Thursday, May 31, 2012

DOJ's assault on the "sacred" right to vote

Is this what 2 of the P-BO's boys, if he had them, would look like?

The second largest jackass in the P-BO’s heard of jackasses that populate his worthless administration is Eric the wad Holder. Unless they can figure out a way to appoint Homer Simpson for a job, slowest of all Joes, Joe J-O-B-S is 3 letter word Biden is safely ensconced in first place. Being #2, the wad is desperately trying harder to catch up.

Yesterday the wad was telling something called the council of African-American church leaders that the “sacred” right to vote was under assault. Is there a council of White-American church leaders? Anyway, the wad is right. It’s under assault by the wad and “his people.” Pictured above are a couple of guys that look a lot like the P-BO’s boys, if he had them. They are standing outside a Philly polling place intimidating voters. The wad and the ultra corrupt “justice” dept. he heads up decided not to prosecute these thugs. The reason, well they are his people and they look like the P-BO. Case closed.

Meanwhile the wad is assaulting every common sense law designed to ensure people are who they say are when they show up at the polling place. Our fearless “justice” dept is suing every white governor who thinks it’s a good idea to keep illegals from distorting our elections. Any white governor who thinks one man one vote per election is a good idea has found himself in court trying to explain that idea to an affirmative action D-bag who wants the ultimate affirmative action program where he and his thugs can vote as many times as necessary to ensure their side wins.

There is nothing more important to a free and fair election than to have a solid assurance that your vote will be counted. The corollary to that is to ensure that your vote will not be cancelled by the illegal type of action that the wad and Demo-Dopes engage in every election cycle.

But instead of prosecuting the blatant vote tampering that he, his people and the Dopes engage in every single cycle, the wad is out telling African-American church leaders that efforts by states ensure fair elections are an assault on the “sacred” right to vote. Let’s send a couple of KKK guys (is Demo-Dope Robert Byrd available) to polling places in Montgomery. How long do suppose it’d take the wad to roll in on any such action?

The “sacred” right to vote is under assault. It’s under assault by the Dopes who lie, cheat and steal in every manner imaginable during elections. In that sense, they are stealing election after election and denying the votes of millions of Americans. It’s not voting that is in danger in America. What are in danger are legal votes and accurate tallies.  Sadly, it's the wad leading the assault.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Poles, punks and parenthood

Even the Poles know
In a White House ceremony honoring, Jan Karski, a Polish WWII hero, (Is hero OK Mr./Ms. Hayes?) the White House’s chief occupant and dope, the P-BO confused a Nazi death camp located in Poland with a Polish death camp. One thing is certain. To borrow a phrase, lemme be clear, the P-BO, even after the difference is explained to him the third or fourth time, still would not have clue what the difference was. It was loaded into his talking machine so it must be right. And if it isn’t, it is correct after the P-BO says it. Right?

The Poles were not amused. Polish Foreign Minister tweeted the comment was an “outrage.” He went on with this truism for nearly everything associated with the P-BO: "It's a pity that such a dignified ceremony was overshadowed by ignorance and incompetence."

The new definition of the word “punk”
Remember not too far back when the P-BO was on his weeks long victory lap and spiking of the football over and over again - something the P-BO said America wouldn’t do - over the killing of bin Laden? Our courageous Commander and Chief quit a round of golf early to personally watch SEAL Team 6 execute the orders of what turns out to be Special Operations Command’s Adm McRaven. McRaven was given the responsibility for the operation so that the P-BO would have plausible deniability in the event something went wrong.

Anyway there was the P-BO in full battle gear flying the same black helicopter he flew on the mission and showing kids the very gun he used to dispatch bin Laden, spiking that football at fund every raiser that would have him. That’s an exaggeration of course but not much of an exaggeration. Let’s face it, the P-BO’s big contribution to the operation was to say the same thing even Ned the wino would have said from his command post under the E St. bridge, “Hell yes. Let’s kill the bastard.”

Now if running around like you’re some big hero for taking credit for the work of others isn’t being punk enough, turns out the Pakistani who fingered bin Laden had been arrested and was being tried for treason for telling US intell where bin Laden was. Dr. Shakil Afridi located bin Laden’s courier which in turn led to bin Laden’s hide out.

So while the P-BO was traveling around spiking the football as the guy who got bin Laden, the guy who really got bin Laden was on trail for his life. Instead of laying low until the heat was off Afridi and bringing diplomatic and economic pressure on the Pakistanis, the P-BO was calling attention to himself, Afridi and the deed he had so little to do with. In the process, the P-BO hung Afridi out to dry. And that is exactly what a punk would do.

Dumb and Dumber
Lex has noted several times that the differences between the two major political parties are pretty slim. The big difference is that one wants to drive the country over a 1,000 ft. cliff at 100 miles an hour. The other insists we slow down and go over the edge at a legally safe and reasonable speed of 60 mile per hour.  Sadly, at the end, we end up in the same fireball.

Case in point, NPR. Weren’t we going to insist on the de-funding of public radio and tv? Why are we still paying for the wholly owned subsidiary of the Demo-Dope party with tax payer money? How is that different than what unions do with member dues contributing exclusively to Demo-Dopes? The case for NPR was to insure a diversity of programming when there were only 3 tv stations. Now you can get 10,000 media outlets on your telephone. Oh, and for me, reason enough for de-funding NPR are the snobs who watch it – or say they watch it. A beer drinking washer throwing bud of mine once started a sentence with, “I was watching NPR last night…” I cut him off right there with a, “STFU and throw.”

Case in point, the UN. Weren’t we going to reign in the UN budget and insist on reforms? The place still looks like the Star Wars bar scene and acts like a bad episode of Family Guy where Stewie takes over the world.

Case in point, Planned Un-Parenthood. Why are fungible federal tax dollars supporting an organization that makes 10s maybe 100s of millions of dollars on abortion? Now it comes to light that Planned Un-Parenthood is engaging in a practice heretofore reserved for Godless commie bastards in China - sex specific abortion. Talk about a war on women. And it’s all funded by your tax $. Insane. I’m beginning to think that there is no bottom to the pit we’ve slipped into.  Maybe we've already gone over the edge of the cliff and are just anticipating the sudden stop.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Notes on Memorial Day

Did anyone else catch the opening ceremony at the Indy 500? There was an Army bugler playing Taps. In the middle of his moving rendition, the Indy people thought it a good idea to send a car paying tribute to Indy race car driver Dan Weldon, killed in a fiery crash last year, around the track. Idiots! People started cheering – the car I presume – in the middle of Taps. ABC had the good sense to cut away from the car almost immediately and even more sense to cut the crowd mics and run the gain up on the bugler. Right after the military ceremony, the Indy folks had a tape of Jim Neighbors singing Home in Indiana. That would have been the perfect time for any tribute to Dan Weldon.

I do not know if Americans, particularly those who populate the entertainment industry have even a clue of how to act or what is appropriate decorum at a military ceremony. You’d think in a country at war for 10 years these people would be getting a clue. If not, at least admit that they are clueless and ask, “What should we do?”

I also noted a nearly continuous conflation of Memorial Day, a day set aside for honoring our war dead and Veteran’s Day a day set aside to honor all who served. First it is never inappropriate to celebrate selfless service and say thanks to the Vets. But Memorial Day is different. Memorial Day is set aside as a remembrance of the dead.

In that vein, I noticed a lot military people who had been invited to attend the Indy and NASCAR races. Great. It seems to me though a more appropriate gesture on the part of organizers would have been to honor survivors of some of the fallen heroes, Moms, Dads, widows and their children in a special seating area for the relatives of our fallen heroes.

Heroes? Can you say that? Some little pipsqueak of a D-bag over at PMSNBC named Chris Hayes, is apparently “uncomfortable” with the word “hero” being thrown about in connection with our war dead. Chris is the perfect name for this waste of spermicidal tissue. “Chris” is an AC/DC name for an AC/DC half girl with in a pair of pants, sort of an unmanly Ellen sans the tennis shoes. The ever reserved and polite Ann Clouter may have Tweeted it best when she 140ed this about Hayes, “Chris Hayes ‘Uncomfortable’ Calling Fallen Military ‘Heroes’ – Marines respond by protecting his right to menstruate.” Chris Hayes is not worth the dust off a soldier’s boots. Of course he/she is s trying to back track now. He/she issued some BS apology that wasn’t an apology at all but rather an explanation of how stupid we all are for not understanding all the nuances of the larger point he/she was trying to make.

Not only is Chris Hayes too big a coward to ruck up, move out and draw fire, he/she is too big a coward to say, “What I said was wrong. It was insensitive on any day but particularly on Memorial Day. Anyone who dies while willingly putting himself in the line of fire is a hero. I beg your pardon. I am making a $10,000 contribution to the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation to fund scholarships for the children of our fallen…yes heroes.” That’s an apology. Not some line of crap about what I said was right but the words were wrong. And if you think the left is upset about Hayes, guess again. Check out comments from the unhinged here. Every generation has its treasonous bitch. Vietnam had Jane Fonda. The war on terror has Chris Hayes.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Time for Teddy's "good friend" Orrin to go

All manner of real conservatives (Palin, Hannity, Levin) are coming out of the woodwork to endorse Ted Kennedy’s good friend Republican fossil Orrin Hatch. Hatch like defeated IN senator Richard Lugar, is seeking a 7th term and is near 80 years old. Case closed.

I’m pretty sure Hatch is a nice enough guy. He’s been part of the ruling class for nearly 40 years. How many more years does he need to get the job done? The problem with the ruling class conservatives is that they hang around so long that they get entrenched and become good friends with creepy people like Teddy Kennedy. Since Teddy’s gone, Orrin is probably now good friends with @$$wipe Scrawny Harry Reid.

Don’t get me wrong. You can be corrigible. You can even be nice. But I just don’t know how you can be “good friends” with a man who let a woman drown in his car and didn’t bother report the incident until after a good night’s sleep and a strategy to call to political adviser.

Ms. Lex will kill me for one more political contribution, but Lex readers with deep pockets – you know who you are – should send the opponent of Teddy’s “good friend” Dan Lilinquist $10.

Speaking of political contributions. The Lexsters strategy is contribute, to the extent possible, to candidates of color. Sort of my own affirmative action program. Here’s my list:

Allen West
Tim Scott
Marco Rubio
Mia Love
Ted Cruz
Nikki Haley
Susana Martinez
E.W. Jackson

Several posts under, Lex linked to the story of how white births were the minority in America. That doesn’t mean much if we support conservative minded minority candidates. It’s the American dream not the color of America that matters.

I don’t know how investors can be P-Od about losing money on Facebook’s IPO. I thought there was inherent risk in any stock. Besides, what does facebook do that makes them more valuable than McDonald’s? They produce nothing. If you didn’t learn from the first tech bubble, you’re an idiot. And anyone who didn’t know the high up muckity mucks were going to make out on this is an idiot. Why do think they are high up muckity mucks? How do you think they got there? Taking the same risk as the rest of us? I’m offering my own IPO for a social media company that communicates primarily via post cards. You have to buy your postcards and mail them out. Spam is a mass neighborhood ad buy. I’m offering the IPO to valuable Lex readers first. If you want in, send me $38 a share via pay pal. See additional details on my facebook page. It’s dumb a hell. But, aside from speed of delivery, I don’t see the difference.  This scam produces more than facebook.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Some splainin to do

Splain this – Last summer, we were told that the Euro zone needs to loan Greece money to stabilize that country to stabilize the rest of the Euro zone. A 12 billion Euro lone was arranged in Jul bringing the grand total of bailout money to ~200 billion Euro. Nobody knows how much money has really been poured down the Greek sewer though. Trying to decipher the labyrinth of loans from who for what is like trying tot read a Chinese newspaper. Aside from the pictures, the average guy doesn’t understand much. Now, less than a year later, we’re being told that the Euro zone is about collapse if Greece does not get another loan. Why don’t they set Greece up as a welfare state and just issue a check every month?  That way everyone could budget for it.

This is the splainin’ part. Some talking head somewhere explained that this is important to the US because the US has put money onto the Greek pot…or toilet, if you will. So we were borrowing money from the ChiComs to give to the Greeks? WTF (Win the future)? Can there be a logical explanation for such BullShirtery?

Splain this – Four witnesses in the Trayvon Martin case have changed their stories dramatically, all to the favor of the prosecution. Intimidation? From who? The New same as the old Black panthers? The prosecutor? Public opinion? I don’t know. Seems to me the truth will come out at the trial. The witnesses will be confronted with their original stories and will have to splain why that story changed. Then the witness will be on trial. To me that oddly would favor Zimmerman because all needs to do is create doubt. What can create more doubt than a handful of witnesses changing their stories?

Splain this - Gerry Rivers (aka Geraldo Rivera) actually said that Zimmerman will not be found guilty on murder 2 charge but should be found guilty on something because Trayvon's parents deserve "something."  Just how the hell does that work?  Mr. Z you are not guilty of all charges, but I'm finding you guilty of hurting Mr. & Mrs. Martin's feelings.  If they were less sympathetic figures, I'd let you slide.  But America loves them. As such I order you to serve 25 to life.

Splain this – The republicans are conducting a war on women, right? So why is this Demo-Dope union thug hitting a piñata with a picture SC’s female Gov Nikki Haley on it? Notice how attractive the woman is. Notice how she pretty much misses the piñata twice, yet the piñata falls, unbroken to the ground. No doubt the piñata was installed by a couple of union piñata installers. Notice how the other union thugs root their unattractive non bat swinging hag on. Notice how the union creep can only break the piñata after several swings with the piñata stationary and on a table. They don’t even know that the video is the perfect metaphor the total ineptitude of union bosses.

Splain this – How can an incumbent president with no challenger lose 40% of the vote in WV to a jailbird, 2/3rds of the counties in TN to “uncommitted" and 40% of the vote AK to TN businessman? Oh, this one’s easy – RAAAAAAAAAAAAACISM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never minder of the day. Michael J. Fox injected himself into the political arena in 2006 by backing a lifting of the “ban” on stem cell research. Only thing was, there never was a ban. He could have had his entire Dr. Mengele team working stem cell research if he wanted. He didn’t. He was the Sandy Fluke of stem cell research. He wanted you to pay for it with your tax dollars. Breitbart notes how Michael J. is now having an Emily Lattela “Never mind” moment:

Fox recently told ABC News that "there have been some issues with stem cells" and that even though "an answer may still come from stem cell research, it is more than likely to come from another area."

He's a Lib.  All is foregiven.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We need Joe

Benjamin Jealous, the president of the NAACP, says America is more racist now than during revolutionary times. I believe he’s right. In spite of years of affirmative action, welfare payments, food assistance, housing assistance Blacks seem more racist now than ever. Three kids that look like the P-BO attacked a white woman, who would look like Romney’s daughter, if he had one, at McDonalds. No word yet if the not so Revs? Jesse, Al and Jerry will be on this case.

While the DOJ, led by an epic coward - Eric the wad Holder, ignored a couple of baton wielding thugs, who looked a lot like the P-BO’s son, if he had one, outside a PA polling place, they do have the time and resources to go after Sheriff Joe Arpaio, any state with a white governor that has the good sense to ask for identification at the polling place and Roger Clemens.

Veep stakes
Lex predicts that after Romney makes his Veep pick, the P-BO will dump the slowest of all Joes, Joe J-O-B-S is a three letter word Biden. I’m totally against this. I think Both candidates should pick Joe oh, this is a Neal Kinnock speech? Biden as their VP. Joe this is a big effing deal Biden should be VP for life. We need the laughs. Nobody pulls off being a buffoon one heart beat away from immense power quite like Joe we gotta spend money to save it Biden. If laughter is the best medicine, and nothing is funnier than a dumb@$$ trying to act smart, someone inside the Romney camp needs to start a “draft Joe” movement.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dopes poke sleeping giant

40 Catholic institutions are suing the P-BO administration for demanding that Catholics pay for Sandy Fluke’s birth control and abortions. Good. Catholics have been pretty much go along to get along with Demo-Dopes with regard to anything and everything under imprimatur of “social justice.”  And does anyone recall the Lexmeister's prediction that, if passed, P-BOcare would be litigated into the next century?  Well here we go again.

ASIDE: I had to laugh when I read that Notre Dame had joined the suit. This is the same Notre Dame that gave the P-BO an honorary degree not too long ago. Could this be the great awakening?

The church should have viewed itself as a competitor with the government in the arena of “social justice” issues. Instead it has seen itself as a partner. As such the church has taken federal dollars for government programs in education, healthcare and other programs ministering to the poor. Like the high school administrators in the post 2 under discovered when they left a coke machine plugged in over the lunch period, when you take the king’s shilling you must do the king’s bidding.

So now the church and the feds are so intertwined in programs it’s hard to see where one starts and the other leaves off. Georgetown University is the perfect example. Last week, the nominally Jesuit University invited excommunicated Catholic HHS Secretary responsible for the contraceptive mandate - Kathleen Sebelius - to be the commencement speaker at graduation. That’s enough to make to knock a thinking man off his lunch. WTF (win the future)?

ASIDE: Thomas Franks wrote a book, “What’s the matter With Kansas?” Kathleen Sebelius pretty much answers Frank’s question.

If possible, the university president should be fired. If that’s not possible the Catholic Bishops should begin divesting from the university. Sell what can be sold off and take the money to start a new Catholic university or improve the ones that adhere to the Catholic way.

The real problem here is that the bishops have been accomplices in this BS for 40 years. Now they want out of the deal they made with the devil in the form Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, John Kerry, the Kennedys et al. The bishops have allowed these poseurs to violate all manner of Catholic doctrine while maintaining their “Catholic” identity without so much as a “Hold on there Skippy. You’re getting a bit far a field of what we’re teaching with regard to this abortion stuff.”

Time to paraphrase one of my favorite quotes:
As Marine Commandant Maj. William Ward Burrows might have put it , “We have just caught a Catholic abortionist politician and after getting him to give us money to fund our University, he now wants us to pay for the abortions. Until we can break our ties with the Dopes and excommunicate the lot loudly and publicly, we will continue to be plagued by this hypocritical behavior."  Whose hypocritical behavior?  Both - politicians and bishops - of course.

Cardinal Dolan needs to make the Catholic case in the arena of “social justice” loud and clear:
Catholics have been working these issues for 2,000 years. We have been feeding the poor, clothing and housing, healing and educating them since St. Peter. We have done it better, cheaper and with more compassion than any government program. We will not abandon our proven methods in favor of overly expensive and bureaucratic methods that mark nearly every federal program. We will not take federal money for our programs, even though that is the most efficient money the government spends, if it means compromising our catechism. We will not comply with any government “mandate” that requires that we betray our faith.

It’s on. Thank goodness.  It’s never too late to begin to do the right thing.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Lizzy no tellum truth

White Indian (feather Indian not dot Indian) Lizzy Warren (aka Chief Little Miss Bullshirter) is in a bit more trouble today. Seems Harvard’s one and only faculty member with American Indian blood, even if it is only “family lore” blood, and only 1/32nd at that, lifted a couple recipes from some Frog chef for her Pow Wow Chow cookbook.

ASIDE: Mark Steyn had the best line to date on Lizzy Liesherassoff Warren: She’s the whitest white person since Frosty the Snowman fell into a vat of whiteout.

ASIDEII: If you’re going to make $h!t up about being an Indian, why go with, “Why yes, I’m 1/32nd Cherokee Indian. Can’t you tell by my typically high cheek bones? Now give me some of that fire water you’re having.” Why not go with, “My father heap big medicine man for the famed Fugawi tribe, made famous in a joke and in the comic classic F Troop.” Oh, I don’t remember joke but the punch line is when the white guy says to the Indian, “Where the f**k are we” which the Indian translates into Fugawi. Now you can make up your own joke to go with it. 

ASIDE III: I’m no Indian, not even 1/1,132nd, but isn’t titling your book the “Pow Wow Chow Cookbook” a bit racist? What’s next, the not so Rev? Jesse Hymietown Jackson’s “Big n’ Nasty Eat Treats From the Strees of the Hood that are Good - to go and Sure Not to be Givin’ You No Colon Blow” cookbook?

ASIDE to aside III: I cannot prove Indian ancestry, which I guess doesn’t make much difference if it’s family lore. So in that regard, I once complained to my dad that some old lady at the Columbus Mannerchor told me our family was Polish. No. We’re German-Austrian, I corrected her. Dad said, “She’s probably right. We’re from the part of Europe that was over run and run over so many times we probably have a bit everything in us.” So there you have it, family lore for having a bit of “everything in us.”

Anyway, where were we, oh, yeah, Lizzy the lifter snatching a couple of recipes from the Frog for her cookbook. I don’t know how such things work, but come on Lizzy.  You couldn’t lift the Frog’s recipe and spice it up a bit by adding a tea spoon of Cajun Mrs. Dash to his work and call it your own? How hard is it?

Lizzy definitely needs to get in touch with the P-BO who has a Bio from his publisher saying he was born in Kenya. The publisher claims it was an editing error that survived for 16 years of "editing" then magically was caught just as B-HO announced his run to ruin the country. So Lizzy needs to get the publisher to address this plagiarism as an “editor’s error” before it appears that she’s some self promoting, lying, cheating and stealing creep, which of course she is. But she needs the lamestreamers to get out there and run top cover for her.

Check this out for all you need to know about the queen of Indian lore.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Pop, punches and the P-BO

The feds are running amok
Yesterday it was armed environmental police shutting down an ice cream stand. Today the great and wonderful federal government has fined a Utah school 15 large for leaving a Coke machine plugged in during the lunch period. So now the school will have to cut its “fine arts program” to make up the difference, which of course means no Glee next year.

So there you have it Mr. & Mrs. America the best way to get your school to cut crap out of the budget is to plug in a pop machine during lunch period. Wanna get rid of the “diversity studies program”? Just have jr. pop the top on a Mt. Dew in the lunch room. Oddly, for many the sound of an opening pop can now is more offensive than the rather casual use of vile language that can heard on campus.

Seems to me we’re over paying a bunch of professional educators to run these schools. Yet we have the fed food police (Are they armed?) looking over their shoulders. Besides I could have sworn that education was a local issue. Don’t we elect local school boards anymore? Why aren’t they running the school?

And who let the fed interloper in the school in the first place? Or was this a sting operation with a fed poser enrolled as student to rat out school administrators. I’m not 100% sure, but I can see my high school principal, Mr. McCann (RIP), kicking the fed’s @$$ out the big double doors at the old CWHS. CWHS was his domain. I don’t think he’d take kindly to some fed jackass coming in telling him how to do his business.

This is what happens when schools take federal money. The money comes with all kinds of strings. Once the schools are into the feds, the feds can then tell the school what they can and cannot do in hiring, firing, curriculum, lunch, snacks, fundraisers, etc.etc.

It’s like barrowing money from the mob. Some fed A-hole walks a round the school and can be heard to say, “Nice school you have here. It’d be a shame if anything happened to it, like, oh I dunno, we had to shut you down because Billy was caught drinking a 20 oz. Pepsi under the bleachers.” This is the perfect case in support of a parochial education.

Not looking good for the P-BO’s son, if he had one
Yesterday news broke that a medical report indicated white Hispanic George Zimmerman suffered a broken nose, two black eyes, a bruised lip and two lacerations on the back of his head after his run in with the P-BO’s son, if he had one. The medical examination took place the morning after Zimmerman shot Trayvon. Today, the autopsy report indicates that there is evidence that Trayvon may indeed be the P-BO’s son in that there were drugs found in Trayvon’s system. That would be consistent with Trayvon’s father, if his father were the P-BO.

So unless Zimmerman beat the hell out of himself and managed to inject Trayvon with drugs in manner that would disperse the drug throughout a dead body, there is support for Zimmerman’s version of what happened. No doubt the race baiters will say that is exactly what happened. Zimmerman beat himself. The police “acted stupidly” in not verifying the extent of Mr. Zimmerman’s injuries the night of the incident. Now the whole thing will be open to speculation as to what Mr. Zimmerman might have done to “enhance” those injuries.

The drug thing will be brushed aside as, “In this horrible economy, who isn’t smoking dope?”

We’re going long today because there’s something up in Presidential race
In one of the most brilliant campaign moves ever, a Romney PAC has threatened to run ads linking the P-BO to Rev? Jerry Wright. The NY Times and Demo-Dopes everywhere have their shorts in a very tight wad over this. So without spending a dime on an actual ad buy the PAC has linked the P-BO with Rev? Jerry Wright. How smooth is that? And Romney has stated, “Geez I hope they don’t run those ads linking the P-BO with his racist, bigoted, America hating Rev? of TWENTY YEARS.” Mission accomplished.

Today there is breaking news of a 1991 press booklet released from the P-BO’s publisher that claims P-BO was born in Kenya. The reaction from the lamestreamers and Dopes is, of course, nothing to see here move along. But this accusation isn’t from some fringe right wing nut case with a tinfoil hat. It’s from the P-BO’s very own book publisher. The publisher claims it’s all a mistake. Well yeah, it is now. But what were the circumstances in 1991? How did the publisher come to the conclusion that the P-BO was born in Kenya? And here is the most damning question in the Lexster’s opinion, why didn’t our heroes in the lamestreammedia discover this before the 2008 election?

So in the 2012 election we’re back to birthers and Rev? Jerry. Could this all be a nefarious plan by the P-BO to keep us from hammering him on the economy, debt, jobs, Iran, Afghanistan etc. etc. It is a true indication of just how bad things are when it’s better for the P-BO to be talking about himself being mentored by a despicable flaming anti-American racist and not being an American citizen than to have the economy come up in a political discussion.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The P-BO get's almost one vote for his budget gimmick

Well the Senate finally took up the P-BO’s budget yesterday. After hours and hours of debate the vote in the Demo-Dope controlled body was a squeaker – 0 for 99 against. So Scrawny Harry the land thief Reid can’t pass a budget in 3 years so yes by all means let’s put them back in charge.

You’d think this would be a huge embarrassment for the P-BO that not one Demo-Dope is dopey enough to endorse his own president’s budget. Well remember, this is the pass through president. A 0-99 @$$ whipping for B-HO heretofore has meant that he did a pretty good job. “You got 60% on the test, Barry! Top of the class again!” Or “Nice job Barry. You almost got it. Now, run along and shoot some hoops. We’ll get some one in here to finish it for you.”

Does this spell trouble for the P-BO or the Scrawny one? No. The lamestreamers have barely taken note. Besides the Scrawny is senator for life (or for at least as long as SEIU can manufacture enough votes for him to a 3% deficit) from NV. The P-BO called the whole thing a “gimmick.” But we don’t know if that was a reference to the vote Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell forced or his own budget.

Today’s YGBSM alert
In Carlisle, MA ARMED ENVIRONMENTAL POLICE (who knew there was such a thing) shut down an ice cream stand at Great Brook Farm State Park. Operator of the stand, Mark Duffy, has operated the dairy farm at the state-owned park for 26 years. His crime against the environment was making improvements to the stand without a permit. Duffy says he has been hired to manage the working dairy farm on the park grounds and has made improvements everyday for the last 26 years.

Hmm. I wonder if he donated to the Romney campaign? But this is the P-Bo’s America. Armed officials can walk into your business and shut it down because a piece of paper required by the state, one of probably hundreds, is missing. Notice they do not facilitate a reasonable end to the situation: “Geez Mark you forgot fill out the permit for the work. Let’s get someone in here real quick to take a look around make sure this is up to code.” No. Instead they walk in and shut the place down as if Mr. Duffy’s goal in life is to cause injury to his customers.

The first thing the Gov should do is take the guns away from the environmental police. Why in the world do the environmental police need guns? If they see guy driving a gas guzzler can they pull him over and order him out of his car with hands up? You know, they probably can. How sad is that?

Next, he should fire the idiot responsible for interfering with a man’s ability to make a living with this case of demonstrated poor judgment. If firing is too harsh, suspend him without pay for 6 months. That should be long enough without a pay check for him to quit and search for another job. Unless he’s Demo-Dope, and of course he is, then he’d need to be suspended for 125 weeks 99 until his public assistance runs out plus the 6 month suspension.

Today’s Hmmm makes you wonder report
The NY Times is reporting that white child birth makes up less than half of the children born in the US. If anyone tried to draw conclusions from this, they’d be labeled a racist. So let’s try this. Environmental idiots (and honestly is there any other kind environmentalist?) say that children are an environmental disaster. So by logic, if the minos are having all the babies, aren’t minos environmental terrorists? Maybe the MA Environmental Police should be arresting minos with baby strollers.

American whites are going the way of their European cousins, too involved in “family planning” to ensure the stability of their own race.

Then there's this
Slowest of all Joe's, Joe shovel ready Biden takes Lex's lesson on communication.  If someone doesn't understand the point I'm tryng to make, I'll say it louder.  If I shout, surely they will understand.  Play the video.  Truly an idiot.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Black crime? What black crime?

Eric the wad Holder’s people are at it again, this time in Tampa. The video is a bit grainy, but I’m certain at least three of the thugs look like the P-BO’s son, if he had one. The other is described as “possibly Hispanic.” There’s no word yet on whether he is a white Hispanic. Check out the link to the Thomas Sowell article in the post under and add Tampa to list of incidents Sowell notes of black gangs beating whites. Then note Sowell’s spot on indictment of news and law enforcement agencies covering up the crimes.

The wad is investigating the incident, but not for the reasons you’d think. With FL being a key battleground state, the wad wants to know if the thugs might be interested in standing outside of a polling place in Tampa with clubs on Nov. 6th. Every vote will need to be counted, twice if it’s for the P-BO, and if the Dopes can intimidate a few old white folks from voting well, that would be OK as well.

That brings me to one of my favorite quotes. In a missive to Washington, Marine Commandant Maj. William Ward Burrows is purported to have written, “We have just caught a deserter and after shaving his head, have had 200 lashes well laid on, but until we can shoot one or two we will continue to be plagued by this behaviour.” Shoot a couple and end up like white Hispanic George Zimmerman. But I’d rather be on trial trying explain why I shot a couple of hate mongering racist bastards than trying to pick 6 perps out of a line up from a wheel chair through swollen eyes, if I’m that lucky.

None the less, I am seriously reconsidering this “right to carry a concealed weapon” stuff. Heretofore I was pretty certain that the 2nd Amendment gave me all the right to carry I needed. Besides, as a friend reminds me, if it’s truly concealed, no one will know you’re carrying a gun.

In a world where every policy disagreement with the P-BO is viewed by the P-BO, rank and file Demo-Dopes everywhere, his Hollywood know nothings and the MSM know nothings as racism, I see several flash points this summer. There will be two political conventions, a Trayvon Martin jury trail and Supreme Court decisions on P-BOcare and voter ID laws. All of these events will bring out the creeps. If any of them goes the wrong way, and how can the Republican convention NOT go the wrong way for these creeps, it’ll be a legitimate reason to riot.

If you happen to make a wrong turn somewhere, you may be caught up in it. If you come out of an event at night, you may be confronted by a gang of racist hate mongering animals. If you have the wrong bumper sticker on your car, or even drive the wrong type of car you may be targeted at the mall or while driving. Law enforcement will turn a blind eye to all of it.

No doubt, law enforcement agencies will give you the same advice they gave downtown Chicago residents for the upcoming NATO summit, evacuate or try to blend in with the mob. But if you don baggy pants, gold teeth and appear in black face, you’ll be labeled a racist and probably beaten on the streets. Post racial? Huh?

This is the P-BO’s America

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DHS complicit in FL voter fraud

The Dep of Homeland Security is in the news for a couple of reason this morning. First, they have been dragging their feet verifying the citizenship for 180,000 people in FL. FL officials suspect the 180,000 are illegal aliens. DHS officials would like to keep the issue going until after the Nov election. If they could, I’m sure they’d like to empty FL jails just prior to Nov to maximize another reliable Demo-Dope voter block convicted felons who would vote en mass illegally for the Dopes, a la MN.

So why is it taking DHS sooooooo long to “run” the FL 180,000? Welcome to story 2. We know the DHS is run by an incompetent boob, Janet Incompetano. That’s probably reason enough for the agency’s lack of effort and unprofessional response to a critical swing state’s request for assistance in cleaning up voter rolls ahead of the 2012 referendum on the P-BO. Couple having the incompetent one at the top with this bit:

President Barack Obama’s Homeland Security secretary, Janet Napolitano, has presided over the hiring of at least four senior staffers and advisers who have no law enforcement experience but align politically with the president.

Jordan Grossman was a special adviser and deputy to the deputy chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security, for instance, yet his resume shows no law enforcement experience. Before Grossman got his post in January 2009, he was a “special assistant” at the Obama-Biden presidential transition team after working for Obama’s 2008 election campaign.

Before that, Grossman worked as a research assistant at the Annenberg Public Policy Center, a communications think tank at the University of Pennsylvania. Grossman also interned for the left-wing Center for American Progress, and for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Incompetence begets incompetence. The P-BO had to take Slow Joe shovel ready Biden as VP lest putting someone with a brain in that position might demonstrate just how dumb the P-BO really is. Now you’d think if you were going to reward a political hack with a government job, it would be in the basement of the Department of Mohair Reuse and Recycling. But not with this corrupt bunch. They put incompetents in the DHS working for the Queen of incompetents Janet Incompetentano. “Put Jordan over there in DHS to slow roll the bitter clinger down FL worried about illegal aliens and felons populating their voter rolls. We’re going to need every vote down there come Nov.”

Lex’s conspiracy theory # whatever pointed out that Demo-Dopes spend as much, maybe more, organizing voter fraud as they do for anything else in a campaign. It will be THE MAIN STRATEGY in every swing state come Nov.

Oh, and if you doubted Lex's opinion on the P-BO's and the wad's hope for the coming race war in time for Nov. read this piece by Thomas Sowell.  Sowell uses many of Lex's points but says them better.  This is the P-BO's America.  Post racial my ample @$$.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Floating on oil

We’re #1! fossil fuel resources

Who Knew? Sadly, probably everyone in a position of power is aware of the fact and wants desperately to keep the information from the public.

A representative of the Government Accountability Office told the House Science Subcommittee on Energy and Environment that America has more fossil fuel resources than any other nation. Russia is second. Saudi Arabia is third. The GAO guy said that the Green River Formation alone–located at the intersection of the states of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming– contains as much oil as the entire proven reserves of the rest of the world combined. Holy cow!

Now, take that tid bit of info and combine it with the fact that the WORLD energy demands will increase by about 40% over the next 20 years and what do you have? A case for dumping $500 MILLION down a green sink hole called Solyndra? No. A case for more coal burning cars that tend to catch fire, while the P-BO ironically closes more and more coal fired power plants with insane EPA requirements? No. Then certainly a case for more exorbitantly expensive windmill farms to generate electricity at unpredictable intervals while indiscriminately killing 10s of thousands of birds with total indifference as to the species? No. Well geez, curly cue light bulbs just can’t create that kind of savings by themselves. So what can it be?

What it is Mr. & Mrs. America is a case for us to get off our @$$es and begin developing the fossil fuel energy God has blessed us with and is going to be required until the next big thing – flubber, flux capacitors, sperving valves to compensate for side soydinal vibration, whatever - comes along to make fossil fuel irrelevant. We will not get there with the current administration comprised of communists, socialists, @$$clowns, thieves, liars and just plain incompetent fools.

Romney should couple this information with the need for jobs and economic revival using North Dakota as a model of what’s possible in America if adults are returned to power. I’d go so far as to make a statement about American energy independence along the lines of JFK’s man on the moon statement. Call energy independence an American strategic and security imperative. Set a goal of 10 years and indicate that it can be done much sooner. Cut the bureaucratic red tape. Threaten to disband or de-fund the EPA if they do not cooperate in ensuring safe energy exploration and development rather than reflexively impeding every project with 10,000 law suits.

Encourage all manner of energy savings and research with big prizes for things that actually work, rather than pouring money down the drain on stupid pie in the sky projects because the CEO of Corp. X bundled a bunch of money for your campaign.

Competition will cause great things to happen in this field. Microsoft was created out of a garage. That’s where the next big energy find will come from. Why? Simple. There are a lot more garages with passionate creative people occupying them with a beer frig, a pirated satellite signal for the tv and a Playboy calendar tacked to the wall than multimillion dollar research labs with more rules than common sense and more in fighting than newest soap opera or the WWE.

Running the energy research and development effort out of the political wing of the White House or leaving it to the earmarking process in congress will only insure tax dollars continue to be wasted on BS projects that Ned the wino could take a 30 second look at and in his inebriated state correctly opine, “It’ll never work.”

Friday, May 11, 2012

Building a house of cards

                                                                The P-BO's America

So now that gay marriage is the law of the land…huh? It isn’t. But the P-BO said….what? Not one thing has changed? Except that the craven P-BO has come and voiced long held opinion on gay marriage.

Wow! How weird is that? All of the hoopla and nothing has changed except one waffling, sail eared, brain-dead, SFB has said aloud what everyone already knew. Are you sure? It’s very hard to believe that the lamestreamers are heaping such praise and adornment on the P-BO…no wait it’s not hard to believe. But even so, NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

32 states have expressed their opinion in law. All against same sex marriage. Same sex marriage has never won an election – even in ultra liberal CA. Yet we are told that a vast majority of Americans support the proposition or perhaps “proposal” is a better word, that Bruce and Harlan make a pretty pair. Seems to me the issue would have won somewhere then. Remember more strong positions are simply abandon in combat than are ever overrun. These polls are manufactured to get us to shut up and leave the high ground. It is a loser for the Libs.

Societies have chosen to reward marriage, not because it is a perfect institution, rather it is the best way to perpetuate useful society. Children raised with a man and a woman in the home tend to be more stable and less a burden on society. We see what happened to the black family when the government decided they’d reward fatherless children.

Abortion, contraceptives and an onerous tax code have created a demographic nightmare in childless Europe. Why reward another behavior that will only exacerbate the problem? Families should receive a break in the tax code. Families are how the society is perpetuated and children are a necessity to keep taxes coming into the treasury to pay for Bruce’s sex change operation. In that regard, as always, Libs are quite happy to slay the golden goose for a good supper on Tuesday rather than look at the long term dining options.

Societies are fragile things. They have come and gone with great regularity. History is replete with examples of hedonistic societies that have placed personal pleasure and looting the treasury ahead of societal needs. They die away. It’s like a house of cards. You start with a stable basic design. It stands. Then you add on and on. At some point, the stable basic design is compromised and the whole thing comes down. Then what do you do? You go back to the basic stable design.

And if you don’t think America is headed down a dark road, turn on the tv, radio, cruise the Internet, or take a look at the cover of Time magazine.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Race, bigotry, race and bigotry in the post racial unifying P-BO era

The coming race war?  Check this out:
I do not know one thing about it other what is contained in the report. What is missing from the report tells us a lot. No ID of the “thugs.” Wouldn’t it be in the public’s interest to report such things? Wanna bet the thugs look a lot like the P-BO’s son, if he had one? Wanna bet the victims were all white? Wanna bet Mayor Booker and Chief Wiggum will deny any racial motivation when the perps are arrested and shown on tv?

Race baiting D-bag Rev? Al NOTSOsharpton calls for a race war, that apparently is already underway in Newark, NJ; Sanford, FL; Norfolk, VA and apparently wherever 2 or more of the wad Holder’s people gather after dark.

This is the P-BO’s America.

The P-BO's America
The P-BO's war on words
The P-BO came out in favor of same sex marriage. Who knew? What a shocker! Well he sort of came out for it. Like everything he tries to have it both ways. The P-BO now claims gay marriage is a state’s rights issue that he personally supports. After having his looser AG, Eric the wad Holder, drag states to court for following and enforcing federal immigration law and having the good sense to insist on voter’s producing an ID at a polling place, suddenly the P-BO is big state’s rights guy on gay marriage. State’s rights, yeah, that’s the ticket.

The P-BO went on to say that if people want to call a zebra a horse or an elephant an alpaca or for that matter call anything, anything other than what it is, that was also within a state’s right to permit. The P-BO declared that words no longer have any specific meaning at all but rather are left open to the interpretation of those using them. He declared all dictionaries racist, homophobic and relics of the past. After all the Tower of Babel turned out ok, didn’t it?

It's much worse than we thought for Sacajaliesherallwhiteassoff
Everything you need to know about Lizzy Sacajaliesherallwhiteassoff Warren is located here. Turns out that not only isn’t Liesherallwhiteassoff even 1/32nd Indian, her family helped to round the Indians up for the trail of tears march to Oklahoma.

Oh and here’s an aside, if high cheek bones makes Lizzy Warren an Indian, does liking beer make me German? Does having black hair make people Hispanic (white or otherwise)? If they are blonde hair, natural or bottle blonde, are they Swedish?

This thing should be equally offensive to Libs, but for some reason it isn’t. Here’s an all white chick fabricating an Indian ancestry to take advantage of a Lib mechanism – affirmative action - designed to give minos a hand up in a system that whitey has rigged against them. So not only has whitey rigged the system against the minos, underhanded lying whitey uses the very system designed to help hapless minos out to keep them down. How many underserved minos did Lizzy deprive of their opportunity by taking a spot that was in no way hers by qualification or skin color?

And if you’re talking hypocrisy, how can you leave out the Cher rant:

“If ROMNEY gets elected I don’t know if I can breathe same air as Him & his Right Wing Racist Homophobic Women Hating Tea Bagger Masters.”

Wow! All that hate from the loving tolerant lefty. I have yet hear anything like that from Romney.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Totally flexible Lugar laments inflexibility of foe

Richard Mourdock, on his way to clobbering 36 year Washington D.C. insider Dick Lugar, got almost 60% of the vote in the IN Republican senatorial primary. Finally, we have some change and hope. Mourdock could have run the score up a bit more if not for Lugar’s pathetic plea for Demo-Dope voters to cross over and help him out.

Lugar is 80 years old. I thought, as I stood in line to vote, what job that would take 6 year to complete would anyone hire an 80 year old man to do? I couldn’t think of even one.

Taking a note from the Newt Gingrich political playbook of vendetta, Lugar, like all rulers when deposed, was less than gracious. Lugar said in a written statement:

“If Mr. Mourdock is elected, I want him to be a good senator. But that will require him to revise his stated goal of bringing more partisanship to Washington. … In effect, what he has promised in this campaign is reflexive votes for a rejectionist orthodoxy and rigid opposition to the actions and proposals of the other party. … This is not conducive to problem solving and governance.”

That is primarily the reason you got bounced Dick. You were as flexible as a piece of .20 ga. bailing wire. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a rejectionist of policies and proposals of the other party that will bankrupt the country. There is absolutely nothing wrong with holding a rigid opposition to anti-constitutional policies and laws proposed by the other party. Where is the compromise on partial birth abortion Dick? Where is there room for compromise on DHS policies that trash the First Amendment Dick? Where do you meet the other party half way on voter fraud, Fast and Furious, securing the border, 2nd Amendment rights, et. al. All of these issues break heavily in favor of the Republican position. It’s the other party, Dick, that should be looking to compromise their position.

Lugar, like all the deposed ruling class, will be a royal pain in the butt when he sees his rule coming to an end – or in this case, during his lame duck session, which begins today. Much damage can be done between now and the swearing in of the next congress. Expect Lugar to be his most flexible and accommodating self in ushering in the destruction during his final days of power.

ASIDE: Note Lugar's statement above was a written statement. I talked with a guy yesterday who also voted for Mourdock. He is a prominent local businessman. Every year they traveled to Washington D.C. for a trade show and Sen. Lugar would come and speak to them. The man said, a few years back Lugar stopped coming. One rumor was, Lugar had lost a bit of mental sharpness and couldn’t be allowed to talk for long periods. The other was that he’d lost touch. Not only didn’t he live in IN, he couldn’t be bothered to spend a couple of hours with unwashed outside D.C. commoners.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

One of America's elected ruling class is on the ropes

It’s primary day in IN. For the first time in 36 years IN Senator Dick Lugar is on the ropes. He trails Tea Party favorite Richard Mourdock by about 10 points in the latest polling data.

So what’s a life long Republican like Lugar to do when he’s about to go down? Appeal to Demo-Dopes to cross over and vote for him. That’s right. Since the Dope candidate is running unopposed, Dick Lugar is now openly asking the Dopes to cross over and vote for him.

He’s doing this in spite of the fact that he campaigned on being the best candidate to beat Demo-Dope Joe Donnelly in the general election. So yeah, that would make sense for the dopes to cross over and vote for the Republican candidate who claims to be the strongest guy against their guy. Hey, they are Dopes. Anything is possible.

I’m sure Lugar is a nice guy. He was probably even a conservative when the political winds were blowing in that direction. But when those winds began to shift, so did Lugar. He’d been in the senate so long he probably thought nobody would notice. Well we did. All we needed was a legitimate candidate. We got one when conservative State Treasurer Richard Mourdock stepped up for what seemed an impossible fight. Now Lugar is about done.

Lugar is one of the Washington elected elite ruling class we have here in America. And as Lex has noted in the past, just because they are elected does not mean that they do not see themselves as a ruling class.

Lugar has been in D.C. for THIRTY-SIX YEARS. Who do these guys think they are? The Pope? Do they reign for life? Is there no one in a state of about 7 million people who might have a better idea or two? Are you so full of hubris that at no point do you think, we’re 15 trillion in debt most of it on my watch, let’s give someone else a shot?

Things are such a mess, anyone who has been there more than two terms should be replaced. Yet they run ad after ad, “X will fight for you”. If this is what happens when you fight for me, please stop.

Lugar, like all of them, I suppose, runs these ads with him in blue jeans, boots and a work shirt standing in field somewhere talking to a farmer with a big tractor in the background. The truth is Lugar has not lived in Indiana since 1977. He sold his home and moved to Virginia. Article 1, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution requires a person to be a resident of the state he’s elected to represent. Makes sense, no? Lugar is all offended that his Indiana bona fides are being challenged. What a load of crap. A child could figure this one out. Like any member of any ruling class, after a life time of perks and being kowtowed to, Lugar does not take kindly to anyone challenging him.

In this respect he’s like life time Senator Orin Hatch from Utah. Hatch said he’d like to punch the people at Freedom Works in the nose for having the temerity to mount a primary challenge to what I’m sure at this point he believes is his birth right.

Hatch is so out of touch, he once had a “good friend,” Teddy Kennedy, who drowned a girl, not his wife, in his car late one night. Teddy the swimmer got out, made it to safety and waited until the morning to arrange any assistance for the girl he left in the car. Some good friend Orin. Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are.

Both these guys need to go. They should have gone 2 or 3 terms back. It should be a good day in IN and for America as one of the ruling class is finally pushed aside.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Is Julia the poster girl for NOW?

The incomparable Peoples Cube: Rosie Vs. Julia and Sandra
Julia, the P-BO’s fake girlfriend, no wait, that’s some other chic. Julia is the faceless, although obviously white or white Hispanic, avatar the Demo-Dopes have come up with to portray the modern woman. NOW should be madder than a female executive who has bumped her head against the glass ceiling so many times the NFL wants to use her brain for its concussion studies. But they aren’t.

NOW was the bunch that used to say, anything a man can do, a woman can do better, except for math and science, balancing the checkbook, drive and most sporting events. So NOW took action and forced schools to equalize sports funding under something called Title IX. The result is a plethora of women’s sporting activities that nobody will watch for free funded by male sporting activities that people will pay big bucks to see. Sort of like Ward Cleaver bringing home the big bucks so that June Cleaver can do her house work in those fashionable dresses.

Title IX seems so very retro in that regard. The guy is continuing to pick up the check for the gal. The one thing that has changed, the gal doesn’t even say thanks anymore.

So the Dopes come with Julia who apparently can not do one damned thing without the government clearing the way for her, giving her a hand out or picking up the tab. Is that the composite woman NOW hoped to have created with their decades old assault for “equality”? Julia appears to be hapless weakling who could not get out of bed had the government not supplied her with an alarm clock. You’ve come a long baby.

Julia demonstrates the utter failure of the women’s movement. Lib Julias have hooked their wagon to the male sugar daddy presidential candidate who will give them the most free stuff.  Way to go Sandra.  You're doing a heck of a job.

And while we’re talking the failure of movements, how about integration? How’s that working out? We have all black colleges, the black Miss USA, all black frats on campus, the black student union, the black caucus in congress, black entertainment networks etc. etc. Is there an all white any of that? And if there were, would it be racists?

I saw this on the tv news. Some poor sap valet parking guy at an area restaurant got into trouble for identifying the car with the driver and the party by writing on the parking ticket “black girls.” Well the guy is so obviously a racists. And the black girls were all offended by the description. What, African American girls?

But the most hilarious thing, was the very next story on the news was about the Black Girls Run in Washington, D.C. You cannot make this stuff up. It seems, black girls who run are a lot less sensitive to the term “black girls” than black girls who eat out, and whitey needs to know this.

None of this, of course, strikes a Lib as odd. A woman’s movement that is established to demonstrate women’s strength and promote equality is quite happy when a Lib man portrays them tiny know nothings who require a man’s help in getting through life. But they scorn traditional marriage. Weird huh?

And integration is only a problem at the local Country Club. Private black girls’ clubs are just fine.

Friday, May 04, 2012

The P-BO's SEAL training invaluable

SEAL Team,  as the P-BO Sees them

As the P-BO continues to fly his own black helicopter around the world in his Navy SEAL uniform taking credit for killing bin Laden, I wonder how many Islamo-Terror-Fascists he’s creating? Isn’t that what the Dopes told us when we were killing ITF by the bushel basket loads during the surge? Killing them would just create more terrorists. And no, that number, whatever it is, will not be off-set by the P-BO closing Guantanamo. Huh? He didn’t? I thought he said he would. How does he explain that? He had a fleeting brush with common sense and good judgement?  He doesn’t have to because it never comes up for this pampered pass through president of ours.

Some lamestrammedia dope, Chuckles Todd, went so far as compare the anniversary of bin Laden assuming room temperature as a sort of VE or VJ day in WWII. Nobody can be that dumb. Why don’t we compare the P-BO’s inauguration with the resurrection? Oooops, they did. Actually when it comes to stupidity, Todd is a little leaguer. As long as the major league MVP of stupidity, Slow Joe shovel ready Biden, draws a breath we’ll never be able to accurately plumb the depths of man’s stupidity.

Then in the height of taking credit for something you didn’t do, you then claim nobody but you could have done it. In a TV ad so tasteless even some on the left are condemning it, while taking credit for flying the helicopters, kicking in the door, and shooting bin Laden, the P-BO then alludes that Romney would not have gone after bin Laden. Romney’s answer was priceless. “Of course I would have. Even Jimmy Carter would have.”

ASIDE: During that ad Billy Boy put some ice on it Clinton waives his bony finger at the camera. I don’t know what he says, because all I can hear is: “I did not have sex with THAT woman. Ms. Lewinsky.”

Then there’s the disgraceful way the P-BO handled the blind Chinese dissident. Not since Billy Boy put some ice on it Clinton turned his back on Elian Gonzales has an administration acted so cravenly and bowed to the wishes of commie bastards. This is what happens when the guy who holds your bank notes wants you to compromise your principles. You compromise.  This is the P-BO's America.

Update: A couple of posts under Lex links to the story of two newspaper reporters being assaulted by a mob of P-BO look-a-likes. Not to worry Norfolk police are on the case. Led by Chief Sharon Chamberlin, who graces us with her presence only after some strange gene splicing experiment combining DNA from Simpson’s Springfield Police Chief Clancy Wiggum and Inspector Clouseau, no stone will be left unturned.

Well maybe ONE stone will be left unturned: At her presser yesterday, Chief Wiggum said the department is not investigating the case as a hate crime. Weird huh?

“At no time in our investigation or in statements taken from the victims did it appear this assault was racially motivated,” she said. So what exactly did motivate these examples of “Holder’s people” to throw rocks at the victims’ car and beat them? Not driving a hybrid through this eco-friendly community? No P-BO bumper sticker? Maybe they were cleaning the sidewalk and while removing debris, made an errant throw of some rubble. Yeah, that’s it.

Possibly the dumbest woman ever. Hold it, Pelosi, Waters, Jackson Lee, et al. No, she’s not dumb. She knows exactly what happened. She chooses to ignore the obvious. Why make waves. She certainly doesn’t want the Revs? Jesse, Al and Jerry or the wad Holder rolling in on her. Better to just turn a blind eye to the obvious.

This is exactly what is wrong with any kind of hate crime legislation. It is all BS. This is the P-BO’s America.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Fair Maiden Pants - O - Fire

Demo-Dope MA Senatorial candidate, Lizzy Warren or as she now prefers her Indian name - Big Chief Talkin’ $h!t - is the perfect Lib. She’s an over educated lying sack of crap. Just being a highly educated egghead, who can’t remember your own zip code, is never enough for the average Demo-Dope. Credentials are there to be embellished, don’t you know. Hence, François Kerry’s great Cambodian adventure, Tom Harkin’s daring deeds as a fighter pilot in Viet Nam and the P-BO’s imaginary girlfriend.

Warren (aka in Indian lore as Maiden “Makin’ It Up”) a Harvard law professor once claimed that she was responsible for the OWS movement. Wonderful. That was back in the early days when the movement was chic and the P-BO had embraced it. Probably before crapping on cop cars and rape in the camps became common place. Ignore the fact that Chief Big Lie’s story is total fabrication. She wants us to believe that she’s is a 99%er that happens to have tenure at Harvard. How exactly does that work out?

Now, after 5 OWS great thinkers have been arrested for plotting to blow up a bridge in Cleveland, of course the lamestreammedia don’t remind Maiden Half Truth of her previous whopper. Nothing to see here, move along, she’s not lying today. Maiden Sunshine is perfecting a solar panel design for Solyndra and cannot be disturbed.

Lizzy Warren is lying buffoon. Like I said, she’s the perfect Lib. Turns out being a woman didn’t confer enough aggrieved oppressed minority status to this pompous half wit. So she dug into her family archives and discovered her great, great, great, grandmother knew of or had heard of an American Indian living somewhere. Lizzy took that bit of information to mean that she was a Native American. She put it on her resume and in today’s quest for diversity the offers came flying in. She was a 2fer, a woman (by the way you know that women make up over half the US population, right?) and an American Indian. Perfect, now if Harvard could just get a couple more white Hispanics they’d have their diversity bases covered.

Well guess what? When asked for her Red Cred, Lizzy couldn’t come up with any other than to say she recalled it from “family lore.” Well there you have it. I will immediately start telling young Lex his great, great, great granddad was a white Hispanic with black and Indian blood who married a Chinese woman while working on the Intercontinental rail road which, according to the P-BO, is still under construction, I guess. But that bit of “family lore” ought to cover about all of the bases for young Lex well into the future.

This is nothing new for Libs. That’s the point. When these embarrassments come out, it’s yawn, oh well, another Demo-Dope lying through their butt. What’s new? Let’s all move on.

Now we have the Fair Maiden Fibber caught up in two lines of crap, OWS and her Indian ancestry. She – is – a - liar. Like I said in the first sentence, the perfect Lib. If your life’s story doesn’t measure up in some way, make it up so that it does.

WI Gov. Scott Walker is at ground zero of the struggle to save America. Lex sent him $10. If everyone who reads this page does the same, we can raise 20-30 bucks. Of course if one of you greedy 1%ers would just give a bit we could raise tens of millions. Donate here.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The P-BO's America

The police will, no doubt, act stupidly.

America, as it turns out, could have rested easy for a few hours yesterday. Sure the unwashed OWS creeps were littering the streets with their typical Demo-Dope campaign literature and signage, but the P-BO made a campaign swing through Afghanistan. Has anyone noticed that the P-BO suddenly loves being with military members?

While there and remaining in full pander mode, the P-BO indicated that his administration would love to sit down and negotiate with the Taliban. Wow! He won’t negotiate with John Boehner to pass a federal budget, but he’s willing to sit down with murdering scum trapped in the 7th century. Oh well he did cut his political chops in bomb throwing anarchist Bill Ayres’ living room. I guess he’s just reverting to form.

Then there’s the whole “war on women” meme. How is that faux issue going to hold up against the Republicans? Their big crime, according to your dim witted campaign people and compliant media dolts, is that they won’t rob their neighbors to pay for abortion and contraceptives under the guise of “women’s health.” That's some "war."  The Talis on the hand actually cut women’s heads off for straying outdoors without a male family member. Seems it’s going to be a tough sell. But when you have the media on your side ignoring every blunder and heaping great praise for every lie and every day that something doesn’t go horribly wrong, well who knows how long the charade might continue.

And if you think for one minute the media will not bury embarrassing stories or stories that call into question any part of the P-BO narrative, check out this disturbing story of a 100 or so P-BO look-a-like punks attacking a white couple. Sadly, the act is becoming more and more commonplace. But read about the police reaction and the reaction of the newspaper that employed the couple. Cover up. And the story reveals another incident where a bunch of black murdering thugs who probably look a lot like the P-BO’s son, if he had one, attack a white man, beat him to death and strip his body. Not a word on this story.  This is the P-BO and Eric the wad Holder’s America.

I’m not lawyer, I know who both my parents were, but it would seem to me, given the pattern these days, when confronted by a racial mob that looks like the wad Holder’s people, you should have the absolute right to start shooting. You should be able to consider yourself in immanent danger. Of course, Revs? Jesse, Al and Jerry, and the wad are unlikely to see it that way. The reaction is more likely to be, “Pay back’s a bitch you honkie cracker M-Fer.”