Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Thoughts on an idiot

The Empty Suit took to the airways to trash Donald Trump.  That means one thing.  Trump is getting to TES.  TES got hot under the collar because Trump demanded that TES call Islamo-Terror-Fascists – Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  Why what’s that going to prove?  Uh, what difference at this point does it make?  Well let’s start with the mundane, if it doesn’t make any difference, call the murdering bastard Islamo-Terror-Fascists what they are murdering Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  What is to be gained by hiding under the bed sheets and walking and talking on eggshells when it comes to the religion of peace? 

TES is so stupid that he claims that people think that by simply calling the enemy what it is it will defeat that enemy.  He is full of $h!t.  You call something what it is, you define something in terms things people can understand so that you can develop strategies to defeat the enemy and rally the people and allies to the cause. 

King Douche has no strategy to defeat Islamo-Terror-Fascism and frankly, in my opinion, does not want one.  So TES shows up and gets all indignant with people who point out his obvious weakness in dealing with this enemy.   He’s got a plan to close G’itmo which entails letting the ITF held there return to the battlefield.  He has zero plans for defeating the enemy he refuses to name.

TES is the ultimate Disney Girl.  Reality is not for him and it makes him laugh.  That and let’s face it’s hard to imagine him actually giving a crapola about any of this aside from how it might effect his legacy.  Like the non-player he’s always been, TES just wants to run out the clock on his term without the ITF blowing the world up and turn the mess he helped create over to his successor.  Those damned ITF will not cooperate with their useful idiot in the White House.  They just keep killing.

In his first mashed up response to Orlando, TES actually said Americans had to be more tolerant of homosexuals.  Huh?  As far as I know there’s only one culture that openly calls for the murder of homosexuals – Islam.  And that’s only one of about 10,000 ways that BS religion is trapped in 7th century.  The 6th Commandment does not say “Thou shall not murder, unless the person is a homosexual, then of course it’s perfectly okay to pitch them off of a tall building.”   That peculiar way of thinking is found in the koran.  So instead of telling us that Americans need to be more tolerant, TES should have narrowed his comments to Americans who worship from a book that sanction the murder of homosexuals for no other reason than being homosexuals.  So given that dynamic, let’s bring 10s of thousands more un-vetted Syrian into the country.  With Islam on the rise, it's a great time to be LGBTVN>

Now TES wants to bring the totally useless Clinton era “assault weapons” ban.  A stupid idea proposed by stupid people.  An assault weapon is defined by these dopes almost exclusively by how a rifle looks rather than how it operates.  Channeling the old Jeff Foxworthy line, if your rifle has a bayonet lug, it just might be an assault weapon.  If your rifle has a grenade launcher, it just might be an assault weapon.  If your rifle has a flash suppressor, it just might be an assault weapon.  If your rifle has a collapsible stock, it just might be an assault weapon.  If your rifle has a pistol grip, it just might be an assault weapon.  If your rifle uses a detachable magazine, it just might be an assault weapon.  That’s it.  This is stupidity on an order so high it can only have originated from ruling class idiots in Caligula, DC.


So an “assault weapon” is defined by how it looks.  When rapist misogynist Billy Boy Billbo Clinton enacted this load of crap assault weapons banned, gun makers simply changed the cosmetics of the gun, which ironically made them cheaper and more available.  Once again, the fools in Caligula make stupid laws, the people point out the stupidity with innovation.   We’ve been down this road. 

TES and the entire Dope party are worthless idiots.  The “JV” is running rampant in America and TES and the Dopes are blaming law abiding Americans with guns and calling them homophobes.  Were it not so totally predictable, it would be mind boggling.

Donald Trump ought to come out as a Moooooslim.  TES, Shrillda the Hutt and other Dopes would be lining up to kiss his azz.  How great would it be if our petulant little emperor and his Dope wannabes could muster as much anger and outrage for the actual perpetrators of these acts of war as they conjure up for Donald Trump.  News flash for TES, the Hutt, et al, Donald Trump did not shoot anyone.  

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