Monday, June 13, 2016

Religion of peace kills 49 in act of love

The Orlando shooter’s father claims that his son’s actions had nothing to do with religion.  Well, uh, yes they did.  The book that the peace loving murdering bastard Islamo-Terror-Fascists make such a fuss over actually calls for the murder of homosexuals.  So that might be a problem for you pops.

The problem with Islam is Islam.  Don’t believe me.  Read this piece by Andy McCarthy.   If you don’t believe McCarthy, read any book by Robert Spencer but particularly his The Truth about Muhammad.  Like McCarthy, Spencer uses Muhammad’s own words and passages from the koran to make his case.   So aside from the words of Islam’s prophet, passages from the koran and the world-wide murderous actions of ITF bastards, there is no proof that Islam is anything other than a religion of peace.  

Until Demo-Dopes in general and The Empty Suit in particular has his sail ears surgically removed so that it will be possible for him to pull his empty head out of his azz and recognize that the US is in a no $h!t world war, the ITF will continue to thrive.  As long as the Rat establishment Republicans like the clueless Paulie Walnuts facilitate TES’s feckless response by not declaring war on these a-holes and demanding a world-wide strategy and action against the ITF, the ITF will continue to thrive.  Until the American people wake the *uck up and shout down anyone who blames these acts of war on guns, the ITF are going to thrive.  

One Imam blamed the assault on guns rather than the particular kind of hate the Imam peddles.  Sure disarm the American people in the face of indiscriminate attacks because the very a-holes they need to defend themselves against – the ITF bastards - use guns to kill innocents.  That’s azzbakward in my view.  TES and these other douches ought to be demanding that responsible Americans arm themselves and open and conceal carry when possible.

Like everything the Dopes and ReR try, any attempts by these blockhead Caligula, DC ruling class creeps at gun control will miss the intended target - the enemy – and make criminals out of otherwise law abiding citizens.  Illegals cart tons and tons of narcotics across the southern border pretty much unfetterd.  They have an enterprising human trafficking business that is not effectively interdicted.  Illegals can wander across the border with little or no consequences.  If the US has no will or capability to sto those scourges, do you suppose they can stop a guy carrying a gun across the border?  So if the congress bans AR-15 type weapons in the US, what do you suppose the ITF will do?  “Holy $h!t Muhammad there’s now a law against AR-15 type weapons in the US.  What do we do now?”  “Yosef, we’ll just cart them across the southern border?”  It is not dissimilar to the global warming charade.  America is not a planet.  Look at Paris and Brussels.  Did strict anti-gun laws there stop any of that?  It's all political BS.  Sadly not only the Dopes are responsible.  ReR have no stomach for asking for what MUST be done.  Kill the bastards wherever they are found.

Random thoughts:
For the GAYSTAPO: I guess someone not wanting to bake your wedding cake sort of pales in comparison huh.  Will the GAYSTAPO sue the ITF?  Doubt it.  It’s more likely that they will blame Christian bigotry for “forcing peace loving Moooolsims to act like animals.”

It’s time to declare war on these a-holes.  If TES doesn’t step up the fight, impeach him.

If you had a thought of purchasing an AR-15 type weapon, I’d do it now.  There are no bounds to the stupidity of Dopes and their ReR twin from a different mother when one of these things happen.

Perhaps America’s most well know Muslim, Mohammad Ali, was laid to rest Friday.  I do not recall him ever coming out and loudly and forcefully condemning ITF murderers.  Maybe he did.  I don’t recall it.  How about Kareem Abdul Jabar?  I don’t recall him ever asking followers of his religion to knock it off.   

I am rethinking the idea of local police forces have military gear.  In the past, I have railed against cops looking more like a combat patrol in Fallujah than a force to protect and serve citizens.  If it’s war on our soil, maybe they have to be “up-armed” so to speak.

PC is – literally – killing us.  This a-hole was on the FBI radar twice.  Yet he remained on the payroll of a security company contracted by DHS and retained all of his authorities to purchase and carry weapons.  If a Muslim pops up on the FBI radar like this creep or the Tsarnaev brothers, maybe PC need to be suspended and their right to carry revoked until cleared.

Yeah sure, bring 10s of thousands of more un-vetted Syrian Mooooslims into the country.  What could possibly go wrong?

If you're gay, you might want to drop PC in Nov and vote for someone who will protect you so you can continue to sue cake makers rather than being shot dead in a club by an ITF bastard TES and Shrillda the Hutt welcomed into America without a care or a clue about who they are.

Gun bans by type are stupid and unenforceable.  Besides when these gunmen wise up and trade in their hip AR-15 for pump shotgun with 00 shot the carnage will truly begin in crowded venues.

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