Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Doperette takes stand on "the backbone of America"

Some Doperette who goes by the named of Debbie Wasserman Shultz, yeah the same Doperette who lectured us about buying an American made car but doesn’t own one herself, let lose with this gem:

I think the president was clearly articulating that his position — the Democrats position — is that we need comprehensive immigration reform. We have 12 million undocumented immigrants in this country that are part of the backbone of our economy. And that is not only a reality but a necessity. And that it would be harmful if — the Republican solution that I’ve seen in the last three years is that we should just pack them all up and ship them back to their own countries, and that in fact it should be a crime and we should arrest them all. I mean that was the legislation that Jim Sensenbrenner advanced a couple of years ago.

Can anyone make sense of this mumbo jumbo? According to this dope, who speaks for liberals on immigration, criminals are “the backbone” of the American economy. Anyone buying that? How about all you union thugs who claim to be the backbone of America – economic and otherwise? Any of you got a problem with this dolt dising you and putting the illegal immigration population ahead of dues paying union thugs? Oh, how many jobs are the illegals taking from the unions? Got a problem with that?

“The backbone of the American economy?” Illegals as “the backbone” of a crumbling social safety net in places like CA, “the backbone” of many inner city gangs, "the backbone" of overcrowded schools maybe, but let’s not heap too much credit for America’s success on just one class of criminal.  A question for the Doperette, if someone breaks into your home, should that person be: a) arrested b) given free schooling and healthcare c) be referred to only as an undocumented home invader or family member and be left alone to enjoy the home with the rest of the family?

Dope think is that criminals are “the backbone” of the American economy. I’ve noted here before that criminals are a reliable Demo-Dope voting block, but even legal immigrants on work visas can’t vote…yet. This pushes the Dope outreach to criminals to the next level. I guess we now know why CA is letting 54,000 incarcerated convicts lose. It’s a Demo-Dope voter registration drive ahead of the 2012 election.

According to the Doperette, we have 12 million “undocumented” (aka illegal) immigrants in this country and that is “a necessity.” Wow! Can she be that dumb? Why yes. She can. So I’d ask MZZZZZZZ Dope, well if it’s a necessity to have 12 million illegal aliens in the country, if we give this batch amnesty, we will need 12 million more illegals. Right?

So how many of the 12 million actually make up “the backbone?” We know it’s not all 12 million, because libs tell us that “the children” of illegals need to have in-state college tuition. Also, asking for documentation is racist for these kids. They need extra equal protection under the law because they are the off-spring of illegal aliens. The lib argument goes, these kids shouldn’t be punished because of their parents’…what? Here’s where it gets tricky for the libs. They can’t say that the kids shouldn’t be punished for the “crimes” of their parents. That would shine the light of day onto the “undocumented” canard. These kids shouldn’t be punished for the “actions” of their parents.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Water, Libs and heroes

I’ve been battling rising water since about 1pm Wednesday afternoon. As it turns out, IN received more than 3.25 in about four hours on Wednesday and another 1.25 Thursday. That’s a Hoosier record.

I was up all night moving pumps and hoses in a heroic and successful effort to keep the torrent out of my basement.

The cause of the downpour is one of three things, 1) global warming 2) the Rapture  3) it could just be as Gunny Herman used to say, “You’ll have these things from time to time.”

It could be 1 or 2 depending on what church you attend.  I’m Catholic and don’t believe in the church of global warming, and I don’t think God will tell us when “the master will return.” I’m pretty sure we’re not supposed to know the date but rather simply be prepared for His return, whenever that might be. But I never once doubted “the Hermanator.” So I’m going with option three. You will have these things from time to time.

Anyhoo, the water’s about where I want it – in the pond. Just a bit more pumping today.

One more myth from the post under:

Lex HATES liberals

Wrong. I don’t know when and where liberalism got such a bad name or turned so hard left that it's now code for socialism or worse. Liberalism used to mean support for an expansion of freedoms. Somewhere, in my view, that got twisted into extra constitutional freedoms for some people, i.e. affirmative action, hate crimes legislation, etc. and constitutional suspension and less freedom for other people, i.e. gun control, Kelo, out law incandescent bulbs etc.

I don’t hate any true liberal. But they are hard to find these days. And I don’t like it when people who claim the liberal mantel trash this country. Scrawny Harry the land thief Reid should have had @$$ kicked by real liberals when he uttered his infamous, “This war is lost” line. Nobody on the left called the creepy little bastard out.

And it has nothing to with being anti-war. I would hope that we’re all anti-war as a starting position. But you cannot take a crap all over the troops in field who were sent there by the president under a veil of support from a congressional resolution - for pure political advantage.

That’s what that little SOB did, and in my mind he will always be in the Jane Fonda category for doing it. The same holds true for Richard Cranium Turdbin. These people are supposed to be leaders. Instead they’re talking like some middle aged blogger venting his frustrations on a page with his morning coffee. Hey, wait a minute….

The pope is anti-war. Ron Paul is anti-war. But they are not trashing the troops in the field. I don’t hate liberals. I don’t like punks like Reid and Turdbin who claim to speak for liberals and in process screw the troops and the country and get re-elected for doing it.

I don’t like to be lectured to by gasbag know nothings like AlGore about global warming, cooling, climate change or whatever the term of art is this morning. He’s an idiot and a hypocrite of the highest order. F – him.

I’d rather hear from Ed Bagley jr. Ed talks the talk and walks the walk. I don’t necessarily believe what he’s saying, and I’m not buying what he’s selling, but I can at least respect that he tries to live the life he’s telling us to live. That gross piece of excrement AlGore is fraud. Yet, he is the face of the liberal movement on climate. Come on. Not even liberals respect this buffoon.

Memorial Day is upon us.

Flags will be flow at half staff until noon (raised to the top briskly then lowered slowly), and then raised briskly to the top again at noon. Hopefully we can spend at least half the day recalling the true meaning of the holiday. Lest we forget:



Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Myths about Lex

Lex is a homophobe.

Wrong. For the most part I couldn’t care less how consenting adults conduct themselves behind closed doors. I am a bit off-put by the in your face “We’re queer. We’re here. You must buy us a beer,” crowd. For my part, I always knew you here but didn’t necessarily know that you were queer. That was always fine with me. But if you need to stand on a stage and profess your sexuality to the world, have at it.

But Lex doesn’t support gay marriage or gays in the military. No. I do not. That has everything to do with recognizing a workable social order and good order and discipline in the military.

I believe that society should revolve a round marriage between one man and one woman. It’s worked for 5,000 years. Nothing else has. Why not go with preponderance of the evidence?

Military units are tricky things. If I could, I’d get men ages 18-21 to fill out the junior ranks of my combat arms units. I’d make them all the same race and religion from the same region of the country. If you could do that, why wouldn’t you? Don’t give me that diversity crap. In the military art, unit cohesiveness beats diversity like Jerry Lee Lewis beat the keys of his piano at a 60s Rock-n-Roll concert.

Lex thinks people who have, pay for or perform abortions are murderers:

Wrong. Lex thinks that abortion is tragedy. I do not presume to tell some poor young pregnant woman who sees no better way out of what she honestly believes to be a dire predicament that she is a murderer or even a sinner without redemption. She’s probably scared, confused, ignorant of the consequences and maybe a bit ashamed.

I think science is correcting the myth that as long as you catch it early, abortion doesn’t kill a child. I don’t think the federal government should be funding abortion in any way, either directly or by off setting other expenses at organizations like Planned un-Parenthood.

Well Lex certainly hates Muslims:

Wrong. I couldn’t care less about the mythical peace loving Muslim any more than I do about a Hindu. Where I draw the line on ANY religion is when that religion starts to kill innocent people in the name of their god. And when no one within that religion has the guts to stand up and shout, “What are you doing?” Then yeah, they need to be called to task.

My problem with Islam has nothing to do with what they believe but how they act. They blow things up, kill kids on school buses, shoot rockets indiscriminately into populated areas, gun people down etc. etc. And it’s been going on since I can remember.

I my view, the bigger problem for Islam than the atrocities committed in its name, is that NO ONE stands up to the jihadis and says loudly, clearly and without equivocation that their behavior is wrong. It always goes something like this: “Well of course CAIR abhors all violence. But you must understand that Israel occupied and starved our people…” So you really don’t abhor ALL violence then do you?

Lex cannot deny that he hates the P-BO:

Wrong. I think he’s a not very bright guy in so far over his inexperienced head that he hasn’t seen sunshine since about day two of his administration when he signed the “we’re going to close Gauntanamo” Exec Order without ever knowing how or when. There are endless examples of his inexperience, naiveté and just wrong policy decisions. From his first, Guantanamo to “the cops acted stupidly” to most recent Israel must return to the 1967 borders, ah, did I say 67 borders? No, I didn’t. I said the 1967 borders as mutually agreed to by the Israelis and the Palestinians which won’t look anything like the 1967 borders. Don’t any of you in the press dare ask me why I brought 1967 up in the first place then. That’ll be racist.

Here’s what I know:

The P-BO had zero experience to qualify him to hold the office of POTUS. He himself said that his ONE qualification to hold the office, was running for the office.

He has surrounded himself with all kinds of questionable people: Bill Ayres, Van Jones, Jeremiah Wright etc. etc.

The press has given him a total pass on everything from those questionable relationships to his policies and the plethora of gaffs that would haunted Ronald Reagan or George Bush.

I do not hate the P-BO. I hate what he’s doing to the country.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ray the shark Lewis talks football crime

All-everything pro linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens (Ptuha, go to hell Art Model) Ray Lewis warned of crime in the streets if NFL owners didn’t come to their senses and allow NFL players the right of return and locker room boundaries consistent with the 1967 season.

Hmm the Lexster might be conflating two issues here. Anyhoo, owners ought to listen to Lewis, who like a Palestinian thug, knows something about crime and murder. Lewis, you may recall, was arrested in 2000 in connection with deaths of two Atlanta men after an all night Super Bowl party.

So, yeah, Lewis knows what he’s talking about when it comes to crime – murder and now extortion. It’s like a wise guy showing up at small shop in the neighborhood. “Yeah, dis here's a really nice place yoos gots. We’d hate to see any ting bad happen here what wit dis faulty wiring and all. I tink maybe yoos might consider adding a bit of extra insurance from da boss here. Watta yoos tink?”

It’d be like Hamas threatening to shoot a couple of rockets into Israel if the Israelis didn’t come back to the negotiating table. No wait. Everyone knows that won’t work. So Raybo Lewis, whose intellect must be so narrowly focused as to exclude everything except football and destroying evidence in a murder, warns of violent crime if the season is cancelled, because, as Ray Bugsy Lewis puts it, “Too many people live through us. People live through us. Walk in the streets the way I walk in the streets.”

And how is it you “walk the in streets” Ray? Running from the cops investigating a double murder like a roach scurries under the refrigerator when the kitchen light is switched on in the middle of the night. Walking like a man stripping to his skivvies in the back of a limo and stuffing his $800 blood stained suit into a dumpster somewhere destroying evidence from that double murder, is that how they walk Ray?

To this point, I really couldn’t have cared less if played or not. OK, yeah, I’m hoping they play and that the Bengals win it all. Hope springs eternal.  But I certainly wasn’t thinking, “OK, if the season’s cancelled, that’d be the perfect time to start knocking over liquor stores on the south side.” There’s about as much chance of me knocking over a liquor store on the south side as there is with the Bengals winning it all. Zero.

So I wonder. Who is it Lewis is talking about? He couldn’t be an insensitive racist talking about disadvantaged minority kids from poor neighborhoods could he? After all wouldn’t they be the last ones to turn to crime?

I think the owners ought to call Lewis’ bluff. No negotiating with extortionists. Cancel the first 6 games of the season as a coming out point. Let’s just see exactly who it is who will be taking to the streets. It will allow us the opportunity to start rounding up this under class who believes no football on Sunday is justification to go on a crime spree.

Even Lewis knows that crime sprees should be reserved for when things go bad at a Super Bowl party.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Without a Muslim reformation, a one state solution is the only answer

On Thursday the P-BO announced, “The borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states.” To a person with a brain that sounds as if the P-BO is telling Israel, like the Beatles told JoJo, to get back to where they once belonged and where they belong is behind the 67 borders.

What the P-BO had no way of knowing, because he really didn’t want to know, is what Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu would have to say about the P-BO’s ill advised remarks. What Bibi told the P-BO in a round about way was, “Go pound sand.” Bibi said that the “Palestinians” had to understand that Israel would not return to the 67 borders because they were indefensible.

Problem is that it wasn’t the Palestinians who made the idiotic comment on Thursday. It was the guy sitting next Bibi, the P-BO.

It’s like you’re trying to get a message to your teenage son about drinking. Talking to him directly may set off an uncomfortable argument. So while jr. is eating his Cheerios at the breakfast table and you’re reading the morning paper, without even looking up you say aloud, “Oh my, a bunch of teenagers were busted for under aged drinking. How dumb are they. Don’t they know that the word always leaks out via Facebook, twitter, e-mail etc. about "the big party?" Some mom or the cops always gets wind of the party and the kids get busted. Only an idiot would even try. I’m very happy that you’re so much smarter than those kids.”

Bibi took the opportunity to lecture the P-BO about the right of return while he was at it. It ain’t going to happen. Don’t bring it up. Got it?

Well after being bludgeoned by the Israeli PM with a 4 foot club with a 10” spike run through the beating end and after being hacked off at the knees with a 20” chainsaw, the P-BO tried to do his best Emily Litela “never mind” at a Sunday speech at the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC:

"By definition, it means that the parties themselves - Israelis and Palestinians - will negotiate a border that is different than the one that existed on June 4, 1967. That's what mutually agreed upon swaps means," the P-BO droned to a less than enthusiastic crowd.

Oh great and glorious buffoon what does “based on the 1967 lines” mean then?

What the P-BO doesn’t know and probably has no interest in learning, is that a Palestinian state has nothing to do with making Israel secure. The Arabs could have taken care of that decades ago, if they wanted to. The whole region was divided up and made out of whole cloth by the British 1922. Just move the lines around a bit.

The Palestinian state is just a visible cause that the Arabs use to attack Israel. The attacks won’t stop after the Palestinians get a state. The destruction of the Jewish state is the goal of many if not most Arabs in the region.

Stupid Americans and Eurotrash buy into the whole, “We have to give the Palestinians their own state” BS. The Palestinians and most Arabs don’t want a two state solution. They want a one state solution. They want Israel gone.

The really sad thing is what the P-BO and most people don’t get and that is this:

Until there is a great Muslim reformation where peace is preferable to spreading Islam by force, the one state solution is the only answer. I for one would prefer that the one state be a Jewish state that promotes freedom and liberty. There are already enough backward 8th century thinking people and states in the region. Does the world really need one more?

Friday, May 20, 2011

No one is this stupid. So, it must be purposeful.

The P-BO took to air waves…again…and …again…he proved what a colossal dumb@$$ he is. He talked of the “Arab spring” as a democracy movement or freedom movement. It might be just that, but the school is till out on exactly what is. We may have traded a friendly tyrant for unfriendly mob.

Signs in Egypt so far aren’t that good. The current party in power is rounding up the old party in power and scheduling Soviet style purge trials. Then there’s this bit that cannot be encouraging to those professing the “Arab spring” is all about freedom. Not long ago, the “new government” came up with laws that would make it a crime, “for anyone who organizes a protest or an activity which may result in preventing or slowing down the work of a state institution, a general authority or a public or private workplace.” Hmmm. “New government” same as the old government?

The supporters of freedom and democracy in Egypt aren’t really interested in freedom for all. Shouting, “With our blood and soul, we will defend you, Islam,” a mob, what the P-BO would describe as “freedom fighters” I suppose, stormed a Coptic Church and burned it the ground. Then, if that weren’t bad enough, the “Arab spring” turned into an Islamo-Terror- Fascist nightmarish hell when the freedom loving crowd turned its attention on a Coptic neighborhood. The result was 12 dead. And don’t forget the freedom these animals thought that they won when they raped the CBS news correspondent in the crowd.

“Arab spring” my ever growing @$$. As always, the Arab demonstrations of “freedom” are more like demonstrations of perpetual rage with any thing and any one who doesn’t bow to Islam. F#$k the Arab spring.

But that doesn’t even begin to touch on it. What you suppose will happen if and when the “Arab spring” reaches Saudi Arabia? Ha. 6$ gas will be something we hope for. This is another problem with the P-BO. I don’t think he has clue that this Arab spring BS is as likely as not being sponsored by the jihadis.

Or maybe he does. When a real democracy riot broke out in Tehran the Supreme Dope raised his nose in the air and ignored it. But when the Iranians set things in motion in Egypt, an ally of stability, the P-BO says Mubarak must stay uh, I mean Mubarak must go!

The P-BO goes on and on about freedom and the BS notion of an “Arab spring,” right before taking a huge crap on the ONE country in the entire region that is actually “living the dream,” Israel. Does that make any sense to anyone but creepy Europeans and jihadis who have been after Israel since it was conceived?

The P-BO:

Lemee be clear, we’re all for freedom and democracy except for the one country in the region that practices it. Israel must sign its own death warrant and return to the 1967 borders.

I-D-I-O-T! If were not so deadly serious a situation, I’d encourage Israel to take the deal just to show this ignorant buffoon what would happen. Would there be joy and peace throughout the Middle East. Hell NO! The jackals would just move closer, tighten their grip and at some point attack. Then Israel would annihilate them, and be condemned in the UN for winning the war the Arabs started. After all isn’t that how we got to where we are? Israel won the 67 and 73 wars.

And if anyone out there thinks the Arabs give a crap about the Palestinians, get a clue. How easy would it have been for the Arabs to get together and set something up for their “Arab brothers” if they really gave a crap? They don’t. The only thing Palestinians are good for the majority of Arabs is drive a cab, clean up after their lazy @$$ off-spring and provide an excuse to attack Israel.

The west has been at war with Islam since time began. It’s time the Dunderhead-in-Chief read a bit history and get a clue.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

US near doom

How do I know that we’re teetering on the brink of collapse?

Case one: Stanley Thornton is a 350 pound 30 something year old who is collecting Social Security and disability benefits because he wants to live like a baby. Yeah, sure, your tax dollars have no better use than to support this giant waste of flesh who claims he’ll kill himself if his government handouts are stopped. I have a couple of bits of advice for Stan, an accomplished wood worker, build your coffin first.  Once that's done, inspected  and weight tested, sell tickets you gross ungrateful slob.

Case two: Health care professionals apparently have nothing better to do than rag on Ronald McDonald. I guess they have finally gotten to the bottom of this AIDS thing and have found a cure for cancer, because now the “professionals” are rolling in our red haired fellow in the yellow jump suit wearing size 37 red shoes.

Apparently these “professionals” are of the opinion that the Mickey Dees clown is running around stuffing unwanted McDoubles and fries down unsuspecting kids’ throats. I don’t think so. Not even the 30 year old fat @$$ lazy douche “kid” in the bit above.

These are not “professional healthcare people.” They are professional busy bodies. And they are stupid ones at that. If they had any clue about kids today, they would be begging Mickey Dees to keep the 1970s clown around so as discourage today’s hipsters from associating with such a lame icon.

Hey sure, the Ronald is a huge draw for the baggy pant wearing, cap turned sideways, undies hanging out, gold tooth, ipod listening, cell phone using crowd. These dopes ought to demand that every McDonalds store in the world have a live Ronald McDonald on scene at all times the store is open for business and one outside as well to deter drive through patrons. Idiots.

Eaten in moderation, Mickey Dees makes you no fatter than any other food that tastes good, is reasonably priced and can be had quickly at drive through on the road when you’re trying to beat your all-time speed record on a 600 mile road trip.

Tip to the busy bodies: The clown has nothing to with it. It’s cheap. It’s quick. And the kids like it. The PARENTS have more to do with it than the clown.

The unintended consequence of the busy body brigade is going to be that Mickey Dees will comply and ditch the lame clown. Being much smarter than the busy body class, the marketing gurus, who built the golden arches into a recognizable symbol world wide, will find an even more attractive mascot. They will develop one that is more relevant to today’s youth and their PARENTS. As a result, the busy body class will have had their idiocy shoved right down their scrawny throats while the McDonald’s folks ask them, “Would you like fries with that?”

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some stuff in no particular order

Does anyone else have the feeling that things are getting away from us here in the good ol’ US of A? And by “things” I mean specifically freedom. You be the judge:

In the post under there’s a link to a story about a man harassed for lawfully carrying a weapon.

Last night on tv, I saw a commercial about cops stopping drivers and giving them tickets for not wearing a seatbelt.

Yesterday’s news had the story of corrupt pols handing out waivers exempting their special interests for being FORCED into a government run healthcare system like the rest of us.

IN Supremes do not have a problem with cops forcibly entering innocent people’s homes, but they do have a problem if the innocent people resist the…what…lawful forced entry by cops of a law abiding citizen’s home.

The Feds are suing AZ for enforcing a southern border that Feds obviously have no intention of ever defending.

Supreme idiots of the land have determined that the government can seize your home or place of business under imminent domain and give it to another citizen if he can improve the tax base.

NLRB has told Boeing that they cannot build their Dream Liner in SC. Rather the company must submit to extortion by union thugs, lay abouts and thieves in WA.

The P-BO is considering issuing an Executive Order forcing contractors interested in government bids to reveal their political contributions.


We’re now up to 1,300 waivers to the P-BOcare nightmare passed unread in the dark of the night. 80% of those waivers have been granted to union creeps. The latest round of waivers went in large part to Grand Fran Nan Pelooser’s campaign bankroll in San Fran.


Look, I love police officers. But I do not think that they ought to be able to pull you over to check if you’re wearing a seatbelt.

Neither should they be able to knock down people’s doors in the middle of the night and not expect a fight – especially when they make an error and forcibly enter the home of law abiding people. And it’s for the police officers’ own good. Nothing is going to cause more contempt for the police among the protected than the courts setting them up on an unassailable pedestal above the people they are sworn to protect. That has such communist ring to it. When law abiding citizens begin to despise and fear the police, we’re in trouble. This ruling sets us farther down that path.

The second amendment exists in part to guard against such intrusions. For the safety of cops everywhere, the Supreme Dopes of the land ought to weigh in on this BS, smack the IN Supreme Dumb@$$es down and set us back to place where law abiding people don’t have to go, aww $h!t, every time they see a police car.


Unions are the teat upon which Demo-Dopes have been suckling for the last 30 years. The weaker they get the more vocal, disruptive and violent they get. The final bill for the union uprising in Madison WI is 8 MILLION bucks. If WI Gov. Scott Walker wants to be an even bigger hero, he’d tell the unions that he’s suing them for the damages.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My take on...

The Newt

Clearly the most qualified guy in either field to be president. Now he doesn’t stand a chance. It was one of two things. A) He never really wanted to run but was encouraged by long-time friends and supporters and got in as not to let them down; or B) He’s just a dumb@$$.

I have to go with option A. How else can this implosion be explained? How could he say what the Newtster said less than one week into his candidacy if it weren’t some grand plan to exit the race early and get back to his Fox News gig? It defies logic that someone so smart could be so dumb.

But wait, there was that ad with Grand Nan Pelooser. Lex had predicted that the Pelooser ad would be the Newtsters demise. Turns out that Newt was Newt's demise.  But given that he sat with the hag in the first place, maybe option B isn’t that far fetched.

IMF Scumbag

How about this creepy guy from the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, assaulting a maid at a Times Square hotel? That was one crime, and one for which Mr. DSK should be locked up with Bubba for about 25 years so he can see what it’s like on the other end of rape.

But there is another crime. This self important bucket of horse pee, was reportedly staying in a $3,000 a night room. That’s a crime. He should be brought up on international charges for international theft. $3,000 a night! WTF (win the future)?

Whatever the good ol’ US of A is paying into the IMF should stopped until there is an ironclad rule that these slimy old Monty Burns look and act a-likes at the IMF will never be reimbursed for more than the cost of a stay at the Motel 6.

Get Paul Ryan on that one. Seems that would be one cut everyone would be on board with.  Except one. No doubt the Newtster will defend the IMF spending $3,000 a night for a creepy rapist to molest the hotel help.  After all, we can't have any of that right-wing social engineering, now can we.

The $3,000 a night room on someone else’s dime gives a pretty good look into what kind of people are running the IMF. Anyone who thinks that someone else ought to be putting him up in a $3,000 a night hotel room is a creep of the highest order. Any organization that would pay that amount needs to be run out of business.


Did anyone seriously think he was running anyway?

Cops can lawfully invade Indiana homes

Yeah, pretty much. The IN Supreme Dopes ruled that it was unlawful to resist the cops if they happen to wrongly invade your home. If you think that that is no big deal, look at this piece where Philly cops harass, arrest, turn lose and then re-arrest a law abiding citizen.

On the police side, Vic Macky heralded the ruling as “just the kind of latitude that we need to get our job done.”

Monday, May 16, 2011

What are the odds?

I believe in miracles. Given that the odds of any one of us being born are 23 to the 23rd power, or about 20,880,468,000,000,000,000,000 to 1, each of us truly is a winner of life’s lottery.

But it goes way beyond that. Monsignor K once told a group of us that we “have to believe that everything is a miracle, or nothing is a miracle.” So I began looking at everything in a new light. I looked at the smallest of things, pedals on a flower, a blade of grass and wondered about their form and purpose.

Then one day, I watched a beautiful sun rise through the woods this early spring. That experience caused me to wonder about bigger things and I came up with this bit that I call:

Miracles by the Numbers

584,088,921 is the number of miles that the Earth travels each year in its journey around the sun.

93,000,000 is the average distance of the Earth from the sun on that journey.

67,108 is the number of miles per hour that the Earth must travel to complete it’s orbit in 365 ¼ days.

7,917.5 is the Earth's diameter in miles.

1,070 is the number of miles per hour that the Earth must rotate on it’s axis to complete one rotation in 24 hours

23.5 are the number of the degrees the Earth is tilted on its axis.

All of these numbers add up to make days, months, seasons and years here on Earth. Now if you think odds of you or your kids being here are astronomical at 20,880,468,000,000,000,000,000 to 1, consider what the odds are in astrological terms that a planet with a diameter of 7,917.5 miles, would be tilted precisely at 23.5 degrees and set spinning on that axis at 1,070 miles per hour, while it hurtles though space at 67,108 miles per hour at an average of 93,000,000 miles from the sun on an elliptical orbit of 584,088,921 miles.

Consider what would happen if any of those numbers were altered by…what’s the cut off for an A these days – 96 in Catholic school and 78 in public school?...by 4 %. No doubt that would dramatically alter everything here on Earth, probably making it uninhabitable for most everything here.

The class of people who look down their noses at anyone who doesn’t think Darwinism and evolution are the answer to every question, would probably react with a, “You Bible thumping buffoon – evolution answers that question. We simply would have evolved differently.”

Oh, really? This is their only answer to every question. But while there are thousands upon thousands of examples of species that didn’t evolve, i.e. went extinct, and discoveries of new species every so often, there is not a single example of even one species on Earth today that has evolved into a new species. Given the plethora of life here, you’d think they could find at least one. They can’t.

Yet it’s the religious people who are looked down upon by these know it alls. I submit it takes a whole lot more FAITH to believe that we’re here by accident or happenstance than it does to believe that we’re here through the grace of God or some intelligent design.

The odds are just too long that something somewhere blew up and here we are. Really? With odds so long that there is not enough paper and ink in the world to print out the number of zeros that would be required to express the odds of our circumstances here on Earth, that’s the best you got? Something somewhere blew up and here we are? OK.  I'm game, but where did that something come from?

Friday, May 13, 2011

And the winner is...

And the, “Hey, Hitler wasn’t ALL bad” award goes to…Jay Carney. Let’s here it for Jay.

When you’re covered in a pile of manure, all you can do is try to dig yourself out. I suppose that’s what Jay was trying to do when he went to such lengths to justify White House idiots inviting rapper Common to a night of poetry. Common is a misogynistic, hey let’s kill the cops and glorify those who do kind rapper, which really doesn’t set him off from the crowd.

So when asked why the P-BO invited the guy to the White House for a night of poetry Jay said:

“[Common] is known as a socially conscious hip-hop artist or rapper, who in fact, has done, a lot of good things. You can oppose some of what he’s done and appreciate some of the other things he’s done.”

And, really was Hitler ALL bad? No. He made the trains run on time and painted a couple of delightful pictures. You must be willing to take the good with the bad.

I thought that Carney was doing a credible job. But after the grease ball with a permanent cold sore on his upper lip, Bobby Squiggy Gibbs, what do you expect? The Kevin Malone character from the tv show The Office would be a big improvement.

Keeping with the Hitler thing, it’s like being the German Chancellor who follows Hitler.

“Yeah, well ok things aren’t going all that great. But at least I didn’t start WWII and kill 6 million Jews. So how bad can it be?”

Carney was asked to defend the indefensible and looked stupid doing it. Short of saying, “Yeah, what the hell were they thinking?” What was he going to say? How was he going to hide that elephant in the room when all he was given to accomplish the task was one of Aunt Bee’s sofa doilies?

I seriously believe that the P-BOs don’t give a crap what the American think about who they bring into the “people’s house.” An anti-cop rapper in the White House is another indication of what a low rent couple Moochelle and the P-BO really are. Low rent people hang out with low rent people.

Maybe the P-BO will sign over his famously stupid “the cops acted stupidly” comment for Common’s next release, which will be titled, All the hos, bitches, pimps and punks I met at the White House. No doubt it’ll be a very long…hmm song is definitely not the right word….piece.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

His lips are moving. It must be another BS installment.

Lex may have to totally unshun his shunning of petty name calling of the P-BO. The P-BO is now in full campaign mode. As such, what he’s not lying about, he’s not talking about. Everything else, like when his lips are moving, yeah, it’s pretty much all BS.

Take his appearance in TX yesterday. What a load of crap. Here are a few questions the compliant MSM could ask:

1. Mr. the P-BO, you held both houses of congress, the senate with a filibuster proof majority, why didn’t you get off your @$$ and do something about immigration reform then?

2. Yo, the P-BO, you lied, uh, make that said that the border fence had been completed. That bastion of right wing racist hate, The New York Times, ran a story in Oct of 2010 that the fence was not complete. In fact, the GAO indicated that fence, scheduled to be completed in 2009, would not completed before 2016. Who is the lying jackass here? You, the Times or the GAO? I got a 100-1 that it’s you.

3. All bow to the P-BO, today we have 3 wars, unemployment is at 9% and gas cost over $4 a gallon. We have a 1.6 TRILLION dollar deficit, we’re 14 TRILLION dollars in debt and if you believe the morons in Washington, need to add more to that figure by raising the debt ceiling so that, get this, the world won’t lose confidence in our ability to manage our fiscal affairs. Yet today you have chosen to resurrect an issue that, if you had a brain, you and the Demo-Dopes could have handled two years ago. Why now?

Answer to #1: Even the Dopes know that immigration is a loser of an issue during an economic down turn. Why open the flood gates for employment opportunities for illegal foreign labor when your own unemployment is at 10% like it was after the P-BO “saved us” with his economic stimulus. Plus, how can you offer free healthcare to all Americans and then say, well actually to anyone who happens to wonder across our borders from now until eternity. Even the BS the Dopes pulled to make the P-BOcare look like money maker wouldn’t work with another 11 MILLION illegals on the books. And nobody ever mentions the additional 20-50 MILLION that would be coming in as extended family members if the illegals already here breaking our laws ever do get amnesty.

Answer to #2: The fence is not complete. The buffoon-in-chief was lying through his butt. It’s not complete in a real sense that normal people deal with, i.e. fence posts and wire fence or even in a virtual sense. The Dep. Of Homeland Security suspended funding on the “virtual” portion of the “fence” in Jun of 2010, because as with most everything governmental, huge cost overruns and poor performance. The administration’s response back then was to, you guessed it, blame Bush.

Answer to #3: It is precisely because the country is going to hell in a hand basket that the P-BO needed to roll out this tired old line of BS. Better to have Americans PO’d at Juan and Jose than the P-BO when they turn on the nightly news. It serves two purposes. Gets our minds off $4 gas and allows the Dopes to portray anyone who thinks that the terms legal and illegal actually aren’t the same thing as, what else, racists.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What are we willing to tolerate?

Here’s more good news for America and our military. The Chief of Naval Operations has decided that it’ll be just fine for Navy Chaplains to perform same sex “marriages” in Naval Chapels, if the state where the Naval facility is located ok’s it. Perfect. Just what we needed another protected class of sailor.

Elections have consequences. When 51% of the population thinks a community organizing buffoon is fit to lead the most powerful nation in the history of the world, these are the things that nation will reap. Gay marriage in Naval Chapels, 9% unemployment, 1.6 TRILLION in deficits, 14 TRILLION in debt, $4 a gallon gas, laughing stock of the world, STILL hated by our enemies, not trusted by former friends, CIA agents under investigation for getting information that led to the demise of UBL, New Black Panthers un-prosecuted in the most obvious case of voter intimidation in the last 40 years, and on, and on, and on.

So what are we to make of this move by the CNO? My first reaction was IDIOT. Not because I’m a gay bashing Neanderthal, I’m not. But the first course of action is always to do nothing. And that is what should have been done in this case. Are same sex sailors clamoring to get married in Naval Chapels? I doubt it. So why make this announcement?

I really don’t know. The CNO, like many high ranking officers, may just be an obsequious @$$ kisser looking for favor from Mickey Mouse Mike Mullen and CinC the P-BO. For what purpose? I don’t know. You’d think once you’d reached the pinnacle of the Naval hierarchy you could stop kissing @$$. Maybe the CNO wants to get married to some same sex Chief Petty officer. Who knows?

All I know is that the number of same sex sailors signing up for this will probably be a pretty small number. So why risk upsetting the applecart? It's a mystery to me .

I could be wrong. Maybe there are hundreds of same sex sailors screaming bloody murder because they cannot be wed in the Navy Chapel.

I’ll be the first to admit that time has probably passed the old Lexter by on this issue. But I also know that the history of man supports heterosexual marriage. These things, now-a-days anyways, don’t revolve around right and wrong, but rather what’s perceived as being fair. If a same sex couple wants to get married, who are we as a people to stop them? Makes sense until you consider, if a brother wants to marry his sister, who are we as a people to stop them? Sorry for that visual that will take many long after lunch to get rid of. If two guys want to marry the same woman, who are we as a people to stop them? If a sailor wants to marry his pet monkey, really, who are we as a people to stop them? You can go through and think of all of the disgusting taboos and add the comma and then the who are we as a people to stop them line.

And that is the question. Who are we as a people to stop them? It all boils down to what we as a people are willing to tolerate in organizing ourselves. Apparently, we as a people are not willing to stop much of anything anymore. It’d be a shame to be called a racists or homophobe for standing up for something. Better to just be quite. After all, maybe the whole thing won’t collapse around us until after I’m dead and gone.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Local fish wrap gets braodside from Lex

On Saturday’s, the local fish wrap runs a “Weekly Score Card." In that section the paper rates winners, losers and milestones. In last Saturday’s installment of “winners” the boobs at the Ft. Wayne Journal (pronounced Urinal) Gazette had this nice bit:

President Obama: Nearly flawless raid not only eliminates Osama bin Laden but also restores confidence in U.S. military and spy apparatus.

What line of BS. Aside from OKing the operation, P-BO had NOTHING to do with the actual raid.

In “losers” section, the small minds at Urinal Gazette went on to treat a State Sen in a shabby manner:

Sen. Mike Delph: Indiana lawmaker and anti-immigration bill sponsor fails state bar exam. Must be his law professors’ fault.

I suppose by "anti-immigration bill sponsor" the JG means "anti-illegal immigration."  Having had enough, Lex delayed the much needed yard work to fire off this reply:

Winners and losers:


The American military. Contrary to your article in Saturday’s paper, most Americans never lost "confidence" in their military. Perhaps the largest group of Americans who needed their “confidence” in our military “restored” are “journalists” who lock themselves in editorial rooms with nothing but like mined people.

Military Officers. In Gallup’s 2010 Honesty and Ethics Ratings, Military Officer came in #1 with 73% of respondents rating Military Officers high to very high in honesty and ethics.


Newspaper Journalist. In the same poll, newspaper journalist came in at #8 in a field of 10 with a pathetic 22% rating. So who do the American people have more “confidence” in? Which profession needs more “restoring?”

JFK Jr. Liberal icon JFK Jr. failed the NY bar exam TWICE. Using that as a standard, Sen Mike Delph is doing just fine. The JG’s petty treatment of Sen Delph may provide insight as to why Americans correctly have such low regard for newspaper journalists.

Friday, May 06, 2011

A new BS reason not to release the UBL pics

In the ever changing of stories about why we’re not going to release the photos of UBL’s dead miserable @$$ here’s one that just doesn’t add up. Yesterday we debunked the, “it will enrage the perpetually enraged religion of peace” BS. Today Lex takes on the “it’s for the troops” BS.

Reasoning for this pathetic argument goes that by releasing the picture it’ll make the job of troops harder. Oh really? And killing the sack of crap made their job…what? Anyone pissed about pictures is already pissed about UBL reaching room temp..uh make that bottom of the Arabian Sea temperature. So, here’s the question class. Was the photo above taken before or after we released the photographs a dead and thankfully gone to hell UBL?

And look who’s making the argument - Robert gates and Adm. Mickey Mouse Mike Mullen. Aren’t these the guys who didn’t give a crap about making the troops’ job harder when they forced a repeal of DADT? Why yes, I think it was.

And (g)@$$bag Demo-Dopes all over have picked up the meme. RC Turdbin, who compared our troops to Soviets running the gulag, Pol Pot and Stalin when Abu Ghraib broke, now suddenly has the troops’ best interests in mind? BS. Cambodian war hero John François Kerry accused our troops, who didn’t have any education, of air raiding Muslim villages in the dead of night and terrorizing women and children. Now the man in the black beret wants us to believe he is only interested in the well being of our troop. Double BS. Oh and how would you describe the SEAL Team raid Mr. François? They flew in, “air raided” if you will, at night, assaulted a home where women and children were present and killed at least four of the occupants. Shooting a woman in the leg and killing a 12 year old girl's father in front of her.  That won't creat at least one new terrorist, will it?

Don’t get me wrong.  I couldn’t care les how the murdering POS met his demise.  I’m just saying the circumstances are pretty consistent with what horse face Kerry found deplorable when GWB was president.

And how about the guy making all of the gutsy decisions, the P-BO himself? He cannot possibly be worried about the troops. This is the idiot who didn’t give one hoot in hell about making the troops’ jobs harder when he ordered more pictures of Abu Ghraib released shortly after taking office. This guy is the BS king. He’s so full crap he could have made the entire state of Carthage a farming wonderland one day after the Romans finished plowing salt into the earth. He’s that full of BS.

Nice try. Uh, no, on second thought, miserably poor try. Nobody with an ounce of sense is ever going to believe that any of you (g)@$$bags give a crap about the troops. This weasel move sounds so much like the Demo-Dope meme when they are pushing one their hare-brained socialist social policies, “it’s for the children.” That’s all BS as well. It’s for them and their attempt to grab power.

Rep Debate

I watched a good portion of the debate last night. I thought it was way too early for this stuff. Now I’m thinking maybe not.

Herman Cain was clearly the winner. Is that racist? Herman Cain is black. I suppose we need to clarify – all black, and spent a good portion of the evening trashing the P-BO. Is that racist? So how long will it be before Eugene Robinson and the rest of the tolerant left begin to call Herman an Oreo?

Thursday, May 05, 2011

New day, another new story

It’s Thursday. Lemmesee. This will be the 5th iteration of how UBL was killed, none of them consistent with any of the others. Had these narcissists not been so eager to get out in front of the cameras and claim all the credit, they would not have created this problem.

First of all, on an operation as secretive as this, you really don’t have to say anything. “In the interest of keeping our methods and tactics secret, I really can’t answer that question.” That’s pretty much the extent of what needs to be said.

But the P-BO had to run to the camera and snatch up as much credit as humanly possible. Big mistake. The Pentagon should have given the first briefing. They are known to be able to keep their mouths shut. Let them set the tone.

An old Marine Corps adage goes, “first reports of combat are always inaccurate.” Knowing that, the Pentagon would have been prepared to say, “We are debriefing the team now. We will provide appropriate accurate information as it becomes available.”

But noooo. The commander-in-dope has to run out and glom onto all the credit for everything that HE did. You know what that tells us? It tells us that he’s a person not very comfortable in his own skin. He needs credit and constant ego stroking.

I believe GWB would have let the military handle the initial briefing and gone to bed. Only after accurate information had been gathered would he make a short address to Americans for the primary purpose to credit and thank the armed forces and remind Americans that the war on Islamo-Terror Fascists continues.

So what will the story be today? UBL was armed with a battery operated hot glue gun and his wife’s fingernail file. The P-BO himself fast roped into the compound and personally delivered the kill shot.

Now, for this picture business. I do not buy for one second that by releasing the picture we will inflame the Muslim world. Note to dope, they are already inflamed and have been since the Pope sent the Ottoman fleet to bottom of the bay at LePanto in 1571.

People predisposed to being pissed about UBL’s death aren’t going to get any more pissed if you put out a picture of his dead stinking rotting corpse. And for the record, I for one say the more gruesome the better. F-‘em.

If Islam were truly a religion of peace, we’d see Muslims all over the world dancing in the streets at the demise of a cowardly sack of crap, who corrupted their religion for his own use. They aren’t. Quite the opposite. The only people taking to streets are the ones’ promising retaliation.

What are we to make of that? We are to make of that, that the murdering @$$bag ITF creeps still control the religion of peace. Put the pictures out. Let ‘em take to the streets. Photograph them and build the library of ITF creeps that we will eventually have to kill. It’d be like playing whack a mole where all the moles come up at once. You could not miss.

Now, Reshard Mendenhall. If we needed another reason to cheer the Green Bay Packers for their Super Bowl win, RM gave it to us. With regard to 9-11, RM tweeted: “We’ll never know what really happened. I just have a hard time believing a plane could take a skyscraper down demolition style.” Of course a lot of the jock talkers are trying to run cover for this dumbass. He’s young. He got caught in the moment. He wishes he could get that one back.

The Steelers’ now have some creepy molester at QB and this moron at RB. Rumor has it that the Steelers are trying to get Rosie O to play offensive line to round out, so to speak, the freak show that is rapidly gathering in Pitts, PA. Too bad McVeigh got the needle. Steelers were looking hard at him as punt return guy.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Bush correctly declines the P-BO's invitation

The P-BO invited President Bush to attend an event at ground zero Thursday on the death of UBL. Bush declined. Why? I don’t know. A look at two speeches might give a clue though.

When Saddam Hussein was captured, the military made the announcement and gave the available details. President Bush addressed the nation later in the evening. His speech lasted less than three minutes. He used a pronoun referring to himself 4 times, twice to express his appreciation for the armed forces. Once to address the Iraqi people and once to address the American people.

When UBL was killed on Sunday, the announcement came from the P-BO himself in a 9 minute address. He made more than 20 references to himself. Most of the references were about how he ordered, directed, met with, made clear etc. etc.

Two absolute contrasts in leadership. Bush allows the guys who made the mission happen to announce the mission’s success and take credit for the action. Bush shows up later to congratulate the troops and deliver a message to Americans and Iraqis that the war will continue.

By contrast, the P-BO pushes everyone who actually had a hand in the operation out of the way in an effort to get to the microphone first. He then takes credit for operation and pretends as if it was his idea to make getting UBL a top priority of the CIA in the first place.

You can just hear that conversation.
CIA Dir:  The P-BO wants us to make getting UBL a top priority.
CIA Agent:  Who?
CIA Dir:  UBL, the guy who masterminded the 9-11 operations.
CIA Agent:  Oh, yeah, I had forgotten about him.
CIA Dir:  It's crystal clear thinking like putting UBL onto our "to do list" that makes the P-BO so special.

We know that the P-BO is a narcissistic BS artist. We just didn’t know how deep the vein of self love and aggrandizement went. Sunday we got a little bit better picture.

Bush made the right choice. By standing with him at ground zero Bush would only give the puny punk P-BO top cover. Until the P-BO apologized and admitted that he had been a complete lying dope about the war, G’itmo, intell gathering and a host of other things, were I bush, I’d refuse to stand anywhere near the boob.

More sounds of silence

P-BO is headed to ground zero to once again claim all the credit for killing UBL. Recall when Bush would so much as mention 9-11 and the Demo-Dopes would squeal like a stuck pig that he’s politicizing 9-11? Now it seems that when the Dopes actually do politicize 9-11, well it’s just okay dokay.

When the pictures of a dead UBL are published, some bright guy ought to juxtapose those pictures next to pictures of Lynndie England at Abu Ghraib with a caption “Who would you rather be?  More terrorists were killed in UBL’s house than were even hurt at Abu Ghraib.” How is it that the P-BO can kill a guy, no trial, no jury, no judge, no attorneys and the left says nothing or is cheering wildly in streets? A couple of kids pull a college frat prank at prison where no one was even injured and the left goes nuts demanding the SecDef’s head and prison sentences for the kids.

How it all really went down:

CIA Agent: We have determined with a high degree of certainty UBL’s hide out.

CIA Dir: Good. Go kill him.

CIA Agent: Uh, excuse me sir, shouldn’t the president be making that decision?

CIA Dir: Well yeah. But I honestly don’t know what decision he’ll make. He may not act now preferring for bump in the polls closer to the election and we may miss this opportunity.

CIA Agent: Well shouldn’t we at least ask?

CIA Dir: No.

CIA Agent: Why not?

CIA Dir: Look, I know that the P-BO is smart enough to take credit for for something he had no hand in if it’s successful. I’m not certain he’s smart enough to actually pull the trigger on this operation.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The sounds of silence

Why do I hear the crickets chirping this morning? Oh, that’s the absence of the Liberal loony left war protesters. The heretofore “this war is lost” crowd has gone eerily silent since the P-BO took over and then reneged on his promise to close Guantanamo, leave Iraq in a year and turn the fight in Afghanistan over to Afghanis. Instead he started a new war with Libya that is lasting more than a few days and has quickly devolved into a stalemate.

And after killing UBL, where is the hue and cry about how “we’re only making more terrorist?” Did you happen to see the mob in Pakistan yesterday? It would appear that the P-BO has created a great many more jihadis. But hey why would the loony left complain about that now? After all it’s the P-BO running the show now. So, all of this has to be OK. Right? A community organizer would never assassinate a leader outside the international law. Would he? Everything has to be A-OK since its now a lefty doing the exact same things GWB was doing.

The loony left has also shut the hell up about the cost of gasoline. Now that the P-BO is running things the loons instantly understand gas prices fluctuate at the hands of a couple of dozen big oil producers and speculators. So now that a gallon of gasoline is as expensive as it’s ever been, the loony left talks sacrifice and buying a worthless hybrid.

Seems everything that the left used to scream bloody murder about when GWB was running the show, war, gas prices, assassination, G’itmo, civility, torture, rendition, warrantless wire taps, drone strikes, deficits, debt ceilings, you name it are all perfectly OK now the P-BO is doing it.

So what are the whiners whining about these days? The high price of arugula at the whole foods market? Well they are upset with Beatification of Pope John Paul II. The same crowd that thought is was perfectly OK to give the P-BO a Nobel Peace Prize for essentially doing nothing more than being a live are now questioning the Beatification JPII. Why so soon? Wasn’t he head of the church during the media inspired hail of criticism of homosexual priests molesting boys?

Well yeah, and wasn’t he one of the three that sent the Soviet Union to ash bin of history?

Anyway, the lefties are sure of a 2012 victory now that Maximus P-BO has followed the path GWB laid out for him and gotten UBL. Political guru Joy Behar har dee har har har went so far as telling us we should cancel the 2012 election. It’s in the bag for Maximus the P-BO.

Before taking that victory lap, Dopes might drive by a gas station. A gallon was going for $4.30 in Ft. Wayne yesterday. They might stroll by the unemployment line where the national average remains well above the 8% figure Slow Joe J-O-B-S is a three letter word Biden promised it would peak if the stimulus were passed.

Remember Joy, GHWB won a war in 100 hours and was sent packing by the American people in favor of a smooth talking misogynist. Winston Churchill saved the England during WWII and was sent packing by the Brits. In land where about 70% of the people don’t know the vice president’s name, and can’t remember why we celebrate Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day, the joy of UBL’s death will long be forgotten when gas hit $4.50 a gallon.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Ding Dong the bastard's dead

Beelzebub has a new house guest this morning.

BEEZ: Ahhh, Usama. I’ve been waiting for you. Nice work.

UBL: Where are my virgins?

BEEZ: Ha, ha, ha, ha! Oh no. It doesn’t work that way. I have reserved an extraordinarily hot place for you right over here. Meet your roommate, Will.  Don’t try to get comfortable. It’s impossible, and it’s for eternity. Ha, ha, ha, ha!

UBL: Yagottabeshittinme?!

BEEZ: No. Not at all. But I will be $h!tting on you and using you as my sex toy from time to time. Ha, ha, ha, ha!

There will be a lot questions from the Libs that will need to be set straight.

How did all of this happen? Well, after closing Guantanamo, ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, bending and bowing to every king, sultan, theocrat, dictator and murderer in the Middle East and elsewhere, P-BO finally had built up enough credibility and good will among the world’s despots to get the information to allow the strike.

Uh, no. Not exactly. Following the pervious administrations policies, P-BO gleaned information from G’itmo detainees and other sources that allowed the strike to happen.

Certainly, Pakistan had to have helped us.

I doubt it. These two-timing back@$$ward dopes were giving UBL sanctuary for who knows how long. While it’s possible someone deep in the bowels of the Paki government assisted us, that guy is never going to come forward. The Pakis have been increasingly hostile to us. This action should prove to them that we don’t give a crap about their “fragile government” or their two-timing ways.

Well given this bit news on the “social experiment on diversity,” sanctioned by the lame brained, uh make that lame duck speaker Grand Fran Nan Peloser, the strike force must have been conducted by highly diverse group of men, women, gays, transvestites, white black, Hispanic, native Americans with a dwarf and a Pacific Islander thrown in.

No. That would be wrong. The strike was conducted by the most discriminating group of warriors in the history of the world, the US Navy SEALS. These guys - yeah guys, no, Demi Moore couldn’t make it in a 10,000 years - these GUYS make the Spartans look like the cast of Glee. They are the smartest most self-motivated bunch imaginable. And – they are 100% male, overwhelmingly white and Christian. It wouldn’t make any difference to a conservative if they were all left handed lesbian midgets if that grop could get the job done. It’s always the Libs asking for a quota and looking at skin color.

Well couldn’t they have taken UBL alive for Erik the wad Holder to try in NY City? Why did they have to shoot him? Sob, whimper, sob.

Yes they could have. I don’t care what anyone says, they were under strict orders to kill the murdering bastard, snatch his body and get out. UBL’s judge, jury and executioner was probably some Navy chief petty officer fluent in three languages who can shoot a fly off a pig’s butt at 100 yards with a 9mm pistol. He’s dead. Can’t wait for the Libs to start wearing UBL t-shirts on campus. Maybe Che on the front and UBL on the back.

Well won’t this cause a backlash among the practitioners of the religion of peace, aka, the religion of perpetual outrage?

Finally, you’ve gotten something right. But they would be backlashing about something anyway.

Well you have to admit that Lex was wrong when P-BO said he’d go into Pakistan to get UBL.

Uh, if that’s what he said, yeah, Lex would be wrong. I recall him saying he’d invade Pakistan. Most would agree that this operation was a far cry from an invasion and totally consistent with the previous administration’s way of doing business.