Sunday, January 29, 2012

Newt is all for Newt

Were Newt to concentrate his efforts on the P-BO, he’d be a more appealing candidate. As it is, he appears to me to be a man with a grudge more interested in getting even with the guy who brought up his house ethics investigation (after Newt brought up that guy’s tax returns) than being president.

Then after the guy puts out his tax returns, in true Demo-Dope penis envy fashion, Newt begins to slam the guy for being successful. That sounds more like an OWS rally than a Republican campaign strategy. But that’s Newt.

He looks angry. He acts like a man out for revenge and his main target is the Republican front runner. The only time Newt gains any traction in this race is when he slams the media and or the P-BO. Fair or not, he looses ground every time he starts training his fire on Republicans.

So what does he do? He fires on republicans just as he begins to gain ground, and worst of all he looks mean doing it. This is a sign of being undisciplined. Compare Newt delivering an attack on Romney with a scowl on his face and words like, liar, dishonest etc. etc. and Romney delivering an attack on Newt with a smile saying things like, “I’d expect that from the Democrats.”

Trying to defend the idiotic idea of putting a colony on the moon in this day and age isn’t grandiose, it’s insane. First things first Newt. Why don’t you spend your first term and our tax dollars stabilizing our Titanic like nation by fixing the gash in the hull and pumping out the water. Use your second term to talk about having all 1,300 of the passengers up on water skies behind her as she pulls victoriously into NY Harbor with a full head of steam.

In true Newt fashion, he’s planning on staying in the primary all the way to the convention. After all, it is all about Newt. He may rally once a gain. Who knows? If he does, it’ll because he went after the P-BO in a disciplined fashion.

But the reference to discipline and the pronoun referring Newt are way too close together in that last sentence in my opinion. He’ll surge by bashing the press and the P-BO. Then he’ll talk about an expedition to the sun. When Romney tells him the sun is too hot, Newt will call Romney a liar and remind him that Newt’s plan calls for the expedition to travel only at night.

Friday, January 27, 2012


After the first Gulf War, we were informed that the world was a much and safer place. The Soviet Union had been dismantled, Sadam had been pushed out of Kuwait in the historic 100 hour war and peace was breaking out all over. As a result, we were told we could reduce our forces and thereby save billions of dollars. It was called a “peace dividend.”

Today, we are engaged in a world-wide war with Islamo-Terror-Fascists. The Chinese are undergoing a military expansion particularly with regard to their naval capabilities. Russia is now resurgent. They mean us no good in diplomatic relations across the globe - in spite of the P-BO’s effort to hit the “reset button,” (which was inexplicably translated to the Russian word for “overcharge” on the actual button Sec State Clinton presented to the Russians). Iran is months away from developing nuclear weapons. The Middle East is as unstable as it has been in my lifetime. Europe teeters on economic ruin.

In the face of all that, the P-BO will cut eight brigades from America’s Army. What is this reduction in force going to be called? It cannot be called a “peace dividend.” There is little peace anywhere in the world today. I think we can safely call this one “The P-BO doesn’t give a $h!t dividend.”

Last on Joe Pa
Penn State held a memorial service for Joe Pa yesterday. One of the speakers was Nike co-owner Phil Knight. Knight got a standing-O after delivering these lines:

"He gave full disclosure to his superiors, information that went up the chain to the head of the campus police and the president of the school. The matter was in the hands of a world-class university and a president with an outstanding national reputation.

"Whatever the details of the investigation, this much is clear to me: If there is a villain in this tragedy, it lies in that investigation, not in Joe Paterno's response."

The crowd’s response reminded me a bit of a bunch of kids who still want to believe in Santa Clause. They kind of know he’s not real but they want so much to believe. They try harder than ever to convince themselves that he’s real. Parents indulge the kids hoping they can hold on to their fantasy for as long as possible. Then another year goes by and nobody even tries to pretend.

Joe Pa and Jerry Sandusky are linked forever. Penn Staters can pretend it isn’t so for now.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lies and damn lies

The P-BO played the role of national mama soothing a nation of cowards whimpering in the corner, “It’s not fair.” Were he playing the role of dad he’d had told us, “Look life’s not fair. Now get up. Get out there and kick some butt.” Instead he comforted us by telling us it’s not our fault that we’re unemployed, under employed or make less than our neighbor. It’s the fault of rich Republicans. Why we’d all be living like Warren Buffet or at least Mitt Romney if things were just fair.

Here’s the take away line:

[W]e can restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules.

In a single line everyone from failed business man who worked 90 hours a week get his fledging business off the ground to the lazy no count whose biggest effort of the day is noon time stroll the mailbox to see if his thrice weekly government check has arrived, are relieved of any responsibility for their own situation. It’s not fair and there is no hope in America. That’s why things haven’t worked out for everyone who things haven’t worked for.

This is America. Who isn’t getting a fair shot? How long have they not been getting a fair shot? This is the land of the fair shot and by worldly standards always has been. By fair shot the divider-in-chief means achieving an equal outcome. Equal outcomes are achieved by “spreading the wealth around.”

Who is not doing their share? The rich? The top 25% are currently footing 86% of the income tax burden in this country. How is that “fair?” 46% PAY NO INCOME TAX AT ALL. How is that “fair?” “Fair” is code for socialized redistribution of assets.

Who isn’t playing the rules? We are the most taxed, most over regulated people in the history of the planet. When you set those conditions, you tilt the playing field toward entities that can afford to deal with an unwieldy tax and regulatory bureaucracy, i.e. big business. You freeze out the little guy who can ill afford a team tax lawyers or an environmental impact study that’s required to break ground on a new facility. The P-BO and the Libs set the conditions through tax and regulatory policies whereby only a few companies can afford to compete, then he complains that it’s not fair. When someone recommends leveling the playing field by easing regulations, the P-BO rejects that and favors more regulations to punish those still able to compete. The process ends when a particular industry moves completely overseas.

By contrast, Mitch Daniels told us more about the state of union in 13 minutes than the P-BO did in his hours long line of BS.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The worst TV night of the year

The campaigner-in-chief kicks off his bid to continue to run the country into the ground and ruin another night of TV in America tonight with the State of the Union. No wait, his campaign offically kicked off several months ago, tonight is just a continuation of a campaign that actually began as soon as he lifted his hand from the Bible after being sworn in.

First off, the State of the Union speech is a total waste of everyone’s time. Putting it on TV is a waste valuable TV time. There was a time when the president didn’t even show up in the Capital Building and deliver the SOTU in the form of speech. It was delivered as a letter to congress.

Check every SOTU speech since Ronald Reagan. Based on objective speech criteria, every one of them has been too long, too polarizing and too disjointed to get much better than a D- in any speech class. Of course and as always in modern education, the P-BO will get a full pass for being half black and receive his usual A++++++ from Libs.

Don’t get “Let me be clear…” or any phrase with the word "fair" in it in the drinking game.

All media will fawn over the P-BO for the performance tonight. They will talk about how great he looked, what a nice tie had on, how in command he was blah, blah, blah. It’s all BS. He’s going to stand up and read a speech from a teleprompter. 10’s of 1,000 of local weathermen do the exact same thing every night with a whole lot more flare.

Unless the good Joe Wilson calls him what he is, a liar, the content of the show tonight will be exactly what you’d expect from a socialist. It’ll be program after program designed to separate working people from their money and “spread it around” to public sector union thugs, welfare and more green energy flops.

On a different note
Lee C. Bollinger is President of Columbia University. He wrote an OpEd for the Washington ComPost. In addition to his duties at Columbia, Bollinger is also Director of the Washington Post Co. In his OpEd, which was republished in the Ft. Wayne local fish wrap, Bollinger whines about the courts undoing the social engineering universities like Columbia are engaged in with their racial preference programs. These programs allow Libs like Bollinger to snatch less qualified kids from the back of the line and move them ahead of more qualified kids.  They do this not based on the content of their character or even a more objective standard, their grades, but rather on the color of their skin. Talk about turning Martin Luther King on his head.

Naturally Lex took exception:

White male Lee C. Bollinger is a supporter of socially engineered diversity, probably because it has never affected him or his children.

Were Bollinger truly interested in diversity, he’d resign as President of Columbia University because he’s male and quit as Director of the Washington Post Co. because he’s white. He’d insist an under served minority candidate be hired in those positions, perhaps even the rarest of all species in a faculty lounge or news room, a conservative.

Even with causes as noble as diversity, a line must be drawn somewhere. I suppose Bollinger draws his line on support for diversity right where it might actually affect him. If not there, then certainly before an equal number of conservative students and faculty are required on Columbia ’s campus or on the Post’s staff.

The reason some minorities cannot get into universities on their own merit is due to the utter failure of many inner city schools. Yet when someone comes along with voucher money to get kids out of the mess created by Liberal policies like those Bollinger champions, there are the Liberals standing in the school house door blocking a better education for minority kids.

When someone proposes firing incompetent union teachers in the public system, there’s Bollinger and his teachers’ union buddies to ensure inept tenured teachers remain in place for life. After all, punishing at risk children is a small price to pay to maintain a Liberal monopoly on public education.

Bollinger and his pals do little to enable these children to enter college based on their own merit. Instead Bollinger’s answer to the problems Liberal education policies have created is to pluck kids from the back of the line, where those policies have placed them, and simply move them ahead of more qualified applicants.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Newt and Joe Pa

Newt takes SC
Well the good news is that ABC “news” is looking pretty stupid, limp and ineffectual after that. They unloaded their best shot at Newt and the only affect it had was to help him.

Other good news is that it will push Romney farther right and toughen him up if he wins the nomination.

Joe Pa probably died of a broken heart R.I.P.
What have we learn from the sad past few months.

First, never erect a statue of someone who is still alive. Wait at least 5 years after their death to pay such tribute. Penn State put up a statue of their long-time coach outside Beaver Stadium in Nov of 2001. Not only was Paterno still alive, he was still coach. Who else on campus has a statue of themselves? The university president? Honored alum? War heroes? So who is the main man on campus with that tribute? The only other statues I know of on campus are the statues of the university’s mascot the Nittany Lions. NOTE: There is no species know as the Nittany Lion. Rather Nittany Lions are cougars who inhabit nearby Mt. Nittany. Yeah, now you know.

Next, unless you’re raking leaves in the fall while the trees are still half full, doing the minimum is seldom enough. You cannot do the minimum when boys are being raped in your shower and then hide behind the law. You have to take the extra step and at least kick the perpetrator out of your facility pending an investigation.

Next, ignorance is no defense. Joe Pa cannot claim that he was unaware of what was going on in his program. If he didn’t know, he should be fired for that. Joe Pa was the most visable most powerful man on campus and the only one with a staue of himself.  He had to have known.

Next, people who have statues of themselves on campus can’t then claim they were powerless to act to stop and/or expose a heinous crime. Even in death he remains the face of Penn State University.  If he didn't have the power, who did? 

Last, sadly whatever else Joe Pa is going to be remembered for, the first thing will be for not removing a child predator from his program. He will become the Billy Boy put some ice on it Clinton of college football coaches - a great talent whose name will be synonymous scandal. Just as Billy Boy is linked forever with Monica, Joe Pa will be forever linked with Jerry Sandusky.

Friday, January 20, 2012

There he goes again

What was John King thinking? He wasn’t. King opened the debate last night with a question to Newt about Newt’s ex-wife. Did King think he was going to catch Newt off guard with that one? Newt: Wow! like holy cow man, where did that one come from? Boy, I sure wish I’d prepared for that line of questioning.

The outcome was as predictable as Wiley E. Coyote strapping on a pair of Acme rock assisted roller skates in an effort to catch the road runner. King smashed full speed into a Newt boulder. Then when King acted like a coward by trying to place blame onto ABC, an Acme anvil fell on his head when Newt laid waste to him again for not manning up and taking responsibility for asking the question.

It was a thing of beauty, nearly on a par with Newt’s leveling of Juan Williams earlier. But this latest episode begs the question, why are Republicans exposing themselves to this kind of abuse week in and week out. Can you imagine any Demo-Dope signing up for 19 debates, let alone 19 debates where 17 of them are moderated by Rush Limbaugh? That is essentially what the Republican field signed up for. It’s crazy.

And speaking of what were you thinking, how did Marianne Gingrich think that this was going to work out well for her? Even if she’s telling the 100% accurate and full truth, 50% of the people will think she’s lying to get even; the other 50% are going to yawn and say it’s old news. If she’s trying to destroy Newt she should have come up with something new like him wearing women’s underwear around the house, snacking on dog biscuits or gardening in the nude. That’s a horrible mental image that will need to be erased before lunch, if there is to be a lunch. Which makes the point.

When I look at that stage, I see only one guy that looks like a president, with the temperament of a president for these troubled times and the experience to be a president to get this ship turned around before it hits the rocks – Mitt.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Not affraid to support the successful good looking candidate

Well pretty much on cue the Newtster began his melt down. Forgetting that it was his critique of Demo-Dopes that got him all his hype after the last debate, Newt decided he’d had enough of Republicans as well. Newt called on Rick Santorum, yeah the guy who has beaten him in the first two Republican contests, to step down in order to make more room for Newt. Rick’s reaction was predictable, YGBSM!

Then Newt took aim at Romney calling him dirty! That’s the exact opposite of how Slowest of all Joes, Joe shovel ready Biden characterized candidate B-HO in 2008. As you recall, his slowness referred to B-HO as the first clean and articulate African American candidate. Well when you’re 180 out with that mental midget, you’re probably on to something. But Newt wasn’t referring to the P-BO. If he were he’d probably be spot on. He was referring to Romney.

So yeah, I’m officially off the Newt train again. Among other things, I don’t think he has the temperament to be president. The last thing we need is someone who becomes unhinged when a political rival gets in a dig.

Santorum went after Newt as well saying that he, Santorum, never shared a couch with anyone but his wife and he doesn’t need to prove he’s the smartest guy in the room by coming up with a new hare brained idea every 20 seconds. Santorum said that the guy he’s beaten like a drum in the first two contests is arrogant and suffering from a fit of hubris for suggesting he and Rick Perry leave the race so everyone can coalesce around Newt. That’s like CNN telling FOX and MSNBC that they should get out of the way so cable news viewers can watch them. Idiot.

Then all of the candidates are piling on Romney for paying his taxes at the required rate and earning money. You’d think this tactic would be left to the Demo-Dopes. Santorum was bragging that he was pretty sure he paid more than 15% in taxes. Good for you Rick. Why don’t make the point by sending it all in?

Santorum also ridiculed Romney for saying 300K in speaking fees wasn’t that much money. Romney made 300K for 8 speeches. That’s about $37,500 per speech. Wow that’s a ton of money.

Not really. Billy boy put some ice on it Clinton takes in between 150-450,000 dollars PER SPEECH. The king of the talker is Donald Trump. He gets a whopping 1.5 MILLION per speech. So in the realm of public speaking fees, $35k isn’t even in the lower middlan range. Besides what business is it of Santorum's how much money people are willing to pay Romney to hear him talk? Rick, if you could get it, would you take it?

Who do want for president Rick? Would have us scour the back alleys for some unaccomplished bum? Myself, I prefer the successful types as president. We are currently experiencing what happens when you trust a know nothing, do nothing, be nothing (g)assbags with the reins of power. Think of your high school class president. Did you vote for the fat guy picking his nose in study hall or the smart kid who captained the basketball team?

I’m happy my guy is successful. I’m happy he’s been married to the same woman his entire life instead of having to number them like Lex’s conspiracy theories. I’m happy he’s run a business like a business, concentrating on people, product and profit instead of thinking the business exists solely as a means to provide the maximum people possible health insurance (think auto industry here). I’m happy he and his family are successful attractive people. I’m happy that he remains a confident happy warrior. I’m happy as he has moved around in his life, good things have followed in his wake.

By contrast look at Newt - a short, fat, angry man.   OK, I'll give him smart as well, but everywhere he’s been whether in his personal life or political life, a trail of wreckage is left behind. That’s what he’s trying to do with this campaign.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A hero and a fly boy

While Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. James Amos continues his quest to punish 4 urinating Marines, real Marines fight real battles. One of those Marines was honored yesterday. Lance Corporal Donald Hogan was awarded the Navy Cross by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus for his valor in Afghanistan in 2009.

Hogan was killed by a roadside bomb. When he discovered the bomb, instead of taking the easy and safe way out and ducking for cover, Hogan exposed himself to the force of the blast to warn his fellow Marines of the danger, thereby saving untold lives.

Meanwhile back in the Pentagon, a division’s worth of military “experts” labored under the constant pressure of jammed copy machines, an aide who can’t quite get the coffee to water ratio precisely the way the Gen likes it, too few croissants, an arduous 50 meter stroll to the nearest pop machine and dealing with weighty issues like where and when Marines should be allowed to urinate while in combat. Oh the humanity!

I didn’t hear Amos, SecDef, or SecState on the evening news extolling the valor of LCpl Hogan. Amos didn’t even appoint a 3 star Gen to head up a task force to investigate Hogan’s death or the type of bomb that killed him. While roadside bombs continue to be a problem in Afghanistan, Amos put his crack Marine Corps R&D boys on the real problem there – urinating Marines.

The R&D guys have developed the Personal Infantry Sanitary System or PISS for short. While a bit cumbersome, Amos explained that Marines can compensate for their new PISS gear by lightening their loads of other personal gear like soap, clean socks and skivvies.

When asked what would happen to the PISS when full, Amos explained that the Marines would be expected to carry three days worth of PISS with them while on patrol. Then the PISS would be collected and disposed of in an appropriate location, presumably somewhere in Michigan. Asked if the additional requirements might be a bit cumbersome for the already overloaded troops, Amos replied, “Look, once when the bus broke down and the squadron's golf cart was on a beer run, I had to carry my own flight helmet all the way down the flight line, and that’s with a cup of coffee in the other hand by the way. I also wore a pee bag on my leg during those occasional three Coke-a-Cola missions. Suck it up Marines. Every Marine is expected to hold their own PISS. PISS is the future of our Corps. We have plenty of PISS, particularly here in the Pentagon, and we will not tolerate urinating in the field.”

But in the really important news from the Corps, we are certain that the circle is tightening around the 4 urinating Marines, now known as the pre-PISS four.

This is just silly isn’t it? It would be except for the fact that the full force of the Defense Dep, State Dep and Marine Corps is about to land on four Marines heads. That’s what’s really silly.

What isn’t silly at all is LCpl Hogan’s extraordinary bravery in the face of certain death. As SecNav appropriately put it:
“Lance Cpl. Hogan made a choice that is unimaginable for most of us. But it was a choice of a Marine.”

Semper Fi Devil Dog, R.I.P.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Juan Williams wakes up wondering what train hit him last night

Wow. I watched about 95% of the debate last night. First, it is crystal clear that any of the five remaining Republican candidates, that INCLUDES Ron Paul, would be a vast improvement over the jughead currently occupying the WH. Yeah, “occupying” the WH. He has the exact same mentality as the unwashed vermin that make up 99% of the “occupy” movement. I expect to see a picture of him crapping on the Resolute Desk any day now.

Next, after last night’s performance, had Newt Gingrich taken Lex’s advice and foregone the Bain attacks on Romney, focusing his energy, wit and intelligence instead on the P-BO, he’d be poised for an upset win in SC. He took Juan Williams to woodshed and beat him like a rented mule on question about Newt’s comment that black teens should be employed as janitors in our schools. Saying he destroyed Juan’s whole premise is putting it too mildly. Newt was the reef and Juan was the Italian Costa Concordia cruise ship. Or to put another topical point on it, Newt was the four Marines and Juan was the three dead Tallies. Newt, crushed him, fired him up, rolled him flat and spun .20 gauge wire out of him. When it was all over, Newt got a standing O and Juan was looking to call it a night. It was a thing of beauty. If Newt rallies and becomes the nominee, political junkies will point to these 4 minutes as the turning point. Of course, he’ll do or say something stupid today that will cancel the whole thing out.

Ron Paul made a brilliant point about the difference between defense spending and military spending. His point was that if we stopped wasteful military spending – an embassy in Iraq that is bigger than Vatican City – we could actually increase our defense spending. That’s a pretty savvy point. Of course he falls apart when his isolationism is taken to nth degree.

Had Rick Perry started the debates with performances like last night, he’d be in the hunt. Too bad, it’s too late, and he too took the Bain Capital bait.

Romney was steady as ever. His support of the idea that the military can snatch American citizens up and hold them indefinitely without trial is problem. His defense of the idea was that Americans have to be careful who they entrust with these powers. Yeah, sure Mitt, if we could only find a benevolent dictator we could have the utopia we’ve been searching for. Wrong. The constitution is brilliant because it limits government’s power. Giving over power to the government to hold people indefinitely without charge is outrageous and anti-American. Yes it passed the house. Thank you John Boehner.

Were I voting today, I’d probably pull the lever for Newt. He was that good last night. In a couple of days, I’ll be wondering, after the Bain attacks, does he have the temperament for the job.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Just hold it until the next gas station, I guess

This really pisses me off. Some Allah loving Islamo-Terror-Fascist guns down over 40 people, killing 13, at Ft. Hood and the P-BO administration labels that terrorist act ”workplace violence.” But before that lunacy, the Army Chief of Staff’s major concern isn’t for the dead or their suffering families. No. Any call to examine the Army’s “diversity program” that allowed an avowed terrorist to remain in the ranks and get promoted while spewing anti-American hatred would be much worse, according to Gen George I love diversity more than my own soldiers Casey.

Now we have four Marines urinating on three already dead Taliban fighters, and the Commandant of the Marine Corps has appointed a three star general to investigate the incident. Dare I say, and I alluded to it when Gen Amos was appointed Commandant, this is what you get when you place a Naval Aviator in charge of America’s premier ground combat troops. Gen Amos’s idea of up close and personal is dropping ordinance from a couple of thousand feet while going a couple hundred miles an hour, before beating it home to a hot shower, cool tent with a cot and three squares.

Like Abu Graihb, this is a big deal only because we make it a big deal. Amos should have issued a statement along the lines of:

I don’t like my Marines pissing on dead people. Weren’t there some live prisoners around that that urine would have had a more positive affect on? I like Marines who video the act and put it on Facebook a whole hell of lot less than the guys doing the pissing. So, if you’re going to piss on dead Tallies, for crying out loud, don’t video it. I expect the Gunny in charge of these four to have them dig a slit trench from their current position to the top of the Arctic Circle and Courts Martial the idiot who videoed the act. This case is closed.

It would also be cool if there was a sort of Spartacus defense. When the Gunny comes out in the morning and says he wants to see the four Marines who pissed on the dead Tallies, the whole company lines up outside the Gunny's fighting hole.

Instead everyone, SecDef, SecState, Commandant are wringing their hands over something that has been going on since Cain slew Able. The only way out of it now for anyone involved in this incident is to claim that they are transgendered homosexuals (think about it), who drink too much because they worried about global warming and are suffering from PTSD. The reaction would be, Oh poor lads! Here’s your 500% disability waiver. Amos would be against them, before he “embraced” them – figuratively of course…I think.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Good news, bad news, covering up the news

There’s good news in America.
No Newt hasn’t switched parties and mounted a primary challenge to the P-BO. The good news is that private owner gun sales in the US spiked over the Christmas holiday. It seems that the favorite line from A Christmas Story has gone from, “you’ll put your eye with that” to “Red Rider BB gun? Naa. Kid what you really want is a Savage Axis model .22.” So Santa was literally loaded for bear as he made his rounds on 24 Dec.

Depending on whom you ask, there are between 198 and 260 million privately owned firearms in the United States. That is by far the most privately owned fire arms of any nation. If you add in military and police firearms, we could easily put a firearm in the hands of every man, woman and child in America. That’s a good start. By contrast there are only about 137 million registered passenger vehicles in the US.

Yet, while we hide our guns for fear of our kids getting a hold of them, we put our kids behind the wheel of our auto and begin schooling them on the dangers of cars and driving from the time they are able to walk. No. I wouldn’t expect that we’d leave a loaded gun on the kitchen table, but I would expect that we’d teach our kids how to act if we or one their friend’s parents did. Instead of teaching kids our American history with firearms, we are instructed to hide them away. We’ll teach drivers-ed in high school, but if some kid so much as makes a finger gun during recess, he’s immediately expelled and sent to counseling.

In the movie Conrack, when a boy drowns in a river while fishing, the teacher, Pat Conroy, discovers that none of his students can swim. Most are petrified of the water. He marches them down to the river and proceeds to throw them into the knee deep water one by one and teaches them swim. American Libs are petrified of firearms and they want our kids to be as afraid as they are. They insist on them being locked away and even drawing a picture of one in school violates the insane zero tolerance policy.

I say get them out and put them on the desks. Let the kids look at them and handle them. Take them to the range and let them shoot the guns so as to demonstrate the absolute irreversibility of a decision to pull the trigger.

To that end, I’ve allowed the Bishop Dwenger air rifle team to use my barn for winter shooting on the condition that the Boy Scouts could use the range as well. To date, we have had 15 boys earn their Rifle Shooting Merit Badges. For many it was their first shooting experience.

Urinating Marines
Everything that needs to be said about this has probably already been said. This is a break down of adult leadership that Hamid Karzi will use for his own political benefit. The only reason he’ll be able to do that or that this is a big deal at all is because our BS media and sissified Pols will make it a big deal. There will be 10,000 times more coverage of this incident, that occurred in the heat of battle, than the OWS f&^k taking a casual crap on a police car. I’ll tell you this; those 4 young Marines are 10,000 times the men as the entire OWS loser crowd. The media and the lib lemming Pols will coddle the looser and ruin the heroes.

And remember this Marines, Gen Amos will have your backs right up to the point that it becomes a liability for himself.

Moochell the angry black woman

Why, I'd be angry too, if they took a photo of me like this.
Never has a First Lady received such fawning press. She regularly dresses like a circus clown, yet we’re told what a smart fashion sense she has. She has a back side so wide that it won’t fit through an elevator door so the press tells how wonderful her arms are and tries mightily to photograph her only from the waist up. When they can't, it's a disaster.  And in spite of her own ample backside, no one questions her hypocrisy about lecturing us on obesity. She flies herself to and fro on the taxpayer dime, hopping on AF jets as if she were hailing a cab, yet the MSM tells us how in touch she is with struggling families.

Now she’s complaining of an unfair press portraying her as an angry black woman. Hey honey, all they have done since day one is to try to hide your true nature. But the fact is that you are so angry, even they cannot hide it with their endless puff pieces. It’s like trying to hide the arm of the sofa that the dog chewed off with a doily. It can’t be done. People are going to notice. Face it, you ARE an angry black woman. Who else would say something as stupid as, “For the first time in life, I’m proud of my country” but for an angry, angry woman?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Newt's big opening, he won't take it.

Crafty campaign consultant David Axelrod said that former P-BO religious mentor and father figure Rev? Jerry G-D America Wright’s sermons were taken out of context by the P-BO’s political enemies. Yeah, enemies. That would include any non-Communist or thinking human being. So, Dave how do you put G-D America into an acceptable context?

Yes, and thanks Dave. I wondered how a Republican candidate might bring up the P-BO’s buddy Jerry without appearing to be fishing for a red meat issue long ago disposed of. You have solved that problem.

Were I Newt, I’d get out of the race, endorse Santorum, go on a diet and enjoy my millions traveling. But, if were going to stay in the race, I’d dump those 10s of millions of dollars I got from the casino guy right on the P-BOs and Axelgreases head about this issue.

A perfect man on the street ad:

Sir could you try using the phrase “G—Damn America” in a sentence that doesn’t…well…damn America? The man’s reply, “Get outta here befores I punch yous right in yous ugly mug.” How about you Madam? “Oooooh, I don’t think so. That’s so crude and un-American.” And on and on. You could contrast it by throwing up comments from Fidel, Hugo, Amadinajad, and OWS types that take the bait. All the while repeating Axelgreases comment in a sort of hip hop remix.

G—Damn America
was taken out of context
Damn America
Out of context
Out of contex
Get outta here
Damn America
Out of context
Oooh no
Out of context
Damn America
So crude
Damn America
Out of context
Damn America
Punch yous ugly mug

Well you get it. Hey, I may have stumbled upon my real calling. DJ remix master Lex.

But, thankfully I’m not newt. Newt is Newt, and Newt is out for blood. Not Demo-Dope blood, Romney blood. Newt is like that clever song from the 70s by the rock band Sweet, Little Willie. The catch line of that song:

'Cause little Willy, Willy won't go home
But you can't push Willy round
Willy won't go, try tellin' everybody but, oh no
Little Willy, Willy won't go home

Newt won’t go home. But you can’t push Newt around because given his girth that would be “stunningly” hard to do. Check out the lyrics here and see if it wouldn’t make a perfect parody for Newt.

Yes of course you have Lex to thank as you try to get the Little Willy melody out of your head for the rest of the day. My work here is done.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No statesmen left on either side

When elected unanimously by congress to be the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, George Washington addressed the congress with these few words.

"Mr. President, Tho' I am truly sensible of the high Honour done me, in this Appointment, yet I feel great distress, from a consciousness that my abilities and military experience may not be equal to the extensive and important Trust: However, as the Congress desire it, I will enter upon the momentous duty, and exert every power I possess in their service, and for support of the glorious cause. I beg they will accept my most cordial thanks for this distinguished testimony of their approbation.

"But, lest some unlucky event should happen, unfavourable to my reputation, I beg it may be remembered, by every Gentleman in the room, that I, this day, declare with the utmost sincerity, I do not think myself equal to the Command I am honored with.

"As to pay, Sir, I beg leave to assure the Congress, that, as no pecuniary consideration could have tempted me to have accepted this arduous employment, at the expence of my domestic ease and happiness, I do not wish to make any proffit from it. I will keep an exact Account of my expences. Those, I doubt not, they will discharge, and that is all I desire."

I was reminded of this event and Lincoln’s 270 word Gettysburg Address while listening to Ron Paul and others drone on and on and on after finishing second, third, fourth and fifth in the NH primary. I wondered, how long it would take them to get to the point if something really important had happened to them?

And humility must be a thing of the far distant past. Can you imagine any of today’s pols saying, “my abilities and experience may not be equal to the extensive and important Trust”? Or, “I do not think myself equal to the Command I am honored with”? It’s never going to happen.

Quite the opposite. The more they foul things up the more today's pols assure us the country cannot survive without them. Take the P-BO…please. Here’s a guy with not one qualification to run anything more complicated than a midnight basketball program telling us that America cannot survive unless we re-elect him.

Take Newt…please. We all knew he was the smartest guy in the room. Now we know he’s also the meanest, most self serving, arrogant and hypocritical. After making millions for talking to companies like Freddie and Fannie, Newt is shocked that Mitt Romney made money working for Bain Capital. Newt wants Mitt to hold a presser explaining Bain’s success. He even claimed that there should be a cut off for profit. Wow, that sounds like Barnewt Ogingrich. As Newt himself might say about that comment were not from himself, “that is a stunningly hypocritical and naive statement coming from probably worst candidate in recent memory.” By sitting on a couch with Grand Fran Nan Pelooser, Newt screwed himself more than all of Romney’s money ever could.

So, to hell with Newt and the box of rocks from the lone star state. The two of them seem more interested in destroying Romney than winning the nomination or helping the country. It is now a two man race, Romney and Santorum.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

AL, Mitt fires people and Conspiracy theory #12a

Wow that was an old fashion arsewhippin’. Lex’s prediction was pretty much spot on. More big plays. Mostly on first down. All by AL. More mistakes. All by LSU. AL had only one penalty all night. That came on a 4th quarter punt. LSU took the 5 yards, re-punted and AL ended up with better field position than they had before the 5 yard assist. That’s the kind of night it was for LSU. Still, it was a 2 score game until late in the 4th which diabolically kept people tuned into a game that stat wise was never even close. The real question is, is big sis at work today celebrating with the rest of the state, or taking the day off to drive to Tucaloosa to welcome the team home? The world wonders.

An imponderable: Republicans are PO’d at Mitt for firing people. Seems to me Newt and Perry picked the wrong topic upon which to pile on Romney. Isn’t that exactly what they expect voters to do in Nov, fire the P-BO?

Romney’s logical response in addition to the brilliance noted above should be, “Of course you have to fire people occasionally. Do you want to run things like the Post Office? Like AmTrak?  Like unionized public education? Like some lib lemming Ivy League tenured faculty association? Besides, didn’t the P-BO just announce that he was going to fire 10’s of thousands of military personnel? Seems to me you should be attacking libs who won’t fire even the most incompetent public employees instead of me who fires people who need to be fired.”

Which is a beautiful segue into conspiracy theory #...what are we up to…12 or 13? Let’s call it 12a just in case. Back on July 2, 2008 in Colorado, then presidential candidate B-HO said this:
"We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

Last week the P-BO took the first step toward that goal. Not by providing funds for your local police dept or the FBI, but rather in true Lib form by dragging the military down.

Aside: Have you ever noticed that when Libs talk about equality of income their plan is never to lift the poor but rather to punish achievers? They whine about the safety of a Prius owner when he gets clobbered by any real car. So instead of requiring the Prius to up its game and become safer, they require other cars to be lighter so everyone is less safe.

And so it goes with this conspiracy theory. The P-BO wants a “civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the military. He knows he cannot afford two military forces that are as “powerful,” “strong,” and “well funded.” So what to do? Easy, if you can’t bring the “civilian national security force” up, you cripple the military and bring them down. So he has fired tens of thousands of ground military personnel.

Now we already have local police, county police, state police, state bureaus of investigation, DNR, national guard, ATF, FBI, TSA, ICE, DHS, US Marshall Service, Border Patrol and get this, 27 federal offices of inspector general within the federal government with criminal investigators who have arrest and firearm authority. The Secretary of Education actually has his own armed task force. Huh? Yeah, really.

Now, if you take just the armed federal officers you have about 36 per 100,000 citizens. If you role in the state officers you ‘d probably increase the 36 ten fold.

If you brought all of the state officers under federal control because, I don’t know, say the DOJ determined that they were all racists for enforcing immigration law like in AZ.  Who would those forces report to? Well the likely dept would be the DOJ. That would put a force equal to or exceeding our armed forces under the control of Eric the wad America is a nation of cowards Holder.

It’s also significant for this theory that the P-BO insists that all of the proposed military force reduction come from the infantry in the Army and Marine Corps. If you are trying to quell an insurrection of you own people, you’d want ground pounders for that kind of work. You don’t want to be bombing and strafing your own citizens from the air. That is a hard sell. If the local police are encouraging the insurrection by say allowing OWS types to break the law with impunity, by crapping on or stealing everything that doesn’t move, the last thing you’d want is military ground forces moving in to restore order.  Maybe that's what the P-BO wants.  He wants the optics of jets bombing OWS scum.  Continue to stock up on pepper spray and ammo.  Might as well, they don't go bad.

Well there you have it. A brilliant conspiracy theory if ever there was one. I expect Ron Paul to jump on this before the polls close tonight in NH.

Monday, January 09, 2012

A different game tonight

A bit under the weather today. Hope to rally by game time tonight.

Prediction: After a 40+ day lay off, it’ll be a much different game this time around. There will be mistakes, more big plays and the score will be in the 24-17 range in favor of the Tide.

The Steelers were Tebowed yesterday. OK the receiver on the last play did 90% of the work, slapping two Steeler defenders away in rout to a 65 yard run after catch TD. So technically, the Steelers were Thomased.

After the game, ESPN idiot Chris Berman, rumbled, bumbled and stumbled into this line of inexplicable BS. He wondered aloud, did Chris, what Steelers QB Ben Rothlesbereger might have done had Denver only managed a field goal on their possession. Then he correctly noted, “We’ll never know.” If he was calling for the NFL to wise up and just add a 10 minute OT period, that isn’t what he said. He seemed to be wishing that there were a mechanism whereby the Steelers could take the field and just win the game.

Tomorrow conspiracy theory #12.

Friday, January 06, 2012

How about a more robust reserve force?

After successfully shutting down NASA, the P-BO has trained his cost cutting gun on the military. The guy who is running a trillion dollar budget deficit every year intends to balance that budget by cutting 48 billion a year from the defense budget for the next ten years. So don’t worry Mr. and Mrs. America, the P-BO is on the case. While we go another ten trillion in the hole the P-BO is going to “save” us 480 billion.

Prediction: It’ll end up costing 3 times any savings we achieve to mobilize during the next conflict.

Defending the move the P-BO said:
“I firmly believe, and I think the American people understand, that we can keep our military strong and our nation secure with a defense budget that continues to be larger than roughly the next 10 countries combined.”
 Well, as long as he “firmly believes” that, it should be enough dissuade any aggression from the likes of China, Russia, N Korea, Iran, any country in the Middle East who would like to see Israel gone, Hezbollah, Hammas, al Qaeda, South American Narco Terrorists and the Taliban. Ooops, as the slowest of all Joes noted not long ago, the Taliban are no longer our enemy.

If you’re going to save money you have to go to where the money is. In spite of the massively expensive weapons systems we own, most of the defense cost is captured in military pay and retired benefits. So the defense brainiacs are going to cut roughly 10,000 ground pounders from the Army and Marines. Actually, that makes sense. It’s easier and quicker to train an infantryman than a fighter pilot.

It’s unnecessary, but it makes sense. Reserve units operate at a cost of about 1/3rd that of an active duty unit. Seems to me, it might be in our national interest and an economic stimulus as well, if we rolled 15,000 into the reserves to reach the same savings while maintaining essentially the same combat power.

Take all 15,000 out of the Army. Make the Marine Corps a rapid reaction force to fight and hold until the Army can mobilize and follow on to fight and win. I know. The Marines would win before the Army could get there, but you have to sell these things.

With regard to any real personnel cuts in the military, I’d start with the Pentagon and the general officer corps. About 99% of the BS in the military starts in the five sided puzzle palace and trickles down to the last private, whose response is almost always, “what stupid f^%k dreamed this BS up?”

Take the Army’s diversity program which it prides itself in and values more than the safety of soldiers at Ft Hood. Anyone with half a brain knows it’s BS. I’ll take 20 men 18 to 22 years old with high school diplomas who meet rigorous physical, mental and moral standards and train them in the military art for 6 weeks. You take 20 gay, girl, hijab wearing drug using high school drop outs and train them for 6 weeks. Then we’ll run the obstacle course at Quantico. It’s not discrimination. It’s commonsense, a virtue quite uncommon in the halls of the Pentagon.

So we’re going to dump 10,000 trigger pullers to make budget. Who do you think is going to get dumped? Hint, it won’t be any incompetent Maj Nidal Hasan types. They are too diverse for our new Army to be asked to do their job or get the hell out. And if you won’t get out, please, pretty please don’t kill 13 people for the love of Allah.

Then, to save more, the bean counters will restructure retirement and retiree medical coverage. Most say the congress will ask military retirees to contribute more toward their retirement and medical coverage.

ASIDE: Isn’t that exactly what union thugs are trying to recall Scott Walker for in WI? Has the P-BO bounced this off of Andy unionize the world Stern and Richard the dick Trumka? Will the P-BO be showing up in WI to support Scott Walker?

I have no problem with restructuring retirement and medical. Why should I?  I’m probably grandfathered. I’ve noted on this page since day one that retirement shouldn’t be paid to military retirees until age 60. As for medical, it was my understanding when joining the grand and glorious Marine Corps that medical would be provided on a space available basis for retirees, sort of like catching a military hop. Wait in line and take your chances. I don’t know when that arrangement morphed into a, we’ll pay for everything for the rest of your life program. Unless you were wounded in combat or injured in the line of duty, it shouldn’t be.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

With friends like these...

Meg McCain, as expected, trashes Santorum while daddy buries the hatchet with Romney.  As Stewie might say, Damn you McCains!

Ugh! I’m rethinking the Romney thing. John McCain came out and endorsed Mitt while McCain’s brain-dead daughter was dumping on Santorum. Lex hates being in the same camp as McCain, prison or otherwise. It makes me think I’ve missed something big.

As we know from having dealt with the P-BO for the last three years you can often tell as much about a person by who is friends are as who his enemies are. In the P-BO’s case his friends like, Rev? Jerry G-D America Wright, Billy bomb boy Ayers, Van commie Jones and Andy public unions Stern say as much about him as his list of enemies which include any western philosopher, America, England and the founders.

So I’m not crazy about being thrown in with the McCains. And just who the hell is Meghan McCain anyway? Seems to me she is like an overweight ugly Kardashian without the money or substance. What exactly is it that qualifies her to comment on anyone?  Her great qualification to date is being famous for...what...being famous?

It’s quite simple. Like Ron Reagan Jr., she’s famous because her father was/is a well known Republican and they can be counted on to trash Republicans on TV. So they become the go to people for the lib lemming media. Like her name sake on Family Guy, Meg Griffin, Meg McCain should be treated like an invisible deaf mute - as if she's not even there - right up to the point that she does say something, then she should be laughed at and riduculed.

I may stick with Romney, but now I’m considering a Santorum or Paul sticker for my car so that nobody will know that I’m in cahoots with the McCains, particularly someone as clueless and irrelevant as Meg.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The race is on

And the winner is…Rick Santorum. Sure he came up 9 votes short of actually winning the thing, but he’s in a pretty good position for South Carolina now, particularly if Bachmann and Perry drop out.

With winning will come the media anal exam. The full onslaught of lame stream media and Romney money will be trained directly on Rick Santorum. It always comes as every candidate who is not Mitt Romney gains a bit of traction.

Expect the first line of attack from the media to about Santorum’s stance on gay marriage. The baby splitter network, Fox News, tried in the person of Shepard Smith, but Santorum smacked him around pretty good with the old, “we love all kinds of people, but we don’t call it marriage” argument. Sort of like I love my mom, but I don’t want to marry her analogy.

When pressed by the flip Smith why he’s “against” it, Santorum lifted a razor sharp knife under Smith’s ribs with, “I’m not against anything. I’m for something, marriage.” The exchange proved one thing is certain, Smith is always at his best when he’s arguing with himself. He quickly falls out of his depth when there is a thinking human being offering the answers.

I don’t remember why Lex ruled Santorum out early in this process. Probably because he took a 13 point drubbing in his last bid for re-election as PA Senator. I probably thought, there’s no way he could win the general.

Lex has turned on that a bit. Almost anyone could beat the P-BO, if they choose to go after him. The P-BO is such an utter and complete weasel who has chosen to surround himself with other complete weasels like life long pastor Rev? Jerry G-D America Wright, Billy let’s blow up the Pentagon Ayers, Van sure I’m a communist, so what Jones. The P-BO is an incompetent buffoon who surrounds himself other incompetent buffoons like the oh so slow Joe shovel ready Biden, gun runner and accomplice to murder Eric the wad Holder, and the failed energy secretary who invested in Solyndra and electric cars that catch fire easier than a box of kitchen matches, Nobel Prize winning (Ha! it used to mean something) Dr. Stevie I can see the light Chu.

Santorum will also likely acquire more votes from Newt Gingrich’s promised negative campaign against Romney than Gingrich will. Lex opined at the time that Gingrich had sunk his own campaign before it started by sitting on a couch with Grand Fran Nan botox face Pelosi. The only thing Newt will accomplish from here on out is to give talking points to Demo-Dopes for the general election and paint himself as a sore loser. He was at his best when he reserved his sharpest attacks for the P-BO. He should go back to that strategy and let the chips fall.

Lex would be happy with Santorum, but the P-BO and his @$$clown menagerie have dug such a deep hole that it’ll take someone with Romney’s affable personality, tough minded business sense and savvy to easy us back onto the road of exceptionalism that, before this group of liberty thieves, has been our destiny.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Catching up

Iowa: Not all that important in the big scheme of things, totally irrelevant for the next 10,000 years if they caucus for Ron Paul.

Kim Jong IL: After much wailing and pounding of fists in agony over the dear leaders demise, he’s finally rotting in hell. All that wailing, but did anyone see even one actual tear? I didn’t. I wondered if anyone else did.

And there is this from AF Bro:

I am really concerned about North Korea's appointment of "dear leader". Kim Jung Ill's youngest son is to be the new leader of . . . North Korea . . . a nuclear power!

Kim Jung Un (pronounced Kim's young-un?) had NO military experience whatsoever before daddy made him a four-star general in the military. This is a snot-nose twerp who has never accomplished anything in his life that would even come close to military leadership. He hasn't even so much as led a Cub Scout troop, let alone coached a sports team or commanded a military platoon. So, setting that aside, they make him the "beloved leader" of the country. Terrific!

Oh, crap! I'm sorry. I just remembered that we did the same thing here, We took a community organizer who has never worn a uniform and made him Commander-in-Chief . . . a guy who has never led anything more than an ACORN demonstration and made him the leader of this country.

Never mind . . .

Our Army’s decline: Yeah, Gen Amos you're right, everything is going swimmingly with regard to the integration of Gays into the armed services.  Bravo sir!  How much more can we stand?  Well there's this to pile on to the...what..."stuff" above.  After a complaint by The Council on American-Islamic Relations the US Army has decided that it’s OK with Muslim cadets wearing hijabs in Army J-ROTC programs.

CAIR? Wait a minute. Wasn’t that the group that was named a co-conspirator for funneling money to the Holy Land Foundation? Why yes, they were. Besides, do you suppose the US Army would let Lex jr. wear a Knights of Columbus uniform? Doubt it. Can Hyman Horowitz wear his Yarmulke? Doubt it. Can Hare Krishnas wear robes and play their finger cymbals? Doubt it. This is no doubt an effort to reach out to the future Maj Nidal Hasan’s on campus. It’s also in keeping with nit wit Gen George Casey’s comment:

"…as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse."

In fact, in allowing this latest BS the Army issued the same BS logic :
“The Army prides itself in being a diverse organization, comprised of individuals from many faiths and religions.”

Riiight. Too bad it’s never the purveyors of this kind of insanity or their kin gunned down because of this type of BS. Sadly it’s never the architects of this type of BS that get caught in the crossfire of the easily foreseeable consequences.

CORRECTION: In a post under, Lex mistakenly attributed the above quote to Gen Sullivan. 10,000 apologies to Gen Sullivan.

Mahre Vs. Tebow: After a Denver loss to Buffalo, HBO un-funny man Billy Mahre tweeted that God had f&^ked Tebow. Billy M. is a pathetic little man. He is so small of stature as to have to stand on a nickel to piss on a dime. He’s that puny. The only thing smaller than Billy M himself is Billy M’s intellect. In that regard, his brain would have to stand on an atom to piss on a neutron. Atheist Billy M thinks he’s cutting edge because he takes on Christians, who he knows won’t hit back. Hey Billy, Muslims believe in a god. Why don’t you put up those Muhammad cartoons? Because you know they’d kill your worthless @$$. It’s just healthier to stick to picking on Christians.

Riots: There were riots at the Mall of America over the break. I can’t recall, and am too lazy to look it up, if the riot was over sneakers or rumors that a couple of rappers were on the scene or rumors of free money from P-BO's "stash."  Now if Joe Arpio showed up and started to enforce the law, no doubt Eric the wad Holder would be investigating him because most of those arrested were black. And just where the hell are Revs? Jesse and Al when this kind of depravity occurs in the black community?

DOJ blocks SC voter ID: In his continuing effort to steal an election for his know nothing boss, Eric the wad Holder has decided, while you must produce an ID to buy a gun, a constitutionally protected activity, no such requirement can be used to protect the validity of our national elections.  Weird huh.