Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One answer idiots

How would you have liked to have taken a test where every answer was the same no matter what the question? Let’s say ten is the answer. The first question, 5+5=? Ten works pretty well. Next, who is the President of the United States? Ten, you reply confidently. What is the capital of Montana? Ten again, who knew? And everyone sits silently nodding with certainty that ten is the obvious and only answer to every question. Nobody stands up and says, you whooo, I gotta problem with that one. It gets pretty ridiculous pretty fast. Well let’s change the answer to “global warming” and apply the same logic.

If Phoenix, AZ gets hot during the summer, eco nuts blame global warming. If it rains too much in Texas, it’s global warming. If it doesn’t rain enough in Ft. Wayne, IN, it’s global warming. If ice falls from the sky, it’s global warming. If we have an unusually long or cold winter, it’s global warming. If it snows in April in Ft. Wayne, it’s global warming. If a great white shark shows up in the waters off of Great Britain, it’s global warming.

How can you lose an argument when no matter what happens, it’s agreed that global warming is the cause. I watched a History Channel show on the Little Ice Age (LIA 1650-1850). Trust me. We’d be far better off with a warming period rather than a cooling period. But a couple of points sprang out. The LIA sprung upon the world in very short order – about a decade – and ran the Vikings out of Greenland. Now, as the two people who visit this page regularly know, Lex has been asking the global warming crowd to explain how the Vikings were able farm Greenland before man’s insensitivity to Earth by the widespread use of the internal combustion engine. What exactly caused THAT warming? Could we be in another similar warming period?

Well at the end of the show many climatologists sensed we were closer to the start of a new LIA than an Armageddon by global warming. But guess what eco nuts blamed the coming LIA on? Drum roll please…you guessed it – global warming. How can you lose? No matter what happens to the Earth’s temperatures, it’s caused by global warming. Let’s change the answer to all questions on global temperatures to one of the following:

We don’t know.
The sun.
The Earth is always evolving.

After all, everybody prefers a multiple choice test.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Debating the debates

After the Democrat CNN/You Tube debate debacle, Republicans are thinking of opting out of that debate format. That’s probably a bad move. They should go. If given a question from a talking snowman, the candidate should look into the camera and say, what was that? We’re running for President of the United States not prom king. The only thing dumber than that question is the CNN idiot who decided to air it. Then use the rest of the time to blather on about global warming being a figment of the far left’s anti-capitalists closed mind.

When asked why Fred Thompson hasn’t gotten into the race “officially” yet, the answer is obvious, so he doesn’t have to stand on stage with nine other candidates for two hours to get a chance to talk for seven minutes answering questions from talking snowmen. Who’s looking more presidential right now? Any of the nine guys standing on stage being harassed by known nothing Chris Matthews and then being critiqued by an even lower class Keith Olbermann? Or a candidate traveling about the country getting his message out without being spit on by an over wrought hyperventilating Matthews?

The Republican Party ought to step in and say we’re going to sponsor and run the rest of the Republican debates. The format will be a round robin of nine two hour debates with each candidate debating one–on-one the others. Debates will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays until the round robin is complete, which will be well before the first primary. The debates will occur in every region of the country. Candidates will agree upon a moderator before the debate. The moderator’s role will be to guide the discussion of the two candidates through two key issues which will be debated during that session.

Issues will include but not be limited to:
The Iraq war
The war on Terror
Immigration reform
Social Security reform
The role of district courts and judicial activism
The economy
Race in America
Foreign relations

Serious people talking serious issues. No Chris Matthews', would it be good for America to have Bill Clinton back in the White House, boxers or brief, or other idiocy like questions from talking snowmen to detract from the candidates.

Friday, July 27, 2007

"Free" healthcare a near certainty

The next big thing that will break the American taxpayer financially is “free” healthcare. I think this going to happen because we are becoming an older and, except for minorities, childless society. Far left loon Michael Moore’s new movie Sicko touts universal health care. Even people who blast the government for its inefficiency in nearly every other endeavor, think Moore has a point when it comes to healthcare.

I had a conversation with a friend who complained about the American healthcare system. It was odd because I happened to know that he and his family were well covered. So I began asking questions. It turns out that he wasn’t worried about himself but rather his aging parents. So I asked this rather well to do guy why he and his siblings didn’t step in and cover the cost of insurance for his parents. Too poor? No. No insurance available? No. Why? Turns out, he just didn’t think he ought to have to. I asked, well if he didn’t think it was his responsibility to care for his parents, how could he possibly think it was mine? His response was that a country like America ought to provide “free” healthcare to seniors.

Hmm, just because you live long enough, healthcare should be “free”? What else? How about a “free” condo in Florida, a new Town Car and “free” early bird specials at the nearest Denny’s? One of the greatest lines ever from a Movie was from Dolly Parton in the movie Straight Talk. Parton is a country gal who lands a New York radio talk show gig as therapist though she has no training as a therapist. She proceeds to dispense common sense country advice to callers to deal with their problems. When a man calls in to complain about having to care for his aged mother, Parton calls him out and says something like, “I don’t know why mamma can take care of six kids, but six kids can’t take care of mamma.”

Well a confiscatory tax code and materialism have made a family with six kids pretty much a thing of the past. So the burden of “taking care of mamma” is falling on fewer and fewer siblings. Those siblings, faced with their own confiscatory taxes and materialism, like my friend, don’t want to "waste" their resources “taking care of mamma”. So, they are quite happy to push those costs off onto their neighbors under the guise of “free” healthcare. There are a growing number people who will fall into this category as our population ages and fewer and fewer children are born. As this demographic shift occurs, it is going to become more and more popular to vote mamma’s healthcare costs off onto the rest of us.

And don’t even get me started on the 12-20 million illegal aliens that the Democrats want to make "insta-citizens". Illegal workers living 15-20 to a single family dwelling who send 95% of everything they make back to Mexico are probably not spending any part of the remaining 5% on healthcare insurance. So the same guys who weep and moan about 40 million uninsured Americans are going to be the same guys who vote to make that number 60 million. When Democrats and Republicrats make all of those illegals legal citizens with the stroke of a pen, those new “insta-citizens” will vote to raid your wallet.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hot topics

BUSH: Just when you’re about ready to throw in the towel on this guy, he shows up in Charleston, SC and delivers a stem winder on the war on terror. He reminded us and the Dems that al Qaeda was bombing us and blowing up our people, buildings and planes long before we ever entered Iraq. To sort all of the demagoguery from the Dems and MSM go here.

VICK: Were it not for creepy prosecutors like Nifong, Fitzgerald and Sutton, I’d be outraged with Michael Vick. But because these creeps have so tainted the water and violated public trust, I’ll wait for the NFL’s investigation on the matter. Pretty sad when you trust NFL investigators more than the government.

THE DEBATE: Didn’t watch it. Best comment on the inane questions and format that I’ve heard so far comes from some guy who runs a You Tube site called Drinking With Bob. Bob opines, “What? You gotta be kidding me! What kind of crap was that? We’re electing the President of the United States, not the President of JFK Middle School for crying out loud.” Dems won't go on Fox the most popular cable network in the world, but they'll pander to You Tube, Daily KOs and the gay rights activist. Hmmm, why is that?

CHURCHILL: What an utter dope. He gets canned from UC for lying and plagiarizing but claims his free speech rights are being violated. Free speech was his whole problem. Had just kept his (or as it turns out other people’s) idiotic opinions to himself he wouldn’t have been trouble. Apparently to Churchill stealing other people’s work and claiming it as your own violates HIS free speech. To Churchill a university demanding that its faculty back up their claims - outrageous and otherwise - with proof is an effort to squash free speech rather than an attempt to achieve academic excellence, credibility and sanity. Churchill is the poster boy for why universities should abandon the tenure system.

JOHN DOE: Fearing an immigration type revolt, Dems have backtracked on the provision which would protect John Doe from frivolous law suite when reporting suspicious activities. The John Doe provision has been placed back into the latest homeland security bill.

GRAHAMNESTY: In an attempt to save himself from SC voters, Lindsey Grahamnesty is authoring a bill that would require the government to secure the border before dealing with amnesty (or as Grahamnesty says “other issues”). Too late in my opinion. Lex has six words for comprehensive immigration reform. Secure the border. Enforce the law. We don’t need a bunch new legislation. Secure the border. Enforce the law. If the good people of SC give this snake oil salesman another chance, they will get what they deserve in second term, when not faced with re-election for six years, he will stab them in the back. Can Grahamnesty.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Order of the Phoenix metaphor for today's politics

I took young Lex to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last Saturday. The movie was OK. Like everything Hollywood puts out these days, it seemed about 20 minutes too long, but Lex jr. liked it a lot.

The more I’ve thought about the plot though the more it seems a metaphor for current day politics in America. You have brave young people Harry, Don and Hermione (or in our case our troops) led by a serious a capable headmaster Dumbledore (or in our case our president) battling dark forces Lord Voldemort (or in our case Islamo-terror-fascists) that no one else can or even wants to see. The press, a paper called The Daily Prophet (or in our case our MSM), lines up against the headmaster and the brave young heroes battling evil and is successful in portraying them as the villains (or in our case our MSM obsessing on every car bomb and calling Bush a liar and ourown troops criminals).

A legislative body known as The Ministry of Magic (or in our case the current congress) led by the opportunistic and self serving idiot named Cornlius Fudge (or in our case Harry Reid) with the collective body’s head buried in the sand (or in our case up its butt) denies the existence of the evil Lord Voldemort and makes matters worse by interfering with those who would engage the serious threat to the world of wizardry (or in our case our very existence with 100s of pointless investigations and meaningless legislation that have at the same time not ended the war but have had the effect of demoralizing our own troops while emboldening the enemy.).

The Ministry goes so far as to install a woman in pink named Dolores Umbridge (or in our case Hillary Clinton) to take over as headmaster (or in our case president). Things predictably go south rather quickly as headmaster Umbridge enacts strict, pointless rules designed to punish achievers and move slacker into positions of power (or in case advance the nanny state through universal healthcare and other failed socialists policies while advancing lay abouts to respectability).

Of course evil doesn’t rest and after a student revolt (or in our case a taxpayer revolt) Voldemort again raises his ugly head (in our case unfortunately another ITF attack on the homeland). He is almost successful in destroying the forces of good. In the effort Voldemort is exposed to the masses before he escapes to fight another day. Once the forces of evil are exposed, Umbridge is sacked as headmaster (or in our case no second term for Hillary) and the good wizards are united for the future fight. At the end of the movie Harry is confident of victory because as he put it, “we have something to fight for.”

I suppose that’s true in our own case as well. The question is whether or not we can pull ourselves away from our 401Ks, the rising stock market, the latest scandal involving Lindsey Lohan, Barry Bonds, Michael Vick or Homer Simpson to give a crap.

The new Democrat talking point on the Iraq war is “how long”. The answer is obvious but I’ve not heard it articulated. The answer is “As long as it takes; as long as there is an American strategic interest in the Middle East; as long as al Qaeda wants us to kill them there as opposed to some other corner of the world.”

Monday, July 23, 2007

Kerry needs a little re-education

As the astute readers of this page noticed, I was absent on Friday last week. As a result of a well deserved day off, I missed another John Kerry gem and only stumbled upon today while digging around on Al Gore’s Internet invention. While on C-Span last week Kerry got this from a caller worried about abandoning Iraq:

"I remember the horrible killings after Vietnam with the boat people coming over here, and I really hate to go off and leave our allies over in Iraq, and I am concerned about that."

Kerry’s unfathomable answer was:

“Let me just say to the first part of your question with respect to boat people and killing, everybody predicted a massive bloodbath in Vietnam. There was not a massive bloodbath in Vietnam. There were reeducation camps, and they weren't pretty and, you know, nobody, you know, likes that kind of outcome. But on the other hand, I've met lot of people today who were in those education camps, who are thriving in the Vietnam of today.”

This is why it’s hard to argue with a Liberal, they live in their own alternate universe with their own made up facts. After the communist take over in Vietnam, tens of thousands were killed (Hmm in lib speak that would be a bloodbath were it happening in a place like Darfur but it’s not a bloodbath when it happened in Vietnam as a result of another Democrat surrender.), 100 thousands more fled by boat many dying at sea in their escape attempt, and 100s of thousands more were re-educated. The Montagnards are being persecuted to this very day. And don’t forget about the two million dead Cambodians along with 41 US service members killed during the Mayaguez incident when the Communist Cambodia domino fell as a result of the Democrat surrender in Vietnam.

But let’s just pretend Kerry got his facts straight and admitted their was a bloodbath in the aftermath of the Democrat Congress surrendering of US interests in Vietnam, how does one talk about people coming out of communist re-education camps and “thriving…today” while condemning your own country’s handling of enemy POWs and non-combatant enemy POWs in our current war on terror? What’s Kerry saying:

“Well you know the US treatment of these poor Islamo-terror-fascists caught trying to kill Americans is just outrageous. We should take a lesson from our Vietnamese comrades and re-educate the Islamo-terror-fascists. That way in 20-25 years they’ll be able to thrive just as the Vietnamese abandoned by the Democrat Congress are thriving in Vietnam today. As my friends the Vietnamese Communists showed us, all it takes is 25 years of brainwashing, prison and torture, uh er, uhmm, re-education that is.”

Could this guy be a bigger dolt?

The Racists blame talk radio

While Johnny Sutton is busy using a jury trial to give a thin veil of legitimacy to his efforts in locking up border patrol agents for doing their jobs, his best friends over in La Raza, or The Race for those of us who still have to press one for English, are busy trying to silence talk radio. We’ve already got FitzFong by combining the two most over zealous prosecutors of our day, so what to do with Johnny Sutton? I guess FitzFong will have to morph into Johnny FitzFong to accommodate Sutton.

Johnny has been on the radio and TV circuit as well as Capitol Hill defending his prosecution of border agents Ramos and Campion. The two were found guilty by a jury of their peers for shooting an unarmed man goes Johnny’s argument. Hmm, OJ was found not guilty, so much for the infallibility and even handedness of some juries. If Johnny’s case was so strong why did he give an illegal dope smuggling gun toting felon immunity to testify as his key witness? Why was all evidence of the dope smugglers activities during and after the shooting suppressed? Why wasn’t the dope smugglers own mother allowed to testify AGAINST her son? Why are the subsequent dope smuggling activities of Johnny’s key witness being hidden away in a file marked “secret”? When his key witness used his immunity deal and the legal status that allowed him free passage across our borders to try to smuggle in more dope, shouldn’t honest Johnny have rescinded the immunity and prosecuted his star witness – or at a minimum informed the judge and defense team that there was a problem with his star witness?

While Johnny attacks those assigned to guard our borders his buddies over at La Raza are taking on talk radio for creating the bunch of “racist haters” that stopped the last Grhamnesty bill in the senate. Only in America can a group literally called The Race go around calling others racists and be given legitimacy and moral authority by the MSM. Just a few things about The Race or as Lex likes call them The Racists:

They are closely aligned with MECHa which is a racist and separatist organization.

The Racists slogan: “"For La Raza to do. Fuera de La Raza nada" Again pressing one for English we find this means “For the community everything, outside the community nothing.”

The Racists goal: Segregate regions of America for Hispanics only or return them to Mexico.

So The Racists are claiming that talk radio is responsible for 80% of Americans rising up against the Grhamnesty bill. 80% of Americans can’t agree that the sun rises in the East, particularly if George Bush tells them it does, but somehow we get the Grhamnesty bill right and it’s talk radio’s fault? I don’t think so.

Now, let’s throw this into the mix. The next time the civilian organization that guards our borders known as The Minute Men calls in an illegal crossing, they can be sued by The Racists. The same is true if you report wires protruding from the trousers of the Arabic speaking man standing in front of you at the check-in line at the airport. Democrats, not content with losing the fight overseas, want to lose the fight in the homeland as well. They blocked the John Doe provision of the latest Homeland Security Bill that would have protected the average citizen who reports suspicious activities from being harassed with frivolous law suites by anti-American groups such as The Racists and CAIR.

Thank you Democrats.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dems stay late accomplish nothing

Did you ever stay up all night to get something done? College students brag about “pulling all nighters” to finish a term paper. Mom stays up all night putting the finishing touches on sissy’s prom dress. Dad stays up all night during the storm listening for the sump pump making sure the basement doesn’t flood. In the dawn’s early light there is usually something to show for the effort – a term paper, a prom dress, a dry basement.

How silly would you feel if you stayed up all night to do a term paper and in the morning all you had to show for the effort were a bunch of “The Shining” like typed pages? What if you stayed up all night to work on sissy’s dress but did not accomplish a thing because you could not decide between pink or purple flowers? What if dad, stayed up to make sure the sump pump kept up with the storm then stood by with a cup of coffee as the water in the basement rose around his ankles?

Well our luminaries in the US Senate held an all nighter to end the war. Senator Mitch McConnell let the Senate “Leader”, Harry Reid, know he could hold the vote whenever he wanted, as many times as he wanted and it would be defeated each and every time. Harry, more a tuned to crooked land deals than running the senate, rolled the mattresses and pizza into the senate and declared that the senate, at tax payer expense would stay all night debating the bill. In the morning nothing had been accomplished. Most of us would be embarrassed at the stupidity and futility of our efforts, Democrats wear it as badge of honor.

Remember Harry Reid:
Declared the war lost while US troops were still in harms way. He and his ilk can end the war today by cutting off funding. They have made no effort to do so. They prefer to run the congress like a bleach blond, Paris Hilton, California Valley Girl - all show but no substance.

Harry demanded a new strategy and when the president gave him one, Harry declared the effort a failure before it started.

Harry demands a newer strategy yet but has never offered one of his own.

This is all political theater. I suppose one cannot call the leader of the US Senate a treasonous, lying, double dealing, hypocrite, bastard, but it is difficult conceive how he’d be acting differently if he were.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

California will be the next eco disaster

Sorry, a late post today. Lex is still recovering from travel from the left coast yesterday. Except for the traffic, crowds and even loonier billboards, California - or as the Govinator calls it Culleeforneea - is pretty much as I left it in 1992. The weather, scenes and people are all beautiful.

I heard a radio station urging people to discard their old incandescent light bulbs for energy efficient neon ones. The ad made no mention of the dangerous mercury content in neon light bulbs or how one should go about disposing of them in an environmentally sound way.

So I thought, that will be the next big environmental disaster. Tens of millions of people will switch to neon lights – very few of which are produced in the US by the way. Over the next couple of decades these lights will be discarded in the usual haphazard manner. Then the same eco kooks urging us to use these things will be complaining because the Chinese have created an inferior bulb that will not burn as long and has 80 times the mercury content. Then the large scale use and disposal of those bulbs will have mercury seeping into our ground water.

Then there were the enviro cars. These came in two varieties. First were the hybrids which can run on fuel which charges a battery which when convenient is used to power the car instead of gasoline. The others were “flex fuel” cars which I suppose used the famous (if you’re a farmer) or infamous (if you have to buy your milk from the grocery) E85 ethanol. The two had one thing in common, each had some sticker from the manufacturer declaring the auto eco friendly. It reminded me of drivers vain enough to put one of those “My child is honor student at the Dim Wit Academy” stickers on their bumper.

My first thought when I saw one was, what dopey looking car. The next thought was, it’ll never take a checkered flag at Talladega in a Nextel race. Then there was the concern about millions upon millions of worn out hybrid batteries. What do we do with all of those? And when you have to replace the batteries every 3-4 years any money in fuel savings will probably be out the window. You’ll have to pay for new batteries and disposal of the old ones. Then all of the battery acid, lead and plastic contained in each battery is sure to create a new eco disaster in and of itself.

Then there’s the whole ethanol thing. Mark Steyn has written that we will go down as the dumbest people in the history of the planet for burning food in our autos. Yes while people are starving, environmental whackos think it’s a good thing that food should cost more and more so that they can pay 4 times what a car should cost because it burns food instead of oil. Oh yeah, and so they can sit in an LA traffic jam with one of those terribly clever “I’m better than you because I drive an eco friendly car” stickers on their uglyass auto. When milk gets to be $6 a gallon, I predict having an identifier on your car that indicates it burns E85 is more likely to get you the finger than praise from your fellow drivers. God must be looking down shaking His head thinking, I’ve given them everything they need, but they refuse to use it for the purpose for which it was created.

Don’t even get me started on nuclear.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

We cannot have 535 Commanders in Chief

Well everyone has an idea on how we should or should have fought the war in Iraq. I have my own ideas and if I were president, we’d have long ago been engaged in Syria and then, if necessary, Iran. That strategy no doubt would have led to greater casualties and expense, but just wait and see if we don’t end up fighting them down the road at a much greater price in blood and treasure.

Harry Reid would have fought the war much differently as well. He called for more troops in Iraq right up to the point that president agreed. Then ‘ol dirty land deal Harry changed his mind and thought it a bad idea to follow his advice. But Harry knows that few listen to him and those that do either have short memories or will expect him tack against the president every time – even when the president agrees with him.

Some want to secure the interior of Iraq and thus the surge. Others think the bright thing to do would be seal the borders and let the Iraqis kill each other in the interior. With the exception of letting the Iraqis kill each other, they are both right. Some want to partition the country. Some want a “slow bleed”. Some want to declare victory and leave immediately. Others want to admit defeat and leave immediately.

The point is every one from Joe S*&t the rag man to Ned the wino has an idea of how to fight the war. All of this points out the brilliance of the founders. They made the president the chief executive of the United States and Commander and Chief of the armed forces. They knew what Harry and the other 534 arm chair generals sitting in congress cannot or will not admit. Only one man can be Commander in Chief.

Bush - for better or worse - is that man. He was re-elected after the war had started and the people, knowing what they were getting into and by a rather large margin – 4 million votes, decide he was the best man among available candidates to act as Commander of the armed forces. When President Clinton was being impeached, Democrats wailed that the Republicans were trying to overturn the election. Well the exact same argument can be made when Democrats propose one piece of legislation after another that undermines the authority of the Commander in Chief.

And oh by the way, what a bunch of whiners. This war by most standards of conflict has not gone that badly. War is hell. By comparison there was report on TV last night about the Mexican Army squaring off against the drug cartels there. The result has been over 3,000 casualties in just two years. I don’t know if the Mexican MSM has news flashes every time someone is killed or a car explodes.

Then there’s the, we’re here to support the troops crowd. OK the troops have been engaged in Iraq for five years. All the while the retention numbers are up and all of the services met recruiting goals this quarter. A bit odd given the coverage of the war by the MSM don’t you think? Yet, Box o’ Rocks Hagle, Jim Webb, and nearly everyone else is trying to screw them out of a victory in Iraq all in the name of supporting the troops. That’s sort of like a coach who throws in the towel and forfeits a game in the middle of the third quarter when his team is about to increase its lead. In the press conference after the game the coach explains that he supports the players and didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

NOTE: Things worked out so well during the last vacation that I’m going to be gone Mon & Tue next week. I look at it as just doing my share for the cause. Maybe we'll kill UBL.

Congress has been on a roll; who knew?

HOLD THE PRESSES, alert the media, call Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Lex was wrong. In the post two below, Lex noted that the ONLY thing the congress has been able to accomplish under Democrat uh uhmm “leadership” is a meager minimum wage increase. That’s wrong. It’s the first time Lex’s been wrong since 1974 - that's when I thought for just a second that I was wrong but it turned out that I was right.

The Griffin reminds me that in addition to the minimum wage, the Democrats have initiated over 300 investigations of the Bush administration. They are investigating everything from the firing of eight lawyers, hired for political purposes, who were then fired for political purpose to the half-pardon of Scooter Libby. While our borders remain unsecured, hordes of illegal aliens close emergency rooms and bankrupt schools, American troops display skill and courage in Iraq, Islamo-terror-fascists continue to plot to blow us all up and Social Security gets another day closer to going broke, our heroes in congress are busy bettering our lives by investigating why the Surgeon General, another political appointment, was subjected to political scrutiny. I guess when the Democrats discover that political appointees are expected to tow the administration’s political line the fur will really fly and the impeachment proceeding can begin. Then we can all breath a sigh of relief that our congress is looking after the really important business of the people.

The Griffin fired off the following to his representative:

The following Associated Press article unfortunately captures a frustration that was the topic of our family’s' dinner discussion last evening. I am contacting you, as our House representative, to express our disappointment with this congress to face issues important to us and our community. We have supported you at the voting booth. We are now asking you to let it be known that we resent the waste of our tax dollars in the pursuit of political feuds. We expect pragmatic wisdom, leadership, and honorable people approaching their duties in an honorable fashion. While we do not condemn all within this body for this pettiness, it is all in the House that will receive this citizen's criticism. All that we can ask is that you do your best to explain that minimum professional standards are not being met by this congress and each member should reflect back to their original reasons to be in this body. Respectfully, the Griffith family

7/07/07 ”By DEB RIECHMANN, Associated Press Writer Thu Jul 5, 5:26 PM ET WASHINGTON -

The White House on Thursday pushed back against congressional investigations of the Bush administration and said lawmakers should spend more time passing bills to solve domestic problems.

They've launched over 300 investigations, had over 350 requests for documents and interviews and they have had over 600 oversight hearings in just about 100 days," Stanzel said.”

Garner Drawing spot on

Could anyone say it, draw it, sing it, rap it, mime it, act it, or talk about better than this Garner drawing in today's Washington Times?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

One more round of charades before summer vacation

Here we go again. Congress must be back in session because all we are hearing about is how Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are going to end the war by Apr – that’s April next year I presume. Seems like a tall order for a bunch of bureaucrats whose only accomplishment to date is raising the minimum wage to cover the price of McDonalds Happy Meal – and even that is phased in over two years, was off-set with employer tax benefits and even then had to be attached to the more or less clean Iraq war funding bill that the president demanded.

MSM boobs cannot do a story on something as simple as the age old “it’s hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalks of Phoenix today” without mentioning Bush’s anemic approval ratings – ratings, by the way, that have crept up bit since the Libby half-pardon. But seldom is heard a word - discouraging or otherwise - about the Nance and Harry's 14% approval rating. Congress would die to be as popular among fellow Americans as the president.

Watching these two hapless half wits – who together I guess would make a full wit – is humorous. The left hates ‘em because they can’t pull out Iraq fast enough and the right never did trust them. So in an effort to appease the looniest of the left wing, Nance and Harry double up on the swaying back of poor ‘ol Rocinante and tilt at the “end the war now” windmill. This makes an uncountable number of bills, resolutions, Pictionary art, charades and Etch-a-sketch drawings produced by Nance and Harry designed to fool the lunatic left into believing that they are doing something productive to end the war. Each in turn goes exactly nowhere.

These latest efforts, however, stink much worse than most. With a summer vacation that any working stiff would die for fast approaching, Nance and Harry have to get this latest round of charades in before jetting off to coddle another of the world’s despicable terrorist dictators or close on another crooked land deal. Even as our troops struggle facing the enemy in 120 degree heat in time honored American tradition to win the nation’s wars, Nance and Harry play charades and undermine that mission.

General David Petraeus, after the announcement of the surge strategy, was confirmed by the Democrat controlled senate unanimously – for those public school grads out there that means nobody voted against confirming the general based on his record, reputation or the proposed strategy for Iraq. Ohio’s biggest cry baby, Republirat George Voinovich, didn’t even whimper. Now, just over a month into the new strategy, Harry is calling the general incompetent. Democrats are declaring the new strategy a failure. And a new round of screw the troops and embolden the enemy resolutions are being rushed to the floors of both houses to satisfy the leftiest of the left wing base before summer vacation. Each in turn will go exactly nowhere.

You would think that these left wing toads would give the guy they voted to confirm – and thereby the guy’s strategy – at least the chance of success before undermining his authority among his staff and men by calling that strategy a failure and the guy incompetent. You’d be wrong. Nance and Harry cannot allow the strategy or the guy to succeed. They are too heavily invested in America’s defeat. And that is the reason 86% of their fellow Americas wouldn’t trust them to walk the dog our even water the plants.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Now that the debate is over, global warming deniers are traitors

In the early days of trying to stifle debate, the Chicken Littles that comprise 99.98% of the global warming crowd simply assured us that “the debate is over.” They reasoned because several hand picked scientist believed that man made the earth’s temperature rise almost 2 degrees over the last century, everyone else should just shut up and agree.

It almost worked. But science is a funny thing. There is always some crack pot out there trying to disprove long accepted theories. And so it was with global warming. Now the crack pots have amassed mountains of evidence indicating that the earth has always warmed and cooled; and the 2 degree rise over the last century could most likely be attributed to natural warming and cooling caused by things like an overly active sun cycle or cloud cover patterns rather than driving the family sedan to work. Oh NO! The debate is not over.

Then the global warmers tried calling anyone who might dare question their harebrained theories “global warming deniers.” You know like Holocaust deniers. That ought to make them think twice about voicing an opinion contrary to our own, thought the global warming crowd. A crowd, by the way, comprised largely and ironically of pampered hypocrites that own a fleet of SUVs to run to the gate of one of their three or four 138,000 square foot mansions to pick up the mail or take them to the airport where they burn tons of fuel traveling cross country in private jets to pick up a cheeseburger.

This ploy didn’t work either. The hypocrisy of the global warming crowd was just too easy to point out. Let me get this straight - you believe this line of crap yet you use 150 times as much energy in a day as I will use in a year – but you think it’s my job to take the city bus to work? I don’t think so. Then there is the Jewish lobby who rightfully get upset when leftie loons compare anyone who might not share their world view with Hitler and the Nazis. It’s difficult to use this line of argument when there are still survivors of the Holocaust around to say, no George Bush isn’t quite as bad Hitler. And while I may agree with you that the Earth has warmed a bit over the last century, the evidence that man caused that warming is not quite as compelling as the number tattooed on my forearm.

Well now Robert F. Kennedy Jr. ups the ante again when he says this about anyone who questions the junk science of global warming, "This is treason. And we need to start treating them as traitors.” This is interesting. While the left refers to former Clinton National Security Advisor, Sandy Burger, as a disheveled, unorganized screw up to explain away his thievery and destruction of national security documents from the National Achieve and justifies the NYT’s publishing of national security secrets under the public’s “right to know” - they drop a T bomb on anyone brazen enough to point out, “You know, the Earth has gone through several warming and cooling periods in the past. As the matter of fact, one might say that the earth’s temperature is always changing.”

Yet they wonder why we don’t take them seriously.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lex vacations to good news; what's the next big thing?

Well, well, well, I should go on vacation more often. While I was away:
There were a few foiled bomb plots in Great Britain
Comprehensive Grahamnesty went down in flames
The Supremes struck down discrimination of white males
The president half pardoned Libby
McCain's campaign is broke
Not too bad.

I still cannot believe that there is no outrage over Uncle Fester’s stunt double, Richard, little Dick, Armitage’s cowardice. All this slug had to do was hold a presser and say, “I did it. It was a mistake and I regret it, but I will not stand by and let other people’s lives be ruined for something I did.” But microscopic Dick lacked the manly orbs to step up.

So what is the next big thing now that Comprehensive Grahamnesty is smoldering on the ash heap of bad legislation? Well we still need border security and enforcement of current laws. But I think the fire closest to our feet is Iraq. Spineless Republicans, as if there were any other kind, are beginning to jump ship. I’ve fired off e-mails to Lugar, Voinovich, Warner and Domenici. The following is an example:

Dear Senator Voinovich:

I quit the Republican Party over the Comprehensive Amnesty bill. I’m quitting you for your wrong headedness on Iraq. You should start each day by replaying the latest taped message from Ayman al-Zawahiri. While you may want to quit the war, al Qaeda clearly does not.

What is your vision of an Iraq abandoned by America? Mine is one of a safe place for al Qaeda to plan, plot and execute their nefarious deeds using Iraqi petrodollars for the purpose. Does Afghanistan ring a bell?

Kill ‘em where they are senator. If you don’t have the stomach for a tough fight, step aside for someone who does. Your position on this issue reminds me of your position, sans the pathetic tears, on the John Bolton nomination…WRONG.

NOTE: DeWine wasn’t beaten because he was too conservative. He was beaten because conservatives didn’t give one hoot whether he won or lost. The same fate awaits Lindsey Grahamnesty, Chuck Hagle and hopefully you.

Doug Schumick (OSU 78) (LtCol USMC Ret)