Thursday, June 30, 2016

Expert: We knew the Brexit vote was coming for months. That's why we were surprised and shocked.

I do not understand all the fuss about Brexit.  For months every headline told us that the vote was on a “knife’s edge”, “too close to call”, “could fall either way” etc.  The leave vote was up one day.  Then a British pro stay MP is shot – with an illegal gun -  and the stay team swings into the lead.  Even the night of the referendum it was back and forth.    Nigel Farage, the leader of the leave team, appeared to concede early on only to take his concession back later in the evening.

It was all very close.  So when the leave team finally pulled it out, why was the world shocked?    Markets tumbled.  Credit ratings were downgraded.  The EU held hastily called meetings.  Populist political movements were attacked by leftists and cheered by working people.

Here’s my theory.  The elitist bastards who got their ear flicked by British voters were peed off.  So they decided to show the world what happens to the class clown – the people – when he flicks the ear of the class bully – the world-wide elitists.  The bully downgraded the UK’s credit rating within a couple of days.

What exactly changed in those couple of days?  I find it hard to believe anything substantive in the overall British economy changed in a couple of days.  The Brits are given two years to disentangle themselves from the tar covered, brier patch that is the EU.  But the elitist banking community needed to make a very visible statement to the Brits who voted leave, and more importantly, to any of those pesky little people in other countries who have the temerity to think a nation ought to control its own destiny, politicians, economy and regulations.   So there was a very public downgrading.

Every single day the wizards of smart take to the airways to talk about the markets.  If the markets are down a couple of points one day, they confidently tell us it’s because of a plunge in the muskrat oil futures due to an over population of muskrats in Togo.  Then the markets soar 100+ points the next day and the same wizards tell us the market rally was due to unexpectedly good profit reports from the mohair sector of the East Zambian economy.  I don’t know, and I suspect that the market prognosticators don’t either.

If these guys have their very sensitive fingers on the pulse of every sector of every market why couldn’t they devise a market strategy in March for an eventual Brit exit from the EU in July?  There were two days of panicked sell offs, before the markets rebounded with two days of rallies.  Here’s my conspiracy theory.  The elitists triggered the panic.  They inspired the massive sell off, and then, when the markets crashed, the elitists were there to snatch up all of the bargain stocks.

The one thing the elitists cannot manipulate so easily is the will of the people.  As predicted by Lex the Friday after the Brexit vote, average people in the other countries in the EU are thinking they might like to have their own referendum.  So the swells will have to come up with some more very visible ways to scare the people back into line.  So if they have to crash a couple more markets, they will do it.  If they have to create more political chaos, they’ll do it.  If they have to start a war, they will do it.  Why not?  None of those actions are going to affect them.  They will profit from market manipulation.  A fractured political situation plays right into their hands.  They don’t fight wars, the people they are trying bully into going along with them do.  It’s all win, win, win for them.  Sadly the more they are able to *uck everything up the more it benefits them.

Germany really needs to give some thought to banning rocket launchers
The headline was intriguing.  So I clicked on.  As the saying goes, a picture is worth a 1,000 words. 

If The Empty Suit had son, he’d probably look like this racist thug

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

George Will is a useful Shrillda the Hutt idiot

First statement from The Empty Suit on Ankara
TES called for calm after Islamo-Terror-Fascist unknown persons acting for unknown reasons shot up and bombed the Ankara airport.  Noting that the unknown persons acting for unknown reasons who attacked the airport used suicide belts, TES asked, “How many more must die before the irresponsible Republicans take these workplace violence incidents seriously and support common sense belt control?”

Media hailing The Empty Suit’s high poll numbers
A poll shows The Empty Suit’s favorability ratings at 56%.  Another poll shows 70% of Americans think that we’re on the “wrong track”.  So how can both be accurate?  Me thinks one them is BS.

George Will joins Ed Schultz
George Will wants us to ensure Donald Trump loses, grit our teeth for four years and prepare to beat Shrillda the Hutt in 2020.  George Will is a douche.  By 2020:

the Supreme Court will gone for 30 years.

it will have been a year since Alito and Thomas were thrown into G’itom for sedition on secret charges “so heinous” no one but Shrillda the Hutt’s secret police were privy to them. 

America will be declared "open to anyone who can get here".

childhood diseases once eradicated in the US will be running rampant.

illegal aliens will be given their “constitutional right” to vote removing any chance of a non-Dope ever winning the presidency again.

seeing the handwriting on the wall, courageous Rat establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Paulie Walnuts et al will change their party affiliation and join the Demo-Dope Party.

the right to keep and bear arms will have been be severely infringed.

the Supreme Court will have upheld the right of the state to fine and/or jail people who remain skeptical of the global warming hoax.

the UN will be in command of American troops restoring the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt.

the military will be a full on social service organization run by the LGBTYKUHFCM

churches who will not perform homosexual marriages will lose their tax exempt status.

Islamo-Terror-Fascists who shoot up gay weddings at tax exempt churches will be cause celebs for further gun control which will result in no-warrant, no-knock searches of Joe six pack’s house for weapons violations using his insistence on flying the American flag – now a symbol of hate, bigotry, homophobia, Islamophobia, et al - in front of his house as probable cause.

talk radio is gone under the new “fairness act”.

the UN controls the Internet and vigorously prosecutes “hate speech” at the Hague.

hate speech includes anything deemed by the UN High Commission on Hate Speech (UNHCHS) hurtful like the use of the word Islamic in close proximity to the word terrorist, criticisms of the UNHCHS or the new world order, anything that promotes religion, anything that promotes “liberty”, anything that promotes self-sufficiency, anything that promotes one country over another, anything that questions Global Climate Disruption.

former members of the now defunct NRA are directed to pay a $10,000 fine and attend 52 weekend re-education seminars held a various county jails.

home schooling and private non-secular schools are illegal under the new Common Core.

college education is free to anyone who is  not a white male.

we’ll be in the first year of a 10 year two and a half trillion dollar reparations pay out  scheme.

All you can do is what you can do, George.  Sitting in the corner pouting isn’t doing much.  Will and the other #NeverTrump azzhats prefer to do nothing and wait for the day they can say, “I told you so”.  Will is a traitorous  - oh what was it Ann Coulter called Ed Schultz – oh yeah pu**y and coward.  He shares those distinctions with much of the National Review staff and other head in the sand #NeverTrump moron who would rather destroy the county than cede any of their corrupt power to the people.

The Griffin opined that were it 1776, Will would be shocked at the “vulgarities” of the Sons of Liberty and as a result no doubt would come down on King George’s side imploring the rebel rousers to grit their teeth and wait for George’s successor to rise to the British throne.   

Monday, June 27, 2016

Being called a xenophobe or racist by lefty Libs means you won the argument

For lefty Libs, anyone opposing a totally open border is a xenophobe.  When the Brits threw their Brussels overlords overboard, the lefty Lib media, pols and Hollywood swells called them xenophobic racists. 

Xenophobia is most often described as “the fear of foreigners and strangers.”  It seem to there are two kinds of fear.  There are rational fears of real things – alligators in a swamp or Polar Bears in Alaska – and there are irrational fears of things imagined - Polar Bears in a swamp or alligators in Alaska.  I could not find one definition of xenophobia that included the word “irrational” in front of it.

If you know anyone who fears a Christmas tour of American by the Vienna Boys’ Choir or thinks Julio, the green card carrying 15 year gardener at the club, is threat to destroy America they might just be xenophobic.  On the hand, if you now anyone who thinks letting tens of thousands of un-vetted - and when you get down to it un-vettable -  Syrian men of military age into the country, after ISIS has guaranteed us they will use our stupidity on Syrian refugees to infiltrate our country, they are something but not xenophobic.    

If you are concerned because your son hangs out with a 3rd generation German kid, you just might be xenophobic.  If you are concerned because your son his hanging out with illegal aliens with MS 13 tattoos all over their bodies, you are something other than xenophobic.  

If you are concerned about your neighbor trying to get his disabled mother-in-law a visa to live with them in the United States, you might be xenophobic.  If you are concerned about a totally unsecured southern border that allows – literally – anyone to stroll into the country by millions, you’re not xenophobe.

See there is xenophobic, and then there’s xenophobic.

It’s sort of like The Empty Suit telling us that there degrees of classified material.  There is classified, and then there’s classified.  I suppose that that is true, but I know more than a few military guys whose careers were ended by mishandling classified material.  Shrillda the Hutt on the other hand sailed onto the Demo-Dope nomination while clearly not giving a crap about turning over the nation’s classified material to any high school nerd interested in hacking her unsecured illegal private e-mail server.   

I do not know why people with very rational concerns about the kinds of people and the sheer numbers of people we are letting into the country share a name with people who have irrational fears of the same.  It’s like calling a breeze a hurricane.  If everything is a hurricane nothing is.  Come to think of it, it’s like attributing everything to global warming.  If everything is causing global warming nothing is.

Then there’s lefty Lib Jim Hightower bitching about Nabisco leaving Chicago for Mexico.  Try squaring this circle Jim.  For you, people who oppose Mexicans coming here and taking our jobs are xenophobic.  But Nabisco sending our jobs to Mexicans who choose to stay in Mexico is corporate greed.  And how do you like being on the same side of an issue as Donald Trump, Jim?

So I think the term xenophobic ought to be reserved for people with irrational fears of foreigners or strangers.  People with rational concerns about ISIS infiltrating with Syrian refugees and millions of undocumented illegal aliens pouring across our southern border ought to be called something else.  Patriotic Americans, for instance.

Now if lefty Libs pull the “xenophobe” card like a gun to oppose anyone when BREXIT, open borders, refugee issue etc. come up, they use the term “racist” as a nuke to shut down anyone who differs with them on any issue.  If you support voter ID, you are a racist.  If you support law and order, you’re a racist.  If you want an equal opportunity to attend the U. of Texas, you’re a racist.  If you oppose any of The Empty Suit’s anti-American policies, you’re a racist.  If you support the 2nd Amendment you’re a racist.  Etc. etc.

So welcome all of you xenophobe and racists.  When the Trigglypuff, special snowflake, Social Justice Howler Monkeys call you a xenophobe and/or a racist you have won the argument.  Thank them and head over to the local canteen for celebratory drink. 

Dilbert nails gun control.

Weird photo captions
Red the caption under the first photo in this piece.   "Anti-fascists confront TV crew at California Capitol." As it turns the "anti fascist" protesters were demnading no cameras at their protest, which is pretty much fascists – right?

Friday, June 24, 2016

Brits are out, EU begins long slow death throe

The Brits are out of the EU.  Or so they think.  We need to keep in mind that the will of the people means absolutely nothing to globalist elitists.  Anyone who thinks that they will just say, “Okay, right, your side won.  No worries, we’ll just pack it in then.  Cheerio.”  The Brexit will need to keep the elitists pol’s feet to the fire.  Cameron had to go.  He made the correct decision to graciously step down.  Now, had Cameron been a crybully Demo-Dope, he’d be sitting on the floor of Parliament throwing a temper tantrum and screeching like a Social Justice Howler Monkey.  

My sense is that the working people of Europe have always been suspicious of the EU.  When we traveled around we’d see signs of it – literally – scrawled on river and sea walls, bridge abutments, buildings etc. *UCK THE EU.   My sense was that the people were not for the EU.  In that regard, the elitist ruling class European pols are no different than the clueless BS merchants who shut down the congress by whining like babies on floor of the House.  They know what’s best and the will of the people will not alter their way of thinking.

The Brexit could lead to the demise of the EU.  If I were a Frenchman or German, I’d be wondering why the Brits got to vote and we didn’t.  So I think if the Brexit by itself doesn’t cause the tumble of the EU, it may give rise to demands by the people to vote on the issue.  People voting is like kryptonite to elitists.  So if France or Germany opts out next, who’s going to be left pay Greece’s bills?  If I were German I’d be wondering who’s going to pay when – and I still say IF – the Brits exit.  I think as the last descent large economy in the EU the Germans are going to get screwed.

The only one in a deeper funk than David Cameron this morning is Shrillda the Hutt.  Even that clueless POS can see a mood against the kind of globalization BS she and the Dopes are pushing. 

The Supreme Court decisions out yesterday are of grave concern
But Lex, conservatives are celebrating in the streets over the court’s decision to rebuke The Empty Suit on immigration.  YGBSM.  It was a 4-4 split that solved nothing.  4-4 split on something so basic as the separation of powers as outlined in the constitution on a nation-altering issue – immigration - which TES had said a dozen times he lacked authority to change.  An honest court would have found 8-0 against TES.   

Then the court let stand Affirmative Action as a metric for university admission.  Okay, there’s a story on Drudge about 2015 being the first year where white births were a minority.  So when does Affirmative Action end?  Will the white kids being born in 2015 be able to take advantage of AA to get into college in the year 2033?    I doubt that that will ever be the case.  One thing we know about the Social Justice Howler Monkey crowd is that they are a vindictive bunch.  What was designed as a hand up will be used as a hammer to keep white kids down.

This is the definitive piece on the phenomenon known as Trigglypuff
I love the term - Social Justice Howler Monkeys, which I have already lifted for this morning’s post.  It may become the new moniker for that crowd and if it sticks will be shortened to SJHM.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Trump shocks world tells truth about Shrillda the Hutt

Finally!  Trump clobbers Shrillda the Hutt
Whatever you think of Donald Trump, yesterday he did something a Rat establishment Republican would never do, told the truth about the Clintons.  Not only did he tell the truth, he did in a manner everyone could understand.  Gone was the pol speak, calling someone “disingenuous” when they are g-damned liars.  Trump held short of the G-D part opting instead to call Shrillda the Hutt a world-class liar.  That’s good enough.  No one was sitting in bar asking what “disingenuous” meant followed with a union rep’s definition, “it means she’s a G-D liar.”   

If Trump keep up a steady beat of telling the truth about the Clintons
-         He’s a lying, thieving, raping, money grubbing POS
-         She’s a lying, thieving, raping enabling, money grubbing POS

She’s such a slow moving target.  She talks about Trump bankrupting America – uh news flash Hutt – we’re 19 trillion in debt.  Some would call that bankrupt, and you were right there while it was happening. 

She talks about reigning in Wall Street while she took 21 million in speaking fees from Wall St. in the last two years.

She talks about women’s issues and is married to and enabled a rapist to enhance her own political career.

She talks about spending money on infrastructure repairs forgetting the 831 billion flushed by The Empty Suit on "shovel ready projects" that Slow Joe Biden was responsible for accounting for every dollar.

She had a Ted Baxter moment when she read the stage directions off of the teleprompter.  In true Ted Baxter fashion, the idiot read – sigh - off the teleprompter .  One of my favorite takes from the Mary Tyler Moore show was when Ted Baxter reads the stage directions from the teleprompter – “take off glasses concerned”.  After reading the stage directions, he pauses, whips off his glasses and stares into the camera with a concerned look.  I thought, how someone could be so stupid.  Well, now I’m getting an idea.

Demo-Dopes channel college snowflakes to shut down the people’s house
Taking a page from the petulant leader of their ever more socialist party, Dope members of the House of Representatives held a sit-in on the floor of the House yesterday.   While Paulie Walnuts (aka Speaker of the House Paul Ryan) tried to conduct the business of the people, Dopes trashed the 1st Amendment and hooted and hollered in their best impression of college snowflakes shouting down a conservative speaker on campus.  The House, I suppose, is a “safe zone” for Dope legislators.  If I were a Republican I’d have advocated for very publicly bringing in rugs and juice boxes for nap time.  I’d let the dumbazzes look like dumbazzes until Nov.  The less congress does the better. 

How Texas and Louisiana differ in handling criminal athletes
A Louisiana Parish District Attorney – Jerry Jones - let a couple of Alabama football players off the hook on drug and weapon’s charges because they, “…have spent their adolescence and their teenage years, working and sweating, while we were all at home in the air conditioning”, i.e. they were practicing football.  “Uh gee, Chief Wiggum, I don’t know.  Drugs and weapons are pretty dangerous combination.”  “No worries Lou.  Those boys will be spending all of their time practicing football and studying for their physics exam.  They’ll have no time to shoot or shoot up anyone or anything.”

On the other hand, Texas comes down hard on their athletes.  Check this out.  The two star athletes in the video may have to take their game to Louisiana to catch a break.

Dope Homer opposes death penalty unless it’s Islamo-Terror-Fascists beheading Christians
Dope Homer is picking up his attacks on the death penalty.  Fine.  Will he take his message to Islamo-Terror-Fascists beheading, burning, drowning and pitching people off of tall buildings?  I doubt it.  He will focus on the west and appease the ITF or blame the rise of the ITF on the west.   

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lex proposes experiment to prove once and for all that Islam is a religion of murder and mayhem

The next time The Empty Suit tells us, “Islam is a religion of peace.”  Someone ought to reply, “really.”  Then ask TES if he is willing to participate in an experiment.  Since Dopes always claim to support science, no doubt TES will agree.  It doesn’t have to be TES.  Anyone stupid, naive or ignorant enough to claim Islam is a religion of peace will do.  Quite frankly it would be best if it were TES or Shrillda the Hutt.  Here’s why.

The experiment consists of the person with common sense agreeing to don Moooooslim garb and setting up a stand in Vatican Square passing out korans, while praising Allah and condemning homosexuals, rights of women, Judeo Christians and drawing disrespectful picture of Christ our Savior with a piece of camel dung. 

TES or whoever the ignoramus touting “Islam equals peace” dons western garb and enters any major city in any Mooooslim country and attempts to pass out Bibles while praising Jesus Christ as the as our Lord and Savior and preaching tolerance for all faiths, homosexuals and touting women as equal partners in a marriage.  

That’s the reason we want TES or Shrillda the Hutt to take the challenge.  The best news is that they’d be jailed.  The worst news would be the video of them being stoned to death by the ever present angry mob of perpetually offended practitioners of the religion of peace.

No informed person with just an ounce of common sense would accept the challenge to blaspheme Islam in a Muslim country.  Most of us, because of our common decency, would be uncomfortable playing the Muslim in Vatican Square, but we would not fear for our lives or probably even being arrested.

So tell me again which is the religion of peace?  It’s time to stop the charade.  Islam is a religion of submission, violence, murder, rape and sharia.  None of it, as outlined in the koran, is compatible with free people.

That does not mean all Muslims are terrorists.  We Catholics have term for people that pick and choose what parts of the catechism they will follow – cafeteria Catholics.  There may be millions of cafeteria Muslims as well.  The difference is that Jesus and Christians, as outlined in the Bible, are supposed to be peaceful.  History ancient and recent demonstrate that Mohammad and Muslims are not.

What is the face of Christianity today - Pope Francis, Rev. Graham, Cardinal Dolan, Rev. Jerry Falwell jr. etc. etc.  Are any of them calling for jihad against anyone or anything – other than sin? 

What is the face of Islam today?  ISIS, whoever is the latest cause celeb for murdering innocents, bin Laden, whoever can most vehemently call for the destruction of Israel, etc. etc.

Now if you are naive enough to think the Islamo-Terror-Fascists are not already inside the gates, read this and this.  The sad fact is that this government is completely unprepared and - yes I believe - unwilling to protect you against Mooslims already inside the wire.  Not only that, by focusing on the gun used in the Orlando shootings rather than who it was pulling the trigger - an avowed ITF murdering bastard - they are endeavoring to take away your ability to be prepared as well.

The government is perfectly happy to drone the ITF overseas but are unwilling to admit that they have infiltrated the homeland.  An ITF shoots up a club killing 49.  He calls the police, 911 and several other places admitting over and over again that he’s an ITF.  The shooter’s history since about 9-10 years old indicates he’s a jihadi sympathizer.  The shooter’s old man had/has ties to the Taliban.   Yet yesterday the Attorney General of the United States said straight faced that shooter’s motive “may never be known.”  

WTF?  You cannot be serious.  File this one under – Disney Girl - reality it’s not for me and it makes laugh (Several posts under). 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Exclusive interview with "Make America Mexico again" ingrate

TRIGGER WARNING:  Racist material to follow.

Yes the photo is of a racist acting racist.  Here is a transcript of an interview with the woman in the picture:

News:  What’s your name ma’am?

Woman:  My llamo ees Consuela Bonita Carlita Lopez Jimenez Sanchez Rodriguez.

News:  Where are you from Consuela?

Woman: Meh-ee-co.

News:  Why did you leave Mexico?

Woman:  I leeb Meh-ee-co because ebry morning I hab to geet up and walk one mile to chit in the deech.  Den if wee lucky, rain come and wash out chit down to next veelige.  Bad news ees dat chit from veelige up the heel wash into our veelige.  So our veelige stink like chit and eet eesn’t eeben our chit.

News:  So how did get to America?

Woman:  Well a man come to my veelige.  He has nice clothes and a good car.  I ask my husband, how he get nice clothes and car.  My husband tell me, he ees da goobinors nephew.

News:  So there’s nepotism where you come from?

Woman:  I don’t know nuttin’ ‘bout no neepoteesim, but I tell joo dees, joo eesin’t getting no yob unless joo related to the goobinor. 

News:  So corruption is rampant?

Woman:  I don’t know nuttin’ ‘bout no corruption but I tell joo dees, Joo eesin’t getting no contract unless joo gib da goobinor some cash.  So the goobinor’s nephew asks us “how ees ebryting?”  I tell heem I tired of chitting in da deech.  He tell me to go to Amereeca.  So ask heem, how I going to geet to Amereeca.  Hee reach in hees pocket and gib me pamphlet weeth peectures how to get to Amereeca.  I say what I going to do when I geet to Amereeca?  I hab no skills.  I hab no edumakachon.  He say no to worry.  Amereecans take care ob ebrything.  He gib me another pamphlet how to geet my benefeets garoonteed by constitoochon. 

News:  So how’d you get settled in America?

Woman:  Well Deemocrat operative meets me and fameely at border.  He tell border patrol to *uck off.  He take us to santchuary ceety.  He geets us free apartment, a free Obamaphone and food stamps.  I say how we eat stamps.  He tell me eet’s as good as mooney to buy food or trade for leekor, a gun or drugs.   Den he tell me my five keeds would have priority in goobiments hiring program over Amereecan ceeteezens keeds.  I theenk, hay we yest like goobinor’s family back in Meh-ee-co.

News:  So you are pretty happy to be in America – right?

Woman:  No, no, no.  We Deemocrats.  Amereeca sucks.  Amereeca most racist place in the world.  Dats why we want Amereeca to be Meh-ee-co again.

News:   But that would mean that you’d go back to chitting…uh…$h!t…er…relieving yourself in the deech, ditch.

Woman:  Deemocrats tell me dats okay as long ebrybody else is chitting in a deech.  In Meh-ee-co I chit in deech but goobinor no hab to chit in deech.  Deemocrats tell us when day takes ober evbrybody chit in deech.   See Deemocrats party of equality.    Ebrybody chit een a deech.  Deemocrats sees peoples wit no health eensurance so day passes Robertscare and make it so nobody hab no health eensurance.

News:  So you leave a chit hole to come to America and now you want to make America like the chit hole you left?

Woman:  Si.  Si.  Deemocrats assures me Amereeca suck so bad and so racist better to be Meh-ee-co than Amereeca.

News:  Well Mr. and Mrs. America there’s the logic behind the woman with the sign.

Air Force vet forcibly removed from retirement ceremony
This story is concerning on so many levels.  I can understand some lefty Lib commander wanting to force his religious views – or lack of a view – onto others.  What I cannot understand is how you the 4-5 individuals to interrupt the ceremony to perform an illegal act – that is more concerning than a godless POS commander.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Is the American Catholic Church going off the rails?

Wow, two weeks in row Lex has to set his parish straight.  This week an exchange priest from Sri Lanka used part of his homily to attack Donald Trump.  Lex blasts him in the following missive.  I sent a copy to the pastor, Fr. Dan, with a note indicating that I do not plan to sit in church having my sensibilities assaulted every week.  There are other Catholic Churches in close proximity.  We may just have to conclude that the Catholic Church would favor an abortionist over anyone advocating for national sovereignty. 

Father Polycarp,

I wish I could say that I was shocked to sit in the pew of a Catholic Church and hear a priest endorse an abortionist for President of the United States.  Sadly, I am not.  After all we live in a world where a Florida Bishop has blamed Catholics for the Orlando shootings.  Your thinly vailed open attack on Donald Trump during your homily at Sunday’s 7:15 mass can be construed as nothing less than a full throated endorsement of his abortionist opponent.

Mrs. Clinton was the 2009 winner of the Margret Sanger Award, the highest award presented by Planned Parenthood, which murders hundreds of thousands of babies in America every year.  In 2012 that organization killed over 333,000 babies.  It seems to me for the Catholic Church abortion is about a 3½ year at a time cause.  Your homily proves the point.  Catholics are told to oppose abortion right up to about 6 months before a presidential election.  Then it’s all “vote your conscience”.  Abortion is but one issue, blah, blah, blah.  Nothing can ever come between the unholy alliance the American Catholic Church has had with the Democrat Party for the last 50 years.

Whatever Mr. Trump’s shortcomings, he is not advocating for the destruction of hundreds of thousands of babies every year.  The person your homily offered a pseudo endorsement is.

We elect a President of the United States.  Each of those words have meaning.  Our President is elected as a chief executive to enforce laws passed by a duly elected congress.  He also severs as Commander in Chief during times of war.  There is nothing in his job description as outlined in Article II of our constitution that requires him to be a national pastor.  There is no requirement for the president to be a religious or even a particularly moral person.  Case in point, the current Democrat president is an abortionist, and worse he wouldn’t even vote in favor of a bill to end infanticide while a member of the Illinois Senate.  The previous Democrat president was an abortionist who was impeached and disbarred for being a serial liar and has at least two credible accusations of rape leveled against him among other gropings, exposing himself, serial philandering and lude behavior with women not his wife – who happens to be the woman who will benefit from your ill-informed attack on Donald Trump and has been an enabler for her husband’s despicable predatory behavior for over 30 years.

The people of the United States elect their president to represent their interest.  The president is after all the President of the United States not the world.  To the extent that the president can build good will by and through a generous foreign policy, fine.  But everything a president does should be colored by what is in the best interest of the United States.  Anything less is treason.  You cannot seriously believe that governments be held to the same biblical standards as individuals?  Why do Catholics have just war standards?  What about rendering unto Caesar?  

With regard to making America great again and putting Americans first, you and anyone else that cherishes freedom better hope that that is always the case.  Nature will not tolerate a vacuum.  If America isn’t great and first, someone else will be.  Who do you propose that that “someone else” be?  You may not like America.  You may resent us and are probably a bit jealous.  But you should go to bed every night thanking God that Americans have been in charge of America’s economic and military power since the mid-19th century.  History and human nature demonstrate that had it worked out any other way the world would be a much darker place today.

I do not come to mass to listen to your or anyone else’s political opinion.  You may think that the globalization being pushed by the world elite, Islamists, fascists, communists, socialist, anarchists et al is the necessary wave of the future.  That world view will end badly for everyone.  If they are successful, they may destroy the useful idiots that brought them to power last, but destroy you they will.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Someone is lying. My bet is on The Empty Suit.

Yesterday CIA Director John Brennan told congress that The Empty is either a liar or full excrement.  Well Brennan didn’t use those words exactly, but his testimony before congress on ISIS and the Islamo-Terror-Fascist threat was in such stark and direct contrast to TES who has pressed a happy face sticker over the ugly face of ISIS and Islamo-Terror-Fascists, that we can infer that Brennan has to believe his boss is a lying buffoon or a clueless buffoon.

Look, one of the two is lying.  We know that TES is a liar.  So…  But, why lie?  Well it’s an election year.  Remember the last election - Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive?  Then Benghazi blows that narrative to dust.  What was TES’s and Shrillda the Hutt’s response?  They blamed it on a video and never mentioned the ITF who probably got the location of Ambassador Stevens and knew the horrible security situation at the Benghazi Consulate from hacking the Hutt’s unsecure e-mail set up.  TES telling truth would have ruined his BS narrative.  So would have a truthful press, but come on Lake Erie is more likely to freeze today than the DNC controlled MSM lapdogs ever scratching at the truth when it comes to a Dope.

It is just like Orlando.  The truth is that Orlando was an unprovoked attack by an Islamo-Terror-Fascist.  The Dope narrative is that the attack was the result of lax gun laws.  They will not even tie the use of the gun used in the attack obtained through “lax gun laws” to an ITF.
Why do the Dope have to lie about this?  Isn’t it obvious that there’s a problem with ITF and has been since 1803?  Well it’s an election year again.  If the truth became the narrative – a 5th column of ITF are inside the walls and they want to kill us – it would redound heavily to Trump’s favor.  So the lie is essential to Dope and Shrillda the Hutt’s political campaigns.  For Dopes it’s all about “lone wolf” attacks.   Still today the FBI is saying they cannot find any ties between radical Islam and the Orlando shooter.  Except he called and 9-11 and told them there was.  There are no “lone wolves”.  All of this is a campaign of terror unleashed upon us by an ITF who organize in radical mosques paid for with money from Saudi Arabia.

Well what to do?  Ralph Peters offers some common sense on the undeclared (on our side anyway) war with Islamo-Terror-fascists here. Among Peter’s recommendations is a no kidding declaration of war from the congress.  Not included in this piece was a recommendation I heard from Peters on the often banned (here anyway) Fox News Network.  Peters recommended that any country that does not reciprocate with religious freedom ought not to be allowed to fund religious activities in the US. 

I don’t think that recommendation runs afoul of the 1st Amendment, but what do I know.  I still cannot find the right to have an abortion in the constitution and am apparently dumb enough to think the 2nd Amendment gives me the right to “keep and bear arms”.   So some Harvard educated elitist boneheaded lawyers will no doubt find a phrase or two in the constitution that money equals religious freedom – but not, definitely not, in no way possible does money equate to political free speech.

But the Harvard law crew has its hands full.  We know that Harvard law crew is working overtime hand in hand with the Dopes to subvert the 2nd Amendment.   Joe Manchin (Dope WV) said yesterday that “due process is killing us” with regard to the purchase of weapons.  YGBSM.  No.  A sitting senator actually condemned one of our key safeguards from an overreaching onerous government.  That just about sums up the entire Dope party.  That pesky constitution will not allow them to jail, fine, harass and secretly surveil and restrict their political enemies without “due process”.   

The big sticking point with the current “no fly no buy” gun control debate is the government’s refusal to afford people wrongly placed onto the list due process to get their names removed from the list.  After all due process is killing us according to the Dopes.  It seems to me, in America, there ought to be due process before your name is ever put onto a government list.  But let’s just play along.  What if Lois Learner had the power to create such a list?  Would conservatives be safe from that vindictive *itch? What if the EPA operated that way?  Would anyone who questioned Global Climate Disruption feel safe from government azzbags ruining their lives for political reasons?  If you doubt that Dopes will crash through your door in the middle of the night for nothing more than standing against their fascist political ideas, look into Wisconsin’s John Doe cases.

Besides, if the guy is on a terror watch list, it seems the best way to watch him would be to let people know who they should be watching.  We know the Orlando shooter was on and off the FBI’s radar.  Only after killing 49 was the FBI sure the shooter was an ITF.  A public notice of FBI investigations into ITF, akin that used to inform neighborhoods of sexual criminals living in their midst, to alert neighbors that the garage next door could blow at any moment.  Papers publish arrests before any conviction.  Why can’t the no fly list be published?  Why can’t people who are on it know they are on it and why?  Why can’t their neighbors know?  Maybe the neighbor has some relative information to either clear the guy or convict him.    

I’m absolutely positive that the CAIR and other ITF sympathizing organizations would cry bloody murder if the list were to be published.  They want the list to be secret so their operatives can continue to operate in plain sight.

 Here's a good piece on the AR-15.  And no I don't give a crap what the family of  Mr. Stoner - the gun's inventor - thinks Stoner would think about his gun in the hands of civilians.  First off, today's AR-15 has about as much similarity with Stoner's original design as a 49 Hudson  does with 2016 Bugatti.    To put it in plain language, Stoner's original design was a piece crap that got people killed.  It is constant improvement over decades that has made the weapon reliable, accurate and safe.  At least that's my opinion based on clearing jammed rounds and even occasionally shooting
 early versions.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Nothing is sacred, Lex rolls in on the Sunday bulletin

For Lex, nothing is off limits.  This long piece was "triggered" by a 145 word blurb on global warming that appeared in Sunday's church bulletin.  I hate going somewhere and being inundated with leftist BS that has nothing to do with the reason I showed up.  All of this St. Vincent's fault.  They should have posted a "trigger warning" on the front of the bulletin: "WARNING: Leftist Global Climate Change propaganda is contained within."   

Dear Father Dan;
I read the bulletin of Sunday Jun 12 and was disappointed to run across the meditation for Sunday, to wit:

Care for Creation is a moral issue. Protecting the land, water, and air we share is a religious duty of stewardship and reflects our responsibility to born and unborn children, who are most vulnerable to environmental assault... Effective initiatives are required for energy conservation and the development of alternate, renewable, and clean energy resources. Our Conference offers a distinctive call to seriously address global climate change, focusing on the virtue of prudence, pursuit of the common good, and the impact on the poor, particularly on vulnerable workers and the poorest nations. The United States should lead in contributing to the sustainable development of poorer nations and promoting greater justice in sharing the burden of environmental blight, neglect, and recovery. It is important that we address the rising number of migrants who are uprooted from their homeland as a consequence of environmental degradation and climate change...”

Who wrote that disjointed gobooldygook?  How many far flung, disparate and false ideas can be thrown into one meditation?  Did anyone at St. Vincent’s bother to read it before having it printed in the bulletin?  “[O]ur responsibility to born and unborn children, who are most vulnerable to environmental assault…”  Huh?  It seems to me in today’s world, children face 1,000s of risks and pretty far down the list for any of them would be an “environmental assault”.  I’d wager that the anxiety created by the scare tactics used by global warm-mongers is higher on the list of risks to children than any so called “environmental assault”.  What assault?  The ironically named Environmental Protection Agency who dumped a million gallons of toxic waste into the Animas River – that environmental assault perpetrated on us by another incompetent government agency charged with saving the planet?  If the intent was to foster a sensible and healthy skepticism of government competence, it needs to go back for rewrite.

Did anyone consider the juxtaposition of advocating for the poor while arguing for, “Effective initiatives …for energy conservation and the development of alternate, renewable, and clean energy resources”?  Wind is an alternative, renewable and clean energy source.  It is also the most unreliable and most expensive source of electricity provided to the grid.  Were in not for subsidies (30 billion dollars and counting) and mandates to buy wind generated power, those monuments to man’s arrogance and stupidity and a blight on an otherwise pleasant drive on the Indiana Ohio border would be torn down and sold for scrap.  How much good could be done for the poor with the 30 billion flushed down a rat hole on a harebrained scheme to force renewables onto the American people?  Besides the 10s of thousands of birds killed by windmills, who is hurt the most when the cost electricity is increased to support these boneheaded ideas?  I think the poor.

The conference needs to get with the latest terminology.  Global Climate Change is no longer the term of art.  We’ve gone from global cooling in 70s, to global warming when global cooling didn’t pan out, to global climate change when the globe refused to warm for the last 20 years, now to global climate disruption.  See “change” had to go because, as we all know, the globe’s climate has been changing since Genesis.  For the life of me I do not know why all the fuss over these last 4-5 decades which are but a blip in geological/theological terms.  The term Global Climate Change does not indicate that man is responsible for the change.  So Global Climate Change is out and Global Climate Disruption is in.  Who/what is disrupting the climate?   The sun?  No.  Wind?  No.  The totally unpredictable nature of cloud cover?  No.  All of this disruption is being caused by God’s greatest creation - man.     

But let’s not argue.  Let’s just lay out what reasonable people agree to.

The Earth has not warmed for the last 20 or so years.  That is in spite of the temp being recorded by corrupt global warm-mongering organizations like East Anglia University that admitted to lying about, covering up and making up out of whole cloth data to support their point of view.  They call the 20 years since any detectable warming nothing but an unexplained “pause”.  Question:  If the “pause” is unexplainable to these wizards of smart, how can they state with such certitude the cause of warming in the first place?

Nearly every single prediction made by the warm-mongers has been wrong, nay, spectacularly wrong.  Eleven years ago Al Gore predicted the end of Earth as we knew her in ten years.  Yet we are all somehow still here.  Mr. Gore, a multi award winning warm-mongering icon who makes a living selling himself carbon credits and who once claimed that the Earth’s core is “extremely hot several million degrees”, has yet to update his bogus prediction.  (Note: The core of the sun is estimated to be 3.5 million degrees.  Who knew the Earth is  nearly as hot as the sun?)  “Scientist” are most often wrong when predicting the end of the world.  Global cooling was supposed to kill us.  It never happened.  Global population was supposed to kill us.  It never happened.  Depletion of key resources was supposed to kill us.  It never happened.  Now Global Climate Disruption is going to kill us all.  I doubt it.

The most abundant greenhouse gas – the gas that is supposed to kill us all – is water vapor.  Most of that occurs naturally.  Man’s supposed contribution to our suicide by greenhouse gas is CO2.  But that contribution when compared to CO2 that occurs naturally is like man spitting into the Pacific Ocean.  Over the last 250 years man has introduced one part of CO2 in 10,000 into the atmosphere.  Volcanic eruptions like Mt. Pinatubo or Mt. St. Helens introduce many times man’s 250 year contribution of CO2 - in a single event.

America is not a planet.   We could park our car, shut down all of our industry and return to an agrarian economy tomorrow and it would not lower the Earth’s temperature .025 degrees over 25 years.  

No attack on global warm-mongering would be complete without pointing out the utter hypocrisy of most global warm-mongers.  When he’s not strolling around one of his mansions or motorcading to and fro in a fleet of SUVs, Al Gore makes a fortune selling himself and others carbon credits so he can jet about making ignorant speeches about Earth being hotter than the sun and to tell the rest of us to ride the bus and live in an apartment.  Leonardo DiCaprio jetted half way around the world to pick up an environmental award.  When the global warm-mongering glitterati gather in Davos to discuss how to tackle “environmental assaults” they cause more pollution jetting in on private jets, gorging themselves with gourmet food and jetting out than a small nation.  Our fearless leader who hectors and nags about climate change and his wife regularly hop separate tax-payer funded private flights minutes apart to the same location.  Once they even flew the family dog separately.  Question:  If all these warm-mongers believe the bologna they are trying to feed us but are totally unwilling to adjust their own life styles to save the planet, why should anyone else?

I do not know what man’s contribution to the Earth’s climate is.  That puts me on a par with nearly all of the warm-mongers.  The only difference between me and them is my willingness to say, “I don’t know.”   But I can take comfort in Mathew 8-26: He said to them, “Why are you terrified, O you of little faith?” Then he got up, rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm.  

Sometimes I wonder why I seem to have more faith in God’s creation than the pope and our bishop.

If I might be so bold, the Catholic Church's stance on Global Climate Disruption is a simple statement: God has blessed us with an abundance of gifts.  It is our duty to safeguard and respect those gifts. 

I believe the truth is that the global warm-mongers are globalists, socialists, anarchist, communists et al that want to use a phony issue to bring down the west.  

Okay the computing machine tells me I’ve used over 1,300 words to answer a 145 word blurb in the Sunday bulletin.  If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve been punished enough.  There’s absolutely no need to respond to this screed.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Thoughts on an idiot

The Empty Suit took to the airways to trash Donald Trump.  That means one thing.  Trump is getting to TES.  TES got hot under the collar because Trump demanded that TES call Islamo-Terror-Fascists – Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  Why what’s that going to prove?  Uh, what difference at this point does it make?  Well let’s start with the mundane, if it doesn’t make any difference, call the murdering bastard Islamo-Terror-Fascists what they are murdering Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  What is to be gained by hiding under the bed sheets and walking and talking on eggshells when it comes to the religion of peace? 

TES is so stupid that he claims that people think that by simply calling the enemy what it is it will defeat that enemy.  He is full of $h!t.  You call something what it is, you define something in terms things people can understand so that you can develop strategies to defeat the enemy and rally the people and allies to the cause. 

King Douche has no strategy to defeat Islamo-Terror-Fascism and frankly, in my opinion, does not want one.  So TES shows up and gets all indignant with people who point out his obvious weakness in dealing with this enemy.   He’s got a plan to close G’itmo which entails letting the ITF held there return to the battlefield.  He has zero plans for defeating the enemy he refuses to name.

TES is the ultimate Disney Girl.  Reality is not for him and it makes him laugh.  That and let’s face it’s hard to imagine him actually giving a crapola about any of this aside from how it might effect his legacy.  Like the non-player he’s always been, TES just wants to run out the clock on his term without the ITF blowing the world up and turn the mess he helped create over to his successor.  Those damned ITF will not cooperate with their useful idiot in the White House.  They just keep killing.

In his first mashed up response to Orlando, TES actually said Americans had to be more tolerant of homosexuals.  Huh?  As far as I know there’s only one culture that openly calls for the murder of homosexuals – Islam.  And that’s only one of about 10,000 ways that BS religion is trapped in 7th century.  The 6th Commandment does not say “Thou shall not murder, unless the person is a homosexual, then of course it’s perfectly okay to pitch them off of a tall building.”   That peculiar way of thinking is found in the koran.  So instead of telling us that Americans need to be more tolerant, TES should have narrowed his comments to Americans who worship from a book that sanction the murder of homosexuals for no other reason than being homosexuals.  So given that dynamic, let’s bring 10s of thousands more un-vetted Syrian into the country.  With Islam on the rise, it's a great time to be LGBTVN>

Now TES wants to bring the totally useless Clinton era “assault weapons” ban.  A stupid idea proposed by stupid people.  An assault weapon is defined by these dopes almost exclusively by how a rifle looks rather than how it operates.  Channeling the old Jeff Foxworthy line, if your rifle has a bayonet lug, it just might be an assault weapon.  If your rifle has a grenade launcher, it just might be an assault weapon.  If your rifle has a flash suppressor, it just might be an assault weapon.  If your rifle has a collapsible stock, it just might be an assault weapon.  If your rifle has a pistol grip, it just might be an assault weapon.  If your rifle uses a detachable magazine, it just might be an assault weapon.  That’s it.  This is stupidity on an order so high it can only have originated from ruling class idiots in Caligula, DC.


So an “assault weapon” is defined by how it looks.  When rapist misogynist Billy Boy Billbo Clinton enacted this load of crap assault weapons banned, gun makers simply changed the cosmetics of the gun, which ironically made them cheaper and more available.  Once again, the fools in Caligula make stupid laws, the people point out the stupidity with innovation.   We’ve been down this road. 

TES and the entire Dope party are worthless idiots.  The “JV” is running rampant in America and TES and the Dopes are blaming law abiding Americans with guns and calling them homophobes.  Were it not so totally predictable, it would be mind boggling.

Donald Trump ought to come out as a Moooooslim.  TES, Shrillda the Hutt and other Dopes would be lining up to kiss his azz.  How great would it be if our petulant little emperor and his Dope wannabes could muster as much anger and outrage for the actual perpetrators of these acts of war as they conjure up for Donald Trump.  News flash for TES, the Hutt, et al, Donald Trump did not shoot anyone.  

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

PC is literally killing us

The commonality between Army Major (douche) Nadal Hasan and civilian murdering douche Omar Mateen - besides their devotion to a BS brand of religion – is that they were douches in plain sight.

Neither made any particular effort to hide their contempt for America or our ways.  In fact they were rather open about their support for jihad.  Yet neither was dismissed from their job or required to meet even the minimal meaningful standards for continued employment.  Hasan’s oath of office – to support and defend the constitution - was an open joke to him.

How could that happen?  PC.  Can’t ask a Moooooolim who happens to be an Army officer to STFU or be court martialed when he trashes the country.  Hell, Hasan didn’t even get a career ending fitness for duty report.  Can’t deny a Mooooooslim “security officer” who admits to being a jihadi a gun.  It’s all BS.

Whenever one of these things happen, the politicians are always quick to tell  us not blame Islam for the actions of one guy.  Change that logic to a pedophile Catholic priest.  I think it is time to be very wary of Muslims.  When I see one in the Wal-Mart with his wife covered head to toe walking a respectable distance behind, I look for the nearest exit and/or what is handy to pick up throw or attack the guy.  Not PC.  I don't give a *uck.  It's life now.  I am seriously rethinking my stand on constitutional carry and going all in with a concealed carry license.  I wonder what would happen if politician advocated for all able bodied legal citizens to arm themselves and carry.  Whoa, that's not PC and might stop some of this BS. 

If Dopes want to use this act of war to push PC gun control, let them.  Propose banning all registered Dopes and practicing Moooooslims from owning guns.  Perfect.  That should satisfy everyone.  Dopes get about half of all US citizens banned from owning guns and the rest of us get to force Moooslim jihadis to using, illegal guns smuggled across a porous southern border, knives, bombs, autos, bats, ricin, gasoline, propane, fertilizer, drones, semi trucks, box cutters, pressure cookers, axes, crossbows, car bombs, IEDs etc., etc., etc. to do their violence.  For the public school grads out there, the list is intended to point out that the gun ban would do nothing to stop a jihadi or anyone else bent on visiting violence on unsuspecting people.  An armed citizenry, on the other hand, would change the calculus for the number of dead.

Besides, and this is very important, the Pulse Nightclub did take the ultimate gun control measure by declaring themselves a “gun free zone”?  I suppose the FBI investigation will, among other things, have to check the clubs signage.  Were the sign(s) clearly posted and unambiguously worded (i.e. a handgun encompassed in a red circle with a slash through it)?  Since the killer used a long gun, maybe we need to rethink using a simple handgun to declare a venue gun free.  Mateen might have thought that it was perfectly okay to shoot the place up with a long gun since there were no signs with a long gun circled and slashed.  Then bombs circled and slashed.  Then box cutters circled and slashed.  Then...

Here is the current definitive piece on trying to link gun control to this attack.

ASIDE:  Reports are that Mateen celebrated the 9-11 attacks.  This is another case of Donald Trump being correct and vindicated.