Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Damn white men! They got over again.

Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled - narrowly 5 to 4 – that it was OK to be a white guy in America. After 233 years of keeping everyone else down many - like Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor whose dopey decision was overturned - were hoping that the court would finally admit that whitey was a no-good rotten rat; making it big by exploiting people of color, women, animals and the very planet we all rely on to survive.

This is the prism through which many of our fellow citizens will be viewing the holiday now about on us – the 4th of July. It is cliché now for many to talk with disdain about the “dead white guys” who founded this country. They might believe if any other group of people had landed here the result would have been much, much better. They are wrong.

They might believe if someone else had landed here we’d never have had a problem with the Indians. Oh sure, hug the coast don’t expand too much and everything would have been fine – right? Wrong the only way any other race could have avoided a problem with the Indians was not to settle.

And here’s a news flash to the phony Indian lovers like Ward Churchill. In the 1500-1700s the world was being colonized. And it wasn’t just the Europeans doing the colonization. Moroccan Muslims were colonizing much of Africa by force as early as 1590. Well at least they weren’t enslaving people – right? Wrong again my dear public school grad. Muslims have ALWAYS enslaved the people that they conquer.

The first big African slave traders were the – hold on to your hats for this – Moroccan Muslims. However Muslim countries have far fewer descendants from their nefarious slave trading past because Muslims castrated African slave victims. Gee, how utterly humane of them. They didn’t want another generation born into slavery.

How great would it have been if Moroccan Muslims waded ashore at Plymouth? They would have slaughtered the Indians; brought in castrated African slaves and not had to deal with all of that nasty civil rights stuff in the 60s.

Meanwhile America would be perpetually living in the 7th century. How quaint. No American Civil War. No “American century” leading the world in everything from medicine, transportation, space exploration, entertainment to war making - saving Europe and the world from itself twice in one century.

How great would it have been if only a few Muslims cold have mustered the courage to leave everything to sail into uncharted waters looking for a new slave trading route? That would have worked out better for everyone - except Indians, women, gays, Jews, Christians and blacks. Well, at least we ALL would have been slaves. But how can you have affirmative action when everyone has the same grievance?

And how does Africa always escape scrutiny when the conversation turns to “American” slavery? Afrikaners were the middlemen profiting the most from slave trade. Strong African tribes preyed on weaker tribes capturing and selling them to anyone with goods or money. The idea of Europeans pulling up on the coast, dashing into the jungle to capture a few hundred slaves on their native turf is fantasy.

The dirty little secret is that Africa was, IS and always has been the most deeply invested in slavery. If descendants of American slaves want to seek reparations, they ought to start with where the slave trade started – Africa.

The bottom line is that we ought not judge the 1700s by 2009 standards and Americans and the world ought to thank God everyday that the people who founded this country were who they were - white Christian men.

Monday, June 29, 2009

The founders

Week long series about what the 4th of July means to Lex.

After Christmas, the 4th of July is my favorite holiday. There’s something about the American Revolution and the cast of characters that gave birth to this great nation that is and always has been inspiring to me.

One the one hand you had the war. It was like a hapless sub-division football team with 1-6 record, taking on an undefeated USC team. England was a world-wide power with the best army and navy in the world. The colonies had trouble raising, equipping and paying its army and virtually no navy.

But after 5 years of war, the colonies, with the help of the French and the advantage of fighting on home turf, forced the British to cut their losses and let the Americans go.

So, on the one hand you had the military miracle carried out by an undermanned, under equipped and underpaid army while on the other hand you had this dream team of intellectual political thinkers who set up this whole experiment in democracy. A bi-cameral legislature that had elected representatives and appointed senator from each state; a president elected by electors from each state and a totally independent judiciary. At the time, the American form government was far revolutionary than the war that gave it birth.

Now consider that these great minds constructed this government in, what today is, about a 12 page typewritten document. By contrast the latest abomination that our elected officials have laid upon us was the 1,500 page Cap and Tax bill which passed the house last Friday with not a single representative able or willing to read the entire bill.

Crisis, or perceived crisis or manufactured crisis, breeds foolish laziness. That is what we have today: A group of “lawmakers” hiding behind the fig leaf of “crisis” to justify their own craven, stupid laziness passing 1,500 pages Cap and Tax, 800 pages stimulus, 100s of pages of TARP legislation. All of these were rushed through congress under the “we have to do something” rule with not the slightest clue as to what traps and pitfalls are contained in the 100s of unread pages.

Our current situation gives proof to the notion that what takes a group of geniuses a generation to create, only takes three or so Demo-Dope buffoons; the Dear Leader, Peloser, and Scummy Reid, six months to destroy.

Tomorrow: Why white guys get the blame

Friday, June 26, 2009

These are the very clean and concise organizational lines that will result if Cap and Tax…uh…er…Trade passes. This idiocy will only be surpassed when the federal government takes over health care. Lex dumped on his Bush TARP supporting congressman this morning:

It’s a shame that you are not reliably conservative enough that I’m not certain that you will vote against the Democrat’s latest assault on freedom and free markets known as Cap and Tax....uh…er…Trade. Your past “sucker’s vote” in favor of government intrusion into free markets, makes it necessary for me to sit here and warn you that if you have finally woke up and have realized your support for the Bush TARP was insane folly, this Cap and Trade is much, much worse.

Oh, and have you or anyone else up there even bothered the read the damn bill? Why do I ask? Of course neither you nor anyone voting today will have bothered to take the time to actually read what you are going to saddle us with. And you are probably trying to figure out why the congressional approval rating is just below that of an AIDS infected prostitute and just barely ahead Perez Hilton.Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rosie, Sanford and heroes

Who knew KSM had a sister? I know. Frightening yet somehow funny at the same time, isn’t it. Sort of like your mother-in-law taking a nasty spill on the ice. I don’t have anything in particular to say about the picture. I ran across it a couple of weeks ago over at The People’s Cube, which remains a weekly stop for me. FUNNY stuff. As evidenced by the picture, TPC has some of the best photoshoppers anywhere. I’d hoped that Rosie would pop into the news again and I could use the picture along with a comment. But there it is, and I guess it really speaks for itself.

OK Sanford

Did anyone on Earth really expect that another woman WOULDN’T pop into the picture? The second I saw the headline “SC Governor disappears,” I thought, I wonder if she’s worth it.

I’ll be interested in this story when some wise MSM reporter asks Sec. State Shrillda Beast, “Madam Secretary as the most well know and most repeatedly cheated on woman in the world, do you have any advice for Mrs. Sanford?” Or when Lanny Davis and other Demo-Dope Clinton apologists come out with their “it’s only sex” meme. Until then it’s just another sad story.


In case you missed it from the Dear Leader’s last presser where the subject NEVER came up, we’re still at war. American servicemen are still being killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. (Doesn't that make the Dear Leader a chickenhawk?) So stop reading and go to the Honor Their Service web page and make a donation before the Dear Leader confiscates what remains of your wealth. Come on the $25 cost of small basket will be next to nothing in a few months. When the hyper inflation kicks in you’ll make it back in about 5 seconds. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Living longer = health care crisis

We are living longer and have a pill for everything that ails us. Yet we have a health care crisis.

In the 1850’s, due largely to infant mortality, Americans could expect to live a whopping average of abut 39 years. Over the years, except for a 10 year period 1870 – 1880, life expectancy in the US increased to today where the average American can expect to live a touch over 78 years. 78 years! That means you’ll be pitching your corn hole bags from a wheel chair with one hand and the beer can that used to occupy the other hand will have long ago been replaced with a drool cup.

So we’re living longer and better than ever. We’re living cleaner than ever, and except for a few, we’re living healthier than ever. What a great country, right? WRONG!

Don’t you know anything? We’re in a health care CRISIS! Good God man, it’s only a matter of days before government operated two wheeled carts pulled by ACORN community organizers begin to roam the streets calling out, “Bring out your dead.” Something MUST be done! That something is “health care reform.”

Used to be when an American felt like crap they’d get up have a couple glasses of water and an aspirin while they tried to remember exactly how many beers they’d had last night. OK that’s when I feel like crap. But generally Americans trudged on even when feeling a bit under the weather. Today Americans have a pill and therapy for – literally – everything. Watch the TV and these things come on.

“Are you plagued with low self esteem due to excessive ear wax? Try Bristol Meyers new Zan-O-wax-phono-gon.”

Then the testimonial:

“I‘ve been plagued with low self esteem all my life. But since I discovered Bristol Meyers new Zan-O-wax-phono-gon, I’m a new man! I bought a boat and a 10 million dollar house on the Barney Frank plan!”

Then comes the funny part. The drug company gets the fastest talker in the world to list all of the warnings associated with the new drug:

Zan-O-wax-phono-gon is not for everyone. It may cause insomnia, scaly skin, yellow teeth, eyelids not close completely, head baldness, which is compensated for by a hairy back, toe nail fungus, excessive ear and nose hair, planter warts, cravings for arugula, erectile dysfunction, inflamed joints, gums to recede, teeth to fall out, tongue to swell, scabs to ooze, excessive acne, diarrhea, acid reflux, uncontrolled urine flow, bed wetting, blindness – usually temporary, involuntary use of loud vulgar language. And in very rare cases death. Check Bristol Meyers web page for drugs to treat each side effect.

Zan-O-wax-phono-gon should not be taken by women who are pregnant. Men who use Zan-O-wax-phono-gon may become pregnant. Don’t use Zan-O-wax-phono-gon if you’re awake or plan to be awake in the next 36 hours.

We’ve become a nation of hypochondriacs. Being a hypochondriac isn’t a bad thing if you’re the one paying for what you think ails you. It’s only when the Dear Leader thinks that it’s up to your neighbors to pay for your failed hair transplant and sex change operation that we have a REAL HEALTH CARE CRISIS.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Firefighters and thugs

The Griffin on Sotomayor and how far we’ve…uh, ummm…progressed

[While on vacation,] we toured Colonial Williamsburg. We went into the old Virginia Capitol where the House of Burgesses would meet. It is interesting to think of T. Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and G. Washington being there at the same time. To be a member you had to be a land owner, male, free, over age 21, and Protestant. Now you cannot be a firefighter and get a promotion with those qualifications - even if you ace test.


Well this is weird. Muslims are rioting in the streets in Tehran and there is absolutely no sign of any Allah cartoons or false reports of Korans being flushed at G’itmo. What’s up?

Well it seems a major thug has cheated a minor thug out of an election. Oh so slow Joe wasn’t sure the official results accurately reflected the will of the people. This from a Demo-dope who sat quietly while his party stole multiple elections in Chicago, the governor’s race in Washington state and is in the process of stealing a senate seat in MN. Hey Joey, maybe Demo-dopes ought to pull the log from their own eye before pointing to the splinter someone else’s eye.

For his part out Dear Leader is trying to play the situation both ways. Yes I know, shocking isn’t it? During the election the Dear Leader was ready to claim his speech to the “Muslim world” had taken root if the minor thug won. He was talking of the “robust debate” taking place in the Middle East as a result of HIS charming words.

Now the whole thing has blown up and the Dear Leader is trying to figure out a way that riots in the streets, with nearly a score dead, benefits HIM. The weasel doesn’t even seem to think that it’s a good idea to show some kind of support for the minor thug. The Dear Dope is still holding out the possibility of sitting down for tea with major thug after he gets things settled down. No doubt this is a thug professional courtesy, and the main topic for discussion will be how thugs can steal elections. Oh yeah, and Iranians are still invited to the 4th of July Bar-B-Q. Does the word clueless enter your mind?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Leave Tiger alone

Well you survived a week without Lex and Lex survived a week with 50 Boy Scouts. I can report that, whatever your fears about the future of America, there is a cadre of boys learning and preparing to take responsibility.

It’s always a bit fun to be out of the loop – or at least more out of the loop than usual – for a week then come back and find out what you’ve missed. It’s sort of like Rip Van Winkle dosing off for a second.

Honestly the biggest shocker was drunk golf fans heckling their sport’s #1 draw Tiger Woods. The funny part was they were apparently heckling him for using an umbrella in a rain storm. "We're on Long Island, baby, where men are men!" one fan yelled. "Put that umbrella down!" Drunk idiots standing in the rain questioning the manhood of the guy with enough sense to get an umbrella is funny enough, but linking golf and manliness is funny as well.

I’ve watched golf and enjoy the skill required to play the game. But, few will call the golf the manliest of all sports. In my book, golf ranks just behind guys rolling 16 pound balls down a hardwood floor in order knock over 10 pins that the bowler doesn’t even have to then go set up - and just ahead of a couple of guys with a beer in one hand and a one pound bag cracked corn in other trying to pitch the corn bag into a 6” hole 33 feet away.

Whatever you might think of golf – and obviously I don’t think much of it – Tiger Woods is a great example of what happens when a guy takes his talent, works relentlessly and dedicates himself to a task. The drunks who were heckling him are probably back working the counter of the 7-11 this morning. They are at this very moment, pursuing a Maxim magazine, texting their buddies where they’ll meet for beers tonight and telling each other it could have been them if only they’d gotten the breaks Tiger got. Meanwhile, four customers wait to be checked out.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Them Jews, blacks, women and fags

NOTE: Please hold back your tears. Lex is off to Scout Camp next week with 50 screaming sugar loaded 9-16 year old boys. Yes I can almost feel the surge of anguish this news is causing my three faithful readers. No fear, I shall return Mon. Jun 22. Now today’s post:

Them Jews is trying to shut me down because I don’t think them black African American Negro people of color is supporting fag rights or that stupid spic femi-Nazi lady for the Supreme Court enough. Gee have I offended enough people yet to be called out? You’d think so.

But you kind of have to do it all at once if you’re a Lib to get noticed. If I were a Lib and had just said, “them Jews…” like Rev Wright, nobody would notice. If I had only said white guys are smarter than Hispanic women, like racist Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor, nobody would have noticed. If I had limited my comments to calling Grandma Pelosi and her children whores, the MSM would have told granny Pelosi to lighten up, that it was “just a joke” and that she needed more botox because the right side of her face was beginning to droop.

Let’s face it, had anyone who was even mildly conservative, like General Powell (wink ha, ha), said anything approaching the non-sense that is spewed day in and day out by Libs, they get slaughtered in the media. But when a Lib lets go with some stupid comment about race, it’s circle the wagons. Close quarters. Make excuses. Ignore the problem. Call anyone pointing out the racism a racist themselves. Let’s take one minute and see how many examples we can recall:
Byrd: White niggers
Jackson: Hyme-town
Sharpton: Jew interlopers
Clinton: Indian convenient store owners
Biden: Taxi drivers that don’t speak English
Rev. Wright: Too many to note
Dear Leader: Bitter clingers
Holder: Americans are cowards
Dear Leader angry wife: America is a mean country


And another thing, why is it that Libs can get away with slurring Conservatives with homophobic stereotypes? I thought that Libs were supposed to be tolerant of the gay life style. So why do Libs make all those locker room type homo references to Conservatives? I guess a Lib can call a Conservative a “fag” and be forgiven by the gay community, but if anyone on our side calls Perez Hilton a deranged self loathing no talent little tea bagging queer punk (every word of which is true by the way), they’d be hung out to dry as mean a spirited low-class homophobic Conservative Neanderthal.

But Libs get away with the double standard all time.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Clown Lady

Clowns to left of me jokers to right.

Point one: We are told that the Dear Leader’s angry wife is a “fashion plate” that other women ought to try to emulate. God – uh or Allah – help us. The picture above proves she has all of the fashion sense of jean clad, black booted, leather vest, chain wearing bull dike cruising a lesbian biker bar looking for chicks.

No way that the press can cover this one up. We can see it for ourselves. We’ve been told that the Dear Leader couple are cooler than Jackie and JFK. HA! Can’t even conjure up a mental image of Jackie O being caught dead in skirt or wrap made of material that looks as if it was left over from a piñata factory.

But hey, if the MSM tells the Dear Leader’s old lady has a fashion forward, “to die for look,” we must comply. I think she looks silly. My first thought was, “Where’s the big red rubber nose, clown shoes and rainbow wig.”

Point two: Boy, I’d hate to be David Lettermen today. All of the women’s groups are coming down on him like Tacoma Narrows Bridge (collapsed in 1940 great movie clip of it swaying in the wind before falling). Seems Dave went after Sarah Palin and her two daughters on Late Night. And now all of these women are sticking together.

Women’s groups from around the world have rushed to Palin’s – especially her non-public minor daughters’ – defense. Huh? They haven’t. Why not? Oh yeah, they are liberals first and defenders of women second – aka hypocrites. So as long as it’s some 62 year old blockhead Lib trashing a Conservative woman and her minor daughters, it’s just a joke. Everything is fine. Hey did you hear the one about Andrew Dice Clay doing a three way with…naaaa. It’s just not funny.

Point three: The Dear Leader is demanding fiscal responsibility from congress. I’ll give you a second to clean the coffee up that you just spit all over your monitor after reading that. You cannot make this stuff up. The dope that doubled the deficit in 6 months is calling for fiscal restraint. He tells us tax cuts and entitlements are not free and must be paid for – code talk for raising taxes.

But do you know what doesn’t have to be paid for? That’s right, the Dear Leader’s national healthcare plan. This is double secret hypocrisy on the part of the Dear Leader. Not only is the guy who robbed the bank telling us that the cops need to do something about all these damn bank robbers, in the next breath he demands that bank doors and vaults be left open after business hours. Only a brain-dead Lib working for the elite media – the exact people who should be excoriating the Dear Dope for this kind of thing - could hear this stuff and keep a straight face pretending the entire time that it makes sense.

Point last: Oh so Slow Joe Biden was tasked by the Dear Leader to “oversee” the stimulus bill spending. Guess what? Nobody knows where the money is going or why only 5% has been spent. When asked how the administration came up with the 600,000 jobs made or saved, Joe’s sloth like brain kicked in, and he said that was above his pay grade. Huh? If he doesn't know, who’s left? Lemme see – he’s in charge of IT, but IT is above his pay grade. That response is sort of a metaphor for the last 6 months.

Think about it America: We’re nation of over 300 million people and we have the Dear Leader, Slow Joe Biden, Grandma Nanny Pelosi and Scrawny Harry Reid running the ship into multiple icebergs. We get what vote for/deserve. I guess this is the best 51% of Americans think we can do. Scary.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big T-R-O-U-B-L-E

It just hit me last night. We’re in big trouble. Forget about all the domestic stuff. Ronald Reagan proved that stuff can be turned around in an eight year run. We are in trouble because we’ve lost the bubble on the war on terror.

Point one: Europe is turning Muslim. Sheer numbers will have their way on the continent unless governments begin deportation – good luck clearing the slums in Paris. And let’s face it, Fritz and Pierre have become used to Mohammad doing all the dirty work just like John has gotten used to Jose doing all the dirty work here. Or European governments can begin to pay for children with huge and I mean huge tax incentives. Taxes in Europe have made it seem unwise for mom and dad, who both work to maintain a standard of living, to bring 4-5 kids into their 2 room apartment.

Couples can justify this by using the dog in the apartment analogy. How many times have you heard that it’s not fair to the dog to be raised in an apartment when nobody is home all day? Well if it’s not fair to a dog, it’s probably not fair to a child.

So taxes, all taxes child related, need to be cut in half for parents raising children when one parent foregoes work to stay at home. My 20th century sensibilities nearly had me say “stay at home mom.” But let’s face it, 98% of moms are better at kids than 99% of dads. Kids want to see Barney in the morning not the endless 20 minute Sports Center or cable news loop.

Point two: No one has the courage to condemn Muslims. Yeah Muslims. Not just “radical Muslims” but Muslims. If the so called “good Muslims” wanted to put a stop the bovine excrement that the radical Muslims are spreading they could do it. They don’t. They offer only a whisper in protest when innocents are slaughtered in their name and even the protest is couched in relativism. Sure, it’s a shame Mohammad blew up the pizza place and killed 20 innocent children, but Mohammad is poor and the children were from rich families. BULL$H!T.

If the Dear Leader is going to talk about a “Muslim world,” then he ought to condemn the Muslim world for the barbaric 7th century nature and mind-set of that “world.” It ain’t going to happen because…

Point three: The Muslim world cannot be criticized. The Liberal Dear Leader goes to Cairo and ironically praises a people who:
Hate Christians
Hate Jews
Hate homosexuals
Hate (or least treat as second class citizens) women
Hate music
Hate art

In short the Dear Leader from the party of tolerance and diversity praised a people who are intolerant of everything and everyone who are different from themselves. And they are not intolerant in an Archie Bunker sort of way. They don’t sit in front of the TV (if they can figure out how to turn it on) and give Walter Cronkite raspberries. Muslims go out and shoot Walter on the street or blow the TV station and everyone in it into a million pieces. Yet we keep hearing about what a great religion Islam is – a religion of peace. BULL$H!T. The religion may be…whatever…the people practicing it today are terrorists and cowards.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

State sponsored fraud is still fraud

Last weekend I saved the family $500,000. I came to find out that the corner lot behind us was for sale. Asking price was $500,000. I didn’t buy it. Therefore I saved $500,000. I was so happy about my good fortune, I took Mrs. Lex out to celebrate at an expensive restaurant and blew about $125 of my savings, a pittance really given my $500,000 total savings.

Does that scenario make sense to anyone but public school educated brain-dead Libs?

Try this one. Your wife comes in wearing a brand new outfit, skirt, blouse, jacket, shoes and purse. “Nice, how much,” you ask. “Thanks, $700 but it was on sale so I saved $50,” comes the reply. “No, you didn’t ‘save’ anything. You spent $700,” you mutter. “You’re just so negative about everything. Why can’t you embrace hope-n-change?”

So if none of this makes any sense to people with brains, how come so many people are buying into the Dear Leader’s claim to have saved 150,000 jobs?

Here’s how it works. If you know someone who has received stimulus money, his job was saved. It makes no difference if it was the tenured professor across the street who couldn’t be fired or laid-off anyway who got $700 million to study the migration habits of the three toed, humped back, brown spotted pygmy lizard. His job was saved.

But wait there’s more. When the professor goes to the whole food store to pick up some arugula, he is “spreading around” stimulus money. The gal who rings up the professor’s groceries has just had her job saved. When the gal stops for a beer on her way home, now she’s “spreading around” the stimulus money. The bartender who waits on her has just had his job saved. When the bartender buys a pound of cocaine, the drug dealer who sells him the drugs has just had his job saved. When the drug dealer ships the profit back to Mexico, 1,000s will have their jobs saved. Really anyone in the world who has a job today, should thank the Dear leader.

Is there even an accounting mechanism that allows a company to express money “saved?” Why doesn’t GM just tell stockholders and other investors, “Sure we’re broke. There is no hope turning a profit anytime soon, but it could have been much worse. We actually saved billions of dollars and 1,000s of jobs by not building under sized under powered cars that look as if they were designed by the check out gal out the whole foods store. So we’re really looking pretty good.” GM could have avoided bankruptcy in the first place had they just used the Dear Leader’s easy accounting methods.

I think if you do your books in a manner that shows profit or any other type of gain that really isn’t there, it’s called fraud –hello Enron. CEOs go to jail for that kind of stuff, but the Dear Leader is hailed by the state run media as a hero for the exact same behavior.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Duel of the dopes Simpson Vs. Sparrow

In a recent talk with one of the neighbors, I let slip that I thought that the Dear Leader was dope. The neighbor was taken aback. After all, all we’ve heard from our state run media has been how smart and articulate the Dear leader is.

I’ve written before here that I though the reason the Dear leader didn’t take a high paying job at prestigious law firm was that he knew he’d be exposed as not really all that smart. Better to take a job as a community organizer and have people wonder if you know anything than to take a job where the boss actually expects performance and remove all doubt.

Well when I call the Dear Leader a dope, I don’t mean in the Homer Simpson sense of being a dope. Slow Joe Biden is the Homer Simpson type dope. The Dear Leader is smart, but only when it benefits the Dear Leader. He’s a Captain Jack Sparrow conniving, self-serving, savvy type smart not a Thomas Jefferson deep thinking principled smart.

That is why whenever he goes anywhere he trashes America. He does it only because it benefits the Dear Leader not America. The Dear Dope could go abroad and praise America for electing a dope-smoking, cocaine snorting, half-black, lifetime affirmative action fill with a racist preacher, a terrorist political ally and crook for real-estate agent as president. But he doesn’t. What good would doing so do HIM?

Instead he describes America as if it were him. From Washington to Bush 43, America has been self-serving, always exploiting other nations, taking and never giving. When the Dear Leader and his angry wife roll off of Air Force One it’s never, “What a great day. What a great plane. What a great day to be an American.” Instead it’s, “We Americans have been screwing people since 1776. Only since MY inauguration has America been able to start coming to terms with its wicked past. Only I can save America.”

He did the same silly $h!t in his speech to the Muslim world.

By the way, do those two words – Muslim world - make anyone else nervous? Why even acknowledge such a thing? Would we be so happy with a speech to the “Christian world.”

But anyway that speech –what I’ve and heard of it anyway – was nothing but relativism and appeasement. Sure the “Muslim world” is happy. Why not? The Dear Leader has just kissed your collective @$$es. Saying essentially, “just because 6 million Jews were slaughtered in Europe is no reason to feel sorry for them when Hamas and Hezbollah shoot rockets into Israel.”

His “on the one hand” justification for Arab/Muslim atrocities to west and Israel over the last 50 years is sickening. America developed and bought the Middle East's vast oil resources making those nations wealthy and for that we deserve to have our ships, embassies and citizens attacked relentlessly? WTF! Dare I say the Middle East – except for Israel – would be a backward crummy third world desert were it not western development.

America has nothing to apologize for. When the Dear Leader engages in such behavior, you can bet he has made a Captain Jack Sparrow calculation that it’s in HIS own best interest to do so.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Tragic deaths

The local rag (aka the Journal Gazette) is a twitter about the death of Dr. Tiller with nary a word of commentary about the death of Army Private William Long. Lex points out the inconsistency in this letter:

Uncle Joe Stalin said, “One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic.” So we morn the tragic senseless death of Dr. George Tiller, while we keep statistics on the number of viable babies he aborted. And like so many other things, Uncle Joe was wrong about it taking “one million” to become a statistic. Tiller probably only managed to kill babies by the thousands.

Also, it seems to matter a great deal who you are to qualify as a tragedy. That’s right. Not all solo deaths are equally as tragic. George Tiller was gunned down on Sunday. It didn’t take ten minutes for the media to start with an all day “breaking news” cycle on Tiller and the man who shot him. The White House issued an immediate statement that the president was “shocked and outraged” by Tiller’s murder. Inevitably, every conservative and/or pro-life advocate started to get tarred with the same brush by media and blog nuts as Scott Roeder, the man who shot Dr. Tiller.

Compare Dr. Tiller’s death and the media coverage associated with it to another tragic death. On Monday, Army Private William Long was gunned down on an American street by a homegrown Islamo-Terror-Fascist. The media silence was deafening. What little there was reported about Private Long’s death excluded the fact that he was murdered by a Muslim radical. It took the White House two full days to even notice that an American service member was killed on our streets by a terrorist. And even then the White House wasn’t “shocked and outraged” but only "saddened" by Private Long’s death. You know, like you’re saddened when your cat dies. And don’t even think about linking Carlos Bledsoe aka Abdul Hakim Mujahid Muhammad, the man who shot Private Long, with the “religion of peace.”

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Dumb and dumber

Hey the dear Leader finally took a break from kissing the a$$ of every dictator in the world to say he was “saddened” by the death of Army recruiter William Long. By contrast the Dear Leader was “shocked and outraged” at the murder of late term abortionist Dr. George Tiller.

So our Dear Leader is only saddened at the death of a US Soldier gunned down on our streets by a home-grown black Islamo-Terror-Fascist. Sort of like your saddened when your elderly grandmother passes away or like you’re saddened when you learn of a car accident that killed a teen somewhere.

Saddened that a soldier is gunned down on the street in America, but “shocked and outraged” at the murder of an abortionist? I don’t like the Dear Leader. In my book, buffoon barely begins to describe this dolt. But doesn’t the dope have people to say, “Hey, you got these two things backwards. We’re sad that Tiller was gunned down but we’re absolutely livid that Muslim jihadis have brought their brand of terror to our streets. What’s next, a homicide bomber at a crowded Dairy Queen on Friday night? A Beslan type siege at one of our schools? This will not stand. The FBI and CIA are to coordinate activities to stop this type of activity using any all means at their disposal. Waterboard them if you have to.”

But it was busy day for incoherent statements fro the Dear leader. In addition to the idiocy above, the Dear Leader told the French that "if you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we'd be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world". America one of the largest Muslim countries in the world? This after the Dear @ssbag told the world America was not a Christian nation? WTF?

78% of adult Americans identify themselves as Christians. .06% of Americans identify themselves as Muslims. So it would make perfect sense for the Dear Dolt to ignore our founding documents, the words of the founding father and the fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans identify themselves as Christians and tell the world that America is NOT a Christian nation. Then in the next breath claim that America is one of the largest Muslim nations because .06% of Americans identify themselves with that faith.

If idiocy were a crime punishable by degree, the Dear Leader would get the electric chair. I think I just found another hair in my banana pudding.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

American pot luck

Is anyone else getting that sick feeling? You know like when you pull a hair out of your mouth that was in the banana pudding you were eating at the company pot luck. You desperately try to figure out who made the pudding. Was it the boss’s sexy secretary? The matronly woman from accounting? Or the overweight gal with all of the tattoos and the greasy hair who cleans the office? Two things are for sure. Banana pudding (unless it comes from a sealed Jello snack pack) and office pot lucks are a “no go” from now on.

The company pot luck is sort of what we’ve got going in America right now. You’ve never liked the pot luck idea. Eating what other people think is good has never really worked out for you. But hey, give it another try.

It all sounds great when the sexy secretary says she’s making her world famous salsa dip; and the matronly accountant tells everyone about her “to die for” Swedish meatballs; and the overweight gal with all of the tattoos and the greasy hair tells everyone about her “killer” banana pudding recipe.

It even looks good when it’s all laid out on the buffet table in the break room. But the salsa tastes like tomato paste – turns out the boss’s secretary knows the boss can’t handle spicy food so she “tones the recipe down a bit.” The Swedish meatballs have been over cooked (or under cooked who really knows with those things) and have disintegrated into gelatinous brown lumpy goo in the crock pot. And the banana pudding we already know about.

So last year in Nov. America was planning a pot luck. It was all hope-n-change. We’d close G’itmo and the world would love us again. We’d get out of Iraq and the world would love us again. We’d condemn the practices that have kept us safe for 7 ½ years and the world love us again. We’d tax the rich and “spread it around” and America would see prosperity like never before.

We had the great beginning where it all looked so good from a distance. We had the Chicago victory rally. We had the inauguration with all of the beautiful people in attendance.

Then it all began to crumble.

We saw a Dear Leader blame everything bad that has happened in America since 1776 on his predecessor.

We saw a long line of tax cheats populating the administration in key positions.

We heard OUR Attorney General call America cowardly.

We heard OUR Dear Leader make long apologies to people around the world who should be kissing OUR collective @asses for all that we’ve done for them.

We saw OUR Dear Leader sit quietly listening as third-world creeps trashed OUR country.

We hear him praising thug dictators, appeasing the nuclear ambitions of crazy people and ignoring international terrorism while OUR Homeland Security targets Christian military veterans as the major threat to America.

We are less than 6 months into the Dear Leader’s reign and we’re already 7-9 TRILLION (who’s counting and can it really make a difference at this point?) dollars in debt.

We have nationalized OUR largest banks, insurance companies and automakers.

We’ve got our first racist Latina woman nominated to the Supreme Court.

The Iraq war is going to go on for at least as long as the Dear Leader’s predecessor said it would and any troops coming out of that theater are simply going to be redeployed to Afghanistan.

Two-thirds of Americans now want G’itmo to stay open.

Planes are falling out of the sky for no apparent reason.

Army personnel are being gunned down on our streets by home grown Islamo-Terror-Fascists while the Dear Leader and his sycophantic state run press organs ignore it.

I think we’re just beginning to see the first strands of what is a huge hairball in the middle of the banana pudding called America, and it’s making me ill.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Two deaths, one more tragic than the other

There were a couple murders recently. One will cause a stir the other will go largely unnoticed by the jackass MSM.

It was major non-stop “breaking news” when a nefarious abortion doctor was gunned down at his church on Sunday. Dr. George Tiller’s specialty was disposing of late term viable babies. No doubt NARAL and leftie loons will use the unfortunate circumstances of Dr. Tiller’s death to tar everyone who happens to be pro-life. Right now, our Justice Department – yeah the one that just dropped charges against the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation – is combing through its anti-abortion watch list using the profile:

White – Male – Christian – NRA member - Former military – Talk radio listener – American flag on display – Attended a pro-life (or Republican candidate’s) rally in the last 15 years

Justice is assembling a pro-life task force to raid the home of everyone who fits this profile and is ready to make their lives a living hell.

Monday Army recruiter William Long was gunned down outside his recruiting station in Arkansas by an Islamo-Terror-Fascist. Police speculate that the I-T-F killed Long out of religious and political hatred. The Justice Department and Leftie loons are urging calm noting that Islam is a “religion of peace.” To ensure the safety of Muslims, Justice has assembled an anti-Muslim task force and is profiling anyone who might cause trouble:

White – Male – Christian – NRA member - Former military – Talk radio listener – American flag on display – Attended a pro-life (or Republican candidate’s) rally in the last 15 years

Look, I’m sorry someone took it upon himself to murder Dr. Tiller. You just can’t have people wandering around shooting people they disagree with. But I do not put Tiller and Long into the same tragic bin. Long was young man on a mission to save lives and help people. Tiller was on a sadistic mission to destroy the most innocent and helpless among us. In my view, of the two deaths, Long’s death was more tragic by a factor of about 10. Killed a day earlier, Tiller was probably still at the gate trying to explain his life when the gate opened and a shining light greeted Long as he walked straight in.

Monday, June 01, 2009

GM, racists and nuts

GM or Gubimint Motors

Good news! We (the government) are taking over GM today. What could possibly go wrong? Now of the “big three auto makers,” we (da gubimint) own two. What does that mean for Ford, the lone privately owned American car company? T-R-O-U-B-L-E, that’s what.

There is no way that the government can let Ford run itself if Ford is running the government car makers out of business. So when GM (aka Government Motor) makes a $12,000 battery operated runabout that seats two uncomfortably and – in typical government fashion - tries to sell it for $37,000 that car will fail.

Meanwhile, customers will be flocking to buy Fords. Hmm. When that happens, Barney Frank will do one of two things. He will force the government to buy enough of GM’s $37,000 losers to ensure a GM profit; or through regulation and government coercion, he will force Ford to produce a $37,000 two seat loser of its own.

Rule of thumb: If you’re not willing to bailout all failing companies don’t bailout any.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…

OK maybe Sotomayor isn’t a racist. Maybe she just talks and acts like one. That’s right, acts like one. We all know by now that she thinks she’s smarter than white men by virtue of being a “Latina woman.” Saying it is one thing, but then there’s the New Haven Fire Department case where she actually found against the white male lieutenant being promoted because he was a white male.

So Lex thinks, she says what she means. And if what she says is racist, and then she act on what she has said, (head scratch here) why can’t you say that she’s a racist? The only good and logical counter argument to calling Sotomayor a racist is, “No she’s not. She just talks and acts like a racist.”

Now I said the only good and logical counter argument is to say she just talks and acts like a racist. The leftie libs and their MSM jackasses use the rather odd argument that pointing out racist speech and racist actions is itself racist and makes the one pointing the racist speech and acts out a much worse racist than one actually engaging in the racist behavior. Weird huh?

Nuts and Nukes

North Korea is spouting off, blowing up nuclear bombs and shooting missiles all over the Sea of Japan. Why worry? Like the Dear Leader described Iran and Venezuela, North Korea is a comparatively “tiny country” led by a dying demented dictator with no clear line of succession. How could North Korea pose any threat to America? Of course, that’s not counting the 30,000+ American service members stationed in South Korea.

Trust me. The Dear Leader will show up in Pyongyang, sit down with his Dear Leader counterpart the pot-bellied lunatic with the bouffant hair-do Kim Il Jung and apologize for America’s involvement in the Korean War and our “heavy handed” presence on the peninsula since the armistice. Kim will be delighted and offer to give our Dear Leader a full body massage using that jell found at the top of a can of Spam and crisis will be averted…until our Dear Leader refuses the massage.