simply by the king waving a wand and saying, “I declare the King Doofus website for government fraud hereby secure.”  To actually secure the website would take months of testing by people who actually know what they are doing – something as rare as a legit Honus Wagner baseball card in this king’s court.

So when that date comes and goes with King Butthead looking like the incompetent lying affirmative action pass through that he is, Demo-Dopes will begin to see that their glorious king is nothing more than a walking talking stack of steaming excrement.  We know the pecking order for Dopes is: Tyranny before liberty; Party before country and their own worthless azzes before party.  So when the stench of King Azzhat’s incompetence begins to waif in the direction of Dopes up for reelection, they will dump their heretofore hero like John Kerry dumps his wife when a richer woman becomes available.

But here’s the real problem for the dopes.  The website is the least of their worries.  They are counting on young healthy millennials to sign up for Robertscare in droves to off-set the rising cost of healthcare for the older and increasingly sick boomers.  Sure that’ll work, because millennials have proven themselves to be the most responsible hard charging generation of Americans – ever!  Screw the “greatest generation.”  Millennials are our new heroes, and by golly we can count on them to save Robertscare.  If you doubt me, just look at the juxtaposition of recruiting posters above.

You’d think the first time they saw this ad the dumbazzes in this king’s court would say, “We are so screwed.”  How could you look at that ad and think anything else?  Three punks go to college to do keg stands and study puppeteering before moving back into their parents’ basement to sponge off their healthcare insurance until age 26, and somehow THEY are going to pay for Robertscare?  You cannot capture the stupidity of that assessment in words.  They supposedly don’t even need the insurance until they turn 27.

Here’s the thing Mr. & Mrs. America.  Even if the monumental mess that is Robertscare is thrown onto the $h!tcan at noon today, 5 million policies representing God knows how many people, have been dumped.   So on 1 Jan it is more likely that there will be more uninsured people in America as the result of a bill designed by the Dope dumbazzes in Caligula D.C. to provide insurance to the uninsured.  A bill that provides insurance to the uninsured, creates more uninsured.  You simply cannot make this $h!t up.

Way to go Johnny Roberts.  You’re doing a heck of a job.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The last haven: sport, a haven no longer

While cataloging the path we are on to our next great and glorious revolution over the last three postings, several things have gone by that need to be commented on, even if they are a bit past due.

Some sports talker, Kevin Blackistone, says the Star Spangled Banner is a “war anthem”:

[Y]ou should also be selling the rest of the military symbolism embrace of sports. Whether it’s the singing of a war anthem to open every game. Whether it’s going to get a hotdog and being able to sign up for the Army at the same time. Whether it’s the NFL's embrace of the mythology of the Pat Tillman story. It has been going on in sports since the first National Anthem was played in the World Series back in 1917. And it’s time for people to back away….You are conflating a war anthem with a simple game. When you have military flyovers and the military symbolism that goes on in sports, I think you’ve got a problem.

I happen to agree with him about that assessment – that our National Anthem is indeed a war anthem not the rest of his uninformed BS.  Where we probably differ is that I happen to think that having a war anthem as a national anthem is a good thing.  Lest we forget, and I believe we are forgetting, our country was founded in the crucible of war.  The scourge of slavery, what some call America’s original sin, was ended by America’s bloodiest conflict.  At the time, the world’s militaries marveled at reports of the ruthless efficiency of the slaughter we were willing inflict upon countrymen to end what was a rather common activity in the world at that time – slavery.  Oh and Blackistone has probably forgotten about the freedom defended in other conflicts Philippine Insurrection, WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Gulf Wars I and II to name but a few.

Kevin shouldn’t “conflate” the activity of war with the results or at least the desired results achieved by that activity or the men who selflessly achieved those results.

Blackistone probably believes he is the high minded one.  He disagrees with war.  So he's better than the rest of us.  Really Kevin, who doesn’t?  No, he’s not the high minded one.  The most polite thing I can say about anyone that has the means to stop the reign of terror of the world’s despots but would rather sit idle is that they are cowards.  I am never surprised when the Pope comes out against war.  But even Pope knows that America may be a bit ham handed in these matters but here-to-fore she has fought on the right side of the world’s conflicts.  In doing so how many hundreds of millions have lived better lives?

I don’t know.  I don’t know the state of mind of Incognito or Martin.  And to be honest, I don’t care.  Right now, I am of the same mind as Mike Ditka who said he wouldn’t have either one of them on his team – in his words sort of, “I wouldn’t have either one of them on my team.  I wouldn’t have the bully, and wouldn’t have the baby.”  Nuf said.

But I have to comment on what I believe is the faux outrage of Incognito’s use of the N-word.  After Rachel Genteels primmer on the subject, I have to assume Incognito used the …ger version of the word instead of the more playful …gga version.  Apparently, it makes all the difference.

The outrage from the sports talker community is intense.  From that “word can never be used” to “it doesn’t matter if it’s used all the time and Incognito was a honorary ‘brother.’”  Oh how I’d love to see the lyrics of the tunes on their i-pods, their kid’s i-pods and their friends’ i-pods.  That word can never be used!  Never!  Period!  NEVER!  Except it is used all of the time by the very people who claim to be most offended by it.  It’s mind boggling.

Then, on ESPN’s pre-game show last night, you have accomplice to murder Ray Lewis lecturing us on Incognito’s unacceptable locker room behavior.  Really Ray?  You cannot make this $h!t up.  If you did, nobody would believe you.  What Ray, Incognito should have just had a couple of his buds shoot or stab Martin, lie about it, turn state’s witness against his  friends and plead out so he can continue his career?   Is that what Incognito should have done, Ray?  The same thing you did, Ray?  Hey Ray, shut the hell up.  You are a convicted thug and liar who should be in jail right now.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Is revolution really possible in America? Why yes, it is.

In the two posts under, Lex outlines where he sees the nation headed.  We’ve nearly reached the point where electoral activism is a waste of time.  We know that lawless civil disobedience is not in the DNA of most conservatives.

What’s left?  Revolution.

Well if you won’t participate in civil disobedience, how are going to get people to participate in revolution?  First, it will only take 20% of the population to participate.  Like in most things, the herd will sit on the sidelines rooting alternately for who ever appears to have the upper hand at the time.  Think of the last “group project” at work, school, church etc.  How many did the heavy lifting?  I’ll bet it was a very small percentage.

Next, it won’t be us who starts the revolution.  It’ll probably be the 16,000 IRS thugs hired to enforce Robertscare when they start knocking down doors in the middle of the night to collect fines and order compliance.  Or maybe it’ll be the Census Bureau when they show up armed to force compliance with the next census.  Maybe I’ll start when the government arms the TSA and they start shooting us for refusing the backscan radar.  It’ll probably be some small encounter of a typical citizen against some heavily armed government bureaucrat demanding compliance with some asinine government regulation.  The citizen will refuse.  The bureaucrat will be angered.  He will kill an unarmed citizen exercising what here to for were normal rights associated with a free nation.  Impossible!  Oh, really.  Read Mark Steyn’s take on the murder of an unarmed citizen by the heavily armed over zealous Washington D.C. palace guards.

Why are there so many agencies within the federal government that have an armed component to them?  Why is DHS buying up every available round of ammunition?  Why do local police departments’ “tactical divisions” look more like Marines going house to house in Falujah than those paid to protect and serve the local population?  Why is there a never ending campaign from our ruling class to grab our guns?  Could it be because the government sees something coming?

Then consider this.  Who was held accountable for the death of US Border Agent in the Fast and Furious fiasco?  Nobody, that’s who.  Now who has been held accountable for the IRS “targeting” us; for the NSA spying on US; for the murder of four US citizens in Benghazi - nobody that’s who.  Lying $h!t James Clapper, Shrilldabeast Clinton, Eric the wad Holder all lie bold faced to us and the congress and there is not one word of protest from any in the lapdog media and very few from our elected ruling class - who seem strangely familiar with how this dance goes.

But you know where people are being held accountable?  In the military it seems every true war fighting general is being purged from the king’s army and replaced with an obsequious arsekissing yes man.  Gen. Patraeus is gone.  Famous crush our own troops Amos is in.  Gen. Mattis is gone. Some navy dope admiral who thinks the biggest threat in the Pacific is global warming is in.  Gen. McChrystal is gone.  Some piss ant AF general that let’s a Godless creep like Mikey Weinstein run his bases instead of telling him to go piss up a rope is in.

Well Lex, you gotta understand that there will always be few bad apples in every large organization.  There are far more good guys than bad guys in the upper echelon of military leadership.  Maybe, but here’s an indication that we’re pretty screwed at the senior “leadership” levels of the military.  What gen walked into the office their service secretary and threw his stars on the desk and quit over DoD’s refusal to pay death gratuities to military members killed during the so-called government shut down?  Politics trumped military professionalism across the board in that display of utter gutlessness.

I do not think it beyond the realm of possibility that this government will declare some kind of martial law based on Robertscare’s failure, a natural disaster, an upcoming election or some other manufactured crisis.  The government will order us to “shelter in place” until the crisis passes while police and other criminal elements roam the streets rounding up anyone running a blog that opposes the government.

We won’t be responsible for starting the revolution, but we will be caught up in it.  For the first time in my life, I fear for our great republic.

It dawned on me this weekend that we do a great disservice to the “indispensible man” of our nation’s founding - George Washington – by having his name associated with the cesspool of greed, corruption and narcissism that has become today’s District of Columbia.

In honor of George Washington, Lex will no longer associate his name with the city that has become the slit trench of America - that is, the city where America goes to deposit its excrement.  It will now be known simply as D.C. or Caligula D.C. for a person whose character it now most resembles.