Monday, June 20, 2016

Is the American Catholic Church going off the rails?

Wow, two weeks in row Lex has to set his parish straight.  This week an exchange priest from Sri Lanka used part of his homily to attack Donald Trump.  Lex blasts him in the following missive.  I sent a copy to the pastor, Fr. Dan, with a note indicating that I do not plan to sit in church having my sensibilities assaulted every week.  There are other Catholic Churches in close proximity.  We may just have to conclude that the Catholic Church would favor an abortionist over anyone advocating for national sovereignty. 

Father Polycarp,

I wish I could say that I was shocked to sit in the pew of a Catholic Church and hear a priest endorse an abortionist for President of the United States.  Sadly, I am not.  After all we live in a world where a Florida Bishop has blamed Catholics for the Orlando shootings.  Your thinly vailed open attack on Donald Trump during your homily at Sunday’s 7:15 mass can be construed as nothing less than a full throated endorsement of his abortionist opponent.

Mrs. Clinton was the 2009 winner of the Margret Sanger Award, the highest award presented by Planned Parenthood, which murders hundreds of thousands of babies in America every year.  In 2012 that organization killed over 333,000 babies.  It seems to me for the Catholic Church abortion is about a 3½ year at a time cause.  Your homily proves the point.  Catholics are told to oppose abortion right up to about 6 months before a presidential election.  Then it’s all “vote your conscience”.  Abortion is but one issue, blah, blah, blah.  Nothing can ever come between the unholy alliance the American Catholic Church has had with the Democrat Party for the last 50 years.

Whatever Mr. Trump’s shortcomings, he is not advocating for the destruction of hundreds of thousands of babies every year.  The person your homily offered a pseudo endorsement is.

We elect a President of the United States.  Each of those words have meaning.  Our President is elected as a chief executive to enforce laws passed by a duly elected congress.  He also severs as Commander in Chief during times of war.  There is nothing in his job description as outlined in Article II of our constitution that requires him to be a national pastor.  There is no requirement for the president to be a religious or even a particularly moral person.  Case in point, the current Democrat president is an abortionist, and worse he wouldn’t even vote in favor of a bill to end infanticide while a member of the Illinois Senate.  The previous Democrat president was an abortionist who was impeached and disbarred for being a serial liar and has at least two credible accusations of rape leveled against him among other gropings, exposing himself, serial philandering and lude behavior with women not his wife – who happens to be the woman who will benefit from your ill-informed attack on Donald Trump and has been an enabler for her husband’s despicable predatory behavior for over 30 years.

The people of the United States elect their president to represent their interest.  The president is after all the President of the United States not the world.  To the extent that the president can build good will by and through a generous foreign policy, fine.  But everything a president does should be colored by what is in the best interest of the United States.  Anything less is treason.  You cannot seriously believe that governments be held to the same biblical standards as individuals?  Why do Catholics have just war standards?  What about rendering unto Caesar?  

With regard to making America great again and putting Americans first, you and anyone else that cherishes freedom better hope that that is always the case.  Nature will not tolerate a vacuum.  If America isn’t great and first, someone else will be.  Who do you propose that that “someone else” be?  You may not like America.  You may resent us and are probably a bit jealous.  But you should go to bed every night thanking God that Americans have been in charge of America’s economic and military power since the mid-19th century.  History and human nature demonstrate that had it worked out any other way the world would be a much darker place today.

I do not come to mass to listen to your or anyone else’s political opinion.  You may think that the globalization being pushed by the world elite, Islamists, fascists, communists, socialist, anarchists et al is the necessary wave of the future.  That world view will end badly for everyone.  If they are successful, they may destroy the useful idiots that brought them to power last, but destroy you they will.

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